Friday, July 13, 2018

Liberals Abandoning Civility

The "Trump Derangement Syndrome" has caused Dumocrats to abandon civility, so they feel justified in their scurrilous attacks on Trump employees, supporters, and associates. One of the latest examples of that is the "Antifa" thugs who attacked a bunch of people at a "prayer meeting." Bad idea. This bunch knew how to defend themselves, and quickly put the Antifa thugs to rout. The liberal media, of course, told us the people who were attacked, just "began fighting" with the Antifa punks, never mentioning that the Antifa punks ATTACKED them without cause.

THEY OUGHTA BE BETTER: Dumocrats, under their aliases, such as "Antifa," are "lofting things up" to violence on the people they disagree with. But they ain't very good at it. A bunch of Antifa thugs attacked a gathering of Christians in Portland the other day, and got their asses whipped. One guy took a cudgel to one of the Christians, got it taken away from him and flattened by one well-aimed fist in the face. The rest of them moved in, and they all got their butts whipped. The liberal media called it a "clash of left-and right wing extremists. A riot." (Google it) But, as usual, that was a LIE.

DON’T MESS WITH MOM”: One stupid thug tried to carjack a car with two kids in it, and ended up with lots of woe. The mother saw him jump into her car with her kids, and jumped in with them, demanding he get out. He refused, so she shot him. The shot didn’t kill him, but it caused him to run into a utility pole. The woman, and her kids were not injured. But the bad guy? Not so much. He’s in the hospital, and will go quickly to prison after being released. This is a good lesson for bad guys everywhere: “Don’t get between a mother and her children.” There is nothing more fierce than a mom, if you threaten her children.

SHOWING THEIR TRUE COLORS: The Dumocrat Party is clueless, and they’re proving it, every day, with their stupid attacks on Trump supporters, and their continued Trump insults without a shred of proof of anything they say. Those very actions are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can’t answer the Republicans, and they have NO CHANCE of regaining the majority in congress in the upcoming midterms. They have NO platform except to be a major obstacle, while Trump continues to make progress in not only “draining the swamp,” but in reversing many of the bad things enacted by Barack Obama and other liberals.

REQUIRING SOLAR IN NEW HOMES? There’s a movement to make a law FORCING the builders of new homes to make them solar powered, at great expense. And of course, that expense would be born by the builders, and “passed along” to the BUYERS in the form of much higher purchase prices. And this, in a country that is SUPPOSED to be free. As with Obama’s REQUIREMENT to buy his massively expensive and less effective health care insurance, using the power of government to FORCE people to buy things they don’t want, this is unconstitutional. But, as usual, it will be enforced until the Supreme Court so designates it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The killer in Annapolis, MD used a shotgun to kill five people. Will Dick's stop selling shotguns now? And if the next mass killer uses a kitchen knife, will they stop selling those? Probably.... The Miss America Pageant has eliminated the swim suit competition. What a good way to ensure your demise.... Of course, one liberal reporter falsely claimed the killer in Annapolis, MD wore a "MAGA hat." Also, of course, he got his just desserts when he lost his job for it.... "Mad Max(ine)" Waters cancels two events because she SAYS she received "death threats." Sauce for the goose, people. She thinks she has the right to threaten Trump supporters, but it should never happen to her. If it really did.... A self described "democratic socialist" says that's "hugely different from socialism." It is NOT, and there is no such thing as "democratic socialism." Socialism CANNOT be "democratic." It REQUIRES a totalitarian government, for its thievery from the producer of new wealth to support the "drones" of society....

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Swiss Cheese Carjcker

This guy was out of control. He went through 2 counties shooting at people, finally ending up in El Paso County, where he tried to carjack a man. Bad idea. that man made him look like Swiss cheese, shooting him multiple times. It's a wonder he's still alive--but he is. He's in the hospital, facing charges in two counties, that include attempted murder. This is what happens when law-abiding people are able to have their own guns to defend against people like this. This is yet more evidence that the anti-gun fools are just that: fools.

SHE CAN'T TAKE IT: "Mad Max(ine)" Waters says she isn't afraid of Trump or his supporters as she advises liberal "snowflakes" to "confront Trump people wherever you find them." But apparently she's really afraid of a reporter's microphone when SHE is confronted about her advice. She was tooling around, waving at people, when a reporter asked her about her ill-advised "advice" for Trump haters. She quickly rolled up her window and had her driver (she doesn't drive herself) drive away quickly, while one of her supporters SLUGGED the reporter as she ran away.

MOST DEMOCRATS ARE FOOLS: They want to abolish ICE. We might as well abolish the institution of our government. Or get rid of the cops because they shoot black guys who are shooting at everybody. "Black Lives Matter" would like that. Get rid of the agency that keeps criminals in line (mostly). That's why Dumocrats want to get rid of ICE. They want COMPLETELY open borders. They want to allow ANYBODY who wants to come in, no matter if they're criminals who will rob and murder us, and rape our women. They don't care. Dumocrats feel an "affinity" with criminals, of all kinds, because most of them are criminals of another kind.

"PACK THE SUPREME COURT!" That's what the liberals (Dumocrats) want to do, when, and IF they regain their majority in congress. So that is yet one more reason to REJECT as many Dumocrats as possible, in EVERY election. FDR famously tried to pack the Supreme Court, and failed. They note that 14 out of the last 18 new justices were appointed by Republicans, and discount the fact that almost HALF the Court is still liberal. They want to "correct that imbalance," meaning more liberals on the court. The fact that this will NOT "correct an imbalance" doesn't occur to them.

BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES: Illegal aliens entering this country illegally are committing a CRIME. They KNOW there's an almost sure chance they're going to go into detention because previous illegal aliens who have been ALLOWED into this country while their case is being adjudicated have not showed up for their hearings, and have disappeared into the country. If they enter illegally the second time, it is a FELONY, and they will almost surely be imprisoned, if caught. We don't imprison the children of criminals with them, and so they MUST be separated from them until the parents are released. They KNOW this, but they come, anyway, and they bring their children with them, KNOWING they will be separated from them for a time.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Maxine Waters is really an ugly bitc--er, uh, witch, to go along with her personality. The voters in California must really be ignorant to send such a fool to DC for so long.... Showing the ignorant liberal logic, they now think Stormy Daniels, that highly paid whore, is "virtuous," while Sarah Sanders is "pure evil." All for telling the world the truth. How they figure a woman who screws guys for a living is "virtuous" is a mystery to me.... Boo-Hoo! Justice Kennedy, a liberal stalwart on the supreme Court announces his immediate retirement, and liberals everywhere cry rivers of tears. Sorry about that (not).... It shouldn't matter if a justice is pro or anti abortion. Abortion is MURDER and unconstitutional and should be thrown out with the other rubbish, regardless. A justice should always rule on constitutionality, NOT on his own beliefs or prejudices....

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

"Get A Gun, Folks!"

That's the advice being given Trump supporters and associates because the Dumocrat Party is recommending VIOLENCE against ANYBODY who works for President Trump, or even associates with him. That includes his family, including a ten, and FOUR-year-old CHILD. How scurrilous is this? How LOW can Dumocrats sink? I've heard about some crappy politics in my time, but this is the crappiest I've ever seen. Calling for violence on Trump's people, as "Mad Max(ine) Waters has done can only lead to violence, as fools take her seriously, as some will. And when Trump's people take her seriously and GET guns, this can ONLY lead to unnecessary violence.

"IT'S TRUMP'S POLICY!" Some of the Dumocrats who think the rest of the Dumocrats are going too far when they demand that we abolish ICE, say that "It doesn't matter if we get rid of ICE. It's Trump's POLICIES that are at fault."They're right on the first point, but wrong on the last. Trump's 'POLICIES" are simply to enforce the law MADE by previous Dumocrat-controlled Congresses. And he has made it plain that, if they don't like what he's doing, they can change the laws. It's as simple as that. But they don't want to change the laws, they just want to b-tch about it.

HE COULDN'T GET A GUN: So he used a knife, killing and injuring many people, including a 3 year-old girl. The story doesn't say whether or not he tried to get a gun, just that he came to that birthday party in Boise, Idaho to kill. The article says they don't know if this was a "hate crime." But how could it be NOT a "hate crime?" Not necessarily your usual kind of hate crime, hate against Muslims (many Muslims lived there), but simply hate because he was earlier asked to leave because of his behavior. Looks like he hated that. Proof, again, that getting rid of guns will not stop such people from their evil deeds.

THEY FOUND NO BIAS: That's what the IG Report said. What does it take to dent the thick skulls of the "swamp's" bureaucrats? When an FBI agent sends an e-mail to another FBI agent saying, "Trump should never be president," while "investigating" him, and later another saying, "We will stop him," how is that NOT bias? Frankly, I think the bias is in the IG office. The IG appears to be PART of the swamp. Apparently, he believes that if he tells a lie, we will believe it, and he can "do his job" for the rest of the swamp, "clearing" other "swamp members."

THE "RIGHT TO MURDER": Senator Diane Feinstein, in "interrogating" a Supreme Court nominee, asked her about the "dogma" of the Catholic church against abortion. Frankly, I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that a high-ranking SENATOR would openly SUPPORT MURDER, right out in the open. But that's what DiFi did. She SUPPORTED the murder of millions of innocent, defenseless BABIES who are being murdered, every day--with the APPROVAL of the law, after a misguided (by liberals) Court decided that the Constitution mandated those murders. The specter of the court reversing that erroneous decision is making liberals crazy.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Former CIA chief John Brennan has shown himself to be as stupid as all former Dumocrat apparatchiks when he told "Republican heroes" to "force Trump out." I guess he knows nothing about the chain of command in the White House, if he thinks they CAN force the president out without cause.... "Mad Max(ine) Waters has been "reported" to the Secret Service for her exhortation to Dumocrats and other liberals to harass, and even hurt Trump associates. Did somebody really need to "report" her? Seems to me they would automatically investigate such actions.... Lady Gaga says, "Life is too much to take." This from an entertainer who is now a millionaire and living a "life of Reilly." This shows how stupid liberals can be.... With all the abject hatred they've shown for President Trump, I'd think liberals would soon start a second American revolution--if they had the guts. But those who have to have rooms in which to cry, where "never an opposing word is heard" don't have the guts to start anything when they're not protected by someone else who is a little stronger....

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Media Won't Cover It

There was an occasion of mass violence, with several life-threatening injuries, but the liberal media will do their usual "lick and a promise" coverage of it, and forget it. Why is that, you ask? Because a gun was NOT involved, and major coverage would not advance their anti-gun narrative.. It was a KNIFE attack, in a building where many illegal aliens live. Make your own conclusions, there. Was it an attack on those aliens, or BY those aliens? We'll never know if it was an attack BY those aliens because, again, that would not advance their pro-illegal alien narrative.

IT BEGAN WITH ABORTION: If you wonder why so many fools want to go around shooting a bunch of people, you have to figure out WHY they think it's right for them to do so. It's NOT the "easy access to guns" as the anti-gun fools claim as they try to stop us from being able to defend ourselves from those who don't OBEY laws, and get their guns any way they can, so they can victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws, even if we think they're stupid laws. One thing people don't notice is that, before "Roe V. Wade," the fateful Supreme Court decision that allowed the MURDER of millions of innocent, defenseless children, there were not many "mass shootings" or other mass killings outside of wars. With that decision, we cheapened human life. And it goes on from there.

THE LIBERALS ARE LOSING: So now they're pulling out all the stops in their efforts to intimidate us. The people they call "anti-Fascists" (Antifa) are now using the same tactics that were used by the Fascists and Nazi thugs during WWII. They're now physically attacking religious prayer groups who were legally meeting, and had a permit to gather (as if they needed one) with clubs and other weapons. It happened in Portland, Washington, but they weren't very good at it. They were "run off" by members of the prayer group who knew how to take care of themselves. the liberal news media predictably covered up the fact that the group was legally and peacefully assembling, while the other group (antifa) were NOT. They reported that, "two radical groups had a riot".

WHAT LAWS WOULD WORK? "Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said Thursday that Congress’s 'unconscionable silence' on gun laws has become “a green light for would-be shooters” after the shooting at a Maryland newspaper." What would you have them do, senator? Have them yap and yap all day and produce nothing of value? (Sorry. They do that, anyway.) Tell me, senator, what laws would you suggest that would stop a SINGLE mass shooting in the United States? Yeah, I know. You like background checks and gun-free zones. And safe storage, and age limits for gun purchases. And other useless crap like that. Now I ask: "Have ANY of those worked, in the past?"

"THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW!" There should be a law against crooks stealing guns right out of then holsters of the cops. Wait--there ARE laws against that. Basic laws against thievery of all kinds. Guns, too! But, with all the laws against it, that's what's happening in Japan, which is one of the tightest places in the world for anti-gun laws. In Toyama, Japan, a cop was stabbed to death and his gun stolen, then used for murder. I'd bet there are laws against that, too. But did ANY of them do anything to save this cop's life, or keep his gun out of the hands of a criminal? That is the basic flaw in ALL their highly touted anti-gun laws. They don't work.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: How CRAPPY is a fool who threatens a four-year-old CHILD because his grandpa happens to be president, and you insanely hate him? That's about as low as you can go. But that's what I expect of Dumocrats.... The New York Times whines about the immigrant "children" that came through their airport recently. But those "children" were only TECHNICALLY children, as they were all close to six feet tall and wearing the hoods that usually mark gang members and other kinds of criminals. Did anybody check to see if they were carrying guns? I doubt it.... "Mad Max(ine) Waters says, "God is with us" for Dumocrats. As if God took sides in anything but good or bad. Typical stupid crap coming out of her braying mouth. And, of course, she calls for VIOLENCE against cabinet members. Somebody needs to muffle this bit--er, witch. Isn't that a "terroristic threat?" For anybody else it would be.... 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Another Stupid Idea!

The Dumocrats are KNOWN for the stupid ideas they promote. Such as allowing MEN to enter women's restrooms and changing rooms if they feel like they are a woman that day. Never mind the unalterable FACT that if he has a penis, he is a MAN. That's NOT the "sex assigned to him at birth," it is an unalterable fact of nature. But not to Dumocrats and other liberals, to them there is "more than one sex." Made so by what people FEEL. Now they want to eliminate ICE, that agency that works HARD to stem the flow of illegal aliens and bloody murderous gang members who murder our citizens.

GUN CONTROL'S BASIC FLAW: It assumes that evil doers will OBEY the many laws they make. Also, They assume that eliminating LEGAL guns will also eliminate all the ILLEGAL guns (millions) already out there. Only the law-abiding obey their laws, and that makes them "easy targets" for those who IGNORE their laws. Potential (and past) mass shooters SEEK OUT " gun-free zones" in which to do their dirty work because they know the law-abiding people there will usually NOT be armed, and able to oppose them.

IS IT TRUMP'S FAULT? One Annapolis, MD victim (one left alive) is now blaming Trump for his injuries because of Trump's exhortation that the media is "the enemy." Really? Is it Trump's fault that a misguided individual with a grudge against a local newspaper came in and killed a bunch of people? That's a fool claim, born of frustration and previous bias. That fool didn't shoot up that newspaper office because of anything Trump might have said, true or false. He did it because of a PERSONAL GRUDGE against THAT newspaper, and nothing Trump said had anything to do with it. To think so is the thinking of a fool.

MUELLER'S CONFLICTS OF INTEREST: Mueller's "team" consists of people with many conflicts of interest, including attending Hillary's "victory" party on election night when they still thought she would win, and giving thousands of dollars to Hillary and other Dumocrats. And these are the people who are there for only one reason: "get" President Trump before he can finish "draining the swamp" with them in it. these "13 angry Dumocrats" are among the people Trump will "drain" and they know it. So they're going to work as hard as they can to come up with something, ANYTHING they can use to "dump Trump," true or not. The entire Mueller "investigation" is a string of conflicts of interest, and everybody knows it. Mueller's whole thing is a "coup."

IT'S ALL A BIG LOAD: The whole fiasco about "separating parents from their children" is a big load of stinky brown stuff--and you know what that is. It's a MANUFACTURED issue the Dumocrats hope to ride to victory in the next election, and it's not going to work. Tell me. When is the last time a PRISONER was allowed to bring his family to prison with him? When is the last time it was even SUGGESTED in any case but with illegal aliens? The fact is CRIMINALS normally don't even THINK about NOT being separated from their families when they commit a crime and get caught--unless they're illegal aliens committing THAT crime. They think they can use the compassion of Americans against them when they set out to commit that crime.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Poor babies! "Leftists are 'alarmed' at the number of conservative judges being appointed. Well, hell! I've been 'alarmed' for a long time at the number of LIBERAL judges being appointed.... I can't believe how ASININE liberals are. One just made a threat against a FOUR-YEAR OLD girl because she's related to President Trump! That has to be one of the LOWEST things I've ever heard anyone say. But that is liberals. They can't answer what we say, so they call us names and threaten our children.... There are more than 63,000 people killed by illegal aliens, and the liberal media ignores that, calling us "haters" for trying to bring that to the attention of the American people.... Stormy Daniels claims to have been given $130,000.00 after supposedly screwing Donald Trump. I guess that makes her a very expensive whore....

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Day Late

When I took a day off for the Fourth, everything was fine. When I woke up on the fourth, my computer decided it didn’t have an operating system, so I had to take it to the computer hospital, where they replaced the hard drive and now I’m back, with what amounts to a brand new computer in an old package.

MAYBE OUR LAST CHANCE: The retirement of Justice Kennedy represents what may be America's last chance to remain a free nation. When Justice Antonin Scalia died (I think he was murdered to give Obama another liberal on the court), they tried valiantly to rush an appointment before Obama had to "step down" according to law, so the liberals could strengthen their hold on the Court for years to come. That effort was scotched by courageous Republicans who refused to even consider an appointment until the election was over, no matter who won. If Hillary had won, we'd have soon become a socialist nation.

WHY CAN'T THEY LEARN? The anti-gun fools never learn from experience. They have a single goal: to disarm all Americans not connected with the government in some way so as to make them defenseless against all comers, including the government, itself, criminals (a repetition, there), crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill as many of us as they can, any way they can. They think the way to self defense is to make yourself defenseless. Every day there are stories that prove their every theory wrong, but they ignore them, while the liberal media won't run them.

BEFORE FACTS ARE KNOWN: The anti-gun fools were out Tweeting for more of their USELESS, INEFFECTIVE gun laws that only DISARM law-abiding people, leaving them DEFENSELESS against fools like the guy who shot up a newspaper office the other day. Gabby Giffords, a KNOWN anti-gun fool since getting shot in the head, Tweeted. "Summer interns shouldn't have to dodge bullets while doing their jobs....we need to do something about it." Yes, Gabby, your "insight" is stunning. Like a bullet. They SHOULDN'T have to "dodge bullets." They should be able to throw a few back at such fools, instead of having to hide under desks, cowering.

SO MANY STUPID PEOPLE! Every time some fool kills a bunch of people, no matter what he uses to get the job done, the anti-gun fools are INSTANTLY out in force demanding more of their useless gun laws that do NOTHING to stop such outrages. Why can't they understand a simple thing, that their laws are USELESS? They have to be aware of that. But they still insist on making more and more of them, trampling the Constitution in the process, and getting even more innocent people killed. There's a simple "cure" for such mass shooters, and that is a law-abiding person in that crowd with his/her own gun, the training and will to use it, who can END the quest to kill as many people as possible.

FAILED YET AGAIN: Again, a shooter in a mass killing got his gun legally, because, up to the time he murdered a bunch of people, he had not yet committed a crime that disallowed him from buying a gun. I'm talking about the killer in Annapolis, MD, who walked into a local newspaper office and killed five people with a shotgun that he had bought legally a year previously. NO, that's not an oversight. People who have committed no crimes have the constitutional RIGHT to own and use guns, and to buy same. The Second Amendment guarantees it. And unless the American people allow something STUPID to happen, that's not going to change.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Seems like Peter Fonda suggested Trump's son be kidnapped and held for ransom. Only a sick damned FOOL would would threaten a 10-year-old child, and it earned him a visit from the Secret Service. And, I hope, some other punishment. But then, most elite liberals are sick damned fools.... Trump can't win with the swamp, for losing. He finally did what they were clamoring for, and did away with "separating children from their families," and now they're whining about "imprisoning children." Trump just can't satisfy those fools. They're out to get him, no matter what.... Recent headline: "Democrats Offended by Trump 'Tweet." So what? Who the hell cares what "offends" Dumocrats? I sure don't.... More and more Dumocrats are calling for the firing of the DHS Secretary. Again, who cares? Like that's gonna happen. Actually, it didn't have to happen. Their unwarranted attacks on him caused him to resign. He couldn't take it any more....

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

No Posts Tomorrow

We figure most people will be celebrating the Fourth, and probably will not be coming here, so there will be no new posts tomorrow, the Fourth of July. We'll be back Thursday, so watch for it.

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE: The liberals (Dumocrats) have nothing for us except socialism, which we don't want. So now they're embarking on a campaign to intimidate everybody who even thinks about going to work for President Trump so they'll think twice before accepting an invitation. They raise sufficient hell in a public eating place that President Trump's press secretary, who has done nothing except field the insulting questions from liberal reporters, was forced to leave. Then they followed her family members to another restaurant, and harassed them further. But it's not going to work, because the kind of people who would work for Trump are not the kind who WOULD be intimidated by the whining, sniveling fools who think they can gain something by violence.

AWWW, POOR BABY! The Huffington Post actually ran this headline" "Goodbye Justice Kennedy, Goodbye gun control." Which shows that they know which Justices will vote their way, and which will not. And they know what we've always known, that gun control is a "lost cause," since the right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun, is GUARANTEED in the Constitution. They knew Kennedy would find a way to "get around" that, and they are pretty sure any justice Trump appoints will actually FOLLOW the Constitution, not try and "get around it."

IS SECOND AMENDMENT "OPTIONAL?" That's how it seems. In 2008, in the "Heller Decision," the Court finally RECOGNIZED that the Second Amendment was NOT "optional." That it DID allow citizens to be armed for self defense. Since then, the Court has avoided questions regarding the right to own and use the MEANS to self defense, a gun. Without which we remain defenseless against the millions of ILLEGALLY-owned guns in the hands of people who would do us ill. I'm convinced that the anti-gun fools WANT us to be defenseless against the "bad guys," whoever they are. They are not against gun ownership, per se, they're against SELF DEFENSE, but are unwilling to say it.

"COTTON PICKING" INSULT: David Bossie used a phrase that has been in use for many years without a problem, and got "suspended" for his trouble. The phrase was "cotton picking" A "too touchy" liberal jumped all over it on Fox when he uttered it, Fox apologized, and even suspended him. Maybe we should fire Bugs Bunny, because he has used that phrase for years. This is a good illustration of a liberal CREATING an insult, where none was intended. They do that regularly, condemning people for using old, long used phrases they DECIDE were "insulting." By so doing, they severely LIMIT words that can be used in a debate. And That's what they're after.

ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING: Another excuse for the anti-gun fools to demand more and more of their useless, ineffective gun laws that do NOTHING to stop such things. This one happened in a newspaper office in the Annapolis, MD area. The shotgun he used, he bought LEGALLY a year ago because he had not, at that time, committed a crime and was thus not prohibited from owning a gun. Legal guns or illegal guns, the laws didn't do a thing to stop this occurrence.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Familiar headline: "Left melts down over (fill in the blank)." The left melts down over almost anything somebody who doesn't agree with them does or says. And who really cares? At least, among intelligent people that is.... Peelosi says Trump's policies are "inhuman." Only to a fool, Nancy.... Fired FBI Director James Comey is "so ashamed" of being an American, he almost committed a crime in Ireland by telling them he was Canadian. Liberals are real fools.... Incompetent people call Trump incompetent, even though he's actually DOING what they should have been doing. Former CIA Director (who couldn't run the CIA) John Brennan (in a previous administration) is doing just that, in his abysmal ignorance.... Dumocrats revealed themselves when they rejected Trump's proposed legislation to eliminate the separation of children from their parents while their immigration status is decided. They don't want to solve the problem, they want it to "fester" so they can use it as an election issue. It ain't gonna work, folks....

Monday, July 2, 2018

Socialist Wins Democrat Primary

Unseating an established member of Congress, who now cannot run for re-election as a member of his party--which is the Dumocrat Party, of course. Socialism is the face of the Dumocrat Party, now. Openly. This is how the communists took over in Russia, and served up 75 years of misery on the Russians. Convince people who want to live at the expense of others that communism (which is a close relative of socialism, both of which are collectivism, a system of THEFT from those who produce new wealth, to benefit those who don't) is the "way to go."

COURT ELIMINATES FORCED UNION DUES: The Supreme Court finally "got it right." they had a decision that ENDED the practice of FORCING people NOT union members to pay "tribute" to unions in order to keep their jobs. I fell victim to that early in my sign painting career when I desperately needed a job in Toledo, Ohio, a state where that practice was a regular thing. I LOST that job because I would not pay tribute to a union, which helped me not at all. They claim this ruling "hurts workers," but that's a LIE. It only hurts UNIONS, and that can be only a GOOD thing. I didn't stay in Toledo very long.

POLITICS DESCENDING TO BARBARISM: Members of President Trump's staff can't even go out to eat today without being harassed by Trump haters. And even members of Congress (Rep. "Mad Max(ine" Waters) are advocating more of it. Sarah Sanders does nothing but talk to reporters every day, and puts up with their insults and lies, but she got "run out" of a restaurant, and her FAMILY, who aren't even Trump supporters were followed to another restaurant, where they were further harassed. This level of vitriol can only lead to violence, which is where we're heading if it doesn't stop.

LIBERAL JUDGES RUNNING THINGS: At least, that's what they think they can do. A liberal federal judge has now ruled that they must STOP separating families when parents are arrested for illegal entry into this country. This in spite of the fact that the president has told them the same in an executive order, which makes this "ruling" unnecessary. We should stop the practice of naming judges to LIFETIME appointments. There are way too many "holdover" liberal nominated judges, working against this administration.

"SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE": Is sauce for the gander. "Mad Max(ine)" Waters doesn't like it when she's subjected to a little bit of harassment from a voter, even though she thinks all Trump supporters should get some. A conservative reporter asked her some telling questions, and she refused to answer and tried to block that reporter's camera, eventually sticking her tongue out at her from behind a phalanx of armed security in a "member of Congress only" elevator. She thinks Trump supporters should be subjected to harassment, but not herself. There's a move on to have her censured, and asked to resign from Congress. Probably won't go far, but hopefully, it might. This witch needs to be slapped down.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Demonstrators came into a restaurant and disturbed the peace of everybody there so much, the DHS Secretary decided to leave. They SAY they're "exercising their First Amendment rights," but actually they're just "disturbing the peace" and should all be arrested for it and made to pay a huge fine. In that restaurant, or at her home. Especially at her home... Politicians make their own definitions when they want something they know they can't have. Like an American politician saying the "Second Amendment is only a suggestion." Or a Mexican politician saying, "Migration is a human right." Yes, it is. But not illegally. We have the right to say who enters out country, just as the Mexicans do. And they have some of the toughest immigration laws going....