Monday, January 11, 2016

Only Hillary

Democrats are running an ad now that says, “Only democrats can stop those dangerous Republicans!” It's one of their “pipe dreams.” What do the Republicans want that is so dangerous? Democrats out of office, that's what! That's what they're SUPPOSED to want, and that's only dangerous to liberal Democrats and their aspirations to make this into a socialist country. That's the only thing that represents danger, and then only to Democrats and their political careers. Never mind Democrats screw up everything they touch, and should be sent back home with their tails between their legs, if they aren't “tarred and feathered” first, for all the damage they do.

TALK ABOUT INCOMPETENCE! I've been talking about the incompetence of those running things in DC for a long time. Most of their incompetence is not apparent to us, and they mostly do a competent job of hiding them from us. But it's hard to hide a MISSILE being “mistakenly” shipped to Cuba, a communist country right on our doorstep. They've been trying to get it back for a long time, and the pantywaists in DC are afraid to just “go in and take it.” Add to that, stories about $500.00 toilet seats and screwdrivers that cost the same, and you have good evidence of a pattern of incompetence in DC.

CONSPIRACY THEORIST”: Obama says that's what you are if you think he wants to come for your guns. Never mind he has worked tirelessly to do just that. And he is frustrated that Congress hasn't allowed him to do it. And he's leaving an “empty seat” next to his wife at the State of the Union speech to point it out. If believing the evidence of my own eyes is being a “conspiracy theorist,” I'm guilty. But he won't get my guns. Not without a fight.

SHOWING HIS STUPIDITY: The mayor of Philadelphia, even though the shooter of that cop insisted hi did it “For Allah,” insisted that it was NOT a Muslim terrorist thing. He said, “No one in this room believes it was,” forgetting that his police commissioner had just before said otherwise, and most of the other cops in the \room agreed with the commissioner. The mayor (a Democrat, of course), has previously demonstrated his stupidity and incompetence in many ways, but this is the most convincing evidence that he should be removed from ANY position of authority.

OH, WAIT, IT ALREADY IS: “I'm sure you all know, by now, that the shooting (of a cop in Philly) was committed with a stolen POLICE weapon. What gun control law do you suppose would have prevented this? Maybe we should make it illegal to steal guns....Oh, wait.... ”This ought to put “paid” to all the theories of the liberals who hate guns in the hands of anybody else but themselves. But does anybody think it will? No. They don't care about truth, they just want to disarm Americans while THEY remain armed. (Found on One Political Plaza)

A BASIC TRUTH: “Cheney was the second executive from the White House to shoot someone in the face, Clinton was the first.” With a different kind of gun. No wonder liberals want to take our guns away. That way they don't get crap all over their faces. If that were the only thing they'd get on their faces, maybe they wouldn't hate guns. (Also found on One Political Plaza) These were too good to pass up.

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