Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Revolution Brewing

The last time a government tried to take away the guns owned by Americans, it started a revolution, which the British LOST, to a “rag-tag force” they though would be “easy pickins'. Obama is courting the same result. I wish, like Bishop Tutu, I could say I'm “afraid” it will happen. But I can't. If I were younger, I'd be right in the front ranks. If that's what it takes to get rid of Obama and his crowd, I'm all for it.

YOU KNEW I WAS A SNAKE”: Remember the story about the woman who rescued a snake from drowning and he bit her before they reached the shore? She asked him why he bit her when she was rescuing him. To which he replied, “You knew I was a snake when you rescued me.” That recent story about a Muslim who killed a woman who SUPPORTED him reminds me of that. She did know he was a “snake” when she decided to support him. The victim was a liberal who promoted “diversity” and “multiculturalism. Now she is “diverted” to death by the very people she supported. Go figure.

NY VALUES ARE LIBERAL. Trump gave Cruz a hard time because of his “NY Values” comment. But Cruz was right. Yes, when 3,000 New Yorkers and visitors were killed in ONE DAY in one of the WORST Islamic terrorist outrages of the new century, they DID respond beautifully. But that doesn't mitigate their extremely high taxes and liberal policies, most of which are stupid. That entire area, the “North East, not just New York, promote general STUPIDITY in their actions, and they can't deny that, but they do. I like Trump, but his comments were NOT insulting. They were TRUE.

RELEASING THE HOSTAGES: Obama “took a victory lap just before this was written because Iran released five HOSTAGES the same day the sanctions were lifted and they got their hundred billion back, intimating that it was, was part of the deal. It wasn't. It was in return for 7 CONVICTED SPIES we released. The people we released were NOT “hostages.” they were rightfully CONVICTED spies. The ones they released were POLITICAL PRISONERS, not rightfully convicted for any but a POLITICAL CRIME. Why we always release MORE than they do tells me a lot about the negotiating skills on Obama's part. Add the TEN terrorist murderers we released just a few days before that to the mix, which I'm sure made Iraq happy, since they can help with more terrorism, which Iran sponsors..

ISLAM: “RAPE CULTURE”: What's the best known crime committed by Islamic terrorists (and “peaceful Muslims”)? Beheading people (including CHILDREN) who don't believe the way they'd like them to? No. Murder generally? No. It's RAPE. Europe let hundreds of thousands of them in as “refugees” and immediately the rape statistics skyrocketed. That is NOT a coincidence. Right after they were allowed in, gangs of Muslims went out and RAPED hundreds of women. Thousands more went out and hassled truckers on the highways, but weren't able to get into any trucks. If they had, and there were any women in them, guess what? And liberal feminists ignore it.

WALMART CANCELS TWO STORES: They were going to open two stores in DC because of minimum wage concerns. And DC politicians are OUTRAGED, because they had PROMISED to open those stores in low-income areas, which would have helped immensely in the unemployment figures. But they MADE that promise BEFORE the “minimum wage” dispute. They are entitled to cancel their plans because those same politicians made it impossible for those stores to even break even. They did NOT “break their promise.” they just responded to the new “on-the-ground situation.”

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