Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pot and Kettle

Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black!” Democrats keep saying the REPUBLICANS made this 2014 Congress into a “do nothing Congress.” But who is it that kept ALL the bills passed by the Republican-controlled House on his desk (more than 300), never allowing a SINGLE bill to come up for a vote? I believe that was Harry Reid, “leader” of the DEMOCRAT-controlled Senate, wasn’t it?

DECLARING AFGHANISTAN OVER: That’s the word: The US (Obama) and NATO (Obama again) have declared the Afghanistan “war” OVER. But I don’t THINK so! It’s only :over” because Obama told his troops (most of them) to again “cut and run.” The “war” is FAR from :over. The Taliban will, like ISIS before it, come back and retake all the territory we lost so many lives to win, and declare VICTORY over America. Any troops left will be told NOT to “engage,” even if the Taliban kills some of them.

OBAMA “GREATEST GIFT”: He is the “greatest gift ever” to conservatives and anybody else who doesn’t want a socialist government. He has made it PLAIN what we will suffer if his kind of government continues, and caused many people who were “asleep,” to “wake up” and get rid of as many of his henchmen as they can. Which they have done, in the last two elections, even though the “stupid crowd” did manage to re-elect him.

SEXIST AD: There’s an ad running promoting a medical clinic devoted to helping men with ED (that’s an inability to perform, if you know what I mean). That presupposes ALL their patients will be men. In their ad, they emphasize that they show SPORTS on televisions, even in treatment rooms. That presupposes that ALL men love sports. That’s sexist. Some men are NOT preoccupied with sports, and some WOMEN are. I’m a man, and I’m NOT. Many men are not. To think they are, IS sexist.

“A RESPONSIBLE END”: Obama says, “The war in Afghanistan is coming to a responsible end.”  Not a chance. We are again “cutting and running” from the battlefield and are giving Islamic terrorists another “great victory.” I doubt it will be a year before the Taliban is again “in charge” in Afghanistan and is again executing women for not being “properly dressed,” or for being seen with the wrong guy. They will be executing Christians for not being Muslim. And that includes beheading CHILDREN. This is the furthest thing from a responsible end” there is, and Obama expects us to believe it is.

BOBBY JINDAL GRILLED: Because he thinks “Common Core” is something you’d want to scrape off the bottom of your shoe. And his answer shut them right up. Jindal was originally FOR it. Now he’s against it. When asked “Why the flip-flop,” his answer was honest and straight forward. It was a “bait and switch,” sold to him as a “governor-created” program rather than a federal “one size fits all” program to control the curriculum, so now he’s against it. Like most of what Obama tries to sell, it was a lie. And whether or not he’s in the running for president has no bearing on it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Today's Obsession

Yet another airplane has disappeared, in Asian territory. That seems to be all they can talk about, as if there were no news otherwise. I’m not saying the story is not important—it is—VERY important. But not so important as to take up ALL the air time available. My thoughts on the matter? Is it a “conspiracy?” Has somebody come up with a way to bring down airplanes where they want them? I’m not saying it IS this. I am saying it must be CONSIDERED as a viable scenario.

MUSLIMS HAVE “CONTRIBUTED”:To the surprise of many in our modern liberal and libertarian false worlds, our nation formed its first national Navy and united beyond individual states to a national force, due to Muslim terrorist attacks at the foundational years of our nation. The founders of our nation believed that we needed to be united against the threat of Islamic terrorism or we would fall as divided States.  Muslims were terrorizing Americans by forcefully boarding American ships and beheading our men and enslaving our women and children. Americans were being sold in the open Muslim market. Yes, they HAVE “contributed,” but not in the positive way Obama insists.

NO ANSWER THERE: HHS Secretary Johnson was asked how Obama’s unconstitutional action about immigration that amounts to “amnesty” benefits us economically. He couldn’t come up with an answer because there ISN’T any that isn’t such an obvious LIE everybody hearing it would KNOW it was a lie, instantly. Of course, that wouldn’t bother Obama; he’d just lie anyway, not CARING that we would know it was a lie. that's how he operates: tell a lie, and DARE us to disbelieve it. Then go right ahead and operate as if it were true.

SO TYPICAL OF NANCY:Nancy Pelosi calls for resignation of a tax-evading Republican politician over a tax evasion conviction, but remains silent on tax-evading Democrats.” This is so typical of Nancy Pelosi. Completely ignore tax cheats in her own party—of which there are several—which haven’t seen even a HINT of punishment, One of which RAN the IRS for a while, and she demands the RESIGNATION of a REPUBLICAN tax cheat. And she doesn’t even think we NOTICE things like that. What an ignorant bi,,,er, uh, witch.

WHY IS OBAMA GETTING FRIENDLY? Why did he start “cuddling up” to Cuba after fifty years or the “cold shoulder?” That’s simple. It starts a controversy that keeps our minds off his REAL crimes. Every day a new “crisis” comes out of the WH, to keep us busy arguing amongst ourselves, so we will not notice what he’s doing to us. that's how he keeps people who don't pay attention to politics, ignorant. And ignorant, they are. They re-elected him, didn't they? After being raped and bloodied.

RENAME “OUTNUMBERED”: They should rename this new Fox show and call it “Legs.” I don’t think ANY of those babes owns a dress that comes further down than just below the juncture of their legs. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining. I just think the show is misnamed. And “Outnumbered” is pretty silly as a name. It assumes that the ONE male guest will have opinions counter to the women who are regulars, which is not necessarily true, and is sexist, in the extreme.

Monday, December 29, 2014

N. Korea Calls Obama "Monkey"

Talk about using the old, tired crap. Of course, N, Korea should know about monkeys. They’re got one running things there. I chuckle every time I see him in his long black coat and is silly-looking haircut either applauding himself, or shooting a gun somebody prepared for him because he doesn’t know how. It amazes me the stupid “leaders” we get in this world where a SON can take over for the father—OR when the “leader” is “elected” by ignorant people who don’t know any better.

WAY BEHIND TIMES, TOO: DJ Rich, the guy (or gal?) on “One Political Plaza,” who consistently misspells Rush Limbaugh’s name (purposely, I guess) apparently is way behind the times, too, when he calls Rush “the portly one.” In any case, he’s (as usual, for liberals) calling an OPINON of Rush’s, a LIE. Apparently, they can’t tell the difference, either. He’s calling Rush’s NOT supporting Jeb Bush a “lie.”

BACHMANN’S GOT IT RIGHT: She says “Obama wants to turn the United States into an Islamic Caliphate.” To which I add, “With HIM as the Calif.” Bachmann apparently is the only one in any position to have people LISTEN to her that sees the truth (Of course, they label her as a "right-wing nutjob" when she says it). If somebody else doesn’t see it, soon, and ACT, we’re lost. (Thanks to BearK on “One Political Plaza”) Obama has gotten away with a lot of criminal actions by having the liberal media on his side, and willing to hide his crimes. But they can’t totally ignore it when people like Bachmann speak.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: This is one of the most insidious threats we face. It’s a scam to control what we say by telling us (without any kind of law behind it) what we CAN, and cannot say. I say to those pushing it, “screw OFF!” I don’t allow ANYBODY to dictate want I may say, ANY TIME. Not even if they pass an unconstitutional LAW against it. They can take their LAW and stick it, too. And if they want to “come and get me,” I’m sure they know how to FIND me. When  they come, they’d better be ready for a bloody lip.

HAMAS NO LONGER TERRORIST? In an illustration of Obama’s “friendliness” to Islam, he has taken HAMAS off the U. S. list of terrorist organizations and threatened (tacitly) to “sanction” Israel for their RESPONSE to the daily HAMAS rocket bombing of Israel. How much more must he DO to support International Islamic terrorism before people who can DO something about it “tumble” to the fact that he is actively SUPPORTING Islamic terrorism? It has become so obvious that even those who pay no attention to politics are noticing; still nothing done.

PUTIN: NATO OUR BIGGEST THREAT: Really! NATO is there for one reason, and one reason only: to stop Russia’s expansionist wishes any way it can. It will not attack Russia in any way, unless Russia is trying to take over more territory. If that is what uh, Putin considers a “threat,”: I guess he’s right. To stop this “threat,” all he has to do is “keep it in his pants” and stop having designs on other countries and sending his troops to promote them, in any way. That will “pull NATO’s horns and keep them out of his hair.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dead Cops Only Worth VP

Obama couldn’t be bothered to attend the funerals of two cops who were brutally murdered for BEING cops. While he went on vacation and played a lot of golf, he sent Joe Biden to attend ONE of the funerals. I guess the second one wasn’t even worth JOE’S time. Obama never thinks about the implications of such things. Or he just doesn’t care. FORE! I guess since he was one who helped make this happen, he can't be bothered to attend the funerals.

REALLY A COMMUNIST: Many people call New York Mayor De Blaseo communist. And many people think this is just “right-wing rhetoric.” But it’s true. He was BORN to communist parents, Raised by communists, toured communist Russia at the height of the communist rule, held his “honeymoon” when he married a lesbian in communist Cuba, and his candidacy was SUPPORTED by a communist organization. What else do you need to know? He spouts socialist notions all the time. And he apparently supports those who want to kill cops. That’s why his own cops turned their backs on him. Far too many communists in power today. with nobody recognizing the danger communists represent. Today, if you mention communists or communism, their eyes "glaze over."

AN EASY WAY: There’s a big campaign on to “stop police shootings.” There’s an easy way to do that. All thugs have to do is stop shooting cops and they’ll keep their guns in their holsters. They’re out there to stop criminals from shooting people (including themselves), among other things. They have to occasionally shoot thugs before THEY shoot somebody or otherwise hurt them. Thugs like Michael Brown in Ferguson. MO. If thugs stopped pointing guns at them or using their SIZE to threaten them, maybe they wouldn’t shoot so many people.

DEMOCRAT HYPOCRITES: Democrats love to holler about ONE of the Republican’s big donors, intimating that they “buy elections.” But what they don’t say is that DEMOCRATS slurp up 71% of political donations given. Not only do Democrats BUY elections, they STEAL them, too. They really HATE the idea of requiring photo ID in order to vote. They SAY that “disenfranchises” black people, whom they ASSUME can’t afford photo ID, which is a RACIST position. But identifying yourself to make sure you don’t vote more than once should be ESSENTIAL to an HONEST election, which is why they don’t like it.

ONE-WORD QUESTION: She couldn’t answer. Female race whore Jasmyne Cannic told Eric Bolling, who was filling in for Bill O’Reilly, that Fox News perpetuated the “racial; stereotype” in their reporting. He responded with a one-word question: “How?” She couldn’t answer. She had no examples, as usual. Like most fool liberals, she makes the accusation, but cannot give examples to prove it. So she said, “You know what I’m talking about.” But he doesn’t “know what she’s talking about.” She’s gonna have to explain it and give some examples to prove it. Otherwise, it’s just her BIASED opinion. That’s how liberals smear people with NO facts.

RACISM IN THE MIND OF THE FOOL: There’s  “big talk” about the so-called “increase in racism” in this country, today. But it doesn’t exist, except in the minds of fools. Liberals and Democrats (a redundancy, there) have been “talking it up,” to support Obama’s wish for a race war so he can make more limiting laws and regulations, “ to fight it.”. But it doesn’t exist. Not, at least, in the way he means it. It’s not the WHITE hatred for BLACKS, as before. It has now morphed into BLACK hatred for WHITES.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Taxes CAUSE High Gas Prices

Lower gas taxes would cause gas prices to go below $2 a gallon, so lefties want higher gas prices. This is prima facie proof that lefties WANT higher gas prices if politicians can get their hands on some of the money. Some liberal politicians are very outspoken on the subject. I’ve always said when someone wants to illustrate his stupidity, stand by and let him. That’s true in this case. They think since we're now spending a little less on gas, the money should be theirs.

SANTA: GOP OR DEMOCRAT? Who cares? Santa Claus is a figment of our imagination, used for one purpose: to frighten children into “being good,” at least for a short time before Christmas. He is neither Republican NOR Democrat. He can be MADE to be either by the media and politicians, so wondering which he is, is  useless. Just as is wondering if Jesus was rich or poor, since, as “The Son of God,” he could choose to be either.

FOOLS MAKE NEWS: Mayor De Blasio of New York City, after alienating his own cops, called for a “moment of silence” in memory of the two cops who were brutally murdered while sitting in their squad car, and demonstrators right outside there made some noise in support of the MURDERER. They’re damned fools, but fools make news. The cops are the only people who stand between us and chaos and if you make them afraid for their own lives, more people will die as they will be SUPER alert and quicker on the trigger—and I don’t blame them.

GOD DIDN’T RAPE MARY: Liberals feminists (a repetition, there) and others trying to destroy Christianity are now saying “God raped Mary” to make her pregnant with Jesus. How STUPID is that? Somebody with God’s powers wouldn’t NEED to “rape” Mary to make her pregnant. He could “snap his fingers” and she’d be pregnant. That’s a good illustration of the narrow thinking of liberals. They think God has to obey the same rules they refuse to obey. Such people ought to keep their pie holes shut to keep from illustrating their ignorance.

SO SHE LIED: So what? There’s a persistent advertising campaign talking about various celebrities LYING in support of their products by saying they use them when they don’t. It started with Oprah, went on to Ellen De Generes, and is now using Sandra Bullock. Who will be next? And who CARES? This campaign is very irritating to me, and I’m sure many others. If I were to wish to buy the products they’re pushing, I’d be sure now to NOT buy those so advertised.

GAYS CAN REFUSE: Courts have held that Christians cannot refuse to do anything for gays, But the same courts are now ruling that gay-run bakeries don’t have to do things for Christians. What gives? Are the militant gays “taking over” the courts? Is what’s good for the goose NOT good for the gander? Where do the courts get off allowing gays to discriminate against Christians while Christians are not allowed to discriminate against ANYBODY? I never thought there’d ever be a term like “militant gays” being taken seriously.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Bribing Kids

Kids hate eating Michelle’s food so much that some schools are BRIBING them to eat it. Jefferson county, Colorado schools are having a “Hungry to Win” raffle, giving them a chance to win a prize if they’ll just eat that crap, in effect, BRIBING them to eat that crap. But I seriously doubt they’ll get many takers. Kids, if they don’t like something, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get them to do it. But even  the EXISTENCE of this raffle is instructive.

MURDERERS GO FREE: Why? Because Detroit doesn’t have enough money to afford to keep them in jail OR to try them. This is the result of years of liberals running the city. We have the same situation in DC, but they can print money. Detroit can’t, and Obama has yet to “bail them out,” as he has done elsewhere. So if you want to murder somebody, con them into going to Detroit, and THEN kill them. The likelihood of you being punished for it there is very low.

LIBERALS HATE OPPOSITION: A conservative student wrote a column they didn’t like, so his boss, obviously a liberal, fired him. And other liberals “egged” his house. They really hate people who disagree with them. I remember one time years ago, I had a bumper sticker on my car saying, “A is A.” Now most liberals aren’t intelligent enough to even know what that means. But there was apparently one, who had more eggs than he could eat, so he threw a few at my car. I don’t use my car to let them know who I am, any more. I just use my blogs. They can’t “egg” those.

BRINGING IT ON THEMSELVES: Crooks who push to “kill cops” are going to find themselves the targets of cops who are VERY alert in the future. Just the SUGGESTION that they might kill a cop is going to get THEM killed. Cops aren’t going to wait with their guns in their holsters like before. They will have them in their hands early on, and will be more “trigger happy” than before. And the criminals will have brought it on themselves.

GORDON’S FATAL MISTAKE: NASCAR’S Jeff Gotdon heard ghetto kids could remove four tires in 5 seconds, so he fired his pit crew and hired some ghetto kids. They did it, but then repainted the car, changed the vin number, and sold the car to Dale Earnhart, Jr. in 9 seconds. Gordon got a little more than he bargained for. But it’s PC, hey? (Seen in One Political Plaza, post by “Ghostgotcha.” I think it's. satire.)

WAS JESUS POOR? That’s a question asked by “Pennylynn” on One Political Plaza. But whatever the circumstances of his birth or the economic circumstances of his “parents,” Jesus could be rich OR poor, at his pleasure, if he WAS the “Son of God.” He had the power to be either. Much is made of Him being “born in a manger,” but that wasn’t because his parents were poor, if they were. It’s because the inn had no vacancies. And they were in Bethlehem to pay TAXES.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Posts Today

There will be no regular posts today or tomorrow, in honor of the Christmas holidays. The same will be true on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to observe that holiday. This will be true unless something terrible happens that needs to be reported right away, on those days. Otherwise, today, I wish all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! (None of that “Happy Holidays” stuff, here.)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Chicago Mayor's Son Robbed

No guns were involved, but things would have been different if he had had a gun. Now they have a cop parked outside his house (Special treatment. Do they do that for the average citizen?), for all the good that’s going to do. Maybe the COP will get robbed next? Chicago doesn’t seem to think guns (for honest people) can help, so why send in an ARMED cop? Rahm’s son will probably get his own “carry” permit. He’s “got connections,” you know. It must be bad when crime hits that close to home.

DROP DISH NETWORK: Another good reason to drop the Dish Network is, they’ve dropped Fox. Two Fox Networks: Fox News, and Fox Business. All because (they say) Fox used their two premier networks to bolster other properties, notably sports networks. I’ve been hearing that Dish has dropped several properties, including some LOCAL stations. Seems to me they’re “driving too hard a bargain” these days. And losing customers because of it. I begin to question their wisdom. Makes me glad I don’t use them.

ISIS KILLS 100 OF THEIR OWN: These people came there from America and other countries to fight with and for them. They soon “saw the light” and tried to go home. I guess opposing Islamic terrorists in any way rates a death sentence. They just can’t stand it when people quit on them. That’s why they kill as many as they can who convert to other “religions.” PLUS all those who “get smart” and no longer want to die for them.

MAKING MICHELLE HAPPY: Seems Michelle Obama is only happy when she’s dictating what you and your children can eat. She has screwed up school lunches so much as to make them worthless. Thank God we didn’t have “school lunches” when I went to school. My brothers and I went HOME for lunch, the bill for it to be paid by my parents, not the taxpayers. I guess when you let others pay for your food, you give them the right to dictate what you can eat. Meanwhile, she eats hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, and other “unhealthy” foods she doesn’t let the kids eat.

AL SHARPTON: RACE WHORE” Somebody needs to stuff something in Al Sharpton’s pie hole so he’ll shut up and quit getting people killed. He is PERSONALLY responsible for the two innocent cops who were murdered by someone obviously taking his advice to “kill cops.” And he will be personally responsible for any other cops killed for the same reason, and for any citizens who are killed by cops, who will be SUPER vigilant in the future, The blood will be on HIS hands. He denies it now, but he's lying, as usual.

TOO BIG FOR HIS BRITCHES: N. Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (it’s hard to keep the Kims straight) is like an ant crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind, Same as some other dictators have been guilty of when they threaten a powerhouse like America with their puny little armies. This fat little man isn’t smart enough to know if he commits an act of war against America, his country will cease to exist. The only reason we didn’t win the Korean War was because OUR politicians wouldn’t let us. If he does anything to injure this country, even a coward like Obama will have to act, and the Kim line will end and N. Korea will become a steaming pit.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Will There Be Riots?

A black man shot and killed two white cops in an ambush in Brooklyn, NY the other day, giving them NO chance ay all. The killer was a gang member. This kind of thing is happening more and more all over the country, and in several cases, references have been made to Ferguson and New York City. Will there be riots? Probably not. The kind of people who riot at the drop of a hat (and sometimes drop the hat, themselves) are not the honest people who object to killing white cops. Thugs, black or white, are. Obama’s plot to start a race war is proceeding apace.

BLACKS KILLED COPS: The PRESIDENT is in the process of fomenting a race war to make it easier for him to make onerous laws and regulations he could not get by Congress under normal conditions. He (and his dependable race whores, Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan) make speeches in which they tell people to “fight back against cops” and then people do things like this; walk up to a marked police car and MURDER two cops without a word, giving them no chance at all and they THINK this makes it even. They’re playing right into the hands of the chief murderer in this country, Barack Obama.

MARCHING TOWARD WAR: Obama’s race war is moving nicely toward braking out. He dearly wants one, and has been working steadily toward it ever since he was elected by a bunch of fools. His former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, famously (or infamously) said, “Never let a good panic go to waste” He didn’t add, “If one doesn’t exist, MAKE one.” But he might as well have. The “Hegelian Principle has three requirements: 1, Create a Crisis; 2, Publicize it until people clamor for a solution; and 3, Offer a solution that gains your objectives, that could not be realized otherwise. Cop hatred works nicely, so he (and his accomplices) are working assiduously to foment it, and it’s working. I look for black AND white mobs to be fighting in the streets before the end of the next year (if that long).

PUTIN BLAMES AMERICA: Russia is well on its way down the tubes, and Vladmir Putrid…er, uh, Putin is responsible. Like any despot, he is blaming someone else for his self-created problems. He is blaming America and Europe, when it’s his own bad decisions and expansionism when he doesn’t even have enough to keep his own people eating regularly that is responsible. Meanwhile, Obama is blaming Russia for HIS problems when he KNOWS they are HIS responsibility.

ROBBING US OF REVENGE: The damned FOOL who sneaked up and shot two police officers who were simply parked, having a conversation, robbed us of our rightful revenge when he killed himself right after murdering those two cops. He THOUGHT his action was “proper revenge” for the righteous killing of a murderous crook who was trying to kill a cop when he was, himself, killed. Maybe Michael Brown should have snuck up on Darren Wilson and killed him. Maybe that would have satisfied his supporters. Maybe his problem was, he gave this cop a chance.

GETTING HIS WISH: Obama is working HARD to divide this country and create a race war so he can use the chaos to screw us some more. And he’s using “cop hatred,” which he is “talking up” to do it. And other politicians are helping; maybe not so sneakily, but helping, nonetheless, It’s getting pretty close when a city’s cops “turn their backs” on their mayor as they did in New York City the other day. This because NY Mayor DiBlazio stupidly not only advised his own kids to beware of the very cops who protect them, but had the temerity to announce it to the world. It’s too bad when our own PRESIDENT wants to subvert us and get us killed.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Thumbing His Nose...Again

Obama thumbed his nose—again—to the American people when he traded ONE hostage for many criminals who were found guilty of murder by American juries, and when he eliminated the sanctions against Cuban communism in return for nothing more than that. Well maybe some good can come of it. Now Castro can’t blame our sanctions for his country’s poverty, though he’ll probably say it’s still a RESULT of those sanctions for years after they end—like Obama still blames Bush for HIS shortcomings. It’s a dictator’s hallmark to blame others for his own failings,

PAKISTAN’S PISSED! And I don’t blame them. They gave ISIS and other Islamic terrorists “safe harbor” while they murdered and raped and beheaded people elsewhere. Then the other day, they murdered somewhere around 150 people in a Pakistani SCHOOL, many of them students. Talk about “biting the hand that FEEDS you! So now Pakistan wants to make being an Islamic terrorist rate a DEATH sentence. I agree. We should do that, here, too. It’s time we stopped “coddling” them while they rape and kill innocent people, sometimes beheading CHILDREN!

RELEASE IT ON YOU TUBE: Sony didn’t “cave” to Korea on the release of “The Interview,” a movie about the imaginary assassination of the Korean dictator. They bowed to the inevitable when most theaters would not show it. THEY are the ones who “caved” because they didn’t want that fool dictator to blow up any of their theaters. It was a smart business decision because they didn’t want any suits. But to release it on the Internet would get it out without giving them a ready target. Although people like that don’t know about LOGIC and they might just blow something up at random, thinking our wimpy president won’t do anything TO them in response. He has DEMONSTRATED that he wouldn’t.

OBAMA PROMISES RESPONSE: He promises a response to the Sony cyber attack, right after he gets back from his Christmas (Oh, I forgot. His HOLIDAY vacation) in Hawaii. He’s gonna cry. If he can remember why he promised a response, and what to. Meanwhile, Kim gives us the clap. They publish many pictures of him applauding himself. I don’t know what else there is to clap at in N. Korea. And he IS a funny-looking clod. It sure is boring in N. Korea. Except for in the presidential palace and wherever other people there with “pull” reside.

AND NO RIOTS: Criminals make it a “big thing” every time a cop kills a criminal, but when a criminal executes two cops without warning…NOTHING. Not a peep out of the criminals who make so much noise over cops killing crooks that are attacking them. What makes them so mad is that the cop in Ferguson was able to defend himself and kill his attacker. Was his attacker armed? Yes. Michael Brown was so big, he WAS a weapon, himself. The only way to stop his attack was to shoot him, which he did. The cops in New York didn’t have that luxury; they were killed without any kind of a warning. And no one seems to be disturbed at that.

HE’S “TAKING ACTION! Oh, joy! Obama is “taking action against N. Korea! He’s talking about putting them back on the list of terrorist supporting countries because of their cyber terrorism! Boy, that’s REALLY going to hurt them! This is the kind of thing Obama does. The very LEAST he can do and still say he’s “taking action.” That’s why nobody takes us seriously any more. Maybe it’s going to take a strong Republican in office to regain the respect we once had, before the “wimp-in-chief” threw it away.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Take That, White Cop Hatwrs!

A cop in San Diego was asked for a dime by a small black boy in a McDonald’s. Instead of “blowing him off,” as many do when people try and beg money from them, he bought the kid’s lunch and changed that kid’s opinion of all white cops forever. Then he walked out and was shot to death. He spent many deployments in Afghanistan and came back alive. But, for him, it was more dangerous at home. His last act was a kindness. Take THAT, you white cop haters!

SORRY ABOUT YESTERDAY: My computer developed constipation as I was updating my blogs, so I couldn’t do anything with this one. I had to take it in for a “high colonic.” It was like taking a human to the hospital. I took it in and sat in the waiting room while they worked on it, waiting to see if it lived. It did, so here we are.
ALWAYS BE FOOLS: A victim of the Boston bombing who now only has one leg confronted a demonstrator IN FAVOR of the bombers and got a snotty response, predictably. This just proves there are no shortage of FOOLS in this country. Why ANYBODY would demonstrate in FAVOR of the Boston bombers is beyond me except for the prevalence of IGNORANCE. Maybe we should take people like that and blow up some of their relatives so they can see what REALITY is like.

WHO MADE HER GOD? University of Michigan Communications Dept. chair, Professor Susan J. Douglas says, “It’s okay to hate Republicans.” Who the hell made HER God? Where the hell does she get the right to give people “permission” to hate Republicans? Then she goes on to list all the STUPID things she believes in. Like global warming, which has been DISPROVEN so many ways it isn’t even funny! What unmitigated ARROGANCE she has. I guess she must think being a PROFESSOR, she must have the right to give, or withhold ALL rights! Somebody needs to slap her down.

DISAGREEING WITH LIBERALS: When you do, stand back unless you want to get hit with spittle. They claim to be for “freedom of speech,” but the only freedom of speech they recognize is if it agrees with their own. They have no cogent argument in response, so they immediately start insulting you and calling you names, while the spit flies from their wide open pie holes. That takes about thirty seconds…or less.

THIS IS ISLAM:Today in England many former Muslims are living in hiding, fearing for their very lives. They’ve fled Islamic communities from all over the world seeking refuge but finding only terror… even in England.” This is not even an Islam-run country—yet. A young Pakistani converted from Muslim to Christian and had to flee his homeland, But other Muslims found him in England, stabbing him, beating him, and leaving him for dead. For the “crime” of converting AWAY from Islam. This is how Islam became “the fastest towing ‘religion’ in the world.” People stay Muslim so they won’t get killed. Converting from Islam is a death sentence. That doesn't mean they're REAL Muslims. Fortunately, he survived. They’ll probably try again.

ISIS GETS WORSE: You thought they couldn’t get any worse? ISIS murders people for not believing the “right way.” They rape women in front of their husbands and children. Then they murder them, and their family. They force women into sexual slavery. They BEHEAD people, even CHILDREN. Now they’re selling their organs to make money. I guess they’ll even kill the donor to order to fill a “special order.” These people are the scum of the Earth, and should be shot on sight. That’s what they’d do to you, especially if they need your organs to sell. How do such foul subhumans gain as much influence as they have? By threatening DEATH for so much as disagreeing with them.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best Thing He's Ever Done

Rush Limbaugh has changed a lot of minds with his radio show. Mine one of them. At one time, I was a passionate liberal because I hadn’t paid much attention to what was really happening and wasn’t taught much in school about it. But Hitler’s PR man was right when he said that you have to get the CHILDREN while they’re young. And if you bring them up right, you will have no problem with them later. It works for us as well as it did for the Nazis. Rush’s new “Rush Revere” series is getting to the children with the truth. And they’re learning it WILLINGLY. They’re ENJOYING reading his series, which sets things right.

PUTIN “MAN OF THE YEAR” (AGAIN): He’s been named such fifteen times, and that’s no surprise. Who, in Russia, is going to vote for anybody else? It’s a “fixed game,” much like things are now in America, with Obama. The Nobel Prize, which he won for NOTHING, wasn’t truly American, but his winning it the way he did, “:on the come,” rather for any accomplishment, is indicative. That pretty well eliminated the Nobel Prize from any consideration for  respect, just as Putrid…er, uh, Putin winning it fifteen times does for that one.

BOWING TO A DICTATOR: Obama has never met a bloody dictator he didn’t like. Yesterday, he demonstrated that when he ended the fifty-year-old shunning of Fidel Castro and his bloody brother. Castro really wasn’t happy when he did it, though, because that was his excuse for the poverty of his people. Now it has been “stripped away.” That was the unintended consequence of this action that I’m sure Obama is unaware of. All he wants to do is make it easier for Castro to keep his people under his thumb. But it won’t work that way. It will cause money to flow into Cuba and let his “subjects” realize there is more to life than a 1950s car and broken down buildings. Look for Castro, like Putin, to be named “man of the year.”

SENSIBLE THINKING: “Grigore” says, on “One Political Plaza,” “Should congressmen be required to read the bills they sign into law?” “Makes sense to me. It would also result in smaller Bills. Who has time to read and digest 1,700 pages after all? Anyone who votes on a Bill without reading it should be fired on the spot. Or better yet, how about we just shoot them? God knows, they deserve it. Just my two cents.” But it’s not likely to ever happen. To require it would need the support of a majority of members. And they’ll never vote it in.

“BLOODYING BLACKS AT SELMA”: “Voter ID is like ‘bloodying blacks’ at Selma.” That’s what liberals are saying now to keep it from ever happening. It’s a LIE, of course, but liberals have never been above lying to make a point. NOT requiring positive identification of voters (black AND white) to make sure they can’t vote many times is STUPID. And the politicians (mostly Democrat) who use that to their advantage don’t want to see it end. Making sure nobody votes illegally is NOT something that will hurt blacks. All it will hurt is Democrats stealing elections. You have to provide photo ID to do many things today, so why not for one of the most important things you do, to ensure the honesty of it?

MEDIA IGNORES IT: As they often do, the media ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN failed to report that a federal judge declared Obama’s “immigration action” telling his troops NOT to arrest illegal aliens “exceeded his authority” as president. CBS was more interested in what’s being cut from McDonald’s menu next year. The other three were “very concerned” with many OTHER things, including the “most searched things on Google” lately. (Media Research Center)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Strange Gun Holster

A young girl was found to be carrying a gun in a strange kind of a holster when she was being booked for driving on a suspended license in Kingsport, TN. While being booked, they found a small, 5-shot revolver—in her vagina. Why she carried it there, I don’t know. She was charged additionally with carrying a concealed weapon, which was cleaned thoroughly and placed in their evidence room. She's better be careful pulling it out. That thing sticking out at the rear looks MEAN.

DEMOCRATS WANT JEB: Democrats obviously think they can easily beat Jeb Bush. Why, otherwise, would Democrat strategist David Axelrod tell MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Jeb would be a “formidable candidate” to run against their candidate, Hillary Clinton? Democrats have a history of telling Republicans who to run, while those candidates usually LOSE. Which is what they’re after. And our Republicans LISTEN to them.

JACKSON COMPARES HIMSELF TO MLK: Jesse Jackson, race whore, now compares himself to Martin Luther King, saying, “King was accused of “rare-baiting,” too. But Jesse Jackson is no Martin Luther King. King went after racism itself. He didn’t “target” companies with “deep pockets,” telling them to “contribute” to his “charities” or be accused of racism. Charities that he controlled, absolutely. He, and fellow “race whore” Al Sharptom, are well known for this scam.

PAKISTAN CHILD MASSACRE: The Pakistan Taliban has “condemned” the killing of 148 people (many of them children) at a school in Pakistan. However, those “in the know” say it was the Pakistan Taliban who ORDERED the massacre. The original number claimed was 125, but the number keeps going up. This is yet more evidence for the world to SHUN Muslims, and make laws against their immigration. And ALL Muslims should be watched carefully, because their very BIBLE, the Koran, commands them to MURDER people who don’t believe the way they think they should.

HELPING OUR ENEMIES: As usual, Obama is helping our enemies. He is today announcing that he is “lifting” the embargo we placed on Cuba a long time ago. Several times we attempted to lift the embargo and Castro went out of his way to sabotage it. Why? Because he can use the embargo as “an excuse” for the fact that his people generally live in poverty. Not the fact they are living under communism. Obama, apparently, has never met an enemy he didn’t like.

RUSSIA IN TROUBLE: Vladmir Putrid…er, uh, Putin has been doing everything he can to “resurrect” the old “Soviet Union,” and is “annexing” former Russian “properties” right and left, even if he has to send in troops to do it. And he has been fiddling with the ruble, hoping to strengthen THAT. But to no avail. Just yester day, after falling incrementally for months, it dropped significantly, putting Russia in danger of economic disaster. Russia has spent a LOT of money, hoping to prop it up, but that hasn't worked, either.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hurting Muslim Feelings

We (not me) are doing way too many things to avoid “offending Muslims.” What the HELL for? Who the hell cares what Muslims think? This is a CHRISTIAN country. Started by Christians under Christian precepts, Yes, we DO observe “the separation of church and state (which is NOT “freedom FROM religion”) But there is nothing in our rule book that says we must avoid “offending” Muslims, at all costs. They knew this was a CHRISTIAN country when they came here, and they have no right to SAY anything.

AUSTRALIAN MUSLIM ATTACK: The guy who took hostages in an Australian restaurant in Sydney SAYS he is a ‘jihadist.” That he is motivated by Muslim principles. Australia itself says this is an Islamic terrorist action, even though they can’t find (yet) any direct connection between him and any known Islamic organization (which is not necessary for a :lone wolf" operator). I could be wrong, but I doubt Obama will CALL this an Islamic terrorist action. He has his blinders firmly in place where Islamic terrorism is concerned.

GOING THE OTHER WAY: Militant gays “go bananas” whenever a Christian-run bakery refuses to bake a cake for a gay “wedding.” Now, gay-run bakeries are refusing to bake cakes for CHRISTIAN weddings and they think that’s okay. Of course, they are running the BULK of their business away, but many gays. like most liberals, are somewhat deficient in the logic department. So we expect that sort of thing from them. They’ve gotten the power to DEMAND Christian-run bakeries bake their cakes, and apparently they think that gives them the right to REFUSE similar service to “straight” couples soon they’ll insist we stop calling that “straight,”

“BEHEADING TO SAVE LIVES”: Anjem Choudary, the Muslim Imam Sean Hannity called, “One sick, miserable, evil SOB. Now says ISIS beheads people “to save lives.” What kind of sick thinking is this? He says beheading people will make the war end earlier, which displays a complete ignorance of how people in the United States THINK. Unlike other Muslims, who are used to being “ruled over” by Islam, Americans “get their backs up” at such things and will NEVER “end the war” that wey. The easiest way to “end the war” is for Muslims to stop killing innocent people. Instant end to war.

NO NEW IDEAS: Terry McAuliffe, former Democrat Party Chair, and current Virginia Governor, is virulently anti-gun. But he has no new ideas, at all. He just announced several new anti-gun measures, including expanded background checks, limits on how many guns a person can buy in a month, He says the gun buying limit will “prevent criminals from ‘stockpiling’ guns.”  It won’t, since all they have to do is buy them illegally, since they don’t obey laws. Nothing about making it a more serious crime if a gun is used, or any pother measure punishing the USE of guns in crime.

I DIDN’T LISTEN”: Piers Morgan has ADMITTED that he “didn’t listen to the other side as much as he should have” in the gun control controversy. But he didn’t say that he is not the only liberal news person who does the same. Maybe he has realized it, but others haven’t. They continue on, in their sublime ignorance of reality, thinking they’re the “smartest people in the room.” That’s why the news media is going to hell in a handbasket and losing readers and viewers left and right. All except for Fox, Britebart, and a few others, who DO stick to the truth.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The "Usual Suspects"

Sen. John McCain has announced he is running again for president. That gives us TWO losers on the Republican side. Apparently there are no shortage of losers to run time after time, only to lose again and give Democrats one more time to rip us off more, as they do so well. It would be nice if the Republicans got a little smarter and ran a REAL candidate, like Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal—or even Ben Carson, but all those candidates have shown they really know how to fix DC—and that’s the “kiss of death” for a politician wanting to be president.

ATTACKED BY A BORDER CONTROL DOG: Poor baby! He was coming in ILLEGALLY, which makes him a lawbreaker to begin with. He was smuggling drugs, which makes him doubly a lawbreaker. He was bitten by this dog in the process of being arrested, while resisting. And he thinks he can SUE and collect for his injuries? What a damned FOOL he is. He thinks he can break our laws and sue for the injuries he suffered in being arrested? If he gets ANYTHING, somebody needs to be REPLACED. Or drawn and quartered. Or both.

DISPELLING LIES ABOUT MUSLIMS: To “dispel the lies about Muslims killing people who don’t believe the way they should,” a Muslim blew himself to smithereens, killing one and wounding 16 who were watching a showing about Muslim suicide bombers. This is the kind of “logic” you can expect from Muslim terrorists. “Dispell lies” by making them come true. It’s good they kill themselves when they do it, because that makes for fewer Muslim terrorists.

“EMPHASIZING WITH THE ENEMY”: That’s what FORMER presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says we must do. I say “former” because, with this statement, she has finally taken leave of her senses. I personally thought she had done that when she cracked, before Congress, about Benghazi, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” Showing her complete indifference to the four deaths SHE, and Obama, let happen. That, in itself, should forever BAR her from becoming president, even if her socialist leanings did not.

“WE WANT DEAD COPS!” Some demonstrators over the quite proper killing of that giant thug, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, MO, chanted, “What do we want? We want dead cops!” Frankly, these people should be surrounded, arrested (and if they react violently, they should be ANSWERED with violence) for terrorist threats, and imprisoned for at least ten years instead of being handled with “kid gloves” as they are, today. Demanding “dead cops” is no longer “free speech,” it is then threatening violence, and is actionable.

NO TORTURE! Former VP Dick Cheney says, “We did NOT “torture” Islamic prisoners!” And he’s right. Yes, we DID subject them to “enhanced questioning techniques” that do NOT “rise to the level of torture” in order to gain information to save lives. Torture usually creates permanent damage. Sometimes kills. Nothing we did to them would do that, and furthermore, they lost the RIGHT to call ANYTHING we did to them, “torture” by BEHEADING CHILDREN, raping and murdering women (AND CHILDREN) in front of their parents before murdering THEM, too. They are lower than dog dung on the bottom of my shoe, and deserve NO consideration. Consideration is what we extend to human beings.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

End Criminal Violence

There are many demonstrations against “police violence,” but nobody mentions “criminal violence against police.” It happens every day, in every city and even small towns, but mostly it doesn’t make news because the cops “take care of it.” In some cases where the cops “take care of it,” instances of what criminals call “police violence” occur. Apparently, they think the cops should never retaliate, never try to take criminals into custody while they’re doing violence against citizens--or cops. The fiction is that “police violence” happens in a vacuum. That criminals never commit violence against cops, that the “police violence” is always without provocation.

SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST STUPID: Way too many people are taken in by the “global warming” scam, whatever AlGore calls it now, to confuse people. It has been disproved in so many ways, by so many people, and that is ignored. All people remember is the phony “science” Gore claims proves the unprovable. These people probably also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Those are just about as provable, and true. Even Obama is a “firm believer” in global warming—or he is a believer that it can help him scam more money out of us and make more and tighter laws and regulations. Another such scam is the “white privilege scam Obama is running.

“DOG & PONY SHOW”: That’s what’s going on in DC right now. Several of them. They’re “investigating” what’s happening in Ferguson, apparently not accepting the fact it is simply a CON, designed (as usual) to con more money out of us and make more laws and regulations to control us better. They’re also “investigating” Benghazi, where terrorists murdered four of our diplomatic personnel and destroyed one of our diplomatic sites there. CNN found, and interviewed one of the perpetrators, but the “committee” can’t seem to find him. Neither can the Libyan “authorities.”

COSBY’S TROUBLES: More and more women are “coming out of the woodwork” to accuse comedian Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them. Seems to me he’d have to be “mucho man” to have screwed around with all those women. I just don’t think he has that much stamina, nor did he ever. I think women everywhere are scenting “blood in the water” and want to get “their share” of it. I still haven’t seen ANY proof that these accusations are true. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he DIDN’T do it. I AM saying I won’t believe it until I see some REAL proof.

“NATIONAL HERO”: Sen. Diane Feinstein has been named a “national hero” by other liberals for doing her “ponied-up” investigation of the CIA treatment of Islamic terrorists. The fact that she talked to only ONE SIDE and ignored the other doesn’t seem to bother anybody, on either side. The fact that her DEFINITION of “torture” is itself “tortured,” neither. Waterboarding them and “slapping them around” pales into insignificance looking at their BEHEADING of CHILDREN, raping women, screwing CHILDREN, killing their parents right in FRONT of them, etc. They don’t DESERVE any sympathy, while Obama slowly releases them all to go back home and kill more innocent people.

3 INJURED IN SCHOOL SHOOTING: Wait! Isn’t a school supposed t be a “gun-free zone?” Didn’t anybody tell this shooter that guns weren’t allowed in a school? Or maybe he didn’t care, since he was bent on doing something a lot worse than simply bringing a gun into a “forbidden place?” How many times must people like this prove what I say to be true before the “anti-gun fools” wake up to reality? Damn, are they stupid!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gruber Lied to Congress

He has said, many times, that he was NOT “the architect” of Obamacare. Maybe he’s just senile and can’t remember his hours-long White House conferences with Obama. But I don’t think that is the case. I think he just LIED. That’s the “fall-back position” for all Obama cronies when “caught out.” But with videos of his admissions (brags) being so available and damning, I think Congress should charge him with lying to Congress. That’s what they did to Clinton, and he was the PRESIDENT!

POOR BABIES! I understand students at Harvard Law School want more time to complete their studies. They’re all upset about Ferguson and New York and can’t concentrate. Oh: I understand they’re also upset because somebody farted in an elevator just before Obama used it, too. Boy, what a bunch of wimps. If I ever have a court case, I’m going to make sure they’re the lawyers for the other side. They’ll be easy to beat. All I have to do is get them upset and they’ll go crying from the courtroom like little babies.

PLAYING RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS: The liberals (Democrats) are playing right into the hands of the enemy by their “investigation” into the way the CIA treated those bloody murderers in their attempts to get important information out of them to save lives in the wake of their SLAUGHTER of 3,000 people at the world Trade Center to keep it from happening again. Those bastards have given away ANY right to “rights” they might have had as human beings, by their actions. Cheney says that report is “full of crap,” and he’s absolutely right.

THE REPORT ITSELF IS FULL OF DUNG: They didn’t even BOTHER to talk to anybody personally involved, and made their “determinations” completely from PAPERWORK given them by partisans, dedicated to getting a finding they wanted. She admitted that she and her accomplices had “political motives” in coming up with that “determination.” Furthermore, why should ANYBODY be concerned with what happens to these pieces of cow flop? Obama’s slowly letting them all go back to kill more innocent people, anyway.

NO WHITE PRIVILEGE: There is no such thing. Except in the fevered minds of the pushers of the race war. Like Obama, who wants one so he can take advantage of it to make laws and regulations he can’t make under normal circumstances. It’s a CON. Everything is a con to Obama, designed to gain him an advantage. When we (not me) elected him president, we might as well have given him the keys to our most private vault, where resides ALL of our money, and ALL of our rights.

RIGHT ON THE NOSE: Two comic strips today hit it right on the nose. Frazz talked about not being good at math until he realized it mattered. Freshly Squeezed had a kid complaining about the top 1% of students hogging all the good grades. That sounds a lot like the usual liberal crap where they complain about the winners hogging all the trophies, and wanting scoreless games. Oh: and his sign said, “Okupy Math. He should be “okupying” spelling class. I don’t often agree with Ed Stein, its artist, but this one is pure genius.

Friday, December 12, 2014

They HATE Opposition

It’s shame, but there is no shortage of potential dictators. Some politicians just want to “shut up” people with whom they disagree. A good example is the Wisconsin police chief who wants people to “voluntarily” have their homes searched for guns. Is it “voluntary” if you do something under threat of being forced if you don’t? Then there are those who want to “deem” 270 some gun owners in one state “mentally deficient” and “confiscate” (steal) their guns. This would be unlawful, but they don’t care. They’re “in power” and will extend the limits of that power until (or unless) stopped.

GRUBER DENIES HIS TRUTH: Jonathan Gruber famously (or infamously) ADMITTED that the Obama administration wrote the Obamacare legislation PIRPOSELY to be confusing, so as to fool the ”stupid Americans.” That they were LIED to many times so that “stupid American voters” wouldn’t catch on. Now he’s recanting it all before Congress after being “called on the carpet” by Obama. And they expect us to BELIEVE that swill! They really DO think we’re stupid, even though the only stupid Americans are liberals (Democrats).

GOP HAS NO IMAGINATION: With all the GOOD Republicans out there, including Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Ben Carson, Allen West, and the like, they’re “circling the wagons” around Romney again. That’s ALL they can come up with. I don’t know how they won the White House in 2000 and 2004, when they ran George Bush (the younger). Romney might even be a decent president. ANYBODY is better than an Obama clone. But he has already lost once and there’s no guarantee he won’t, again. But they’re scared to run a REAL candidate.

WELL, IT WORKED IN FERGUSON: The family of robber Juventino Bermudez Arenas is claiming that he “had his hands up” and was trying to surrender when police at a McMinnville, Oregon 7/11 after he had stabbed a student to death inside. I guess he just didn’t want to die, if it’s true. But I have my serious doubts it IS true. They’re just trying to “muddy the waters” after cops “filled him full of lead.” I don’t have much sympathy for this murderer, or ANY murderer. Families of criminals are FAMOUS for claiming their criminal relatives are just “innocent little guys” who were trying to surrender, as they did in Ferguson, which has proven to be a lie.

DON’T TOUCH THE ROYALS: They’re “special,” according to British tradition. “Commoners” are not supposed to touch a member of the royalty. So LeBron James got in trouble when he put his hand on the shoulder of Prince William’s wife. Oh, that’s jist turribl! I thought he was an American royalty. A “commoner” touched a royal! But I’ve got news for them. There ARE no “commoners” in America. We left that behind when we whipped their butts and became a free state, not a British colony. So take your “British traditions” and stick them. We touch whomever we wish and speak to whomever we wish. Calling our people “commoners” is an INSULT that we will not tolerate.

PHONY BIBLE VERSE: Leave it to Obama to quote a phony Bible verse to back up his phony positions. It pleases him to use Bible verses when it suits him. In a recent speech there was this quote: “The good book says, don’t throw stones in glass houses,” now, I’m not a Bible scholar, but even I know that is NOT in the Bible. Obama is like most liberals. He is NOT “religious” (unless you consider Islam), and shouldn’t quote Bible verses we KNOW are false. But then, we know he’s an inveterate LIAR and will say WHATEVER supports his position, true or false.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Obama: America Is Racist!

Surprise, surprise! That’s what he’s been trying to make us think since he was elected by all us “racist folks,” TWICE. But he can’t answer the question, “If we’re so racist, how did YOU get elected, TWICE?” How did all the other black politicians get elected? The only racists in this picture are Obama and the black people (not ALL of them) he has inflamed against white people for his own purposes. The accusation of racism has become so common, from letting a fart in an elevator to disagreeing with his policies that it has become meaningless.  Nobody cares if fools like him call them racist, any more.

WHY OBAMA HATES FOX: They tell the truth. They hold nothing back. They don’t “march to his tune.” Obama hates ANYBODY who does that. “Judge” Jeanne Pirro is a good example: she recently ”spanked” Obama for his racism, asking, “Why is it we only hear from him when the death is of a person of color?” This (the truth) would have gotten her fired at any other news source, but she’s safe at Fox. And Obama hates that. This is not the first time she has “spanked” Obama. Previously, she charged him with “An agenda based on race,” and she’s absolutely right. But it does get lonely being truthful in this administration.

OBAMA LIED: Professor Gruber, the “architect” of Obamacare, “admits” before Congress, that Obama lied about Obamacare. Surprise, surprise! He’s been “trumpeting” that for years (and nobody took notice until recently). Why SHOULDN’T he “admit it” before Congress? Of course, we know that anything Obama says is going to be a LIE. That’s all he knows how to DO! I’d be interested now to see what effect this has on Obama’s future. I suspect it won’t make much difference, as his supporters “dump on” Gruber, calling him a liar, and everything else they can think of.

TORTURE REPORT OUT: The liberals have finally released their “torture report” to use in condemning Republicans, who seem to be the only ones DOING the torturing, just in time for the election of 2016. They “gloss over” just what IS “torture,” but make it sound good. The “point man” on the release is, of course, none other than Sen. Feinstein, noted “gun-grabber.” Frankly, I think this is an “exercise in futility.” The Islamic terrorists deserve whatever they get. Nobody criticizes them for torturing, and even BEHEADING their prisoners (Some even CHILDREN), as usual. The only time liberals are interested is when WE “torture” someone, even if he richly deserves it.

SHERIFF JOE HITS BACK: The news last week was a court ruling that went against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his pitched battle with Obama over enforcing laws against illegal aliens. Now Joe has “hit back,” filing a suit to DEMAND that Obama enforce the immigration laws as written. Obamna has given orders that illegal aliens NOT be arrested, UNACCOMPANIED by an law, or even an executive order. Just HIS “edict.” That this is illegal and unconstitutional is obvious on its face. But this is not the first time Obama has “given the finger” to the Constitution. He’s got an implacable enemy in “Sheriff Joe.”

NOBODY CARES: Liberals have just come out with their “report” about the “torturing” of THREE bloody murderers, ten years ago (during Bush’s administration, of course). But frankly, I don’t care. And neither does anybody else who has any intelligence, at all. Only elite liberals care. The people they’re “wringing their hands” over are people who behead CHILDREN; rape and murder women all over, and even children, too; commit mass murder every chance they get. They routinely TORTURE the people they capture—and we should worry about a little WATERBOARDING? I don’t THINK so!