Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hillary: "End Hyde Amendment!'

The Hyde Amendment is a common sense amendment to prohibit the funding of abortions by the government. In other words, to stop the government from paying for BABY KILLING. Hillary wants the government to be COMPLICIT in the mass murders of innocent, defenseless BABIES. NOBODY who thinks killing babies is okay has any business holding any elected (or appointed) office in government. And wanting the government to PAY for it is even worse. Instead of running for president, she should be imprisoned for complicity in mass MURDER.

CAN ANYBODY BEAT HILLARY? Liberals are constantly asking that question. Then they answer their own question with a resounding, “NO!” Hoping that if they repeat that lie often enough, people will believe it. They've even got conservatives asking the same question. But the answer is, ANYBODY could beat Hillary. I could beat Hillary. MICKEY MOUSE could beat Hillary. Anybody but Bernie Sanders or whosis, the other Democrat candidate. They thought she was unbeatable in 2008, until a previously unknown Chicago “community organizer” crawled out from under his rock and whipped her butt, to our misery.

LIBERALS ARE FRIGHTENED: Trump scares them to death. They know he's going to “kill their golden goose” if he gets elected president—and they know there's a very good chance he will be elected, and their schemes will be OVER. That's why they're coming at him from all sides. I saw an interview on Fox with a Hoover Institute “fellow” who said that, even though he is driving right over all his opponents, including Hillary, he can't get elected. What he bases that on, I don't know. Because “he isn't a Republican?” That's only a problem for Republican liberals. I'm not a Republican, although they are close to what I am. I'm a “rational individualist” and only want my country back—as do most Republicans (although they believe in some things I don't).

BERNIE SUPPORTERS IGNORANT: They don't have any idea what's up in this country. They really think this “wild-haired fool” is going to be good for this country with his admitted socialism. Socialism is only good for those who want a “free ride” at the expense of others. Socialism is STEALING from the producers of new wealth for the benefit of the lazy. People who would rather live at someone else's expense without the bother of working. And that's what Bernie stands for. So does Hillary, but she isn't honest enough to admit it.

TEACHING KORAN IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: You can't even BREATHE the name “Jesus” in a public school because of a purposeful misreading of the Constitution. But Obama is “encouraging” public schools to teach the Koran and FAILING students if they refuse to study it. At least, that's what one retired Marine found out when they did it to his daughter when she refused to study the Koran, and no other course was offered as a substitute. Whatever the hell Obama thinks this will accomplish, I don't know. But I think, as a “closet Muslim,” he's doing everything he can to force the Muslim “religion” on us. Trying, in his own way, to increase the number of Muslims in this country, while blocking the teaching of Christianity everywhere he can. Obama is a Muslim saboteur and we need to get rid of him and all his friends.

CONGRESS DID TAKE ACTION: Obama likes to call Congress a “do nothing congress” because they won't pass all of his pipe dreams into law. Especially not his pipe dreams about “gun control (deciphered, gun bans!). But they are NOT “doing nothing.” They're saying, “NO!” He just does not like that, so he accuses them of being lazy. But what they're doing is VOTING on his measures, and saying, “Hell no!” He says he doesn't want your guns, but he has dedicated his last year in office to taking away your guns!

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