Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trump Debating Bernie

Bernie Sanders is very exercised about Trump's refusal to debate him, Trump is right. Since he IS the “presumptive nominee” there's no reason for him to debate the “also-ran.” Nobody has ever done it before, for good reason. Debating an “also-ran” is a waste of time. Not even considering the fact that all Trump has to do is bring up Bernie's socialist beliefs to “put him off his feed,” as it did in a recent interview, where he refused to answer a question about it.

LAWS WON'T DO IT: Training will. In Detroit, they have a big problem with children shooting each other and themselves, due to the curiosity that comes from not knowing anything about guns, due to the”guns shall not be named” policy of the anti-gun fools. Teaching kids that guns are not playthings is half the battle, while teaching them about guns is the other. But they'll never know that. They're not smart enough.

KOURIC FOR VP: Vice President is an almost useless job, unless the president dies in office or is removed for cause. It has been said that Katie Couric would be a good prospect for VP to Hillary, should she pull off a miracle and win the election. They're right. They're both losers, and should get along well. Hillary “changes history” about her e-mail system, and Katie does it about guns. Katie would be a good Democrat politician. She lies well, and that's what they value. She should be DONE as a reporter, so politics would be a good new career for her. She's in good company with many other liars.

MORE GUNS, MORE VIOLENCE? Not a chance! The anti-gun fools want us to think that, but it ain't true! Americans own more guns than any other country (90 per 100 people), but we aren't even CLOSE to being the top murder rate. That “honor” belongs to Honduras, which has stiff gun laws. Truth doesn't seem to matter to anti-gun fools. They just keep lying to us and trying to take away our right to self-defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun.

SELECTIVE JUDGMENT: Sen. Feinstein doesn't think Hillary's e-mail problems are a major thing. Obviously, since she doesn't have very good judgmentherself, she doesn't think bad judgment on the part of a president, or presidential candidate, should be a factor. This is how Democrats “circle the wagons” when somebody comes after their known criminals. Feinstein is known for her lack of good judgment in her handling of an automatic weapon with her finger on the trigger in front of a bunch of cowering people.

HEIMLICH SAVES WOMAN: Dr. Henry Heimlich, originator of the “Heimlich Maneuver,” that has saved 50,000 lives, just did it himself for the first time in his own life, saving a woman's life. He said, “It feels good to save a life.” He is 96 years of age, and there's no telling how good it makes him feel to have saved 50,000 lives by originating that maneuver. I'm glad he got a chance to USE his named maneuver in his lifetime.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Honoring Our Vets

HONORING OUR VETS: On this day of mourning for the thousands of young men who9 gave their livers that we might remain a free nation, Obama goes around mouthing the platitudes that all presidents are expected to mouth on this day, while spending the rest of his time making rules that get more and more of these fine young people killed because they're not ALLOWED to fight back, effectively. He praises the dead, but his words are meaningless because he doesn't care. If he did, he wouldn't make “rules of combat” that inhibit their ability to fight effectively while the enemy beheads us, kidnaps our people, put them through hell, and ransoms some if they can.

NOW WE KNOW: Obama is solidly on Hillary's side. He wants to stop all the hooraw over her e-mail scam. The Judicial Watch filed a suit to demand that Hillary and five other current and former State Dept. officials on her use of a private server be deposed after another judge ruled that their fact-finding activities were legitimate. The Justice Dept, opposed it, which shows clearly that Obama doesn't want her charged. Which also means he probably wants her as the next president, so she can continue his abominable policies.

OBAMA'S JAPAN APOLOGY: He went to Hiroshima and swore not to apologize for America dropping the atom bomb on Japan (which saved thousands of American lives). And he didn't—almost. He hugged and comforted a survivor of Hiroshima and talked about a “world without nuclear bombs.” If that's not an apology, I'll kiss your sitter. And, of course, he didn't ask Japan for an apology for Pearl Harbor or any of their other other atrocities.

GIRL USES BOY'S ROOM: Because she really, really wants to be a boy. And dad pulls all three of his sons out of the school. The boys probably enjoyed it, and went, kicking and screaming all the way home. So how are these kids to be educated? Home schooling, probably, which can only be a good thing, considering the fact that public schools these days are just “conditioning mills,” that only teach us how great the liberals are, and how great are their stupid policies. And that we should “share everything” with people who don't want to bother to work for what they get.

CNN SHOCKED! They just learned that Islamic terrorists are hiding among those supposed “Syrian refugees” Obama is not only ALLOWING to come here without proper “vetting,” he is paying their way so they can make “gun violence” a REAL, instead of the current IMAGINED problem they want us to believe it is. Something thinking people already know. When they start killing innocent people for not believing in their “religion,” he will be much better able to take away our LEGAL guns, leaving the only guns in the hands of citizens in the hands of criminals and crazies, and Islamic terrorists. A lot of people will die, but he doesn't care if he gets his way.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bernie Won't Answer

When he was asked about the effect socialism had to cause the governmental collapse that led to rioting in Venezuela, he squirmed in his seat and said, over and over, “I won't answer probabilities. I'm running for president of the United States of America.” Like that's a viable reason not to answer. He's PROMISING socialism! And the evidence is IN! Socialism doesn't work! He can't answer that question, so he ducks it. What the hell does he THINK he should be addressing? He KNOWS socialism does not work, so he will not answer such questions.

DISABLING A “SMART GUN”: What if you got into a shooting scrape and you asked your “smart gun” to fire in defense of your, or your loved one's lives, and it didn't fire. You'd be dead,, or maybe some of your family or friends, too. They've come up with technology to disable the communication between a drone and it's master unit, be it a bracelet or some other control device. It's designed to disable a drone, but will also interfere with cell phones, “smart guns,” and other electronic-run devices. Would you want to take a chance that your criminal opponent didn't have that technology?

ASK A STUPID QUESTION: Anti-gun fools keep displaying their ignorance by asking stupid questions. The Redding, California Record Searchlight, ran an article where they asked, “Can you be pro-life, AND pro-gun?” They obviously haven't thought it out. Guns are for self-defense, to keep you and your family and friends alive when attacked by an ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminal. Guns are NOT exclusively for wrongfully killing people.

OBAMA KILLING SENIORS: But nobody can prove anything on him because he does it simply by offering BONUSES to hospitals for reducing expensive treatments recommended for patients (according to AMAC). That means the $25,000.00 quadruple bypass I needed in 2005 might have been rejected as “too expensive, just to keep an “old guy” alive a few more years. Such actions show a complete disregard for the lives of “his people.”

IT'S OFFENSIVE!” If liberals don't like it, they label it as “offensive” and ostracize you if you use it. The latest censorship of language they're trying is the phrase, “start a family.” What logic they use in deciding this innocuous phrase is “offensive, I haven't the foggiest notion. But since they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic AND common sense (except to describe their useless anti-gun laws”) you can be sure there is NO logic in it. It's there just to further control what we may say.

WON'T AFFECT MY PRESIDENCY”: That's what Hillary says about the latest state Department report that shows graphically that she LIED repeatedly whenever asked about her use of an unprotected PRIVATE e-mail server in her HOME for government business. It's amazing! She is still convinced that she will HAVE a presidency/ She may not be prosecuted for her crimes, because “the fix is in,” but Trump is going to “beat her like a drum” in the general election. She will go down to defeat for the second, and hopefully the last time.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Canada's Censorship

Canada doesn't have a First Amendment. So they can make laws to punish people who say things with which they don't agree. That's what they're doing with a new law they're working on, with the full support of Trudeau, to punish people who criticize the new policy to let MEN into women's bathrooms and changing rooms. If it passes, critics can get TWO YEARS in prison for criticizing the policy. That's one way to “shut up dissent.” If it happens, it opens the door to censoring ANYTHING with which they don't agree. The Founders who added the First Amendment to our Constitution were geniuses! Second Amendment, too.

SHOULD THEY KILL HIM? I'm surprised at Glenn Beck. I used to think he knew what he was talking about. Until he started discussing assassinating Trump if he “oversteps his constitutional authority as president” without condemning it, out of hand. The person with whom he was talking is Brad Thor, a bestselling author. Ignored, of course, is that Obama “oversteps his constitutional authority” every day, and nothing is said about assassinating him (not that I think assassinating him would be the right things to do. I only mention it to demonstrate the double standard they are showing).

HIS PRESENCE IS AN APOLOGY: Geraldo Rivera said, on “Outnumbered,” that any criticism of Obama visiting Hiroshima was strictly political. It was “somebody who doesn't like Obama using that to put him in a bad place.” He has done that, himself. But that, of course, ignores the fact that people dislike Obama BECAUSE of things like his “apology tour” to apologize to anybody we beat in the past, as if our beating them was “nasty.” Nobody's asking Japan to apologize for Pearl Harbor and their other atrocities, and probably won't, unless trump does.

ABOLISH THE SECOND AMENDMENT: That's the ultimate goal of the anti-gun fools. They deny it, but it's as plain as the nose on their faces. Hillary is the only politician (I know of) who has actually SAID it, while at the same time saying she “doesn't want to take away our guns.” These fools really believe that making a LAW will stop CRIMINALS, who don't OBEY laws, will obey one that says they can't be armed. So they go about gaily making their USELESS “gun laws” that don't do a thing to stop gun violence, and actually get people killed.

THE WAR ON MEN: Hillary pushes the phony existence of a “war on women” in the Republican Party. As if ALL Republicans HATE women. How absurd is that? I couldn't love women more, and that goes for every male I know (except for the ones who are gay, of course). On what basis is there a “war on women?” Hillary talks about women being paid less than men for the same jobs, hoping we won't “tumble” to the fact that she pays HER female employees less than the men. Women have made more gains in business today than ever before. There are more female CEOs than ever before. So where's the “war on women?” Then there's Hillary's “war on men” that is evident by all her assertions about a “war on women” that does not exist.

TRUMP TO BANKRUPT AMERICA? Hillary says Trump will “bankrupt America like he has bankrupted his companies.” How stupid is that statement from a Democrat candidate after a Democrat president (Obama) ALREADY bankrupted America? And after her husband nearly bankrupted America as he destroyed the long-lasting economic boom Reagan (a Republican) set in motion? The sad thing is, there are people out there who pay no attention to politics, who will believe this horse manure.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Nervous" About Trump?

Obama says, “world leaders are ”nervous” about Donald Trump becoming president. He said it as an insult, but Trump took it as a compliment. They ought to be. They know they won't be able to get away with half the crap they got away with under past presidents, especially Obama, himself. One thing: when they “bad-mouth” us, they'll lose foreign aid. We're “propping up” half the countries of the world, and they hate us for it. That will stop.

STOPPING GUN VIOLENCE: I wouldn't believe the stupidity of anti-gun fools if I didn't see evidence of it all over. In Champaign, IL, they had a “March To End Gun Violence” where they went door-to-door, handing out soap samples and praying at the residents. They also plan some cookouts. How this affects gun violence, I have no idea. They say gun violence is increasing, while statistics show it is DECREASING, and has been, for years. They only maintain it is increasing so they can pass their USELESS gun laws.

HE COULDN'T DO IT: They said Donald Trump would never become the /republican nominee in 2016. They said he was a “flash in the pan” and would soon go away. Then, as he won primary after primary, they said it couldn't last, and, as candidate after candidate said “uncle” and dropped out, they said it was only a matter of time until he did, too. Politician after politician and other fools said he'd never be the Republican nominee. Today he clinched the nomination with one (some say 2) more delegate(s) than he needed. They will say that doesn't matter, that he will still implode. Wake up, people! We're looking at our next president.

HILLARY WAS INEVITABLE: Both times. IN 2008, we were told that Hillary would be our next president. Until a previously little-known one-term senator named Obama came along and slapped her aside. Now, with Trump clinching the Republican nomination, she's still “battling” an ancient, wild-haired, ADMITTED socialist who has never had a real job to get the Democrat nomination. This, while the Democrat Party “stacked the deck” in her favor, right along, by giving her more delegates than Bernie got, even when he won primary after primary. But Bernie stayed neck-in-neck with her in spite of it.

TRUMP'S SEX LIFE: Liberals are trying HARD to make Trump's past sex life an issue in this campaign, while saying Bill Clinton's sex life, and the actions of Hillary to demonize his accusers are “:old news,” and should not mean anything in this election. But it goes to Hillary's judgment. Nobody has ever accused Trump if rape, as they have Clinton. They're making a big thing of Bill Cosby's sex life, again while ignoring Bill's. The double standard is evident, but they deny it.

SAUDIS BLAME US: In defiance of sure evidence that the Saudi government was directly involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 innocent people, they are now blaming us. They say WE planned and executed the raids so we could blame it on Saudi Arabia and START the terrorism war that was already going. They really think people will believe that crap! I think they've been living the “life of Reilly” on the oil WE dug up for them for too long. They are beginning to think they're invincible. But they're not. The Saudi king and all his hundreds of princes can just go to hell.

THE VA AND DISNEY: The head of the VA had the audacity the other day to ask, “If Disney doesn't keep track of time waiting in line, why should we?” That shows a complete IGNORANCE of life. It shows why this FOOL should not be in charge of the VA, or any other federal agency. Disney only involves people having fun. The VA involves LIFE OR DEATH situations. That's why! And if he can't figure that out for himself, he has no business running the VA, or anything else. He's too dumb for it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clinton In Mourning

Hillary's “in mourning” for all the black people killed by cops, nationwide. But she predictably doesn't mention all the cops who are killed from ambush by black thugs. All she wants to do is play along with the current liberal mantra. She doesn't really care abut the black “victims” of police killings, who are usually killed while trying to kill the cops. She just wants black people to THINK she cares. It's just one more way she is PANDERING to the black people.

MURDEROUS EX-COP: Drew Peterson was convicted of murder in the death of at least one of his wives. He was sentenced to 38 years on that charge. Which means he will be eligible for release when he's 94 years old. But now he's being tried for trying to set up the murder of the prosecutor who put him away. That just might get him another 60 years, which means he will never, ever be a free man, again in his lifetime. Drew is suspected in the murder of his FOURTH wife, whose body has never been found. But if he is charged and convicted on this charge, what difference would that make to him, since he is already under an effective life sentence?

KOSKINEN'S ARROGANCE TOTAL: The IRS commissioner, who is now under impeachment danger, didn't even bother to show up to testify in his own defense before the congressional committee deciding whether or not to impeach him. Apparently, he attaches little, or no importance to those hearings. I don't think I've seen a more arrogant bureaucrat. He's probably, even now, preparing action against the people on this committee, since he must think himself untouchable.

TALIBAN CHOOSES NEW BOSS: In Pakistan, where the Taliban leader Massoor was killed in a drone strike, they've chosen a new target....er, leader for us to kill. They probably had to coerce him to take the post, because their top men don't seem to live very long. No, he probably isn't smart enough to know that. They call him a scholar. Or what passes for a scholar among Muslim terrorists. As soon as we can line up on him, he's gone. But they're like roaches. Kill one and six more show up to take his place. All I can say is good riddance.

HILLARY BLAMES BORROWERS: Bill Clinton helped STRENGTHEN the “Community Reinvestment Act of 1976,” which FORCED lending institutions to make STUPID loans to people they KNEW couldn't ever pay them back because it was “compassionate,” is now blaming those borrowers, who “should have known better.”At the same time she sent out “Pocahontas” (Elizabeth Warren, who claims to be part Indian, for the benefits it gave her) to criticize Trump for “profiting on the misery of others” at the time, while doing so, herself. It all belongs to the Clintons. They OWN it. But now they say the fault is with the borrowers, not the lenders, or the people (the government) who forced the lenders into making those worthless loans, against their will, or suffer the consequences.

GOOD OR BAD: Depending on who's in power. Obama's 2% economic growth (if it is really happening) is lauded to the skies, as the “best economy ever” by the liberal media. This is the same 2% increase that was labeled as the “WORST economy ever!” under Bush. This is how they twist the news to suit themselves. They've always done it, but now we notice it because there are more than THREE government-controlled news sources today. They used to control the dissemination of news, but no more.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Looking In the Wrong Direction

As usual, the anti-gun fools are aiming in the wrong direction. Instead of aiming at ILLEGAL gun owners, they talk about “gang activity,” which is mostly done by kids too young to legally own a gun in the first place, and cite “the too easy availability of guns” as the problem, ignoring the fact that the guns involved are ILLEGALLY owned. They talk about the trivial reasons for the shootings, again ignoring the “gang culture” that demands killing for all “Disses,” no matter how slight, real or imagined. When they figure a way to keep underage gang members from getting guns, maybe we'll listen to them.

HILLARY IN A BIKINI: At least, that's what the Daily Caller headline promised. Although I wouldn't particularly want to see Hillary in a bikini, the idea was interesting that there was even such a thing. So I looked. There were a series of pictures of beautiful women in bikinis and, buried among them was ONE of Hillary dancing with Bill on the beach wearing a VERY modest swim suit, showing her big rear end. Nothing NEAR her in a bikini. Sometimes I wonder about some of these Daily Caller “slideshows.”

THEY'RE ALL THE SAME: Islamic terrorist bunches wear many names, as all Islamics seem to do. Every man has more than one name, and apparently so so Islamic terrorist organizations. Our politicians treat each one as a different bunch, although they're ALL Islamic terrorists. Their names include, al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, Taliban, Boko Haram, HAMAS, etc., depending on where they operate. But they're ALL “Islamic extremists” and terrorists, so why separate them into different groups?

ENCOURAGING AL-QAIDA: A dispatch from “Freedom force” says Obama's foreign policy has “only encouraged and enabled al-Qaida.” Surprise, surprise! Those of us who THINK have known all along that Obama is on their side, and he WANTS to “encourage and enable them.” So what's new? He won't even call them what they ARE! Many people think he's stupid because of that. I think that's all part of his scam and it's working perfectly.

WHAT A HYPOCRITE! Leonardo DiCaprio, who is an ardent environmentalist, got an award the other day. So he got on his private airplane in France and flew 8,000 miles to New York to get it, than another 8,000 miles back, spewing who knows how much pollution into the air? It's like other environmentalists who fly thousands of miles to go to their “meetings” on how to “reduce pollution.” These people are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Global warming is a scam and people are finally beginning to realize that.

LOW PRICE OF OIL: That's what they're now blaming for the collapse of the socialist government in Venezuela. I predicted they'd find something other than socialism to blame for the faiklure. I didn't know what they'd use, at the time, but I knew it would be something. And they didn't let me down. Politicians in all countries are best at blaming things on something ELSE, other than what was the real cause, so they could continue to do the things that caused the collapse and make personal money and power from it.

Monday, May 23, 2016

$170.00 Hamburger

Cheese is $10.00 more. That's the result of socialism in a country that has been DESTROYED economically by socialism. Yet the promoters of socialism still tout that system of THEFT from the producers of new wealth for the benefit of those who produce nothing, as if nothing happened. They DENY that socialism is responsible, and cite all kinds of OTHER causes for the economic collapse of a socialist government. As they did when communism collapsed in Russia. But apparently they didn't learn their lesson, because they still have a socialist system there, run by a former KVD man.

MEN MENSTRUATE? How ignorant ARE liberals, anyway, to think we'll buy that horse manure? How is it POSSIBLE for men to “menstruate?” does blood come out of their rear end? That's a hemorrhoid! Not menstruation! They're also claiming men can get pregnant! Is there ANY scientific backing for this stupidity? Has a man EVER given birth? It almost seems like liberals are going out of their way to make impossible claims they can't support in reality. Thanks liberals, for the best laugh I've had in a while!

EXTREMISTS?” al Qaeda and ISIS both accuse Americans of being “extremists.” But they don't know what extremists ARE. What's more extreme than “taking down” two tall buildings and murdering 3,000 innocent people to “make a point?” What's more extreme than screwing little boys and chaining them to beds to keep them around for further screwing? How about lining up innocent people and beheading them with a rusty knife so it will me as painful as possible? These people are INSANE if they believe ANYBODY believes their crap.

ARE YOU UNHAPPY?” “Muslims. Are you unhappy with our countries? Are you offended by our culture? Would you prefer to live under Sharia Law? Then we have a simple solution for you. Get the hell out of our countries, and go back to the hellholes you came from. You can live under Muslim rule there, and enjoy it as much as you like” (Found on Twitter). I've always wondered why, if Muslims hated our culture as much as they do, why the HELL do they insist on coming here to live? We're not going to let them change us, so they might as well go back to their craphole. Or shut the hell UP!

499 “REFUGEES,” NO CHRISTIANS: It's too bad none of the people tasked with protecting us notices, because they will be at fault when those Muslim terrorists among them kill us. Hopefully, some of those people will be among their victims. That will be poetic justice. But the very fact that, among 499 “Syrian refugees” allowed in contain not a SINGLE Christian, should tell somebody (besides me), somewhere, that something is afoot. There is NO WAY that no Christians would become “refugees” if that many MUSLIMS did. It's a “disguised invasion.” If we don't do something about it, we're going to be gone.

CLINTON OR TRUMP? Mark Cuban says, “I'd run for VP with either Clinton or Trump.” which shows his complete ignorance about world affairs, or that he just doesn't give a damn. He just wants that to be on his resume. Which is a signal that he shouldn't ever be considered for election to ANY political office. Like many politicians, all he's interested in is what HE wants. Anybody who likes Trump could never LOGICALLY like Hillary—or vice-versa. They're “poles apart.”

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Get Used to It, Girls!

That's what they're telling girls, who don't want to see penises in their restrooms and dressing rooms. That is their right, and always has been, until the liberal politicians, who want to CONTROL what everybody does, decided guys with penises should be allowed to be in women's restrooms and dressing rooms, so they could see what the girls have. All they have to do is say they “identify” as a woman, which is just as stupid as it comes. It's no surprise when liberal politicians who are unquestionably white, claim they're black, and get away with it.

HONORING A DEAD THUG: Hillary is speaking before a meeting put on by the “Trevon Martin foundation,” as if he was a “good guy” who should not have been killed. I guess the guy whose head he was beating into the concrete would not agree. He got “all bent out of shape” at being watched, and tried to kill the guy. So the guy killed him. And rightly so. If a thug ever tries that on me, HE'S going to die. He was NOT some “innocent kid” out for a walk. he was returning from the store with the makings for a drug cocktail, and got po'd when he saw somebody watching him.

DISARM YOUR BODYGUARDS”: That's what Trump is telling Hillary, since she seems to think the “average Joe” doesn't need self-protection while she runs around encircled by ARMED “security,” as do most politicians who think we don't need the same “security” they need. Of course, she'll probably say she'll do it when he does. But he is NOT saying we don't need self defense. She is. She SAYS she “doesn't want to take away our guns,” but what she pushes does just that.

TARGET SUING HERO: Michael Turner grabbed a baseball bat to stop an attacker from stabbing a woman to death, and Target, instead of lauding his heroism, is suing him, for “endangering their customers with that bat.” Nothing is said about the other guy trying to stab another customer “endangering their customers with his knife.”. Apparently, they're not satisfied with losing $2.5 BILLION dollars in ten days of announcing that men would be allowed in their women's restrooms. They want to lose more. And they will.

WON'T APOLOGIZE”: Obama says he won't be apologizing for us dropping one of the world's only atomic bombs on Hiroshima, But his very VISIT there is an apology. To make it worse, he will most likely NOT be asking for an apology from Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor and killing thousands,nor for all the atrocities committed by the Japanese during WWII. I don't know why he doesn't apologize. He has apologized for many other things we did IN RETALIATION for the things other countries did to us. Obama himself is an :apology” for America.

NO ”SAFE SPACES”: There are no “safe spaces” in life. If you get frightened by somebody opposing your opinion, you're in for some very frightening experiences as you go out in the world when you leave the “cloistered halls” of college life where they want to “protect you” from all opposition. I reality, they're not “protecting” you from anything. If you don't know how to withstand opposition to your opinions, you're gonna have a tough life, because protecting you from opposition is CRIPPLING you and making you into a WIMP.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stupid Democrat Cracks

Democrats are famous for making literally STUPID cracks and thinking we're stupid enough to believe them. One such stupid crack was when Obama said “the economy is in good shape,” when we know, from EXPERIENCE, that it is not. That doesn't matter to him. He insists we believe it, and ignores, or disparages any attempt to set people straight. Another is Nancy Peelosi's :”guarantee” that Trump will never become president. Does she know something about the “dirty tricks” afoot, that we don't know? That's the only way she could GUARANTEE it.

WON'T TALK ABOUT IT”: CNN anchor Brook Baldwin, was interviewing Trump's senior policy adviser Stephen Miller and, when he started referring to Benghazi, she shut him down, saying, “I don't want to talk about Benghazi.” Of COURSE a liberal wouldn't want to talk about that, because they have no answers to this very proper subject. They can't answer those proper questions, so they just refuse to even talk about the subject. Which, of course, reveals their acceptance of Hillary's incompetence.

STUPID QUESTIONS: The kings of stupid questions is the anti-gun fool. One of their stupidest is, “What do you need a gun for?” they ask that generally, completely ignoring all the ILLEGALLY armed thugs there are out there. They ask it specifically about teachers in schools, while schools are a place that mass shooters target on a regular basis. Some people criticize me for being so “down” on anti-gun people. But I am because they ARE fools, in that they reject common sense.

ELIMINATING COMPETITION: If there's one thing liberals hate, it's competition. That's because they know liberals aren't good enough at anything not involving their mouths, to be able to win at anything, and they want to eliminate competition. It's the only way they can pretend to “excel” at anything. It's a trend that's increasing. The Wake County School Board in N. Carolina has decided to eliminate “valedictorians” because it involved “unhealthy competition.” WHAT “unhealthy competition?” there is no such thing in the mind of human beings as “unhealthy” competition. ALL competition is good, because it makes competitors do their very best, in order to win. Without it, there's no reason to excel.

TREES ARE RACIST: Damned fool liberals now tell us that TREES are racist, because they make blacks think about lynchings. They don't, and that's only in the ignorant minds of those liberals. It's typical in this day and age, where no less than the PRESIDENT labels anything that opposes his stupid positions as racism because he chooses to be black. He's as much white as he is black, but that goes unnoticed, and unremarked.

UNNECESSARY LAW: Oklahoma has passed a bill into law criminalizing abortion. Which shouldn't be necessary, because MURDER is already a crime. And abortion is the worst kind of a crime because it involves killing defenseless infants for the “convenience” of it's parents, who want to have unprotected sex without the bother of dealing with the result. It pains me to have to say that, because human beings ought to be sufficiently intelligent to be able to figure it out on their own.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mass Stupidity

I can't believe how many stupid people there are in this country. If the people who just want a “free ride” at somebody else's expense are sufficiently numerous to elect either Hillary or Bernie president, we're done. But they don't care, as long as they get their “freebies.” the fact that they will have condemned all of us to generations of hardship doesn't matter to them. All they want is their “stuff.” I could understand Bernie drawing such big crowds (although they're dwarfed by Trump's crowds), if he hadn't ADMITTED to being socialist. There was a time when an admitted socialist wouldn't have gotten NEAR a presidential nomination in a “mainstream political party.” But no more.

YOU CAN TRUST HILLARY.... To think of Hillary FIRST. You can expect her to do what SHE wants, and to HELL with how it affects the rest of the country. She said they were “flat broke” when they left the White House, so they LOOTED the White House when they left. She wants to be president, so she made sure she got the nomination by “stacking the deck.” She didn't expect Bernie to be as tough a competitor as he is, but, even after LOSING most of the elections, she has the most dedicated delegates. She gives Bernie he\ll for actually RUNNING against her. What the hell did she expect?

THIS POPE IS A FOOL: That's the danger in appointing very old people to high office, such as that of the Pope. Pope Francis is going senile, and making really STUPID pronouncements. The most recent of which is comparing ISIS to Jesus sending out his disciples. Previously, he indicated approval of communism. How he sees a similarity between Jesus sending people out to proselytize and ISIS going out and murdering people who didn't believe the way they thought they should, sometimes BEHEADING them, men, women, even children, is amazing to rational people.  He needs to be replaced. Quickly, before Catholicism falls from his silliness.

BILL IS NOT RUNNING”: John Heilemann, Bloomberg's “With All Due Respect” co-host, says we shouldn't be bring up Bill Clinton's “zipper down” policy because “he is not running.” But he is. If Hillary becomes president, she intends to appoint him as her “economy czar” (an illegal position created by Obama), so he can further ruin our economy. But his peccadilloes are NOT “old and discredited,” as some insist. Guys like him don't stop, they just keep on doing it. It just isn't noticed now he's no longer president. They, and Hillary's brutal defense of him, show her complete LACK of good judgment, and is another reason she should NEVER get to be president.

POST-BIRTH ABORTIONS”: One actress, Patricia Heaton, of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” is adamantly opposed to abortion, as ANY “thinking person” should be. It is MURDER, for the convenience of the parents, who want to have unprotected sex without having to devote 18 years to raising the result She said so in a recent tweet, and got a lot of crap thrown at her, including one from a guy named Billi Spillwater, who said he was in favor of “POST-birth abortions” for people who stick their noses in where they were not wanted, which completely ignored the fact that abortion is MURDER, since it stops a beating heart. But then, stupid people think that way.

SELECTIVE REASONING: Obama doesn't much like the idea of the “separation of powers” doctrine in the Constitution. He recently publicly said that he “finds it frustrating that power is distributed across a number of institutions,” meaning that he can't just do what he wants to us, without limit. Now he is USING that concept to defend his refusal to let his chief liar, Ben Rhoades, testify before Congress on the lies he told, on Obama's orders, in support of that bogus Iran deal. As if that would work. Rhoades' testimony will be known, regardless, eventually. All he can do is delay it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hillary Stared

Christina Aguilera made a big thing out of a picture of Hillary looking at her breasts. But I submit that as big as they are, and the way she lets them all hang out, ANYBODY would stare at them, unless they are dead inside. Much as I hate to defend Hillary about anything, I must do so here. She's obviously proud of them, and wants everybody to know when someone shows it. There are rumors of Hillary being a lesbian, and she thinks this falls right into that.

SECOND CLASS RIGHT?” The 9th Circuit court of Appeals (the most reversed court ever in history) has decided that Second Amendment rights are “second class rights.” What kind of reasoning (or lack thereof) allows them to make such an outrageous ruling is beyond me. But I look for this much-reversed liberal court to be reversed again on this subject. Unless, that is, liberals manage to appoint the next Supreme court Justice, then “all is lost.”

WE CAN SEE IT!” Obama says we can see the effects of global warming every day. what a deluded FOOL he is! It's that, or he is purposely misreading climate changes that have been going on for eons as the result of global warming, so he can make more and more restrictive laws and regulations to better control us, and impose even higher “fees” and “taxes” to screw us out of even more money. Obama may not be the most DISHONEST president we've ever had, but I don't remember one who is worse.

BILL AGAIN: Once again, Hillary gives us yet ANOTHER reason to keep her as far from the White House as humanly possible. She says she plans to put Bill in charge of the money. She SAYS “he knows how,” when he surely does NOT. He was propped up during his “reign” by the remnants of Reagan's tremendous work on the economy, which caused us to have the longest running economic boom in history before Bill screwed it up, with the help of his accomplices. To put him in charge of it now, GUARANTEES economic collapse.

GENDER IDENTITY” STUPID: Allowing MEN who “think” they're women into women's restroom and changing rooms, just because they SAY they're women is not only stupid, it is DANGEROUS. It lets men come into these rooms, where women and sometimes young girls are naked, or nearly naked, so they can ogle them and, even sexually abuse them in their own places. And there's no reason for it. Just let them use the handicapped single occupant restrooms and keep them OUT of dressing rooms, in which they have no reason to be.

HE'S TRYING TO WIN!” Hillary is accusing Bernie of “blatantly trying to win the Democrat nomination for president!” Ya think? What the hell does she THINK his purpose would be? Damn, this is a stupid broad! I guess she thinks only SHE has the right to run for president on the Democrat ticket. And this fool actually wants to be president, herself. Sure, he's trying to win the nomination! That's what he's been spending millions of dollars to accomplish! Damn! How stupid IS this gal?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WH Spox Lies Again

Obama's chief mouthpiece said, in a press conference, that his communication with N. Carolina governor about their new law requiring people with a penis to use the MEN'S room was NOT a threat, but only “advice.” Well, threatening to withhold millions if they don't “knuckle under” doesn't sound much like “advice,” to me. It sounds like what it is, a THREAT. But Obama's mouthpiece said it, so we're supposed to believe it.. Unfortunately, like anything that comes out of Obama's mouth is a lie, this is, too.

UNPOPULAR CANDIDATE: They say Donald Trump is “one of the most unpopular candidates in memory.” Why then, does he keep winning primary after primary (whatever they call them), and draw the biggest crowds of any candidate? I think the Republican “establishment” is “whistling past the graveyard” in hopes enough people will believe that, so they'll vote for someone else. They keep saying he's “behind Hillary,” who is also unpopular, though we know why she is leading—the Democrats have it “fixed” so she will, no matter how many primaries Bernie wins. But to compare the two is like “apples and oranges.” She doesn't have the Democrat “establishment” against her.

MUSTA MADE HIM MAD: Obama is the chief “cop-hater” in the nation. So guess who had to pin medals of valor on 13 hero cops the other day. He hid it well as he attached the medals to the recipients. He even mugged as he fastened the medal to a cop who was literally a GIANT. He is the unnamed FOUNDER of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is patently anti-cop. He's quick to jump in and condemn cops when liberals pressure their “superiors” to blame them for things they did not do, such as in Baltimore, where they're trying to put six hero cops in PRISON on the FALSE assumption that THEY created the situation that got Freddy Grey killed.

AIR FORCE NOT PREPARED: The “wheels are coming off American military aircraft while communist china prepares for war over an unnatural island they claim. Obama has cut the Air Force budget so much that there are no parts available to FIX those aircraft (planes and helicopters), so they sit idle while the pilots get too little air time to maintain their flight status. In addition to cops, Obama hates the military, and that is reflected in his budget cuts, which is making us UNABLE to really fight people who want to hurt us. If we get into a war we can't win because of these cuts, the blood will be on Obama's hands.

MEDIA GOES NUTS: Obama “bashed” Trump in a recent college commencement address, and the liberal media is going bananas, as they usually do when he does something stupid. But I have to ask, “Who cares?” What's so surprising about Obama bashing Trump? He is frightened that Trump might be the next president, and will undo all his BAD WORK. He thinks him bashing Trump will put a crimp in Trump's campaign. But if that's what he thinks, he's badly mistaken. The people who like Trump also know Obama is the biggest LIAR in the land.

MEDIA YAWNS: They yawn at Hillary's crimes, but they concentrate on Trump's taxes, asking if he “paid his fair share,” their usual crap when talking about rich people. That's all they have against him, really. They bring up a lot of crap, but each one turns out to be false, and they're getting desperate. This is ample evidence of their one-sidedness in politics. They want a Democrat to win, regardless of the fact that another four or eight years of Democrat “rule” will FINISH us as a free nation. But they don't care about that.

Monday, May 16, 2016

NY Times Lies Again!

The NY times recently ran an article that supposedly contained an account of Lane Rowanne, describing an “abusive relationship.” The whole thing was a LIE, and twisted what she DID say, to come up with a “hit piece” on Trump. The liberals are really going “all out” to hurt Trump's chances. They're really ruining their own reputation among those who aren't PURE liberal fools who would believe ANYTHING they say, even if it's PROVEN to be a lie. Lane herself came out in public (on Fox, of course, since nobody else would touch it) and CALLED them liars. She said Trump was a “perfect gentleman” to her.

COVERUP BEGINS: Those of us who look outside the liberal news media for our news because we know it lies, and withholds vital information know all about Facebook's attempts at censorship of conservatives. But the liberal media REFUSES to say anything about it, so the liberals can say “It didn't happen because it was never in the news.” Never in the news THEY read anyway.

TEACHING ABOUT GUNS: The reason kids manage to shoot themselves or their friends with guns found in the home is simple: IGNORANCE. The anti-gun fools want to keep ALL knowledge about guns away from kids, and that PROMOTES them killing each other through ignorance. If they KNEW about guns, and were TRAINED in gun safety and proper gun handling, maybe they wouldn't treat them as toys, like cap guns. But, like all reality and common sense, anti-gun fools will never “tumble” to this, and will continue to keep kids ignorant about guns. Getting them killed, through that ignorance.

TRUMP ISN'T CONSERVATIVE: So what? I”M not a conservative, either, although conservatism is close to what I AM. Neither is he a liberal, no matter how much his enemies want to paint him as one. I am a “rational individualist,” and I suspect that is also what Trump is, though he probably doesn't know it. He just wants to save this country from the likes of Hillary, Bernie, and Obama. You don't have to be a “conservative” to do that.

BERNIE EXPLAINS “DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM”: What he doesn't tell you is that there is no such thing. Socialism is, by it's very nature, NON-democratic. It REQUIRES a strong government that will TELL US what to do. It is BASED on the THEFT of goods from those who work to PRODUCE them, for the benefit of those who DON'T, for whatever reason. It creates NO new wealth, and only sucks off of the work of the PRODUCER of new wealth, and for that reason, will ultimately fail. But usually not in our lifetime.

PARTICIPATION RIBBON: This football player's daughter came to him with her “participation ribbon,” awarded her for “showing up” at a field day event at her school. Her father, who is a professional football player who worked HARD to attain his current position, took the ribbon and gave it back to the teacher. I'd have put it in the bathroom and used it in place of toilet paper. She went back later and won a first place ribbon and two third place ribbons, which he says makes her an absolute winner. And I agree. Absolutely.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Billionaire Running

Bernie is now making a big thing about the fact that a billionaire is running for president, supported by other billionaires, and saying that he doesn't seem to be “an average American?” Right. Being a billionaire shouldn't ban such a person from running for president. Meanwhile, Bernie doesn't talk about the billionaires that support HIM. Such as George Soros, whose “fingerprints” seem to be on everything that is inimical to the needs and wishes of most Americans.

CONCEALED CARRY RACIST”: That's according to a ditzy Missouri state representative after they passed legislation friendly to gun proponents. Really, they ought to test potential candidates for office for INTELLIGENCE, so we can keep people like this out of office, so they can't have a hand in passing, or enforcing laws. With an attitude like that, there's no telling what kind of STUPID legislation she will sponsor in the future.

OBAMA BULLYING SCHOOLS: He's threatening to cut them off from $BILLIONS of dollars in federal money if they don't “tug their forelocks” and “knuckle under” to his IGNORANT DEMAND for them to allow MEN to use women's restrooms and changing rooms, where those women and girls are often NAKED, so they can ogle them at will. That money was TAKEN from us BY FORCE, and is not his to use as a bludgeon to enforce surrender. If you don't believe that “force,” just try and NOT pay your taxes.

HE CAN'T UNDERSTAND: Obama just can't figure out who people don't like his new “bathroom policy.” Why people would object to having men and women together in the same bathrooms and changing rooms is beyond him. He's too stupid. He's even reduced to threatening to forego sending the states that don't “knuckle under” the millions of dollars back that they sent him, so he could “take his cut” and return SOME of it to them. Why women don't want men in the same restrooms and changing rooms with them is a mystery to him. But we know, even if her doesn't.

DON'T READ BILLS: “Congressman X” says, in a new book, that fund raising is so time consuming, he doesn't read the bills he passes into law. And he thinks that's right for him to do because he has to work so hard to get money to stay in office. Actually, it is “dereliction of duty” for a congress member to vote on a single bill he or she hasn't read, and therefore has no idea what he's visiting upon the people who pay his/her salary.. We send them there, at great expense, to protect our interests. And not reading the bills they pass into law is “not doing their job.” It is a CRIME, for which they should be FIRED, at the very least. If it costs too much money to stay in office, THAT should be changed.

RE-ELECTION IS THE JOB”: “Congressman X,” in his new book, says that people think his job is to make laws, but in practice, it isn't. His only job is to get re-elected, he thinks. To keep his job. Nothing else is as important as keeping his or her job. So, like other corrupt politicians, he doesn't read the bills he votes on, and for that reason, he should not be re-elected. This is the best reason for term limits, to REMOVE the requirement to raise a lot of money to use in getting re-elected time after time, until you're in that job for so long, some people don't remember when you WEREN'T there. That needs to change.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Chicago Overwhelmed

The city with the tightest gun laws has so many gun deaths they can only investigate about 11% of them, while the rest go uninvestigated, and gun killers, knowing that, are “going wild” and killing as many people as they can. Meanwhile, anti-gun fools keep making their USELESS anti-gun laws that only PROMOTE gun violence. They just aren't smart enough to do anything else.

SHOT ACROSS OUR BOW”: That's what the effort to FORCE acceptance of MEN in women's bathrooms and changing rooms so they can ogle out young women in their nakedness is. They figure if we surrender and allow it, we'll be agreeable to even more outrages. Allowing that will signal them that they can do just whatever they want to us, and we'll meekly allow it. What we need to do is resist it with all we have. If that means physically throwing every man seen entering women's bathrooms or changing rooms out, let's do it. When they manage to get court orders to accept it, we need to tell them to STICK their court orders where they sit.

THEY'LL JUST QUIT: If Hillary gets elected president, and becomes commander-in-chief, half of the military has signaled their intention to “get out,” so they won't have to DIE from her incompetence. She'll claim, of course, that it's because she's a woman, but it's not. It's because of her DEMONSTRATED incompetence during the terrorist attack at Benghazi that killed FOUR Americans, including one of our ambassadors. If she can't help her people as Secretary of State, she certainly can't do it as president.

SEX ED FOR CHILDREN! In Chicago (the home of tight gun laws that get people killed), they want to start sex education classes for children as young as FIVE! Children that young don't even understand what sex IS! And they don't NEED to know, at that age. We all know that children want to do everything they learn about, just to learn more about it. If they do this, it will cause an increase in sex among small children. Not only that, if they learn about sex, they will want to try it with adults, too. And I'm sure there will be willing participants.

LIVING IN A DREAM WORLD”: The anti-gun fools are living in a “dream world” if they think making LAWS against guns will stop criminals, who don't obey ANY laws, will obey one that says they can't be armed. Many of them even ADMIT it's a “futile exercise' to make such laws, but they keep making them, anyway, from their “child-like belief” that this will “stop gun violence.” The only REAL way to stop gun violence is to KILL those committing it. Statistics prove that criminals who get KILLED don't create much gun violence.

WE OWN YOUR KIDS!” That's what some school “officials” think. Some even say that when a child enters a school, your parental rights END. They look upon parents objecting to their sometimes STUPID treatment of your kids as “troublemakers,” and have even been known to BAN such parents from entering their schools—until “wiser heads” change their minds for them. With federal control of schools, comes brainwashing. An example of that is the schools that insist on teaching students about Islam, and making that MANDATORY, while banning any MENTION of Christianity or any other religions.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Diversionary Action

The question of whether or not we should allow men to enter women's restrooms and changing rooms is making a lot of noise right now, as intended by this corrupt administration. I don't know who STARTED it, but I'm sure it was at the behest of the Obama administration, with the willing cooperation of the militant gays. It was designed to occupy our minds, while his politicians screwed us from behind. And it has.

MACY'S DROPS TRUMP: Trump wants to enact things that will help stores like Macy's to prosper, but apparently that doesn't matter to them. Like many short-sighted companies, Macy's dropped Trump products. But it backfired, big time, on them. Their company lost so much business that their stock went through the floor. Apparently they didn't think about how much business came with selling Trump items. Hopefully, they will learn their lesson, and change their collective mind on selling Trump products. If not, they may “go down the tubes.”

MISLEADING HEADLINE: The headline reads: “Dead Broke Clintons scored MILLIONS In Latest Scandal.” But it should have read: “Dead Broke Clintons scored MILLIONS In Latest SWINDLE.” Because it IS a swindle. Everything the Clintons DO is a swindle. When they get up in the morning, they discuss how they're going to scam the public, today. And they do just that, every day.

THEY NEVER LEARN: The anti-gun fools never learn by example. They keep telling us that private gun owners are more likely to shoot themselves than a robber, showing an unwarranted disdain for the competence of private citizen gun owners. But it happens somewhere, every day, and they ignore it so they don't have to know it and can continue to LIE and would even pass a lie detector, since they don't KNOW it.

HILLARY LIES AGAIN: She told us she “did everything they could” to save those victims of the Benghazi terrorist raid, but she didn't. She could have simply told the Air Force people in Italy (about 3 hours away) and they could have arrived in time to send the terrorists running for the tall and uncut, but she didn't. And Obama's fools pressure those AF people to “keep quiet” or be screwed with for the rest of their careers. Then she lied again and told the world it wasn't a terrorist attack, until reality intervened.

MUSLIMS AS RAPISTS: Rape seems to be a “cultural thing” to Muslims. They think if a woman so much as SMILES at them, that is an invitation to sex, even if they have to force themselves on her. The reports of rapes by Muslims are predictably INCREASING as Obama imports more and more Muslim terrorists, disguised as “refugees.” And they don't care how young their victims are, either. In fact, they PREFER them as young as possible. It's also a “cultural thing” to screw little children, male and female. And keep them as “sex slaves.” This is a perversion, and they are perverts.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

"When Was America Great?"

That's a question asked by comedian and news anchor poser Jon Stewart. The answer is simple: “Right up to the day Obama took office as president.” He's referring to Donald Trump's motto: “Make America Great again!” He's trying to intimate (as most liberals do) that America was NEVER great, which ignores history. But liberals try to change history every day, so that doesn't matter to them. Why anybody takes him seriously is a mystery to me. He's a buffoon and a fool.

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? So Obama LIED to us to get our “approval” of the Iran deal. Ben Rhodes wrote an article for the New York Times BRAGGING about how they did it. But we already know everything Obama tells us is a lie, even if the truth would serve better. So what's the big deal? The liberal media runs around with their nose up his rear, and that SHOULD make them his friend. But he has no respect for them, and calls them “whores.” That's probably properly descriptive.

AMAZINGLY STUPID HILLARY: She's promising to put ALL coal workers out of work, and the coal companies out of business. And now she's down in “coal country” asking for their votes. That's almost as stupid as thinking she could actually beat Donald Trump. She thinks that, since her (married) last name is Clinton, she has an easy way in. She's wrong. Trump is going to “beat her like a drum.” She's gonna get whipped so badly she'll be a froth. Who, but Hillary would be stupid enough to promise the destruction of the coal industry, then ask for their votes? What a DORK!

APOLOGIZE TO JAPAN? Yes, we dropped TWO atomic bombs on them to end WWII. Obama wants to apologize tho the Japanese for that. But he doesn't bother to ask them for an apology for Pearl Harbor or any of the other bloody battles that were necessary to win the war THEY started by their surprise attack. There is nothing to apologize for! If we had not dropped those two atomic bombs, many Americans would have died in any effort to attack the Japanese mainland. Even though we would still have won, those Americans didn't need to die. We saved a lot of lives, both American and Japanese, by dropping those bombs. Apologizing to Japan admits to a mistake we DIDN'T make.

BRINGING RACISM BACK? They're now saying Trump will “bring racism back to America.” As if it ever left. It didn't. It just morphed into black against white racism from white against black racism. And Trump will not bring it back, because it never left. It was PROMOTED by Barack Obama and his accomplices, for their own purposes, and they made it worse. This is just another liberal attack on Trump, and, as usual, it is based on a LIE.

WHAT'S HE HIDING? They're now asking, “What's Trump hiding in his tax forms?” Which ignores the fact they they are completely open to the IRS, and if they did contain something illegal, they'd act on it, especially since liberals hate him—and IRS is filled with liberals. Like the previous item, it's just another anti-Trump attempt to make him look bad. They're “bringing out the big guns now,” folks! They'll do anything, SAY anything, to “do him in.” But nothing is gonna work. All their LIES are futile.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Afraid of Conservative News

We've long known that Facebook is VERY liberal, and that they censor conservatives on a hit or miss basis. Now it has become clear that this censorship is a matter of POLICY with Facebook. Which is one reason why I cannot be found on Facebook very often. There is a “conservative substitute” for Facebook, but it doesn't have all my relatives and friends on it. Yet. Facebook is revealing themselves to be “fearful” of conservative thought.

ALLEGED” AFFAIRS: MSNBC is trying valiantly to minimize Bill Clinton's “zipper down” policy by emphasizing that his “screwing around” was only “alleged.” It's the usual liberal effort to confuse people, and ignores the fact that Bill FINALLY admitted some of his affairs and the proof of others is evident. Especially the semen stain on the dress of Monica Lewinsky. The evidence that got him into REAL trouble and almost caused him to be REMOVED as president after he was IMPEACHED for lying to Congress about it.

WHINING ABOUT IT: NBC and CBS are “whining” about Trump bringing up Bill Clinton's sex scandals, as if time passing has made them irrelevant. But it has NOT. His sexual escapades, and Hillary's activities, DESTROYING his accusers are VERY relevant, since they show clearly what Hillary is made of, and why she should NEVER even be CONSIDERED for a seat in the Oval Office. Which, of course, is the reason they're objecting, since they're “in the tank” for Hilary.

BILL'S “ENABLER”: Hillary is refusing to answer Trump's accusation that she is Bill's “enabler.” Which is smart. She can act as if she is “above it all” while not answering those accusations, which she can't do factually.  She WAS his biggest enabler, and even coined a derogatory term for his accusers, “a Bimbo Eruption.” She devoted a lot of time and money (derived from tax money) to minimize the effect of his “zipper down” policy. She's hoping we will just forget it without her having to answer the charges. Because she can't.

BERNIE'S FUTILE CAMPAIGN: He thinks he's winning. But in reality, he doesn't have a chance. The “fix is truly in”and, no matter how many primary elections he wins, he will get fewer delegates every time. He's only there to provide the FICTION that Hillary actually has some competition. Nobody else saw fit to run against her because they “saw the handwriting on the wall” that she was “the chosen one.” The Republicans thought they had the same fiction set up when 17 people filed to run against Trump and the others. But it got out of hand, and now Trump is their presumptive nominee, and may wind up in the White House, in spite of them. That scares the hell out of them.

MAKING HEADLINES: The liberal media, ever alert for the possibility of a headline, pressured Ted Cruz about whether or not he would return to the stump if he saw ANY chance of getting elected. There isn't, and he knows it. But he did answer in the affirmative, so there's their headline, and a reason to sell a lot of newspapers and television time. Even if he did not already pull out, there is NO “path to victory” for him unless somebody shoots Trump and he can no longer run.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

They Can Go To Hell!

GLADD is giving Disney a hard time over “not enough gay characters in their movies.” Who cares about that? At least, to those with INTELLIGENCE. I don't give a tinker's damn what gays do in their bedrooms. But I DO care when they try and force approval on me. They've had way too many successes recently, with all the gullible liberals there are in office. We (not me) have to stop electing those fools to office so they'll stop surrendering when fools come at them demanding they approve their bizarre demands. They're “riding high” right now, as fools fall for their perverted demands.

THEY HATE HIM, SO I LIKE HIM: Liberals (and many conservatives) hate Donald Trump because he has signaled that he will “upset the applecarts” of many people who have their own little fiefdoms now. And they know he will, since he usually does what he says he'll do. So that's enough for me. Anybody that screws up those long-term professional politicians who are “lifers” in political office, is okay with me. Who was the 94 year old senator that died in office recently? I just hope he continues to do what he says he will do when he becomes president. Politics has been known to change a man.

THEY'RE LAZY DRUNKS!” That's what former Mexican president Vincente Fox says about Trump supporters. I'm not a “:Trump only” man, but I DO like him. And I don't drink. And I especially don't get drunk. What Fox says is just like his recent comment that Trump actually SAID he “hates Mexicans,” which is an out and out LIE. Apparently, lying is an art in Mexican politics. Well, we don't need the lies of a foreign politician in our elections. We have enough of our own. They're just not as good at it.

LOW BLOW ATTACKS”: ABC is “protecting Clinton” from Trump's :”low blow attacks.” I guess telling the truth about her is a “low blow,” and that's what Trump is doing. She can't prove ANYTHING Trump says is false, so she just LABELS it as a “low blow attack” without going into detail about HOW it is a “”low blow attack.” Mostly because there ARE no “details.” It's a sad day when TRUTH can be called a “:low blow” without anybody speaking up in opposition.

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? When it comes to ISIS, pretty low, apparently. Word is now they EXECUTED a SEVEN YEAR OLD BOY for CURSING! And they did it in front of a crowd of people that included his PARENTS. Is there nothing perverted enough they won't do it, and claim it to be right and proper? I don't think so. Their very “religion” is perverted, so why not everything else?

CAN TRUMP UNIFY GOP? Probably not. But it isn't necessary to “unify” the Republican Party. They don't matter any more. They THINK they do, but they don't. Trump won the Republican nomination without them. In fact, it was with their OPPOSITION. So who the hell cares about them? They've committed political suicide, while hoping to retain their ability to tell us who we may vote for. I think the Tea Party should replace them as the next viable political party, as they replaced the Whigs in their heyday.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hillary Screeches

There are many reasons to want Hillary Clinton to be defeated in November, no matter WHO does it. A Republican or somebody else (not Bernie). But one of my main reasons is that I don't want to spend the next four (or maybe eight) years listening to the screeches she lets out when she goes to make a speech. Of course, her being an unadmitted socialist is a good reason, too, along with her promise to violate the Constitution worse than Obama did in his quest to disarm the nation so we couldn't resist when the feds came to take our property.

SHE'S “FOR THE WOMEN”: Unless Bill screwed them and they complained, that is. Bill went out and screwed a LOT of women, then Hillary screwed them again. She ruined their lives. She coined a new term: “Bimbo Eruption.” It became clear to me that she never cared if Bill kept it in his pants, or not, because she had her own affairs. But she was better at keeping it quiet. There are even rumors today that she's a lesbian, and her long-time paramour is Huma, her VERY personal assistant, who has been so for a long time. Now she says she's “for the women.” That she's a woman, so she should be elected on that, alone. What a b....er, witch she is!

FIRING THE JUDGE: In Alabama, where three top officials are currently under investigation for corruption and a former governor is now serving a prison term on a corruption conviction, they have “suspended” their Chief Justice with a view toward removal because he doesn't want to APPROVE “gay marriage.” And we don't even know where he stands on letting MEN go into women's restrooms and changing rooms and ogle your daughters if they SAY they “think they're a woman.” How they can do that legally, I don't know. But that's a STATE, not the feds. So the rules are different.

THE “CHURCH LADY” IS BACK: She's returning to Saturday Night live to “interview Satan” on Donald Trump. So why not “interview” Obama? Or Hillary? Or any number of liberals, for that matter? That would be tantamount to “interviewing Satan.” SNL pillories everybody. But their hardest work is to go after people liberals don't like—and they do that with gusto. Reminds me of the man who is SUING God. He's stupid, and he doesn't know it. So why don't they ask HIM about Trump?

SAFE SPACE”: If your child needs a “safe space” where he can escape hearing words that offend him, you have FAILED as a parent. Your child is a WIMP, and should be brought back home and installed in your basement. There's no “safer space” than that. But your child will; be CRIPPLED in his/her ability to deal with life. Unfortunately, that's all too common these days—and the STUDENTS in college “rule the roost,” since the college “masters” are all too willing to surrender to their wishes, no matter how bizarre. Maybe they should bow down before them, too.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

No GOP Any More

There is an organization PRETENDING to be the Republican Party, but today, they're nothing more than an offshoot of the Democrat Party. They support everything Democrats do. They oppose nothing, except their own unstoppable candidate for president. They may win the Oval Office whether they like it or not. They're talking about voting for Hillary which, if they do, signals their DOOM. They're talking about a third party effort, which is as good as starting a “Elect Hillary” group. Everything they do today is guaranteed to END the Republican Party and cause them to go the way of the Whigs.

OBAMA: “ALL FAITHS ARE EQUAL”: But they're NOT. There is one specific “faith” that is NOT equal because it demands DEATH for “unbelievers.” what kind of a religion demands their followers KILL members of other faiths? The only way this “faith” has grown in recent years is by KILLING OFF those who don't believe the way they think they should. In case you're wondering, that “faith” is Islam. That “faith” was STARTED by a pedophile to make his own pedophilia be approved. So nobody would criticize him for having a nine-year-old “wife.”

JUST USE COMMON SENSE”: Obama says, “If the Republicans would just use common sense, we could fix the economy.” Whose common sense? Yours? You're the one who screwed the economy like Hogan's goat, and you accuse the Republicans of “not having common sense” for not agreeing with you? Are you really such a damned fool you BELIEVE this crap? You did it, not the GOP!

COWS THAT DON'T FART: India's “solution” to the climate change fantasy is simple: just breed miniature cows that don't fart. I swear. There are more STUPID politicians in this world than any other kind! Anybody who BELIEVES that crap they now call “climate change” needs their heads examined. The globe has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years! But that fact seems to escape the “global warming religion acolytes.” One thing they don't know is that EVERY living being that has an anus farts. And all living things do.

HILLARY WON'T BE INDICTED”: The “fix is in,” and no matter how much evidence of fraud or anything else the FBI uncovers, there will be no indictment, as long as Obama is in office. Not even the resignation of the FBI Director in protest will help, because Obama doesn't give a damn what the American people think. And since he doesn't get to stand for election again, he doesn't NEED to care. All he's interested in is that Hillary will continue his “dirty work” of moving us ever closer to socialism. He'll break any law, violate any trust, to accomplish that.

MEXICAN EX PRESIDENT LIES: He came right out and told a CNN “anchor” that Trump SAID he “hated Mexicans” when he said nothing of the sort. Even the anchor said it wasn't true, after Fox was off the air. What Trump actually DID say is that he wants ALL Mexican immigrants to come here LEGALLY, or not at all. And he's going to build a wall to keep the ILLEGALS out, while Mexico pays for it by being denied the foreign aid we keep sending them. You want to see a contrast, just TRY and go into Mexico illegally and see how many years in prison you get before being deported.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Civil Rights Violations?

The liberals are now saying not wanting to allow MEN into women's restrooms or changing rooms is a “civil rights violation,” and the “powers that be” agree with them. Which illustrates the abject STUPIDITY that has overcome this nation with the liberals running the presidency, the legislative branch, the courts, and the education system. That was predicted when they established a federal “education department.” We need to ELIMINATE the liberal influence on this country. It is DESTROYING us.

GIVE 'EM AN INCH: And next they'll want a mile. The minimum wage fools have established that we need to raise the minimum wage to the ridiculous figure of $15.00 an hour for people with NO SKILLS, and are not WORTH that much. So now they're starting to ask for more. The founder of “Restaurant Opportunities Center" is now saying “$15.00 an hour is not a living wage, and we need to raise the minimum wage to $21.00 an hour! Is there no limit to the STUPIDITY of the liberals? If they get that, they'll want to raise it to $30.00 an hour. And if they get that, the next step is $50.00 an hour. And who knows where it will go from there?

POLITICAL STUPIDITY: One of the stupidest things we can do is elect a Muslim to an important political office. That's not racism or bigotry, it's COMMON SENSE. Muslims swear fealty to one thing: Islam. They cannot have any other. So to elect them is a mistake. And we (not me) are falling for their stupidity. In London, they have elected a Muslim mayor. There is already a Muslim representative in our Congress. They're slowly realizing their goal of getting us to ELECT our enemy to office. We need to prohibit the election of ANY Muslim to political office so they can't destroy us, using our own system.

DISARMING “MENTALLY INCOMPETENT”: That's Obama's next assault on the right to be armed. He CALLS it “disarming the mentally incompetent,” which makes it sound okay. But the details are what's important. He defines any Social Security recipient who does not control his own finances “mentally incompetent" as an excuse to “confiscate” (steal) his/her guns. I'm not sure about his reasoning here, but since all liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and reason, he has none.

REDEFINING CRIMINALS: The Department of (In)Justice is redefining their references to “felons” or “criminals,” or “convicts,” because it might “hurt their self worth.” In reality, their “self worth” NEEDS to be hurt. Criminals and felons need to be called what they are. They have no “self worth” to be hurt. They call THEMSELVES criminals and felons, realizing reality. This is a continuation of the liberal policy of disguising evil by renaming it.

FREEING MORE CRIMINALS: Obama has commuted the sentences of 58 more felons, 18 of them serving LIFE sentences. He's working HARD to increase the number of criminals on the streets, from murderers to crazies, to Islamic terrorists people died to capture. Everything he does is DESIGNED to increase the violent crime rate so he can disarm us, but nobody has the gonads to stop him. If we don't get rid of this DISASTER of a president soon, we're going to fall into the abyss. Nobody seems to understand he is the ENEMY! People are well and truly wearing blinders.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Another Phony Word

Seems like every day, liberals come up with phony words to describe people who disagree with their perverted positions. Like, “ Homophobes,” to intimate a “mental aberration” in people who think pushing gayness onto the rest of us is wrong. Then there's “Islamaphobe” to describe people who criticize Islamics who kill people for not believing the way they think they ought to believe. And there is now “Transphobe” to describe people who think men should stay out of women's restrooms and changing rooms. What stupidity we have come to!

GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE: People kill people, SOMETIMES using guns, other times using many other objects, from rocks to heavy ash trays, lamps, baseball bats, etc. Should we ban all those things that COULD become deadly weapons? Cain killed Abel with a rock. Should we have banned rocks for all of human history because of that? Yes, guns CAN be used to victimize people. But they can also be used to PROTECT them. But that's ignored by the anti-gun fools, who just want to disarm us, for reasons of their own.

WAR AGAINST RELIGION: Who the hell does he think he is? Mayor DiBlasio of New York City has “BANNED Chic-Fil-A because of their views, which are based on their religious beliefs. Other businesses are laying people off, and many are closing because of the damned dismal business “atmosphere” in New York. We thought we had a fool in office with Bloomberg, but DiBlasio makes us long for Bloomberg's return. How do we GET such stupid people in office? I know. It's the people wanting “freebies” who vote for them/

TRUMP'S SUCCESS”: Liberals, and even some conservatives are wondering why Donald Trump has been so successful in his quest for the presidency, so far. But they refuse to see the real reason. They blame the news media, who RUSHED to cover his every word and action. But they're wrong. Trump's rise is due ABSOLUTELY to the “takeover,” by liberals, of this government, for many years, and the ignorant things they do. They think Trump can put a stop to that, and that's what they want.

OBAMA THREATENS N. CAROLINA: He is telling them that if they don't rescind their law requiring men to stay out of women's restrooms and changing rooms, he will take away BILLIONS in “school funds” and other moneys the feds owe them. The feds are only a “routing service” for these taxpayer funds, and have NO AUTHORITY to use holding them up as a means of CONTROLLING what the states do. But Obama does it, and nobody stops him. That's the key to his getting away with the outrages he commits. Nobody stops him.

MORE LIBERAL RACISM: Rob Reiner,"Meathead" from "All In the Family", and a well-known liberal, has told us Trump is a racist. There's no proof of this, but that never stops liberals from making such stupid statements. Obama is the KING of stupid statements. He tells us the economy is “going great guns” while MILLIONS are out of work and have lost hope of ever finding work again. He tells us he's a “good president,” when anybody with any intelligence knows he is a DISASTER. It's typical liberalism to make stupid statements like that.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

U. S. "Invented" ISIS?

Iran is now saying America “invented” ISIS to make Muslims look bad. Who then, is roaming the landscape killing people, beheading adults and CHILDREN, making videos telling us they ARE Islam, and making as much trouble as they can in countries where fools have allowed them to enter? We sure didn't do that. Who rapes all those women the world over? Who gets “offended” by things we hold dear? Who screws little children, boys and girls? We “invented” ISIS? Don't be STUPID, Iran! I know you are stupid, but never assume we are, too.

HILLARY APOLOGIZES: For saying she will put the coal industry out of business, when confronted by an “out-of -work” coal worker. She says her words were “taken out of context,” which is the usual con used by politicians whose mouths get them in trouble. But she will still DO IT after she gets elected—IF she gets elected, and stays out of prison. Unemployed coal workers won't be able to do much about it then, she figures. Forgetting that if there are enough of them, they can make sure she's a one-term president.

IS IT TRUMP'S FAULT? The New York Daily News says that the GOP is “going down,” and it's all Trump's fault. Really? What it is, is the fault of the ANTI-Trumpers, which include the Republican "establishment.". If they carry out their threats to not vote for him (which is a vote for Hillary) or to actually vote for Hillary (which is TWO votes for HIllary), THAT'S what will destroy the Republican Party. Not what Trump is, or might be. It's easy to blame Trump for what they have caused. I've never before seen anything like the stupidity displayed by the Republican elites in their quest to DICTATE who we get to vote for.

STUPID POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Obama has just replaced the word “criminal” with “justice involved individual.” How stupid its that? Replacing one word with three is typical of the gyrations liberals go through to screw up things. Criminal wasn't good enough to describe criminals? Damn! I can't wait until January 20, 2017. Either we'll be rid of this FOOL then, or he will have revealed himself as the Hitler of our time.. In which case, he can then be “dealt with,” if anybody has the guts.

GUN LAW PATTERNS: There are several patterns in the silly “gun laws” liberals pass. First, they only affect LEGAL gun owners, who are NOT the problem. Then they make the guns you do have USELESS. An example is the state where concealed carry is legal, but the gun must be UNLOADED. What the hell good is an UNLOADED gun in an emergency? That's a good example of the SILLINESS of most “gun laws.” They either make guns useless or impossible to get into operation fast enough to do any good in defending yourself.

SHE'LL GO FURTHER: Hillary is promising to “go further” than Obama did in using executive orders to “stem gun violence.” In other words, she intends to violate the Constitution worse than Obama did. Do we really want this monster as president? Liberals simply want to DISARM honest people so they can't fight back when “federal agents” come for their property. In many countries, they succeeded in disarming the populace, and mass executions soon followed. Do you want that to happen here?