Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Even Fox News has “bought” the fiction that Obama’s so-called “long form birth certificate,” recently released, was genuine, and so ended the controversy over his citizenship. It did not. It raised many more questions than it answered. If genuine, why did it use the name of the hospital as it is NOW rather than what it was when he was born? Why did it use the term, “African” to denote his father’s race, when that was not in use then? Why was the typing today’s computer typing, rather than the typewriter type in use then?

OBAMA APPOINTS A “SQUASHER”: Obama has appointed a new “czar” to search the Internet and “squash” anything said about him that THEY “consider” a lie or “misinformation.” I know them. They will “consider” many true statements to be wrong and will “squash” them, when they’re not. If they find something you’ve said they DEFINE as “untrue,” they will come down on you like a ton of bricks, threatening you with “investigations,” which will cost you a lot of money to hire lawyers, even if their position is proven in the end, to be untrue. They’ve got plenty of taxpayer money to spend doing it.

REAGAN AND THATCHER: That’s how Obama views him and the current British Prime Minister. I don’t know how the current British PM stacks up against Thatcher, but one thing I do know is, Obama is NO Reagan. Not in ANY way. Boy, what a monstrous ego this fool has!

CUTS FIRST! How many times have well-meaning Republicans been taken in by the Democrat (liberal) “promise” to make “cuts” later? Reagan fell for it and raised some taxes on the solemn promise of “cuts” to be named later. They never happened, and Democrats even today are citing the “fact” that even Reagan raised some taxes, as an excuse for their own tax increases. Bush the elder fell for it, causing him to be a “one-term president.” Remember his “read my lips” statement?” The one he made before raising taxes on the “promise” of cuts later (which somehow never appeared). I don’t know how many other presidents and politicians fell for that con, but I’m sure it is many. Don’t fall for it again. Make the spending cuts FIRST!

GM UPS VOLT PRODUCTION: Why? This incredibly expensive electric car that nobody (except Obama’s friends) wants sold about 300 a month. So they’re “upping production” by 50,000 a year. What are they going to do with 50,000 Volts nobody wants? Store them as government expense? The Volt is one of the best known government failures (that is, if you’re paying attention). Who would want a car that only goes about 40 miles before it has to sit still and suck up electricity (produced by coal) for eight hours, or have to use gasoline like any other car? Of course, when Obama bankrupts the coal industry, as he has promised to do, where will they get electricity?

HE DOESN’T KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM: Obama says the conservatives constantly say he is a socialist and that he is moving us toward socialism as fast as he can. He says he “doesn’t know where that comes from.” It comes from his statements and his ACTIONS, all of which ARE moving us closer to socialism. I love the way he tells people what we’re saying as if it were a lie, which is NOT, then laughs at it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

End Medicare? Big Lie!

That’s what FORMER House Speaker Nancy Peelosi says the Republicans want to do. How ludicrous a lie IS that? Does she really think Americans will believe that stupidity? Maybe a few years ago they would have, but now they’re “waking up” in “big numbers” to the lies the Democrats tell, and don’t believe ANYTHING they say. And that’s only right, given their lying history.

WHO NEEDS PHILOSOPHY? Everybody needs a “philosophy of life,” whether or not they realize it. If they disagree with that, THAT’S a philosophy. Having a philosophy, however right or wrong it might be, is necessary to life. You may not realize it, but just saying there is or is not an absolute is a philosophy and whichever way you believe, saying so is a “statement of an absolute and a philosophy.”

REMEMBER THE “SWINE FLU EPIDEMIC?” It was CAUSED by the federal government, which sent down “orders from on high” to doctors that ANY kind of flu they found MUST be diagnosed as “swine flu” to feed the fears about “swine flu.” This is how an “epidemic” is created.

26 ASSISTANTS: That’s how many Michelle Obama has. How many “Assistants” does a president’s wife have to have, anyway? How many did she have before he was elected? Damn, it makes me mad how people like that take advantage of their position in such a way. She doesn’t NEED 26 assistants. She just THINKS she does.

BODY COUNT: During the Viet Nam war, the liberal news media carried on a daily “body count,” which was inflated. It was a TACTIC they used to whip up hatred for the war. It succeeded.

FORCED TO BE “BAILED OUT”: The Wall Street Journal reported in 2008 that many companies were FORCED to sign acceptance papers and accept bailouts they didn’t need. Chrysler was obviously one of them. Chrysler has again repaid their “bailout,” and early. Probably with the very bailout money they received.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"The Era of Reagan is Over"

Like many things said by many liberals, this is also STUPID. The “era of Reagan” is just code for conservatism. But conservatism is NOT dead. They WISH it was so they could make us into a socialist nation like the former Soviet Union. they hope if they say it often enough it will come true. Conservatism is now “waking up” to what Obama means to us, and they know it isn’t good. So they’re going to “put him out to pasture” in 2012.

ERS CLOSE WHILE MEDICAL CARE DEMAND RISES: Fully one fourth of Emergency Rooms in the US are closing, despite the rise in need for medical care. Why is this? Because there are no doctors coming out of medical schools because they fear they will not be able to make a living in Obama’s world. And they won’t. They won’t even be able to pay off their student loans unless Obama gives them some money.

NEVADA GIVEN WAIVER: The state from which one of the biggest supporters of Obama’s health care swindle came has asked for, and been given a waiver from that law, as has most of Nancy Peelosi’s friends. If it’s so good, why do these people need waivers?

OBAMA AFTER POTATOES: He has sworn to bankrupt the coal companies, in spite of the fact that without them, we would have no energy. Now he wants to ban white potatoes. What’s next? Gas and oil? What makes him think he has the power to get rid of all these things? He seems to want to get rid of everything that is necessary to our survival. We need to get rid of HIM.

AFGHANISTAN “EMBARRASSED”: Not that Osama could live in their country, right beside an army base, and without detection, but by the fact that American troops could come in and kill him without opposition. What’s WRONG with these people? Do they not know we can tell that he had support from high government officials? That he thought he was completely safe there? They’re mad that their troops next door could not stop us from killing this murderous bastard. We should make them be more than “embarrassed.”

OBAMA SCOWLS AT NETANAHU: At a “joint press conference” with Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanahu, Obama sat and scowled behind his hand as Netanahu “ate his lunch.” Bibi said, in no uncertain terms, that Obama’s “requirement” that the “pre-1967 borders” be restored as a PRECONDITION to any discussions between Israel and the “pretender state” of Palestine will NOT happen; ever. This has been tried before, but never so blatantly by a PRESIDENT of the United States. This proves Obama’s bias AGAINST Israel, our most important supporter in the Middle East. How STUPID is Obama?

CHINESE ARMY CAN’T COMPARE: That’s what a Chinese Army General (Chen Bingde) says, anyway; that we shouldn’t be worried. I’ll give him a clue: we aren’t. Never have been. But if Obama has his way we will be. He wants to make our military the “second-most powerful” in the world. And he’s taking steps to make it happen. Look at what he DOES, not what he SAYS. He’s tired of us being “supreme.” He has SAID so.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Excess Profits?"

Liberals want to steal ALL “excess profits” made by American businesses for themselves. Who gave them the right to decide how much ANY company should be “allowed” to make and take it away from them if they “deem it” to be “excess profits?” We hear talk about oil companies being asked to “ answer for” their “massive profits.” Since the government took it ALL in taxes, maybe THEY should “ ‘answer for” the “profits” THEY made on the same money. Profit is only profit if you get to KEEP it.

LEAKING INFORMATION: The biggest “information leak” in this country is its president. Until Obama told us, we didn’t even KNOW there WAS at “Seal Team 6.” Releasing such information puts members of such teams AND their families in danger. Obama should keep his mouth shut.

SMALL vs. LARGE CARS: I believe the liberal screaming that we should all drive small cars has caused the death of many Americans. Smaller cars are much more dangerous on the roads with all these huge semi trucks and other large vehicles out there. The smaller the car, the more likely people are to die in any accident. I wonder if ANYBODY keeps separate numbers about deaths in small vs. large vehicle accidents.

OBAMA: “MORAL IMPERATIVE”: When we talked about a “moral imperative” in the past, liberals called us “religious bigots. Now Obama himself is quoting SCRIPTURE to back up his newly found “moral imperative” called “border security.” Of course, he talks about it, but DOES nothing to ensure it.

YOU’RE DONE NOW: Obama says he’s going to get re-elected, and then he’s done. Really? I think he's done now. You couldn’t get elected dog catcher today after spending more money than there IS in just the first two years of your administration. Gawd, what arrogance!

THINLY QUOTED: Newt Gingrich did NOT say he was against the Paul Ryan budget. He MENTIONED “left OR right-wing social engineering,” and the left took that to mean he was against Ryan’s ideas, as they usually do if they feel there’s a chance to throw a monkey wrench into Republican politics. I’m no longer a big fan of Newt’s, because of his ad with Nancy Peelosi pushing global warming (I lost confidence in his judgment then). But let’s condemn him (If we’re going to do that) for something he DID do, not something he didn’t do.

RAISING TAXES ON THE WEALTHY: How STUPID is that? But that’s what liberals always want to do. Take money away from the very people who CREATE a good economy and, therefore cause them to wonder why they invest in profit-making and job-creating projects, anyway, because the liberals will just take it away from them. Without “the rich,” we wouldn’t have ANY economy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Left Wants Mitch Daniels

That’s the best reason for me NOT to want him to run for president. If he does, he’ll divert enough conservative votes for Obama to “slide on in” to a second term so he can rape this country for another four years. The very fact that liberals are “singing his praises” is enough for me to vote against him.

TEN YEARS: AlGore said we have only about “ten years” left before global warming destroys this world. That was FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. Why does ANYBODY take this jerk seriously?

MAY 21, 2011: Church groups were confidently saying the world will end on May 21, 2011. Didn’t this same group confidently predict the end of the world several years ago? I wonder if I can get overtime if I work the 22nd? Now they're saying confidently it will end on October 21, 2011. Does anybody believe this? They're still asking you to send money.

CAN THEY SUE? In Louisiana, they’re purposely flooding homes in rural areas to “save” more populated areas. Did anybody ask those homeowners and farmers if they thought that was right? Can they sue the state for their losses? If so, can they collect anything during their lifetime?

I LIKE BACHMANN: I don’t know a thing about her yet, except I like what she says. But the very fact that both the right and the left are giving her hell tells me she frightens them as much as Sarah Palin does. So I would probably vote for either one, whichever gets on the ticket. But not if she’s in the second slot to a “squishy conservative,” as Sarah was with McCain.

SCHWARZENEGGER GUILTY OF ADULTERY: Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California, admitted recently to having fathered a child on a woman who was once his maid. Arnold is a Republican, so he’s going to get the “full Monte” from liberals. Such a thing would be a “resume enhancement” for a liberal Democrat, but for Arnold, a Republican, it will mean the end of any further political aspirations; though not his movie career.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bin Laden's Porn Collection

Which shows his complete hypocrisy, since he preaches against “Western decadence.” He and his friends insist on covering their women completely so others won’t “lust after them” and they can keep them to themselves before they die. After they die they can screw their “72 virgins” for all eternity without making them into non-virgins. That very promise shows their hypocrisy.

REVENGE FOR OSAMA: Or “business as usual?” Frankly, I don’t see how these inefficient killers could do anything more than what they do every day, in “revenge for Osama,” except to just label it as such. If they could do any worse than they do every day, they’d do it. And if they really HAD a nuclear device to set off in New York City, they’d have already done it.

TYPICAL LIBERALS: I was listening to some of the people I work with (at my two-day-a-week job to get money to eat) blurting liberal nonsense left and right and got tired of hearing it. So I made a contribution and within 30 seconds they were insulting me and accusing ME of being misinformed. ME! A guy who has STUDIED this stuff five days a week or more for more than TEN years, being accused of being “misinformed” by people who ARE misinformed! Jeeze! I noticed they did nothing to prove me wrong; just insulted me.

EASIER TARGET: The Taliban in Pakistan bombed a recruit center in Pakistan in “retaliation” (they say) for the Pakistan not interfering in the American raid that killed Osama. But notice they didn’t attack an AMERICAN installation because it wasn’t an “easy target.” They like “easy targets.”

“BIRTHER” CONTROVERSY “OVER”? Some liberals (most, actually) think the “birther” controversy is over just because Obama released an obviously phony long form birth certificate. Actually, all that did was raise some REAL questions. Before, all they had was the question, “Why won’t he release it?” Now the questions are about the hospital that didn’t exist at the time, the reference to his dad’s race as “African,” which wasn’t in use at the time, and the “current day computer typing,” on the form, not the kind that existed in the sixties. It’s not “over.” It’s just beginning.

PALESTINIANS WANT “HONOR” OF ANNIHILATING JEWS: Many liberal FOOLS are still pushing the idea of a “Palestinian State” in an area now occupied by many Jews. They’re making progress on establishing it, and Palestinians are openly saying they will “have the honor” of annihilating the Jews who live there now when it happens. When are these people going to WAKE UP and listen to what the Palestinians are SAYING?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Is Today "Judgment Day?"

Many Christians believe it is, but I don't. I do believe in a "supreme being" who orders this universe, but my idea of who and what it is might be different from that of others. First, I don't think something with the power to order a universe even knows I exist, let alone care if I worshiped him/her/it. If I'm wrong, I'll still be here tomorrow, but my wife won't. So I'll know.

“JUST HIRE PEOPLE!” That’s what the liberals are telling employers, just proving their complete LACK of knowledge of how things work. Employers cannot just “hire people” if they don’t NEED them and have nothing for them to do. To do so is to give them CHARITY that they cannot afford. Only the government can do this after they steal everything we have. How stupid ARE these people?

DRAGGING ALONG THE BODY: Rush says Obama is spending so much time extolling his own virtues by killing Osama bin Laden that he might as well haul the corpse along on the campaign trail. It ain’t agonna help him. He’s spent too much of our money and we need to get RID of him as quickly as we can. But his spending so much time campaigning is good; while he’s doing it, he can’t sign new laws to steal more. Mostly.

THEY WANT YOUR RETIREMENT MONEY: “Drowning in debt and faced with unpopular, unrealistic, ridiculously unpopular austerity measures, the government has announced that it will now tax private pension savings [money already taxed –RT] in order to raise 470 million euros (roughly $675 million) per year... a lot of money in a country of only 4.4 million people.” THEY claim it’s to “safeguard your money,” but it’s really to steal it. I don’t know why they talk about this in Euros, not dollars, but maybe they know something we don’t yet know.

REGULATING OBESITY: Liberals want to impose a tax on the parents of overweight kids. That raises several questions: One: who gets to decide who is overweight? Two: Where in the Constitution does it say you CAN tax people for being fat? Three: How about the blow to a kid’s “self-esteem” by being judged “fat?” Four: Where do politicians get off proposing such stupid ideas?

A MESSAGE FOR OBAMA: How DARE you make light of a situation that has KILLED many people with your sick jokes about a “moat” and “crocodiles” to guard against illegal aliens? You don’t believe there IS a problem? Of course! You don’t believe there is a war with Islamic terrorists, either. But people are dying because of it. In both cases, you need to open your eyes and face facts! You arrogant ass!

MASSIVE OIL PROFITS: This is about the “massive oil profits” made by the GOVERNMENT, not the oil companies. A figure not reported by the liberal media. Yes, the oil companies made $11 billion in profits last year. But the government took it ALL away from in the form of taxes. It's only profit if you get to keep it.

FRISKING A BABY! The numbnuts of TSA (Tough Sh-t Administration) felt up a BABY because they SAID they found “explosive residue” in her stroller. Was that “explosive residue yellow green and very stinky? Or did it smell like urine, which contains ammonia, that can also be considered “explosive residue.” How STUPID are these people?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Koran is a "Battle Plan"

A battle plan for the conquest of the world by a bunch of fifteenth century buffoons who can only succeed (if they can) by outnumbering real people long enough. Their very basic plan (kill one Infidel and die doing it, and you’re blessed) says it. They are very prolific and breed like rabbits wherever they go. They’ve all but taken over France and the rest of Europe, not by force of arms, but by moving there and “making babies” at an alarming pace. Now they’re doing it here.

GERONIMO! Looks like the American Indians (I refuse to call them “native Americans”) don’t have enough to do. They’re now objecting to the use of Geronimo’s name (a man who killed a few of his own American soldiers before he became an ally) for an operation name.

HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM! Liberals object to it, but it’s the only way to handle people like Osama bin Laden, whose only purpose in life is to kill “Infidels.” That word means ANYBODY who doesn’t believe exactly the same way HE does. Bush put it best, standing on a pile of the rubble they created while murdering 3,000 innocent Americans: “We heard them, and soon they’ll hear from us!” It took ten years (maybe), but Osama has definitely heard from us. He’s dead, and so are many of his people.

OF COURSE THEY’RE MAKING PROFITS! The liberals are making a big thing out of the fact that the oil companies are “making big profits.” Of COURSE they are! They’re not allowed to go out and look for more oil, which is where their profits usually go. But they won’t be making those profits long, with no new sources in the United States for new product and the government stealing more of their profits for themselves. Besides: taxes they pay EQUAL their "profits."

JOBLESS CLAIMS AT 8 MONTH HIGH: And did you hear much about that in the liberal media? You won’t, either, unless they’re forced; and then they’ll play it down and make excuses as to why it isn’t important. They’ll say it’s just people who “gave up” coming back. But why did they “give up?” because there were NO jobs. And there STILL aren’t. But you won’t hear that much anywhere but Fox.

OBAMA NOT GOING TO “POLITICIZE” KILLING OSAMA: But he has done nothing but politicize it ever since that soldier put a bullet in Osama’s brain (he says). Even Fox News had many minutes of silence on screen as Obama went from person to person schmoozing with them at “Ground Zero 9/11.” What else IS this but “politicizing” it? I just hope enough people will realize killing Osama (that’s Osama, not Obama) is not a good reason for re-electing this fool.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Friends of Criminals

Obama is rightfully getting a lot of flack for inviting “Common,” a rap singer nobody (who counts) has ever heard of, to the White House in spite of the fact that his most famous song is about a woman who (allegedly) committed a double murderer (a member of the Weather Underground, a sixties terrorist group), escaped from prison and now lives in Cuba, and is a “good friend” of Bill Ayres, one of Obama’s personal friends and advisers, who bombed the Pentagon and got away with it. Why is anybody surprised? These are Obama’s kind of people. Thieves, murderers, home-grown terrorists, etc.

TAXING SOCIAL SECURITY: The Obama administration wants to put a tax on your Social Security income, just as if you had worked and earned it today. Never mind you worked and earned it a long time ago, and paid taxes on it THEN. They don’t care that this would be “double taxation.” This will not be the first time they taxed you more than one time on the same money.

REVEALING HIS RACISM: The Attorney General refused to prosecute the Black Panthers who plainly were there to intimidate voters at a polling place, in favor of Obama, because “they are MY people.” Such an action, or even such a statement out of an Attorney General ought to be grounds for dismissal. But don’t expect it from Obama.

KHADDAFI FINALLY MAKES PUBLIC APPEARANCE: After a LONG time, Moammar Khaddafi (however he spells it today) has made a public appearance. Obviously he’s deathly afraid of being assassinated, and rightly so. I don’t know if the Nave Seals have him targeted, but their record in killing people like him is a solid one.

“IT’S A LABEL, FOLKS”: Rush reminds the “no labels” crowd that “Hispanic” still IS a “label” so when you talk about the GOP having to back black amnesty in order to “court the Hispanic vote,” YOU are talking about applying a label to them. Sorry, folks.

“DROVE US IN THE DITCH”: Obama says we can’t elect Republicans and put “the very people who drove us in the ditch back in office.” There’s only one problem with that. It’s a lie. But we’re so used to hearing Obama lie we don’t even notice it. The Republicans didn’t CREATE this economic disaster; the DEMOCRATS did with their “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” and they “turned it loose” just before the 2008 election to make it LOOK like it was the fault of the Republicans.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Obama's A "Serial Liar"

One of the latest “big lies” is the easiest to disprove. That we produced more crude oil in this country than ever in history. Actually, according to Obama’s own EIA (U. S. Energy Information Administration), we now produce less than HALF as much crude oil as before. Further, any small increase lately came from Bush’s approving oil permits. Yet something else he “inherited” from George Bush.

OSAMA “MURDERED?” Well-known liberal pundit Juan Williams has referred to the killing of Obama as “murder.” How does he know? Was he there? Did he witness this murder? Or is he merely voicing an uninformed opinion? Even if bin Laden WAS murdered, that’s okay by me. I just wish we could “murder” him 3,000 times. That might “even things out” somewhat.

BIG MISTAKE: Al Qaida says America has “made a big mistake and committed a major sin” in killing Osama. Really. Since when is it a mistake killing the leader of a “war against America” that has killed thousands of innocent people and promises to kill more? Like Bush said: “bring it on!”

YOUCAN’T AVOID HIM: The biggest problem (for me) with Obama being president (besides his insipid and ignorant economic policies and listening to his constant lying) is the fact that I cannot look in ANY direction without seeing his ugly mug. I look at the TV and there he is. I look at a magazine rack and he’s on five different covers. I look at a newspaper track and he’s on every cover there, too! Above the fold on every one! When I turned on my computer this morning, the first thing I saw was Obama. I don’t think I can take another year or more of this, let alone another FOUR years. Let’s get RID of him! Damn!

“ANSWERING FOR OIL PROFITS”: That’s what Obama’s government says. What? Since when does ANYBODY have to “answer for” the profits they make? Who gets to put a “cap” on ANYBODY’S profits? We need to put a “cap” on the profit the GOVERNMENT makes on the same money in taxes. They make more on this money that the oil companies do! I’ll slap anybody silly if they suggest I have to “answer for” any profit I make.

WHO GETS TO DECIDE? Since when does the government get to limit the amount of profit ANY private company can make? Where in the Constitution does it say they can limit profits? Obama seems to think he has a lot more power than he has. Somebody needs to slap him down and wake him up to reality.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mitch Daniels A Washington Favorite

The Democrats are telling us that Mitch Daniels (Ind Gov) is the best Republican there is to run against Obama. Really? Why should WE take the advice of our ENEMIES on who to run? That simply tells me Daniels is the LAST candidate I would want to vote for. It really sickens me when some ignorant Republicans listen to such nonsense.

“TEA PARTY IS OVER?” That’s what well known liberal pundit Juan Williams tells us. His reasoning is because “Republicans don’t like them.” Really? Seems to me the Republicans haven’t had any love for the Tea Parties since the beginning, because they, like Democrats, know they can “upset their applecarts, and WILL, if they don’t do some changing instead of trying to defame the Tea Parties.”

THINNING IT OUT: Printing money with nothing valuable backing it is like pouring water into fine whiskey; the more you pour into it, the less whiskey there is in it, and the thinner it becomes. Our own government is COUNTERFEITING money by the BILLIONS of dollars. They’ll be the first to tell you that counterfeiting makes every dollar worth less. But not when THEY do it. I’ll keep saying this until SOMEBODY does something about it.

WE DON’T FRIGHTEN THEM: Islamic terrorists aren’t a but afraid of our interrogation techniques because our jerkwater president has ANNOUNCED to the world that we won’t hurt them, and we are going to treat them (except Osama, of course) the same as common criminals by reading them their rights and refusing to hurt them in any way.

BUT DON’T INSULT A DEMOCRAT: Democrats are very comfortable with gratuitous insults for their enemies. But don’t DARE insult a Democrat or any other kind of a liberal. They’ll scream like little girls and call you names.

“IMPERMISSIBLE ACT OF PUBLIC EXPRESSION”: The California Department of Transportation has shot itself in the foot by refusing to allow the display of an American flag on a monument to our soldiers in Olcutt, California because it is an “impermissible act of public expression.” Excuse me? I thought the Constitution of the United States GUARANTEED public expression! How stupid ARE these bureaucrats?

IT WASN’T OBAMA: Pakistan and America (under George Bush) agreed 10 years ago that if there ever was good intelligence that Osama was hiding in their country, we had “carte blanche” to come in and get him. All Obama could do was say “no,” and he couldn’t. So, like many other things, the credit should go to Bush for “getting” bin Laden, no matter how we “got him.” Now Pakistan is threatening us if we do it again, even though they agreed to it many years ago. What galls them is that it wasn’t THIS administration that made that agreement.

SORRY NO POST SATURDAY: Blogger was down all day Saturday so we couldn't post anything.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Standing In Line to See A Fool

Many people stood in line for a long time to talk to Obama at the 9/11 site. But I wouldn’t bother to go ANYWHERE to talk to Obama. The man is a FOOL and not worth my time. Some people say you should “respect the office” of the president. I disagree with this fool in it.

“I WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK”: That’s what Obama said when he went to the 9/11 site for his “photo op” that will be used extensively in his next campaign. Don’t believe it! He doesn’t even believe we are “at war” with Islamic terrorists. He won’t even allow members of his government to use that term. Whenever the interests of the U. S. and Muslims come up, he ALWAYS takes the side of the Muslims. This is NOT “having our back.”

“OSAMA DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES”: That’s what Rush Limbaugh says. I guess he means that when you attack a “monster power” like the United States with a fifteenth century “army,” any death for you is as natural a death as you can expect.

TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE SYSTEM: THE Ft. Hood killer took advantage of the American system to pay for his schooling to become a doctor; and when it became time for him to repay us by using his new skills for our benefit he instead chose to kill 13 people and injure 30 more in the name of Islam. That’s the way one recipient of our largess chose to repay us.

TERRORIST’S MAIN WEAPON: Their main weapon against us is our liberals’ fear of “profiling,” even though profiling has been, and remains, one of our most used tools in the “war on crime.” But, apparently, not in the “war on Islamic terrorists.” They’ve got us so afraid of being called “profilers” we IGNORE the dark-skinned, bearded guys who they let pass with little or no scrutiny, while infuriating the rest of us by treating us like suspects.

FT. HOOD WAS A “GUN-FREE ZONE:” Did that stop the Ft. Hood “Dr. Death” from using a gun to murder 13 people? Did being a “gun-free zone” help any? Did it help in all those school shootings?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Are They REALLY "Experts?"

The “experts” get fooled all the time. One of the most common headlines is, “Experts amazed.” Why is that? Maybe it’s because they aren’t “experts” at all, but have merely been “deemed” to be by the “ruling party.”

“COME IN AND SHOOT US!” That’s what we’re telling those who would kill indiscriminately when we ban guns in certain areas. We’re telling them, “There will be no guns here to stop you. Come in and shoot us.” I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it’s something people need to be reminded of every once in a while so they’ll remember it, even if they choose to ignore it.

BUT DO THEY READ IT? The feds make outfits like McDonald’s print information about fat content and the like on its paperwork, to lower the amounts of “bad food” people eat, like a good “daddy.” But statistics show people not only do not read this information, they eat MORE “bad food” than ever. Typical liberal pipe dream.

WHO IS OBAMA? Obama didn't exist before he "came out of the closet" and ran for president. We "bought a pig in a poke" because of good advertising and copywriting. He promised "hope and change." Hope for WHAT and what is his definition of "change?" Nobody knows. Yet that was enough for him to take over the country in a "bloodless coup." (Inspired by an e-mail from my sister, Patti)

DO THEY SERIOUSLY THINK THEY COULD WIN? Pakistan has promised a “full force response” if America or anybody else invades their territory. Do they seriously think that will stop us if we find yet ANOTHER top Islamic terrorist being harbored in their territory? If we do, count on us to “invade their territory” with enough force to crush any “full force response” they can mount.

WE NEED TO CHANGE? Liberals keep telling us we need to change and “moderate our views” to embrace theirs. That’s a big load of stinky brown stuff. Do they really think we are as stupid as that? Why don’t THEY change their views to reflect OURS?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Osama's Death Insignificant?

It is insignificant only in that it will make no difference in the Muslim war on the world. Yes, his death might be an EXCUSE for increased activity on their part for a while, but otherwise, will make no difference at all. They have a man (yes, a MAN) ready to step into his shoes and continue killing innocent people who don’t believe in their form of Islam.

“NO TROPHY?” Obama says he will not release the photos of Osama’s dead body because he doesn’t want to give the terrorists something to use as a “recruiting tool.” What does he think all those headlines all over the world will be used for? What does he think the actual KILLING of Osama will be used for? Should we stop hunting for ALL murderers because their capture or execution might be used for propaganda?

TERRORISTS WILL KILL ANYWAY: What makes this administration think Osama’s death will NOT be used as a “recruiting tool,” whether or NOT we release the photo of his dead body? Does he think the terrorists will say, “Those evil Americans didn’t gloat after they killed our leader so we’ll only kill a few of them today.”?

THE 5 THOUSAND YEAR WAR: Or the “Ten thousand year war.” Islam will ALWAYS be “at war” with the rest of the world because some of the rest of the world does not believe exactly the same way they do. They can CLAIM all kinds of things we did in RETALIATION for their atrocities as provocations for THEIR acts, but it’s a load of bullsh-t. There’s one reason and one only for their atrocities. We’re not Muslims, and not THEIR KIND of Muslim.

PALIN AND INCEST: The liberals are so afraid of Sarah Palin that they instigated a skit on “Saturday Night Live” about Palin’s husband having sex with her daughter. How LOW can you get? And they pretend to lecture US about “hate speech!”

ASSASINATION ATTEMPT: I expect an assassination attempt against Obama by the Islamic terrorists before long. Why? Because he SAYS he killed their leader and made him into a martyr. They should be happy their leader is now in Heaven having sex with all his “virgins.” That‘s how you get to Heaven, according to them. Wait; what? Oh, that’s for the “hoi palloi.” Not for their top leaders. Sorry; I forgot.

“THE PARTY OF NO”: The Democrats call the Republicans “the party of no.” What were the Democrats during the Bush administration? Yes, the GOP IS “the party of no.” No to all of Obama’s policies, which will, if he is allowed to continue, lead us to a “Soviet America.” And if you don’t understand what that means, you’d better learn, and fast.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

High Gas Prices: Bad or Good?

Depends on who is in office. When George Bush was in office the liberals “made hay” of it, blaming Bush for it. I think the price was about $3.50 a gallon at the time. Now Obama is president, Democrats still control the Senate, and nothing is being said about the high price of gas, which, as of this writing, is approaching $4.00 a gallon and still rising. What’s different? Democrats are running things (mostly) and their “lap-dog press” is not willing to do any stories about high gas prices.

OBAMA NOT TO RELEASE OBL DEATH PICS: He’s afraid of Islamic terrorist retaliation against our “soft targets” because of it. Well, I can set his mind to rest. They’ll CLAIM what they do in the next few weeks and months is “retaliation” for Osama’s “murder,” but their actions won’t be any more than they would have been, anyway. They might TRY something big, and maybe even succeed. But it won’t be because of Osama’s death. It will be “business as usual.”

HE’D STILL BE ALIVE: If Osama had simply surrendered, he would still be alive. Our soldiers are not murderers. They do not set out to KILL somebody. Osama has said, many times, that he will not be taken alive. This IS a war, no matter how much some liberals say it isn’t. The lack of an identifiable sovereign state notwithstanding. Osama “declared war” on the United States, he had an army at his command, and he was a legal target. He resisted, and stories about him not being armed are bogus, as are most of the confusing stories coming out of Washington. Osama went nowhere without his trusty automatic weapon; ever. Not even to the bathroom; and he was always ready to use it.

HOW COULD OSAMA LIVE IN PUBLIC FOR 5 YEARS? And unnoticed at that, right in the heart of a Pakistani city. The answer is, he didn’t. That whole “compound” was a setup from the word go. The close security, the “tall man” walking around, making milk men leave bottles outside, visible men walking around carrying auto weapons, etc. How much more could they have DONE to suck us in? And we bought it. Osama didn’t get killed years ago in his cave! Oh, NO! I just feel sorry for the Osama look-alike we killed. His whole job was to get killed.

“WHETHER THEY WANT IT OR NOT”: This is what is told to ALL Muslims. “We must bring Islam to all people, whether they want it or not.” Unspoken is, “If you can’t convert them, KILL them.” This is the basis for Islam’s war on the world: “Kill ALL who do not believe the way we tell them.” That’s a “peaceful religion.” Bull Derm.

OSAMA “UNARMED?”: That’s a load of stinky brown stuff. There is NO WAY Osama did not have at least ONE gun close at hand when the Seals broke into his bedroom. His gun was almost welded to his hand. He was never shown without at least one auto weapon in his hand or leaning against the wall next to him.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Disagree With Obama? You're A Racist"

That’s all it takes in today’s politics to be labeled a racist. Say ANYTHING against Obama, or just say anything he doesn’t like, and there are any number of “privileged” liberals who will call you a racist. People who grew up in “enclaves” of the super-rich with little or NO blacks in residence take it upon themselves to judge you a racist. They ask, “Can you be a racist and not know it?” the answer is “yes,” and they are “poster people” for that. I judge every person I meet as INDIVIDUALS and I judge THESE individuals as fools at best and evil liars at worst. Obama said, “Elect me and eliminate racism forever.” So we elected him, black and white voters alike, and ever since, he has called those who object to his thievery racists, rather than argue against our charges on their merits. Racism has NOT increased in this country; only those CALLING people racist has. Racism is no longer “the law of the land.” Laws making blacks and Hispanics "second class citizens" have been done away with. Any residual racism there may be is frowned upon by just about everybody. (World Net Daily)

More Info Than They're Entitled To

They have created a new five-page form “certain people” will have to fill out to get a passport. Questions include the names, current addresses, and even phone numbers of those present at your birth. “Who was present when you were born? Do you even know? Can you remember every address you’ve ever had? How about every place you’ve ever worked? I can't. Were you circumcised? [What the hell business of theirs is THAT? –RT] What if I told you that those were some of the queries the State Department is proposing for a new “biographical questionnaire” as part of the passport application? They SAY you can fill it out in 45 minutes, which is a blatant lie. It will take DAYS to just RESEARCH the answers to the questions! Personally, I have NO IDEA who was present at my birth, and even if they are still alive, and I CERTAINLY have no idea of the dates and times of my mother's prenatal doctor appointments. The doctor and my mother are dead, so there's nowhere and nobody to ask.

Further, the people who could tell me are dead, as well. These questions are IMPOSSIBLE to answer, and the answers are none of their business! Apparently they don’t care who sneaks INTO this country, but they’re trying to make it impossible to LEAVE it. The fact that ALL passport applicants do not have to fill this form out, gives a lot of unnecessary power to passport officials, since if you don’t answer these questions to their satisfaction when they demand it, they’ll refuse you the passport. It’s a “judgment call” on the part of a bureaucrat. He can deny you a passport at will, and the decision as to who must fill this form out is ALSO a “judgment call.” You can see the new form for yourself: (The Blaze)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Osama A Murder Victim? Gimme A Break!

That’s what Islamic terrorists, and even some “moderate Muslims” are saying. What? How stupid ARE they? How conveniently they forget Osama’s crimes against humanity. I can’t think of a more deserving “murder victim.” Osama was responsible for the murder of 3,000 innocent people IN ONE DAY, and many thousands more since. He’s dead, but people are STILL dying because of him, and will continue to die because he lived. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

“FEEDING THE CROCODILE” One of the truest things Ronald Reagan ever said is this: “"If some among you fear taking a stand because you are afraid of reprisals from customers, clients, or even government, recognize that you are just feeding the crocodile hoping he'll eat you last." I think that's one of his most profound statements. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again so people will not forget it.

“THOSE TERRIBLE AMERICANS”: On Fox News, they’re worrying about Muslims seeing Osama’s dead body and saying, “That’s what those terrible Americans did.” I think we should give them as many more examples of how “terrible” we are to those who attack and kill our people as we can. They need to be reminded of it every day.

HE WANTED MARTYRDOM: Osama has said he wanted to be a martyr to the Islamic cause. So we helped him realize his dream. He’s now a martyr. How's that martyrdom workin' for ya, Osama? He's probably up there hunting for his virgins and wondering where everybody is.

ID TO VOTE? In one place, Republicans have introduced a bill to require people to show identification in order to vote, but Democrats are against it. I’m not surprised; not requiring identification before voting is stupid; it allows people to vote as many times as they want, and most of them vote Democrat. They ask, “Is that unreasonable?” I answer. “Yes. It’s unreasonable to allow ANYBODY to vote without showing photo ID.”

GOVERNMENT RUNNING GUNS TO MEXICO: They call it “Operation Gun Runner,” supposedly designed to “chart” where guns go in Mexico. Now many people are DEAD because of these guns, including the family of one man who was undercover for years in a motorcycle gang who supplied guns to Mexican drug cartels. They promised to protect him, but didn’t. The gang burnt down his house with his family in it, and the government is doing NOTHING. Now he’s “going public.” Maybe they’ll be FORCED to do something now, after his family is gone, and maybe him, too, if they get to him first.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

National Orgasm

As this is written, we are now in the second day of the “national orgasm” over the “supposed” death of Osama bin Laden in an attack sent out by Barack Obama. But Obama didn’t die yesterday; he died over seven years ago when we bombed one of his caves with a “blockbuster” bomb. We made him into a cinder that day, but then President Bush couldn’t claim it because there was noting left.

NO OSAMA: There has been NOTHING from Osama since that day, except taped images from a long time ago. Maybe a few audiotapes they CLAIMED was Osama. But nothing that could have been said to be PROOF Osama was still alive. They tried valiantly to con us into believing it, so we kept looking for him. Until their con produced a location where one of his doubles was living with Osama’s girl friend and his son.

TERRORISTS MAY ATTACK AMERICANS: That’s the “concern” today, after we “killed” Osama. What the hell do they think Islamic terrorists have been DOING for a long time, now? Gad, how STUPID are some people!

CONSTITUTION REQUIRES CITIZENSHIP: So why is it necessary to make laws requiring candidates to show their birth certificates before being allowed to take office? That should be AUTOMATIC. They should be required to show it before being allowed to FILE to RUN for the office.

“RAGE AND ANGER”: This over the supposed death of Osama bin Laden from the same people who “danced in the streets” when bin Laden’s people destroyed the “Twin Towers” and murdered 3,000 people. It amazes me how STUPID some people can be.

“NUCLEAR FIRESTORM”: Islamic terrorists promised a “nuclear firestorm” if Osama is captured or killed. Do you believe that? I don’t. I believe if the Islamic terrorists had a nuclear device they would have long since used it. No, there will be no nuclear blast in New York City as the Islamic terrorists promised.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Biggest Swindle Ever

No, it’s not AlGore’s global warming (now called “climate change”) scam that has netted him billions, and even a Novel Prize. That's only second biggest. It’s Obama’s “stimulus program,” his scam to keep companies that are “too big to fail” from failing, giving Obama a huge “slush fund” he can use to reward his friends. No president EVER before him has stolen as much money from the American people; and he’s still doing it.

CHRIS DODD GRIPING: It really sickens me to hear Chris Dodd, one of the authors (with Barney Frank) of the law (The Citizen’s reinvestment Act of 1976) that CREATED the “economic crash” griping about “lack of cooperation” from Republicans on his plan to “correct” the problem HE created. One of the most sickening things is the arrogance of politicians who demand “cooperation” from “the other side” to correct the problems THEY created.

FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC THE CAUSE: These entities worked very well. They were designed to buy up all those bad mortgages created by the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not repay it, to “keep the lid on” until they needed to use them. They needed them just before the 2008 elections to create an atmosphere where Americans would elect Democrats in larger numbers than Republicans. It worked like a charm. Now they’re in business again, “keeping the lid on” while Democrats are in office.

FINANCIAL INSTITUTION “INVESTIGATIONS”: Obama’s talking about “investigating” financial institutions, suggesting it was THEIR FAULT that the dead beats they were FORCED to loan money to couldn’t pay up. There will be NO “investigation” of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac unless Obama is FORCED.

DODD AND FRANK “KINGPINS”: They’re “kingpins” in Obama’s scam to create a “bloodless coup” to “take over” the federal government by CREATING a massive economic crash just before the 2008 elections. They’re blaming Bush, but Bush tried 14 times to “investigate” Fannie and Freddie and CRA, but was rebuffed by Dodd and Frank, who said “Fannie and Freddie are okay.” They weren’t.

THE SAME PEOPLE: Chris Dodd and Barney Frank were the CREATORS of the economic disaster we’re in now. So obviously they should be the ones in charge of the “investigation” into why it happened, and how to keep it from happening again. I know how; keep them far away from ANY powerful government office.