Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Albright Defense Fizzles

Madelyn Albright, former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, went on TV in an attempt to bamboozle and “smooth over” the Hillary e-mail scandal. But she screwed it up, royally. She tried to say Hillary “explained and apologized.” That “we should now move on to the issues." But that's precisely what Hillary has NOT done. She (Hillary) rebuffed all questions and made light of it by making jokes about it.. Her “no apology apology” was basically that she was sorry she got caught. Albright tried ”damage control” by Twitter later, but that didn't work. It just made it worse. She says, “Hillary would make an exceptional president.” which shows a very low level of intelligence.

SORRY TO SEE BOEHNER GO: The people most sorry to see Boehner go are the ones that will surprise you. The biggest name is Barack Obama. The next biggest is Harry Reid. Then there are any number of other Democrats. NO significant misery displayed by Republicans. Why is that, you may ask? Why would the OPPOSITION be sorry to see him go? Because he has been their biggest SUPPORTER in congress, and the next guy might not be so accommodating. That says a LOT, to me.

DON'T MESS WITH OLD FOLKS: Two robbers, both WOMEN, tied this oldster up in his own home and attempted to rob him. One took off in his car for I don't know what reason, but he managed to free himself and got his gun. He tried to hold the one left at gunpoint, but she ran away. The cops found one of them (the one who took off in his car) in a MARKET, for gawdsake! Why goes GROCERY SHOPPING in the middle of a robbery? The one who ran from the home may still be running. But this just shows that you don't ever want to underestimate old folks.

BOEHNER FAVORS MASS MURDER: He says he wants to get the measure to continue funding Planned Parenthood during his last month in office. He wants one of his last acts to be to support INFANTICIDE. He CAN'T not know that's what they do! I heard a commentator on the liberal (local) media say those videos had been “heavily edited and completely discredited” (the usual Planned Parenthood lie) on TV, but they have NOT. They have been certified as genuine. But Boehner still wants to finance their mass murder activities.

OBAMA FACE TOILET PAPER: They've come out with a new toilet paper with Obama's face on each sheet. But I probably won't be buying any. Much as like the idea of using Obama's face to wipe with, it's only available online, and I don't buy things online because the one time I tried, I got robbed. “Fool me once....” ONE TIME! That makes it pretty common, and I want no part of it. If I ever see it in a Walgreen's store (where I can usually find most of the products “not available in stores”), then I'll get some. It's such a delicious idea!

ONLY IGNORANT PEOPLE: Obama says, “Only ignorant people think Islam is behind the terrorism that is quickly growing in the world.” Does he really think we're dumb enough to BELIEVE that crap? Does he really think he can make that true by SAYING it? The only “ignorant person” in this is OBAMA, who won't even utter the words “Islamic terrorism” when the terrorists themselves say they are Muslims! Can he BE that STUPID? I don't think so. I think he's trying his best to HELP the Islamic terrorists win.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's All Horse Manure

They now say, “The far right is responsible for Boehner's resignation.” That may be right. But so what? It couldn't happen if there was only opposition to him from the left. It's when he gets opposition from his own party that counts. Opposition from the left counts for nothing. There's a saying: “If you want to get to the horizon, aim for the moon.” That's what the “far right” does. Yes, their positions might be a little bizarre. But they are bizarre in the right direction and end up leading to a REASONABLE solution.

MORE HORSE MANURE: Chris Matthews says, “GOP is pro-white, Mormon, and conservative.” He is, predictably, wrong on all counts. Where he gets that “Mormon” crap, I don't know. “Pro-white?” It has always been the Democrats who have been “pro-white,” being the very people Martin Luther King demonstrated against (which nobody seems to remember). The party that filibustered AGAINST the “equal rights amendment.” Who have more former (maybe) KKK members among their Congress members than anybody else. Conservative? Maybe. We wish it were so. Conservative isn't perfect, but it's a lot better than what we have. Brian Williams says “He had to put up with the Tea Party.” So what? The Tea Party is the best thing to come around in a long time.

TYPICAL MUSLIM: People tell the truth about them and they're accused of “twisting the truth to make Muslims look bad.” That's what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said, and he's a “Good Muslim” who LIES for them. That's all they have, to call their accusers liars, because their accusers are RIGHT. They depend on the fact that the Koran is in a foreign language and it's hard to find someone who can read it we can trust not to lie, since the Koran says it's okay to lie to advance Islam.

LIARS ORGANIZATION: We're hearing today from all the LIARS in the UN. We heard from Obama; then from the president of communist China, then, uh, Putin, the butcher of Russia. How many more dictators will we have to hear as the news media runs their lies, live? Damn, I get tired of listening to these fools rant! But that's what all of them (including Obama) do best, rant. I try not to hear a word any of them say to avoid polluting my brain. There sure are a bunch of FOOLS running things these days. Fools who are not good at ANYTHING but conning their way into high office.

IRAN BLAMES AMERICA: They say America's initial refusal to negotiate with Iran is responsible for ALL the “unrest in the Middle East. That's what Iran's current president says, anyway. Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black!” The biggest sponsor and financier of Islamic terrorism blaming America for its crimes. What a “belly laugh” that is! If another country was their biggest enemy, I guess they would be the ones to be blamed. Damn, what stupid people are running Iran! They really think the world will believe that horse manure that slides out of their mouths! The front one, not the back one they sit on.

THE DEMOCRAT TRUMP: On Fox's “The Five,” they did a segment on Kanye West's stupidities, playing clips of many of them. Then they agreed that Kanye was the “Democrat Donald Trump.” But there's a big difference between Donald Trump and Kanye West. Trump is at least, SANE, while West has a “screw loose.” Maybe more than one screw. Maybe a whole box of screws, all of them loose. There ought to be a way to ban people who are INSANE from even RUNNING for president, because there are too many stupid people out there who would vote for them, and we'd then get a “certifiably insane president.” Frankly, I think we already have one. Everything Obama does is either INCOMPETENT, or very “competently subversive.”

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sharia Superceding Constitution?

The question asked is this: “Should the American Constitution be superseded by Sharia Law? That question is asked of Muslims, all the time (including “peaceful Muslims”). Their answer is universally, “Yes.” Why, I can't figure out, unless they are so thoroughly brainwashed, they don't know any better. That's probably it. People ask why they “flee the oppression of Muslim countries, then try to make this country into what they fled?” The answer is, they didn't “flee.” They came here to make as much trouble as they can for us until they've bred enough to outnumber us. That's when the REAL “takeover” will begin, without a shot being fired. Obama is helping.

ACCEPTING IMMIGRANTS”: The Pope is “urging America to 'accept immigrants,' as if we did NOT do so.” This is a COUNTRY of immigrants. We have a PROUD HISTORY of accepting immigrants! I don't know what the HELL he is talking about! What we will not accept is a horde of ILLEGAL immigrants who come here wanting to take advantage of our welfare system, or undermine our institutions and practices while breeding millions of subversives to kill as many “Infidels” as possible. Those, we don't want any part of, and no amount of admonishing by the Pope will make us do so.

REID “MOURNS” BOEHNER'S LEAVING”: And it's not surprising. He knows the next guy in that office might just not be so ”easy.” I've noticed an “outpouring” of “nice words” for Boehner, mostly on the part of Democrats, for the same reason. They knew that as long as Boehner was there, they could still get their agenda promoted. A new guy will probably not be so easily led. It's very suspicious to me when Democrats PRAISE their opposition, any time. Republicans, (except for the RINOS) probably don't agree. I haven't heard much from them on the subject.

THE WORST CHOICE: Hillary is the worst possible choice to be president of the United States. She's a lying coward who let Bill walk all over her. She allowed Islamic terrorists to KILL four of her embassy people, including an AMBASSADOR while she sipped champagne in comfort and refused to send help, lying that they couldn't get there fast enough, when she knew they could. She has lied consistently about her “e-mail scandal” and is now being found out, for real. So she's changing her story, again. She must have made Obama mad, because it looks like it's for real, this time. It looks like Obama is “throwing her under the bus,” as he has done to many who displeased him. She just MIGHT end up in prison, not the White House.

DREAM ON, SAN FRAN: The headline says, “Gun Violence to End in San Francisco After Last Gun Store Closes.” (It's probably moving to a city close by where the politicians are more intelligent). That's what the anti-gun fools think, anyway. I'll be watching the news reports in the next few weeks and months to see just how damned STUPID and naive this is. The guns we have to worry about are in the hands of CRIMINALS, who obey NO LAWS and get their guns illegally so they can't be easily traced to them.

CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD! I saw a headline somewhere that said, “Chivalry, and manners, are truly dead.” I disagree It's only dead for people whose parents never taught them respect, or if they did, they weren't paying attention Many women are really at fault, when they give a man a dirty look when he holds a door open for them. That tends to discourage a man from BEING chivalrous. My mother taught me to BE chivalrous, and I still am, at 78. That's the way I am, and I'll never apologize for it. Only total damned fools would,

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Talk About Disrespectful!

South Park made a show in which Donald Trump got raped to death. It that had happened naming ANY Democrat candidate, the howl would be heard from here to eternity and wouldn't stop until all connected were ruined, or dead. But it was Donald Trump, so the media has let out a massive yawn. They couldn't care less because Trump is a Republican. The double standard is so obvious it's shameful, but they don't care. That's the way they are. Democrats criticize everybody for “not being respectful” whenever somebody makes fun of their people. But never when it's Republicans.

INCOME REDISTRIBUTION”: There is nothing more COMMUNIST (socialist, collectivist) than “income redistribution,” which is one of the most popular things for Democrats (liberals) to say. “Uneven income distribution” is another. Both are covers for governmental THEFT of money and property,from those capable and willing to EARN their money and property EARN, while GIVING that stolen to those who have (and will) produce NOTHING usable. All they have is their JEALOUSY of those who DO. And they PLAY on that jealousy to get votes to stay in (or gain) office, by promising more “goodies” than the “other guy.” I'm reminded of HIllary's promoting FREE COLLEGE TUITION for all.

BOHNER'S QUITTING: It's the ultimate demonstration of his personality. He knew he was going to have to FIGHT to keep his job, so rather than fight, he quit. That's been what he has been doing ever since he was named to his position. “Run from a fight.” Every time Obama says, “jump,” he gets on his knees and says, “How high, sir?” Sometimes he bends over forward. If we can now get a real fighter in his position there may be time left yet to mitigate some of the damage Obama has done. I just hope there is SOMEBODY there who fits that description.

LIBERALS “FREAK OUT”: Big deal. They're always “Freaking out” over something. In this case it's over a “hot babe” in a NRA ad. So WHAT if they use a “hot babe?” Women who like to be able to defend themselves can be pretty, too. Apparently, liberals don't understand that, since a lot of liberal women don't “measure up” to the “hot babe” label. So what if they use a “hot babe” in an ad? Sex sells. They know that, as well as anybody (but liberals) do, and they use it. Besides, who cares what liberals think? They just aren't important.

OBAMA PROMISES VETO: Ever a block to anything good, Obama has promised to veto a bill now in Congress to “outlaw killing babies.” apparently, he LIKES the idea of “killing off” black babies. Although why Congress thinks another LAW to make killing babies against the law is needed, I don't know. Isn't killing babies MURDER? We already have laws against murder if the “authorities” will just enforce them. The members of the Supreme Court who “deciphered” the Constitution to mean killing babied in the womb is okay need to be arrested, tried for mass murder, and imprisoned, some of them given the death penalty.

FUNDING MASS MURDERERS: Speaker Boehner has announced that he is quitting. Good riddance to bad rubbish. He has been a “lap dog” for Obama ever since he was elected speaker of the House. He has “bent over forward” for Obama so much that whenever Obama says, “jump,” he squats down and asks, “How high? Now he has also announced he will see to it that Congress votes to keep funding the mass murderers of mostly black babies at Planned Parenthood, and we KNOW Obama will sign it into law so they can keep on with their murderous ways. Boehner, and Obama, need to be arrested, and “perp-walked out, tried for mass murder, and executed as quickly as possible. Forget impeachment. Like Clinton, he knows where too many bodies are buried. Probably helped bury a few, himself.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Enough, Already!

It's okay to report on the visit of the Pope. But it's not okay for the news media to go “wall-to-wall” on it for THREE DAYS. For three days it has been, “all Pope, all the time.” For most of the first two days, they didn't even stop to run commercials. The “bean-counters” must have been losing their minds. They're still “wall-to-wall Pope” as I write this, on Saturday, and I'm getting sick and tired of it. They tend to be excessive on the “flavor of the day,” anyway. But I've never seen it this bad. Enough, already! Let the poor guy alone! Let ME alone!

THEY WANT IT ALL: Ignorant gay activists want Kim Davis' scalp to hang on their wall. They got what they originally wanted, and her office issued them ”marriage licenses” without her signature after she went to jail for refusing, that the governor confirmed were legal. But they want more. They want her to follow their ORDERS. They want to FORCE her to reissue the licenses with her signature on them, and want the court to order her to do so or vacate her position. I predict she will tell them to “stick it.” Of course, they might enjoy that too much. In any case, I suspect she has beliefs that are stronger than anything they can bring against her. They need to be jailed for harassing her.

ARE THEY STUPID? Are these people stupid, or what? Global Warming (or whatever Gore calls it today to better fool us) has been thoroughly discredited in so many ways there is no way they aren't aware of it. The best way is simply the fact that the “globe” has NOT been “warming” for more than fifteen years! Warming and cooling of the globe is CYCLICAL and cannot be affected (for good or bad) by man.But the believers in the Global Warming Religion (including Gore, Obama, and even the Pope) ignore facts. Their minds are made up, so don't confuse them with facts. Are they stupid, or what?

IS THAT A TRICK QUESTION? “Would you go for big government, or a return to respecting the Constitution?” Is that a “trick question, or what?  Big government inevitably takes away our rights. Constitutionality RESPECTS them. So why is that question even seriously asked? Damn, there are some stupid people out there. Mostly liberals. But some conservatives, too. Why would ANYBODY choose something that takes away his rights instead of something that CONSERVES them?

WE'RE TAKING OVER”: That's the message given to the NJ School Board when a Muslim told them, “We will be in the majority soon.” Thus revealing their “master plan” to take us over by force of NUMBERS, not force of arms, thereby using one of our most obvious weaknesses. They plan on outnumbering us and taking us over that way without firing a shot (until AFTER they take over). They're coming here by the thousands, some whose way is being paid by Obama. And they breed like rabbits. That's easy to beat, if we can just get some INTELLIGENT lawmakers in office who will BAN Muslims from ever being able to vote, therefore making their numbers useless.

BANNING CASH: Little by little, state by state, they're making laws that will make using cash illegal. In Louisiana, they just missed passing a law that would have accomplished that. In one place, a guy tried to pay his mortgage in cash at Bank of America, and he got arrested. The government wants to FORCE us to use credit cards or debit cards, so they can keep track of our spending. When we use cash for everything (as I do), they can't trace everything we buy, legal or illegal. I'm damned glad that at age 78, I won't be around to live under such tyranny for long (I hope so, anyway).

Friday, September 25, 2015

Homophobia A Mental Disorder?

Bwwaahhaahhaa! Thanks. I needed a good belly laugh! That's what gays are calling it when ANYBODY is against being gay, or against ANYTHING gays want us to “knuckle under” and accept. Boy, it must be nice to be able to declare ANY opposition to your opinions a mental disorder, or something like that. Of course, that doesn't make it so. The very WORD “homophobia” is a “made-up term” and is phony, to begin with. I have nothing against what gays do to each other behind closed doors, but I'm solidly AGAINST them insisting I APPROVE of it. They can stick it where they sit—but they might enjoy that, too much.

VETOING ANTI-MURDER BILL: There shouldn't be a need for making a law against killing babies in and out of the womb, but Congress is trying to make one. And Obama is promising to VETO it. Which pretty much tells me Obama is IN FAVOR of the bloody murder of infants before they've even had a chance at life. For this reason alone, he should not only be impeached and removed from office, but imprisoned and subjected to the death penalty. Anybody who FAVORS killing infants should get similar treatment. That includes the Supreme court members who misread the Constitution to start this atrocity.

EXCLUDING MUSLIMS: Ted Cruz says “Excluding Muslims from the presidency is unconstitutional. And he's right. It IS. But refusing to vote for a Muslim is NOT, and that's what Ben Carson is saying. No, you can't ban a Muslim from running for president, by law. But the PEOPLE have the right to do that. And, if they're smart, they will. Unfortunately, many of them are NOT smart. They pay no attention to politics, and they vote, anyway. That is unproductive, and WRONG!.

PUNISH THE WHISTLEBLOWER! That's what Obama wants to do. There have been many lawsuits filed against Medical Progress founder David Daleiden for exposing the “mass murder” of infants conducted by Planned Parenthood. What a fantastic turnaround that is! Punishing the one who exposes mass murder! While protecting the mass murderers! And that is our PRESIDENT who wants to do that! How stupid and incompetent he is! Anybody who APPROVES of the mass murder of infants should be imprisoned, and subjected to the death penalty, himself, not be in a position to punish the “good guy” who exposed the crimes.

WHAT PART OF “NO LAW”: What part of “no law regarding religion or the practice thereof" do you not understand? That's the ONLY MENTION of religion in the Constitution. The only mention of the “separation of church and state” came in a letter from one Founder to another. It DOES NOT appear in then Constitution. Atheists want us to think we need to remove ALL MENTION of religion from our public schools because “it's unconstitutional.” IT'S NOT. Don't be taken in by their perverted thinking.

FBI RECOVERS E-MAILS: They just announced it. The FBI has recovered Hillary's “lost” e-mails from the server she THOUGHT was “wiped clean. So what happens now? If history is any indicator....NOTHING. The “fix is in.” They'll tell us there was nothing on there that was incriminating and that will be it. That's how Democrats protect each other. Have a bogus “investigation” that finds nothing—because they don't WANT to find anything. I wouldn't be surprised it it happened on the Republican side, too. But it's harder since the Democrats and the liberal media are “in their faces” about it, from the word, “go.” And they have regular processes in place to help them prevent being discovered with any degree of proof.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Muslim President?

Liberals are asking, “What difference would it make if we had a Muslim president?” What the hell are they talking about? We DO have a Muslim president, NOW. If not a true Muslim, a Muslim sympathizer. And it looks like a Muslim TERRORIST sympathizer, the way he keeps releasing those Muslim killers to go back and kill more innocent people. The difference it would make is how he views the world and how he could mess us up terribly with a few “presidential orders.” The Koran says there will NEVER be any oath that comes before Allah. No oaths but those of Allah A president MUST swear to “protect and defend the constitution.” A Muslim can never do that and remain true to his “religion.”

A MUSLIM FOR PRESIDENT? Dr. Ben Carson got in trouble with liberals (and ONLY liberals and a few spineless Republicans, but who cares what THEY think?) when he stated that he would never support a MUSLIM for president. He clarified it later when he said he could support one if that one had the same MORAL basics as the rest of America, which is not really a change. It is “doubling down” in such a way liberals (who aren't too intelligent) cannot understand, but which INTELLIGENT people CAN. Muslims can NEVER have the same moral values as Americans. It's not “built into them.” Which is why I, and other THINKING Americans can NEVER elect a Muslim to ANYTHING. That's not racism or religious bigotry, as they claim, it's COMMON SENSE.

IT'S NO SURPRISE: It's certainly not a surprise that a decorated Green Beret would have his career ruined because he took exception to an Afghan COMMANDER screwing a little boy right in the next room from him ON BASE (from which he could hear the child's screams as the fool invaded his body) and beat the hell out of him when he laughed about it. When you consider the caliber of our current “leaders” and a country where 64% don't want to defund Planned Parenthood after discovering that they have MURDERED millions of helpless infants. And that goes right up to Obama. Anybody who APPROVES of such practices, or simply IGNORES them, deserves to be taken out and SHOT.

SHE'S A “REAL PERSON”: Hillary says, “I'm a real person!” So what? That's no stupendous revelation. We're ALL “real persons.” Again, so what? But she's a SOCIALIST. Her every PRONOUNCEMENT shows she's a socialist, from her wish to pay for everybody's overpriced college tuition (with OUR money) to “taxing the rich” at higher rates. All are SOCIALIST pipe-dreams, and she not only BUYS this horse manure, she PUSHES it! Electing her would be a THIRD TERM for Obama under her name. Bernie Sanders at least ADMITS to being a socialist. She tries to LIE about it and pretend she's not.

NEW YORKERS ARE A LITTLE SLOW: They have only just now changed their minds about their “heroine,” Hillary Clinton. A newly released Siena College poll reveals that 51% now DISLIKE Hillary. Ol' Joe is a bit more popular with New Yorkers, getting a 54% approval rating (so far), As people get to know him better, that may change. One of the most important reasons for their newly-found disapproval for her is her inherent UNTRUSTWORTHINESS as she continues to “dance around” and obfuscate her e-mail scandal. Of course, Benghazi should be in the forefront, but most New Yorkers are liberals, who don't care about that.

NO APOLOGIES, PLEASE: Liberals are demanding an apology from the University of Delaware for “jumping to a conclusion that hooks suspended from ropes were for “nooses,” which would be a racist display. Who the hell cares what liberals want? They're the only ones demanding apology for natural occurrences. It's easy to think such things are racist, since most ARE. And no apology is required. Liberals, like Muslims, are quick to jump on things THEY consider “offensive,” but nobody else does.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Desperately Needs Attention

The Pope is in town. The news media keeps track of his every movement, including his bathroom breaks, probably even wanting to go into the bathroom with him and interview him as he stands before the potty. Hillary is jealous that she is not getting the massive amount of attention she's used to. That's probably why she announced her opposition to the Keystone Pipeline right now. Frankly, I'm getting tired of seeing her mug every time I look at the television, almost as much as I abhor seeing OBAMA'S ugly mug. But I'm fast getting tired of hearing about every move the Pope makes, too. The Pope's visit is nice, but it's not worth all the hooraw they're giving it.

THAT'S OK WITH LIBERALS: We try and help all people retain their right to make their own decisions. But Muslims don't. Apparently that's okay with liberals. Nothing seems to have been done to this Muslim teen who confronted a girl because he didn't like how she was dressed. Then he slugged her and kept hitting her. And when she was on the ground, his buddy ran up and kicked her in the head. She was not a Muslim, yet he insisted she adhere to his Muslim way of dress, and beat her up because she didn't And this is a “peaceful Muslim” who isn't (yet) fighting with the Islamic terrorists. Only a “yellow-belly” would hit a woman, for ANY reason. But Muslims apparently don't agree.

IT'S REALLY OFFENSIVE”: That's what Elanor Clift said about Carly Fiorina's saying Planned Parenthood killed babies and sold their body parts. So the hell WHAT? That's what they're DOING! Who cares if they “get offended” by somebody exposing them? I just can't understand ANYBODY who DEFENDS these mass murderers. They have incriminated THEMSELVES by their own words on those videos, which have not been edited, in any way. Clift needs to quit taking stupid pills.

IT'S A BIG LOAD! Hillary is now saying, “The economy usually works better when a Democrat is in the White House.” What a LOAD of horse manure THAT is! Maybe she ought to look at some REAL statistics, not the phony ones liberals (Democrats) rely on. They show graphically that when Democrats are in the Oval Office, the economy LOSES, BIG. It usually takes a real Republican like Reagan to “clean up the mess” usually left by Democrats. He took an unemployment rate of double figures when he came in and lowered it ti 4%. That's how Democrats do it. Make a false statement that goes against reality, and the liberal media never questions them on it.

REASONS NOT TO ELECT BERNIE: Yes, he's being honest. I respect him for that. I just don't believe in the same things he does—like socialism. So him saying taxes WILL go up if he's elected and that his budget WON'T be balanced are two good reasons NOT to elect him, even if you are a Democrat. Bernie is an ADMITTED socialist, which is DEATH knell to an American politician for people with intelligence who pay attention to politics. Not the fools who don't.

KILL DONALD TRUMP!” Twitter has “lit up” with death threats against Trump. And I'll “bet the farm” they all come from those “peaceful Muslims” whose answer to ANY SLIGHT is to kill somebody. And they wonder why nobody wants them around. They spend all their time criticizing our way of life and try to harass us at every turn. It's not racism or religious bigotry to want them GONE,It's COMMON SENSE. I've never seen any group of people who did so many things to be pests. They need to go where people live like they want them to live, and away from human beings.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"Christian Sharia Law"

That's an obvious contradiction in terms. Sharia can NOT be Christian and Christian can NEVER be Sharia. Sharia is concept ONLY to Islam. If you believe in it, you ARE a Muslim, even if you think you are not. Damn, it amazes me how some people can TWIST the language into a pretzel for their own purposes! Sharia Law has NO BUSINESS being used ANYWHERE in America. Not even for Muslims, who need to ASSIMILATE, not change our values and practices, as they constantly try to do. It is a Muslim concept, and this is a CHRISTIAN nation, although that is not codified in law, according to our Constitution.

TRUMP DROPS 8 POINTS: And liberals (and some Republicans) are “dancing in the streets,” although he is STILL leading by many points, then “surging” second place, who is still in the teens while he has a “2” before his number. I'm not surprised Fiorina is “surging,” because she's a good candidate, and a strong one. But I look for Trump to continue to lead, because he IS “Real.” Candidates go up and down. And it's really too early to read much into it. I expect before this is seen, for things to change.

ACCUSING THEMSELVES: The Democrats are making a “big thing” of Dr. Ben Carson (Republican presidential candidate) saying he would not like to see a Muslim as president. They're calling that “racist.” Funny. This comes from DEMOCRATS, who said the same thing about Evangelical Christians and Catholics in the past. That's their “modus operandi,” accusing others of what they' themselves have done in the past, hoping we'll forget what THEY did. Just like they accuse Republicans of being racist, when the worst racists in political history are Democrats, while Republicans fought for racial equality many times.

COMMUNISM “NOT IN PICTURE”: People who speak up for the Pope favoring communism over the free market say, “communism is not in the picture, any more.” How stupid are they? Communism is “alive and well” in china, Cuba, and many other countries, both under the communist name and other names. In Russia, where it “died,” the SAME PEOPLE are running their SOCIALIST government. Communism and socialism are just different forms of COLLECTIVISM. They're the SAME THING, with “cosmetic differences.”

WHY DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD? Jail 'em! They're guilty of mass murder! Yes, it's “only” infant children they murder. People accused returning vets from Vietnam of being “baby killers,” and now the SAME PEOPLE ARE “baby killers.” Why aren't they in PRISON? Because liberals are “in charge.” I can't understand how some Republicans can go along with it. Are they so “cowed” that they'll forgive mass murder?

CAIR: CARSON WITHDRAW: CAIR wants Carson to withdraw because of his statement about not being willing to support a Muslim president. What? Who cares what CAIR wants? What Carson said was NOT racism, it was COMMON SENSE. You don't want a president with different values than those of most Americans, as we have now. It's that simple. And CAIR represents the Islamic terrorists in America, as does Obama, so why would ANYBODY listen to them, much less do as they want to “order” them to do?

Monday, September 21, 2015

So the Hell What?

Liberals are making a big thing out of the fact that Wal-Mart is still selling “gun oil” after they stopped selling guns with big “fan-fare.” So what? People who still have guns still need to keep them clean and well-oiled, which is something then anti-gun freaks don't want. They don't want Wal-Mart selling ANYTHING having to do with guns. Nothing would suit those fools more than to have a world in which ONLY criminals have guns because they don't OBEY laws. The very DEFINITION of a criminal is somebody who doesn't obey laws.

SHOWING THEIR STUPIDITY: I've always said, you let stupid people talk, and they'll always reveal their stupidity. Michel Smerconish (what a NAME!), weekend CNN host did just that when he compared Kim Davis, that Kentucky County Clerk who went to jail rather than violate her religious beliefs with the TERRORISTS who behead people because they don't follow the “right religion.” Davis might be just a little “overboard” with her religious beliefs, but at least she doesn't BEHEAD people who disagree with her faith.

WHAT THE HELL'S IT TO 'EM? Muslims have complained about the “Un-Islamic “Octoberfest” in Germany. What? Who cares what they think? What happens in Germany doesn't have to be “Islamic-like.” NOTHING outside of their cursed countries has to be. It's not their business what people other than Muslims do. Screw off, Muslims! Muslims have a bad habit of trying to take in too much territory. They think they already run the world, while they never will. We'll kill them all (like they're trying to do to us) before we allow it. Damn, what STUPID people!

NOT RACISM, COMMON SENSE: Dr. Ben Carson (Republican presidential candidate) is “in trouble” with liberals (Democrats) for saying a Muslim should never be elected president. Muslims are, predictably, calling that “racism.” But it's not. It's COMMON SENSE. We don't want a president with the same “values” as Muslims, for whom, CHILD RAPE is “part of their culture” and who want to kill all who do not believe the way they approve. Ben is the only one who has the guts to SAY so.

I'M NOT CONSERVATIVE: Although conservative is very close to what I am. I AM a “rational individualist.” I make my own decisions about ALL things. There are things in conservatism I just don't agree with. Principally about religion. There are things about libertarianism I don't agree with, too. So I can't be a Libertarian. And I DEFINITELY can't be a Democrat, because there is NOTHING I agree with in the sociali.... er, uh, Democrat Party. It pains me to be CALLED a conservative. I have no strong religious beliefs, so I can never be truly called a conservative. Trump got in trouble with liberals for not DEFENDING Obama when he was accused of being a Muslim. Since when is it a Republican's responsibility to defend a Democrat?

HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? New York City has some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation. In fact they were one of the FIRST cities to enact a tough “gun law,” the “Sullivan Law.” So how could TWO PEOPLE be killed and even more injured by gunfire in one day in that city:? The “anti-gun freaks” say if guns are eliminated from the world (an impossibility) there would BE no “gun crime.” They're obviously wrong, but they'll never admit it. They keep making their USELESS “gun laws”

Sunday, September 20, 2015

What's Wrong With Republicans?

They've been given the biggest gift they could have gotten—somebody forceful enough and smart enough that he could win, Donald Trump. But for that reason alone, they hate him. They're doing everything they can to scuttle him (and themselves) and losing at every turn. Now they're even considering another Romney run—this time on a THIRD PARTY basis. A known loser, set up not only to LOSE, but to GUARANTEE a Democrat win. How stupid ARE they? Pretty stupid, I guess. They consistently run “also-rans,” and they're attempting it, again. But I suspect Trump will be able to overcome whatever they come up with. He's a lot smarter than anybody in the Republican Party.

MEANS TEST FOR WELFARE: Maine is considering a “means test” for getting welfare in their state. That makes me wonder why they waited until NOW to wake up to that. Every state should require a “means test” before they give ANYBODY a nickle. But our incompetent politicians didn't think of that—until now, in Maine. I'm sure liberals (Democrats) will oppose it. They always oppose ANYTHING that will make it harder for the freeloaders to con the state out of more of our money. Just like they want to keep them from requiring photo ID to VOTE, the most important thing they can do, and not do it more than once.

BLACK LIVES MATTER, HUH? Then why aren't they joining the usual gaggle of anti-abortion demonstrators in front of abortion centers? Or at Planned Parenthood “clinics?” Abortion is the NUMBER ONE KILLER of blacks in the world since the Supreme court's misguided reading of the Constitution. And Planned Parenthood leads all other organizations in the number of black babies they murder. Their “clinics” are placed in the middle of black areas mostly, all the better to make it easier for black women (all women) to kill the result of unprotected sex.

IT'S NOT “SELF-EVIDENT!” Chris Christie says it is “self-evident” that Obama is both an American-born man, and a Christian. It is this kind of self-delusion That makes me wonder if the Republican Party will go in the same direction as the Whigs, and soon disappear from sight. The fact is, it's NOT self-evident he is an American-born citizen, OR that he is a Christian. He has gone to great lengths to HIDE his origin, and has, HIMSELF, spoken of his “Muslim faith,” in a “Freudian slip that a Democrat apparatchik quickly helped him correct. Meanwhile, he HELPS the Islamic terrorists any way he can on a regular basis. I will certainly not be voting for Christie if he's dumb enough to believe that.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT? Liberals ask, “What's wrong with Obama being a Muslim?” The answer is simple. There's nothing wrong with Obama BEING a Muslim. What's wrong is that he tries to hide it. So why does he work so hard to HIDE it? If he didn't keep insisting he's a Christian while “ruling” in favor of Muslims every time he gets a chance, and paying their way here to overwhelm us with numbers, I might believe him. I think his ACTIONS speak a lot louder than his words, which are usually a lie.

LIBERALS ARE OUTRAGED: Trump didn't “rush to Obama's defense when somebody said Obama was a Muslim. But who cares what a liberal thinks, anyway? It's hot the job of a Republican to come to the defense of a Democrat who is systematically destroying this country. Tell them to “stick it where they sit.” To find a REAL thing to holler about. If you don't have something REAL to complain about, just shut up!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Trump Didn't Follow PC

One of his supporters said Obama was a Muslim (he is), and he didn't correct him. Since when is Trump supposed to do that? He doesn't KNOW whether or not Obama is a Muslim, Obama himself once talked about his “Muslim faith” before George Stephanopolous corrected his “Freudian slip” and he corrected himself to say, “Christian faith." He shows, in all he does, that, if he's not a Muslim, he is a Muslim sympathizer. And he is “waging a war against Christians” in America. What could be plainer?

RIGHT WING RACIST: To Hillary, any time you oppose her in any way, you're either part of the right-wing conspiracy, or a racist—or both. She can see no other reason for ANYBODY to oppose her, on anything, she's so self-centered. She used that “right-wing conspiracy” excuse when Bill couldn't keep it in his pants, and she's still using it, today. But this time to mask her own shortcomings. And it's just as phony now as it was, then.

GOVT. SHUTDOWN IS THE GOAL”: That's what Peelosi says, anyway. Though I can't see how she would know such a thing, even if it were so. But shutting down the government, such as it is, is no big thing, unless Obama picks and chooses just what to shut down, things guaranteed to incense voters while keeping his own options open. Then we need to blame the person really responsible—Obama, not the Republicans.

CORRECTING” A FOLLOWER: Liberals are incensed that Donald Trump didn't “correct” a man in his audience who said Obama IS a Muslim. Since when is it a candidate's responsibility to “correct” supposedly erroneous statements by supporters? Besides: Obama has shown, by his actions and words, that he IS either a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer. And I mean Muslim TERRORISTS, not just Muslims. Why on Earth should Trump follow the “liberal line?”

FED HELPING OBAMA: The Fed is falsely keeping interest rates low to allow Obama to lie, and say the economy is “growing.” They'll keep interest rates low until Obama or any other Democrat leaves office, then let “nature take it's course,” while blaming the Republicans for it, falsely, of course. It's all part of his con game on the American people. That's what the “Obama Show” has been from the day he “crawled out from under his rock” to “elbow Hillary aside” and take over the presidency, with the help of the “intelligentsia.” Those who run things behind the scenes.

BLINDLY FOLLOWING THE LINE: Hillary has never seen the Planned Parenthood videos showing their criminal acts, but she's standing up for them, anyway, like a good little Democrat. One more reason to never elect this submissive housewife who let her "cocksman" husband screw her over to ANY office, much less the “big one.” She was recently challenged to actually WATCH the videos and predictably made a snarky answer, without really answering.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nails In Her Coffin

As if there were not enough reasons NOT to elect Hillary to the presidency, word is she is considering Bill as her vice-president (if she gets elected, which is becoming a distant possibility). Doesn't she KNOW we're fed up with Bill in the White House? Can't she figure out how heavy a “stone around her neck” he is? Nobody who is intelligent will never let Bill within a MILE of the White House again. Unfortunately there are still some really STUPID politicians out there, and most of them are Democrats. If Bill gets back in the White House, he'll make a REAL whorehouse out of it. He almost made it before.

PRAY AND YOU DIE”: That's what Muslim terrorists are telling Christians who pay their “Jizya” (religion tax) in the areas they have taken over and now control. That's one of 11 new “rules” they must obey, or die. What Muslims don't know is that Christians don't need to get down with their butts in the air to pray as Muslims do. They can pray (silently) while sitting in a chair or standing in line somewhere. So that “rule” is impossible to enforce, except in an area where laws don't apply, only the “Rule of a Gun.” But you can't enforce it if you don't know what they're doing. But they only make such “rules” so they can kill people and CLAIM a “Righteous reason.”

OBAMA IMPORTING MUSLIM SOLDIERS: He calls them “refugees,” but they're not. Most of them are young, strong, war age men who probably bring their own guns with them, or have some waiting for them when they arrive, so as to be well equipped to kill as many of us “unbelievevers” as possible. There are 190 cities that are being FORCED to take these soldiers in whether they want to, or not (under what law, I don't know). I predict a Muslim massacre will begin soon, with Obama's blessing. And, “since there will be a gun behind every blade of grass,” many Muslim terrorists will die and get their 72 virgins.

FOUNDED ON RACIST PRINCIPLES? Bernie Sanders says America was FOUNDED on racist principles.” then he adds, ”That's a fact.” No, Bernie, that's NOT a fact, no matter how much you want us to believe it is. It's YOUR OPINION. nothing more, and that opinion isn't worth much. About as much as your chance of becoming president. This is NOT a socialist country, Bernie, and you are an ADMITTED socialist. Which means you CAN'T be elected to ANY national office. Not unless the American voter is completely STUPID.

N. KOREA THREATENS US? How STUPID are they? They might have SIX nuclear bombs, and MIGHT be able to reach Hawaii with one—if it can get by our anti-missile defenses. Compare that with the THOUSANDS of nuclear warheads we have, plus the means to put one right in that fat little dictator's lap. Then go on to make a parking lot out of N. Korea, in about a day. I don't think they are suicidal. I think they're just yapping to remind the world they ARE a “nuclear power”--just barely. Somebody needs to take that pot-bellied little dictator down a peg or two. And it could be done, easily.

AWWW....POOR BABIES! Muslims are “outraged” after a Texas city denied them permission to introduce Sharia Law in Irving, Texas. If it had been allowed, they'd have been cutting off people's hands for thievery, prosecuting women for showing their ankles, and the usual things Muslims do to each other (like fathers or sons killing daughters for speaking to the wrong boy) as they treat their women like slaves and give their men preferential treatment in all things regarding their women—among many other outrages. Besides, letting them get a “foothold” in Texas is like the “camel's nose in the tent.” Soon, Sharia Law would be everywhere, using this as a precedent.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

"A Sign From God?"

Was it a sign from God that on the 14th anniversary of the World Trade Center atrocity, committed by Saudi Muslims on orders from Osama bin Laden, that a “bolt of lightning” out of the Heavens would cause a bin Laden company owned crane to fall on Islam's most holy shrine, killing at least 107 Muslims? Or that a double rainbow would appear over the site of “ground zero” on the same day? Some will accuse me of being a “religious fanatic” for saying this, even though I'm not overly religious. But people believe what they want to believe. It makes them easier to dupe.

SORRY, FOLKS: It happened again. We lost power again at 6:47 AM Wednesday and I had only the overhead lights under power all day yesterday and most of today until they figured out how to fix it. Unfortunately my battery backup didn't work. I did manage to “jury-rig” a power source for my computer a little while ago and that's what I'm using now.

CAN'T BELIEVE THE STUPIDITY: Miss Tennessee says we shouldn't cut funding for Planned Parenthood. That makes her a party to the murder of thousands of unborn BABIES. How she can put her “concern for women's health issues” before the LIVES of those babies, I don't know. That puts her in the same camp with others who are more interested in “women's health issues” before human life. And that isn't even an issue! PP is not the ONLY outfit that is involved with “women's health issues,” as PP “officials” insist. Even if it was, human life and the murder of thousands of infants (mostly black) is infinitely more important. I can't believe these fools don't SEE that!

A ”SOCIALIST WING”? Some people are just plain stupid! Jeff Greenfield says, “It might be healthy for Democrats to form a 'socialist wing' in their party.” How he can be so stupid as not to see that the whole Democrat Party is TOTALLY socialist, I don't know! Then there's the Labour Party ion England, which nominated an ultra-liberal to lead their party. A man who is known to lament “the tragedy” of the death of bin Laden, the “butcher of 9/11.” Apparently the “Brits” have no intelligence, at all. At least not the members of the “Labour Party.” The NYT didn't mention that in their announcement of his election. Probably, they don't care.

RAMPANT ELECTION VIOLATIONS: In Nevada, by Hillary paid staffers, who openly carry Hillary signs at voting places, and tell voters, “You should vote for a Democrat, but I can't tell you that,” they say, doing that very thing. They do it openly, confident that “the fix is in” and they won't be prosecuted for what are obviously CRIMES. They obviously are taking their tips from Hillary, who commits crimes every day with impunity while “the powers the be” look the other way. That's how it has forever been for Democrats, who constantly (without proof) accuse Republicans of what they, themselves, are doing.

PUNISHING THE WINNERS: Bernie Sanders has promised to “go after the billionaires.” Why? Because they're billionaires. Nothing else. Like most socialists, he's JEALOUS. They've got more money than he has. Never mind they EARNED it. He wants some of it, without the bother of WORKING for it (like all socialists). I will give him credit for hating billionaires while not BEING one, himself, unlike other socialists and politicians who decry having a lot of money while having a lot of money, themselves. He's only worth about $300,000.00.

ELEN'S IGNORANCE, AGAIN: Now she's telling Hillary that she's “the smartest, most qualified candidate in the race.” What's this bimbo SMOKING? Doesn't she know we're not going to elect a known criminal to the presidency? There has already been more revelations of her criminal actions than ever before in presidential election history and it's only a matter of time before she is fitted for an orange jumpsuit. We're already in big trouble because we (not me) elected an UNKNOWN CRIMINAL to the presidency. Obama has almost completely looted us and Hillary is ready to finish the job. Is Ellen Degeneris too stupid to see that? I'm glad she isn't a politician, although many politicians are just as stupid.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Won't Seek Re-Election"

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, will not seek re-election, she has announced. That's a wise step, because who would vote for her after the disaster and death she caused by her reaction to the accidental death of a criminal, who accidentally killed himself while trying to incriminate the cops. Now if we can just get rid of that, uh, witch who rushed in before ANY facts were known and filed phony charges against six good men to advance her own career. That it has done the exact opposite is obvious to everybody but her.

REPUBLICANS NOT RACISTS! Democrats keep harping on the lie that the Republican Party is a “party of racists” to cover up their OWN racist history that went from a long time ago to YESTERDAY. Jim Crow was a Democrat. The KKK was an outgrowth of the Democrat Party. At least one well-known Democrat racist (Sen. Robert Byrd, who has since died, thank goodness) was in Congress. The people Martin Luther King was demonstrating against were Democrats. The Equal rights amendment was STARTED by the Republicans and OPPOSED by the Democrats. Democrats even FILIBUSTERED in an effort to defeat it. For them to say the GOP is a “party of racists” is LUDICROUS, and one of the biggest LIES they have ever uttered. And that's a LONG LIST.

THEY LOVE TO OVERDO IT: Hillary has come out with a statement comparing people who are against Planned Parenthood MURDERING babies and selling their body parts to the highest bidders, to TERRORISTS. Boy, they sure like that comparison, don't they? Democrats all over the map are comparing their opponents to terrorists, and making themselves look as silly as is Hillary. It's really too bad they have nothing better than that to say about their opponents.

EXERCISE IN FUTILITY”: I wonder what it is that causes supposedly good people to defend MURDERERS? Mitch McConnell (Republican) says, “trying to shut down Planned Parenthood [for their crimes against humanity] is an “exercise in futility.” Why is that? Because “the fix is in,” and he knows it? Or is part of it? Since when is taking action against mass murderers “an exercise in futility?” If anybody else was murdering infants the cops would be all over them with guns drawn. Not to de-fund them, but to put them so far back in the prison system we wouldn't even be able to find them. But, NO! The liberals LIKE them. So they leave them alone to kill more and more black babies.

IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!” That's basically Netanyahu's answer to Iran's top terrorist Imam saying, “Israel will not exist in 25 years.” More power to him. Remember, Israel already HAS the nuclear bomb and the capability to launch it. Iran does not. They're a lot of hot air and nothing much else. They're working HARD to GET nuclear power, but I suspect Israel will make a parking lot of their country before they can do it. And they would be right to do so, Iran's agreement with Obama (which he will not let us read) notwithstanding. Obama says he will “defend Iran against Israel,” but I suspect his citizens will not let him. They will finally “take him out.”

NAIL ON THE HEAD: This is the reason people like Trump. He says what they want to hear. And somehow they know he'll DO what he says he'll do. He reminds them of politicians whose rhetoric sounds so good, but who, when they get to Washington, become “incompetent.” Like the Republicans did after the 2014 elections. They SAID they were going to STOP Obama, but they ended up FUNDING his “flights of fancy, saying “as long as he is in the presidency, we can do nothing.” But that's a LIE, if they have BOTH HOUSES of government, HE can do nothing.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Ellen Is SO Damned Smart!

Ellen Degeneris told Hillary, “You don't have to answer their e-mail questions, They don't have a thing.” No kidding? And why IS it they “don't have a thing?” Because she has REFUSED to answer ANY questions about whether or not she VIOLATED THE LAW in what she did. And they're still treating her with "kid gloves." If she is innocent, why does she REFUSE to answer questions, make light of the whole thing, and accuse her critics of “politics,” as the Clintons always do when questioned about their criminal acts. When Bill got caught getting blow jobs in the Oval Office, she talked about “bimbo eruptions” and blamed the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” which exists only in her fevered imagination. If she doesn't answer some of these questions, she may end up in PRISON, not the White House.

SCARE OFF RECRUITS? Liberals (wussies all) say that “Armed recruiters might scare off recruits.” Really? If the sight of a gun on the hip of a recruiter would scare them off, we don't want them. If they're that skittish, they have no business BEING in the military. That's the typical liberal response to self-defense. Take the wimp side. They do that everywhere except for responding to their critics. Then they lie, and do everything they can to spike criticism. Nobody should ever listen to their whining. They don't count.

DELUSIONS OF CENTRISM: I don't know of a single liberal who will admit to BEING liberal. They all claim to be “moderates” while the ideas they espouse could not be more extreme. Hillary is no different. She is a “dedicated socialist,” but she still claims to be a “moderate.” There is NOTHING moderate about that. This bi....witch is extreme in everything she preaches, from extreme gun control to socialistic finances. Don't “buy” her claims to be “moderate.” She's about as moderate as a gun in your face.

NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING”: That's what NPR says about the many videos that have come out about Planned Parenthood. I guess they have a different idea of what “evidence” is, or they're just DELUDED. Probably the latter, rather than the former. Anybody who can look at those videos and NOT SEE “evidence of wrongdoing” is not only deluded, but is STUPID, as well. Liberals,(which describes ALL at NPR) are INCAPABLE of seeing “wrongdoing” in anything another liberal does.

AWWW....POOR BABIES! Sarah Palin referred to the “Black Lives Matter” crowd as “dogs,” and that p-ssed them off mightily. I don't much like it, either because I don't like to insult dogs. Better she should have called them “pigs,” which would have angered them even more, since that's what they call the cops. A more proper name for them would be CRIMINALS, which is what they unquestionably are, since they're trying to get cops killed. They should be in PRISON. They get mad when you say, “ALL lives matter.” which shows their ignorance. Again.

SHE CAN'T EXPLAIN DIFFERENCE: Debby Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair, has been asked several times to explain the difference between Democrats and socialists, and she won't answer. She always avoids the question. That's because she CAN'T ANSWER. There IS no difference! And to give a coherent answer would be to ADMIT that the Democrats are SOCIALISTS, and always have been. That's one of the main problems for us.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

No Audit Since Ike

The gold reserves at Ft. Knox might not even exist, any more. They may have been stolen by their protectors. But we'll never know if there is not an AUDIT, AND soon. They haven't ALLOWED an audit since the Eisenhower administration. And under what authority do they DENY an audit? Why not? If everything is on the “up and up,” why the hell won't they ALLOW an audit? If the gold is still there, why won't they allow an audit? What kind of a law allows them to REFUSE an audit of this nation's gold reserves? U. S. Marshals need to go in there with guns drawn, if necessary and FORCE an audit.

ONLY BECAUSE HE'S BLACK: Geraldo Rivera, one of the liberals on Fox News, says, “the only reason Dr. Ben Carson has any support is because he's black. Why then, does OBAMA have no longer much in the way of support? (Except from the Democrat Party?) Could it be because he's LOOTED this government with no mercy? Maybe Carson is supported because he says what we all think and isn't afraid to say it to Obama's FACE. Did Geraldo ever think of that? I don't know how the members of “The Five” can sit at the same table with this FOOL.

BLACK LIVES MATTER?” If black lives mattered so much to black people, why do they kill each other so much? There are way many more black people killed by other black people than by white cops. And why aren't they picketing in front of Planned Parenthood, which is murdering black babies by the hundreds and thousands? Or don't they admit that because it doesn't advance their narrative? Their entire promotion falls apart when you examine the details. Meanwhile, denying that ALL lives matter is rather STUPID of them, isn't it? But then, they're not smart enough to know that.

WAL-MART NEEDS A LESSON: A lesson in reality. An AR-15 or a semi-automatic shotgun is a LEGAL PRODUCT. You can't stop people from getting one by stopping selling them in YOUR store. They'll just go somewhere else. Not only to buy one, but to buy everything else they might buy in your store, as well. At one time I thought Wal-Mart was owned and run by conservatives, and people with INTELLIGENCE. I guess that's no more. They've now “bought” the liberal horse manure about guns. I'll be staying away from their stores. You do what you want.

$40,000 FILING FEE? At least one state has a $40,000 filing fee to file to run for president. That's an abomination. That means nobody who doesn't have a lot of money can even FILE to run for president in that state. I've always held that ANY filing fee should be eliminated so ANYBODY could run. But not with today's politicians. They want to eliminate competition any way they can. There's no way ANY such high filing fee can be justified, except to provide an IMPEDIMENT to filing to run.

AND THEY CALL US BARBARIC: Islamic militants kidnap women by the hundreds, every day, and subject them to sex slavery, putting them into “whorehouses” to “service the fighters to raise their morale.” If the women refuse, they are murdered, sometimes by the hundreds. Even though some of them are pregnant. That may be the Jihadi's method of abortion, an abomination to which WE adhere. Recently a “Jihad leader” got his comeuppance when one such woman KILLED him when he tried tom rape her. Of course, she was then murdered, but didn't have to submit to being raped.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hillary Can Dance?

Hillary showed again she doesn't have the faintest idea what “dancing” is when she tried “dancing” with her “mini-me” on the Ellen Degeneres show recently. What she did was NOT dancing. It was standing in place and moving around a little bit, like she had "ants in her pants." Like she did recently with Bill in another crappy video. Really, Hillary! “Dancing” means moving around on the floor. “Breaking some MOVES!” Not bouncing around with your feet firmly planted in one place on the floor and wiggling your behind.

THEY STILL CAN'T LEARN: An atheist group is complaining about chaplains praying at school football games, saying that “isn't constitutional.” They're wrong, but they aren't smart enough to know it. The Constitution doesn't say to ELIMINATE religion completely from schools (which are part of government), it just says “NO LAWS may be made regarding religion or the practice thereof.” These fools should READ the Constitution (if they can read) and find out for themselves. But they never will, whether or not they CAN read. Their minds are made up. We can't “confuse them with facts.”

HE'S THE DELUSIONAL ONE: NY Gov. Cuomo says, “People who are against gun control are delusional.” What a quack! If anybody is delusional it's Cuomo. Not just on gun control, he's delusional about everything. That's the way it is with most politicians in the Northeast, especially New York. We're not “against gun control.” We're against HIS IDEA of what constitutes gun control. Find something that WORKS, push it, and we'd be right with him. But that'll never happen. He and his friends aren't smart enough.

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! Just to “prove” Hillary's innocence in that “e-mail matter,” Secretary of State John Kerry has appointed what amounts to an “e-mail czar” he CALLS, “Director of Transparency.” and like in Orwell's “1984,” the name is just the OPPOSITE of what the appointee will be doing. He/she will be seeing to it there is NO transparency in DC. Of course, this appointee contributed mightily($2700.00) to Hillary in the past, and probably will, in the future. And they really think we'll “buy” this horse manure!

HILLARY'S UNION SUPPORT: The International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen has endorsed Hillary for president. Surprise, surprise! Democrats have always been the “party of unions. So it is never any surprise when a union blindly supports this socialist party, whatever their members want (they don't care about that). I've heard about “rats LEAVING a sinking ship,” but this is the first time I've heard about rats jumping ON a sinking ship! But again, it's no surprise. Unions BLINDLY vote for democrats, no matter how big a crook they are. They don't care. Most of them are crooks, too.

DID SHE REALLY SAY IT? Sarah Palin is quoted as referring to the “Black Lives Matter” bunch as "dogs."The name liberals like to attach to cops, Yes, she did. What's wrong with that? She's wrong, of course. They're really “PIGS.” Pigs is a term THEY use to refer to the people they want to KILL to get rid of the opposition to their criminal activity. That they're going to fail in that effort is a given. But not before a lot of people die. The leaders of this “gang of murderers” are incensed at what she said. But who cares what they think? They don't count.

Friday, September 11, 2015

A Lesson In Irony

The government is proud of having 46 million people on Food Stamps, therefore feeding them. At the same time the National Park Service (a federal agency) sent out letters telling people not to feed the animals because it would make them dependent on people, and not able to fend for themselves. Go figure. The right hand truly knows not what the left hand is doing.

STARBUCKS DOESN'T WANT OUR BUSINESS: The business of conservatives, that is. Their CEO said so. Okay. We'll be happy to oblige. Let them find out how much of their business came from conservatives. I say, “came” because without our business they're going to have a tough time staying in business. But that's nothing new for liberals. Just like that guy who destroyed his own business by paying ALL his employees $75 grand a year, whether or not they had any talent. Liberals have no idea how to run a business, and many of them prove it. They survive by doing what conservatives teach them. Then they do liberal things and ruin it.

CHANGING FOR ONE GUY: That's what this Missouri's lame school “authorities did for a kid who was born male but “identifies” as female. They ruled that he must be allowed to use the women's bathrooms and locker rooms, which infringed on the rights of hundreds of other students. Those students walked out and refused to use the same facilities as this BOY. Persons with a PENIS as part of their sex and elimination organs should NEVER be allowed to use the same facilities as girls use. All this kid wants is to see girls going to the bathroom, or he'd accept the “special bathroom” for a special case that was offered. This kind of thing is liberalism out of control.

MUSLIM SUSPENDED BY AIRLINE: A Muslim stewardess was suspended by “ExpressJet” for refusing to serve alcohol. She has been working for this airline for 3 years, but converted to Islam two years ago. She should have resigned then, since she knew a large part of her job would be serving alcohol, rather than making trouble by keeping her job and refusing to do it. But then, Muslims are TOLD to “make trouble” whenever they can for “unbelievers. They're also told to KILL “unbelievers.” Maybe she didn't do that, but she should have been FIRED.

IS CHRISTIANITY FINISHED?” That's the question they're asking after Kim Davis was JAILED for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses. But it'll take a lot more than that to kill Christianity, which has been under attack for hundreds of years, mostly (predictably) by Muslims. And they're still around. Sometimes it takes a while for Christians, who are told to “turn the other cheek” when struck, to “come back” on their attackers, but they will. The Crusades showed that. They'll get enough, then, “watch out, Muslims!” Never count Christians out.

GOVT. SHUTDOWN—SO WHAT? Obama keeps threatening to “shut down the government” over this and that. And he usually gets his way. But I ask, “So what?” Who cares if he shuts down the government. It will only affect a small number of people, and most of THEM government employees, while none of his “pipe dreams” gets put into action while the “shut down” lasts. So who cares (except him) if the government gets “shut down?