Saturday, May 31, 2014

Muslim Declares America "Muslim"

What has this fool been smoking? I know he’s not only a top Dept. of homeland Security adviser, he’s also a member of that anti-American terrorist group, The Muslim brotherhood, but he doesn’t have ANY authority to declare America a “Muslim country.” Those are just the words of a damned FOOL. He may THINK he has that authority since that abysmal fool, Obama appointed him to that position, but he does not. Somebody needs to straighten him out. Permanently.

WE’RE NOT “CREATING ENEMIES”: Muslim terrorists like to tell us the more of them we kill the easier it becomes for them to recruit more and more fools who want to kill people who do not believe the same way they do. But that is a “straw man.” We’re NOT “creating enemies.” They are ALREADY enemies who want to kill us. And they will continue to want to kill us until we convince them it is not a good idea. the best way to do that is to kill THEM in the most painful way possible.

ECONOMY SHRINKING: NO BIG DEAL: That’s the CNN headline about the “revised” numbers on the economy that originally told us it INCREASED by an abysmal .01%, DOWN TO A negative NUMBER that shows it has SHRUNK. They SAY that is due to “global warming.” Yup, folks, they’ve “bought it,” swallowed it hook, line and the sinker, too. How so many supposedly intelligent people can swallow such a fool notion amazes me. And AFTER it has been so completely discredited, too! It’s no wonder this world is so screwed up, with so many gullible, incompetent people running things. It this had happened to BUsh, they'r be "crying in their beer and blaming him.

“IMPOSING” FREEDOM?” Liberals the world over accuse the United States of “imposing” freedom on other countries. How do you ‘IMPOSE” freedom on somebody? Freedom isn’t something you “impose” on someone. It’s something every person wishes they had, and so few really have. People come here in droves, WISHING for freedom. Some even to the point where they come here ILLEGALLY. That’s a damned fool notion, but I expect that of liberals, who know nothing about logic. They don’t even think it exists. They’ve said so.

I’D PREFER SARAH: But Ben Carson will do. Have the Democrats (liberals) so demonized Sarah Palin that she, herself, thinks she could never attain the presidency? Has she come to believe some of the outrageous lies they’ve told about her? The lies that they are tailoring to tell about Ben Carson so he will not run? They told similar lies abut Ronald Reagan, and he won in a landslide—TWICE. To their eternal shame and chagrin. The harder they try to demonize conservatives, the more I want them (conservatives) to run.

“OUTNUMBERED”: That’s the name of that new show on Fox News where ONE MAN is “outnumbered” by women sitting on a couch. The man is different every day, and only SOMETIMES disagrees with the women. All the women are, of course, beautiful, and all have long legs and short skirts. Naturally, there is much crossing of legs to call attention to that. I lose confidence in ANY man who consents to be the “man” in the show because it is a “setup,” from the word “go.” The show is not about one man against four women. It is an obvious appeal to sex. Is this the direction in which we’re going, today?

Friday, May 30, 2014

They Just Don't Care

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that the liberal fools running this country just don’t care who dies because of their incompetent policies and actions. It was best illustrated by Hillary’s exasperated comment (What does it MATTER?) over the very idea of being ASKED why she refused to order a rescue team to go to Banghazi while our ambassador there was being brutally murdered by the terrorists Obama says no longer exist. And  Obama shows no remorse over the fact that more than 40 veterans DIED while waiting for the “superior medical care” they were promised while the bureaucrats who denied it were getting “performance bonuses.” This is not just a BAD president, it is a CRIMINALLY bad president!

ONE STEP HIGHER: Obama has “accepted Shinseki’s resignation.” Meaning, he FIRED him. But where does he get off firing Shinseki when he’s just as guilty of incompetence as Shinseki is? Is there anybody around who can (will) fire Obama? We need to go one step higher on the “firing” ladder and get rid of Obama, whose incompetence reaches much further than it does with Shinseki. He has finally fired Shinseki and he thinks it is OVER. It’s NOT!

HE’S JUST AS BAD: Obama has named Sloan Gibson to replace Shinseki, at least, temporarily. The hospitals Gibson was in charge of were just as bad as the ones that got Shinseki in trouble. Does he really think Dixon is going to do a better job in Shinseki’s shoes when his “sphere of operation” was just as bad? Or does he just not care? He’s got to name SOMEBODY to replace Shinseki and he just pulled a name out of a hat with NO “vetting” at all. Or he’d have known Dixon was just as bad.

JAY CARNEY RESIGNS: I guess he just got enough of being asked to LIE to cover Obama’s lies. It got to be too much and, like his predecessor, he “folded.” He quit before his own lies became fodder for his own demise in the Obama fiasco. A man can only tell obvious lies and expect them to be believed for so long without SOMETHING “blowing up,” and I guess he decided to just quit before that happened—or maybe it already happened.

DO THEY THINK WE’RE STUPID? Muslims are trying to get us to add Halal meat to the menu in public schools, AT OUR EXPENSE. What the hell, do they think we’re STUPID? If they want it added, it’s going to be at THEIR expense. They whine about their kids “going to school hungry and coming home hungry” because there is no Halal food available. So why don’t they send their kids to school WITH Halal food in their packs? They depend on us to do what THEY’RE supposed to be doing, then they bitch when we don’t obey.

STUPID FLORIDA DEMOCRAT: Florida Democrat Corinne Brown (Where’d she get that hair? From the nearest mop?) says “VA is doing fine, so quit the grandstanding.” How about those dead vets who died while waiting for their FIRST appointment? How is it we manage to elect such STUPID people? And, of course, she’ll call me racist, because she’s black. Black politicians use that “race card” a lot to mask their incompetence. I got a clue for her: all blacks aren’t stupid. This one is.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Govt. "Warns" Against Libya Visits

What? Do intelligent people need to be “warned” against visiting a place like Libya after what happened in Benghazi? Seems to me ANY American is going to be in danger in this country that is run by anarchy and American-haters. But then, there are many people who “aren’t too bright,” and would go there, anyway. I guess those people would not be much of a loss because they aren’t too smart. Although maybe stupidity ought not be a death sentence.

“MAN UP AND COME BACK”: That’s what liberals are saying to Edward Snowdon, the former government employee who ruined his own life by becoming a “whistle blower” about the Obama administration. Why SHOULD he? Why should he come back and subject himself to the phony outrage of the Obama administration? They’ll have him in irons before he can get both feet on the ground off the plane (or whatever he uses), and NO questions will ever be “officially” asked about the things he revealed. The only things that will be discussed are his “treasonous actions.”

TEA PARTY AIN’T DEAD: Liberals have been “reporting” for a long time that the Tea Party is dead. Because it hasn’t put forth any candidates who have won major elections for a while. But I think “rumors of its death are premature.” At least, in Texas, where many major Tea Party candidates including, Dan Patrick, who unseated the long-time Lt. Governor, and many others, have won BIG. And it’s going to keep happening. The liberals think if they keep saying it, it will be true. But now they’re whining about the “Tea Party takeover” in Texas.

TEA PARTY A STATE OF MIND: The liberals treat the Tea Party as if it were yet another political party they hope they’ve vanquished. But, as with most liberal (Democrat) notions, they’re wrong. You can’t defeat an IDEA. And that’s what the Tea Party is. It’s made up of “average Americans” who have started “paying attention” to the rip-off DC has been giving them and are tired of it. I’m a “Tea Party person,” and I never joined anything. But I’m doing my part to unseat liberal fools every day, not paid by anybody.

TELL ‘EM TO GO TO HELL! An Iranian judge has “ordered” Face Book CEO Zuckerberg to testify in one of their courts. But that would require him to GO to Iran, which would be stupid. What a prize that would be for them to “arrest” him on spurious “charges!” I can’t think of any way for them to FORCE him to do so. They’re just “flexing muscles” they don’t have. He should tell that judge to shove it up his flue; sidewise.

NO REASON FOR IT: There’s no reason for vets to have to wait 115 days for a FIRST appointment, nor to have to wait long enough for some of them to die. Now Democrats are blaming Bush—as usual, calling his wars unnecessary, and overloading the system. But that’s yet another FOOL claim on her (Nancy Peelosi's) part. This is just something government can’t do—like health care for private individuals. It’s a microcosm of Obamacare. More than anything, it’s incompetence.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Words "Offend" Them

The BBC recently banned the world, “girl” from their broadcasts. Liberals are banning many innocuous words because they’re “afraid thy will offend someone.” That offends ME. I hope nobody tries to ban me from using certain words. If they do, they’ll go away with a bloody nose. NOBODY tells me what words I cannot say, nor what things I cannot do. It will get them hurt.

THE WORD IS OUT: Kate Middleton doesn’t like to wear underwear. What? Who cares? Why is that worth an INCH of newspaper space? Damn, it amazes me the things we (not me) spend our time thinking about. Maybe men just like to think about somebody like Middleton not wearing underwear, I don’t know; but let’s start thinking about how the liberals are ripping us off, why don’t we? That might be a little more profitable than Kate Middleton’s underwear.

REID’S OBSESSION WITH KOCH BROS: It’s common with people in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease to come up with an obsession with somebody they hate. Harry Reid’s obsession is the Koch Brothers. He thinks they have too much money and they spend it to advance their political aims. He forgets entirely his OWN rich guy who has PLEDGED to spend $60 million dollars to get Democrats elected.

MONITORING THEIR PARENTS: Michelle Obama went way too far when she asked kids to “monitor” their parents and friends for “politically incorrect thoughts.” That’s something right out of George Orwell’s “1984” (which everybody should read, if you haven’t, since it answers a lot of questions about today). Today, they don’t call it “thought crime.” They call it “hate crimes,” which INCLUDES any thoughts, which MIGHT lead to racism or bigotry; or at least their definition of bigotry. And they’re doing it more and more. Soon it will become ingrained in our society and liberals will be able to DICTATE what we may think or say.

MORE TRUTH PUNISHED: A church put up a sign that said, “If you think there is no God, you’d better be right.” Now this is truth personified. Only a FOOL would deny it. A fool did. He called the COPS! And the cops actually responded! “Our politically correct culture is killing freedom. Across the Western world the ideals that made us great are being devalued and it’s costing us our most precious commodity… our freedom.” If “offending somebody” is a crime, then I’m a criminal because I “offend” liberals every day. I SET OUT every day to “offend” liberals. I guess maybe I’ll soon be in prison because liberals are, right now, running our country.

NO JUSTIFICATION: Obama just authorized the release of 36,000 CRIMINALS into our society. Murderers, rapists, terrorists. What POSSIBLE justification can he have for this CRIME? He should be imprisoned for fomenting a massive jailbreak! And if any of them kill anybody, he should be cited as an accomplice to MURDER! Damn, what FOOLS we have running things!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Jihad Will Continue"

Until America is gone.” That’s what his exalted bigness, Ayatolla Ali Khamenei, big mouth bastard of Iran says. He really thinks they’re gonna win. What FOOL he is to think seventh century thinking is going to win against modern America. We’ve already run most Islamics out of Iraq and the ones in Afghanistan are hiding in the mountains. Soon our liberal fool politicians are going to figure out that THEY are the first targets if Islam DOES win, and they’ll stop trying to help us lose and we’ll start killing Muslim extremists where they stand. They deserve no better.

“GOD APPROVES BABY KILLING”:Let’s just get this out there. Planned Parenthood is a disgusting organization that has helped commit the greatest genocide our planet has ever seen – the legalized slaughter of almost 60 Million people since 1973. I don’t expect anything but lies and hate to spew from the mouths of Planned Parenthood’s leaders. However, a recent letter sent from this monstrous organization took disgusting to a whole new level. Something called The Planned Parenthood Federation of America Clergy Advocacy Board recently sent a letter out across the nation to let people know that God was cool with abortion.” What? Who gave these murderers the right to say what God Approves? They’re FOOLS if they believe that.

‘OBAMA LEADS…” The headline says, “Obama leads country in celebrating Memorial Day.” I seriously doubt it. Obama is not CAPABLE of leading this country in ANYTHING. Yeah, I know, he’s out there “making noises” like a leader, but I don’t think anything is being led. He’s just “going through the motions” expected of the one sitting in that Oval Office seat, But trust me—he isn’t LEADING anything. He just THINKS he’s “leading.” And he has others fooled into thinking so, too.

DESTROY GOWDY! That’s the plan by liberals, that was originated by Bill Clinton. Surprise, surprise! That’s all they have left. They’ve managed to stonewall all those other investigations with Hillary’s help. Her “fall’ and “head injury” prevented her from testifying in the beginning, and then she desperately demanded, “What difference does it make?” when backed into a corner. When Gowdy’s committee was announced, they tried their best to prevent it from even being formed, and even thought about boycotting it. They flailed about mightily for weeks trying to discredit it before it was born, then surrendered and asked for some Democrats to be added so they could at least take SOME action to stymie it. Now they want to destroy Gowdy. Typical.

MILITARY BACKDROP: Obama hates the military. It shows in all his actions except one. He never misses an opportunity to use the military as a “backdrop” for a photo op. That’s when he’s not using that small black boy as a prop during bill signings while Joe gives the kid a shoulder rub. This guy is so transparent it’s funny; but not in the way he promised. He’s only transparent in what he does, and that is always what is expected by people who PAY ATTENTION to what he does.

CAIR KNOCKS SOLDIERS: As usual. They’re now saying that soldiers who are being honored on Memorial Day don’t merit honoring. Who cares? They’re the ENEMY, even if Obama won’t admit it. CAIR is the “mouthpiece” for Islamic terrorists in the United States. Why there are ANY people in the United States who listen to their drivel, I don’t know. Stupid, I guess. It’s time we learned about organizations like CAIR. We have our own; we USED to call it ACORN. Now it’s been split up into who knows how many names.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Famous for Being Famous

What has Kim Kardashian ever done to be famous for? They call her a fashion designer and actress. Have you ever seen any of her designs in any stores? Have you ever seen anything she’s been in? I guess she’s famous now for marrying Kanye West and others. I think I remember that she had one of the shortest marriages in anyone’s memory. Lately she’s been getting angry at the photogs for taking pictures up her dress. But what’s new about that? I’ve seen pictures taken up this girl’s dress before. So we’re not seeing anything new. I guess she’s something to keep our minds off anything important.

The Nation Magazine is one of the most far-left magazines out there. Their views can’t be separated from communism and other forms of collectivism. They can’t make enough money spewing their hate and their lies, so now they make a business out of begging for money to allow them to continue. Right now, they’re looking for someone to head up a “large-gift donor base” to handle “donations” amounting to $5,000.00 or more—for what? To tell the world the same things the rest of the so-called “main-stream media” are telling us? The liberal media is “going to hell in a hand basket” and they can’t figure out why. But NM is way out front of that. So far, NM is the only one going the begging route, but it’s the lies they print people are getting tired of, so they stop buying their magazines along with the crap they publish.

CARTELS INVADING US: The Mexican drug cartels, using money Obama gives them and guns Obama sends them, are pouring over the border that Obama refuses to defend, and are now THREATENING the cops here like they do in Mexico. They think they can get away with that here as they do with that wimpy Mexican government. “Mexican narco-terrorist cartels armed by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and (Free) Firearms are pouring north across a border that the Obama Administration refuses to secure, and are now boldly threatening American law enforcement officers with death if they dare stand in the way of the cartel surging into Texas” I got a clue for them. They’re gonna run into a buzz-saw if they try and intimidate us the way they do the Mexican government.

TWITTER CAMPAIGN WORKING (?) Sally Armstrong (who?) says the First Lady’s “hashtag campaign” is working. That this is a turning point in women’s rights worldwide. What a load of bullsh-t! The “hashtag campaign” had done NOTHING. Boko Haram kidnapped more girls over this weekend. Yes, the “hashtag” campaign has metastised, being “retweeted” millions of times. It's like a baby crying with nobody paying attention. Where is the RESULT? Has a SINGLE girl been returned? Nope. And that’s what’s important. Caring is NOT important if caring accomplishes NOTHING.

IS THIS POPE STUPID? He has referred to a “State of Palestine” and called Mahmoud Abbas (a terrorist) a “man of peace.” And then he prays for the VICTIMS of Palestinian terrorism. What is this fool THINKING? What the hell is a POPE doing sticking his nose in that hundreds of years old dispute between Palestinians and Jews, anyway? It’s not his business. And to take this position? Total ignorance on his part. Maybe he wants to appease the Palestinians, who have never really HAD a “homeland,” and because of their terrorist actions, don’t DESERVE one.

DEMONSTRATING HER STUPIDITY: Michelle Obama has again demonstrated her stupidity with her big mouth. Remember when she told the world that being First Lady was like being in prison?” Not satisfied with that, she now says her life is “tougher than a soldier’s.” What the hell? She hasn’t ANY IDEA how tough a soldier’s life is! She is SO ABUSED! We need to get this poor woman OUT of there before she has a nervous breakdown. Poor baby!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Means Nothing

Today, life means nothing in America, as well as the rest of the world, starting with the Supreme Court ruling allowing us to kill our babies rather than bother to wear a rubber when having sex. The most recent evidence of that is the California shooting rampage where Elliott Rodger shot up the campus of UCLA, Santa Barbara because he couldn’t get any sex. He blamed that on the “aloofness of women.” His Facebook post about it indicated his hatred for the “whole human race.” And it was all because he couldn’t “get any.” Never a thought for the fact that his ineptness was at fault; he blamed everyone else rather than himself. Much like Obama.

MANDELA WAS A COMMUNIST: I know that doesn’t mean much to people nowadays. I know the word “communism” is calculated to put you to sleep. That’s the way the communists PLANNED it when they let the communist regime in Russia “collapse.” But the SAME PEOPLE are still in charge there, and they are still a socialist (collectivist) country with socialism being only one different form of collectivism. But it pains me to see the world “deifying” someone like nelson Mandela and refusing to see the EVIL in his thinking. I’m glad he’s dead. Sue me.
“CRIMINALS OBEY GUN LAWS… Like politicians follow their oaths of office.” Naturally, this sign “ruffled some feathers” in DC because everybody knows it refers to Barack Obama, who has violated every part of his oath of office and that sign got too close to the truth. It really makes liberals jump up and down when we get too close to the truth. Not that it ever does them any good, because we just ignore their manufactured outrage. And we will until they get enough power to jail us or kill us. But that's okay with me because I don't want to live under that kind of tyranny.

THUG PUTS WOMAN IN HOSPITAL: This in one of those ubiquitous “knockout game” attacks. Ibraham King (a suspected Muslim) broke a woman’s nose. Then her friend catches him and during the fray, pulls out one of his “dreadlocks.” He forced Ibraham to apologize, then Ibraham got away. But cops caught him not far away and he will get to spend some time in prison for his “prank.” I’d have put HIM in the hospital for a long time.

THUG RUNS INTO CONCEALED CARRIER: In yet more proof that I’m right when I say the best way for us to defend ourselves from criminal attacks is to have a gun the attacker doesn’t know we have is this one, where a thug attacked a man who was waiting to pick up his child. Three of them ran up and attacked this man, who pulled his legally carried gun and shot one of them. They don’t say, but I’d think the others might still be running. But the one that got shot is now in jail and even he admits it was a bad idea and that he “got off easy.” I just don’t understand the thinking processes in people who think this kind of n attack is “fun.”

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reading Saul Alinsky

Dr. Ben Carson wants us to read it. Why? Because in order to fight an enemy, you have to know the “rules” he uses. And the “rules they use” every day in DC are outlined there for the world to see. Every trick the liberals have used is outlined in great detail in Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals.” But I suggest if you want to read it, you don’t go out and buy it from a new bookstore and put money into the Alinsky family’s pocket. Get it at the library, or at a USED bookstore, whose sales do nothing to profit the writer.

Rep. Bob Bishop (R-UT) wants to change the Constitution to give states the right to combine to repeal federal laws they don’t like. Currently, they can’t. If a law is passed by Congress and signed by the president, there’s nothing they can do but enforce it. It’s the law. They have to. They have no voice in the matter. This is wrong. The states should have the right to “question” the laws passed by the Congress that affect them. Bishop’s suggested change would allow a law to be repealed if one-third of the states agree. Which reverses the method used to change the Constitution, itself.

BEING AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY: Phil Robertson is in trouble again. This time for giving a sermon criticizing homosexuality. I have nothing against homosexuals, but I reserve the right to criticize ANY activity I think is counterproductive. And making homosexual “marriage” something that is UN-criticizable is absurd. People have the right to criticize anything they wish, without worrying about being fired or censured. It’s in the Constitution. Being gay may be fun, and that’s okay with me. But don’t make it into something that cannot be criticized.

TEA PARTY IS A MINDSET: Rush Limbaugh has come up with a very good, and accurate description of the Tea Party. It is NOT an “organization.” It has no officers, no members, no infrastructure that can be destroyed. It is a MINDSET held by people who realize they’re being “ripped off” by their own government, and are tired of it. That describes me to a “T.” Liberals want you to believe the Tea Party is dead because their supporters lost a few elections, most notably that of a top Republican. But they shouldn’t get cocky. Okay, get cocky. That way it’ll be easier to defeat you when it counts.

SO WHAT? The New York Times has been accused of publishing an “Islamaphobic” ad in its newspaper. SO WHAT? This is a free country and the NYT is free to publish anything they wish, so long as it does not libel somebody. Truth is an ABSOLUTE DEFENSE against such charges, and the ad is TRUE. Where the hell do these Muslims AND their liberal friends get off “accusing” somebody of doing something that is their RIGHT to do? This crap is getting way too far our of hand! We need to straighten these fools out! Muslims have NO RIGHT to tell us what we can publish and what we cannot. Tell ‘em to go pound sand!

VOTER ID: THIRD RAIL OF POLITICS: Democrats can’t really explain why they hate the very idea of voters being required to prove their identities before being allowed to vote. But the real reason is that requiring voters to prove their identity before voting would make it harder for them to steal elections by multiple votes by one person and dead people voting, and other scams. They assume that liberals are terminally BROKE and can’t afford such a cheap thing as a photo ID card. That’s a fool notion. But liberals are KNOWN for their fool notions, so that’s to be expected. I have to have a photo ID to bdo many things, so why not to do the most important thing of all?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ed Schultz Canceled

Remember the guy who said he would “take down” Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Fox News? Well. He has been “taken down.” And his named enemies had nothing to do with it. It was his miserable ratings that did him in. To those of us who wondered how such a fool could remain on the air, our questions are answered. He cannot. Not even in a liberal environment like MSNBC. You still have to perform, and apparently he could not. Now if that could happen to other “flaming liberals.” All of them will suffer when their bosses realize their ratings are "in the toilet" and are likely to stay that way as long as they spout such crap as they do.

UN "ALLOWS US" TO GO: Why the hell do we need “permission” from the United Nations to go into Nigeria and try to find those 300 missing girls? Are we really afraid of this incompetent, insufficient to do anything organization that keeps sucking money out of us? Does anybody really believe they will (or can) do ANYTHING against us if we go in anyway? Just “git ‘er done!” To HELL with the UN. Let’s just go fund those girls and put their kidnappers in the ground where they belong. Some people just don’t DESERVE to be alive.

BROKEN PROMISES: The Obama “legacy” is his string of “broken promises” coming from way before his election in 2008. One of the main ones not noticed until now is his promise that his administration would “make the VA a leader in health care reform so that veterans get the best care possible.” Which was obviously the last time he even thought about the VA during his two terms—until the “problems” bubbled to the top. He is now “angry as hell” about it, mostly because it came up “on his watch.” And he has no idea how to correct it.

CREATING YOUR OWN STEREOTYPE: People wonder why other people see young black guys running around wearing “hoodies” in the summer time and think they might be thugs, waiting to victimize them. Maybe it’s because so many young black guys who ARE thugs waiting to victimize you wear “hoodies” even in the summer. Same goes for white guys with tattoos all over their bodies. It’s almost like a signal to people: “I’m a tough guy. Stay away.” I’m not a young black guy, and I wear a “hoodies” in the winter. Am I a thug? Not even. I’m a white guy who is 76 years old. I’m no threat to anybody. So should I be tarred with the same brush I doubt it.

Under no less an “authority” than Barack Obama, seeing a young black man wearing a hoodies and being afraid is NOT racist. His own “typical white” grandmother said she was subject to that, and she was NOT a racist, She practically single-handedly raised HIM, a black man. I suspect young black en have CREATED that stereotype so they could criticize it and use it to lay the “racism” tag on anybody who expressed natural concern about meeting such a person at night, on the street.

IT’S NO LONGER ILLEGAL TO KILL THEM: It has been said that “the only reason some people are still alive is that it’s illegal to kill them.” Such protection is gone from the Boko Whorum terrorists in Nigeria after they kidnapped up to 300 young girls and threatened to sell them into sex slavery if some of their friends were not released from prison, where they are because of earlier crimes. If they’re found, I think we should kill them to a man, and right away. No trials, no imprisonment, so they can be used as an excuse for later terrorism. Just kill them, in the most painful way possible.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wasting Our Time

While Islamic-run countries are in the process of executing a Muslim woman because she had the temerity to marry to be a Christian married to a Muslim, current Secretary of State John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, don’tcha know) doesn’t seem to care. When a similar thing happened during Condoleeza Rice’s term, she got “on her high horse” and DEMANDED he be released. Kerry, however, wastes our time talking about that many-times debunked global warming (whatever they call it now) swindle.

BENGHAZI WHO? It really amazes me that the average person on the street, when asked about Benghazi, replies, “what?” The administration has been so good at suppressing the news about the deaths of FOUR embassy people including an ambassador that NOBODY but people like me, who pay attention, have any idea about it. Even Obama pretends he know nothing about it, like he knows nothing about all the other scandals plaguing his administration, and he says he’s “mad as hell.” Yeah, right! The loss of four embassy people to terrorists is a “phony scandal” MADE UP by the Republicans. Damn, what an out-and-out CRIMINAL we have in the White House! And NOBODY CARES!

PUTIN’S TEAM WINS! Surprise, surprise! Vladmir Putin played on an amateur hockey team recently, and they won, BIG. No doubt because of Putin’s SIX goals and FIVE “assists.” That’s like Obama throwing like a girl when throwing out the first pitch and being lauded for his “right on” pitch. Does ANYBODY with intelligence think ANYBODY who lives under his thumb would seriously get in his way when he shoots for a goal? Anybody who does, I want to talk to about a bridge in Brooklyn that’s a “steal.” That's if he's still alive after the game.

WE AREN’T AMERICANS? Not according to former presidential candidate, screamer DNC chairman Howard Dean, we’re not. Not if we’re Republicans, that is. He says, “Republicans are not Americans.” Howard Dean (I thought he was dead) basically said that ANYBODY who disagreed with him was “not an American,” meaning, I guess, all Republicans. I’ve heard this crap before. Mostly from racists who didn’t like for us to disagree with them. Is Dean a racist? I don’t know; he IS a Democrat, after all, the party that filibustered the Equal Rights Act and had so many former KKK members in it. Is there no LOW to which this fool won’t sink?

YOU RE YOUR OWN “FIRST RESPONDER”: When approached by an armed criminal, you are THERE when he decides to shoot you. The cops aren’t. They can take seconds, even MINUTES to get there. Buy that time, you’re dead. They can document your death and dispose of your body, but that doesn’t mean much to you; you’re dead. Anti-gun fools can’t understand this. They just hate the gun, in whoever’s hand it is. The laws they make KILL people, but they’re not concerned with that if they got rid of your gun.

MUSLIMS MISTREAT THEIR WOMEN: So why aren’t our pansy liberals concerned about that? They make them walk around in what amounts to a TENT, no matter how hot it is. They’re so afraid of their ability to keep their women is not enough that they HIDE them from the world. Then they make a “temporary marriage” to get around the Koran and  use a whore. They KILL women who have sex outside of marriage, even if it was the result of rape. And they require FOUR MALE WITNESSES to prove rape. I’d hate to be a woman in a Muslim-run country.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's Wrong At the VA?

Recently, we’ve been hearing many reports about bureaucrats at the VA LYING and misrepresenting their treatment of veterans, causing 40 deaths (that we know of) while waiting for service, while those bureaucrats got BONUSES for their “exemplary treatment” of veterans; treatment that did not happen, but that fact was covered up. The problem is SYSTEMIC in government, not just in the VA. Top executives are revealed to have NO KNOWLEDGE of what’s going on in their departments, like the IRS. These bureaucrats know how to “game the system,’ but the “top brass” do not. Thus, they don’t know what to look for. This has to stop.

IS GOWDY’S COMMITTEE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT? Liberals (Democrats) decry the establishment of yet ANOTHER committee to “investigate” Banghazi. They say it has “been investigated to death” and we’re just wasting time and money on yet another committee. But so far, those committees have not elicited ANYTHING in the way of cooperation from the bureaucracy. They’ve been stonewalled from the word go, and put up with it. Gowdy has “thrown down the gauntlet” and just MIGHT be able to succeed where other feeble efforts have failed. He sure has FRIGHTENED them!

ADS ARE IRRITATING: I’ve been noticing a lot lately that ads, which are supposed to not “get in the way” are doing just that: getting in the way. I’ve been reading the comics online for a while now, since I stopped reading the Denver Post, the only major newspaper in Denver after the Rocky folded. There’s an annoying ad that slides in on the left at “GO Comics” that is very bothersome. At the same time, I watch NASCAR races and from time to time they slide an ad DIRECTLY over the “action” in the middle of the screen so we can’t see what’s going on until the ad slides away. This is very disturbing and it has to STOP. Or I, and a lot of other people, will stop using these services.

THE “BLAZE” HAS A PROBLEM:  I read The Blaze regularly in my quest for news the liberal media ignores. Lately, about half the time, I click on something and, instead of getting what I clicked on, I get a pageful of HTML code. Somebody there is screwing up terribly. The Blaze better correct it, or they’re going to lose a lot of readers. You’d think SOMEBODY there would look at what they’re putting on the Internet to see if it actually IS going out. They’d better start. I have to.

NOTHING WRONG WITH HER BRAIN: People are questioning Hillary’s fitness to be president because of that fall that kept her from testifying before one of those Benghazi “committees.” Bill says she suffered a “terrible concussion.” But my problems with her have nothing to do with her brainpower. My problems are with her LEANINGS. If you think Obama is bad, try Hillary. She’s more dangerous than Obama, worse than Bill, worse than ALL liberals out there, because liberals are “lined up” to support her, in spite of her shortcomings.

I keep hearing that, then I keep hearing the names of Republicans whose “time has come,” not because they ARE “strong Republicans. It seems like the Republican Party is determined to lose, considering the people they run for president, especially. Bob Dole may have been a war hero, but he was a dweeb as a presidential candidate. So was Romney. Democrats have efficiently ELIMINATED candidates who ARE strong, BECAUSE they’re strong. The GOP can’t stand strong candidates any more than Democrats can. Example: Sarah Palin would be an EXCELLENT presidential candidate, AND president. But she frightens the “old guard gate-keepers.” And they cooperated with Democrats to make her into a pariah.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Losing Wars

We haven’t won a war (except in Iraq) since WWII. Why? Not because we are unable to win wars. We still have the finest military in the world, despite the efforts of many liberal presidents to put an end to that. The POLITICIANS, who are “in charge” of any war, create an atmosphere where NOBODY could win a war; then they blame the loss on the soldiers. An example is the impossible “rules of engagement” now imposed in Afghanistan by Obama’s administration. They’re not allowed to fire upon Muslims approaching with guns and rockets UNTIL the terrorists fire upon THEM. So after they kill somebody, our troops THEN get to fire back.

HOW STUPID ARE THEY? It's pathetic we have an administration that thinks creating a hashtag will bother people who vie with each other to make us mad. Islamic terrorists work HARD to anger us. They’re willing to DIE to hurt us. So what makes the Obama administration think creating a “hashtag” on Twitter will make them want to send those girls back? Boy, they must be laughing HARD in their hiding places in Nigeria. The only way to handle such fools is to find them and KILL them, very painfully. But not this bunch. Except for dealing with dissenters, they’re very wimpy.

VA TRIES TO BLAME FOX: They tried to blame Fox for killing 40 (that we know of) veterans by denying them quick enough medical care. They apparently think if nobody knew about it, it would be okay. So the people who first brought it into the open are responsible for it. What kind of damned fools do they hire at the VA? I tremble to think about my brother, who uses the VA regularly. He fought for his country, but his country will not give him timely care.

NIGERIA DECLARES “TOTAL WAR” ON TERRORISTS: Really! I shudder to think about it, and I’m sure Boko Whoreram does, too. A regime that has been able to do NOTHING against them in the past is supposed to be able to do something now. I would like to PERSONALLY put a bullet in the brain of that cocky bastard who has been their spokesman. He needs an “attitude adjustment’ with a bullet.

KIDS FINKING ON FAMILY: Michelle Obama wants family members to “monitor” their family members for “racial insensitivity.” I guess so the Obamas can “play up” as many cases as possible to back up their fantasy that racism is growing in this country. The only reason racism MAY be rising in America is because Obama and his accomplices are PUSHING it as hard as they can, calling ANYBODY who so much as disagrees with them racists. So much so that the “racist” tag has become meaningless. Crying wolf never works, after a while.

“HASHTAG POLITICS?” That picture of Michelle Obama holding up a sign containing the “hashtag,” #bring our girls back, is pathetic. Do they really, HONESTLY think this will motivate those fool Islamic terrorists in Nigeria to bring those girls back? They can’t understand that Islamic terrorists DO what they do to make us mad? They mush be having a hearty belly-laugh in Nigeria when they saw that picture. Especially when it was repeated by other politicians.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Obama's "Mad as Hell!"

About the VA scandal. Mostly because it came out just before another election, I guess. He KNEW about it more than 5 years ago! He was briefed on it when he was given his “incoming brief” right after being elected he first time. And in all that time, he DID NOTHING! He was too busy making this into a socialized country and spending all its money to worry about veterans dying while waiting for treatment while his bureaucrats “gamed the system” to get bonuses for fast treatment the vets never got, and died of it. I’m “mad as hell” at HIS inaction! But then, that’s Obama. Be “mad as hell,” but do nothing about the problem.

All presidents have had scandals during their term. But Obama seems to be COLLECTING them. I think he has more scandals in his administration that any other in my memory—and my memory goes back a LONG way! And he calls most of them “phony scandals” while people DIE because of them. Many Mexicans have died because of his “gun-running” to the Mexican drug cartels, at least one of them an American (that we know of). Four people died at Benghazi from his inaction, and the inaction of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Will he ultimately call this one “phony,” too?

PROBLEM IS THE BUREAUCRACY: The big problem in the VA scandal is the bureaucracy, not the doctors. There are many good doctors working for the Veteran’s Administration. And Obama expects a federal bureaucracy to properly run Obamacare? Damn! They can’t even come up with a working WEB SITE! And this is not limited to the VA. It is SYSTEMIC in the government! It has been proven that a bureaucracy can’t run ANYTHING properly. Too many bureaucrats are too interested in building their personal fiefdoms within the bureaucracy and getting their bonuses, so they FALSIFY things to keep the bonuses coming and keep their jobs without having to work too hard. I’m not saying ALL bureaucrats work this way; what I AM saying is that enough of them DO to make their presence harmful.

OBAMA’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Somebody said he couldn’t think of a single accomplishment one of his defenders could “reasonably” attribute to Obama. But I know. His major “accomplishment” is to WEAKEN the United States militarily, economically, and in the minds of people all over the world. He has made us into a PARODY of what we were, and he did it on purpose. He has successfully moved us as close to a socialist nation as has ANY liberal in memory.

“ISLAMAPHOBE” SUCCESSFUL CON: If you don’t want people to be able to criticize you as you go about killing and maiming innocents who don’t believe the exact same way you do, make up an insulting name and apply it to everybody who says or does ANYTHING you don’t like. Pretty soon people will come to believe this name is real and do everything they can to keep from being called such a thing as an “Islamaphobe” and you can continue your killing spree unhindered by (most) critics.

TEACHING “RIGHT” THINGS:  Liberals hate home schooling with a passion because home schooled kids escape the brainwashing they get in state-run schools. In a recent story, they tell of a bunch of EIGHT-YEAR-OLDS who chanted the “white privilege” slogans they were taught there, having no idea of what they were saying, just saying it. This is the kind of thing that LEADS to the racism liberals are PROMOTING to back up their fantasy that racism is increasing in this land. If it is, it’s because of their work.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

How Much Is Obama Worth?

The Blaze asked that question in a headline. What they meant was how much MONEY did Obama have after fleecing the USA. But they unwittingly asked a question that had a very different answer to those of us who pay attention to what he is doing to us: the answer is, NOTHING. As president, he is a disaster. He’s spent more money than there IS, and is merrily printing BILLIONS more every day, each dollar of which causes your money to worth less. He’s STEALING your money at the rate of a BILLION dollars a day.

HONORING A CRIMINAL: I can’t understand why people keep “honoring” people like AG Eric Holder as if they WERE “honored people.” Holder has proved himself to be a criminal many times; from refusing to prosecute Black Panthers for obstructing polling places to his interference with constitutional gun ownership, to his willful cooperation with Obama’s “gun running” to Mexican drug cartels and Syrian Muslim terrorists. It’s like appointing a Mafia consigliore to be the nation’s criminal attorney. Yet they still invite him to speak before graduating college students and give him “honored” status despite his crimes. It’s like hiring the fox to guard the hen house then telling him how great he is as he brushes the chicken feathers from his muzzle,

MUSLIM TERRORISTS FIREBOMB JEWISH GIRLS:  I would make this a major post in my other blog, “The Bull Cutter,” but there are so many stories about such Muslim atrocities, there wouldn’t be room for anything else. In fact, if I even ran a couple of LINES here on each one, it would take over this blog. Islamic terrorists threw bombs at a school bus full of Jewish girls in Israel. Fortunately, it was bullet-proofed, and the driver “got out of there” in a hurry. NO liberal media outlet reported on it. But this happens so often they have to “bullet-proof” their school buses. Does that tell you something?

EVEN CNN GETTING TIRED OF IT: CNN’s Jake Tapper was listening to Veteran’s Affairs Secretary Shinseki defend the record of the VA and soon had had enough. He demanded, “How many dead veterans do you need?” The response wasn’t reported, (surprise, surprise!) BUT I suspect Tapper will be ostracized at future events. I wouldn’t even be surprised to find him working for Fox soon. Tapper is the ONE CNN reporter who actually asks “hard questions.” I suspect his career at CNN won’t last much longer.

OBAMA VOWS TO “STAMP OUT RACISM”: It would be easy enough to do, just shut his own mouth and stop accusing everybody who disagrees with him of racism. And tell his accomplices to stop it, too. But does anybody think that will ever happen? Not as long as it works as well as it does. Of course, as with ALL of his promises, that’s a LIE. He promised to close GITMO, and in his 5th year it is still open. He promised you could keep your health insurance and your doctor under Obamacare and THAT’S a lie. Why ANYBODY believes ANYTHING this fool says is beyond me.

SPEAKING OF GITMO: Why did Obama EVER promise to close GITMO? If he closes it, he just has to find other paces for those murderers and rapists who PRETEND to be working for something good. And if he decides to move them into the United States, there’ll be a revolution by nightfall on the day he announces it. There’s no REASON to close GITMO except in the “fevered mind” of a liberal who just wants to "Treat them nice.". And if he just “turns them loose,” there’s be wonton murder here the same as there is in Israel, where they have to “bullet-proof” their school buses.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Holding Them Accountable

That’s the biggest problem in politics today. People (mostly those who pay no attention to politics until politics affects them), continue to vote for the incompetent politicians now in DC, no matter how stupid they show themselves to be. That’s why I wrote my second book, “Pay ATTENTION to Politics!” which is available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It’s a long time past the point where people should ALWAYS pay attention to what their politicians are doing to them, and hold them responsible!

That’s what New York Governor Cuomo short-sightedly did when he told conservatives that they “had no place in his state,” like he owned the state and nobody else had the right to comment. And conservatives heard him. Led by Rush Limbaugh, who moved to Florida years ago (and is still being audited (hounded) by NY State every year), other conservatives like Sean Hannity are moving. Hannity has announced a move to Florida, with a part-time residence on a ranch in Texas. Both have NO state income tax. And I’m confident more will follow, taking their money with them. I expect more to follow. Not just gun makers.

STILL INSISTING WE’RE RACIST: It astounds me that the most racist political party in our history, the Democrats, is getting so much mileage out of the FALSE accusation of racism among conservatives. One Democrat recently was quoted saying that “Tea Party members are racist, and the longer they’re IN the Tea Party, the more racist they become.” Of course, they can find NO EVIDENCE this is true, since it isn’t. But they bray it, anyway, not knowing how STUPID it makes them look.

GOES WITHOUT SAYING DEPT.: Arianna Huffington warns us on Bill Maher’s cable show: “It’s dangerous to criticize Muslims.” She says that like we didn’t know it already. Islam is the only “religion” that says, “convert or die.” Which is a powerful reason to “convert.” At least, make them THINK you converted. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Neither can you FORCE a person to BELIEVE. But the Muslim “leaders aren’t smart enough to know that.

DON’T KNOW HOW HE DID IT: Rush Limbaugh, author of “Rush Revere” series, has been declared “Children’s Author of the Year.” Considering the liberal makeup of those running things in the awarding of such awards, it amazes me that a conservative could possibly win this award. Conservatives don’t usually win such awards. In fact, they don’t usually win awards at all, because most such awards programs are run by liberals.

BIG MISTAKE: The Islamic terrorists made a BIG mistake when they took down the World Trade Center in New York City. You kill 3,000 people and you crate 3,000 enemies—or more. And some of those people know how to fight back. Every time they kill some innocent non-combatant, they create some more enemies. Enemies they will not recognize as enemies until it’s too late, and they’re dead. Yes, I know, they consider everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do to be an enemy—but not one that is ready, willing, and knows how to kill them. They’re cowards; they never go after “hard targets” where they might get some opposition. They want to kill women and children, who can do them no harm.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Are We Stupid?

Or what? Obama does so many STUPID things, I can’t even count them anymore, but still we (not me) refuse to get rid of him. I think he’s just “pushing the envelope” to find out how much he can get away with, so he can do even more stupid things later to advance his wish to make this into a socialist country. It has become CLEAR that this is his ultimate goal, which he hopes to attain by doing stupid things and blaming them on the free market (otherwise known as capitalism, which he hates).

STILL TALKING ABOUT THAT? I can’t believe we’re still talking about the Donald Sterling “racist comments.” Haven’t we wasted enough air time on that? Now they’re showing their own problems with ageism. One commenter said, “Any time you talk to someone in their 80s you’d be surprised sometimes what comes out.” Next, they took up Beyonce’s hitting JayZee in an elevator. Like it was really important. But it DOES keep our minds off Obama’s “impeachable offenses.” And I’m sure that’s the whole point. What is WITH people to fall for that?

#DON’T KILL OUR AMBASSADORS! Maybe the Obamas should come up with another “hash tag” and show it for all to see (mostly the militant Islamic terrorists in Benghazi). I’m sure THAT would go far in keeping our ambassadors safe. Then he could save a LOT of money by refusing them adequate security. Oh! I forgot! He already did that, and one ambassador (so far) is dead because of it. Silly me! (Thanks to cartoonist Glenn McCoy)

WHAT DO THEY THINK? How do Islamic terrorists think we’d react when they do such things as kidnap 300 young girls and threaten to “sell them into sexual slavery?” I think we’ve been very “civil” to Muslims everywhere. Yes, there HAVE been some incidents. But what do they expect when representatives of their ‘faith” do such things? I think when they find those responsible for this outrage, they should be shot on sight—in the stomach, where it will take them a long, painful time to die. As to other Muslims? Watch them closely, but treat them like anyone else until they show themselves. And the same for anybody else who is SUSPECTED of being Muslim, at least, in their thoughts, like Obama.

PUTTING YOURSELF OUT OF WORK: McDonald’s workers in New York are demonstrating in favor of the $10.10 an hour minimum wage. How STUPID are they? Don’t they know the unskilled work they do there is NOT WORTH $10.10 an hour? Do they think McDonald’s is just going to raise their prices and keep them on? Or that we’ll just “pay up” so they can be paid MORE than they’re WORTH? They’d better think again, or they’ll be on the unemployment line soon.

A PROFOUND QUOTE: Professor Thomas Sowell, said, “"Socialism, in general, has a record of failure that's so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” But it is not “all-inclusive.” Along with ‘intellectuals,” voters who proudly “pay no attention to politics until just before an election” can ALSO ignore it and evade it. It’s almost like they’re AFRAID to admit the failure of collectivism, of which socialism is but one form.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kill Them First!

Islamic terrorists are commonly treated with “kid gloves” when captured by American forces. We put them in prison, where they continue to make trouble for their jailors while their friends on the outside commit more atrocities to get them released, even if they have been CONVICTED of many murders. The kidnapping of hundreds of young girls in Nigeria, for instance, has now been made clear it was done to get other terrorists released from prison. This is their “modus operandi.” So our “modus operandi” should be to kill them as a FIRST OPTION when they’re caught in the act so they can’t use innocents like these girls to get their criminal friends released.

“WAR ON CHRISTIANS”:  Kimberly Gilfoyl, on “The Five,” says, “The Islamic terrorist group in Nigeria has ‘declared war’ on Christians.” Yes, they have. But they’re not alone in that. Way too many people in our own country and all over the world have done the same. It’s mostly Muslims killing Christians, but people right here at home do appalling things to Christians, all the time. Mostly the ones here don’t kill them, but their treatment of them is only a matter of degree. I’m sure if they thought they could get away with it, they’d be killing them, too.

That’s what a recent “study” claims. That when parents smoke, the chances that their kids will smoke, too, increases tremendously. Another phony anti-smoking “study.” I smoked like a chimney for 45 years before I quit almost 30 years ago, and NONE of my children smoke today. I quit smoking almost 30 years ago, ”cold turkey.” No patches, no gum, nothing. I just woke up one day and said, “I’m tired of smoking,” and that was it. I never picked up another cigarette, cigar, pipe, or anything else. And I haven’t regretted it. But not because of their propaganda. Just because I decided I was tired of smoking.

PUTIN SCORES! Putin was a player on an amateur hockey team not too long ago and scored SIX goals. Liberals and gullible people worldwide are lauding him. I even heard one conservative woman say, “Why can’t he be OUR president?” I’m sure she didn’t mean it, or had not thought it through. You want somebody WORSE than Obama, try the former KVD man, Putin. Just a question on how he did it: do you know ANYBODY in Russia who would get in Putin’s way as he went for a goal? I’m surprised he didn’t score 100 goals! I would, but I probably wouldn’t last long.

CAN’T SAY “MURDERER”: Wouldn’t it be nice if cops were forbidden to use he word, “murder” or any derivative of it in their correspondence or speech? That would make it difficult for them to investigate murders, right? Well, CAIR wants to BAN the use of the words, “Islamic extremism” or any derivative of it in America. And they’re likely to get some serious acceptance from our liberal fools in charge. They’re the ENEMY; and we may soon not even be able to NAME them. It’s like not being able to use the term “Nazi” during World War II. It’s stupid, but it’s happening. And our own people are LETTING it happen.

THE “WIMPIFICATION OF AMERICA”: They’re trying to “wimpify” football. Soon they will not be able to tackle people in football because those wimps in the “statehouse” think it’s “too hard on people’s heads” to play the game. And they might be right, but players know what they’re getting into when they sign up to be made into a millionaire for their abilities in handling that silly little ball. I’m not a big football fan, and if the game disappeared entirely it would not bother me in the least. But it would bother many others, whose lives seem to revolve around football. And that’s sad.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ban Islam!

Islam is the enemy to good order in this world. They have proved it, time and time again, in what they do. So why do the “powers that be” insist on catering to them in everything they do? Why do we stop using terms because they “offend Muslims?” Who the hell CARES what “offends Muslims?” They certainly don’t care, in Muslim-run countries, what offends CHRISTIANS or Jews, or members of any other religion not Muslim! They can’t beat us militarily, not even attacking soft targets so they use their phony religion to do what they can’t do with guns or bombs. And we’re stupid enough to let them get away with it.

THE BIGGEST BULLY OF ALL: Liberals like to talk about “bullying” and give us many instances of it. But the biggest bullies of all are those very liberals who cry in their beer so much about it. And with this government being run by liberals, I have to include the federal government in that assessment; and if you don’t believe that, just ask Cliven Bundy, who is fighting off the feds because Harry Reid wants some of his land for his own uses. What Harry wants, Harry usually gets, because he isn’t afraid to bully ANYBODY.

“TEA PARTY FALLING FAST!” That’s the word being put out by “The Nation” Magazine, one of the most despicable publications ever, outside of the KKK newspaper. It IS the “KKK newspaper” of the other side. It publishes lie after lie and calls it truth. Now, apparently, they think they can make it come true if they SAY the “Tea Party is falling fast.” But who among us listens to such a “fish wrap,” except the uninformed and stupid? The Tea Parties have gotten many non-liberals elected to office, and will be responsible for many more, “The Nation” notwithstanding. They only WISH the Tea Party was fading fast—or slow—or whatever. It would make their lives easier.

STUPID PEOPLE: How stupid are people who attend a “White Privilege Conference?” And how racist are they? Then they say something like this: “Would it surprise you to learn that some 2,400 students and educators were recently taught that ‘racism is central to America;’ that, ‘the longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become;’ and ‘this country was built on white principles for white people’?” And these people have the GALL to accuse the Tea Party of racism! I’d like for them to give me ONE actual, provable instance of racism from ANYBODY identified with the Tea Party. But I don’t really expect a reply to this. There AREN’T any true replies, only lies.

“THEY WILLINGLY CONVERTED”: Two Armenian Christian families have, according to Muslims, “willingly converted to Islam” after being threatened with DEATH if they didn’t. On top of that, when the “heads of the families” converted, their entire family was then considered Muslim, whether or not they wished to be. And if they then DENIED their “conversion” to Islam, they would be subject to a DEATH sentence. That’s how Islam is a “fast-growing religion.” “Convert or die.” Yes, they may have “willingly” converted, to escape certain death.

HOW DO YOU “TERMINATE” A STATE? The word is out. If we default on just ONE payment of interest on our commitments, (which is OBAMA’S fault, in the first place) Obama is “ready to terminate” 16 states. What the hell does THAT mean? Will the citizens of those states become “non-citizens?” Personally, I think this is just more “fear-mongering” on his part I don’t think he has that kind of power, anyway, even though he does think so.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Obama Promotes Foreign Business

While spending NOTHING to promote business in the United States. Everything he does here INHIBITS business; higher taxes, more strangulating regulations that cost business a LOT of money. “Oversight” that stifles creativity, etc. The Canadian oil pipeline is something he should approve in an “eyeblink.” Both for the improvement in our relations with Canada and the jobs (THOUSANDS of them) it creates. Then consider how it would affect our dependence on foreign oil we must buy at inflated prices from people who HATE us, and he is the most “anti-business” president ever.

In Eastern Ukraine, they’re taking a vote on whether to become part of the Soviet Union (again) or becoming a “People’s Sovereign Republic,” which will LEAD to becoming part of the newly reconstituted Soviet Union. This is a standard scam used many times in the past to promote communism or socialism, it’s “step-child.” Give them two choices, either of which will lead to the same thing. The choice communists wish for. Only one of the choices SOUNDS like a good choice, but in reality, both lead to the same goal. Communist domination.

“BEATING THAT DEAD HORSE”: They’re still braying that Republicans are the racists in the FACE of sure evidence that the real racists in the past have been ALL Democrats. There have been many former (?) KKK members in Congress, and it is well known that the people Martin Luther King and his people fought were DEMOCRATS; that Democrats STARTED the KKK to inhibit black voters. That’s not opinion, that’s FACT! Yet they still bray about REPUBLICANS being racists. And those who pay no attention to politics BUY it.

What kind of FOOL is Rep. Charles Rangel to even THINK such a thing, let alone SAY it in public! How does this moron expect to get elected AGAIN with an opinion like that? Of COURSE people are going to “lose sleep” over Benghazi. Only FOOLS don’t lose sleep when their own president and secretary of state FACILITATE the MURDER of embassy personnel to keep Obama’s gun-running to Syria Islamic terrorists quiet. Yet this is the kind of people we (not me) have elected to run this country. We need to find some people who are not morons to replace them. He’s trying to change the subject; a common con.

A “PEACEFUL RELIGION. . .NOT!” Liberals try and try to convince us that Muslims are mostly peaceful, law-abiding folk and it is only a very SMALL segment of them who are killing and maiming people who don’t believe EXACTLY the same way THEY do. But facts contradict that. The very number of Muslim terrorist ATTACKS contradicts that. They could NOT cause that much damage all over the world with ONLY a FEW Muslims actively engaged in it. And Islam is NOT a religion. They only CLAIM to be for the benefits they can claim from it. You should hear what their Imams preach in their Mosques, where we are not allowed to enter. Islam is a POLITICAL SYSTEM pretending to be a religion and they’ve got a lot of people fooled. They’re “true believers” who will KILL you if you confront them. We need to KILL them if we catch them in the act. Not imprison them so their buddies can do more terrorist acts to get them out.

OBAMA STILL IN DENIAL:  He says, “Democrats are NOT ‘in trouble’ because of my policies.” What a MORON this guy is! Without his policies, they would NOT be “in trouble.” And until they realize this and change things considerably they are going to REMAIN in trouble. But they never will. They have a built-in INABILITY to recognize their own failures and to dismiss them as unimportant. This is one reason why Democrats will ultimately lose. Their policies are WRONG and they deny that at a deep part of their minds. We’ve had enough of it, and they have to go.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Benghazi Coverup

When four diplomatic personnel are MURDERED in a foreign country by an Islamic terrorist mob, you’d think we’d “go in with guns blazing” as soon as possible. But we have not. Instead, our president LIED to us for WEEKS about a phony cause of the murders to keep it from hurting his re-election. The terrorists rightly (as long as Obama runs things) consider us WIMPS who will do NOTHING as they murder our people and they will murder more. There have been numerous “committees” to “investigate the Muslim atrocity that have learned NOTHING because they weren’t really trying to learn anything. All they wanted was for it to LOOK like they were “doing something.” Damn!

WHAT IS IT WITH ATHEISTS? Some would call ME an atheist because I don’t believe EXACTLY the same way THEY DO, but I couldn’t care less about the symbols of their religion being seen. And it’s NOT AGAINST THE constitution to have religious terms in government-approved pledges. It IS unconstitutional to MAKE LAWS that stop people from believing any way they wish. By the way: that “separation between church and state is not in the Constitution, either. It was only something IN A LETTER between two of the FOUNDERS.

THAT INCLUDES ISLAM: I believe Islam is a “fake religion” designed to advance the POLITICAL aims of a certain group of people and it has fooled a lot of good people. But I STILL have nothing against their SYMBOLS being displayed on their own property. What I DO object to is when they insist on MY observing THEIR ways. I will NOT, now, or EVER. And I’ll fight them to the DEATH to keep their evil “Sharia Law” OUT of America.

OBAMA LIED AGAIN: And got caught. Even the liberal mouthpiece Washington Post agrees that his claim that Republicans “filibustered 500 pieces of legislation” was 400% WRONG. And he SHOULD know better. It was the kind of easily disproved LIE he tells all the time. He knows we can disprove such lies, but he tells them, anyway. He doesn’t care. He’s a pathological liar who would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. He loves lying even more than he loves spending OUR money.

MISCONSTRUING BELIEFS: Let me say this FIRST: I have NOTHING against what gays do in private. That’s their business. But I DO have a LOT against militant gays trying to usurp the WORD “marriage” by calling their “contracts” between each other LIKE marriage (which they should be allowed to have), calling it “marriage.” It is NOT, and never WILL be. Another thing I vehemently object to is militant gays insisting on the teachers in my children’s schools teaching about the “joys” of being gay. They CALL it “equality” or something else that sounds good, but it’s NOT.

WHAT IS “LEGIMATE REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH? Pope Francis says we should “legitimately redistribute wealth.” What? What the HELL is “legitimate” redistribution of wealth not your own? And that’s what he’s talking about. Redistributing YOUR OWN wealth is not in question. If you want to give away YOUR OWN money, there’s nothing wrong with that. That's simple charity. But what he’s talking about is STEALING from the PRODUCER and GIVING to the NON PRODUCER. Taking property from those who EARN it and giving it to those who DON’T; that’s WRONG, and I don’t care who recommends it. Not if God himself recommends it.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Found Out Yesterday"

Director of Veteran Affairs Shinseki says he only found out about the scandal involving 40 (or more) deaths of veterans because of a “secret waiting list” to get treatment YESTERDAY. He’s in charge of this whole shebang! How could he NOT know about it? I”VE known about it for a WEEK, and I’m just one guy out there paying attention. If he DIDN’T know about it, he is INCOMPETENT and needs to be “sent home” with his tail between his legs; right along with Hillary and Obama and most of this crowd. Obama keeps saying of HIS scandals, “I only saw that on the news.” What a bunch of lying morons!

“DIVERSIONARY TACTIC”: That’s what House MINORITY Leader Peelosi calls the new committee to investigate Benghazi. But the REAL “diversionary tactic” here is the one being run by the democrat Party to keep us from finding out the Democrats are “hip-deep” in blood because of it. Previous “investigations” found out NOTHING because they WERE “diversionary tactics” designed to make us think they were actually DOING something about Benghazi, Remember, this is the moron who told us we “need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” about Obama’s health care swindle law.

FIND HIM AND SHOOT HIM! That is what needs to be done about that arrogant son of a bitch who went on television and admitted to kidnapping hundreds if little girls and threatening to “sell them” into sex slavery. What POSSIBLE rationalization could be made by a SANE man for such actions? We need to find him and SHOOT him, along with other Islamic terrorists who commit such atrocities. And this is NOT an action against Christians! Most of these girls are MUSLIMS.

ALL MUSLIMS AREN’T TERRORISTS: But lately, all TERRORISTS have been Muslims. Even before they accidentally dropped the Twin Towers (a feat they swear was on purpose). Is it a coincidence that so many Muslims ARE terrorists? NO; they’ve been committing atrocity after atrocity for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, they try and convince us that only a SMALL NUMBER of Muslims are radical terrorists. But if you read their Koran, you’ll see this “religious text” ENCOURAGES what they have been doing.

The military is now talking about getting rid of their transgender ban. Boy, the folks at M*A*S*H will be mortified! Can they think of anything LESS important to spend time thinking about? They’ve already gotten rid of their other bans, why not this one? Maybe they should start paying attention to MILITARY things, not “social experimentation.” What’s next? Allowing CATS to be soldiers? THAT ought to be fun! How about making women sleep in the same room as men?

PEELOSI LYING AGAIN: She’s now telling us that members of several families of the victims murdered at Benghazi are asking them “not to make us go do this road again.” Do you know of ANY family who would NOT want to know who murdered members of their family? That it was better for them to “feel comfortable” than to “bring their murderers (including Obama and Hillary) to justice? As usual, she’s insulting our intelligence and pulling all the stops out to end the investigation into these murders because she’s afraid of what they’ll learn.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Campaigning for Murder

In Colorado, Sen. Mark Udall’s forces are running crap campaign ads condemning his opponent for being against infanticide. The murder, in the womb, of helpless infants before they have even a chance at life. I never thought I’d see the day when politicians openly campaigned for MURDER. But values today are so twisted it is happening in more places than one. They say he wants to make abortion a felony, “even in cases of rape and incest.” I doubt that, but ADOPTION at birth doesn’t stop a beating heart. And abortion is as hard on a woman’s body as childbirth. And it IS murder! For the convenience of people who couldn't bother to use a rubber.

THEY FOUND LERNER IN CONTEMPT: Big whoop! So what’s next? NOTHING. Holder is the THIRD AG who has been found in contempt, starting with Janet Reno, and nothing has happened to ANY of them except a lot of wind expended. Why? Because the Congress can’t prosecute them. So the case has to go to the Justice Department, which Holder runs. And the AG has complete power over whether or not they prosecute ANY case. So what are the odds of her being prosecuted? Slim to NONE. That’s how most presidents and other top politicians usually avoid prosecution for their crimes. No AG is going to pursue charges against the boss.

WE GIVE THEM MERCY: And they give us none in return. This is something our politicians will never understand. It’s a weakness Muslims take advantage of regularly, and continually push for more. They have “dietary restrictions” in their “religion” and we pay attention to them in feeding them in captivity. This should stop. People who do the things they do deserve NO special privileges. And if they’re caught in the act, they should be shot on sight. They deserve nothing better. I’d call them animals, but animals are better than they are and I don’t want to insult animals. I’m not speaking of the “moderate Muslims,” either of them.

That’s what Obama says. He also says there will soon be plenty of well-paying jobs. Also, he will soon lower the seal levels, as promised, and he is appointing the tooth fairy to an important government position. Santa Claus will be appointed chairman of the gift-giving committee. Punxsutawney Phil will be in charge of predictions. His will be a part-time position and he will be paid a little less than a full-time position. His pay will be only $200,000.00 a year with no vacations.

DIVERTING OUR ATTENTION:  Seems like every time we ask an “uncomfortable question” of a politician they try to divert our attention to the case of the hundreds of young girls who were abducted by Islamist terrorists in Nigeria. The first time this happened that I noticed was when someone asked Bob Beckel on “The Five” about one of Obama’s scandals and instead of answering it, he tried this tactic, and I’ve been noticing it ever since. I’ve counted at least fifty instances of it in the last couple of weeks. It’s not that I don’t care about those girls, but that’s a different case, altogether and can be discussed at another time. They need to stay on subject, answering the question asked.

DEMOCRATS BOYCOTT BENGHAZI COMMITTEE: Democrats are sorely afraid. They know Trey Gowdy can’t be bought, and he is a superlative prosecutor. He has not lost ONCE in his entire career. So they KNOW he will get to the bottom of Obama’s and Hillary’s crimes that led to the deaths of four embassy people and it’s causing their panties to be in a bad twist. They don’t know what to do about it, so they just BOYCOTT it (They're saying, 'we can't win so we'll take our ball and go home'.”  What earthly reason would they have to boycott it if they weren’t frightened about what is going to be found. Previous committees have come up with NOTHING because they weren’t really looking and were peopled (for the most part) with people who didn’t care and had reason to obstruct a factual finding.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Special Prosecutor?

Yes, a thousand times YES! Does ANYBODY really think the Justice Department (under which the IRS operates) will actually “prosecute” her? Or the IRS? If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to you about. You’re so STUPID you’ll fall for ANYTHING! You’ll even fall for AlGore’s global warming swindle! And that’s been proved FALSE every way possible. I hope that doesn't apply here.

OBAMA’S LEGACY: His legacy is going to be major retailers going out of business. It has happened to many, but this one impacts me, personally. When a major book sales house like Barnes and Noble goes out of business (which it has announced), where am I going to get certain books you can’t seem to find at the drug store? Like Lee Child books or William W. Johnstone books? Or who is going to sell MY books? When Amazon goes out of business, the “end is near. Except for used bookstores (which are becoming scarce as hen’s teeth)” there just are NOT any small, local book stores left. My own son’s was one that has closed.

WHY ALWAYS REPUBLICANS? The Democrats make a big thing of the fact that the only people trying to reverse Obama’s disastrous policies are Republicans. They call that “just politics,” wishing to minimize the effect of their “interference.” But who else is going to go after Obama’s disastrous policies? Other Democrats, whose lives and careers Obama can easily hurt? NO DEMOCRAT is ever going to “go after” Obama. He knows where ALL the “bodies are busied,” and probably buried more than a few himself.

“IT’S DRUDGE’S FAULT”: Monica Lewinski is back, and now she is not blaming the Clintons for her “woes” after she gave Bill Clinton oral sex in the White House while diplomats waited in the outer office. Now she says it’s “not Clinton’s fault,” it was “DRUDGE,” who “humiliated” her and should “come under some sort of control.” Which is a foolish notion, since Drudge simply reported the instance of her giving a BJ to Clinton in the Oval Office. She brought the “humiliation” on herself. She is a damned fool and deserved all the notoriety she got. I don't feel a bit sorry for her.

“KOCH BROS. CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING”: That’s the liberal way: use one manufactured hoax to prop up yet another manufactured hoax. That’s why Harry Reid is now saying the Koch Brothers are the main cause of global warming (which doesn’t exist). Of course, he doesn’t say WHY, because there IS no “why.” It’s just another Reid LYING claim. You know, like the one where he said Romney didn’t pay his taxes, but provided NO proof? What about his own zillionaire (Tom Steyer)? You know, the one that has promised $100 million if Obama “did something” on global warming? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

THEY CHANGED IT AGAIN! Global Warming didn’t work as well recently for AlGore’s swindles because that pesky globe stopped cooperating 17 years ago and is no longer “warming.” So the money started drying up because his fools no longer believed in him and his swindle. He had to do something, so he changed it to “climate change” and the money kept coming in for a while. But they got “wise” to that, too, so now he’s changing it to “climate disruption,” a term sufficiently neutral that he could use ANY weather change to promote his swindle.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama's Disappointed With Us

That’s what New Yorker editor and Obama biographer David Remick says. He says it to explain Obama’s seeming disinterest in many important subjects. “The world seems to disappoint him.” But frankly, the world is disappointed with HIM. Everything he does advances socialism or his own personal interests and the very fact that a majority of Americans resist him “disappoints” him. Poor baby!

ROMNEY—AGAIN? Some people are working to “draft” Mitt Romney to run for president again. They’re citing the fact that Reagan ran THREE TIMES before he got elected. But Romney’s no Reagan. Not in his policies as governor, or anything else, though he has proven to be “eerily right” in many of his predictions. I don’t think he could win in a second try. He lost against a NOBODY candidate in Obama, about which nobody knew ANYTHING and still don’t (although facts about his background are dribbling out). If we’re going to lose again, let’s at least lose with somebody worthwhile—like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, or Allen West. They’re worse, you say? Only in the minds of Democrats, and I’m tired of being told who to run by Democrats.

“NO ONE CARES”: The “Nation” says, “No one cares if you apologize for your white male privilege.” And there’s a good reason for that. NOBODY needs to apologize for their ACHIEVEMENTS, and that’s how they GAIN their “privileges” in a market-based society. How stupid are people who want to penalize achievement and take that away from them to give to those who are not capable of achievement!

OH, POOR BABY! Monica Lewinski says Bill Clinton “took advantage of me.” And she claims Drudge  “humiliated me.” This is a classic example of blaming everybody else but herself for her actions. It wasn’t somebody else who got on her knees in front of the president and gave him a BJ many times. It wasn’t somebody else who SAVED the dress he spewed on to use later to incriminate him. Nobody else but HER. Now she blames Drudge for “humiliating” her. It won’t wash, baby! You did it to yourself. Face it!

EVERYTHING’S RACIST! Is there ANYTHING liberals don’t call racist? Now they say not liking Mexican food is racist. Funny how having a different opinion than them suddenly becomes racist, just because they SAY so! On that basis, anybody who doesn’t like WHITE PEOPLE is racist. Hey! People who don’t like green cars are racist! People who call others racist are racist! People who don’t take steps to darken their skin are racist! I have a long list, but no room here for it.

NIGERIAN ISLAMISTS KIDNAP YOUNG GIRLS: Is there ANY crime Muslim terrorists won’t commit and tell us it’s okay because we have “offended” them? Obama is sending some people there to help in the search for these girls, most of whom will probably have been raped and mutilated before they can be found because the people who took them are the lowest form of life. Not near human. When they’re found, just shoot them, but not in a way to kill them quick. They need to suffer. They deserve nothing better.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A world full of Fools

Did anyone ever think a bunch of people waving an American flag would be attacked and called “racist” for waving the American flag? Nobody's that stupid? Well, it happened at a small school in “The People’s Republic of California.” I never thought the fools could take over an entire state, but apparently it has happened, mostly because other fools already live there. Gia Lee (a natural reaction with a name like that, which tells me a lot about her parentage) said, “What’s wrong with these people holding up American flags in Morgan Hill? Racist a—holes!” I guess because she’s been taught to hate the American flag by her own family AND government, it’s racism for others to like it. What a real BITCH this is! No brain, big mouth.

SEND ‘EM HOME! Looking at the item above, I wonder why some people even COME here! People who come here (mostly illegally) who think it’s racist for good Americans to fly THEIR flag. Such people should be instantly deported (even if they are here legally). They’re not the kind of people we want in this country, and that has NOTHING to do with racism. It’s common sense. If they don’t like it here, what the hell are they doing HERE? It would be a FAVOR to them to send them back home where they like it. If they stay here, they’ll be nothing but trouble. So get RID of them! Damn!

GOOD LUCK, CLIVE! Cliven Bundy is filing CRIMINAL charges against the Bureau of Land Management, for assault, blocking access to federal lands, threatening to fire on unarmed citizens, stealing Bundy cattle and killing several. And they certainly have grounds for it, and plenty of proof. But good luck on getting anybody to take it seriously, Clive! The feds can do anything they want, it seems, without repercussions. Remember that guy who blew Randy Weaver’s (unarmed) wife’s head off with her infant child in her arms? He got a COMMENDATION later for that, quietly. I hope you make it, but I have no confidence in it.

THAT “MODERATE MUSLIM”: He’s a myth. Eighty percent of Muslims favor the institution of Sharia Law in the United States. Maybe they don’t understand that that will mean violence, but I think they do. The Koran DICTATES it. It says to “convert” every person they meet, or KILL them if they refuse. It tells them not to even associate with “unbelievers.” How they’re able to “convert” them without associating with them, I don’t know. Muslims are mostly ignorant people. The Imams see to it. Ignorant people are easier to manipulate.

STUNNING HYPOCRISY: Did you know that the CEO of the company who led the campaign to get rid of the CEO of Mozilla for a $1,000 donation he made YEARS ago to an outfit that supported Prop 8 in California HIMSELF made a similar donation? That’s similar to anti-gun fools, who go around themselves armed or escorted by armed guards. But that’s not surprising, considering the caliber of the people involved. They want to force it on US, but not have to follow it themselves.

IS IT A “WASTE OF TIME?” Liberals in DC say the new committee to investigate the Benghazi murders is a “waste of time” because several committees have already investigated it ad infinitum, ad nauseum. That’s what they’d LIKE us to think. Those “investigations” have found NOTHING because they were set up to fail; and they did. They were good “window dressing” to make us THINK they were actually “investigating” Benghazi, but they were not. If this new one is headed by Trey Gowdy, it just MIGHT do what all the others have failed to do, “get to the bottom” of the Benghazi mystery.

Monday, May 5, 2014

What's This Racist Crap?

Democrats and their “hangers-on have a bad habit of assigning the “racist” label to anyone Republican. So it’s not surprising that John McHale, the comedian at the White House correspondent’s dinner denigrated Republicans as racists. When are they going to learn that the REAL “racist party” is the Democrat Party? No amount of LYING about it is going to change the fact that MANY Democrats have turned out to be KKK members, now or before, that Martin Luther King’s marches were against DEMOCRATS, or that it was Democrats who filibustered the civil rights act. They were the racists, and still are.

STILL TALKING ABOUT STERLING: Even on Fox, who should know better, they’re still rehashing the Donald Sterling racism story over and over again, many times a day. They need to shut up about this. It means NOTHING. Meanwhile the murderers of Benghazi (Obama and Hillary) keep stonewalling Congress, hoping to keep the truth hidden at least until the next presidential election, where they hope to install “Obama light,” Hillary, as our new president, to keep the stonewall intact for another four years.

“ISLAM OR DEATH!” Must be nice to be able to give members of other religions a choice between converting to your “religion” or being murdered. Maybe that’s why they’re said to be “the fastest-growing religion” in the world. People “convert” to stay alive. Then they reinforce their beliefs on them by a further death threat if you violate their practices, or convert back to another religion. And this is the “religion of peace” our liberal media reports on and wants to impose on the rest of us. It amazes me that this phony “Religion” isn’t BANNED, worldwide. It should be. It’s a bunch of criminals PRETENDING to be a religion.

THE FIRST WE HEARD: The director of the VA hospitals in Phoenix says, “We first heard about those allegations (of vets dying while waiting on a “secret” waiting list for an appointment). Meanwhile, they have been under investigation for that for MONTHS. Sounds strange that they’ve never heard of it while they’re under INVESTIGATION for it. Meanwhile, vets are STILL dying while waiting for appointments, AND follow-up appointments.

OSAMA IS DEAD: That’s the litany of the Obama administration. I believe it. But I don’t believe Obama’s people killed him. I think Bush’s people "cluster bombed" his cave with him in it years ago. And they’ve been trying to convince us he’s still alive ever saince. Now it is to Obama’s advantage to make us THINK he killed him, and the Muslims want to help, because he’s their friend. So they’re finally going along with it to help Obama keep his political strength, even after he leaves the presidency (if he ever does)

: And he really thinks he has a chance of passing it. Boy, is he STUPID! He really wants to control EVERYTHING, and he thinks we will go along with it. The people ELECTED Adolph Hitler, didn’t they? And they elected HIM, too. But I think people have learned from that, and will vote ANYBODY who votes for this OUT in a New York MINUTE. Obama is just trying to go too far, and will soon get his comeuppance.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Why Are We Still Talking About This?

That’s what Nancy Peelosi, certified fool, asks about Benghazi. She thinks because it is “old news,” we should just “let it go.” But until some important questions are answered and SOMEBODY is “brought to justice” for those murders, we will keep on asking those questions until we grow old and have long, gray beards if they still haven’t responded. They think they can outwait us, but they’re wrong. Sure is nice for murderers to wonder why we're still asking about their crimes (for them, anyway).

ANY EXCUSE: Obama’s thugs will use any excuse they can to deny people the right to carry arms. Now they’ve made a rule that prohibits veterans who have trouble paying their bills from ever owning a forearm. They’re well on their way to creating a society in which the only way you can own a gun is illegally. So I guess you’d better find that guy who parks in a back alley with a trunkful of illegal guns for sale. they're bent on making you a felon so you might as well be one.

HILLARY SHOULD RUN: I think Hillary Clinton should run—as far and as fast as she can, AWAY, to get the hell out of here. If she ever became president, this country is OVER. If it isn’t already under Ovomit. I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people can’t see the danger in even THINKING about her as president. And I have nothing against the RIGHT woman as president. One like Sarah Palin, for instance. So don’t bother to accuse me of sexism. That dog don’t hunt.

IS RACISM A CRIME? No. and as odious as it is, it shouldn’t be. Racism is something that occurs IN THE MIND of the complainer. Like sexual harassment, if the person complaining THINKS it is racism (or sexual harassment) and the enforcer agrees, it is THEN a crime. It is SUBJECTIVE, and is subject to the JUDGMENT of the accuser and the enforcer. There can BE no such laws, that the enforcer or complainer can arbitrarily DECIDE is a crime, in their minds. Sorry, liberals, you can’t make a crime out of what people THINK.

WHY MAKE A PLANE DISAPPEAR? To give the media something to obsess over other than Obama’s CRIMES. To make them spend their time reporting on something else besides the scandals attached to the Obama administration. It’s really strange that something like this comes up magically when the media wants to know WHY Obama helped MURDER four embassy people to cover up his gun running to Syria terrorists. And they (except Fox and the other “alternative media) cooperated fully, reporting every “beep” heard in the ocean in the vicinity where they THINK the plane might have gone down.

“ELLEN LIED!” Who cares? That’s another “big story” to take up media air time and keep it away from Obama’s crimes. Along with the hooraw over Donald Sterling’s racist comments. Something like this comes up every day. They don’t care a whit about the “backlash” they create, such as Sterling being forced to sell the Clippers at “bargain basement prices.” So Sterling’s a racist. Who the hell cares? I wonder how many other team owners are racists, too? Maybe we should delve into the lives of ALL team owners to “dig out” any racist statements THEY might have made in private and had recorded by an angry girlfriend.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Did Obama Plan Benghazi?

It’s becoming clear that Obama planned what happened in Benghazi to eliminate an ambassador who knew he was “running guns” to the Syrian rebels who were now known to be Islamic terrorists who had taken over the revolution there. It’s obvious he planned the coverup and, even when that coverup failed, he continued it, and Hillary asked before Congress, “What difference does it make?” She might as well have said, “Who cares that four people died?” She obviously doesn’t, and neither does Obama. The evidence is that even CNN knows who planned and executed it, but he is still running free.

WHY ISLAMIC “ADVISORS”? Why is Obama appointing Muslims as “advisors?” Does he not know we are AT WAR with Islamic terrorists? Yes, that doesn’t necessarily include many Muslims. But why trust them enough to appoint them to powerful positions in his GOVERNMENT? What kind of a FOOL is Obama? I guess not being able to run again has gone to his head. He now no longer cares a BIT about what Americans think. People are now saying that soon America will be a “third world country.” And it’s all because of Obama’s policies.

CARNEY TAP DANCES: It’s funny to watch Obama’s “paid liar” tap dancing around the truth as reporter after reporter (mostly from Fox, since the others have no interest) asks him about those damning e-mails that have suddenly come to light, against the hard work of this administration to keep them secret. I expect him soon to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, who had enough of it and quit. Unless he enjoys it.

WHAT THE HELL’S HE DOING HERE? A Muslim Imam in Tennessee says, “Jews and Christians are filthy.” This from a representative of a political system PRETENDING to be a religion; one that approves of murdering young women for just TALKING to the wrong man. One that lets just ANY Muslim man beat a woman on the street for showing so much as an ankle; or who approves BEHEADING those who don’t believe the exact same way they do. Why is he here, living among all those Christians and Jews? He should go back to his Muslim-run country and SHUT UP! Or is he here to subvert this country from within?

WHAT SHOULD GOVT DO? About racist remarks? That’s the question they are asking in the wake of Clipper owner Sterling’s racist screed. The answer? NOTHING. It’s not the business of the government to do anything about racist remarks. Especially when members of this government are the worst offenders. Oh, they couch it in good-sounding terms, but racism it is. Obama is the biggest offender, calling people racist just for disagreeing with him. And his acolytes take a tip from him and do it, too.

THEY KNEW: Almost immediately, Obama and his administration knew Benghazi was a coordinated terrorist attack by al-Qaida affiliates while it was happening. But that would deny Obama’s claim that al-Qaida was defeated. So they concocted this phony story about an “insulting video,” using a video nobody up to that time had ever seen. They told that story over and over until proof positive came out showing it to BE a false story. Now they call it :”old news” and tell us to forget it. Meanwhile, none of the questions have been answered and NOBODY has been “brought to justice” for those murders, making us the “paper tiger” the Orientals call us. This shows plainly what FOOLS we have running this government.

SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON BENGHAZI: This is a House committee to investigate what happened in Benghazi, hopefully to be headed by Trey Gowdy. Another committee? Yet another attempt to break through the veil of phony that Obama has erected around his murder of an ambassador to cover up his “running guns” to Syrian terrorists pretending to be simple rebels. Will this committee accomplish anything all the previous committees have not? Maybe; with Gowdy at its helm, but it will be hard. Obama has much experience covering up his scandals.