Sunday, March 31, 2013

Diverting Our Attention

Why are we so interested in whether or not gays can redefine the word “marriage” to make it describe what THEY do? Personally, I don’t care if they want to take advantage of the rights and privileges of married people, but I resent their effort to redefine the WORD marriage. Let them have what they want. But call it SOMETHING ELSE. The big problem with this is this very argument is just a “smokescreen” to keep our minds off the TRILLIONS of unnecessary spending by Obama and his other stupid moves. If we resolve it. Obama’s “gang of thieves” will come up with something else to occupy our attention.

WE’RE GETTING OLDER: Yes, we’re getting older as a people. We’re living a LOT longer than FDR thought we’d live (the life expectancy when he set that age was 65; the same age he set at which we could BEGIN to receive those benefits, so we would pay into it all our lives and the government would never have to pay it back, he hoped) when he set the ages at which we could begin receiving benefits under Social Security after paying into it all our lives on the “government promise” that we would GET those benefits at a certain age. Now the government wants to correct that mistake by RAISING that age and breaking that promise.

OBAMACARE IS AN OBAMINATION! Or maybe you’ll understand it better if I spell it “abomination.” Nobody “except those who WROTE it,” knows what all is in it. Not even the congress people who voted it into law. “Regulators” have created 17,000 regulations based on this law and nobody knows what’s in them, either. But I predict we will ALL find out, sooner or later, when they are ENFORCED upon us, one by one. I’m sure regulators are combing through those pages for regulations to enforce, which include many new taxes.

“A STATE OF WAR”: With S. Korea. That’s what N. Korea’s “Boy King” has said. I expect him to do something about it soon, and when he does, S. Korea should retaliate MIGHTILY by bombing his “ruling palace,” preferably with him in it. Or our “security forces” should keep track of where he is and help S. Korea to send bombs there. It amazes me how STUPID people like that are, to think their tiny supply of nukes makes them invulnerable against our THOUSANDS.

“IT’S NOT PERSONAL: A Marine just returned from Iraq tried to fly an American flag. One neighbor (they won’t tell him who) complained. The Town of Hypoluxo said he couldn’t because he didn’t “go hat in hand” and ask (and pay) for a permit, since the flagpole was a “structure.” That doesn’t fool me in the least. They have the ability to tell him “no,” and they’re going to exercise it. All politicians demand to exercise their tiny bit of “authority.” They said, “it’s not personal, it’s the law.” Mobsters have many times told people they kill, “It’s not personal.”

THE “BABY RULER” OF N. KOREA: No, he’s not a teenager. But he might as well be, because he has NO KNOWLEDGE of world affairs. On his father’s death he was awarded TWO DEGREES without going to school and appointed to all kinds of leadership positions for which he is NOT smart enough to hold. It pains me to see all the uniformed generals hovering around him, listening to his every pronouncement as if he were a god.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why Are We Wasting Time?

There are many more important things in the world for us to pay attention to; so why are we spending so much time, energy, and MONEY on the question of gay marriage? Just give them everything they want EXCEPT the right to CALL their “unions” marriage. Oh, right; that won’t satisfy them. They want to redefine the WORD marriage.

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ IS A FOOL! Democrat Party Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a DAMN fool. She’s now telling us that because of the Sequester, her staffers are “starving.” Does she really believe that staffers, who make more than $100,000.0 a year, are STARVING because of a “pimple on the government’s butt” reduction in the growth of the government? How STUPID does she think we are? As stupid as SHE is?

OBAMA’S “RECOVERY” A “PIPE DREAM”: It isn’t happening, no matter how Obama twists the numbers to make it LOOK like it is. The fact remains he has spent more money than there IS and every policy decision he make is making it worse, The economy is TRYING mightily to improve, but it can’t. One very obvious policy is his refusal to allow American oil companies to drill for oil on “federal lands” or his refusal to allow the Canadian Pipeline to proceed. I could go on and name policy after policy that HINDERS economic growth, but I don’t want to bore you. Suffice it to say he’s KILLING us.

KIM JONG UN COMMITTING SUICIDE: He’s threatening America with a nuclear attack while reopening the Korean War while posturing to make himself look good to his subjects. He thinks BOTH his nuclear-tipped (maybe) missiles gives him superiority over American’s THOUSANDS of nuclear missiles. He’s too STUPID to comprehend that if he fires ONE missile in America’s direction, he and his country will cease to exist, except as radioactive rubble within hours of its launch. I feel sorry for his citizens, but that’s the facts.

BECK STILL MUST “TOE THE LINE”: Glenn Beck has been trying HARD to get his cable network on as many outlets as possible, but it seems he can’t, if he so much as MENTIONS such things as Obama’s birthplace and his RIGHT to be president. This explains why SURE PROOF that he is INELIGIBLE to be president has not become a “media sensation.” Media figures DON’T DARE mention it, on orders from those who RUN those media outlets because it is a CONDITION of their continuing to BE on cable. And the orders come directly from Obama.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Made-Up Word

Politicians make-up words to “demonize” people who disagree with them. Words such as “Islamaphobic,” “homophobic,” etc. A new one recently is “ethnophobic” to demonize ANYBODY who is against wholesale legalization of ILLEGAL aliens (Sorry, PC Police, I don’t allow others to DICTATE my words.).

IMAGE REDUCED: The “overall image” of the United States has “gone down” in the “eyes of the world” to about 40%, according to a new study. This just since Obama “took over.” Many say it’s because of his winning a Nobel Prize for DOING NOTHING. That’s part of it, but most of it is his absolutely STUPID policies; such as giving BILLIONS to Islamic terrorists, DISGUISED as “foreign aid” to now Islamic terrorist Egypt while denying the EXISTENCE of Islamic terrorism.

74% SAY GUN LAWS DON’T WORK: Obama says 26% of people questioned think the gun control measures he is suggesting will stop, or at least slow down, gun violence in the U. S. (and they’re WRONG!). That means that 74% DISAGREE. But leave it to Obama to cite the minority figures as reasons to go ahead with his STUPID measures.

“PRESSURE” ON RECALCITRANT DEMOCRATS: Democrats are talking about “putting pressure” on recalcitrant Democrats to vote for their insufferable gun laws (that won’t do ANYTHING to stop gun violence). This is how they do it. They make up their minds what they want to do, right or wrong, and PRESSURE people with a little more intelligence than they have to “go along” or suffer the consequences.

THE WRONG DIRECTION: As usual, Democrats go IN THE WRONG DIRECTION every time they pass laws to “correct a problem” and wind up making the problem worse. In the “gun problem,” they pass laws that DISARM Americans and make them easier targets for illegal gun-toting CRIMINALS instead of making laws to make penalties WORSE for USING a gun (legal or illegal) in the commission of a crime, which will punish the CRIMINAL, not the victim.

LETTING DEMS CORRECT PROBLEMS THEY CREATED: That seems to be what we’re doing, and have done all along. Democrats go out and cause many a problem with short-sighted and WRONG legislation based on a SILLY preconception. And how do we FIX it? Let the DEMOCRATS fix it; the same people whose stupid policies CREATED the problem in the first place.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guaranteed Failure

You want to know how to GUARANTEE failure as a city or as a county? Or even as a nationwide government? Just allow the Democrats (liberals) to run it. It will soon be bankrupt, as the United states government and a number of cities and states are now. Don’t take my word for it. Look up the states and cities that are bankrupt and then find out what political party runs them. In almost EVERY case, it will be Democrat-run. Like Detroit today and New York City some years ago.

DOCTORS KILLED MORE CHILDREN THAN GUNS: Liberals want to BAN GUNS from the United States because they “kill our children.” But DOCTORS, covered by laws THEY made, have murdered more UNBORN infants than guns ever have. So should we ban doctors?

MADE-UP NUMBERS: Soon to be retired (thank Goodness) Rep. Charlie Rangel recently said, “MILLIONS of kids have been killed by assault weapons.”  Man, what a WHOPPER! This is yet another instance of liberal politicians “making it up as they go along” when they can’t “dredge up” real statistics to prove their lies. Always check reliable sources yourself when ANY politician gives you a set of figures. They’re probably (most likely if they're Democrats) false.

MUSLIMS IGNORE PARKING LAWS TO PRAY: Apparently our laws mean NOTHING to a Muslim who wants to pray (they think their wish to pray is above our laws). Maybe if we got the Muslim bosses to make a SHARIA Law against illegal parking (maybe the penalty could be loss of his cab driving license or, under Sharia, loss of a hand) they might stop ignoring our parking laws. In any case, this tells me a lot about the New York City cab business. I wouldn’t want to ride in one of their cabs. I might be kidnapped and beheaded if they don’t like my looks.

SYSTEM IS WRONG: There’s something wrong in our system when the Democrats, who CAUSED all our economic problems with their prolific spending, get to accept or reject the budget offered by the Republicans, which from all I’ve seen solves most of the problems caused by Democrats as they spent more money than there IS. Yes, Democrats DID offer a budget that includes TRILLIONS more in deficit spending over the next few years.

WHY DON’T WE LEARN? Islamic terrorists will NEVER negotiate meaningfully. They USE “negotiations” to their benefit, sometimes wringing concessions out of their opponents while NEVER giving their opponents any meaningful concessions. In other cases they use the negotiations to “buy time” to resupply and reposition their attack units while we “sleep on.” But rest assured, negotiating with Islamic terrorists will NEVER work. They want only ONE THING: the DEATH of anybody not THEIR KIND of Muslim. The only thing they understand is their own death.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A "Utopian Wet Dream"

That’s what Rush Limbaugh calls “Obamacare” (Obama’s health care swindle), and he's right. Obama tells us he can take care of TEN MILLION MORE PEOPLE without spending an extra DIME. The IGNORANCE of this man is BREATHTAKING! Meanwhile, his accomplices continue collecting money to “pay for it” while the “benefits” won’t start until FOUR YEARS of collecting money goes by (to create the ILLUSION it won’t cost as much as it will) They have written 14,000 pages of regulations to support it, and, like the law itself, very few people (maybe nobody) know what’s in them.

FEINSTEIN IS A FOOL: She actually thinks the GOVERNMENT “allows” people to keep and bear SOME arms. She’d just too stupid to know that the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws, says “the government SHALL NOT INFRINGE” on out right to keep and bear arms. Everything this fool proposes INFRINGES upon our right to keep and bear arms. This is the kind of Senator who needs to be “retired” as soon as possible.

FEINSTEIN NEEDS TO GO: She says, “I’m not a sixth grader!” She’s right. She’s probably more like a THIRD grader if you consider her understanding of the Constitution. The average THIRD-GRADER understood the constitution when I went to school, a LOT better than she does today. How STUPID do you have to BE before the people get rid of you?

RETAKING CONTROL OF CONGRESS: Obama actually thinks he can engineer the “retaking” of control of Congress in the midterm elections in 2014. Maybe he can, and maybe he can’t. If he does, we’re LOST as a free country, and it will only happen if he can get all the MOOCHERS to vote for his candidates to “keep the goodies coming.” If the average voter is as STUPID as Diane Feinstein, it might just happen; which makes me glad I won’t be around much longer.

LETTING OUR ENEMIES IN: Obama has changed the rules to let Saudis into this country while BYPASSING normal limits for entry. WHY? More evidence that he is on our ENEMIES’ side. He will do everything he can to aid our Islamic terrorist enemies. Don’t believe it? Just watch what he DOES, not what he SAYS.

OBAMA KILLS JOBS: Seems like every day he comes out with yet ANOTHER policy that will KILL JOBS, his health care swindle law being the biggest and most oppressive to EVERYBODY. Businesses that are “borderline” (under 50 employees) fire people to avoid having to FINANCE his “Utopian wet dream” and individuals who CAN’T AFFORD” to buy health insurance can’t afford to pay the fine, too go to jail. What part of CAN’T AFFORD don’t you understand, Barack?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Obamacare A "Job-Killing Machine"

In an economy that is trying its best under difficult conditions to “create jobs,” Obama’s “health care SWINDLE” is soon to go into effect after they sucked BILLIONS from us for FOUR YEARS before ANY “benefits would be received, and will COST jobs at small businesses that are “borderline” (under 50 employees) ELIMINATE JOBS to keep from paying the CONFISCATORY FINES to be imposed upon them for “noncompliance” when “compliance” will constitute a 90% TAX.

“COMMANDED TO GIVE IT BACK”: Israel won many square miles of territory in the “Six-Day War” that was STARTED by Muslims. Since then, they have given most of it back under this edict or the other. People seem to forget that Israel was ATTACKED to start that war and whipped their butts in SIX DAYS. But POLITICS has taken most of that away.

THE WAR ON ACHIEVEMENT: We have always rewarded people on the basis of their ACHIEVEMENTS. No more, if liberals have their way, and it looks like, more and more, they ARE “having their way.” One instance is a Massachusetts school that has cancelled “Honors Day” in order to not “hurt the feelings” of those who didn’t qualify. As this trend increases, there will be no INCENTIVE to achieve and people will only be rewarded on the basic of the “group” they’re in. This is the ULTIMATE in discrimination.

THE STUPID THINGS PEOPLE DO! Somewhere in this country (I won’t say where) they’re having a “scrambled egg festival” where they scramble THOUSANDS of eggs and people “gobble them up.” I’m not one of those who want to control what you eat, but it DOES seem to me that’s a little too much egg. But they don’t care; they regard that festival as a “coming of spring” thing.

COVERING PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: That’s one of the STUPIDEST things about Obama’s health care swindle law. To cover something that exists WHEN the insurance is bought is economic SUICIDE for the insurance companies, and will cause MASSIVE rate increases to recover the money. Say a man has no health insurance and discovers he has a virulent form of cancer, which he KNOWS will cost a LOT of money to treat. He buys “insurance” and that insurance company is forced to pay for his cancer treatment, whatEVER it costs. The insurance companies cannot survive it, and that’s Obama’s plan, to destroy the health insurance industry and FORCE Americans to buy HIS “government insurance.”

WHAT FOOLS THEY BE! Michigan “workers” are whining over the “right to work” law that was voted in by a MAJORITY of Michigan citizens. They want to hold people who aren’t into unions captive to the unions that THEY use. They want to FORCE them to pay to belong to unions they want nothing to do with. They’re apparently against ANYTHING that has the word, “freedom” in it. They just don’t understand what they’re giving away.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sequester Is the New George Bush

Up until now, Obama and his “gang of thieves” blamed everything on George Bush. Since the “Sequester” though, everything is being blamed on IT. Seven Marines were killed in an ACCIDENTAL explosion due to a faulty rocket, and Harry Reid went before Congress and tried to blame it on the Sequester, even though the Sequester had NOTHING to do with it, in ANY way.. And people who pay no attention to politics will believe this LIE.

KILLING LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS: Somebody in Colorado went into a theater and murdered a bunch of law-abiding citizens. So what did the liberal Democrats running the State of Colorado DO? Made more laws to make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to get guns to defend themselves. What else? That’s what incompetent politicians DO.

TOTAL PRESS OBEDIENCE: I can’t believe it! The other day Obama went out of his way to whine about Rush Limbaugh and Fox News being “the only impediment to total press obedience.” It’s as if total press obedience was something to be DESIRED. What a FOOL we have in the president’s chair! We all know that’s how it IS, but nobody else has ever been so STUPID as to say it in public!

REPUBLICAN SATISFACTION: Liberals say there’s only one way for Republicans to gain “satisfaction in life” and that’s to accept what liberals tell them to do and vote the way they’re told so they can be “accepted” in life and not be ostracized. And they say this out loud, and in PUBLIC! Like Obama, they’re just STUPID! It’s a mystery to me how such stupid people can be “in charge.” They ARE good at conning people into electing them.

WTF IS GOING ON? Yesterday, updates for Adobe Flash Player began appearing everywhere there is a video. I resisted for a while, until I was unable to play some important videos. So I updated. . .and updated. . .and updated. How many times does Adobe expect me to DO that update? It has become very annoying, and soon I’m going to do something about it if it doesn’t stop.

LOOKING DOWN HIS NOSE: I’ve noticed this every time I see Obama giving a speech: his head is inclined, and he looks down his nose at the person (or persons) to whom he is speaking. This tells me a lot about his contempt for the people to whom he is speaking—and that includes you and I. He thinks we’re “lesser mortals” than he is. I don’t know if his wife does it because I’ve so far managed to avoid hearing her speak.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Benghazi Survivors

Why haven’t we heard ANYTHING from them? Why has Obama and his “gang of thieves” told them to “shut up?” Obama’s “press flack” says he “doesn’t comment” on the president’s words, anywhere. Funny: I thought it was his JOB to comment on that.

NYC DICTATOR: Mayor Doomberg thinks he’s Dictator in New York City. He thinks he can ban just about anything his little heart desires and nobody can stop him. Surprise, surprise! The Courts declared his silly 16 ounce pop ban unconstitutional. He says this is “just a bump in the road,” Obama’s favorite comment when HE is stopped from doing something unconstitutional. Both are wrong. And they’ll soon learn that if they keep on ignoring the Constitution.

OBAMA’S “CHARM OFFENSIVE”: It isn’t working, and he doesn’t understand it. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t HAVE any charm. Any “charm” he might have is simply in his own mind; no one else’s. His crappy policies far outweigh any “charm” he MIGHT have. Right now, he’s “canoodling” with Israeli politicians, telling them how much of a friend he is while waving his hands to keep them from seeing his policies, which will destroy them if they believe his lies.

HUCKABEE: “DON’T INSULT ISRAEL’S INTELLIGENCE”: That’s what he said on Fox the other day. But I question that. Obama insults OUR intelligence every day. Why should it be any different with Israel?

ARE DRONES UNCONSTITUTIONAL? They MUST be. Attorney General Holder spent an entire interview trying to avoid giving a “yes or no” answer to the question about their constitutionality. If they WERE, he would have no trouble answering.

ADDING INSULT TO INJURY: After imposing background checks on us, Colorado is now going to CHARGE us for them, making us PAY for what didn’t want in the first place.

KATIE COURIC’S “DREAM INTERVIEWS”: Castro, Chavez (before his death), the current N. Korean dictator (whose name escapes me as not important), and Ahmadinijerk, all of whom are socialist dictators. Not a single free market success among them. If that doesn’t tell you a lot about her, you’re hopeless.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Frightening America

Obama’s efforts to frighten us about “The Sequester” (and many other things) are becoming so obvious that nobody believes him any more. His con man methods are becoming so common and he has “cried wolf” so many times that nobody gets excited any more when he comes up with yet another “panic.” He is only still the president because the LOOTERS who only want a “free ride” voted in higher numbers than “real people” that he stayed in office. They don’t care what kind of government we have as long as the “goodies” keep coming.

“ASSAULT WEAPONS” BAN WON’T PASS: Feinstein’s “assault weapons ban” is being removed from the “gun bill” and attached as an “amendment,” because of the solid opposition from Republicans AND Democrats. Both sides see enough danger in that part of the bill that Feinstein is really “crying” about it, while still carrying HER gun.

ROOSEVELT’S SCAM: When FDR foisted that Ponzi (Pyramid) scheme called Social Security on the American populace with the age for beginning to receive benefits set at 65, the average life expectancy was 65. He expected to collect money from the populace their entire lives and never have to pay off (yet another example of incompetence in government). But he got fooled by “Mother Nature.” The life expectancy now is a lot longer and the “Social Security Fund,” which only existed as long as it took the government to LOOT it is not able to continue to pay benefits. I’m glad I won’t be around to see it run out completely, but my descendants will, and that’s bad.

RETALIATION: When Standard & Poors and Eagan-Jones lowered The United states government’s credit rating, Obama had his SEC file charges against them in retaliation, but couldn’t prove anything was wrong. So all that accomplished was to force them to spend a lot of money on lawyers.

HAMAS KILLS ISLAMIC CHILD: Then blames it on Israel. The United Nations proved otherwise (which means they might be useful, after all). This is “modus operandi” for the Islamic terrorists: kill a child, and then blame it on their enemies. Sometimes they kill the child themselves, then CLAIM their “enemies” did it.

NEVER DEBATE THE ISSUES: Did you ever notice? When someone “calls” a liberal on a lie, he “calls them names,” never arguing on the merits. That’s because there usually IS no logical argument on their side. So they just call their critic a nasty name and go on as if nothing happened. That’s their “Modus operandi.”

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paul Krugman: "Conservative 'Facts' Are Non-Facts"

Who the hell does he think he IS to say such a thing, especially when it is WELL KNOWN that LIBERAL “facts” are the ones that are “non-facts?” Krugman is one of the most DESTRUCTIVE liberals out there, since so many liberals “lap up” his every word like a dog eating ice cream.

FEINSTEIN AND BOXER FLAT STUPID! They say that crooks AND cops should “lay down their arms.” That when the crooks see the cops become unarmed, they will also “lay down their own arms.” Where the hell is their BRAIN? Criminals still rob and hurt innocent, unarmed people, don’t they? All that will do is give the crooks a lot of COPS who are unarmed and can be killed at will. These women are about as “dumb as a stump.” They should NEVER be elected to an important office like the Senate. But we (not me) keep electing them to “keep the goodies coming.”

DID TRUMP SAY THIS? "Let me get this straight... We're going to be 'gifted' with a health care plan we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that didn't read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a dumbo president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, for which we'll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's broke!" There is a question as to whether Trump said this or it’s something some “wag” came up with and it has been circulation on the web for a long time. I don’t care of trump said it or not: it’s a perfect description of Obama’s health care swindle and reflects a basic truth.

CHAVEZ TO BE “LENINIZED?” That’s what the Venezuelan “authorities” say, though it isn’t likely it’s going to happen. What they MIGHT do however, is make a wax dummy of him and put it in an open casket, claiming it is his body. They’ve asked questions far and wide, including the Russians who did it for Lenin (whose body was recently removed from view because it was becoming too “black around the edges”). They told them it would be most difficult, and would require the body be sent to Russia for many months. So the most recent word is that they gave up.

IS RAND PAUL “CRAZY?” He said unequivocally that Obama was going to kill people with his “drones” within the United States. Several Senators, included among them Sen. McClain, that fool we almost elected president said so. Now that Obama has ADMITTED it, they have apologized to him; something liberals NEVER do. When they make a stupid mistake, they NEVER admit it, NOR apologize. They just go right on as if nothing happened.

ARE DRONES UNCONSTITUTIONAL? The answer is an unequivocal YES. The first American Obama kills with one within the United States will make him a MURDERER. But that doesn’t bother him. He is ALREADY a murderer in Banghazi and several other places, mostly by INACTION when action was desperately needed. But will anybody call him on it? Not so long as he controls the means of prosecution.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

She Doesn't Deserve Such Treatment

Even if Jody Aria did murder her boyfriend, she doesn’t deserve the BADGERING the prosecutor has put her though for the last ten days. He has proved his case (several days ago) and if I were her, I’d want to kill HIM. The judge should “shut him down” and give us ALL a break, since the news media keeps letting us in on his depraved yammering. Hell, I want to shut him up!

HALF-ASSED TOILET: We just moved recently into a new place that had a half-assed toilet: one of those “low-water” toilets MANDATED by our STUPID government. It clogs easily, so I have to keep a plunger handy at all times. It takes two to three flushings to do its job. I guess it is designed to “save water.” How is THAT saving water?

AMERICAN TROOPS COME HOME: This is a sign carried on a demonstration. It says, “American troops come home; we need you to defend us from our government.” That’s one demonstrator’s sign I agree with, wholeheartedly.

NEW SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: Chuck Hegel is the wrong choice for Dec. of Defense, which is the very reason why Obama appointed him. He knows NOTHING about the job and will be very malleable by Obama, doing Obama’s bidding without opposition to anything Obama tells him to do because he not only doesn’t know any better, he’s grateful for the job (which makes his eventual retirement much more financially secure). But, like with every other stupid appointment Obama has made, we can do nothing about (Update: He has been approved by Congress. Woe is us!).

THE INVISIBLE MAN: The “Banghazi survivor. Nobody seems to have been able to FIND any survivors of the Banghazi massacre. Except for the new Sec of State, John Kerry, who CLAIMS to have spoken to one, but has not named him (or her) or revealed ANYTHING this survivor said. There were many more people in that building when the terrorists attacked, and many survived. Where ARE they? WHO are they? Why haven’t they said anything? I think Obama has told them to “shut up” or suffer consequences.

TYPICAL CHAVEZ: He is reported to have died after a two-year battle with cancer, which he blames on America “giving him” cancer. In other words. He thinks he was murdered. He was very popular in Venezualia, just as Obama is popular in America. At least among the MOOCHERS who want him to “keep the goodies coming.” And for the same reasons.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

"The Sky is Falling!"

That’s Obama’s method of governing. Everything he promotes is an EMERGENCY. Something “we need to pass” IMMEDIATELY or the “sky will fall!” And don’t bother to read the bills he proposes; you’ll find out what’s in them AFTER you pass them (according to Nancy Peelosi). As we’re even now finding out what’s in his health care swindle bill (now law) and we will not like what’s in it. I can’t find ANYBODY in Washington who has actually READ it before they made it law. This has got to be the most STUPID way of governing, ever. But that’s Obama’s way.

OBAMA TELLS THE TRUTH! News flash! Alert the media! (At least the media that is left). He gave a speech today without telling many lies (surprise, surprise!), when he dedicated the statue to Rosa Parks, the black woman (sorry PC Police; so jail me for using a real word) who told the white man who told her to get up and give him her seat on a bus to “go to hell” in a nice way, starting the “black equality movement” that overtook the nation and thrust Martin Luther King to prominence and got him killed by a racist.

“ASSAULT WEAPONS”: The weapons ignorant politicians CALL “assault weapons,” but which are NOT, have not been a major factor in ANY of the most recent “mass shootings” in this country, but they maintain their insistence on “banning” them anyway, as ignorant politicians always do. The ignorance of these politicians (mostly liberals) remains as they go about trying to DISARM Americans.

RELEASING ILLEGAL ALIENS: Obama’s “gang of thieves” have released hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS of illegal aliens (sorry, PC Police, I use REAL words, not your “made-up” ones) therefore emasculating the Border Patrol, which is trying, against all odds (and Obama’s REFUSAL to enforce the law), to secure our borders.. This is yet another example of the ignorance and incompetence of the people now in power. We will continue to see these examples of ignorance and incompetence as long as we allow the MOOCHERS of society who only want a “free ride” to choose our “leaders.”

LOGIC AND COMMON SENSE: It’s impossible to win an argument with a liberal while using logic and common sense. That’s because they don’t USE logic and common sense in their thinking. Some even deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense. These are the same people that make an “ABSOLUTE statement” that there ARE no absolutes. These people are IGNORANT about most things, but they sure know how to con themselves into political office.

“THE EMPEROR IS MIFFED”: The White House (translation: Obama) is angry at the NRA’s perennial vice president, Wayne LaPierre’s contention that “gun registration” will lead to “gun confiscation.” But it will. The first thing a dictator wanna-be wants is to disarm the people so they will have no defense against his thugs when they come after that citizen’s property. And when he “solidifies his power,” he wants as few guns in the hands of citizens as possible.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White House Caught in Another Lie

That’s a “news item” coming out right now. That’s news? Obama lies every time he opens his mouth, and the press swears to it. So why is this news? Anybody who believes a single WORD that comes out of Obama’s mouth is a FOOL! You can deny that all you want, but it IS truth. I’ve never seen so many lies coming out of a president’s mouth in my life, and I lived through Bill Clinton’s presidency. Bill Clinton is the previous record-holder.

DRONES CAN TELL IF YOU’RE ARMED: And then KILL you without any other action being taken. But even illegal gun ownership is not a death penalty offense the last I heard. What the hell is Obama THINKING? That he has the right to KILL someone for being armed, legal or illegal? This man reveals every day more and more what a FOOL he is. He’ll probably send a drone to kill me for saying that after declaring me to be a terrorist.

SUBSIDIZING OBSOLESCENCE: Now somebody wants to tax your e-mails to subsidize the Post Office. Who was taxed to subsidize the buggy whip makers when the automobile came along? Yes, the Post Office is suffering, and may even go out of business. Or if they’re smart, they’ll “pull in their horns” and ADJUST to reality. Budget less money to delivering first class mail and more to delivering packages. They will always be needed, but not as much.

FOR BEING “TOO CONSERVATIVE”: Elizabeth Hasselback is being booted from “The View” because she’s “too right-wing.” So is that a reason for being booted? Apparently it is, for the producers of “The View.” We’ve always known they were “Left-wing” in their viewpoint, but now they’ve confirmed it. That’s why I never watch it. I think they have a spot waiting for her on Fox (Update: They now deny it).

“OBAMA BASHING’: I’ve gotten some static for constantly “bashing” Obama. What? I don’t “bash” ANYBODY. I merely tell the truth they wish you would not know. So they apparently send people out to give people like me a “hard time” for it. But it’s not going to stop. I’ll call attention to all his stupid actions and statements as long as he makes them. I figure if I don’t make liberals hate me, I’m not doing my job. The only way to stop me is to “get rid of me,” and I don’t think Obama’s ready for that (yet).

BLAMING OTHERS: Obama is STILL blaming Bush and the GOP for all the bad things HE does, even though he has been president for more than 4 years. It’s time he realized that at least SOME of the stupidities in Washington can be found at his feet. But will he? Never. He isn’t smart enough for that.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stupid Liberal Notions

That “the rich” STOLE their money from the POOR (how do you steal from people who have nothing?); that it is not necessary to make a profit. (Then what is the POINT of going into business in the first place?); that raising taxes makes the economy better (No, it does NOT. All that is, is taking from one group of citizens and giving it to another. That just transfers money from one group to another without creating new money).

CONSTANT PANIC: They think we don’t notice that the “constant panic” in Washington shows their complete INCOMPETENCE to govern. And with many Americans who pay no attention to politics, they’re right. Those people accept anything they’re fed by the media. And what the media feeds them is what the feds feed the press. Obama lies, and the press swears to it. One example: we haven’t had a budget since Obama came into office, even though that’s illegal. But nobody wants to call him on it.

KARZAI IS A FOOL: He’s now saying America is “in cahoots” with al-Qaida. He doesn’t know who his friends are. We got rid of the Taliban and allowed him to be elected. Now he’s accusing us of being in cahoots with al-Qaida. Somebody needs to take him aside and slap some sense into him.

CHAVEZ TO BE “LENINIZED”: They want to “canonize” him as Russia did to their mass murderer who enslaved them for 75 years, Vladmir Lenin. They’re going to “stuff him” and place him under a glass dome, so they can keep him “on display” for years. They say “forever.” But he won’t last that long, just as Lenin did not.

OBAMA CLOSES WHITE HOUSE TOURS: But gives S260 MILLION to Egypt’s Islamic terrorist president of Egypt (including tanks and jets). Can it BE more obvious that he is SUPPORTING the Islamic terrorists’ war against America in every way he can “explain away?” Morsi has said that “trade with America” is bad, but Obama’s accomplices still give him $MILLIONS.

DID WE GIVE FT. HOOD KILLER A MEDAL? Word is, we gave the Ft. Hood killer a promotion to Lt. Col. And a medal, according to the blog, “The Duffel.” Is it true? Is Obama really THAT stupid? “Authorities” say it’s “routine” to do so. But plainly, you don’t give a promotion to a “suspected” mass killer that is “in custody” waiting for trial. And you CERTAINLY don’t give him a medal. What the hell’s going on?
ENOUGH, AWREDDY!: Jody Arias, accused of killing her boyfriend, has been on the stand, responding to a “tag-team” questioning by MANY lawyers for a LONG time.. She talks about one of the things she killed him because of is that he “came at me and came at me, over and over . . .” I guess she could add those lawyers to that list. Frankly, I think sitting there, day after day, answering their incessant and inane questioning is enough punishment for anything she might have done. To those lawyers: Let the poor girl go, fergawdsakes! If she’s guilty, convict her and “put her away.” But stop “browbeating” her! Enough is enough awreddy!

DID IT WORK? Rand Paul spoke for thirteen hours to delay the vote on the nomination of the new CIA Director and force Obama to answer the question ab0ut the legality of killing unconvicted people with his drones. No doubt he is exhausted today and “sleeping in.” But did his action change anything? Doubtful. The vote is still scheduled to be held and the “best guess” in Washington is that John Brennan is a “shoo-in” for his nomination being approved (he WAS approved), and Obama’s determination to murder Americans is still there although he DID answer the question, for whatever THAT'S worth.

“FAT LETTERS”: Massachusetts “authorities” recently sent a “fat letter” to the parents of a boy who is as far from being “fat” as you can be. He engages in many sports, including the martial arts. This is obviously an example of bureaucratic incompetence, which seems to be rampant in education. Getting such a letter at such a young age can do much damage to a child’s “self-esteem,” which seems to be yet ANOTHER “concern” for school “authorities,” who seem to have many silly “concerns.”

“GUNS ARE FUN:” That’s what the “anti-gun freaks” say about gun owners. This is an effort to minimize gun ownership and their determination to keep their “right to keep and bear arms.” Rightfully, that has nothing to do with “guns being fun.” They are ESSENTIAL for self-defense from illegally-armed CRIMINALS. “Gun rights” have NOTHING to do with hunting and target shooting. It has EVERYTHING to do with defending yourself and your loved ones.

CRYING WOLF: That’s what Obama and his “gang of thieves” are doing right now, with their dire predictions of what will happen because of the “Sequester. What they’re trying to do is keep America from allowing ANY KIND of a cut in spending. Nancy Peelosi, MINORITY Leader in the House, says, “We don’t have a spending problem.” But we DO, all protests to the contrary notwithstanding. Obama has spent more money than there IS, and wants to spend more.

MANY FOOLS OUT THERE: The proof is the many people who say Hugo Chavez was a great man. One even compared him to Jesus Christ! But ANYBODY who examines what he has DONE will change their opinion—unless they are just plain STUPID. Some people can watch as a man empties their wallet and praise that thief as if he were doing something good. I do not. I “call a spade a spade.” And you liberals can forget calling me a racist for using the word, “spade.”

HOLDER: DRONE STRIKES ON AMERICANS LEGAL: But they aren’t. What a FOOL this man is! Obama lies and he swears to it. And he is the top law enforcement agent in the nation! My God! What have we (not me) done? Have we allowed the CRIMINALS to take over the government? It certainly looks that way, with all the crimes being committed by our president, as well as his “gang of thieves,” of which Holder is one.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fenstein Is Mentally Ill

Sen. Feinstein is the one who is “mentally ill” if she really believes her generalization that “vets are ALL mentally ill.” Actually, she just wants to be able to deny one entire group of Americans (the ones who fought to keep our rights) from HAVING the rights they FOUGHT to keep for US. This woman is a FOOL who is fixated on disarming Americans. She just doesn’t understand the irony of her being so against “concealed carry” while herself carrying. She’s just not smart enough.

“BUT I PROBABLY WON’T”: Senator Rand Paul demanded Obama answer the question, “Do you have the right to KILL people who haven’t been convicted of anything?” His answer, “Yeah, but I probably won’t.” another Obama LIE. It has been my experience that if the government CAN get away with doing something like that, they WILL. Don’t let them TAKE that right. Obama is a MURDERER with the power of the government behind him.

“HE NEEDS TO CALM DOWN”: That’s what Sen. McCain and Lindsey Graham said about Rand Paul’s filibuster. But my question is, “Why?” Obama’s “chief thug,” Eric Holder, went through an entire interview and couldn’t answer a simple yeas or no question about Obama’s “power” to use drones IN the United States against people who have NOT been convicted of a crime. He spent the whole interview filibustering that ONE question. And McCain and Graham think PAUL needs to “calm down?” I used to like McCain a little, until he started acting like a liberal.

“HE HAS THE RIGHT:” A well known liberal (Juan Williams on Fox, fergawd’sake!) says Obama DOES “have the right to go after people he suspects of being terrorists. And he’s right. But he has the right to ARREST them and put them in the terrorist prison at GITMO, then TRY them. Not KILL them on nothing more than Obama’s OPINION that he’s a terrorist.

“A FRIEND IT NEVER KNEW IT HAD”: That’s what Shawn Penn said about Hugo Chavez this week after he finally died of his cancer (Hugo, not Sean). Which shows what a FOOL Penn is, and remains. There are many fools out there who ignored Hugo’s “dark side” and the fact that he TALKED about helping the poor, but never did. He only helped HIMSELF to their money. The Venezuelan presidency doesn’t pay that much, and he was almost broke when he was “elected.” But he’s now worth BILLIONS. Where’d he get that money except from looting his country?

“OBAMA;’S VERY BIPARTISAN”: That’s what Nancy Peelosi says about him, again showing her complete IGNORANCE. There isn’t a “bipartisan bone” in his body. He CLAIMS the Republicans will not be bipartisan, but it is OBAMA who will not compromise. He holds “meetings” with Republicans to promote the IMAGE of being bipartisan, but summarily REJECTS anything they propose. Peelosi has always been a fool, and she has again proven it.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The KILLER President

Obama thinks he has the power to KILL anybody he doesn’t like, just by DECLARING them a terrorist. All WITHOUT a trial or conviction for any crime, and that he can do it IN the United States, on nothing more than HIS OPINION that this person is a terrorist. This sounds like “Don Corleone” saying, “I can put out a hit on anybody I want!”  And Obama's "consigliori", AG Holder, agrees. The very first person IN the United States he murders in that way should earn him a long prison sentence, or maybe even his own execution.

DRONES CAN DETECT GUNS: If Obama sends out a drone to kill somebody in the United States, that drone has the ability to see if you are carrying a gun, which allows him to see who is armed, and maybe KILL that person for nothing more than having a gun. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think this country has (yet) made it a death penalty offense without trial to have a gun, legally or illegally. But you never know, with Obama’s penchant for slipping such things into “must pass” legislation without telling anybody. We’re just now finding out the infuriating things that are in his health care swindle law, which Nancy told us we “had to pass to find out what’s in it.”

DON’T DISAGREE WITH OBAMA: If you disagree with Obama in any way, he’ll call you a racist. That’s for sure. I’ve been called a racist so many times it doesn’t even bother me any more. But maybe he will also “put out a hit” on you and send a drone out to murder you. I once thought he would send out his thugs to “talk to me” because of what I say in my blogs. But now I scan the skies to make sure he hasn’t sent out a drone to “take me out.”

HUGO CHAVEZ WAS A THIEF: He decided what he wanted and he TOOK it. All in the name of “helping the poor.” But here’s a kicker: he DIDN’T “help the poor.” He KEPT what he stole. The poor stayed poor. He became “filthy rich.” When he died (good riddance to bad rubbish) he left an estate worth BILLIONS. How do you think he got that money? The office of president doesn’t pay that much. He STOLE it. And people in the United States lower their flags to honor this thief. What STUPID people live here!

“ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSES”: A Florida legislator (a Democrat, what else?) wants a law forcing people who buy BULLETS to attend an expensive and long-lasting course in “anger management” before they CAN buy bullets. A typical Democrat “solution” that does NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who do not OBEY laws, but increases the government's CONTROL over its people. This woman is an EMBARASSMENT.

PISSING AND VOMITING AS A DEFENSE: Sometimes it amazes me at the rank STUPIDITY of people in elected office. People who are SUPPOSED to be smarter than the rest of us, but who aren’t. Some of their suggestions are not only STUPID, but are insulting to our intelligence. One lawmaker suggested a woman being raped piss her pants or vomit to “discourage” the rapist. How stupid is THAT? I think that lawmaker (who is a woman) should be raped so she can "piss on" her rapist (but she's so ugly no self-respecting rapist would rape her).  And we (not me) keep electing these royally STUPID people (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) to office and suffering from their stupidity.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Willing to Compromise

Obama and his “gang of thieves” continue to accuse Republicans of “not being willing to compromise,” but it is OBAMA who will not compromise, on ANYTHING. At one time it SEEMED like he would compromise, but at the end he dismissed their compromise and “upped the ante,” making it impossible for them to agree.

HIGH LEVEL OF DISRESPECT: A Democrat spokesbabe said, on Fox News (that news source liberals want to shut up, don’tcha know) that Obama has been subject to a “high level of disrespect” all along by Republicans. That may be right, but he has EARNED it. They keep saying we ought to “respect the office” if nothing else. I disagree. As long as a person like Obama holds the office, he himself has disrespected the office and is not due ANY respect just because he conned his way into office.

I can’t see how he could say such a thing, since that’s exactly what HE did; twice (Oh, yeah; he lies whenever his mouth opens) .He says he wants to “fix it” so that the man with the most money won’t win, but the man with the most money DIDN’T, in the last election, where HE won. Romney undeniably had more money than HE did, personally. But he RAISED enough money to buy the presidency by CONNING America. Now he wants to “take the money out of politics,” but how is he going to do THAT? Money will ALWAYS be a prominent motivator in politics. You’ll NEVER stop that.

BLAMING NAPOLITANO: The White House (translation: Obama) says he didn’t authorize the release of 1,000 illegal aliens. “That was Napolitano’s decision.” Meaning he didn’t even know about it until it came out in the news. Just as the massacre of almost 100 people including 14 CHILDREN at Waco was Janet Reno’s fault. Clinton has none of that blood on HIS hands.

CATERING TO THE MINORITY: Now they are allowing a BOY who “thinks of himself as a FEMALE” to use the girl’s restroom in Fountain, Colorado. This is the same “modus operandi” in use by liberals all over: if ONE person wants to do something, even if to do so  makes everybody else uncomfortable or offends them, do it anyway. That’s the liberal way.

OBAMA’S NOT RESPONSIBLE: He blames his “subordinates” for every mistake he makes. Like Clinton blamed Reno for the Waco massacre (that included 14 CHILDREN), Obama is blaming Napolitano for the release of 1,000 illegal aliens (Not ”undocumented Americans” as the PC Police have ordered us to call them). Sorry; I don’t allow others to dictate the words I use.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Fearless Leader" Struck Down

By a tummyache. Your "fearless leader" was struck down early Saturday morning by an awful tummyache. When it got really bad, an ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital, where they gave him a pain killer and proceeded to keep him awake all night doing tests and sucking his blood. They weren't able to find the cause, but SOMETHING they gave him (they don't know what) caused the pain to go away. Or it went away on its own. After dutifully  charging him LOTS of money and plugging up all the holes they put in him, they sent him home Monday, with no recommendations except to see his "primary care doctor" on Wednesday and to stop taking NyQuil to get to sleep. Can you believe they actually had an ALARM set up so if his feet touched the floor they could drop everything and run in and make sure he didn't "fawdowngoboom?" The pain hasn't come back and he will resume his work irritating liberals, on Tuesday (Oh, yeah. He's walking just fine, if a little slowly).

WE HAVE TO DESTROY THEM: There isn’t going to be any “cooperation” with liberalism. They think just the OPPOSITE from the way we do. We want our rights, they want to CONTROL us. We want INDIVIDUALISM, and they want COLLECTIVISM. They will settle for nothing less than establishing a collectivist (socialist, communist) society. WE will settle for nothing less than an INDIVIDUALIST     society. But they have enough MOOCHERS voting to elect FOOLS like Obama to “keep the goodies coming.” The only way to win is to DESTROY them; and we will.

SOME PEOPLE ARE EASILY FOOLED: The “Sequester” is a CON. Created by Obama’s fools to scam us into approving him spending even more of our grandchildren’s money. And it’s working on some otherwise intelligent people. A burger chain in NY is giving away burgers to help make it easier on those who are “suffering because of the Sequester.” But NOBODY is suffering because of the Sequester (except the government) unless Obama MAKES them suffer to make his lying predictions come true.

“RESPECT FOR THE OFFICE”: People keep telling me we “need to respect the office, if not the office holder.” That’s a fool notion. There is no reason to treat Obama with respect just because he conned his way into the presidency. If I came face to face with him, I’d probably slap him silly. I’d CERTAINLY never shake his hand, or respond to a “presidential summons” to his office.

DEATH STATISTICS: 60 days, 62 dead, plus 222 wounded from 205 total events The liberals like to state statistics from war in order to stop the war. But these statistics do not come from any “war” sponsored by the government. They are from a typical two-month period—in CHICAGO. No statistics yet from New York, but I’d bet they are just as frightening. (Got this from Kenny Soloman, on Twitter.)

OBAMA CUTS TRILLION DOLLARS IN SERVICES: In response to the loss of a piddling (by their standards) $85 billion dollars in funding. Just to make it a LOT worse. Obama will continue to tell his Cabinet members to kill important program after important program to make us think the “Sequester” is responsible We all know that, but nobody will TALK about it, and ignorant voters who pay no attention to politics will believe it.

THE SUN STILL ROSE THIS MORNING: Despite an increasingly hysterical campaign from “His Eminence” the King (he thinks), that the Sequester, if implemented, would cause the “end of the world,” He signed it into law, and the sun still came up this morning. Birds still sung, children laughed, and the world went on. What more proof of his foolishness do you need? Now he's saying, "you won't notice it for a while" so he can draw it out a little longer. I think you'll NEVER notice it, except for the things HE puts in motion, to make it LOOK like the Sequester caused it.