Thursday, October 31, 2013

"I Dunt No Nuzzing"

That’s what Obama says about EVERYTHING. When it comes to being president, he’s “out to lunch.” Either his staff is completely incompetent when it comes to TELLING him things, or they’re WILFULLY not telling hi things if you believe him. What it more likely is, is that he doesn’t WANT to know about these things so he can CLAIM not to know so he can PRETEND to “fight them” thus, will not be able to be blamed for them. That’s what Rush Limbaugh calls the “Limbaugh Theorum,” and he’s right.

OBAMA RESIGNING WILL NOT WORK: There are a lot of people calling for Obama’s resignation because his policies (all of them) are not working. But that won’t work. Obama ALONE resigning won’t do a THING to reverse the disasters he has caused in his administration. He, AND ALL HIS APPOINTEES need to resign or be FIRED. So maybe some COMPETENT people can be put in place to repair the damage before it destroys us all. Do you think that will ever happen? I think he will try everything he can to stay in office beyond the legal END of his “reign.” If that happens, we will have a “Hitler-style” dictatorship.

ALABAMA-STYLE PRESIDENCY: When the racist Democrat governor of Alabama was up against “term limits” and couldn’t “succeed himself” in office, he simply had his WIFE run in his place and fool Alabama voters elected her for the ONE TERM that she needed to sit in the governor’s chair and relay her husband’s orders until he could be elected again. The WORDING allowed that, and there is similar wording in the U. S. Constitution so liberals are actively pushing Michelle Obama  (or Hillary, the next best thing) to succeed her husband in 2016. Will gullible American voters fall for it? Maybe.

“WE DUNT NO NUZZING”: There’s a barge in San Francisco Harbor with a four-story tall shipping container on it, and the “authorities” don’t know anything about it, or what’s in it. In one of William W. Johnstone’s stories, terrorists sent three ships here containing nuclear bombs, when they went off, it crippled this nation. Is there a nuclear device inside this shipping container? Nobody knows—and it sits there, unopened, while “authorities” run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to do about it. Talk about INCOMPETENCE!

WHAT ABOUT THE REALLY POOR? Obama and his liberal friends talk incessantly about ? The poor,” but when he sets up a “health care plan” supposedly to HELP them, he sets it up so the only way they can get in it is through a WEB SITE. Never mind his people are too incompetent to to be able to create a WORKING web site; the very people who need it most can’t AFFORD a computer! And going to the library isn’t going to work because they won’t let them sit on a computer for nine hours or more, waiting for something to happen! And going to a computer rental place like Kinko’s (FedEx now) won’t work, either because the cost for computer rental would be too much. Calling their 800 number just gets them instructed to go to the web site, which doesn’t work. What a fiasco!

YOU CAN KEEP YOUR INSURANCE—UNLESS. . . Obama assured us we could keep the insurance we had if we liked it, PERIOD. What he DIDN’T tell us was that “period” should have been an “asterisk” because there’s something in the “fine print” that says “if your plan changes one ‘jot or tittle” in your coverage your ‘grandfather status’ will END and you will have to buy the more expensive insurance mandated by his law.” Have you ever known an insurance plan that HASN’T changed, many times, while you had it? He knew that, but hid it from you.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obama Knew--He Lied

The Obama administration KNEW, as early as 2010, that up to 67% (probably an underestimation) would not be able to keep their current health insurance at a lower cost (it was written right into the law, but he still insisted that they would. There is NO WAY a MAJORITY of people will be able to keep their insurance and at a lower rate, because of the fool things (like pre-existing condition coverage and allowing people to keep their kids on their insurance to age 26) the law REQUIRED of insurers. It was a blatant, outright LIE when he told it; he KNEW it was a lie, but he still told it on a regular basis in order to sell his swindle.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? No, I’m not talking about Hillary and the murders in Benghazi. I’m talking about the big hooraw over McDonald’s “divorcing” themselves from Heinz Catsup. What’s the big damned deal? Things like this happen all the time without ANY fanfare. Why the big noise now? Because Heinz is owned by the wife of our Secretary of State, John Kerry? No; it’s to further divert our attention from the Washington fiasco called “Obamacare” and its attendant “trainwreck,” Obama’s fool web site.  It still makes me wonder if they can’t even come up with a workable web site, how can they believe they can run the health care industry?

GOVERNMENT BIGOTRY: It’s not just a “war on Christianity” it’s BIGOTRY against ANY religion BUT Islam. They won’t allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed, but they will allow, no, DEMAND that the “Five Pillars of Islam” be displayed in our schools, while they have kids dress up as Muslims “to see what it’s like.” Obama’s government has been solidly against Christianity in ANY case where a difference comes between them. Meanwhile, Islam demands the DEATH of people who do not convert to Islam and DEATH to anybody who converts FROM Islam to any other religion. They demand “Tolerance,” but are the most INTOLERANT religion in the world (If, indeed, they ARE a religion, not a political system MASQUERADING as a religion).

MICHELLE’S FRIEND? Was Michelle Obama’s relationship with Toni Towns, Senior VP of GCI Federal, the Canadian company who got the “NO-BID” contract to create Obama’s failed web site and is now being given the responsibility to “fix” it? Why does government go to the very people who screwed it up in the first place to FIX what they screwed up? Because that’s the kind of incompetent thing governments (especially Obama’s) do.

“REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH”: Actor and comedian Russell Brand says we need a “massive socialist revolution and a redistribution of wealth” in this country. Really? Will he consent to a redistribution of HIS wealth? I think not. He thinks OTHER PEOPLE should “redistribute THEIR wealth to HIM. He already has made a lot of money and he thinks OTHER PEOPLE need to “redistribute THEIR wealth. Funny. It always seems like those who have already MADE their wealth think OTHERS should give up THEIR wealth.

NOT VERY CHRISTIAN: A Kansas couple at “Carrabba’s Italian Grill” stiffed their waiter because he’s gay. What the hell business is that of theirs? They say they didn’t tip him because “Queers don’t share in the wealth of God.” Where the hell do they get that? If God will forgive a MURDERER if he “repents and accepts Jesus Christ as his savior,” he will CERTAINLY forgive a homosexual. Somebody needs to tell them it’s not their place to punish people for what THEY see as “sins.” I’m not gay, but I respect his right to BE gay.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Killing Is Okay"

Just don’t do it with chemical or nuclear weapons. That seems to be what we’re telling the killer politicians in Syria. “We don’t care how many people you kill, just do it the way we tell you to.” I don’t know what politicians are thinking. I don’t think they ARE thinking. The killing needs to STOP, even if we need to do some ourselves to make it happen.

SEATTLE BANS WORDS: They want to ban words like “citizen” or “brown-bag.” What the HELL are they thinking? Do they think they are some kind of dictators, able to tell people what words they can use in a country run by a Constitution that says we have the freedom to say what we wish, even if it “offends” somebody? Liberals use “PC Speak” to do the same thing, but the federal liberals still don’t think they have the right to put that into LAW—unless Obama gets his law against saying “bad things” about our ENEMIES, the Muslim extremists. Then I will become a criminal, because all I can say about these “scum of the earth” is bad.

NOT IN BUSINESS MUCH LONGER: Well, folks—I may not be in business much longer. Obama doesn’t have the power to make a law against saying anything bad about Muslim extremists. But he wants to. And if he manages to get it done (illegally), he will come to me with his guns in the hands of his (illegal) thugs and I will go to prison (illegally) because there is NOTHING good I can say about these fools who just want to KILL everybody who doesn’t believe the EXACT same way they do, even other Muslims. And I will continue to report the truth about them until they come for me..

HATING PROFIT WHILE MAKING IT: Comedian Russel Brand hates profit—except for the profit HE makes in his profession. What the hell does he think PROPELS this world except for profit? Does he think the people who run the places where he performs do not make a profit on his performances? They’d BETTER, or they would have no INCENTIVE to give him a PLACE to perform. If he didn’t take home some PROFIT for his performances, he’d have no incentive to perform! What a stupid FOOL he is!

CONTROL THE SCHOOLS: Vladmir Lenin, the man who imposed 75 years of slavery on an entire people in Russia (before it collapsed of its own weight due to lack of incentive to produce), tells us how to gain the mind of a nation. He told us early on, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." (Vladimir Lenin). So now you know why liberals (socialists, communists) work so hard to control the curriculum in our schools.

HE SHOULD GO TO HELL: The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks that KILLED 3,000 people recently taunted guards at GITMO with pictures of the Twin Towers (where he got them, I don’t know). That SHOULD have gotten him a good beating. I know it would have if I had been one of his guards, no matter what they did to me, afterwards. Now he’s DEMANDING a laptop. If they’re STUPID, they’ll give him one and he’ll use it to call in some more attacks. This damned fool should be SHOT. Many times, in many places, with only the last being in a deadly place.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Doesn't Sebilius Get fired?

The answer is simple: She’s doing exactly what Obama wants her to do. And she’s so arrogant she doesn’t think she works for the American people, though they pay her amazingly large salary and perks. She serves at the “pleasure” of the president. And he is getting much “pleasure” out of her performance. The web site is bad, but the basic PROGRAM it is supporting is worse. Why should we worry about this fool web site when what’s behind it is so bad. That web site is the only thing slowing down its imposition upon us.

MAKE IT OPTIONAL: One member of the Air Force objected to the phrase, “So help me God” in his oath, so the Air force wants now to make that phrase “optional.” They don’t like getting up early every morning, either; or marching in formation. So why not make that “optional,” too. How about the wearing of that “bus-driver” looking uniform and having to shine their shoes? Some don’t like that, either. So why not make THAT optional, too.

WILL YOU SHOOT AMERICANS? That’s a question being asked of soldiers in the military. It is also being asked of their officers and those who answer “no,” are fired. Obama is preparing for a revolution and is trying as hard as he can to CREATE one so he can have an excuse to MURDER civilians and make it LOOK legal. Boy, am I glad I’m old and tired and will probably not survive the war anyway. Obama is a criminal and a fool. It might just be more of a job than he can handle to “put down” the “Second American Revolution.”

JUST SHOOT HIM: The “mastermind” of the Twin Towers attack in Sept, 2001, after “taunting” his guards at GITMO with pictures of the Twin Towers burning, now DEMANDS a laptop computer at taxpayer’s expense so he can “prepare his (long-delayed) case. What the hell does he need a computer for? That’s what he’s got lawyers for—and they have plenty of computers. I think we need to just SHOOT him. He has confessed—no, BRAGGED about running that operation, so why waste so much money trying him. He SHOULD have been shot when he was captured.

STICKER SHOCK: That’s what Obama wants to avoid by LYING to you about what your health insurance is going to cost you: TWICE what you pay now, on average, when he PROMISED his swindle would LOWER your costs. They don’t want you to know the cost of what you “sign up” for until AFTER you sign up for it, and then they will not let you out of that contract. They only get you to their fool web site on the THREAT of fines and then “take you to the cleaners” when you go there. Even the liberal media is catching on now and is coming out against it.

IS HE AN ATHEIST? “Author and world-renowned biologist Richard Dawkins said Friday he is confident that President Barack Obama is an atheist.” (The Blaze)  But who cares? Unless he tries to push his beliefs on all of us, which he IS doing. But I don’t believe he is an atheist. He is either a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. Everything he does concerning Muslims benefits the Muslims. And if what he wants to enact (a law making ANY criticism of Muslims a crime) goes into effect, that statement will make ME  a criminal. And I don’t give a damn. I will NEVER stop criticizing the Muslim leadership because I believe it is corrupt. It’s NOT a “religion,” It’s  political system MASQUERADING as a religion.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bypassing Congress

Obama has said in many speeches that he can “bypass Congress” and make a law on his own. He CANNOT, legally do such a thing under our Constitution, which he has sworn to uphold. But he does it anyway by signing “executive orders” and ordering his thugs (who are all too willing, and have the guns) to enforce the ILLEGAL “laws” he SAYS he can pass without Congress. What he doesn’t say is when he does, he’s acting as a DICTATOR, not a Constitutionally elected president.

“JUST THROW MONEY AT IT”: That’s Democrat Steny Hoyer’s solution to the problems Obama’s health care swindle. “Just spend another $50 billion or so on it. That should fix it.” There are no new ideas in the Democrat camp. There haven’t been as long as I can remember—and that’s a LONG time. Every time a problem comes up and the Democrats are in charge, that’s “the answer” they submit. Of course, if Republicans are in charge, they suggest getting rid of the Republicans.

WOULD BIRDS BE “OFFENDED?” They give several football and baseball franchises a hard time because they use Indians or a derivative of it in their names. I don’t think that’s a slur, it’s a TRIBUTE to their “fighting spirit.”  Would the Cardinals be offended at the use of their name? I don’t think so, and I don’t think we can be concerned about the small number of the usual troublemakers who WILL be “offended” at something.

WASHINGTON EXTORTION: It’s the old “protection racket” being run by Washington politicians. Does anybody wonder why they went after Microsoft? Because they weren’t giving billions to Washington politicians! They didn’t have a lobbying office and just ignored Washington. They just did their thing and made money—and they didn’t give any to DC politicians except for paying taxes. So they decided to go in and TAKE some. Now they’re going after Apple for the same reason. They just make money and only give DC the taxes they OWE.

“FIRE SOMEBODY!” We don’t care who! Just fire somebody  to show you’re doing SOMETHING about the web site fiasco with the site to sign up for the MANDATORY purchase you REQUIRED by law. Never mind the Constitution doesn’t allow you to do that. You’ve got the guns so you’re going to do it anyway—unless you’re defeated by reality. I guess you really are now a dictator, in fact, if not in theory. If you can FORCE us to BUY something with a web site that doesn’t allow us to do so, then fine us when we can’t obey your unconstitutional order, you are.

DON’T FALL FOR IT: If you get on a web site that forces you to give them ALL your personal information, including your Social Security number and your bank numbers BEFORE they will even let you browse to see what’s available, then “locks you in” on a purchase if you so much as ASK about a particular product and just TAKE the money out of your bank account, not allowing you to ”back out,” to pay for it, GET OUT! FAST! Don’t give them ANY information! Get away! RUN! It’s a con designed to swindle BILLIONS of dollars out of the American people and force them into socialism! The entire PROGRAM is FORCED socialism!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

No Respect for Life

There are way too many CHILDREN killing people these days. One of the latest being the 17-year-old boy who MURDERED a teacher, shot TWO other students, then killed himself; and the 12-year-old elsewhere who killed a teacher in the school bathroom. Then there's the arrogant teen girl who bullied a girl to death and didn't "give a f--k."Anti-gun fools blame this on too easy access to guns, but I blame it on the LACK of respect for human life reflected in the Supreme Court decision to allow parents to MURDER the result of unprotected sex rather than use a rubber or other protection, for their own convenience.

“IT’S AMATEURISH”: A well-known computer expert who has designed much more complicated web sites for a lot less money says the whole ObamaCare web site looks to him like it was designed by amateurs who have never been paid before to design a web site, that it looked like they found unemployed people on the street, gave them a “crash course” in writing code, and turned them loose. Meanwhile, they interfered in the process, changing requirements routinely AFTER a certain part had been completed, and thus slowing the process.

HE CAN’T “SPIN THIS TURD”: I don’t often agree with Jon Stewart, but even a broken clock is right twice a day, and he’s absolutely right when he calls Obama’s health care swindle law a “turd.” It gets pretty bad when Obama’s actions even turn off the worst liberals in the land. And Jon Stewart is one of those. But you can’t argue with truth, even if truth so rarely comes out of Stewart’s mouth.

SCREWLOOSE: That’s the only explanation I can think of for Democrat Rep. Jon Conyers to describe this 382,000-word health care swindle law law as a “small and modest bill.” Is he THAT stupid? Apparently. It wasn’t a joke when he told it; at least, not to him. Only a Democrat could BE so stupid and not get even a single remark from the media after making such a stupid remark in public. They expect it of Democrats. And Democrats never  disappoint them.

OBAMA “WAVES HIS WAND”: Suddenly us “subjects” will have until March 31 to "sign up" for his MANDATORY health care swindle at twice the price. Funny; I always thought when a law was made and such deadlines were a part of it, that was IT. To change it would take another law, passed by Congress and THEN signed by Obama. But NO! Obama just “plunks his magic twanger” like “Froggy the Gremlin” (that was a LONG time Ago) and suddenly the date changes. And it’s LEGAL! (he says).

WORST ADVICE EVER: Mike Rowe, best known for his entertaining Ford car commercials, has identified it when he saw a poster in a school counselor’s office showing a happy college graduate and, on the other side, a sad-looking person doing an obviously menial job, with the words, “Work Smart, Not Hard.” And they’re right, but not just as regards a COLLEGE education, which has “priced itself out of the market” today. $150,000.00 is way too much to prepare a person for life in this world. Meanwhile, only about 12% of jobs require a college education.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Progressive Insurance Commercials

They weren’t too bad when they began, using the “Flo” character, but they’ve gotten “progressively” worse as time goes on. One of the latest, portraying Flo as a “queen,” attempts to use “olde-timey” Shakespearean era language and fails badly at it, misusing the word “thine” for what should have been “thee.”  Which is a common mistake from people who know nothing about that period, but which makes the commercial silly and amateurish. It seems like a badly-made local BAD commercial.

SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT: We will be facing the same old fight in DC in a couple of months, when the last-minute law they made to “avert disaster” runs out and they again start fighting over whether or not to raise Obama’s ability to loan more money, even with his lousy credit record. I think we should shut down the government permanently, while barring Obama from making decisions as to what to “shut down” using making it hard as possible on us. The government (while “shut down” functioned well, [better than usual] except for Obama’s slimy “closings” that were designed to make us mad).

It’s becoming more and more dangerous to be a teacher these days, which is evidenced by two (count ’em) TWO murders of teachers by teenagers in their own schools. In one case the 12-year-old student shot and killed a teacher and wounded several other students before killing himself; in the other, a TALL 17-year-old boy followed a female teacher into the women’s restroom and slashed her throat with a “box cutter.” then he went to a movie.  If those teachers had been armed, the result might have been very different.

PROMOTING MEDIOCRITY: The system of promoting mediocrity and penalizing excellence could not be more obvious than it is in high school football in California and, I suppose, other states as well. In California they SUSPEND coaches that allow their teams to win by more than 35 points. That’s like taking laps away from race cars that win by more than one or two laps. It PUNISHES the person who excels and REWARDS the one who does NOT. Or like taking a bad pianist and celebrating him/her over another pianist who is superlative. Aside from the pain of listening to such a pianist, it removes the INVENTIVE to BE a superlative pianist.

SHE DOES WORK FOR US: Health Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is so arrogant she doesn’t think she works for the people who pay her salary—the American people who are now calling for her resignation for incompetence. I got a clue for her—she DOES work for us. And I don’t call for her resignation, I call for her FIRING. She doesn’t deserve the right to resign. She needs to be sacked!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winning 91 to 0

A player’s mother has filed a complaint against the coach because the “other team” beat her son’s team by 91 to 0. She accused him of “bullying” the other team. Seems to me if that boy’s team had spent more time practicing they might have actually done some scoring. If they were beat that badly it was because they WERE that bad. Not because anybody “bullied” them. That is patently STUPID.

SPORTS WITHOUT SCORING: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: holding a sports event without keeping score is some special kind of STUPID. And penalizing the winning team for scoring too much is also STUPID. What if the held an auto race and didn’t allow a winner? What's the purpose? Or a boxing match without a winner? Who would go? Believe me, the kids at such events know who got the high score! Even if the adults are too stupid to keep score.

ALL OBAMA’S CRIMES: The whole world knows about all the actual CRIMES Obama has committed, so why don’t they DO something about it? He commits many crimes behind closed doors and proof is hard to come by. But one of his biggest crimes is COUNTERFEITING. They’re even got a good-sounding name for it: “Quantitative Easing” and The Fed does the actual counterfeiting under Obama’s orders. And make NO mistake. It IS under Obama’s orders. The Fed wouldn’t DARE print TRILLIONS of dollars of PHONY money without his approval.

THEY GIVE OUT FOOD STAMPS LIKE CANDY: Except when you REALLY need it. I get just enough Social Security to ALMOST make it. Except when something happens to cost me a LOT of money. That happened a month ago and I tried to get some food stamps for ONE MONTH because I was ABSOLUTELY broke with two weeks yet to go before I get more money. They gave me $16.00 worth and before I could spend that, they cut it to $15.00. That’s not help. That’s an INSULT. Thank God I don’t have to depend on that as a regular thing.

“BURY THE PRICES”: The people who designed Obama’s health care signup web site were instructed to “BURY the prices” to avoid “sticker shock” when they found out their premiums would be DOUBLING or TRIPLING, counter to Obama’s promise that their costs would GO DOWN. Another thing they BURIED was that deductibles would be in the THOUSANDS of dollars, making their policies WORTHLESS.

COMPARE IT YOURSELF: Obama says, “Don’t take my word, compare it for yourself.” But when you do, you have to give them all your personal information BEFORE you can even compare plans—with NO MENTION of the cost until AFTER you “create an account” giving them everything including your bank numbers so they can just take your money at will. And if you so much as ASK about a certain plan they “sign you up” for that plan and won’t let you “back out.” It’s a government-run SWINDLE, pure and simple.

THESE PEOPLE ARE OUR ENEMIES: Obama and his henchmen are our ENEMIES. They schemed and CONNED their way into power so they could rip us off on a scale never before contemplated. The “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” forcing lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it was just the beginning. THEY call US “enemies” and they’re right. But not in the way they think. We’re in mortal danger until we get RID of them!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Nevada Shooter Got Gun From Home

So of course, according to the anti-gun fools there should NEVER be a gun in the home where such a kid can get his hands on it. Never mind there was something wrong with this kid’s brain and if people could see the signs, maybe he would not have killed a teacher and wounded several students. It’s not the gun, people. It’s the kid! He broke many laws already on the books, so what good are new ones going to do? I found my Dad's gun one time, but I didn't go out and kill anybody with it.

WHY NOT IN THE FIRST PLACE? Homeland Security boss Sebilius says “We’re going to bring in the ‘A-Team’ to ‘fix’ the ObamaCare web site. Which brings up the question: “Why didn’t you use the A-Team in the first place?” Why did you spend half a BILLION dollars to hire a team that had already been FIRED by one government for screwing up an even lesser web site for them? Are you people stupid? I find it difficult to think you didn’t know that—or if you didn't, you ARE incompetent.

“IF THE SHOE FITS”: Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) says, “If the shoe fits, wear it” to back up his ludicrous accusation that the Tea Parties are racist for DARING to criticize Obama, in any way. What kind of FOOL is this man? They’re only racists in HIS mind because they criticize his black God, Barack Obama. Would he make this kind of accusation if Obama were white? (He IS half white, you know) I don’t know what motivates people such as this, but people like him are STUPID and should not be allowed to be elected to office because of their stupidity.

TWISTING THINGS: The people who are complaining abut the Boston Red Sox because they THINK the name is an insult to the American Indian (Sorry PC Police, I don’t use your “weasel words.”). It has nothing to do with any Indian tribe, but that makes no difference to them. One of the players said something at the start of the World Series that “resonates” with me: “This uniform doesn’t say ‘Red Sox,” it says, BOSTON!” He’s right.

“CALL THE COPS’: A school student at Sparks Middle School in Nevada stole a gun from his parents and used it to kill a teacher and himself, after wounding two other students. They did what “authorities” said to do; they called the cops. And the cops dutifully got there—AFTER he had killed the teacher, wounded two other students, and himself. They probably did a good job DOCUMENTING it, but that didn’t help those killed and wounded, did it?

HOW MANY TIMES? How many times do we have to watch Obama signing something into law (I presume it’s his health care swindle law) with that black kid standing at his elbow? I’m getting tired of seeing it. Not because the kid is black, but because he has nothing to do with it except he is a KID, and is being used as a “prop” by this con many pretending to be president.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Total Incompetence

Why would ANYBODY spend more than HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to create a web site? I know web site design can be expensive, but that’s STUPID! But I expect that of the government, especially Obama’s government. He spends money like water and never asks for a quote beforehand. He doesn’t care; it’s not HIS money. Couple that with the fact that the very Canadian company that got the contract had recently been FIRED by the Canadians for BOTCHING a similar, less-expensive web site and you have prima-facie evidence of incompetence in Obama’s government. I wonder how many more BILLIONS he’ll spend to fix it.

“DIVIDING THE GOP”: Democrats (and some Republicans) are accusing Ted Cruz of “dividing the GOP.” But that’s typical twisting of the facts in DC. Cruz is doing what ALL Republicans should be doing: holding Obama’s “feet to the fire” on Obamacare. If that “divides” the GOP, it NEEDS to be divided.

“LEARNED A LESSON”: That’s what Harry Reid said about the GOP. He “hopes they learned a lesson” from the government shutdown fiasco. I don’t think so. There isn’t a lesson TO be learned, except maybe to know that Obama’s thugs will do ANYTHING, say anything, to get their way, without regard to the damage it does to the people of America. And that’s an important lesson to learn.

SUICIDE CHILDREN: The Islamic terrorists are kidnapping children and sending them to secret schools to indoctrinate them into their “suicide bomber” ways. When they’re ready they send them out with bombs attached to their bodies to wander into marketplaces or other places where people would not suspect a child of being a suicide bomber, then blow them up, along with everybody around them. Ask the question, “How LOW can you go?” and you’ll find the answer in the ACTIONS of Islamic terrorists.

USING THE WRONG EXAMPLE: Remember Karmel Allisin, the woman who almost fainted as Obama presented her as one of his “success stories?” She’s Type 1 Diabetes and is pregnant and has stayed with the same insurance for a long time regardless of rising costs. She was afraid she couldn’t get anything else because of her pre-existing condition. Enter Obamacare. She CAN get insurance somewhere else now. At TWICE the cost with a $6,000.00 deduction (making it useless) with Obama looking over her shoulder. What he DIDN’T tell you is she hasn’t “signed up” and doesn’t know if she will.

WHY HAVE INSURANCE RATES GONE UP? ObamaCare wasn’t even in effect, yet health insurance rates have gone up significantly. The answer is simple. They went up in ANTICIPATION of passage of the bill into law. They did it now so they woudn’t get the bureaucratic equivalent of a colonoscopy by the government. But the silly secret is their rates are GOING to go up and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jackson: "You Are America's Future"

That’s what he said to a group of Muslims. He’s probably the first “Christian minister” (at least he SAYS he is a Christian minister) ever to do so, since the Muslims ignore or FIGHT Christians everywhere. Doesn’t this FOOL know that if Muslims EVER “took over” in this country, he would be KILLED? For “denying Islam.” He’s the kind of fool that tried (unsuccessfully) to detour the American Revolution and keep this country under the King of England, updated. He finds racism where none exists, and profits from it. So does his buddy, Al Sharpie—er, uh, Sharpton.

“LACK OF INTEREST”: Madison Public Library Foundation scheduled an event where former (former?) domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (a close friend of President Obama) was to speak. But apparently he doesn’t have the “buzz” he used to have among the “literati” because the event was cancelled “for lack of interest.” At least they didn’t want to PAY for it, I guess Ayers could use the extra tine to plan some bombings at Tea Party events. Oh; I forgot. He’s a FORMER terrorist. I always thought being a terrorist was like being a Marine: there ARE no “ex-terrorists.” (No insult to Marines intended, only to terrorists) Even if they DID con their way out of punishment.

BACK IN JAIL: Remember the two convicted murderers who got out of prison with the help of very high quality forged documents? They’re now back in prison, having been found staying TOGETHER in a cheap motel. This shows that they’re not too smart. Not smart enough to have hatched the complicated scheme that got them out of prison. So they’re looking HARD for the people responsible. I predict a BIG shakeup in the Florida prison system.

OBAMA’S BLACKMAIL: Obama “shut down the government” rather than not get his way. And make no mistake: It WAS Obama’s decision to (pretend to) shut down the government until he DID get his way. After a lot of blab, Republicans finally surrendered and let a bill pass that gave him everything he wanted at the very last minute, as usual. What’s to stop Obama from doing the same thing to pass an unconstitutional gun ban?

EVIDENCE OF INTEREST? A Democrat senator says that 10,000 people asking about Obamacare in one stste is “evidence of interest.” I disagree. I think it’s only the people who are afraid of being FINED for NOT being interested in a program that is going to DOUBLE or TRIPLE their cost for the SAME coverage they now have asking about coverage. I think the fact that ZERO or one or two people even asking in other states is much more indicative. It’s indicative of their LACK or interest in this train-wreck” and their opinion that it will collapse of its own weight and unworkability. The IMPORTANT figure is going to be how many actually SIGN UP for this program regardless of the cost. And those figures are a closely guarded secret; for a good reason.

“SHAM-WOW” SALESMAN: That’s what Obama sounded like on television today, in his effort to sell his health care swindle law to the country. You know, that law that Nancy Peelosi said “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” So they passed it and we’re now finding out what’s in it, and we don’t like it. It’s already law and everybody MUST “sign up” for it, despite the fact of its unconscionably high expense and a “train-wreck” in its enforcement.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Obama: "No More Crisis Governing"

Do you believe that? From the worst practitioner of “government by crisis?” Not to mention he’s the biggest LIAR who ever sat in the Oval Office. You can always know what he’s up to by taking whatever he says and figuring just the opposite is true. He says you should “stop listening to bloggers.” Why? Because they tell the truth about what he says and does. He doesn’t like that, at all. He says we should stop “crisis governing.” What? This, from the biggest PRACTITIONER of “Crisis governing?”

SCARED THE HELL OUT OF HIM: The 72-year-old grandmother of baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken did it by simply hitting the “panic button” on her car’s remote locking device. It scared the would-be robber so badly he ran away (they’re all cowards). But not before he was caught on video. He was picked up later and is now a resident in the county jail, soon to be moving to the state prison system. Bravo, grandma! (From a grandpa)

MAKING THEIR OWN NEWS: Liberals (and some conservatives) spent six weeks beating up on Sen. Ted Cruz in the media, then took a poll on him. What did they find? Surprise, surprise! They found that a lot of people didn’t like him! I wonder why! Damn! They really think we’re stupid enough to buy that crap? Well, a lot of us--the ones who proudly pay no attention to politics and thus know nothing, might.

LIBERALS AND THEIR AWARDS: Hillary Clinton, one of the least competent former Secretaries of State, has received 15 awards from liberal organizations in the nine months since she left office to a man who will soon become known as one who SURPASSED her in incompetence. This proves that liberals spend a lot of time giving themselves awards to make their resumes look better. Of course, they NEVER give wards to conservatives, no matter how good they are.

OPPOSITION OFFENDS HIM: Rush Limbaugh brought up a salient point today: Obama is OFFENDED by opposition. To his way of thinking, “How DARE” the Republicans, or anybody else, oppose him?” why don’t they “bow down” to his wishes and just let things go? He’s always right, you know. Anybody who opposes his superior knowledge is an ENEMY. They should be annihilated, not suffered. Never mind his “signature legislation” will NEVER work. Never mind he thinks SOCIALISM is the way to go. That ALONE makes him INCOMPETENT to do anything except maybe take out the trash!

MURDERERS RELEASED: In Florida, two (count ‘em, TWO) convicted murderers were released from prison on FORGED documents. Apparently NOBODY checked to see if those papers were authentic. They just let them go. So TWO murderers are loose on society, maybe with grudges against the people responsible for putting them in prison. Seems to me the SYSTEM in this prison system needs to be changed, radically. These two releases happened, weeks apart. After the first one, why wasn’t the system changed? Political incompetence, maybe?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bullying--Big Deal?

There’s a big deal about bullying going on right now after a teenaged girl committed suicide after being bullied at school. I don’t know what the big thing is about this, even though bullying led to her suicide. I was bullied in grade school until I took my dad’s advice and went up to my main bully and slugged him. We fought for a long time after that, traveling an entire city block, crossing one main street, until a barber broke it up. The bully was bleeding from the ear and I was still ready to fight. That convinced ALL my bullies that bullying me would no longer be easy so they left me alone after that. I even had friendly relations with the main one later as an adult.

DISRUPTIVE INFLUENCE: That’s what liberals call the Tea Parties. Why? Because they don’t “go along to get along” like other politicians do. What IS a “disruptive influence?” It’s somebody who “makes waves” and criticizes the incumbents, right or wrong. The fact that the Tea Parties are right doesn’t make any difference to the elite liberals now in power. They are “disrupting” the liberals’ influence, so they’re “bad.” When they win and the liberals are out, THEY become the “disruptive influence.”

DOES BILL HAVE A SON? A black prostitute’s son CLAIMS his father is Bill Clinton (Sorry, PC Police. I don't use your "Weasel words."). It’s only a rumor, “Taken care of” by Bill and Hillary’s old “Bimbo Invasion” group. It’s been around for a while, but both Bill and Hillary have denied it. With Bill’s record, I wouldn’t put it past him, not only to father a child by a prostitute, but to deny it and not give a PENNY for support of his son. Just leave him on his own, along with his mother. The way he operates, he probably has several children out there, unbeknownst to him.  Don’t see how he avoided it. Bill has been one of the biggest “ladie's men” out there, using his political pull to both get women and dismiss it when he’s “found out.”

CRUZ FRIGHTENS THE “ELITE”: So Harry Reid comes out and calls him a “laughingstock.” In reality, its Reid, and his minority counterpart in the House, Nancy Peelosi, that are the laughingstocks. Another laughingstock is Hillary Clinton, who is now campaigning for yet another Democrat fool, Terry McAulliffe, who had his stint as Democrat Party Chairman and did as much damage as he could in that job. Harry is a fool among fools. Now he’s running for governor so he can do even more damage. The only thing people like Harry are good at is getting elected, and using the power thus gained to push things we HATE upon us.

GIVING THE ENEMY AIR TIME: I’m sitting here with the sound off on my television. I turned it off a couple of minutes into Hillary’s braying about why she thinks we should all go out and vote for Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virginia. Not only are her reasons silly, the whole IDEA of Terry McAuliffe as a governor of ANYTHING and give him that much power is ludicrous. And I got tired of hearing her braying CNN gives a lot of time to the braying of fool such as Hillary. But you’ll see nothing about his opponent, except insults and lies.

WHAT FOOLS ISLAMICS BE! An “Islamic cleric” says the reason they don’t like women driving is because it “damages her ovaries,” which is a bunch of BS. That’s just an excuse to excuse them not letting women drive. They probably think Islamic women burn more easily than other women so that’s why they insist on them wearing that Jabib. But what it is, they’re so scared that another man might look at their women and want them, while they think they have nothing to keep them except to hide them. So they “hide them away.” They think if a man looks at them and likes them, they’re incapable of withstanding it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Sen. John McCain, the most IGNORANT Republican in DC, went on the air the other night to say that people don’t like the Republican Party because of what they just did in forcing the governmental shutdown. What? How STUPID is that? We need to send this senile old man home with his tail between his legs. And to think: we ALMOST elected him PRESIDENT!

“KICK THE CAN”: That’s what we’ve done after sixteen days with Obama PRETENDING to “close down the government” (at least that part important to US, but not that part dedicated to collecting tax money or making laws to increase taxes). Come February, we’ll be fighting the same fight until the Republicans “surrender” again, and then we’ll do it all again next summer. Is THIS competent governing? I don’t THINK so!

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: They’re talking about the 12-year-old girl who committed suicide after being bullied for a long time by other girls and they want to punish the PARENTS for that. That is SO typical! The “child protectors” spend all their time convincing kids that their parents have NO authority over them, than they should NEVER physically punish them, Then, when they predictably get in trouble, they want to punish the PARENTS! Liberals teach kids that they are NOT responsible for their actions and make it difficult for parents to control them, and then wonder why they won’t take responsibility for their actions. And people wonder why I use the word “STUPID” so much?

“IF INTERNET DIDN’T EXIST”: Anthony Weiner says, “I’d be mayor if the Internet didn’t exist.” What? Does that mean he is a politician bemoaning the fact he didn’t get away with sending out pictures of his penis if not for the Internet? If the dog hadn’t stopped to crap he’d have caught the rabbit, too! Is that supposed to be a BAD thing? It amazes me how some people THINK! Politicians more than most.

CHRIS MATTHEWS MAKES “OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENT”: So what? That’s news? Matthews hardly goes a day without making an “outrageous statement.” This one wonders if “Tea Partiers” count blacks as 3/5 of a person when talking about taxation and representation. I can’t believe his bosses are STUPID enough to keep this fool working. But they must be, or he’d have been fired long ago, and forced to go to work for al-Jazeera.

“TIME TO STOP LISTENING TO BLOGGERS”: That’s what Obama says. I guess because it’s bloggers tell the truth about him while the liberal media “carries his water.” He’s made silly remarks like this before. One time he told people they should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I guess they tell too much truth on him, too, and he wants people to stop listening to them.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Sen. John McCain, the most IGNORANT Republican in DC, went on the air the other night to say that people don’t like the Republican Party because of what they just did in forcing the governmental shutdown. What? How STUPID is that? We need to send this senile old man home with his tail between his legs. And to think: we ALMOST elected him PRESIDENT!

“KICK THE CAN”: That’s what we’ve done after sixteen days with Obama PRETENDING to “close down the government” (at least that part important to US, but not that part dedicated to collecting tax money or making laws to increase taxes). Come February, we’ll be fighting the same fight until the Republicans “surrender” again, and then we’ll do it all again next summer. Is THIS competent governing? I don’t THINK so!

TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: They’re talking about the 12-year-old girl who committed suicide after being bullied for a long time by other girls and they want to punish the PARENTS for that. That is SO typical! The “child protectors” spend all their time convincing kids that their parents have NO authority over them, than they should NEVER physically punish them, Then, when they predictably get in trouble, they want to punish the PARENTS! Liberals teach kids that they are NOT responsible for their actions and make it difficult for parents to control them, and then wonder why they won’t take responsibility for their actions. And people wonder why I use the word “STUPID” so much?

“IF INTERNET DIDN’T EXIST”: Anthony Weiner says, “I’d be mayor if the Internet didn’t exist.” What? Does that mean he is a politician bemoaning the fact he didn’t get away with sending out pictures of his penis if not for the Internet? If the dog hadn’t stopped to crap he’d have caught the rabbit, too! Is that supposed to be a BAD thing? It amazes me how some people THINK! Politicians more than most.

CHRIS MATTHEWS MAKES “OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENT”: So what? That’s news? Matthews hardly goes a day without making an “outrageous statement.” This one wonders if “Tea Partiers” count blacks as 3/5 of a person when talking about taxation and representation. I can’t believe his bosses are STUPID enough to keep this fool working. But they must be, or he’d have been fired long ago, and forced to go to work for al-Jazeera.

“TIME TO STOP LISTENING TO BLOGGERS”: That’s what Obama says. I guess because it’s bloggers tell the truth about him while the liberal media “carries his water.” He’s made silly remarks like this before. One time he told people they should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I guess they tell too much truth on him, too, and he wants people to stop listening to them.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Terrorist Says, "Be Moral"

Bill Ayers, one of Obama’s best friends, a man who, among other things firebombed a judge’s home at night, and says he “regrets none of it, only that he didn’t do more,” now pretends to tell people to “be moral. What the hell is this fool SMOKING? I guess now he’ll come and bomb MY house. And we (not me) elected one of his “protégés” to the PRESIDENCY?. Are we (not me) stupid, or what?

NOT STUPID: Many people criticize me for “overuse” of the word, “stupid.” But DO I “overuse the word,” considering the abject STUPIDITY of what our politicians DO? They sometimes say I use words that are “too harsh.” But DO I? When actions become stupider and stupider, lesser “harsh” words become meaningless. It’s even getting to the point where my “HARSHEST words” become meaningless. I keep saying the same things over and over (truth) and nobody seems to be listening. At least the people DOING the stupid acts aren’t listening.

McCAIN: “I HOPE GOP LEARNED ITS LESSON: What? The biggest fool in the Republican Party “hopes the GOP learned its lesson?” Maybe OBAMA learned a lesson from this. Yes, he won, THIS time. Tjhe lesson is, it’s going to become harder and harder as more and more INTELLIGENT Republicans arise and overpower the DUMB ones now in power.

INTEREST ON INTEREST: What Obama won the other day is the right to RAISE the borrowing rate so he can borrow more money to pay the INTEREST on money we OWE. We’re STILL paying interest on the $30 BILLION Woodrow Wilson borrowed to wage WWI! That $30 billion has now become $60 billion because we never pay the PRINCIPLE, we just pay the interest, FOREVER. Politicians don’t care about paying down the loans. They just “kick the can down the road” so later politicians can deal with it. And so on . . .

PAY UP FRONT: Under Obama’s health care swindle, the payments you must make before your insurance kicks in are skyrocketing. And hospitals are now starting to insist that you pay these UP FRONT before they treat you. Tell me this isn’t going to mean the DEATH of some people, all due to OBAMACARE. They say “nobody has died from Obamacare” (yet), but soon they aren’t going to be able to say that, and the family members of those dead people are going to make Obama wish he hadn’t been BORN.

STILL PUSHING IT: With all the “glitches,” not just in the web site, it is becoming clear, even to the most STUPID (like Obama) that his swindle isn’t going to work. That it is only going to make people mad, Then madder, and madder, until they snap and start toward the White House with their torches and guns. Is that what he WANTS? A “revolution” to put down so he can be the dictator? So he can declare the Constitution null and void and “rule” to suit himself? He’d better watch out; that “revolution” might be harder to “put down” than he thinks.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

ObamaCare IS National ID

Obama’s health care swindle is more than just usurping the health care insurance industry. It is a “hidden scheme” to get the personal information from all Americans and issue them a national ID card. They’ve failed in every other attempt. And they hope to succeed in this one. Even if their web sites NEVER work the way we’re supposed to think they are supposed to work, they will work admirably to collect our private information if we try to find out what’s available and how much it costs.

TWO CREDIT DOWNGRADES: One part of Obama’s legacy will be that not one, but TWO credit downgrades happened during his administration (Update: They saved us from that literally at the last moment). No, the second one hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure he intends to push his spiteful actions until it does (He didn't). The image of him lying on the floor kicking, whining that he’s not getting his way persists. Are we going to continue to allow this spiteful, vindictive child-like man to run things?

ARE THERE ANY LEFT? Any honest politicians, that is. Remember Mayor Milner, in San Diego, who was forced to resign because of his sexual peccadilloes? Now he’s in court on a charge of unlawful imprisonment. I just caught the tail end of a report on Fox about this, and have yet to investigate it further (he pleaded guilty to a felony). But after listening to the braying of Democrats AND Republicans out of DC, I’m beginning to wonder if there ARE any honest politicians left in office, or have the DIShonest ones run the honest ones like Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, and others off with their lies?

MEETINGS vs. NEGOTIATION: Obama has a lot of  “meetings,” but no “negotiations.” He doesn’t “negotiate” on ANYTHING. It’s “My way or the highway.” I think it needs to be “the highway.” We need to tell Obama to simply “go to hell” on everything. You know the guy who wanted to cut the grass at the WWII Memorial? Obama’s “snit fit” told him he couldn’t use a mower. I guess they figured there was no other way to keep him from making Obama look like a fool. But Obama did that himself with his tantrums.

MORE DIVERSION: What do you think about the controversy over the changing of names for the Redskins? Is that important to you? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about such things? Do you spend ANY time thinking about Obama spending more of YOUR money than there IS? What about him telling rescuers to “stand down” while his ambassador and three other staffers are murdered in Benghazi? Oh? You didn’t know about that? Why not? You’re busy worrying about changing the name of the Redskins team? You’re playing right into Obama’s hands.

MOVING THE GOAL POSTS: Several times, the Republicans have “folded” completely and have given Obama everything HE said he wanted, only to have him reject it and demand MORE. This pretty well proves Obama has NEVER been truthful about what he wants. What he WANTS is to disrupt this government until it can no longer work. Then he can CLAIM that it’s capitalism at fault, and push us even closer to the socialism he so loves. It’s all Washington Theater. Maybe it’s a good thing I won’t be around much longer. The older I get, the more clear the SWINDLE that our government has become, and the clearer I see it. I guess that's why he wanys to get rid of us "old folks." We've been around long enough to see others uasing his tricks, scams, and swindles and aren't afraid to say so.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Treating Old Vets Like Terrorists

A bunch of old veterans went to Yellowstone the other day to enjoy the sights. Next thing you know, they’re in “irons,” being held at gunpoint. And it’ll probably cost them some money. This kind of treatment is not only unprecedented, it is STUPID. That’s the kind of thing fostered by Barack Obama when people don’t bend to his wishes. He does things like this, and blames it on the Republicans. What a damned stupid man this pretender to the presidency has become (or maybe always was)! Now states are paying big money to him reopen other memorials.

DESPERATE IS AS DESPERATE DOES: Obama is becoming desperate. He has ordered the National Guard to close I-495 in order to derail the planned trucker’s protest. He can’t close EVERY route into Washington and his next move would be to physically BLOCK all truck traffic into DC—and Obama is just stupid enough to do that. The truckers’ stated objective is to “snarl traffic” and Obama’s order to an armed military outfit to close that route will do it nicely.

WHAT THE HELL? I heard somewhere that the military cannot be used against Americans, OR as a police force. I guess Obama’s fools think because they call it something else (The “National Guard”), they can get away with using the a military, armed outfit to block the entrances to I-495 around DC to to thwart a planned trucker’s demonstration. This fool must really be on “thin ice” (he must be on the floor kicking his feet) to use such tactics—and they’re illegal, too, the way he’s doing it. The administration assures us that no such orders exist. We’ll see what actually happens.

CLOSING INTERSTATES: Obama forces say that, since I-495 is a federal highway, they can close it if they wish cuz the government is closed. Does that mean he plans to close the ENTIRE Interstate system? Is this fool TRYING to start a revolution so he can “put it down?” I wouldn’t put it past him. It’s his pattern to “jump up and down” and do stupid things if he doesn’t get his way, while blaming others for the problems HE causes. These are the spiteful and vindictive acts of somebody who has no business being president.

“IT’S NOT MY JOB”: That’s what DEMOCRAT Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson says about READING what she passes into law. What? Is she really that STUPID? Whoever told her it’s not her job to READ the legislation she foists on the rest of us misinformed her badly. Blacks have come a long way when such a woman as this (not black, just arrogant and ignorant) can be elected to the Congress and “strut her stuff” before the rest of us. Apparently she doesn’t think she’s arrogant, just better than the rest of us.

SILLY SOBS BRAYING: I’m sitting here with my television muted. I got so tired of listening to the Democrat swindlers bray their lies, I couldn’t stand it, any more. So I muted it. But it’s hard to mute them everywhere, and some of their swill does creep through. Nancy Peelosi braying like a jackass, then Harry Reid doing the same. Next up is a Republican braying, too. Then a pundit commenting on their braying sometimes that is braying itself. Damn! I can’t see how those who LIVE in Washington stand listening to all this braying all the time. Seems like everybody in DC is running some kind of a con on each other, AND the American people. I get so tired of it!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pravda: "Communism Complete in America"

I don’t know if it’s complete yet, but Obama is bringing it ever nearer every day, and with each move he makes. Sloooowwwllly but surely he “reels us in. Using those fools who only want a “free ride” as his vanguard. And he is aided and abetted by others who simply ignore politics. It is these people who will willingly guide us into communism—and if you are too young to know what communism is, you’d better find our, quick. Or it could be the death of you.

IS THERE ANY QUESTION? News asks the question, “”Is ObamaCare a success, so far?” What? How can they even ASK such a question with Obama’s $600 million dollar web site falling apart on its first day while people who DO get through find that coverage like what they have costs them TWICE or THREE TIMES what they now pay? With only FIVE people “signing up” at several sites? With only 54,000 signing up nationally in the first week? ObamaCare is, so far, a dismal failure, and only wearing the usual media blinders keeps from seeing it.

I’M SENSING A PATTERN HERE: They recently edited Jesus out of a “reality show” to avoid ”offending Muslims.” What? I’ve seen things like that happening a lot lately; banning the 10 Commandments while allowing the “Five Pillars of Islam” in schools and things like that. Banning pictures of Jesus while allowing pictures of Mohammed. Tell me: how many times have pictures of Mohammed been taken down and replaced with a picture of Jesus in a Muslim-run country? None? I didn’t think so. So tell me again, why are we (not me) worried about “offending Muslims?” What a damned fool notion!

THEY’RE REALLY “HARD UP”: They want something, ANYTHING bad to say about Sen. Ted Cruz so bad that they even searched Twitter for nasty comments from his school days. One of the things he picked up was that Cruz “came to college with a book titled, ‘Was Karl Max A Satanist?” Like that was a bad thing. Marx may not have been a “Satanist,” but he was worse than that. His ideas enslaved a nation for 75 years. If they have to go that far to get something on him, they’re really in trouble.

GIBBS: “ROLLOUT EXCRUTIATINGLY EMBARASSING”: That from Obama’s former press secretary, Robert Gibbs. If even his former “liar-in-chief” says something like that, it’s going to be hard to hide it from the rest of us. It’s becoming so obvious that Obama’s health care swindle is failing right at the “gitgo,” that even his former professional liars have stopped lying for him.

ASK A STUPID QUESTION . . . CNN Anchor Candy Crowley had the audacity to ask Rand Paul if he would ever be a member of the Democratic Party. After a moment of opened-mouth, gaping wonder, he laughed. it was that funny. This man is a PROUD Republican and is glad that it was the Republicans who got rid of the “Jim Crow Democrats,” which left HER mouth gaping. What possessed her to ask such a stupid question, I don’t know. But it was good for some light comedy.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

If They Let Me Spend More

Obama has signaled that he “might” deal if the Republicans would just let him spend MORE MONEY. Even for a short time. The debt limit does NOT stop him from paying CURRENT bills. He says that, and that is a damnable LIE. All it does is let him SPEND more of our money after he has already spent more money than there IS! What he’s doing now is CRIMINAL and he should be IMPRISONED for it. If ever there was a logical reason for a coup in this country, it is now.

THE WORST KIND OF STUPIDITY: In Middle Township, NJ, you have to obtain a PERMIT to be homeless. I’m really tired of saying this, but how STUPID is that? I can’t make this stuff up, folks! The liberals come up with this fool stuff all the time and make it into law wherever they run things. And they run things in lots of places because they ARE good at winning (maybe stealing) elections. They have people working full time to come up with ideas like this, then it’s law until “wiser heads” change it. They SAY it is free. But how long will it be when it becomes law before they find an excuse to charge for it? There’s a fine of $250 for those caught without a permit. How many homeless people do you know who have $250?

I RESPECT JOHN McCAIN: Just like I respect anybody who has done an admirable job in his life. But I think age has gotten to him. He’s becoming senile, and he’s too senile to know how senile he is. Like dumb people are too dumb to know how dumb they are. Somebody ought to take him aside and have his brain examined. The “vanguard of the conservative” in the last election is now CRITICIZING conservatives. He should get himself checked before he embarrasses himself even more.

A “WHITE REPUBLICAN”: There have been suggestions that we need a “white Republican” to replace Obama. That’s a fool notion, put out there by the REAL racists among us. What we need is SOMEBODY who has some intelligence and is COMPETENT, whatever the color of this skin or his political party. In reality, NEITHER political party has shown much intelligence OR competence lately. We need to find somebody with GONADS, no matter what sex or political party. I suggest Sarah Palin. She frightens both Democrats AND Republicans because she speaks only the truth, no matter who it “offends.” Anybody who tells the truth frightens them.

“YOU’RE A DEADBEAT”: Obama says, “If you can’t pay your mortgage, you’re a deadbeat.” Never mind he created the circumstance that makes paying your mortgage difficult (if not impossible) while reducing they very VALUE of that mortgage. The only deadbeat in the plot is OBAMA himself, who has spent more of OUR money than there IS and wants to spend even more of it. The “shutdown” isn’t about paying our current bills,” as Obama insists. It’s about giving him permission to spend even MORE of our money. Don’t “drink the Kool-Aid.”

"YOUR KIDS BELONG TO US": Oregon Sheriff's Deputy Rob Saxton says, “All your kids belong to us.” And just WHO is “us?” The government, I guess. Where this fool gets this idea, I don’t know. But somebody needs to take him aside and clue him to reality. Our kids belong to US! Not to the government; not to ANYBODY else. He needs to be “slapped down,” just like Obama. It is this kind of thinking that will lead to a "communist America" in the future. Maybe that's what Deputy Saxton wants.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obama Creates Jobs!

For sign makers, at least. I see new signs being made to close all kinds of government and non-government places at Obama’s orders. Each closing requires at least one new sign, and often a LOT of signs. That creates many jobs for lots of sign makers. As  former sign maker (painter, really) myself, I appreciate that. It also makes work for Park Rangers and other kinds of cops to enforce (I used to be in security, too) Obama’s will on the populace. They probably had to buy lots more guns for these “cops” to carry.

JAY CARNEY’S “TELL”: every Poker player knows that every player has at least one “tell” they can use to see what they’re going to do. For some people it’s rubbing their mouth or scratching their head or some such. I think I’ve found the Jay Carney “tell” he unconsciously does when telling a lie. It’s a small mouth movement he does that resembles a momentary smile without showing his teeth. He does it all the time during his “lie-fests” for Obama. If he lies any more, his mouth is going to freeze that way.

A BAN ON SMALL BLACK CARS: There’s a rumor going around that Obama is considering a ban on small black cars after that young girl ran from the cops in DC and actually got close to Obama’s house (ours, really), but Obama lives there right now) before panicked cops killed her in front of her children, who were in the car. So if you have a small black car, you might want to consider getting something else, or at least, painting it another color. With the liberals (Democrats) blaming the inanimate objects whenever something frightens them (such as guns) it’s very possible this may be true. They might ban them for you, but not for themselves. That’s the way they usually do things. But they like large black cars.

TYPICAL DOUBLE STANDARD: The press made a big thing about the then President Bush’s poll numbers falling to 37%. It took THREE YEARS into his second term to do it and they touted it to the skies. Now, after little after one year from Obama’s latest “immaculation,” HIS has gone down to 37% and the headline is “GOP Blamed for Shutdown” when it’s all Obama’s fault. Not a word about it in the media. NO damned wonder so many people who “don’t pay attention to politics” are so ignorant about this con man in the White House.

“NO LEGAL AUTHORITY”: Members of Obama’s government says, they “have no authority to pay” military death benefits to the families of slain soldiers. That’s a load of bullsh-t and a travesty, sponsored by this tyrant wanna-be, Obama. I hate to use such language, but it’s getting to the point where anything less doesn’t say it any more. All that needs to happen is for Obama to order them to do so, regardless of the law. Obama has ignored the law and the Constitution in many cases, and he wants to make it “as hard as possible” on ALL Americans until the Republicans go against their most basic principles and “knuckle under” to his whims.

TERRORISTS KNOW WE CAN’T HURT THEM: They know they won’t be tortured, not even such a simple method of “waterboarding,” which Obama has sworn off of (Even though if anybody needed torture, they do). They have NO incentive to talk, about ANYTHING. Yes, one of the most recent captures is being “held” on a ship at sea, supposedly to keep him away from U. S. laws. But I don’t think he’s telling them ANYTHING because NOTHING is happening to him except for his loss of freedom for a while. He KNOWS he will eventually enter the U. S. Justice System and that does not frighten him, in any way. If I were running things, I’d shoot him on the spot of capture so he can’t be used to get others freed.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Poverty Rate Increases

Obama makes a big thing out of that. But what he doesn’t mention is that HE CAUSED IT. Everything he does creates more poverty and more people IN poverty. That’s how people pushing collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism) operate; create as much poverty as possible, then promise to alleviate it, and all you have to do is vote to keep them in power. This is such an old con I’d be surprised if anybody bought it, if I didn’t know there are so many people who just want a “free ride.” That’s Obama’s constituency.

“ALL FOR SHOW”: Harry Reid says this whole shutdown “Is all for show.” And he’s right. It IS “all for show.” And it’s HIS SHOW. He and his boss, Obama want us to THINK it’s all the REPUBLICAN’S show, but it’s not. It’s THEIR show. It’s all designed to give Obama more (of our) money to spend. He doesn’t think we’re smart enough to know that, but he’s wrong. Obama doesn’t control the media nearly as much as presidents used to, and the truth IS “getting through.” That’s what will END him and people like him.

Communist Van Jones (self-described) criticizes Ted Cruz for being a patriot. He seems to think that just because members of Cruz’s own party think he’s a fool, they’re right. Actually, it’s people like Jones who are the fools for believing in communism, which is nothing but legalizing THEFT from earners to benefit the lazy. Why does the media make so much of the brayings of this fool? Meanwhile they criticize a man who is telling it true.

TALK ABOUT SPITE! Obama has ordered that handles be removed from drinking fountains in parks frequented by joggers. It costs so much, you know, to keep those handles “in service!” What a spiteful bastard this Obama is! He isn’t “getting his way” so he orders his minions to “make it as hard on us as possible.” He needs to be tarred and feathered.

SOCIALISM NEEDS PRODUCERS: Socialism produces nothing. It FEEDS off those who DO produce new wealth. It feeds off them and if there aren’t any, socialism doesn’t even work for the short time it usually does. That tells me socialism is useless. It merely STEALS from the producer of wealth and “redistributes” that stolen to those who aren’t willing to work to support themselves. Socialism promoters don’t tell people that, because a “by-product” of socialism is POWER for those running things. These are things not generally known, which accounts for the TEMPORARY success of some socialist governments.

OBAMA, QUIT OBSTRUCTING: Obama blames the Republicans for “obstructing the process” and causing the “shutdown,” but that’s a LIE. The big obstructor is OBAMA. He has signaled that he WILL NOT NEGOTIATE. In other words, it’s ‘my way or the highway.” All the Republicans need to do is SURRENDER and it’ll be over. He accuses CONGRESS of being “traitors” and even “terrorists” for not surrendering to his every whim. Somebody needs to slap this fool down.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Big "Set-Up"

The whole thing was a big “set-up” designed to get the “immigration” law Obama wants passed. I guess he thought sending eight Democrat congressmen to the illegal gathering of illegal immigrants to get arrested would do that, so he sent them, and gave the ARMED officers he sent there to harass citizens to arrest them. And they WERE all Democrats. And they WERE obstructing traffic. You can NOT tell me those “cops” didn’t recognize those congresspeople. And you can't tell me they will pay any fines levied. If they do, they'll be reimbursed, under the table.

BIKER AT FAULT: That biker in New York who got run over by a SUV on the West Side Highway brought it in himself. The poor guy in the SUV had NO CHANCE to brake when that biker suddenly slapped on the brakes, INCHES from his bumper He was even looking back, to make sure. But I don't think he expected what he got. The driver may not have even been LOOKING out front, surrounded, as he was, by other bikers. Then after running him over, he was AFRAID to stop for fear of being murdered. When he did get stopped, they TRIED to murder him and ended up paralyzing him for life. Right in front of his family, whom they ALSO threatened with a beating until “wiser heads” intervened.

OBAMA JUST DOES NOT CARE: Ordinarily the families of slain servicemen are flown, at government expense, to the point where their bodies are returned to the United States, but not this time. Obama COULD have paid for them to be there, but he REFUSED. At one of the most important times in their lives, he kept them out or forced them to pay their own way there. At the same time, he ordered that they NOT be given “survivor benefits,” which ordinarily are paid within THREE DAYS. This “a—hole” just doesn’t care about the families of slain soldiers, OR the slain soldiers. He, like most liberals, holds a deep hatred for the military, even as he USES them for his own purposes.

FISHER HOUSE STEPS FORWARD: When a charity, the “Fisher House,” heard that families of slain soldiers were not to be given money to travel to meet the bodies of their loved ones and pay for their funerals when they arrived, they came up with the money to cover travel and funeral expenses. When the government CAUSES their deaths, they should, at least, pay for their funerals. But NO! Not when Obama is trying to prove a political point and scam us out of more money! He REFUSED to pay for it, and Fisher House did. Actually, I’m surprised Obama didn’t refuse to allow them to accept the help. That’s like him. It’s this kind of thing that’s going to END him.

IT’LL JUST COST US MORE: If Obama’s intransigence forces us not to raise the debt limit and allow him to spend even more of our money, they will just reduce our credit rating again. What that will cause is borrowing money will cost more and raise the price of EVERYTHING. That’s how it works. The government fights among itself and WE suffer. It doesn’t cost THEM anything, but it ALWAYS costs US.

WILL WE DEFAULT? Will this country default on its current bills if we don’t raise the debt limit? Obama lies and says, “YES.” But we won’t. Not with $250 billion coming in every month in taxes, we have MORE than enough to pay interest and principal on our debt. Only if Obama ORDERS it will we default on our CURRENT debts. Nobody is :”holding hostage” ANYBODY or anything. Yes, all the Republicans have to do is CAPITULATE to Obama’s every whim, and things will be okay. But if they don’t, of course it’s THEIR fault. (sic)

OBAMA CLOSES A PRIVATE INN: He blocked their drive and ordered them to close because of the shutdown even though they receive NO money from the government and there is NO government money involved in the ownership. People asked why he fought the “order” and he said “I’m old enough I don’t have to take it any more” or words to that effect. Frankly, Obama hasn’t the POWER to GIVE such an order and send ARMED Park Rangers to block this man’s private drives. This guy believes in small government, so I guess that makes him an “enemy of the state” to Obama and, “fair game.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Obama Lies About Debt Ceiling

Obama is flat-out LYING when he says if we don’t raise his debt limit he will not be able to “pay the bills.” The debt ceiling has nothing to do with paying CURRENT bills. It only stops him from SPENDING MORE money. It's like a credit card limit for spendthrifts. We get PLENTY of money in all the time to more than pay our current bills. This is yet another moronic Obama swindle. This guy would not tell the truth if the truth would serve better. He’s an inveterate liar who doesn’t seem to know HOW to tell the truth. And we thought Bill Clinton was a big liar! He makes Clinton look like a piker!

I watch “The Five” on Fox all the time because there’s nothing else on and I MARVEL at how often Bob Beckel, one of the five hosts, REFUSES to accept truth when the others present it to him with PROOF attached. If there’s ANY way facts can be interpreted in the way liberals WANT them to be interpreted, that’s how he will do it. He’s one of the most bull-headed STUPID liberals I know who PRETENDS to be a “moderate.” That shows that he, like most liberals, haven’t the foggiest notion of what “moderate” is. And they wouldn't know truth if it slapped them in the face.

OBAMA’S GESTAPO TACTICS: When he ordered the national parks (that he doesn’t pay to keep open) closed, he spent a lot of money (even though the government is supposed to be shut down) to send ARMED guards there to keep people out when it would be cheaper to just let them in. Those armed guards threatened people with arrest and imprisonment if they tried to come in, as those veterans did at their own National Monument, or even so much as took a picture. This kind of action is not only unconstitutional, it is  Gestapo-style tactic and we should not stand for it. We should go there in sufficient numbers to over power them, guns or not. And if they hurt somebody, make THEM hurt. Soon, they're going to KILL someone.

“QUANTITATIVE EASING” ENDING: They’re making a BAD THING out of the ending of Obama’s counterfeiting operation in the Federal Reserve. It may end soon, and they’re now advertising the buying of silver (before it ends) as a result. The biggest beneficiary of Obama’s counterfeiting operation has been the stock market, so ending it will make stocks go down for a while. And they’re trying to get you to now benefit from the ending of the stealing of money out of your pocket, now and forever.

TALK ABOUT FRIGHTENING THE HELPLESS! Obama has now put out the word that if the shutdown continues into November he will be unable to guarantee payment of Social Security and Veteran’s Benefits. These are all benefits these people have EARNED. Social Security beneficiaries have PAID IN at the point of a gun all these years on the PROMISE of being paid back when they’re past a certain age. That their money will be KEPT in an “untouchable fund” forever and they’ll be paid out of that. Stopping paying at least Social Security payments will ADMIT that this fund has been LOOTED long ago. If you don't believe that "point of a gun" thing, just TRY and NOT pay in and see how quick the guns come out.

STOP ACTING LIKE A DICTATOR! That’s what Obama needs to do. He’s ORDERING things to happen that would NOT happen under a temporary government shutdown in order to “make it as hard as possible” on the American people. He used THOSE WORDS when he gave orders to his people and there’s NO DOUBT as to what he wants. We need to IMPEACH this damned fool quick, before he screws us up COMPLETELY! NO one man should have the power to hurt that many people with impunity!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Government Is Closed!

 Isn’t it? Then how did Harry Reid bring up, and pass a bill in congress? He passed a bill that recognizes “National Chess Week” and authorizes back pay for government workers laid off by the “shutdown.”. What? Obama continues to fly around the world slamming America, spending government money. If the government is closed, how can it be “business as usual” in Congress? I guess the government is only closed where Obama WANTS it to be closed. Like parking lots, entrances to private property and WWII Memorials, White House egg hunts, pay for soldiers, and for other federal employees laid off by the shutdown, and other stuff guaranteed to piss off Americans and make it harder on them.

GOVT AUTHORIZES IMMIGRATION RALLY: He has authorized a rally for "Immigration Reform," which he approves. In the National Mall—which is closed” because of the “government shutdown.” But don’t ask to hold a rally for anything Obama DOESN’T like. It won’t be approved and the "shutdown" blamed.. Only things Obama likes will be given a “green light.” This only further proves this “shutdown” is another Obama CON. I guess he thinks we won’t notice things like this.

HITLER’S BACK! Germans actually WORSHIPPED Hitler as he came to power, before his brutal methods became obvious, even to the stupid. The same thing is happening here, with Obama. In one video, made early in his administration, many Hollywood stars “pledged their loyalty” to Obama, with one member of the “Red Hot Chili Peppers” actually kissing his elbow. How can people BE so stupid? Are there really that many MORONS in this country? I guess there must be; they elected this fool TWICE.

OBAMA SLAMS TEA PARTY ON TWITTER: Boy, he’s getting desperate. He actually took to Twitter to slam the Tea Parties and Boehner for the shutdown HE ordered. You know, the one he’s now blaming for everything he’s ordering to make it harder on us. You can always count on people like Obama to tell us who frightens them the most: they are the ones they say the worst things about; the ones they blame for what THEY are doing.

WHAT’S GOING TO DESTROY OBAMACARE: What’s going to destroy Obama’s health care swindle is the fact that people are soon going to find out their health care insurance is going to cost them two to three times as much for the same coverage they had. So much they cannot afford it. And they aren’t going to sign up for it and are going to refuse to pay the “fine (tax).” It’s a fatal flaw. Even if they initially sign up and don’t want it, all they have to do is stop making payments. That’s always a good way to end something you don’t want.

“MOST HATED MAN: Fox’s Megyn Kelly asked Ted Cruz, “What’s it like to be the most hated man in America?” But she’s wrong. He’s only “the most hated” among LIBERALS (and a few moronic Republicans), who are really in the MINORITY in America, although they have the biggest mouths. They make enough noise to make it SEEM like he is “the most hated man in America.” I always thought Megyn was too smart to buy the liberal crap.

Monday, October 7, 2013

"They Set the Agenda"

That’s what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says about the standoff: that “the Republicans set the agenda.” Really? The MINORITY PARTY “sets the agenda?” Do you really want us to believe that crap, Harry? If you’re going to lie to us, at least make it a BELIEVABLE lie, please! Damn, Harry must think we’re really stupid. And I’ll give him that: many of us ARE ignorant of reality because they proudly “don’t pay attention to politics.”

A MACHETTE CAN WORK: One man pulled a machete on an armed robber in Long Island when the robber tried to rob his deli. Not too smart of him. The guy, whom they say had already fired one shot, could have shot him, but didn’t. Instead he ran, and the clerk chased him clear across the parking lot. I believe this robber will not come back, even if he has stopped running. The deli owner says he wished the clerk hadn’t done that, but supports him.

They’re raising people’s health insurance premiums by $10,000.00 so they can cover “pre-existing conditions” for other people, one of the stupidest liberal flights of fancy I’ve ever seen. Under this, a person could not ever buy insurance, and, AFTER finding out they have cancer or something else, THEN buy it and expect the premiums paid by OTHERS to cover their cancer. That’s not insurance—it’s WELFARE. So why not call it what it is?

WHAT’S A “FREEDOM FIEND?” A Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson (D-FL), said Republicans are “corporate shills, religious fanatics, and freedom fiends.” Typical Democrat unfounded insults to their “enemies,” except for the last one: What’s a “freedom fiend?” He says they want the freedom to “sleep under a bridge,” but that’s a STUPID assessment. They simply want the freedom to make their OWN decisions without having to go, “hat in hand,” to ask permission from some nameless, faceless bureaucrat.

THEY HATE THE “SUPER RICH”: But most “elite liberals” are themselves, “super rich.” But they don’t hate themselves because they mostly INHERITED their riches. They just hate those who EARNED their riches. They think (stupidly) that they STOLE those riches from the “poor.”  But how do you steal from those who have nothing? I think this is one of the stupidest notions liberals have—and they have many; another being that making laws against criminals carrying guns will stop criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, from carrying them.

Are they biased against Jews and in favor of Palestinians? Yes, according to the stories they cover and the ones they DON’T cover. And the WAY they cover them. There’s a marked tendency to cover stories that make victims out of Palestinians and OGRES out of Jews even though it is the PALESTINIANS who lob explosives at the homes and businesses of innocent Israelis while what Israel has done is in RETALIATION for Palestinian atrocities.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Is Conservatism Mean?

That’s what Democrats (and other liberals) want you to think. But that’s a LIE. In actuality, it is LIBERALISM that’s mean! Conservatives simply want people to be allowed to make up their own minds on things; to have a lot less government control over their lives and fewer taxes so people will have more money to buy the things they need instead of having to send it to the government while the (liberal) government “doles it out” back to them with “strings attached” and “their cut” removed.

OBAMA TRIED TO SHUT DOWN STATE PARKS: Parks that are NOT paid for with federal money (not directly, anyway). But Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (who else but the one governor who has a “big pair?”) REFUSED a “directive” (since when can a PRESIDENT give a GOVERNOR a “directive?”) to close down the parks within his state. You remember this governor became famous for defying his state’s unions and survived a recall effort over it. This guy has a BIG pair of gonads! He isn’t afraid of this pissant  namby-pamby whining, crying president.

DEMOCRATS ARE SCARED SILLY: That’s why they’re being so nasty and calling their “enemies” terrible names like “terrorist” and “extremist,” when THEY are the extremists in the plot. What are they afraid of? They’re afraid of the American people finding out the truth of how they’re being screwed without being kissed. That it is OBAMA who “shut down the government.” That ONLY that part of the government that is most VISIBLE and the most irritating is “shut down.” They’re still collecting taxes every day, but they’re not sending out refund checks. That part of government that benefits THEM is still “open.” It’s all a “shell game” and they’re afraid we’ll find out.

SHUTDOWN THE BEST DIVERSION YET:  Obama NEEDS diversions to keep us from talking about all his failures and crimes and this so-called “government shutdown” is the best diversion yet. The evidence? What are we talking about right now? The shutdown; not Benghazi, where his incompetence resulted in four dead. Not about “Fast and furious” where he “ran guns” to the Mexican drug lords (which resulted in hundreds of dead, including his own federal agents). Nor the rest of his crimes and stupidity.

LIKELY TO GET BACK PAY: The “news” media says that “striking” federal workers who are “laid off” by Obama’s “shutdown” scam are likely to get back pay. Intelligent people have known this from the first. They ALWAYS get back pay when they’re used as pawns in ANY president’s swindles. They PLAN on that to get their pay in lump sums for long periods. Their creditors know they’ll get paid when it’s all over. They always do.

IT’LL FAIL ON IT’S OWN:  I think we should let Obamacare just go into effect and watch it sink of its own weight. It’s so cumbersome and impossible to enforce, it won’t last. Yes, it’ll cost people a lot of money. But that’s going to happen, anyway. With more than a THOUSAND PAGES of “regulations” spawned by this law, NOBODY can possibly understand, OR enforce it. So it WILL fail. We should just let it.

“MAKE IT AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE”: That’s what ALL government workers (who are left) are being told by the Obama administration. Obama wants us to suffer as much as possible while his government is “closed” so we’ll get mad at the Republicans, whom he is falsely accusing of “causing” the shutdown HE ordered when they wouldn’t agree to his unreasonable demands. So of course they shut down some PARKING LOTS that require a MINIMUM of upkeep, maybe once in a “blue moon.”. and the ocean.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Is Creationism Wrong?

It seems to be a perennial argument: but which is right? Creationism or evolution? What nobody seems to think about is this: IS there really a contradiction? Why can’t evolution be a PRODUCT of creationism? Couldn’t evolution be “designed by God” to make things work? The whole world seems to be quite complicated in how it works. Why couldn’t evolution be part of that? But NO! Evolutionists and creationists seem quite content to argue with each other about which one is true. But couldn’t it be both? To argue with either position seems to anger its proponents rather than make any inroads on a solution.

ROKITA IS RIGHT: Rep. Todd Rokita of Indiana told CNN “infobabe” Carol Costello the “media was part of the problem” in the current fight about funding the government, including Obamacare. She predictably “rolled her eyes” and said, “That’s so EASY.” But it’s true. It’s not about funding the government; the Republicans have repeatedly sent up bills to fund the entire government, EXCEPT for Obama’s health care swindle law that a majority of Americans hate and they have been REJECTED by Obama. CNN is in the forefront of obfuscating the issue to make the public think they did NOT.

THEY THINK THEY KNOW IT ALL: People like Cher and other famous people think their fame entitles them to make outrageous statements about things they know nothing about. She recently said, “We should ‘deep six’ their weak as-es” about the Tea Partiers, people who are defending her right to MAKE such stupid statements, among other things. The Tea Parties are  natural outgrowth of the government “taking in too much territory” and violating the constitution on a regular basis.

ONE OF THE BIKERS WAS A COP: Remember that situation where a man ran over a biker because he feared those bikers were going to kill him? Well, one of the bikers was an undercover cop (We think), riding with the bikers. He saw it all but never stepped in to stop this innocent family man from being permanently disabled so as not to “break his cover.” I can see that, but seeing a man permanently paralyzed is not a reason NOT to break his cover. Yes, what he was doing was important; but not at the cost of that man’s life of permanent disability.

BUT NOBODY’S LISTENING! Sen. Rand Paul told CNN infobabe Erin Burnett exactly why Obama closed the government but, like most liberals, she wasn’t listening. He told her they had made many efforts to resolve the issue but Obama had refused to budge an inch. They had presented bills that would fund the entire government EXCEPT for Obama’s health care swindle (that a majority of Americans hate) but they have all been rejected out of hand; many without even so much as a reading. They’re not listening because the Democrats have so efficiently lied about him that people (even some conservatives) think he’s an extremist and nothing he recommends should even be considered.

HYPERINFLATION? WHEN? How long will it be before we see hyperinflation of the kind we saw in Germany just before World War II comes to us? Obama (and The Fed) has been printing money every day with NOTHING valuable behind it for a long time. Every dollar he prints and puts into circulation that way reduces the value of every dollar now in existence, or which will exist in the future. Why haven’t we seen hyperinflation up to now? Because Obama has been “holding it down” by financial manipulations that can’t “keep the lid on much longer. This is the way governments put their hands into your pockets “on the sly” and take out money without you even realizing it. It’s “taxation without Congress.” It needs to be eliminated. I keep saying this, but nobody listens.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Chelsea (Clinton) For President?

Now they’re pushing Chelsea for president. If I had to choose between her and her mother (Hillary), I’d chose Chelsea. But if it’s a choice between her and a REAL candidate like Sarah Palin, I’d vote for Palin every time. But I have to ask: what qualifications does Chelsea (OR her mother) have to be president? None. But with Democrats, that makes no difference. NONE of the recent Democrat presidents have had any qualifications and they were ALL incompetent.

COSTUME PULLED: They pulled a popular costume representing an Islamic terrorist from costume stores “because it might offend Muslims.” My question is, “Who cares, besides Muslims and other fools?” I know for a fact they have sold MANY Jesus costumes for years. Did anybody complain? And if they did, did they do anything about it? Talk about a DOUBLE STANDARD!

I CAN’T FORGET THIS: Nancy Peelosi made probably THE most stupid comment I’ve ever heard an incompetent politician make when she said of the health care swindle law, “We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it. How stupid does this broad think we ARE?” Obviously she’s too stupid to know how stupid SHE is. It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it, anyway. We don’t PASS laws to find out what’s IN them. We READ them and KNOW what’s in them BEFORE we pass them. But not, it seems, our current Congress.

“REPUBLICANS EXTORTING ME”: That’s what Obama says about the current fight over the debt ceiling. But the truth of it is, OBAMA is extorting the whole NATION over the debt ceiling. He has SIGNALED that he will NOT negotiate, and shut down the government rather than do so. Who is it that is EXTORTING anybody? Damn, what a STUPID man he is! And he’s STILL extorting us when he says, “Prepare for a COMPLETE shutdown.”

Obama is having so much trouble selling his health care swindle that he is now offering free cell phones to applicants who sign up for programs that cost them two to three times more than their current plan cost for the same coverage. He apparently thinks a Mexican-made cell phone will make up for the many thousands of dollars each applicant will be swindled out of. And many fools will buy it.

SO WE’RE BROKE, ARE WE? So why is Obama squandering our tax dollars (that no longer exist) on park benches in MEXICO? Why is he sending BILLIONS of dollars to support various MUSLIM terrorists all over the world? Why is he “running guns” to Mexican drug cartels and spending a BILLION dollars to “sell” his health care swindle law? I just CANNOT understand why we haven’t IMPEACHED this fool yet.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Shutdown" Is A "Shakedown"

They want you to THINK the “government has shut down,” but it hasn’t. They’re only shutting down things that are the most visible and irritating to most people. The IRS is still collecting taxes today; but they’re not sending out “refund checks.” The Post Office is still working, broke or not. The cops are still working, and have killed the latest Washington DC attacker (he didn’t get Obama). Obama’s health care swindle web sites are still “shaking down” people who MUST buy health insurance at the point of a gun, whether they can afford it, or not.

THREATENING SOCIAL SECURITY: Obama now says if this keeps up (the shutdown) he might have to order the government to stop paying Social Security checks to people who DEPEND completely on them because most are so old broken they can’t work. To do so is to ADMIT that the “Social Security Fund” has been LOOTED a long time ago. Hopefully, "wiser heads" will prevail and he will listen.

CONGRESS “NOT DOING ITS JOB”: Obama speaks often about “Congress not doing its job, so he’ll do it administratively.” Is it Congress’ job to approve of Obama’s every wish and flight of fancy? Jeeze! I thought their job was to pass or not pass laws, based on their own values, not his. That seems to be Obama’s opinion of the “job of Congress”: to do HIS  bidding expeditiously. It’s not. Not passing all HIS laws is NOT “not doing its job.”

WHY SO MANY? People are wondering why, if so many people want no part of Obama’s health care swindle law, why are there so many applicants? There’s a simple answer. Curiosity. They want to know if Obama has been lying to them about his plan costing them less than what they have. He has been lying to them. The average cost is TWICE what they were paying before and if you even LOOK at a plan, they consider you “signed up” and you cannot change your mind. Oh; by the way, it's MANDATORY.

GUNFIRE IN DC: It caused a complete lockdown” of what was left of the government still operating because of the “shutdown.” Apparently there were so few government workers in Washington they had trouble hitting anyone. But the cops didn’t. The attacker is dead and things (what there are left) are back to normal.” (At least, what passes for “normal” in DC) Oh; they didn’t get Obama.

OBAMA: “I’VE BENT OVER BACKWARDS: To work with the Republican Party." What is this guy SMOKING? What kind of fools does he think we ARE? Obama has gone out of his way to signal his UNWILLINGNESS to negotiate (except with Iran). Maybe he only sees us “bending over forward” ready to take what he’s ready to give us. Damn! I get really tired of this fool’s efforts to make fools out of the entire country. Oh; I forgot. they elected him, TWICE. So I guess a majority are.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Arm-Twisting" Session

On Oct. 2nd, Obama will host the “leaders of Congress” in a last-ditch “arm-twisting and butt-chewing session” to get them to agree to HIS WAY. They are trying hard to get him to agree to SOME changes in his health care swindle law that a MAJORITY of Americans want no part of. But he is “standing square in the doorway with a baseball bat,” REFUSING to negotiate on ANYTHING while FALSELY blaming the “shutdown” on Republicans.

DON’T BELIEVE THE DEMOCRATS: They’re trying to blame the Republicans for any government shutdown that occurs, but that’s wrong. “The Republicans are not trying to deny anybody health insurance. The Republicans are trying to save the American medical system being from destroyed because it's taken over by the government, and run by people who haven't the foggiest idea what they're doing and don't care. To them, it's simply the latest measure for total control of the people.” (Rush Limbaugh) They’ll bray every way they can that the GOP is responsible, but don’t be taken in by the con. The Republicans aren’t the ones who will not budge.

WHY SHOULD WE “KNUCKLE UNDER?” Obama’s whole theory of why the Republicans are responsible for the possible closing down of the government rests on the necessity for the Republicans to “buckle under” to his wishes. Why should we have to do that? Why doesn’t HE “buckle” to the Republican wishes? HE’S the one who “won’t budge, so if the government gets shut down, it’s HIS FAULT. It’s not the Republican’s responsibility to “knuckle under” to HIS wishes.

A “FORLORN HOPE”: The Israel Prime Minister recently spoke before the UN, saying he hoped, one day, to reach a peaceful compromise with Islam that will allow Israel to live in peace with Palestinians. This is a “forlorn hope.” Palestinians, and ALL Muslims have a deep-seated, irrational hatred of Jews that goes back CENTURIES. It will not end until the Islamic fool “leaders” stop preaching hatred for the Jews to their school children, IN school.

PROF SAYS: CUZ’ HE’S BLACK: Ivy League professor Athena Butler a black woman wearing a bizarre wig says, “You’d have to be blind not to see that race doesn’t play into this stupidity.” Could it be she forgot the same people ELECTED this “half-black” man TWICE? How does she explain that? She doesn’t. As usual, she makes a blatant wrong statement without offering ANY proof and nobody’s listening to this lie any more because it’s been used way too much.

EXPERT TYPISTS? That’s right: Common Core requires 9-year-olds to be “expert typists.” The unfortunate thing is, they probably ARE, since by nine they’ve been texting for years. Maybe Common Core is just recognizing reality while they try to take over the educational system for real. It pains me to report that most states have approved this usurpation of the education of our children so they can condition them properly.

WORDS IN MOUTHS: It really amazes me how Democrats constantly put words in the mouths of their critics, then criticize them on the basis of those words, which they NEVER said. They do this to Rush Limbaugh every day, and to others less often, but often enough. They use this scam to discredit their critics (enemies) by LYING about what they say, AND do..