Monday, November 30, 2015

Demonstrating Their Stupidity

Obama has been declared the “fifth best president in history” by a Texas A&M “study” recently. Notwithstanding Obama has almost completely DESTROYED this country economically and politically. If they wanted people to know how stupid they were, maybe they should have just stood up and said,”I'm stupid.” Their answers in this “study” have about the same effect.

MAYBE THAT'S IT! The most recent Islamic terrorists captured weren't sent to GITMO, since Obama is trying his best (worst) to close it. As a result, they have been tortured by the Kurds. It's orful they should be subjected to the same things they do to us. Maybe that's Obama's real reason behind closing GITMO. Hmmmm....naahh!

BLAMING FREE SPEECH: They still can't figure out the motive for the shooter in Colorado Springs. “The shootings in a clinic and the deaths of two people are horrific acts that everyone with a lick of sense and humanity abhors. But what the Washington Post and pro-abortion advocates are conducting in its wake is an attack on free speech and the political process, not to mention the unconscionable smearing of millions of Americans. It’s disgusting, manipulative, exploitative, and un-American. Shame on them, and shame on the Washington Post for its egregious bias.” (Hot Air) The liberal media just can't tell the truth about abortion. They put enough pressure on the “authorities” that they hesitate to enforce existing laws on abortion (murder) and selling body parts, and then blame free speech when some fool does the expected.

IT'S ALWAYS RACE: When liberals look at ANYTHING, it always includes racism. For them, it's white racism against blacks, which was almost extinct until they started calling everything they didn't agree with racism. So now it's black against white racism, and, like the original racism was, it is supported by law, and presented as admirable. And, due to “political correctness,” you can't even call it what it is. I say, “screw political correctness.” I say what needs to be said.

DON'T PAY THE TREASURY: Some people are sending large amounts of money to the Treasury “to help pay the national debt.” That's a futile move. They just take that money and spend it. And think, “what stupid people.” All this does is give them “incentive” to spend even more money—because it's there. That's what politicians and bureaucrats do best: spend taxpayer money. Paying down the national debt is at the BOTTOM of their “to do” list.

BLAME THE HONEST MAN: In at least two cases I know of, the families of the robbers who were shot by a “concealed carrier” want charges brought against the “concealed carrier” for specious reasons. In one case it was that he “failed to warn the armed robber” before shooting. In another case, where the robber was holding a gun to a clerk's head, they say he should have “just left the store” and left the clerk to die. How stupid ARE these fools?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Racist Fools

Those are the ones who are now suggesting that the only reason the shooter in Colorado Springs was not killed—was taken alive, was because he was WHITE. This is a perfect example of how fool liberals make EVERYTHING into racism. They see racism under every bed. Around every corner. In every action of white people, no matter what. In doing so, they destroy entirely their ability to slur someone by calling them racist. They're too dumb to figure that out.

SHERIFF POSTS PATRIOTIC SIGN: The media calls it “politically incorrect.” Okay, so what? I was MEANT to be “politically incorrect.” You liberals, don't let your heads explode. It won't do you any good. There are some people who don't fall for your damned foolishness. And that's what “political correctness” is. It's an effort to censor us, and many people, including me, won't stand for it. Stick your “political correctness” up your flue.

THAT'S FUNNY! Trump's “eligibility” is being questioned—by the very people who laughed at, and ridiculed Trump's efforts to question OBAMA'S eligibility to hold the office of president when there was ample proof he was born elsewhere.. They're saying that, in one state, at least, he didn't PROVE he was a Republican, and that should disqualify him to run. How STUPID can they be? Pretty damned stupid. Stupid is a REQUIREMENT to be a Democrat.

PICK THE NAME: And you can bet liberals, and even some conservatives have used it on Donald Trump. They're so frightened, they've had to hire more cleaners to get rid of the spittle on the walls where Trump is being discussed. Racist, Fascist, communist, wanna-be dictator, you name it. They haven't called him a “baby killer” yet, but only because that hasn't occurred to them. They're so afraid of him getting to be president, they'll do and say ANYTHING they think will stop him, and so far, nothing has even come close. That has them wetting their pants (or panties).

BLAME THE PRO-LIFERS: Now it is known that the shooter in the Colorado Springs killings at Planned Parenthood uttered the words, “No more baby parts” they want to make us think ALL pro-lifers” want to KILL the people at Planned Parenthood. As “one of them damned pro-lifers,” I can say with authority, such efforts are STUPID. But then, the people bringing those charges ARE stupid. We believe in the sanctity of LIFE. They don't, or they wouldn't support Planned Parenthood while they MURDER unborn infants.

FORCED TO DENY HER FAITH: In Katy, Texas, a young girl refused to deny her faith in an answer on a test in school, and was threatened with an “F” grade if she persisted in her answers. The School Board said the teacher who threatened her was a Christian, and the test was “misconstrued.” How that is possible if she threatened the girl with an “F” for NOT denying her faith in her answers doesn't make sense to me, as well as to any other intelligent people. The girl rightly calls the School Board members “liars.”

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Usual Hypocrisy

The Californicate Lt. Gov. wants to keep you from having the means to self-defense, while he goes around with ARMED men surrounding him, paid for with YOUR money. This is an example of the hypocrisy of the “anti-gun fools” everywhere. Sen. Diane Feinsten (a Californicator, naturally) is one of the best-known “gun-grabbers,” and she carries her own gun to supplement her ARMED security. Interesting: BOTH are former San Francisco Mayors.

THEY CAN STICK IT: The feds are telling the states that if they don't admit ”Syrian refugees” they would face punitive action. In other words, let the killers in to kill their citizens, or face punishment. Sounds like the action of a man who thinks he's a dictator, to me. Obama has no legal footing for such a threat, NOR for implementing it. But to a man who doesn't care about the law for anybody but his enemies, that doesn't dissuade him in the slightest. It's illegal, but he'll enforce it, anyway.

BLAME IT ON THE GUNS: Whenever something bad happens, anywhere in the world, involving guns, Obama is the first in line to use it to call for more of the kind of gun laws that liberals have been passing lately, that do NOTHING to stop gun violence. They just can't get it through their thick skulls that their laws are USELESS in stopping gun violence. Until they do, I'll fight them, tooth and nail.

SHOOTER IN COLORADO SPRINGS: We don't know yet where the shooter in the Colorado Springs killings got his guns, or whether or not he got them legally. But it makes no difference, does it? If he was able to buy them legally, it means there was nothing on his record to stop him. If not, he bought his guns ILLEGALLY, which the current gun laws did nothing to stop. Think about it.

SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY: The fools pushing the “black lives matter” scam are just “useful idiots” for those who want to weaken the influence of the cops in law enforcement, leaving it to the feds, of course. They used the events in Ferguson, MO to get things started, and use every police shooting of a thug, righteous or not, to advance their agenda. They're creating the very thing they say is happening, but isn't—yet.

GOOD RECRUITING TOOL: Obama has used that many times as a reason not to pursue obvious things he should be doing to put an end to the Islamic terrorists. Maybe we should stop pursuing the average murderer for the same reason. It would cause more criminals to become murderers. Or let even more rapists, burglars, and murderers out of prison because, you know, going to prison is such a great incentive to become a criminal.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Obama Arms ISIS

He has been CAUGHT giving them M83 missile launchers to use on Russian airplanes. Who out there is stupid enough to think they will restrict their use to Russian airplanes? I have maintained for a long time that Obama is in league with the Islamic terrorists, and nobody pays any attention to me. Maybe they will when they get an American M88 up their flue.

CALLING TRUMP A LIAR: I just listened to a show on FOX, fergawdsakes, Where They told us about several places where they think, On very tenuous “evidence,” that Trump has lied. One of those is his maintaining that Muslims in New Jersey “danced in the streets” about 9/11, saying there is “no evidence” that ever happened. So what? Just because nobody caught it on video, didn't mean it didn't happen. He said he SAW it happen. I saw it happen elsewhere, mostly in Islamic-run countries.

TALK GUN CONTROL: Obama says we should talk about gun control at the Thanksgiving table this year. I guess he means that, even if we're dead set AGAINST the kind of gun control he's pushing. Sure. I talked about “gun control” on Thanksgiving. Like TRAINING concealed carriers in proper handling of guns, and how to hit want they shoot at. I'll be glad to talk about those things, not Obama's “gun control abortions.” Not until he gets some common sense.

BLAME ANYTHING: Anything, that is, but what it is. Bernie sanders says the Islamic terrorists are killing people because it's so damned HOT! It's global warming! Never mind it has been hot where they live, FOREVER. Never mind the Islamic terrorists themselves take every chance to tell you they want to kill “unbelievers” because they are not MUSLIMS! Or worse yet, their KIND of Muslims. When are these damned fool politicians going to LISTEN to them and ADMIT the real reason? Or will they remain blind to it forever?

OBAMA LOSES IN COURT: The Supreme Court decided, 5 to 4, that Obama's plan to destroy “Big Coal” through excessive regulation is unconstitutional. Not only that, it's incompetence at its worst (They didn't decide that, it just IS). Coal is a NECESSARY PRODUCT, in use mostly to produce electricity. Without it, they'd have to use gas, at about five times the cost. If Obama had a brain, he'd realize that. Oh: if you haven't heard that, it's because the liberal media has ignored it.

IT'S “POLITICALLY INCORRECT!” So the hell WHAT? The Sheriff of Harris County, GA posted a sign saying, "WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you… LEAVE!" This should be done everywhere. Political Correctness is simply an attempt to CENSOR us, and whenever it ”rears it's ugly head,” we should tell it to “go to hell!” And get screwed first. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Refusing to Lie

Child star Drake Bell, who played in the “Drake and Josh” show on Nickelodeon, is “under fire" from liberal idiots for making a “:transphobic” (another phony word) Tweet about Bruce Jenner, and not calling him “Caitlyn.” Which means he refuses to go along with their LIE. Bruce Jenner is a MAN. No matter how much he might “identify” as a woman, he still has a PENIS (unless they've already cut it off). The only people who don't like that are the fools who think you should be able to recognize yourself for what you WANT to recognize yourself, and not reality. I used to respect Jenner, but no more. And anybody who doesn't like that can stick it where they sit. HARD.

GONNA TALK TO 'EM: Oh, boy! Obama's gonna “speak harshly” to the Turks (in a few days, when he gets around to it) for shooting down that Russian warplane in their airspace. Then he'll probably make it official by sending them a “nasty letter,” in which he won't mention Turkish rebels in Syria killing the parachuting pilot. He doesn't notice things like that.

TALK GUN CONTROL: Obama wants all of us to talk about “gun control” at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year. Michelle Malkin's advice is to “leave politics out of it.” Okay. I will. I'll talk about all the new “concealed carriers” being trained in proper gun handling and marksmanship so they don't accidentally shoot the wrong person and how to actually HIT what they're aiming at. And I will talk about the LUNACY of the current crop of “gun laws” liberals are now passing.

DON'T CLOSE GITMO: Just because Obama says it is a “good recruiting tool” for terrorists (without mentioning Islam, even though THEY, themselves say it's Islam, all the time). Everything we DO against them could be called a “good recruiting tool” for them. So that's a meaningless excuse. A reason NOT to take ANY action against them. Maybe we should stop pursuing other kinds of murderers because to continue would help create more murderers. Same with burglars and rapists.

IS BABY KILLING ILLEGAL? Or not? I guess it's all in the context. If a criminal kills the mother and the baby dies, too, while he is in the commission of another crime, it IS. But if a doctor crushes an unborn baby's skull and sucks out its brains, or an outfit like Planned Parenthood kills it “selectively” so as to preserve important body parts they plan to sell, it is NOT. That's how it is today, with liberals running things.

GO TO HELL, PEOPLE!” A Georgia sheriff tells people this: “If 'God bless America' offends you, get the hell our of here!” He didn't put in exactly those words, but that's what he meant. That's what we should tell ALL Islamic troublemakers who move here specifically to make trouble by being “offended” by our practices. Our practices are none of their business. Their practices, such as screwing little boys (a “cultural thing with them” but the worst kind of a crime, to us) are things that offend US. If they don't like American ways, GET OUT!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The "Air Strike Myth"

Obama talks about his “thousands of air strikes” on Islamic (without saying Islamic) terrorist targets, but he never tells you that 75% of the airplanes return to base with a full load of ordinance, without firing a single missile or dropping a single bomb, due to his unrealistically tight “rules of engagement.” Obama wants to “fight” this war without killing a SINGLE “civilian.” He completely ignores the fact that ALL Islamic terrorists are civilians, and they purposely use civilians as "shields.". There IS no “army” here, and no LEGAL state involved.

PHONY SCORN: As usual, Michael Moore is against anything the government (at any level) does. Now he's telling the governor of Michigan he is “heartless and unChristian” for refusing to accept Syrian “refugees,” who are not refugees at all, but mostly Islamic terrorists, coming here to kill as many of us as possible. He might even get to be one of the first. He doesn't like the governor's call for a complete revision of our vetting procedures for ALL “refugees.” Moore says, in spite of the governor's wishes, he, himself is going to tell the feds he will "offer his home in Traverse City to the 'refugees'.” Good. They'll not have to hunt for him to kill him. He IS an “unbeliever, after all. Of course, he IS a HUGE target. Hard to miss.

GETTING AROUND THE CONSTITUTION: Obama is now demanding Republican cooperation on a new law to stop (Islamic) terrorists already in the country from buying guns. Notice, he still won't call them ISLAMIC terrorists, while using them to “”get around” the Constitution. Then he will just define everybody who wants to buy a gun legally as a “domestic terrorist.” Lost in the din is the fact that terrorists don't buy guns legally so, as usual, those laws will only apply to honest, law-abiding Americans.

ARE SOME TEACHERS INSANE? Just the other day I read about a school teacher who insisted on teaching her students an ISIS recruiting song. Today, I read about a teacher telling her kids to draw ISIS recruiting posters! Are these teachers INSANE? ISIS is the ENEMY! And they're having their young, impressionable students HELPING them in their efforts to recruit people to KILL Americans because they don't BELIEVE in the kind of Islam of which they approve.

TRUMP FAVORS WATERBOARDING: And liberals' heads are exploding. What does he MEAN, subjecting these “peaceful Muslims” to this atrocity? Frankly, I think Trump is right. If that's what it takes to make one of these mass murderers talk and save a few lives, why NOT “waterboard” them? It's not very pleasant, but it doesn't permanently injure them, as beheading (which they do to us) does. It shouldn't be used on American citizens who are NOT Islamic terrorists, but it SHOULD be used on them. They should HAVE no rights.

"POLITICS-FREE THANKSGIVING?” That's what Michelle Malkin wants for us. I usually agree with most of what she writes, but in this case, I think she's wrong. Politics is like the weather: you can't just “turn it off” because you want to. You need to pay attention to politics ALWAYS, because it will always pay attention to YOU. Maybe you could decide not to argue about it over Thanksgiving dinner, but NEVER ignore it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Islamists Working At Airports

ISLAMISTS WORKING AT AIRPORTS: 73 of them are working for airport security. What the hell's WRONG with those fools who hire them and keep them on? Will they properly “screen” passengers for Islamic terrorists? I can't believe the abject STUPIDITY of these people! It's people like these who will cause us to lose. This government is far too incompetent. We're going to LOSE if we don't get some competent people in there.

OPEN MOUTH, INSERT FOOT: Moms Against Guns (or some such) proved again they know NOTHING about guns, or the illicit gun market when they tried to take advantage of the Paris killings to promote gun control,. They inadvertently showed how the kind of gun laws they promote DON'T WORK. France has some of the tightest gun laws anywhere. But somehow guns still find their way in. As I have pointed out, many times. Criminals. mass murderers, and Islamic terrorists (a redundancy) don't register their guns, OR buy them legally.

HOMOPHOBIA A MENTAL DISEASE”? They really go out of their way to shut up their critics. Now they're trying to say criticism of homosexuals is a mental disease to be “treated.” So now they're trying to make their made-up word a real disease. Forget homosexuality has no way to impregnate ANYBODY, and that's what sex is all about, for intelligent people. There's nothing wrong with having sex with someone of the same sex as you, but not liking it is a human right, NOT a disease. Some people think it's fun, but others disagree, which is their RIGHT.

DUMB, DUMBER, DUMBEST: Obama is dumb. Kerry is dumber. And Hillary is dumbest. Obama won't even see the Islamic terrorists as a threat. Kerry follows right along with Obama's dumbness. And Hillary, who is running for Obama's job, carries it further, saying categorically that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, even though they take every opportunity to say they ARE. And that all they want is to kill “unbelievers” in Islam. What do these people NEED to realize what's going on? Maybe a BRAIN?

DEATH FOR NO BELIEFS! Saudi Arabia, that bastion of “peaceful Muslims,” has sentenced an atheist to DEATH for being an atheist! Not for being a Christian in a Muslim-run country. For not believing in ANY religion at all! You can't win with Muslims! That's why I will never go to a Muslim country, or go ANYWHERE that is “Sharia compliant.” Muslims have to be the MOST INTOLERANT of other religions, possible. And they have the GALL to scream loudly if a Christian doesn't like them.

SURVEILLANCE ON MOSQUES”: That's what Trump thinks we should do. It's a “ballsy idea,” and a good one. Muslims think they're safe there, and can preach their hatred of everything American with impunity and scheme their atrocities, since the gullible politicians seem to BELIEVE they are REAL religion and treat them as such. While they take full advantage of that, using Mosques as “safe” meeting places for Islamic terrorists. Quietly and secretly bug them and we will know their plans before they can implement them.

Monday, November 23, 2015

"No Negotiations"

There can be NO negotiations with Islamic terrorists. They want one thing: for ALL people to become Muslim while they “rule the world.” They will accept nothing less. They may PRETEND to negotiate at times, but when they do, it's only to “buy time” for moving troops into position or for conditions to be right for an attack. They will never keep any “agreements” reached, for long. Just long enough to gain their objectives.

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS WINNING” Why? Because Obama won't LET us do what is necessary to win. And other liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton, likewise. Obama PRETENDS to be fighting the Islamic terrorists, but most of his “attacks” are ineffectual. Like the one where he supposedly killed that bloody murderer who beheaded people. His drones attacked a place less than a mile from a KNOWN large ISIS headquarters. Meanwhile, he does all he can to HELP them succeed.

OBAMA IGNORING COURTS: As usual. The courts have decreed that his “amnesty” for illegal aliens is unconstitutional, but he's going ahead with his executive actions that “protect” 80% of illegal aliens from deportation, while “sanctuary cities” protect them from the law for their illegal acts, including murder. Obama is the worst lawbreaker in the country, and should be in PRISON, not in the Oval Office.

NOT QUALIFIED NOW: Rush Limbaugh says he thinks Ben Carson is “not qualified to be president now,” and the liberal media is going to make the most of it, ignoring the fact that the last TWO presidents were “not qualified” when they were elected, and Bush didn't do all that bad a job, no matter what liberals say. Obama proves every day he is not qualified, and never will be. So it''s a good thing he doesn't have much time left, although the time he DOES have left is enough time for him to screw things up, royally. And you can bet he'll do everything he can to SCREW things up to make it difficult for the next president, if he's a Republican—which I hope he (or she) is.

GET OUT OF THE WAY”: Hillary says there are “things we could do if the Republicans would just get out of the way.” Yeah, right! She wishes. The reason they “get in the way” is so you CAN'T do the things you “could do if they'd get out of the way.” That's their only purpose IS to “get in your way.” That's because the things you want to do are inimical to the interests of the majority of Americans. She just doesn't understand that. She just doesn't understand why they oppose Obamacare, which she is determined tom protect. Maybe it's because it's pure socialism, and we don't want any part of that. We don't WANT what she wants. But she'll never understand that.

POLITICO: KING OF LIES: This is the second time lately that Politico has LIED about a Republican candidate. Hard on the heels of their previous lie, they now claim that Ben Carson ADMITTED that he lied about his “West Point scholarship.” Only problem is, that's completely made up. IT is a lie. Politico is becoming KNOWN for lying about Republican candidates.. It's something they're not too happy about, but it is what it is. Soon, nobody's going to believe ANYTHING they “report.” Then they might as well “shut down.”

THEY WORK FOR ISIS, DON'T THEY? Maybe they are “civilians.” But the driver of the oil tankers for ISIS know for whom they work, and are helping ISIS in their efforts to subjugate as much of the world as possible. In any case, all ISIS members ARE civilians. Their trucks need to be “blown to hell.” with them in them, if necessary. We can't not blow them up because they're “civilians.” How many civilians died when we bombed Dresden in WWII?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Widely Discredited?"

Gimme a BREAK! Anti-gun fools say John Lott is a “widely discredited pro-gun “researcher.” In their DREAMS! He's only “discredited” in their "fevered imaginations!” His basic contention that more guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding people will do more to reduce gun violence than anything else has been PROVED, time and time again. But those anti-gun fools refuse to recognize it so they can still maintain (falsely) that he has been “discredited.”

HARRY'S IN TROUBLE: He colluded with two former attorneys general to con money out of people in Utah. A prosecutor started an investigation into his corruption, but Obama squashed the first one. Now why would he do that, unless he knew it was genuine and wanted to keep his henchman safe from prosecution? But the prosecutor persisted, and Reid accused him of trying to improve his political position (a common scam when investigated for corruption). Results are pending. Looks like an eye is not all he's gonna lose.

THOSE CLOWNS IN DC: Once again, both Obama and Kerry have revealed their abysmal STUPIDITY, by BOTH saying the terrorists (not saying “Islamic,” of course) are “neutralized,” just before their massive attack in Paris. This attack might not have killed 3,000, as did 9/11, but it still killed a lot of innocent people (who seem to be their main targets: unarmed people who don't even know they're being targeted). You know, people who aren't likely to fight back and kill a few of the cowards.

DC WANTS TO DO IT AGAIN: The Supreme Court struck down their “gun ban” as unconstitutional. So they want to re-institute it by 51% Of course, most DC residents are the “prime movers” in the move to disarm America or force them to buy their guns ILLEGALLY. Because that's what's going to happen if they keep up their efforts to keep Americans from being able to be armed in self-defense. They'll soon get their guns the same way the criminals do, thereby becoming criminals, themselves. But it's better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6.

HELPING ISIS? Obama says Republican attacks on “refugees” help ISIL. What a damned fool notion THAT is! He just can't see the “Trojan Horse” that bunch of Muslim MEN is. Where are the women? Or the children, or old folks? In a bunch of REAL “refugees” there are LOTS of them. But in this bunch, there are strangely FEW. women, children, or old folks. Outside of the children the Muslim men bring along as “sex slaves, that is (It's a”cultural thing” with them).

MORE OBAMA BULL DUNG: He spouts a lot of it whenever he speaks. He spoke it to get elected, and gullible people bought it. He's speaking it again, hoping more gullible people will buy it. He says if we don't do something about the (phony) global warming, “there will be oceans rising, more drought, flooding, bigger hurricanes, typhoons.” That sounds like his infamous “oceans rising” prediction in his election campaign. None of which ever came true.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Don't Send Jihadists to Prison

That's where they want go go so they can find many misfit recruits who already hate America because they blame their miseries on the “authorities,” rather than on themselves. They can't just go into prisons on recruiting missions. They have to be SENTENCED there, which is okay with them. While there, they are in a recruit-rich environment, and recruit many misfits for their “cause.” the longer they're there, the more recruits they gain.

OBAMA: TAKE A HINT! Almost ALL the states have said they will NOT accept any of the “Syrian refugees” in their states. What better indication of the will of the American people does he NEED? If a majority of states are against it, he has no business insisting they “knuckle under” to him. I know he doesn't get to run again, but does he really want to allow more Islamic terrorists in, and many of them at the expense of the taxpayers? Does he really want many people to DIE because of his incompetence and ignorance​? He can insult his critics all he wants, but that doesn't change things.

TRUTH DOESN'T MATTER: The latest killing of a black male by a cop was in self-defense. Just like the one in Ferguson, MO, the victim was trying to get the cop's gun so he could kill him, and the cop killed him, instead. But that doesn't matter to those “Black Lives Matter" fools. They're making a “big thing about it, calling it a “cop murder.” I guess truth just doesn't matter if it doesn't advance their agenda.

BLINDERS FIRMLY ON: Yellow “journalist” Marc Lamont Hill says that just because a jihadist beheads someone, it's not necessarily terrorism. He says, “people behead for all sorts of reasons.” Name me a time when somebody got beheaded recently for any other reason than Islamic terrorism. Today, only Islamic terrorists are the ones damned fool enough to behead people.  They BRAG about it. Does stupidity RULE among today's liberal “journalists?”

NEW TROJAN HORSE: Everybody knows about the Trojan Horse, which the Greeks used to slip into the City of Troy, but the Obama administration and the governments of many European nations seem to have forgotten it as the Islamic terrorists hide among a few real “refugees” from the Syrian war. As much as 70% of those “refugees” are young, strong, fighting-age MEN with no women, children, or old people among them. And the people responsible to “vetting” them are completely blind to it. They will die from it eventually if they don't “wise up.” As to Obama, he will NEVER “wise up." He knows exactly what's going on, and HELPS them infiltrate us by paying their way here and insulting anybody who disagrees.

POPE HATES GUNS: But that doesn't stop him from wanting twice as many ARMED security agents surrounding him as he has now. That's just as hypocritical as Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the loudest voices against guns carrying her own gun AND having armed men surrounding her at all times. It's the same thing with many other anti-gun fools who make our laws. They're ALL surrounded by gun-toting men. But they don't want that for us.

HITLER A CHRISTIAN? That's what that unmitigated fool, Whoopi Goldberg thinks, and she said so. Right out in public. But she's stupidly wrong. Hitler didn't believe in anything but himself. There was no room in his belief system for any “supreme being” outside of Adolph Hitler. Whoopi has proven her ignorance on a lot of issues since she found her way onto a political comment program. But she's been consistently wrong.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Islamaphobia Isn't Real

It's a phony word, made up by militant Muslims, to shut down any criticism of their actions and practices. Practices like killing unbelievers and screwing little boys (which is a “cultural thing” with them). Opposition to Muslim atrocities is NOT “evidence of a mental aberration. It's common sense. Just as opposition and criticism of ANY murderer would be. The militant gays have similarly created a phony word, for the same purpose. They call ANYBODY who is against homosexuality a “homophobe.” so they can discredit them in a phony fashion. What they fail to understand is that people have the RIGHT to oppose homosexuality, OR Islamic murderers without being accused of mental aberration..

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Islamic terrorists are called many different names: DAESH, ISIS, ISIL, IS, al-Qaida, Boko Haram and the “Islamic State and others, which is what IS is an abbreviation for. So what's the difference? There is NONE. They're ALL Islamic terrorists, and are called by different names in different places. But there is no real difference between them. They all KILL “unbelievers.” They also kill for stupid reasons, like drawing a PICTURE of “The Prophet.” They also like to kill innocent women for GETTING raped.

WHY SO MANY NAMES? It's common practice among Muslims and Muslim extremists to use several different names. Every Muslim has several different names. It works well to confuse those who are hunting specific Muslims. They don't know which names they might be using at any given time, so that makes hunting them more difficult. There's an easy solution for this: just kill them, regardless of what name they're using. Do the same thing they're doing, in reverse. They kill people for not being Muslim, so just kill THEM for BEING Muslim.

WIDOWS AND ORPHANS”: Obama says those who object to allowing Muslim “refugees” in are “afraid of widows and orphans.” How STUPID does he think we are? There are very few”widows or orphans” among those “refugees.” Most are young, military age MEN who say they're fleeing the fighting. But they should be fighting the Islamic terrorists. Instead, they're coming here to fight FOR the Islamic terrorists, and KILL American “unbelievers.”

IS IT “UNAMERICAN?” ABC's Johnathan Carl told Ted Cruz it is “unAmerican” to put limits on the importation of “Syrian refugees,” better known as Islamic terrorist invaders. But is it? Or is it “unAmerican only in the minds of ignorant liberals like Carl (who seem to be everywhere in the liberal media)? No, it's NOT “unAmerican. It's COMMON SENSE. Those “refugees” are mostly young, military age MEN who came here to kill Americans for the Islamic terrorists. To reject their claims of refugee status is only LOGICAL.

SHEP SMITH IN WRONG PLACE: He's obviously mostly a liberal, and terminally STUPID.. And he's gay. There's nothing wrong with being gay, but he wants to flout it, as do militant gays, everywhere. But the one thing that tells me he's in the wrong place at Fox is his opinion that we should freely accept those phony “Syrian refugees,” who are really Islamic terrorist infiltrators coming here to kill as many Americans as they can. With that opinion, he'd fit in very well at CNN. But not at Fox, where they value TRUTH.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sending "Demands"

That's what illegal aliens are doing. They sent a list of ten “demands” to Obama. Boy! Talk about getting cocky! I wouldn't think people who have violated the law COULD demand ANYTHING. But that doesn't seem to be the case under that fool in the Oval Office. It seems like he just doesn't have the GONADS to tell them to “go to hell.” damn, it will be good when we can send him to the garbage dump where he belongs (IF we're ever able to do that).

NOT ARMING KURDS: Why not? Because the enemy objects. What the hell do we care if the Iranians don't like it? The Kurds are so far the best fighters outside of our own. As long as they are doing what Obama won't do, we should be helping. Not following “orders” from Iran, who is the ENEMY. Obama is getting pretty cocky in his helping of our enemies. Maybe some day somebody in DC will notice and do something about it. But I'm not holding my breath.

CHRISTIANS, NOT MUSLIMS: Obama says it's “shameful” to suggest we admit Christians, but not Muslims. Christians are not killing our people. Not beheading children and adults, and not raping women, girls, and little boys. They always ignore that fact, and try and get us to consider Muslim extremists in the same category with Muslims. I don't want Muslims anywhere NEAR me because I don't like the way they LIVE (screwing little boys and “:marrying little girls as young as six are a “cultural thing” with them).

SC STUDENTS “WALK OUT”: Then demand to be able to minor in “social justice.” whatever the hell THAT is. Since when do students dictate what the curriculum is? For my part, when they “walk out,” just let them keep on walking, somewhere else, where the people running things are also wimps. Who cares if students “walk out?” Oh. I forgot. They take their (parent's) money with them. Only wimps let the students dictate their policies.

SHUT MOSQUES DOWN: That's what the French Interior Minister is saying. And it's a good idea. If there's no place to stick their rear ends up in the air and spout meaningless “prayers,” maybe more Muslims will leave France—and that can only be a good thing—for France, because most of them are “planning dens” for Muslim terrorists, as long as we keep “hands off” of them because they're “religious sites.” But it's a phony religion, so why not treat them as such. We should do that here, too.

NO LEGAL RIGHT? “Experts” say the states lack the legal right to block Syrian “refugees.” How did such stupidity allow them to be described as “experts?” States have the complete right to block Obama from dumping a bunch of Islamic terrorists in their state. Some governors are smart that way. Others, not so much. Like Colorado Governor Humperdunk (Humperdoodle?) saying his state can offer them “sanctuary.” Look for Colorado's gun deaths by Islamic terrorists to rise soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama's Not In Charge

Not in France. And that's a “good thing,” since he continues to COVER for the Islamic terrorists (Syrian “refugees” all) who did it. He calls those who insist they ARE Islamic terrorists “bigots,” which tells me how much of a bigot HE is. And a damned fool at the same time. It's a good thing he's not in charge in France. They stiffened their spines, and there's nothing he can do about it, except to belittle them.

OBAMA IS A DAMNED FOOL! But then, we already knew that. Now he's “doubling down” on being a fool. He is taking those to task, who criticize him for not “vetting” Islamic terrorists posing as Syrian “refugees” before allowing them into the country, saying they are “shameful.” Apparently he is completely unable to see reason and logic. We need to get rid of this fool as soon as possible, before he allows more Islamic terrorists into the country so they can kill us. It is OBAMA who is “shameful.”

MOTHER'S DELUSION: The mother of one of the Islamic terrorists who killed more than 150 (some sat 129) innocent, unarmed civilians in Paris says her son “didn't want to kill anybody.” That's a typical mother's delusion. “My baby boy wouldn't kill anybody.” But the fact remains he was wearing a suicide vest that he detonated next to some innocent people. For someone who didn't want to kill anybody, he did a pretty good job of killing somebody.

OBAMA IS “TONE DEAF”: When it comes to Islamic terrorists. He will not even USE the TERM “Islamic terrorists.” One time he was heard to say ISIS wasn't even MUSLIM! The Muslims that make up ISIS must be so surprised to find out they're not Muslims! How many different ways can Obama ignore the danger represented by these people who behead innocent CHILDREN as well as adults? Who are spreading like a cancer over the Middle East because nobody seems to be effectively fighting them? (Until they downed that Russian airliner and killed more than 150 innocents in Paris, that is). Now Russia and France are decimating their ranks.

WHY STILL THERE? Reports are that the French have destroyed a major ISIS installation. Okay! That's a good thing. But it raises a question: why was that installation still there, if we knew about it? We've been bombing ISIS for a long time. We have more and bigger bombs than anybody else, and more powerful bombs. We have a superior intelligence system. So how did this installation escape destruction until the French destroyed it? The answer is simple. That coward in the White House refused to destroy it because to destroy it would be to do major damage to his friendsin ISIS.

OBAMA DOESN'T GET IT: After HALF of the governors in America have said they will NOT take his Islamic terrorists disguised as “Syrian refugees,” Obama persists in his efforts to import 100,000 of them into the United States so they can set up their cells and plan their attacks to kill as many Americans in America as possible. Their problem is they're ASKING Obama not to send them any. They should be TELLING him to keep them to himself. Let them camp out on the White House lawn and the lawn of the United Nations, which also seems not to realize they're Islamic terrorists, and keep them there.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Shouldn't Be Americans"

That's what Hillary says about who should be crushing the Islamic terrorists. Why the hell NOT? They're attacking us, as well as other countries. They're challenging the most powerful country in the world, notwithstanding Obama. We need to ANSWER that challenge by CRUSHING them, wherever we find them—and make sure we find them ALL. They're a cocky bunch, because Obama hasn't fought them effectively. They think they're invincible. We need to disabuse them of that notion.

QUIT ACCEPTING “REFUGEES”: We need to tell Obama to “stick it”: where he sits as he demands we accept “Syrian refugees,” most of which are NOT refugees, but are Islamic terrorists who have conned him into not only HELPING them come here, but paying their way, as well. Some states are already “closing their borders” to them because they KNOW that. Most of those coming are military age MEN, with NO women, children, or old people, which is unusual, to say the least. When people become “refugees” from a “war zone,” women, children, and old people are the FIRST to go. Not the young and able to fight. I say this now, because I won't be able to later, after Obama defines saying it as “Islamaphobia and puts me in PRISON for saying it. I know that would be against the Constitution, but Obama doesn't care.

IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!” Every time somebody FARTS in Obama's presence, Bush gets the blame for the stink. It doesn't matter to Obama or his henchmen that it has been almost EIGHT YEARS since Bush was in power. It's the easiest thing in the world to blame him for everything that goes wrong. For instance: losing two wars that OBAMA lost by pulling his troops out without winning, which is the same as SURRENDER.

WAR IS INEVITABLE: War with Islamic terrorists is inevitable. They won't let us avoid it. They are so cocky they think they can beat us. The Germans and the Japanese thought so, too. And you know what happened to them. Fools like this always think they can “take” us, and they're always proven wrong—IF we have politicians who will LET us win, which we don't have, now. So they'd better “do their thing” quickly, before we finally get rid of that FOOL in the White House.

RAND PAUL CHALLENGES BERNIE: He has challenged him to a “debate on ideas.” But Bernie will never accept, because he HAS no ideas, except those tired, old, unworkable socialist ideas of his. He has no other ideas, as he has proven with all his rhetoric that boils down to giving “freebies” to everybody (except the people paying for them).” Frankly, I wonder about the SANITY of those people who “flock” to his speeches. All I can figure is they're all “leeches” who want to live at the expense of others.

OBAMA: FRANCE JUST “TALKING TOUGH”: Obama says that's all France is doing: talking as if they were tough,” and not much else. He ignores their more than 100 raids on Islamic terrorist enclaves and arresting dozens of terrorists. As they proceed, many terrorists will die, I hope. Obama's arrogant condescension sickens me, but he will most likely continue it until some Muslim fool kills him.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Some People Are Just Stupid!

Most Pro-ISIS Twitter accounts are in Saudi Arabia. But the surprising thing is there are almost as many in America. I guess there are “Tories” everywhere. And this morning one idiot accused a Tweeter of misrepresenting a quote by Obama about supporting Muslims when it was quoted fully and it came from Obama's own book! Then there are the people who support Bernie Sanders, The proud, admitted socialist. Some people just don't get it.

DON'T “CONTAIN THEM”: Crush them. Obama says there have been “no changes” in his strategy concerning ISIS after the Paris atrocities. France has no such limitations. They have closed their borders and have gone in and “taken out” the Muslims they have been “watching” as they “prepared” for their own atrocities. They have captured many Islamic terrorists who have been getting together and plotting atrocities. Hopefully, unlike Obama, they will not “turn them loose” after a while, to go back and continue their plotting. And killing.

ISIS VERY COCKY: Because of their “success” in Paris. They've promised a similar attack in other capitals, including DC. It's like a flea crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind. They surprised France, which has heretofore been ambivalent about retaliation for their earlier attacks, and attempted attacks. Now they have “stiffened their spines”, raiding hundreds of KNOWN Islamic terrorist “warrens,: taking DOZENS of Islamic terrorists into custody, interrupting their plotting. America probably won't do that, until Obama is “dumped in the trash,” as he needs to be.

THE DEMOCRAT DIFFERENCE: The only difference between Democrat presidential candidates is the amount of “free stuff” they claim they want to give people. That's all the Democrats stand for: giving people “free stuff” and making them DEPENDENT on the government, hopefully to guarantee their votes for Democrats. That's one reason they've done so well over the years. But now, Americans are “wising up,” and we're going to “dump them” as we should have done a long time ago.

NO WAY TO FIGHT A WAR: Obama says he still is determined NOT to send in any “boots on the ground” in the fight against Islamic terrorism. But he doesn't put it that way, since he's afraid to even use the TERM, “Islamic terrorism.” In any case, he already HAS “boots on the ground.” He just won't let them FIGHT. And he has sent them in small enough numbers that they will probably get wiped out when the Islamic terrorists find where they are. He needs to send in large numbers of “boots on the ground,” and let them FIGHT. Take away the limitations he puts on them that makes it impossible to fight.

TAKE THEIR THREATS SERIOUSLY: ISIS threatened a long time ago to “fill the Paris streets with dead bodies.” And recently, they carried out that threat because apparently, nobody really took them seriously. Islamic terrorists broadcast their intentions on a regular basis, but nobody seems to take them seriously, and so aren't , in any way, prepared. We need to stop “monitoring” them, and take action against them, as France has done, too late for 150 dead people (I've heard all kinds of estimates about the number killed, but this one more often).

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Tired of First Amendment"

That's what a student demonstrator at Mizzou says. But who gives a damn what this obscure student, who has NO idea how the world works, thinks? We pay a high price for those schools to teach such ignorance to these kids, and this is what we get. .Considering that universities no longer teach kids anything important, but merely fill their heads with goo, they no longer need a college education to warp their minds. They're nothing but “conditioning mills” today.

DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED: I don't know what happened to Saturday's post. I posted it, but it disappeared. I apologize 

IMPUGNING MY INTEGRITY”: That's what Hillary said about Bernie Sanders talking about her big Wall Street campaign contributions. Funny she should be “offended” by that, when her “integrity” is in such shreds, anyway. She has no integrity left. I think her “being offended” is as phony as is everything else about her. She will be a perfect Democrat nominee, and will be easily “stuffed in the toilet” by whomever the Republicans finally nominate.

ISIS IS NOT EVIL!” Democrat Dan Kimmel, a candidate for Minnesota State Representative is a candidate, no more. He was forced to withdraw after he Tweeted that ISIS was “not evil,” but was just a bunch of people doing what they thought was best for their community.” Never mind they rape children and adults, behead same, and mostly attack defenseless CIVILIANS, who can't fight back. What a FOOL this guy is. But then, I expect that of Democrats.

GET A GUN, NOW! Legally, if you can, illegally if you can't. You'll need it to stay alive when the Islamic terrorists Obama is importing in the guise of “refugees” get here. He's even paying their way here so they can kill as many of us as possible, as they did in Paris the other day. Those killers WERE “refugees.” They're in the middle of an “invasion” into many countries, including ours, sponsored by dupes or "fellow travelers" like Obama. You'll need as many guns, AND ammunition, as you can beg, borrow, or steal so when they try the same thing here they did in Paris, you'll be ready to kill them before they can kill a bunch of people, maybe including you.

MIZZOU WAS ALL PHONY: The demonstrations in Missouri were caused by PHONY occurrences. They were made up to inflame people, and they worked well to some degree. But the point is, the whole thing was started by FALSE claims. That's how liberals usually get things started. When something real doesn't happen, they make something up. When their scam is discovered, the damage is usually done and they're gone..

OBAMA RELEASES MORE PRISONERS: He's stopped even announcing when he releases prisoners from GITMO. So the terrorists have five more fighters as soon as they can get where they're needed. The more he releases, the more killers they have to use against us. And they WILL use them. Count on it. They'll probably become “refugees.” They're probably laughing up their sleeves at those “stupid Americans" who let them go without even getting anything in return.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Council Declares War

War on the citizens of Hamtramck, MI were stupid enough to elect a majority Muslim City Council. One of them said, right after finding out they were now in the majority, “We'll now show them....” What will they “show them?” How Muslims make fools of people who stupidly make them the majority? For a long time they complained about being “ostracized” and profiled for many years. Now they're going to do that to everybody else. And they'll probably vote Sharia Law in as a legal system there.

WAR IN PARIS: Islamic terrorists have set off several suicide vests and used guns to kill dozens of people in Paris. There of them "took over" a concert stadium, holding about 100 people "hostage." But we soon learned they were to be "cannon fodder for the TWO attackers left. More than 100 people died there. What happened to the third one, I don't know. Must have been someone there with a gun. Soon the attackers were merrily shooting people, one by one--until the cops stormed the place and KILLED them. More later. No hints about a phony video.

IS JIHADI JOHN DEAD? I don't know. I sure hope so. Such a fool doesn't deserve to live Some liberals will decry his death by a drone strike. They'll call it “murder” because he wasn't killed as part of an attack He was killed after being “targeted.” so what's the difference? It is a “military objective” to kill this bastard because even ignoring all the people he has brutally murdered by beheading them with a rusty knife to make it more painful and the suffering last longer, he was a big “recruiting factor” to those bloodthirsty Muslim terrorists, who don't know any better than to kill people with whom they disagree.

HILLARY TO GET GUN CONTROL AWARD: In an action reminiscent of Barack Obama getting a Nobel Prize 'on the come” for what he “might do in the future” to please liberals, they're about to give Hillary Clinton the “inaugural Mario Cuomo Leadership Award” which is about her “leadership” on gun control. “Leadership" that has accomplished NOTHING. Liberals sure love to give each other phony “awards,” don't they?

EDUCATION: A “HUMAN RIGHT?” Not so's you'd notice it! SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and it might as well be the ones who will benefit from it. That's a typical Democrat (liberal) trick. Promise people a “freebie” without telling them how they're going to pay for it. But intelligent people know they'll pay for it by raising taxes. That's how they pay for everything, with YOUR money—and use that to ensure the votes of the recipients. You and I will end up paying for their freebies.

WHY I'M ANTI-WAR: By Angela Keaton. Frankly, I'm not enough of a movie-goer to know who she is. But still, I couldn't care less why some obscure actress is “anti-war.” I'm anti-wear, too. But I value logic and common sense, and sometimes war is NECESSARY, even if you don't like it. If somebody hits you and you don't hit him back, he'll just hit you again. The same is true of countries and people who want to make war on you. If you don't fight back, you're a FOOL.

ANYTHING TO DUMP TRUMP: The GOP is trying HARD to get yet another LOSER to join the presidential race. They think Romney can beat Trump. But he has already proven he couldn't even beat Obama when we had already realized what a disaster he (Obama) was. Trump has proven time after time that he's going to be hard to beat. Even his recent rant against Iowa (or was that Idaho?) voters didn't cause him to lose the lead. He actually INCREASED it.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Liberal Bias Exposed

Hanover College, in Hanover, NH, is BANNING Donald Trump from speaking there. Meanwhile, the “welcome mat” is out for Hillary, the future felon trying to run for president to stay out of jail. If that doesn't illustrate the bias in an organization that is supposed to be at least neutral, I don't know what will. But neutrality in politics in New Hampshire IS being “in the pocket” for the Democrat, criminal or not.

CARSON MAKES A GOOD POINT: He takes the media to task for not “vetting” Hillary OR Obama. Obama has taken drastic steps to make SURE we never get an accurate picture of his past, outside of what HE tells us. Hillary has also tried to keep knowledge about her past a secret, and the liberal media has refrained from asking her ANY “hard questions” about it. She thinks the “alternative media” is mean for pursuing it.

BLAMING THE VICTIM: It's a Democrat thing. It's a “cultural thing” with them. CNN liberal political analyst Jeffery Toobin actually tried to blame Ambassador Stevens for his own death at the hands of the Islamic terrorists, little-known video notwithstanding. How STUPID is that? And this fool is holding down a well-paid job with CNN. I guess stupidity is a requirement for that job, as it is with other jobs in DC.

HILLARY NOW UNDER FELONY INVESTIGATION: What Hillary is now facing is not to give her a “hand slap” for ignoring her solemn agreement to “protect” government secrets. It has now taken on a much more serious note, as the FBI “investigation” is now a FELONY investigation. She could actually end up in PRISON for LYING to Congress, under oath. That's quite a comedown from assured Democrat nominee for president, to “prisoner number ….”

TEA PARTY “ON LIFE SUPPORT?” Liberals fervently wish that were so, so they're spreading the lie that they are, hoping it will come true through repetition. That's how they work. They ignore the fact that the Tea Partiers have had stupendous success in the last two elections, unseating many liberal-leaning electees. That now the Republicans hold BOTH HOUSES of Congress and most likely will take control of the White House in the next election. Tea Party “on life support?” Gimme a break!

OBAMA'S LIES: Anybody who takes Barack Obama at his word for ANYTHING is a fool. Everything that tumbles out of his mouth is a lie. Unless he's telling us how he's going to further limit our rights and steal our money and property. When he talks about gun control, his "facts" are blatant lies. What IS true in what he says is "cherry picked" for maximum effect. Everything that falls out of his mouth is horse manure. You know what makes of his mouth.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Minister of Climate change"

Canada has created that position and appointed a deluded “minister” who says, “The science is indisputable.” But it is NOT. She's DELUDED to suggest it. “Climate change” is CYCLICAL. It will happen again as it has happened before, time after time, and we can't do ANYTHING to change it. Can it be long before Obama appoints a “Climate Czar?” Or has he already? I've lost track of what all his ILLEGAL appointments are for.

BAD GOP POLICIES”: That's what Hillary blames for the troubles we're in today. Which ignores the fact that most, if not all of the policies she talks about, are DEMOCRAT policies, since they're been mostly in charge for many years. Meanwhile, we have all been suffering because of their incompetence. And she blames Bill's many problems on them, too. Never mind if he could keep his zipper up, there wouldn't BE any problems.

CARSON PEED HIS PANTS: Of course, that was when he was in kindergarten, but that doesn't bother the fools who are “peeling back” scandal after imaginary scandal in their efforts to discredit him. Next, they'll be publishing stories about how he hated girls at that age, as if that's something to be ashamed of. They can't find anything real, so they make stuff up. I don't believe anything they come up with.

GUNS: “POOR DEFENSE” That''s what Law Professor Mary Anne Franks at the University of Miami says. You have to question the SANITY of someone (especially a PROFESSOR) who would think such a thing, much less SAY it. Maybe she could suggest something better? If this is an example of the quality of intelligence in our professors, why do we spend so much money to subject our young people to their ignorance?

THAT'S JIST ORFUL! The people who run the food stamp program are going to start asking recipients (who can) to actually WORK in order to keep getting it. That's jist turribl! Actually asking people to WORK (if they can) in order to receive charity, Pretty soon they won't be able to stand all day on some street corner and sell drugs to make enough money to make what they get from food stamps look like a piffle. How mean is THAT? Sheesh!

DAMN, THAT'S AWFUL! Dr. Ben Carson is a devout CHRISTIAN! Liberals think that's a SCANDAL. That he should have a painting of his younger self beside a representation of Jesus Christ. In his home, they think is a BAD thing. If this isn't ample evidence of the liberal “war on Christianity,” I don't know what would be. Of course, they deny it, while fighting “tooth and nail” against Christianity, and trying to make things like this portrait look bad. I'm not big on organized religion for myself, but I think this RECOMMENDS him as a “good man.”

50 WOMEN IN THE SENATE? That's what liberal Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren says there should be. Does she want to have them APPOINTED, just to “equalize” women and men in the Senate? Maybe women ought to get off their backsides and start winning a few elections. You can't “equalize” men and women in the Senate by FIAT. Members have to be ELECTED, and being elected is the “will of the people.” Obviously that hasn't been the case. If women are HALF of the population of America, let THEM get it done.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Obama Loves Himself

He says that he will visit the city who “signs up” the most uncovered people to Obamacare during the “open enrollment period.” that's supposed to be like an award, but it's not. Only Democrats would appreciate a visit from him. Human beings will not. And even Democrats aren't so interested in him coming to visit any more. For my part, if Denver wins, I plan to be out of town when he visits. Whenever that is.

WHOOPI'S WEARING BLINDERS: She tells Carlie Fiorina, “Nobody's harvesting baby body parts, come ON, girl!” apparently she doesn't believe the evidence of her own eyes (or she refuses to look at it), and believes the LIES told by Planned Parenthood and other liberals. They have MURDERED millions of innocent babies and SOLD their body parts for profit. That's indisputable. But she's got her blinders firmly on. Not only that, she dishonors a presidential candidate by saying, "Come on, Girl!"

OBAMA: I WANT TO BREAK THE LAW! It's against the basic law of the land to deny Americans the right to self defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. Meanwhile, criminals, and other “ne'er-do-wells” have no trouble getting their guns, because they don't obey laws. It's pretty stupid for a politician to say his “fervent wish” is to be able to take away rights of Americans, but that's Obama. Stupid from the word, “go.”

SO THE HELL WHAT? Hillary Duff, of Disney fame, now has a gun. She was “spotted” coming out of a gun store by some fool who stationed himself there to catch just such a celebrity buying a gun. But my question is, what business is it of HIS, or, for that matter, OURS? If Duff wants a gun, that's HER business. Unless Duff is vocally against other people having guns (which she is not, so far as I can tell). Nobody cares if she has a gun—except fools who want to victimize her, that is.

GETTING AROUND THE CONSTITUTION: Democrat Nadya Valesquez, A KNOWN socialist, introduced (with 12 others) a bill that, if it becomes law, will tax each gun sold (except that sold to government agencies) in the United States $100.00. The gun grabbers know they can't just BAN guns, so they want to make them unaffordable to the average American. They've also been trying to make laws to tax each BULLET, or eliminate ammunition altogether. Bullets don't have constitutional protection, but without them, guns are USELESS. Anything to “get around” the Constitution.

HE'S BREAKING THE LAW!” That's what Sen. Ayotte says about Obama's transferring GITMO prisoners to American prisons. And he thinks that will stop Obama from breaking the law. Obama breaks the law on a daily basis, and only being president stops retribution from “raining down on his head.” He doesn't give a damn. Nobody has the gonads to stop him. As long as nobody has the gonads to call him on it, he can do anything he wants, and soon it is a “fait accompli” and we're done.