Friday, June 29, 2018

Get A Life, Kid!

Teenage bigmouth David Hogg needs to "get a life." He's had his "fifteen minutes of fame," and people are no longer listening to his braying. His first call for a boycott of Laura Ingraham because she didn't agree with him failed miserably, so now he's trying it again, thinking it might work, this time. It won't. He's "branching out" from gun control to immigration in his quest to remain relevant--something he never was, in the first place. somebody needs to tell this fool kid that nobody's listening to him any more, if they ever were. He's like most teenagers in that he knows nothing about politics, but thinks he knows more than people who have experienced longer lives than he has.

PHONY SHOOTING STORIES: "Cops kill black men 21 times more often than white men.” That’s the narrative. But those figures aren’t even CLOSE to being accurate It's a made-up figure that has been accepted by the liberal media without question. Many police departments don’t even publish numbers about the occurrence of cops shooting people, nor do they separate them into black or white, male or female, which tends to twist the figures in favor of the idea that cops shoot blacks way too often. Neither do they keep track of how many black men shoot cops.

ARE WE NEARING THE END? Every day I see a new disaster, of human (I think) making. From gay "marriage" to judges in the UK saying we need to do away with the "nuclear family." And on to "normalizing" the rape of CHILDREN. Men entering women's restrooms and dressing rooms unchallenged if they SAY they "feel like a woman that day, so they can ogle the naked young women there." Big box stores like Target beginning a POLICY to ALLOW such outrages. Already salacious fools have been found there with cameras to record it for "posterity" or just good masturbation fodder. Some believe there is no God. If He does exist, we need to build another Ark to save the intelligent ones while He destroys the others.

WATERS IS INSANE! Somebody needs to "rein in" that fool member of Congress, Maxine Waters. She gets worse and worse, every day she is in Congress with her hateful cracks and braying, and he needs to be "sent packing," never to be heard from again. She'll call what I'm saying racism, because he's black, and can CLAIM things like that, just as Obama did, after promising us that, if we elected him we would END racism, forever. But being black has nothing to do with it. It is her insane rambling, coming from what is supposed to be an ADULT has everything to do with it.

THE DECK IS FULLY STACKED: Dumocrats tried to paint Robert Mueller as an impeccably "honest" prosecutor when disgraced former FBI head James Comey schemed to get him appointed to "investigate" that imaginary "Russian collusion" connection. But Mueller has since shown himself to be one of the worst "anti-Trumpers" out there, while evidence of prosecutorial misconduct has arisen. Then he hired "13 angry Dumocrats" to be his "investigative staff." Dumocrats who donated more than $60,000.00 to Dumocrats, and some who actively worked for the Hillary campaign.

IS REVOLUTION COMING? I've seen some vitriolic politics, but nothing like today. When they start harassing the president's staff when they go to a restaurant, and gather outside their homes jeering and threatening them, that's going way too far. It's taking it to the next level, and revolution can't be far behind. I thought a comedienne holding a phony Trump severed head was bad, but when you threaten Trump's staff members with violence for having the temerity to work for Trump, there's something wrong. Then when staff for members of Congress think they can scream, "F-ck you!" to the president as he passes, without losing his or her job, that does take it to a higher level.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Socialist Wins Democrat Primary

Unseating an established member of Congress, who now cannot run for re-election as a member of his party--which is the Dumocrat Party, of course. Socialism is the face of the Dumocrat Party, now. Openly. This is how the communists took over in Russia, and served up 75 years of misery for the Russians. Convince people who want to live at the expense of others that communism (which is a close relative of socialism, both of which are collectivism, a system of THEFT from those who produce new wealth, to benefit those who don't) is the "way to go." A formula for disaster.

DIDA LOTTA GOOD: MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) hung a couple of anti-gun signs at a New Jersey school just before a crazed gunman shot the place up. Those signs sure did a lot of good, didn't they? That's what outfits like MOMS do. All cosmetic. And that includes the laws they promote. It's all cosmetic. Their laws don't work, and they know it. But they keep on pushing them, anyway. Which has convinced me they aren't really interested in safety, they're interested in CONTROL. They want to be able to tell us we CAN'T.

IGNORANT JERKS: I've always tried to limit the insults I apply to liberals. Not because I disagree with them, but because they're STUPID. They pursue goals that are a special kind of stupid. But today's insults for Donald trump and all who associate with him MARK them as stupid. Restaurants eject his staffers because they work for him, and many liberals cheer. Newspapers and television news shows call him stupid when THEY are too stupid to recognize greatness in a rough package. "Reporters" call his press secretary a liar because they don't agree with her, and some even stand up and YELL at her. Now Amazon employees have sent a letter to their CEO comparing Trump with the Nazis, which demonstrates their COMPLETE ignorance.

FORCING CRIMINALITY: People In Government, Especially In States Like New York And New Jersey, are forcing honest people to become criminals, in order to defend themselves against those who would use illegally-owned guns against them. In New Jersey, for instance, its anti-gun fool governor wants to raise the cost of BUYING a gun 2400%! And that's not even the cost of the gun, itself. It is the cost of the PERMIT the state requires you to buy before you can even BUY a gun legally. And other permit fees you must pay to get a gun are similarly in his sights.

IGNORANT DAMNED PROTESTERS: I had to laugh when I saw the ignorant fool who actually tried to stop a bus carrying illegal aliens with his body. The bus driver should have driven slowly away, and he would have given way because he doesn't want to be killed for his stupidity. They have no idea they're protesting Trump doing the EXACT same thing about illegal aliens that their "idol" Obama did, with not a peep out of them. If they had said a word then, I might have a little sympathy for their position, now. All this is because Trump wants simply to control our borders and enforce the LAW. They're too ignorant to know better, and they show it by their actions.

DADDY-DAUGHTER "DATES": Wrong, or right? That's a question that needn't be answered, but there are some people who say calling a "daddy-daughter night" a "date" is bad, because the word, "date" is "sexual in nature." It's too bad some people with dirty minds think that way, all the time. And it's only the people with dirty minds who DO think that way. Once, when I was about nine, I had a "date" with my MOM. And not once did I have any thoughts of sex with my mother. I bought a box of gum and sold it door-to-door to pay for it, and took her to see a movie. We both had fun, and I thought I was a "big man" for bringing it off. Sex did not even enter my thinking, nor, I'm sure, did it enter hers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hogg Has Armed Security

Teenage anti-gun fool big mouth David Hogg realizes what we all realize, and that having armed security (either yourself, or paid thugs) is a good thing, with all the ILLEGAL guns out there. So when he walks around, it is with a bunch of gun-toting thugs surrounding him, as it is with most anti-gun fools. And. like most anti-gun fools, he has no idea of the contradiction that entails. He just wants to be safe, while denying that right to the rest of us. He will probably end up a politician, because he is good at that kind of blather and double-dealing.

THEY'RE TOO DAMNED DUMB: If you're going to "troll" the liberals, you got to make it crystal clear what you mean, and still they'll misunderstand you--or pretend they do so they can criticize you for it. A good example is Melania's jacket, saying," I don't care. Do U?" Which, of course, the liberal media took to mean she didn't care about the kids being separated from their parents (which, of course, began during liberal administrations, without a word from them) when what she meant was she didn't care about the LIBERAL MEDIA.

"TIME": FACE OF FAKE NEWS: That recent cover of Time Magazine purportedly showing a picture of a small child crying at being "separated" from her mother while Trump looks dispassionately down at her is the epitome of fake news. Coming from one of the "premier news sources" as it did, it makes me sick to realize they will go this far to misrepresent the news. First, that is a "photoshopped" photo made to LOOK like Trump is uncaring about a crying child being separated from her mother. It was NOT. The child was merely asked to stand aside while her mother, a two-time illegal alien who had committed a felony when she came into this country a second time, was being "patted down."

MAKING YOUR OWN DEFINITIONS: Politicians are good at that, when they think doing so can help them violate the law, or the Constitution, which is the very BASIS for ALL our laws. One says the "Second Amendment is only a suggestion." Another says, "In America, gun possession and use is a PRIVILEGE, not a right," hoping to violate the Constitution. In Mexico a presidential candidate says "Immigration is a human right," hoping to aid illegal aliens enter America. It is, but not when you have to violate the law in order to enter a country, as thousands of Mexicans and other South Americans do, every day, often "gaming the system" to gain an advantage. And Mexico's immigration laws are some of the toughest there are.

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: I really get tired of saying this, but I'll say it again. Again, the anti-gun fools were wrong. They say legally armed citizens NEVER stop a mass shooter, but it happens every day. The liberal media, which is in cahoots with the anti-gun fools doesn't run it to a national audience, always keeping it a "local story" when an armed citizen stops a thug from shooting everybody in sight. Same here. David George, an EMT with the local fire department was shopping at Wal-Mart with his family when Tim Day started shooting in the store. He stalked the shooter when he went by him shooting others. He shot the guy when he shot the driver of a car he was trying to carjack, and saved many lives.

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? Liberal loons are making a big thing over the government "separating people from their children" when they incarcerate their parents for their crime of entering this country illegally. We separate parents from their children every day when they commit crimes and go to jail or prison. And Child Protection Services separate parents from their children on the slightest excuse, often without proof of ANY wrongdoing--on only a SUSPICION of wrongdoing. So what's the big deal when they separate illegal aliens from their children for a SHORT TIME when they get incarcerated? I think this whole thing is a MANUFACTURED issue, created by the Dumocrats to have what they think is a winning issue. But it isn't.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It's the Parent's Fault

Donald Trump is NOT "separating" parents from their children. It is the PARENTS who are doing that. And they KNOW their daughters are GOING to get raped on the way, and they don't care. They just give her a "Plan B" birth control pill and send her on her way. They also know she might be KILLED on the way, but they apparently don't care about that, anyway. the whole thing is a MANUFACTURED thing, designed to make Trump look bad. They come by the thousands, with, and without their children, and overwhelm the border guards. And they expect us to do nothing? They even pretend other children are their own, making their scam obvious.

KIDS GANG UP ON DAD: This mother had a restraining order out against her estranged husband, because he had been violent toward her. Which, of course, did NOTHING to stop him from attacking her again. Much like gun laws do nothing to stop bad guys from getting guns. But in this case, he didn't count on their kids. When he began beating their mom again, they stood up for her. The 8-year-old daughter actually jumped up and hit him in the face, which would have earned her her own beating, if not for the boy, 5, who brought his mother a gun, which she used to strop his attack.

IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER: Whatever Trump does, the swamp will criticize him for it. He just signed an executive order that gave them everything they SAID they wanted, and now they're saying it "doesn't solve the problem because children shouldn't be incarcerated under any circumstances." He just can't win with them for losing. They also said his executive order was "the first time he responded to political pressure." Which is a crock, of course. He didn't respond because of political pressure, but because of humanitarian pressure to do the right thing. But that's something those fools will never understand.

HOGG NEEDS COMEUPPANCE: Seventeen-year-old anti-gun fool David Hogg thinks he's a "rock star" because the liberal media and his anti-gun fool "handlers" are treating him like one. Everywhere he goes, he seems to be surrounded by microphones shoved into his face to record his every utterance--as if what this ignorant kid knew something important to say. He doesn't. He has seized upon his position as (maybe) a Parkland School "survivor" to get his "fifteen minutes of fame." His first attempt at getting Laura Ingraham's sponsors to stop sponsoring her failed, big time, so like most liberals, he's doing the same thing again, and expecting a different outcome. Which is the definition of insanity.

TARGETING LEGAL GUN OWNERS: The anti-gun fools have given up even PRETENDING to be trying to "keep guns out of the hands of criminals," and are now targeting LEGAL gun owners, who mostly aren't criminals. New Jersey's new governor, Phil Murphy, wants to "make it a lot more expensive to own a gun." The current "fee" for getting a PERMIT to buy a gun is only $2.00. Murphy doesn't like that, and wants to hike it a LOT (It's always about money, isn't it?). The current plan is to raise the "fee" from $2.00 to $50.00. Which is much higher than would be required by inflation.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They keep saying, "It's time to IMPEACH Rosenstein" (Deputy Director of the Department of Justice). You don't impeach second level government employees, you FIRE THEM. Trump can fire him, like he did Comey. And this arrogant SOB who threatened members of Congress and refused to turn over documents Congress subpoenaed, needs to be fired. Impeachment is for certain ELECTED office holders.... There are MILLIONS of guns in America, most of them illegally owned by the bad guys. How long would it take the cops to "confiscate" (steal) them all, even if they could? It's an impossible task, made worse by the fact that many people, legal or illegal owners, would hide them.... Stormy Daniels wants to run for president. That reminds me of the story about the flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. She has about as much chance of winning as that flea has of raping that elephant.... Kathy Griffin is a bitter old woman, much like Hillary Clinton. Both their careers are over, and they're "lashing out" at the easiest target, President Trump....

Monday, June 25, 2018

Gun Control Works?

Really! Then how did a FELON get 500 guns? That's what the LA Sheriff's deputies found when they aided his home. 500 guns! Owned by a FELON! You think he IGNORED their fancy gun laws? Obviously. So what the hell GOOD are they if a FELON can acquire up to 500 guns before being caught? After involving the ATF, to determine the history of each gun, it was decided this guy was "just a collector," rather than someone holding guns to do crimes. Never mind he committed a crime each time he acquired a gun.

IT'S NOT A "POLICY!" The left calls separating illegal aliens who bring their kids along with them, a POLICY. Which is a LIE! It is NOT a "Trump policy." It is THE LAW! The only thing Trump is doing is ENFORCING THE LAW as it was made by previous Dumocrat congress, . Previous presidents, both Dumocrat and Republican, ignored that law, and it became accepted that families who force their kids to break the law along with them, would not be separated--so they came. By the thousands. And the HUNDREDS of thousands. And the law was made moot. Never mind we "separate families" every day when we imprison a citizen for committing a crime.

THEY WON'T RUN IT: There was an (almost) mass shooting in a Washington state Wal-Mart the other day. I say "almost, because it didn't come off quite the way the shooter intended, because there was a legally-armed citizen there who shot him to death, ending his intended shooting spree. The liberal media might make a "lick and a promise" coverage of this incident, because they want to promote the narrative that this never happens. The interesting thing is, the guy who killed this gun man wasn't violating the law, but he WAS violating the Wal-Mart policy that its property is a "gun-free zone." If he had dutifully left his gun at home, many more people would have been injured or killed by this shooter.

LIBERALS ARE REJOICING: There was a road rage incident today, in which a man shot several people. The anti-gun fools are jumping for joy because one of their most common "predictions" has finally come true. Somebody has shot someone over a road rage incident. Their favorite lie is that letting the law-abiding carry guns for defense against this kind of incident would lead to more of them. In the news reports about this, nothing was said about whether or not the shooter's gun was legally owned. That little fact just was not important to the writers, who are, for the most part, gun control partisans.

FLAILING IN WRONG DIRECTION: The anti-gun fools continue to flail around, trying to find SOMETHING they can do to "reduce gun crime," and they're, as usual, looking in all the wrong directions. In California, for instance, they're trying to pass a bill into law requiring vendors to track gun parts, and pay a license fee (It always comes down to more money for the government, doesn't it?). To buy ammunition or any gun parts, you will have to do the same things you have to do to buy a gun, itself. Pass a background check, and buy a special license. Anything to make it harder to own a gun and actually USE it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrats are giving Trump a lot of hooey over revealing the truth about just who is to blame for the "separating kids from their parents" LAW and telling them THEY must do something about it. The fact is, it was BUSH who signed it into law after majority Dumocrats passed it, and it was the Obama admin that IGNORED the law. They think grousing about him SAYING so will convince someone they're not in the wrong.... Declaring their stupidity. A recent poll says 10% of Republicans think better of that pudgy little bloody dictator than they do of stupid Nancy Peelosi. Nancy ain't the greatest, but she's head and shoulders over Kim Jong Stupid. So far, at least.... Creating terrorists; some say that taxi driver who drove onto the sidewalk into people did it because he hated Muslims. what kind of PROOF do they have of that? It's easy to say, but I'll wait for proof....

Friday, June 22, 2018

Can't Put Kids in Jail

The liberals are making a big propaganda thing out of children being separated from their parents when they're arrested for the CRIME of entering this country illegally. What they don't tell you is that children are NEVER sent to prison with their criminal parents. If you rob a store or kill somebody, we don't punish your children with you. So EVERY criminal is "separated from his or her children" when they're sent to prison for the crimes they commit. and illegal aliens bring that on themselves when they bring their innocent children with them when they set out to commit that crime.

"IT'S THE FAR RIGHT!" Dumocrats label anything to THEIR right as being "the far right." They SAY they're the "party of inclusion," but the only people they include are those who agree with every facet of their beliefs. All the others, they label as "far right," and do everything they can to make sure they don't get a chance to say their piece. A good example of that is the "student uprisings" we have seen to keep conservative speakers like Ann Coulter from uttering a single word on their campus. Canada, in fact, BARRED her from even ENTERING Canada to fulfill a speaking commitment. And she's not the only conservative speaker to be "shouted down" on various campuses, while socialists and communists speak there, freely.

WAY TO GO, GRANDMA! A 46 year-old grandma went out to take a picture of her new bumper sticker that said, "Women Who Behave Seldom Make History." Which is one way to say, "Don't Mess With Grandma!" A rabid bobcat that attacked her found out the hard way it should have learned to read. The bobcat jumped her and went for her throat. so she strangled him to death. It's too bad that cat couldn't read. Maybe he would have passed her by and found someone easier. Which just goes to show the best defense is NOT to fight with the same tools as your attacker--human or animal.

DON'T BRING YOUR KIDS: Message to illegal aliens: When you contemplate committing a crime that requires you t be incarcerated, don't bring your kids with you. They will be separated from you because they are not the criminals in this plot. If a man is contemplating a burglary or a holdup, or even a bank robbery, he doesn't bring his kids with him usually. Why? Because he knows there's a chance he might be incarcerated if anything goes wrong. Illegal aliens, on the other hand, KNOW "something is going to go wrong," and they will be incarcerated.

HO, HUM, NOTHING NEW: Several political outfits have come together to propose "new" gun laws. The liberal media touts that, saying they have "come together to find new ways to stop gun violence!" One little problem: what they propose are the same tired, old, laws and regulations that didn't work the first time they tried them. Or the second, or the third. ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Those organizations include the American MEDICAL Association, the Police Executive Research Foundation (whatever THAT is), and the Conference of Mayors (USCM). The USCM said, "A constitutional right to bear arms doesn't exist," which is totally a LIE. They also said, "The Second Amendment is an Anachronism," which is also a LIE. They don't have any idea what they're talking about.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: We might be a little quicker to believe Hillary's excuses for why she lost the election of there weren't so damned many of them.... Textbook bias: The same "investigators" who said Hillary was innocent before the "investigation" even began, said Trump should be impeached, even before THAT "investigation" began. If that's not proof of bias, I don't know what is.... The FBI's IG Report actually DETAILED many examples of bias in the "investigation" of Hillary Clinton, and then blandly declared that he "didn't find any evidence of bias." And they really expect us to believe that. That report, by itself, is ample "evidence of bias.".... Nancy Peelosi lectures a reporter about using the term, "illegal aliens." Says, "It's not constructive." But it IS "descriptive," Nancy....

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

No Posts Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day I go in for cardiac surgery. They tell me they usually only keep you for four hours, but every once in a while you have to stay overnight. So I'm going to be ready for anything. It's minor surgery, but you never know.

A DEFINITE DETERRENT: A guy went into a Wal-Mart and tried to rob it, unsuccessfully. When he got outside, his car wouldn't start. So he decided to carjack another man in the parking lot, using a knife to threaten him. That didn't work, as the man pulled a gun on him. He ran away and decided to carjack a woman in a Starbucks drive-in line. So she pulled HER gun and ran him off--again. This just wasn't his day, I guess. He went into a local public restroom, where he was found and arrested some time later. If this kind of thing would happen to thieves more often, maybe they'd look for another way to "earn" a living.

"THERE IS NO BIAS": What a LOAD of BS that is! The Inspector General of the FBI, after detailing every "crime" committed by James Comey and other top FBI people to help Hillary win the presidency, he said, in the last paragraph of his report, that he had "found no evidence of bias on the part of the FBI." Who does he think he is kidding? The bias is so evident a five-year-old recognizes it. But not the IG of the FBI. He "didn't find bias" because he wasn't LOOKING for any. This is a typical DC "swamp" cover-up. Tell us all about what people did wrong, then tell us they didn't do anything wrong, and hope we'll believe it.

THEY CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT: Why the hell the "authorities" in DC can't figure out that the top people in Obama's FBI hate Trump with a passion and were working HARD to make sure he didn't get elected president, is a mystery to most people. It's not a mystery to INTELLIGENT people. It's a case of the criminals "investigating" each other and trying hard to cover for each other. And we're supposed to be so stupid we can't see through their scams.

FOLLOWING DEMOCRAT LAW: It's a "lose, lose situation" for Trump. The border cops are following the law made by a Dumocrat Congress in handling the children of illegal aliens trying to get into this country. Previously, under Obama's "catch and release" policy, they would catch them, then release them into the United States until their scheduled hearing. Unfortunately, many would not show up for that hearing, and could not be found. So now they're being arrested, and held in captivity until their hearings. And another law doesn't allow their children to be locked up with them, so they must be cared for elsewhere.

WHY'RE THEY STILL THERE? FBI agent Peter Strzok and his girlfriend DEMONSTRATED their bias against Donald Trump in their Tweets. But the IG "didn't find evidence of bias." Is he blind? Or just corrupt? I know, he is caught between two loyalties. One, he is bound to expose corruption when he finds it, but, two, he is torn between that loyalty and his loyalty to the rest of the swamp. So he releases his report, specifying those "crimes," then says he "didn't find evidence of bias." Thereby keeping both loyalties.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: It's a "sign of the times" that a BROTHEL owner won the primary in Nevada, and will soon be running for office. There was a time when such a person wouldn't even DREAM of running for office, and rightly so.... Nancy Peelosi wants to know why there aren't uprisings all over the country. Maybe it's because nobody but your own dupes agree with you, and the rest of the country agrees with President Trump.... Damn she has gall! Hillary is criticizing former FBI director James Comey for using a private e-mail server for government business. Is she just STUPID, or what? I can't account for her way of thinking.... Alec Badwin is really deluded. He really thinks he could beat President Trump in 2020. Truth is, Trump would "stomp him into the mud." He'd "beat him like a drum," the way he did Hillary....

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

They'll Find A Way

If somebody is contemplating a serious crime, such as murder, and they can't get a gun, they will find a way. In Nashville, KY recently, a man tried to buy a gun and was rebuffed after he failed to pass a background check. So he got an ax and buried it in his intended victim's head, killing him. Which again proves my thesis that it isn't the gun that's at fault, it is the PERSON. "[E]xperts said Micheli displayed textbooks signs of psychosis well before the attack. On his personal Facebook page, Micheli frequently calls himself the "Sun of God." Throughout dozens of long, disjointed posts he also references killing, a cosmic power and justice." But did anybody take notice and try to give him the help he was pleading for? Not a chance.

"INSPECTOR GENERAL BLEW IT!" President Trump generally agrees with the findings of the Inspector General that investigated how the FBI and James Comey handled the Hillary Clinton "investigation." There were many instances of ignoring "protocol" and regulations, maybe even LAWS that the IG detailed. But then he appended that last sentence that said, "No political bias was found." How he figured that is a mystery to intelligent people. The bias is glaringly apparent in all they did. Their whole effort was to protect Hillary and get her elected president. And Trump noted that when he said, "The IG blew it with that last sentence." And he did. That last sentence blows his credibility.

MANAFORT'S BAIL REVOKED: Mueller has succeeded in criminalizing Paul Manafort, having convinced a judge to revoke his bail and send him to jail. This on a simple "process crime" that is tenuous, at best. One of the things he used to do that is "how much money Manafort had in his bank account" even after ponying up a $10 MILLION dollar bail. Yet it is doubtful Manafort HAS much money left after paying all his lawyers. Mueller has run Manafort broke in his effort to "get" Donald Trump. That's the scam. Find someone with a tenuous connection to Trump and question him incessantly until he makes a "memory error," then charge him with "lying to the FBI," causing him to have to spend more money than he has, wearing him down so he'll plead guilty to ANYTHING, just to "make it go away."

REALLY APPLYING THE PRESSURE: Mueller's scam is finding peripheral FORMER associates of President Trump, and putting them through the wringer. Questioning them for days on end, until they don't even know what day it is. Then ask them a "trick question" at a time when their memory is, at best, spotty from exhaustion, and calling them a liar when they get a date wrong. Meanwhile, the subject of his scam is broke, having spent more money than he ever had on his attorneys. He has lost his house, his wife is divorcing him, and his kids are "drawing away." He's at the end of his rope, and willing to agree to ANYTHING, just to "make it stop." That's when Mueller pounces.

BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES: Liberals are giving Trump a lot of crap because children are being separated from their parents if they cross the border illegally. That's not what's happening at all, and it's NOT Trump to be blamed. It is being done under laws that existed long before Trump was president, and only happens when the parents were "caught and released" in the past until their hearing, they didn't show up. That has been a major problem in the past, and that is what has caused children to be separated from their parents when they are sent to a place where they cannot NOT show up. We can't keep the kids prisoner with them, so they are put in what amounts to foster care until then. And ONLY until then.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Twitter CEO ate at Chic-Fil-A and the liberals lost their minds. So he "surrendered," and apologized, which was STUPID. Where he eats is HIS business, and nobody else's. He has the right to eat where he pleases, no matter what anybody else thinks. And who the hell gives a crap what liberals think? I sure don't, and neither should any other intelligent people.... Word is, Kim Jong Stupid brought his own crapper with him to Singapore. I guess he thinks his crap is something special and should be "preserved for posterity." Or he thinks spies will "inspect it" and find out something about him he doesn't want anybody to know.... Bill Clinton is disappointed that he can't do as many things against people's will, or make them miserable in their workspace as he used to be able to do. He is just too damned stupid to realize that he just gave away his entire way of thinking. Maybe he just drank too much of his wife's Chardonnay....