Sunday, April 29, 2012

N. Korea "Show of Force" A Big Fake

N. Korea (whoever is running it) seems to think their “show of force” will impress somebody, but it won’t, as long as the technology they so proudly show off is so old and antiquated. If they tried to fire any of those missiles they so proudly showed, it would probably blow up in their bunkers. What a big bunch of hooey!

THEY WON’T RUN IT: The liberal media REFUSED to run Romney’s acceptance speech when he won something like FIVE states. I saw it on Fox, and it was one of his best speeches yet. But liberals, who call it “Faux News,” probably think they are lying and “skewing right” when they do it. Frankly, it’s the liberal media that “skews LEFT.” The last time I saw somebody refer to “Faux News,” I challenged him to PROVE it. I haven’t heard from him since. Not surprising.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN IS AS BLACK AS OBAMA: Obama likes to emphasize his “blackness,” but he is as much white as he is black. His MOTHER was white. George Zimmerman had black relatives, stemming from his Hispanic background. So anyone with honesty and intelligence can no longer describe him as an “angry white man.” But then, those who call him a “wanton killer” are neither honest nor intelligent.

REP. YVETTE CLARK IS A FOOL: She calls the Tea Parties “The ugliest side of America.” What? Since when is wanting smaller government and lower taxes “the ugliest side of America? I’d like for Rep. Clark to explain WHY she thinks this. I think the “ugliest side of America” is elected officials like Clark who have no idea what’s going on, but make stupid statements like that.

DERSHOWITZ SHOWING SOME SIGNS OF INTELLIGENCE: Liberal “legal scholar” Allan Dershowitz is now calling the paperwork charging of George Zimmerman  “a crime.” I think the whole thing is a crime. They only charged him because of the outcry, and they had NO evidence he was guilty of a crime so they presented their very weak case, KNOWING any intelligent judge would throw it out immediately. But they could say they “did their job” and it was the judge’s fault.

OCCUPY (WHEREVER)’S REAL SUPPORTERS. And I am not surprised. Everything they spout could have come right out of the Communist Manifesto. Of course, I know when I use the word “communist,” your eyes glaze over and you don’t hear the rest. But just in case, I’m going to say that Marxists, communists, socialists and progressivists (the same as communists) are definitely behind them. Their wishes are simple: they want a “Free ride” at the expense of others, which is exactly what ALL those people mentioned want. Don’t take my word for it. Just ASK them.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

They're ILLEGAL!

But cops can’t even ASK them for identification in Arizona because the feds won’t let them. As Justice Scalia asked, what does “sovereignty” mean if you can’t even secure your own borders and the feds refuse to do it? People who cross our borders illegally are ILLEGAL! And the cops should be able to enforce the law without a SECOND LAW having to be made to ALLOW the cops (or FORCE the Feds) to enforce the law. But Obama doesn’t agree, and there’s no punishment for HIM disobeying the law and refusing to enforce the law.

EXPENSIVE FOOTBALL JERSEYS: I just don’t understand it. Denver Broncos sign Peyton Manning and start selling jerseys with his name and number on it for $110.00; and people FLOCK to buy them. And they’re not even authentic jerseys! Those don’t come out until later in the year. Are people STUPID? Or what? Personally, I’ll never pay big money to advertise for someone else. I figure if they want me to advertise for them, they need to pay ME.

“SLAPPING THE TIGER”: N. Korea is “slapping the tiger,” hoping he will just “go away” by “rattling their missiles” in his face. But they forget what happened to Saddam Hussein when he convinced people HE had nukes. He’s dead, now, and his country is run by others. N. Korea’s new rulers should “take a lesson” from that. The only reason we didn’t “take them down” before is because we weren’t interested in doing so. Of course, with that wimp now in the White House, it might just work.

ARE YOU BETTER OFF? After 4 years of Obama, one in two college grads without jobs or underemployed; 80% are moving back in with their parents because they can’t afford to live on their own; student loan debts exceed a trillion dollars; We’re BROKE, yet printing more “funny money” every day; there are so many negatives I can’t even remember them all. Are you any better off than four years ago?

A DEFINITE DILDON’T: A woman in New York was charged with hitting a cop in the forehead with a 12 inch dildo. I guess that would qualify as a definite “dildon’t.” Nobody said anything about why she dildit. Maybe she didn’t have a reason. Today, that’s common for someone to do something stupid without a reason.

RIDICULE AS A DEFLECTOR: Obama’s thugs routinely ridicule people who insist that the “birth certificate” he released was a patent forgery by calling them “birthers.” (it was) For me, that’s a compliment. They make no attempt to answer the logical points made by those who examined it, but simply call them “birthers,” as if that makes them simple-minded. I won’t believe Obama is anything but a false president until he ANSWERS those critics. But who cares about what I think?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Reason NOT to Vote for Obama

Mikhael Gorbachev, former communist dictator, has ENDORSED Obama. Couple that with the endorsement of the communist party and the Socialist Party of America and you have yet another reason NOT to vote for Marxist/socialist Obama. Even the Islamic TERRORISTS want him to remain president. I wonder why?

WHY DOES IT REQUIRE A SECOND LAW? There is already a law on the books against entering this country illegally. Arizona passed a law DEMANDING the feds enforce their own immigration laws or they would do it FOR them. Obama is SUING Arizona to reverse this legally passed law. The case is even now in the Supreme Court, and I think Arizona is going to win. Obama says ONLY the feds can enforce federal laws. Why then, won’t they?

OBAMA SAYS THE WAR ON TERROR IS OVER: He’s even letting the Muslim Brotherhood do things only the federal government should be able to do. What is WRONG with this jerk? He thinks the war against Islamic terrorism is OVER while Islamic terrorists kill Americans every day. Stupid, STUPID!

LIBERALS HATE COMPETITION: They think just “showing up” should earn you a trophy. WRONG! To give a trophy to everybody who participates makes the trophy WORTHLESS. In a sports event, the participants know who scores the most goals, baskets, etc. They KNOW who won and discount those ubiquitous trophies liberals give to everybody who “showed up.”

OBAMA TO “PAY OFF YOUR STUDENT LOAN”: This is what he told an audience of college students the other day. What he is ignoring is the fact there are NO JOBS for college graduates, or anybody else. Maybe if there were jobs, some of them COULD pay off their student loans. Until then, we’re going to hear the usual OWS whines about “getting a free ride.” He told them if congress doesn’t act, their rates will DOUBLE. Talk about creating pressure on their parents!

UNFORESEEN RESULTS: . . . Or not. The Denver Water Company, and I’m sure utilities across the nation have a regular campaign to reduce water use. When we respond and use less water, they panic and raise our rates because of reduced water use. Is this unplanned, or is it a scam to get us to pay more for less water? They do it every year, and Denverites fall for it every time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Borrowing From China Is Stupid

But Obama has PROVEN his stupidity on many occasions and this is just ONE of them. Allowing ourselves to be INDEBTED to a COMMUNIST country says a lot of things in THEIR minds. Chief of which is, to them, CONFIRMATION that theirs is the better system. But with Obama making socialist decisions that are BANKRUPTING us, THAT is the ONLY reason they’re still doing better using a CAPITALIST model. But they don’t recognize that.

WE NEED A PRESIDENT: But what we have now is a CON MAN who has ripped us off for $TRILLIONS or taxpayer dollars. If we keep this man in the White House, we’re in for BIG trouble, especially if we continue to DEPEND on communist China to supplement the taxpayer money he has already spent.

AG AND AL SHARPIE (SHARPTON): The Attorney General associating with the likes of “race-baiter” and extortionist Al Sharpton and actually PRAISING him says many things about Holder: either he’s STUPID, he’s a con man, too, and/or he just doesn’t give a damn that we know he associates with the “enemy.” Remember, this is the man who would not prosecute New Black Panthers for election intimidation because “they’re my people.” If that isn’t a racist comment and action, I don’t know what is.

HE SHOULD BE PROSECUTED: It’s against the law for a president to REFUSE to enforce a federal law. Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to specify PUNISHMENT for violating these laws (immigration laws), so Obama gaily violates it, as he does many other punishmentless laws. Obama is one of our biggest lawbreakers. He just IGNORES laws he doesn’t like while punishing people who do the same.

SOCIALISM IS BAD! Too many people just don’t understand this. Even my own SISTER didn’t even know the meaning of the word until I filled her in. Socialism is simply allowing the GOVERNMENT to make your decisions for you by promising you part of what they’ve STOLEN from the rest of us. It is simply STEALING from those capable of earning and GIVING that stolen to those who won’t. If you’re one who can and will EARN, you’re the target. They use many names to fool us. Get educated, and find out what it is.

CONGRESSMAN ALLEN WEST BOOTED FROM NAACP: Why? Because they are proponents of SOCIALISM and he isn’t. This organization that SAYS they are for “freedom of speech” aren’t really. No doubt they’re got a “good excuse” for booting him out, but you can bet it’s a LIE. They don’t like ANYBODY who loudly disagrees with them. I guess that’s why rush Limbaugh called them the “National Association for the Advancement of SOCIALIST Colored People.”

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EVERYTHING Is An Emergency!

Every time Obama comes up with one of his idiot ideas he says it’s an EMERGENCY and we need to “vote it in,” right now! Forget reading it. According to Nancy Peelosi’s abysmally stupid comment about his health care swindle law, “We need to pass it to find out what’s IN it.” NEVER! We should NEVER pass a bill into law without KNOWING what’s in it. To even SAY something like that reveals an amazing amount of IGNORANCE.

FOOLS IN WASHINGTON: House speaker Bohner thinks Obama is going to be hard to unseat. I don’t think so. He is UNarguably the WORST president we’ve had in memory. Much worse than Jimmy Carter, which says a lot. He goes by Obama’s “numbers,” which even I can tell are patently phony, and even if true only show his numbers WITHOUT competition. Give him some REAL competition who call attention to his blatant LIES, and he’ll “fold like a house of cards.” He has so many NEGATIVES, it’s hard to remember them all.

NO BUDGET: Obama’s administration has done nothing about the budget but “kick the can down the road.” We have not had a budget since he was elected. The reason for that is Obama doesn’t want to be “held to” a budget. He thinks answering for NO budget is easier than DEFENDING a bad one. It’s against the law to be without a budget, but there is NO PENALTY for violating it. So Obama and his fools gaily violate it.

MORE DIVERSION: They’re making a “big thing” out of Malaria to divert our attention from Obama’s problems in getting re-elected. Malaria should NOT even BE a problem. Use of DDT had it almost eliminated from the Earth when ignorant politicians “bought” environmentalist radicals’ claims about it and BANNED it. Almost immediately Malaria numbers increased, and they were ignored. We KNOW how to eliminate Malaria, but environmental fools will not allow us to use it; and politicians apparently agree.

“IT’S POLITICALLY MOTIVATED!” Yet another phrase that no one pays attention to because of overuse. Like calling your opponent “racist,” as Obama and his fools always do. Both are so overused that nobody takes them seriously any more, even though the “politically motivated” label IS sometimes true. But it’s hard to tell and now requires some sort of PROOF to take it out of the realm if the speaker’s imagination.

ZIMMERMAN WILL BE LYNCHED: Whether or not he MURDERED Trayvon Martin, he’s going to be (and is being) LYNCHED by the liberal media, who view this case as proof that Florida’s looser gun laws are bad, even though violent crime has gone DOWN more than 20% since they were passed.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Secret Service Goes After Nugent

Ignores Farrakhan’s threats. I wonder why? Is it because Nugent is white and Farrakhan is not only black but Muslim as well? Nugent talked about us “cutting off their heads in November” while Farrakhan talked about “rivers of blood.” They want to talk to Nugent, but have made no mention of Farrakhan. Of course, they will call me racist for pointing out this truth, but I’m used to that because I’m not afraid of criticizing blacks as well as whites when they screw up. That’s their “modus operandi.”

Rush Limbaugh tells his listeners their job is “to educate liberals” whenever they get a chance. But that’s impossible. It’s like “educating” a brick wall. They’re not listening. They just DON’T HEAR anything that goes against their conditioning. They just start “calling you names” and ignore the truth you’re telling them. They can’t HANDLE the truth as told by you.

MAKING SURE: The education business has worked hard to make sure NOBODY under the age of 60 knows anything about our history. They have rewritten the history books and made sure they CONTROLLED what books were allowed to be used in our schools by making sure the Department of Education (an unnecessary office) controlled them. Unlike in George Orwell’s prophetic book, “1984,” they don’t need to SILENCE any opposition to this. Just teach the children what you want them  to think over and over, and soon they’re conditioned and won’t listen to anything else. Any opposition to their views, they just ridicule. If there is any ORGANIZED opposition, they try their hardest to SILENCE it, as they are trying now to shut up the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others. If they can’t shut them up, they just paint them as idiots, and many of the kids they have conditioned believe it. (Ann Coulter/Human Events)

AXELROD TELLS TRUTH: He actually said Obama wants to impose SOCIALISM on this country. That was a mistake on his part. The only time liberals tell the truth is by MISTAKE. They don’t DARE tell the truth on purpose. Then we’d know what they were planning and could put a stop to it.

BLACKMAIL DANGER? The Obama administration talks about the current Secret Service scandal about prostitution in Cartagena as a “blackmail danger” and are firing people in wholesale fashion. But when Clinton was screwing everything that would stand still it was “just sex,” and “nothing to worry about. What JERKS these people be to think we BUY this crap!

Being elected president (and sometimes other offices) seems to give the electee a “license to steal” from taxpayers; as witness Obama’s “investing” (giving) millions, even BILLIONS of  (stolen) dollars to those ubiquitous “green energy” companies that predictably “go bankrupt” after the principals (usually Obama’s friends and donors) “take the money and run.” Where does the money go? And who is responsible for it? Does anybody go to prison? No. It’s not stealing (it IS) because the president authorized it. That’s an ingenious swindle.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Never Waste an Opportunity

The liberal media never waste an opportunity to show Muslims crying over their “innocent” victims of rare “American atrocities (most of which are probably Islamic terrorists themselves).” But they NEVER show AMERICANS crying over THEIR victims of Islamic terrorism’s DAILY atrocities. I’ve always wondered why they are so “pro-Muslim,” but I understand it now; Obama has TOLD them to do so.

“INSIDIOUS THREAT”: Islam extremists pose the most insidious threat we’ve ever faced, and we have faced that threat since the “Barbary Pirates” ravaged our shipping. The only reason they were “quiet” for many years is they didn’t have any money. Now they have all that oil money, they have “come to life” and are ravaging” us again. Not only that, the “Barbary Pirates” are still in business.

They now want the government to buy their contraceptives. But why? Isn’t that the responsibility of the MEN who want to have sex with them? They talk about wanting “equality,” but still give men grief if they don’t leave the pot lid up so they don’t have to do any work to go pee. That sounds like “special treatment” to me.

POLLS ARE PHONY: There’s an ABS/Washington Post poll out the day Santorum pulled out that says Obama is “way ahead” of Romney. I don’t believe it. I think it’s put out purely to make gullible Americans THINK Obama is in “good shape.” Polls are so easy to “fix,” it’s funny to think ANYBODY believes them.

GOVERNMENT KNOWS NOT WHAT IT’S DOING: The Post Office is in BIG trouble. It’s BILLIONS of dollars in the hole and in danger of going bankrupt. So what does Obama do? Removes one of their biggest moneymakers, the sending of government mail, including Social Security and other government checks—a market that only grows bigger each day. Does he think this will help the Post Office?

BLAMING IT ON THE GOP: Obama is blaming the failure of his health care swindle law on “four Republicans on the Supreme Court.” It doesn’t matter that his law IS unconstitutional and the Court is merely affirming that. It’s the Republicans on the Court that are responsible. And he thinks we will BELIEVE that. Boy, is he STUPID!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Buffet Ought to Pay His Own Taxes

He says “the rich” should pay more taxes. Obama has seized upon his foolish statement to introduce a new tax to further punish achievers by forcing them to pay a 30% tax if they make more than $1 million dollars a year. Maybe he ought to pay the taxes he already owes before he pontificates on what other people should pay.

WHAT ABOUT CNN? Liberals like to say Fox News lies, but they can never come up with any concrete examples. But CNN lies by omission in the Treyvon Martin shooting by presenting ONLY Treyvon’s brother’s opinion about his brother’s “way.” He told how Treyvon was a “funny guy” and didn’t “push people.” Yeah, right! I don’t think Zimmerman set out that night to kill a black boy. Nobody at CNN seems to know (or care) about Zimmerman’s tendency to HELP black people when they need it. They just want to push the “racism” thing.

IS ZIMMERMAN GUILTY? I don’t know. I especially don’t know what was in his mind the night he killed Trayvon Martin. But neither does anybody else, what they say notwithstanding. I say let ALL the facts (not people’s opinion) come out before judging him guilty of murder. Treyvon’s mother says Zimmerman “stalked him and killed him,” which is as untrue as anything I’ve heard about the shooting.

“OBLIGATION TO PAY MORE TAXES?” Not even. The Labor Secretary (Hilda Solis) says the “rich ought to pay more taxes.” Why? They pay 86% of the income taxes Paid now. Doesn’t she know that? Or does she just ignore it like most liberals do? I’m getting very tired of ignorant politicians saying such crap as this when they don’t know any better. I’m tired of them not KNOWING any better. Naturally she said this while pandering to “race-baiter” Al Sharpton’s “fund-raiser.”

GIBSON GUITAR IN “LIMBO”: They’ve raided them three times in the last three years and no charges have been filed. Meanwhile, they don’t know how to operate. They stopped using Indian wood and started using Madagascar wood, which is the subject of the latest raid. While the government takes its own sweet time to “charge” them, they can’t really do business. Soon they’ll have to go out of business, forced into it by an “out-of-control government.”

NEAPOLITANO SAYS THE GOVT "DOESN'T LIKE" US LYING TO THEM: Oh? Why then, has the Supreme Court said it’s okay for the govt to lie to us? Seems to me, “turnabout is fair play.” They want to put Roger Clemens in PRISON for lying to them. Why does that standard not apply to govt agents who lie to us?

BIBLICAL DIRECTION AND NEW LOGO: “If thou hast not a sword, sell thy cloak and buy one." (Luke 22:36) The new logo for the United States is a skunk: “Half black, half white, and everything it does stinks.” Mind you I’m not saying this myself. I took it from an e-mail by “Granny Warriors” to “Unrepentant Patriots.” But at the risk (of course) of liberals calling me racist (as usual) I’ll say, I agree.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Immigration Records Missing

For when? For the week of Obama’s birth of record. Wonder why? Could it be that Obama’s name is in there somewhere and Obama has seen to it those records, like many regarding his early life, are never seen by ANYBODY? I don’t know. I can’t say for sure. And unlike those who have “judged” George Zimmerman guilty without evidence, I refuse to make a judgment. But I don't believe in such coincidences.

DEAD BOY’S MOTHER CASHING IN: She’s not only “trademarking” his name so ANY mention of his name forces people to send her money, she’s also going to Washington to testify before some organization holding meetings about racism. What an opportunist!

CREATOR STOLE IMAGE: Shepard Fairly, “creator” of that famous “hope” poster of Obama, has been proved guilty of basing it on a copyrighted AP photo. He recently pleaded guilty to a criminal contempt charge stemming from his destroying of some records and falsifying others in his efforts to avoid a conviction on the copyright charge.

CAN’T WEAR A CROSS: Britain wants to make it illegal for Christians to wear the symbol of their religion while at work. If their law to do so passes, can a similar law be long in coming here? I’ll say this: the first bureaucrat who tells me I can’t wear ANYTHING I want to wear will sip his food through a straw until his broken face heals.

IT WON’T LOWER OIL PRICES: Harry Reid (The Stupid) says the Keystone Pipeline won’t lower oil prices. What world is he living in? What is he smoking? He illustrates his stupidity every time he opens his mouth, and this statement is no different.

DIPLOMACY DOESN’T WORK: We keep talking about diplomacy in our efforts to get Iran to stop trying to make a nuclear bomb. We had “diplomatic talks” with Korea while THEY perfected theirs behind our backs. We were in “talks” with the Japanese as their airplanes flew toward Pearl Harbor with their bombs. Diplomacy doesn’t work. All it does is give our enemies more time to get their nefarious plans ready.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama Tries to Bully the Court

He says to strike down his health care swindle law is “unprecedented” and not the business of an “unelected body.” It IS “the business of the court” to “rein in” liberal zealots like Obama and RULE on the constitutionality of his zealotry. What EGO that man must have! I will sure be glad to be rid of him! I think he's terrified they WILL strike down his "signature law."

HOMELESSNESS SOLVED! Like people who have no health insurance because they can’t afford it, the easy way to solve homelessness is to MANDATE (dictate) that every homeless person buy a house or pay a fine. I’m sure they’ll all go right out and buy a house, just like people like me will go right out and buy health insurance even if we can’t afford it. Hey, Obama! What part of “can’t afford it” don’t you understand? What a DUNCE!

OBAMA: CAPITALISM DOESN’T WORK: What a load of bull droppings THAT is! Capitalism is what has made this the most successful country that has ever been until liberals started messing with it. What made it the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves. What allowed this country to grow enough to eclipse countries with economic theories that have been in existence for thousands of years. He wants to impose socialism (collectivism), a system that has not worked ANY time it has been tried. And he has LIED about socialism (collectivism) to accomplish it.

OUR ELECTION SYSTEM IS WRONG: Our system, where candidates must campaign for months, even YEARS, just to get a CHANCE to get the nomination of their party is wrong. It costs them (us) millions of dollars that need not be spent. Other countries get along just fine with ONE simple election, giving everyone who wants to run a chance without having to spend MILLIONS to get a job that pays only a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year. Candidates, AND we the citizens get tired of it and stop paying attention, which is bad.

“GLOBAL WARMING DOUBTERS ARE SICK”: That’s what promoters of global warming are saying. Apparently they have nothing else. Their “science” has been proven wrong on many levels and they have nothing real they can say to support it scientifically. So they just start calling us names. But people with ANY intelligence at all won’t buy this scam, no more than we buy the entire global warming swindle.

“I GET LETTERS”: This is another of Obama’s scams. Telling about non-existent letters he is supposed to have received that tend to support his position. But surprise, surprise! Nobody has ever SEEN these letters because they don't exist. They are only in his “fevered” imagination. He’s LYING about them, as he does every day.

AFRAID OF OUR BEST: Looks like the Republicans are going to defeat themselves again. I don’t think Obama can overcome the effect of his incompetence in office, but I don’t think Romney (the presumed GOP candidate) is much better. He’ll win the nomination because “it’s his turn.” He has been running for president for many years and the GOP has gotten tired of turning him down. They helped get rid of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, and literally “ran the best black candidate (Herman Cain) out of town” with specious accusations. The best that’s left aren’t good enough, but I hope one of them will be elected since we can’t survive another four years of Obama. Bugs Bunny would be better than Obama.

FAIR SHARE: You’ll hear that phrase a lot more in coming months tan ever before. It’s a “code phrase” meaning SOCIALISM. Bet on it. Every time Obama or his henchmen say that, or a similar phrase meaning the same thing, that’s what they are saying to one another and hoping you don’t “tumble” to it. There is no such thing as a “fair share” of SOMEONE ELSE’S earnings. The only person entitled to any part of YOUR earnings is . . .YOU!

OBAMA HARASSES GUITAR COMPANY: In his effort to divert voters’ attention from important issues on which he has failed, his forces are, for the THIRD time, harassing the Gibson Guitar Company over the wood they use to make their guitars. They have been forced, although the Obama forces have not been able to prove anything against them, to use wood from other sources to the detriment of their business because of Obama’s harassment..

TRUMP SAYS: “We’ll eventually get it right.” Maybe we will, but not as long as we keep electing fools like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, we won’t. We have to “wake up” and figure out what these liberals (socialists) are doing to us and stop putting them in positions where they can do their dirt.

OBAMA SIDESTEPS QUESTION: In an interview with a KMOV, St. Louis inerviewer, Obama was asked about his taking SO MANY VACATIONS and he “sidestepped” the question, talking about the “fact” that he HAD TO use the Secret Service and Air force One. That wasn’t the question and he knew it. Kudos to the questioner, who strangely still has his job the last I heard.

“WE’VE TRIED THAT TRICKLE-DOWN EXPERIMENT AND IT DIDN’T WORK”: Only one problem Brrrraaaaccck! It DID work. It is the reason people from all over the world come here to better themselves. Most of them legally, but some ILLEGALLY. It is the reason this country has done better than other countries that have been around for THOUSANDS of years, in little more than 300 years. Don’t try and make us believe a lie that is so eloquently shown to BE a lie!

THAT “TRICKLE-DOWN EXPERIMENT” IS THE FREE MARKET: If that “experiment” didn’t work, why then, is every country in the world, even COMMUNIST countries USING the free market in their dealings with other countries, selling products at a profit? You are STUPID, Obama! You prove it every time you open your mouth!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

They Call It "Left" and "Right"

Liberals want to paint the ongoing debate as simply the “left” against the “right.” They call ME a “conservative” because they don’t know any better. It is NOT that. It is the TRUTH and LOGIC against LIES and ILLOGIC. I look for truth and logic, but I can’t find any among liberals or people who believe the same way as liberals do. They say I’m a “right-winger,” but I’m simply a “truth and logic seeker.” They deny that and try and make what I think somehow bad. But they can’t do it.

GROUP GAG: I’m afraid we’re going to all enjoy “group gags” for the next few months. I just heard Obama say the Republicans are lying about him; that he has LOWERED taxes lately. His last lie BROKE my “BS meter” and this lie got through and I, as well as a lot of others who “pay attention,” had a “group gag.” I’ve gotta fix that “BS Meter, SOON.

RAPIST/WORLD BOXING CHAMP TYSON BRAYS: This is a man who spent time in PRISON for raping a woman, yet he sees nothing wrong with advocating the MURDER of a man who has not been found guilty of ANYTHING. Like most FOOLS who want Zimmerman punished, without knowing ANYTHING about the case except what he has read in the conniving media, he opens his mouth and puts his foot firmly in it.

HOLDER PRAISES AN EXTORTIONIST RACE-BAITER: It’s not surprising that an Attorney General who REFUSED to enforce the law on “my people” for intimidating voters in favor of Obama would PRAISE a man whose chief business is to extort money from big business by threatening to call them “racist” if they don’t give him money. Obama ought to “shut Holder’s crap hole” if he wants ANY chance to be re-elected. If Obama wasn’t stupid he’d have FIRED Holder long ago when “Fast & Furious” came to light.

“NEVER WORKED A DAY IN HER LIFE”: Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen said Ann Romney “has never worked a day in her life” since she CHOSE a career as a “stay-at-home-mom.” Apparently Rosen has no idea what it means to be a mother who has to raise five children. I certainly wouldn’t want that job! One mitigating factor is a Tweet from an Obama campaign worker who said, “Mothers at home work harder than most of us.” Typically, Democrats disapprove of ANY way of life that is other than their own. Obviously it’s not the GOP who is “against women.”

BIDEN’S NEW STUPID CRACK: He has hailed comedian/member of Congress Al Franken as a “leading legal scholar.” Oh? Where did he study? Where did he ever TEACH law? This is a typical Democrat effort to build up the reputation of somebody who has NOTHING to recommend him. One stupid jerk praising another stupid jerk.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Obama "Recycles" Speeches

If you missed a speech given by Obama a year ago—or two years ago-or even THREE years ago, don’t despair. You haven’t missed anything. Go to his next speech and you’ll hear it again. He’s been giving the SAME SPEECH for the last three years. Almost word-for-word. And it’s still a lie. Obama doesn’t know HOW to tell the truth. He’d rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better.

“RACE STILL A FACTOR”: They’re still maintaining that “race is still a factor” in the killing of Trayvon Martin, even though there is NO PROOF whatever that this is true and more that it is NOT true. The liberal media couldn’t find any evidence, so they MANUFACTURED it by leaving out important words in that famous 9/1 call to make it SOUND like racism was a factor. If they ever DID come up with some proof, I might be convinced. But the only “proof” that has been found shows Zimmerman was NOT a racist but, in fact, HELPED blacks on a regular basis.

WASTING GOVERNMENT MONEY: The GSA, who is SUPPOSED to be SAVING us money, recently spent $800,000.00 for a “retreat” in Las Vegas, of all places (since Obama told people not to go there). They even gave participants “bonuses” for their work in putting together skits for presentation there. Do you think anybody will be punished? Maybe. But only on the lowest level.

ACTUALLY, THAT APPLIES TO OBAMA: “The more the American people see of Mitt Romney, the less they like him and the less they trust him," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said that in a statement issued shortly after Santorum suspended his campaign. But that really applies only to Obama. The more I see of Obama the less I like him or believe his lies.

“TAX THE RICH”: Obama says that’s the way to a better economy. Only problem is, he’s wrong; and he KNOWS he’s wrong, but that’s his “mantra” and he will keep repeating it until the end, wrong or not, hoping SOMEBODY will believe it. Truth is, if they taxed the rich 100% they could use the money to run this government for about a year and that would be the ONLY year because the rich wouldn’t earn any money the next year for them to steal.

OBAMA: “I’M NOT TRYING TO REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH”: He says that right after delivering a speech in which he pushed “redistributing wealth.” Does he believe we only listen to and believe the LAST thing he says? That’s all he has been preaching ever since BEFORE he was elected. It’s a basic part of his “modus operandi.” But then he tells us he’s not doing it. What a FOOL this guy is! What fools he thinks WE are!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Do Libs Look So Stupid?

Every time I see a picture of “famous liberals” from the past I marvel at how STUPID they look, and wonder why they always LOOK so stupid. I figured out it’s because they ARE stupid. You cannot be intelligent and be a liberal. I’m not talking about their dupes; I’m talking about the “elite liberals” who have access to the truth and reject it to become liberals.

WHY DID SANTORUM PULL OUT? That’s easy; Romney has more money than him, or anybody else in the race. Romney has successfully “bought” the Republican nomination. Whether or not he can do the same to Obama, I don’t know. Obama has access to TRILLIONS of dollars of OUR money. I know, I know, he’s not supposed to be able to use that money to get re-elected, but he’ll figure out a way to do it.

STEALING FROM THE RICH: It’s a fact; NOBODY has the right to ANYTHING you earn except the person who earned it—you. That’s something liberals (including Obama and his henchmen) will never understand. This is one more indication of their INCOMPETENCE to run this country. All they do is take more and more money from taxpayers (especially the rich) and give it to their SELECTED friends, disguised as “investments” in “green energy.”

IT’S CENSORSHIP! Atheists who put up a 40 foot billboard denying Jesus was the “son of God” are jumping up and down today after somebody stole it. They SAY it “amounts to censorship.” But it doesn’t. Censorship is defined as punishment by GOVERNMENT for saying, writing, or doing something they didn’t like. This is simply an act of vandalism for which the thieves will be punished if, and when, they are found and captured. Slinging around words like “censorship” only reduces their impact in the future.

OBAMA BUYS A LOAD OF CRAP: Obama has made so many mistakes in his efforts to “support green energy” I can’t even remember them all. But does he “slow up” in his efforts? Not even a little bit. He “doubles down.” Now he’s “investing” $5 million dollars in bull sh-t. “So rather than dial back some of its activities, cut losses, and perform a post mortem on failed taxpayer-backed projects, the DOE is rushing forward and investing $5 million into “the construction of a ‘biogas anaerobic digester’ that will use cow manure to heat an ethanol plant and create 15 permanent jobs [$5 million to create 15 JOBS! Hmmmm. –RT],” the Washington Examiner’s Joel Gerhke reports. I don’t know why he did that. He creates his own load of bullsh-t every time he opens his mouth.

NOW THE SUPREME COURT IS STUPID: the liberals are now saying the Supreme Court just didn’t understand the arguments that were put before it. Meaning, of course, they’re STUPID. They tried to bully the court and THAT didn’t work. So now they’re trying to make us think the Court is stupid and just “didn’t understand” what they were being told.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Solve Homelessness

f we look at Obama’s health care swindle law and apply it to homelessness, we see that he thinks he can solve the “homeless” problem” by ordering ALL homeless people to buy a home. Of course, he’s already handled the fact that they cannot AFFORD to buy a home by forcing lenders to loan money to people WITHOUT LOOKING at their ability to repay the loan. Damn is this man STUPID!

CREATE RACISM: Obama, his henchmen, and his “friends” in the liberal media are working very hard to “whip up” racism in the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida. The fact that the shooter actually HELPS black youths on a regular basis seems to mean nothing. They just ignore things like that.

NEW BLACK PANTHERS ARE CRIMINALS! They put out a “DEAD OR ALIVE” bounty on Zimmerman and their supporters keep saying, “look at the totality of what they said” and you’ll see all they want is for justice to be done.” What LOAD of stinky brown stuff that is! That part of what they say is strictly to keep them out of prison. The operative part is the first part where they put out a “DEAD OR ALIVE” contract on Zimmerman. Believe me, if someone goes out and kills him, they WILL “pay off.” These people should be in PRISON!

OBAMA WILL HAVE “MORE FLEXIBILITY AFTER THE ELECTION”: That’s what he told the outgoing Russian president (whatever the hell his name is), forgetting the open mike. Only it will mean nothing to the American people because he will have been fired. He can then do and say what he wants because he will no longer be president, and “good riddance to bad rubbish.”

CORPORATIONS NOT THE PROBLEM: Liberals continually blame large corporations for the problems we’re in, but they’re wrong; corporations are NOT the problem, GOVERNMENT is the problem and the bigger it gets, the more problems it creates. They “go after” outfits like Wal-Mart, but Wal-Mart actually CREATES employment, while government policies (under Obama at least) KILLS job prospects.

DID PALIN KILL McCAIN’S CHANCES? Ed Rollins says so, on Fox. But he is wrong, as are most “experts.” Palin gave McCain the only chance he had to win until he “shut her up” so she had to stop saying what conservatives wanted to hear. I’d dearly love to hear what she has to say as a presidential candidate in her own right with no “reins” on what she says by a “progressive” candidate.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fiddling The Numbers

That’s the only reason the unemployment numbers went down this month. The feds arbitrarily LOWERED the number of people now in the labor market while only about 100,000 new jobs were created in the private sector. That’s a lot less than the number of jobs LOST in the same period. But with a smaller number (as specified by the feds) LOOKING, they can say unemployment is a smaller PERCENTAGE of those in the labor market. Understand that? Good; I’ve done my job.

THIS ELECTION IS A FARCE: We MUST beat Obama. We cannot survive another four years of Obama’s hard work to make this country into a socialist nation. Obama is our Vladmir Lenin. He will destroy this republic if he is allowed to continue. With Romney the only bulwark against another four years of Obama, it’s a very weak election we’re facing. Romney, to me, is “Obama light.” I will have to again “grit my teeth” and vote for him, as I had to do for McCain in the last election--the Republican “whose time it was.” I hope the result is not the same. At least Romney is not ACTIVELY trying to “socialize” this country (not that I know of, anyway).

“CAPITALISM IS AT FAULT”: Obama is really “clutching at straws” now. He’s blaming CAPITALISM, the system that is responsible for ALL our prosperity, the reason people from all over the world look to America as "the destination of choice" to better themselves, for all our economic woes; woes that HE and his crowd CAUSED in order to get elected. He really thinks we’re STUPID enough to believe that. But in reality it is OBAMA that is stupid if he believes that of us. People aren’t stupid. They just don’t “pay attention.” But they’re “waking up” now, after his excesses.

“TRY HIM, THEN HANG HIM”: The trial being only a “formality.” A black preacher (are any of them NOT “preachers?”) says ”Everybody ought to step back and take a breath, then arrest Zimmerman.” Of course, they'll call me a racist for this, but I don't give a damn.

“4,000 NEW JOBS”: Talk about “creating new jobs!” Obama has created 4,000 new government jobs with the Internal Revenue Service, to collect the money he needs to finance his health care swindle law. But so far, his efforts have not been responsible for the creation of many PRIVATE SECTOR jobs. In fact, his policies have mitigated AGAINST the creation of private sector jobs.

“MASSIVE” OIL COMPANY PROFITS: Obama talks blithely about the “massive profits” oil companies re making, hoping you won’t realize that he’s talking about BIG numbers because oil companies INVEST massive amounts in trying to FIND oil, digging it up, and refining it; something that’s becoming harder and harder since we’ve built NO new refineries in more than 30 years. They only actually make a few pennies a gallon that they get to keep. But they sell a LOT of gallons. A lot MORE of that money goes to the GOVERNMENT. The government makes more money on each gallon than the oil companies, and without an investment in finding and producing that oil.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Unelected Panel"

Obama decries the Supreme Court as “an unelected panel” that shouldn’t have the right to overturn a law passed by a significant majority (one vote, which he LIED to obtain) in an elected Congress. But he seems to love having unelected people wield power in his administration. I don’t even know how many “czars” he has appointed to do various things, and who don’t even require vetting. At least one was a self-admitted communist and was so extreme he had to fire him in his first week. If being unelected is a negative, he needs to get rid of ALL his “czars,” right now.

OBAMA’S “GREEN ENERGY” SCAM: He “gives” billions of dollars to companies run by his friends and donors; they give each other bonuses amounting to billions of dollars, then “take the money and run,” going bankrupt so we can’t get our money back, and we’re stuck with the bill. This is legal THEFT on Obama’s part, as well as the part of those “green energy” execs.

“KISS OF DEATH” FORMER House leader Nancy Peelosi says, “I am predicting a six to three vote in favor of Obamacare.” How many times has she made such predictions in the past, including her chances of remaining as House Leader? Nancy just making such a prediction usually has the effect of making it NOT happen.

“REMEMBER, I’M A CENTERIST”: That’s what Obama has told the media to say about him, true or not. The fact it is NOT true is beside the point. He “instructed” the media to describe him that way. Who has told Obama he can “instruct” the media on how to refer to him? Oh; I forgot. He RUNS the liberal media today.

BEATING OBAMA: There’s only one way for Republicans to lose to an Obama who has spent more money than there IS, and is fast moving us toward socialism. That’s to nominate Romney, a man who CAN’T beat Obama or anybody else. The Republicans have a record of beating themselves and this is how they do it. Nominate someone whose “turn” it is, but who can’t beat the Democrat incumbent on any day.

OBAMA’S SCAM: Take as much money from donors as he can, then repay them by “investing” in their phony “green” companies while they give themselves millions of dollars in bonuses, then “take the money and run” while declaring bankruptcy and leaving the taxpayer holding the bag. That’s how Obama “launders” his payback money.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blaming Limbaugh

Karen Finney of MSNBC says Limbaugh’s racism is responsible for the killing of Trayvon Martin, the teen killed by a self-appointed “neighborhood watch” guy. Now witnesses say the kid attacked the guy who shot him. But nobody is going to believe it because everybody has the guy convicted of murder. Does ANYBODY believe this crap?

AXELROD BLAMES GOP FOR DEMOCRAT SENATE NOT COMING UP WITH A BUDGET: Typical in this stupid administration. From Obama on down they ALL try to blame everything either on George Bush or the Republicans; that’s when they’re not saying it’s because of all the racists. Nobody believes them any more, but that doesn’t bother them. They don’t care if you believe them. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

RUSSIA ENDORSES OBAMA: If I didn’t already have sufficient reason to vote against Barack Obama, Russia (along with the Communist Party and the socialist Party of America) endorsing him, would be enough. That tells me Russia WANTS to deal with a socialist president. I don’t.

RUSHING TO JUDGMENT: That’s what everybody seems to be doing in the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida. In spite of eyewitness testimony showing Trevon “beating up” on George Zimmerman. I don’t say that eyewitness testimony should trump what others say, but I AM saying they should wait until all the FACTS are in before they judge him guilty.

ARRESTED READING BIBLE: In California (where else) a preacher was standing on public property reading from a bible when a local cop came up, wrenched it from his hand, and arrested him. First Amendment aside, what gives that cop the power to do that? He says the preacher is FORCING people to listen to him. How is that different from what OWS is doing? Why aren’t they summarily arrested? Because they’re the “spawn of Obama.”

IT’S A CRIME! The New Black Panthers have put a “Dead or Alive contract” out on George Zimmerman. That’s patently a CRIME. Does anybody think a Justice Department run by Obama’s AG will bring charges against them? Doubtful. They’re “my people” (said AG Holder, on refusing to press charges against them for election intimidation).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Taxpayer Subsidies"

Obama refers to normal deductions available to ALL business as “taxpayer subsidies. That’s a typical Obama LIE. They are simply DEDUCTIONS allowed by law for the COST of doing business and are NOT exclusively available only to oil companies. It’s the same as YOU deducting the cost of fuel when you’re in the trucking business. Take that away, and you’re out of business. But Obama doesn’t care about that.

THE “BUFFET RULE”: It’s a specious thing, but that doesn’t stop Obama from pushing it. Warren Buffet (a rich man) DOES NOT pay less tax than does his secretary. If his money were made from WAGES, he would pay based on the SAME rate, and even higher because he would be in a higher tax bracket. But he doesn’t. His money is made by CAPITAL GAINS, which is paid on another, lower tax rate entirely. Obama knows that, and Buffet knows that, but still they try and convince us he pays less in taxes than does his secretary. What a bunch of lying jerks!

WHY MUST WE WAIT? The Supreme Court has made its decision about Obama’s health care swindle law, but we won’t get to find out what they decided until June. Why? I know it has always been done this way, but WHY? To give the friends of Obama time to make their money on the decision? Maybe to give Obama time to do something to change a decision he doesn't like.

“THEN ARREST HIM”: One minister (there are many among black activists) said he just wanted everybody to “step back, take a breath,” THEN “arrest Zimmerman.” That sounds about the way they think. “Give him a trial, then hang him,” the trial being irrelevant. Just an “exercise.” He’s already been judged guilty. If he IS guilty, he SHOULD be arrested and tried, but not by the people involved, or those who have so far given their opinions because most of them are CONVINCED he’s guilty.

OBAMA THINKS “GOP IS CRAZY”: He brought out that old saw about “doing the Same things over and over and expecting a different result” being a sign of mental illness to describe things the Republicans are doing, completely ignoring the fact that EVERTHING he is suggesting has been tried before, many times and hasn’t worked. That “old saw” applies to him more than anybody else because he is the one SUGGESTING things that have been tried many times before.

DOES ANYBODY EVER BELIEVE IT? When a politician (like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama promises to run “the most transparent administration in history” does anybody ever believe it? No, they don’t. Mostly because they know their administration won’t be any more “transparent” than the last one. Politicians are, by NATURE, secretive, and liars. Obama worse than all the others. They figure the American people “can’t handle the truth” so they try and “insulate” them from it. In other cases, they try and hide their own perfidies.