Monday, February 29, 2016

False "Controversy"

Liberals accuse us of wanting to ban people from entering the United states, based on theirreligion. That's a LOAD of horse manure. We don't give a damn about their “religion,” it's their caring about OUR religion enough to KILL us for not converting to theirs. We are sure there are enough Muslim EXTREMISTS among them who want to kill us, which are impossible to detect, we don't want ANY of them here. Not because of their “religion,” but because of their wanton MURDERING and the impossibility of telling the "good ones" from the bad. That ALL of the murderers HAPPEN to be Muslims means NOTHING to us, except as a means to help identify the killers by reducing the list of possibles.

AS USUAL: Oscar attendees, like most anti-gun fools do, touted their idea of “gun control” while hiding behind an ARMY of armed security. They even had a specially designed piece of jewelry made, resembling the back end of a bullet with the word, “enough” imprinted on it. Meanwhile, a bunch of ARMED men walked around, some holding automatic weapons, others in plain clothes, carrying concealed. They say WE don't need such things, but THEY do.

SCREAMING MEEMIE: Every time I hear Hillary giving a speech, she's screaming like a “fishwife.”. When she isn't screaming, she's WHINING about something or other, or telling the world how much she wants to give away after taking it from those who EARNED it. If there were not MANY REASONS not to vote for her, the thought of having to listen to her scream at us for four (maybe eight) years would make me glad I'm so old that maybe I won't have to listen to her for long.

CONGRESS? FOREGO PAY? That's a laugher! There's a new poll out, saying Congress should balance the budget every year or forego their own pay. I like the idea, but it'll never fly. Why? Because it has to be proposed, AND approved by the very Congress it affects. Congress NEVER makes laws to affect themselves. They don't want to be limited, in any way. That's why they made laws, years ago, to pay themselves for as long as they live after a single term in office.

OUT ON A PROMISE: Obama is releasing some of the most murderous terrorists (who HAPPEN to be Muslims) on the PROMISE that they won't go back to war against us in his desperate attempt to close GITMO before the end of his term. Never mind it is okay to lie to “Infidels” in support of Islam, and they do it regularly. This guy will probably be in the Middle East within a month (or less), killing people of which they don't approve. Every dead body he makes that way would be on Obama's conscience—IF he had one.

ROMNEY TO RUN? There's a rumor going around that Mitt Romney is going to run if Rubio fails to get the Republican nomination. Big whoop! He lost last time he ran, and he'll lose again this time. He's already tried to use the same tax trick on Trump that Democrats used on HIM when he was running, and it will do LESS damage to Trump than the Democrat false claims did to him. If he thinks him running is going to scare somebody, he has another think coming

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hillary's Clueless

She thinks the reference to “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is in the Constitution, not where it IS, in the Declaration of Independence. Wouldn't you think somebody who wants to be president ought to have a rudimentary knowledge of the Founding Documents? I wouldn't be president, on a bet, and I do. Of course, in a world where members of Congress don't even READ the bills they pass into law, I'm not surprised she is so clueless.

THEY'RE REALLY FRIGHTENED: All the pundits have been wrong for so long, nobody even reads them any more. They've tried everything they could think of to derail Donald Trump in his quest for the presidency. Every time he makes an outlandish statement, they say,”That's it. He's done.” But he wasn't. He “doubled down” and kept on “steaming” onward to his destination. Now reality is setting for most pundits and they realize he just MIGHT be the Republican nominee, after all. Now they're beginning to paint him as a CRIMINAL. One of the latest articles is titled, “Donald Trump,King of Sleaze,” citing dubious “facts” to back themselves up.

MAYBE THEY'RE WAKING UP: But don't hold your breath, unless turning blue appeals to you. There's a New York Times article where they say “Republicans are 'firmly entrenched' against gun control.” Maybe they're finally realizing they are on the “wrong side” of the argument. That DISARMING yourself is NOT the way to self-defense. They ascribe it to them “just being Republicans,” but in reality it is them “recognizing reality,” something Democrats never do. As usual, they're blaming it on “just politics,” which it is NOT.

LYNCH FOR SUPREME COURT? Black Democrats are urging Obama to appoint Attorney General Loretta Lynch to the Supreme Court. It's bad enough that he made her AG, but the guy she replaced was just as bad. She will be a big help to any Democrat president we get after Obama. But Maybe Obama has another idea. There is no legal bar to a president appointing HIMSELF as a Supreme Court Justice. One more mistake the founders made, the other in not prescribing PUNISHMENT for violating the Constitution, in addition to the unconstitutional laws being canceled.

WELL....MAYBE NOT BERNIE: Hillary whupped Bernie by 50 percentage points in S. Carolina. A big surprise, to him. He left the state even before the voting was over. NO “conceding defeat gracefully” for Bernie, that's for sure. Apparently he's a “bad loser.” Maybe voters preferred an UNADMITTED socialist to an ADMITTED one. In any case, it was a big blow for Bernie. If this keeps up, he'll have to go back to the obscurity from whence he came. It won't be another Obama situation where he comes out of nowhere and beats her.

WHY ONLY DEMOCRATS? Every day, it seems, you hear about a liberal (Democrat) whining about “ being offended” by something or other. Why is it only Democrats seem to be “offended” about something all the time? That's because they're crybabies. They figured out at the age of 2 that they could get their way by whining, and they've been whining, ever since. And many Republicans fall for it when they lie on the floor and kick their feet. And give them what they want.


ONE MAN'S OPINION: The former Mexican president says, “We aren't gonna pay for that f-ckin' wall! That's what HE thinks. Trump usually gets what he wants. We owe Mexico a lot of money. All he has to do is stop paying some of it.....In Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe (former Democrat Party Chairman) tried to void all “concealed carry" reciprocity with many states. His legislature just passed a law to scotch that, and he signed it....In Zimbabwe they passed the “Cecil Effect” law banning the killing of lions. Now they're overrunning the place. So the government is killing them now....Safe town. Conloy Township, Idaho now has signs at all entrances to their town saying, “This is NOT a gun-free zone.” I'd advise criminals wanting to commit violent crimes to skip this town because chances are, they'll get shot.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

That Ol' Eye Again

Sorry folks. Eye is acting up again. I'll try to get back on track tomorrow, with a new feature added" "One Man's Opinion," a collection of my "one liner" opinions on all kinds of subjects.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Anti-Gun Senator Sentenced

For what? For running guns, that's what! It just shows us how dedicated anti-gun fools are to the “anti-gun religion (sic).” Leland Yee D-CA State), outspoken opponent of the Second Amendment, was caught selling illegal guns to criminals, and sentenced to five years in prison for his trouble. Put that together with Diane Feinstein (another anti-gun Senator) carrying her own gun behind that wall of ARMED men that surrounds her, and you can easily see the hypocrisy. . But hypocrisy doesn't matter to Democrats, which both are. They say what happened before means nothing.

HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! When questioned about the former GITMO detainee that has been found recruiting for the Islamic terrorists, Secretary of State John Kerry said, “He shouldn't be doing that!” Ya think, John? Funny. I'm just an old fud sitting in front of his computer at home and I predicted most of them would go back and kill more people and do other things to help the Islamic terrorists kill more non-believers/. You're secretary of State, a former Senator of many years, and even “served in Vietnam (sic).” Why aren't you smart enough to see it? I've said Washington politicians are INCOMPETENT. You are one of the best examples of that. Hillary is another.

MORE ON KERRY: He denies knowing Hillary was using a private e-mail server. But he sent many e-mails to her at that private address. Kerry is one of the lying “elites” who are destroying this government. That's aside from being incompetent. Obama says it, and Kerry swears to it. Apparently, that applies to anything Hillary says, too. We need to get rid of such fools in DC. They're doing more to destroy this country than is ISIS.

HE MUST WANT HIM TO LOSE: David Duke, former “Grand Wizard” of the KKK, has “endorsed” Donald Trump, saying, “To vote against Trump is treason.” He must really want trump to lose. Surely he must know how much his “endorsement” could hurt ANY candidate, IF accepted.. They call him a “far-right politician” because he managed to con his way into one political office for one term as a Republican, one time. But I'm sure the Republicans were just as mortified as Trump should be.

LEAVE THE COUNTRY? Raven Simone is the second member of the View cast to say she's going to leave the country if Trump, or any other Republican is elected president. Oh, I wish they WOULD! There have been many damned fool liberals to make that threat, and when the object of their hatred gets elected, they never leave. Dammit! I just wish these people would keep their word!

HEALTH CARE A “RIGHT”: Hillary thinks universal health care FREE should be a “human right,” not a “privilege.”Apparently she doesn't understand the word, “right.” Is it a right to force all those doctors, nurses, and other medical workers to work for NOTHING? That's the only way that can be a “right,” by taking their labor from others. That's a typical SOCIALIST wish. To see that she IS a socialist, you have only to listen to the words that come out of her mouth. It's not a “right” if you have to take it from others, first.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Beating Hillary

Pundits all over say Trump is “on top” in the Republican Party, but when he goes up against Hillary (or Bernie) he will be CRUSHED. It's a typical example of “being in denial.” Hillary had only TWO opponents at the BEGINNING of her campaign, now only ONE. That makes it easy to be “on top,” especially if your other main opponent is a self-admitted SOCIALIST. Trump started with SEVENTEEN, and that is now down to FIVE, including him. And he's still gaining ground. Every time another one drops out, he gets more support. I think he will stomp Hillary (or Bernie, for that matter) into a mud puddle.

CRYING RACISM: It has become the “thing to do” for black people, especially black professors, to cry “racism” when they get themselves in trouble, hoping to get out of trouble that way. There are TWO recent examples of this, one when a black female professor was stopped and advised to walk on the other side of the road (nothing else, black had nothing to do with it), and more recently, another female professor was speeding (67 in a 45 zone), was stopped and given a ticket, then politely arrested when the cops were told about an arrest warrant against her for non-payment of other tickets. Both claimed racism where NONE existed. It's a good thing cops have dash cameras, to dispute these false accusations, which are becoming routine.

TYPICAL LIBERAL SCAM: Making a pronouncement about a “conservative scheme” that can be neither proved, nor DISPROVED, and insisting it's true, repeating the lie over and over, from many sources (all of them liberals). Meanwhile, the prediction sounds more like something THEY would do. The new pronouncement is that conservatives are training dogs to attack blacks. But you can't ask the dogs what they've been trained to do, because they won't tell you. Nor the conservatives, because “they'd just lie, ya know.” Meanwhile, their lie becomes fact, through repetition.

HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you keep guns out of the hands of criminals, when so many people (including some cops) are willing to sell them to them? Did you know that a couple dozen guns “walked out” of a DC gun locker and many were subsequently confiscated after being used in other crimes, including murder. In one place, a “rogue cop” stole some out of HIS police station gun locker and sold them to criminals. He even solicited buyers on the Internet. And if this is happening in one place, it is happening in other places, as well. There are too many ways to get illegal guns, and criminals know them all.

DEATH TO AMERICA": The president of Iran says, “The beautiful cry of 'death to America' unites our nation.” What the hell kind of a nation is it if a cry for the DEATH of another nation is what holds them together? A terrorist nation, that's what? A nation that kidnapped more than 100 of our diplomats and held them for ransom. And don't let anyone blow smoke up your rear end that it was all done by Iranian CRIMINALS. It may have been, but those criminals were government employees. One of them actually became president of Iran in his own right, later. He was recognized, but nobody did anything about him,

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What Did We Do?

What did we do to make the Muslims so angry? That's the question being asked in DC all the time. The idea that we did NOTHING to “make them angry” is rejected out of hand by the Washington liberals. But the answer is simple. We didn't “convert” to their “religion.” They don't approve of ANY religion except Islam, and have no wish to accept the fact that other religions are as good (or better) than theirs. OR have the right to exist. They're willing to KILL to intimidate people into converting to their stupid “religion.” Or to keep those who were intimidated into "converting from "converting OUT.."A religion that has child RAPE as a “cultural thing.” And virtually enslaving women as another “cultural thing.”

TOO MANY GULLIBLE VOTERS: Too many people don't care about anything else but their “freebies.” They will vote MICKEY MOUSE into office to keep them coming. And that's what those “freebie hunters” will try to do as they pack Bernie's meetings with cheering, adoring FOOLS. They don't care that if Bernie (OR Hillary, for that matter) get elected, we will descend into the dumpheap of yet another fool socialist nation that will INEVITABLY collapse, as did the Soviet Union and other socialist governments.

STORY OF THREE STATES: The anti-gun governor of New Hampshire, originally from New York, and now living in Massachusetts, wants to run for the Senate (from what state, I don't know). She's one of the 1% rich, whom Democrats always denigrate. But somehow they stay away from her. She's REALLY one of the “elite.” and she HATES guns (except for those in the hands of her people, of course). I'm sure she, like other anti-gun politicians, runs around encircled by ARMED SECURITY. She doesn't have to carry her own gun. She can HIRE people to do that, for her. She's a hypocrite, but that doesn't bother Democrats. Things like that just “don't matter” to her. Apparently, she's one of those people like Hillary, to whom the laws and rules just “don't apply.” Little things like LIVING in the state of which you're the governor, or the Second Amendment don't matter.

WHY WON'T APPLE HELP? The feds are demanding software to create a “back door” into ALL iPhones so they can break into the iPhone owned by some (2) terrorists. Of course, they don't need that, because Apple can change the password without giving them that much spying power over ALL of us. But they don't want that. They want to be able to get into ANY iPhone, at will. And Apple objects to their “power play.” The courts don't have the power to ORDER a private company to violate constitutional freedoms. Maybe if Apple TRUSTED this government not to use that power to further spy on EVERYBODY, they might be more amenable.

HYPOCRITES AND FOOLS”: Bernie says, “We look like hypocrites and fools for keeping GITMO open.” What kind of a damned fool is HE? We look like damned fools to CLOSE it while the war continues (And it IS a war, no matter what Obama says). Everybody we let out of there becomes yet another fool out to kill us, and who goes back home to do just that. Or stays her and does it. We're FOOLS to allow it, but try and tell that to that FOOL in the White House. I still think Obama is a “closet Muslim extremist” and WANTS them to win. So jail me!

DYING IN THE STREETS: Trump repeated the words, “dying in the streets” more that FIVE TIMES in one interview the other day, saying he “doesn't want people dying in the streets.” But NOBODY'S “dying in the streets,” except those victims of liberal policies. Obviously, Trump has “bought” that crap the liberals are putting out. Nobody has EVER “died in the streets” from a REPUBLICAN policy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A LOAD of Horse Manure

Fareed Zakaria, of CNN, says the “Democrats are the responsible party of governance, while the GOP is 'the outlandish' party.” I'm not surprised to learn he is both a liberal AND a Muslim, though he describes himself as a “non-practicing Muslim (is there such a thing?) Of course, all the employers listed on his resume are liberal outfits, which are the only ones that would hire this “flaming liberal.” He is the epitome of the liberal activist PRETENDING to be “neutral.”

WHO PAID THE BILLS? The Washington Post is questioning the “ethics” of Scalia's “hunting trip” where he died. They're asking “who paid the bills?” and other things like “what kinds of perks can a Justice accept, considering how wide the cases he hears are?” Of course, they never ask such questions about Obama's many golf vacations” all over the world, using “Air Force One,” which uses a LOT of fuel, at GOVERNMENT expense, paying the salaries of all those Secret Service agents and other staffers who always go with him. It is SAID that he pays some of it back, but has anybody seen PROOF of this? I never have. Meanwhile, he still gets paid while he's swatting a golf ball around in Fiji, at our expense.

TYPICAL STUPID DEMOCRAT: Mayor Svante Myrick, of Ithica, NY wants to allow addicts to “shoot up” in a “hospital setting” where they can be safe, instead of a back alley or a restroom booth, legally. He's an ex addict, himself, and knows what those addicts face, he says. Seems to me an ex heroin addict ought to be smarter than to want to HELP heroin addicts kill themselves. Slowly, but a bit more quickly than before. He wants them to live long enough to die from heroin use. Myrick is a Democrat, of course, in New York.

CLOSING GITMO: Obama still wants to close GITMO. His reasons are a mystery. The inmates there are “prisoners of war,” even if he doesn't recognize that it IS a war. You keep such people in a prison for the DURATION of the war to keep them off ff the battlefield, so you can deplete somewhat, the number of fools killing your people. Liberals are “hoist on their own petard” by refusing to accept the fact that we ARE at war—not with a religion, but with fools who think not believing the same way they do merits a death sentence. What fools we have running things in this country! The only other proper thing we could do with these people is a firing squad. That would eliminate the problem. Make Islamic terrorism a crime punishable by death, and it's legal to kill them.

WHICH ONE'S BETTER? Bernie or Trump? That's the question we're faced with. People (some of them, anyway) say Trump is unacceptable as president. I say BERNIE is unacceptable. If he's elected, he will finish the job of making this into a socialist nation. So will Hillary, but she won't admit it. At least Bernie is HONEST about being a socialist. Hillary recently told an interviewer she has always TRIED to tell the truth, and will continue to do so. She LIED when she said that, but she expects us to believe that horse manure.

RESTRAINING ORDERS NO GOOD: All they do is make life more difficult for those they're against, true or not. To those who just want to hurt you, they're "just a piece of paper." Yet they're handed out like candy. A woman in Tulsa had one against her abusive ex-boyfriend, but had so shoot and kill him when he climbed in her back window and attacked her. Restraining orders don't work. Bullets do.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Minimum Wage Sucker

The State of Oregon is voting on a measure to raise the minimum wage, and the governor (Kate Brown, Democrat, of course) has signaled her intent to sign iit into law. But it's not your average minimum wage law. It MAXIMIZES it in the city, while MINIMIZING it in rural areas. How this is going to make it more palatable, except to farmers, I don't know. All I do know is it will cause Oregon's economy to soon collapse as it destroys the employment market and causes many businesses, who can't afford to pay that much to unskilled people with NO talents, go out of business.

USING THE RACE CARD: A CNN correspondent says Obama will call anybody who blocks his appointment of another rabid liberal to the Supreme Court racist. Surprise, surprise! That's what Obama calls anybody who opposes ANY of his “flights of fancy,” and it's getting old. Nobody believes him, or his henchmen, any more, when he calls his opposition racist, as if there were no other reasons to oppose this fool. Nobody has been responsible for more racism (black against white) than Obama, after promising electing him would forever END racism in this country. Another of his LIES.

DC: WHERE “THE ONION” IS REAL: You can't make this stuff up. They recently voted in Washington, DC to PAY people for NOT committing crimes. I'd like to qualify for that, but I believe first you have to have COMMITTED a crime, and I haven't, and don't want to. But this is certainly one of the STUPIDEST things liberals have done lately. And that has to be pretty STUPID because they do stupid things, every day..

WHY A SOCIALIST? Democrats are running two well-known SOCIALISTS for president, and they're confident they can win with them. Why? Because they've won with almost  every other socialist they've run in recent years. They just didn't ADMIT they were socialist. The difference now is ONE of them (Bernie) HAS admitted that he is a socialist. While the other ()Hillary) is one of the “old time socialists” who denies it, but reveals it in everything the espouses. They think they can win because the number of fools who only want a “free ride” are nearing a majority, so soon we'll go the way of Russia, which suffered under the yoke of socialism (communism) for 75 years.

IGNORING THE OBVIOUS: A Pittsburgh TV station has run an editorial saying “Obama's appointment to replace Scalia should be given serious consideration.” This completely ignores the fact that if he appoints one of his ”wild-haired liberals,” he will have “stacked the court” and will have TOTAL CONTROL of it for generations to come. He will be able to run his unconstitutional laws through and have them declared constitutional on specious grounds. He will be a DICTATOR and we will go the way of Soviet Russia.

CRYING RACISM: Forget logic. It doesn't matter that this library in Texas wants to stop ALL BLACK groups from BANNING WHITES from their meetings, which IS racist (the NEW racism of blacks against whites). So the “powers that be” want to call THAT racism. Talk about “turning it around!” Now it's racism to STOP racist practices, if the “approved” racist practice is black against white. Damn! Liberals are STUPID!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Who The Hell Cares?

The Pope says Trump is not a Christian because he says he will “build a wall” to keep illegal aliens from sneaking into America. I guess that means the Pope is not a Christian, either, since he lives behind a FIFTY FOOT WALL in the Vatican. Besides, where the hell does he get off imposing himself into an American election? He has no business saying ANYTHING about a candidate for president, or even dog catcher. And being a Christian is NOT a requirement to be president.

CODED RACIST LANGUAGE”: That's how the liberals twist what people say into racism. By saying it's “code” to MEAN racism. They have no business trying to twist what people say to mean racism, but they do, so they can intimate racism in innocent words. Meanwhile, the Democrats are second only to the Muslims in BEING bigots. Their record on racism is UGLY, and always has been. All the former KKK members in Congress have been Democrats. It was Democrats the blacks were demonstrating against when Martin Luther King marched. And it was a Democrat who killed him. Yet they try to impute racism to the GOP. Go figure!

TO CALL SENATE RACIST: Word is that Obama will call the Senate racist if they block his appointment to replace the now deceased Justice. But it “ain't gonna work” this time. We're onto him. We KNOW that every time he gets any opposition on ANYTHING, he whines and cries racism. Forget this “racist bunch” elected him, TWICE. So nobody CARES if he calls the Senate racist for not “rubber stamping” his next ultra-liberal appointment and thus, turning the supreme court into a “rubber stamp” for his abominations.

LIBERAL INSANITY: A guy who was seen “getting naked” in a woman's restroom claims it was “perfectly legal” for him to do so, under the new laws. And he's right. There is NOTHING anybody can do about it. Now they want to change the laws to allow a person to “change his birth certificate” to reflect his/her “perceived sex.” That means a man who “perceives himself” as a woman can change his birth certificate to reflect that. How INSANE is this? This is just ONE of the INSANE “policies” liberals want to institute.

SHE'S LYING NOW: Hillary is telling lies, as usual. Now her biggest lie is that she has “never lied to us.” Nobody except liberal fools (repetitive, that) believe her. She must think just because she says it, we'll believe it. NOBODY who pays attention to what's going on does. Except for her husband and Barack Obama, she's the biggest liar going. If she thinks we'll believe she's not, she's deluded. But we know she IS deluded, so we expect it of her.

DEFINITION OF INSANITY: There are many definitions of insanity, but the best known is, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.” That's something the liberal Democrats (and even some Republicans) do all the time. But yet another definition of insanity has come to the fore: “Raising tax rates and expecting to collect more money from taxpayers.” That has been proven to be wrong many times, in practice. But liberals still think simply raising taxes will get them more money, which has been proven wrong so many times it's INSANITY to expect anything different than a REDUCTION in collections, as people take steps to reduce their tax liability.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Exposing Themselves

The “Black Lives Matter” crowd exposes their bias when they object to people responding to their exhortation that “”black lives matter” by saying “ALL lives matter" violently. The only reason they would object to that is if they really want to say “ONLY black lives matter.” To object to that shows their bias in favor of the fools who want to kill cops, black OR white. This is so transparent that intelligent people don't need to have it laid out for them. Only liberals, who aren't too smart, need it.

STOP WRITING ABOUT US”: Racist black personality Kaynye West, who is most famous for his big mouth says, “White people should stop writing about black music!” Okay, we'll be glad to. Then nobody will know about black music and the whole industry will collapse. Is that what you want? Somebody once said, “There is no BAD publicity.” But we can certainly start ignoring black music so it will get NO publicity, at all.

OBAMA: “TRUMP WON'T BE PRESIDENT”: Everybody (except Trump's millions of voters) says, even though he's doing so well in the primaries, he'll never be elected president. It's like a frightened kid “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping the “ghosts and goblins” won't get him. They don't even know what they base that notion on. But I think it's just wishful thinking. Democrats hate him on principle. Republicans hate him because he is “uncontrollable” by the Republican Party leaders. Won't they be surprised when they have to start calling him, “Mr. President.”

BERNIE'S A BUM: Oops, sorry. We don't call them bums today. We lie about them by twisting the language unmercifully to call them something complimentary instead of admitting what they are. Truth is, Bernie didn't have a steady job until he was 40, and some liberal fools elected him mayor of Burlington, VT after a long career of temp jobs in “government service” doing such things as “registering people to get Food Stamps.” He is well known for being broke and not paying his bills. He went to school in Chicago, which is probably where he met Obama, who remembered him as a very malleable socialist and perfect to make the world think Hillary actually (with his help) had some competition.

SAME OL' SAME OL': Bernie is trying that old “change” crap on us again, since it worked so well to con gullible Americans into voting for Obama a couple of terms ago. As usual, Bernie doesn't say what KIND of “change” he's talking about, but those of us who pay attention know what kind of change he means. He wants to move us the rest of the way to socialism by giving away a lot of goodies, paying for them with OUR money. I don't think it'll work this time because we've experienced the “change” liberals promise.

WHAT ARE “LADY PARTS?” Liberals once told women to “vote with your “lady parts.” What the hell does that MEAN? Are they afraid to use the proper words to describe their “lady parts?” If they are, why should ANYBODY listen to them? Of course, they now deny to the death that they ever gave women this advice, so I guess defining “lady parts” is not necessary.

Friday, February 19, 2016

A Method in Their Madness

Democrats must know there's NO WAY Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist, will ever be elected president (We hope). So they're “propping him up” during the early going so as to destroy Hillary's chances, without seeming to do so. Even if he does get the Democrat nomination, he will be CRUSHED by the Republican candidate, WHOEVER he is. But they don't think so. They're so deluded, they still think Hillary can beat the GOP candidate. That's a mistake that will destroy their chances at the presidency for at least four, hopefully EIGHT years, while Republicans wipe their abominations off the tablet.

WAKE-UP CALL: Justice Scalia's untimely death was a real wake-up call to me, because I'm only a year behind him in age. It is said that he died of a heart attack in his sleep, though he was found with a pillow on top of his face. This “paragon of conservatism” was anything if not healthy, and should have gone on for some years as the main block for liberal “flights of fancy” on the court. I'm not going to say he was murdered, but who are the people who will benefit greatly from his death? If Obama is allowed to replace him with yet another liberal fool ?It reminded me how easily my life could end at this age, even if I do feel quite well for a man of 78 years.

THERE WERE WMDS: Donald Trump says there were really NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and thus Bush had no right or reason to invade it and depose Saddam. As usual, that's a bunch of horse manure. I know Trump believes what he's been told, but there WERE weapons of mass destruction there. During the 11 months after Bush ANNOUNCED his intention to invade Iraq, Saddam sent them to Syria, where they still remain. What was left in Iraq have been found, and it's existence certified. But liberals ignore that and continue to spread the LIE.

SCREWING US, AS USUAL: Elizabeth Warren, Democrat Senator from Massachusetts, equates Republicans blocking Obama's appointment of a successor to the late Justice Scalia, to “not doing their duty.” Which is, as usual, a big load of horse manure. The Senate has the right and responsibility to vote FOR, or AGAINST a nominee and to do either is NOT “shirking their duty.” Warren, who has been mentioned to replace Scalia, wants to be a Justice, herself, and figures this is her best chance. So she will do anything, SAY anything, to make it happen.

NEED A LIE DETECTOR: That's what Hillary is saying. She notes that story about the dog that barked every time he heard a lie and demonstrated what it would sound like every time a Republican lied. So she started barking, but the barking didn't stop when she did. The dog was still barking about HER lies. It's really funny when the Democrats talk about other people's lies while ignoring their own. Hillary and Obama are the most prolific liars out there. She must have learned well from her husband, who is the former champion liar. So good, in fact, that the liberal media MARVELED about how good a liar he was.

RACISM IS GOOD!” That's what Muslims are saying. At least, as long as they are the slavers. We know a lot of things about Muslims. One is the fact that, even though they are quick to whine abut “religious bigotry” any time they are opposed on ANYTHING, they are the biggest bigots going, anywhere. Maybe they don't have anything against “less than white people” because there are “less than white people” among them, but they KILL gays. They keep their women in virtual slavery, and rape CHILDREN as a “cultural thing.” I could add to this list, but I won't.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Others Did It, Too!"

That's Hillary's most recent defense against her e-mail woes. Others did it, too! But that's not a defense, it's an EXCUSE! Everybody who did it should be prosecuted, right along with her. Like a mother would ask her child: “If Jimmy jumped over a cliff, would you, too?” Just because others did it, doesn't make it okay for her to do it. She must be getting really desperate, as the FBI investigation gets nearer and nearer to an indictment.

"I SUPERCEDE THE CONSTITUTION": That's what a bureaucrat from the Bureau of Land Management told somebody who was investigating the actions of the BLM. Anne Marie Sharkey, and Jeff Weiss, both BLM employees, when asked if they “superseded the Constitution, answered smugly, “Yes, I do.” Somebody needs to slap these fools around a little and wake them up to reality. They DON'T “supersede the Constitution.” Not even the PRESIDENT supersedes the Constitution! They need to be disabused of this notion.

UN DEMANDS REPARATIONS: The United Nations has passed a resolution demanding WE pay reparations, but “somehow” fails to do the same for Muslim extremists, who are KILLING people for not believing in their “religion.” That this DISPLAYS their bias goes without saying. It's bad for us to retaliate, but not for them to attack, I guess, to this organization run by dictators and mass murderers. It would be funny if the UN was the only organization ignoring the ATROCITIES Islam terrorists commit, while criticizing us for retaliating.

THEY'RE “OFFENDED!” WHOOP-DE-DOO! Media Matters is “offended” by what they consider a “slur” against illegal aliens by the recent GOP debate monitor. So WHAT? Who cares what “offends” Media Matters? Illegal aliens are ILLEGAL! If they can't see that, screw them! Calling them that is no “slur.” It is logic and common sense, both of which are things liberals (which Media Matters IS) deny exist.

WAS SCALIA MURDERED? They were quick to rule former supreme Court Justice's death as a heart attack, without performing an autopsy. Why did they move so fast? The person who found him said there was a pillow over his head when found. Does that mean he was suffocated? The Democrats are set to benefit greatly from the death of this paragon of conservatism. Would they go that far to create an “easy road” for their foolishness? Have they already?

THEY'RE GETTING WHAT THEY WANTED: Cops are now very “nervous” and “quick to shoot,” just like it was said they were, before blacks made them targets. They have created a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and many of them will die because of it. As will many cops, who only want to do their jobs and go home at night. They're forced to drive around in distinctively painted cars, wearing distinctive uniforms with that shiny “target” on their chest, taking a chance on being assassinated from ambush by black (or white) criminals, who don't have to wear easily identifiable clothing or to drive around in well-marked cars. They can sneak up and shoot them before they even know they're there.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Democrat Fishwife

I listened to both Democrat candidates agree that Obama should nominate his own candidate for Supreme Court Justice to replace Antonin Scalia, who died “in his sleep” yesterday. The sound of Bernie's voice was, as usual, disgusting enough, but Hillary's was reminiscent of a “fishwife” screeching at her errant husband. She just couldn't resist screeching out her agreement that Obama should take advantage of yet another chance to screw up America for a few more decades, until HE/SHE dies.

ESTABLISHMENT POLITICS”: Bernie hollers, :"Americans are sick and tired of establishment politics and we're going to change that.” What he doesn't mention is that his party is responsible for ALL the “establishment politics” in the last 50 or more years. It would be easy to “change all that” if they WOULD. But they won't. If they keep on conning themselves into powerful offices, the “establishment politics" (trenslation: “corruption”)” will continue apace. Democrats always cry about what they, themselves have created, while ignoring that fact, altogether and blaming it on the Republicans.

OBAMA RUSHING TO NOMINATE: Within SECONDS after Justice Scalia's death, the skirmishing began to RUSH into nominating a liberal successor, so as to guarantee that, for decades to come, most “Supreme Court decisions” will fall on the liberal side. Obama has promised to nominate his liberal candidate “in due course,” and he “expected Congress to act swiftly” on it. Good luck, Obama! The Senate Leader has already said he is “in no hurry” to allow a vote on the measure, and presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz, has promised to filibuster the nomination. I hope the GOP doesn't do what they've done recently, and ALLOW the vote, letting Obama have want he wants.

NO MORE SLAVE LABOR GOODS”: The Congress has passed a bill banning the sale of goods produced by “slave labor.” Whoo! Are the communist Chinese gonna be mad! You can't hardly buy ANYTHING at a decent price in this country without somewhere on it being printed “Made in China.” Wal-Mart and Target, and other “big box stores” might have to go out of BUSINESS. That's because American made goods, for the most part, cost more to MAKE than it costs to MAKE them and ship them here, pay all the tariffs and other costs, from overseas. This is not a criticism. It is a suggestion that we should be willing to pay a little more to avoid buying products “made by slave labor.”

INCOME EQUALITY IS A PHONY ISSUE: The Democrats (and even some Republicans) whine about “income equality” all the time. That whole concept is COMMUNIST. (Which is one form of COLLECTIVISM, as is socialism another). It props up those who have made bad choices in their lives and are thus UNABLE to earn as much as those making GOOD choices, and are thus NOT WORTH more money, to support the notion that the government should STEAL some of the money the smart ones make and GIVE it to the dumb ones, UNEARNED.

A GOOD REASON: Obama has said his biggest regret is his INABILITY to take guns away from American citizens and leave them DEFENSELESS against the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists he is importing by the hundreds of thousands, even, in some cases, paying their way! Of course, those are not the words he used, but the ones he DID use say the same thing. He wants to take away our guns, no matter how much he denies it, and there's a good reason why he has consistently FAILED. The American people are AGAINST him on this, and many other things, including his efforts to make this into a SOCIALIST nation.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hillary Won!

She's listed as the second place holder in New Hampshire, but she got TWO more delegates there than Bernie did. If this isn't proof that “the fix is in,” (at least on the Democrat side) I don't know what is. The fix is in, in the RULES under which they operate, with Democrats in all the important positions in the electoral boards. They set the RULES so that Democrats essentially win, in spite of who is declared the winner. I don't know how the Republicans can ever win under such rules, as long as they allow the Democrats to set them. It's like they don't even realize what's going on. And I'm sure they don't. Democrats are incompetent on how to govern. Republicans are incompetent in how to GET elected.

ATTACKING CHURCHES EASY”: That's what one radicalized Detroit Muslim told his readers on social media, “because they are not allowed to carry guns there.” I kid you not! If that isn't a blatant invitation to other radicalized Muslims to go into churches and kill people, I don't know what is. This guy thinks he can get away with “fomenting murder” and won't be prosecuted for this, he's sadly mistaken—in the REAL world. But we aren't living in the “real world” today, so he will get away with it, claiming “freedom of speech,” something he is adamantly AGAINST, except for himself, of course. He told about planning his own shooting at an unidentified church that was scotched by his father, when he found the guns and ammo, and the mask he was going to use, in the trunk of his car.

BLAMING THE COPS: Like all other liberal Democrats, Hillary comes out and blames the cops for doing their jobs, saying, “Black women should not have to worry about white cops killing their sons,” completely ignoring the fact that their sons are out killing the sons of white American women (and men). If they weren't, cops (black and white cops) would  not be killing them, mostly while they (the black kids) are killing other people in the course of their daily “work.” No, I'm not saying that MOST black kids are criminals. I'm merely NOTING that the number of black criminals is significantly higher than that of white people. That's not my opinion, that's FACT.

WHY BERNIE AND AL? What possible good could come from a meeting between the Democrat presidential candidate leader and a “race whore?” And that's what Al Sharpton certainly is: a race whore. He has made himself rich by whipping up phony white against black racism all over the country. Wherever there is a chance to gain some notoriety (and some money) from promoting racism, there he is, pushing racism, whether or not it exists (and it usually doesn't). Meanwhile, he ignores the millions of dollars he owes in back taxes and gets away with it, because liberals all want to “curry favor” with him and the “race crowd.” Bernie, on the other hand, further displays his IGNORANCE by associating with this man, who SHOULD be in PRISON, not associating with presidential candidates, no matter how ignorant. they are.

SHE WALKED IT BACK: Former Sec. Of State Madelyn Albright brashly said, “There is a special place in hell for women who won't support a woman for president,” in her zeal to get Hillary elected. Then she realized just how damaging to her own reputation it was, and is now “walking it back,” saying that's not what she said, at all. But I HEARD her say it, and that's EXACTLY what she said. She can't deny it. But, like most Democrats, she will deny it, to her dying day. Knowing we know better. Then she'll criticize US for not believing her.

NO THIRD TERM”: Not even if the law allowed it. Whew! That would be a relief, if he meant it. But he has SAID it, so it must be a LIE. The fact that he felt the NEED to say it is proof to me, that the intends much more than a third term, one way or another. You can always know what Obama intends to do, by what he promises NOT to do. Clinton was a good liar, but he can't hold a candle to Obama's lies. And Hillary is right in behind them both.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Back to Business

For the last week or so, I've been suffering from a very painful eye infection. One that prevented me from opening my right eye, and made what I COULD see from my left eye out of focus, causing pain when I tried. That made it impossible to type on this computer. Add a missed follow-up appointment with the eye doctor caused by my son's misreading of the appointment notice (which I was in no shape to correct), and we're still trying to get this episode finished. This was not my son's fault, as I could easily have corrected it. But my eye is well enough now so that I can continue my efforts to make liberals wet their panties, so here goes:
BREAD AND CIRCUSES: Everywhere you look! Mardi Gras! Superbowl! Presidential debates! Primary elections! It's a wonder any of us have any room in our minds for the REAL issues! Does anybody—INCLUDING the politicians—actually pay attention to real politics? They must not. They elected Obama, didn't they? They re-elected Harry Reid and Nancy Peelosi, the major architects of everything that's WRONG in this country. Obama appointed a KNOWN COMMUNIST as one of his “czars” (that bunch of bureaucrats he has no authority to appoint, to do the things they have no authority to do). Of course, America noticed this time, and he lasted only a few days. And the Democrats are running a socialist for president! And he is in danger of being ELECTED!

THEY DON'T PAY ATTENTION: Many people in New Hampshire don't know who they're going to vote for until they get to the voting place. Some don't even know what PARTY they like. These people should not be allowed to vote because they know NOTHING about the candidates. People who don't know enough about what's going on UNTIL they get into the voting booth should not be allowed to vote in their IGNORANCE. Totally IGNORANT voters should NEVER be allowed to vote. They should have to answer simple questions about “which PARTY do you like?” BEFORE they're allowed to ENTER the booth.

ELECTING A SOCIALIST: I've written a lot about how STUPID voters are. Many people don't like me because of that. But it's LOGICAL. People who go into the voting booth not even knowing enough about the PARTY they like are too IGNORANT to vote, based on knowing what the issues are, and how their candidates stand on them. “Not paying attention to politics” should DISQUALIFY them from voting. But that will never happen, because the candidates DEPEND on that to get elected. Especially the DEMOCRATS,. Who have put up TWO socialists (communists) to be president (one admittedly, the other vehemently denying it). That's how Germany got HITLER, and how Russia got COMMUNISM, which held them captive and murdered MILLIONS of them for 75 years. Hitler only murdered a few million and started WWII, getting himself, and many Germans killed. Hitler was a “National Socialist.”

HILLARY: HONEST? C'OME ON! Hillary forces are trying to say Hillary is doing well because she's perceived as “the most honest and trustworthy candidate” running. Urrggg, gurgle, hack! Hee, hee! (CENSORED) Damned if that wasn't the best laugh I ever had! First of all, the very IDEA of Hillary being honest is a lie. Second, the idea that Hillary is “doing well” is ALSO a lie. SECOND PLACE in a two-person place? RIGHT! The only reason she is even NEAR the front is because the front is so CLOSE! The latest Quinnepiac Poll has her rated near the BOTTOM.

KNOW NOTHING VOTERS: I can't believe there are so many IGNORANT voters out there! I just heard about a guy who is having trouble deciding between Bernie and TRUMP! In reality. There is so much difference between the two that anyone considering one would not even CONSIDER the other, if he knew ANYTHING. Trump is a consummate FREE MARKETER. A businessman! Bernie is a SOCIALIST! The two are polar OPPOSITES! To consider one is to OPPOSE the other! To consider both is total IGNORANCE! And these people VOTE!

SOUNDING LIKE HOWARD DEAN: Democrat politician Howard Dean, who told Republicans to “go back to Russia" where they'd be the most comfortable, then SCREAMED his way into obscurity, destroying any chance to be nominated to run for president in the Democrat Party, sounded almost like Trump in his speech declaring himself winner of the New Hampshire Primary. But thank goodness, no scream at the end. So I guess Trump won't eliminate himself in the same way.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sorry About the Last Few Days

I'm suffering from a very painful eye infection that started last Wednesday and got to the nasty point on Thursday. I spent Thursday running back and forth between doctors with my son driving, since I still can't drive with only one eye. It's a little better now but I'm still only down to mostly a half an eye which makes it hard to type, or drive. Its slowly getting better (emphasis on SLOWLY), but I still can't type very easily. It's still painful to keep even one eye open (or closed) It'll be another few days before I can get back to work. Even typing this is hard to do. Keep watch. I'll be back to work as soon as I can. Hopefully by Monday. You know how it is with us “old folks.” Things go wrong.I don't have a big staff. My staff is three: me, myself, and I.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ISIS's New Tank

I laughed so hard I almost had a stroke when I saw the new “tank” they built out of WOOD, which had a DRAINPIPE pretending to be a gun barrel, with a cork in it, and running on WHEELS, not tracks. Way to “strike fear into the hearts of your enemies", guys. They also claim to have a “locally designed and built AIRPLANE, which is probably an Eagle with a .45 strapped to it, controlled by a radio controlled airplane control. And they're trying to fight countries with MANY real tanks and jets with such foolishness.. The only reason these fools are making any progress at all is because their biggest enemy, America has a “limp-wristed” president who won't fight them effectively.

IS IT GLOBAL WARMING?” Something else to blame on global warming. Punxutawney Phil didn't see his shadow, so we can hope there won't be six more weeks of winter. Gotta be global warming!  Boy, are these fools “clutching at straws!” Anything to try and think global warming (under whatever name) is true, when it ISN'T. The global warming “religion” DEPENDS on gullible people who would accept such things for it's very LIFE. The whole swindle is based on the idea that a ONE PERCENT DROP in temperature in 100 years (when none of us will still be alive) is MAN CAUSED, and “could be” a disaster.

CHURCH AND STATE MYTH: The “Separation of Church and State" is a MYTH. It has never been law. It is NOT in the Constitution. See if you can find it. It was only MENTIONED in a LETTER between two of the “Founders,” Religion is only mentioned in one place in the Constitution, where it says, “NO LAW shall be made regarding religion or the practice thereof.” How that translates into “not a breath of religion in government institutions, especially schools,” is beyond me. It's the usual liberal scam, MISREADING the Constitution to suit themselves, and insisting it's true.

HILLARY WINS 6 COIN TOSSES IN A ROW: Do you know what the chances of that ARE? MILLIONS to one! I think she used a two-headed coin. It gets pretty bad when somebody wins a presidential election on the basis of a coin toss. I don't know how she did it, but with the odds the way they are, I know she did it, somehow. I'm sorry, but that's how the Clintons operate. See to it “the fix is in.” It didn't work against Obama, but he's just a better trickster than they are. Bernie isn't quite as good. He led the polls, but “just missed it by THAT much” in the caucus.

DESTROYING VOTER ID ARGUMENT: t's funny. You need a photo ID at the bank, to rent a video, when you go to a bar, or buy an airline ticket, to buy a pack of smokes, and in some places,to use the crapper, but liberals still think you don't need one to VOTE. We all get ONE VOTE. To not require an ID to prove who we are to keep people from voting more than once is just plain STUPID! But then, we know that about liberals (Democrats). The only reason they don't want ID to be required to vote is because that would make it harder for them to steal elections.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Mystery Sniper" In Libya

He/she is targeting and killing ISIS leaders and causing them to be afraid of their shadows, for fear of being killed. Boo-hoo! I really feel; for them, but I just can't seem to REACH them! Maybe if they stopped killing innocent people for not believing the way they think they ought to, that sniper would stop killing THEM. I don't think that sniper is one of our people because it goes against everything Obama stands for. It's probably a Frenchman. If we find out who it is, we should give him/her a medal. We need to get somebody like this everywhere Islamic terrorists operate.

BERNIE FANS ARE FOOLS: There are a lot of fools in America, which is being proved (again) by the big crowds Bernie Sanders is drawing in the presidential race. It's probably because voters really, really don't WANT Hillary to win. They know if this fool gets the nomination there is NO WAY he will win the general election. He is an ADMITTED SOCIALIST, (Hillary is an UN-admitted socialist) and that's only one step away from COMMUNISM, and America doesn't want any part of that. Besides: he's so old, he'll probably die in office, and whoever he chooses as VP will become president. Which would be just as bad.

CLUB BANS MUSLIMS: A Danish night club is banning anybody who can't speak Danish, English, or any other language spoken in Denmark from his club, in response to complaints from women of “inappropriate touching by Muslim “refugees.” It's a logical move, since these fools think if a woman SMILES at them, they welcome such touching, and want to have sex with them. The bouncers can't tell them that, since they don't speak the language. I just wonder what Muslims, who are told NOT to drink, or even ASSOCIATE with “unbelievers” by the Koran, are even DOING in a night club, anyway. It's obvious. They're there to make trouble, and they have succeeded.

IT'S JUST THE REPUBLICANS”: That's what Hillary says about the CRIMINAL investigation the FBI is running about her e-mail practices. That intimates that there is nothing to it, except in the minds of her opposition. But that's just a cover so she can blame the investigation of her CRIMES on the GOP. Actually, who ELSE will investigate her crimes but the Republicans? The Democrats certainly aren't going to do it. They want her to be president, at all costs. Democrats say TRUMP could shoot someone in Times Square and not lose supporters. But the opposite is true. HILLARY could do it and not lose a single Democrat.

LISTENING TO HILLARY: Whenever Hillary comes on the television, I have to turn the sound off. That's because when she talks, she sounds like a “fishwife” screaming at her drunken husband. Bernie isn't quite as loud, but his voice is very irritating too, as are his ideas. Maybe that's because both are socialists, even if Hillary denies it. They need to rename the Democrat Party, because there is nothing Democratic about it. They should call it the “Socialist Party” to be truthful. But have you ever seen a Democrat who was truthful?

UNFAVORABLE VIEW? Gallup says, “60 Percent of Americans have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump." Where did they take their poll? In the lobby of the Democrat Party headquarters? The crowds he draws just don't paint a picture like that. It's hard to really picture an “unviable” candidate when he draws such massive crowds, even at impromptu events. I see they're still trying to use polls to DICTATE public opinion. I wonder who “bought” this poll? I can guess.

NOT HIS BIGGEST FAILURE! Former (thankfully) Attorney General Eric Holder says his failure to institute total gun control is his biggest failure. WRONG! His biggest failure is in “selectively” enforcing the law on conservatives, but not liberals.And especially not on Obama. And “swearing to it” every time Obama LIES. I don't know if he was the WORST AG in history, but he is in my memory. Give it time. The current AG could surpass him in stupidity. She's “showing signs.”

Monday, February 1, 2016

Matthews Is An Idiot

Once again, Chris Matthews has opened his mouth and PROVED his ignorance, maybe his STUPIDITY. Ignorance is just lack of information. Stupidity is KNOWING things and STILL holding stupid positions.; He took Chris Christie to task for having the temerity, as a lawyer and former prosecutor, to call abortion “murder.” What this MSNBC fool doesn't realize that abortion (killing innocent babies) is MORALLY murder, no matter what man's “law" says. To criticize somebody for this is showing his OWN stupidity.

BIG SURPRISE! Iran says the Holocaust is a hoax That's really a big surprise, isn't it? That the president of Iran wants the world to think the biggest misfortune ever to be visited upon the Jews didn't happen. Well, many Jew-haters in the past have tried that. It didn't work then. And it won't work now, because the whole world (except people living in Iran) knows how much the Iranians LIE to support their CRIMES against Jews.

THE “FIX IS IN”: It sure sounds like it, with the DOJ briefing the president on the Hillary “investigation” and Obama's “mouthpiece” saying that “it looks like Hillary will not be indicted. Without even ALL the “evidence” in. Obama is trying to”poison the well” on the case against Hillary, at least, until the election, so she will be elected and be able to represent the THIRD TERM of Obama. Frankly, I don't care if she is indicted or not. If Trump is the Republican candidate, she will have NO CHANCE, indictment, or not. Jeb Bush talks about Trump “insulting people,” while insulting Trump in the next breath.

MOST FOLKS DON'T CARE: The boycott of the Oscars is a “big thing” in Hollywood. But anywhere else? Not so much. A recent poll shows that most people couldn't care less about their claims that because no black person gave a performance worthy of an Oscar this year, it MUST be racism--as is everything else they find when looking under a rock, or their bed. Apparently, most people are smarter than those fools who started that boycott. If that's what they want, so be it. No Oscars for boycotters next year,. Even if they give superb performances.

BASED ON WHAT WE KNOW”: The White House “mouthpiece” has come out and said, “It's unlikely Hillary will be charged, based on what we know.” Which doesn't mean she is innocent. It's “based on what they know,” which is probably that they know “the fix is in.” To keep her from being indicted, at least, until AFTER the election. They made this announcement, in hopes of “poisoning the well” before charges CAN be filed against her so she can continue to run for president..

WELL, FINALLY! The FBI is soon to interview Hillary about her e-mail practices. Something that should have been done long ago. Why it has not happened already, is a mystery. Maybe because the FBI is “treading on slippery ice” and doesn't WANT to interview her. She SAYS she “neither received, nor sent classified e-mails.” But what she doesn't say is that ALL e-mails sent or received by the Secretary of State ARE classified, by their very nature. and to have them go through an unsecure private server is damned foolishness and that alone, should BAN her from the presidency for stupidity. Liberals want her to be president so bad they can TASTE it. And they don't know what to do about this criminal investigation.

ISLAM LOVES POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: I could have put quotes around that, but it's simple fact, and doesn't require them. What is another fact is that Muslim terrorists are FOSTERING the “political correctness” that says, “ANYBODY who criticizes Islam should be punished.” That way, they can keep on killing people for not believing in their phony “religion” without criticism by human beings. Maybe burglars and other kinds of murderers should try the same thing. Gullible liberals would probably support them.