Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Time WE Won!

A Republican leader, shortly after Obama was elected, went into a meeting with “King” Obama. During that meeting, he offered several suggestions, which were summarily rebuffed, with the words, “We won.” Well, Obama, this time, WE won. So you’d better start changing your ways, or you’re going to lose again.

COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM: People talk about politics being a fight between liberalism and conservatism. That’s wrong. It is simply between collectivism and individualism; between the government taking from you your earnings to give to those who DON’T earn, and the government leaving you alone to do for yourself. The first settlers in this country tried socialism (collectivism) and it almost wiped out the colony until they switched to capitalism (individualism), which caused the colony to prosper. ‘Nuff said.

CAIR IS HAMAS: A recent federal court released a report proving that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is part of HAMAS, a known Islamic terrorist group who have been responsible for AT LEAST 17 American deaths and 100 injuries to Americans. How ANY intelligent American can say HAMAS is not a terrorist group is a wonder to me. As such, we should ignore ANY protestations from them about our “treatment” of Islamics in the U. S.

WHO IS PRESIDENT IS IMPORTANT: Nixon was supposed to be a conservative. But “big government” EXPLODED under him. He created OSHA and many other federal bureaucracies that will not die. He created “Detente,” which fooled a lot of people into thinking they could relax, that we COULD “negotiate” with the Soviets, and actually caused communism to GROW during his term of office. There’s no telling what HORRORS will be born under Obama.

“SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS” DOESN’T WORK: The liberals call it “trickle-down economics.” That term was a term of derision, coming from liberals. They scoffed at (and still scoff at) the whole idea that “the rich” actually CREATE jobs as they go about investing their money in various projects that DO create jobs AND profits, both of which create taxable income. But it DID work, no matter how much they deny it today.

N. KOREA’S EXTORTION: Whenever they run out of money to keep the wine and caviar coming to Kim and his friends, they attack South Korea and hold up the rest of the countries affected for money to get them to stop. They usually do it when what they figure is a weak American president is in office, to “test his mettle.” With the possible exception of Reagan, it has worked well for them. Knowing Obama, it will work again.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

National Health Care

If the national health care in other countries is so good, why do the top people in other countries come to the U. S. for health care? Arabia’s 86-year-old King Abdullah is coming here for treatment of a blood clot. If medical care was better anywhere else, wouldn’t he go there? (The Blaze)

WHO PAYS FOR IT: The latest “big wedding” is going to cost $40 million dollars and will be paid for by Prince Charles and the bride’s family. But you have to ask yourself, where do the British royals get their money? From the British CITIZENS, that’s where!!

WHO DECIDES? The Rev. (self proclaimed) Al Sharpton said, in his radio show (to which almost nobody listens) that the FCC should take away Rush Limbaugh’s broadcast license for cause. Cause of what? Because he made a reference to a move about a black man driving a white woman? That sounds like a movie made by a liberal, to me. So Limbaugh referred to it. Does that make him a racist? No. But who decides? Al and other liberals, all of whom hate Limbaugh because he exposes their scams and schemes, using their own words..

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS HATE PROFILING: Because it makes it harder for them to kill us. And they use that hatred to "get one up on us" by using their religion to con us into exempting them from the same invasive fondling to which the government subjects all of us in the name of 'protecting us."

THE "TERRORIST DILEMMA": Our wimpy government has a dilemma: what to do with the terrorists we capture "in the act" of trying to (sometimes successfully) kill us. Do we imprison them forever? Or "try" them in civilian courts, where they are GIVEN rights they aren't even entitled to in their own courts? I say we keep them prisoner as long as ONE "Jihadist" is still killing innocent people. Not as "prisoners of war," but as 'enemy combatants."

WHY AARP FAVORS OBAMACARE: It forces thousands of people to buy their "supplemental insurance." You know, that ubiquitous "insurance" that, after you pay for it, covers only PART of the "gap" between what Medicare pays for and what you will owe. I've joined their competition.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Redistributing (Your) Wealth

That shows an inclination toward THIEVERY, plus “economic incompetence.” If you take people’s EARNINGS away from them to give to those who DON’T earn, soon they’ll stop earning and there won’t be anything left to steal. “Redistributing” the wealth people EARN destroys INCENTIVE to earn. Who wants to earn a living when the government just steals it?

YOU CAN’T DISLIKE BILL CLINTON: Wrong! The first George Bush’s wife says “you can’t dislike Bill Clinton.” Yes, you can. I do. I dislike ANYBODY who tries to make a fool of me and the rest of this country and steal my property to give to those who didn't EARN it. But then, she’s a woman. And it is women who inflicted Bill Clinton upon us.

OBAMA QUESTIONER FIRED: Remember that black woman government employee (Velma Hart) who stood up and told Obama she is “tired of defending him?” I wondered when she did it how long she’d keep her job. Now I know the answer. She’s been “laid off.” Of course, they SAY her public criticism of Obama had nothing to do with her losing her job. Do you believe that? I don’t. If you DO, you’re as stupid as they think you are. I hope not.

WHO CARES? Glenn Beck has made Keith Olbermann’s “World’s worst” list. Who cares what K. O. thinks? Making his “list” is an honor. The only reason I’m not on it is he hasn’t heard of me (yet). He’s a complete jerk and will disappear into the mists when MSNBC goes out of business soon.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE: In Great Britain, which already HAS “National Health Care,” patients in hospitals (when they can get there) have to drink from flower vases to get any water at all. That’s after their long waits in ambulances outside of emergency rooms because of a bureaucratic edict. (The Blaze)

IS OBAMA A CITIZEN? I wasn’t interested in this controversy until Obama started REFUSING to show proof of his citizenship and actively FIGHTING people’s efforts to force him to do so, spending taxpayer money to do it. That tells me there’s SOMETHING there he doesn’t want the American people to know. IS he constitutionally able to BE president? I think he should have been forced to show proof BEFORE he even was allowed to RUN! Now it’s too late. His actions have killed many people and will kill many more—even if it is proved he is NOT eligible and he is removed from office.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Read the Damned Constitution!

Obama thinks he can intimidate Arizona by suing them on a false premise. He should READ the damned Constitution. He’d find out, in the Tenth Amendment, that ALL the “power resides in the states, or the people” There is NO WAY he can FORCE Arizona to accede to his wishes unless he has a judge or a jury willing to IGNORE the Constitution. If he manages to do that, you can forget about this being a “free nation.”

PROFILING: There is nothing wrong with “profiling” people. Cops do it all the time, whether they admit it or not. They HAVE to, in order to stay alive. If you come upon a guy who looks like the worst gang member ever, chances are he IS the worst gang member ever. Everybody “profiles” people, every day. They have to JUDGE people to be able to figure out how to deal with each one. Profiling is basically judging people as individuals.

INSUFFERABLE INSULT: The promoters of the “Ground Zero Mosque” want to use American taxpayer dollars in its construction. This is an insufferable insult to every innocent person who died there on 9/11, plus to EVERYBODY the Islamic terrorists have MURDERED since. Is there ANYBODY up there THINKING? I understand there is “serious consideration” being given to their application for FIVE MILLION DOLLARS from the U. S. government. Who up there is this STUPID?

ARE ANAL EXAMS NEXT? The way things are going at airports across the land, with people being forced to decide whether to let the TSDA look at their sex organs on a scanner (which is pure porn), or allow them to “feel them up” in public, can cavity searches not be far in the future? If they come, will Barney Frank keep getting in line for one?

TOTAL INCOMPETENCE: The people running things in this country don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. They’re all incompetent. Proof is that they try such things as the new “patdowns” that amount to a stranger “feeling you up” in public and no consideration even being given to “profiling” passengers so they don’t have to “feel up” babies and eighty-year-old NUNS. Gawd, what STUPID people do we have running things!

EVEN LIBS MAD AT OBAMA: Obama has done so many stupid things, the conservatives are mad at him. But he hasn’t done enough to keep the LIBERALS from being mad at him, too. They want him to do even MORE stupid things. They don’t care about us. We’re too stupid to know what they’re doing, anyway, according to them.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Yearly Tradition

It has become a yearly tradition for Rush Limbaugh to read an article his father wrote many years ago, correcting the misinformation that has been disseminated about that “first thanksgiving.” They teach that it was a “thank you” from the settlers to the Indians for teaching them how to live in the “new world. It was not. It was a story about the settlement producing more food than they could eat after ABANDONING the socialism that almost caused them to starve, in favor of a capitalist system that helped them prosper.

JANET DOESN’T CARE: Janet Incompetano has “no problem” with humiliating American citizens with her new airport “sexual assault” of airport travelers as a “condition” of allowing them to fly anywhere. Now she says they may (which means "WILL") have to increase this jerkwater system to include ALL forms of public transportation, including buses and trains. Meanwhile, she also has “no problem” with completely IGNORING the federal laws that are designed to protect our borders because they “might” humiliate foreign people who want to come here illegally. That includes Islamic terrorists who want to come here and kill us.

INSURE DRIVERS, NOT CARS: The auto insurance con needs to be changed. Insuring the CAR is silly. A person who has multiple CARS can only drive one at a time, so the other one sits idle, while insurance is being paid for to cover it, while the insured drives one of his/her other cars. Good for the insurance companies, bad for drivers. They need to have policies that insure the DRIVER, not the car, in whatever car he or she drives.

CRITICIZING BUSH: Obama continues to criticize Bush for even policies HE (Obama) started. That’s like criticizing the fire department for a fire HE (the criticizer) started. Sooner or later he has to be willing to take his own “slings and arrows” and quit trying to blame everything on Bush.

“REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH”: Whenever a politician talks about “redistribution of wealth,” whose wealth is he talking about “redistributing?” YOURS, of course, if you are willing to work and EARN your wealth. Certainly not those to whom he wants to GIVE it. Most of them are those who will NOT work and earn anything. They just want part of what YOU earn without having to WORK for it.

PARDONING THE TURKEYS: For what? What did the turkeys ever do to Obama that they need to be pardoned, besides being born turkeys? Why does the President of the United States waste his time on such unimportant things? Actually, I’m GLAD he does. While he is wasting his time on this drivel he isn’t spending more money than there IS today. Maybe if we can keep him busy with silly stuff like this, we can keep some of our money some day. When it comes time to pardon the turkey, maybe he should just pardon himself.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Terrorists Have WON!

At America’s airports TSA agents now have “a license to feel people up” (as long as they are not Islamics. At one airport, an Islamic woman TSA agent was seen giving a catholic NUN a “enhanced patdown (grope)." An Islamic TSA agent! That’s like having a Nazi approving Jews for transportation in America in 1944.Wait a minute: isn’t it ISLAMIC terrorists who have sworn to kill EVERYBODY who doesn’t believe the exact same way they do? Americans especially, but people everywhere, including other Muslims who don’t believe correctly.

GUILTY OF I. B.: Islamic terrorists (sorry, Obama: I don’t take your orders very well not to use that term) now have a new term for it. Incorrect Beliefs, or I. B. If you are guilty of it, you are sentenced to death. They might not get you right away, but they will, some day unless we get them first. And favoring them in how they’re handled at our airports won’t do it.

SINGLING OUT MUSLIMS: This is the first war I’ve ever experienced where we “single out” the enemy for “special treatment.” How is it that swarthy Middle East guys and women wearing that scarf-like thing Muslims require their women (but not their men) to wear for NO enhanced patdowns before allowing them on airplanes? What imbecile is making these rules?

CREEPING TERROR: I’m not talking about terrorism, per se. I’m talking about the “creeping terrorism” of the government, based on their idea of what it takes to protect us. They’re “feeling us up” now at airports, saying, “If you don’t like it, don’t fly.” Soon they’ll be doing it on Main Street, USA, saying, “If you don’t like us feeling you up, don’t walk down the street.”

BUREAUCRATIZATION OF TERRORISM: Senator Teddy Kennedy was once on the “no fly list.” Does this mean he was a “danger” to the US? I think he was, but not to an airplane. I think he was a danger to the CITIZENS of the US while he was in Congress, as well as to the lives of his pregnant girlfriends. But I don’t think he ever wanted to bring down an airplane unless his pregnant girlfriend was on it. This is the result of the “bureaucratization” of terrorism.

“IT’S STANDARD PROCEDURE”: A TSA employee is “feeling up” a (non-Muslim) three-year-old girl and she bursts into tears, screaming, “Stop touching me!” He tells her, “Just shut up. It’s standard procedure.” Is this what we’ve come to? Feeling up a three-year-old girl is “standard procedure?” I’m 73. If I die soon of old age, maybe I won’t have to keep on living through what this world is becoming.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

If You Don't Like It, Don't fly

That’s the response of the arrogant government people when people object to TSA people fondling their “private parts” in a pretense of “searching” them. That's one of the most ARROGANT things I've ever heard attributed to a government employee. and there are many. They think flying is not a “natural right.” that they have the right to DENY that right to fly to ANYBODY who objects to their overbearing regulations. A “natural right” is a little different from a constitutional right. It is a right that is yours by the fact of your BIRTH. Not one that is GRANTED by the government.

PUNISHING THE RICH: The liberals want to continue the Bush tax rate cuts for “the middle class,” but not for the people they CALL “the rich.” Anybody making more than $200,000 a year (it used to be $75,000 a year). In other words, punish the very people who CREATE all the jobs for doing so. The government SAYS that THEY “create the jobs,” which is a lie. The government cannot create a SINGLE job, except for a Democrat, in congress. I get really tired of repeating this.

BIPARTISAN, AGAIN: Whenever the liberals (Democrats) want to con the Republicans into abandoning their principles and agree with THEM (the Democrats), they whine about “bipartisanship.” To them, that word simply means agreeing with THEM. Never, never have they agreed with the Republicans. Again, I get very tired of saying this, over and over.

“SURROUNDED BY FOOLS”: After two generations of debt have been stolen, some people are still going to vote for that fool, Obama, when he runs again for president. They are FOOLS. I don’t care who they are, to vote AGAIN for Obama is to BE a fool. My own son doesn’t listen to me much, but I hope he has learned enough not to be a fool and vote for Obama.

IT DOESN’T CHANGE IT: Obama’s health care swindle wants to FORCE people who can’t afford health insurance to buy it. If they don’t, they want to FINE them. If they can’t afford it in the first place, making a law FORCING them to buy it and FINING them if they don’t doesn’t change the fact they CAN’T AFFORD IT! What is there about “can’t afford it” that you don’t understand, Obama? Damn, I get so tired of these arrogant politicians thinking they can FORCE people to do things they can’t afford!

GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT: The Democrats have elected Nancy Peelosi to be the minority leader in the House for the next four years. Nancy is the REASON they are now in the minority! Are they masochists? Do they LIKE the “ass-whipping” they got in the 2010 election? Nancy will help them to another one in the 2012 election. Guaranteed. If they like getting their butts whipped, we’ll be happy to help Nancy give them another one in 2012, and this time we’ll include Obama.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Will Sarah Run?

Will Sarah Palin run for president? Nobody knows; not even her. If she sees nobody who can do the job, and is WILLING to withstand “the slings and arrows” she has suffered, she may. And I predict she will win, becoming the first female president in our history. I hope she does.

RANGEL GRIPES ABOUT BEING ABLE TO TALK: Charlie Rangel is griping about “not knowing what this boy has come up with against me” and being unable to talk about it with the witnesses. Maybe he should have done something except stall for years before this actually came to fruition. He worked HARD to avoid this happening, and managed to stall for a long time until the pressure just became too much. Now he’s complaining about not being able to “answer” the charges. Seems like he could have done that YEARS ago. He didn’t have to wait until now, then “storm out” of the meeting when he didn’t get his way. I’m waiting to see what kind of a “slap on the wrist” he gets after being “convicted.”

MAJOR REDUCTION IN CRIME: Congress promises a serious reduction in crime. I guess they’re all going to turn themselves in. Talk about “organized crime.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen more “organized” crime in my 72 years on this earth. What a bunch of jerks! (Inspired by a “Shoe” comic strip)

“TAKING MONEY OUT OF THE ECONOMY”: That’s how Obama and other liberals describe leaving Bush’s tax rate cuts in place. As if ALL the money was THEIRS, and taking it away from them is “taking it out of the economy.” Just the OPPOSITE is true. Leaving those cuts in place leaves that money IN the economy for people to use; including those who INVEST it in money-making, jobs-creating projects. But he isn’t smart enough to see this.

“TOUCH MY JUNK I'LL HAVE YOU ARRESTED”: That’s what one man said to a TSA worker as he “patted him down” before letting him on an airplane. So they threw him out of the airport and now they’re talking about “Fining” him $10,000! What a bunch of stinky brown stuff! I’d tell them to go pee up a rope if they want to collect that fine. They actually think they have the right to sexually assault people and fine them big money if they so much as object. What a bunch of arrogant SOBs!

“TEA PARTIES” HELPING BRISTOL PALIN: Some liberals trying to vote against Bristol Palin on “Dancing With the Stars” are claiming the “Tea Parties” are “tying up the lines,” preventing a vote for her competition. Typically, they don’t know how it works. There are no “lines” to tie up. The system gives a number to call to vote for one or the other. Each contestant has his/her own number for yes or no. Nobody "answers." You say "yes" just by calling one, "no " by calling the other. There is NO WAY anybody can “tie up the lines.” But apparently they aren’t smart enough to know that.

HE CALLED HIM SGT. SCHULTZ!: Gad, that's just AWFUL! Liberals on TV are incensed about Rush calling one of their number “Sgt. Schultz,” referring, of course, to the German soldier from the television show (whose most famous line is, “I know nothink!"), “Hogan’s Heroes.” They don’t know what it means, but they’re offended, anyway, because Rush said it. Frankly, I don’t care that liberals are being “insulted” and “offended.” They just don’t matter to me. I go out of my way to “offend” them every day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They Just "Got In The Way"

At every turn, the feds did nothing but “get in the way” of efforts to stem the leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Every time Bobby Jindal (governor of Lousiana) suggested something, the feds said “no.” Or forced what he suggested to “jump through regulatory hoops” before he could try it. This is how Obama handled it.

GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES: The number of government employees has DOUBLED during Obama’s “reign.” Positions that sometimes paid $100,000 a year or more. Is THIS simply one more way for politicians to pay off their supporters with taxpayer money? I might add that the average salary for a federal worker has also doubled.

HOMELAND SECURITY DOUBLES: This is an agency started by George W. Bush after 9/11. It has DOUBLED its budget in the last two years. I wonder how much it will increase its budget in the coming years? How many political “hangers-on” they will hire to pay them back for their support?

A KID STOPPED FROM FLYING THE AMERICAN FLAG: He was flying it from his bicycle on the way to school. The “school authorities” made him remove it because it “offended” Muslim students. I say, “Too bad if flying the flag of MY country, IN my country ‘offends’ someone who just came here and refuses to assimilate, then too bad.” The school district reversed that decision when they got too much resistance, but that decision should never have been made in the first place.

NO SHARIA LAW: There can be NO WAY Sharia Law can be instituted in this country because it is, by its very existence, UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Any judge allowing it should be IMPEACHED for malfeasance in office.

THE “POSTER BOY”: George Soros is the kind of businessman liberals want us to believe ALL businessmen are like. They aren’t. Most go about “doing their thing, hiring people, buying supplies, and creating jobs and profits for everybody who does business with them. Soros’ business IS destroying people. He has ADMITTED it proudly.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Unions Getting Exemptions

Unions, most of which supported Obama’s health care swindle are now demanding (and getting) EXEMPTIONS from it for their members. Why IS this? They think it is “better than sliced bread.” Then why has our government quietly given 111 EXEMPTIONS to them? I thought it was the best thing, EVER. Then why do they NEED exemptions?

SLAP ON THE WRIST: Charlie Rangel has been “convicted” by Congress of 11 of 13 counts of what would constitute tax fraud, had he not been a member of Congress. Now they’re trying to figure out how to “punish” him for his “transgressions.” He’ll probably get a “strongly-worded” letter of “censure” to put in his “permanent file. Something for him to “dance around” for the rest of his long congressional career; something this will not put a stop to. Will he ever see prison? Doubtful.

OBAMACARE ILLEGAL: It was passed illegally (nobody was allowed to know what was IN it until AFTER it passed). So the congresspeople who voted it in violated their oaths of office by voting it into law without knowing what was in it. This makes that very voting process an illegal one. Every congressperson who voted FOR it should be removed from office for cause.

PUTTING WORDS IN YOUR MOUTH: They SAY you said something, then criticize you for saying it. And their minds are unalterably dirty. A TV commentator told a talk show host he “knew how to please a woman,” and the liberals jumped right on it, thinking the worst possible thoughts about what the man said. This, when the man only was responding to a question about why he and his wife have been together so long, I’m sure he meant nothing sexual, but the liberals thought he did, and made the most of it. Typical. Oh; I forgot. He’s a conservative. Of course, they said nothing about Teddy Kennedy and Cris Dodd’s “waitress sandwich.”

DON’T REALLY WANT SOCIALISM: Those moving us ever closer to a socialist mentality don’t really want this country to become a completely socialist nation. They want us to continue using capitalism to earn enough for them to STEAL (tax away). If there’s nobody left to loot, their entire system collapses, as it did in Soviet Russia.

WHO NEEDS $300,000 A YEAR? Charity CEOs, of course. And top government employees. Charity organizations like Planned Parenthood get hundreds of millions of dollars from the government, in addition to the amount they can cadge from the public so they can pay their top executives $300,000 a year. But of course, they promote something the feds want, so they’ll help them any way they can.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Capitalism Doesn't Work"

That’s what “progressives” (collectivists, socialists, Fascists) have preached FOREVER. But which CAPITALIST system collapsed recently? Oh; I forgot; NONE. But the Soviet Union, a SOCIALIST system, did. Capitalism has made this country the envy of the world, and the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. Capitalism not working? What cave have THEY been living in? What have they been smoking?

CONTEMPTUOUS INDIFFERENCE: That describes Obama’s response to ANY disagreement with his policies. In addition, that’s how he thinks of his constituents. We’re STUPID. That’s why he thought it necessary recently to actually SAY he needed to “do a better job of explaining” his policies. Apparently, we’re too STUPID to understand how good they were. He has to start using words with fewer letters in them so we can understand him.

CLOVERLEAFS? OR FLYOVERS? All over the country they’ve been spending a lot of money to replace perfectly serviceable cloverleaf-type exits and entrances to freeways with much more dangerous and expensive “flyovers.” They take up a lot more space and suspend you high up. If you “lose it,” you just might end up 30 free down below. Another problem is they “ice up” as soon as it freezes, and the bureaucrats in charge of them do nothing until several people have had crashes. THEN the “leap into action” and put down some deicer—AFTER the crash, and maybe after somebody has been killed.

“THEY TALK ABOUT ME LIKE A DOG”: That’s what Obama says about his critics. Former Senator Fred Thompson says, “Maybe that’s because you treat them like a fire hydrant.” That’s one of the best quotes I’ve heard in a long time, and so true. (Thanks to My sister, Patti, and Barry Cooper for this).

SNEAKING INTO THE WHITE HOUSE: Remember that couple who sneaked into the White House? They’re still there. Their names are Obama. We need to get them out of there as soon as possible before they become king and queen of America. They are already ACTING like they are. (Thanks to my sister for this one, too.)

CAUSE IT, THEN USE IT: Obama says he can’t reverse Bush’s tax rate cuts (which would continue the longest-running financial BOOM ever, starting with REAGAN’S tax rate cuts) because that would be “financially irresponsible” with a 3 TRILLION dollar deficit. What a LOAD! He CAUSED that deficit with his “financially irresponsible” policies, then USES it as an EXCUSE not to continue the biggest economic boon ever! Sheesh!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Communism Destroys Everything It Touches

In communist Cuba, there are sugar shortages in a country that used to be the chief EXPORTER of sugar. There are shortages of coffee and the quality of their cigars is no longer the envy of the world. Even simple production is down in Cuba. It is the well-known “land of the fifties car.” This is what communism has wrought. Even CASTRO says “communism hasn’t worked for us,” and he’s the one who IMPOSED communism on Cuba.

AFGHAN CIVILIAN DEATHS: Yes, the number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan is high. Because the Islamic terrorists put civilians IN FRONT when they attack, guaranteeing they will be killed. And if there are not enough civilian deaths for them to crow about, they kill some themselves and blame their deaths on Americans.

PRESIDENT PELOSI? The far left whackos are “circling the wagons” around Pelosi. Is there going to be a movement to run her for president in the future? They have plenty of time to “clean up” her image, and they think the electorate will forget soon. They always do, according to them.

“I CAN SMELL THEM”: Harry Reid tells people he can SMELL his constituents when they come to the door of his “second floor walkup” at the Ritz-Carlton that costs him $740,000 a year. Do they really smell bad, or is it that elites have more sensitive noses that the rest of us? Or are they just that arrogant?

PELOSI DESERVED EVERY PUNCH: Liberal democrats say Pelosi has been used “as a punching bag” for Republicans. They’re right. And she has deserved every punch. She has ushered in an unprecedented amount of misery for Americans as majority leader. They’re hoping we will forget that.

CALIFORNIA PAYING UNEMPLOYED $40 MILLION A DAY: And it’s all borrowed money, the interest on which will cost them $500 million a year. In other words, they’re paying people not to work.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Communist Party USA Supports Obama

They have come right out in the open and SAID it. That would be all I need to reject everything Obama does, if I were not already doing it. That should tell you something about him, too. Every word out of his mouth supports communism and/or socialism (both of which are collectivism; look them up),

WHY SOROS HATES BECK: Soros doesn’t hate Rush Limbaugh because he doesn’t go into detail about what he’s doing and why. He doesn’t like him, but he doesn't hate him. Glenn Beck goes into great detail about the schemes George Soros is using, and has used in the past to destabilize money and destroy governments, Soros knows this can only go on so long before his “house of cards” comes tumbling down, so he’s investing a lot of money in an effort to destroy Beck. Now he's even sinking a lot of money into a video telling us what a "great guy" he is, and distributing it, free, far and wide. The move of a man who knows his time is limited...and not by his advanced age.

“DEATH PANELS” IN THE STIMULUS BILL: Obama said there was NO “death panels” provided for in the health care swindle bill, and he was telling the truth. It was in the last “stimulus bill” that got passed into law “under the radar.” It is now the law of the land. Did you know that? This is how politicians like Obama slip things like this past us.

“UNREASONING ANGER”: That’s what Obama and his accomplices call the reason Democrats lost so big in the last election. He’s wrong, as usual. There is every reason for the electorate to be angry. But he will never admit that. He and his cohorts think he can do no wrong.

“ALL GOOD IDEAS COME FROM GOVERNMENT”: That’s what Joe BiteMe says. Again showing his ignorance. He should ask Bill Gates who thought of Microsoft; or Steve Jobs who thought of Apple Computer; or any of the other entrepreneurs who created all the great advances we’ve seen in the last few years. It wasn’t government. It was private enterprise. He thinks NASA was responsible for many new ideas. But NASA only provided the money and specified the need. Private individuals came up with the new products, to meet that need.

THANKS TO OBAMA! Your excesses have done more to wake up this country to the evils of collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, progressivism) than anything Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or anybody else preaching truth in politics could have done. More DEMOCRATS voted for Republicans in the last election than they did for other Democrats. Many Democrats are “waking up” and becoming Republicans. And not “Republicans in Name Only” (RINO). Thanks much for your help in destroying the collectivist influence in this country.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Middle Class Grows

At the stroke of a pen, Obama has added millions of people to the “middle class.” He did it by INCREASING the amount made by a middle class person from $200,000 to $1 MILLION dollars. Nothing else has changed, but he can now announce that the “middle class has grown.” It’s at the EXPENSE of the “rich,” but he doesn’t tell you that.

DESTROYING OUR DOLLAR: Obama is intentionally destroying our dollar AND our manufacturing so “the rest of the world can catch up.” This is right out of Ayn Rand’s prophetic “Atlas Shrugged.” I couldn’t make it up, but she did. Now it’s happening.

BUSH HAS ALWAYS BEEN POPULAR: But the liberal media won’t let you know that. They have spent the better part of their time during his presidency telling you how lousy he is while ignoring the good things he did. Now they’re fawning over Obama, not mentioning the bad things he has done, which are many. That’s why the electorate destroyed his voting majority in Congress. Now he (Bush) had a book signing where 2,000 people showed up.

SCREAMING “COMPROMISE”: Now the Democrats have lost their majority they’re screaming “compromise.” What they mean is “compromise with US.” We don’t compromise with Republicans. When we were in total power we didn’t, and we won’t now. Losers compromise. Winners (which we are) do not.

TAKING AWAY YOUR IRA: That’s what Obama wants to do next. “Nationalize” (steal) your IRA or 401 (K). Then give it back to you, minus a 2% fee and instructions on how to spend it. They’ll come up with a good-sounding name for it, but that’s what it will amount to.

“GOVERNMENT RETIREMENT ACCOUNT”: That’s what they’re going to call it. Oops—that I’M going to call it. They’re going to call it a “Guaranteed Retirement Account.” But the only guarantee is that you’re going to lose rights, money, and the power to make your own decisions.

“MISLEADING THE COUNTRY”: Liberals preach that Limbaugh, Beck, and others have been “misleading the country” into believing the Democrats are responsible for the economic slowdown, but we have PROOF they are. Where’s THEIR proof?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


When Obama talks about “cooperation” with Republicans, he means cooperation to implement HIS plans and programs, not theirs. He NEVER “cooperates” with Republicans unless they are abandoning their own principles and accepting his.

PUT HIS FEET TO THE FIRE: The electorate has spoken. They have told Obama “we don’t like what you’ve done, and you’d better change your ways.” So now it’s up to the new Republican-dominated Congress (mostly the House) to “hold his feet to the fire” by passing bill after bill reversing everything he’s done and sending it to him to be signed into law. Of COURSE he’s going to veto them, but that will tell the world what we already know: he is still “ruling” against the will of the people.” That will mean his political DOOM in 2012. And good riddance to bad rubbish.

SAN FRANCISCO BANS HAPPY MEALS: “We’re after ‘food justice,’ says the San Fran lawmaker who introduced the measure. As Rush says, we might as well just give up on California. It’s a “lost cause.” We might as well just let it slide into the ocean. It (again) sent Nancy Peelosi back as its representative in Congress. It doesn’t realize what a danger this woman is to this nation AND to California. What a state full of idiots.

GOP WINS . . . ILLINOIS “DRAGS FEET”: A Republican won Obama’s old seat in the Senate . . . finally. He won by 70,000 votes and his opponent conceded. But the election officials (Democrats all) say they can’t confirm his win until after Thanksgiving because it’s “too much paperwork.” An excuse that’s hard to prove false, but which will keep the winner out of some very important votes the Democrats want to win. This is “business as usual” in Washington AND Chicago.

ECONOMICALLY AND POLITICALLY INCOMPETENT: The Democrats fit this description, but they want to run OUR lives. And they’ll do ANYTHING to make it happen, including create riots, kill people, and start wars. They think the way to prosperity is to punish the very people who DO create jobs, “the rich.” Yet we keep electing and re-electing the very people responsible for the economic disaster we now suffer.

REPUBLICANS . . . GET WITH IT: They’d better start working WITH Tea Party candidates instead of criticizing them as many Republicans do. If they don’t, their victories in the 2010 election will be a moot point. A failure. The socialists (Democrats, progressives, etc.) will have won.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Major GOP Victory

No, we didn’t win everything. Pelosi still got re-elected, due to the massive numbers of ignorant liberals in her district. Harry Reid likewise. But she lost her speakership, and with it most of her power. All she has left is one vote. For now. Reid lost a number of Democrat seats so he’ll have to work harder to continue Obama’s theft of this nation’s riches. Hopefully, bad bills will not even GET to the Senate, since conservatives now own the House.

MASS EXODUS: Democrats, in WAVES, are so ticked off at what Obama has done to “wake up” Americans (not on purpose, of course), they’re going to vote “en masse” for Republicans. Obama has done more for the hopes of Republicans than any Republican could have done. He has DESTROYED the Democrat Party. Every time he goes on television, he makes it worse, much like he is doing with the economy.

REID: “I SAVED THE WORLD”: According to Senate Leader Harry Reid, “But for me, we’d be in a major depression.” Oh yes? How do you figure that, when everything you have done, just like the con man in the White House, has made this recession (CAUSED by Democrat-passed “Citizen’s Reinvestment Ace of 1976” law that FORCED lenders to commit economic suicide) worse? You, like most Democrats today, are IN DENIAL. You THINK you’ll be re-elected DESPITE the stupidity of your actions. Truth is, America is “waking up” and recognizes you for what you are, and wants no part of it. Yes, Reid got re-elected. Which shows the ignorance of his constituents. They'll deserve what they get.

DON’T “RIP IT APART”: Vice-President “BiteMe” says, “We don’t need a Congress that’s going to ‘rip apart’ everything we’ve done.” I got news for you veep: What you’ve done NEEDS to be “ripped apart” before it destroys this country. Seems like the majority of people in this country think what you have done is lousy and they want to reverse it. And they will.

WHAT IS PROGRESSIVISM? It’s collectivism. The same as socialism, communism, and Fascism. All are different names for the same thing, all used to confused people as to what they’re being conned into. Under whatever name they use, it’s still collectivism; TAKING from those who EARN, and GIVING that taken to those who do NOT earn. This is always done to get or maintain power over ALL of us. WhatEVER they tell you, this is what it is. Progressivism was used in the twenties until we figured it out; then they changed it to liberalism. Now that those alive in the twenties are mostly dead and liberalism is a known cancer on society, they’re changing it back.

WE HAVE TO BE BIPARTISAN: NOW he says that, now that he has lost his majority in the House and a lot of his power in the Senate. Before that, he referred to those who disagreed with him as “enemies.” Now he wants them to “cooperate” with HIM. Fat chance. He has never, not in one instance, “cooperated” with Republicans when he had all the power, and we will not “knuckle under” to him now.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So The Republicans Won

So now what? The Republicans have a clear mandate: reverse everything Obama did that they can. As quick as they can. Maybe he'll veto it every time it comes up, but make him SHOW what he is, time after time. Then get RID of him in 2012. Otherwise it will have been all for naught.

TEA PARTIES “MOST DANGEROUS”: Obama says the “Tea Parties” are the “most dangerous movement out there.” And he’s right. They ARE “dangerous” to Democrats (socialists), and that’s good enough for me. What they ARE, is a name given to “outraged Americans,” who HATE what Obama has done in a very short time and want to reverse it.

REID’S NAME PRECHECKED: That’s what one Nevadan claimed. That when she got her ballot, Harry Reid’s name was already checked. Sounds like something Democrats would do, and some older people might not notice it and vote for him whether or not they wanted to. I should say that I don’t have proof of this, but it is something I wouldn’t put past Democrats. It’s well known if ANY election is close, they’re going to steal it any way they can.

HIS NINTH VACATION THIS YEAR: The Obamas are going to jet off to India for some “much needed” vacation time (now they say it's a "working trip" requiring 500 hotel rooms for 3,000 people they're taking with them) after that grueling campaign swing they did, hoping to sawing things toward Democrats in the November election. Of course, it won’t do them any good, but they’re all “in denial” anyway.

WE PREVENTED ANOTHER GREAT DEPRESSION: That’s the LIE Obama and his henchmen, including Harry Reid, are telling. Obama said, “The economy was shrinking, now it’s growing.” Right. It’s growing by the smallest number possible to call growing. And it’s not because of anything HE did. It's in SPITE of it. Everything he has done has made it worse. It’s hard to hold it down, though he has been trying hard. It’s because of the irrepressible nature of capitalism, the free market, and entrepreneurship.

OBAMA’S FRIENDS “FIXING” NEVADA VOTING MACHINES: The SEIU union might as well be a “fully-owned subsidiary” of the Obama administration. Whenever he needs thugs to intimidate voters, it’s the SEIU he turns to—or the Black Panthers. So when a Nevada voting machine goes down, who “fixes” it? A SEIU member, that’s who. Who is to say HOW he “fixes” it?

AGAINST INCUMBENTS: That’s what the Democrats, who are DEEPLY in denial, want us to think. But it is a “backlash” against the Democrats “ruling” AGAINST the will of the people. The people don’t WANT socialism, and that’s the direction in which we’re headed if the Democrats remain in power.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Tired of Obama

Every day I see pictures of his ugly mug on the newsstands; and on the television; and everywhere else I look. Like “Big Brother” in George Orwell’s prophetic “1984” where the country was run by this guy everybody called “Big Brother,” whose face was EVERYWHERE. Where it was on your television when it was turned off, and that TV watched YOU. I’m getting to the point where I just turn it off whenever I see his mug. Sheesh!

VIAGRA FOR RAPISTS? No, none of the politicians in this ad voted for specifically a law to allow rapists and child molesters to be able to get Viagra at government expense. But every one that voted for Obama’s health care swindle voted for a bill that would ALLOW rapists and child molesters access to it after they get out of prison, so they can “get it up” to rape either adults or children, whatever they prefer.

“THE STAFF” DOES IT ALL: Politicians do practically nothing aside from voting and raising money for re-election. The “staff” does it all. They read the legislation (when it is read at all); they WRITE the legislation their principal introduces. They write the speeches he gives. They put THEIR ideas into his head (they call it “advice”). The congressperson just takes credit for what they do and collects his money. Every once in a while he goes into Congress and votes the way they tell him he should.

NO COMPROMISE: Obama and other Democrats whine about there being “no compromise” in Washington. They want you to think it is the Republicans who will not compromise, but it is the Democrats. They have many meetings at which they hear idea after idea from Republicans, but they reject them out of hand. Then they say “Republicans have no new ideas.” Actually, Republicans have plenty of ideas, but liberal Democrats won’t hear them. Republicans simply won’t compromise their basic principles and accept those of the Democrats (liberals).

OBAMA “NOT KING”: Obama bemoans the fact that he is not king. And he talks about “crushing your enemies, referring to those who disagree with him.” Since when are people who disagree with a president “enemies?” I thought he wanted to “get them involved.” You can’t do that if you consider them an “enemy.” This is the “great unifier.” Sheesh!

LARRY KING NEEDS TO BE RETIRED: He got confused the other day and accused that “WikiLeaks” guy of “walking off” his set. Only one problem; he didn’t. Larry’s getting really old and is showing signs of his senility. He ought to announce his retirement and go home to rest. He isn’t much good as a commentator, anyway. All he does is “throw softballs” at Democrats while ignoring Republicans.