Monday, March 31, 2014

Dems To Run On Obamacare

The word is that many Democrats are going to run on a “We’ll fix Obamacare” ticket. And they expect us to be stupid enough to believe that. Frankly, there IS no “fixing” Obamacare. It is fatally flawed. It is unconstitutional. It is a “protection racket” run by the government. There can BE no “fixing” it. Republicans want to repeal it and REPLACE it. That won’t work, either. It should NOT be “replaced” by ANYTHING. The old system was as least AFFORDABLE to many people (not me), but you weren’t FORCED to buy it.

“COMMUNIST AMERICA”: That’s what Obama is building. Pro communists will ridicule me for saying this, of course, because the communist word is that “communism is dead” since it “collapsed” in Russia But it didn’t. That was a ruse to “put us to sleep,” and that’s what Gorbachev told his lawmaking body. That's on the record. And it worked. Just suggest that communism is still “alive and well” and you get laughed at and ridiculed. And you will continue to be laughed at until this is “Communist America.”

POLAR BEARS DYING A CON: The whole idea of people driving gasoline powered cars killing Polar bears with air pollution is absurd. There’s only one problem. The number of polar bears in existence is INCREASING. Remember that picture showing a couple of polar bears on a presumably “shrinking” slab of ice? That was a con, too. It was made to look like that was the only ice slab left in the world; it wasn’t. The photo was taken to make it LOOK like the bears were “stranded.” They were NOT. Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles in the coldest water imaginable.” Further, there are more ice floes appearing than melting. It’s all a scam, folks. And your government and the UN are joining the scam.

RIOTS OVER POLICE BRUTALITY: Twice in New Mexico recently, men were shot to death by cops when it didn’t need to happen. Neither man was armed (one had his back to the cops and his hands in the air), and the “reports” were falsified to make it LOOK like the cops were justified. They weren’t. Now citizens in the area are demonstrating and the same cops are “turned out” to quell them. I’ll be surprised if a number of demonstrators aren’t shot to death by the same trigger-happy cops. The only “riot” there is what the COPS are doing. This is not an “anti-cop” piece, it’s an “anti-killer cop” piece against cops who kill indiscriminately.

KOREA IS FIGHTING: They’re both (North and South) having “maneuvers” and firing into the other’s territory. Nobody has been hit yet (that we know of) but if they keep it up, war is inevitable. At the same time, Russia is taking over every territory it thinks it can get away with. How do we keep peace in the world with such people running things? I guess Kim wants even all males in the south to wear his ridiculous-looking haircut, too.

MUST KEEP COUNTERFEITING: The new boss at “The Fed” says, “in view of the current economic situation, we must continue our ‘quantitative easing’ (counterfeiting) operation.” They’ve been propping up the stock market with massive infusions of “funny money” for so long now, that if they stop the markets will collapse like you’re never seen before. So they’ll keep printing counterfeit money.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Calling the Kettle Black

Fox news had a segment recently in which it criticized CNN for “overuse” of the “Breaking News” banner—what? Nobody OVERUSES THE “breaking News” banner more than Fox. I get so tired of hearing and seeing it, and then having it be followed by the same old, tired, repetition of the same old thing they’ve had on time and again. Fox brings truth, not covered by ANY other news source (except for other “alternative” news sources), but it is just as guilty of overuse of the “Breaking News” banner as anybody else. Maybe more.

IT’S A BUNCH OF BULL: Ovomit claims that SIX MILLION fools have “signed up” for Obamacare. That’s a LOAD of bull, designed to make us THINK it’s beginning to work. It’s not. Sebilius refuses to say how many have PAID so she can’t be accused later of LYING. But she has told so many lies, it’s amazing she hasn’t been held in contempt already. I guess they’re not PROVABLE lies. Giving phony figures would BE provable when the real ones come out.

CLAIMING SUCCESS: You can’t claim success if people only “sign up” because if they don’t you’ll FINE them. So Obama’s claims of SIX MILLION sign ups are meaningless. He has NO WAY of knowing how many people have “signed up,” OR have actually PAID a premium. He’s making up the numbers as he goes along, as he is wont to do. His whole plan is to LOOT young people to pay for the medical costs of old people, which is a COMMUNIST thing (income redistribution) and not something Americans want. Everything he does promotes COLLECTIVISM, of which communism and socialism are but two different forms.

OBAMA ATTACKS PALIN’S BROTHER: Is there nothing so EVIL and low that Obama’s thugs won’t try it? Sarah Palin’s brother is a hard-working man who has faithfully paid his taxes all along, but he is now fighting the IRS, which is attempting to hurt him because he’s Sarah’s brother. This is a sickening example of Obama’s effort to discourage Sarah from any more actions against him by threatening her family. That’s about as LOW as there is!

MRI NO MORE: I’ve always wondered about how quick doctors were to order an MRI when I went into the hospital. The reason is, the procedure is IMPORTANT to discover what’s wrong with me without cutting me open to see for themselves. But I’m afraid the MRI will become a “thing of the past” because Obama’s health care swindle law already regards it as TOO EXPENSIVE to be used that often. And since the government is PAYING for it (with money EXTORTED from us), he thinks he has the right to “second guess’ the doctors (with NO medical knowledge) and refuse to allow it to be used, in all but the worst cases. The fact that people will DIE because they can’t use it doesn’t bother him.

NO INSURANCE AT ALL: Obama’s health care swindle law creates a system of “insurance” that is NO insurance at all, for anything but disastrous medical maladies. It costs $500 or MORE a month and involves co-pays and deductibles in the THOUSANDS of dollars to be paid BEFORE the “insurance” kicks in. that’s NO INSURANCE at all, and at TWICE or three times as much. And we are FORCED to buy it by law, or pay a “fine.” They  CALL it a “tax,” buy it IS a fine. It’s the old ”protection racket” updated and run by the government.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lies to Cover Lies

That’s Harry. Harry Reid is now denying he ever called the Obamacare “horror stories” lies. I guess he’s to old and feeble to understand that we have him on videotape saying just that. Maybe he just “isn’t learned” about videos, as he said Americans “aren’t learned” about the Internet. Maybe in his senility he just doesn’t remember. Boy, we really have some STUPID ones in Congress, don’t we? This guy is an embarrassment with all that egg on his face.

HOW DID HARRY BECOME A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE? He came to the Congress without a lot of money. Yes, he WAS a millionaire. Now he is a MULTI-millionaire. How did he do it? With all the graft he has participated in as Majority Leader, plus the shady land deals he’s done, using his position as leverage. This man’s picture is next to the definition of “corrupt politician” in the Encyclopedia.

EVERY DAY A SCANDAL: What is it with the Democrats? Have they lost their ability to cover up their crimes? They didn’t used to get caught so much as they are, now. Sure, there have been a few Republicans “scooped up” in scandal. That’s to be expected of politicians, whatever party. But it seems like ALL the “dirty politicians” they find today are Democrats. Maybe it’s because they’re so susceptible. They just can’t help themselves. They want to “get theirs” while they still can.

WHEN IT’S A REPUBLICAN… Have you ever noticed that when a Republican gets in trouble, his party is mentioned in the FIRST SENTENCE of every news story about it? But when a Democrat gets caught with his pants down, you have to do a Google search to find out he’s a Democrat. Democrats do a good job of HIDING Democrat connections to ANY scandal and we usually find out they’re Democrats in the very last paragraph of any news story, if it’s there, at all.

REFUSING TO “TOE THE LINE”: Kobe Bryant is in trouble. Because he’s black and refuses to condemn George Zimmerman in killing a black thug who was trying to kill him. At no time did Bryant voice SUPPORT for either Zimmerman or Martin. He was only “waiting for the facts.” Apparently that’s not enough when you’re black You’re supposed to support the black man REGARDLESS of the facts. They’ll call me racist for this, buy that doesn’t matter to me. And that's a fact.

OBAMACARE WILL KILL DEMOCRATS: Democrats are “in denial” about this. They still say Obamacare will help them win in the next couple of elections. But as we “find out what’s in it” more and more, anger AGAINST democrats increases accordingly. If Democrats score well in the next elections, it will be because of the STUPIDITY of voters. When REAL (informed) voters come out, I don’t think there are enough stupid ones who don’t pay attention to politics to make a difference.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Communists Hail Obama

Him and New York Mayor DeBlasio, because BOTH have done much to advance the communist cause in America. Yet nobody seems interested in DOING anything about it. Before he’s done, Ovomit will have made us into “Soviet America” and we (not me) will have voted ourselves into slavery. Damn, I’m glad I’m old and won’t live to see much of it as this country descends into slavery to replace Russia as collectivism’s “showcase country!” The stupidity of people to allow this amazes me.

NO APPLAUSE: Obama gave a speech in communist China and waited for the expected applause—and ONE person was heard to TENTATIVELY clap once or twice. Nobody else. Not even his “entourage.” And Obama had to leave in complete embarrassment. I guess he can’t “pack” the audience with sycophants everywhere. This should send a message to him and his thugs that nobody really likes him except those who benefit from his presence.

HARRY REID’S LAND DEALS: Senator Harry Reid, Majority leader in the senate, has had so many shady land deals I don’t have room here to name them all. He lashes out at ANY reporter who dares to ASK him about it. Like Minority leader in the House Nancy Peelosi, he has become “filthy rich” using his position in the Congress for “leverage.” He is one of the best examples of the “culture of corruption” known to be in the Congress. The quicker we get rid of both of them, the better.

OBAMA PROMISES “SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES”: Egypt has BANNED that terrorist organization, The Muslim Brotherhood, of which Ovomit is an “unofficial” member and condemned 529 of its members to death. Ovomit has promised “serious consequences” if they actually do it. So who cares? Is that yet another “red line” for him to ignore if they go ahead and do it? Nobody cares what Ovomit threatens. He only DOES bad things to his own citizens.

PHONY ADS: Democrats are running ads saying the woman in the anti-Obomacare fight against a Colorado senator are phony. They say it’s because the woman is an actor, not a real person. What the hell do they think actors ARE? Maybe she IS an actor, but her questions are very real. Democrats are using the (maybe) “fact” she is an actor to ignore the very REAL questions she raises, which MUST be answered. Their usual con.

HARRY REID THINKS YOU’RE STUPID: Yes, there ARE a few people who aren’t “learned” on how to use the Internet. Mostly us “old folks” to whom anything new is suspect in many cases. Funny. I’m 76, and I’ve been using computer since 1984 when their presence on every desk was unusual. Back when there was only ONE desktop publishing program on the market (Pagemaker 101 on the Mac). I design web sites, do desktop publishing, write books, and blog on them. I’ve had my fingers on a computer keyboard almost every day since. Am I the one he’s talking about? Really, I think it’s the people who DESIGNED Obama’s health care web site who are computer illiterate. I’ve been using computers since before AlGore “invented” the Internet. What the hell’s this fool talking about?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Agree With Sheila

I don’t often agree with Sheila Jackson-Lee on ANYTHING. What she proposes is usually stupid. But in this case I agree wholeheartedly that the flight recorder on each commercial airplane flying should NOT be able to be ‘turned off” by the pilot. I don’t know why it CAN be, anyway! There is no purpose I can think of for a pilot doing so.

WHO STOPS THEM? Ovomit’s government says they’re creating the “most perfect health care system in the world,” and stopping the insurance companies from screwing you. Which raises the question: What stops Ovomit’s GOVERNMENT from screwing you? So far, they caused the cancellation of plans we COULD afford, replacing them with “one size fits all” plans at TWICE or three times the cost with co-pays in the $THOUSANDS of dollars: essentially NO insurance at all for anything less than a catasttophe. So what’s so great about that?

GOVT CENSORS SAUDI TEXT: America’s government has banned the use of a textbook because its contents might “embarrass” the Saudis. What the hell FOR? Who cares what the Saudis, or any other Muslims think? They don’t care a whit what WE think. You should see some of the offensive crap they publish in their countries. It’s “one-way” with them. We can’t “offend” them, but they can offend us. And if we complain, just kill us.

“SETTLED LAW?” Sen. Mark Udall says, “Obamacare is ‘settled law’ and cannot be reversed.” Only problem here is, there is NO such thing as “settled law.” There IS no law that cannot be changed, or even eliminated by a vote of the right people. This man is STUPID, and stupid people are too stupid to know how stupid they ARE. They think they’re the sharpest knife in the drawer. I hear this “settled law” crap all the time and it’s always some ignorant Democrat saying it.

DEMOCRATS BLAME GOP: Ho, hum. Isn’t it ever thus? They spend more money than there IS, then tell us the reason they can’t spend even more is because of the opposition of the MINORITY party, which can’t stop them from doing ANYTHING. They pee in my shoe ant tell me it's rain. The Democrats recently sent out a fund-raising letter in which they say they “could accomplish a lot more if the Republicans weren’t there to oppose them.” What? Do they mean they could spend a lot more if they were unopposed? Do they mean they could take away even more of our rights if the GOP were not there? What fools do they take us for? (Rhetorical question)

MICHELLE IN EXPENSIVE SUITE: What gives her the right to spend more than $8,000.00 A NIGHT for space in a hotel in communist China? She’s not a diplomat. She’s just the WIFE of a politician and she brought her MOM and her daughters along, and her mom is giving hotel staff a hard time. Why are THEY along? And who is paying for all this? I’m sure SHE )her mom) can’t afford it. The Obamas are clearly taking full advantage of their positions, as long as that lasts. Which may be forever, if Obama has his way. I’m getting tired of paying their extravagant bills.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ann Romney's $900 Blouse

Remember that? The Democrats (and thus the liberal media) made a “big thing” out of somebody spending THEIR OWN MONEY for a $900 blouse. But they say NOTHING about Michelle Obama’s $3,000.00 dress, bought with taxpayer’s money because she doesn’t have that kind of money to spend on clothes without it. This is a typical example of the double standard evident in the liberal media.

COPS KILL UNARMED MAN: I think this happened in Albuquerque, but I’m not sire. I was looking as an alternate case and watched as this man was shot Five times while standing with his hands up, the last two times (one of which was the fatal shot) with his BACK to the cops and his hands in the air. The fact this was brought to my attention while I was looking for yet ANOTHER unlawful cop killing says a lot to me. This is happening way too often today and illustrates the fact that we ARE now a “police state” with cops killing willy-nilly and those killings being declared (by their police agencies, of course) to be “justified, in SPITE of the obvious evidence that it is MURDER.

IT MADE RUSH LOSE IT: Hillary had a meeting with the Algerian Foreign Minister while she was Secretary of State and the video was just released. It cracked Rush Limbaugh up to see her “FrankenHIllary” hairdo. He “lost it,” but wouldn’t tell us what it was. The other thing I noticed is that, even while the Algerian was talking, the camera remained on her. He probably didn’t notice until it was released to the press.

OBAMA MOST WELL TRAVELED: According to the National Taxpayer Union Foundation, Obama has taken more vacations, been out of the country more, and spent more money on it than ANY modern president. This is obviously a man who is taking full advantage of his tenure as president to get as much out of it as he can, using taxpayer money.

NJ SENATORS JOKING ABOUT GUN CONTROL: They seem to be ALL in favor of taking guns away from law-abiding people and giving illegally armed CRIMINALS a steady stream of unarmed victims, according to their “open mike” comments. They obviously didn’t realize the mike was on when they talked about making laws to “confiscate, confiscate, confiscate” guns. They seem unaware that the Constitution FORBIDS such actions. But I’m sure they do, but they IGNORE it, as do most anti-gun FOOLS.

WISCONSIN LOWERS TAXES—AGAIN: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has AGAIN lowered the state’s taxes because of all the money his policies have saved his state. Is he a Democrat? Not HARDLY! He’s a REPUBLICAN. It’s only a Republican who could (or WOULD) have done this. Democrats are too bound and determined to tax you into poverty and give the money away to “other poor.” People they “designated” as poor. Walker used common sense to cut his state’s costs; something Democrats don’t even know the MEANING of.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Russia's On the Move

They’re massing in areas very close to the Ukrainian border and are talking about doing similar things in Estonia, another former Soviet “satellite.” It looks like they’re beginning a drive to reunite all their former satellites back into Russia, thus reversing that phony “collapse" of the Soviet Union, designed to “put the Americans to sleep (per the then Soviet Premier, Mikhail Gorbachev, in a speech to Russia’s lawmaking body). And it worked. Ask any politician today, and they scoff at the whole idea that Russia is still a threat. They will still be scoffing when Russia takes over their country.

WHAT DRIVES REID? What insane thoughts drive people like Harry Reid and Sen. Feinstein, and others who think the Constitution means NOTHING? They go about, every day, CONSPIRING to usurp the Constitution, something they each and every one SWORE to PROTECT AND DEFEND? Reid HATES “rich people.” Yet he is one of the richest, mostly from “shady” land deals that resulted from his position as Majority Leader. Most liberals, in Congress and without, are rich. Mostly inherited wealth from people long dead. And they want to PREVENT an “upstart” from joining them.

USING INERTIA: Russia is taking advantage of natural “inertia” in our reaction to it’s “takeover” in the Crimea. As we did when Hitler moved into other countries such as Poland, we tried every DIPLOMATIC way we could to inhibit his moves, but it didn’t work. By the time we realized this, it was almost too late. He had already “taken over” most of Europe and was eying the middle east and China. Unfortunately, at the same time, Japan was also trying to expand its holdings, so we were eventually FORCED to fight a war on TWO FRONTS. We are in a similar situation now, and our incompetent politicians will not believe it and take real action.

WE’RE STUPID: And Obama is a “saint,” according to Joe (Big Mouth, No Brain) Biden. Typically, the stupid don’t even realize they ARE stupid. In fact, they think they’re the smartest people around. That perfectly describes Joe Biden. Obama picked him for VP because he knew how stupid he was, and that he would be easy to manipulate. He was right, and "ol' Joe has proved him right every day.

OBAMACARE WON’T FAIL: That’s according to “The Hill" and Amy Stoddard, its editor. She’s basing that on the fact that, even though Obama was universally disliked in 2012, he was STILL re-elected. Of course, that disregards entirely the fact that he STOLE that election, AND the one that got him elected in the first place. That’s why he never wavered in his faith at being elected and re-elected. He know “the fix was in,” created by “the powers that be” who wanted an unknown communist, socialist, and Muslim to become president.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH LEGISLATORS? They KNOW when they’re elected that the laws they make are CONTROLLED by the Constitution. They swear to UPHOLD that Constitution when they are admitted to their lawmaking bodies. Then they immediately go out and introduce UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS and many of them VOTE for them. They know there’s no PUNISHMENT for introducing OR voting for an unconstitutional law, so they figure they’re safe. We need to add an amendment providing for that punishment so they can no longer treat the Constitution with disregard after PROMISING to UPHOLD and DEFEND it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

"Rising Racial Tensions"

Ovomit said electing him would forever eliminate racism from the land. He also said he could lower the sea level. So now there is “racial tension rising” in the land—why? Because Ovomit himself is “whipping it up” every time he calls somebody racist for disagreeing with ANY of his policies. And he is ably abetted by such race whores as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who see racism under every bed—and profit from it. Then there’s “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan, who uses it to increase the size of his bunch of fools after murdering his predecessor to become the “leader” of his so-called "Muslim" organization.

NJ DEMOCRATS PASS GUN BAN: What were they THINKING? The Second Amendment FORBIDS such a law, yet they passed it, and will not be punished for it because the Constitution doesn’t provide PUNISHMENT for passing such a law. They will be criticized, FOR SURE. But they get criticism all the time. They're used to it. They don’t care. A provision needs to be added providing PUNISHMENT for such an act upon proof of passage of an unconstitutional law.

WHITE HOUSE WORRIED: They’re worried that Russia might take steps to “annex” (steal) more of the Ukraine. So what? Putin doesn’t care because Ovomit has displayed nothing but WEAKNESS. Putin doesn’t figure he will DO anything about it beyond complaining and whining. And he’s probably right. Ovomit is frightened to do ANYTHING except whine about such things for fear of being CALLED “the president who started WWIII.” Of course, the only people who would do that hate us, anyway. So why do we care?

WHAT IS WWIII ANYWAY? It’s a war fought on more than one front at a time, right? But what have we been fighting for the last ten years since 9/11? If that isn’t a “world war,” I don’t know what is. Ovomit doesn’t DEFINE it as a “world war,” he just pulls his troops out unilaterally and claims victory. While the enemy continues their killing spree in several countries as we run away. Damn, I’ll be glad to be rid of Ovomit (if that ever happens)!

WHY CAN’T WE FIND A PLANE? We can put a man on the moon, buy we can’t find ONE commercial airplane. Malaysian flight 370 turned off its transponder and went off course. And NO ONE has seen it since. Nobody knows if it just flew elsewhere. Nobody knows if the more than 200 souls on board are alive or dead. This is in the 21st Century fergawdsake! People talk about being able to “read a license plate from space,” but that’s a vast exaggeration. There can be something there 90 feet long and they can’t tell if is an airplane wing or something else. Sounds like a TYPICAL government LIE.

“COMMON SENSE” GUN LAWS: That’s what anti-gun fools always call their stupid, useless laws to further limit the American people’s right to keep and bear arms. “Common sense” seems to involve DISARMING honest people and giving criminals a steady stream of unarmed victims while their laws do NOTHING to stop CRIMINALS from getting their guns. The sheer STUPIDITY of these people amazes me, and the fact that they INSIST on being stupid while thinking they’re the smartest people around.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Nancy's Still At It

 It’s almost like she’s signed a contract to put out at least one stupid statement every day, because she certainly does that. Today it’s “Obama is the most non-partisan president ever.” It’s almost like she picks out the most easily proven lie there is and tells it, DARING us to prove her wrong. I think it all started with her most stupid statement of all,  about Obamacare: “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” Does she actually think we BELIEVE this crap? If she does, she’s even more stupid than I though she was. I think she says things like this to keep us talking about her stupid statements so we don’t concentrate on Ovomit’s crimes.

OUT AND OUT HYPOCRISY: Ovomit’s Department of “Justice” refuses to appoint a special prosecutor (not controlled by Ovomit) to investigate the IRS conspiracy to inhibit the work of all conservative organizations by reusing them the tax-free status to which they’re entitled, for months, even YEARS at a time, so they could do nothing to inhibit the outrages Ovomit is perpetrating upon all of us. They SAY it would be a “waste of time and money” because they’re already “investigating” the scandal (with federal employees who will NEVER find wrongdoing in the IRS). That’s like a fat man trying to find his weenie. Ovomit says it’s a “false scandal. And they’re out to find SOME proof of it. They think we can’t figure it out.

STUPIDEST PERSON ON EARTH: I think Joe Biden is competing with Nancy Peelosi for the title of the “stupidest person on Earth.” Why else, right after she makes a crack about his non-biased person” would he come up with the claim that he would “nominate Obama for sainthood.”? Are these people really that stupid? Or do they think WE are? Why do they insist on trying to top each other with ever more stupid statements?

SHARPTON AGAIN: Al Sharpton, race whore and host of an MSNBC show (that says it all, doesn’t it?) Asks why Rand Paul (he calls him RON Paul) thinks he has the right to accuse ANYBODY of racism. He bases that on Paul’s statement early in his career that the civil rights act may have been too broad, limiting rights for white people. On what does base that? That he actually thought about white people’s rights? It was a good question because that law DID limit many rights to white people that did not affect the rights of black people. That wasn’t a racist position, it was common sense. But Sharpton doesn’t know the difference. Neither do other racists.

PHELPS DIES: 84-year-old Fred Phelps, founder and “minister” to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, which is infamous for picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in battle and saying insulting things about them, has died of old age. I’m surprised. Somebody would have shot him in a perfect world (of course, in a perfect world he wouldn’t exist). Maybe we should picket HIS funeral and carry insulting signs. Let his family see what it’s like.

WHAT’S CHANGED? In many years of watching that vast wasteland called television programming (which used to be a lot better—or I wasn’t as choosy, one), I never heard the words d-ck or c-ck—until now. Thus show is a mediocre “comedy” and relies on sex jokes. This is the first show on American television where that part of the male anatomy has been actually NAMED. There have been many attempts to “get around” mentioning it while keeping it in the narrative, but this is the first time I have actually heard it NAMED, right out. TV is getting boring.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Suspended for Supporting Constitution

That’s right. A school child was suspended because he refused to turn his shirt inside-out. What was so objectionable? It said “NRA on the front and quoted the Second Amendment on the back. That’s jist orful! To support the CONSTITUTION? Send him to JAIL! With liberals running our schools, I’m not surprised at this. Maybe he should hold up the principal with his finger stuck out like a gun. I’m sure he’d do as ordered because “finger guns” frighten them.

RUSSIA BANS TOP AMERICANS: In response to Ovomit’s “sanctions,” placed on Russia for its unlawful “annexing” of the Crimea, Russia is now telling top American politicians they cannot come to Russia. You know, people like Harry Reid, Ovomit, of course, and others. What I want to know is, why would they WANT to go to Russia? Especially at this time? I wouldn’t want to go to Russia at ANY time. They actually think they’re “doing us harm” by this.

“RICH SHOULD PAY MORE TAXES”: That’s what actress Kristen Bell says—as if the rich DON’T pay more taxes. They pay more in income taxes than any other group, AS a group. Where the hell is SHE coming from? What has she been SMOKING? What HOLE has she been living in? If she wants to give more of the money she EARNS to the feds, she certainly can. But I don’t see her getting in line to do so. Come to think of it, I don’t even SEE a line.

SCARING PEOPLE AWAY: Why did Obama’s thugs raid Ares Armor? They had to even “get to” a judge in order to “legally” storm this gun parts store. How they did it, I don’t know. The “excuse” was that Ares was selling a completely legal gun part but what they REALLY wanted was their customer records so they could go around and intimidate them. If you bought ANYTHING that came originally from Ares, you can expect a visit from Ovomit’s thugs. They went in with armed, armored troops, “cracked” their safe, and walked off with millions of dollars in inventory and ALL their customer information.

TAKING STUPID PILLS: Nancy Peelosi is still taking her “stupid pills” on a regular basis, it seems. AGAIN she’s telling us that Obamacare is a “winner” in the next two elections. What planet has she been living on lately? Or has she been hiding in one of Osama’s caves? A MAJORITY of Americans want nothing to do with Obamacare and they believe (rightly) that they’re going to have to get rid of Ovomit to accomplish it. And she thinks it’s “a winner?” Boy, Democrats are going to be surprised when most of them are “run out of DC on a rail.”

LIBERALS TELL THE TRUTH: Not on purpose, of course. Whatever that say can be read exactly OPPOSITE to what is true. So whenever they say ANYTHING, you can be sure it is a LIE, and the truth is just the opposite. It’s as dependable as the sun coming up in the morning and going down at night. When Nancy says “Obamacare is a winner,” we can be sure she’s frightened it ISN’T. When Ovomit says, “You can keep your insurance and your doctor,” you KNOW it’s a LIE. You can depend on it.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Obama's Communism

I know, I know; the very mention of communism or communists causes many people’s eyes to “glaze over.” But I can’t see any other way to describe Ovomitcare. It’s COMMUNISM It's taking from one group and giving to another.If that makes your eyes glaze over and causes you to stop paying attention to what I say, it’s YOU who will suffer the most in the future. Not me. I won’t be around. The whole idea of conning YOUNG PEOPLE into paying for the medical care needed by OLD FOLKS is communism. Pure and simple. If you buy it, you BECOME a communist.

OBAMA: “COMMUNIST DICTATOR”: I think that’s how Obama sees himself. We’ve all said he thinks he’s king, but we were wrong. A king doesn’t necessarily follow any economic theory. He’s just “the boss.” What he says, GOES; period. A communist dictator follows a set of rules he did not originate, but is determined to enforce on the populace, even if it kills them. It’s a slight difference, I know, and a “difference without a distinction.” Who cares if he’s “following rules” as long as he’s dictating every move of his “subjects.” Then killing them if they don't obey.

PRESIDENT “OVOMIT”: I’ve given Obama a new nickname. I now call him “Ovomit,” because that’s what he induces in me. I want to vomit every time I hear his voice, and the tendency is increased when his voice is accompanied by his image, moving, or not. I have to take a “no vomit” pill whenever I see or hear him. When he comes on my television (frequently) I shut off the sound and do not look in that direction until he’s gone. I’ve seen some bad presidents in my day, but none that make me physically ILL, as he does.

WHY PEOPLE HATE RUSH: Every once in a while I mention the Rush Limbaugh show to people and those who aren’t “Dittoheads” tell me he is an “egotistical bore” then give me examples of what he says that he NEVER said. Then I find that they base their opinions on what others SAY about him and have never listened to him to see what he REALLY says. They have formed their opinion of him on the basis of HEARSAY. The same thing is true of people and their opinion of Sarah Palin. And that hearsay comes from liberal propaganda, for the most part. Not from their own knowledge.

IT’S NOT TRUE: It really amazes me how much people “KNOW” that isn’t so. They listen to the liberal news media and believe. But most of what they hear is NOT TRUE. They need to start researching things to find out what IS true. But, for most people, that’s too much like work, so they don’t do it. They spend their time worrying about who wins this game or that game, and “filling out their brackets.” They spend their time being entertained while Obama rapes them. I’m distressed by the number of times I tell people things I’ve learned and they DENY it because they didn’t hear it in the “news.” Then I find out they assiduously AVOID listening to Fox News, and other people who tell BOTH SIDES of the story. This is how Obama and other such fools take advantage of them.

Nobody in the media, liberal or otherwise, knows how much fuel that missing airliner took on at its last stop. Or they aren’t talking, for some reason. It’s NOT POSSIBLE that “nobody knows.” An airplane does NOT take on thousands of pounds of fuel without a “paper trail.” Somebody has to order it, and somebody has to dispense it. It’s not like filling up a car. There must be a record of it, SOMEWHERE. They just aren’t talking.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Muslim "Intelligence"

Muslim cleric Salem al-Fawzan, on MEMRI TV actually SAID it. “There is no doubt about it. The sun revolves around the Earth.” This is the kind of “intelligence” that is taught to Muslims around the world. And these are the people who THINK they can eventually “rule the world?” Not a bit of it. It would take a lot more intelligence than it seems Muslims have to even get CLOSE to that. It is ignorance like this that makes them THINK they can.

RUSSIA “TAKES OVER” CRIMEA: As predicted, the “not too bright” citizens of Crimea voted to be “annexed” by Russia. Apparently, they didn’t know how lucky they were to be separated from Russia in that phony “breakup” of the Soviet Union and are “suckers for punishment.” I don’t know what comes over people when they VOTE to be enslaved. I guess they’ve been being fed “stupid pills” for a long time. The same is true of the Americans who VOTED for Obama, TWICE.

BIDEN: WE’LL DEFEND ALLIES”: Really? What makes him think so? Obama hasn’t shown any inclination to do so, so far. Why should he change that, now? To bolster the Democrat chances in the next elections? It ain’t agonna help. Democrats are DOOMED. Get USED to it. Obama has DASHED any hopes Democrats might have had with Obamacare, as well as many other things he has done to us.

HAVE YOU DONE YOUR BRACKET? Americans are obsessed over just who is going to “advance” in the basketball craziness (March Madness). Seems to me their priorities are mixed up. Obama has spent us BROKE. He’s moving us steadily toward collectivism (socialism) by using governmental power to inhibit private enterprise, while BLAMING private enterprise itself for the problems HE has created. And nobody (except maybe me, and a few others who pay attention to reality) notices, or cares. They’re busily filling in their “brackets. Meanwhile, Obama and other socialists rape us.

MUSLIM FAMILY REMOVED: Muslims apparently think what they do is so important that they can do it ANYWHERE. Even if it's a hardship for others. Which is why a Muslim family had to be forcibly removed from the Empire State building where they were praying and getting in everyone’s way. They call that “religious discrimination.” I agree. It is THEIR “religious discrimination” that makes them think THEIR religion takes precedence over ours, in OUR country. They wouldn’t ALLOW such an ostentatious display of CHRISTIAN religion in a MUSLIM run country, EVER. They’d KILL them. I think these Muslims went there specifically to cause trouble so they could sue. Okay; now they can call me an Islamaphobe. I don’t care; that’s a made-up word. Means nothing to me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Turn America Into Nuclear Waste?"

Sounds like cold war "saber rattling, doesn't it? That’s what one Russian news anchor says, and he’s right, as long as Obama is in charge. Obama is busily DISARMING us in the face of many threats that he discounts. He’s reducing the military size to levels only seen before WWII. He’s “parking” ALL out carriers in the same place, INVITING an attack much like pearl Harbor, which was the LAST time our entire carrier fleet was parked in the same place. He discounts Russia’s nuclear arsenal, which hasn’t been reduced by that phony “change” in Russia, from communism to socialism, with the SAME PEOPLE “in charge.

WHITE HOUSE IN DENIAL: They say, “Obama will be an asset for Democrats in this election.” What PLANET are they living on? Obama is at the lowest point in HISTORY as far as his “approval numbers” are concerned. Democrats all over the nation want nothing to do with him. Many have quietly asked him to “stay away” so they can get re-elected. Yet the White House thinks Obama is an “ASSET?” Maybe he would be if he just sits on his asset. But they’re going to learn that going too far is no way to get re-elected.

SOMEBODY BOUGHT THE JUDGE: Remember the judge that granted an injunction against the ATF raiding Ares Armor to get their customer list and $300,000.00 worth of inventory? Somebody got to her/him. I don’t know if they paid the judge off or just intimidated him/her, but get to the judge they did. So now the raid and stealing their customer list and all that inventory (which would BREAK me) is “legal.” But that is a worse situation than ATF just “barging in” in spite of the injunction. It shows that all it takes is one judge’s decision to make the illegal legal. And you can bet Obama has taken notice of that.

WORRIED ABOUT PRINTING MONEY: But it’s not what you might think. They’re now worried about the president STOPPING the printing of Monopoly money and how that will effect the market, which his printing of phone money “propped up.” He’s been doing it for so long the markets have come to depend on it, and when he stops, they’re looking at a BIG “adjustment,” their word for “disaster.” Obama has so screwed up the economy and its workings, now they’re worried about the effect it will have if he STOPS stealing our money by creating inflation. Damn!

STOP TRASHING OBAMA: That's what some people say. Mostly Democrats. Why? There’s nobody in this world who can affect me, personally, who needs “trashing” more than Obama. He came from nowhere and conned his way into the Oval Office. He acts like a king and operates as if he were. He hid his past while rising, and when he got into a position of power he “solidified” the refusal of information about himself. That tells me conclusively there’s SOMETHING there he doesn’t want the world to know. He has spent ALL of our money, and then some. He’s spent more money than ALL former presidents, COMBINED! He has so screwed up our economy and our health insurance and medical businesses, we may NEVER recover, years after his death. So why should ANYBODY stop “trashing” Obama?

STUPID PEOPLE: Liberals LOVED Gorbachev and they LOVE Putin. What the hell FOR? Both are responsible for the deaths of many people. Gorbachev not for as many as Putin because he was premier for such a short time before the Soviet Union “collapsed.” But communism is responsible for MANY deaths. Socialism is just a slightly different (cosmetic) form of COLLECTIVISM from communism, which means it’s “business as usual” in Russia, just under a different name. What the hell is there about collectivism that makes so many people stupid? It’s like there’s something in the air that makes people stupid. And still now they want to inflict it on us, and Obama is all in favor of it. He took the stupid pills early in his life.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Stupid Politicians

At least one politician in the Oklahoma State Capitol was “nervous” about the guns on the hips of the visiting sheriffs being shown through the building, so the Sergeant At Arms told the sheriffs to “leave their guns behind.” And when they refused, he gave them two choices: either comply or leave. So they left. These are the guys who are PROTECTING them, and they have no respect for them at all. It’ll be a slow response next time a gun-wielding crazy invades that state house. Stupid, stupid!

CALIFORNIA BECOMING DETROIT: A Blaze article details six reasons why California is “becoming Detroit.” But I don’t need to read the article to know it, and why. One reason: “liberal rule.” Wherever liberals run things, bankruptcy is inevitable eventually because their very POLICIES guarantee it. They believe PROFIT is “eeevvil! They hate the “producers of profit,” yet they steal as much of that profit as they can through taxes. In California’s specific case, they’re “giving away their water” while the entire state is in drought condition—and they’re too stupid and incompetent to know it.

WESTBORO PASTOR NEAR DEATH: The pastor of the church that infamously pickets and makes fun of soldiers killed in service at their funerals is dying. He’s “near death,” and many are saying God is “getting his revenge.” I’d like to believe that, too. Bbut the man is 84 years old, and is lucky to have lived this long. Christians think God does things like this. I don’t. I believe in a supreme being that “orders this universe.” But I don’t believe all the folderol about Him wanting me (and everybody else) to “worship” Him. Such a being probably isn’t even aware of my existence, except in the abstract of His superior knowledge. If He is capable of ordering this complicated universe, He is CERTAINLY above wanting me (or anybody else) to worship him. He wouldn’t give a damn. So now you can “flame” me for not believing the same way you do.

VOTING FOR STUPID: Vladimir Lenin (Soviet Union dictator) was voted in, as was one of his successors, Joseph Stalin. Adolph Hitler, (German dictator and the cause of WWII) was also voted in. Now the Crimea  has voted to return to the “rule” of Russia with the former head of their “secret police” as it’s current president. History is rife with instances of a populace voting for their own enslavement. I believe WE (not me) did it when we voted Obama in, TWICE. Will people never learn?

ATF VIOLATES THE LAW: Ares Armor refused to give up its customer list to ATF, so they took it anyway. Yesterday, we reported that they left, after being faced with a restraining order, but apparently, they didn’t. Not being able to intimidate the owners with threats, they just TOOK what they wanted, at gunpoint, as thugs usually do. And does anybody expect anything to be done about it? I certainly don’t; not as long as that criminal is in the White House. He probably told them to do it. Update: the judge "reversed" him/herself. Somebody "got to" him/her. With either money or intimidation. Now what was illegal is now "legal and all it took was ONE judge's decision.

NEW THEORY: Now some people are saying that Communist China “shot down” that Malaysian airliner and the reason we can’t find the wreckage is because it is in Chinese search territory, which China will not admit. I wouldn’t put it past them. The United states doesn’t look at communist China the same way they did during the “cold war.” Since the “fall” of the Soviet Union, we have looked upon China as much less of a threat to America and they are even loaning us money since Obama spent everything we had, and then some. We’re now DEPENDENT upon them, and if they started “calling in” the loans, we would be in big trouble But that doesn’t mean China has changed a bit from “the old days.”

Sunday, March 16, 2014

ATF "Shut Down"

Ares Armor, which makes plastic gun parts that are legal substitutes for metal gun parts have been DECLARED “illegal" by ATF and they wanted Ares’ customer list so they could intimidate them, plus, they wanted to steal $300,000.00 inventory to augment their own budget. Ares stopped them with a court-ordered restraining order and subsequently stood against their attempts at intimidation. ATF went away empty-handed. A bad day for anti-gun fools and a good day for America.

ARE CONSERVATIVES RACIST? Democrats like to paint conservatives AND Republicans as racists, even though they cannot prove it. And in spite of the fact that the best-known racists in history have been DEMOCRATS. Democrats dominated the KKK; many congressmen were in the KKK, Jim Crow, the southern sheriff who has come to epitomize racism, was a Democrat  Democrats OPPOSED the Voting Rights Act. Democrat Lyndon Johnson whined about “losing the south” after the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Gov. George Wallace was a Democrat, as was racist Gov. Lester Maddox, he of the baseball bat standing in front of a school door. Democrat Sen. John F. Kennedy and Al Gore, Sr. voted against the 1957 Civil Rights Act. I could go on and on, naming many Democrat racists, but I don’t have room here. Point made.

GETTING RID OF COAL: Obama has PROMISED to BANKRUPT the coal industry while ignoring the fact that there is no viable replacement for coal as yet. He CLAIMS that natural gas can replace it, but it can’t. He wants to do away with gasoline engines in cars. He won’t SAY so, but his every action shows it. If he gets rid of coal without a viable replacement, he will have CRIPPLED this country. I think that’s his real goal. He thinks, and has STATED that this country “needs to be taken down a notch,” or words to that effect. Obama is POISON for America!

SHOWING WEAKNESS: The missing Malaysian flight has illustrated a glaring weakness in the system of “vetting” pilots; people who can KILL a lot of people with whose lives they are entrusted regularly. "Authorities" are now positing that a suicidal pilot may be responsible for the plane’s disappearance. America does a lot better job of “vetting” pilots, but other countries do not. Meanwhile, many Americans fly on their airplanes without knowing that. Malaysian “authorities” are now saying the pilot was a “fanatical supporter” of a Malaysian opposition leader who was sent to prison on homosexual charges just before the flight took off. My question is, if they knew that, why was it allowed to take off with that pilot in command?

UNNECESSARY SPENDING: Chicago’s Democrat mayor (and Obama crony Rahm Emmanuel) has spent a lot of taxpayer money to turn the Chicago River green in “honor” of St. Patrick’s Day. And I’m sure mayors all over the country have spent money in a similar fashion, both Democrat and Republican. Politicians like to do things like that to pander to minorities. It’s no wonder spending is out of control today, especially with our Democrat PRESIDENT spending more money than there IS; more money that ALL former presidents, COMBINED.

SHE’S STUPID: Sheila Jackson Lee ought to be removed from her position in Congress for stupidity (If that were possible, we'd lose half of Congress). And I don’t care if she’s black, white, or PURPLE. That makes no difference to me that she HAPPENS to be black. She’s STUPID. She thinks we landed on MARS and that the constitution is 400 YEARS OLD! I think people who pretend to make laws that affect us all should at least be of AVERAGE intelligence. This woman shows her LACK of intelligence every time she opens her mouth. A lot like Nancy Peelosi.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Palin Is Right (Always Has Been)

She has been right, all along, which is why both Democrats and Republicans HATE her. They started hating her right after her GOP Convention speech. You know, the one she made right after being nominated to run for vice-president, before McCain realized he had “a tiger by the tail” and muzzled her? She said many good things during that campaign, but nothing like what she told us in that speech. And she had been “right on” every time she spoke. Democrats AND Republicans just wish she was gone because of that. But like a bad rash, she just won’t “go away.

OPPOSING OBAMACARE: The Democrats “snatched defeat from the jaws of victory” in Florida, when they kept hitting Jolly on his opposition to Obamacre, although he never mentioned it. This “pivotal” election that should have, in Democrat terms, gone easily to the Democrat, is a “bellwether.” It’s the “canary in the mine” that warns of danger. But they’ll never realize it. Debbi says because they didn’t “win big,” they lost. Even though they lost one more seat, like the first drop in what will become a rainstorm.

THEY CALL IT “AGRESSION”: Palestinians fired against Israeli soldiers in Gaza, and Israel fired back. Then HAMAS told everybody it was “Israeli aggression,” failing to mention the prior attack by the Palestinians. What the hell do they think Israel is GOING to do when they’re attacked? But, of course, the Palestinians don’t admit they ATTACKED, even though the whole thing was videotaped. Israel needs to invade Palestinian territories and do away with HAMAS and all the other Palestinian war making machines. There’s no other way to deal with these fools.

USURPING CONGRESS: Why does Congress allow Obama to usurp their powers? They COULD do something about his tendency to “make laws” by simply signing an executive order and treating it as if a law had been passed, but they don’t. They APPLAUD when Obama announces yet another “power grab.” Why? Have they been “bought off?” Are there “skeletons” in everybody’s closets, with Obama knowing what they are? SOMETHING is keeping them from effectively opposing his power grabs. What is it? It’s VERY suspicious. And disturbing.

DID SEBILIUS LIE ABOUT OBAMACARE? Yes. Every time she answered a question. Including the one where she said she “didn’t know” how many people who “signed up” had actually paid a premium. I simply do not believe that the top executive at HHS does not have such information at her fingertips. She can't be THAT incompetent! The problem is, the number is so miserable and pathetic she dares not say it. As a liar, she is way behind Obama in line, though she's just as skilled. There are many liars in front of her in line, starting with Obama, himself. You can count on a lie coming out of the mouths of ANY Obama “minion” every time he/she is asked a question, so you can always tell what the truth is: just the opposite of the answer.

THE NUMBER ONE CONCERN? Ask a bureaucrat what the number one concern today is, and, following Obama’s lead, they will reply, “climate change,” or “global warming,” for those who haven’t gotten the memo. But they’re WRONG. Climate change, as it is currently meant, is a massive swindle AlGore used to make himself a multi-millionaire and which Obama has seized upon to make a lot of money for himself, and gain a lot more power. Climate change is NOT “man-made. It is CYCLICAL and cannot be changed by ANYTHING man can do. That’s a fact. It IS.

Friday, March 14, 2014

"America Doesn't Want Repeal"

A female congressperson (Democrat, what else?) went before Congress and told them categorically that “The American people ‘don’t want’ Congress to repeal Obamacare.” Where the hell does she get the idea she can speak for the “American people?” (Probably some anonymous person told her) She may be a “member of Congress,” but she is still just ONE PERSON among MILLIONS in America, and they have demonstrated that they DO want to have Obamacare repealed, no matter what she may think. Only by ignoring the facts can this fool believe what she has said.

SHE DOESN’T KNOW:  HHS Secretary Sebelius “doesn’t know” how many people who have “signed up” for Obamacare have actually PAID their premium. This is an effective indication of the complete INCOMPETENCE of Obama’s top executives. Either that, or she’s LYING through her teeth. You guess which. I go the "lying" route. Either are grounds for dismissal if she worked for a private company. But she works for the federal government, so it’s okay for her to not know things the top executive in her division SHOULD know, or be fired. It really amazes me at the complete LACK of control these people have.That’s why they always FAIL while private enterprise succeeds.

CLIMATE CHANGE FOOLS: Now they’re saying ALL “working climate scientists” say climate change is REAL, and “man-caused” (Actually, they don’t say that. Just the opposite, in fact.). No names. No proof of ANYTHING, but they expect us to believe their damfool statements. Obama has “bought into” AlGore’s swindle because he sees an opportunity to con us out of a lot more money and some more power. And other liberal fools are following right in his footsteps for the same reasons.

DON’T RUN ON OBAMACARE: They’re doing it again. Democrats are trying to “advise” Republicans not to run on repealing Obamacare. They really think Republicans listen to their crap. They think Republicans will do what they “advise” because they think Democrats are interested in Republicans winning elections. They did it when they “advised” Americans not to talk negatively about Obama at all, in 2012, so they won’t be accused of being racist. Sorry about that, they get accused of racism every day, anyway. Just for OPPOSING anything Obama does.

“THERE WILL BE BLOOD”: Yes, “there WILL be blood” in the 2014 elections. Obama and his thugs have just gone too far and Americans are going to REBEL, as our Constitution allows us to do without breaking the law. By voting the bast-rds out. As we did in the 2012 elections (but not nearly enough), we’re going to “get rid of” as many Democrats and other liberals as we can. “Bloody?” Yes. But that’s what it takes to get rid of pestilence. And that’s what Democrats/liberals are.

SHE DID IT AGAIN: Sheila Jackson Lee proved her ignorance —yet again. She opened her mouth and sounds came out. The congresswoman who thinks we landed on Mars, not the moon, thinks the Constitution is 400 years old. Of COURSE it is,stupid! Seems to me the people who pretend to make our laws really ought to know SOMETHING about our history. The REAL history, not that manufactured by Obama’s liars.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Global Warming "Denier" Wins

They thought it was a “sure winning campaign,” emphasizing that David Jolly was a “global warming denier,” a term used as a “slur” to demonize him. But it didn’t work. They either didn’t know, or it had not yet dawned on them that global warming was no longer a viable campaign issue since it doesn’t (and never did) exist, and even people who pay no attention to politics know it. Apparently Democrats don’t. Debbie Wassermann Schultz, chair of the DNC, said that, “Since we didn’t ‘win big,’ we lost.” How stupid is she?

DOCTORS QUESTIONING PATIENTS ABOUT GUNS: That’s what Obama and his new Surgeon General are now “suggesting” to the nation’s doctors. It has been my experience that such “suggestions” today will become MANDATORY tomorrow. What I plan on doing if my doctor starts asking me about guns is tell him to “pee up a rope.” It’s none of his business, And if he insists, I’ll tell him I have none, even if I have a HOWITZER at home.

OBAMA BE WARNED: The ship is approaching shoals and if you don’t “turn it around,” you’re going to “run aground.” That supposedly “unlosable” election in Florida that Democrats LOST should be like the “canary in a mine” to Democrats. The Democrat candidate was supposed to win easily. It didn’t happen. How many other “safe Democrat” elections are they going to lose? The only reason I say this is I now Democrats and liberals don't read this blog and I want to point this out to those who do. Although it should not make them feel so “invincible” they don’t go out and vote.

DOING THEIR RESEARCH: Why do we do the research Islamic terrorists would die to know for them? A recently released report tells us they only need to disable NINE substations to CRIPPLE the entire U. S. Why would we do this kind of a study and then release the results so they will be available to Islamic terrorists, who only want to DO the disabling? Damn, are we STUPID! Why don’t we “wise up” and stop doing things like this, as well as allowing them to not only sneak into the United States unimpeded, but SUBSIDIZING them when they do?

PISTORIUS COMMITTED MURDER: The legless athlete who shot his girlfriend THROUGH THE DOOR after an argument killed her ON PURPOSE. There’s no way around it. Lawyers are arguing over why, if he did it on purpose, did he “try to help her” afterward? They argue over a myriad of details, trying to prove his story of thinking she was an intruder was true. But a simple fact tells me all this argument is useless. He shot her THROUGH THE DOOR. You don’t shoot a TRAPPED burglar THROUGH A DOOR unless you mean to murder him! You sit outside that locked door with your gun and wait for the cops to arrive (if they do before you die of old age). This single fact PROVES his guilt. The other details, over which the lawyers are arguing, are mere side-issues and can be interpreted many ways. Which is what his lawyers want.

VOTING THEMSELVES INTO SLAVERY: Well, it looks like the citizens of the Ukraine (part of it, anyway) are going to vote themselves to be part of Russia again, You’d have thought they would have learned their lesson by living (those who survived) under the Soviet Union. But, like most of OUR politicians, they seem to have “bought” Russia’s claims that they’re “different now.” That they’re “no longer communists.” But notice THE SAME PEOPLE are in “power” there, with the SAME MINDSET. They’re still socialist, which is just another form of COLLECTIVISM. They will suffer from it if they vote to rejoin Russia, I guarantee it! Some people never learn.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Politics Isn't Pretty

Politicians in several countries are “discussing” the missing Malaysian airplane. Already there are many conspiracy theories springing up about the incident, chiefly because of the “Soviet-style” secrecy and lies of the Malaysian government about it. I watched, on television, the gathering of what must have been several hundred politicians and “experts” sitting on both sides of a huge table to “discuss” it, and decide what “story” to tell about it, along with probably several hundred “aides” and “associates (secretaries)”. It borders on the ridiculous.

IT’S ALWAYS SOMETHING: We’ve been cursed with a long, cold and snowy winter and it seems to be winding down (I hope). Now all we have to worry about is the runoff from last September’s heavy rains and from snow. Then when that’s over, there’s the “forest fire season,” and a lot of HOT weather to suffer through. It’s almost like Colorado has only TWO seasons: cold and hot, with a period of flooding in between. And it has been that way for years, coming in cycles, AlGore’s lies notwithstanding.

HOW STUPID THEY THINK WE ARE! What Obama’s thugs are preaching today is that they have “successfully removed” the ONLY reason for working: getting health insurance. They’re telling gullible voters that the ONLY reason to work is to get this insurance. They think we don’t know that we must work in order to LIVE. In order to pay the rent or mortgage, keep the lights burning, buy food, pay for our cars and the insurance THAT requires, etc. Health insurance is NOT the only reason to work, and never has been. But they’re trying to convince us it is so we'll buy their con. It’s sickening what they think we’ll believe.

WE WON, BUT WE LOST: Debbie Wassermann Schultz, amazingly still Democrat National Committee chair, even though a Republican won the seat that was supposed to be a “safe seat” for Democrats in Florida, because we didn’t win by a large margin says that just proves Republicans are weak. Schultz is one of the best-known Democrat liars (outside of Obama himself and maybe his "press flack:") out there. And she’s usually a better “spinner” that that, but I suspect she’s getting tired of defending Obama’s fallacies.

HILLARY’S NOT UNBEATABLE: The story among Democrats is that, somehow, Hillary Clinton is “unbeatable” and if (IF) she runs, it’s “all over.” Not so. Not NEARLY so. Benghazi included, she has way too many negatives in her past. Like her weak response to her “skirt-chasing” husband’s escapades to her miserable performance in that “payback for laying down” job as Secretary of State. She has shown herself to be incompetent to hold ANY high office, much less the presidency, and Democrats are stupid to promote her. But then they’re probably ready to steal another election as they did TWICE for Obama.

“CLINGING TO GLOBAL WARMING”: Politicians (mostly Democrats) “cling to” their global warming and climate change (as it is now known) fantasies even after more than FIFTEEN YEARS with no discernible warming of this globe. Even Obama has “bought it,” mostly because pushing it can give him even more power and more tax money, supposedly to “fight” a NON-EXISTENT “problem. AlGore (former veep) used it to make himself a BILLIONAIRE. Obama intends to use it to con us out of more $TRILLIONS and even more power.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pre-Emptively Audited

A caller to the rush Limbaugh show told a story about the IRS notifying them that they would be audited for their 2013 taxes, which they have not even filed yet. This is an obvious effort to discourage them from giving money to conservatives or libertarians. The illegality of this is so obvious they should have their lawyer demand the LEGALITY of auditing people even BEFORE their taxes are filed. I wonder how many more Republicans and other conservatives and libertarians are so intimidated?

CANDY CROWLEY WINS AWARD: Remember Candy Crowley? The woman running the Obama/Romney debate who jumped to Obama’s defense when he couldn’t answer  pertinent question? She has now received an award for “excellence in journalism.” For what, I don’t know. In my opinion she should be given her walking papers, instead. As moderator of that debate, she should not have offered ANY help to EITHER candidate, but she did. Right out in the open. She was clearly on Obama’s side, as MOST such moderators seem to be (They're all Democrats, after all), though not as obviously.

There is a distinct movement in America for college graduates wanting to work for NON-PROFITS, rather than for “profit-making” companies. They think they can help the country prosper that way, but they’re wrong. If nobody makes a profit, there is NO MONEY for ANYBODY eventually. Profit is the lubrication that makes the economy work, even if they deny it in their ignorance. This shows the ignorance that has been instilled in college students by liberal professors who make handsome salaries “knocking” the profit motive.

MUSLIMS “MOVING IN”: They have established “zones” IN AMERICA that are ruled by Sharia Law, and in which they execute people (mass murder) as “human sacrifices” to Islam, right here in America! And Obama IGNORES it, to ENABLE it. He is a MUSLIM, or at the very least, a Muslim sympathizer. This should be investigated, but Obama will never allow it because HE would be “swept up” in the investigation. We need to STOP him from ENABLING the “occupation” of America by Muslim terrorists.

The “Bachelor” picked the woman to be the winner of the “Bachelor” show, but didn’t propose to her, and America is OUTRAGED! As if this were the most important thing in the world. Never mind Islamic terrorists are infiltrating the U. S., or that they’re killing innocent Americans all over the world while our president denies it’s happening. Never mind Obama has spent more of our money than there IS and insists on being allowed to spend more, without ANY kind of limit. Or thay his thugs are spying on each and every one of us, whether or not we’re suspected of any crime (except disagreeing with HIM). But they’re outraged that the “Bachelor” didn’t propose to his chosen winner. Talk about misplaced (or non-existent) priorities!

Everybody knows one of the best ways of “stacking the deck” in favor of your position is to appoint people you KNOW will support it, and be very vocal about it. Obama has done so with his appointment of Dr.Vivek Hallengere Murthy, one of his staunchest supporters, who thinks “gun control” is a “health issue” and can be counted on to tout it at every turn.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Trampling Rights

Suzanne Hammer, with the “Freedom Outpost” says the Fourth Amendment has been literally obliterated by the passage of the Patriot Act, The National defense Authorization Act, and the “collection” of personal data by the NSA in violation of the Fourth Amendment, but she is wrong. A simple LAW cannot “obliterate” a constitutional amendment, no matter how much politicians want us to think so. As they continue to trample our rights under these laws, they are VIOLATING their oath of office, where they promised to DEFEND the Constitution, not “push it aside,” as they have done.

I EXPECT A VISIT: Truly, I expect a visit from some men in dark suits, wearing dark glasses (acting as masks so they can’t be identified later) to ask me why I’ve said some things I’ve said. Their main complaint will be my objections to Obama trampling our rights, though they will really want to shut me up so I can no longer reveal their violations of the Constitution in the name of the law. I will not let them in, and they will have to FORCE their way into my house. I’m a 76-year-old man who can barely stand, much less fight off several husky young men with (what they think) is “right on their side,” so They’ll probably win. It might not happen soon, but it WILL happen, when they get enough of me revealing their secrets.

“ENABLING TERRORISM”: The Pentagon (echoing Obama) says “Climate Change enables terrorism.” That’s a new claim for a non-existent problem. I say “non-existent problem” because climate change is a scam. A SWINDLE originated by former VP AlGore to make himself rich. And it has, He was a mere millionaire when he started this swindle, but he is now a BILLIONAIRE. Obama has “jumped on the bandwagon” to make himself rich with the backing of the federal government.

ENFORCING ILLEGAL LAW: That cop who told the war hero who told the Conn. Legislature he “would not comply” with their unconstitutional gun law that he couldn’t wait until he got the order to “kick in his door” better be wearing his bullet-proof suit when he does. Self-defense against corrupt cops enforcing an ILLEGAL law is NOT against the law (If the law is applied properly, which is unlikely under Obama) and this cop could get shot trying if he does anything except knock politely on that door.

I WOULDN’T PUT IT PAST THEM: Authorities are wondering about the possibility that the passenger airplane that disappeared was shot down by a missile. They cite the “fact” that 10,000 missiles were stolen from Libya while we were helping depose Khaddaffi. Something that was NOT reported widely in the liberal media—not that I saw, anyway. Which means terrorists probably got some, and with their inclination to kill INNOCENT people to make a point, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true. We need to change our policies about them. We need to just kill them when and where we find them, not imprison them and TRY to prosecute them, giving their friends opportunities to threaten something bad if they’re not released.

SUCKER PUNCHING GAME RACIST: No, not white/black racist, as liberals would want you to think, but black/white racist because, so far, ALL the victims of “the game” are WHITE. And many are “easy targets” (old men or women, or young boys or girls). They never take on a big white guy, who might just beat the hell out of them. I think the whole thing is a “game” for cowards to let them feel good.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Not So Smart Cop

Remember the war hero who told the Conn. Legislature he “would not comply” with their insane, unconstitutional gun laws? Apparently one cop took offense to that, and told him, “I can’t wait to get the order to kick in your door.” That tells me that cop isn’t too bright. He knows the law he’s talking about is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and thus is NO LAW AT ALL. Nobody is required to obey it, based on the Supreme Court, itself (Marbry v. Madison). Kicking in this guy’s door might be the last thing he ever does when a polite knock on that door might leave him alive..

THE WHOLE POINT: That’s the whole point of the Second Amendment; defense from corrupt “authorities” who are enforcing non-existent laws. One Conn. legislator, David Yaccarino, displayed significant IGORANCE about the Constitution when he told The guy who said he “would not comply” with Connecticut’s insane gun law that the “Second Amendment was written so the colonists could attack the British” when the Second Amendment was not even written UNTIL after THE American Revolution was OVER.

PALIN TO RUN? She said unequivocally that “If nobody better is found, she will run.” And she would be a strong candidate, no matter what RINOS say. She is NOT “too far right.” She is just more right that THEY are. And that is where a majority of human beings are. The want smaller government, fewer taxes, less spending, and more freedom. That’s what SHE stands for.  She is NOT “too far right!” If she runs, she will WIN! Unless more than 50% of Americans want a “free ride” and don’t care about anything else, or the Democrats steal the election.. Even so, she’s the best hope the GOP has, or ever WILL have, with the current crop of possible candidates.

“STALIN’S PURGE”: Is Obama following Stalin’s (A Russian communist dictator, for those who pay no attention to politics) purge of military officers who have stated their opposition to his policies? According to Richard Anthony in “Freedom Outpost,” He IS purging the ranks of military officers who are loyal to this COUNTRY, but not to HIM. He says he is “downsizing the military” (while we are at WAR on two fronts, whether or not he admits it), but he is “purging” it of officers who are loyal to the COUNTRY, and not to HIM. History repeats, again.

FOLLOWING STALIN: Obama is following the actions of Stalin and other communist dictators in his quest to make America communism’s next “showcase country” after communist Russia collapsed. (You can believe that or not, it is TRUTH. If you can’t see it, I feel sorry for you.) One of Hitler’s (the socialist dictator of Germany who started WWII, for those who “pay no attention to politics”) policies was to take over what is taught in schools because he figured that “If you can condition the children when they’re young, you’ll have less trouble with them later.” History repeats, again.

But all the FISA court did was limit them to keeping the data they were not entitled to “collect” in the first place for more than five years. Does ANYBODY believe they will obey that order? Once they HAVE the data it will be there FOREVER. Hidden somewhere, if necessary. Maybe in IRS files which you will NEVER see. In any case, they are experts at hiding what they do. NEVER expect the federal government to “scrap” information in their files, no matter what any court says.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


 Harry Reid calls the Koch Bros. “unAmerican for “putting their money where their mouth is” and donating to Republicans. They’re 59th in the amount of money they give to politicians. Are the three companies 1-3 on that list unAmerican, too? They give only to Democrats. Funny how it works one way but not the other to fools like Reid. Reid needs to ”hobble his mouth” and quit making his weekly stupid statements.

TERRIBLE CRIME: School child suspended for making his hand in the form of a gun and pointing it at somebody. What a terrible crime that is! Yet another example of a teacher being stupid. Apparently they’re afraid of this kid’s finger. Talk about “no-gun zones!” (I wonder if they "disarmed" him). The school says they sent out warnings about “toy guns,” but they didn’t. They lied about that. What kind of FOOLS are running our school systems? Damn!

FINALLY! A SMART COP! The chief of police in Detroit has a message for armed crooks. Use a gun, you My get shot! He says he approves of citizens defending themselves with guns, if necessary, He said, “If you are confronted with an immediate threat to your safety, you’re not going to have time to dial 911,” Craig said. “It becomes an issue of, the threat is here, I have to respond to the threat.”

FBI WANTS JOE: They said they had “evidence” to prosecute Sheriff Joe Arpaio on many charges, including obstruction of justice, theft by threats, tampering with witnesses, perjury, and theft by extortion. But apparently they didn’t have sufficient evidence because they closed their investigation in 2010 due to “lack of evidence.” Looks like the usual: announcements of “evidence” when none exists, so as to “poison the well.” They do this to ruin reputations without the bother of trying to prosecute without evidence.

“SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE”: There are cameras everywhere filming us in all our activities, and the cops have access to it all for their “investigations.” But you try filming a COP in his work and they charge you with a felony, steal your camera, delete the "evidence," and claim you did it.. In the Fall River suburb of Boston a man filmed a cop who was “out of control” and was arrested (by that cop) and his camera phone was “confiscated.” Cops say HE deleted the video, but THEY were in possession of the phone. Lesson here: don’t let the cops know you’re filming them—until later. when they can't delete the evidence.

OBAMA’S “DAN QUAYLE MOMENT”: Former VP Dan Quayle corrected a student once, falsely spelling potato with an “e” on the end and was laughed at by Democrats forever after. Obama left the “e” out of “respect” and it was ignored by the liberal media. Double standard? Absolutely. The double standard between Democrats and Republicans will never go away.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Governor Heckled

A woman asked the Conn. Governor, a Democrat who recently signed a bill into law that created 100,000 felons, who refused to register their “assault weapons,” why he “didn’t read the Constitution.” As anti-gun fools do, he blasted right by that without answering. Anti-gun fools never do answer cogent questions because they can’t, without making them look like the fools they are. Security probably threw this woman out.

VOTING TO BE ENSLAVED: People living in the Crimea are due soon to vote on whether to remain a free country or become again a part of Russia. I wish I could say with confidence that they’ll vote for “freedom.” I can’t Many people just want a “free ride’ and that’s what socialism and communism offers them. They don’t care about anything else until they see the result of their votes, and then it’s too late. I’m waiting to see just how stupid they are.

“ON THE SAME TEAM”: Republican National committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus says Mitch O’Connel and Ted Cruz are “on the same team.” But you couldn’t tell it from what they say . Ted says what NEEDS to be said and Mitch says what he thinks should be said to keep himself in office. He says Ted is an “extremist” and should not be listened to. He said the same things about Sarah Palin, who has been proved to be RIGHT in almost everything she says. Mitch is afraid of them, so he does his best to discredit them.

ISSA A “THUG”: MSNBC said Chairman Issa is a thug” when he turned off the mike of a fellow Congressman who was trying to speak out of order. MSNBC contributor and Salon Editor at large Joan Walsh said, “I’ve never seen anything like that!” Forgetting completely the time it happened to Issa, himself. But that’s common with liberals. They can’t remember when THEY did it to Issa, and “can’t believe it’s happening to one of theirs.” Others used the “race card” because the congressman he shut down was black. That’s a typical false claim, too, and it means nothing any more.

FREEDOM FROM RELIGION? Unless I’m wrong, and I don’t think I am, the Constitution FORBIDS making “ANY laws against religion or the free practice thereof.” That does NOT mean “freedom FROM religion,” as some atheists think. What it means is the government cannot FORCE a religion on us, not that there shall be NO expression of religion, anywhere, as they seem to read it for their own purposes. I’m not big on organized religion, but I feel NO “pressure” from something like the 9/11 Museum, which features the “natural cross” found in the wreckage.

CAN’T NAME HILLARY ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Attendees at a Democrat event were asked to name just ONE Hillary Clinton accomplishment. They could NOT. Maybe that’s because she didn’t “accomplish” anything and has been given credit for things she doesn’t deserve. Much like Obama being given a Nobel Prize for what he WILL do, in the future, not what he HAS done. The only thing Hillary has accomplished is, like Obama, the conning of a nation.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Annoying Actions"

Grand Rapids, MI has for a time had a law against “willfully annoying actions.” They just apparently had an epiphany and repealed it. It is unconstitutionally vague and subject to DEFINITION by the complainer. There are things that would be “annoying” to one person, but perfectly logical to another. Liberals are not known for being logical, so they could use that law to “shut up” their opponents without answering the questions they raise.

JUST LIKE HITLER: Hillary may have accidentally hit on something. The other day she said what Russia is doing is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis did before WWII. Very perceptive. He said, “My people are suffering. I must protect them,” and invaded country after country on that excuse. Putin learned from that and is doing exactly the same thing today. Hillary must have realized the truth or what she said and how it would effect foreign policy, and is now “ backing away” from it. But that makes it no less true. Obama must have had a few words with her.

HIS MAJESTY DICTATES: “Now come and hear this announcement by His Majesty, King of America, Barack Obama! No more will the people’s health insurance policies be cancelled—until after the election, so we can continue to fool the people and elect many more Democrats and all current Democrats may continue in office. THEN, after the election, we will continue to ‘browbeat and repress’ the people after Democrats have been safely elected and re-elected! Thus spake His Majesty! It shall be so!”

"DON'T STAND AGAINST DEMOCRATS": Republicans should not speak out against Democrat policies because the people don’t like it.” That’s what DEMOCRATS tell Republicans. And they really expect Republicans to believe this crap and never speak out against their policies. “That’s the way to win elections,” they say. Does ANYBODY with any intelligence believe Democrats are interested in helping Republicans win elections? If you do, I have a bridge I want to sell you. Damn, I’m really tired of Democrats insulting my intelligence!

THEY CAN’T DO IT BY LAW: So the anti-gun fools resort to “pressure” on social media networks. They are outing pressure on them to eliminate what they call “illegal gun sites.” But what they’re after is to eliminate ANY MENTION of guns on Facebook or other such sites. They fail almost every time the try and get blatantly unconstitutional laws made to take guns away from honest, reliable people, so they go around” the law by pressuring people to remove any mention of guns from social networking sites. They try everything they can to “get around” the Constitution, including making guns impossible to use by banning ammunition. Ammunition is not protected by the Constitution, but without it, guns are useless.

ANCHOR QUITS: Liz Wahl, an American anchor on the Russian owned “Russia Today” network, got enough of it, and quit, right on the air. She said, “I am proud to be an American and could no longer be a part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin.” She’s lucky she’s in America. If she tried that in Russia, she’d just “disappear” and never be heard from again. She’ll be lucky Putin doesn’t put out a “hit” on her, anyway. That’s how he operates. He brooks no opposition and kills as quickly as he brushes his teeth (if he does brush his teeth).

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Mister President"

No matter what Obama does, reporters address him respectfully as “Mister President.” That irritates me. This fool who happens to be sitting in the president’s chair, PRETENDING to be a president, does not deserve the respect given him by calling him “Mister President.” I refuse to do so because respect must be EARNED, not DEMANDED. I call him “Barack,” or “Obama,” or “damned fool.” He can stick his title up his flue, for all of me. They say if you're invited to the White House, you GO. I don't. He can "invite" me all he wants, but I won't show up unless he has his minions bring me in wearing chains.

IGNORING THE TRUTH: It is common knowledge that the only reason unemployment figures seem to be going down is because so many people have just GIVEN UP on ever getting another job and are no longer looking. So Obama stops counting them, making the number of people LOOKING for a lob smaller, leaving a smaller number looking. But he continues to tout it, as if it were true, and we didn’t know about the way his scam works. What a damned fool he is!

PHONY DEFENSE: Oscar Pistorius, the legless athlete who shot his girl friend to death THROUGH A LOCKED DOOR says he thought he was shooting an intruder. But you don’t shoot intruders through a locked bathroom door. You call the cops, and then sit outside that door until they get there, no matter how long it takes. You DON’T shoot someone THROUGH A LOCKED DOOR. If you do, that’s first degree MURDER, even if it WAS an intruder. When you have that “intruder” trapped, you don’t shoot him through a locked door! This is the exception to the theory about “waiting for the cops.”

LERNER’S STONEWALLING: Lois Lerner knows what’s at the bottom of the IRS scandal and continues to deny any wrongdoing. She continues to cite the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination while insisting she did nothing wrong. If she DID do nothing wrong, there’s nothing to stop her from testifying except for the possibility of incriminating someone else, such as Obama. She talks a bout “death threats” if she testifies. I wonder if the origin of those threats is Obama or his cronies.

LERNER’S CRIMES: She used the IRS to hurt Obama’s enemies by denying them the tax-free status they wanted without actually denying it. She came up with a bunch of questions that were impossible to answer and were none of the IRS’s business in the first place. Until those questions, which were none of her business, were answered, she used that to stall on approving the tax-free status the IRS “fast-tracked” for liberals, including Obama’s brother. She needs to go to PRISON, not be “retired” on a cushy pension.

RUSSIA WANTS UKRAINE: Putin is determined to revive the “Soviet Union” and taking over the Ukraine is the second step in the process. Georgia was the first, succeed or fail. Somebody with more sense than guts needs to “pull him aside” and tell him about the illegality of his actions. Even so, I don’t think he cares about legality. Like Obama, he just does what he wants and legality be damned!

NOT A “SMIDGEN” OF CORRUPTION: That’s what Obama says about the IRS scandal, but there is. More than a “smidgen.” And Lois Lerner is at the center of it. He knows it But he’ll never admit it, and he thinks all he has to do is DENY any corruption and the world will believe him. He says there were some “boneheaded decisions,” but he will not elaborate on what they were. I think they came from HIM. Obama is a damned fool to do this.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gays Can Refuse Service

But people who don’t like gays CANNOT, according to “Mr. Sulu,” of Star Trek fame. George Takei, who has long been “out,” criticizes people who won’t do business with gay people, but APPROVES of the New Mexico governor's hairdresser's decision not to do business with her because of her stance on gay marriage. Her gay hairdresser has removed her from the customer list because of it. I wonder if that actually bothers her. Maybe she should sue, like gays do. I guess it’s okay for gays to refuse service but not anyone else. Oh; and he doesn’t like Rush Limbaugh. Fancy that!

WHY OBAMA IS CRITICIZING PUTIN:” We all know Obama doesn’t care about what Russia is doing in the Ukraine. But then, why does he tell Putin to “quit it or suffer the consequences?” WHAT consequences? To Obama, he means he might slap him on the limp wrist. He only talks that way because, as Rush Limbaugh says, “It says in the ‘How to Be President” handbook to say things like that. But he really doesn’t mean it, and Putin knows it.

APPLE FALLS FROM THE TREE: It’s all they have: Apple Computer Co. thinks everybody who denies global warming should get out of Apple stock. They haven’t any cogent arguments in favor of this massive swindle, so that’s all they have. Tell them to “get out.” That’s how liberals handle dissension. Just get rid of the dissenters. They know they have no answers, so they don’t even try.

GOOD FOR ME, NOT FOR THEE: Muslims scream to high heaven if anybody refuses to do business with them because they’re Muslim.  But they are constantly known to refuse to do business with people who do things they, in their “wisdom,” don’t like. Like the Muslim cab driver who refused to carry a Jewish passenger or the lesbian a Muslim refused to do business with. A lot like gays who file lawsuits to make bakers bake their wedding cakes but refuse to do business with people who do things with which they don’t agree. The double standard is still there.

SCREWING GOATS OKAY: It’s okay for Muslims. They can’t deny it. It’s in their “Holy Book.” They can screw pigs, too. Which is probably why they can’t eat pigs. These are the kind of people who think our society is “corrupt.” As to women, they treat them like slaves, make them fully cover themselves when they go out, because they’re “deathly afraid” somebody will find them ”comely” and want to be with them. They’re required to be with a male family member at all times when out. Any passing Muslim can beat them if they so much as show an ankle. And these people criticize US, saying we are “morally corrupt?”

They say Muslims and Christians don’t worship the same God. They’re right. Muslims worship a PHONY God, Allah. Mohammed, a man who CLAIMED to be God while having sex with a nine-year-old girl and approving Muslims having sex with goats, and KILLING people who don’t believe the exact same way they do. It’s a POLITICAL SYSTEM PRETENDING TO BE A RELIGION so as to be able to claim the perks we reserve for religion. It’s a WEAKNESS for Christians, that they exploit. Any vagrant Muslim will want to KILL me for telling this truth.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Python Eats Croc

I know it’s hard to believe, but a python and an alligator had an epic battle that lasted FIVE HOURS and the python won. Then he swallowed the gator whole. That long battle must have really made him hungry. The lesson here? Never underestimate the appetite of a python. That alligator did—but he won’t again. Think about it: that python is like Russia revitalized. Never underestimate them.

MAN SUES BECAUSE HE DIDN’T GET A SECOND NAPKIN: Some people are ready to sue over ANYTHING. This guy sued McDonald’s because they wouldn’t give him another napkin with his “Happy Meal.” This is a consummate MISUSE of the court system, and any intelligent judge will throw it out of court, and him with it. But with the large number of liberal (stupid) judges, it probably won’t be. They will probably take it seriously enough to actually try it, wasting a lot of time and money.

“UNCOUTH REDNECKS: Anti-gun fools like to paint people who value their right to self-defense and to own the means to that, a gun, as “uncouth rednecks” who are always belching, farting, and scratching their genitals in public. Frankly, I don’t respect their efforts much because I’ve seen many liberals belching, farting, and scratching their genitals in public. But then, liberals like to accuse others of things THEY do on a regular basis and criticize them for it,

NOT “HAPPY PLACE” ANY MORE”: Disney wants to stop their funding for the Boy Scouts because of their (The Boy Scouts) ban on gay scout leaders. Disney, by definition, “targets” children in just about everything they do. So why should they want to ENCOURAGE an outfit that works ONLY with BOYS to allow gay scout masters? I know being gay doesn’t necessarily mean they like young boys, but why take chances? These men are their “role models.” Why let guys who like guys be their role models? What they do in their bedrooms doesn’t matter to me. What they teach our children, even by example, DOES.

WHY IS HE SO DAMNED POPULAR? Bill Clinton is one of the most popular former presidents still living. WHY? He used his offices to screw everybody he could, and if they didn’t want to, he raped them. He got oral sex in the White House while a notorious terrorist waited in the outer office to see him. He was IMPEACHED for lying to Congress about it, and only escaped being removed from office by knowing where the bodies were buried, maybe having buried a few, himself. What is there about this fool to like?

TOTAL BULLSH-T: Bill Crystol told Bill Maher is was “total bullsh-t” to say the Tea Parties were created because we had a black president. Seems to me liberals ignore the fact that he was ELECTED by those same people. The Tea Parties started as a protest against Obama’s POLICIES, and had nothing to do with the color of his skin. He CHOOSES to be black so he can make such claims, which are just one of his many LIES. Maher needs to get a brain.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tired of Being Lied to

I’m getting really tired of people like Obama and all his accomplices lying to us, and then calling US liars when we expound on the suffering their stupid policies cause us. Harry Reid really needs to be “put out to pasture” at the very least, and imprisoned at best. To call Obama’s victims liars is INEXCUSABLE and he needs to be punished for it. Reid is the most INCOMPETENT Senate Majority Leader in my memory, though I’m sure there have been many.

KEEP OBAMACARE AND IMPROVE IT? A large percentage of Americans seem to want to keep Obama’s health care swindle law, but improve it. But there IS no “improving it.” It needs to be KILLED, and replaced with—NOTHING. This percentage is roughly the same number of people who are on some sort of “free ride” already. The whole idea of government-provided health care is abhorrent and should be discarded, as intelligent people have done for years until Obama conned them.

NOT GETTING THE SUCKERS: The Obama forces talk openly about “ needing the suckers” to sign up for Obama’s health care swindle to make it work. What that means is, he needs young, healthy people to sign up for health care coverage they DON’T NEED. Especially since Obama considers them CHILDREN until age 26. These people will NOT “sign up” as long as there is a “way out” of this unconstitutional law. And it IS unconstitutional. There is not a single word in the Constitution that allows the federal government to FORCE people to buy ANYTHING, much less TAX them for not buying  “pig in a poke.” And Nancy Peelosi aside, it IS a pig in a poke.” We still don't know all that's in it.

RUSSIA INVADING THE UKRAINE: They’re using the “request” from a minor official in the RUSSIAN sector as an excuse. Putin has gone through the motions” of asking his captive parliament for “permission” to go in; as if he NEEDED their permission. In Russia, he is the BOSS. The parliament will accede to his demands or be replaced. Maybe even killed. Whatever, those opposed to ANYTHING he wants will just “disappear.” It’s the same as it was under communism, but they just SAY they’re no longer communist.” They ARE socialist, which is just another form of collectivism. The SAME PEOPLE are still “in charge. What do you think? It’s a standard “two steps back, and one step forward” con they’ve been using since forever. (Just common sense)

“DECLARATION OF WAR” The acting prime minister in he Ukraine says Russia’s recent actions in going into the Crimea and asking their parliament for permission to invade are a “declaration of war.” And I’m not surprised, considering their previous action in other counties in similar situations. Putin is trying HARD to force the return of communism to Russia, and he is moving fast in that direction. They SAY “communism is dead” in Russia, but they’re not acting that way. Meanwhile, Obama wants something similar for us, with HIM in charge.

MASS KILLING IN COMMUNIST CHINA: You can’t get a legal gun in communist China (unless you know somebody), but terrorists killed 27 people—with knives before the cops finally got there and shot them down. Which just goes to prove you don’t need a gun to kill a lot of people while the cops are COMING. Do you think if just one of these people or one who was just there had a gun that the results would be different?