Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Obama: Champion Spender

Candidate Obama criticized Bush for his spending. According to figures released by the White House itself, Obama spent more in ONE YEAR than Bush did in his entire EIGHT YEARS in office. He’s been asked about that many times and has yet to give a satisfactory answer.

POLLS ARE BULL: I don’t believe ANY polls that come out showing Obama TIED with Romney or Gingrich unless it is put out by a GOP source. Democrat source polls have been PROVEN to be purposely skewed by polling ONLY Democrats or likely DEMOCRAT voters and asking questions guaranteed to get the answer they want. I don’t fully trust those with GOP sources, either, except when they show a result the GOP might not like. They’d hardly skew a poll in that direction.

NOT WORTH GETTING ANGRY: Romney says a national health care swindle with a mandate that you MUST buy health insurance, even if you can’t afford it “isn’t worth getting mad about.” I say it IS “worth getting mad about” and I’m MAD about it. Obama can pee up a rope if he figures on getting any money from me for his swindle What part of “can’t afford it” does he not understand? If you can’t afford it, no amount of laws made will change that.

HARRY SAYS WE’RE “EXTREMISTS”: It tells me a lot about the intelligence of “Dirty Harry” Reid (or the lack of it) when he calls Tea Party people “extremists.” It is really extreme to want the kind of government the Founders envisioned instead of the top-heavy government we now have that interferes in every facet of our lives?

IT’S RACIST! Every time I hear someone saying that I cringe. It’s the “position of choice” for liberals who have no argument with which to answer what conservatives say and want to cut off the debate without anybody noticing. Obama said electing him would forever get rid of racism in this country, but Obama himself has consistently used the racism charge to avoid answering hard questions and by doing has made race relations a lot WORSE than they were before his election.

CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK: Obama constantly demands that REPUBLICANS release their tax records while he continues to hide every single record there is about his own past. There must be something there he doesn’t want us to find out. Following his usual pattern, he (or his surrogates) will call ME a racist for using the word “black.”

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Warren Buffet is STUPID

Yes, he’s a billionaire, and billionaires can’t be stupid, CAN THEY? But they can. Buffet is the kind of “rich guy” who DEPENDS on his government contacts to get, and STAY rich. THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF BUSINESSPEOPLE: One, those who simply work hard and EARN their riches; and Two, the kind who DEPEND on their government contacts to “pave the way” for them. Buffett is this kind.

UNSAFE IN EGYPT: Egypt’s new Islamic-dominated government has started restricting Americans. One of those they started with is the son of an American government official, Ray LaHood. They have banned him from leaving Egypt. They seem to forget that people like this have diplomatic immunity. You don’t just “roust” the family members of a foreign government official—not if you’re smart. But then Islamic extremists have never been known to be smart.

WASHINGTON HATES HIM: So maybe we want him. If Washington loved him, I’d “shy away” from him. They’re telling us they’re afraid of Newt with their massive campaign against him in Florida; which began in earnest the very day the North Carolina primary was over. I’m not much in favor of Newt myself because of his “coming out” with Nancy Peelosi in favor of global warming, but if Washington hates him, can he be so bad?

LIBERALS JUST DON’T HEAR TRUTH: Bob Beckel, one of the liberals on the panel of Fox’s “The Five,” was told, in detail, WHY “the rich” should not be taxed at a higher rate than “average” people and he immediately said, “I want to know WHY rich people shouldn’t be taxed at a higher rate,” just proving that liberals just don’t hear anything that would shatter their preconceived notions. And this guy is a PROFESSOR, teaching our young. Sheesh!

DO IT NOW! Don’t wait long enough to think about it, you might actually discover it’s a stupid move, That’s Obama’s modus operandi: everything is an EMERGENCY and you can’t EVER wait long enough to examine his proposals in detail. Frankly, that’s how we got this incompetent fool as president. Some of us asked what he had ever done to deserve to be president, but were ignored. Nancy Peelosi revealed it with her comment, “We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it.”

PALESTINIAN TV PRAISES “HONOR KILLING”: Palestinian television has run a show PRAISING the man and woman who MURDERED their three daughters for dating the wrong kind of man or “being too westernized.” This is how Muslims THINK. And people want to b=ring their system of laws (Sharia law) here? Not a chance!

SOMEBODY HAS TO EARN IT: Socialism doesn’t work. It has a fatal flaw: somebody has to EARN the money before the government can steal it and give it to people who DON’T earn it. But point this out to a liberal and they “go deaf.” They just don’t hear things that might prove them wrong.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Obama directly attacked the “Americans for Prosperity” organization after the State of the Union, calling them a “secretive organization.” I got this in open e-mail from them soon after: “President Obama forgot to mention his biggest 'accomplishments': sticking the American people with liberal policies, like ObamaCare and the $814 billion dollar Stimulus, that destroy jobs, pile up debt, burden our small businesses with runaway regulations, and focus on redistributing wealth rather than make our entire economy stronger.” Does that sound like “secretive?” Obama tells lies upon lies!

ELITE SUPPORTS ELITE: Bob Dole, who only got to run for president because it was “his turn,” is now supporting today’s elite Republican, Mitt Romney. I don’t know if Newt can win against Obama or not; I certainly hope so if he’s nominated. But I KNOW Romney can’t, and if he does, I don’t want the kind of government he would bring us. Sarah, where ARE you?

GOVERNMENT THE WORST KILLER: Thousands of people, in many countries, are shot, stabbed, beheaded, starved, and otherwise killed; at the hands of their government, who previously made it illegal for them to act in self-defense, and to own and use the means to that end, a gun. Our own government is fast accomplishing the same thing. How long will it be before they are murdering us? Truth be known, they’re already doing it, and the “enemedia” is covering it up. They call it “police actions.”

PUNISHING ACHIEVEMENT: Limbaugh calls it “class warfare.” I call it stupidity. Obama wants to tax people who have EARNED more than others at a higher rate, thus PUNISHING them for their achievement and causing a DIS-incentive to achieve. He denies “the rich” pay 86% of the income tax collected while almost 50% of non-rich Americans pay NO income taxes at all and are “net tax RECIPIENTS.” This is the kind of STUPIDITY Obama engages in on a regular basis. And he expects to be re-elected? If he is, it is AMERICA that is stupid!

TURNING HIS BACK: Rick Lazio did nothing more than APPROACH Hillary Clinton with a piece of paper and his political career was OVER. Obama turned his back on the governor of Arizona in front of the media and walked away while she was still talking to him. What will happen to him for that? Nothing. He’s a DEMOCRAT, after all. They get away with many things a Republican wouldn’t dream of trying.

SHAKING HER FINGER AT OBAMA: If anybody ever deserved to have the governor of Arizona “shake her finger” at him, it is Obama. He refuses to enforce his own federal immigration laws and by so doing causes many deaths. When she tries to do it, he SUES her and the state to PREVENT it. What does he have against enforcing immigration laws?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


People say I use that word a lot, and there’s a good reason why I do. Obama and his cohorts are STUPID. The things they do are stupid. Yet they persevere in their stupidity. The difference between ignorance and stupidity is simple: ignorant people simply don’t have all the facts, but don’t know it. Stupid people HAVE all the facts, but adhere to their stupid opinions in spite of it.

AN EXAMPLE OF STUPIDITY: Blocking the Canadian pipeline. He used a flimsy excuse that blamed REPUBLICANS, saying they applied a time limit that was too short for him to finish the examination of the project that was necessary, when that time limit was imposed by ENVIRONMENTALISTS, and could have been “swept aside” if he so desired. Thus we have lost thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in oil imports from a close, FRIENDLY country in favor of continuing our importation of oil from people who hate our guts and, one day, will cut us off.

AND SO IT BEGINS . . . Obama has announced in the State of the Union speech that he intends to “consolidate power” under the Executive Department. Do you know what that means? He means to become a Hitler-like dictator with no “reins” on what he does. I’ve always figured the only GOOD thing about government is its inefficiency. This is a major power-grab and Congress should tell him to “go to hell.”

IT’S A TYPICAL LIBERAL LIE! Warren Buffet’s secretary does NOT pay more taxes than her boss. They are “comparing apples and oranges,” as usual. She only pays a higher tax RATE then he does, because she, like most people, pays taxes on WAGES. Buffet, like most rich people pays taxes on CAPITAL GAINS, at a much lower rate. But since makes millions a year while she does not, he still pays a lot more MONEY than she does. Don’t buy Obama’s bullsh-t!

CONGRESS STILL BLAMING PRIVATE ENTERPRISE: They have called in members of the Coke (Koch?) Brothers to ask them how THEY would profit from the Canadian pipeline. Forget they have NO PART in this fiasco. Even if they did, it’s none of Congress’ business how they would profit from ANYTHING. Congress should be asked how THEY would profit from being legally allowed to engage in “insider trading.”

“BUSINESS INSIDER” ON BOTH SIDES: They ran articles saying that Congress members COULD, and COULDN’T engage in insider trading legally. Is this a magazine we’re depending on to tell us the truth? They don’t even know it themselves! I guess this is how they “muddy the waters” so we don’t really know what’s going on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Ask The Rich to Pay More?"

That’s what they’re doing, now! They pay 86% of all income taxes paid, while almost 50 % of “the others” pay NO TAXES at all! How twisted can it get? I really get tired of politicians (chiefly Obama and Schultz today) lying and twisting the truth to suit their agendas. I wish the media would wake up and do their job.

DO IT NOW! Don’t think about it! You might then realize that it’s a stupid thing to do and will make our economic problems worse. Just DO it! Why do we fall for this idiot scam all the time? Why do we allow ourselves to be stampeded into doing stupid things? Why are we such FOOLS?

NOT REQUIRING ID TO VOTE IS STUPID! We have to show ID to buy a pack of cigarettes; or to get on an airplane. Or any of many other things, but Democrats fight “tooth and nail” to AVOID people having to show ID to do one of the most important things in their lives, to vote. No ID means it’s easy to vote more than once, something we’re not supposed to do. Democrats are the best sat stealing elections, mostly close ones, because of no ID being required. Why should we continue this farce?

USING THE SAME LINES: Obama fed us the same lies he told us in 2011 and 2010 in his “State of the Union” speech last night. He was lying then and is lying now. What surprised me is that supreme Court justices were there, regardless of his “spitting on them” last year. Why? They are Supreme Court Justices for life. He can’t fire them. Why did they waste their time listening to his blather?

MICHELLE’S CLOTHES BUDGET: I think Michelle Obama’s budget for her own clothes exceeds the entire United states budget for the first few years, and a few more besides. She SAYS she is “concerned for the middle class” as is her husband. I don’t think so. I think she will spend a fortune on her clothes as long as she can, until Obama’s money runs out. She’s a worse spender on her OWN wardrobe than Obama is on everything, period.

OBAMA TAKES CREDIT: He took credit for bin Laden’s death and the more recent rescue of several Somali pirate prisoners because he “approved” the missions, just in time for it to be good for his re-election. He also took credit for “ending the war in Iraq,” when actually it was Bush who won it, and all he did was end the occupation of Iraq. What FOOL he is to think we’ll believe that crap!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama Is A Fool

But we knew that going in. His action in rejecting the Keystone Oil shows that he doesn’t WANT us to be oil independent so he can keep gas prices high and claim the free market doesn’t work. Actually the problem exists because of government interference in the free market. He doesn’t think we can see that. Can you?

WILL OBAMA GET HIS WAY? He wants to run against Romney because he thinks Romney is “easy meat,” and he’s right. Though it might not work this time. I think we could run Bugs Bunny against him and win going away. He’s made way too many mistakes and the American people want only to “get rid of him” as they would a cancer. In November, they’ll “cut him out,” no matter WHO we run against him. The only problem I see it the caliber of his opponent.

THEY TELL US WHO SCARES THEM: The Democrats are very dependable, in that they reliably TELL s who scares the hell out of them. They “slime” them early and often. They did it with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, and Herman Cain. Meanwhile, they touted Romney, who they think they can easily defeat. I think they’re wrong this time.

MOORE NEEDS TO BE GONE: Michael Moore hates America. Even though it’s the American system that made him rich, he slimes it every day, in every way. If he doesn’t like it here, maybe he should search for a better place and GO there. I’d even pay his fare to get rid of him if he promised to stay away. If he ran for office, stupid liberals would probably even elect him. He’s the kind of fool they like.

FLIMSY EXCUSE: Obama says he can’t approve the Canada Pipeline because the REPUBLICANS (don’tchaknow) imposed a two month time limit he couldn’t meet. Truth be known, this limitation was one made by environmentalists (not the Republicans), and as president, he could have “swept it aside” easily, as he has done in many other cases. What he doesn’t want to say is he doesn’t WANT the Canadian Pipeline and wants to blame the Republicans for rejecting it. He wants to continue our dependence on foreign oil for his own reasons and this was a good way.

WHO CARES? In one example of the “enemedia” trying to make Republican candidates look silly George Stephanopolous (Snuffalopagus?) pestered candidates with questions about contraception. Who cares about contraception? The only people who do are the partisan jerks who want to control what goes on in the bedroom. Nobody has even been TALKING about contraception, but Steph kept on asking every candidate about his view on banning it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Congress Profits From Insider Trading (Legally)

They sent Martha Stewart to PRISON on just the SUSPICION of insider trading, but they do it every day, LEGALLY since they (quietly) passed a law MAKING it legal for members of Congress to do it. Should it be legal for congresspeople, who are privy daily to information that can make them a lot of money by trading on that knowledge, to profit from it while us “peons” get sent to prison for doing the same thing?

I THOUGHT OBAMA LIKED OWS: So why are they demonstrating in front of the White House? Why are they throwing smoke bombs over the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Maybe it’s because they don’t know what they want, except to foment violence and confront the cops. An OWS demonstrator was even arrested the other day for LYNCHING a man! And they try and say they’re “just like the Tea Parties.” What a bunch of FOOLS!

“APPLES AND ORANGES?” Debbie Wasserman Schultz, America’s best-known liar and Democrat Party Chair, says Fox is “the apples and oranges network.” Implying that Fox constantly compares apples and oranges, lying by misdirection. Debbie doesn’t do that; she lies straight out and while doing so, quotes phony statistics we ALL know are false as though they were true. She’s got a lot of gall. Maybe one day she’ll even comb her hair.

THEY TRIED IT, AND FAILED: They tried to make a law that would allow them to control much of the Internet, but after a MASSIVE amount of opposition, they’re pulling the two bills “for a rewrite” because they were “too vague” (as usual). They usually write such bills in a vague manner so they can slip things by us. It didn’t work this time.

DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE: Obama’s first campaign ad DEFENDS his disastrous “investment” of $535 billion of taxpayer money in a failing industry (where he continues to drop money in a deep, dark hole, investing in other “green industry” companies). But actually, there’s nothing he CAN defend about that money giveaway to his friends and campaign money donators, even if SOME of the other investors ARE conservatives. They probably got snookered, too.

SIGN THE PETITION? Dick Armey has sent out a plea for people to sign a petition demanding an apology from Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her lie blaming the Tea Parties for last year’s Arizona shooting that nearly took the life of liberal congresswoman Gabby Giffords. If we put out a petition to demand apologies for every lie Schultz tells, that’s all we’d be doing and I just don’t have time for that.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse President

Obama is going to go to Disneyland, and they’re shutting down most of their park the day of his visit. This is the president, remember, who pledged to be “close to the people,” and they close down almost all the park because he will be in it. Does this tell you anything about him?

ABC RUNS CRITICAL INTERVIEW RIGHT BEFORE PRIMARY: ABC hates Newt; that is proven by their decision to run a controversial interview with his ex-wife just BEFORE the S. Carolina primary: a time when it could have the most detrimental effect on his campaign. I don’t think it will, because Americans are smarter than the average liberal. But they think so.

“HE’S A RACIST!” When you hear liberals say that about a conservative, you know that’s all they’ve got. That’s the “reset option” whenever they want to criticize someone for having the temerity to actually CRITICIZE their pet president, Obama. I guess they’ll call me a racist if they notice this item.

WHAT ROMNEY SHOULD HAVE SAID: “I’ll release my tax records when Obama releases his school records.” (Rush Limbaugh) That would make this a “teachable moment,” rather than Republicans using Democrat tactics, joining the “war against the rich.” Damn, I hate it when I hear Democrats doing it! I hate it even more when Republicans do it!

APPLE NOT FAR FROM TREE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s parents go to prison for corruption and not a peep in the “enemedia” about it (Atlas shrugs). Many people are surprised. I’m not. That would cast aspersions on one of the most blatant liars in the Democrat Party, so they stay away from it. Is she the same as her parents? I don’t know. Even if she was, we’d never know about it if the “enemedia” had their way.

STEALING FROM PENSION FUNDS: Obama “dips into” (steals from) federal pension funds (Reuters) to pay for his “flights of fancy” in Washington. He has lost so much money to his Solyndra-type “investments” of our money that he needs to find more. So now he’s stealing money from federal pension funds so he can “invest” even more into losing propositions.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Obama Forgets

He forgets that he now OWNS the problems we have, “The President always seems to conveniently forget in his speeches that he has been president for the past three years. We can expect him to refuse to take responsibility for how his big spending policies have contributed to our economic woes. Instead, the President will promote class warfare to gain support for his tax increases and bigger government. (Americans For Prosperity)

ISRAEL DOESN’T NEED PERMISSION: Obama has told Israel not to attack Iran’s nuclear sites and Israel has told Obama to “go to hell.” Israel has never asked America to send any of its sons to die for it, and needs not ask for our permission to defend itself. It will do what it has to do, and America be damned. And I agree that's a good thing.

WOULD HIS EX-WIFE BE A GOOD WITNESS? Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife says “he lacks the moral character to be president.” But does he? I wouldn’t take the word of ANY of my ex-wives on my “moral character” and there’s two sides to every story. I have my own problems with Newt, beginning with his “couch” ad with Nancy Peelosi promoting global warming. That caused me to doubt his judgment, and that’s more important than “moral character” in my view. But I still think an ex-wife is not a good source.

IT DIDN’T HAPPEN: You don’t get very far into a discussion of Newt with a liberal before they trot out that old saw about Newt serving divorce papers on his sick wife, IN the hospital while she was “on her death bed.” But it didn’t happen. He filed well before she was diagnosed, and she is NOT dead. She’s still very much alive, which makes their words a LIE; as usual.

WHERE DID WE FAIL? A copy of “Inspire,” an Islamic terrorist magazine that contains tips on how to kill Americans, was found in the cell of a terrorist in GITMO. How did that happen? Was it in the GITMO library? Or did somebody smuggle it in?

PERRY PULLS OUT: Throws his supporters to Newt. Which makes me wonder about PERRY. I would wonder even more if he told us to support Romney. Actually, there’s nobody left in the Republican side that I would want to vote for, and I’m not going to “grit my teeth” and vote for someone I don’t like, just because it’s not Obama. Sarah, where ARE you?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eight Democrats Indicte for Voter Fraud

In New York, no less than EIGHT Democrats have been indicted for voter fraud. More Democrats have been accused in Indiana for the same thing. Wonder how many more we’ll find as we work harder to find them? I guess we know now how so many Democrats get elected, even though the majority of voters in this country “swing right.”

OBAMA CREATED MANY JOBS: All of them government jobs. Now, in an election year, he’s making a big thing about eliminating 1,000 government jobs and “shrinking government” one-third of one percent. Big deal! The real “dog and pony show” is beginning.

PRICE GOUGING vs. RENT CONTROL: New York city has something I don’t think any other city in the United States has (I could be wrong): rent control; where the government tells the owner of a property, who has invested his money, how much he can charge for rent. This is WRONG. It usurps the property owner’s right to decide what to do with his own property, by an agency that has NO financial interest in that property. Yes, price gouging is wrong, too, but there are other ways to deal with that, including leaving his properties empty. Other property owners would see that and adjust their prices accordingly, or go out of business.

IRAN “NAVY” HARASSES US SHIPS: Do they really think they’re frightening us? How stupid ARE these people? Harassing a navy ship with a few tiny boats? I know Ahmadinijerk is stupid, but I didn’t think he was that stupid. A single word from the Secretary of the Navy and those teeny boats would cease to exist. Damn, they think we’re stupid and easy to frighten! We need to blow a few of them out of the water as an object lesson to Ahmadinijerk.

ARE WE SURPRISED? After themselves conning gun dealers into selling guns to the drug cartels in Mexico to make it LOOK like they’re wantonly selling guns to them, the BATF is now making the predicted “tighter rules” for such sales in the future. Those dealers sold those guns at the behest of BATF, “so we can trace where they go.” A good “cover story,” of course, which the government denies. Of course, now we get those “tighter gun laws” they wanted.

NATIONAL PEE ON A TERRORIST DAY: That’s what a blog called “The Political Jungle” has declared January 14, 2012. I agree. Many people think peeing on a terrorist is a bad thing, and maybe it is; but it’s not nearly as bad as the things they do to our dead. So if I got a chance to pee on a dead Islamic terrorist (Especially if I had killed him), I would do it gleefully with my foot on top of his head to hold his mouth open.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

The very same woman (Froma Harrop) who said Tea Partiers were “terrorists” without being able to name ONE instance of proof has been named to lead a group to advance “civility.” How STUPID are these executives?

BUSH THE SPENDER: That’s what the Democrats say about Bush, who spent $1.7 trillion in 8 years, vs. Obama, who has spent $6.2 trillion in three years. These people just don’t care that their lies are so transparent. They are either abysmally stupid or they think WE are.

TAKE OVER ITS HEALTH CARE: Vladmir Lenin (father of the communist Soviet Union) once said, “Before you can socialize a country you need to take over its health care system.” Obama is well on his way. He must have been learning from Lenin.

SHE HAS NONE: Newsweek slams a liberal reporter for ignoring an angry Michelle Obama’s grace, charm, and intellect. I guess that’s because she has none. She’s brash, opinionated, and a racist who hates white people. She and Barack learned that at the knee of “Rev. Wright,” no matter how much they lie and say they didn’t.

THREE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS: Obama has THREE members of the Muslim Brotherhood in his administration as “advisors,” which don’t need to be vetted and approved by Congress. How many will there be next year?

FIRE ‘EM ALL: Incoming administrations usually don’t fire every appointee of the previous administration, but the next one needs to do just that. Fire EVERY Obama appointee they can so they won’t be undermined from within.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

No Ideology?

Some politicians say you can’t win an election with ideology. What a LOAD that is! All politics is ideology. Ideology is either truth or lies. The people I respect have TRUTH as our ideology. Liberals have LIES as an ideology. But they don’t want us to realize it.

A PATTERN DEVELOPING: Obama loaning BILLIONS of dollars to what he calls “green startups,” but which are all run by his big donors and friends, who quickly “take the money and run,” and soon go bankrupt while he says, “Oh, well.” Meanwhile, the money is gone.

OWS SUPPORT: The “Occupy Wherever” movement now has the support and solidarity of the Communist Party USA. They already have the support and solidarity with the Nazi Party. Doesn’t that tell you something about them?

SOCIALISM NEEDS CAPITALISM: Socialism DEPENDS on the free market to EARN the money they STEAL to give to the moochers of society. Without it, there would be nothing for them to steal.

HE CONTINUED EVERYTHING: Everything CANDIDATE Obama criticized when Bush did it, PRESIDENT Obama either continued or INCREASED after the REALITY of actually BEING president set in. Then he claimed it as his own idea. When he pulled our troops out of Iraq (“cut and run”), he claimed victory, when all it was is QUITTING in the middle. Bush actually WON the Iraq war when he toppled Saddam and caused his execution and the creation of a different government.

CREDIBLE BUT UNCONFIRMED: New York Mayor Boobburg talks about “credible, but unconfirmed” reports of terrorism in New York. What a BOOB! If it’s “UNCONFIRMED,” How could it POSSIBLY be credible? Are they really stupid enough to think we will buy this crap?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

To Hell With the Courts!

A court in Oklahoma has reversed an earlier court order that banned Sharia law from being enforced in America. What FOOLS these justices be! For my part, I will NEVER submit to ANY law based on Sharia law and will "put down" anybody who tries to enforce it upon me. This court might have struck down the ban on Sharia law, but Sharia law is patently UNCONSTITUTIONAL and cannot be enforced in America.

DOJ “DEEMS” OBAMA’S APPOINTMENTS LEGAL: So what? The Department of Justice is NOT a court and cannot “deem” ANYTHING legal or illegal. His appointments, made while Congress was IN session, are NOT legal “recess appointments” and he should be “brought up short” on them, DOJ notwithstanding. Indeed, he should be IMPEACHED for them.

THE “FREE-SPENDING GEORGE BUSH”: I have to laugh whenever I hear a liberal talk about the “free-spending George Bush” when Bush spent less in eight years than Obama did in his first two years in office and is on course to spend a lot more.

IT’S AN ELECTION YEAR: So all of a sudden Obama wants to “reorganize” our government and “make it smaller and more efficient.” What a LOAD of stinking brown stuff that is! What FOOLS Obama must think we are if we believe this lie! Gawd, what a FOOL he is!

THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF DEATH: Scientists all over have tried and tried to “nail down” the biggest cause of death, but I’ve done it: The number one cause of death ANYWHERE is—wait for it—birth. Everybody who was ever born is either now dead or will someday die.

THE OWS CHANT: “What do we want? We don’t know. When do we want it? NOW. That pretty much sums up what OWS is all about. In reality, all their many demands boil down to one thing: a “free ride” at someone else’s expense. And they want it NOW!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Stop Calling Obama A Socialist!"

That’s what the Socialist Party of America is saying. Why? Are we getting too close to the truth? Do they not want us to “let the cat out of the bag?” Obama IS a socialist, no matter how hard they try and deny it. I will keep shouting it to the skies, no matter how much they try and stop me.

WE DON’T DO THAT: Iran is accusing us of being behind the assassination of two of its nuclear scientists. This completely ignores the fact that there are MANY countries that don’t want them to become a nuclear-armed country. Some will say the killing of bin Laden says otherwise. That was not an assassination; it was an attempt to take a mass murderer into custody that failed. We did not go there to kill him, but to simply apprehend him for his crimes against humanity. He forced us to kill him.

MEDIA ASKS STUPID QUESTIONS: Instead of asking about the economy, or Obama’s massive spending spree and how we’re going to get out of it and keep him from making this into a socialist country, they ask about what he thinks about states banning condoms—as if that were of more importance.

LIBERALS WANT US TO COOPERATE WITH DEMS: So why can’t democrats cooperate with US once in a while? Why must it always be the Republicans discarding their principles and doing what the Democrats want? Frankly, I think the very word “bipartisan” is a scam.

DINGY HARRY SAYS DEMS WON’T COOPERATE WITH GOP: They’re constantly saying WE have to cooperate with THEM, yet “Dingy Harry” says they will in NO WAY cooperate with Republicans. In fact, they will actively FIGHT us tooth and nail. That pretty much reveals their perfidy, doesn’t it?

“NO IDEOLOGY”: That’s what the Democrats say. “You can’t win an election with ideology. But ideology is ALL they spout, and it’s FALSE ideology. All politics is ideology. Ideology can be truth or lie. Conservative ideology is truth. Liberal (Democrat) ideology is based on LIES.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


SOPA UNCONSTITUTIONAL: They SAY it’s to protect people against copyright infringement, but that’s not what it’s for. Any time a blogger links to another site, that site then gets more “hits” and their advertisements along with it. The whole idea of HAVING a site is to “get hits,” and bloggers linking to them helps this. It’s NOT “copyright infringement.” This law is a way to shut bloggers up by being able to DEFINE their activities as lawbreaking. Simple as that.

THEY ACCUSE US OF RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE: But Muslims, especially Muslim extremists, are the most religiously intolerant people in the WORLD. They don’t just dislike Christians (and members of ANY other religion), they want to KILL them. And they wonder why we “look askance” upon Muslims.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? “Feminazis” are mad at Rush for his “menstrual cycle” crack. What’s the difference between that and women saying, “men are ruled by their penises?”

NOT RUINED RIGHT AWAY: The media was mad because Herman Cain was not ruined IMMEDIATELY by their phony sexual harassment claims. They thought just a BREATH of such a scandal on a black man would be enough and they couldn’t understand why people believed in Cain and not their phony accusations.

IT STARTED AFTER DEMS TOOK OVER: Everybody, including some conservatives, give Clinton credit for “changing welfare” as we knew it when he was dragged, kicking and screaming to the signing table to sign the Republican bill that actually DID it. They also believe that the recession was Bush’s fault, when the “groundwork” for it started in 1977 with the passage of the Democrat bill (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1977) that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not afford to pay it back, a “recipe for disaster.”

THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG: Something’s wrong in this country when the site of the World Trade Center massacre is still a “hole in the ground” and serious consideration is being given to the usual Islamic building of a Mosque on the site of their “greatest victories” over their enemies.

TAX AND SPEND: That’s Obama’s ONE plan to get us out of the economic hole HE got us into. All he knows is “tax and spend,” and “tax the rich” to pay for HIS “flights of fancy.” That has always been the Democrat (liberal) way, and Obama is a consummate liberal (Democrat).6

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cult of Personality

Didja notice that the N. Korean government is STILL pushing Kim Jong Il, even though he’s dead? The picture on top of one of the cars in his funeral procession is almost bigger than the car. It’s a good thing it’s not a windy day or that car would be blown away. And his third son, the one who is SUPPOSED to be “taking over,” but who is now “sharing power” with his uncle gets to WALK along beside the hearse. I figure he’ll last a few months before his uncle decided he’s outlived his usefulness.

N. KOREANS CRY FOR KIM: They have a really big funeral, in which the biggest picture of a dictator I’ve ever seen is mounted on the top of one of the cars in the procession while his third son, now “sharing power” with his uncle WALKS beside the hearse. And N. Koreans cry loudly for Kim. They’d damn well BETTER, or the army will seek them out and KILL them.

NO PARADES FOR IRAQ TROOPS: At least ignorant people aren’t spitting on them as they were after Viet Nam. But not too many wars got less appreciation from Americans OR the people who benefited from it than this one. We got rid of a murdering dictator and weakened significantly the al-Qaida elements in Iraq. But they waited and bided their time until our wimpy president declared the war “over” and pulled his troops out on a scheduled date, the day after which the Islamic terrorists killed a lot of people we should have been protecting. It’s no wonder the troops’ return was underwhelming.

LESS THAN NOTHING: While our liberal “leaders” are throwing money around as if we had some, we need to remember that we need to pay back $15 TRILLION dollars, just to get to the point where we HAVE nothing.

“NOT TO SCARE AMERICANS”: Obama says “We made a decision not to scare the American people,” and then spent most of his days doing just that. As usual, what happens is just the OPPOSITE of what this “serial liar” says.

“BUYING OFF AMERICANS”: Obama figures he can “buy off” Americans for $20 a week. And that’s what he did with his insistence on retaining the reduction in the Social Security “tax” taken from everybody’s paycheck. He now CALLS it a “tax,” but it ISN’T. It is the money the government takes from us at the point of a gun from every paycheck to pay for Social Security (If you don’t believe that gun bit, just try not paying it).

Saturday, January 7, 2012

America "On the Skids"

When George Bush (the younger) left office, it was at the end of the longest-lasting boom we’ve ever experienced and that was because of (conservative) Reagan’s lowering the tax base rate and almost DOUBLING the “tax take.” The “crash” was caused by the Democrats passing a law forcing lenders to loan money to people who could NEVER repay it, an exercise in disaster. We are now “on the skids” because of that, and the silly socialistic policies of Barack Obama. We need to GET RID of Obama and his henchmen if we are to survive economically. Somebody PROVE to me that I’m wrong, if you can.

IT’S NOT A TAX CUT: Obama bills his “$40 a month buyout” of the American people as a “tax cut.” It’s not. It’s a RAID on Social Security money. It takes NO money from the general fund, as taxes do. It takes its money from that imaginary “Social Security fund.” Fortunately his is only a two-month raid, while that of the GOP is a 12-MONTH raid and is well beaten down. But Obama’s raid should have been defeated, too.

WHAT FOOLS THEY BE! Didja know that the top 25 backers of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests are BILLIONAIRES, according to Brent Bozell? What a bunch of hypocrites!

DEFENSE DEPT. “FOLDS”: It’s going to allow a Muslim woman to wear her hijab while marching in formation. Would they allow a Hassidic Jew to wear his funny-looking hat and his black suit while keeping his hair do so that a small pigtail fell down around his head? Not in this lifetime, anyway. Only for Muslims. I’m getting very tired of hearing about special arrangements being made for Muslims that are not made for others. Like Muslims being allowed to pray in the middle of the street in some towns. Sheesh!

DEMOCRATS HATE BEING CALLED “LIBERALS”: Mostly because they have become aware that we’re now “onto them.” We now know what liberal means. So now they’re going back to the term, “progressive,” thinking we have forgotten what THAT means. So now when you say “liberal,” they correct you, wanting you to say “progressive.” They don't get away with that with me.

OBAMA "ONLY" WANTS ANOTHER $1.2 TRILLION: He’s spent more money than there IS, and now he wants to raise the debt limit another $1.2 TRILLION. We’ll be paying this off for the next 200 years! Stop him! Tell your congresscritter to vote it DOWN!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Progressives" Are AGAINST Progress

As in George Orwell’s classic “1984,” the government calls everything the exact OPPOSITE of what it IS. The people now running this government call themselves “Progressives,” but are totally AGAINST progress. Just look at what they promote and use your own logic and common sense. If you think I’m wrong, PROVE it!

“TAX THE RICH!” Liberals want to tax the rich by taking away as much money as they can in taxes, thinking they can fund their “flights of fancy” by that method, forgetting there aren’t ENOUGH rich to do that for very long, and the more they tax them, the less INCENTIVE they will have to EARN more money—which will mean less taxable income, and less money for the liberals to tax away from them. Everything they do is “counterproductive” to what they profess to want. If they keep up on the path they’re taking, there will one day BE no more “rich” for them to victimize for their own ends. Then the “moochers” of society will than start looting THEM.

REFUSING TO USE OIL WE OWN: I can’t blame this entirely on Obama. Both Bushes and Clinton alike refused the obvious solution to high gas prices: drilling for our own oil in places where WE make the rules. Meanwhile, Obama is FINANCING oil drilling in other countries, and will be BUYING that oil from them at high prices. How STUPID is this?

BILL MAHER IS STUPID: He just showed his complete MISunderstanding of Christianity by Tweeting, “Jesus just fu-ked Tim Tebow on Christmas Eve.” Jesus doesn’t help Tebow win football games. If He did, what about the other Christians who play for, or watch football games who are praying just as hard? Jesus is interested in one thing: Tebow's belief in HIM while living well. He will be judged after he dies, no matter how many football games he wins or loses.

DOES HE REALLY THINK SO? Ahmadinijerk says, “The U. S. is not in a position to give us orders.” Really? Does he really think he can beat us? He couldn’t even beat Iraq in EIGHT YEARS, while we did it in less than a week. What a jerk this guy is! He has a very high opinion of himself and his tiny country’s ability to beat the most powerful nation in the world, even with that wimp Obama at the helm.

IS IT WORKING? David Borden, Executive Director of “Stop the Drug War.org” reminds me that the “drug war” has not worked, while costing us a lot of money and giving the government an excuse to enact many onerous laws. The DEFINITION of insanity is “doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result.” There are more people abusing drugs today than there were when this “drug war” started. That’s logic and common sense, not ideology.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Four More Years of THIS?

That was one of the themes Obama used in 2008 to get elected, but you don’t hear those words coming out of his mouth now because he doesn’t dare utter them. He knows what the answer would be: a resounding NO! This is a “mantra that ought to be taken up by the Republicans in 2012. It would be TELLING.

TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT! That would be my answer to the owner of a New York deli if he told me (if I were a woman, of course) to have an abortion or be fired. That actually happened in New York recently and the woman did have the abortion so she could keep her job. There is NO job sufficiently worth keeping for me to commit MURDER to keep it.

IF HE COULD: Newt says Romney would buy the election if he could. Ya think? I think every one of them would buy the election if they could, including Newt. C’mawn, folks! Get real! Quit slapping each other around with ridiculous charges and start discussing the REAL issues.

A “RECESS APPOINTMENT”: That’s what dictator Obama calls the appointment of the head of what will become yet another huge bureaucracy to “look over the shoulders” of bankers in everything they do. This is to “control” them so they can’t create another recession. Of course, Democrats created THIS one and BLAMED it on the bankers so it’s a case of “the fox running the henhouse.”

WHAT’S A “PREDATORY LENDER?” I can’t see where ANY lender can profit from lending money to people who CANNOT possibly pay it back. Lenders were FORCED to do it on pain of expensive "federal investigations," so the Predator in this plot is the feds. Obama has appointed Richard Cordray as the “Consumer Watchdog,” which gives him a whole lot of power—and he did this with a PHONY “recess appointment” unconstitutionally while Congress was still in session.

SUPPORT? WHAT SUPPORT? The dictator says Cordray has the support of a majority in the Congress. Why then, will they not even allow his appointment be brought to a vote? This is yet another Obama LIE. He said he would “go around Congress.” This is one of the first instances of him doing that.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Did Bo Have His Own Plane?

Obama’s dog, BO was supposed to have been in Hawaii with Michelle, but here he was with Obama in a pet store in Washington. Which raises a number of questions: first, is this really Bo in the photo? Or is it a “body double?” Did Bo fly back in his own plane if it IS him? Or did he come back in Michelle’s plane as it returned after ferrying her to Hawaii? Or did he not go at all? We’ll probably never know, because Obama tends to keep EVERYTHING regarding his personal activities secret unless he WANTS a “photo op.” He's not even above LYING about it, as he is with everything.

TOO BIG FOR HIS BRITCHES: Ahmadinijerk really thinks he can get away with blocking the Straits of Hormuz and can “beat back” any attempt by U. S. forces to stop him. How STUPID is this jerk? A country that couldn’t even beat Iraq in EIGHT YEARS couldn’t possibly “beat back” a country that did it in a week.

“MISGUIDED” That’s the most polite description of what GM spokesman Michelle Bunker said about Volt sales. She said the Volt was “consistently sold out.” That was NOT a “misguided” statement, it was a LIE. I’m really tired of the “weasel words” people use to avoid using certain words like “lie.” The only way that statement could be true is if they only MADE 125 of them.

HE’S ENTITLED TO HIS OPINION: NASCAR driver Kasey Kane doesn’t like breast feeding and said so on Twitter. Now he’s hastily apologizing to the breast feeders of the world, who appear to be very well connected and organized. But he has nothing to apologize for. He’s entitled to his own opinion, just as the breast feeders of the world are. Don’t try and get an apology from me about this post because it ain’t gonna happen.

JOBS DIDN’T CREATE JOBS? What a STUPID statement Henry Blodgett (business insider) made. Does he think Apple was run by Steve Jobs ALONE? That he never hired a single employee to help him do that? That’s almost as stupid as Harry Reid saying those ubiquitous “rich folks” are not creating jobs in their quest to become rich. But then, I expect stupid statements from Democrats and liberals (a redundancy, that).

I’D VOTE FOR RON PAUL: I don’t like Ron Paul. What I’ve heard about his foreign policy ideas tells me he’s dangerous. But I would hope he’d learn quickly if he were president. I do like his domestic policy ideas and I WOULD vote for him against Obama if he were the GOP nominee. I’d vote for Bugs Bunny if Obama was on the other side.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

SOPA Unconstitutional

They SAY it’s to protect people against copyright infringement, but that’s not what it’s for. Any time a blogger links to another site, that site then gets more “hits” and their advertisements along with it. The whole idea of HAVING a site is to “get hits,” and bloggers linking to them helps this. It’s NOT “copyright infringement.” This law is a way to shut bloggers up by being able to DEFINE their activities as lawbreaking. Simple as that.

THEY ACCUSE US OF RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE: But Muslims, especially Muslim extremists, are the most religiously intolerant people in the WORLD. They don’t just dislike Christians (and members of ANY other religion), they want to KILL them. And they wonder why we “look askance” upon Muslims.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? “Feminazis” are mad at Rush for his “menstrual cycle” crack. What’s the difference between that and women saying, “men are ruled by their penises?” I can't see any, but they do.

NOT RUINED RIGHT AWAY: The media was mad because Herman Cain was not ruined IMMEDIATELY by their phony sexual harassment claims. They thought just a BREATH of such a scandal on a black man would be enough and they couldn’t understand why people believed in Cain and not their phony accusations.

IT STARTED AFTER DEMS TOOK OVER: Everybody, including some conservatives, give Clinton credit for “changing welfare” as we knew it when he was dragged, kicking and screaming to the signing table to sign the Republican bill that actually DID it. They also believe that the recession was Bush’s fault, when the “groundwork” for it started in 1977 with the passage of the Democrat bill (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1977) that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not afford to pay it back, a “recipe for disaster.”

THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG: Something’s wrong in this country when the site of the World Trade Center massacre is still a “hole in the ground” and serious consideration is being given to the usual Islamic building of a Mosque on the site of their “greatest victories” over their enemies; and that's what it is, no matter how much Muslims and their friends deny it.

TAX AND SPEND: That’s Obama’s ONE plan to get us out of the economic hole HE got us into. All he knows is “tax and spend,” and “tax the rich” to pay for HIS “flights of fancy.” There aren't ENOUGH rich to victimize to finance all his dreams. That has always been the Democrat (liberal) way, and Obama is a consummate liberal (Democrat).