Friday, January 1, 2016

The Usual Story

Every presidential election time the media runs a story on how being president ages a person (I would have used the word man, but the PC Police would have been all over me, even though there has never been a female president in this country—yet). Not because of that, but because it IS proper. That was MY decision, and that, not PC Police, will ALWAYS be what drives me to use or not use certain words. I'm an old man, and I remember the same stories about Jimmy Carter. That was a long time ago, while I grew older. Stats show that ex presidents live 3 years less than others. Surprise, surprise!

BIG, BIG SURPRISE! Raising the minimum wage does NOTHING to reduce poverty! I'm not one who says, “I told ya so,: but, “I told ya so!” Who am I kidding, I AM one to say, “I told ya so” when liberals predictably do stupid things and it backfires on them. Of course, they never acknowledge it, because they aren't intelligent enough. They're liberals, after all. Today, “liberal” is another word for “stupid.” And they are very predictable.

SPENDING OUR MONEY: Every time Obama goes on a “golf outing” (which is often), he spends millions of our dollars for HIS enjoyment of life. So does his wife. She takes SEPARATE vacations from his. She has been known to take over entire FLOORS of expensive hotels on HER “vacations.”What a boon for somebody who otherwise couldn't afford to go to Miami. Together, they have so far spent $70 million dollars on their frequent “vacations.” Yes, Obama usually works during those “vacations,” but only as much as he HAS TO. You'd think, during this economic “downturn” he would moderate his frivolous spending a bit. But not him. He INCREASES it.

INSPIRATION FROM THE COMICS: I resolved to improve my memory this year. But I can't tell you about any others because I forgot where I put them. Oh....I broke them all this morning to get it over with. Thanks to “Rudy Park” and “Shoe for the inspiration. They inspire me every morning, not just today. A world without comic strips is a world without laughter, and I wouldn't want to live there. Mallard Fillmore told me about the adult coloring book movement which will probably replace textbooks in today's colleges.

BITTEN OFF MORE THAN HE CAN CHEW: The “Affluenza Teen” who negligently killed 4 people with his careless driving just may have bitten off more than he can chew. He was facing 120 days in jail here, and fought extradition. But he was found in possession of a gun in Mexico, which may get him ten years in a MEXICAN prison BEFORE being deported to answer the charges here. His defense that his parents didn't teach him to be responsible was stupid, and the judge was stupid to buy it. But his attempt to escape this minimum punishment was even MORE stupid. I hope his rear end survives being held in general confinement with all those other prisoners, all of whom love "fresh meat.".

VIETNAM: MOST CONTROVERSIAL WAR: That's what liberals call it, anyway. It was one of the first wars we were in that we didn't win, and we didn't win, not because of our military weaknesses, but because of the liberal POLITICIANS who did not LET us win. That trend continues today with that WIMP in the White House whose “rules of engagement” give the terrorists the first shot before we're allowed to fight back. And then ONLY when there is NO CHANCE for hurting civilians, forgetting that ALL terrorists ARE civilians. And civilians have died in ALL wars. Add to that the fact that the Muslim terrorists HIDE BEHIND civilians, and that makes it impossible for us to win.

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