Friday, December 30, 2016

Gone Fishin'

Again, it's time for me to spend some time with my family. I don't get to do that nearly as much as I'd like, so I'm again taking the next two days off. Again, I'll be back Monday, rarin' to go! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Shut Up and Go Away!

Obama has signaled that he is going to "weigh in" on important questions after he leaves office. Who cares? Who the hell CARES what ex-president Obama thinks? He will be just another American (if he ever was one) giving his opinion. His opinion is no more important than is mine, and way too many people ignore that. Presidents traditionally give their replacements some "elbow room. Bush certainly did for Obama, while Obama libeled him. So, "Shut up and go away, Obama! Nobody cares what you think. any more!" I never did.

BLAMING COMEY: Hillary has gotten a lot of mileage out of blaming FBI Director Comey for reopening her e-mail investigation just before the election. Which is a LOAD! The FBI director is supposed to be "independent," and never think about political considerations while investigating. That's what Comey did. He originally closed it, then reopened it when new information came up, just before an election, or not. She's lucky he couldn't find enough evidence to indict her.

NOT ABOUT GUN CRIME: It never has been. None of the "gun laws" made by anti-gun fools do ANYTHING to "stem gun crime." They just make it harder for law-abiding people to get their guns in action fast enough for self defense, while ILLEGALLY armed criminals IGNORE such restrictions as trigger locks, gun locks, gun safes, and the like. "Gun-free zones" have caused the death of MANY people, since that's where almost ALL mass shootings have happened. And if Obama really wanted to reduce gun crime, he wouldn't have pardoned so many prisoners in prison FOR gun crimes.

KERRY WRONG, AS USUAL: Sec. of State John Kerry echoes Obama's LIE about "Obama doing more for Israel than any other president." But you need to change ONE WORD in that statement for it to be true: Obama has done more TO Israel than any other president. As usual, Obama (and his cronies) are completely oblivious to reality if they think they've HELPED Israel, to any degree. Just the opposite is true.

DEMOCRATS ARE INCREDIBLY STUPID! They lost BIG in the most recent election, on all levels. They also lost in the previous two elections. Obama's "progressive" (socialist) policies have DECIMATED the Democrat Party. They have lost THOUSANDS of legislative and governor seats, all over the country. He has caused Republican Trump to have a Republican majority in BOTH houses of Congress while relegating them to a small "coastal party." Yet they want HIM to stay in DC and "fight Trump." Stay stupid, Democrats. You can save the country that way.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS CENSORSHIP: Pure and simple. It is a way to cause those of us who are wimps to SELF censor ourselves. They put out words and phrases that are not "PC," and we're supposed to "knuckle under" and not use them. In this way, they can better CONTROL all criticism of their actions. I don't subscribe to "PC Speech," and never have. If they tell me not to use a word or phrase, I make a point to use them as often as possible. The more they hate it, the more I DO it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Josh Earnest Is Upset

Upset that Obama has not been recognized as the most "transparent" president in history. I know it doesn't take a "stupid test" to work for a liberal president, but one would certainly help. I guess they don't have any trouble hunting among Democrats to find people that are that "special kind of stupid" it takes to BE a Democrat. Hey, Josh! The reason he hasn't been recognized as "the most transparent" is because he ISN'T. Even you should be able to figure that out.

AND CAIR CARES A LOT: CAIR says Trump's election has "caused physiological stress and mental health issues." Izzat so? And, of course, CAIR really cares a lot about that, don't they? They support Islamic terrorism, and that causes more stress and mental issues than anything. As long as Obama is in power, CAIR won't be recognized as the Islamic terrorist supporter it is. But a new president is coming in, and that's going to be "bad news" for a lot of people, and CAIR is on that list. Only liberal "snowflakes who need "safe places" where they won't have to hear OPINIONS different from theirs will be affected.

OBAMA IS DELUDED: I don't think I've ever seen a president as DELUDED as is Obama. He is now saying that he has "made America more respected in the world than any other president." How STUPID he must be to think anybody with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE would believe that! Just like his statement that he had done more for Israel than any other president. But the Israelis know better--and they also know how futile it is to convince Obama otherwise. More BS from Obama: "I would have beaten Trump if I could have run!"

"IT'S IN THE WAY!": Supporters of the UN action to "criminalize" Israels "settlements" program say, "It's in the way of a two state solution." But who are they to say a "two state solution" is the way to go? Israel certainly disagrees, and it is their country Palestinians want to TAKE a part of, and have committed many atrocities, such as random rocket shelling on a daily basis, to accomplish. Palestinians maintain that Israel TOOK that land from them, but that's bullderm. It was NEVER theirs.

"MINISTRY OF TRUTH": One of the famous establishments portrayed in George Orwell's prophetic book, "1984," which was created to change LIES into "truth." But one of Obama's "last shot" actions is to create his own "Ministry of Truth," in a measure BURIED in the "Defense Appropriations Bill," a "time-honored" way to get something passed into law with nobody knowing about it until too late. It has now passed, and it IS too late, unless Trump can get it repealed, as soon as possible. Frankly, I doubt most Republicans even knew it was in there, the way they pass bills into law without bothering to read them. What this law amounts to is CENSORSHIP, in violation of the Constitution.

MALL FIGHTS: You've probably heard about the fights in malls across the country. We had one here in Aurora, CO, at a mall about mile from our old place in Aurora. It got so bad they put out a "city-wide call" for cops, who quickly quelled it, and arrested several teenagers, the ones who ORGANIZED it on the Internet. I'd bet money that liberals (Democrats) will try and blame it on Trump. I'd also bet that it was a Democrat idea, organized by Democrats, USING gullible teenagers, who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"UN: Go To Hell!"

That's what Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations after it passed it's resolution condemning what is essentially an action of a sovereign nation. They have no business interfering in the INTERIOR actions of a sovereign nation, and no real way to enforce their "edicts." So Israel rightly told them to "go to hell" with their resolution, a resolution they should have never passed, and couldn't if Obama had not "thrown Israel under the bus" just to spite Trump. A really juvenile act, but what we've come to expect of this spiteful CHILD in the White House.

GOOD COMEBACK: Kellyanne Conway had a priceless comeback when asked by a liberal interviewer how she was going to do her job as presidential counselor while caring for four young children. Her answer? "I don't play golf, and I don't have a mistress." Which are stiff jabs at two of the recent Democrats in the White House. Jabs they richly deserve. I think Kellyanne is going to be a lot smarter than they anticipate. It would not be to their advantage not to try and outsmart her.

OBAMA'S BIGGEST FAILURE: His biggest failure is not taking away our constitutional right to be armed in self-defense. The very way his laws are written reveals his intent--which is to make us DEFENSELESS in the face of a threat by an ILLEGAL gun owner. Gun safes, gun trigger locks,"safe storage," for instance, do ONLY that. He CLAIMS they are made that way to give us a "cooling off period" before we CAN get to our guns, which is bullderm! In one state, getting a concealed carry permit is easy. But the gun carried must be UNLOADED! How STUPID is that? But most of their gun laws ARE stupid, as well as USELESS to do what they SAY they'll do.

FED GUN LAWS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: It's simple and easy to understand. Which is why our politicians just can't understand it. The language in the Constitution is simple: in the Second Amendment, are the words, "shall not be infringed," In reference to our gun rights. But they seize upon the more "murky" wording about an "organized militia," which did not even EXIST when they were alive, to obfuscate the meaning of the Amendment. In any case, any "infringement" allowed must be at STATE level.

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Pretty low, if you're an Islamic terrorist. In a society where screwing little children, of both sexes, is a "cultural thing, it's not surprising that they are now USING children, who have no idea what they're doing, in their terrorist activities. When you strap a bomb onto a CHILD and send him into a crowd, he has no idea he or she is going to die with the rest. He/she just does what he/she's told. Pretty low; like whale dung on the bottom of the ocean.

NO RIGHT TO LIVE: A professor (himself white) at Philadelphia's Drexel University, wishes fervently for "white genocide." That this is an UNBALANCED wish goes without saying. In any such genocide, HE would be one of the FIRST to be executed. Apparently, he isn't able to figure this out for himself, or he has a death wish. And this is the level of intelligence displayed by some who think they're smart enough to teach our impressionable children what they need to know to be able to function in our society.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Muslim Special Treatment

As usual, Muslims don't want to "assimilate" into OUR culture. They want to CHANGE it to suit themselves. Now some Muslim students at the University of Maryland are DEMANDING the school put "prayer rooms" in every building on campus. Never mind there aren't ANY "special rooms" for CHRISTIAN students, and not likely to be. They insist THEIR wishes be granted or, I'm sure, they will make trouble over it, although the threat is unspoken. But we know how Muslim extremists operate, don't we?

MANY FALSE REPORTS: Recently there was a report that a "bad smelling, booze reeking" man forced a woman wearing a Hajib to remove it, or he would burn her. University officials and the cops reacted like most liberals do, as if it were real, before any investigation was begun. THEN the cops found that there was NO EVIDENCE that it ever happened. Of course, they blamed Trump's election, as usual, again with NO EVIDENCE, only OPINION. There are many such false reports, always blaming Trump's election, always with NO EVIDENCE.

THEY CAN'T ADMIT IT: CNN, in it's coverage of that fool shooting in Turkey that resulted in the death of the Russian ambassador, who was shot in the back by a cowardly Muslim cop, says, "There is no evidence that this killer speaks for Muslims." No? What the hell does "Allahu Akbar" mean? "No evidence?" what IS "evidence" to those CNN fools? He shouted "Allahu Akbar," as most Islamic terrorists do, when killing an "unbeliever," and then spouted Islamic terrorist rhetoric before he was shot to death by other Turkish police. 'What does it TAKE for CNN to abandon their Muslim-loving positions?

THE "FAILING NEW YORK TIMES": Trump often refers to the "failing" NY Times, but is he right? Seems like. They're moving out of eight floors of their building and consolidating their operations in the rest, while renting out those floors to make extra money. At the same time, there was a drop of 94.7% in quarterly profits. 94.7% DROP! No business can long withstand such a drain on profits, which is evidenced by their move to abandon 8 floors. Trump notices things like this, and he isn't bashful about mentioning it.

BIG WORDS FOR A DEAD MAN: The German Islamic terrorist who drove a truck into a bunch of people in a Christmas Market says, "We will slaughter you like pigs!" Of course, he will not be "slaughtering" ANYBODY, since HE has been "slaughtered like a pig in the street" when he tried to kill two Italian cops (he wasn't very good at it). And he was ENDED by a ROOKIE cop, to boot. For such a big mouth, without his truck, he wasn't "such a much." Like all Muslim extremists. He was all mouth. One shot, and he's gone.

ONE MORE OUTRAGE: Obama seems to be working HARD piling up the outrages for Trump to reverse when he becomes president. One latest is refusing to veto the UN's outrage against Israel. The other is a new "rule" banning gun purchases for ANYBODY getting disability from Social Security--as if getting disability, for ANY reason, means they're "mentally deficient." Boy! We (not me) really elected a FOOL this time!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

It's Christmas Eve

I'm almost 80 now, and this might be my last Christmas. So I'm going to hang out the "Gone Fishing" sign until Monday so I can spend some time with my family. I know most of you are also busy with Christmas things and probably won't be reading this, anyway. So Merry Christmas, all, and I'll be back Monday.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Liberals Will Do Anything

They'll do anything they can think of to try and make Trump look bad. One recent thing was the black man who burned a church (of which he was a member) and tried to blame Trump, by spray painting, "Vote Trump!" on the wall. They caught him, but they can't seem to find a "motive" for his act. Could it just be to make Trump look bad, expressing his "sour grapes" over Hillary losing? NO! That'd be too easy!

TEACHING RACISM: "In the upcoming spring 2017 semester, two taxpayer-funded American universities – the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Colorado Denver – will offer undergraduate courses focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem." This is how liberals CREATE racism, where none exited before, to advance their false narrative that "white against black racism" is rampant in the nation. It is NOT, at least, as much as they claim. It is now black against white racism that is rising fast, at their behest.

PARTING SHOTS: Plural. Obama is not content to leave ONE "parting shot." He has to leave several. Shots he KNOWS will displease the incoming president, and he really thinks he has made provisions to keep Trump from reversing everything he has ever done to destroy this nation. His latest is a set of "regulations" designed to further injure the coal industry, the one he promised to destroy. But it isn't going to do him any good. Trump will "sweep away" all his depredations, the minute he gains office. He CLAIMS he will be "helping" Trump, while all the time doing everything he can to IMPEDE him.

"APPROVAL RATING TANKED": Obama says, "My approval rating tanked because of the fictional character of me created by Fox News and Limbaugh." He just can't seem to accept the fact that the character created was NOT "fictional," but was the most TRUTHFUL picture of him ANYBODY presented. He'd LOVE to believe otherwise, but his numbers tanking was because he failed to hide all the depredations for which he was responsible, and Americans just couldn't wait to get rid of him.

YOU MUST BE A BIGOT: "If you disagree with me on anything, it's because you're a bigot." That's the picture Obama has been painting ever since he got elected on the promise that electing him would "forever end racism in America," and instead allowed him to make it worse, while changing it from white against black racism to black against white racism and deflecting ALL criticism by people who feared being called racist. Me, I don't care. I know it's phony, and so do ALL who think for themselves--and those are the ones I speak to. The others are hopeless, and not worth talking to.

DOW FLIRTING WITH 20,000: Something that NEVER happened until Donald Trump was elected president, in November. Of course, since he is still president for a few weeks, yet, Obama will take credit for it--something he had nothing to do with. That's what he does: take credit for things others do, and claim them as his own accomplishments. He will add this to his own list, and claim it forever, while DARING anybody to differ.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Obama's Delusions

He actually thinks the new "regulations" further injuring the coal industry can't be changed or reversed by Trump when he takes office. He's deluded, that way. Even laws made by Congress can be changed by later action. His "executive actions" need only to be reversed by executive orders from the new president, no matter how they're written. He still thinks he is "all powerful" and his orders can't be changed by his successor. He will soon learn how abysmally wrong he is, as soon s Trump takes office.

WHAT ARE "SUPERDELEGATES?" Hillary knows, and so does Bernie Sanders. They're the Democrat Party's way of making sure the candidate THEY want to win the primaries gets the most delegates, no matter how many primaries the other candidate wins. That's how they screwed Bernie out of the nomination, even though he won the most primaries. Not that I wish Bernie had won--I don't. But I wish he had lost FAIRLY. If he had won, he'd been even easier to beat than Hillary. I hate cheaters. And that's plainly what the Democrat Party is. Hillary should NOT have gotten the Democrat nomination, so "winning" more popular votes than Trump just doesn't count. She probably got those the same way she beat Bernie.

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: We need to be offering "counseling" for those who are so deranged by the election of Donald Trump that they do crazy things, like accosting Ivana Trump on an airplane and screaming things like, "Your father is ruining this country!" When what he plans to do is REVERSE what OBAMA did to ruin this country. What Obama did was real. Trump "ruining the country" is only in the IMAGINATION of those fools, fueled by the lies put out by the Democrats (liberals)

RELEASING GUN TOTING CRIMINALS: Obama CLAIMS he is trying to REDUCE gun crime, while his every action is guaranteed to INCREASE it. Many of the criminals he just pardoned, or whose sentences he reduced, were in prison for GUN CRIMES. How does he justify that? He doesn't; he just ignores it. If asked about it, he "clams up" and either says nothing, or "filibusters" the answer.

PROOF OF THE PUDDING: The anti-gun fools keep saying that arming law-abiding individuals will not do anything to reduce crime because they are more likely to shoot themselves than criminals. This in spite of sure evidence it's a LIE. In Texas, people are still getting their guns, and break-in artists (and other armed criminals) are still getting shot. Which reduces the crime that would have been committed in the future by these fools. That's a definite refutation of what the anti-gun fools are saying. And it happens all the time, not just in Texas.

DEMOCRATS' "IMAGINARY FRIENDS": Democrats have many "imaginary friends" who tell them things always damaging to their opposition, and which subsequently prove to be LIES. But they don't want to be identified, and whose bull droppings can't be verified, nor disproved. But Democrats "report" what they say as if it were Gospel, and SWEAR it's true. Like Harry Reid, LYING on the floor of the Senate, saying. "Romney has not paid his taxes for ten years" when he KNEW it was a LIE. Then there's Dick Gephart, who told us HE had a "friend" (whose name he will not divulge) who told him, "You want to make things better, raise my taxes!" And these two aren't the only Democrats who engage in this practice. They ALL do. Lying is "second nature" to Democrats.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It Worked!

But not the way they wanted it to work. Hillary lost more Electoral College votes than Trump did, and he AGAIN whipped the pants off her. This time, making his election as president "official" and not likely to be denied, as she wishes it would be. So she can now "ride off into the sunset," along with Obama, not to be seen, nor heard from (I hope) again. Of course, the Democrats will spend the next four (maybe 8) years trying to tear Trump down, as unsuccessfully as before.

OBAMA WILL TAKE CREDIT: The Stock Market closed in on 20,000 today for the first time in history. It's plainly a reaction to Trump being elected, and confirmed by the electoral College. But it DID happen while that incompetent fool, Obama was still president, so he will take credit for it, even though he didn't have a thing to do with it. That's what he does. Take credit for things done by others, and DARE anybody to say otherwise.

OUR "STAR OF DAVID": During the Second World War, the Nazis made "laws" requiring Jews to wear the "Star of David" so everybody would know they were Jews. That's before they KILLED them in the holocaust. Now, in S. Carolina, which has significantly increased the issuance of "concealed carry" permits, one REPUBLICAN fool wants a law made to REQUIRE those with CCW permits to put a "tag" on their car license plates to let people know. What part of "concealed" does this fool not understand?

"PAINFUL TO WATCH": Michele Obama says, 'Election day news was "painful to watch." No kidding, Michelle? It was either going to be "painful" for you, or painful for me. Better it be for you, because now you and your liberal friends won't be able to victimize Americans--for a while, at least--until you figure out how to con yourselves back into a position where you can continue your illegal dealings. For Hillary to be elected would have been a disaster if the first order. We "dodged a bullet," there.

TURNING CRIMINALS LOOSE: Obama, in the waning days of his disaster, pardoned the MOST criminals ever pardoned in a single day. Boy! He really likes turning criminals loose on society, doesn't he? The criminals released may not include murderers, but only time will tell whether or not they BECOME murderers in the future, in their quest to get the best high. I guess it was not enough to release so many Islamic terrorist murderers from GITMO while IMPORTING thousands of other Islamic terrorist killers pretending to be "refugees" to kill Americans.

DENYING THE OBVIOUS: Liberals in many countries are denying the obvious in the aftermath of the assassination of a Russian ambassador. They say the assassin screaming "Allahu Akbar" doesn't necessarily mean he speaks for Muslims. What's WRONG with these damned fools? That speaks plainly to me that he IS! And does to ANYBODY with a lick of intelligence! Liberals have no common sense at all in the things they both espouse and want to deny the rest of us. And this proves it absolutely.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NOT Because of Religion!

Muslims claim Trump's wish to stop importing Muslim terrorists disguised as "refugees" until they can be properly vetted is "religious persecution." It is NOT. It is COMMON SENSE not to import your killers when there is no way to vet them. And that's not going to change, no matter how much liberals whine about it. The flow of Islamic terrorists will slow to a trickle, or END under Trump. And that has NOTHING to do with their religion, but their murderous intentions.

IMPORTING YOUR OWN KILLERS: That's what we're doing, under Obama, and it will END under Trump. That's what Germany is doing, and the stolen semi running into a market and killing and injuring hundreds is a good example of what you can expect. The uptick in rapes too, can be expected, because Islam is a "rape culture" under which the forcible rape of CHILDREN of both sexes, and adults, is considered "a cultural thing."

RUSSIAN HACKING IS FANTASY: The Democrats are mounting a campaign to make America think Vladmir, Putin had his minions hack our election to help Trump win because they thought he'd be "easy." He is NOT, but that's another discussion. But, even though they've been hacking us for years (along with many other counties), the effect on the election was nil. But the Democrats are "playing it up" as if it had a major effect so they could use it to say Trump was SUPPORTED by the Russians, as they falsely say he's supported by the KKK

ATTACKING THE RIGHT: "CNN’s online coverage of Monday’s deadly terror attack on a German Christmas market focused on the attack’s potential to stoke far-right anger, rather than the threats of Islamic radicalism. " They're more interested in "threatening the right" than in the threat of Islamic terrorism. That's common among the liberal fools. They ignore the atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists and call people who report on their atrocities "Islamophobes" or "Ismamafascists." We've had liberals, way back to the revolutionary war (we called them "Torries" then) and they've never gone away, and WILL never go away.

KASICH'S GOOD MOVE": Ohio Governor Kasich made a number of bad moves when he refused to understand only winning ONE primary meant nobody wanted him as president--except maybe, members of his campaign committee. But he made GOOD move when he didn't veto the bill to allow "campus carry" in his state I've been maintaining that is a good idea for a long time, but politicians usually have a "tin ear" when I tell them.

Monday, December 19, 2016

"No Right to Enter WH"

Liberal fool Michael Moore says, "Trump has no right to enter the Oval Office." Whenever this fool speaks, even liberals cringe, because whatever he says is so damned stupid. This fat butt has NO sense at all, and he proves it every tie he opens his pie hole and doesn't shove some pie in it. Moore reminds me of the Japanese soldiers, marooned on a Pacific island, still fighting WWII, long after it's over, because they haven't yet figured it out.

TOLD HIM "QUIT IT!" Obama says he told, uh, Putin to "knock it off." and did he? Not a chance. He knew Obama was a "paper tiger." A real one, not the phony one the Chinese communists talk about. The Democrats claim the Russians wanted to get Trump elected because they thought he'd be "easier." But just the opposite is true. They KNEW Hillary would be easier, because she proved it when she was Secretary of State.

PLAYING THE GAME: The liberals better be careful with their "fake news" crap. Two can play at that game, and the right has many more examples of "fake news" put out by the left than than the left will ever find. (unless they falsify them) on the right. Yes, we're already looking, but I predict that, as they "fact-check" "right-wing sources," we will intensify our search and "fact-check" the LEFT-wing news sources, most of which are engaged in spreading 'fake news" every day.

"FEELINGS OF HOPELESSNESS": Michelle Obama the other day, on TV, said, the American people "know the feeling of hopelessness," meaning as Trump is expected to take office to replace her husband as president. But in actuality, the "feeling of hopelessness" was there because of the last eight years of "liberal rule," and the possibility it would continue if Hillary was elected, as planned by the Democrats. Now they have a new "feeling of HOPE," engendered by Trump's victory, which can only be reversed by STEALING the election through their campaign to get electors not to vote for Trump. That didn't work, either.

STOPPING "UNFIT PEOPLE" Hollywood "celebrities" produced a video saying that the electoral College was designed to keep "unfit people" from the presidency. That's an abject LIE! The Electoral College has only one purpose: to keep population centers like New York or California from electing a president, making the rest of the states DISENFRANCHISED. Keeping "unfit people" out of the office had NOTHING to do with it, and is only so in the IMAGINATION of liberals, and is just part of the scheme to STEAL the election.

THEY DID THE RIGHT THING: When an actual member of the POLICE shot and killed the Russian ambassador, the cops immediately shot and killed him on the spot. No arrest. NO "show trial" that gives him a chance to monopolize the news for a while, as with Dylan Roof, the Charleston mass killer. Frankly, I think all such killers should be immediately put to death, on the scene, as soon after they do their killing as possible, not wasting time or money with a trial. The same should be done with Islamic terrorists caught in the act. Forget GITMO. That just gives liberals something to whine about.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

"Fake News" Is Fake

The liberal media doesn't like competition. They've resolved to eliminate what they call "fake news." The whole thing is an effort to marginalize the alternative media by calling them liars. They're going to rely on a known liberal outfit, Facebook, to decide just what IS "fake news." Actually, the liberal media doesn't need any help in defining fake news. They know what it is, they PRACTICE it, every day. All it is, is a way to shut up the opposition.

"30% REPUBLICANS LIKE PUTIN": That's what "liar Obama" said, the other day, What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! I don't know where he gets that dung, but it CAN'T be a reliable source. Anybody with a lick of common sense (which doesn't include most Democrats) is aware that, uh, Putin is a dictator and a murderer, and there's NO WAY they'd approve of him. Obama must be living in his own little dream world.

ROOT GOT HIS GUN LEGALLY: Even though, in the State of S. Carolina, just being charged with a felony bars Dylan Root (The Charleston mass murderer, recently convicted, who killed several people at one time) from such a purchase. He filled out the required federal form alleging he was able to buy a gun, and the felony charge pending in court was not noted by those receiving the paperwork, so the background check passed. It was a case of bureaucratic oversight (incompetence),

CHICAGO AS "WAR ZONE": In Iraq in 2008 (a real war zone), 314 soldiers were killed. In the same year, 509 people (mostly gang members, but also innocents, hit by stray bullets) were killed in Chicago. The police chief was FIRED last year because of it, but the killings continue, unabated. Mostly because the liberals running things there can't figure out that banning guns is NOT the answer. The national death rate is expected to be 13% next year, with HALF of that accounted for by Chicago.

BUILDING A MOSQUE: Whenever a Muslim group can't get permission to build a mosque, they cry like babies. They accuse people of all kinds of things, including "religious persecution" and "hate." But you just TRY to build a Christian church in a Muslim-controlled country and find out what religious persecution is like. They're the WORST religious persecutors in the world, and have NOWHERE to talk about religious persecution.

PROVING THEIR IGNORANCE: Every day. Liberals go overboard in their efforts to "diss" Donald Trump. Now Slate (a well-known liberal rag) has compared him to mass murderer Dylan Root. I don't know what their reasoning is to do that, but I know they HAVE no reason, OR logic. Liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of reason, AND logic. Probably because they don't know how to operate within its confines.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Be Heroes! Vote gainst Trump!"

That's what /democrats and Hollywood celebrities are telling Electoral College electors, trying to get them to be TRAITORS AND go against what their JOB is--to vote according to how their STATE voted in the election. That's such an obvious attempt at voter intimidation, it isn't even funny. And those who are doing it need to be prosecuted for it. Intimidating voters in the general election is one thing, and it's illegal. But this is worse, because each vote is more powerful than in the general election because there are so few of them, and to vote otherwise is the act of a TRAITOR, not a hero.

HILLARY'S FEELINGS HURT? Huma says Hillary is mostly keeping to herself these days, "weeping and wailing" over her abysmal loss in the election. Did you know she got the LEAST electoral votes as has ANY losing presidential candidate, in history? I "feel for her," but I can't seem to reach her. It is said she is considering another run in 2020. Surely not! Is she that much of a glutton for punishment that she wants to suffer it, a THIRD time?

MILWAUKEE POLICE CHIEF LIES: He's an anti-gun fool, so why is anybody surprised? He says he "can tell us anecdotally (meaning, he can't back it up with facts), that "there are many shootings involving concealed carriers--and many of them are career criminals." And Milwaukee County sheriff Clarke "calls him" on it, saying, "He's a lying bast-rd." In Wisconsin, as in all other states, people with criminal records can't GET a concealed carry permit, unless they LIE on their application and are not caught--which might be a factor in the City of Milwaukee with such a police chief.

"EVERYTOWN" LIES: It's no big news that "Everytown Against Guns" (or something like that) LIES. They lie every day in their attempts to make law-abiding citizens DEFENSELESS against ILLEGAL gun-wielding fools wanting to victimize them. But this time, they can't get out of it. They said 200 school shootings have happened since Sandy hook and even provided a list they hoped nobody looked at too closely. That list, which was regurgitated uncritically by The Huffington Post, included drug killings NEAR schools, murders of school officials in their offices for reasons not connected to the school, and gang shootings, again only CLOSE to a school.

ARPAIO STILL WORKING: Sheriff Arpaio may have been UN-elected in the last election, but he's still hard at work. His people have found NINE points of forgery in the phony birth certificate Obama provided in response to demands. Obama may have gotten rid of him as sheriff, but he's still "working on him," and can still come up with some things Obama will not like very much before both of them "ride off into the sunset."

WHAT ABOUT CHELSEA? Liberals are talking now about a "report" that Donald Trump is "sleeping with his daughter." I've always wondered how LOW you could go in politics, and the Democrats have just answered that question for me. They can go as low as whale dung, and that's on the bottom of the ocean. I notice they don't ask Bill Clinton if he ever slept with Chelsea, and that's much more likely than Trump sleeping with Ivanka, since Bill will screw anything in skirts, and maybe not that, all the time.. Of course, they have NOTHING on which to base this accusation, but that's not unusual when it comes to Democrat accusations against Republicans.

Friday, December 16, 2016

"Dangling Blacks Like Puppets"

That's what Marc Lamont Hill says about Jim Brown's "good words" for Trump after his visit with him. Funny--that's what Democrats/liberals have been doing for ages. Is this yet another example of Democrats accusing Trump of what THEY'VE been doing? That's one of their most common, and in today's world, with cameras and microphones everywhere, most TRANSPARENT scams. But they're not smart enough to perceive that, so they keep on doing it.

IT'S NOT MISOGYNISM: Liberals love to knock Trump because he admired beautiful women, but that just shows their complete IGNORANCE. God himself PLANNED it that way. It's a mechanism to insure "multiplication." Only liberal fools don't know that, but we're used to that. They are consistently AGAINST things that are good for us, and the fact that all men admire pretty women is one of them. A good example is their hatred of oil producers. In the complete ABSENCE of anything to replace it, oil is absolutely ESSENTIAL for our very survival.

PHONY HATE CRIME: An 18-year-old girl in NYC cried "hate crime" in the subway, accusing three men with trying to remove her head scarf while shouting "Donald Trump" at her (Which, even if true, would be a good way to "frame" Trump supporters without any proof, at all). The subway "authorities" looked at all the video of the area in which this "hate crime" supposedly occurred, but could not find ANY evidence it actually happened. So they concluded that this girl, a Muslim, was out late drinking, and wanted to divert her father's anger, so she fabricated this story, hoping she would be believed. And in her hate-filled household, she might well BE believed.

IN HIS CRYSTAL BALL: A professor is saying 20 "electors" at the Electoral College are going to vote against Trump, in spite of their states giving him the win. I don't know where he's getting that, since investigators could only find ONE who is going to vote against Trump. And if they do, it will create the biggest constitutional challenge EVER, and result in a revolution if Trump isn't confirmed. Frankly, if I were younger and more able. I'd LEAD such a revolution. The Democrats are really going stupid (Or maybe it's just becoming more obvious as they become more and more panic stricken)!

THEY NEED US! What may be at the bottom of the liberal hysteria over Trump being elected may be that they have finally realized that we don't need them, and THEY NEED US! Socialism does not produce ANY new wealth. It merely STEALS wealth from those who earn it, and redistributes it to those who DON'T produce new wealth. Without the producers, socialism could not survive, and maybe they've come to realize it, and it frightens them. And they hate us for that.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG IS INSANE! She just proved it again by saying that "Celebrating Christmas and getting an abortion are the same thing." What kind of a damned fool IS this woman? Celebrating Christmas is the same thing as murdering an infant? This woman needs a psychiatric examination. She needs to be committed! She really BELIEVES this crap! And she has a "platform" to spread her damned foolishness on "The View." The other women on that show don't question her when she makes these really abysmally IGNORANT statements. It's almost like listening to a female Obama. She shoulda stuck to stand-up comedy. Wait! I'm sure this was one of her funniest lines yet! Maybe she did!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

State Ordering Support for Murder!

Oklahoma has become the first state to force those with public restrooms to put advice in them as to where to obtain abortions. I guess the fact that abortion is MURDER doesn't matter to the state lawmakers. Abortion is "infanticide," and is our "holocaust," but way too few people realize it. So we follow Germany in approving MURDER by law, as long as Obama is in charge. Trump will change all that..

OBAMA APPROVES BABY MURDER: Obama is trying to prevent states from making laws to de-fund abortion. He has finalized a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ruling essentially PREVENTING states from refusing to accept federal money to support Planned Parenthood, a "good-sounding name" for a "national baby-killing ring" That has MURDERED millions of defenseless babies with the "aid and comfort" of its accomplices, the baby's parents, who don't want to raise the result of their unprotected sex.

OBAMA DOING ALL HE CAN: He's hastening to do everything he can to destroy this country in the few days he has left in his administration. He forgets, Trump can UNDO everything he has done, as soon as he gets in office. He just hopes Trump won't be able to do it in his first few days in office, and some damage can be done, in the meantime. But he's underestimating Trump, who is "onto him."

HAS SHE BEEN SCREWING AROUND? George Stephanopoulos's wife has been "crowing" about her 14-year-old daughter's "hissy fit" about abortion when informed of Trump's win. That makes me wonder: has she been screwing around, or does she plan to? Is she pregnant, and it just doesn't show, yet? I don't know any other reason a girl so young would be that worried about Trump winning the election, and the possible end of abortions.

"HACK HILLARY'S E-MAILS!" Obama said, straight out, that Trump TOLD the Russians to "Hack Hillary's e-mails." Which is a blatant, damned LIE. He MADE A JOKE about it, saying, "If the American government can't find Hillary's e-mails, maybe the RUSSIANS can find them," ridiculing the "investigation" that was ongoing with NO results. The liberals are not CAPABLE of understanding humor because humor isn't IN them. They take an innocent joke and want the world to think Trump TOLD the Russians to hack Hillary's e-mails. That's the kind of stupid things they do!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Special Kind of Stupid

An Oxford Student Union wants us to stop calling people he or she, but, instead, use the sobriquet, "ze," instead, to avoid differentiating between men and women. How STUPID is that? I suppose next they'll start insisting women not wear bras, or men not wear jock straps, for the same reason. Way to deny reality! This is the result of the incompetent liberal professors who continue to plant STUPID ideas in their student's heads.

DAMNED FOOL PROFESSORS: One professor was heard, on video (made by one of her students) to say that, "Electing Trump was an act of terrorism." An act of TERRORISM! The legal election of a candidate in a democratically-run election is NOT "an act of terrorism," no matter how much that professor might disagree. That act was a very unprofessional act on her part, and is a good example of the complete LACK of quality and professionalism prevalent in our education system, today. This professor should be summarily FIRED, if possible.

MUSLIM BURNS MOSQUE: A MUSLIM in Houston, TX set his MOSQUE on fire! They didn't say in the news report about it what his motive was, but I suspect he wanted to make the world think it was set by a "Muslim hater." The liberal media tried to blame it on Trump, but lost interest when evidence showed it was a MUSLIM who set the fire. I'd bet that half the "anti-Islam actions today are done by Muslims, hoping to blame it on others.

BERNIE: "PEOPLE SCARED AND WORRIED": Bernie Sanders, the admitted socialist candidate for president on the Democrat side (the unadmitted one being Hillary), is now saying, "People are scared and worried about their future." Intimating They're "scared and worried, since Trump was elected. Not so; what he doesn't tell you is that much of that worry has been lifted by Trump's victory, and the astounding victories of Republicans across the land. Now they have much hope for the future. What "scared and worried" them in the past was the chance that the excesses of the Democrats would continue if Hillary got elected. Now it's only Democrats and other liberals who are worried. And they should be.

HOW'D RUSSIA DO IT? The Democrats are screaming that, "Russia hacked our election to help Trump win!" But they don't give any details. Why is that? Because there AREN'T any details since their hacking efforts (if any) have failed to yield results. The Democrats are looking like whining losers--because they ARE They're pathetic. They just can't get their minds around the fact that the American people are just TIRED of being screwed by Democrats, at every level, and DID something about it.

CHINA WARNS TRUMP: They told him that ignoring the "One China Policy" could "endanger peace." No kidding! Who cares? China hasn't a PRAYER of hurting America militarily, in any way. so why are they "threatening" us? In any case, they don't get to give our president "orders." If Trump, as president, thinks that policy is wrong (as do I, and I have since it started), he has a right to do so, and to HELL with Communist China! They can go "pound sand!" Their opinion is simply not worth crap.

WHY NOT "MERRY CHRISTMAS?" Since Obama, liberals have been pushing to remove "Merry Christmas" from our lexicon and replacing it with "Happy Holidays." What a STUPID thing to do! The holiday is a celebration of the "birth of Jesus Christ," the Christian saviour. There is no other reason for it, and to do away with "Merry Christmas" is ABSURD. I have never used any other term since I began to perceive politics as reality. And I never will, regardless of my religion.