Saturday, January 16, 2016

Treat 'Em Like Sex Offenders

That's what Tricia Bishop, editor of the Baltimore Sun wants to do to gun owners. We keep a list of sex offenders, and she wants to keep a similar list of legal gun owners. Never mind they aren't the ones who usually cause “gun violence” and they haven't committed any crimes. That is caused by ILLEGAL gun owners, whose names will NOT appear on any such list. That's because they don't buy their guns legally, and therefore there's no way their names will ever appear on such a list. Which means that list will only work when Obama, or somebody else wants to come and steal your guns. Only honest people will lose their guns.

HO, HUM! ANOTHER INVESTIGATION: Congress has launched yet ANOTHER “dog and pony show” (investigation) intro Hillary's e-mail practices. That's outside of the FBI's CRIMINAL investigation. They already have enough to put her UNDER the jail for the next 100 years. But NOBODY has seen fit to bring any CHARGES against her, and probably won't until after the election, so as not to mess up her chances of becoming president. If she wins, forget it. If she loses, I STILL doubt they will bring charges. She's “royalty,” after all.

WATCH THEM CLOSELY: Muslims pretend to wonder why we keep them under such close scrutiny as they move here by the hundreds of thousands, against the orders of the Koran not to “associate with Infidels.” They whine about “religious intolerance” and “racism.” The only way to predict SOME of their attacks is to KEEP them under close scrutiny. Many liberals take up their chant, but we know liberals are stupid, so why listen to them? When they stop killing innocent people for IMAGINED ills, maybe we will stop “keeping an eye” on them. But that ain't gonna happen in my lifetime, and probably not after I'm dead.

MICHELLE TO RUN: Rumors abound about Michelle Obama's plans to run for president in the event Hillary is charged with crimes. Obama says, “Don't worry. She ain't gonna run.” Which means, if he says she won't, SHE WILL. Like one governor in the south whose wife ran for his office so he could run again later, while he told her what to do while in office. That's one way Obama can “twist the law” to get a third term, since the Constitution only says he can't SUCCEED HIMSELF more than once. And we all know he LIES about everything.

PROPAGANDA COUP FOR IRAN: They broke International Law by parading American servicemen (AND A WOMAN) before cameras as their prisoners and “crowing” about “capturing” them. It's something that happened while we were NOT at a DECLARED war with Iran, and the sailors acted properly They were constrained from defending themselves or they'd have blown those puny Iranian ships out of the water. The one who said Iran treated them well after THEY made a mistake knew NOBODY in America would believe him, knowing he spoke at the point of a gun. Better to be tried by the U. S. than killed by Iran.

NOT SO SURPRISING: A recent news item tried to entice us into reading their item by saying the recent mass influx of Muslim “immigrants” into Europe had “sparked the purchase of a 'surprising item.” But the item is not so surprising. They're buying guns in record numbers, just like they are in this country, and it's mostly women. I'd advise Muslim men with rape on their minds to wear a bullet-proof vest and a bullet-proof cup when they try it. Of course, that probably won't help, as the women will try for a “head shot,” just in case.

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