Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Second Best Gaffer"

In addition to being the best liar out there, Obama is the second-best gaffer, second only to Joe Biteme. With his (Obama's) now famous gaffes, such as “bitter people, clinging to guns and religion” crack, which amply displayed his disdain for the Americans who put him in office, to his “the private sector is doing okay” and “you didn’t do it yourself” crack. He’s coming up on Joe fast, and before they fire him in the next election, he may pass him right up.

COP SHOOTINGS ON INCREASE: It seems that there are more shootings and killing by cops lately. Some mothers are hollering for “justice.” But an examination of the facts shows that MOST of them have shot, and killed, only people who tried to kill them. It’s happening more and more lately, and to try and kill a cop is ill-advised, at best; and stupid, at worst.

A currently running ad bemoans the fact that many people don’t follow Obama’s “advice” on the economy. My question is, “Why would ANYONE follow Obama’s “advice on ANYTHING, much less the economy, since he has proven he knows NOTHING about how the economy works? Migawd! Are there really people out there who DO follow his advice on the economy? Boy, are THEY going to “go down in flames!

OBAMA KNOWS: He HAS TO know that raising taxes during a recession OR a depression will make them worse. But he insists on raising them, both by passing new laws and by instituting new “give-away” programs. To that he adds doing nothing while the Bush tax reductions “time out” and create the biggest tax increase ever (outside of that necessitated by his health care swindle law.

NOT ENOUGH RICH: There aren’t enough “rich” to tax (steal from) enough to pay for all of Obama’s “flights of fancy.” You could tax them 100% and use the money to run the country for about a week. Meanwhile, he says the “rich” are not “paying their share.” But they ARE, and THEN some. He knows this, but won’t admit that “the rich” pay MOST of the taxes paid. Damn, what a FOOL this guy is!

I DIDN’T EAT THE CHOCOLATE: Obama and Carney are like the kid who was caught with chocolate all over his mouth and body who blandly denied he got into the chocolate. They ask them hard questions and they LIE. Even when they KNOW the asker KNOWS they’re lying, and they know he/she knows.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Muslim Phones in Death Threat

Robert Spencer (Jihand Watch) was interviewing Pamela Geller (“Atlas Shrugged” blog) the other day and some imbecile actually phoned in a death threat. Is this unusual? No; I get them all the time, and I’m sure Spencer and Geller do, too. That’s the only answer for fools who have nothing else but violence to get their way. They can’t argue their theology because it’s not logical. So they “strike out” against people who tell the truth about them.

WHY LIBS PUSH FOR GUN CONTROL: Some people wonder why liberals work so hard to keep guns out of the hands of honest people when ANYBODY with a modicum of common sense knows that NOBODY who really wants to kill somebody worries about violating a puny gun law. I know why. Politicians steal so much from us they’re afraid of honest people with guns. That’s why they push for no guns in the hands of citizens (unless those citizens are carrying them to protect the politicians) so they can’t meet the thugs sent by the politicians with their own guns.

WHY LIBS DENY RICH PAY MOST TAXES: It isn’t possible that they don’t KNOW it. But it doesn’t fit their purposes to admit it, so they deny it, even in the face of SURE proof. That’s their “modus operandi.” They tell a lie and resist ALL efforts we make to disprove that lie. I wish we didn’t have to put up with such people.

NOWHERE BUT A “GUN-FREE ZONE”: Have you ever noticed that EVERY “mass shooting” has happened in a “gun-free zone?” There’s a good reason for that. The shooter wants to be as much assured as possible there will not be anyone there who might be armed and able to shoot him as soon as he “opens up” on all those innocent people. In the one instance where there was (in a Colorado church), that person stopped the shooter COLD, before he got off more than two shots. Which proves my contention that more guns in the hands of honest people will stop such shootings because these people want to become famous, not dead.

BECKEL’S GOT A HARD JOB: Not as hard as JayCarney, but hard, nonetheless. Both men are responsible for LYING to support Obama’s fool actions; Carney at the White House and Bob Beckel as a cast member of Fox’s “The Five.” Which is the silliest show I’ve seen Fox put on after Glenn Beck left them for limiting his speech. Beckel has to “think fast” whenever another “cast member” comes up with the truth and he has to somehow refute it in the minds of viewers and there isn’t really a way without lying.

BECKEL LIES LIKE OBAMA: Right after one of the other cast members of “The Five” showed the DATES when Ford invented the automobile in this country compared to the date the American road system, created to be somewhere cars could drive, was begun, he DENIED it. Of course, his denial was roundly ignored and they went on to other things, which is as it should be.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Government Follows You On Twitter

According to a recent release, the government is very interested in what you Tweet, so be careful if you wouldn’t like them to be able to read your Tweets. For me, I don’t give a damn. Whatever I write is for publication, either on Twitter or elsewhere. So if they want to read what I write, go to it!

PUNCTUATING IGNORANCE WITH CERTAINTY: This came up in a Dilbert strip, referring to that “pointy haired boss” who thinks it only took 45 minutes to train a tech writer to be a database analyst. Liberals are the best examples of that as a group.

HOW DO YOU FOOL AMERICANS? Plant “veterans” in a booth at a Portland diner (who happen to be Obama campaign workers—well, one of them, anyway) and pretend they care about vets. This is just like the white coats Obama had a bunch of people (who may or may not be doctors) wear for a White House photo op who all, to a man, praised his health care swindle law. You can’t believe ANYTHING Obama says, even if it LOOKS true.

WHAT NOW FOR HOLDER? He is in contempt of Congress. What now? Nothing as long as it depends on his subordinates to prosecute him. When has a politician EVER been prosecuted by his own people? Even Holder was very open when he refused to prosecute those thugs who stood in front of a polling place holding nightsticks and wearing uniform lookalike black clothes because “they’re my people.” Since when does an AG get to give people a pass because they’re “his people?”

INTOLERANT LIBERALS: They claim to be tolerant, but their actions prove just the opposite. Like some Muslims, they want ALL of us to abide by THEIR wishes. Like the current hooraw over Chic-Fil-A’s comments about gays. I may or may not agree with them, but they have the inalienable RIGHT to be against gays as long as they don't discriminate (as do the liberals). Being gay is a CHOICE, unlike being black, or female, or foreign. And they have the RIGHT to be against teaching it to our children.

LIBERALS AND LOGIC: That is a contradiction in terms. Liberals just don’t understand logic. Some of them even deny its existence. You tell them the truth and it just bounces right off them. They go right by it and “shout you down” with their liberal “talking points,” none of which are true; OR logical.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pedophile Heaven

Did you know that Iran is ready to legalize marriage to 10-year-olds (and under)? What a haven for pedophiles will Iran be! Now pedophiles in Iran who like to have sex with 10-year-old girls (or boys) don’t need to worry about going to jail. Just marry them first, and according to Muslim laws, divorce them the next morning by going into the street and shouting “I divorce thee, (add name)”.

GOING DOWNHILL FAST: The Olympic Committee has taken the medal away from downhill skier Lindsey Vohn and given it to Barack Obama. They say he deserves it because NOBODY has gone downhill as fast as he has. Well, they gave him a Nobel Prize for things he had YET to do, so why not? (The idea for this post came from Tom Wagner. I wouldn’t want to cut him out of the credit for a GOOD joke.)

DUMB POLITICIANS: Anybody with ANY degree of intelligence knows you DON’T raise taxes during a recession or depression, but apparently Obama and many of his henchmen in Washington aren’t smart enough to know that. So they keep on passing laws that cost us a LOT of money while raising taxes every day to finance those “flights of fancy.” This, of course, reveals their abysmal incompetence. OR that they are WILLFULLY trying to destroy this economy.

HOW TO HURT YOUR OPPONENT: Obama has again shown he will stop at NOTHING to keep his job. An Idaho businessman gave $1 million donation to the Romney campaign and earned himself two (TWO) federal charges. Boy, that ought to make people who can donate that much think twice—unless they are donating it to Barack Obama, as did one well-known comedian. This Idaho businessman is now subject to “investigation” from both the IRS and the Labor Department.

HOOF IN MOUTH DISEASE: Apparently Obama has it. He demonstrated it when he made his stupid comment that people who are successful in business “did not do it themselves.” That tripped a nerve in the minds of thousands of people (maybe millions) who DID “do it themselves” after years of hard work. So the government paid to build roads and other things, but they did it with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Money they stole from people who DID “do it themselves.” What FOOLS are those who think otherwise!

PLEASING MUSLIMS: Why do we go so far out of our way to please Muslims? Other religions have prohibitions against over-revealing of the human body in public, but they don’t demand we “observe” THEIR prohibitions. So why are female Olympians in the beach volleyball games agreeing to cover their arms to “please” Muslims? Are they going to get rid of their Bikini bottoms too?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

UN Rejects Efforts in Syria

Surprise. Surprise! The United Nations (made up of dictators and criminals) has rejected the Security Council’s vote to “rein in” Syrian mass murderer “Basher” Assad. Is anybody surprised they would not “rein in” somebody who is doing what most of them would like to do? Many of them are having the beginnings of similar “problems” in their own countries. So are they going to say the very things they want to do as being “wrong?”

I’D HATE TO BE BOB BECKEL: Spending his time (with all the Democrat “talking points”) feebly defending the ignorant and stupid antics of that fool in the White House, Barack Obama. He’s currently the main liberal on Fox’s “The Five,” that insipid show with which Fox replaced the “powerhouse” Glenn Beck show when he left because they tried to put too many limits on his commentary. Beckel is best known for several failed election campaigns and being targeted by a whore for extortion.

Liberals are in “damage control” after Obama’s stupid comment that “you didn’t build your business by yourself.” How do you take something out of context by playing a person’s own words? And they played the whole thing. Obama is getting worse than Joe Bitme for making stupid statements these days. Maybe Obama needs to appoint a “stupid statements czar” to keep him from doing it.

FOOLS IN OFFICE: That describes those “officials” in Benton Harbor, Michigan who want to give the key to the city to (Calypso Louie) Farrakhan, one of the top three race whores out there, whose main con is going to large corporations and threatening to call them racist if they didn’t “donate” to one of his “charities,” which he controls completely. Whatever made those fools do such a thing is a mystery to me, but they should be kicked out of office at the earliest opportunity, for stupidity.

PEOPLE WALK BY DYING MAN: This happened in Arlington, VA. A car hit him and, while he was lying motionless on the sidewalk dying, people walked right by him, ignoring him. Maybe they thought he was just sleeping. So many municipalities don’t let the cops do anything about bums sleeping on the sidewalk, so maybe they can be forgiven for walking by him.

“DISTORTING HIS WORDS”: Obama has ads running accusing people of “distorting his words.” Not true. Nobody NEEDS to distort his words, he is his own worst enemy in the words he uses or speaks. Such as his claim that “you did not do that” to people who have built businesses IN SPITE OF government interference, rather than BECAUSE of government.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anti-Gun Fools Cause Gun Attacks

If crazies like the shooter at a Denver area (Aurora) theater didn’t know that it’s a good bet people there would NOT be armed, he would take his depredations elsewhere. Notice such people never go after gun shows or police stations, for good reason. They always go to places where odds are there WON’T be guns to blow THEM away. This is because of the work of “anti-gun fools.”

That’s what should await such people as the man who went into a Denver area movie theater and started shooting people, killing 12 and wounding almost 50. He should be treated differently than the usual murderer because of the severity of his crime. His trial and execution should be expedited and his death should be assured, in a relatively short time.

TELL ME WHAT LAWS WOULD WORK? Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ) wants more “gun control” following the Colorado movie theater shootings. Perhaps Sen. Lautenberg could tell us just WHAT laws would have prevented this crazy from doing his crime? He bought those guns and ammo legally, but if he couldn’t, he’d buy them on the black market. Where gun laws are tightest, buying illegal guns is even more easy. I think we need MORE GUNS in the hands of honest people so we can defend ourselves.

“I MADE US LOOK BETTER”: Back to lying. After recently making the ONLY truthful statement I can remember him making when he said, “this election is a referendum between two different visions,” he lied again when he said, “because of MY leadership the world now has a better respect for America.” WRONG! The world has LESS respect for us as a result of his “leadership.” Damn! Does he really BELIEVE this crap? I think he actually does, but he’s wrong, as usual and that demonstrates his abysmal incompetence.

WHO GIVES A DAMN? Obama says, “People saying MY White House released top secret information is offensive.” Who cares if Obama is offended?  I certainly don't. He DID release secret information to the producers of that movie complimentary to him that is scheduled to come out just before the election. Get USED to it, Obama!

WHAT PART? Obama said, in his speech in Cairo, “Islam has always been part of American history.” Really? In what way, Barack? Have they ever marched in a July 4th parade? Have you ever been in a Muslim hospital or heard a Muslim orchestra, saw a Muslim charity for anybody but other Muslims? Ever seen a Muslim Girl Scout or a Muslim candy striper? Have Muslims EVER done anything to contribute to American life beyond murder and mayhem? As usual, Obama is pandering without basis for his lying comments.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

UN (UN!) Troops Ordered to KILL!

They will be ordered to KILL those who don’t turn in their guns under the treaty they hope will be ratified and (maybe) approved by congress soon. I got this from “News With Attitude” and can’t really confirm it, but it doesn’t sound out of the realm of possibility with socialists/communists (progressivists) in charge. I wonder what troops, from what country, will carry out this order? And will the American government allow it? for my part, if they come to my door with their guns to take mine, I'll give them to them, one bullet at a time.

IS SARAH PALIN ELECTABLE? If not, we’ve got to be the stupidest country on the face of the earth, bar none. Her enemies (which include Republicans who are afraid of her) have succeeded in convincing a lot of people she is NOT by a repetition of lies about her, over and over, until she couldn’t take it any more and got out.

EVEN OBAMA’S COLLEGE THESIS A MYSTERY: His college won’t release it, and the one that WAS released is called “a hoax” by the Huffington Post (which means it must be the real one). It’s hard to tell ANYTHING about Obama because ALL his papers are either kept secret or if released, are called “a hoax. I’ve never seen a president of whom so LITTLE is known.

“I INHERITED THIS MESS”: Obama keeps saying “I inherited this mess.” I’d like for him to be SPECIFIC about just WHAT he inherited. But that will never happen. He CAN’T be “more specific” because he DIDN’T “inherit” a mess at all. That’s just one of his many LIES.

HE MADE THE MESS: Obama is NOT “cleaning up Bush’s mess.” He has made his OWN mess and every day he does something to make the mess WORSE while he tells ignorant Americans who don’t pay attention to politics he’s making it better. He’s not, but they don’t know it.

OBAMA’S “WAR AGAINST SUCCESS”: That’s the only thing it can be called, because that’s what it IS. He denigrates ANYTHING that smacks of success. He “knocks” those who have become successful as “the rich.” He says “profit is evil.” Then what is HE making every time somebody buys one of the books with his name on it as author, but which was written by a domestic terrorist who is “not sorry” for bombing the Pentagon, or anything else he did in his youth and is currently a professor in college (where else?).

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gun Control FOOLS

The "anti-gun fools" will soon be cranking up their silly campaign against guns, using that theater shooting in Denver (Aurora) Colorado as a "spark." They think people like this shooter will OBEY a law that says they can't be armed. How STUPID! Shooters like this don't attack gun shows or police stations where they KNOW there are many guns in the hands of people not afraid to use them. So they stay away. Does that tell you anything?

BANKRUPTING THE COAL INDUSTRY: That’s one promise Obama is in the process of keeping. Coal companies are even now declaring bankruptcy because they cannot conform to Obama’s “regulations” and “directives.” This in spite of the fact that there is NOT a “viable alternative” to coal on the horizon yet. Yes, they CAN use natural gas, at a much higher cost per BTU (a term meaning the amount of heat given out), but Obama doesn't care about that..

HOW STUPID IS OBAMA? He says, “Job creators do not fuel the economy.” WRONG! Job creators are the ONLY thing that “fuels the economy.” Not government, which can only (if it will) create a climate that allows job creators to create jobs” Creating jobs is a “by-product” of those companies making money. Without that, we go downhill in a hurry. Government needs to just get out of the way.

RING-A-DING-DING: That’s the sound my BS meter makes when I hear Obama talk about all the jobs he has “created.” And when he says he could have “put more people back to work if congress had just passed all his jobs bills.” Only problem is, those “jobs bills” would not have made anything better. They would have made things WORSE. Obama lies every day. I have to turn off my BS meter when he comes on the television, so it will not make me crazy.

That’s what Obama wants to do to help the economy. He doesn’t even MENTION cutting the $140,000.00 a year pay of members of Congress or of the bureaucrats in Washington and elsewhere, who have proliferated during his “reign.” Obama and other liberals HATE the military, even though they use them for their own purposes while tying their hands so they can’t accomplish their mission.

KEEPING A STRAIGHT FACE: How do reporters in the White House Press Corps keep a straight face when Obama’s press flack LIES to them so blatantly as he did the other day when he actually said, “Obama’s transparency has become well known.” I didn’t see the press conference. I only heard his lie. But I’ll bet their faces were twisted into pretzels, trying to keep from laughing and losing their press credentials.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Tore Up the Black Family?

The liberals are trying to convince you it was the Republicans. I haven’t seen their reasoning (if any) yet, but I’d bet it is a stretch of the truth. Actually, it was the LIBERALS who did it with all their welfare programs that taught black people to depend on the government, not on their own work and initiative. Now they’re saying “blacks can barely find their way to work.” and it's a black woman saying this! (NAACP) Actually, the black unemployment figure (caused by liberal Democrats) is 14%. Much higher than others.

TRANSPARENCY: Obama’s press flack, Jay Carney says (with a straight face) that Obama’s “transparency” is well established, and even the press corps maintained a straight face in the face of this blatant LIE. The truth is, Obama would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. He lies blatantly even when his audience KNOWS he is lying, and HE knows they do.

“AFRICAN-AMERICAN”: It bugs me every time I hear some uninformed person use the term, “African-American” to describe a black person. The fact is, most black people would not go to Africa if they had a chance, would not like it there if they did, and would be back as soon as they can get here. I do not subscribe to ANY tenet of “political correctness” and will use the words I choose, not those chosen FOR me by liberals.

“THE RICH” NOT JOB CREATORS: That's what Obama and other liberals say. But then, Obama thinks the private sector “is doing okay.” This man has no idea what’s really going on, and neither do his thugs and other liberals. That’s why this country is “going to hell in a handbasket” because of his stupid decisions and policies that result from them. He says “the rich are NOT the job creators,” when anybody with ANY degree of intelligence knows they ARE.

ASSAD THREATENING TO USE “CHEMICAL WEAPONS”: You know, those chemical weapons Saddam shipped Syria just before the U. S. deposed him and took over his country so we could never prove Saddam actually HAD chemical weapons. Liberals have been perpetuating this lie for many years even though we now have PROOF Saddam DID have them. As usual, they just deny it.

PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS: People like the late Woody Guthrie thought private property rights were wrong. But try and get THEM to give up their own private property rights. I’m sure the royalties to Guthrie’s many songs still go to his heirs. They’ll also keep the things those royalties buy. They ARE, after all, his property, aren’t they? OWS (Occupy Wall Street) fools decry private property rights, but don’t try and get them to give up their laptops and fancy, expensive phones, or anything else they have, probably bought by their parents

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Low Expectations

 “You cannot possibly talk about jobs for black people at the level he's [Obama] coming from. He's talking about entrepreneurship, savings accounts -- black people can barely find a way to get back and forth from work." This is a direct quote from (black woman) Charlette Stoker Manning, chair of women in the NAACP, who apparently doesn’t think much of the abilities and intelligence of black people (who are not her). Of course, they will say I’m a racist for quoting her.

LIBERAL WAR AGAINST ACHIEVEMENT: They call it “Class warfare,” and it is. But it is also a “war against achievement and achievers,” the very people who “make this world go around.” The people whose activities CREATE JOBS for all of us and other “rich people.” They want to tax them at higher rates because they’re jealous of the fact that their achievements have made them richer than others. This doesn’t make sense. But when have liberal ideas EVER made sense?

“THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY”: Liberals are now echoing conservatives about “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” (which they do regularly) being the definition of insanity because they’ve introduced and voted on bills to repeal Obama’s health care swindle law (sometimes with the help of some Democrats), knowing Obama will veto it every time. But they’re not doing it to get it repealed. They’re doing it to force Democrats to “go on the record” with their votes, and they have succeeded every time.

OBAMA HATES BEING CALLED A LIAR: Even though that’s exactly what he is. How do you tell when he’s lying? His mouth is moving and sounds are coming out. He lies whenever he writes something down on paper, too. Now one of his “mouthpieces” are trying to indicate that Romney is a FELON, demanding he release papers proving he is NOT. Can you tell me how to prove a negative?

GUAM WILL TIP OVER AND CAPSIZE: Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) is worried about overpopulation on the Island of Guam. He’s afraid it will “tip over and capsize” because of it. There’s something wrong with this guy. We need to put him in a hospital and examine his head because his head has become ready to “tip over.” Maybe poke a hole in it and let these silly thoughts escape like hot air.  Of course, no matter how stupid his statements are, liberals will call me racist for calling attention to it.

RAMPANT RACISM: People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton constantly talk about “rampant racism” in this country, especially in the South. Have you noticed how many black and Hispanic politicians there are in Washington and elsewhere? If racism is so “rampant,” why is that? And why do we have a president who likes to emphasize his “black side?”

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OWS to Cops: "Don't Fu-k With Us!

 They think they’re so strong they can tell the cops such a thing and will not wind up with their heads beaten in. I don’t much like seeing cops beating people’s heads in on the street (or anywhere else), but with the stated goals of the OWS fools, I can’t go against the idea. They think they can “beat heads” and not get theirs beaten in, as well. My message to them: “Go sh-t in the street. Get out of my face.”

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION: Even liberals are going against Obama’s most recent message that you should NOT “succeed” and that’s the way to run the country. How do you accomplish ANYTHING by not succeeding? As one liberal said, “That doesn’t make sense!” Obama himself is trying to SUCCEED in being re-elected even though if he does, WE lose. Obama never makes sense, anyway.

9/11 "TOUGH ON MUSLIMS": And I’m not surprised, since it was Muslims who perpetrated and actually DID the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 innocent Americans. Plus, Muslim terrorists are daily killing more and more innocent people. A Muslim congressman (Andre Carson D-IN) saying that, though, amazes me. 9/11 SHOULD be “tough on Muslims. At least those Muslims who believe the same way as the 9/11 murderers do. This congressman calls it racism. But it’s not racism to respond to being attacked. Somebody needs to slap him down.

That’s a statement from a so-called “religion professor” (Robert F. Shedinger, at Iowa’s Luther College), who ought to be “drummed out of his professorship” for stupidity. If this is the caliber of professor at this college, potential students would be well-advised to go elsewhere. This is another fool that needs to be “slapped down.”

Obama said if we elected him we would destroy racism forever. Like most of his promises, this has proven to be a lie. Racism is found by his thugs everywhere. We have set back race relations by 100 years by electing him, among other things. When he talks about racism, he completely ignores the fact that we elected a black man president. At least, a half black man who prefers to emphasize his “blackness” for his own benefit. Plus, there are many black people in congress, some even from Southern states.

LIKE MAO’S “LITTLE RED BOOK”: Obama is using tactics used by many well known dictators, all socialist (or something else just like it). The latest is a “Little Blue Book” written by his principle liberal mentor, George Lackoff (rhymes with Ja—off), one of the best-known liberal (progressive) spokesmen. this book tells you how to be a good liberal (socialist).

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Black Empoloyment At 14%

Why then, is Obama so strongly counting on the support of black people that he doesn’t even cater to their wishes? He didn’t even speak before the NAACP, but sent his vice president to do so. That was an indication that he doesn’t consider them very important. Why is that? Of course, Obama and his fools are still saying the GOP wants to increase unemployment, when he has PROVEN, by his actions, that HE does.

WHAT? HAVEN’T THEY BURIED LENIN YET? Boy, he must really stink by now! They’re thinking about finally burying Lenin. Lenin was responsible for 70 years of oppression and millions of deaths and they STILL “revere” him. Or they follow orders and PRETEND to revere him. If it were me, I’d bury him as deep as I could after peeing on his grave and hope he doesn’t come back to haunt he country. That would be like “revering” Obama.

HE SHOULDN’T HAVE “BASHED” OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE: That’s what Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo), chair of the Black Caucus (a racist organization of there ever was one) thinks about Romney’s speech to the NAACP the other day. Why? If that’s what Romney thinks, he has every right to say so, in front of ANY crowd. That just proves he’s not like Obama, who “tailors” his speeches to suit his crowd. Even if he has to lie (which doesn’t bother him) to do it.

HYPOCRISY PERSONIFIED: Just like they did at a recent Michelle Obama speech, Eric Holder’s people required photo ID for reporters to get into see him make a speech about how it is racist to require a photo ID in order to vote. Democrats (the kings of voter fraud) want to keep it easy for their people to vote many times, even after they’re dead. So they certainly don’t want to require a photo ID as a requirement to vote.

YUP. HE LIED. BUT NOBODY CARES: Obama lies every time he opens his mouth. Or when he writes something down. Or whenever his thugs say anything. But he gets away with it because nobody ever calls him on it effectively. Like his Romney “outsourcing” ad, which has been shown to be a lie, but he keeps running it without comment. Soon people will believe Romney is “king of outsourcing,” when he is NOT. Obama is. But nobody will ever know because the liberal media keeps it quiet.

DON’T BELIEVE POLLS: They’re too easy to twist to say what you want them to say. Principally by oversampling liberals. A common joke is the poll held in the New York Times lobby asking if they liked Obama. Another is with the questions asked, and still another is the people polled lying for one reason or another. That’s the only thing I can use to account for Obama’s consistent high poll ratings in spite of the disaster his presidency has been.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Indisputable Evidence

In one murder case a prosecutor presented ten people who said they saw the defendant kill the victim. The defense countered with 20 who said they DIDN’T see the defendant kill the victim. That sounds about as logical as what the liberals come up with to prove their pipe-dreams.

LOOTING THE POOR: Just as illogical is the whole idea that “the rich” (other than rich liberals, of course) got that way by “looting the poor.” How do they figure you can “loot” people who have nothing? That’s an example of their faulty thinking and that same fault runs through ALL their thinking, including taxing the job creators more than anybody else and hating large corporations who got large by coming up with products and services we all want to buy and who are ESSENTIAL to our lives.

THE BIGGEST “SUPER PAC”:  Liberals are criticizing the “super pacs” on the Republican side, but not a peep out of them about the super pacs on the Democrat side, several of which are unions, which Obama has promised to support. Doesn’t ANYBODY watch what this fool scam artist is doing?

“SHUT UP YOURSELF!” Bob Beckel, on “The five,” tells Rep. West, “Shut up, you blowhard!” where the hell does he get off telling an elected U. S. congressman to “shut up?” Somebody needs to step on this fat fool’s mouth so he doesn’t make a fool of himself on national television any more. The sorry thing is, he’s a PROFESSOR, teaching his fool ideas to our kids! and he's not alone. MOST professors are just like him; stupid, and so cocky he can't even conceive being wrong.

“NOT A SINGLE JEW DIED ON 9/11!”  That’s what that a friend of that fool vice-president Joe Biteme said, and as usual, that’s wrong. LOTS of Jews died on 9/11. Their names were just not singled out. People like this ought to keep HIS mouth shut, too, because every time he opens it he proves HIS ignorance.

LIBERALS SLANDER AND INTIMIDATE PEOPLE WHO SPEAK OUT: That’s why they want to KILL Brad Pitt’s mother because she doesn’t agree with them. Have you ever heard a conservative say something like that? What FOOLS liberals are!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why Socialists Win Often

There are enough people out there who want a “free ride” to keep electing them. More than 50% of Americans receive a government check today, and they want to keep the money coming. So they vote to keep those socialists in office. They ALL forget that soon we will run out of other people’s money and their “house of cards” will collapse. But maybe not in their lifetimes, and that's all they care about..

OBAMA EXTENDS BUSH TAX CUTS: Wait a minute! Didn’t he blame those tax cuts for this bad economy? The bad economy HIS people started with that infamous law forcing lenders to loan money to deadbeats? So why is he suddenly extending it, at least for those who aren’t “rich?” Does he think we don’t notice these inconsistencies in his reasoning? How stupid IS he?

ROMNEY NEEDS TO GET TOUGHER: Rush Limbaugh thinks Romney just isn’t “tough enough” on Obama. He needs to “get tougher.” Like he did on members of his own party during the primaries. Has he “bought into” the liberals telling him not to criticize Obama because the people in “the middle” won’t like it? Obama NEEDS to be criticized, at every turn, every time he does something stupid to promote his movement toward socialism. Romney should not listen to liberals.

“STAY AWAY FROM THE KIDS!” Rahm Emanuel, the latest “Chicago boss”  says to his “gang-bangers,” “Don’t kill kids. Stay with adults!” That way we can all get along, is the message given.  Emanuel is the latest corrupt mayor “elected” by Chicagoans and he still thinks he’s the boss. I wonder who’s “coming up behind him,” ready to take him off the point. You can bet SOMEBODY is stalking him. That’s the way it is in Chicago.

FRANK: “GOP MOSTLY IGNORED MY WEDDING.”  What does he want? A “fanfare” for marrying his boyfriend of many years? Seems to me he’d like for a man to marry a man to be “routine,” not something to be made a big thing of. He got what he wanted: legitimization. He needs to shut up.

Too bad. I was hoping he’d die soon so someone else could take over his country. Of course, that will just mean someone else as mean and nasty as he is will be in control. He’s got things set up too well for anybody else to have a chance. When he dies, another dictator will “spring up” to replace him, and we can’t hope ALL the dictators in the world will just up and die. Damn!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"I Hate Rich People Who Aren't Me"

Dilbert came up with a basic truth in his strip today, and that is found in the headline for this post. Liberals are jealous that THEY aren’t rich. Or RICH liberals want to keep anyone else from BECOMING rich. Liberals keep fighting human nature when they condemn “the rich” while everybody with any sense at all wants to BECOME rich.

LIBERALS LIE ABOUT ROMNEY: Nothing new about that. They ALWAYS lie about their opponents when ever they can’t find something true (they usually can’t) about them to say. They say his Bain Capital bought failing companies, “drowned them in debt”, then bankrupted them. I got a clue for liberals: those companies were ALREADY bankrupt. They could not take on any more debt. He SAVED most of them, but some were UNSAVABLE. Those are the ones liberals concentrate on.

WHY CAN’T INTELLIGENT PEOPLE SEE IT? Everything Obama does makes the recession deeper and kills the creation of new jobs. Yet he is still “hailed” as a great president (mostly by people whose jobs and futures depend on him remaining in office). Damn, I’ll be glad when they drag him out of the oval office, on Jan. 20th kicking and screaming. I’m just worried about the bad things he could do during his “lame-duck” session between November and January.

IT’S NOT A TAX! That’s what Obama and his thugs have insisted all along, until Chief Justice Roberts said it was. They still say it isn’t, but guess who will come after you of you refuse to pay it? The IRS, of course! He’s hired 15,000 new collectors to augment their ranks to collect it. If it isn’t a tax, why is the IRS going to collect it? Do they really think we’re that STUPID?

DISCIPLINARY TAX: That’s what will collect his health care swindle law tax if you refuse (or are unable) to buy health insurance at his order. There is no allowance for a “disciplinary tax” in the Constitution, so such a tax is ILLEGAL. But Obama doesn’t care, most of what he DOES is illegal, but who is going to call him on it except somebody like me, who has no power at all to stop him?

SMALL OVERSIGHT: The Founders of this country made a small oversight when they wrote the Constitution as the basis for ALL our laws. They told the politicians what they could not do, but provided NO PUNISHMENT for those who did it anyway. Thus, somebody like Obama, who recognizes NO LIMITS on what he may do, does what he wants because nobody will stop him.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama? Bi-Partisan? Hearty Har-Har!

Obama says, ”Most people would acknowledge I’ve tried real hard to be bipartisan.” Where? What? When? What he means about “bipartisan” is for the other side to agree with HIM. There’s no other way to him. What a LAUGH that is! Thanks. I needed a good belly-laugh.1

“FABRICATING” CLASS WARFARE? Vlerie Jarett is angry. Angry that the media has “fabricated” Obama’s “class warfare.” What planet has she been living on? Class warfare has been at the CORE of his re-election campaign! He has nothing else! He refers to it every time he opens his mouth about Romney “making a lot of money killing companies (which, in itself is a LIE).” Somebody needs to show this bi-ch what’s REALLY going on outside of her personal imagination.

BRAD PITTS’ MOM GETS DEATH THREATS: Why? Because she disagrees with Brad’s ultra-liberal views and said so in public. Now liberals want her dead. That’s so typical of liberals: like Islamic terrorists, they want ANYBODY who thinks differently than they do dead.

EVERYBODY SHOULD GET FREE HEALTH CARE: That’s what Obama says, anyway. Never mind he’s speaking about paying for it with YOUR money. Obama is awfully free with other people’s money, isn’t he? I don’t notice him spending HIS money on paying other people’s bills.

WHY DID THEY WAIT SO LONG? Indictments for the killers of border agent Brian Terry released. Why did they wait until now? Terry wasn’t even armed with a deadly weapon. He was shooting bean-bags. And the smugglers, who were shooting REAL bullets, murdered him. And we hid their identities for eight months—which gave the murderers ample opportunity to escape. Why? Do Holder and the rest of his thugs WANT those murderers to escape? Are they "his people?"

NOT “CLASS WARFARE?” WHAT PLANET ARE THEY ON? Democrats are “offended” that people actually think Obama is waging “class warfare.” I can see why as Obama keeps Bush’s tax cuts in place for everybody BUT the people who create the jobs; or when he “taxes the rich.” Or when he criticizes the owners of the large corporations who keep this world running, coming up with products and services we want to buy.

  That’s the headline on some current ads on the Internet, and that headline is really stupid. Why on earth should we TAKE economic advice from somebody who got us in the worst economic mess ever? Somebody who blames others (chiefly George Bush) for his own screwups? We’re working hard to get RID of this simpleton. Why in hell should we take economic advice from him?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The New Gestapo

That’s what Gov. Paul LePage of Maine calls those 15,000 new IRS agents that Obama hired to collect the “fines” (taxes) levied on those who tell him to go to hell on buying health insurance at his orders. I’m one of them who told him to go to hell, so they might as well come get me now because I’m NOT paying; either for health insurance OR the “fine” (tax). What is there about “I can’t afford health insurance” Obama doesn’t understand?. If I can’t afford it, making a law forcing me to buy it won’t change that. (Damn dumb SOB!)

JOE BIDEN’S A FOOL!  That’s the reason Obama wanted him as vice president. He would never realize the idiocy of Obama’s policies. In a recent speech he “knocked” what he calls “so-called job creators.” Those “so-called job creators” are the ONLY “job creators.” Government is NOT. The government only “recycles” the money they STEAL from their citizens. They create NO “new profits.” Employers (of whatever size) DO create new profits, which causes them to hire more people to keep up with the work involved in MAKING more profits. Joe cannot hide this fact. All he can do is deny reality.

OBAMA HATES PROFIT: So he SAYS he is “working hard” to improve the economy. But what does “improving the economy” entail? People making more PROFIT! But Obama HATES profit, so how does he intend to “improve the economy” without people making profits? He “invested” a lot of money to “buy into” General Motors and now General Motors is making a little profit. Which Obama likes: a “little profit.” Unfortunately that’s not enough for them to survive and they will soon be “on the block again.”

“THROW MONEY AT IT”: Your money, not his. Schools aren’t doing well. Mostly because they aren’t teaching “reading, writing, and arithmetic.” They’re teaching “social values,” which have no use in this world. So he wants to “throw money at it,” which won’t work. What WILL work is to go back to teaching the “Three Rs”, which he will never do. So I guess our education system is doomed.

TRUMKA KNOCKS STOCK MARKET “FAT CATS”: Turns out union officers are just as much “fat cats” as are the stock market people, but on YOUR money, not their own profits—and without paying taxes on the money from the hotels and other high profit businesses they buy with member’s money. Talk about hypocrisy!

SELLING ADS ON GOVT. "PROPERTY": That’s what they’re considering to get even more money to help them out of the financial mess they got themselves into by trying to keep ANYBODY from failing, at ANYTHING. Obama will probably pick up this idea to get more money in his re-election fund.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doonesbury's Got It Backwards

As usual. His Monday (7/2) strip is about China sending an envoy to thank ROMNEY for his “job creation in China.” But if ANYBODY should be thanked for that, it’s OBAMA. How does a person like Doonesbury, who is supposed to be intelligent, get it so wrong, so often? I guess it’s because, like Obama, he believes in socialism.

THE ONLY COUNTRY WITHOUT GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE: Time Magazine editor Mark Halperin says, “We ought not be the only country in the world without government-run health care (News Busters).” Why not? Is health care so important that it must be run by the government? As I remember it, the only thing politicians do well is get elected. In all other things, they’re incompetent. I don’t want an incompetent politician risking my life by running health care.

IRAN AGAIN PROVES ITS STUPIDITY: It is again threatening to “destroy American bases within range of its missiles.” Doesn’t its “rulers know that if it did, it would cease to exist before its missiles landed on those bases? If they ever landed, with our missile defense system. Do they really want to die?

MORE PEOPLE BUYING DIESELS: Because diesel fuel is less expensive. But with more and more people buying diesels, the use of diesel fuel increases, making the price of diesel fuel go up. You just can’t win.

APATHY: The same old apathy to the depredations of the federal government I noticed in the sixties is still present today. Which is the reason for my second book recently, “Pay Attention to Politics!” Subtitle, “Politics WILL pay attention to YOU!” My own SON ignores what liberals are doing, and I can’t seem to convince him what they’re doing WILL affect him. My GRANDson is “wavering” toward Obama. Where did I go wrong?

PRODUCERS vs. LOOTERS: That’s what we’re involved in. Nothing else. I don’t care how complicated they trey to make it, it’s that simple. The LOOTERS want to loot the PRODUCERS for the benefit of the MOOCHERS of society. Those who simply want a “free ride” on the backs of the PRODUCERS. People like those OWS demonstrators who crap on police cars and in the streets in front of everybody, leave messes wherever they go, and generally make a nuisance of themselves.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We Need to Get Rid of Peelosi

This woman is a damned fool and she shows it every time she opens her mouth. She ignores AG Holder’s role in “running guns” to the Mexican cartels and causing the death of at least one (that we know of) federal agent (and 200 Mexicans) and calls efforts to declare him in contempt “unconscionable.” Then she says efforts to repeal Obama’s health care swindle law are “unrealistic.” What is “unrealistic” is her continuance in office if people of intelligence prevail.

PEELOSI TRASHES “FREE RIDERS”: She talks about people who can’t afford health care as “free riders,” but ignores the “free riders” her (and Obama’s) health care swindle law create. Peelosi is the CHAMPION of using words against us while talking double-talk. She, of the “We have to pass this law to find out what’s in it” stupid statement. To show her abysmal stupidity all you have to do is quote her—once.

OBAMA MAKES HISTORY: Obama is the first “sitting president” to okay gay marriage; to have NO budget for more than THREE YEARS; to spend more money than there IS; to openly favor socialism; to spend more money than ALL previous presidents combined; to think he can be re-elected with 8% (or higher) unemployment; or to have a $5 TRILLION DOLLAR national debt.

They tell us the miserable condition of our education system is lack of money. Not so. They’re AWASH in money but they have no idea how to spend it. What makes them think “throwing money at it” will improve anything? Do they really think we’re stupid enough to believe their lies?

“IN THE POCKET” FOR BIG OIL? Romney might be “in the pocket” for big oil, as Obama says he is (and since Obama said it, I doubt it. Obama lies about everything.), but at least he’s not PROMISING to “bankrupt” an important (and so far irreplaceable) source of power like coal. Obama has a lot of gall to make such a statement with his record of doing everything he can to DESTROY what we need to survive.

SHOOTING AT MUSLIM WOMEN: The Navy Seals have a shooting range that features what looks like a Muslim woman with a gun pointed at the shooter. What’s wrong with shooting her? If she is pointing a gun at the shooter she has it coming. So why is anybody complaining? In Afganistan sometimes, women AND children ARE shooting at you. My brother (a Marine) had to kill a 9-year-old kid (in Viet Nam) who had just blown his sergeant’s head off. And people think they aren't using women?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's A TAX, Dammit!

Obama and his thugs have said, time and time again, that his health care swindle act is NOT a tax. Now they say it IS, and that’s the con they used to get it by the Supreme Court. Which is it? What they told us all along, or what the Supreme Court has decided it is? Were they lying to us all along? I think I know the answer to that question. Obama has been lying to us on just about all issues since he began his campaign to con us into electing him president. So is it surprising he lied to us to get his “landmark issue” passed into law?

CONSTITUTIONAL KNOWLEDGE TEST: I think a law should be passed to make ALL potential candidates for ANY office pass a public test proving their knowledge of what’s in the constitution BEFORE they can run for office. And anyone running for president should be FORCED to show VIABLE proof of citizenship.

ILLEGAL PUNITIVE TAX: The Supreme Court, in its infinite wisdom, has decided Obama’s demand that every American buy health insurance, just because he/she is breathing, is a TAX. Something Obama and his thugs have denied from the “git-go.” There are only certain kinds of taxes ALLOWED in the Constitution. A “punitive tax” is not one of them. In any case, a tax must be PAID before it can be contested in court.

EVERYBODY’S MAD AT ROBERTS: But I’m not so sure that’s right. Justice Roberts gave Romney a perfect campaign issue by voting the way he did. One that just might be enough to assure Obama’s defeat. If so, he’s smarter than anybody ever thought he was.

EVERYTHING IS RACIST TO DEMOCRATS: When they call something or someone, or something said racist, that’s an indication to me that they have run out of arguments and have nothing else to say. Seems like every day, several times a day some Democrat calls something or somebody racist since that fool Obama was elected. And he IS a fool, whatever color he may be (he’s only HALF black). So does that make me only HALF a racist?

AS USUAL, OBAMA TWISTS IT: That ad saying women make 76  cents on the dollar compared to what men make? It twists and muddles facts as usual. They don’t make 76 cents for the SAME WORK. That’s the “midline ”on ALL work, and doesn’t take into account the number of hours worked. Men work 40 hours while women work 35 hours. As usual, the whole thing is a LIE. Not “misspeaking,” not “bending the facts,” LYING.