Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Liberals Are Steamed!

In Wisconsin, Republicans are trying to get firearms safety classes started in their schools, and the anti-gun fools are losing their minds, because they want to pretend guns do not exist to our children. They want to keep them gun ignorant as long as possible. They think that is the way to keep children from seeking out and finding their parents’ guns and accidentally killing one of their friends, or themselves. But, as usual, they’re very WRONG. Curiosity about something kept from them fuels their search for those guns, and that creates many opportunities for deadly accidents. Teaching them about guns, and letting them handle them in CONTROLLED situations, eliminates that curiosity while they can be admonished about gun safety and the fact that these are not “cap guns.”

I’M A TRUMP SUPPORTER: I wasn’t always a Trump supporter, but I am, now. I looked at Trump’s running for president as a novelty. I didn’t think there was a chance in hell of him winning, and I dreaded what was going to happen to this country if we got another four to eight years of what we suffered under Obama if Hillary got elected, with only a “novelty candidate” on the Republican side. But, as Trump won, and continued to keep his promises and “drain the swamp,” I began to see him as maybe a “savior.” But I won’t be wearing a “MAGA” hat, because of the violence of the Dumocrats to anybody who disagreed with them.

SOCIALISM VS. FREE MARKET: I’ve got a question for you: Why is it that this country has, that has allowed it to, in less than 300 years, outstrip all the other countries in the world, in terms of our economy, to the point where we can ‘prop up” many of those countries with our “foreign aid” programs? Why is it that America is the destination of choice for the most people who want to better themselves? To the point where many try and come here ILLEGALLY? The answer is simple. It is the free market. We are the only country that has, since it’s beginning, used the free market as our system of choice, while just about all other countries have used one of the other forms of collectivism (socialism) as their preferred economic system.

NOT STAND YOUR GROUND: In Clearwater, Florida the other day, two men got in an argument over a handicapped parking spot. One man pushed the other violently to the ground, and appeared to be walking away. Whereupon the man on the ground pulled out a gun and shot the other man to death, only shooting him in the front because the man appeared to be turning to say something. The Sheriff says he will not arrest this man because of Florida’s “stand your ground law.” That is just WRONG. There is NO WAY this is a “stand your ground” situation. The pusher was walking away and did not appear to be further threatening the killer. This was cold-blooded murder.

GOVT “BLOWING SMOKE”: What does the government, at all levels do, when their “solutions” to problems predictably FAIL? Why, they “double down” on them, of course. In Broward County, Florida, law enforcement failed on many levels that could have prevented the mass shooting in that school. So the sheriff, whose officer was STATIONED at that school and cowered behind his car while the killer killed, blames the NRA and then trots out a new squad car design, asking the public if they like it. As a result of mass shootings, the government is adding yet ANOTHER database to the NICS system, saying they “needed more information.” Never mind that in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the killer passed a background check because the Air Force FAILED to add his felonies to their database.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Michelle Obama slams President Trump as “a mediocre president.” She oughta know. She’s married to one… Actually, it’s pretty easy to label Trump as “mediocre.” All it takes is words. And Michelle has never been short on those, stupid or otherwise. Look in the dictionary under “stupid statements,” and you’ll find her picture. Or Nancy Peelosi… The new FBI Director has declared his solidarity with liberals by his recent statement that Mueller is “honest and dependable” and that his “investigation” is NOT a “witch hunt,” which it is. That‘s obvious to ANYBODY with any intelligence, at all… Congress voted down the idea of abolishing ICE, and the Dumocrats called that “a stunt.” Actually, their demand to abolish ICE was the stunt because it will never happen… Obama criticizes “the rich” for their big houses, saying, “You can only have so big a house." Then he went home to his $8 million mansion, ultimately paid for by taxpayers...

Monday, July 30, 2018

Hypocrisy Never Sticks

Not to Dumocrats, anyway. A Fox personality dates the son of President Trump and is separated from her job because of it (maybe). And the left goes completely “lowbrow” in their comments about her, calling her a whore and intimating that she’s “giving blowjobs” to him. Frankly, whether she is, or not, is her own business. And the hypocrisy is that many more liberals than conservatives are guilty of sexual harassment, yet they pontificate as if it were only Republicans who had sexual escapades. Chief among the Dumocrats who are guilty is their hero, Bill Clinton, infamous not only for using his high office to RAPE women for years, but also to infamously get his own blow job IN the White House Oval Office.

DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM: I can’t think of a more hilarious concept than that. There Is NOTHING “Democratic” about socialism! A socialistic nation REQUIRES an “authoritarian” government. That’s so they can TAKE the earnings of the PRODUCERS of society and GIVE it, unearned, to the MOOCHERS of society, who produce NOTHING. It is a system that REQUIRES there be SOME who earn and produce, so they can TAKE part of that earned and produced, for the benefit of those who earn and produce NOTHING. In so doing, they actively DISCOURAGE production, and thus earnings, because those producers soon realize that their earnings will soon be STOLEN from them by the system, so they soon stop producing and thus have no earnings to steal.

CRIMINALS “ENFORCING” THE LAW: That’s what’s happening in DC today. The criminals are attempting to enforce the law upon the law-abiding. That is obvious when they appointed a man who pleaded with Trump to reappoint him as FBI Director ONE DAY before he was appointed to “investigate” Trump with NO CRIME mentioned. There was NO CRIME to be investigated when he was appointed to be special counsel (or whatever they’re calling it today), and the law says there MUST be a CRIME to be investigated before a special counsel can be appointed. In this case, he was to try and find “evidence” of Trump’s collusion with the Russians in getting elected, which, while it may be unethical, it is NOT a crime. And in almost two years, h has found NOTHING.

RAISING THE ANTE: “Mad Max(ine) Waters is trying hard to “raise the anti after she, herself, was harassed after telling her supporters to harass Trump people. She’s complaining and whining bout “armed protests” against her. Funny thing though, no guns have been seen, not even by her. Any “armed protests” are in her fevered mind, only. The fact is, she didn’t expect the “blowback” after telling her people to harass Trump people. That’s something that’s just not done! Republicans just don’t do the same things the Dumocrats do! Usually. Like with “investigations,” which do more to make Dumocrats look innocent than otherwise, she expected that she could call for violence against Trump people without suffering any, herself.

LIBERAL VIOLENCE IS HERE:Mad Max(ine) Waters is a Dumocrat promoting violence with her exhortations to hassle Trump people anywhere they find them. And liberal fools are taking her up on it. Antifa is a Dumocrat-created outfit similar to the Ku Klux Klan with one difference. They don’t only attack black people. Some of them ARE black, and all hide behind masks, like the KKK. And others are taking a tip from them and attacking ANYBODY who shows any belief in President Trump, anywhere. An example is the people who physically ATTACKED a woman for simply wearing a “MAGA Hat.” In Seattle, a man was hit in the head without warning by a liberal fool who thought being a left-winger gave him the right to physically abuse somebody for his views, and to brag about it on Twitter.

WHY CAN’T THEY LEARN? The anti-gun fools kill more people than they save. That’s an unalterable FACT. They make laws that, if followed, get people KILLED. The law-abiding obey them, and then are injured or killed by those who IGNORE them. These people have to know that, but they insist on making even more of them. Are they just STUPID, or what? Or are they just against self defense, and getting rid of legal guns accomplishes that goal. There are many good examples of this. For instance, history PROVES that waiting periods are stupid and USELESS in reducing gun violence. In fact, they INCREASE it by keeping those people who have been threatened by somebody who IGNORES their stupid laws DISARMED, thus making it easier for that fool to carry out his threat.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Watch for Mass Killings

South Africa is demanding that 300,000 gun owners “turn over their guns.” That can only mean they are planning even more atrocities, and don’t want any guns to be in the hands of their intended victims. Recently, the South African National Congress approved a measure changing the Constitution to allow the government to TAKE land and other property WITHOUT compensation—to STEAL the property of others. There can be no other way to describe it. And when they come to TAKE their property, they don’t want to be met with gunfire. One unalterable fact is that gun control is the precursor to tyranny.

MAD MAX(INE)” GETS TASTE: Of her own medicine. She’s very vocal about advising the anti-Trump fools to harass Trump people. Sometimes even if they’ve just been seen talking to him, or one of his staff. Unfortunately, for her, she has now begun to suffer the same harassment from non-liberals, and she doesn’t like it. She’s whining and moaning about “the danger” of being a Member of Congress and looking to get ARMED security. She’s warning her constituents about “armed extremists” (Oath Keepers) who plan to demonstrate outside her office. Where she gets that “armed” thing is a mystery. There has never been an indication that Oath Keepers is ARMED, anywhere except in her fevered brain.

FOUND ANOTHER GAL: It didn’t work with Stormy the aging whore, so they’ve now found yet another gal who is willing to CLAIM she had sex with Donald Trump, YEARS before he even thought about running for president. They found her by illegally raiding the offices and HOME of Trump’s former lawyer, to get what would usually be privileged INFORMATION. In a MURDER case, raiding a defendant’s LAWYER’S office to get “evidence” would never be allowed, and any “evidence” so found, would be thrown out, as “the fruit of the poisoned tree.” Why then, is it allowed in the faux “investigation” that is trying valiantly to “frame” Trump? And what is this newfound “concern” about Trump’s POSSIBLE assignations while they IGNORE Bill Clinton’s REAL assignations, and RAPES while they laud Clinton as a hero?

GUY THINKS HE’S A GIRL: Enters a high-stakes physical contest for women—and WINS. How is that possible? Think about it. If your daughter works hard for five or six years, and finally makes it to statewide competition, then has to compete with a MAN in women’s clothing. How do you feel? How the hell do liberals convince people this kind of thing is legal? A good example is Whoopi Goldberg’s “meltdown” on “The View” when “Judge Janine” Piro didn’t agree with her that Trump was an ass. They ATTACK you if you don’t agree with them. And, with the growth of Antifa, it’s only a matter of time until those attacks stop being verbal and become physical—and maybe even DEADLY.

SOCIALISTS TAKING OVER: I have said in the past that the Dumocrats should change the name of their party to The Socialist Party in a move toward truth in advertising. Something politicians, particularly Dumocrats, have never been accused of by anybody with any amount of INTELLIGENCE. We recently had a self-described socialist running as a Dumocrat for PRESIDENT (and they wonder why they lost)! Another self-described socialist unseated a Member of Congress everybody thought couldn’t lose, and now she, AND that other socialist is supporting yet ANOTHER socialist in the upcoming election!

THEY’RE LOSING THEIR MINDS! Whoopi Goldberg’s tirade during the “interview” on “The View” with “Judge” Janine Piro is just an example of the frustration all liberals are suffering because a man they want to think of as an imbecile is “running rings around them” at every turn. There is no way they can tell the truth about what they plan for the American people, so all they have left is to scream at conservatives and “drown them out,” so nobody gets to hear what they have to say. Beyond that, their only recourse is VIOLENCE, and they have formed the “Antifa” crowd to accomplish that. Antifa is today’s KKK, founded (like the KKK) to create VIOLENCE upon those who do not agree with the Dumocrat politics.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Disgusting New Low

The New York Times produced an incredibly amateurish cartoon that intimated a gay connection between Donald Trump and Vladmir Putrid...er, Putin. And apparently, they couldn’t even find a decent artist for their insipid cartoon. This is a NEW LOW for even the New York Times, which “runs in front” of anybody else in the print news industry in LYING about President Trump. This is the kind of thing that is going to be the “death knell” for them. Not only is the cartoon ridiculous in it’s very premise, the art looks like something they hired an eight-year-old to do. Google it.

ABSOLUTE FOOL IDEAS: Liberals are responsible for most of them. Like letting MEN into women’s restrooms and changing rooms if hey think they’re women today. Or believing that CRIMINALS will somehow obey their anti-gun laws when they don’t obey any others. They’re CRIMINALS, after all. What is a criminal? Someone who breaks the law. Another damned fool idea they like is SOCIALISM. Socialism is BASED on the THEFT of the fruits of their labors from those capable and willing to EARN their own way, so they can GIVE that stolen to those who, for whatever reason do NOT earn their own way. One of those socialist ideas liberals are trying to impose on us today is the “universal basic income,” which, like socialism, is based on taking money from people who EARN it, and GIVING it, UNEARNED, to those who are not willing to earn it for themselves.

DEADLY ANTI-GUN LAW: One of the deadliest of the anti-gun laws is the “waiting period.” Many people try desperately to buy a gun for protection when somebody threatens them. They need that gun RIGHT NOW. Not after a few days, or even a few WEEKS waiting period. Many of those people have BEEN KILLED while waiting for approval from those officious bureaucrats so they can get that gun, with which to defend themselves. All because some nameless, faceless bureaucrat or politician says they have to WAIT to gain the means to protect themselves from someone who has ALREADY threatened them and is already armed.

THE FACE OF DEMOCRATS: Socialism has become “the face of the Dumocrat Party.” For many years, they hid the fact that their base was socialist because they figured that was a LOSING thing. And they were right. Socialism, in the United States, IS a “losing proposition,” until, or unless the Dumocrat dupes become a majority. If and when that happens, we are LOST. Socialism was THE way to govern in most countries since the dawn of history. Mostly because socialists were better at SELLING socialism than they were at actually GOVERNING under socialism. The fact is, socialism is BASED on stealing the fruits of the production of new wealth FROM the producers, and GIVING that stolen, unearned, to those who produce NOTHING.

DANGEROUS LEVEL OF PROPAGANDA”: The Washington Postrecently “pulled the gloves off” in their coverage of a mass shooting foiled by two legal concealed carriers by intimating that the actions of these two were as bad as those of the mass shooter. They said the shooter’s actions did not require the “death penalty” when, actually, they did. They described it as “three shooters,” ignoring the unalterable fact that two of those shooters STOPPED the mass shooting and saved a bunch of lives. They tried their best to paint the heroes as “bad guys,” when they are the heroes of the plot.

OBAMA STILL MEDDLING: As if he hadn’t done enough damage while president, Obama has “come out of hiding” with a new threat: “universal basic income for all Americans.” A SOCIALIST measure that is not even CLOSE to being economically feasible. One of the things Obama and his henchmen want to do is BANKRUPT America, and if he somehow SELLS this to enough voters, he will have accomplished his goal. There is NO WAY this country can afford to give every American a minimum salary to do NOTHING. That’s just one thing wrong with this suggestion. The other is this: if I’m going to get paid a salary without working, why SHOULD I work? The only answer then is to FORCE me to work, which is just one more layer of CONTROL over Americans by the government—and that is the basic goal, whether or not they admit it—and they don’t.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

They Want A Coup

Dumocrat Rep from Tennessee Steve (Stupid) Cohen the other day called on the military to “dump Trump.” That sounds like TREASON, to me. He’s attempting to foment a “military coup” a la a “banana republic.” That ought to be enough to get him removed from the Congress, and maybe even get him a stint in a prison for treason. Dumocrats are really getting desperate. They see their own time coming, as Trump actually does “drain the swamp.” And it’s not very hard to identify the swamp dwellers: they are the ones working the hardest to “get rid of Trump,” by ANY MEANS, legal or ILLEGAL. And a military coup IS illegal. Just suggesting one is illegal, and this fool should know that.

THEY WON’T LET GO: Dumocrats are determined to make the world think Trump collaborated with the Russians to get elected. They’ve spent more than a year and many millions of dollars “investigating,” and have found NO EVIDENCE of such collusion, but they insist it’s only a matter of time” until they find it. And now, when Trump actually ASKED Putrid...er, Putin about it and he predictably answered, “no,” when Trump accepted his answer, the Dumocrats call him a “traitor” for not standing there and calling Putin a liar to his face. This kind of “over the top” criticism with NOTHING to back it up is destroying any belief in the Dumocrat Party there ever was.

REACHING HARD: The liberals are really reaching. Now they say that the Russians sent one “flame-haired girl” to “get with” the NRA with the specific mission of getting Donald Trump elected president. How this one girl is supposed to accomplish that is in question. This girl is supposed to have done that by… what? And how is Trump supposed to know about it? They’ve tried everything else in their quiver and it hasn’t made a DENT in Trump’s support, nor has it given them ANY grounds for impeachment. They’re frustrated, and grasping at straws. Red haired straws, at this point. This shows the futility of their accusations of “Russian collusion” with Trump, which has not been proven after more than a year of “investigating,” while RUINING good people who had the audacity to WORK for Trump.

NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES: Donald Trump will be accused of being stupid, mentally deranged, and even a Russian undercover agent, for years. They accuse him of “wandering the halls of the White House, talking to the portraits of former presidents,” or of spending too many hours watching TV. When he went to Helsinki to talk to Putrid...er, Putin, we (who have intelligence) KNEW what would be said about the meeting. Whatever he did or said, “the swamp” members would say was the worst possible thing he could do—and we were right. The Mueller indictment of 12 Russian businessmen was very well timed to force Trump to CONFRONT Putin, and he didn’t. He brought up the DNC server that they never allowed the FBI to look at, even though they ADMITTED it was hacked.

LIBERALS WRONG AGAIN! Every time there is a reduction in the tax rate, they tell us it is going to INCREASE the national debt, because they’re not going to be able to take in as much money. And again, they’re WRONG. They predicted that Reagan’s lowering of the tax rate would ruin us, and it almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” Now again, when Trump lowered taxes, they AGAIN predicted that their ‘tax take” would be reduced—which was a “horrible thing.” Again, they’re WRONG. The “tax take” this year, so far, has INCREASED 9%. Of course, they’ll say that’s because of THEIR tax policies under Obama, but that will be their usual LIE.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Transgender activists have done probably the worst thing they could ever do—infest the “Miss America Pageant.” They want to allow MEN to compete if they think they’re women, which is really stupid… The headline is, “Bill Clinton Stabs Trump in the Back!” This is news? Bill and Hillary, and all the Dumocrats CONTINUALLY “stab Trump in the back.” So there’s nothing new here… Displaying their stupidity: liberals are livid at a doctor who said that sex is “determined” at birth. Why not? If the baby has a penis, it is a MALE. A vagina, a FEMALE. Anything else is in the fevered imagination only of those liberals. Nothing else is possible. As usual, they try and reinforce their stupid pronouncements by “flaming” anybody who disagrees with them

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Telling the Difference

In Chicago, how do you tell the difference between a gang killing an a cop killing? The direction in which the bullets are going, maybe? The cops killed a man who was fleeing and reaching for a gun. That makes no difference, I suppose, to the “citizens” who are protesting that. What are the cops supposed to do? Wait until he gets his gun out and aimed at a cop before they “cancel his check?” As many of the very people who are protesting themselves are likely involved in shootings of other citizens, it’s a wonder they have time to protest.

USING ANY EXCUSE: This guy’s SON made a comment abut his school’s security and that brought the cops to his home wanting to confiscate guns. They found no guns in his room, and then wanted to “confiscate” (steal) his father’s guns. Unfortunately, for them, his father had served three tours in Iraq and knew his rights. The cops had no warrant, and he told them to “screw off.” They did. The law under which they wanted to take his guns says the state may take guns away from those who are “a danger to themselves or others.” What is not said is just what the son said, so we don’t know what he said, and whether or not they are “stretching a point” to come to take his, AND his father’s guns away.

KAVANAUGH SCARES LIBERALS: Trump’s most recent appointment to the Supreme Court frightens liberals no end. Mostly because they know many of their fondest wishes to impose on the rest of us are unconstitutional and they’re afraid a real believer in the Constitution (which ALL Justices should be) will reverse their unconstitutional actions. Chief among those are their perennial attempts to reverse, or “get around’ the Second Amendment, by placing all kinds of restrictions on gun ownership, for the thinnest reasons possible. They KNOW their laws and regulations do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” because they only apply to the LAW-ABIDING, completely ignoring the lawbreakers, who simply IGNORE them.

CLEANING SAN FRAN STREETS: San Francisco is a unique city. It’s different from any other city in this country. Especially since the streets are filled with human sh-t, and that problem is getting worse, every day. New Mayor London Breed, who won the recent special election after the death of the previous mayor, has a plan to “clean up the streets.” She’s going to ASK the people who sh-t on the streets to stop doing it. No punishment discussed if they ignore her. Horrors! Punish people? Not in a liberal-run city! What are you THINKING? One thing neither she, nor anybody else thinks about is that the homeless, many of whom are suffering from mental disabilities, are mostly the ones responsible, and who probably won’t even notice her exhortations, if they care, at all.

THE SKY IS GREEN!” That’s what today’s liberals want you to think. They use subjective “reasoning,” where you can just DECLARE something to be true, and it IS (THEY THINK). They get angry at a doctor who says there are only TWO SEXES. That the sex of a child is NOT “assigned” at birth, it is DISCOVERED, by looking at the child’s genitals. If the child has a penis, it is MALE. If it has a vagina, it is FEMALE. There are no other possibilities, except those INVENTED by subjectivists, to suit their own purposes. They SAY that men who think they’re women ARE women, and that’s a THIRD SEX. That’s ABSURD! You might as well insist that the sky is GREEN when it is BLUE.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Mueller just “indicted” a dozen new Russian companies for hacking the Dumocrat Party computers during the Obama administration—long before Trump ever even THOUGHT of running for president. But the liberal media headlines do not emphasize that. They try and paint it as “vindication” of their “Russian collusion with Trump” investigation”… No such thing as a “democratic socialist.” Many Dumocrats are now claiming to be “democratic socialists.” But there is actually NO SUCH THING as a “democratic socialist.” To impose socialism requires an “authoritarian government,” which is NOT “democratic,” by any means… Dumocrats want Trump to quit calling the Mueller “investigation” a “witch hunt.” Why should he? That’s demonstrably what it IS… The Dumocrat Party is the “BS Party.” Every time one of their spokesmen (or women) speaks, I want to say, “BS.” And I don’t abbreviate what it means. Because everything that comes out of their mouths is BS… 

Monday, July 23, 2018

"Cruel and Unusual"

The Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment.” But that doesn’t stop liberal “lawmakers” from passing laws that ARE “cruel and unusual punishment,” and they remain in force until they are declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. But by then, the damage has been done to many people. Such a law has been passed in Seattle, Washington. It requires that all guns be “properly secured” according to state guidelines, or a $10,000.00 (crippling) fine will be assessed. If that’s not “cruel and unusual punishment,” I don’t know what is. And when that laws is DECLARED unconstitutional after many years of being enforced, there will be many people who are “wiped out” by a “technicality” if their attempts at “securing” their guns are not perfect, according to state inspectors.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Gallup had poll about how Americans viewed the NRA and gun control and, wonder of wonders, they found out most Republicans viewed NRA favorably, while most Dumocrats viewed them unfavorably. They also found that the “party gap” has QUADRUPLED since they began asking those questions in 1989. No kidding! Seems to me they just didn’t find as many people to ask their questions in 1989 and, as they continued to ask them, they got more answers, leading to the “quadrupling” number. Frankly, I believe just as many people had similar opinions in 1989, but were not found and asked those questions.

ANTI GUN NONSENSE: In Great Britain recently, a man fired a paint ball gun as a “warning” to an intruder—and got charged with attempted murder of the intruder! A PAINTBALL gun! The intruder arrogantly told the farmer that, “I’m going to take your farm,” as he proceeded slowly toward the man brandishing a large stick. Whereupon the homeowner fired into the ground, stopping the man, who was carrying that stick in a threatening manner. After the homeowner had to have a private security firm to find and arrest the man, he later found the man (who was illegally trespassing on his property and threatening him with physical harm) had actually charged him with attempted murder, and the cops “bought it.” Talk about stupid cops! It is this kind of thing that gives the cops a bad name.

HE’S GOT NOTHING: Bob Mueller was appointed by an anti-Trump DOJ executive to find something, ANYTHING they could use to frame President Trump before he found, and removed THEM from power, because THEY were members of the swamp. In more than a year, he has found NOTHING he could use against Trump. All he has found is a tenuous connection between a lender and the Trump campaign. A connection that didn’t last long, and it got a former campaign worker (Paul Manafort) in “big trouble” for some things he is alleged to have done DECADES before he ever had ANY connection to ANYBODY who MIGHT have been part of one of Trump’s campaigns.

TELLING THE DIFFERENCE: In Chicago, how do you tell the difference between a gang killing an a cop killing? The direction in which the bullets are going, maybe? The cops killed a man who was fleeing and reaching for a gun. That makes no difference, I suppose, to the “citizens” who are protesting that. What are the cops supposed to do? Wait until he gets his gun out and aimed at a cop before they “cancel his check?” As many of the very people who are protesting themselves are involved in shootings of other citizens, it’s a wonder they have time to protest.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Meuller “investigation” is coming under more and more criticism as “more and more people are realizing that his ‘investigation’ is a corrupt witch hunt, designed to bring a president down by whatever means necessary, legal or illegal.” What amazes me is that it took this long for them to “tumble” to a fact long known by everybody with any degree of INTELLIGENCE… Britain is one of the tightest when it comes to anti-gun laws for its citizens. But when it comes to the Queen, ARMED gunmen are EVERYWHERE to “protect” her. Why do her subjects not rate the same degree of protection? That’s a question I’d like to ask her if I was ever allowed to talk to her. But there will always be an ARMED thugs between her and me...

Friday, July 20, 2018

All I Need to Know

As I watch the televising of the interrogation of Peter Strzok, I see nothing but an arrogant, sneering, smirking fool, determined to “squirm out” of any responsibility for his actions and pronouncements. He declares that his personal biases have had nothing to do with his actions as an FBI agent, but he is LYING. The facts prove it. His eye-rolling, smirking expressions speak volumes to me, as he tells the senators of his resentment of their accusations and how they “offend” him. It’s really too bad he is offended by these proceedings—I really feel sorry for him—but I can’t seem to reach him. His very facial expressions offend me, and it appears, many of the senators assembled.

WHY NO CNN DEMONSTRATIONS? There were no “Town Hall Meetings” on gun control, nor were there many other kinds of “demonstrations” after the Annapolis shooting. Why is that? Because they would not advance their narrative, that’s why. It would be a real stretch to try and ban shotguns, and Annapolis is right in the middle of a state that is a “hotbed” of anti-gun laws. ALL their “precious laws” against guns are in effect there, but this guy still got his gun legally, in spite of being a felon. So it can’t be blamed on “lax gun laws,” one of their IMAGINARY things. It’s like a mass murder committed with a knife. You won’t see much about it in the liberal media, for the same reasons.

ATF GUN TRAFFICKING: The ATF, under Obama’s administration, RAN GUNS to Mexico while trying to blame local border gun shops. It didn’t work, because they forgot to consider that the cartels would find, and remove their tracking devices. This is the kind of STUPID things they did on Obama’s orders, for eight years, all the time ignoring, and DENYING the threat from Islamic terrorists, and allowing thousands of Islamic terrorists to cross our borders illegally with their “catch and release” policy, which a liberal judge forced us to return to on the PRETENSE of “being disturbed” about “separating” the illegal aliens from their children (for a time). So not they can go back to IGNORING their court dates and staying illegally, in this country.

THE NEW KU KLUX KLAN: Is “ Antifa,” the ubiquitous thugs who go about and ATTACK peaceful meetings of prayer groups and other groups whose purpose is not left-wing. And they do it while hiding behind masks, as the Dumocrat Party’s earlier creation, the Ku Klux Klan did back in the 1800s. Only this bunch is not only attacking just black people. They attack people that Dumocrats aim them at. The Dumocrats, being the REAL racist political party, CREATED the KKK to attack, and even KILL those who believed in equal treatment for black people. They “went wild” and beat, burned out, and KILLED many black people, and even some white people who sided with the black people. Antifa is their replacement.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The gloves are off. The New York Times is advocating Mafia-type tactics, including murder and car bombing for those who disagree with their liberal opinions. They no longer have any cogent arguments, so they’re resorting to violence… Liberals were slamming Trump’s SC pick, even before his name had been released. One source slammed his pick without even naming him… Dumocrat Senator from Hawaii Mazie Hirono says Trump doesn’t care about separating kids from their parents. So what? Who cares what a Dumocrat says? They’re all “Trump haters,” and will say ANYTHING to put him in a bad light… Joy Behar is asking why McConnell isn’t in JAIL for blocking the vote on potential Supreme Court Justice Merrick Garland. Which shows a certain IGNORANCE of how things work in this country. You can’t JAIL a lawmaker for their actions. If you could, there would be many politicians now serving, who would be in jail…