Friday, December 31, 2010

Global Warming? What Global Warming?

Last week the EPA announced it is making more and more regulations in an effort to “curb global warming.” WHAT global warming?” Global warming has been proven to be a hoax, over and over. But bureaucrats continue to use it as an excuse to make more and more “regulations” to carry out Obama’s goal to “rule by regulation” after the Republicans take over the House.

MORE REGULATIONS: In line with Obama’s goal to “rule by regulation,” this: “Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced that the Bureau of Land Management would issue new rules making it harder to develop natural resources on government-owned land. These measures will not only drive up the cost of electricity and gasoline but will also make us more dependent on foreign sources of energy.” IS Obama “ruling by regulation? Watch.

“WARMEST KWANZAA REGARDS”: Obama has sent out his “warmest regards” for a phony made-up, racist holiday, created by a convicted felon, only for black people. Why would he do that? Has he sent out “warmest regards” to Christians, for Christmas? No. His government does everything it can to STIFLE people who celebrate Christmas. How about Hanukkah? NO. He only sends his “warmest regards” to a religion CREATED by blacks, FOR blacks. Sure, electing Obama has destroyed racism forever in this country . . .yeah.

BIG GOVERNMENT: The bigger government gets, the further it gets from YOU. The harder it is to get anything good done, although they do many NOT-so-good things easily. The bigger government gets, the harder it is to get ANYTHING done. In New York City, they can’t even get the streets cleared while people DIE because ambulances can’t get to them. One baby died because an ambulance couldn’t get to them for NINE hours! Bloomberg pretends to regulate the number of calories in a COOKIE but can’t accomplish his core responsibilities. It was a similar inability to clear the streets of snow that got rid of a mayoral dynasty in Denver.

“A NATION OF WUSSIES”: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) says we are “a nation of wussies” because the NFL canceled a football game because of snow. But Ed and his Democrat Party support many programs that MAKE this a “nation of wussies.” How twisted can his thinking be?

SMALL PROFIT: A caller to the Glenn Beck show whined about oil company profits in the billions of dollars without them having to pay any taxes. The truth is, they pay 47% of their “profits” in taxes, and their “profits” are only a very small percentage of the money they take in. this in opposition to the 47% per dollar the government gets. It amounts to about 7 cents per dollar they take in. That’s comparable to the 18 cents per dollar banks get to keep (before taxes) and the 19-1/2 cents per dollar pharmaceutical companies get to keep (again, before taxes). It is a liberal LIE that they don’t pay any taxes.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Afghan Corruption

You’re wondering why it took ten years for the Afghan terrorists to “wear down” the Russians? Now it has been revealed that insidious corruption in Iran, running right up to Karzai himself, actually took much of the money WE sent there to help those the war has hurt and used it to fund the Taliban. They stop short of saying Karzai himself is involved, but I think it is instructive to see that at least ONE “money man” who has been charged in the past, has had the charges against him dropped, by Karzai himself, several times.

INCREASING THE DEFICIT: Liberals are saying the Tea Parties’ support for the Bush tax cuts increase the deficit. WRONG! What IS “increasing the deficit” is the “out-of-control spending” by the Democrats. If they would stop that. The deficit would “magically” reduce.

“THEY’RE JUST AS BAD!” Democrats are now using the “they’re just as bad” defense against the Tea Parties. They’re “digging into Tea Party congresspeople” and are finding that some, in the past, HAVE sponsored “pork” bills to the tune of billions of dollars. But these congresspeople have pledged not to do this in the future. Have they? In any case, that doesn’t really matter if the “usual suspects” continue their own “pork barrel” activities. Will they? Probably.

GOVERN BY REGULATION: So Obama “took a shellacking” (by his own description) in the last election. He doesn’t care. He plans to “rule by regulation” in the next two, maybe six years (or longer if he can manage it). He can make all the regulations he wants, unhindered by Congress. Sure, new regs require laws to back them up. But like laws, people have to spend boatloads of money fighting them when he enforces illegal regs before they can be declared illegal. So he can do a lot of “ruling” before that happens. He’s already started it with his new FCC rules taking over the Internet. Yes, it’s just a “little thing.” But it’s just a “start.” It will grow until he completely controls the Internet. That’s how they work.

WHEN OIL IS GONE, WHAT? “Never let a good panic go to waste.” That’s what Obama’s former chief of staff (now running for mayor of Chicago) said. And if one doesn’t exist, MAKE one. One of the ways Obama is creating an oil crisis is maintaining the moratorium on oil drilling anywhere the United States runs things, thus reducing the world oil supply significantly and forcing the cost of oil up and up. There’s no better way to get rid of oil. After that, what? Horse-drawn carriages? Coal-fired furnaces? I remember those. dirty, and polluting. Of course, Obama hates coal producers, too. He has pledged to BANKRUPT the coal companies. When oil AND coal are gone, what? Has anybody in Washington thought these things through? I don't think so.

OBAMA LOVES IT! The Heritage Foundation says we will be paying $5 a gallon for gasoline by the end of 2012. That means Americans (those who are ignorant of history and politics, of course) will be DEMANDING “the government step in” and do . . .what? What can the government do, except to “step OUT?” Most of the problems that have resulted in high oil prices have been CAUSED by government policies; most notably the one that PROHIBITS drilling for oil anywhere America runs things. Consequently we haven’t built a new refinery in more than 30 years; nothing to refine. Obama HATES the oil business and has pledged to destroy it. He’s well on his way to doing it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stop Spending Our Damned Money!

Obama talks about getting together with the new Congress to reduce the national debt. Just as if HE didn’t spend more money than ALL the presidents down through the history of the United States in his first two years in office. Who does he think he’s fooling? Even the most ignorant American knows this, even if he hasn’t been paying attention.

FCC TAKING OVER INTERNET: The court told them they couldn’t do it. That they didn’t have that kind of authority. So they did it anyway by just making a regulation. If they are allowed to make it stick (and they have the guns to do it), it “opens the door” to other bureaucracies to do unconstitutional things, simply by making a regulation. Then we will be under a dictatorship. Not of one man, but of the bureaucracy. The people who did it should be removed from office and put in prison!

OBAMA PUNISHES SQUEALER: A pilot “squealed” on the TSA when they screwed up. Now that pilot is “under investigation” and his home has even been searched after he put his “squealings” on the Internet on YouTube. If the government keeps on punishing squealers, NOBODY will ever squeal and somebody will get blown to hell. It’s only a matter of time. Hear that, Obama?

“BROTHERLY LUST”: For many years the propaganda taught to soldiers in the military was about “brotherly love.” No, not THAT kind, Now, after they repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” it WILL be all about “brotherly love;” Yes, THAT kind. They will have to “re-educate” (propagandize, condition) the troops not to “look down” on men who love men. Never mind they have to fight beside them in fox holes and HOPE they don’t “come on” to them. Being distracted like that can get you killed. Of course, they didn’t think of that when they started allowing women to be in foxholes. Now the problem is multiplied. But what makes them think gays have less self control than anybody else?

CLOSING GUANTANAMO: What the hell’s the purpose in shutting down Guantanamo? If we shut it down, we just have to find another place to keep the “non” prisoners of war we keep there until the war is over. Soon the idiot liberals will be clamoring to shut THAT place down. Did ANYBODY even SUGGEST we let the German and Japanese prisoners of war go while the war was still going on? The only reason these are NOT prisoners of war is because they are simply “enemy combatants” representing no country. To let them go is to swell the ranks of the terrorists so they can kill more of us.

LIBERAL GUILT: Most liberals are so guilty about being “filthy rich” they want OTHERS to pay more taxes on the money they make. The fact that most liberals (who denigrate people who EARN a lot of money) are themselves rich is well known, but not talked about much. Nancy Peelosi, for instance, is one of the richest women in the country, maybe the world. Yet she is one of the loudest voices for “taxing the rich.” The rich other than her, anyway.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Feds Against Border Control

They took two of their number (under Bush) and put them in PRISON for doing their jobs. They allowed the subject of the shooting for which the Border Patrol Agents were imprisoned to not only SUE them, but keep on bringing in dope, over and over, until he was caught again. Time and again the feds were begged to undo this travesty and would not. Now people are being MURDERED while trying their best, under the difficult condition of opposition from the feds, to defend our borders. Frankly, I wouldn’t be caught DEAD wearing a Border Patrol uniform.

COMMANDEERING THE PRESIDENTIAL PRESS CONFERENCE: That’s what FORMER president Bill Clinton did recently, and our current wimpy president let him. And he held the podium for an hour and a half. Nobody knows what he said in that time because most of it was gobbledegook. I think this is the first time this has ever happened, in the history of this country, where a FORMER president upstaged a CURRENT president in a news conference.

GAS PEDAL STICKS: The driver makes a cell phone call to 9-11 reporting it. Meanwhile his car crashes, killing several people. Why didn’t he simply turn off the ignition or put it in neutral? I hate to speak ill of the dead, but this man isn’t (wasn’t) too bright. Even a kindergartener would be smart enough to know to turn the motor off, and quickly. Instead, he causes one of the biggest recalls ever, forcing Toyota to pay billions of dollars to the government, as well as others just as ignorant..

911 WORKER BILL PASSES: Meanwhile, the Muslims are still trying to build a monument to the murderers who brought down the World Trade Center buildings (quite by accident, I might add), and do it partially at American taxpayer expense. This government needs to make an unequivocal statement that, not only will the American people NOT be required to help pay for this abomination, it will not be ALLOWED.

INTELLIGENCE CHIEF KNOWS NOT ABOUT TERRORISM: He was asked, on national television, a question about the British arrest of several people in a terrorist plot and he looked like a fish out of water. His mouth kept opening and closing with nothing coming out. He knew NOTHING about it, and it was the day AFTER. This is how we are being “protected” against terrorism by the feds.

WHAT DID WE ELECT? Many Americans STILL don’t know what they elected to the presidency of this great nation. They’re STILL not paying attention to politics. They don’t have any idea that we have been moved significantly closer to socialism (many don't even know what socialism IS), and that he has spent more money than there IS in his attempt (successful) to break us financially. If you don’t believe that, tell me at raythomas101@yahoo,com and I’ll send you the proof.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

N. Korea Threatens Nuclear War

The North Korean “rulers” are certifiably INSANE if they think they can start a nuclear war and it will be limited to South Korea. If they explode ONE nuclear device, ANYWHERE, that will be too much for even OBAMA to ignore. If he does, he will be impeached and run from office within a week, or simply assassinated. Joe Biden will “run for his life” and a Republican replacement will destroy North Korea. The final result will be North Korea as a distant memory where no one goes because it will be a nuclear wasteland for a hundred years. That might even be a GOOD thing, except for the deaths of all those innocents that Kim will be responsible for. Even if this kid’s family WAS killed in a raid on a Taliban stronghold, they were “collateral damage” of the kind seen in war. It doesn’t matter if the war is against a RECOGNIZED government or a band of bandits, as in this case.

MOST PRODUCTIVE CONGRESS IN YEARS: That’s what Democrats say. I say it is the most thieving Congress in years. The “lame duck Congress,” knowing it’s their last chance to loot America, passed many bills to do so in its “lame-duck” session. I don’t know how many billion (or trillion) dollars they spent, just in this short session, but I’m sure it was a record. That’s not productivity, it’s thievery. During the lame duck session the year Republicans lost and Democrats took over, they passed NO bills.

NANCY PEELOSI GOING HOME: Yes, she will be back after the Christmas recess, but NOT as Majority Leader in the House. She will no longer be third in line to the presidency. Obama’s “life insurance policy” will be lessened considerably. She will have come as close as she ever will come to BEING president while looting this nation for TRILLIONS of dollars. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

JANET INCOMPETANO” “OBAMA DONE MORE THAN OTHER PRESIDENTS”: To accomplish WHAT? Bring us ever closer to socialism? He certainly hasn’t done ANYTHING to help the illegal alien situation in Arizona. In fact, he has done everything he can to HINDER it in Arizona, and everywhere else. He has spent more of OUR money than all the presidents before him put together. More money than there IS. Done more? You bet! But not things we would want him to do.

TREETOPS TATTLER: “99% of our politicians are giving the rest a bad name.” (Stolen from “Shoe” comics) Truer words were never spoken. And they’ve just finished ripping us off once again (in the “lame duck session”) while they can, after being “thrown out of office” for what they’ve done to us in the last two years. Has anybody ever noticed that the drunken, crooked politician in that strip is a “dead-ringer” for Teddy Kennedy?

THE “CHURCH AND STATE SCAM”: The “rule” concerning the “separation of church and state”is simple: the GOVERNMENT can make NO LAW concerning religion OR the practice thereof. A school (a quasi-government agency) putting up a Christmas display involving a crèche containing the Baby Jesus (willingly) simply does NOT represent a violation of that concept. And “concept” it is: it is NOT in the Constitution, NOR the Declaration of Independence. It is NOT a law, not does it have the FORCE of law.

N. Korea

N. KOREA THREATENS NUCLEAR WAR: The North Korean “rulers” are certifiably INSANE if they think they can start a nuclear war and it will be limited to South Korea. If they explode ONE nuclear device, ANYWHERE, that will be too much for even OBAMA to ignore. If he does, he will be impeached and run from office within a week, or simply assassinated. Joe Biden will “run for his life” and a Republican replacement will destroy North Korea. The final result will be North Korea as a distant memory where no one goes because it will be a nuclear wasteland for a hundred years. That might even be a GOOD thing, except for the deaths of all those innocents that Kim will be responsible for. Even if this kid’s family WAS killed in a raid on a Taliban stronghold, they were “collateral damage” of the kind seen in war. It doesn’t matter if the war is against a RECOGNIZED government or a band of bandits, as in this case.

MOST PRODUCTIVE CONGRESS IN YEARS: That’s what Democrats say. I say it is the most thieving Congress in years. The “lame duck Congress,” knowing it’s their last chance to loot America, passed many bills to do so in its “lame-duck” session. I don’t know how many billion (or trillion) dollars they spent, just in this short session, but I’m sure it was a record. That’s not productivity, it’s thievery. The lame duck session the year Republicans lost and Democrats took over passed NO bills.

NANCY PEELOSI GOING HOME: Yes, she will be back after the Christmas recess, but NOT as Majority Leader in the House. She will no longer be third in line to the presidency. Obama’s “life insurance policy” will be lessened considerably. She will have come as close as she ever will come to BEING president while looting this nation for TRILLIONS of dollars. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

JANET INCOMPETANO” “OBAMA DONE MORE THAN OTHER PRESIDENTS”: To accomplish WHAT? Bring us ever closer to socialism? He certainly hasn’t done ANYTHING to help the illegal alien situation in Arizona. In fact, he has done everything he can to HINDER it in Arizona, and everywhere else. He has spent more of OUR money than all the presidents before him put together. More money than there IS. Done more? You bet! But not things we would want him to do.

TREETOPS TATTLER: “99% of our politicians are giving the rest a bad name.” (Stolen from “Shoe” comics) Truer words were never spoken. And they’ve just finished ripping us off once again (in the “lame duck session”) while they can, after being “thrown out of office” for what they’ve done to us in the last two years. Has anybody ever noticed that the crooked politician in that strip is a “dead-ringer” for Teddy Kennedy?

THE “CHURCH AND STATE SCAM”: The “rule” concerning the “separation of church and state”is simple: the GOVERNMENT can make NO LAW concerning religion OR the practice thereof. A school (a quasi-government agency) putting up a Christmas display involving a crèche containing the Baby Jesus (willingly) simply does NOT represent a violation of that concept. And “concept” it is: it is NOT in the Constitution, NOR the Declaration of Independence. It is NOT a law, not does it have the FORCE of law.6

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Again!

You can’t say it often enough. I said it the other day, and now I say it again. “The PC Police” can take it and stick it. This day is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ, whether or not you believe in him. It’s the religion of Christians, and reference to it should NEVER “offend” anyone. I am not offended by reference to the symbols of other religions, and I should not be. And members of other religions should not be “offended” by references to someone else’s. Especially Muslims, whose “Holy Book” tells them to KILL anybody who does not believe exactly the same way they do. Today’s Christianity does not, even if they can find an obscure passage in the Old Testament that might be read in such a way that some people might think it does. In any case, it is not a “guiding principle” to Christians. Some non-Christians seem to think they can stop Christians from making reference to their religion by wishing people “Merry Christmas” on this day. They’re wrong, even if some liberal courts disagree. They misread the Constitution to say that government and religion should be separate. That’s wrong. There is NOTHING in the Constitution saying that. So I say again, “Merry Christmas to all!” No matter what your religion. This will be the only post today, as I will be spending time with my family. (Just common sense)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Government: Get Out of the Way!

Politicians are always asking how to fix all the problems they face. But they always come up with the wrong answers—answers that take away more of our rights and more of our money. But they never even CONSIDER the simplest answer of all: just GET OUT OF THE WAY and let the free market work. The free market created a country with an economy that was the envy of the world and made the United States the destination of choice for people who wanted to better themselves. But our politicians are fast destroying that.

“SHORTFALL” EQUALS INCOMPETENCE: You’re constantly hearing politicians bemoaning a “shortfall” in incoming funds so you will not oppose higher taxes. But to me, when they tell me about their “shortfalls,” that means they’re incompetent.

DISARMING OURSELVES FOR SELF DEFENSE: The “START Treaty has passed the Senate, chiseling in stone the idea that the way to defend ourselves is to throw away our weapons, hoping we can convince our enemies we “mean them no harm,” so MAYBE they will not DO us any harm. It’s the same reasoning (reasoning?) they use when they make “gun control” laws to DISARM honest people so the crooks, who are ALL illegally armed, can victimize them. It doesn’t work, but don’t try and tell our politicians that.

HOW ABOUT OVERPAID MOVIE STARS? Ben Affleck goes on NPR (where else?) to complain about overpaid CEOs. How about overpaid actors, or sports stars? Most CEOs got where they are by making or saving a LOT of money for their companies. They are in NO WAY overpaid, as a rule.

“THE SYSTEM WORKED”: That’s what Janet Incompetano said when the incompetent “underwear bomber” couldn’t properly light the fuse to the bomb in his underpants, causing other passengers to beat the hell out of him. WHAT “system?” The system that depends on average Americans to seek out possible terrorists and beat the hell out of them? Now they “feel you up” or force you to let them look at pornographic pictures of you to see if you have anything besides your genitalia in your underpants.

ANOTHER TALIBAN SCAM: A 17-year-old Afghan kid wants to sue the United states for killing members of his family and permanently injuring him during a radio-controlled air strike on a Taliban stronghold. I believe this is nothing more than yet another Taliban scam to swindle money pout of the United States to help fund their “Holy War” against ALL those who don’t believe exactly the same way they do. We should look closely at this kid to see if he has ANY connection with the Taliban.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Court: "You Can't Do It!"

So they did it anyway. This is the way bureaucracies work. The courts told the FCC they had no authority to regulate the Internet in any way—so they regulated the Internet by FIAT. Not a law, a REGULATION not backed up by ANY kind of law. There is no LAW saying they can do it, but they do it anyway. They have the guns to back it up until the courts stop them after somebody spends a LOT of money in court. They just do it anyway, even if the law forbids it.

OUR CELEBS ILLUSTRATE OUR INTELLIGENCE: Lady Gaga is the kind of celebrities we nurture these days, and that says a lot about US. She bites off the head of a toy Santa, and a rapper does the same to a live animal. The rappers many of us idolize, too. They do dope, screw around with each other talk about how they’d like to kill some of our best politicians while telling us how good socialism is for us, and some even kill each other. And we “eat it up.” This tells me a LOT about the American people today.

“FEELING EXCLUDED”: Some people say having a Christmas tree at a workplace makes some people “feel excluded.” Too bad. In this country, one of the major holidays is Christmas. Get used to it! You’re not going to come here and force us to change our ways just because it “offends” you. If you don’t like it, get the hell out, or get used to it. I don’t feel “excluded” by a Menorah or the sign of ANY other religion, and others ought not to be by evidence of Christianity.

“FOISTED ON THEM”: Anti-religionists decry the practice of “forcing religion” on us by having Christmas all around us. I have the same problem with football; and baseball; and basketball; hockey, and especially soccer. I’m ‘’ surrounded, all the time, by evidence of the obsession (religion?) associated with those sports, and I feel “excluded” by seeing Broncos logos everywhere I look (as if I wanted to be included). But I don’t gripe because I feel like everybody is entitled to their own obsessions. People tell me how boring auto racing (my sport) is, and they’re entitled to their own opinion. Just don’t try and force it on me. I don’t try to force it on them.

GUN CONTROL: Gun control has been responsible for the deaths of 56 MILLION people who were murdered by various GOVERNMENTS who could not be defended against because of “gun control.” 56 MILLION PEOPLE! What is there about “the right to carry a gun for self defense shall not be infringed” do today’s politicians not understand? They say “reasonable restrictions” are permissible, but their “reasonable restrictions” make it impossible to USE the gun for self defense.

UNDER-REGULATION? A Canadian caller to the Rush Limbaugh show claimed that Canada had a much better health care system than did America. He had no logical answer to the many examples otherwise given by guest host Marl Steyn, especially the ones about those (including doctors and politicians) who come across the border to take advantage of our “lesser” medical system. He says he would have been bankrupt a long time ago if he had lived in the US. He didn’t care about Americans being bankrupt by spending more money than there IS on their “imitation” health care plan, otherwise known as “Obama’s Health Care Swindle.”

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

You’ve probably figured out those words “offend” some people. So “the powers that be” have quietly decided not to use them to avoid the possibility of offending some people. Have you noticed how many people just naturally say “Happy Holidays” these days instead of “Merry Christmas?” It’s a “quiet revolution” and most people don’t notice it. I have noticed it, and I will not accede to the demands of the “PC Police. I will say “Merry Christmas” and those who are offended by that can be damned.

WHAT CAME BEFORE? They just got rid of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy regarding gays (homosexuals) in the military. But what came before? How did they handle it when someone was suspected of being a homosexual? I’ve tried to research that question and all I got was info on the repeal of that law. Would SOMEBODY please tell me what came before that law was passed, in comprehensible fashion?

AT THE LAST MINUTE: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen so many bills come up for a vote on one week as I have the week before Christmas, 2010. Everything seems to be “emergency legislation” that didn’t get passed in the last two years while Democrats controlled things. I say that procrastination on the politician’s part doesn’t necessarily become an emergency on MY part. I say leave it for the next Congress, where more intelligence might prevail. Democrats are trying to spend as much money as they can, while they still can.

PALIN DIGS MICHELLE ON DESSERT: On her TV show, she digs Michelle Obama and her “anti-dessert” campaign, which will probably get her a lot of slams from the left. I guess you don’t get to dig an Obama, but you DO get to dig a Palin. I predict she will hear a lot of criticism over this comment.

“MORAL OBLIGATION”: The left says rich people have a “moral obligation” to pay more in taxes than do those who don’t make as much. They DO. The higher the amount they make, the bigger the percentage of taxes they pay NOW, according to our “progressive” income tax system. Why should they be made to pay more than that? Remember, most of the “lefties” who say this are rich, themselves. They just don’t EARN it. Meanwhile, almost 50% of American citizens pay NO taxes at all because they’re on welfare. Should they be made to pay at least SOME taxes?

“NOTHING TO DESERVE IT”: Barney Frank says the “estate tax” is a good thing because the heirs of these dead rich people “did nothing to deserve it.” Neither did the government. At least the heirs are RELATED to the dad rich person. The government is not. And here I thought every time he opened his mouth, somebody put something in it. They should. Maybe that would shut him up.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

That is just about as stupid a law as there ever has been. It says that if you’re gay and don’t tell anybody about it, you can stay in the military. Frankly, if I were gay and in the military, I CERTAINLY wouldn’t tell anyone to keep from getting the hell beat out of me. I wouldn’t need a LAW to tell me that. If they think getting rid of this law is going to cause gays to “come out” en masse, think again.

HATING THE RICH: It amazes me the contradiction inherent in liberals “bad-mouthing” the rich when most of them are rich, themselves, by their own definition. They say anybody making over $250,000 a year are “rich,” and to be hated and reviled because of it. They forget that most of THEM make more than $250,000 a year and many of them are “filthy rich.” Nancy Peelosi is a good example. They just hate those who EARN their riches honestly, instead of inheriting them or stealing their riches like they do.

A “CLEAR PLAN”: A Fox News interviewer asked Cal Thomas if Obama OR the Republicans had a “clear plan.” The answer is, YES. Both have a “clear plan” for the future. Only problem is, nobody WANTS Obama’s “clear plan,” that involves making this country into a socialist nation.

UN WANTS TO TAKE OVER INTERNET: The United Nations has no authority to do anything of the sort! I don’t care what excuse they come up with to justify it, they do not. If they do ANYTHING to limit my access to the Internet OR what I can say there, they will be ignored. I dare them to do anything about it.

GOVERNMENT STEALING: They just passed it into law. When you die, if you have more than a certain amount, the government is the biggest beneficiary in your will. They’re not in there, you say? But they are. They’re in for 35% of whatever you have when you die, even after you have paid taxes on the same money time after time. This is outright THEFT, no matter how they justify it by vilifying “the rich.”

MORE GOVERNMENT THEFT: Inflation. Whenever The Fed prints more money with NOTHING valuable behind it, they’re STEALING your money. They’re the first to say so when they find anybody BUT the government doing it. They call it “counterfeiting” and tell you all about how counterfeiting reduces the value of every dollar in existence by DILUTING it. But suggest the same thing happens when THEY print money with nothing behind it, and they ridicule you. I don’t see why people can’t understand this simple thing and revolt.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Larry King Quits

Good riddance. He’s known for not ever interrupting a guest, always allowing him to complete his/her thought. Probably because that guest was answering the “soft-ball” question Larry threw him. Larry made a career of asking “soft-balls” of controversial guests, but his questions never even APPROACHED the controversy. We need fewer of this type of commentator. They SAY he started what has BECOME talk radio, though he probably would like what it has become. That’s because he is an idiot, and didn’t start ANYTHING.

IDIOT POLITICIANS: They seem to think the way to defend ourselves is to DISARM ourselves, thus proving to the (armed) bad guys that we mean them no harm. Frankly, I mean the bad guys as much harm as possible. If a bad guy shoots me, I want it to be the last thing he/she does in his/her life. The only way to defend yourself is to ARM yourself and learn how to use the means of that defense.

DISARMING OURSELVES: On that subject, President Obama is in the process of signing a treaty to reduce our nuclear arms arsenal in the face of “rogue states” arming themselves with nuclear weapons. That might have worked back when only the soviet Union had nukes, but it won’t work now because those who have them now don’t sign such treaties, and if they do, it’s only a “dodge” to give themselves more time to perfect their nuclear arsenals.

MICHAEL MOORE BAILS ASSANGE OUT: Anywhere there is something that will hurt the United states, Michael Moore is there to help—those who want to hurt the United States. Like many liberal jerks, he hates this country and wants to hurt it. Assange’s activities are hurting the United states, so Moore is right there with his bail.

REID PULLS HIS “OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL”: Because even HE can see it has NO CHANCE of passing, any time. And he doesn’t want to put it up for a vote he knows he’ll lose. Even though him pulling this stupid bill COUNTS as a loss for him, just before he goes home, no longer as majority leader in the Senate. Yes, he got re-elected. But that’s a testament to the ignorance of his constituency.

“NO LABELS”: This is a new organization started by worthless has-been politicians who are now out of work. These are the people who instigated the policies that got a majority of democrats voted out of office in the 2010 election. They think there can BE politics without “labels.” Labels are a kind of shorthand to tell people how people think and operate. Socialism is a label, and it is very obvious in what it says about the people to whom it is applied. So is “individualist.” This label says that person is NOT a “collectivist.” This whole idea is as stupid as the idea that there can be a free system without dissension. But that’s typical of liberals (that’s a label).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking Over the Internet

The FCC is ready to take over the Internet WITHOUT a vote of Congress soon. All it will take is the agreement of a majority of the bureaucrats on the FCC Board. It will probably be instituted the next day, and ALL of us will suffer. They’re going to do it by FIAT. By a simple vote of the FCC Commissioners. They think they have that kind of authority. Well, I’m here to tell them they DON’T have that kind of authority, even though they have the guns behind them to enforce their lawlessness.

HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THEIR NAMES! Obama thanked “Mike McConnell” the other day. Only problem is, that’s not his name. His name is MITCH McConnell. If Obama can’t even remember the NAME of the minority leader,” how can he deal with the important things a president must deal with every day? And Democrats criticize Sarah Palin when she makes a slip of the tongue? Do you think this one will make the news in the liberal media? I don’t THINK so!

OPPOSING OBAMA STILL RACIST: At least, that’s what the Democrats (liberals) say. ANY opposition to Obama’s policies are racist, according to them. Funny: I thought electing Obama was going to end forever the racism in this country. But it apparently didn’t, according to Democrats. Well, I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and I judge Obama as a JERK, individually. And I would judge him the same way if he was white, black, or PURPLE. It is his POLICIES I hate, not him, although I have no use for him. Not because he’s half black, because he’s ALL stupid.

“A POLITICAL STUNT” TO READ THE BILL: Senator DeMint is insisting they READ a bill in Congress before it can be passed. Other politicians call that “a political stunt.” It is NOT. Any member of Congress who votes to pass ANY bill he/she hasn’t read is in “dereliction of duty,” no matter how much they scoff at the whole idea. That member of Congress ought to be REMOVED for cause.

WASH POST REFUSES TO REPORT NEWS: Some time ago the Washington Post did a survey. Among the findings of this survey was that 69% of Americans were AGAINST the health care swindle law and would like to see it repealed. But they said nothing about this. The same numbers were true in 1994, and they didn’t report that, either. It has been the same ever since, and it is getting worse (from their viewpoint).

A LITTLE BACKWARDS, ISN’T IT? The “tax bill” Obama got passed in the Senate is in the wrong place. According to the Constitution, ALL spending bills MUST be FIRST passed in the House. THEN is can go to the Senate. I know Obama and his cronies don’t care a whit about the Constitution, but this is a BLATANT violation.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Term Limits

The last time the Republicans were in power they put term limits on all powerful committee chairmanships. When the Democrats took over total control, they quickly dispensed with that. Now the Republicans are coming back into power and are talking about “exceptions” to the long terms of powerful committee chairmen(people). It’s “business as usual” in Washington, folks, with the Republicans folding already. There should be “term limits” on every elected OR appointed office in the government, to keep people from building their own little fiefdoms. Will it ever happen?” Don’t hold your breath.

NO TAX INCREASE JAN. 1: Obama announces it like it was an “accomplishment” on his part. He made a deal with Republicans to keep Bush’s tax rate reductions in place until the end of 2012. Only a Democrat would call NOT raising taxes an “accomplishment.” Of course he extracted a high cost. The same measure puts us billions of dollars further in debt to pay the unemployed not to work for a longer period. Studies show that the unemployed suddenly become employed within six months of their unemployment running out.

EVEN LIBS MAD AT OBAMA: But not for the same reasons as are Republicans and other “right-wingers.” They’re mad because he isn’t liberal ENOUGH. He actually let the Republicans talk him into NOT raising taxes by BILLIONS of dollars, right after Christmas, and right in the middle of a recession HE started.

CAVITY SEARCHES COMING: I can see it now: every airline passenger must subject themselves soon to a “cavity search” in order to be allowed on an airplane after a terrorist got on a plane with a bomb shoved in his anus. Barney Frank would LOVE that. He already gets back in the “feeling you up” line several times whenever he flies.

REDISTRIBUTING WEALTH shows a tendency toward THIEVERY, plus an economic INCOMPETENCE. Whenever a politician talks about “redistributing wealth,” he means YOUR wealth. Run away as fast as you can! Why anybody, except those who want to live at the expense of others, would BUY that bullsh-t, I don’t know.

THEY KNEW IT WAS COMING: The Democrats have only a few weeks left to spend our money. They went home for Thanksgiving WITHOUT approving a budget so they wouldn’t be “on record” raising taxes before the election. Now, instead of passing another “band-aid” measure to keep the government going, they introduced a 1,900 page (1,900 page!) “Omnibus Spending Bill” FOUR DAYS before the government runs out of money, GUARANTEEING nobody will be able to read it in that time.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Tax Breaks for the Rich"

I get really tired of hearing this LIE. Bush’s “tax breaks” were NOT only for the rich. They were for EVERYBODY. What he did was lower the RATE at which their money is taxed. That covers ALL taxpayers. “Trust fund babies” get NO tax cut because they pay a different, lower tax structure when what they make is “capital gains, not salary.

WHICH WAY? The other day I saw a car with a sticker supporting “freedom of speech” right beside one pulling for “Ending Fox News.” Which way does this driver want it? Freedom of speech only if SHE agrees with it? This typifies the thinking of some liberals. MOST liberals, actually. Like the signers of a petition to outlaw WATER because they gave it “scientific-sounding name” and said it was an important ingredient in “acid rain.” It’s in simple RAIN, too, and your body NEEDS it to survive. How STUPID are these people?

GET OUT OF THE WAY! Politicians are asking themselves if raising taxes will help end the recession. It will not. It will only make it worse. But they are too incompetent to understand that, and they are running our lives! The way they can help is to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY and let the free market solve the problem! The free market (when it was allowed to operate) created an economy and a country that was the envy of the world and the destination of choice for those who wanted to better themselves. Why kill it?

WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? This “WikiLeaks” thing is so obviously a “red herring” to keep us occupied so we won’t notice something else, maybe we ought to start searching for that “something else.” Maybe it’s the fact that the major center of Obama’s health care has been declared unconstitutional?

THERE ARE NO TAX CUTS! They keep calling it “tax cuts.” Even Fox has fallen for this scam. There are NO “Tax cuts” on the table right now. Only “no tax increases.” The legislation they’re fighting over right now is the one to STOP the Bush tax rate reductions from expiring, causing a massive tax INCREASE. They CALL this a “tax cut.” It is NOT. How stupid do they think we are?

WHY NOT EXTEND BUSH’S TAX RATE CUTS? To cause such a massive tax increase during a recession is STUPID. But then, Democrats are stupid. They think ALL the money is THEIRS. And to let anybody KEEP any of what they earned is something they have to “pay for. It is NOT. The money people earn is THEIRS. Not the government’s. To let them keep it is NOT “an expenditure” on the part of the government.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bill Clinton Popular?

C’mawn! Obama has brought in former Democrat President Bill Clinton, hoping that will help him get his “compromise” past Congress. He still thinks Clinton is generally popular in the United States; which just shows how “insular” is his life. He only hears what his “handlers” tell him. They’re even running a “raffle” where you send in $5, hoping for a CHANCE of meeting Clinton, personally. Personally, if I saw Clinton coming toward me, I’d go the other way. I wouldn’t shake his hand if they PAID me to do it.

WHY POOR PEOPLE STAY POOR: It’s a “state of mind.” Our government teaches our CHILDREN that “the world owes them a living,” so some of them don’t bother earning their own living. They exist on the “handouts” given them by our “benevolent” government, which are somehow always just enough to keep them from starving, but never enough for them to do any better. They PAY them not to work, and thus they don’t. Which means they will never progress, nor ever contribute to society.

WHAT IS “POOR,” ANYWAY? Our “poorest of the poor” are RICH to the “poor” in other countries. Our “poor” have cars, many have their own homes, color television sets, and many other things people in some other countries could not even IMAGINE having. Yes, some don’t have one or more of those things, but they all have SOME of those things. I remember a television show about “poor people” where they couldn’t use some videos because you could see the flickering of their color television sets through the tenement windows.

HE’S NOT LIBERAL ENOUGH! Some Democrats now HATE Obama because he agreed to the compromise suggested by Republicans that would stop a BIG tax increase on January 1. They don’t care that he got an extension of the law that pays people not to work. They want MORE. They don’t care that allowing the Bush tax rate cuts to expire would cause a billion dollar tax INCREASE during a recession. They just want it.

WE CAN’T AFFORD IT! That’s what Obama says about extending Bush’s tax cuts again in 2012. Why IS that? Hmmmm? Could it be because he spent more money than there is in the world”? Hmmmm?

A BILLION A DAY: Every day that goes by while Congress is debating Obama’s “compromise” with the Republicans on extending Bush’s tax rate reduction extension and the extension of unemployment payments, the cost goes up a billion dollars. They keep on adding pork to it. Let’s hope if they pass it they do so before its cost goes to a couple of TRILLION dollars.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

They're Getting To Our Kids!

The collectivists are infiltrating our SCHOOLS. They’ve been working on it for Years. They know they aren’t going to be able to convince US of the “rightness” of their scam, so they go after our kids, who haven’t even been ON this earth long enough to recognize collectivism (under whatever name) for what it is. Theft of all that is ours. Simply, they want to TAKE from those who EARN, and GIVE to those who DON’T.

GLEN WANTS AN APOLOGY: Forbes Magazine has accused Glenn Beck of lying about George Soros, but has presented NO proof of ANY lies he has told (They can’t, because he uses Soros’ own words to pillory him). So Glenn has demanded, on national television, they either provide some proof of his lies, or give him a public apology. Do you think he’ll get it? Not a chance. The liberal media never apologizes for ITS lies. He has even provided a yellow phone for them to call, but don’t expect it to ever ring, any more than the red one for Obama ever has.

THEIR LAST GASP: Democrats know they’re soon going to lose their supremacy in the Congress so they’re exercising their muscle in opposing Obama’s “deal” to extend Bush’s tax rate reductions for at least two years. It’s not the best of deals because it also spends billions to also extend unemployment payments. But it will give us time to make those tax rate reductions PERMANENT in the next (Republican-controlled) Congress. They purposely delayed work on this measure until AFTER the election so none of them would be “on record” BEFORE the election, for voting against it. If the measure extends beyond the end of the year, tax rates WILL go up, and government bureaucrats WILL gleefully charge more money. Meanwhile, something “in force” is very difficult to stop.

THEY JUST KEEP YOUR MONEY: California, once the richest state in the union, is in deep money trouble. They have informed people who paid their state income tax ON TIME that they will NOT receive their “refunds” . . . on time. And they will NOT get INTEREST on that money either, for the ten months the state keeps it while collecting the interest, itself.

ONLY THE LOWEST: Have you noticed that the only person (besides Assange) being prosecuted in the big “dump” of classified secrets by WikiLeaks is a low-ranking PRIVATE? Seems to me the higher-ranking people who ALLOWED him access to so much classified information ought to share some of the blame. But that’s not how it works in either military OR government.

“ESTATE TAX” IS THEFT: It’s “double-taxation.” The money they take away from the dead has already had some kind of a tax levied, and paid on it. They’re not entitled to this money, but they take it anyway because they can. Actually, this money has been taxed MANY times, but they will never admit this.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Covering Up

When the government wants to cover up their crimes, they “fudge” the numbers. They eliminate numbers that disprove what they want us to think, and MAKE UP numbers to replace them. They lie through their teeth every day and hope we believe them. They keep on telling the SAME LIES, day after day, in hopes we will.

“TEA PARTIES” MERELY PISSED OFF AMERICANS: Some Republicans are only “comfortable” with “Tea Party” candidates taking offices formerly held by Republicans who voted mostly Democrat. They forget those “Tea Party candidates” are merely pissed-off Americans and will vote the way Republicans SHOULD vote.

FIRED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH: A local broadcaster in Washington told the story about Obama receiving money from the oil industry and was FIRED the next day. That’ll fix him! He’ll learn not to tell the truth about Obama! Even “big names” get fired for telling the truth. Just ask Juan Williams, who got fired from NPR for just APPEARING on Fox.

BUSINESS AS USUAL IN WASHINGTON: The Republicans “caving” to Obama recently is proof that it is “ business as usual” in Washington. Who did the Republicans select as their top office-holders for the next Congress? The same ones that allowed us to get into this mess in the first place. The same names in the top spots guarantees the same outcomes. Einstein said, “Doing the same things over and over, expecting a different result is the DEFINITION of insanity.”

FORBES ACCUSES BECK OF LYING ABOUT SOROS: Unfortunately, they can’t back it up with facts. Beck not only backs up what he says with facts, he uses Soros’ own words, in videos of words HE (Soros) has spoken. Soros can’t even back up his words about Beck. I’m still waiting for it to happen. He calls Beck a “paranoid lunatic” without ANY kind of proof he’s wrong, and Forbes just repeats the lie.

NOBODY IS UPSET: I talk continuously about the “rise” of socialism in this country and people say, Yeah, yeah,then go out and wash their car or go to a movie. They are not upset in any way. Some of them are upset with ME for bringing the subject up! Socialists don’t even find it necessary any more to hide. They’re right out in the open! They march in PARADES with their socialist SIGNS! What will it take to WAKE UP Americans to the “cancer” that is eating at the vitals of this country?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where's The Money Coming From?

NOW they worry about where the money is coming from. Not a peep out of the liberal media about how Obama is going to pay the many trillions of dollars his “bailout” programs are going to cost Americans. They never said a WORD when he took over GM with taxpayer money. He has spent more money than there IS. But not a PEEP out of the liberal media. Now he makes an agreement with Republicans to keep George Bush’s tax rate reductions intact for TWO YEARS while extending the unemployment payments; and NOW they’re asking “where is the money coming from?” How STUPID do they think we are?

IGNORANCE: Liberals are totally IGNORANT as to how economics works. So are their economists. Nancy Peelosi says unemployment insurance payments being extended will HELP the economy because it is a Democrat suggesting it. If a Republican had suggested it, she would have come up with a myriad of reasons why it is a bad thing.

TAKING AWAY THE GOODIES: In England, they used to give high tuition payments and Britishers came to think of them as “their due.” So when Great Britain figured out they could no longer PAY for these tuition payments and took them away, they rioted. Why is everybody surprised?

PEELOSI IN DENIAL: She has now had TWO parties (at government expense?) to celebrate the “accomplishments” of the Democrats in the last two years. “Accomplishments” people of INTELLIGENCE regard as idiot things that will ruin this country. She is still “in denial” and probably will be for the rest of her life.

“GIVE YOUR EMPLOYEES A RAISE”: That’s the “solution” liberals see to the recession. Forget the fact that employers can’t afford to PAY employees, which is why they’re laying them off. Liberals think employers are just “sitting on money” and can easily use it to hire more people and raise their pay, too. They think employers are only in business to provide jobs at high salaries. They forget employers need something for those employees to DO before they can hire them.

STUPID COMMENTS MADE BY POLITICIANS: It amazes me the number of STUPID comments that can be made by politicians on both sides of the aisle and they still keep their jobs. Like Reid saying he can “smell constituents” when they enter his office, or Nancy saying “we have to pass this bill to find what’s in it.” How stupid do they have to be for voters to realize it and get rid of them?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Last Time I'll Talk About It"

That’s what Charlie Rangel said about his “censuring” by Congress. He’s “disappointed” that many people “censured” him since he raped no children, killed no people, etc. What he DID was the same things Republicans have been sent to PRISON for doing. Censure is the LEAST POSSIBLE PUNISHMENT possible for a congressman who evaded the very taxes he was IMPOSING on the rest of us. He’s a prime example of the corrupt congressmen who steal taxpayer money. Of COURSE this is “the last time” he’ll talk about it. He hopes it will all go away.

CALVIN THINKS LIKE GOVERNMENT: He’s overcharging for his lemonade, so he has no customers. He can’t figure out why; the obvious escapes him. So he wants to raise the price so he won’t have to sell as much, thinking people will still buy it at an even higher price.. This is how the government operates. If they’re not “Getting any action,” just raise the price so they won’t have to work so hard for the same amount of money. (Calvin & Hobbes)

LET THEM “CATCH UP” Obama and his lackeys are now talking about making a law forcing “big business” to “freeze” their activities long enough to give those who aren’t as successful time to “catch up.” As if they would. If they aren’t good enough to compete in a competitive world, they won’t be good enough to “catch up” in Obama’s world. This is right out of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” They want to ask the same thing of prosperous countries.

KEEP THE INSURANCE WE LIKE: Obama has said many times that if we like the health insurance we have, we can keep it under his health care swindle. What he doesn’t say is that it probably won’t be there. Insurance companies are ALREADY going out of the health care business because they won’t be able to stay in business under his health care swindle.

FAT OR STARVATION? Do we have a fat problem, or do we have a starvation problem? They’re pushing both. Which IS it? You can’t have it both ways, people! They talk about “millions of starving children” on one side, and “millions of overweight children” on the other. Which is it?

TAKING BACK SOME OF THE GOODIES: In Britain, they’re “taking back” some of the goodies they’ve given and they’re rioting over it. That’s how it works under socialism. They give them goodies, and soon people think those goodies are “their due.” Then when they find out they can’t afford the goodies and start taking them back, they riot.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Reaganomics Worked!

Liberals tell you “Reaganomics” didn’t work. That was a derisive name they gave to Reagan’s idea to LOWER the base tax rate to 28%. They also called it “Trickle-Down Economics.” But it DID work. Reagan came into office during the (then) biggest recession that ever happened outside of the “great depression” that happened during a Democrat (liberal) administration. His ideas quickly lowered the inflation rate to 4%, while other “indicators” quickly followed. Liberals STILL insist that ”Reaganomics” doesn’t work, in spite of the FACTS, which prove them wrong. But they don’t care about that. They just keep repeating the lie until you believe it.

REAGAN INCREASED THE DEFICIT: You might say that, since he was in office when it happened. But actually it was CONGRESS that did it. They managed to spend $1.50 for every $1.00 Reagan’s tax rate cuts created, and did it in such a way Reagan had NO CHOICE except to sign the bills that contained the rises in spending by attaching them to bills that HAD TO pass.

APPLYING A BAND-AID: Obama wants to “apply a bandaid” instead of actually DOING something about unemployment. He paints the Republicans as the “bad guys” because they continually try and block it. But they’re right. He needs to do something about the “root causes” of unemployment instead of just “treating the symptoms.

A NEW KIND OF WAR: When terrorists attacked us during the Reagan administration, it signaled the beginning of a NEW kind of warfare. Where soldiers don’t wear uniforms and attack us where we least expect it. It’s a little like the American “Revolutionary War” where backwoodsmen fired from the woods and “melted into the countryside” while the British lined up with their muskets and came marching to a drumbeat while we “mowed them down” like so much wheat. We need to adjust to this new kind of warfare before it overwhelms us as we did the British.

HAVE LIBERAL IDEAS EVER WORKED? Never. And they have been trying them for as long as I remember. The “New Frontier”: the “New Deal” and “The War Against Poverty” and others, too numerous to mention. None have worked, but every time a liberal gets in power he has a new one, with a new name. Someone once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” But that’s what liberals do. Are they insane?

ONE SUBJECT BILLS: One of the biggest problems in Washington is the practice of “attaching” measures not connected to the subject of a pending bill in “the dark of night.” Bills that have not been debated, and which nobody knew was there. There was also the practice of adding such things to bills AFTER they passed, but BEFORE they were printed, which no one noticed because nobody ever READ them. This practice needs to be CRIMINALIZED and a system put into place to stop the practice. Congresspeople actually READING the bills they sign into law would be a start.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"GOP Against Anything Good for This Country"

That’s what Democrats say. Then they have the temerity to use the extension of the unemployment benefits to “take the pressure off” politicians who have no idea how to improve the economic picture because they say they are “good for this country.”. What a BIG LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! But that’s our Democrats. That does NOT increase the amount of money in this country ONE iota. It merely gives away more of our tax money, picking our pockets—again.

EXCESSIVE PUNISHMENT: Charlie Rangel wants his constituents (you know, the people stupid enough to return this criminal to Congress time after time) to “shut down the White House switchboard with phone calls objecting to the vote on his censure. He says it’s “excessive punishment.” I say it’s MINIMAL punishment in a world where they want to send a Republican to PRISON for ten years for less.

INCENTIVE NOT TO WORK: Some people on unemployment are being paid $400 a week NOT to work. What incentive is that to get a job that might not pay as much as that? And they want to INCREASE the amount of time we (our taxes) pay these people not to work. Some, even when they DO find a job, ask to be paid “under the table” so they can keep getting that $400 a week

“IT’S NOT A TON OF MONEY”: Politicians speak about $50 billion dollars as “not a ton of money.” Maybe we need to get some people in there who DO think of $50 billion dollars as “a ton of money.” Maybe they’d be more serious about reducing the “drunken sailor spending” in Congress (Yeah, I know; drunken sailors spend their OWN money, while Congress spends YOURS.)

“TIGHTEN YOUR BELTS: Obama says we have to “tighten our belts” because of the high public debt HE incurred. Why do WE have to “tighten our belts? Why not Obama and his “knee-jerk” Congress? They spent the money, now he’s demanding WE pay it back. Forget it, Obama! I’m not paying a cent to pay back the debt YOU incurred!

SENATE VIOLATES CONGRESS RULES: It’s a simple thing. “All tax bills must originate in the House.” Even somebody who slept through “Economics 101” knows that. It’s basic. Anybody with ANY intelligence knows it. But the Senators apparently don’t, since they passed with great fanfare, the “Food Safety Bill” with what they CALL “fees” included as “revenue sources.” Those “fees” are TAXES. So DEMOCRATS are going to block this bill.

TRYING TO MAKE IT BETTER: He makes it worse. New Orleans is already in a lot of economic trouble. They have the largest unemployment anywhere because of the hurricane, followed by the oil spill. So Obama is going to ban ALL oil drilling in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico; an action that will make the unemployment picture there much WORSE. But nobody can tell him that. If they do, he just calls them “stupid: and goes right on with his stupid actions.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Get The Hell Out Of The Way!"

Message to Obama; you want somebody to tell you a sure way to improve the economy? Okay, here’s one: get the hell out of the way and let the free market do it! The free market existed long before you did, and the first years in this country’s history allowed it to make this country the envy of the world and the “destination of choice” for people who wanted to better themselves.

CRAZY PEOPLE! Paul Krugman, the liberal economist liberals “drool after” and believe every word he speaks said many times in past years that there were no “death panels” in Obama’s health care swindle bill (my words, not his). He called people who disagreed with him “crazy” and “illiterate.” Now he comes out and ADMITS there are “death panels” in there. That he and all the other liberals have been LYING to us all these years. Something I, and the people who listen to me, already know.

STARVATION? OR FAT PROBLEM? The liberals can’t seem to make up their minds. One day they’re talking about how many CHILDREN (of course) are starving in this, the richest country on earth; then the next day (sometimes the SAME day) they’re talking about the “obese child (of course) problem.” Which is it, liberals? You can’t have it both ways.

FALSE STATISTICS: Liberal anti-smoking idiots keep citing false statistics, hoping people will come to believe them. They talk about more than 100,000 CHILDREN (of course) dying because of “second-hand smoke” and of more than 600,000 women likewise. They can’t prove it, but they say it anyway.

TYPICAL LIBERAL ACT: This man had his guns legally, and prosecutors ignored the evidence that he did and sent him to prison for 7 years anyway, for gun possession. If they can do this and get away with it, we’re now in a “police state.” The governor needs to reverse this action as soon as possible. If he doesn’t, he’s part of the problem. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE: The Congress and the White House have known the expiration of Bush’s tax rate reductions were coming at the end of this year. So they put off dealing with it until the “last minute,” hoping they would not be “on record” in the election voting AGAINST the retention of a tax rate cut that continued the biggest, longest-lasting boom this country has ever SEEN.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jindal Told to "Shut Up!"

President Obama has issued a “gag order” to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, telling him not to say ANYTHING that will paint Obama in a “negative light.” Does Obama really think he has the kind of power that allows him to tell a sitting GOVERNOR what he can, or cannot say? It’ll be interesting to see Jindal’s reaction to this raw abuse of power. It’ll also be interesting to see if the liberal media covers it. (Reported on Fox News, not the liberal news media)

SHARPTON WANTS FCC TO SHUT RUSH UP: He thinks what Rush and Hannity say is “divisive” and can cause mayhem. What about what HE says, which HAS “created mayhem and MURDER,” while being proven to be a LIE? Be careful what you wish for, Al. Remember, there is a “conservative uprising” taking place right now. By the time the FCC gets around to this usurpation of the First Amendment it may be being run by conservatives, for a change.

FREUDIAN SLIP: They’re talking about Obama’s “Freudian slip” the other day as if he “slipped” and told a lie. A “Freudian slip” is when a liar slips and tells the TRUTH, as Obama did the other day, revealing the fact that he IS, and has ALWAYS been, a Marxist and a socialist, and is working night and day to make this into a socialist country like the old Soviet Union. If anybody disagrees with me on this, please let me know—if you have the guts. Bring PROOF, not name-calling.

SEND HIM BACK TO SOMOLIA: Feds arrested a Somalia-born, naturalized American teenager who wanted to blow a bunch of people up at a large gathering. But the explosives he used were phony, given to him by federal agents who posed as explosives salesmen. Somebody “ratted him out,” which means he talked too much, to too many people. They’re now trying to figure out what to do with him. I say remove his citizenship and send him back to Somalia if he doesn’t like his “adopted country.”

ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW? That was the line that put Ronald Reagan “over the top” in his run against Gerald ford for president. And I’m asking the same question now, after the most recent two-year stint under a radical socialist president named Obama? ARE you?

CONFUSE THE ISSUE! At the Jon Stewart/ Stephen Colbert “Rally for Sanity,” they say, “Obama is not a Keynesian, he’s an American!” which is a stupid statement because Keynes is not a country, he was the progenitor of a failed economic system Obama is STILL using. This bunch of fruitcakes ought to just go home. Every time they open their mouths they show their ignorance.