Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Let's Just Get Rid of Them"

Obama says kids can’t meet educational requirements, so let’s just get rid of them (not the kids). “President Barack Obama said Monday that students should take fewer standardized tests and school performance should be measured in other ways than just exam results [WHAT other ways? –RT]. Too much testing makes education boring for kids, he said. So what? School bored me, but I learned what I needed to learn there, while taking all the tests to find out if I learned anything.

PICKING LAWS TO ENFORCE: That’s what Obama is doing. He has told illegal aliens that if they aren’t “criminals,” he will not send them back to Mexico, or wherever they come from. I imagine voting Democrat might have an effect on which laws he chooses to enforce, too. I always thought they’d have to become citizens BEFORE being allowed to vote. But that’s not how Obama does it. If you vote Democrat, it’s okay.

OBAMA IS GOOD FOR AMERICA: Wait--what? Have I gone “round the bend?” No. Obama is good for America because he “woke us up” to what the socialists are doing to “take us over.” His actions have been so egregious even a dead man could not help but notice. People who have NEVER voted are going to vote him out in November, 2012 and maybe—just MAYBE, vote in somebody who can, and WILL turn this country around, to where it actually ABIDES BY the Constitution, and does not just “give lip service” to it. That’s a net gain we wouldn’t have gotten without Obama.

HOW BRAVE ARE THESE BASTARDS? They are afraid even, to show their faces, lest somebody kill them. (Sen.) “Turbin Durbin can have all the committee hearings he wants but, the fact remains that there is indeed a ‘Muslim problem’ and it is not a figment of the imagination of Islamophobists. It is only through willful disbelief that there are some who cannot see the efforts the radical jihadists are making in the hope of killing as many American infidels as possible. (TYSK)

MORE WARS THAN EVER: Donald “The Wig” Trump says Obama is in “more wars than ever,” but still talks about “peace” like he meant it. Yes, two of them Bush started, but it is the liberals whose policies have kept them all going when we COULD have ended them quickly and with honor. None of them are “shooting wars” now, except Obama’s. They’re just “mop up” actions after Bush won them and Obama couldn’t figure out how to finish the job.

OBAMA ARMING LIBYAN REBELS? He is “considering” it, even though it is now becoming apparent that there are al Qaida terrorists among the rebels. Which raises the question: when Khaddaffi goes, who (or what) will replace him? Will it be Islamic terrorists taking over in Libya? Will we be making things worse? If Obama has anything to do with it, Islamic terrorists WILL benefit by whatever he does.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Buying Green"

They talk about “buying green” to “Earn” discounts on many things. Even Fox News talks about it. Nobody even thinks about the fact (FACT) that “buying green” is nothing but a sign that our government is “buying” AlGore’s global warming swindle (Sorry Al, I won’t be told what to call your swindle). When you “buy green,” you’re “tugging your forelock” to the environmental extremists who mistakenly (on purpose) think man can actually change the environment by his puny efforts. You’re “doing their bidding” to get their bribes.

“TURD SANDWICH:” Yep. That’s what Obama himself called the “situation” (war, though he won't call it that) in Libya. This is the level of discourse we can expect from this idiot we mistakenly elected president. He used this term in a private meeting, and attributed it to one of his aides, who seems to be enamored of the phrase.

BLAME IT ON THE TEA PARTIES: That’s what the Democrat Caucus “instructed” Democrat Senators and representatives to do. He also was “instructed” to use the term “extreme” to describe everything the Republicans do or say. This is how they try to discredit people who want them to stop their EXTREME spending of our money.

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS AMONG LIBYAN REBELS: Now we have a quandary. Muslim extremists have infiltrated the Libyan rebels. Do we support them now? We have unknowingly supported Islamic terrorists before. Will we do it again? When Moammar is gone, who replaces him? A Muslim terrorist government?

RAPE ACCUSER NOW A PRISONER IN LIBYA: She accused a Libyan “official” of rape and has disappeared. Libyan “officials” say she will now face charges. They’re calling her a drunk, a whore, a drug addict, etc., etc. But others with no “dog in this fight” say she is a lawyer pursuing a postgraduate degree, who do you believe? The people who have “no dog in this fight?” Or the “government officials” who are trying to cover up a rape by a government official?

AP “FACT CHECKS” OBAMA’S SPEECH: And finds it a “pack of lies.” Is anybody surprised? What surprises me is WHO “fact-checked” this speech. I refused to listen to it for two reasons: One, I hate to even hear Obama’s voice; Two, I knew what AP found wound be true: anything Obama says would be a “pack of lies.” So why waste the time to listen to them? The U. N. Ambassador himself says, in spite of Obama’s assurances, “We have not ruled out military assistance on the ground for the Libyan rebels.”

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Enforcing Islamic Law in the U. S.

A Florida judge has allowed the parties to a dispute to use Islamic law to settle that dispute. This should be an impeachment offense for that judge. Last I heard, judges could only use US law to settle disputes in America. They're "slipping in" behind us, people. Be aware.

“NO GROUND TROOPS, PERIOD!” I don’t believe I’ve heard a more stupid remark come out of a president’s mouth. What that does is tell Khaddafy he will be free to kill as many people as he wishes, as long as he doesn’t try it from the air. Libyan rebels are BEGGING for ground troops, saying they are being MURDERED on the ground by Khaddafi’s forces. But Obama doesn’t hear it. Like he doesn’t hear our cries that we don’t want his health care swindle law.

“KHADDAFI HAS LOST HIS LEGITIMACY:” That’s what the news media says. But I say, Khaddafi never HAD any legitimacy in the minds of anybody with the smallest bit of intelligence. He is, and has been a thug, who killed his way into power, murdered to retain it, and is still killing innocent people to stay in power. The only thing legitimate about him will be when we see his dead body strung up somewhere, a la Mussolini.

MIDEAST BURNING UP: People are rioting in the street in many Islamic nations in the Middle East, but our media will not acknowledge it. They report this unrest and violence, but as separate incidents without making any possible connection to the Islamic peoples wishing to be free and willing to die to attain that freedom. I’m waiting until they can no longer ignore it and MUST report it, and how they’re going to “Spin” it.

AIR WAR HAVING AN EFFECT: Obama won’t say the goal of the war in Libya is the removal of Khaddaffi, but bombing his installations IS having its effect. It’s making it harder for him to “roll over” the rebels on the ground, even though he is still able to do it somewhat. Nevertheless the rebels ARE making gains as K’s Air Force is being decimated. It could be done even faster if Obama would just allow ground troops to be put in there, but he won’t. So the death toll will be a lot higher before the rebels win.

CONSTITUTION NOT WORTH MUCH: Except as an “anchor” people can “give lip service to” adherence to while blindly ignoring it in their actions. If I had a nickel for the number of violations of the Constitution there have been since it was signed, I would be a rich man. And there’s no punishment for willfully violating the Constitution. IF you can get a judge who doesn’t have his own ax to grind and he/she declares something unconstitutional on the basis of what’s IN the Constitution, there’s no punishment for the politician or politicians who did it. There ought to be.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

They Didn't Earn It!

Liberals generally say the money is theirs, and they need to “take it back” from those who EARNED it and redistribute it to those who didn't. But the fallacy in their thinking is that they DIDN’T earn it. The people who HAVE it earned it. It is in NO WAY theirs to redistribute, and they have no right to a single penny of it. They’re just jealous that people other than them have the intelligence, fortitude, and stick-to-itiveness to earn it, and they want a share of it without the bother of having to work for it.

“COALITION OF THE SCREWED:” That’s what Rush Limbaugh calls those who are always cited as being the biggest victims of ANYTHING liberals consider “budget cuts.” A judge has even said that it is a failure of GOVERNMENT to make sure people have a “level playing field” that is responsible. At what point does a person’s place in life become THEIR responsibility, not that of the government?

SPREADING LIES: Nina Eastwood, of Fox News, of all people, said just now, that Obama’s birth certificate has been “all over the Internet, and everybody’s seen it.” What a LOAD that is! It has NOT been “all over the Internet” and NO ONE has seen it. What they have seen is that phony “certificate of live birth” he put out there to fool us, which is NOT a birth certificate. Even the governor of Hawaii can’t find the real one. Gimme a break!

86 PEOPLE TO CRUSH GLENN BECK: Media Matters has “only” 86 people on staff whose only job is to find ways to stop and discredit Glenn Beck (Which they can't seem to do). Why? Maybe it's because Glenn is getting too close to the truth and George Soros doesn’t like that. You can always tell who is hurting people like George Soros by how hard they work to discredit them. This is very instructive. I wonder how many people Soros has on staff to destroy Sarah Palin.

HE WON’T EVEN USE THE WORD: Obama apparently thinks as long as he refuses to say the word (shudder) “war,” there won’t be one. What’s WRONG with this jerk? We’re IN three wars and people are DYING. But he will not call them wars because wars require Congress’s approval and he doesn’t want to bother with that.

NOT A WORD: The liberal news media complains regularly about Israel’s RETALIATION against “those innocent Palestinians,” but utter nary a word about the Palestinians' indiscriminate shelling of Israel. They even complain to the UN about it, again not mentioning the provocation from the Palestinians. Looks like a “stacked deck” to me.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Losing "Big Bird"

NBC's Lisa Myers on the March 9 Nightly News. Said that defunding NPR (of about 2% of its funding) would cause us to “lose Big Bird.” I say that’s okay. If Big Bird can’t survive on its own in the marketplace without federal funding, it deserves to die.

LOSING GOVERNMENT RADIO: That’s where most of the federal funding goes. To support public radio. As I say above, if it can’t survive in the free market, it doesn’t deserve to survive. We don’t need government-controlled public radio. We have too much free market radio. If people want to hear liberal crap, they should be willing to pay for it by buying from sponsors.

“JUDGE US BY OUR PRODUCT: NPR's Nina Totenberg says, “There is a reason that we are the only news organization, other than Fox, with a growing audience. It is because of our product which is straight-shooting, factual, and spends an enormous amount of money gathering news from all over the country and the world. Judge us by our product.” Oh, I HAVE “judged them by their product, and it does not resemble what she says about it. They lie, and promote the “government line.”

“REMOVING KHADDAFFI NOT AN OPTION:” That’s what Obama’s generals are saying, and I believe it. It sounds like Obama. My question is this: if we’re not trying to “take out” Khaddaffi, why are we involved at all? The goal of war it to WIN. If Khaddaffi stays, we’ve LOST! This shows complete lack of leadership on Obama’s part.

NOT COVERED: The news media writes stupid and lying stories about Glenn Beck as if it were news. But when a group including Richard Trumka, CEO of the AFL-CIO UNION discusses a plot to destroy the economy of this nation, not a peep out of the press. Do they WANT to destroy this country? Never go by what people SAY. Go by what they DO. And the news media DOES things that scare the hell me.

“GLENN BECK’S CRAZY! That’s what they say about Glenn Beck all the time. But there’s not a peep out of the liberal news media when he’s proven right, which is often. He said to “buy gold” when it was at $700 an ounce and they said he was crazy. Gold is now selling for more than $1400.00 an ounce and still rising. He has predicted many things, while HOPING he will be wrong—and he has been right much more often than he’s been wrong. Maybe people should listen to him and then do their own research, as he suggests.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Terrorists Getting Miranda Rights?

What a laugh! Thanks; I needed that. Terrorists, first of all, are NOT American citizens to whom those ARE rights. Therefore, they do NOT have “Miranda rights.” They are NOT “criminals,” they are foreign attackers. They do NOT have “Miranda rights” as such. To recite them to terrorists in the field will get you KILLED. Anybody who says otherwise is STUPID. If they are in a position of power they should be removed. IMMEDIATELY.

SEIU EXTORTING COMPANIES: They are putting fake ROACHES into the food produced by certain companies, including Sedexo USA, claiming they wouldn’t be there if those companies were unionized. How underhanded is THIS? SEIU should be disbanded and never allowed to EVER become a union again. Kudos to Sedexo USA for having the guts to tell them to "go to hell."

WAR BY COMMITTEE? How stupid is that? Obama is an imbecile! He ceded control of the “war in Libya” to France, which has announced it will be run by a “political steering committee.” This without “getting rid of Khaddaffi” as a goal! I’ve seen some stupid things come out of Washington, especially since Obama became president, but this tops it all! We need to get rid of this imbecile before he gives this entire country away to the Islamic terrorists.

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT OWES TAXES: One-term Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill has ADMITTED to owing almost $300,000.oo in back taxes. That’s a whole lot! Does she think she’s exempt from paying her taxes because she’s a U. S. Senator? Put her on the list. It’s a long one. I'll be waiting to see if she gets any punishment.

BULLY SAYS HE IS VICTIM: The bully who hit the bigger kid and got himself “body-slammed” is now claiming the bigger kid was bullying HIM. But the video (which was being taken by HIS friend) doesn’t back him up. All it shows is him walking up to the bigger kid and hitting him. I think he is lying to cover up his own bullying. I might also add that his words were not intelligible on the tape he gave to the news media.

OBAMA’S MENTAL BREAKDOWN? That’s what Mike Gallagher calls it. Obama just reinforced his “moratorium” on drilling here in the United States, then went to Brazil and told them “We want to help you drill, then buy the oil from you.” Why the hell don’t we drill HERE? Forget the Snail Darter and take care of human beings! I agree. Obama is “cracking up.” He’s losing his mind.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libya Is Next!

When we invaded Iraq and deposed Saddam, Khaddaffy loudly got rid of his nuclear toys because he was afraid he would be next. But it will do him no good. He IS next. He’s fighting for his life against his own people, murdering them left and right, while Obama vacillates about what to do about him. When Obama really makes up his mind, he will soon be gone. And if we turn him over to his own people, he’ll soon be dead if he survives to that point.

“ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD!” This is on a sign held by a Muslim hoping to start a mosque in Katy, Texas, which is a small, rural, country town with few residents (Less than 2,000 pop.) and already has 60 mosques (SIXTY mosques in a town of 2,000! I'd bet there aren't that many Christian churches in Katy.). What do they need with another? This one is to be in a VERY “out-of-the-way location where they can do many things without observation. Is that the plan? Does this Imam want to be “unnoticed?” Is he setting up a location for promotion of Islamic terrorism? Watch them closely. Go out of the way to do so. If we “pay attention” to what they’re doing, such a backward philosophy can NEVER “dominate the world.” We’re smarter than those who have already “gone for it.”

THE ANSWER—KILL KHADAFFI: Just get RID of him—AND his sons, who are just as bad as he is.. Every time we have done something to hurt him, such as when Reagan sent in a jet to bomb his headquarters, causing “collateral damage’ but not killing him, he does something underhanded like putting a bomb on an airplane that fell in Lockerbie, Scotland, killing several hundred people. He does nothing straightforward. He kills from behind the scenes. Don’t think he won’t follow that pattern today if he is allowed to live. God knows, he’s killed enough innocent people to warrant the death penalty.

WAR IS WAR: Get to it! Obama says “no troops on the ground in Libya.” How stupid is that? Clinton did it before and what was the result? A bombed aspirin factory and one dead janitor. When you go to war you don’t tell the enemy you’re not going to go all the way. You do it. You don’t go to war not to win. His generals are saying deposing Khaddaffi is not a goal. Why the hell not? What’s the point, otherwise? If K is left in power, people are going to die. Get used to it.

THE END OF THE LIGHT BULB: I never thought I’d see such stupidity in this country; BANNING a safe light bulb in favor of an UNSAFE light bulb. The incandescent bulb has been around for many years and has worked well. Now, in response to the claims made by AlGore’s global warming swindle, Congress has BANNED the incandescent bulb in favor of that “curly” fluorescent bulb that contains dangerous mercury. Ask the government itself what to do if you break one. If you follow their advice, it will cost you about $3,000 for a “Cleanup.

“IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, BUY ‘EM!” Khaddaffi has lots of cash; cash he has built up over the years, just in case somebody tries to get rid of him. If he can’t beat some of them, he can buy them off. Then he can hire more mercenaries and buy more arms. This money came from the oil WE helped him find, and which he nationalized (stole) after we did it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Belittling Sarah Palin

Now they’re comparing her and her popularity to that of the latest Internet “viral” sensation, 13-year-old Rebecca Black, a pretty girl who sang on the Internet and which one person said should “cut and die.” Sarah is popular because she is a MUCH better presidential candidate than either party has come up with; who says what she means and means what she says. She doesn’t lie, as does Obama and his friends.She is poised to “upset the applecart” of both Democrats and the “old guard Republicans. Which is why they ALL hate her and try their best to belittle her at every turn. She FRIGHTENS them, and with good reason.

PRIORITIES? CNN sent 50 reporters to cover the Japan earthquake and the events that followed. They sent 150 reporters to cover the royal wedding. Seems like they have their prioritiesa little skewed, doesn’t it?

IRRATIONAL HATRED: The Wisconsin governor has gotten thousands of “hate” e-mails after passing that controversial measure disallowing union collective bargaining “rights” for government workers. He was ELECTED to do that; where were those who now hate him then?

USING THE CHILDREN: In Arizona, “progressives” and other opponents of that controversial immigration bill that did nothing more than DEMAND that the feds ENFORCE existing immigration laws are now using CHILDREN, who have no idea what they’re doing, to advance their agenda. That’s WRONG!

WHAT ARE “PROGRESSIVES?” They’re LIBERALS; socialists; communists; Fascists. They’ve been pushing COLLECTIVISM since at least the twenties under one name or another. Now they’re back to “progressive” since they figure those who recognize that word for what it is are mostly now dead or senile.

“IF LEFT UNCHECKED?” Sec. of State Hillary Clinton says “If Khaddaffi is left unchecked, he will commit unspeakable atrocities.” What? “If left unchecked?” He has ALREADY committed unspeakable atrocities, DAILY. For years! What is this woman SMOKING?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Tea Party Will Be Short-Lived"

So sayeth Senate Majority Leader (for a while yet) Harry Reid. Talk about being “out of it!” This guy wouldn’t feel the burn if someone gave him a hotfoot. He’s got his blinders on so tight, he can’t even see the blinders! He HOPES the “Tea Party” will be short-lived, is what he’s really saying. But it’s not gonna happen. The Tea Parties represent the POPULAR uprising of millions of people who are disgusted with the Democrats’ ignorance about what they SHOULD be doing and what they ARE doing to all of us.

NOT REALLY TOO SMART: Even a VERY gentle giant has a breaking point, and one kid reached his recently when he was “picked on” by a much smaller guy because he wouldn’t fight back. It’s not too smart to pick on someone bigger than you, and this situation proved it. The bigger guy, pushed to his limit, picked up the smaller bully and SLAMMED him down on the pavement. The last I saw of the bully he was painfully slinking off. I’ll bet one thing: THIS bully won’t be bullying guys bigger than him in the future, unless he is VERY stupid. Maybe he is.

NEW YORK TIMES TO CHARGE FOR INTERNET: How DUMB is that? I wouldn’t go to the NYT web site for ANYTHING because I don’t believe anything they write, let alone PAY for the privilege of being lied to. Hey, NYT! Take your “paid Internet” and stuff it! You’ll never see ME paying for your crap.

DUNCAN SAYS TEACHERS UNDERPAID: I hear that a lot, said about many people making $100,000.00 or more a year. Who do these people think they’re fooling? Arne Duncan, Sec. Of Education says teachers are underpaid. I bet he thinks HE is underpaid too, though I don’t know what he makes (I’d bet over $200,000 a year).

SHARIA LAW IN AMERICA: Not in a million years! Americans are too smart to allow such an idiotic law system to operate in the United States. Some Muslim groups might submit to it, but Muslims aren’t too smart or they wouldn’t be Muslims. Even if someone actually got Sharia Law started somewhere in this country, Americans would REBEL against it immediately.

LIBYA DECLARES CEASE FIRE: This after Obama “got tough” with him. But did he? He’s still killing people who oppose him, and it doesn’t look like he will stop soon unless someone stops him, usually by killing him. Maybe his “announced” cease-fire is just a ploy to fool the rebels into “standing down” long enough for him to slip up on them. Knowing him, I wouldn’t be surprised. He DID lie to us when he beseeched us to release the Lockerbie murderer by telling us he only had a month or so to live, when he knew the guy was going to live a long time in the luxury provided by Libya as a reward for his Libyan-ordered murders.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The "Government Effect"

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” -Milton Friedman. actually, I don’t think it would take that long. The government is very good at creating shortages of things that are available in plenty.

IGNORING DEATH THREATS: The governor of Wisconsin and others who voted in the law Democrat legislators fled the state to avoid a vote on have been receiving death threats, but you wouldn’t know it to listen to the liberal media, who have ignored them. That sounds like media malpractice to me.

“HEY, HILARY—STUFF IT!”: That’s what the young rebels in Egypt told Hilary Clinton when she went there. They did it themselves, without out help. Now we’re coming there to “offer help?” Stuff it, Hilary. I might add that people in Islamic countries aren’t much interested in dealing with a female diplomat, right or wrong.

GAS PRICES TO DERAIL OBAMA: Says News Max. I agree. But there’s going to be much more than high gasoline prices that are going to derail Obama. Everything he does causes some price to rise. Ben Bernanke keeps printing money as fast as he can, while saying he will “easily” conquer inflation, which he says no longer exists, anyway. Obama spends money like water, increasing the National Debt by $72 billion dollars in ONE DAY while allowing only a $6 billion cut (on the same day), and that grudgingly with much ballyhoo. Obama is a DISASTER! There are many things I haven’t even mentioned that are going to derail this monster

SIXTIETH GOLF GAME: The world is going to hell and Obama just finished his sixtieth golf game and prepared to go on yet another vacation. Which would be okay with me if he didn’t take time out from his vacations to institute new “rules” to further control us. I wish he’d spend ALL his time playing golf or filling in his “brackets” for the NCAA. Maybe then, we’d survive his presidency.

“COLLECTIVE SALVATION”: That’s what Rev. Wright teaches in his church. The church Obama and his family spent 20 years in, listening to his bombastic screaming about how you could not be “saved” unless everyone else in the world is “saved.” He also is a Marxist and a communist, by his own admission. And he is an anti-Semite—again by his own admission. When the pressure became too much, Obama moved to another church, run by yet another Marxist and anti-Semite, Rev. Wallace. Obama says he never heard Rev. Wright preach about “collective salvation” or Marxism, or communism. Which tells me he has about as much business going to church as does a dog, who wouldn’t understand it, anyway. Or maybe he’s lying.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's all About Obama

In picking his “brackets,” Obama says the Kansas Jayhawks don’t like losing when a president picks them, and that they “won for me” last year. Won for HIM? They won for THEMSELVES! They don’t care if he picks them, if they lose, they don’t like it, period! I don’t care which team he picks; but I don’t care what he says about ANYTHING because it’s likely to be a lie and/or self-serving.

HALF FISCAL YEAR WITHOUT BUDGET: This is what we get with Obama in control. Complete irresponsibility instead of governing. Spending out of control and NO new budget for six months of his third year in office. What the hell have we done to ourselves? What have we elected to our highest office? A playboy who is more interested in golf, basketball and “filling in his brackets” than in governing? Someone who wants to “have been” president witho0ut having to do the work of BEING president?

72 BILLION DEBT IN ONE DAY! The National Debt jumped $72 BILLION dollars in ONE DAY! Yet Republicans settled for reducing the debt by $6 billion! When are we going to elect somebody who can, and WILL do something about Obama’s “spendthrift” ways?

“WAYS AROUND CONSTITUTION”: ”WASHINGTON -- Faced with a Congress hostile to even slight restrictions of Second Amendment rights, the Obama administration is exploring potential changes to gun laws that can be secured strictly through executive action, administration officials say.” This is a direct quote from the Huffington Post, hardly a “conservative bastion.” I print it here because I went to the page where the story about this was, and there seems to be a problem loading it. Is it a “technical problem?” Or is Obama ordering them to remove it?

DE-FUNDING NPR: The liberals intimate de-funding NPR is tantamount to shutting it down. It is not. NPR is funded only a small bit by public (taxpayer) funding and it could replace those funds without much of a problem. I’m not against NPR. I AM against ME funding a “liberal mouthpiece.” There may have ONCE been (doubtful) a need for NPR when there were only three networks (who all were liberal). Today, there are hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS, on the air and on cable. NPR is no longer needed, even if you believe there IS a “conservative conspiracy” to limit your knowledge (actually, that is a LIBERAL conspiracy).

PATRIOT RAIDED BY OBAMA GOVERNMENT: It must be against the law to be against Obama’s policies. A patriot was raided by SWAT recently. They refused to produce a search warrant. they said there was one but they didn't have it with them. There were 20 ninja-style dressed cops with automatic weapons and held their guns to his head, bemoaning the fact that “there would be no action here today.” They were expecting a gun battle and were very disappointed that they would not get to kill a patriotic American citizen. Nothing was found (except a legal shotgun) and no charges were filed after they spent 20 hours searching his home while he stood by in handcuffs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crazy Man Running Libya

Just looking at Khaddafy (Quadafi, and a million other spellings) and you can see the eyes of a crazy man. When he talks, he barely moves his mouth out of that “straight line” and rarely does he make sense in his long, rambling speeches. He kills everybody who opposes him, and loves it. He will never leave under his own power. He will have to either be killed or put on a plane somewhere in chains. They will have to drag him out of his palace, kicking and screaming. Something like they probably will have to do with Obama on Jan. 20. 2013.

SCHOOL TEACHER USING CHILDREN IN WISCONSIN: A schoolteacher is bringing his students to the Wisconsin Statehouse and leading them in “chants,” against something they cannot POSSIBLY understand. That teacher should be arrested and kept in jail for a long time for using these children in this way. I’ll bet he didn’t even ask for permission from their parents to do this—or he lied to those parents when he GOT permission for a “field trip” for which he did not detail what those kids would be doing. If the parents are doing it, their children should be taken from them.

DEFLECTING ATTENTION: Obama is going to “investigate” so-called “price gouging” in gasoline sales, hoping to deflect attention from his own perfidy in causing those prices to rise because of his printing money (creating inflation) and not allowing drilling in places run by the U. S. (He SAYS he has “lifted” the moratorium on drilling, but he still is not authorizing any drilling). This is a typical Obama lie.

IGNORING PROBLEMS: Obama is more interested in putting out his “brackets,” playing golf and basketball than he is in showing leadership in world affairs. It’s like he’s AFRAID to do anything on world affairs, lest he be criticized. Only problem with that is, his very IGNORING of the problems is getting him criticism.

“RECRUITING HELP”: They say everything we do to stop the Islamic terrorists helps them recruit more fools. If that’s so, should we stop trying to put murderers in prison, for fear they’ll “get mad at us?” That kind of thinking tells me what FOOLS we have in power in Washington and elsewhere.

BUSING OUR KIDS: When it began, the government FORCED us to bus our children to school. The excuse then was integration. Now, years later, when people have forgotten the original reasoning and busing has become an accepted part of school life, they want to CHARGE US $100 a year to bus them after they’ve made it impossible for them to get to school without busing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Causes Gas Prices to Rise

Earthquakes in Japan cause gas prices to go up; nuclear plant explosions cause it; U. S. regulations stopping us from searching for, or drilling for oil does; unrest in Libya causes it; civil war (fill in the blank for what country) causes gas prices to rise; OPEC fiddling with it by reducing production causes it; a bee farts in Alaska causes gas prices to rise. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about the causes of gas prices rising because it seems like everything that happens in the world causes it EXCEPT for what REALLY does; inflation, caused by our government printing money with nothing behind it.

WHY THERE? Anti-nuclear power forces are going to be talking a lot in the near future about the “near-meltdown of nuclear reactors in Japan, as if nuclear power itself is too dangerous to use. We don't ban cars because people use them to kill people. We don't ban highways because people die on them. But the main problem here, as I see it, is WHERE these reactors have been built, and the WAY they’ve been built. The science DOES exist to build them in such a way to withstand these earthquakes, which are COMMON in Japan. Why did they build them THERE, and without adequate safeguards? That shows incompetence on the part of the people who built them. Why do people like me have to point this out to them?

IT’S A BAND-AID: Raising the debt ceiling without doing something about the causes of the extremely high budget is like a doctor giving you an aspirin for the headache and ignoring the CAUSE of the headache, which may be cancer. The Democrats want to raise it without doing ANYTHING about the REASONS for the necessity of raising it, as they have done all along. The Republicans are insisting on doing something about the CAUSE while yet again raising the limit and are being roundly criticized by the Democrats, who caused the problem in the first place.

MY MILITIA: Some people (liberals) try to connect me to all kinds of things that aren’t too “savory;” like a militia such as the one in Alaska that wants to kill two state troopers if their leader gets arrested. The one that plans to cut power to certain “target houses,” then kill people as they come out to investigate the power loss, followed by the killing of everybody in the house. Liberals CLAIM a “connection” between their insane organization and Sarah Palin because she once made a speech to one of their organizations without knowing what they stood for. My Militia doesn’t exist. I have no interest in such things. What I do is “pull back the veil” of secrecy and tell people what the administration doesn’t want them to know. The liberals HATE that.

THEY HAVE NO IDEA: Poll shows that most Americans have NO IDEA of the reasons behind our massive deficits. That’s because they don’t pay attention to politics until just before an election when the lies are flying. If people would wake up, guys like Obama could not “have his way” with us.

IS THE “AMERICAN DREAM” DEAD? Suze Orman wrote a book by that name, and she’s right to ask as long as we have that idiot in the White House. Everything he does, it seems, is DESIGNED to make this economy worse so he can impose SOCIALIST measures on us while falsely blaming the free market and what they call capitalism for every problem HE created. Until we get rid of dedicated socialist Obama and all he has done, it well MAY be.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gold Hits New Record

Several years ago, when Glenn Beck started talking about buying gold as a “hedge against inflation,” they said he was “a crazy man.” It was at $700 an ounce at the time, and they said it could not go much higher. Today, it is at $1,440 per ounce, and still rising. WAS he crazy? He’s as crazy about that as he is about everything else. Maybe it would pay you to listen to what he’s saying. He RESEARCHES things before he opens his mouth.

MICHAEL MOORE IS DELUDED: He says the money now owned by “the rich” (except him, of course) is a “national resource” and is not theirs. Forget they EARNED it. That they should “give it back.” To whom? Who has title to all that money if not those who EARNED it? Certainly not those whose foresight did not include readying themselves for life by going to school and learning what they needed to learn in order to succeed in life. And not those too LAZY to earn for themselves who want to loot the EARNINGS of others.

WILL SHEEN EVER WORK AGAIN? That’s the question being asked now. Many people think he won’t. I think he will, knowing the mindset in Hollywood. The crazier the better. You could not PAY for the publicity Charlie has gotten lately, and publicity is MONEY in Hollywood. It will continue as Charlie sues the show and the press hovers over every word that comes out of his mouth, no matter how ignorant and self-deluded.

TOO MANY WHITES IN THE MILITARY: So what? Apparently the people able to do the job best ARE white. So why should we promote blacks, Hispanics, and others, just to make sure the “percentages” look good? I believe we should promote people who can DO the job best, WHATEVER color or nationality they are. This is not racism, it’s common sense, If that means one or the other dominate, too bad.

WHY DON’T THEY JUST “DEEM” IT PASSED? In Wisconsin they were having trouble passing a spending bill because the Democrat lawmakers fled the state to prevent a vote. Now they’ve had to remove the “spending” part from the bill and passed it without the Democrats. Why didn’t they do like Obama threatened to do with his health care swindle bill and “deem it” passed?

WHEN IS THE LAST TIME THE TEA PARTY RIOTED? It is the LIBERALS rioting in Wisconsin and creating millions of dollars in damage to the Wisconsin statehouse because they can’t get their way. When is the last time the Tea Partiers did such a thing? Oh; I know, never. What if they did? The liberals would go BANANAS! But not when THEIR people do it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Excluding Food and Energy"

You read that right. The government is “excluding food and energy” from its figures on the “inflation index.” What a way to LIE to Americans! But then, Obama is well known to be a “numbers fiddler” in his efforts to fool us. His biggest “fiddle” is collecting money for TEN YEARS for his health care swindle while providing benefits for only six years, so he can brag that it will only cost UNDER a trillion dollars.

“RELIGION OF PEACE”: Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is investigating the “Muslim terrorist” question and Muslims want to kill him. Do they think he will find out something dangerous to them and want to stop him? Security is very tight. Tighter than ever before for the chairman of an investigating committee. Does this tell you anything about this “religion of peace?”

WHY HOLLYWOOD HATES “ATLAS SHRUGGED”: In spite of its undeniable popularity and “staying power,” Hollywood staunchly resists making a movie of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” Why? The answer is easy. The same reason Muslims hate Peter King’s investigation into Muslim terrorism. They’re deathly afraid something that makes them look silly will be revealed, and they can’t have that.

NOW THE TRUTH IS KNOWN: When the story started, the liberal news media made it look like CONSERVATIVE talk radio shows were hiring actors to call in with strangeness to “liven up” their shows; as if they needed it. Most people who call their shows have to wait HOURS to get on the air. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others quickly squashed that rumor. It turns out that the ONLY talk show host who ADMITS to hiring actors to call his show to “liven it up” is LIBERAL talk show host Ed Schultz.

FOX AND BECK TO SPLIT? Don’t count on it. Any rumors going around to that effect have been started and are pushed by liberals. They HOPE maybe they can CAUSE such a split by starting these rumors. They can’t. Fox is too smart to believe ANYTHING CNN says about Beck, or any of their other people. Liberals really aren’t very smart, are they?

“NOT INTERESTED”: “Last year, the White House received applications from more than 1,000 schools in a competition to secure a commencement address from President Barack Obama. But just one year later, it seems schools have lost interest. This year, they’ve received a total of 14 applications. Maybe the schools are just not interested any longer in what Obama has to say. I’m certainly not.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Imbeciles Get Air Time

I heard an imbecile the other day say on television that the Tea Parties are extremist, racist, and homophobic; that all conservatives fit that description. This shows the complete ignorance of this person. I’ve found when people like that want to show their ignorance it’s best to stand aside and let their lips flap.

ASSUMPTION OF GUILT: Excuse me, I thought our Constitution said the government must prove us guilty “beyond a shadow of a doubt” before we were considered guilty of a crime. Why then, is the TSA (Tough Sh-t Administration) allowed to play with our sexual organs at will, or look at naked pictures of us, as a condition for “allowing us” to get on an airplane? By so doing, they are saying that we MAY be harboring a desire to hijack that plane and kill a lot of people. All without ANY kind of proof. Where, in the Constitution, is our government ALLOWED to do that?

WHY DON’T LEFTIES GET BLAMED? The “lefties” continuously accuse the Tea Parties of violence, all without the slightest bit of proof, yet the lefties are constantly COMMITTING violence (principally union thugs sent out by Obama) on those who disagree with them. Why don’t they get blamed for that?

HOW SUCCESSFUL ARE THEY? The TSA gropes everybody in order to allow them to get on an airplane. How many terrorists have they EVER found this way? NONE. Not a SINGLE one. They say that’s an indication of success. I don’t think so. I think that’s an indication of FAILURE. The terrorists have gone elsewhere to find their victims. They've gone around them.

BERNANKE’S INCOMPETENCE: When asked by a newsman how much confidence he had in avoiding inflation, Fed Chairman Bernanke said “100%!” Talk about being in DENIAL! Prices are going up all over the world, apace. And Bernanke still thinks we have no inflation and his ability to stop it from happening is 100%! This will go down in history as “famous last words,” says Ann Coulter.

WHAT PRICES ARE UP? In the last year alone, Oil is up 21%; com is up 49%; wheat, 41%; beef, 28%; sugar, 32%; and coffee 323%. Tell me that isn’t “prima facie evidence” that inflation is raging! Meanwhile, Bernanke assures us there IS no inflation, and he will be 100% able to keep it from happening. Somebody needs to slap him in the mouth and say, “wake up!”

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fed Empoloyees Surfing Porn

This while being paid in excess of $200,000 a year. They have mostly (but not all) been allowed to resign, but no other action has been taken against these people, who have swindled Americans out of many dollars when they should have been doing their jobs. But I guess I should be grateful they aren’t spending their time messing with me and other citizens. I just hate the idea of them getting paid so much for watching porn.

COMPLETE WASHINGTON SCREWUP: The health care swindle law has been declared unconstitutional in many states yet Obama is still enforcing it. Which requires he give “waivers” to his friends so they won’t have to obey it, lest they go out of business.

CAN THEY BE THAT STUPID? People go on the air and flatly say the Tea Parties are extremist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, with NO proof at all, and they expect people to believe them. And they really BELIEVE that garbage! Can they really BE that stupid? Yes, they ARE. Some say the extreme right is more dangerous than Islamic terrorists. And many of them are in high-ranking positions in our government. Positions where they get to make decisions that affect ALL of us.

I HOPE HE FAILS! Rush Limbaugh got a lot of flack (like he cares) from liberals all over when he said right out, “I hope Obama fails.” Of course, he got no flack from people who count; people with some degree of intelligence. They know what he meant; he meant that since Obama’s main goal is to make this a SOCIALIST nation, he NEEDS to fail at that. I hope he fails, too. If he succeeds, this nation is at an end.

ARE WE RACIST? If we’re so damned racist, why did we, as a nation, elect a black man (at least HALF a black man) as our president. Liberals, who think we are, don’t think about that. I think the racists are in the government, and their definition of racism is ANYBODY who doesn’t agree with their policies. That begins with Obama, who is the biggest racist of all.

“THEY’RE MY PEOPLE”: The Attorney General says he doesn’t want to prosecute the Black Panthers for clearly violating the election laws “because they’re my people.” Isn’t this an obvious racist remark, coming from a high government official?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Spending in a MONTH!

The government, under Obama, has spent more in a single MONTH in 2011 ($234 BILLION) thaN Bush spent in an entire YEAR ($165 BILLION) in 2007! And Obama is STILL criticizing Bush’s spending. I can NOT understand how he does that, except to conclude that he is financially STUPID or deranged.

“NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMA”: All the Democrats are out there trying to convince us that the high oil prices have nothing to do with Obama’s policies. Never mind he could solve the problem with the stroke of a pen by allowing oil producers to hunt for, and drill for oil in places American controls things. There is more oil there than Saudi Arabia could find, even if we showed them how, as we did before they stole (nationalized) it.

SCARED OR COLLUDING: Obama’s reluctance to call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism tells me one of two things: either he’s frightened of them or he’s “colluding” with them. Either way, it’s bad. I’ve never SEEN a president who will not even NAME the enemy we’re fighting.

THIRTEEN TO ONE: There were THIRTEEN stories about the rising gas prices during the Bush administration to ONE now during Obama's. Does this tell you anything about the “double standard” in the news media as it has to do with George Bush or Obama? According to today’s liberal media, Obama can “do no wrong.” While Bush could “do no right.”

HILLARY LIKES AL-JAZEERA: She thinks their stories reflect more truth than do ANY American news sources, Fox or otherwise. Apparently she hasn’t seen their story about “Killing Jews.” Or the one about killing ALL “infidels.” (Infidels means anybody who doesn’t believe exactly the same way they do)

“SLOWNESS TO ACCEPT GLOBAL WARMING”: A reporter asked Ralph Nader and Jesse Jerkson what he thought about America’s “reluctance” to “accept the reality of global warming.” The only problem here is there IS no “reality of global warming.” The whole global warming thing is simply a scam to swindle billions of dollars out of millions of people.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hillary Likes Al Jazeera

She says it’s the only news outlet she knows of that actually tells the news “without pundits debating or spending time on commercials.” Which just gives away her wish for a dictatorship. Where the hell does she think ALL news outlets get the money to BRING us the news? In “normal” broadcasting it’s from ADVERTISERS. From such as Al-Jazeera, it’s from the government, and reflects what the government (in this case, Islamic government) wants us to think. Without “debate,” all we get is the government’s views, and that’s what ALL liberals, Hillary included, want.

MUCH GOVERNMENT WASTE: One of the biggest contributing factors to the amazingly high rate of government spending is the stupendous amount of money that has been STOLEN by government workers. There are BILLIONS of dollars “unaccounted for” in many different agencies, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it except for those interminable “investigations” which turn up nothing.

HALFWAY IS NOT ENOUGH: Obama says he’s “willing to meet the Republicans halfway” in budget cuts. But halfway is not nearly enough, considering the massive amount of spending in which he has been engaged. It sounds like a good thing, but it is not. Halfway is just a “pimple on the butt of the total amount.”

COMPROMISE: Obama likes to talk about “compromise.” What he means by “compromise” is the Republicans compromising THEIR principles and coming over to his side. That is NOT “compromise.” Actual compromise is when BOTH sides “give a little,” and Obama is not prepared to do that.

“BRAGGING RIGHTS”: The Democrats keep accusing the Republicans of just “wanting the bragging rights” for this and that, which is a “red herring.” We don’t care about “bragging rights.” We DO care about getting rid of unnecessary spending, which the Democrats apparently don’t want to do.

“FALSE INFORMATION”: It amazes me how easy it is for our government to fool Americans by disseminating false information. Like what they’re trying to force down our gullets right now about the “jobs numbers” improving when all that is happening is that they have arbitrarily REDUCED the number of people LOOKING for work by using a false measure.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

CAIR Censors Talk Show Host

“Former U.S. Rep. Fred Grandy has been forced to walk away from his popular morning drive-time radio talk show in Washington after the station's management insisted he avoid discussions of radical Islam, sources close to Grandy say.” Frankly, I’d have walked away, too. While on the air, after telling my listeners why. If anybody tries to get me to stop talking about those murdering varmints, I’ll punch him in the nose and keep on talking.

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? Muslims are now equating criticism of other Muslims with “racism.” Just like Obama and his crowd does with people who disagree with his policies. Do they get ideas from each other? Obviously. Their vision of the world is similar, as well. They both want life and death control.

MUSLIMS FRIGHTENED OF ALAN WEST: “Islam, quote, is very vile, very vicious and we've allowed it to come into this country because we ride around with bumper stickers that say, 'Coexist.” Which is one of our most evident weaknesses. We allow people who are our bitter enemies to “get in bed” with us, and are surprised when they try to screw us. Alan West is investigating them, and that scares them. They just don’t want Americans to know any more about them than they already know, which isn’t much. They’re afraid West’s committee will uncover too much information and spoil their vicious plans, and tell too much truth about them.

HE’S A MUSLIM SYMPATHIZER: Many people think Obama is a Muslim. I don’t. He doesn’t have to be a Muslim if he learned its tenets in his years living in Kenya under Sharia Law with his communist mother and father. He’s a SYMPATHIZER. And he proves it with his every action regarding Muslims.

TWO OF A KIND: Sean Penn has always been a ditz. He looks at something and sees what he wants to see, then criticizes others more intelligent than he for not seeing it as he does. So does Charlie Sheen, and Sean likes that. So he says he’d welcome Sheen’s help. I recommend it. Sheen should go to Haiti and get out of our hair. Or he could go to somewhere else that starts with an “H.” I don’t care.

SICKNESS IN THE COURTS: A guy who raped a teenage girl and was convicted has now sued the girl’s mother for blogging about it. He says he “can’t get a job” because of her blogs. Seems to me he can’t get a job because of what he DID. All her blog did was tell the truth. But the court didn’t agree and he won the suit. This is what we get when liberals appoint judges.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "American Dream"

Van Jones, self-described communist, wants people to come to meetings all over the united states to promote his “American Dream,” which includes putting America under that stupid “Sharia Law,” and eliminating our constitution, which has kept us “somewhat” free for a long time, while liberals just gave “lip service” to it. Imposing Sharia Law on us is the heights of stupidity, and if it happens, it will show the MASS stupidity in Washington, DC.

WHAT IS SHARIA LAW? Slavery. Pure and simple. It controls EVERY action you take, every day; it dictates what religion you will follow, and mandates you pray FIVE times a day (pray for what?). It mandates that men will have complete dominion over women. Dictating what they will wear, and how they will wear it. It makes them “chattel slaves” of their men and they aren’t even allowed to appear on the streets without being accompanied by a male relative. A man can get a "temporary marriage" any time he wants, have sex, then "divorce" the woman by simply saying "I divorce thee" three times. What the hell do we want with it? Our system of laws is working fine.

BECK OR RUSH? WHO'S BETTER? I think Beck is better because he goes deeper into what is happening and not only tells you what is happening, but who is behind it, and how their organization is structured. Liberals hate him with a passion because he uses videos of their own words to show what they are. Rush is good, but he doesn’t go that deep into things. I predict that Beck will overtake Rush in the coming years if the liberals don’t kill him (either one of them).

SHARIA LAW—HERE? Thanks—I needed a good laugh. And the thought that Americans, who are, after all, somewhat intelligent, would approve such a thing IS laughable. It would be even more so if there were not the SLIGHT chance that this insane Muslim cleric might get enough support to make it happen with the wimps we now have in Washington.

ANOTHER “DOG AND PONY SHOW”: Obama is holding yet another “meeting” in Washington to discuss the economy. And here’s the kicker: VP Joe Biteme is chairing it. How it can actually DO anything good is very questionable with such an idiot in charge. But that’s probably the reason why he IS running things. Obama has to figure out SOMETHING to do with him.

WHAT IS “HUMMUS?” At least one fast food outlet in Denver is pushing something called “Hummus,”: which is an Arabian dish that has—wait for it—a name that is spelled 14 different ways—as is everything in the Arab world, I guess. Frankly, I wouldn’t eat it. Not because it’s Arabian, but simply because introducing it here is yet another factor in the “Arabianization” of America. We don’t need it. If they can’t beat us militarily, they will try to “slip in” unnoticed in many ways. Hummus is one of those ways. (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's Not Free Speech!

The actions of that “psuedo-church” in picketing the funerals of soldiers killed while defending their RIGHT to do so are not only stupid, they’re NOT “free speech.” They’re harassment; simple harassment of people who fought and died for these stupid people. They’re doing this for no other reason than to make people mad, and I personally think their actions, and their purpose is an EXCEPTION to the “free speech” rule. They should be "slapped down."

DEAD MAN TALKING: I don’t usually comment on such unimportant things as Charlie Sheen’s daily rants and raves on every television show he can get himself on. But I see a man who is DEEP in “denial” about his addictions, who (still) has enough money left to be taken seriously by the idiots in the liberal media. But if he doesn’t get some REAL help soon, he’ll be just as dead as Michael Jackson.

NOT STANDING ON THE SIDELINES: Obama accuses us of “standing on the sidelines, just getting in the way” while he DOES something about the economy. So why doesn’t he DO something besides making it worse with every action he takes? His people CREATED it in the first place with the Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976, that FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it, a “recipe for disaster” they could blame on the Republicans.

“EVERYBODY WINS!” The liberals say we have to find a way that EVERYBODY can win in order to be successful. What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is! All we need to do is give everybody the OPPORTUNITY to win, not make sure they do. Actually, they should do that for THEMSELVES.

“MANAGING” THE NEWS: 60% of Americans want Obama’s health care swindle law repealed, but you’ll never see that in the liberal media. They tend to ignore stories that make them out to be liars. You have to go to other sources, such as Fox, The Blaze, World Net Daily, and the like. You know, the places the liberals hate with a passion. Their very hatred should tell you something.

LIBERALS HATE PALIN: That tells me a lot about her, even if I didn’t know it by just listening to what she says and watching what she does. If liberals hate her, there’s a good reason. They’re frightened of her because they know she can “upset their applecart.” Many Republicans hate her for the same reasons. I think that’s a GOOD thing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freeloading Time Is Over

That’s what the governor of Wisconsin is telling the government workers who make TWICE as much as the average worker that the state can no longer afford their inflated “goodies,” and they, who have come to think of them as their “right,” are rioting. This is not unusual. It is happening all over the world where governments are telling the freeloaders the “free ride” is over.

OH YEAH! LESS VIOLENCE: As long as you don’t ask liberal union thugs to observe that. One of the union members Obama sent (CWA, Communication Workers of America) didn’t like what a pretty female blogger was saying to him, so he slugged her—twice—right in front of her camera. This is how Obama’s thugs observe the call for less violence. I guess that thug felt like a real big man for slugging a tiny, pretty, female blogger.

TEA PARTY VIOLENT? That’s what liberals (including Obama) say about the Tea Parties. But there has yet to be a provable instance of violence on the part of a Tea Party person while there HAS been on the part of Obama’s union thugs. They like to hit little girls Makes 'em feel like big men.

SOCIALISTS DON’T CARE ANY MORE: The socialists used to hide in the shadows, their dirty work to perform. That was back when this country had more intelligent people voting and didn’t vote obvious liberals into our highest office. A president who openly appoints socialists and communists to be on his staff. So now the socialists openly pull permits for a self-admitted communist for his upcoming “American Dream” meeting in Washington. I wonder if the union thug who slugs a pretty little girl at the demonstration at the Patriot Works office will be there, and if he will beat anybody up.

OBAMA’S FAVORED UNION: The Communication Workers of America (CWA) is one of the unions that got a coveted “waiver” that allowed them to ignore the new health care swindle law. Obama has been giving them out to his friends, realizing that to enforce it on them would put them out of business. Not so for people without connections among the “pull-peddlers” in Obana’s government.

SOCIAL SECURITY GOES FIRST: Predictably, Obama is threatening to "cut off" Social Security checks for people who no longer have the ability to EARN a living and will be hurt the most. He says he will do this FIRST. This is so typical of a politician when you threaten to cut his money it's to be expected. When California passed Prop 13, police, firemen, and the like were to go first, while they kept their program to find out how often bees farted.