Friday, June 23, 2017

On Vacation

I will not be posting for most of the next week, starting Saturday. I will be on probably my first ever vacation. I will be there for most of the week, at least until Wednesday, maybe longer. But I'll be back the next Monday, rarin' to go. This may be my last chance before “the big eight-oh.”

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wa Po Pushes False Figures

In an obvious effort to make gun control look good, the Washington Post says that most of the 1,300 fatalities they mention are accidental deaths of CHILDREN. What they fail to mention is that a lot of them were suicides of people in their late teens, and of the others, most are gang members killed by other street gang members in “drug buys gone wrong.” Like all anti-gun fools, they regard guys up to 19 as “children.” This gives a false perception that this many TODDLERS are getting killed by guns.

FBI: “GUN CONTROL DIDN'T WORK”: The FBI recently came out with a report that basically says, “Gun control, as we know it, wouldn't have stopped the Alexandria shooting.” Virginia anti-gun fools say “lax gun control in Virginia is responsible,” but that's wrong. The guns the shooter used were bought LEGALLY in Ohio, not Virginia. It is said that he shouldn't have even been ABLE to buy a gun because he had been CHARGED with domestic abuse in the past. Note: he was “charged,” but not CONVICTED. Thus, he had a “clean record.” Frankly, NONE of the current gun control laws now in force would have had a bit of control over his gun purchases.

IT DIDN'T WORK": So let's try something else.” The “Russian connection” narrative didn't work, because of a complete dearth of EVIDENCE. So let's quietly try something else. So now they're trying to go the “obstruction of justice” route, in spite of the fact that the president has the unalterable RIGHT to stop ANY investigation he wishes to stop. Any prosecutor can decide to stop an investigation, and he is the CHIEF prosecutor.

HEALTH CARE BILL WILL KILL!” That's what the liberal media is saying, even before it is POSSIBLE for them to have polled people to find out the truth. They're saying Trump's health care bill will take health care away from MILLIONS, all without any kind of proof, as usual. They make such pronouncements without anything to back them up, and expect us to believe their blather. They whined about the Republicans not letting people see the bill, completely forgetting THEY did just that when they created that abortion, Obamacare. Meanwhile, the GOP just released the bill for public consumption.

PREGNANT TRANS-GENDER MAN: The liberal fools are now pushing the impossible idea that a transgender man is CAPABLE of becoming pregnant. This story is about a tranny man who has NOT had the surgery, so it would be IMPOSSIBLE for him to become pregnant, even if he had. They even show a picture of him with probably a basketball making it LOOK like he's actually pregnant with his SECOND child. How he did it the first time is, simply adopt a child and CALL IT a birth. Liberals are also saying a man can menstruate. Such ignorance!

DOSE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE: The stories about Russian planes “buzzing” our planes and ships in international waters has become routine. We protest, but they keep on doing it. So this time, an AMERICAN plane “buzzed” the plane carrying the Russian Defense Minister and they called it a “provocation.” Of course, they don't recognize their own planes buzzing us as a “”provocation.” I wonder how they liked it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why Listen to Chelsea?

Chelsea Clinton is so obviously a Dumocrat plant, it's obvious—to everybody but the mind-numbed robots who vote Dumocrat. They're obviously trying to groom her for a future political run, but she just doesn't have “the chops.” Everything she says is simply parroting the Dumocrat talking points, and there's not an original idea anywhere near her head. She gets to speak to various liberal crowds, arranged by her parents, to help her gain name recognition beyond that accorded to the “princess” of the Dumocrat Party.

THEY THINK WRONG: The Japanese and Germans in WWII thought they could go up against us, and they were wrong. The Russians, in Syria, have now “drawn their red line” that they THINK we cannot cross. While Obama was president, that would work. But not with the fighter that is now in the White House. If they fire ONE missile at an American airplane, there will be consequences that they will not like. Their armed forces are on the “ragged edge,” due to lack of finances, but ours is NOT.

AWWW....POOR BABIES! Hollywood is “melting down” after the victory for a Republican in the Georgia race that was supposed to spell THE END for Trump when a Dumocrat won. Only the Dumocrat DIDN'T win. Dumocrats spent $50 MILLION dollars in gullible donor's money to get that Dumocrat elected, and they lost again. Seems like, in the last few years, they can't beg, borrow, or steal an election win with all their vote fraud.

MISGUIDED LAWMAKERS: In California, they passed a law allowing teachers and other school staff to be armed, so that, if some crazy came to their school to kill children, they could shoot back, Now, you'd think that would be a good idea, wouldn't you? But Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (Dumocrat, of course) doesn't think so. He has introduced a measure that, if passed, will DISARM those teachers, who are NOT the problem, and leave them DEFENSELESS when that crazy comes to their school to kill children, which IS the problem.

THEY THINK THEY WON: Dumocrats have leaped on the fact that Republicans only won by a small margin in Georgia (where they were supposed to win, BIG) to delude themselves that they won. Dumocrats winning there was supposed to be THE END of Trump, signaling that the voters had lost confidence in him. But what it did show was that the voters still loved Trump, and they couldn't even BUY an election with $50 million bucks spent. But they still (on the surface, anyway) call it a victory, signaling future wins—which aren't going to happen. They've lost FOUR major elections just lately.

WE CAN'T BE SUED!” That's what the Black Lives Matter bunch that DeRay McCesson says he leads says, because they aren't a legally-incorporated organization, with no governing body, or membership. He's right. But HE can be sued personally, for inciting a riot in which this police officer was injured. That cop just needs to change the target of his suit, and I'd bet McCesson doesn't have insurance to pay such a judgment. And he will personally suffer.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rodman Better Be Careful

He likes to visit Kim Jong Un on occasion. He thinks he's safe because “they are friends.” That ignores the fact that Kim has MURDERED many of his own generals because they “displeased” him. He is also in the habit of kidnapping Americans and holding them hostage. Dennis Rodman is an American, and he recently gave Kim a book Kim might consider an insult. Rodman has no diplomatic immunity. Kim might just decide to make him his next victim. He'd better get out of N. Korea, fast—before Kim turns on him.

IS TRUMP UNDER INVESTIGATION? That seems to be the big argument these days. Trump says he is. And he's right. He's been “under investigation” from the very moment he stepped into the White House as president. By those who wish to “get rid of him.” Never mind he was lawfully elected after two years of campaigning and giving people good reasons WHY he should be elected. Meanwhile, the opponent that the Dumocrats “served up on a platter” by making it impossible for Bernie Sanders to win a single primary, no matter how many delegates he won.

TWEETER-IN-CHIEF”: Should Trump keep on Tweeting? Yes! Absolutely! The Dumocrats don't think so. They think Twitter should close his Twitter account and stop allowing the lawfully elected president of the United States to speak (although in 140 words or less at a time) directly to the American people. Tweeting is largely the reason he IS president, and he knows it—so do they, which is why they want to stop him from doing it. He's using it very effectively still, and they want to END that.

FIRST DEGREE MURDER: Otto Warmbier died today (as this is written) as a result of the treatment he received from the N. Koreans, who suspected him of stealing a POSTER. A propaganda poster, at that. Something that, in his home country, would have (maybe) gotten him probation as a first offender. In N. Korea, it got him a DEATH sentence and, if he survived their torture, 15 years in one of their scummy, dirty prisons where inmates have NO rights and suffer daily abuse by sadistic “guards.” That should get Kim Jung Un a death sentence, at our hands.

DEMOCRAT SHOWS HIS IGNORANCE: California Dumocrat State Senator Scott Weiner (Hmmm....I wonder if he's related to “Carlos Danger?”) blames the “baseball field shooting” on lax gun control laws. It doesn't occur to this incompetent politician that the laws that ARE in place do NOTHING to “stem gun crime,” but instead, INCREASE it, by DISARMING the honest people while doing NOTHING to disarm the bad guys. So far, every “gun law” does nothing BUT make it easier for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals and other bad guys to victimize the law-abiding people who DO obey those ignorant laws.

GUN LAWS MEAN NOTHING: Not to criminals and other bad guys, anyway. Whoever told the anti-gun fools they could stop them from their crimes by making a law that says people who don't OBEY laws cannot be armed is ignorant. And the politicians who believe that crap are incompetent. Criminals who have been asked their opinion of gun laws tell us they APPROVE of it, because it makes it a lot easier for them to rob and kill, because the chances of their intended victims being armed is a lot smaller

Monday, June 19, 2017

What IS It With NBC?

They've been in the news a lot lately when their news anchors falsify news stories. Brian Williams lied and said he was in a helicopter when it took fire in Iraq one time, to “spice up the story” when he arrived LATER in another helicopter that did NOT “take fire. Katie Couric edited out the answers several gun experts gave to one of her key questions to in her interview on “gun control” to make it appear as if the experts had no answer. Now former Fox host Megyn Kelly is “recutting” an interview she had with Alex Jones, of “Infowars” to make him look loony. What its it about NBC that causes their people to do such things?

VITRIOLIC POLITICS: Politics today is not a “friendly discourse.” It's PAID violence, paid for by Dumocrats. It's stage shows depicting the killing of President Trump, being lauded as “great art” by the liberal media. It's a comedienne holding up a bloody severed head that is supposed to represent Trump's head. It's a guy with a LIST of conservative Republicans he wants to kill, who himself died in a hail of gunfire when he started shooting at a group of REPUBLICAN lawmakers (he made sure of that) who were practicing for a charity ball game.

SLAP ON THE WRIST: You've no doubt heard about that girl who egged her boyfriend on to commit suicide, until he did. Well, she got convicted of manslaughter, which carries a possible sentence of 20 years in the slam. I think she deserved a LOT more than that. She knew exactly what she was doing, although I can't understand a man who would kill himself at the suggestion of a vengeful girl. He must have been a very weak-willed guy. This is an evil vixen.

COSBY'S HUNG JURY: Bill Cosby's trial on unproved sexual assault charges ended in a deadlocked jury, so the judge declared a mistrial, and they';re going to do it all over again. I don't know if he's guilty or not. But I think a woman's UNSUPPORTED word should not be enough, by itself, to condemn a man to a death sentence—and that's what ANY prison sentence he got would be, at his age (he's only a month older than me). Yes, drugging and raping a woman should be punished, WITH physical evidence. But it's just too easy for a woman to come forward YEARS later, after all the physical evidence is gone, with her accusation.

TRUMP TWEETS”: Trump has Tweeted that he is under investigation, and that surprises a lot of people. What isn't being said is that Trump has been “under investigation” since January 20, 2017. The very MINUTE he took office after being legally elected president. Dumocrats have been giving him an “anal exam” every day, and have found NOTHING they can use to “get rid of him” before he finishes tearing down their “house of cards.” Liberals (and even some Republicans) want him to stop Tweeting. His Tweets are way too effective. But Tweeting is his best way to connect DIRECTLY with Americans.

VIOLENT POLITICS: Have you ever heard of violence being committed by REPUBLICAN politicians or their supporters? Have they ever gone “into the streets” and RIOTED? I don't think so. But the same can't be said for the Dumocrats. There have been many riots in support of their efforts to dislodge Donald Trump from the office he LEGALLY earned in the 2016 election, and, while it has not been PROVED, there is word that there are many PAID demonstrators among them, paid by the Dumocrats.

KIM IS “CONCERNED": Kim Jong Un is “concerned” that America MIGHT “attack” him. And he has every right to BE “concerned,” since he has worked very hard to PROVOKE us into attacking him. Not his country—HIM. There is only one way to FINISH him and his repressive regime that has murdered THOUSANDS, possibly millions of people over the years, without killing a lot of innocent civilians. That's to “take HIM out” with a “surgical strike,” the same way we recently took out some of the top leaders in ISIS. Find out where he is, and drop a blockbuster bomb on his head.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dumocrat Panic

They've lost their majority in both houses of the Congress. They've lost the presidency. They've lost THOUSANDS of seats in state legislatures, as well as many governorships. They're in panic. Every day comes a new attempt to displace the legally elected president of the United States. None of them are based on EVIDENCE, only on lies, innuendo, and twisted facts. They can't come up with anything REAL, so they make it up, hoping something will stick. So far, nothing has. Not the “Russian connection” pipe dream, nor the Comey firing/obstruction of justice fairy tale, or anything else.

COMEY'S A POLITICAL ACTOR: Most people consider James Comey to be an honest man—and he may be, in his dealings as the director of the FBI. But he was an incompetent director, and was fired for it. Now he's out to do as much damage to Donald Trump as he can as REVENGE for being fired. After that fateful meeting with President Trump, where Trump had him stay after others left, he did NOT seem to “feel” that Trump had “instructed” him to “lay off” General Michael Flynn. However, after being fired, he “suddenly remembers” feeling “uncomfortable” and that Trump had ORDERED him to lay off Flynn.

RUSSIA KILLS AL-BAGHDADI: Or so they say. We're still trying to confirm it, and if experience is any teacher, we won't get much help from the Islamic terrorists, who will deny his death to their dying day—which I hope will be soon. The word is they not only killed him, they also killed 30 other of their leaders and 300 terrorist killers, sending them all to collect their virgins. I hope they have enough; that's a LOT of virgins. The only thing I can say about this is, if it's true--it's a good start.

THEY CAN GET ALONG: Dumocrats are always calling for “unity,” even though the founders DESIGNED our system so that there would BE no unity. “Unity” breeds dictatorships. But when you start shooting at congresspeople on a baseball field, you GET unity—at least for a short time. The Dumocrats won their baseball game, but gave the trophy to the Republicans, to be placed in the office of Rep. Steve Scalise to represent their “cumbaya moment,” which MAY last until the next session of Congress.

THE “SPECIAL COUNSEL”: They emphasize the “honest reputation” of the special counsel they appointed to “investigate” President Trump. But they failed to mention that the “special counsel” is a close buddy of James Comey—a “role model,” “father figure,” and “mentor” to him. They also fail to mention that Muller hired a bunch of liberal Obama operatives as his “investigators” and lawyers. It couldn't be more clear that he is setting Trump up to be charged with SOMETHING. You don't set up an “investigating body” composed of the subject's bitter enemies and not expect them to find something, ANYTHING to use against him, even if they have to manufacture it.

LEFTIST PROPAGANDA: The NY Times has resurrected it's own debunked story that the killer in the Colorado theater shooting was a “right-winger” to again try to convince the world that the shooter at that practice for a Dumocrat/Republican baseball game was also a “right-winger.” That's notwithstanding the fact that this shooter (as well as the Colorado shooter) is a LEFT-winger in his attitudes and conclusions. Both have “bought” the left-wing BS, and spout it at every opportunity. The fools at the Times are so steeped in their own ignorance that they do everything they can to convince us they're right.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pushing Gun Control

PUSHING GUN CONTROL: As I predicted, gun control advocates lost no time using the shooting in Alexandria to tout gun control. Virginia Governor Terry McCauliffe was the first to stand in the blood of the victims of the Republican baseball practice (for a charity ball game) and demand more USELESS gun control laws. He said that “Wednesday is not a good day to talk about gun control,” then proceeded to talk about gun control. But he's not smart enough to know that the way to “gun safety” is NOT to disarm the populace.

WHY ALWAYS LIBERALS? Every time you hear about somebody shooting somebody over politics, the shooter is a liberal. Why is that? Lee Harvey Oswal\d, who killed John F. Kennedy, was a COMMUNIST. The man who killed Bobby Kennedy was a Muslim extremist. The movie theater killer in Colorado was a left-winger, even though the media tried it's best to intimate he was a “Tea Party member.” Today's shooting of a congressman at a ball park was a Bernie Sanders supporter/Trump hater. There has not yet been, to my knowledge, such a shooter who spouted CONSERVATIVE politics. There probably will be, someday, but he will not be common.

NEVER SAY GUN CONTROL!” Never, ever! That's what anti-gun fools are saying, now. They've figured out that the words “gun control” are too descriptive of their efforts to deprive us of the means to self defense against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who merely want to do us ill. So now they're campaigning to eliminate the words, “gun control” from the lexicon. That's how they work. When we get “onto them,” they just change the language. That's what they did with “global warming,” now called, “climate change.”

USE WHAT YOU CAN”: That seems to be what the Islamic terrorists are telling their “believers” today. With all the “gun laws” tightening up because of their deadly pursuits, guns are becoming harder to come by (though not impossible). So now they tell them to use whatever they can find to kill unbelievers. Trucks? You can rent those easily, and use them to mow down innocent unbelievers like hay in a field. Knives? Go in any kitchen. You can use them to stab everybody in sight. Pressure cookers? Go back to the kitchen. They make dandy bombs.

RUN; HIDE; TELL; THROW BEER!” That's how an UNARMED population “fights back” against Islamic terrorism, according to the British PM. After a major shooting a few years ago, the British did the only thing they could think of; they DISARMED everybody so they'd be perfect victims of subsequent attacks. In this case, the attackers didn't even use guns! They first ran a rental truck into a crowd, killing some, injuring many. Then they jumped out and started stabbing everybody they could, until the armed cops finally arrived and killed them.

BRITISH ANTI-GUN STUPIDITY: They continue to field UNARMED cops, in spite of the fact that ARMED Islamic terrorists are “running wild” in their country, killing and maiming their citizens. What's going to happen when an UNARMED cop comes upon an ARMED terrorist? Just what DID happen recently, where some unarmed British cops came upon some ARMED terrorists and had to run. In Borough Market, they came upon some men indiscriminately stabbing people, and they turned and RAN. What the hell GOOD are unarmed cops?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another Shooting

There's been another major shooting in Alexandria, VA. One of the injured is a U. S. congressman. It happened at practice for a baseball game between congresspeople, and I predict it will be used by the anti-gun fools to make sure NOBODY who is law-abiding is ever allowed to have a gun to defend him/herself from such attacks. That's what the anti-gun fools do: make sure everybody is DEFENSELESS if they OBEY laws—which it is obvious this shooter does NOT.

TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT”: It was a “target rich environment” in Alexandria, VA, where Republican congresspeople were practicing for a charity baseball game when shots rang out, seriously wounding one congressman and two cops, among others. There were MANY congresspeople there, most without any kind of protection from people such as this Bernie Sanders supporter/Trump hater. Scalise has a security detail, and they sprung into action, first pinning down, then killing the shooter before he could hurt any more people. Two “guys with guns” stopped this from becoming a massacre of specifically Republicans.

THANK GOD FOR SCALISE: If Rep. Scalise hadn't been at this charity baseball practice for congresspeople, what we would have now been reading about would be a mass murder case. Rep. Scalise is the Majority Whip, and gets a security detail consisting of two Alexandria cops. That way, when this deranged Bernie Sanders supporter and Trump hater started shooting at this “target-rich environment,” there would have been nothing there to stop him killing everyone there in the time it took for other cops to respond to the 911 call.

SHUTTING DOWN A POLITICIAN: The wife of the police chief in Hartford, CT knows whereof she speaks. After an ignorant anti-cop politician made some particularly ignorant statements about cops in her support of a bill that, if passed, would further hinder the cops in doing their jobs, she sent her a letter. That politician referred to the cops as “cowboys with bats and guns” and said, “too many cops are killing kids and this has to stop.” In her letter in response, this wife told that politician that she was ignorant, and could not pass “situational training” and make the instant decisions made every day by a cop.

ANTI-TRUMP HYSTERIA: Every day, in every way, we see evidence of the “anti-Trump hysteria” among Dumocrats, all over the country—a lot of which is “whipped up” by the uncontrolled hysterical comments made by left-wingers all over the country, and the world. Normally, the party that gets beaten at the polls sits back and examines why it got beat, and starts to change things. Not these fools. They make excuses as to how and why they got beat so they can lay blame everywhere but upon themselves, where it belongs.

RUSH GETS THE BLAME: As usual, Rush Limbaugh gets the blame because liberals twist everything he says to be “hate speech.” After the Colorado theater shooting, they looked for a name similar to the shooter among Tea Party members, and found one with a similar name, then reported it as if it were fact. Today, Rush got a call from a man who wants the VA shooting to be called a “matter,” not a shooting, because, as he says, it is not confirmed it WAS a shooting. I don't know where this guy lives, but I guarantee you it's not in the real world. Frankly, I think this guy might be the next shooter. Don't look now, Dumocrats, but actually, it's YOUR rhetoric that more likely sparked this guy's insane action.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Obamacare Right On Schedule

Obamacare was DESIGNED to fail. And it is doing so, fast. Maybe even faster than Obama and his cronies planned. They designed it to fail so Americans would clamor for a single-payer system, and they are doing it, right on schedule. Trump is trying mightily to get rid of it and replace it with his own plan, but Obama hopes he can bypass that with his single-payer plan that he's had in the drawer for years, even before Obamacare came into being.

KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS: You may think you're safe in losing track of your receipts with big companies like Comcast—but you're not. I pay my cable bill every month, right on schedule, and have, since the start. I have not missed. But they're telling me they didn't get a payment in May, and that I owe them about $140.00 more than I owe. Now I have to “dig out” all my Comcast receipts before they'll credit my account. Makes you wonder how often they do this to people, and how much extra they make from it.

TRUMP CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT: Not even when it comes to holding his wife's hand while walking. You probably remember the day he reached back and his wife gave him a “low five,” and the liberal media said she ”slapped his hand away.” Now I've seen him and his wife walking, holding hands, several times, and not a word out of the media. They ignore it when they're wrong, and they're wrong every time when they report something bad about Trump, which is every day.

MORE FAKE NEWS: The liberal media has a new fish to masticate. They're reporting (as if it were true) that Trump is “considering firing the special counsel.” That is entirely untrue, and they know it. But just the suggestion makes Trump look bad, so they're reporting it. They jump on ANYTHING that makes Trump look bad—such as the story that Trump ordered all his Cabinet members to heap praise on him at their first full meeting. That's another fake news story designed to make Trump look bad, and they jumped on it with abandon.

STABS MOM, SHOOTS HIMSELF: In Chicopee, Mass. A 15-year-old boy stabbed his mom to death and then used a gun to end his own life. But, how is this POSSIBLE? Like in Chicago, they have all those tight gun laws in Massachusetts! His mom shouldn't have even been ABLE to get a gun! But, as usual, all those tight gun laws don't do a thing to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding, OR lawless people. Anti-gun fools will no doubt include this instance in their “gun violence” stats, even though the gun part was a suicide.

KARDASHIAN GUN CONTROL: Kim Kardashian, like most anti-gun fools, wants ARMED security for herself, while denying it to the rest of us. That seems to be a “hallmark” of many anti-gun fools. One anti-gun columnist (now dead) actually SHOT at a teenager that he found using his pool without permission. Fortunately for the teen, he was a lousy shot. Many anti-gun politicians run around behind a WALL of armed thugs—again, while denying that right to the rest of us.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Tiger Did the Right Thing

The cops want to charge Tiger Woods with “driving under the influence,” but they don't have a case. They did NOT catch him DRIVING. They found him ASLEEP in his car by the side of the road. The most they could charge him with is “sleeping it off in his car” IF there is a law against that kind of thing. Tiger knew he was in trouble and he didn't know why—he had had nothing to drink—so he pulled over to “sleep it off.” He did nothing wrong. He did the right thing--so why should he have to pay all the costs of a DUI?

THEY'RE SMARTER THAN POLITICIANS: Gullible politicians buy the bullsh-t put out by the anti-gun fools and become anti-gun fools themselves. They lie, alter statistics, and fill us full of bull to support their mistaken notions. In Great Britain, they basically BANNED guns for the populace after a major mass shooting. They DISARMED their populace, making them literally DEFENSELESS against all the ILLEGAL guns already in the hands of “neer-do-wells” who only want to do us ill. They're getting people KILLED by disarming them while IGNORING the menace of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who have no trouble getting their ILLEGAL guns wherever they live. Now Britons want their gun rights back.

DANCING IN THEIR BLOOD: The anti-gun fools are “dancing in the blood” of the Pulse Night Club victims in Orlando, FL. Florida lawmakers gathered NEAR that club to demand even more of the INEFFECTIVE gun laws that FAILED to stop the killers of 49 people there. Now they want to make a law to keep even people who commit misdemeanor hate crimes from owning a gun. Such a law depends on those people actually OBEYING their law; something they have already demonstrated they don't care about. That's the basic problem with ALL the current anti-gun laws: they DEPEND upon lawbreakers to OBEY them, and they DON'T.

WHY ISN'T SHE FAT? Ms. Magazine asks, “Why is wonder Woman not a fat, black woman?” The answer is simple: nobody would buy tickets to the movie, or buy the comic book. Fat women, black or white, are NOT “marketable.” Liberals don't know this. They think we should bend to their “flights of fancy” against all odds, even if we lose by it. There is only a very small group of men who like overweignt black women, and this isn't a big enough demographic to count, market-wise. Sorry liberals, that's reality.

ISLAMAPHOBIC”: That's a word I hear a lot these days. It's used by Muslims to shut up people who tell the truth about them. It was COINED to be used that way. It exploits what Muslim extremists consider a “weakness” in our society. Give a liberal a reason to gripe, and they'll make the most of it. And liberals LOVE words like “Islamaphobia.” They play right into the hands of the Islamic extremists who want to KILL everybody (other Muslims included) who don't subscribe to their particular brand of Islam.

GETTING A SECURITY CLEARANCE: I guess just about anybody could get a security clearance in the Obama administration, while Trump hadn't gotten to her in his. Sarah Winners made several racist (anti-white) Tweets (she's white), and anti-Trump Tweets. She has made many others over the years, but nobody thought to keep her from having access to sensitive information. So she got caught leaking information, and was the first in the Trump administration to do so. It wasn't too bright of her to leak information they KNEW she had access to. She was a ”Trump hater” from way back. Now she will really have something to hate him for, even though she did it to herself, a la Kathy Griffin.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Gun Law Frenzy

The Los Angeles Times actually said recently, that “The right to bear arms is more dangerous than terrorism.” They're in PANIC, folks! They see state after state realizing reality and approving concealed carry for law-abiding human beings, and that frightens them. Never mind the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who want what's yours and are willing to just TAKE it. They apparently WANT those crooks, crazies, and Islamic terrorists to prevail.

MORE GUN CONTROL, MORE CRIME: That seems to be what's happening more and more, every day. Places (like Chicago) that have extremely tight gun laws, also have the worst “gun crime” problem in the nation. It's just as bad in Europe. “Throughout the 20th century, various nations in Europe tightened their controls on guns owned by law-abiding citizens. In many cases, the new controls amounted to bans on entire classes of firearms, licensing and registration requirements for the few firearms that could be owned, rules on storing guns and ammunition, and bans on possessing the guns in public for self-defense, whether said guns were carried openly or concealed.” And gun crime predictably spiked.

MEGYN KELLY FLUBBED: She turned down a $20 million contract for a chance at both an evening and a morning show at MSNBC. WRONG! Her highly touted “blockbuster interview” with Russian strongman Valadmir, Putin flopped badly. It ended up behind a RERUN of 60 Minutes, Which, itself, ended up behind a basketball game. She ended up THIRD in the time slot. Moreover, she was easily replaced at Fox. Tucker Carlson took over her time slot and INCREASED ratings. And, for your information, not many of her Fox viewers followed her to the MSBC channel. Personally, I wouldn't watch MSNBC if you PAID me.

WASN'T WHAT THEY WANTED”: Liberals expected Comey's testimony before the Senate to “put the cap” on their pipe dream that Trump collaborated with the Russians to get elected. Instead, he “blew them out of the water” by revealing, under oath, what everybody knew, anyway: that Trump had never even been under ANY kind of an official investigation. That's because they have NO EVIDENCE of any such collusion, and that HE is a “leaker.” He called Trump a liar, but he told several obvious lies, himself, that day.

I TRUSTED OBAMA”: Former DFBI Director Comey kept detailed notes (true or false, we don't know), but never did with Obama. Obviously, that's because he hated Trump and planned to do everything he could to derail him. And he needed those notes to use as a “smokescreen” to give the media something to report. He CLAIMS he did it because he didn't trust Trump not to LIE about what was said in their meetings. He didn't trust Trump, but he DID trust Obama—one of the most prolific liars ever to be elected president. That raises the question: why should we trust COMEY not to lie?

WE ARMED ISIS”: Recently declassified documents show that WE armed ISIS. It is claimed that those weapons were “lost.” really? You mean you didn't know about all the weapons and other military equipment that was ordered to be left behind when Obama ordered our soldiers to FLEE from Iraq and Afghanistan? Weapons and equipment he KNEW would end up in the hands of the Islamic terrorists? That's an old story, but true. Obama has “deniability” about this, but he did it several times. Once is an accident. Several times is a SYSTEM of deception.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

It's A Big Nothingburger!

That seems to be a popular thing to say in DC today, after Hillary said it about the “investigation” into her mishandling of official e-mails while she was Secretary of State. It has also been used to describe other investigations in DC, many of which have been going on for months, and using up the time of many congresspeople and appointed officials and costing millions of dollars, to discover—nothing. I'll tell you what the BIGGEST “nothingburger” is—it's the investigation into the “Russian Connection” and the imagined Trump collaboration with it.

THEY'D SHOOT EACH OTHER!” British anti-gun fools tell us it's a good thing the killers in London only had a rental truck and some KNIVES to use to kill innocent people in London. That if it happened in America, where guns are so easily available, the death toll might be HUNDREDS, rather than seven as armed and panicky people shoot wildly and probably shoot more innocent people than terrorists. How STUPID is that?
UNARMED COPS BAFFLE CITIZENS: They just can't figure out WHY several countries put UNARMED cops on the streets, KNOWING that most, if not ALL neer-do-wells are likely to be armed. And they can't figure out the fuddled thinking of politicians who think DISARMING their citizens is the way to self defense. It frightens me to see unarmed cops running AWAY from a couple of men in London who are STABBING people in the streets or cowering behind the doors of their patrol cars in France while Islamic terrorists kill eleven people while they watch.

THE AGE OF OVERREACTION: We are living it. Everything Trump does gets an overreaction from “Trump haters,” even if it's a good thing. They don't care. If Trump did it, it has to be bad. If he washed his face, he has a”nasty reason” for doing it. If he FARTS, he's “poisoning the atmosphere. They overreact on EVERYTHING. When he pulled out of the Paris Accords because it was a USELESS exercise in futility, they said he was “destroying the planet.” They never say HOW that destroys the planet because they CAN'T. He's not. It's all in their fuddled minds (if they have any).

USE WHAT YOU CAN”: That seems to be what the Islamic terrorists are telling their “believers” today. With all the “gun laws” tightening up because of their deadly pursuits, guns are becoming harder to come by (though not impossible). So now they tell them to use whatever they can find to kill unbelievers. Trucks? You can rent those easily, and use them to mow down innocent unbelievers like hay in a field. Knives? Go in any kitchen. You can use them to stab everybody in sight. Pressure cookers? Go back to the kitchen. They make dandy bombs.

RUN; HIDE; TELL; THROW BEER!” That's how an UNARMED population “fights back” against Islamic terrorism, according to the British PM. After a major shooting a few years ago, the British did the only thing they could think of; they DISARMED everybody so they'd be perfect victims of subsequent attacks. In this case, the attackers didn't even use guns! They first ran a rental truck into a crowd, killing some, injuring many. Then they jumped out and started stabbing everybody they could, until the armed cops finally arrived and killed them.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Comey's Big Fizzle

Dumocrats waited breathlessly to hear what former FBI Director Comey has to say before that congressional committee (This was written on Wednesday before he was to testify). They think what he says is going to END Trump. But I say what he has to say will end HIM. It will have been shown to be a silly assumption on his part, and if Trump actually DID say something actionable, look for Comey to go to jail for not obeying the LAW and reporting it to somebody—and he's not gonna do that. I think he has NOTHING, and merely hoped to hurt Trump with his unsupported word in this world where “the seriousness of the charges” is more important than what really happened.

WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THEM”: The media is now saying of the Islamic terrorists, that all we have to do is “look at them with love, and try to understand why they hate us so.” But we already know what we did to make them so mad. We didn't all “fall to the ground” and convert to their damned “religion,” as intelligent people refuse to do. And “look at them with love?” What an ABSURD notion. How do you look with love on people who want to KILL people who will not surrender and “convert” to their phony “religion?”

ONLY DONE BY ONE PARTY: The Dumocrats are now admitting that Obamacare has failed—because it was done by one party. What a damned fool excuse that is! It failed because it was screwed up by that party! Now it needs to be ELIMINATED and replaced by something that MIGHT work by the other party. Truth is, they screwed it up ON PURPOSE so that, when it predictably failed, there'd be calls for a single-payer program—which is what they've always wanted and have already started calling for. And they think intelligent people can't figure that out.

OBAMA: GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER? I keep getting requests to vote on this question, when I don't even know why someone with any intelligence at all would even ASK it! Obama was clearly one of the WORST presidents, probably THE worst president we've ever had. There's no question about that in the minds of intelligent people. One of the requests is even in response (supposedly) to statements made by REPUBLICANS that he was one of the best presidents in history. I'd really like to know the NAMES of those Republicans, so I can vote them out of office. They're too stupid to serve.

KATHY GRIFFIN IS STUPID: She tells us, “Never in history has a sitting president said the things Trump has said about me!” Really? Maybe somebody needs to instruct her on history which, for her, seems to have BEGUN the day she was born. They should tell her about the many “sitting presidents” who have responded in kind to some of their more stupid critics. One president even challenged such a critic to a DUEL! He wanted to KILL him! She blames Trump for her career suffering, but he didn't tell all those venues to cancel her shows. Whatever happens to her, SHE brought on herself.

CONGRESSIONAL WITCH HUNT: Fox News is currently fouling the cable with the congressional “investigation” into the “Russian Connection,” disguised as an inquisition about former FBI Director Comey's CLAIMS that Trump told him to drop the investigation into his former National Security adviser. He CLAIMS he “kept notes” about that meeting, and promises to reveal what was said when he testifies. But nobody has ever SEEN these “notes,” and I doubt anybody ever will. They probably don't even exist—and if they do, they don't support his word that Trump told him to stop the investigation. If he did, and Comey didn't report it, he, himself would be in trouble because he will have committed a felony.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Natural Broadcaster

This may not be on subject, but it's so good I HAD to say something. NASCAR driver Joey Logano won't have to worry about a job after his racing career is over. He's a “natural” as a racing commentator. He came up with what I consider the absolute best line ever when he described Kyle Larson's early career as “hitting everything but the lottery and still staying up front.” You don't come up with lines like that if you're not a natural. Somehow though, I suspect it'll be a long time before his driving career is behind him.

BAN RENTAL TRUCKS! Islamic terrorists use them to kill people! They're just too easy for the average person OR a terrorist to get! Their other important uses are unimportant, compared with their ability to kill people if misused. This is the same argument used by the anti-gun fools in their constant efforts to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and is just as stupid. You don't stop people who want to do others ill by banning the items they use to accomplish it.

IGNORANT LIBERALS IN MEDIA: Most of them are at MSNBC, but at least one is at CNN. A MSNBC anchor wondered if trump is trying to provoke a terror attack to prove a point. The usual liberal way to paint everything Trump does in the worst way—with NO evidence to back them up, of course. Another MSNBC fool wonders if the English are going to overreact to Islamic terror. Frankly, there IS no overreaction to terrorists randomly killing people. CNN'S Sally Kohn wants to fight terror with “tolerance and political correctness.” Nobody with any intelligence thinks “tolerance and political correctness” will win against people whose only wish is to KILL everybody who doesn't believe in their stupid “religion.”

BRITISH ANTI-GUN STUPIDITY: They continue to field UNARMED cops, in spite of the fact that Islamic terrorists are “running wild” in their country, killing and maiming their citizens. What's going to happen when an UNARMED cop comes upon an ARMED terrorist? Just what DID happen recently, when some unarmed British cops came upon some ARMED terrorists and had to run. In Borough Market, they came upon some men indiscriminately stabbing people, and they turned and RAN. What the hell GOOD are unarmed cops? And these bad guys didn't even have guns!

FISH SWIMMING IN STREETS: AlGore, the "prophet" of global warming religion believers, tells a story about fish swimming in the streets of Honolulu and Miami because of global warming (or climate change, the name they now use). He HAS to know that this happens every year because of high tides caused by the moon, but he uses it to further fool the idiots who buy his global warming garbage. He knows intelligent people won't believe him for a minute, but he depends on the less than intelligent to support his fairy tale. This is a SWINDLE he started, and which has made him a BILLIONAIRE. And he keeps pushing it.

WHO HAS TRUMP'S EAR? Old white, rich, Republican men, according to Politico. And right that is. These old, white, rich, Republican men (and a few black, rich men, also Republicans of course) are the people who should know, most things. They didn't get rich, black or white, because they're dumb. They got rich because they knew what was going on, and how it affected their business. Young broke people, black or white, don't KNOW enough to be Trump's advisers. And why should he EVER have to consult with Dumocrats? I don't know ANY Dumocrats who could add ANYTHING right to his knowledge.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Didn't Make A Dent

In Chicago, which, with some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation, they confiscated 118 guns from just one gang, and it didn't make a dent in the “gun problem” in Chicago. They put more than a thousand more cops on their streets and that didn't help, either. All these guns were ILLEGALLY owned, but they don't talk about that. They just want to disarm honest, law-abiding folks to make it easier for the owners of ILLEGAL guns to victimize them.

BRING OUT THE POLAR BEARS! If you want to see a bunch of pictures of polar bears, just get the president to announce a decision the global warming fools don't like. Like pulling out of the “Paris Accords.” One of the most famous polar bear pictures was one of a “poor, forlorn polar bear” on an ice floe knowing he's gonna starve because the ice is melting. Only one problem. It was a phony. Polar bears can swim hundreds of miles and are NOT facing hardship or extinction because the “ice is melting.” The ice is NOT melting. Believers tell you it is, but they're lying.

POOR BABY! Kathy Griffin is whining that Trump and his people are hurting her feelings after she took a picture of herself holding up a mock severed head of President Trump and posted it on the Internet. She's accusing Trump of “bullying” her. Isn't that what she did to Trump with that picture? What the hell did she expect? Not that Trump should “hurt her feelings,” but that he would call her to account for it. It's only something she deserves. I wonder how liberals would have responded if that “severed head” was Obama's, instead of Trump's? They would have gone INSANE, as they have over Trump's “backing out” of the Paris Accords. They're good at that. Going insane is part of their “toolbox.”

THERE'S NO “GUN VIOLENCE”: There's no such thing as “gun violence.” It's simply “violence.” Period. If guns didn't exist, there would still be violence, and the people wanting to DO violence would use the next best thing, as they did years ago when guns DIDN'T exist, or were too costly for most people. They used knives. They used swords; or clubs—or their bare hands. Whatever was at hand. I don't recall anybody ever bemoaning “sword violence” 200 or 300 years ago. It was “just violence.” Islamic terrorists and their “fellow travelers” even use CARS, and TRUCKS to kill people. They also use explosives. The point is, is, it's NOT “gun violence,” it's just plain VIOLENCE.

KATHY GRIFFIN'S STUPIDITY: Failed comedienne Kathy Griffin decided she needed to become better known—have more “fame.” So she went out and bought a Donald Trump mask and decorated it to look like a bloody severed head, and posted a picture of herself on TMZ holding up “Trump's severed head.” She got what she wanted. Now the whole world knows her name. Meanwhile, her “career” is falling apart, and she's (like Hillary) blaming everybody BUT herself for that, when SHE did it. She found out the “bubble” she lived in wasn't the real world.

INCREDIBLY STUPID: I can't believe some of the incredibly STUPID remarks being made in the liberal media by liberal politicians. They regard pulling out of a bad agreement to be responsible for all sorts of impossible things. They think a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 years is going to be disastrous. They have the audacity to think MAN has the ability to change a WHIT in the ambient temperature of this world. They talk about the Maldives being under water. About kids getting asthma more often. About whole islands disappearing under an INCH higher water levels, IF those higher water levels ever even happen. Their incredible hysteria is FUNNY. They're ma\king complete FOOLS of themselves,

Friday, June 2, 2017

It Didn't Work

Chicago put 1,000 extra cops on the streets in hopes of “stemming gun violence” over the Memorial day holiday. But it didn't work, as it never works with MOST of their actions to “stem gun violence” in Chicago. 52 people were shot during this period, and seven of them died, in spite of the increased police presence. One day, Chicago politicians might wake up to reality, that they need to do something about their gang problem, and that will reduce gun violence tremendously, But I doubt that will ever happen.

GUTTING MEDICARE”: That's what the Dumocrats are promoting: that Trump is “gutting Medicare” with his “cuts.” But there ARE no cuts. He is reducing the INCREASE in funding this year for many programs, including Medicare. In this government, every program gets an automatic 10% INCREASE every year, no matter how much they spend or how successful or unsuccessful they are in their mission. It's called "baseline budgeting. "And any effort to REDUCE that increase is called a cut. This is a con that has been used for many years, successfully.

FIRED FROM DENVER POST: A sports writer for the Denver Post got fired because he said he was “offended” that a Japanese won the Indy 500. He's obviously thinking abut the losses we took at the hands of the Japanese during WWII, and you can't blame him for that. But his being offended is misplaced. The Japanese people were not the ones who attacked us and waged that war against us. It was the politicians and military who did. And I'm sure in the political climate in Japan at the time, those who who didn't agree didn't DARE say it. The Japanese man who won the Indy 500 was NOT, himself at fault for that war, and shouldn't be held to account for it.

PULL US OUT, DONALD! The “Paris Accord” is a time and money waster put on by the liberals. It “enshrines” that global warming/climate change SWINDLE that has made AlGore a billionaire by screaming, “the sky is falling!” about man-made global warming. Something that does not exist. Yes, the globe might have been “warming” at one time (almost 20 years ago), but it is CYCLICAL, and NOT man-caused. Anybody who thinks we can affect the climate in any meaningful way is deluded. Trump needs to pull us OUT of that abortion.

BRINGING IT ON HIMSELF: Kim Jong Il says he's worried about the United States attacking him. So he “waves his saber” at us on a regular basis, letting us know he is approaching success in his wish to attack the American mainland with a nuclear bomb. He's just ASKING for it, and I will not be surprised if he gets it. The only way to stop him from getting a nuclear bomb and the ability to send it to an American city other than simply bombing him out of existence is for China to do something about it. If China does nothing, watch for it.

ADDING NAMES: Hillary is now adding new names to the list of people she blames for her incredible loss in the 2016 election. Earlier she blamed the Russians and collusion with Trump, and the FBI director. Now she has added Wikileaks and Infowars to her imaginary list of those responsible. Now she has added Macedonia to her list. She just won't admit she lost because she was a lousy candidate, and a socialist, to boot. She has to blame everybody BUT herself for her ignominious loss. She really ought to just “shut up and go away” because she's making a fool of herself.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ignoring the Obvious

The police chief in Los Angeles warns that “There will be an apocalypse if national concealed carry passes.” Which shows his abject IGNORANCE about guns and crime. He thinks allowing law-abiding people to have guns to defend themselves is a “bad thing,” totally IGNORING the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and now Islamic terrorists who have PROMISED to kill as many “unbelievers” as they can. Police politicians commonly ignore this as they go about trying to disarm honest people and make it easier for criminals to victimize them.

CUZ THEY DON'T EXIST: The FBI is refusing to turn over Comey's memos in which he CLAIMS Trump told him to stop the Russian collusion investigation as well as the one about his former National Security Adviser. There's a good reason why they won't turn them over—they can't. They don't exist—or if they do, they don't say definitively what Comey says they do. And to turn them over would be to blow the “Russian collusion” story out of the water. And the Dumocrats can't have that.

DENYING THE OBVIOUS: The brutal murder of Seth Rich, a former Dumocrat National Committee (DNC) staffer close to his home was obviously political. The cops called the killing a “botched robbery,” even though his wallet, watch, and credit cards were not taken. This is common when cops don't want to bother really investigating something. They call it a “botched robbery,” (which signals that no investigation will be seriously undertaken) even though the evidence tells any thinking human being it was NOT. It was a political killing to protect the DNC.

TELL 'EM TO SHOVE IT: A non-Hispanic restaurant tried to feature a burrito on their menu and got a lawsuit, claiming “cultural appropriation,” yet another liberal made-up name to give them an excuse to put something before a LIBERAL judge to get a decision in their favor, legal or not. My advice is to just tell them to “shove it where the sun doesn't shine.”

HILLARY'S SOUR GRAPES: She still can't accept the fact that she LOST the election on her own hook, with NO HELP from anybody else. Not Trump, not the Russians, not Comey. Herself. She was a LOUSY CANDIDATE from the word “go.” She thought it was “in the bag,” so she didn't even GO to some states she considered “a lock.” She offered NO POLICIES of her own, and only knocked down every policy Trump mentioned. Her major reason offered to vote for her was that she was a WOMAN--as if that were the only important thing in the world. She should shut up and go away. She's only making a fool out of herself.

FAKE NEWS: In Portland, OR, a man killed two men who interrupted his anti-Muslim rants and was labeled a “right-wing extremist” by the media. But, wonder of wonders, it was later found out that he was NOT a Trump supporter, but was a Bernie Sanders supporter. This illustrates a tendency on the part of the media to :jump the shark” and ASSUME a man like this is a right-wing extremist because he's against Muslims. But it's not just “right-wingers” who resent the actions of militant Muslims in singling out Christian businessmen to SUE if they don't like their practices.