Saturday, January 30, 2016

Incompetent Democrats

The whole country (except Democrats) is waiting impatiently to get rid of Obama and send him back to Chicago to help Rahm Emanuel destroy that city. But democrats are desperate to keep him in a position where he can continue to screw things up, royally. To do that, there is a movement to have the next president (If he/she is a Democrat, of course. Hopefully, no Republican is THAT stupid.) appoint him to the Supreme Court. Which, of course, is the STUPIDEST thing they could do. If they do, count on this country being near it's END as a free nation. I hope I'm dead by then.

THAT'S A GOOD IDEA: Which is why the Justice Minister of France resigned in protest when France tried to pass a law stripping convicted terrorists of their citizenship. I think we should do that, too. As should every country in the world. Terrorists are a danger to ALL of them (including some Muslim-run countries) and should be officially “ostracized” in every country in the world. They should be “men without a country” forever. But, of course, that won't happen in most Muslim countries, because terrorism and rape is their “way of life.”

THE “REPUBLICAN RECESSION”: That's what Hillary calls it, even though Democrats have been “in power” for the last eight years, and 16 of the last 26 years. It must really be twisted thinking to allow her to reason that the recession experienced during DEMOCRAT administrations was caused by the then MINORITY Republicans. It's a typical example of Democrats blaming THEIR problems on somebody else, specifically Republicans. Further, it is evidence of her abysmal IGNORANCE about economics.

ABSURD POLITICS: Word is, Chelsea Clinton is “gearing up” to run for president. Nothing could be more ABSURD. This girl has NOTHING to recommend her to become president. Democrats think being a Clinton is all that's required. All she has ever done is be a president's daughter and worked PART TIME at a huge salary for some TV networks, jobs given her to court approval by Hillary, whom they think will become president, and can do them some good. Nothing else. And she isn't NEAR old enough. Not to mention not SMART enough.

BECK ENDORSES SANDERS: I used to think Glenn Beck had it “goin' on.” But lately he has shown me he is going berserk. He's supposed to be a conservative, but with Trump looking more and more like he's going to be the Republican nominee, Beck has “gone off the deep end” and “endorsed” socialist Bernie Sanders. That's a STUPID MOVE, even as a JOKE! ANYBODY who likes Bernie as a candidate needs his head examined. And coming from where Beck started it's UNBELIEVABLE!

IRAN DRONE OVER CARRIER: Iran itself “advertised a drone that flew over a U. S. carrier and snapped pictures of it, then BRAGGED about it. It was a “PR coup” for Iran. It shouldn't have been. We should have shot it down and shown Iran we wouldn't put up with such damned foolishness. That may have been considered, by Iran, an “act of war,” but the mere act of flying ANYTHING (not American and authorized) over that ship where it was, IS “an act of war,” and should have been repulsed. Had that been an Iranian warplane, it WOULD have been shot down, and tightly so.

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