Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Obama's Crocodile Tears

Yep. Obama “shed a tear” when he talked about his illegal “executive action” to further inhibit our right to self defense and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. Just as if he were “genuinely moved” by what he was saying, and doing. Didja see the slight shininess on his inner wrist as he “rubbed his eyes? That came from the onion he rubbed there just before he came out, so he could “sprout tears” when he was ready. And the media “bought it,” hook, line, and sinker. His tears were the story. Not his illegal actions.

KOREA'S GOT A HYDROGEN BOMB? That's what that fat little, ugly dictator wants us to believe as he “clapped” his way through his press conference. I notice he applauds himself a lot. Maybe that's a signal for his “serfs” to clap, too. Or maybe that's the only way he gets real applause They actually don't have anything to applaud, so he has to tell them when they must applaud. Does he actually have a hydrogen bomb? Doubtful. He just wants us to THINK he does. He thinks that will get him more girls, since being a dictator is the only way he would ever get any. He likes to shoot the guns his lackeys hand him, too. I guess that makes him a “big man.” All he knows is how to pull the trigger. Somebody else has to do everything else. He doesn't know how.

THE MUSLIMS ARE MAYUD! Saudi Arabia executed an Imam. They don't care very much about the rest of the Islamic terrorists they convicted and executed. Only the Imam who caused it all. They still think they can do no wrong, and shouldn't be punished for all the innocent people they kill,. Or have killed. They behead men, women, AND children, and rape the same kind of people first. But that's okay. It's done for their “cause.” So nobody should ever punish them for any of it.

THE “AFFLUENZA KID”: The “rich kid” who killed FOUR PEOPLE in a drunken auto accident, and was given a 'nothing sentence” for it because has “too rich and unaccountable” to know any better, RAN to Mexico with his mom's help to avoid that tiny sentence after he was caught drinking and playing drinking games. But that hasn't changed his ways, a bit. While his mom was under arrest for helping him escape a 120 day sentence for violating the terms of his release, he spent an evening in Mexico spending $1,000.00 in a bar, getting lap dances and being unable to pay for it. He should be in jail, but nobody seems to have the gonads to put him there. Somebody needs to convince him that there are CONSEQUENCES to his actions, whether or not he's too stupid to know it.

WON'T STOP GUN VIOLENCE”: Obama himself admitted in his press conference announcing his ILLEGAL “executive actions” about gun control that they wouldn't stop all gun violence. But he says if they would “save one life” it would be worth it. Which is a lot of horse manure. If that were true they'd ban cars. And ladders. And many other things that kill more people than guns. On top of that, he says the Second Amendment is “just words on paper” and mean nothing. This is the most DELUDED president I've ever seen.

BEST GUN SALESMAN EVER! That's Obama. It didn't take long after his announcement of his new “dictates” on gun control for gun sales to skyrocket. That makes him the best gun salesman, ever! But I'm sure he hates that, since that's just the opposite of what he wants. But every time he tries to stop people from having guns, what happens is just the opposite. Maybe if he just opened up gun sales for everybody, gun sales would go down. Since his DICTATES aren't doing what he wants, anyway. And criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists are finding no obstacles to getting their guns in their usual way: illegally.

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