Monday, January 18, 2016

Did Congress Mandate Sanctions?

Obama is going to sign an executive order to lift the sanctions on Iran. But does he have the power to do that? Didn't Congress mandate that in the first place? Can he reverse a congressional act by merely signing a document? If he can, he's really BECOME a dictator who can make laws simply by signing an executive order. I don't think he can. But that doesn't matter to Obama. He has violated the Constitution so many times without any consequences, he doesn't even give “lip service” to it, any more. He can get away with enforcing those ILLEGAL orders, since he has more guns—so far.

HATE GOVERNMENT? Liberals say people like me “hate government.” We don't. We hate what government has BECOME under liberal incompetent “management.” We don't think gays should be able to “marry” each other, though we DO believe they should be able to make a contract between themselves SIMILAR to marriage, but should not be able to change the DEFINITION of marriage, which they seem bound to do.. We don't believe a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour WON'T cause more unemployment. We don't think Obama's announced “unemployment numbers” represent the REAL number of unemployed, since he's no longer counting those who have GIVEN UP on ever again finding a job and are no longer in the job market.

IT'S A NO-BRAINER!” That's what Bernie Sanders says about his idea for people to call the cops on LEGAL gun owners for the “crime” of legally carrying a gun. It's “a no-brainer” because it was put forward by a man with NO BRAIN. That's all we need: for fools like him to be calling the cops to report LEGAL gun owners. Does his exhortation include calling the cops on COPS because they go around armed? Bernie shows his ignorance every time he opens his mouth. But liberal Democrats LOVE him, proving their own ignorance. And this FOOL wants to be president?

OBAMA'S ANSWER: Islamic terrorists murdered 14 people, so what does Obama do in response? He takes away our right to own and carry the means to our own defense from such FOOLS. He is deluded enough to think taking away our means of self defense is a way to INSURE self defense. Maybe we should take away HIS armed security so he will be like us. But NO! He NEEDS to be protected. He's SPECIAL! Like most politicians who think we “don't need guns,” but they do.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? NBC “spiked” a story about a Bill Clinton rape accuser “because she didn't have anything NEW to say.” What new CAN she say? If Bill raped her, her story isn't going to change, or NBC would highlight THAT. They just don't want to run a story about Bill raping anybody (which they think might hurt Hillary) and that's their story and they're sticking to it. The liberal media doesn't even try to hide their bias any more. They just deny it and expect us to believe it. But we know better, now.

A TARGET ON THEIR BACKS”: Obama has just “put a target on the backs” of American diplomats and non-governmental people living in places like Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places where Islamic terrorism is rife. Why people insist on living in those places is beyond me. He has just told them that if you want to get some terrorists released, just KIDNAP and hold hostage, one or more of our citizens who live in your country and offer to trade. Obama will oblige. And you'll usually get more terrorists released than hostages you're holding, because Obama is such a MISERABLE negotiator. We ALWAYS release more than you have to. Example: Beau Bergdahl, a traitor and deserter, for FIVE terrorists.

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