Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care Passes, Holder Cited

It's been both a good, and a bad day today. Obama's health care swindle was declared a TAX (something he has steadfastly LIED about throughout the debate and declared constitutional. The same day AG Holder was cited in Contempt of Congress. He still thinks it's just an "election year scam," but he has been cited and must del with it.

WHY ALWAYS BAD GOP CHOICES? Part of the reason why sociali—er, uh, liberals win elections is the quality of the candidates the Republicans put up against them—bad. It seems like whenever the Republicans (with few exceptions) have a chance to win, they “whip themselves” by not putting up the best candidate (like Sarah Palin) and running instead, someone “whose turn it is, but who couldn’t win with a windstorm at his back. Hopefully, this time will be different, with such an ignorant fool in office.

TYPICAL OBAMA: He gives Romney a hard time on outsourcing, but uses a company in India to plan and execute his and his wife’s many vacations. I call them “vacations” because that’s what they are—at least the ones he takes that aren’t for fund raising. Bush never stopped working. Even when “on vacation” at his Texas ranch, he could be seen clearing brush or cutting down dead trees, or something like that. Obama’s “vacations” are vacations. No work gets done.

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE: They’re calling Darrell Isssa’s investigation of “Fast & Furious” (in which 200 Mexicans and at least one federal agent died) a “witch hunt,” as if there were NO REASON to investigate such a scandal. What that means to me is they have NO ANSWER to Issa’s investigation, so they want to “diss” it. I think this scandal needs to be THE END of Obama. A DEMOCRAT on the committee PROMISED Brian Terry’s family they would “turn over EVERY ROCK to find out the truth.”

A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT: We’re being governed by the equivalent of the Mafia. They conned their way into the government and are gaily looting everybody they can—which is most everybody. They’ve already stolen $5 TRILLION DOLLARS and are working hard to steal even more. Nancy Peelosi (FORMER) House Speaker calls the effort to cite AG Holder in contempt of Congress “despicable.” Of course that’s what a criminal always thinks of efforts to stop his/her criminal activities.

PEELOSI’S STUPIDITY: I still can’t get over the STUPIDITY displayed by former House speaker Nancy Peelosi when she said, “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.” That’s not the way to do things in this country, but apparently that’s how our government criminals do things so we won’t know how they’re SCREWING us until the screwing is law.

DEM “RENT-A-MOBS” ARE PAID OFF: They have no idea what they’re demonstrating against or for.. Demonstrators demonstrating against Karl Rove had no idea who he was or what he stood for. They thought he was running for office. Ask them pertinent questions and they had either no answers or answers that made no sense at all. Next time you see people demonstrating for “Democrat principles (a contradiction in terms)” think about this.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Has A Lot of Gall

He has the gall to knock Romney on debt in Massachusetts? While he has given us $FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS in debt? Debt we won’t be able to repay in our lifetime. He also criticizes him on JOBS. Something on which his own record is worse than ANY president going into an election. Romney’s debt was when he went INTO office. Obama’s is CURRENT and growing. Romney’s debt WENT DOWN before he left office.

OBAMA SEZ REAGAN RAISED TAXES: Is he DAFT? Does he really think he can make it up as he goes long and nobody will call him on it? I was alive and paying attention during the Reagan administration and it was a well-known fact that Reagan was the KING of the tax reducers, ending by lowering the basic tax rate (for everybody) and by so doing almost DOUBLING the “tax take.” Comeawwn, O! Can’t you come up with something a little harder to refute?

LIBERALS INCOMPETENT: Liberals are “in charge” just about everywhere in the WORLD where the government is going bankrupt. Does this tell you anything about the competence of those liberals “IN charge?” To a man (or woman) they’ll try and blame it on the “opposition” (whatever it is called, but it ain’t agonna work.

DO WE DISTORT OBAMA’S WORDS? That’s what his ads say, but why would we have to? He does the best job I know of making STUPID statements, such as “The private sector is doing fine.” when we ALL know it’s not. Then there’s his insistence that there IS no “war on terror” while Islamic terrorists are DAILY murdering innocent people all over the world because they don’t believe exactly the same way they do.

He doesn’t know ANYTHING. Any president who would say “the private sector is doing fine” when it is well known that it is nearly impossible for most college graduates (forget those with fewer qualifications) to get jobs, that employers are AFRAID to hire anybody because they’re unsure of what new regulations Obama’s going to come up with next? And they’re waiting to see if he gets fired.

WE DON’T KNOW OBAMA: We know NOTHING about this man, who CONNED his way into the presidency. What we THINK we know came from his two books, which have been PROVEN to be “works of fiction,” not fact. We DO know he was born a socialist, raised a socialist by socialists, mentored by socialists and raving idiot socialist preachers and all his “programs” are socialist. IS he a socialist? You answer that question and, if your eyes are not solidly closed, you will say yes.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama Shuts Down Critical Web Site

He shouldn’t have the power to do it, but he has, if people will not do anything to stop him and he can scare people enough. He told web site host “GoDaddy” to shut down the site owned by Douglas Hagmann, who was told by ISP GoDaddy his site contained information that was “maliciously harmful to individuals in the government (so what?).” And “GoDaddy” did it. (Which means I will never have a site hosted by them).“GoDaddy wouldn’t tell us who told them to do it, but we found out it was Obama’s “tattler site,” the “Truth Team,” which has NO authority to order ANY site shut down. I think Hagmann has a “cause of action” that should cost “GoDaddy” a lot of money.

“A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE” should not include the right to choose MURDER of the result of careless, unprotected sex. They forget that a woman has NO right to choose what is done with her own body, else there would be no prostitution laws. Planned Parenthood does not include “a woman’s right to choose” to HAVE the baby when they talk about it.

USING THE “RACE CARD”: Liberals use the “race card” more than anybody I know, especially since Obama was elected. But their very use of the “race card” means, to me, they HAVE no arguments, so all they can do is call people names.

“COMPROMISE”: Why is it that when in a dispute with a liberal (especially Obama) it’s always the OTHER SIDE that gets criticized for “refusing to compromise.” Where is it written that Obama or his liberal friends never have to compromise?

OUTSPENT BY HIS OPPONENT: Obama is the first sitting president in memory to have been outspent by his opponent. Does that tell you anything about his chances of being re-elected? I don’t think he has a prayer. I don’t think he thinks so, either, no matter how much he may deny it.

NO “VICTORY LAPS”: Obama said there would be no “victory laps” or “spiking the ball” after his (supposed) killing of Osama. But how many times has he mentioned it, both in campaign ads and in campaign speeches? (Is there any other kind?)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

No More "Drive-Bys"

Things are getting so bad, the other day I saw gang members doing a “pedal-by shooting” because they couldn’t afford gas for their cars.

EGYPT ELECTS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MEMBER: They elected Mohammed Morsi (y?) president. A man who has promised to write them a new Constitution, one more to his liking. If Obama said that, I’d be afraid—very afraid—because I KNOW the kind of a Constitution he’d come up with would make me (and any other intelligent people) gag. It amazes me how otherwise intelligent people ELECT their own dictators. Like we did.

CONCENTRATING ON NEGATIVES: And lying about them. Democrats talk incessantly about Romney’s SMALL number of failures while LYING about them making a PROFIT on those failures. They don’t. They lose money on them, but don’t try and convince a liberal of that. Bain Capital profited ONLY when they succeeded, which was more than 80% of the time. Liberals are dishonest in EVERYTHING they do or say.

IT’S NOT BUSH’S FAULT! Obama is trying to say Bush started what became “Fast & Furious,” but he didn’t. His “similar” program had a very different goal (and even a different name) than Obama’s, ended TWO YEARS BEFORE Obama’s started when it was found to be not working. Obama started his to defame gun dealers in America and got a lot of people KILLED. There’s little similarity between Bush’s program and Obama’s. There might be ONLY in Obama’s mind.

MORE CONCENTRATING ON NEGATIVES: The Democrats and other liberals keep saying we only talk about Obama’s FAILURES and never mention his successes. Problem there is, we can’t FIND any successes (by our definition) to talk about. What THEY consider successes, we consider FAILURES.

NOT THE RIGHT DOCUMENTS: Liberals, including Obama’s mouthpiece Jay Whatever his name is, say they’ve turned over THOUSANDS of documents. Only problem is, the documents they’ve “turned over” have nothing to do with “Fast & Furious” and are simply a “document dump” to keep them busy and waste their time.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama Drops Again

A recent Gallup Poll says Obama’s approval rate has again dropped, this time to 43%. At this rate, by the time the election rolls around, his approval rate will be down to 20% and there won’t be any surprise, even to him, when he is voted out on his floppy ears.

USING THE IRS ON OPPONENTS: Many presidents have used the IRS to go after their political enemies, which is an abuse of power. People should not have to worry about opposing any presidential policy for fear that the IRS will be “sent after them.” The IRS can CLAIM that ANYBODY owes them money, ANY TIME, and that person must PAY that amount to them BEFORE they can bring action in a court not run by the IRS to dispute their claim, thus sullying their name and, in some cases, discrediting them and ruining themby the simple fact of the action.

WOULD HOLDER LIE? Democrat Shiela Jackson Lee is HORRIFIED that Holder is being called a liar. That ANY office holder would be thought to be a liar. What planet is this lady living on? Politicians, elected or appointed, LIE. They lie to cover up their screw-ups; they lie to cover up their scams. They lie for many reasons, and to think it is unthinkable for them to lie is the epitome of ignorance.

OBAMA JUST KEEPS ON LYING: He can’t say anything TRUTHFUL about his own record so he “cherry-picks” times (usually when Romney has just been elected) that he has somewhat high numbers like one time when he had an $18 billion dollar deficit. He says Romney is not good at “creating jobs” while ignoring his own crappy jobs record. He also ignores his own $FIVE BILLION DOLLAR deficit that seems will never go away in the lifetimes of either ourselves or three generations of our descendants.

TWISTING WORDS: The best people in the world for twisting their enemies’ words, then criticizing what they MAKE the words say are the liberal Democrats (a redundancy, there). The best example of this is rush Lzimbaugh saying “I hope Obama fails.” They twisted that to mean Rush hopes the COUNTRY fails, which, of course, is not anything like what he meant to say. He meant that he wanted Obama’s socialist POLICIES to fail.

OBAMA’S GETTING DESPERATE: He’s falling behind Romney in money raised, even though he attends a fund raiser every ten minutes, it seems. So now he’s telling people who are getting married to “forego” their wedding presents and tell their friends to send the money they would have spent to Obama’s re-election committee, no matter who they were planning on supporting.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Banning Gold

Gold is the most reliable investment there is, under our current economical system. When the stock market goes down, gold predictably goes up. It is worth thousands of dollars an ounce now. I remember when it was worth about $300.00 an ounce. But I expect Obama to do the same thing that was done before when the government wanted to stop people from investing in gold: ban it. At one time it was illegal for ANYBODY but the government to OWN gold, until wiser heads came along. The liberals in our government abhor a profit, and people who own gold make a profit when others are losing.

THE “RESET BUTTON: Putin and Hillary made a “big thing” of “pushing the reset button” on relations between America and Russia. What a load of bullsh-t! We need to keep treating Russia as the enemy they are. One of our biggest problems today is Iran, and they are helping them. Not only that, they’re selling armaments to the Syrian government to use in murdering their citizens.

The founders made a “small error” when they wrote the Constitution. They failed to include a PENALTY for any politician who signed, or voted for an act that violated the Constitution, and for any Supreme Court Justice who did so, as they did in the decision that made abortion legal in this country. Obama has brazenly violated the Constitution many times because he CAN, without being punished. They can’t even declare his actions unconstitutional without SOMEBODY spending a LOT of money to bring a court case, and usually AFTER it has been enforced.

THE DIFFERENCE: My son “who pays no attention to politics” told me that Jimmy Carter gave “amnesty” to some illegal aliens when I told him about Obama doing it “administratively” and, in effect, enforcing the “Dream Act,” which has been rejected THREE TIMES by the Congress. He SAYS it’s because “the Congress failed to act.” But they did. They told him “NO.” Besides: it’s not his right to enforce a law that has been rejected by Congress, which is a “co-equal” branch of government. He has NO POWER superior to theirs. The difference is, Carter actually got a LAW passed to do his “dirty work.”

JUST MAKING TROUBLE: Nidal Hassan, the American soldier who is a Muslim terrorist that MURDERED 13 people on a military base, is making as much peripheral trouble as he can. He has grown a beard, which is against military rules and regulations. This he knew when he JOINED the military. Why is he making an issue of it now? To make trouble and delay justice for his crimes, of course.

“SAY YOU’RE SORRY”: That’s what Pakistan wants the U. S. to do about killing Osama bin Laden in their country. I got a clue for ya, folks: it ain’t agonna happen (Unless the “serial apologizer, Obama, does it)! Pakistan needs to apologize for “harboring” him right next to a military establishment all those years.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Change" for the Worse

Obama promised “change,” and he has delivered. The country has “changed” for the WORSE. That’s about the only promise he has kept. Debbie Dingell says people just want jobs! How right she is. But Obama isn’t the one to “create jobs” by his policies. Every policy he creates makes the “job picture” worse. We need a certain number of jobs created just to keep EVEN with population growth, and that number of jobs just have NOT appeared.

TWISTING HIS WORDS AS USUAL: The liberals are giving Rush Limbaugh hell for saying police and firefighters don’t help the economy. They’re equating that to “value.” They DO create VALUE, but do NOTHING to create new wealth, which is what he means. Police and firefighters ARE valuable, but they do not create new wealth, and that’s what we need, not more “public sector” jobs. We need more “PRIVATE sector” jobs.

“COOL” IS RACIST: A noted liberal  recently actually said that. This just proves yet again how STUPID liberals are. They come out, all the time, making REALLY STUPID statements; statements ANYBODY with any intelligence at all KNOW are stupid, yet they still make them and have no idea how stupid they sound.

What? I don’t know of ANY newspaper with more of an agenda than the New York Times. And they’re “worried about newspapers with an agenda?” Maybe before criticizing other newspapers, they should look at themselves.

OBAMA TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH: He says the news media took his statement that “the private sector is doing fine” out of context. But how do you run a video from beginning to end of his remarks and “take it out of context?” It is exactly what he said, and he meant it. This lightweight actually DOES think the private sector is “doing fine.” It shows just how “out of touch” he really is.

DOOMBERG THINKS IT’S HIS RESPONSIBILTITY TO TELL US WHAT TO EAT: He’s wrong. He’s a FOOL.  If he thinks over 16 oz. drinks are bad for us he can tell us. Same for transfats, smoking, and popcorn. But not to the extent of BANNING them. That’s the action of a DICTATOR, which he is not.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Political Incompetence

All the time I hear Obama’s message” “We just ask the rich to give a little more and all our problems will go away.” WRONG! First of all, there are NOT enough “rich” to do but a small part; second, It’s not their responsibility to come up with money to pay off Obama’s stupid spending. We need to NURTURE the “rich,” who are the very ones who actually DO “create jobs” in their efforts to become richer. We need to quit punishing the achievers.

MAKING THINGS WORSE: That seems to be what Obama does best. He has made the economy worse with his ignorant policies. He has made gas prices continue to rise significantly because of his ignorant policies. Everything he touches he makes worse. He told us if we elected him president that would forever END racism in America. It didn’t. He has single-handedly taken a country that was making significant progress in racism and turned it several years back in race relations. Blacks and whites are now “at each other’s throats” a lot more now than they were when he was elected, and that’s HIS fault.

“I’LL HAVE MORE FLEXIBILITY AFTER MY ELECTION”: What a monumental ego Obama must have to make such a statement to the (then) Russian president. It assumes he’s going to win re-election. He’s not. He’s going to be “bounced” out on his rear by such a big margin there’s NO WAY he can steal this election like he did the one in 2008. He’ll have more flexibility, all right. But it will mean nothing because he won’t be president.

TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: The only truth that is ever contained in Obama’s political advertising is this: “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message.” And I’m not so sure THAT is the truth. Everything you THINK you know about Obama is a lie. Even his name. Both his books (written by an American terrorist) are lies. The truth is beginning to come out now, and it ain’t pretty.

EUROPE BLAMES US: They blame us for their economy problems. But of course, as usual, they’re wrong. THEY are responsible for their own economic problems, and ours as well. Not because they did anything overt, but because Obama wants us to “be more like (socialist) Europe” in our economic policies.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Muslim Extremists Are STUPID!

They’re the worst bigots going, but any time ANYTHING affects them negatively, whether or not it’s aimed at them, they claim it is, and whine about it. They HATE everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do, word for word, and want to KILL  them. And then they whine when a bakery that HIRES Muslims makes a new rule, they ASSUME it is made to hurt them and walk off the job. I say let them STAY off the job and hire no more Muslims without them signing a pledge not to file such suits based on their religion.

PHOTO ID REQUIRED: For Michelle’s book signing. Remind me; why is it Democrats hate the whole idea of requiring a photo ID for something important like to vote? What a bunch of BS! And they never explain such contradictions; ever. They ignore people who ask questions about it, and then set out to destroy them after calling them vile names.

GAY MARRIAGE: Everybody’s still worrying over gay marriage, as if it was an important question; more important than Obama spending more of (our) money than there IS; more than him continuing to erode the value of our money by printing more and more of it. More than all he has done to move us ever closer to socialism. Yes, gays should be able to make contracts similar to marriage between themselves, but they should NOT be able to call it “marriage.” Funny thing is that’s all they want is the WORD marriage.

“OUR FINGER IS ON THE WAR TRIGGER”: That’s what an Iranian general has said, according to World Net Daily. Who cares? It’s like a mouse running up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. Not many countries are more insignificant than Iran.They don’t know it, but if ONE piece of war equipment (which is all they have, anyway) is detected heading our way, within an hour, Iran will cease to exist. They really think their threats worry us. That is sheer stupidity.

I DON’T “HATE” MUSLIMS: But I DO hate what SOME Muslims do. I don’t know how big this group of Muslim extremists are, but it is wreaking havoc all over the world, blowing people up, beheading “unbelievers,” planting explosives where innocent people can find them, designed to explode and kill them when thy pick them up (like the flashlights that have injured three people in Arizona when people picked them up). When we criticize them for their atrocities and rightly expose them, they call it “Muslim hatred.” How STUPID! They think we don’t see through that.

OBAMA IS “OFFENDED”: Poor BABY! It offends him that people think he would allow leaks of national secrets to make himself look like he’s a REAL tough president. Funny; we all KNOW he is the source, and the purpose IS to make himself look good before the election. That’s the sort of thing he does. He doesn’t care if it gets somebody killed, as long as it isn’t him.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Liberal Politicians THREW Viet Nam

My brother (who was there) says the Viet Nam war was “just a cover for drug trade.” I don’t know if he’s right or not. I wasn’t there. He’s still a hero in my eyes because he “signed up” to put his life on the line to protect my liberty. What I DO know is the liberal politicians of the time THREW that war, and have been “throwing” wars ever since. They may even be NOW “throwing” the war against Islamic terrorists. I know Obama denies the very EXISTENCE of this war.

“RICH NOT PAYING FAIR SHARE”: That’s a familiar lie from liberals. You can’t stop them from maintaining that, even though “the rich” pay 80% or MORE of all taxes paid. They get away with it because people who know the truth get tired of correcting them. I will NEVER tire of correcting their lies. If I stop, you’ll know I’m dead.

END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT: That’s what was said by an angry anti-Scott Walker voter with tears in his eyes. It amazes me how such people can BE so ignorant while being alive. Walker ran on a platform of reducing spending , taxes, and lowering the budget. He did exactly that, and was confirmed by a vote that exceeded the one that put him in office. How that “ended America as we know it,” I cannot fathom. I think this voter is just stupid.

SHE KNOWS THE CONSTITUTION? Nancy Peelosi says the Supreme Court will uphold Obama’s health care swindle law 6-3 “because I know the Constitution.” Sounds to me as if she hasn’t a clue what the Constitution says. Else she’d keep her mouth shut. But Nancy is not known for keeping her mouth shut, even when she KNOWS she’s wrong—which is just about all the time.

OBAMA IS “OFFENDED”: He’s “offended” that we should say he’s a socialist. Does he think we’re STUPID? All we have to do is listen to his rhetoric to see the truth of those who say he is a socialist. All he talks about is hurting the rich (punishing achievement), making it more difficult to BECOME rich, “sharing the wealth,” and a “fair share” of other people’s earnings. Let him be “offended.” We don’t care a whit what he thinks.

REMOVING MUSLIM THREATS: I have to give credit to “America’s Heritage” for this. It’s perfect: “The Navy Seals removed one Muslim threat to the US; now it’s up to the voters to remove the other.” statement.

ONE MORE REASON NOT TO HIRE MUSLIMS: A Muslim female bakery worker in Minnesota got her long skirt caught in some machinery so the management changed the rules to require shorter skirts and 30 Muslim women walked out, claiming the rule was made to get them to quit. Well, maybe it wasn’t, but it worked perfectly, didn’t it? Just ignore their self-serving rants and let them go wherever (else) they want. We don’t need such whiners working for us. Somebody needs to tell them it’s not all about THEM.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Home Prices Sinking In Spite of Govt. Spending

That’s what they say. But I think it’s just the opposite: real estate prices are going down BECAUSE OF government spending. Whenever government spending tries to “solve” a problem, it winds up making it worse. It’s as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

DID THEY “TAKE HIM TO THE WOODSHED?” Actor Wlliam DeVane has been starring in an ad campaign to sell gold. In it, he mentions “an unstable government printing money.” I’ve noticed recently that part about the “failing government” has disappeared from the ads. Did Obama’s people “take him to the woodshed?”

WHY MILITARY PAY? Obama has suggested cutting military pay 10%. Why military pay? Why not the pay of those overpaid congresspeople and bureaucrats? Oh, no! That’s sacrosanct. So is welfare and other giveaway programs. Cut the pay of those who are putting their lives on the line for us. That’s more his style.

FIGURES: Michelle Obama “approves” New York Mayor Bloomberg’s “soda pop ban.” Why wouldn’t she? She’s in favor of ANYTHING that tells Americans what they can, and cannot eat. This woman still thinks she’s “Queen Michelle” and anything that tells us what we can do is “okay.”

MSNBC ANCHOR: “HE COULD BE INDICTED”: MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz, while reporting Gov. Walker’s win in Wisconsin, said “He could be indicted in a couple of days.’ On WHAT CHARGE? Of course, he didn’t go into that because he couldn’t. But that’s a standard ;liberal method: make “wild statements” like that but provide no details, then repeat.

DEATH THREATS: This is typical of liberals who lose. They just can’t accept it. Wisconsin Gov. Walker has received many death threats since he won against his Democrat opponent for the second time, this time by a larger margin. In the liberal lexicon, you threaten to KILL the winner and SLAP the loser for not fighting hard enough.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is It Racist to Say "Blacks Attack Whites?"

 No, not if it’s true. To ignore the fact of black on white in a crime report is racist in itself. We’re becoming way too “politically correct.” “Political correctness” is just the liberals’ way of CONTROLLING what we may say, and I don’t buy into it. They can take their PC Speech and stick it.

A simple breakin by Republicans sunk Nixon and a lot more people. Why is a scandal that resulted in at LEAST one death not the same for Obama? He HAD to know about what they were doing and approved it. You don’t do such things as APPROVE the breaking of the law in a “sting” without the foreknowledge of the president AND the Attorney General, their LIES notwithstanding.

THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY: Every day there’s a new “panic” that “needs” your money to combat it. They run commercials whipping up “concern” for obesity and starvation, poverty and too much money (the rich) and then ask for money to “combat” what they view as a “problem.” I think it’s all a LOAD.

“CENTRIST” DEMOCRATS: That’s a contradiction in terms. Yet I hear this term mentioned every day in news services all over the cable, including Fox. Why Fox would fall for the efforts of the liberals to make us use the words LIBERALS put out, I don’t know. I DO know that one way to win an argument is to DICTATE the very words that can be used in the debate. I will not allow it.

“NORTHERN CALIFORNIA?” People constantly call the San Francisco area “northern California.” What about Eureka and other parts much further north? What about Redding? What do they think about this? How about Chico, Yuba City and Paradise? That’s like calling Denver “northern Colorado.” The way people think never ceases to amaze me.

FAST INFLATION: During the Weimar Republic inflation, when you went in and got a cup of coffee, you paid for it “up front” because by the time you finished drinking it, the price had doubled. We’re going tin the same direction here as prices rise exponentially because of the socialist measures Obama is taking.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Clinton Hates Obama

He won’t say it out loud, but he said Romney was a “sterling” businessman, Why would he like the man who BEAT his wife in 2008? He says things that are supposed to fool Obama into thinking he is supporting him, but slips in such things as the “sterling” remark, which denies everything Obama’s forces are saying.

NOTICE WHAT OBAMA THREATENS: Social Security retirees, military retirees, Social Security disability recipients, and federal retirees. Nowhere does he mention stopping payments to illegal aliens or Internet privileges for violent inmates or to fire some of the “deadwood” in his own government. He did not threaten to stop taking so many expensive “vacations,” nor did he say he would stop his wife’s extravagant vacations. Nor did he threaten to take away welfare or food stamps. He said nothing about reducing foreign aid. (Unknown source)

RECOVERY?” Half of American households are living on government handouts and don’t have jobs. Soon it will be more than half. That means more people riding in the wagon than are pushing it. This is a “recovery?” Gimme a break! The fact that this is what Obama WANTS is the “best kept secret in Washington.” He figures if he can keep it this way it’ll be easier for him to con us into going socialist whole wrongly blaming “capitalism” for it.

DISTORTIONS AND TWISTING OF FACTS: That’s how Democrats get subjects for criticism of conservatives. They take a simple logical statement and twist it all out of shape, then criticize the statement’s maker. Like they did with Rush’s “I hope he fails” statement about Obama. They twisted it to mean Rush hopes WE fail. What he meant was he wanted OBAMA to fail in all his efforts to make this into a socialist country (which rush KNEW was Obama's purpose). And if you don’t know why socialism is bad, you’d better find out—quick.

But they were inconsequential taxes like raising highway taxes (temporarily) 3%. Income tax base rates went DOWN from 70% to 15% and 28%, but when Democrats got back into office they quickly raised them back up to 38%. Never believe a word of what Democrats tell you. It will be a twisted version of the truth, or a flat-out LIE.

NO SCORE? WHAT’S THE USE? Liberals want to eliminate keeping score from sports events. But that begs the question: “If you don’t keep score, what’s the use of playing the game?” What would be the point of an auto race if the winner didn’t win? In children’s sports, the kids keep score even if the adults don’t. Not keeping score in sports is one of the left’s usual STUPID ideas and we can only hope that more intelligent people prevail.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Questioning Obama's Birthplace

That seems to be a “no-no” in today’s world. If you do it, you get called names and ridiculed. But he has never properly ANSWERED the question about his birthplace. He DID once release an obviously phony “birth certificate” that wasn’t even a “masterpiece” of Photoshop work. It is a LEGITIMATE question and should be treated as such, the questioner not ridiculed and called names.

“WOODSHED MUST BE PAINFUL” It’s amazing to me how many Democrats have tried to “distance themselves” from Obama, only to “change their tune” the next day. That can only mean one thing: they were “taken to the woodshed” and FORCED to do it. It’s a “political crime” today for a Democrat to say ANYTHING that might be construed to be against Obama OR his policies. Obama has his chains tugged up tight on Democrats. I’m glad I’m not a Democrat. I’d have to tell him to go to hell.

THE BEST SYSTEM GOING: That’s what we have. It’s not perfect, but it is far and away better than any other system in this world. So why do so many otherwise intelligent (I think) people want to change it to a proven lesser system (socialism) that has failed (or is failing) everywhere it has been tried? It’s probably the power they want.

IGNORANCE AND ARROGANCE: Liberals think we’re stupid and they’re “the smartest people in the room.” They’re wrong, and they’re too ignorant to know it. They can’t even IMAGINE it. They are ignorant and arrogant; a combination that can be DEADLY.

“READING TOO MUCH AYN RAND”: Some liberals have criticized conservatives for “reading too much Ayn Rand.” That’s an easy way to show their own ignorance. Maybe if they read some Ayn Rand, they might learn something. Ayn Rand writes LOGIC, something many liberals deny even exists, which shows obviously their ignorance and incompetence to hold ANY political office.

WELL . . .IT HAPPENED AGAIN: We killed (maybe) al Qaida’s top man (bin Laden) so Abu Yahya Libi became the second in command. So we killed him, too. The next guy in line might not be so anxious to “take over command” because he knows he’ll be next. “You can run but you can’t hide.” It’s a story of repeated success, followed by ultimate failure. That’s what you get when you take on the United States with a fifteenth century force.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Obama "Fiscally Conservative?"

Damn! How STUPID do they think Americans ARE? He spends more of our money than there IS? Then he tries to con Americans into thinking he is “fiscally responsible!” What world are they living in? What are they smoking? Damn, what a bunch of FOOLS we sent to Washington in 2008! We can’t get rid of this bunch of thugs quickly enough.

OBAMA HAS PROVEN HIS INCOMPETENCE: The main difference between Romney and Obama is that Obama is incompetent. He thinks collectivism (socialism) is the way to go. He actually BELIEVES that, and is working diligently to make it happen in America. He wants the American version of “The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.” Maybe not communism itself, but SOCIALISM, which is simply ONE version of collectivism (communism is another). To think that way displays his incompetence and the biggest reason why we want no part of him.

REWARDING OUR ENEMIES: Obama’s list of people to give the “Medal of Freedom” to contains a number of communists, Marxists, and other socialists, for the most part. These are his heroes, and you can expect him to hinor such people. It’s like the old “Hero or the Soviet Union” list in Russia. You got a “red star” and were made over by the press.

“NANNY MAYOR” STRIKES AGAIN: Mayor Bloomberg, in New York City, has proposed a ban on pops bigger than 16 oz. It not only wouldn’t work (all you have to do is buy two smaller ones), it’s illegal and would be injunctioned by the courts before it ever saw the light of day. They’d better get rid of this FOOL before he runs for president and wins. Then he’d start banning things nationally.

ASSAD SHOULD BE HANGED: We need to go into Syria and capture Bashir Assad, much as we did Saddam, then let is people HANG him. He needs more than what he would get from a court. He needs to be left for a long time contemplating his fate while sitting in a cell with NOTHING to do while thinking abut his neck being stretched. Or hiding in a rat hole, frightened he'll be found.

ROMNEY’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: It’s a scam. Obama is demanding to see Romney’s birth certificate to take our attention off the fact that he is HIDING his. There is no question about Romney’s birthplace as there is a legitimate question about his. When he shows his REAL birth certificate I MAY start to wonder about Romney’s. But not likely.

FOX IN TROUBLE FOR TRUTH: Fox News gets in trouble for airing a segment comparing Obama’s own words from his election campaign for 2008 and what actually happened. This is the kind of politics we have today, where you can get in trouble for telling the truth.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kofi Jumps Up and Down

The Assad regime murdered hundreds of people and blamed it on the rebels. Among the dead, many of whom were shot, execution-style, were CHILDREN. And UN Secretary General “screamed bloody murder.” But he’s not likely to do anything else. If ANYBODY stops Assad from murdering his people it will have to be us. But not until we get rid of that “pimple on the butt of America,” Barack Obama.

“MAKING OBAMA’S BASE MAD”: That’s what a Washington Post writer says we need to guard against. Why? Who cares about Obama’s “base?” Obama’s “base” is the people who aren’t smart enough to realize Obama’s socialism is a BAD thing. People who think criminals will OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed. People who believe you can SPEND yourself to prosperity. Who cares about those ignorant people?

BAIN VS. SOLYNDRA: The lesson we get, according to Mary Catherine Ham, is this: “Obama is a BAD investor, using OUR money, while Romney is a very GOOD investor, according to his 80% success rate, vs. Obama’s 0% success rate. Obama is trying to make it look like Romney FORCED companies into bankruptcy, when that is a LIE. You don’t make money by forcing a company you’ve BOUGHT into bankruptcy. That is the stupidity fostered by the liberals, who haven’t a CLUE about the whole process.

KILLS TWO AMERICANS: An air strike in Yemen killed 10 al-Qaida members, two of them American citizens. Muslims are making a big thing out of the killing of the two Americans, like that’s a “no-no.” For my part, it doesn’t matter where they’re from; if they’re consorting with al-Qaida members in Yemen they take their chances with the rest of the terrorists.

WAS VIET NAM WAR WRONG? I don’t know. I wasn’t “paying attention” when it was going on. I didn’t even know that the American Congress DEFUNDED that war and literally THREW it until my brother, who was IN it, told me. His view is that this war was simply a way of facilitating the drug trade and if we think it was fought to stop communism in that area, we’re wrong. I don’t know. I won’t argue it with him until I do my own research. That brings up a question: What about the CURRENT war in Afghanistan? Can we believe our government ANY time?

PROFIT-MAKING IS JOB CREATION! Obama and his gang of thieves paint profit-making as some kind of a sin, but that’s a LIE and he knows it. Else why would he GIVE millions, maybe BILLIONS of dollars to help “certain companies” not go bankrupt? Why did he BUY 30% interest in General Motors? What constitutes “financial well-being” for a business? MAKING A PROFIT! Why won’t he admit that PROFIT is his goal when he does that? When he “does business” with other nations? PROFIT is the whole reason for someone to go into business. Job-creation is simply a BY-PRODUCT of making a profit.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Criticizing the Critic

Obama’s people are now instantly calling “birthers” names every time they mention the president’s birth question. But they never answer the question. It’s like it’s some kind of a crime, just to mention it. That may be a good way to avoid answering the question, but it doesn’t work with me. I want an ANSWER! Not a bunch of the kind of bullsh-t we’re getting now.

OBAMA LIES, AS USUAL: On something completely unimportant. He claims to be the “swoosh master’ at Twitter, having used up all of the allowed letters in one Tweet. But he didn’t; he STARTED his Tweet with a period, added an extra space before a comma, added an extra (invisible) space at the end, causing the “Tweet counter” to register 140 spaces used, when he actually used only 137. A typical Obama lie about something completely unimportant. FYI: I’ve done it several times and didn’t even know it was something special. I've done it twice in the last week, but I don't "proclaim it to the skies."

LIKE THE MAFIA: Asking Barack Obama to “honor our heroes” is like asking a Mafioso to honor his victims. Obama and just about ALL liberals hate soldiers and think there IS no “honorable war.” They’re wrong about that, as they are wrong about almost everything; and they're too stupid to know it.

IT’S ALL SYMBOLISM: NASCAR says they “plant ten trees” to “suck up” all the pollution created by the cars going around the track at 200 MPH for hundreds of laps. It’s just symbolism. The trees couldn’t do ANYTHING about the pollution from 43 cars doing hundreds of laps spewing exhaust. But the government doesn’t care. It “shows their concern for the environment” and that’s all they care about, true or not: the symbolism. Air Force One spews more pollution into the atmosphere every time Obama takes an unnecessary trip.

“ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK”: Rush Limbaugh famously led the exodus, although I’m sure he wasn’t the first person to leave New York to avoid excessive taxes. Indeed, 3.4 MILLION New York residents have fled New York’s excessive taxation and regulation. When are the liberals running New York going to “wise up” and go a little easier on their citizens (probably never)? They STILL audit Rush every year and force him to prove he has not worked a single day in New York. They’re like barnacles on the bottom of a ship.

LIBERALS INCOMPETENT: All over the world, liberal governments are running out of “other people’s money” and experiencing the troubles that will cause as “moochers” who have come to think of their giveaways as their “rightful due” riot and make trouble, a la OWS. In France, they rioted, and even elected a known socialist they can count on to continue the giveaways in spite of dwindling resources. Look behind ANY obviously incompetent politician and he/she will be a liberal and/or a socialist (under whatever name they go).

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Syria Blames Rebels for Massacres

Government troops are killing and maiming Syrian citizens and stealing from them after shooting them (only one step further than our government). Witnesses tell about SOLDIERS coming into their homes and killing everyone in sight, stealing their property and leaving everybody for dead. It’s easy to blame the rebels when you allow NO newspeople in the country, but the truth will ultimately come out.

MUSLIM CLERIC: “INTERFAITH GROUPS FORBIDDEN”: So what else is new? We all now know to be a Muslim is to be forbidden many things, most notably ANY possibility of changing faiths or even RECOGNIZING that other people have the RIGHT to their own faith. Muslims are taught that they should FORCE others into the Muslim faith, whether or not they want it. They whine about “religious tolerance” where theirs is concerned, but have none toward other religions. They are the most INTOLERANT religion out there.

I like the “Crankshaft” comic strip. In fact, I identify with Crankshaft in some ways. A recent strip said that Crankshaft’s wife has “an impenetrable shield that deflects all blame” while” the only thing that can get through is guilt from her side. Hmmm . . .  like Obama’s.

: That’s what the DOJ is telling Florida. Apparently they want to continue their vote-stealing ways wherever they can. They fight “tooth and nail” to stop all efforts to require a photo ID for voters, even though we have to show one for almost everything we do otherwise, except one of the most important thing there is, the choice of a president, with NO WAY to prove you’re not voting more than once. They want no impediment to their voter fraud.

DEMOCRATS REQUIRE PHOTO ID: To enter their convention in Massachusetts. So what’s wrong with requiring the same for everybody who votes? That’s easy. To do so would cause Democrats to lose many more elections if they could not steal elections.

WHY WOULD ANYBODY LISTEN? There’s an ad out now saying, “Millions Ignore President’s Refinance Advice.” Why would ANYBODY with any intelligence LISTEN to any “advice” Obama gives us, on anything except on how to steal an election and fool Americans?