Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What Is A Spy?

Dumocrats are trying to tell us there wasn't a "spy" placed into the Trump campaign during the 2016 election. But they DO admit there WAS an "informant" placed there. Which brings up the question: what the hell is the difference between a spy and an informant? A spy listens and learns, then informs his handlers what he has learned. An informant listens and learns and then tells his handlers what he has learned. Their jobs are IDENTICAL, so what's the difference? Only SEMANTICS. A spy is an informant. An informant is a spy. There is no difference.

IT MUST HAVE KILLED THEM: Even CNN couldn't get out of reporting this "good guy with a gun" story, and it must have made their headline writers shake with fury to have to write it. The headline is: "Armed Citizen Kills Gunman at Oklahoma City Restaurant." Writing it might have caused them to have a nervous breakdown, I don't know. Seems like a guy walked into a restaurant and started shooting at two women. Whereupon a nearby citizen who was legally armed, shot him to death, saving the lives of those girls, and who knows how many more. CNN regularly writes that things like this don't happen. What made them actually run this story is a mystery, because it clearly marks them as liars. If the liberal media ever started covering these stories, it would make an amazing story.

JUST BAN IT! BAN IT! BAN IT! That seems to be the action of choice for the ignorant politicians who think all they have to do is ban something to take care of a problem. It's political ad time these days. The politicians screaming their stupidity is all I hear these days, and it seems the basic theme with MOST politicians is "ban guns!" "Ban bump stocks!" :Ban everything!" "Ban, ban, ban!" Or they exult that they "beat NRA!" Once. One little victory and they think the fight is over. It is NOT.

"WE MUST BAN BULLETS": The anti-gun fools have seized upon something the "founding fathers" overlooked in writing the Constitution. Actually MENTIONING the right to buy bullets. They think the Constitution doesn't give us the right to buy bullets for our guns, since bullets were not specifically mentioned. Therefore, they're starting a campaign to BAN BULLETS. They're beginning by assuming the founders didn't include bullets in their recognition of our RIGHT to self defense, and to buy and use the means to that end, a gun. They're pretending that, because the founders didn't specifically MENTION bullets in their recognition of our right to self defense. The founders never envisioned somebody so STUPID as to think they didn't include bullets, and thought it was unnecessary to specifically MENTION them. The Founders did not mention guns. They mentioned "arms." That INCLUDES ammunition, to intelligent people.

NO "WILD WEST ATMOSPHERE": One of the basic claims of the anti-gun fools is that, if the law-abiding are allowed to carry their guns, it will "create a 'wild west atmosphere,' and blood in the streets." They completely discount the "blood in the streets" already out there, with shooters using their ILLEGAL guns to shoot everybody in sight. A good illustration of that is in Chicago, where anti-gun laws are tight, but 23 people have already been shot over the Memorial Day weekend (so far). The only problem is, their silly laws never work. and they only make it worse, by DISARMING the law-abiding, making them "sitting ducks" for the lawbreakers, who can't be bothered to obey their laws. Update: the number of people shot over the Memorial Day weekend is (so far) 38.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Is anybody with any brains still listening to teenage bigmouth David Hogg? His "15 minutes of fame" is way past its expiration date, but he's still mouthing off. He's now calling for "courtesy in speech," but he's the biggest violator of that.... Idiocy personified. Alec Baldwin thinks he would beat Trump soundly if he ran in 2020. How stupid IS he? Trump would SHRED him. It amazes me how arrogantly STUPID these anti-Trump fools are.... Liberals gave Hillary a trophy for her "contributions to society," whatever THEY were. Nobody seems to know Like the one they gave a well-known former newsman for the fake"news" that got him fired. I guess they MAKE UP their "awards" so they can say people are "award-winning people"....

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

It Isn't Working

The Dumocrats embarked upon a "scorched Earth policy" regarding Donald Trump when he beat their hand-picked, "fixed" candidate, Hillary Clinton. Right up to 9 o'clock on election night they were arrogantly confident in her being elected--and then disaster struck. Soon it became evident that Donald Trump had beaten back their best (worst) efforts, and was now the elected president--not Hillary. So they invented the "Russian Connection" with the Trump campaign, to get him elected. They couldn't find, or manufacture any PROOF. But they insisted it was true, that they WOULD eventually find the proof they figured was there, but that they had not found it, yet. That's been their story now for more than a year. And they've spent millions of taxpayer dollars to prove it and couldn't. But they still believe it.

"I'M ASHAMED OF TRUMP!". Rocker Dave Grohl (whoever THAT is) says, "I'm ashamed of Trump." But he couldn't tell anybody WHY. Not coherently, anyway. Never mind Trump has put more money in millions of pockets by letting them keep more of the money they EARNED. Or that in one year, he has done away with MILLIONS of Obama's unemployed. Those Obama said were "the new normal." On welfare, giving up on ever finding another job, and Obama was fine with that. Trump has kept MOST of his campaign promises, in ONE YEAR. But this fool is "ashamed" of him. Stupid pills, anyone? Or did Dave take them all?

"IT WASN'T A SPY!" Trump says the FBI put a "spy" into his campaign in the 2016 election. Spokesmen for the FBI says "NO!" "Yes, we did have a 'confidential informant" embedded, in his campaign, for Trump's PROTECTION. But did they have another in the Hillary campaign to protect HER? No; apparently they didn't care about protecting her from anything. It's just SEMANTICS, folks! A "confidential informant" in Trump's campaign IS a spy in Trump's campaign! Whatever they call him for plausible deniability.

TRUMP CAN'T BLOCK TROLLS: Twitter says President Trump can't block Twitter users from his account because of the First Amendment. Everybody else can, why can't he? It's funny how liberals USE the Constitution when it suits their purposes, and ignore it where it inhibits them from their wish control all of us. The First Amendment only stops the GOVERNMENT from PUNISHING people for what they say. It doesn't stop an American citizen from getting rid of malcontents on Twitter, no matter WHO he may be. If somebody writes me a nasty letter, I don't have to read it, NOR accept any more from the same person. I can throw their letters in the trash. It's my prerogative.

RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION: The Constitution says "NO LAW" shall be made regarding religion or the free practice thereof." Why then, can the City of Philadelphia "cut ties" with Catholic Charities because they will not place children with gay families because that is against their religion? That is ABSOLUTELY religious discrimination. Soon they will act against people for "discriminating" against murderers and burglars.

"JUST MAKE STUFF UP": That's how the anti-gun fools "prove NRA wrong." The only problem is, they can't do it by making stuff up. Former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton tried it. His first point is that "gun laws stop crime." They do NOT. That is statistically PROVEN. Then he said the Second Amendment was not meant to excuse mass slaughter. In that, he's right. It was meant to AVOID mass slaughter by giving the law-abiding the right to have and use their own guns for self defense. He went on to say that more guns have not, and will not, make us safer. Again, that is DEMONSTRABLY wrong. More guns in the hands of the law-abiding HAVE, and DO make us safer, mostly by letting them kill lawbreakers. He cites no sources, because there ARE none. He just makes it up.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Their "Moderate" Article

Writer claims "death threats" for writing a "moderate" article suggesting the government "take away all our guns." Yeah, "moderate." Never mind that pesky constitutional GUARANTEE that Americans may be armed for self defense. He talks about his "death threats" as if that is the first time it has ever happened, or that pro-gun people are the only ones who ever did it. What about all the "death threats" on the NRA? Don't they count? Never mind taking away all our guns would just make the problem even more serious by DISARMING the LAW-ABIDING, leaving the way wide open for those pesky LAWBREAKERS who ignore such laws.

"SOME IMMIGRANTS ARE ANIMALS": In a recent meeting, Trump described SOME of the "immigrants" meaning gang members like MS-13) are "animals." So the liberal media immediately accused him of saying ALL immigrants are "animals." Such is their method of making Trump look as bad as possible. LIE over and over, misquote and misunderstand his words, with the purpose of making his supporters run away from him so they can help the Dumocrats retake control of the Congress and get Trump impeached, for NOTHING, other than the fact they have retaken control. But it ain't agonna work.

ANOTHER DAMNED SCHOOL SHOOTING! What is going ON? Why is it that, since the school shooting in Denver that killed 13 people, most of them students, there have been so many shootings in schools, all of a sudden, since then? Why does it seem that kids who were "bullied" suddenly become KILLERS? I was bullied when I was in grade school. there was one guy who kept after me all the time, and a gang of other kids who were after me all the time too, and I didn't get a gun and go into my school and start killing people. I ended my bullying by taking my dad's advice and STARTING a fight with my principle bully, and showing him I would no longer be an "easy mark," win or lose.

BAN TRENCH COATS! Conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt is mocking the anti-gun fools by calling for a "trench coat ban" following the Santa Fe, Texas school killings, because the shooter hid his long gun under one when he entered that school with mass murder on his mind. He's doing it to mock the anti-gun fools, but I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them started advocating it, for real. That's the way they think. Blame everything EXCEPT what's really to blame, and that is the mental state of someone would actually DO such a thing. Banning guns themselves is just as fruitless an endeavor as is banning trench coats, but the anti-gun fools will never know that. They aren't smart enough.

"DEMANDS ACTION" ON GUNS: Kelly Clarkson is the latest clueless celebrity to call for "action on guns." WHAT action, pray tell, Kelly? There has been plenty of "action on guns" in the past. There is always calls for more after every mass shooting, in a school, or somewhere else. But if you ask such people WHAT action, they can't tell you. They assume you'll find SOMETHING that will stop gun violence, but they have no idea what that would be, They just expect others to come up with something. Nobody has yet come up with anything that works, and nobody's likely to do so any time in the future. But fools like Kelly keep demanding it, without having a clue what it would be.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Is Mueller pursuing a sham investigation? That's a question being asked by someone in the Tea Party movement. The answer is, YES! And everybody knows it. So why is he still spending money like water and ruining the lives of Trump employees, current and former? To put pressure on them not to work for Trump and cripple him, hoping to frustrate him and get him to resign, of course. They have nothing else.... Trump was wrong. MS-13 members are NOT "animals." To call them such is an insult to animals, everywhere. They are merely the "scum of the Earth." That is much more descriptive , and more accurate,,,,

Friday, May 25, 2018

First One's Over

Got my cataract on the right side removed, and it was pronounced fine. Gotta do it all over again next week on the other side. It was easier than I anticipated. I just went to sleep, and when I woke up it was done. After that, the hardest part was the eye patch I had to wear until the next day, and the eye drops four times a day for two weeks. Bother. Then another month for the heart catheterization. Busy time.

HE'S GOT THE ANSWER: Dumocrat Senator Mark Warner says, "no law would have stopped the Texas killings," but he's "got the answer." Then he goes on to spout all the usual anti-gun fool measures that have proven NOT to do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down "gun crime." Fools like this come out of the woodwork (to score some TV time) every time some fool shoots up a school or some other "gun-free zone," sometimes with a gun they bought legally (because they had not yet committed a crime), but more often with a gun they obtained in violation of one or more laws. Thus proving that when they contemplate committing mass murder, they just are not concerned with a piddling little law that says they must do their heinous crime with something other than a gun.

WHO PAID AVENUTTI? Stormy Daniels' lawyer got a strange "secret payment" when Stormy Daniels came to him to be her lawyer in her attempt to extort money from President Trump. Of course, he took it, and I believe it came from the Dumocrat Party, through many different "cutouts" so the money could not be traced. In addition, he intended to use it to make himself a "household name" all over the country. That can't have been bad for his lawyering business. He has been on TV more often that most people who are PAID to be on TV, lying every time, trying to "plead his case" on TV. rather in court. All this is unethical, but he doesn't care. Now he'll probably want to sue me for writing the TRUTH about him.

CALIF. COMMITTING SUICIDE: Among their other many giveaways to ILLEGAL aliens, They now want to give FREE HEALTHCARE to ILLEGAL aliens. Notice there is no mention of LEGAL residents there. The surest way to bankruptcy is to give things away, and California is doing it, at an increasing pace. There is some question whether Governor Moonbeam will sign the measure if it reaches his desk. But I have no doubt he will sign it. It goes right along with his love of giving away other people's money. He LOVES socialistic actions--and socialism will eventually destroy his state, as it has every place where it has been tried, eventually. As it did in Russia and is doing in many other places, including Cuba and Venezuela.

THE BIGGEST GUN KILLER: The anti-gun fools are searching diligently for the biggest gun killer there is, and they're missing it. The biggest gun killer is the "gun-free zone." That's because it gives would-be gun crime committers the ASSURANCE that the law-abiding will not be armed there, so they'll be free to bring their ILLEGAL guns there to rob and kill people at will, without opposition. Other anti-gun fool laws and regulations do the same, but not to that extent. In truth, it is the actions of the anti-gun fools that CREATE opportunities for lawbreakers to use their ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding.

"INACTION ON GUN CONTROL": Crazy Bernie Sanders is "disgusted with the inaction on gun control." The Houston, Texas police chief is similarly frustrated. Many other anti-gun fool dupes are saying the same. But that raises the question: "What new law would work to curb gun violence?" "Gun-free zones?" Criminals and other would-be shooters SEEK OUT gun-free zones, because they know most law-abiding people will not bring their guns there, while the not-so law-abiding CAN, and will. They will have "free rein" to kill and rob at will because there will be no meaningful opposition, there. Their other laws are similarly USELESS.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Stormy Daniels' lawyer doesn't believe in the Constitution or the First Amendment. But who gives a "tinker's damn" what he believes in? I certainly don't. He's a useless nonentity whose opinion means NOTHING to real people.... Kellyanne Conway says the news media owes Trump for twisting his "animals" comment. Actually, they owe him an apology for two YEARS of twisting everything he says or does to make him look bad.... Yes, it IS satire. One liberal mag compares Stormy Daniels to the Virgin Mary. That HAS TO be satire.... Liberty Headlines says "Trump CLAIMS FBI had a spy in his campaign." It's not a CLAIM. They DID. And there is proof.... Dumocrats continue to prove their abysmal ignorance. Sen. Chris Murphy (Dumocrat, of course) of Connecticut, says the Second Amendment is "imaginary." But it is the only thing that has kept liberals from overrunning us. If that's imaginary, I'll take it. Sometimes I think they have to prove their insanity to become Dumocrats. The Constitution is the BASE upon which every law ever made must conform. It is in NO WAY imaginary. The Second Amendment IS absolute. You are a FOOL if you think otherwise....

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scheduled Surgery

Coverage might be spotty late this week because I have scheduled cataract surgery Thursday, and I don't know if I will be able to update this blog that day, or the next. But I'll be back up to speed as soon as I can, until Thursday the next week when the second cataract surgery is scheduled. I might be a little more sure of what I can do for that one. Stand by.

AS PREDICTED: Moms Against guns (or some such) didn't wait until the bodies cooled in Santa Fe, Texas before using that shooting to recruit new dupes. Never mind the shooter violated many different laws in doing this shooting. He STOLE th guns from his dad; he brought them into a "gun-free zone; he was a MINOR in possession of a gun. and then he committed multiple MURDER. What law would have done ANYTHING to stop this massacre? Yet they USE massacres such as this to recruit more DUPES to their useless "organizations." They're nor stupid. They have to KNOW their laws and regulations, and rules have stopped not a SINGLE mass shooting, but they insist on making them, anyway.

DANCING IN THEIR BLOOD: MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) wasted no time to use the Santa Fe, Texas massacre in their recruiting effort. As they usually do, they "dance in the blood" of the victims, duping them into supporting their USELESS laws that don't work, and giving them money to join their damned fool organization and make the anti-gun fools richer. there's no counting the number of law-abiding people their actions have KILLED by DISARMING the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws, making them :easy targets" for those who DON'T obey their laws.

MANY DANGER SIGNS: There were many "red flags" about the gunman in the Santa Fe, Texas shooting, but all were ignored. His favorite shirt carried a disturbing message; he posted many such messages on Facebook (and they weren't censored by FB). He talked about "killing everybody." You'd think SOMEBODY would have noticed, and taken some kind of action to get him the help he needed, so he wouldn't go into a school and kill a bunch of children to show his insanity. It;s an old story, repeated over and over.

SOME TEACHERS WON'T ARM: Some are anti-gun fools, themselves. Others have just "bought the BS" fed them by anti-gun fools. But that's okay. Nobody should try to force ANY teacher to be armed. All we ask is to ALLOW those with carry permits and proper training to bring their guns to work with them. The knowledge that MAYBE there will be guns there to oppose a mass shooter is enough to STOP most mass shooters, who are cowrards, anyway. And if they try it, anyway, just ONE armed teacher or other staff there can make all the difference in the world, being able to kill that wannabe mass shooter before he can do much damage--as that parishioner did in a Colorado Springs church a few years ago.

I'M GETTING TIRED OF IT: It doesn't seem to matter how many times it is PROVEN that gun control doesn't work, it never seems to dawn on anti-gun fools that none of their STUPID laws do ANYTHING to stop, or even slow down "gun crime." Instead, their laws INCREASE it by disarming the law-abiding, making them "easy targets" for those who routinely IGNORE their laws

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Columnist George Will has finally taken leave of his senses with his comment that VP Pence is "the worst person in government...." Liberals are saying that, because of Trump's "bellicose statements," Palestinians and other Islamic terrorists will no longer talk to us. So what? It doesn't matter if they do. They never keep their promises if they make any. They just use "talks" to delay so they can resupply and get into better positions to kill people. At least they now know they can't "play" us as they did with Obama and other former presidents.... Somebody else's money. That seems to be always what somebody wants when they see others earning more than they do. Actress Selma Hayek says men should take less money so women can make more. As if the payment for work is a "zero sum game." It isn't. If they want more money, they should hold out for it when they negotiate their contracts. Anything else is socialism.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dallas Twists the News

The Dallas News did a story recently, in which they point out that the NRA convention cost the city $575,000, while IGNORING the $24 million dollars the convention brought to the city. The city spent that $575,000 for cop overtime, traffic control, security, and other various expenses while merchants in Dallas piled up $24 million bucks. But did the Dallas News bother to report that? Yes, in the very LAST paragraph, while playing it down. This is how the liberal news media usually twists things to put the NRA in the worst light possible to promote their alliance with the anti-gun fools.

BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES: The Palestinians predictably are painting things in the worst way for Israel after they tried violent riots to "protest" the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem, Israel's LEGAL capital. Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital, too. One little problem. they have no legal right to it, and Israel does. "Demonstrators" all claim that they were "peacefully demonstrating," and were "infiltrated" by those doing violence. Yeah, right! Destroying property and burning things is "peacefully demonstrating." They brought all this on themselves.

IT NEEDS TO END: Robert Mueller's "investigation" is futile. He has spent more than a year ruining innocent people on a fruitless effort to find something, ANYTHING he can use to get Trump out of the presidency. It has cost the taxpayers $20 MILLION dollars and is no longer even PRETENDING to look for evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in the 2016 election, to help Trump get elected. It is now concentrating on finding ANY "evidence" they can find that has any chance of "getting Trump." Meanwhile, they IGNORE sure evidence of collusion with Russia on the part of the HILLARY campaign.

GUN CONTROL IS IGNORANCE: No, it's STUPIDITY. They have to know banning or limiting access to guns is a USELESS endeavor, but they insist on making their USELESS laws for criminals and other miscreants to IGNORE. In places where guns are banned, murder rates RISE. That's a fact. Not just somebody's opinion, but by examining the murder rates in places where guns are banned. It's undeniable, but anti-gun fools still deny it. Almost ALL "mass shootings" happen in their highly-touted "gun-free zones." Criminals and potential mass shooters SEEK OUT such places because they know law-abiding people there will usually not be armed, and able to defend themselves, so they can kill them at will.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! One of the Russian companies Mueller "indicted"has come forward and DEMANDED he produce the "evidence" he says proves they did wrong, and he can't. It doesn't exist. They weren't supposed to do that. We all know a good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and this Russian company is Mueller's "sandwich." As with the government's use of "National Security Letters" (which are nothing but something written by one of the "investigators" with no force in law) in place of warrants to DEMAND documents on just the WORD of one of their "investigators" that wrongdoing is "suspected," which has NO force in law, and is just an intimidating ploy, they have called Mueller's bluff.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: It's an ongoing problem. Whenever Trump goes to make a speech, they need to find a bigger hall because so many people want to attend. That's what is happening in Indiana as this is written. They not only found the biggest hall they could find, and STILL many people had to be turned away. Tough problem. We certainly live in interesting times, and I love it. At least now, liberals are meeting some real opposition in their quest to fleece the nation.... Ignorance personified: That pretty much describes the "sexuality expert" who says a mother has to ask a baby's permission before changing his/her diaper. There doesn't seem to be any end to liberal stupidity... When a reporter asked about something Adam Shiff said, Sarah Sanders said, "We at the White House try to never be concerned about what Schiff says. That was a pretty strong putdown, and he has it coming....