Thursday, June 30, 2011

"No Sacred Cows"

Obama says to the Republicans that there can be “no sacred cows” (such as NO new taxes during a recession) in the discussions on the raising of the debt ceiling while he maintains HIS “sacred cow” that ANY discussions MUST include raising taxes during a recession. Obviously Obama is oblivious to the FACT that raising taxes is NOT the way to create new wealth in the community, OTHER than in the federal government. He talks of raising the cost of flying in private jets (playing the “class warfare” card, again), completely ignoring how many MIDDLE CLASS people depend upon the salaries they make to keep those jets flying who are going to lose their jobs, just as people in the yacht industry did under similar circumstances. It’s obvious he has no idea of what he’s doing, or is PURPOSELY trying to make things worse. I believe the latter.

TOO MANY JUNK FOOD COMMERCIALS: Some people want the government (who else?) to "do something" about it. They want to ban junk food commercials from the time kids are watching television. What makes them think the government really has such a power is beyond me. But they will probably succeed because the government is filled with power-seeking fools.

GOLF OUT! Obama has (at this writing) played 60 rounds of golf since being elected. Bush played 24 times during the entire eight years of his presidency. We need to do a survey and find out who played the most golf while the country waited on him to be a president. Whenever the going gets tough, Obama goes golfing.

JUST A FEW YEARS: It took Obama and his crowd less than four years to impose “big government” on us. Obama’s health care swindle, government takeovers of many businesses, nearly doubling our national debt, leaving America on the brink of bankruptcy; only the federal government doesn’t have to declare bankruptcy like us human beings. All it has to do is print more and more “Monopoly money” to use in paying its bills, or just borrow money from China, giving them a big hook to use in controlling us. They couldn’t beat us militarily, but they will economically if our own home-grown liberals allow it, and they appear to be doing so. Soon people will stop accepting our IOUs and then what will we do?

39% THINK WE’RE IN PERMANENT DECLINE: That’s the result of a survey taken just recently; this after just little more than two years of Obama running things. He keeps trying to convince us “it’s all Bush’s fault,” even though the economy didn’t “go south” until the inevitable results of the DEMOCRAT law (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) forcing lenders to loan money to people who could never pay it back began to show at the end of Bush’s extremely economically successful regime.

“CLEANING UP OTHER PEOPLE’S MESSES”: That’s one of the most often repeated sentences from Obama’s speeches, and it’s a LIE. He is now trying to clean up HIS OWN messes, made to convince us socialism is great and the “free market” doesn’t work, even though the “free market” is what has made this country more successful in about 300 years than countries that have been around for thousands of years. It has made America the “destination of choice” for people living in those thousand-year-old civilizations so they can have a better life.

TAX BREAK FOR CORPORATE JETS: Today (as this is written) he mentioned the “corporate tax break” six times in one news conference, not mentioning that ending them would save only $3 billion dollars over TEN years (How long would that much money run the federal government? Three days, maybe?) while crippling the corporate jet industry and causing loss of jobs for lots of people who keep them flying; then he flew off to Philly on his own corporate jet to raise money. While there, he will no doubt mention it again, with nobody in the liberal media remarking on the irony of a man who practically LIVES on Air Force One crapping on the “corporate jet” industry.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Money's Gone

That’s something the liberals will never understand. They’ve spent it all. They’ve stolen the money and given it to their friends. But, as in Greece, when the government realizes it’s gone and there’s no money to support their “give-away” programs, and they stop them, those who received these give-aways for so long, and now think it’s “their due,” are rioting. Rioting doesn’t change the fact that the money’s gone. There isn’t any. You can’t get money out of a turnip.

BLAME OBAMA: Some people (mostly liberal dupes) say that we’re just BLAMING Obama for something that’s been going on for a long time, and they’re right, to a degree. It HAS been going on for a long time. But Obama finished the job. Or if he’s allowed to continue, he will. Get RID of this parasite on our society before he DOES finish the job.

OREGON BANS “PLEDGE”: The Eugene City Council says the “Pledge of Allegiance” has no place in city government. What kind of FOOLS are these? Where ELSE does the Pledge of Allegiance have more relevance than in a government setting?

RACISM BETTER OR WORSE NOW? Is it? Yes. Racism is “on the wane” as witness the larger number of black elected politicians we have now, compared to how many we had years ago. It's no longer "the law of the land" in certain parts of the country. It's now a "bad thing" to be a racist. But overall, race relations are worse than they should be, due to the habit of (mostly Democrat) politicians “playing the race card” every chance they get. That tends to “stir up” people who are going around LOOKING for something to be upset about. And Obama is the worst one at it. It’s a well known fact that all you have to do is disagree with his policies to be called a racist.

MEANS TESTING: Some politicians want to impose “means testing” on Social Security recipients, which is wrong. Social Security recipients have paid into the Social Security Ponzi scheme all their lives, and that money is THEIRS, no matter how much money they might still have after Obama’s (or other liberals in) government have systematically ripped them off most of their lives. Social Security is NOT “welfare,” and therefore, “means testing” has no place there.

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH SOCIALISM?” That’s a question I get asked a lot because it’s known that I oppose it in all its forms (socialism, communism, Fascism, progressivism, etc.) I oppose it because it creates NO new wealth and depends on the wealth creation of those who believe in the free market (capitalism) system to create the new wealth to make it work. It depends on “picking the pockets” of those who EARN their own way to benefit those who DON’T. It’s that simple. And if you can’t understand that, I can’t help you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Day and a Half

Obama is going to “release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Oh, goodie! That will last about a DAY AND A HALF and maybe reduce gas prices by ONE CENT for a while (like it did when Clinton did it). He’s really doing something about high gasoline prices. He is maintaining the government’s prevention on drilling anywhere we run things, so you can expect gas prices to continue to be high, and to continue to rise until he comes to his senses and does what he KNOWS will reduce them.

CASTRO JUST LIKE OSAMA: The only difference between them is that Castro actually took over a government. Osama just killed people and let others take over governments—like the Taliban. Both are killing lots of innocent people: Castro as a “head of government,” and Osama as a wanton murderer who kills as many people who don’t believe exactly the same way he does as he can.

THIS IS WHY WE’RE GOING BROKE: “Incredibly, Washington is spending $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job. This is the kind of wasteful spending that President Obama and Congress have stubbornly refused to cut. Instead, they planned to raise taxes on families and entrepreneurs by trillions of dollars! Only action by citizens like you will break the Washington liberals of this kind of frivolous splurging.” (Dirty Spending Secrets)

“Talking to former Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer touted low approval ratings for some newly elected Republican governors and theorized: "They went into office with messages of austerity. And now a year later, you look at their approval ratings and they're falling. Is this buyer's remorse" (News Busters)? Of course, this completely ignores Obama’s spending more money than there IS after HE ran on an "austerity" ticket; more than ALL presidents before him, COMBINED. No mention of Obama’s pitiful poll numbers.

HE’S A LIBERAL: Jon Stewart said that (black presidential candidate) Herman Cain is illiterate, and used an “Amos and Andy” impersonation to ridicule him with a racist slur. Has any liberal news outlet even NOTICED? Of COURSE not. He’s saying things they’re all thinking, of course, and is doing it FOR them. This is so typical of them, I wouldn’t even mention it except to compare it to their reaction if Jon was a conservative.

“AS LONG AS YOU’RE NOT A JEW”: Delta airlines is being asked to sign a contract with Saudi Arabia that says “anybody is welcome as long as they are not a Jew or come from Israel.” They PRETEND to be a “peace-loving” country, but their very GOVERNMENT is as anti Semitic as they come. How do they get away with that while criticizing America (with no evidence) of being racist?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Police State?

Are we now living in a “police state?” “When residents of the United States have serious reason to fear the door being busted down in the middle of the night by armed agents of the State despite having done nothing wrong, we live in a police state.” The most obvious creators of the police state are the members of the TSA (Tough Sh-t Agency) who routinely “feel you up” so you can be allowed on an airplane. Then there are the Swat Team entries for such small things as non-payment of student loans, or possession of a small amount of pot. Yes, we now live in a police state.

“PASS THE BILL TO FIND OUT WHAT’S IN IT”: Does Peelosi think we’re STUPID? That’s what she told us before the Congress passed Obama’s health care swindle bill into law; a law that has already been judged unconstitutional on at least one issue. Now it is found that people making $64,000 a year can get on Medicaid! That’s something even THEY didn’t know was in the bill. How many other STUPID things are we going to discover is in the LAW as time goes on? Since when do we need to PASS a bill to learn what’s in it? Whoever believes that must themselves be stupid. And she IS.

CAN’T HAVE ANY MORE KIDS: AlGore wants the government to specify how many children people may have, and how much time may elapse before they have them. Sounds like communist China, doesn’t it? And all in support of his global warming SWINDLE. How STUPID does this man think we are? He’d better never try and stop me or a member of my family from having children. I’ll fix him so he CAN’T ever have any more children.

DISCREDITING HERSELF: Cynthia McKinney (ultra liberal former member of Congress and now presidential candidate of the “Green Party” because nobody else wanted her) has again discredited herself with a STUPID statement. She thinks Libya is a good place to live because they have free education there; as if that were the only thing important in life. She wouldn’t last a week there if she opened her mouth to disagree with the dictator, who KILLS people who do that.

ACCUSING US OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING: That’s what the Democrats do, constantly. Now they’re accusing us of purposely sabotaging the economy when it was THEIR passage of the law that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not repay it (The ”Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”) that did it. We know they do this, so now we can figure out what they are going to do (or are doing) by what they accuse us of doing. The same way we know who frightens them the most (like Sarah Palin) by who they slam the hardest.

CONSTITUTION LIMITS FED GOVERNMENT: Some people say the Constitution was NOT meant to “limit the federal government.” WRONG! That’s ALL it was designed to do, outside of creating the federal government itself. These ignorant people who pretend to be so smart irritate me no end. They make such foolish remarks as this and expect people with INTELLIGENCE to believe them. Or are they counting on those who don’t pay attention to politics to believe them?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Liberals NEED Us!

They do their best to get rid of people who work hard and make money, especially those who do it well and become “rich” doing it. They don’t even realize that if they succeeded completely in “getting rid of the rich,” they’d be slitting their own throats. They NEED those who EARN money so they can tax them (steal it) to pay for their “give-away” plans. Without “the rich,” they’d all die. They’re PARASITES on society.

SOCIALISM DOES NOT CREATE WEALTH: The free market DOES, to the benefit of EVERYBODY. Socialism is a PARASITE that TAKES from those who EARN and GIVES to those who don’t; it creates NOTHING. Only the free market, which they scornfully call “capitalism,” does create new wealth, for the benefit of ALL, including socialists.

AFRAID OF BEING PUNISHED: Recently in Wisconsin a woman defended herself, using pepper pray, but didn’t report it because she was afraid of being punished for using pepper spray. This is WRONG! A person should NEVER be punished for defending themselves. Self defense is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT that cannot be taken away by those “protected politicians” who think they know best (turns out she was not punished).

BACKROOM DEALS: In Washington, politicians are scheming to get permission to spend yet more money to “solve” our economic problems. Not a word is being uttered about cutting spending, nor will there be until we wake up and elect some competent people to replace these fools now making the rules and spending our money like it’s water.

IT’S THE SPENDING, STUPID! The politicians in Washington want us to think we’re in economic trouble because we haven’t spent enough taxpayer money on frivolous and stupid things like financing the Venezuelan search for oil. They say that trying to solve the economic problem by cutting costs is IRRESPONSIBLE. How STUPID is that? If they just actually CUT costs, they wouldn’t NEED to raise the debt ceiling. That’s not irresponsible, it’s COMMON SENSE. Something our current “leaders” have none of.

AMERICA DOING SOMETHING INCREDIBLY STUPID: That was the headline on an e-mail I got recently, but is it news? Since Obama took office, the fact of the government doing something incredibly stupid is a daily occurrence. So it’s just not news any more when they do it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"America In Mourning"

"AMERICA IN MOURNING": The liberal press says this, but the only people "in mourning" over the “loss” of exhibitionist Anthony Weiner, who sent a picture of his “weenie” to several people, possibly including a 17-year-old girl are those liberals who depend upon such people to advance their massive theft programs. I understand Weiner almost single-handedly WROTE Obama’s health care swindle law. Losing such a man is something we really ought to celebrate, not mourn.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BLAME: That’s what Democrats and other liberals always say when THEY get caught “with their pants down.” They want everybody to just shut up. Such things are a "revenue enhancement" to a liberal. But when it’s a Republican, they constantly talk about “morals” and “judgment,” and can’t shut up about it.

OBAMA’S BUSINESS CONFERENCE: He recently met with top officials from top corporations trying to figure out how to “get the economy going.” What a “dog and pony show!” The people he SHOULD be talking to are SMALL businesspeople who KNOW how to make the economy better. If these people knew how, they’d have told him a long time ago without needing a widely-publicized meeting.

BRING ‘EM ALL HOME: The “big whiz” in Washington today is Obama’s plan to bring home 30,000 troops. As usual, politicians are going to make it impossible to win anything, then claim we should “get out” of Afghanistan because we can’t win. As at the Alamo years ago, politicians are condemning many of our troops to death by taking away their help, then claiming they should bring ALL the troops home. If they’re going to bring home ANY, they SHOULD bring home all of them so they can stay alive.

WHO THE HELL CARES? Word is that a majority of Pakistanis “disapprove” of the American raid that killed bin Laden. Who cares? They’ll be lucky to avoid our wrath at their actions to PROTECT this wanton murderer. Where the hell do THEY get off “disapproving” of our action to get rid of a killer of innocents in the name of spreading a silly religion? There will probably be more such "invasions" as terrorists use Pakistan as a "safe harbor."

LIBERALS “DICTATING” REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES: They always try it, and sometimes they succeed in conning Republicans into selecting a candidate they KNOW they can beat. They were successful in 2008, conning us into nominating left-leaning John McCain, who predictably lost. That’s also how we got Jimmy Carter who, up to now was the worst president in my memory. That’s also how we got Clinton, the second worst.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taliban and al Qaida the Same

They may not be run by the same people, but they are run by the same KIND of people: rabid racists and murderers of those who don’t believe the same exact way they do. Why people (mostly our liberals) can’t see this, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because they’re stupid.

WEINER TO PULL OUT: After weeks of saying he won’t resign after posting his weenie on the Internet for all to see, he will now resign. I don’t know what he’s going to do for a living now, and I don’t really care. Maybe he’ll take a job as a TV salesman for condoms. Or maybe even a MODEL for condoms. Maybe he’ll go into the porn business. Anyway, Democrats think he won’t be a factor in the next election now that he’s resigning, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

GOT MORE THAN 7 INCHES? That’s the loudest question I remember from Anthony Weiner’s press conference in which he resigned his seat in Congress. Is this the kind of thing reporters in the liberal media should be primarily interested in? A congressman’s career is ending because of his stupid actions, and all this reporter is interested in is if he has more than seven inches! And these people pretend to be doing something important!

NO TREATMENT AVAILABLE: Ex congressman Anthony Weiner (who sent a picture of his weenie out on the Internet for all to see, says he will “seek treatment” for his problem. Unfortunately, there IS no treatment for stupid. So I don’t expect he’ll find much out there.

STUPID DEMOCRATS: Democrats reveal their stupidity every time they open their mouths. Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat—what else?) thinks pro-life Christian militants are “akin to Islamic terrorists.” What an incredibly stupid thing to say! This woman has proven her ignorance and stupidity on many occasions. This is just the latest.

HOW STUPID ARE THESE PEOPLE? “A Tulsa, Okla., police captain is suing his chief and the city after he was demoted and targeted by an internal investigation for refusing orders to attend an event featuring lessons in Islam, a tour and a prayer service at a mosque linked to an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror financing trial.” FORCED TO ATTEND an Islamic “recruitment” meeting? What kind of FOOLS are in charge in that department?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Obama's Incompetence Displayed

Obama has spent $3 TRILLION dollars to “stimulate” the economy, with NO results. Unemployment remains at close to 10% and the recession continues unabated. Now they’re talking about yet another “stimulus package.” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We need to get rid of this INSANE president before he destroys us.

PAKISTAN NEEDS TO BE “DEALT WITH”: They’ve now arrested five people who were instrumental in the death of bin Laden . They’d better start realizing which side of their bread had the butter. Either they stand with us or they stand with the terrorists. This is a decision they have to make. Stand with us and benefit. Stand with the terrorists and suffer.

WHAT HAS HILLARY EVER DONE? What has she ever done to qualify her to be Secretary of State? All she’s even done is “attach herself” (like a leech) to a man she figured would be president one day and put up with his “skirt-chasing” ways for these many years so she could maybe take advantage of that to become president herself? All she ever did was be the wife of a “skirt-chasing” president and head up a FAILING effort to take over 1/7 of America’s economy.. Nothing else. The only reason she got it is to get her “out of the way” so Obama could “do his thing.”

FROM TIES TO TEA: Rush Limbaugh has gone from “ties to tea” in his efforts to make even more money. There’s nothing wrong with that, except he never said a word about what happened to his tie business. It just disappeared one day. I’d have been one of his customers if I actually WORE ties. If his tea was sold in stores, I’d have tried it. But I don’t buy things on the Internet (except for my inventory, and that only from dependable companies) I’m not saying his isn’t dependable, but I just don’t do it except in the case of the two companies I believe are honest and dependable. I'll wait until it does come out in stores.

WHY DON’T I BUY GOLD? Mostly because I don’t have a lot of money to protect from inflation. Except for what I get each month, I have none to lose to inflation and I can’t do anything about that. I can’t even buy one ounce of gold at today’s prices, even if it does double in price (and it will, because liberals will keep on printing Monopoly money). If I should win the lottery, I’d put it ALL in gold. REAL gold, not “gold stocks.” And I’d be very careful from whom I bought my cold.

UPGRADING ON YOUR NICKLE: Have you ever wondered how the government rapes you every day without you knowing about it? They do it every time they travel on “government business.” They “upgrade” to business class on your dime. Nobody knows about this for the most part, so they get away with it. And they don’t care that it costs you more money. You’re only the taxpayer, anyway.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Questioned for Her Short Dress

A pretty female visitor to NYC was stopped and questioned by the cops because she was riding her bike wearing a dress shorter than those cops approved of. But was it illegal? No. But I think they just wanted to be able to talk to her up close and personal. They used to have “the dress police” in New York, where men went around with rulers and measured the length of the dress above the knee. We don’t know if they got a look up the dress as they measured.

PREEMPTIVE STRIKES: All the vitriolic attacks on Sarah Palin are “preemptive strikes” against a candidate they know full well can, and WILL “mop up the floor with them.” They’re trying to discredit her before the election.

PAYING ATTENTION TO WEINER: We’ve been paying so much attention to Anthony’s Weiner that we haven’t time to pay attention to important things like the post office being closed down in Canada or the country going broke with the help of Obama and his thugs.

CIA INFORMERS ARRESTED IN PAKISTAN: Boy, these are really criminals! They owned the house CIA used to keep track of bin Laden, took down the license numbers of visitors to his compound, and did other things that led to his death. What Pakistan is mad about it that we didn’t tell them we were going to go after him so they could not warn him and help him get away.

SEX SLAVES: Top Muslim Imam says the way to solve the problem of men having illegal sex with Muslim women (usually resulting in THEIR deaths and the “hand-slapping” of the men) is to “go to war” and take females prisoner, making them sex slaves. This is the kind of people they are.

WRANGLING OVER MUSLIMS IN GOVERNMENT: McCain, Gingrich, and Romney struggle with the answer about Muslims in government. I would not “wrangle” over that question, as I wouldn’t have over a similar question about allowing Nazis to participate in our government during the runup to WWII and during the war. I would not have them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soros "Declares War" on Glenn Beck and Fox

He has given National Public Radio more than a million dollars to use in “digging up” bad things he can use to discredit Glenn. That was some time ago, and they haven’t “dug anything up” yet. Does that say anything?

TRYING TO DISCREDIT SARAH: They long ago “declared war” on Sarah Palin because they knew she will “mop the floor” with them. Republicans, too. And for the same reason. She doesn’t “knuckle under” to the Republican leadership so they want to be rid of her.

OKAY TO KILL BABIES: Actor Russell Crowe says it’s okay to kill unborn babies before they even have a chance at life. But he gets very exercised when they want to cut off their foreskins. Same lack of sense is displayed by pro-abortionists who say it’s okay to make prostitution illegal when BOTH involve a “woman’s right to choose” what is done with her body.

OBAMA BLAMES PROGRESS FOR RECESSION: He specifically mentioned ATM machines and “kiosks” at the airport for job losses HE has created with his policies. Did the president at the time blame the auto for the loss of jobs in the buggy whip industry?

INCOMPETENCE: It is the INCOMPETENCE of the people we have elected to office or have been APPOINTED that is responsible for the problems we face today. Look back in history and see how many things that have gone wrong because of the incompetence of our “leaders.”

JANET INCOMPETANO: She thinks it’s “absurd” to pay “special attention” to young Muslim males at airports and elsewhere. What kind of IMBECILES is Obama appointing, anyway? For that matter, what kind of an IMBECILE did we (not me) elect president?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Was Diffrent Under Bush

When the Democrat-created recession started under Bush they called it “stuck in a ditch.” Now we’re almost three years into Obama’s administration, it’s “a bump in the road.” This is how liberals deal with the same question: under a Republican, magnify it. Under a Democrat, play it down.

JUDGING HER ON HER E-MAILS: How stupid is that? Do they demand copies of e-mails from Obama? How about VP “BiteMe?” Or anybody else, for that matter? Only Sarah Palin. And all they can “pony up” from that is that she writes her e-mails at an “8th grade level.” And how do they back that up? They use the unsupported word of a liberal “handwriting expert” who was “disappointed” that she did so well, considering e-mails are not usually written with as much skill as are other things. I’ll appreciate what they do when they demand e-mails of every politician out there, including liberals.

WHY A LIBERAL RUNNING THE GOP DEBATES? I can’t understand why the Republicans even allowed it. Mr. King, from CNN is a well-known liberal. So what is to be gained by Republicans allowing him to run the debate and “shut them up” when they try and tell us something? Why didn’t they have Fox run it? Fox CAN’T be any more biased than CNN.

23% WAY TOO MUCH: I hear lots of people talking about a “flat tax” and even a federal SALES tax. But the percent of taxation they talk about is WAY too much, considering the fact that EVERYBODY will be paying it, not just those who cannot get an exemption?

BIG WHOPPER LIBERAL LIE: They say “99% of climate scientists agree about global warming.” Not true. BIG lie. There was a survey done that they don’t want you to know about where 100,000 scientists were queried and almost ALL of them DISagreed with global warming. In any case, science is NOT “consensus. It is, or ISN’T, no matter how many scientists agree or disagree.

LIMBAUGH “CAMPAIGNED AGAINST McCAIN? Another liberal LIE. Limbaugh did not support or “campaign against” ANYBODY. Really, I wish liberals would tell the truth once in a while.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Bump in the Road"

That’s how Obama describes the recession we’re suffering right now; one he’s diligently working to make worse so he can “socialize” this country and blame the free market and the Republicans. What an obvious con man! And few people even realize what he’s doing (they're not paying attention) while NOBODY does anything about it.

MEDIA TREATING PALIN FAIRLY? That’s the question being asked after they conned Palin into releasing all her e-mails from her time as governor of Alaska without demanding a similar action from Obama or any other liberal now or formerly in office.

HIS WORLD WILL END: 90-some year old Rev. Harold Camping suffers a stroke. You remember Camping; the guy who confidently predicted the “end of the world” on May 13, 2011. But it didn’t happen, so he changed the date, putting it off until October. But I don’t think he’ll last until October. His boss is “going to call him home” way before that so he won’t suffer any more humiliation when it doesn’t happen then.

“GET IN THEIR FACES”: That’s what Obama is telling liberals to do to everybody, from liberals to conservatives. For my part, if a liberal “gets in my face” and won’t get out of it, I’m going to “slap him down;” but only if that’s the only way to get rid of him and his liberal lies. I’m not going to sit still and listen to liberal lies very long.

OBAMA’S WAR ON BUSINESS: That’s right. Obama is “waging war” on business, increasing exponentially the regulations they must obey if they are to remain in business, and costing them $BILLIONS to do so. He wants this country to be a “Soviet America” (socialist) and will do everything he can to make that happen.

MANY REPUBLICANS: There are many Republicans running for president, and chances are there are going to be many more. They’re like sharks smelling blood in the water. They see Obama’s weakness (Elmer Fudd could beat him) and want to take advantage of it. But the best candidate by far has not even (yet) announced her candidacy, though she’s certainly ACTING like a candidate. Sarah’s got the media “running around in circles” trying to keep up with her. She’s getting a lot more press than they want, but they can’t help themselves.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

GM Wants Higher Gas Prices

“Government Motors,” makers of Obama’s favorite car, the Volt, (of which he owns not a single one, nor ever will unless he buys it {with our money} for a “dog and pony show), wants the government to raise the tax on gasoline by at least a dollar a gallon so people will be FORCED to buy a Volt or something like it.

MAKE A DECISION: Democrats are going to have to make a decision: either dump Obama and salvage their own political careers (if that’s even possible at this point) or stick with him and “go down” with his ship. His IS a “sinking ship” and anybody with any intelligence at all knows that. They can either go down with him or get away from him.

LIBERALS ALWAYS WRONG: They’re always making predictions about what the future holds—and they’re always wrong. But even though they’re wrong, they always profit by it while decrying profit.

IRRESPONSIBLE OR NOT? Obama is either irresponsible and doesn’t realize the results of his policies, or he IS responsible and is purposely trying to run this economy into the ditch to move us ever closer to socialism--while blaming his problems on “the prior administration.”

OBAMA KEEPS A PROMISE: He has “promised” to bankrupt the coal industry. The recent actions of the EPA (which will cost the coal industry $180 BILLION dollars) are a “good start” toward that goal. Hundreds of thousands of jobs will disappear, electric rates will go up from 11% to 23%, and guess who will get to pay for it. You! Yet another action to make things worse, all in the name of that phony “environmental crisis.”

CHANGE THE NAME: Whenever the public gets to know an organization too well, the liberals just change the name. They did it with ACORN, and they’re now doing it with the Muslim Brotherhood, so you won’t automatically recognize the organization and what it’s doing. Everybody thinks ACORN is out of business, but it’s not. It’s still in business, working hard at its nefarious purposes, under many new names. Soon the Muslim Brotherhood will be, too.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Obama Legacy

His is going to be the administration whose policies reduced this nation from the most economically successful one in the history of the world, to one whose economy became the “poster boy” for failure all over the world. Meanwhile, he will be the heroes of the socialists and communists for “bringing America to its knees” and making this country into “Soviet America” if he's allowed to continue for another term.

LEAPING TO SHOW HIS IGNORANCE: Richard Gere said that Obama may become known as one of our “great presidents.” What HOLE has he been living in? Does he not know that Obama has made some of the WORST decisions in known history? That Obama has helped this country move from the most economically successful to one that is “going down fast? How is it Gere either doesn’t know these things, or is ignorant of their results? Or doesn't care? Maybe he's too ignorant to know what it all means?

WEINER SEEKS ADVICE: In the wake of his sex scandal, Anthony Weiner seeks advice from somebody who has been there—wait for it—Bill and Hilary Clinton. How is this going to help him? I’d hate to be his wife, who has only been thus for a short time—unless they’re BOTH swingers and she agrees with his “sexcapades.”

CLEARLY NOT THATCHER: An unnamed Thatcher “spokesman” said there is “no way” former Prime Minister will see Sarah Palin because she thinks Sarah is a “nut case.” This is so clearly NOT Lady Thatcher that it really doesn’t need to be said. It’s not her. Even if she THOUGHT that, she would not say it. She has too much class. Obviously, her so-called “spokesman” doesn’t.

STILL FRIGHTENED OF PALIN: Liberals AND some conservatives are “piling on” Sarah Palin, not because they’re afraid she can’t win, but because they’re afraid she CAN. Liberals because they know she can “mop the floor” with Obama, and the conservatives because she can beat THEIR favorite candidates and she has proven that she goes her own way—not the way the party bosses wish her to. Even now she has the press corps following her around drooling as she goes about her bus tour. She’s getting more press out of this than if she had given them a detailed itinerary including her we-wee stops.

SHE’S NOT DESTROYED: Sarah Palin has NOT been “destroyed” by the press. Only the liberals and their dupes think so. They’ve thrown everything, including the kitchen sink at her and she can STILL draw a bigger crowd than Obama ever hoped to draw. I’ll vote for her, and I know many others who will, too. People who normally don’t tell me for whom they’re going to vote are proudly telling me this.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Can't Stop Him From Eating Hot Dogs

Obama apparently doesn’t believe in all the dietary restrictions his wife wants to put on us “po folks” because he can be seen just about any time eating hot dogs and other kinds of what she calls “unhealthy foods.” Maybe he LIKES sleeping in the “Lincoln Room.”

DID ROMNEY GO TOO FAR? When he came out in favor of AlGore’s “global warming swindle?” While we’re all in the process of proving it’s a scam, he comes out and says he believes in it. Which makes me, and others who are awake and alert lose confidence in his ability to reason. I lost faith in Newt Gingrich’s judgment when he made that commercial with Nancy Peelosi sitting on a couch on the beach, supporting the same global warming swindle. Are these people just STUPID? Or do they have an underlying motive not obvious to the rest of us?

RECOVERY? WHAT RECOVERY? Obama constantly slips in a reference to “the recovery” in his speeches and news bytes, but there IS none. He hopes to make us think there IS a “recovery” that is being “messed up” by Republicans. Actually, if there WERE any tendency toward a recovery, it is OBAMA and his socialist policies that are impeding it.

ONE PARTY TOWN: Denver is holding an all “mail-in” election today (June 7) to choose a new mayor. Both candidates are Democrats, though you couldn’t tell that from their ads, or anything else. I had to search diligently to find it out, and it wasn’t on the web sites of EITHER candidate. So whichever way we go, we’ll get yet another Democrat. Never mind that Democrat mayors all over the country have destroyed the cities they run. Just look at Detroit, which has become a third-world country under their former Democrat mayor, Coleman Young. Of course, a more recent Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, is now in prison for what he stole.

VIOLENCE IS DOWN IN BORDER AREA: New Mexico rancher Larry Link was murdered by an illegal alien. When is Obama going to open his eyes and see the truth? Or does he hope his version of the truth BECOMES truth? What a FOOL we (not me) elected!

WHY THERE ARE NO JOBS: The government “partners with you” in whatever business you like, takes about 75% of what you earn over the life of your business, tells you what you can and cannot do, takes another 20% when you retire, and another 50% of your net worth when you die, forcing your heirs to sell out to pay the taxes. This is how it works today. And they wonder why there are no jobs? (Market Oracle)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scaring Us to Death

It seems like not a week goes by without some outfit or another trying to scare us to death with a “study.’” Those “studies” always “require more investigation” and their press releases are riddled with “mights,” “maybes,” and “possiblies;” but no definite, absolute statements, because they usually can’t offer any. But they’re couched in such a way as to scare us. The most recent (at this writing) is yet another “cell phones can cause cancer” scare. They can’t prove anything, of course, but they released the report, anyway. That’s how they control us.

MAKING YOUR OWN DECISIONS: That is the most important thing you’re going to be voting for in the next election. It’s not about Obama; it’s not about him spending more money than there IS, or moving us ever closer to socialism, or trying to take over as much of the private sector as he can; it’s about slowly, but surely eroding your right to make your own decisions without having to ask PERMISSION of a nameless, faceless bureaucrat to do things NOBODY should be able to stop you from doing.

GREAT COMPARISON: In the comments section for the Doonesbury comic strip, Sandfan said this: “We don’t need a class of useless, parasitic, self aggrandizing, power seeking nobility. We have Congress.” How true, how true. Members of Congress won’t even READ the bills they vote into law and thus allow the president way too much power; thus, they’re useless.

BANNING PRAYER: In Medina Valley, Texas, a judge has banned praying, the use of the words, “amen,” and “prayer” at the graduation ceremonies. How STUPID is this judge? You can pray within yourself if you wish. There needs to be no outward indication that you’re praying. But if I were at this graduation ceremony, I would be SURE to use the words, “prayer” and “amen,” loudly and defy them to do anything about it. I’m not big on organized religion, but I think that’s one of the things that caused us to create the United states of America—the right to ANY religion we wish to have, and the right to express it.

PALIN WAS RIGHT: Liberals were wrong. Paul Revere DID “warn the British” the Americans were waiting for them when they captured him. He admitted it himself. Will the liberal Palin-haters apologize? Not a chance. They’ll never even acknowledge that they criticized her wrongly, let alone apologize. I say that because of long experience with their ways.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"Civilian Casualties?"

That’s a term used often by Islamic terrorists, but you can count on the fact it’s a lie. This is one of their basic scams. Since they wear no uniforms, it’s easy for them to con our gullible liberals into believing that a cadre of soldiers in civilian garb are “civilian casualties” when we ferret out their nefarious schemes and kill them before they can carry them out.

“DISCREDITING OBAMA?” The way liberals think continues to amaze me.I recently was privy to it again recently when a commenter to a COMIC STRIP said, “The debt ceiling didn’t matter under Reagan, Bush 41 or 43, but now, in order to discredit Obama it is priority 1.” I wonder why. Maybe it’s because he didn’t try to spend us into bankruptcy as fast as possible. Maybe because raising it was not NECESSARY under them. Maybe it’s because Obama HAS already spent us into bankruptcy. It’s the DEMOCRATS who want to raise it. Gawd, what FOOLS these liberals be!

SARAH JUST CAN’T WIN: When she brought her Autistic child with her on one of her “road trips,” the liberals criticized her. This time she left the child at home, and the liberals criticize her for it. She just can’t win! She’s “damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.” When are the liberals going to learn all this criticism is a SIGNAL to the right that she’s the one they want to run for president? That the left is sorely frightened of her with good reason? That she can “mop the floor” with Obama? Gawd, how STUPID these liberal fools be!

REP LANDRY REFUSES A LECTURE: Rep. Landry (R-La.) refused to attend Obama’s “lecture” on how HIS policies are better than Landry’s own party’s policies. He recognized that it was simply a “dog and pony show” and had better things to do, so he said, “No thanks.” Sounds like my kind of politician.

CONSERVATIVES CAN’T WORK IN HOLLYWOOD: Unless they were already big before they “came out” as conservatives. There isn’t a big “list” in Hollywood as to who is liberal or conservative, but since more Hollywood bigwigs ARE liberal than not, they will “investigate” anybody they hire to do ANYTHING, to find out if they actually ARE liberal, BEFORE they hire them.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Limousine Liberals?"

One thing I remember about Jimmy Carter is that he started out well, getting rid of most of the limousines in the federal government’s fleet, and going to simple, non-loaded Chevys (OR fords, I don’t know). But Obama has gone the opposite direction, increasing the government’s fleet of limousines by 73% in just his first two years in office. At this rate, the number of limousines used by those in Washington will be 150% or what it was when he took office. Boy! He really loves to spend other people’s money “under the radar.”

GETTING RID OF THOMAS: The left is trying to get rid of Supreme Court Justice Thomas because his wife has health problems. They CLAIM he can’t judge “health issues” properly because of that. What about Elena Kagan, who actually ARGUED health issues before the Supreme Court before she was appointed to the court. They think blacks should be able to hold high office in government, unless that particular black is NOT a liberal. Typical liberal.

THAT’S WHAT OBAMA’S TRYING TO DO: “You can’t wave a magic wand and get employers to hire workers.” It doesn’t work. Obama promises two or three thousand dollars to business who hire new people, not even knowing that hiring a single employee will COST them a lot more than that. This just illustrates his complete IGNORANCE of finance and business. And he’s trying to be the one RUNNING it.

N. KOREA THE “HAPPIEST PLACE”: This has been declared, by (wait for it) NORTH KOREA! And you know we can believe anything “Dear Leader” says. If you live in North Korea and don’t believe him, he’ll have you killed at worst, and imprisoned at best. Probably killed; if he just imprisons you, he’ll have to feed, clothe, and give you a roof over your head and you won't be happy. Cheaper and less trouble to just kill you and dump you in a ditch so you’ll not be unhappy there.

HAS DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY KILLED FILM BUSINESS? I thought that was a "given." But people are now asking that question, and lamenting the fact that it’s happening. If film companies have smart people working for them, they got into the digital camera business early on, and will continue in business without a quiver. If not, they’ll go out of business, as the buggy whip factories did when the auto came along. Progress is great, isn't it?

MEDIA CRITICIZES SARAH FOR EATING PIZZA WITH FORK: Is there any other specious criticism they can aim at Sarah? Where is it written that you MUST eat pizza with your fingers? “The Donald” doesn’t pick it up and eat it, either, but he is coming in for a lot less criticism than is Sarah. As usual, Sarah can’t win for losing, and she is reveling in it. She “ditched the media” on her tour recently, and they’re livid.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dubious President

“Last time around, American voters threw caution to the winds and elected as president a man with a dubious past, dubious friends and dubious qualifications to lead, whose sole attraction was his ability to make pleasing but empty promises on a teleprompter. Look at where that's gotten us.” (Russ Vaughn/American thinker) And he continues to regale us every day with his dubious promises while doing so many stupid things as president that even his friends are beginning to desert him.

JOBLESS NUMBERS REVISED UP: There was actually NO improvement in the jobless numbers last week, and they had to “revise them upward” later. But Obama got a week’s worth of good press out of those phony numbers. Do you think the liberal press will make a “big thing” out of the numbers being “revised upward?” I tell people things and they say “I never saw that in the news,” as if that made what I told them untrue. Actually, that makes my point.

LINE BY LINE: Obama said while running for the job, “When I’m president I’ll go line by line over the budget to make sure we’re not spending money unwisely.” Then he went out and spent more money [unwisely -RT] than ALL previous presidents put together.” How can you depend on a man who would lie so easily not to lie to you? Maybe there’s a good thing about that. You can figure out the truth by taking what he says as just the opposite of the truth. That, you could depend on.

PALIN A “WEAK CANDIDATE?” I don’t think so, especially with liberals all over saying she is. That tells me she frightens the hell out of them. They know she can “mop the floor” with Obama and they want to stop that if they can. If they changed their minds and supported her, as they did with Mitch Daniels (R-IN), I might have to look at her a little more closely. But the mere fact that they oppose her so strongly tells me I want her (to run for president). For the first time in my life, I WANT to hear what a politician says.

“WHO WOULD DO THAT?” Many people who saw a sign saying “Death to America!” asked, “Who would hold up such a sign?” I put that down to those same people having never seen a real news show. Anybody who has seen a Fox News show knows that’s a common sign to see in any demonstration held by Muslim extremists. (With apologies to Mallard Fillmore)

HAS KHADDAFFI HAS “LOST HIS LEGITIMACY?: I think he never had any. He has always been a thug who took over running a country, just as our CHICAGO thug (Obama) did. The only difference is that he did it with violence and Obama did it with trickery and the con art.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Obama Says No Islamic Terrorism

Really? Why then, did he send out his troops to kill bin Laden? (If he did) Personally, I think the whole thing was a charade to get him some “street cred.” I have always thought bin Laden has been dead for years, since Bush’s troops bombed one of his caves with him in it. But now, after one of the biggest “dog and pony shows” I’ve seen, Obama now has the country convinced HE “got rid of Osama.” Now “conventional wisdom” will always have Obama as Osama’s killer. But there’s no “war against Islamic terrorists,” is there?

“WEINERGATE?” Does New York Rep. Anthony Weiner have an “oversized weiner?” and did he post a picture of a bulging pair of jockey shorts on Twitter? I predict that’s not what the liberal media will say, since he is a DEMOCRAT. Not so with a Republican who (supposedly) sent a picture of his naked UPPER body to a woman. The media had a “field day” with that one, as they always do with Republicans they think are “caught out.” Notice they go out of their way to note it was a story broken by a “conservative web site.” Weiner claims his Twitter account was hacked. Maybe so, maybe not. He says he can't say the pic is not of him. Yeah.

NOBODY KNEW CASTRO WAS A COMMUNIST: Until it was too late. He came to power and quietly began taking things over. People who objected were vilified and laughed at, called all kinds of names. Now Obama has come to power in the United States. He has quietly begun taking things over. People who object are vilified and laughed at, called all kinds of names. If somebody had told me he would take over GM and other industries, I’d have said they lied (You can do a lot with enough money). He has done many other things I wouldn’t have believed. He is making this country into “Soviet America.” Laugh at me if you like, but it is happening. We need to WAKE UP and see what he is doing to us, before our very eyes.

WHY NOBODY’S HIRING: Obama has made it impossible to hire ANYBODY because the businessman doesn’t have any idea how much it’s going to cost him/her in ADDITION to what he/she’s paying the employee. And Obama’s people profess to be unaware of the reasons for the continued high unemployment figures. I believe them. I don’t think they have ANY idea of the effect of their insidious laws and “regulations” have on commerce.

MAKE IT UP AS THEY GO ALONG: This country used to be run by LAWS. Laws that had to be passed by the Congress after due deliberation (yeah). Now it is run by nameless, faceless bureaucrats who don’t have to suffer the indignity of begging for their jobs every few years. They aren’t subject to control by the American people, only by the politicians that appointed them and handed them a set of regulations to enforce. When they asked how they would do that, they were told, “make it up as you go along.” This is how America is being run today, whoever is in the White House.

WEINER CAN’T SAY THE PICTURE ISN’T HIM: That’s what he says now, among many other things. He says he didn’t POST it, but doesn’t disclaim ownership of the huge equipment depicted in the photo. Yeah, riiiggggght! He’d like people to THINK he has equipment that big! I think whoever posted it stole it from a porn film.