Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Usurpation of Your Rights

Did you know the feds don’t need to prove you guilty of a crime in order to “confiscate” (steal) your assets? According to the “Civil Asset Forfeiture Law,” all that is necessary for them to take your money and property is a SUSPISION of wrongdoing, which can be accomplished by a decision of a nameless, faceless bureaucrat somewhere whose name you will probably never get to know. Many a bureaucrat has used that law to line their own pockets at a citizen’s expense. It can take a year or more for someone so victimized to get his property back, during which time he can lose everything, since his assets are “tied up.” And there’s no recourse. Once it’s done, it’s done.

ISIS SURPRISED: They were surprised at how quickly they were able to grow after Obama’s forces left Iraq; just as they were surprised at their success in bringing several buildings down at the World Trade Center. But you can bet they took full advantage of it, as well as the credit. It is absolutely Obama’s incompetence that is responsible (at least in Iraq), and you can bet they know it. While Obama has been denying they are a major threat, that’s exactly what they’ve become. And it is Obama who is responsible. I think, on purpose. We need to get rid of this fool! 

"THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD!" That’s what the Democrats say, even while TWO Democrats commit voter fraud and prove them wrong (And those are just the ones they caught). The latest Democrat charged with voter fraud voted 19 times, in many different elections, in different places. The one before that BRAGGED about voting at LEAST 6 times. The main reason why they can (mostly) claim there is no voter fraud is because there’s no mechanism in place to uncover it, and the Democrats are the most vociferous opponents of such mechanisms, such as “Voter ID laws.”

ANOTHER SHOOTING IN “GUN-FREE ZONE”: To prove what I say is true; yet another shooter has shot up a school. This time, in Charleston, WVA. When are the FOOLS that make these laws going to “wise up” and see that their laws CREATE situations where people DIE, rather than be protected by guns in the hands of people prospective shooters won’t know are there, or in whose hands they are? Meanwhile, liberals are most interested in changing the name of the Redskins to appease NOBODY.

NO TERRORISM CHARGES: The “beheader” in Oklahoma has been charged with first-degree murder for beheading that woman for not converting to Islam like he wanted. So far, no “terrorism” charges, even though it is obvious to human beings who can THINK it WAS Islamic terrorism by a recently converted fool who made it very clear he WAS an Islamic fool. Yet the feds still will NOT call what he did terrorism, so Obama can claim there has never been a terrorist attack on American soil “on his watch.”

IS OBAMA SAFE? With the Secret Service screwing up as badly as it has recently, I think Obama is definitely in danger. But frankly, I couldn’t care less, except I wouldn’t want him to become a martyr. I would hope his girls are safe. Our problems, caused by Obama, are not their fault. I’m ambivalent about Michelle. She’s got her own big mouth and her own bigotry. She hates white people (as does Barack). It’s as simple as that. I hope they haven’t taught their girls to be bigots, too. But with both parents being racists, they might well be. But after being removed from their parents’ influence for a while, they might just come to their senses, as I did after getting away from my dad. I now judge people as INDIVIDUALS, which is the only logical way TO judge them.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Russia Threatens US

They're mad about our "air strikes" in Syria. Are they daft? Or are they just good at bluffing? They aren’t nearly as strong as they used to be. They’re just barely hanging on. And they want to go to war with us? Either they’re fools or are counting on the incompetence of our current president to allow them to have any kind of victory. In any case, at the first sign of Russian military action against us, I count on our GENERALS to do what’s necessary to CRUSH them, without the need for direction from the president. In fact, I expect the current president to be removed soon, anyway. I figure they’ve had enough.

TWO COPS SHOT: In Ferguson, MO, on the same day. Will there be riots? Doubtful. And they wonder why that cop shot and killed that “giant” who was killing him? What a bunch of damned fools they have, there! I’m damned glad I don’t live in such a fool place, and I feel sorry for those who do. The whole thing in Ferguson is evidence of the fool direction people in this country have gone. They demonstrate against their protectors, and shoot them, and still wonder why they shoot back. Now THREE cops have been shot by "innocent black youths" in the same night in Ferguson.

NO WARMING IN 18 YEARS: How people can keep a myth running in the face of FACT that it has never been a problem in so many years is beyond me. They go so far as to want to KILL or imprison people who question their swindle. They ridicule us and put us down while the facts prove them to be swindlers—and they continue to make $BILLIONS from it, even while we expose it for the swindle it is, which they ignore. When the very NAME makes it obvious it is a swindle, they simply change the name to “climate change,” and now even that name has become a liability, they now want to change THAT to “climate disruption.” Meanwhile, nothing is happening with the climate.

BANNING MUSLIMS FROM SHOOTING RANGE: Jan Morgan owns a shooting range, where she has made a policy decision to ban Muslims from shooting there, and has put up signs telling them that. Now a web site nobody reads says she’s a fool for doing that. I think she’s “right on.” Let a bunch of Muslims come in her range with guns and they might just decide to shoot it up, as well as everybody there. Some have called that action racist. It’s NOT. It’s COMMON SENSE. When people want to kill you, it's just COMMON SENSE to want to keep them out.

IS THE ECONOMY OK? I don’t think it is. Not as ling as so many people are out of jobs, and are thus completely dependent on the government for their sustenance, and have been for years. Obama thinks the economy is Okay, which shows his complete incompetence, or his willingness to LIE to fool us. Bill Clinton doesn’t agree. He thinks the economy is terrible, because median income is falling; something Obama should know, but as usual, he doesn’t. He’s stupid that way.

THAT’S ACCORDING TO PLAN: Obama’s air strikes have had very little impact on ISIS, as I predicted when they started. Blowing up a few pickup trucks on lonely roads and a building or two that aren’t being used for anything doesn’t hurt the enemy much. Now it is said that ISIS is at the very entrance to Baghdad. Everybody’s surprised. But I’m not, because I know that’s how Obama planned it. So he could CLAIM to be doing something while doing little.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Don't Teach About Constitution

Obama’s government doesn’t want us to teach about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and they targeted organizations that taught it for special harassment by the IRS, as well as the usual “right-wing” sounding organizations. They obviously want the next generation to be IGNORANT, not only ABOUT the Constitution, but also about its CONTENT, so they can usurp it and the next generation will no know it. Meanwhile, new elected officials that come from such schools will make laws that are unconstitutional because they just don’t know any better.

TERRORIST HQ IN AMERICA: They are hidden in mosques, which are traditionally left alone by our government. But that’s a mistake. The terrorists PRETEND they are a religion for the “perks” it gives them. Any other organization that preached murder and mayhem would be immediately suspect, but not a “religion.” Adherents to Islam as a religion are just COVER for the killers within their “religion.” Even if we KNOW they’re radicalizing malcontents and making the enemy out of them, if we just “shut them down,” we’d come under intense criticism. It’s a good scam for the terrorists.

RECRUITING IN PRISON AND JAIL: That’s where the Islamic terrorists get most of their recruits. Where the malcontents are the thickest. Jihadists like to go to jail or prison because they know that’s where they’ll find the most likely recruits, and they’re right. Criminals that get caught never blame themselves for their problems, they always “blame the system,” and the Jihadists take advantage of that. The Boston bombers and the Oklahoma beheader both came from that kind of atmosphere.

WHITE HOUSE CONTROLS MESSAGE: This is something I didn’t know, and it didn’t originate with Obama. The White House press pool are required, not to send their info to their editors, but to the White House, who sends it on to their editors, after asking for stuff they don’t like to be removed. It’s not usually in the form of an “order,” but the reporters know if they ignore them, they might be penalized. This means that ALL the news gained at the White House is under the CONTROL of the White House. That, I don’t like worth a damn.

RACE INFO REQUIRED: Recently, the ATF quietly changed form 4473 (required for gun purchasers from Federal Firearms license holders for gun purchasers) to include questions about race and ethnicity. They SAY it’s to help them enforce “racial equality,” but I doubt it. They SAY they never used it to create a database about the race of gun buyers, but I doubt that, too. There’s only one reason for requiring such information of gun purchasers: that’s to be able to refuse certain groups the right to buy their guns, and that’s wrong. The feds deny it, but that is the fact. They accuse US of being racist, for merely disagreeing with their policies. But the real racists are sitting in government chairs.

COP SHOT IN FERGUSON, MO: Will there be any outcry? Not a quiver. The “good citizens” of Ferguson don’t give a damn when one of their “protectors” is shot, only when one of their THUGS is shot by a cop. I think Ferguson residents are TWISTED in what becomes important to them. A giant thug is killed while trying to kill a cop, and they go bananas. A cop is shot trying to defend them from another thug, and they yawn. So does the liberal media, because a cop getting shot doesn’t advance their agenda.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Obama Is Deluded

Again, a man is converted to Islam and is subsequently radicalized and BEHEADS a woman, claming he is doing it “for his Muslim brothers” and Obama refuses to call it Islamic terrorism. What does it take for this deluded fool to admit such things are terrorism? Never in my memory have we had such a FOOL as president! Not even Jimmy Carter was this much of a FOOL, although he was a close second. It’s not that he can’t see his hand before his face, it’s that, for some reason, he doesn’t want it to be clear this IS Muslim terrorism.

“AMISH? The”Bearing Arms” web site made a big mistake in their recent post about the recently converted Muslim who beheaded a woman who would not convert to Islam. In the headline, he was called, “Amish.” Although they got it right in the body of the article, it seems like a little editing is in order. It’s probably changed by now, but something like this could cause them to lose credibility with some people who only read headlines.

HOW MUCH AMMUNITION? “How much ammunition should a person be allowed to own? That’s a question one politician asked recently. That politician has a lot of gall! Who the hell does he think should be ALLOWED to decide how much ammo a person should be ALLOWED to have? Yes, the Constitution doesn’t mention ammunition, but it doesn’t need to. Only a FOOL would suggest they could limit a person’s right to own ammunition. It’s like saying they could limit the number of EGGS a person could own. Anything to “get around” the Constitution, I guess.

STILL HAVING TROUBLE: They’re still having trouble deciding if the beheading in Oklahoma was terrorism, or simply their favorite words, “workplace violence.” They can’t seem to understand that the killer was a recent convert to Islam, had a web site where he extolled the virtues of Islam and beheading unbelievers, and that the woman was one he failed to convert in the past. All this doesn’t seem to help them make a decision if it is terrorism OR “workplace violence.” What more do they NEED? Damn! How stupid ARE they?

“MINIMUM AMOUNT OF FORCE”: Obama says he wants to use the “minimum amount of force necessary” to destroy ISIS without using “boots on the ground.” What kind of a damned FOOL is he? All he’s doing is giving the terrorists a few “pinpricks” while they’re beheading more and more people and CHILDREN all the time, and moving right along in their "takeover.". He can’t see what kind of savages they are. I’d say they were animals, but I don’t want to insult animals, who only kill to eat. Somebody needs to give Obama “the back if his hand” and wake him up.

THEY CHOSE A GOOD TIME: The Islamic terrorists chose a good time to attack us, with a fool like Obama running things here. They’re going to overrun us while Obama dithers about naming their terrorist acts terrorist acts, like they are. To call Ft. Hood “workplace violence” is the heights of stupidity. To use a similar description of the Oklahoma atrocity is even MORE stupid. They are getting a lot further that they could if we had an INTELLIGENT president. Or is that the plan? Elect a DOLT as president so he’ll let you get away with anything you want?

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Boobs On the Ground"

Liberals are whining about some of the remarks made  by two members of “The Five” crew, Greg Gutfeld and Eric Boling, after Kimberly Guilfoyl noted that the leader of the most recent bombing of ISIS troops was led by a woman, which should enrage Islamic terrorists, no end, because they’re about the most sexist people around. The comments the two made were called “sexist,” and they probably were. But is that all people have to cry about? I think all the people Islamic terrorists are beheading, raping, and otherwise killing because they aren’t “believers” is much more important.

“COMING TO A PLACE NEAR YOU”: An Islamic murderer recently seen on Fox News threatening us has been arrested in Britain, along with several other Islamic murderers. He told Sean Hannity that, “Sharia Law is coming to a place near you.” Boy, are these people DEMENTED! That won’t happen as long as I am alive! If it does, it will be ILLEGAL under our Constitution and will REMAIN illegal. It is only his IGNORANCE that makes people like him think it will happen. He’s just “blowing smoke.”

CONGRESS POWERLESS: They charged Holder with “contempt of Congress” for refusing to turn over specific papers they demanded, and he ignored it and went on as if it never happened. Now he’s resigning, hoping to be appointed to the Supreme Court so he can do even more damage. And not a peep out of Congress. How does he get away with such blatant lawlessness? Maybe, like Clinton, he “knows where the bodies are buried,” and maybe even buried a few, himself.

SHARPTON ADVISES WHITE HOUSE: Rush Limbaugh made a JOKE about Al Sharpton being in line to be named attorney general to replace Holder. And now, according to no less than Sharpton, himself, he is engaged in talks designed to select a new AG! Now why would a president consult a “race whore” on who should be AG? Maybe because he’s a criminal himself, and doesn’t SEE Sharpton as a criminal, as human beings do. Of course, we only have Sharpton’s word on that, and you know what THAT’S worth.

“A ROCKET UP HIS TAIL PIPE”: That’s what at least one Fox reporter thinks should happen, instead of “capturing” him and subjecting him to our broken “justice system.” I agree. I think he should be beheaded with a rusty old, dull knife, just like he did to his captives, but I doubt that will ever happen. I don’t think he’ll get a rocket up his tailpipe, either, unless it happens by accident. I’ll be satisfied if somebody just shoots him, in a place that guarantees him a long, painful time before he dies.

“CROOKED SHERIFF” GONE: Anybody who has ever read one of those ubiquitous “Westerns” knows how a crooked sheriff can really mess things up in his county by the way he enforces (or does NOT enforce) the law. How he lets his crooked friends go on victimizing the citizens while he spends his time harassing the honest people. This is what has happened nationally in the last six years with Eric Holder, a PROVEN criminal, being America’s “top cop.” He has selectively enforced the laws, refusing to enforce them on his friends (such as Obama) while harassing honest people. He should be “tarred and feathered” and “run out of town on a rail,” but I’ll be satisfied if he just disappears from the scene; that is, if he isn’t replaced by somebody just as crooked, which is a real possibility.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oops! Didn't Win After All!

Just a year ago, Obama stood on the podium at the UN touting his “winning of the war against Islamic terrorism,” which he “accomplished” by RUNNING from Iraq. Today, he stands in the same spot telling a very different story. He’s trying valiantly to put together a coalition to fight ISIS (or whatever name they’re using today), saying they’re the primary threat in the world, today. And he probably can’t even appreciate the irony of that. He figures everybody forgot about the previous speech.

“WIPED OUT” AL-QAIDA: That’s Obama’s story and he’s stickin’ to it. Now he’s calling a group of the same people ISIS—or ISIL—or IS, or some such. It’s the SAME PEOPLE we’ve been fighting, since—forever (The Barbary Pirates "way back when" were Islamic terrorists) but Obama has given them a new name (with their cooperation) so he can say it, This is a usual liberal trick: change the name to confuse us. Now he’s applying it to al-Qaida to make us THINK he defeated them. He doesn’t realize we’re onto him. He’s too damned dumb.

ONE OF MY BEST DECISIONS: If ever you thought Obama was stupid, he has now confirmed it. He says, “Making Hillary Clinton Secretary of State was one of my best decisions.” What? I’ve always said, if a politician wants to display his ignorance, just stand by and let him, as I am doing, here. Anybody who thinks Hillary Clinton was a goof Secretary of State is DELUDED. She was the WORST Secretary of State EVER—well, except for John Kerry. If you WANTED to screw up international relations, she WOULD be the best choice (outside of Kerry).

ABUSE OF POWER: As president, Obama has the power to add names to the “terro0rist watch list” without restriction from anybody, without ANY kind of proof of ANYTHING. And that designation follows them to their grave, even if their name is later removed. It will always be part of any information about them, “This person was on the president’s terrorist watch list.” Fox “contributor” James Rosen, whom you will remember was “accidentally” arrested for a crime while doing his job, has now been added to the terrorist watch list. The administration insists it was an accident. But I don’t think so. Neither does Fox OR Rosen. I don’t know how many “lists” he has ME on.

A WAY TO REMOVE CRIMINALS: We need to have a way to remove obvious criminals like Obama from office without the usual, time-consuming method of impeachment and conviction by the Senate, where he might have enough staunch friends, as did Clinton, to avoid removal so that politician cannot make more laws and regulations while we try and remove him. We need to be able to charge him with a crime and take his power to make laws and regulations away from him while the case is made. We have had TWO major criminals holding the office of president lately, who LAUGH at our feeble efforts to get rid of them. BOTH are still held in high esteem in some circles. Those circles include other political criminals who thrill to their ability to fiddle the system to avoid punishment for their crimes.

HOLDER TO RESIGN? God, I hope so! We’ve had a known CRIMINAL “enforcing” our laws (except for the ones he doesn’t want to) for way too long, now. It galled me when he refused to prosecute the “Black Panthers” who stood in front of a polling place and intimidated voters into voting for Obama because “they’re MY people.” Since when has THAT ever made a difference in what laws you will enforce? Then I was frustrated by his LACK of enforcement of all the laws Obama has broken, including running guns to the Mexican drug cartels, and the Syrian rebels, and his (Obama) “standing by” while his own ambassador was brutally murdered in Benghazi to cover it up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Surprise, Surprise!

Bill Buckley once said, “Liberals claim to want to give hearing to other views, then are shocked and offended to discover that there ARE other views.” That’s one way of putting it. another is, “They are in favor of freedom of speech only as long as that freedom of speech agrees with theirs.” Anything else, according to bobby Kennedy, Jr. and other liberals, is “treason,” and there “oughta be a law against it.” Talk about a cocky SOB! Apparently, only HIS opinion counts. Anybody who disagrees with him should go to prison!

FEEL LIKE YOU’RE GETTING POORER? It has been asked, “Do you feel like you’re getting poorer?” My answer is a resounding “yes!” Because I AM “getting poorer,” every day Obama is in power, because he is working feverishly to MAKE me (and the rest of the country) poorer so he can blame capitalism and make rules and laws that move us ever closer to collectivism (socialism, communism, and other “isms”). Obama is, next to the Muslim terrorists, the worst danger there is to us, because he is “in power” and it would be difficult to remove him.

BLOOMBERG GOES BACK TO WORK: He took a “leave of absence” from his business to run New York and meddle in the “gun rights” issue, with mostly failure as his “reward.” Now he says, “It’s either go to work or stay home and talk to my girl friend.” Seems funny to me that if he had a “girl friend” as long as he has had this one, he would have either be married, or have a different girl friend. If I had that kind of girl friend, I certainly would either be married, or have a different girl friend—or none.

2 LIES, ONE SENTENCE: Obama said recently, “We are the first generation to have experienced global warming, and the only one that can do something about it.” Only Obama could tell TWO LIES in one sentence and get away with it. Of course, I guess it all depends on who he tells it to. In this case, he told it to the UN “Climate Change Conference.” You know, that gathering of global warming fools that will believe anything you tell them, as long as they can make some money from it.

DRESS CODE ON FOX: There must be s dress code for women on Fox. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman on Fox (visitor or staff) with a skirt below the middle of their upper calves, or a pair of pants, period. In any bunch of women without such a dress code, you’ll at least occasionally see a woman with pants, or a long skirt. Which tells me it MUST be a “rule” for women to show as much as possible. Correction: I HAVE seen one or two Muslim women on Fox, but I think they’re exempted. Muslims seem to be exempt from all the rules.

“ARE WE READY? For a “new” Middle-East war?” That’s the question being asked by short-sighted people today. But what’s coming is NOT “a NEW Middle-East war.” It’s the continuation of a war to defend against Islamic terrorists that has been going on since before we were born. ISIS (or whatever name they use) is just the new “face” of it. We’ve been fighting these people since the Crusades, or before. And the “war” will continue until every last Islamic terrorist (under whatever name they use) is dead and buried. I won’t live long enough to see the end of this war—not because of the war, but because of old age.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pigeons Roosting

Michael McCrumb, the prosecutor who came up with the phony charges against Gov. Rick Perry has his own pigeons coming home to roost. Seems he tampered with a witness in a similar case like the one around which his phony indictment centers. It’s becoming more and more obvious the whole thing is a “political sideshow” created by dirty politics. McCrumb (well named) himself faces 6 months in jail for witness tampering. Apparently there’s an honest politician somewhere in the game.

PERRY: “SCREW OFF!” That’s what Perry told Mexican President Pena Nieto to do with his complaints about him sending his National Guard down to help the border guards. He told the Mexican President, “I will do whatever is legal to protect the border, no matter what you think.” In other words, “take your complaints and fiddle them elsewhere.” What makes Nieto think he has the right to complain about what a Texas governor does, in his own state, his own country?

BACKED INTO A CORNER: Obama has been “backed into a corner” about attacking ISIS. He knows if he DOESN’T, it will become obvious, even to his staunchest supporters that he would rather HELP them, and he can’t have that, so he sends in “air strikes” that do nothing but kill a few expendable terrorists, just to prove he’s DOING something. If he really wanted to do them damage, he’d go after their supply lines or command structure, but that he will not do.

PERRY LAUGHING AT ‘EM: The Democrat lunge at Texas Gov. Rick Perry by having him “indicted” for abuse of power has backfired mightily on the Democrats. Instead of “ending” his political career, he has made the Democrats the laughingstock of the entire country. He has even created T-shirts with his “mug shot” on the front, and that of that drunken DA on the back, and is raising money selling them for $25 each. I’m liking him as much as Sarah.

KENNEDY: DISSENTERS ARE TRAITORS: I guess Bobby Kennedy, Jr. thinks if he believes it, everybody else must believe it, too—or be labeled a “traitor.” After being confronted by maybe the last remaining honest reporter on his own use of cell phones, cars, and fuel-guzzling private planes while criticizing others for using them, he commented that this reporter was a “traitor” because she disbelieved in him, as everybody who didn’t believe in global warming were. Somebody needs to straighten this fool out on reality.

ISIS REACTS TO BOMBING: They apparently don’t think we have the right to bomb them. They think only they have the right to bomb people and behead them, including their children. They “thumbed their noses” at America, beheaded our citizens and, lo and behold, we reacted! So they kidnapped yet another man, this time a Frenchman, and said they’d kill him if we kept bombing them (The French will probably stop). Maybe we need to behead a few of them. They HATE it when we react to their atrocities, like they didn’t expect it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fight! Obama vs. Military!

There’s a fight brewing between Obama and the military, whose officers are rebelling against sending their troops into battle with “rules of engagement” guaranteed to get a lot of them killed, with no way to fight back. I predict a lot of firings by Obama, who “brooks no opposition” to his plans. But I think he’s going to have to fire ALL of his high—and low—ranking officers to get rid of the dissenters. Then he’ll have to fire their replacements as soon as they’re appointed. Soon, he’ll have to fire soldiers, down to the privates, who will refuse to serve under such stupid conditions.

“NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND!” That’s what Obama says about Iraq. He’s sending in “air support” because he’s “backed into a corner.” That “air support” has probably taken out 8 or 10 pickup trucks, but nothing important, like part of their command structure or their supply lines. It’s only a “gesture’ to shut up those who are insisting he go in and take back what many people died to win before he told his soldiers to “cut and run,” leaving millions of dollars’ worth of military ordinance for the terrorists to take over and use.

“NOT SETTLED SCIENCE”: Dr. Steven Koonin, a former high-tanking Obama government official, now says, “climate science is NOT settled science.” But he still fails to call it what it is—a LIE—when he said it was “misguided” to say so. Saying global warming (whatever the call it now) is “settled science” is simply a way for the con men in power to fool us, but we’re smarter than they thought we were—those of us who pay attention, anyway. We know it is a way to make AlGore a BILLIONAIRE (and others) and is a LIE.

OBAMA ARMING TERRORISTS: Yes, I know, I’ve said this before. But I will say it again and again, as many times as it takes for somebody who can do something about it ti DO something against this “terrorist in disguise” helping the Islamic terrorists under the DISGUISE of “arming Syrian rebels.” Anybody who pays attention KNOWS that the Syrian rebels have been TAKEN OVER by ISIS, one of the major Islamic terrorist organizations out there; one that beheads CHILDREN, as well as adults who do not “:believe” in their brand of Islam.

PAINTING HIM AS “SINISTER”: Recently, a man climbed over the fence at the White House and made it all the way IN the door before he was apprehended by slow-to-react Secret Service agents, who tried to paint him as a “dangerous intruder” by saying he was armed with a knife. A folding knife with a 3-1/2’ blade. What an amazingly dangerous weapon THAT is, when he owns, and has access to some REAL weapons, as a veteran who was severely traumatized by his service. I have such a knife, and the only time I ever use it for anything is when I’m in a restaurant that only has plastic knives, so I can actually CUT my food. This man doesn’t need to go to prison, he needs HELP.

“I DID NOTHING WRONG”: Former IRS executive Lois Lerner said that in front of a congressional committee, then IMMEDIATELY cited her Fifth Amendment rights before anybody could ask her any questions. Why did she do that, if she “did nothing wrong?” Sounds to me as if she did  LOT wrong, and didn’t want to be questioned, under oath, about it, where she could be sent to prison of she LIED. When she said, “I did nothing wrong,” that was TESTIMONY, and she LIED when she said that. Which makes he liable for punishment for lying to Congress.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Pickup Bites the Dust

Obama released another picture of one of his “air strikes” on “important targets” yesterday. It showed a lone pickup truck driving down a lonely road, until—BOOM!—a missile hit it, and it was gone. One more pickup truck goes to glory along with its driver. There was nothing more in it, as far as I could see. One wonders if he will ever get serious about this. Blowing up pickup trucks isn't going to destroy ISIS.

“SILLY LITTLE MAN”: That pretty well describes Vladmir Putin, who is a typical small man who uses his power to punish anybody (in his sphere) who “disses” him. But he can’t punish Sarah Palin, who is NOT “in his sphere,” and called him a “silly little man” after he said, “I’m not interested in invading Alaska.” What I wonder is, who cares whether or not he’s “interested” in invading Alaska? He knows that if he did, that would force that fool Obama’s hand, and he would have to unleash America’s full might upon him, and he wouldn’t survive it.

GUN FACTS: “We defend our president, congressmen, governors, celebrities, sports events, jewelry stores, banks, office buildings, factories, and courts, WITH GUNS. We defend our children with a sign that reads, “THIS IS A GUN-FREE ZONE,” and call people with guns if there’s an emergency.” Caterina Grove posted this on Patriot Action Network, but I don’t know who she was quoting. All I know is, it is a basic truth that is ignored by anti-gun fools.

BACKGROUND CHECKS: The highly touted “background checks” pushed by the anti-gun fools would never stop a dedicated gun crazy bent on shooting up a school or some other “no-gun zone.” The laws mandating such things are USELESS to stop ANYBODY from getting a gun. But they insist on continuing to pass such useless laws and “declaring victory” over gun criminals, while those criminals still get their guns from other criminals. ALL school mass shooters since 2009 could have passed such a test.

PASTOR: “ISRAEL OWNS HOLY LAND”: Despite what the liberal media thinks, and tries to convince the world of, Israel is NOT an “occupier” of land belonging to somebody else, no matter how hard Islamic terrorists (called Palestinians) deny it. THERE IS NO “Palestine,” and never has been. Therefore, there are no “Palestinians” to “own” that land. It amazes me how stupid people can publicize a lie and get many people to believe it, such as those who believe in global warming pretty much as a RELIGION, and think Israel is an “occupier” of land not theirs.

U. S. ‘NOT READY”:  We’re just not ready for a terrorist attack, mostly because of the stupid actions and policies of one Barack Hussen Obama. He’s making it amazingly easy for Muslim terrorists to infiltrate out country by refusing to enforce the border control laws. He makes everything easier for Muslims, everywhere. He works HARD to make sure most Americans will not have guns with which to defend themselves. He gives Muslims all kinds of advantages over Americans,all the time. Some say he’s just stupid. I say he’s doing exactly what he needs to do for the terrorists to win, because I think that’s what he wants.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

ISIS Is Already Here!

They are arguing on the news channels about ISIS (whatever they call themselves) being here or not. Many people don’t believe they are and are demanding PROOF. But the proof is there, in the victims of at least one Muslim crossing the country killing people assumed to be “anti-Muslim.” Our southern border is wide open, and if you don’t believe Islamic terrorists are pouring in like water through a downspout, you’re deluded. They’d better wake up, before they become victims.

LIBERALS ARE THE ENEMY! It’s about time Americans realized it. Aside from the fact that pure liberalism means a belief in collectivism (socialism) to be imposed upon this country, liberals are working HARD to HELP the Islamic terrorists all over the world. Every time Obama has to “rule” on a question involving Muslims, he “rules” in their favor. He is ARMING Islamic terrorists in Syria, calling them “Syrian rebels,” which we know that’s not all they are. If liberals have their way, we’ll be the next “Soviet Union.”

“TAKE IT FOR GRANTED”: Michelle Obama says, “Americans should take it for granted, all the good things Obama has done for this country.” WHAT “good things? What planet has this fool been living on? Obama has done many things, but all of them have been to the DETRIMENT of America. Of course, she can’t see that, because she is as deluded as he is and is just as strongly dedicated to imposing socialism on us as he is. “Birds of a feather flock together<” and she is literal proof of that.

FORCED ISLAM: As WND reported in May, a panel of federal judges in Denver, in an opinion written by Judge Harris Hartz, found that it is perfectly appropriate for a police chief to order subordinates to attend an Islamic mosque where Muslims 'discussed Islamic beliefs, Muhammad, Mecca, and why and how Muslims pray” in addition to encouraging officers 'to buy' Islamic books and pamphlets that were for sale.” Somebody has obviously “bought” this court or intimidated it, because in America, it is NOT appropriate for a cop to be ORDERED to FORCE his subordinates to attend a meeting where a specific religion is being promoted That IS a violation of the church and state separation requirement.

“LONE WOLVES”: Did you know that ISIS is trying to recruit AMERICANS to become “lone wolf” terrorists to learn the names and addresses of military people, then go and kill them? Some people are arguing about the possibility of Islamic terrorists being already here, working to do their dirty work. But by the time their argument is over, they may be DEAD from terrorist activity. While they’re “demanding PROOF” that ISIS is already here, ISIS fools are working feverishly to undermine us. And undermine us they will, if we don’t “wake up” and kill them. I don’t mean “bring them to justice,” I mean KILL them. That’s what they wish for us, and what they will GIVE us, if we let them.

A “SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN HELL”: Retired General James Conway, who served as the 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps, says that of Obama’s “solution” to the ISIS (or ISIL, as Obama falsely calls them) “problem. This is being said by a career military man who was responsible for some spectacular military successes, about the “solution proposed by a complete amateur who thinks he’s (Obama) the best military mind around. Which is no surprise, since Obama doesn’t WANT to win the war against Islamic terrorism. He’s PART of it, on the ENEMY side.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Feds Clear Christie

The federal investigation into the closing of an important bridge in New Jersey that caused WEEKS of news coverage, cleared Gov Christie of any culpability in the “scandal” that was all the making of the media. And how much time has the media devoted to the clearing? About five minutes. They had him “tarred and feathered” in the liberal media without any kind of proof of wrongdoing, and were hopeful of destroying any chance of his running for president. I don’t think much of him as president, either, but their actions went WAY overboard in their efforts to destroy his chances. And when he was cleared, it didn’t make much of a piffle in the liberal media, predictably.

DEM TRAITORS BLOCK BILL: I say “traitors” because to oppose this bill, which was designed to keep American ISIS supporters who have gone overseas to be trained on how to best KILL non-Muslims in the United States. But the Democrats in the Senate blocked even CONSIDERATION of this bill, introduced by Ted Cruz. Either that, or they have a “knee-jerk reaction” to block ANY bill introduced by Cruz. In any case, their action in blocking this bill is TREASON and will lead to the deaths of many Americans in the future as these traitorous Americans come back and set up their “cells,” from whish to murder people.

SCOTS REJECT SEPARATION: In a national referendum, the Scots have rejected the idea of separating from Great Britain, and the head of the organization that forced the vote has resigned. I can’t talk about the rightness or wrongness of their decision in today’s world, but they lost their best chance of independence by this vote. I wonder how it would have turned out of WE had rejected separation from England? The world would be a lot different.

MISPLACED PRIORITIES: In DC, they’re more concerned about football player who slugged his girlfriend (who married him a few days later, so she didn’t think it was such a bad thing), and about another football player who whipped his kid with a switch than they are about ISIS fools BEHEADING journalists or about Americans who go overseas to train as terrorists, and return home to kill people. They spend more time breathlessly awaiting yet another “royal birth” while Islamic terrorists are beheading little girls. What’s WRONG with these people?

“WHENEVER WE CAN”: “We follow the law,” says the IRS commissioner. Conversely, when they CAN’T, they VIOLATE it. I’ve never heard a high-ranking administration official ADMIT to breaking the law before. It might have happened, but I didn’t hear it. That shows just how cocky this commissioner IS. If anybody needs to lose his job, it is this jerk. Just between you, and me, and the fencepost, he should be arrested and imprisoned for just admitting to breaking the law. There is NO REASON why this agency should be allowed to break the law. If I did it, I would be whisked off to jail so quick, I wouldn’t know how I got there.

JOE DID IT AGAIN: Even the liberal media says, “Joe is prone to an ‘occasional’ gaffe.” But from what I’ve seen he makes gaffes every time he makes a speech. If Obama was smart, he would never send Joe out to make a speech. One of his most famous gaffes is his advice to women to “shoot a shotgun in the air as a ‘warning shot’ to deter attackers,” which has resulted in several people being jailed for doing that very thing. Now he’s praising Sen. Bob Packwood (D-OR), who had to resign in disgrace amid sexual misconduct charges. He also said Republicans want to limit voter participation in elections, which is one of his “pipe dreams.”

Thursday, September 18, 2014

ISIS And Boko Haram

It’s an “alliance made in hell,” but not unsurprising. Both are murderous Islamic terrorists and are working basically for the same ends. “The Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram, known for its kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls and sending them into sexual slavery, has deepened its connection to the Middle East terror army ISIS, known for beheading CHILDREN and adults, by forming an information and materiel-support alliance, according to sources.” Is anyone surprised when one bunch of murderous bastards joins forces with another? I could have predicted it from day one.

HOW DOES BOKO HARAM OPERATE”? Because the government in Nigeria is either ALLOWING it, or is too USELESS to be able to stop it. Or maybe they’re BEHIND it. In Iraq, they have ISIS, which is exactly the same as Boko Haram. A bunch of murderous bastards who have no regard for human life who exist only to KILL, maim. Rape, and subject honest people to their murderous intentions, MASQUERADING as a religious organization. Each one has a big-mouthed fool fronting for them, yapping about their “high-minded” purpose, which doesn’t exist.

FUNDING THE ENEMY: That’s what Obama is doing, under the GUISE of funding “Syrian rebels.” Syrian rebels were taken over a long time ago by Islamic terrorists. That fact is obvious and transparent. But Obama wants to “fund the Syrian rebels” with OUR money. That’s TREASON, but nobody will call it that. How long are we going to allow a committed CRIMINAL to run this country? I know he was ELECTED, but criminality of this magnitude cannot go unpunished. They talk about “a fear the weapons will fall into the wrong hands.” But we are putting them DIRECTLY into the “wrong hands.”

IGNORING THE ENEMY: Why do people ignore the enemy while they rape, maim, and murder people for not believing the exact same way they do? The press yawns at the very mention of Islamic atrocities. Obama makes “fatwas” against state governments stopping the building of mosques, using zoning laws, completely forgetting he does not have the authority to tell state governments what to do. Meanwhile Islamic terrorists kidnap, rape, and murder young girls, beheading some.

MOB RULE: In Ferguson, MO, the “mob” says that if that cop who shot that giant who was bent on killing him isn’t CONVICTED of murder, there are going to be riots. So what else is new? They’ve already had riots. They’re getting used to it. They’re not going to let “the mob” dictate what they do, and if they riot, they’ll just have to suffer the consequences. And if that means more of them are killed, so be it. If we let the mob rule us, we’re lost, anyway. So why not kill a few more criminals?

A BASIC TRUTH: Mike Rowe says, “We are loaning kids money we don’t have, that they can’t pay back, to train them for jobs that no longer exist. That’s nuts!” Mike Rowe has said many smart things, but this is one of the best. It’s too bad the people who are supposed to be controlling things can’t see this simple truth, but they can’t. So they continue to “throw more money down the hole” while claiming they are doing good. They aren’t. And the more money they throw down that rat hole, the worse off we will be. We need to "cut them off at the pass" and stop the drain.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Took Out A Few Trucks

Obama is still doing his “pin prick operations” against Islamic terrorists in Iraq. His latest action (which he is touting) took out a few trucks and one HQ building, killing a few terrorists (who seem to be expendable to ISIS). He still isn’t (and won’t) go after their command structure and funding. Because that would do them irreparable damage, which he doesn’t want to do. All he wants is for it to LOOK LIKE he is “fighting the terrorists” while he is doing as little as possible to hurt them. That may change, but that’s what he’s doing, now.

3,000 TROOPS TO FIGHT EBOLA: What are they going to do? Shoot the germs? Probably not. But I predict that some of those soldiers are going to GET Ebola, and some will die of it. It just plain amazes me the THINKING of Obama. He sends fighting men (and women) to fight a GERM, but refuses to send them to fight a REAL enemy that threatens our very existence if it is allowed to grow in size and influence. As to those soldiers who will die of Ebola by being sent there unnecessarily, Obama just doesn’t CARE about that. They’re just “pieces on the board” in the game he’s playing.

ISIS OR ISIL? What’s the difference? Nothing, really, except that the use of ISIL negates the State of Israel because “Levant,” to which ISIL refers includes an area that envelops several countries, INCLUDING Israel and to do so denies that Israel even exists—which is what Obama wants, without telling the American people. It buttresses my contention that Obama supports ISLAM, not Christianity, no matter how much he denies it. It’s an illustration of how liberals use the language to be able to tell each other things without most of us “tumbling” to what they’re saying.

TWISTING THE LANGUAGE: It amazes me how people can twist the language to make MURDER of defenseless infants yet to be born sound like a “good thing.” They talk about “the right of a women to control what happens to her own body," completely IGNORING the fact that abortion KILLS a living human being for their convenience. They use that twisted language to keep politicians who don’t like their murders from being elected so they can keep on killing their babies. Meanwhile, many of those “baby killers” used to call returning heroes from Vietnam “baby killers.”

AMAZINGLY STUPID FOOLS: A Rochester, NY man, among a few others, has been arrested for doing his best to help ISIS in their efforts to KILL innocent people because they believe differently than they do. As usual, he has “bought” all the BS Islamic terrorists have put out against us and wanted to join them in their endeavors to murder as many innocent people as possible. He has even tried to do a few murders, himself. It’s funny: why people who live in the best country in the world want to change all that to a system that was wrong when it was created, and which would make slaves of us all, I don’t understand, unless he’s just STUPID. It can’t be just IGNORANCE, which comes from a lack of information. He KNOWS this is the best country in the world, but he wants to change all that. That’s just STUPIDITY.

DEFEATING ANTI-GUN FOOLS: Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg spent $150,000.00 (a mere piffle for him) to defeat Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark, a strong supporter of the right of Americans to carry guns for self-protection against armed CRIMINALS (including those wearing badges). But it didn’t work. Clark won. He won by 52-48 and is expected to win re-election in November. Bloomberg thinks honest people having guns is wrong, and he's bound and determined to force us to think so, too. even if it means spending a lot of his own money.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Democrats Bear No Blame"

Nancy Peelosi is an imbecile. She makes outrageous statements and expects intelligent people to believe her lies. Now she’s saying Democrats bear no blame for the “do-nothing Congress.” What the hell does she think all those House-passed bills sitting on Harry Reid’s desk are? What a damned FOOL she is! Mostly to think we’ll believe her lies. I can’t believe they let such obvious CRIMINALS stay in places where they can affect things.

IF TIM TEBOW WAS GAY… Tim Tebow is having a hard time getting a job on a football team because he’s an outspoken Christian and Obama’s government is not saying  a word. But if he were GAY, the government would be “up in arms” about it, filing suits all over the place and talking about criminal charges for people who won’t hire him for “hate crimes.” Talk about a double standard!

CRIMINALS IN CHARGE: This government is transparently being run by criminals and con men who have no respect for the law or the Constitution. The proof is that Hillary “confidants” scrubbed Benghazi documents in the State Department basement, as revealed by a State Department assistant. And you can’t convict these criminals of anything, because they control the evidence and can eliminate the most damning of documents while demanding possible witnesses sign a “no talk” agreement. You just have to suffer their crimes until time FORCES them out of office.

CHOICE TO MURDER: I get so tired of the ads favoring the MURDERERS in our society. They run all the time against Republican Cory Gardner, and now the same ads are running for Democrat Andrew Romanoff and it seems all they have against either Republican candidate is the issue of “choice.” But the choice is really NOT about a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body. If it were, laws against prostitution would not be enforced. It’s a choice between MURDER and using a rubber. We deplored the “holocaust” in Germany during WWII, but now we have a holocaust of our own, where millions OF HELPLESS BABIES have been MURDERED.

LETTING CRIMINALS DEFINE THE CRIME: That’s what we’re doing in the abortion debate. They’re trying (very effectively) to LEGITIMIZE baby murder. They demonstrate, and run ads to promote the killing of BABIES for the “convenience” of their parents. Childbirth is no more hard on the body than is abortion, and adoption is a much better choice—if they really WANT “choice.” But they want to DICTATE the choice made, for their own purposes.

WHY WON’T THEY TELL US WHO THEY ARE? It used to be a law that every political ad MUST include his/her party affiliation. Now that’s one of the hardest things to find out about candidates on BOTH sides. It's not usually even disclosed on their own web sites. Why is that? Are they AFRAID to let us know their party affiliation? I can understand that where Democrats are concerned. They can con more people into voting for them if they can hide it. But REPUBLICANS? I can’t think of a viable reason for them to hide the fact that they ARE Republicans.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed

Oh, boy! Pizza Hut is soon going to be in big trouble with the Islamic terrorists. They just introduced “bacon & cheese stuffed pizza” to their line. That’s bound to “offend” Muslims, who think if they don't like it, NOBODY should be allowed to like it. And when Muslims are “offended,” they make trouble for the offenders, even if nobody else is offended but a few Muslims. Sounds almost like somebody WANTED to offend Muslims. At least, that’s how they’ll look at it. I hope they don’t kill somebody because of it.

“WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES MAKE?” That was a question an exasperated Hillary Clinton asked in a congressional hearing, and just the ASKING of that question should forever ban her from ANY office. Yet she still goes around to political rallies with a multi-car “entourage,” as if she were already president. Notice, all the vehicles are known gas guzzlers, which pretty much negates any environmentalist message she might be trying to give, as a Democrat. She’s as phony as Barack Obama.

STATES WAKING UP: Missouri has joined Idaho, and nine other states, in allowing specially-trained teachers and other staff to carry their legal guns in school so as to make it impossible for a potential shooter to know who might be armed. Anti-gun fools are still making a “big thing” about teachers shooting themselves in school to oppose it, even though there's only been one or two cases of it. But the “key phrase” in the Missouri law is “specially trained.” Waking up doesn’t include letting people with no training in safe HANDLING of guns to bring them to school.

THE PALIN BRAWL: The media are treating the brawl that erupted when her daughter’s ex attacked her son as if it were HER fault; like she is the type of person who gets into such brawls on a regular basis. That’s typical of how the press treats her. Her son was attacked by a thug, her husband jumped in to help him, and finally this “mother grizzly”  as well That could happen to ANYONE, and she and her family were in the RIGHT to do what they did. I’d do exactly as she did.

GUN LIMITS KILL PEOPLE: A recent study shows it: limiting gun ownership of honest people KILLS people. Mark Gius, of Quinnipiac University found that between 1990 and 2009, “states with more restrictive CCW laws had a 10% higher murder rate.” He also concluded that murder rates were 19.3% higher when the federal government’s assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans were in effect. I love it when statistics prove me right, and make liberals and other anti-gun fools squirm!

GUN CONTROL WILL KILL YOU! Obama refuses to enforce his own border control laws and imposes rules upon his border control officers that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to stop Islamic terrorists from coming in and setting up their “cells” to be ready to make America a “carbon copy” of Iraq and Afghanistan, where terrorists come out of hiding amongst the populace to kill, then, like roaches when the lights come on, scurry back to their hiding places. If most of us are unarmed, we will succumb to this and many of us will be killed. We need to be armed so as to defend OURSELVES against this threat. We certainly can’t count on Obama for it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Why'd She Marry Him?

So she couldn’t be made to testify against him? Is she really that stupid? I doubt it. I think she just didn’t want to let go of her “meal ticket,” and didn’t expect what happened. She figured he’d just go on and keep making millions and she’d be “the queen of the world,” but it didn’t work out that way. He’s now unemployed, and the way guys like him spend, he’ll soon be broke—and so will she, while now being “chained” to him by marriage. Marrying Rice was a major miscalculation. I hope he can get a $15 an hour job at McDonald’s.

THEY’RE ALL THE SAME: They change their names, sometimes daily, to confuse us. But ALL the Islamic terrorist organizations you hear about are the same: Hamas. ISIS, ISIL, Boko Haram, etc. They’re ALL Islamic terrorists and ALL simply want to KILL and maim, and rape as many women as they can before they kill them. Individual Muslims do that, too. They all have several names they go by so you can never tell with whom you’re dealing. But they all think the same way. They think the whole world should be Muslim, whether or not they wish it. And they want to KILL you if you refuse to convert. If they come to you, tell them you happily convert. And after they leave, worship whatever God you wish—or NO God.

THE “ONE-WAY RACIST GAME”: It’s a game played by liberals and black people where a black person gets to be proud to be black, but if a white person expresses the same sentiments, he’s a racist. This is ignorance personified, but is accepted by many people, so it is still practiced, even though the label has lost its sting through overuse. Any time a liberal loses an argument and has no comeback, he calls you a racist. It sounds bad, but it no longer has any meaning. It’s fun arguing with people who can’t last 30 seconds without insulting you. Then you get to punch them.

“NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND”: Obama says there will be “no boots on the ground” in Iraq. How he intends to win there is beyond me. I think he doesn’t WANT to win in Iraq. He calls himself a “reluctant warrior,” but I call him no kind of a warrior. He wants to make us THINK he’s doing something about ISIS, while mispronouncing their name to exclude Israel from consideration. “No boots on the ground” isn’t going to get it, and the sooner he figures that out, the better. Damn, how STUPID is this man! This is his way of signalling ISIS that he will not be EFFECTIVELY fighting them so they can go ahead and do their dirty work.

NO ALLEGIANCE: Liberals are taking an awful turn in this country, and if it continues, it will cause the loss of all that we stand for; what made us the “destination of choice” for people all over the world who want to better themselves, and caused us to outstrip civilizations that have been in existence for thousands of years, in less than 300 years. Now CBS has gone so far as to reject an ad because it features a child saying the "Pledge of Allegiance.” To do so reflects a mindset that is, to me, treasonous. I’d stop watching CBS News if I did still watch this bastion of liberalism, anyway.

“NO TERRORISM”: Obama likes to say there have been no terrorist attacks in America on his watch. But, as usual, he’s LYING. There have been several, but he refuses to CALL them terrorist attacks to support his LIE. The Ft. Hood shootings, for instance, that were done by a PROUD Muslim who says he did it as “revenge” for Muslims we killed overseas. He calls this shooting, “workplace violence” to avoid having to admit it WAS Islamic terrorism. Boston was another example that he refuses to recognize as terrorism. Obama is as phony a politician I’ve ever seen!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"We'll Drown You In Blood"

That’s what Islamic terrorists say, and they’ll try. But one thing they forget: that works both ways. It will be THEIR blood.  Their blood spills just as easily as ours, and we are just as capable of killing them as they are of us; better. They may be vicious, but we can become more vicious when we are threatened. Just ask Hitler or Tojo. I say to them, “bring it on!” We’ll be very happy to send you ALL to paradise as fast as you raise your ugly heads in this country. They think by such blather they can frighten Americans the same way they have frightened timid people used to being oppressed in other countries. But they’ll learn, the hard way.

“WE’RE NOT AT WAR WITH ISIS”: That’s what John Kerry says. News flash for John Kerry: we may not be “at war” with ISIS, but THEY are at war with US! These are people who take young girls and rape them while murdering the older women in their families; these are barbarians who don’t deserve to occupy ANY space on this Earth, except maybe UNDER it. We may not be “at war” with them, but we ARE determined to lay waste to them in any way we can. They have no respect for human life, and we should have no regard for THEIR lives. We should kill them as soon as we find them. No trials, no imprisonment. Shoot them on sight as quick as we find them. Somewhere it takes a long, and painful time to die.

OBAMA UNDERESTIMATES ISIS: John Kerry says we’re not at war with ISIS, and he’s wrong. But his boss is just as wrong, and never fear Kerry will “buck” the boss while he’s working for him. Only after he quits or gets fired and goes somewhere else will he say what he REALLY thinks. Like being in Vietnam and then accusing the military of being “baby killers.” But I think Obama has CONTINUALLY underestimated, not only ISIS, but the entire Islamic terrorist bunch. He puts them down as “the junior Varsity” while they grow, and grow, and kill, and kill. I think it’s all part of his plan, to PRETEND to be fighting them while secretly sitting on the sidelines cheering.

“NOT A TERROR ATTACK!”: The Treasury Department will not certify the Boston bombing as a “terror attack.” After 9/11, Congress created the ”Terrorism Risk Insurance Act,” (TRIA) to compensate people injured or killed or with property damage due to terrorist attacks. Now they’re refusing to “pay up” for people with damage from the Boston bombing, saying “it’s NOT a terrorist attack.” Like calling the Ft. Hood shootings “workplace violence,” they’re refusing to pay millions of dollars’ with of damages. I guess it’s all in how you DEFINE it. Obama doesn’t CALL it terrorism so he can say there has “never been a terrorist attack in the U. S. on my watch.”

SPEAKING OF “BABY KILLERS”: Americans used to call Vietnam vets “baby killers” after they came home, which was a LIE because American soldiers killed no babies. It was the Vietnamese who did it. But now we ARE “baby killers.” Every abortion performed MURDERS a baby. Abortion is INFANTICIDE, no matter how much the practitioners deny it. It KILLS a living being that never even GETS a chance at life. Yes, women need to have a “choice.” But not between using a rubber or MURDER.

HOUSE (OBAMA’S BRANCH) TO VOTE ON ARMING ISIS: They’re actually (according to Obama’s accomplices) going to vote on arming the Syrian rebels to help FIGHT ISIS. But what Obama won’t admit is that the Syrian rebels ARE ISIS, and he wants to give them money to help them take over yet another country while denying he’s doing so. Boy, what a PHONY president we have! I’ll be glad when (if) we get a REAL president. We sure don't have one now.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Accidental Winners

The very TOP “accomplishment” of Islamic terrorists was an accident. Bringing down those buildings was not part of their plan. They thought only to DAMAGE THEM and kill as many people as they could, including the people on the airplanes. Imagine their surprise and elation as the two main buildings in the world Trade Center collapsed. They haven’t had such a success in the 13 years since. Today they crow about that “accomplishment” as if it were planned that way by wishing us “Happy 9/11.” If we needed any more reason to wipe them out to a man, this will do it.

WHEN WE CAN, WE FOLLOW THE LAW: That’s the response of the chief of the IRS to the question about obeying the law. It got snickers during the meeting, but later, when people had time to think about it, they realized that the IRS had a long history of VIOLATING the law. Remember, this is the agency that could conceivably audit and punish every member of the committee, and the president, himself, as they did Bill Clinton.

HIRING LOCALS TO DEFEND AMERICANS: The locals we hired to defend Americans at the Benghazi Consulate did NOTHING to protect the Americans within when the terrorists attacked. Instead, its leader offered to call the leader of the attack and “negotiate” for the release of the Americans being held captive within. Which raises the question: how did he know who to call, and what made him think he could “negotiate” with them? Was he CONNECTED to the attackers? Was he ONE of them? Or at least in SYMPATHY with them? This shows the fallacy of hiring “locals” to do what we should be doing. We have no way of knowing where their sympathies lie.

JAY CARNEY’S NEW JOB: Former presidential press hack Jay Carney has a new job. Guess where? CNN, of course. He’s just following the usual course of government employees to go to work for the former opposition after you leave your government job. Of course, that means you never want to go too far in exposing their excesses and corruption or they won’t hire you. Carney is not the first, nor will he be the last ex-government employee to go to work for “the enemy.” Or what WAS “the enemy” when he worked for the government.

“A PRECURSOR?” They keep saying al-Qaida was a “precursor” to ISIS, but what does that mean? It means al-Qaida “came before” ISIS, or ISIS is what al-Qaida BECAME. Which means ISIS IS al-Qaida in disguise. The same people make up ISIS that made up al-Qaida. But why do people (other than the terrorists) want to hide that factor? Do they want us to think that al-Qaida no longer exists? What a “fool’s paradise” some people live in! It is people like this that will help the Islamic terrorists win, if they do.

“VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL LAW”: "For America to launch air strikes into Syria would be a violation of international law!" So sayeth Vladmir Putin, who sent his troops into the Ukraine, pretending he was “just protecting the Russian residents.” Does he really think anybody will take him seriously? Is he really that STUPID? Probably. Like most dictators, he thinks he’s invincible and can do anything he wants. Obama is much like him, and exhibits many similar characteristics. Truly, he thinks he IS a dictator, and we must disabuse him of that notion in November.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 Years Ago Today

3,000 innocent people were murdered by a group of stupid fools who believe the whole world should believe in their god. What makes them think their god is better than ours? Stupidity, I guess. They want to KILL anybody who believes in a different god than theirs, which at their beginning was only one of MANY gods people worshipped. We, who do not kill to increase the ranks of our followers condemn these people and will not allow them to kill us. If that requires killing them, so be it. Notice I do not capitalize when I speak of their god. That’s because he is not a real god, but an imposter created by a con man named Mohammed who liked to have sex with CHILDREN..

ONLY REASONS FOR GUNS: It is to kill. Right. But that doesn’t account for the REASON they kill. There are two reasons: one, to victimize people, and; two: to protect people from victimization. The anti-gun fools emphasize one of these uses while IGNORING THE OTHER. If guns were completely evil, why then, do cops carry them? Why do we ALLOW cops to carry them if they are EVIL? As with most of the arguments of the anti-gun fools, this is a specious argument.

SECURITY COMES FROM STRENGTH: Obama and his accomplices don’t seem to understand that when they talk to us. But they DO when they think of their own security. It’s the same with guns. They think the way to defend yourself is to get rid of your guns and just let criminals, who still have their guns because they don’t obey laws, victimize them. But they retain their guns. Those politicians who cry the loudest about guns hire armed guards to defend them. Some even carry their own guns. Those anti-gun laws are for US, not for them.

INCLUDING A ROUND OF GOLF: Obama’s s plans to do away with ISIS includes a round of golf. Everything he does includes a round of golf, even when he doesn’t say so. Notice he doesn’t mention the Islamic terrorist threat, only ISIS. But ISIS is not the TOTAL threat. It is just ONE of the Islamic terrorist organizations—the one making big news today because of their butchery of Christians, and even other Muslims who believe a little differently than they do.

BIG MISTAKE! Beheading those two journalists was a big mistake. It “woke up a sleeping giant,” one that, when awakened, lays waste to its enemies. For me, the beheading of that CHILD did it (as if I really needed something like that to do it). But beheading those journalists was a “tactical error” unless they really WANTED us to “go all out” to destroy them. They waited paitently for us to leave Iraq so they could come in and take over what thousands of our soldiers died to take away from them, then started to overtly and directly threaten the U. S., itself. It’s like they want to do themselves in! We know they’re fools, but we are surprised that they are as much of damned fools as they are. They’ve really done it, now. They’ve forced Obama to act against them, and, wimp he might be, but our military are NOT wimps, and are very capable when we “turn them loose.”

IT STARTED IN ISRAEL: In Ferguson, MO, there is a “legal lynch mob.”  A small-time thug was shot to death while attempting to kill a cop who tried to stop him from walking down the middle of a street, and now people are “marching in the streets” to get the COP convicted of murder. What has happened in this country to ALLOW such people to DICTATE action against a cop who was only defending himself against a giant bully? It all started in Israel where the international media condemned Israel for DEFENDING HERSELF against the daily rocket bombings and murders that were committed by Palestinians, And it continued to Ferguson, where they want to LYNCH a cop for doing his job.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Men and Women Equal?

Not even! A woman can hit a man and not expect him to hit her back, even to defend himself if she keeps on hitting him. Or even if the hits him with a weapon. If he does, he can expect the whole society to come against him. They want to be equal, but they insist men leave the pot lid down so they don’t have to do any work. And it’s a real “bone of contention” between many men and women. They meet a man at a door and want to go first. They want “equality,” except for a few “perks.” I think a woman should be able to do such a simple thing as lowering her own toilet seat. And I have never hit a woman. I respect them too much. But if a woman puts herself in a man’s place and starts hitting me, especially if it’s with a weapon, and keeps on hitting me, I’m GOING TO defend myself, and society be damned.

JOE IS A BLOWHARD: Obama says “There is no ISIS threat.” “We’ve beaten the Islamic terrorists.” But Joe keeps talking tough. Apparently he doesn’t know what a wimp his boss is—except with his political enemies—like Breitbart, who is now undergoing a tough IRS “investigation.” I didn’t even know they DARED to go after people while they are, themselves, under investigation.

WE’LL NEVER WIN: In the war against Islamic terrorism, as long as the guy who’s supposed to be leading the fight doesn’t even admit we’re IN a fight. He “talks tough” once in a while when he is expected to, but his policies are designed to make him LOOK GOOD without doing them too much damage. He blows up a few pickup trucks, while neglecting to go after their command structure. Once in a while, he “lucks out” and kills one of their top men, but he apologizes later, “under the table” so he won’t piss them off too much.

PROTESTING EXECUTIONS: These people are disturbed, and deluded. There are some people who don’t have the right to be alive, and they are the ones who GET executed. Yes, occasionally they execute somebody who doesn’t deserve it, but mostly they “get it right” and kill people who have really raped and murdered (except for Islamic terrorists, that is—they just let them go after a while and people—except the families of their victims-- forget their crimes) They talk incessantly about the “rights of the convicted,” forgetting that they didn’t give their victims ANY rights.

EVERYTHING IS RACIST: Liberals have used the “race card” so much that it has become meaningless. Now they’re saying being fat is racist. I don’t know what reasoning they use to say this, but what I do know is that liberals are not big on reason and logic. In fact, they deny its existence, just as many of them deny the existence of absolutes so they won’t have to accept responsibility for their actions They say the only reason there is to oppose Obama’s policies is racism; because America hates a black man being president. How then, did he even get elected? Once, let alone TWICE. I think these people are deluded. I have many reasons to oppose Obama’s policies, and none of them have anything to do with his race. I would happily accept a black man as president if he has other than stupid policies—like Allen West.

WIND PRODUCTION TAX: I didn’t even know we had such a tax. But now they want to renew it, since it’s nearing “Sunset” time. Seems to me that people who think wind energy is yet another government scam, designed to swindle as much money out of us as possible with their phony schemes, and those of us intelligent enough to oppose it shouldn’t be forced to pay for it. But if liberals (and even some conservatives) have their way, we will continue to be forced to pay into this swindle. I think this law should be defeated.