Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why Close GITMO?

There’s a lot of pressure to close GITMO, that famous prison for Islamic terrorist prisoners of war that we don’t seem to want to call that. My question is, WHY? Why the haste to move this prison, which has been very successful in containing these vicious murderers? Is it hurting anything? Why spend the money to build another prison to do the same thing, then have pressure grow to close it, too, later? The liberals just hate the whole idea, and the pressure to close GITMO is just a manifestation of that hatred.

TAXING THE RICH: It’s the “Holy grail” of liberalism. Punishing the producers in society, who, for some reason or other, sometimes become rich. For some reason, liberals hate the idea that ANYBODY (except them, of course) can get rich legitimately, and they want to stop it. In doing so, they’re slowly ruining the economy. But they don’t care because it won’t happen in their lifetimes. They think.

FLEXING HIS MUSCLES: Obama is showing the world he can do what he wants, in spite of ALL opposition by appointing Susan Rice to be Secretary of State against all opposition. He’s saying, “Ah wun; ah’ll do whut ah want.” What a damnFOOL this jerk is! We’ll be well RID of him if it ever happens.

OBAMA’S THIRD TERM”: They’re already talking about a “third term” for Obama. Are the American people THAT stupid? Damn! Maybe they are. They (not me) re-elected him even after he spent more money than there IS, and promised to spend even more. He says he will “finish what I started,” and that is to make this into a collectivist (socialist) nation whether or not we wish it.

EVERYTHING’S A “FOX ALERT!” If the president FARTS it’s a “Fox Alert!” Fox is the best source for TRUE news, but their propensity to make things bigger than they are irritates me. They need to learn that overuse of the “Alert” thing can make people ignore it when they DO use it. I never pay more than usual attention when I hear a “Fox Alert!” It’s like Obama crying “racist!” I’ve heard it too many times.

OBAMA’S PROUD OF RICE: That’s what he told a recent meeting he was in. Of COURSE he is proud of her! She LIES well in his service and is getting rewarded for her lies by being nominated for Secretary of State against a LOT of opposition. Even if she doesn’t make it, she can put it in her resume that she was NOMINATED  and benefit from it.

NO ONE KNOWS: No one knows who, in the Obama administration, refused to send help to the ambassador in Benghazi, which ended in the DEATH of that ambassador and three other members of his staff while the Libyan government (and our own) stood by and watched them die. And no one knows who “edited” the talking points to eliminate any reference to Islamic terrorism (The FBI now says THEY did it--which I seriously doubt). Is it because our president is SYMPATHETIC to Islamic terrorism?

IS CLINTON QUALIFIED? Why does Hillary Clinton think she’s qualified to be Secretary of State, just because she is the wife of a former president? She has shown her INCOMPETENCE in many ways, but Obama will not get rid of her (except to replace her with someone worse). Maybe it’s because she’s willing to LIE for him.

WHY DENY TERRORISM? The Obama administration “edited” the talking points it put out about the Benghazi murders to eliminate any reference to Islamic terrorism. Why? Because Obama is blind to the possibility? Just because Obama is a FOOL doesn’t mean the whole administration must be, too.

DEAD BOY WAS KILLED BY HAMAS: Mohammed Sadallah, four years old, was killed by Israeli rockets—at least that was the story told the world by the Palestinians. But it turns out the Palestinian boy was killed by PALESTINIAN rockets. But did the Muslim extremists tell you this? Not a chance. Like Obama, they never recant their lies.

DIGGING UP ARAFAT: They “dug up” Arafat’s body to find out if he was poisoned, and did not have a stroke. Who cares? Oh, yea; the Palestinian terrorists care. Maybe one of their own poisoned him so they could take power in his place. That’s the kind of people they are. Current terrorists think earlier terrorists “got rid of him.” Some people are only still alive because it’s illegal to kill them. I can think of at least one such. His name starts with “O.”

WARREN BUFFETT IS A FOOL: Knowing how to make money is a fine skill to have. But it doesn’t make you smart in other ways. Warren Buffett is upset because his “lowly” SECRETARY pays taxes at a higher rate than he does, and he’s rich. I got news fer ya, War: she doesn’t. If you earned WAGES, you’d pay the same, or higher. You make money from CAPITAL GAINS. If she sold her house, she’d pay the SAME RATE. You’ve shown your IGNORANCE by calling that to our attention.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creating New Dictators

Obama wants to be a dictator, so he supports the ouster of other dictators all over the world (who are pro-American but anti-Obama) so those dictators will support him as he BECOMES one himself. It has become obvious that’s what he’s after. He got rid of Mubarak and what replaced him? An Islamic Brotherhood top man who has created his own dictatorship within DAYS of being “elected” and who was implicated in the assassination of
Anwar Sadat. I’m surprised Obama has waited as long as he has in declaring himself “president for life.”

SINK ‘EM: Iran now has a submarine and is planning maneuvers in the local waters, then in the Atlantic. My suggestion is to send in the US fleet into the Atlanticand SINK them before Iran can cause more bloodshed in the region, and maybe even in America. Ahmanidinijerk has PROMISED to attack America, so we have plenty of justification to “take Iran’s navy out so it can’t get any bigger.

RICE SHOULD BE SENT HOME: UN Ambassador should be “sent home” with her tail between her legs and not “rewarded” for lying for Obama by telling the world the Libyan embassy killings were the result of a stupid video nobody had ever seen at the time. If she is nominated that proves the stupidity of Obama. If confirmed, that of the Congress.

JAMIE FOXX IS A FOOL: He called Obama “our Lord and savior.” How STUPID is this? There is only ONE “Lord and Savior” and that is Jesus Christ, whether or not you’re a Christian. Obama is but a STUPID politician and is NOBODY’S SAVIOR. To think he is anything more than that is to show your own stupidity. Damn there are a BUNCH of stupid people in entertainment!

THEY’RE STILL PUSHING THAT STUPID VIDEO STORY: After WEEKS of even an AVERAGE American knowing that “video story” about the cause of the Benghazi killings, they’re STILL trying to convince us that Susan Rice’s comments on FIVE “Sunday shows” were just “the intelligence that was then known.” We know THAT’S a lie, but they’re still trying to sell it.

TAX HIKES ON THE RICH: That is one of the most FOOL suggestions (and a collectivist one) ever made by a liberal Democrat who stays in power by buying votes from the people for whom he STEALS the money from others to support. If you TOOK every dime over say, $1 million dollars, from anybody who EARNED that much, you could MAYBE run the government for a month. You could do that only ONCE before "the rich" got wise and hide their EARNINGS from them. Then who do you victimize?

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: I’m getting very tired of the political ads that insult our intelligence; like Obama’s latest, which wants us to think Romney made millions by CLOSING DOWN an already failing factory he INVESTED millions to save, but couldn’t (it’s not always possible). Then there are the ones that obviously LIE about what their opponent HAS done, and WILL do. Sheesh!

“STRONGER NOW”: Obama says “America is stronger now than when I came into office.” What a WHOPPER! A big LIE! The Islamic terrorists murdered our ambassador in Libya because they perceived us to be WEAK, and they’re RIGHT. Obama did nothing while they burnt down our embassy and murdered our people. He does nothing to go after those people responsible. He LIES to America about the CAUSE so as not to let us know the truth that Islamic terrorism is NOT dead. What a FOOL Obama is! He thinks we are fools and believe his lies!

WHY ALWAYS LIBERAL MODERATORS? Every time we have a presidential debate, we’re forced to listen to a LIBERAL moderator control the questions and make it harder for the Republican candidate to score on the liberal candidate. Why does the Republican Party ALLOW this in every debate? Sheesh! I’d like to see a debate with Sarah Palin as moderator.

DID OBAMA WIN IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN? He CLAIMS to have done so because he made a unilateral decision to RUN from both places AFTER Bush’s people WON as much as you can win against an enemy you CAN’T FIND half the time. He killed most of their leaders and Obama just continued what he started. They kill people and HIDE. All Obama did was make a decision to RUN. Running isn’t winning.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"I'll Do It If I Wanta!"

Obama says, “If I want to nominate Susan Rice (the liar on Beghazi) to be Secretary of State, I’ll do it. I don’t care what the Republicans say. So what ELSE is new? He does what he wants in ALL things, and to hell with his critics. That’s what DICTATORS do. She “did his bidding” and now he’s giving her the reward he promised.

OBAMA’S INCOMPETENCE: Our biggest problem today is the INCOMPETENCE of our “leaders.” It is INCOMPETENCE to believe in collectivism, and he is a firm believer. No leader lately but Reagan had a lick of economic sense and HE created the biggest, longest lasting boom ever—until the liberal Democrats fiddled with it to get Democrats elected and messed it up. Now it has gone too far and they have no idea how to fix it so they blame it on the Republicans. But they can’t explain how it IS their fault without lying.

HIGHER TAXES WON’T FIX IT: Obama and his “band of thieves” think all they have to do is raise taxes and that can fix the economic disaster THEY created to get elected. But HISTORY shows that raising taxes LOWERS the “tax take.” LOWERING taxes creates INCENTIVE to produce and THAT causes an INCREASE in the “tax take.” What’s so hard about that, that makes it impossible for them to see? Or are they just STUPID?

JUST KEEP BUSH’S TAX RATES, STUPID! Obama and his crowd is “scrambling” to figure out how to “fix” the economic disaster they CAUSED to get elected. The answer is simple: KEEP Bush’s tax rate cut, intact. Then there will BE no “cliff.” But they aren’t listening. They think they “know it all” and aren’t interested in your answers.

WHY JUST READ TALKING POINTS? UN ambassador Susan rice says she just “read the talking points she was given.” Why? Who gave them to her? Who TOLD her to just read them, truth or lie? This reveals a much bigger problem in government today. “Top officials” just “reading talking points” presumably put out by the president instead of thinking for themselves.

“PANIC MODE”: Why does the government always wait until the last minute to try and “solve” a crisis? Answer: so it will be a “crisis” and they can offer a “crisis solution” that allows them to raise taxes more than usual and claim to have “solved the crisis,” usually one that they created so they’d HAVE a “crisis” to solve.

THERE WON’T BE ANY RICH: If Obama keeps on “taxing the rich” to pay for his “flights of fancy,” usually called, “giveaway programs,” soon there won’t BE any “rich left to tax. They’ll either be HIDING their earnings so they can’t be LOOTED for the benefit of the “drones” of society or they’ll simply stop making money that can be taxed. That’s when the government will start taxing the “hoards of money” held by the “rich.” They still don't think "the rich" should have the RIGHT to "own" their riches, even though they EARNED them.

THEY’RE COMING FOR YOUR GUNS: Doctors are now REQUIRED (under Obama’s health care swindle law) to ask ALL patients if they have guns in their houses and if they keep them loaded. Nothing is said about the patients being REQUIRED to answer truthfully. Nor do they talk about forcing the doctors to inform the government of their answers or lack thereof. My recommended answer is, “nonayadamnedbusiness!” That will be MY answer, and I will not be budged, no matter what threats they use.

STRICTER GAS *& OIL REGS: They will only make the recession WORSE. But Obama and his “band of thieves” refuse to acknowledge that. They will move their agenda forward in spite of hell and damnation. They still CLAIM the recession is OVER. What FOOLS they are to think we’re stupid enough to believe that. Damn we’ve elected a bunch of IMBECILES to “lead us!”

THEY WANT “FREEBIES”: That’s what a majority of Americans seem to be these days. MOOCHERS who will elect ANYBODY to keep the “freebies” coming. They don’t seem to care that the fools they elect will lead us down the path to destruction. As long as it doesn’t happen in their lifetime, they don’t care. Boy, are THEY in for a surprise when it happens to THEM.

N. KOREA APPROACHING SUICIDE: N. Korea is testing a long-range missile capable of reaching the United states mainland. They have nothing else. If they launch ONE missile in our direction, they will cease to exist not long after. Their country will be a smoking pile of crap. But their new “leader” is, like his father, too STUPID to realize that. He thinks he and his country are stronger than ANYBODY and will only know the truth as they DIE.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Never ANY Specifics

Whenever Obama says something he “speaks in generalities, not specifics.” Like his original motto: “Change.” WHAT change? Change from the free market to socialism? His current motto is “Forward.” Forward to WHAT? To communism? He was BORN a communist, raised by a communist FAMILY and MENTORED by communists and socialists all his life. He has DEMONSTRATED his HATRED of private enterprise and wants to replace it with—what? Collectivism of some kind (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism)? He doesn’t DARE tell us his REAL plans because he knows the American people will reject them.

IT IS OKAY!  Democrat Party Chair Debbie (Liar) Schultz yells at Piers Morgan, “It is NOT okay to say that the White House lied to the public!” I got news for ya, Debbie; it IS okay to say it if it is the truth, and it IS the truth. You, and every other White House spokesman lately, including Obama, have been lying through your teeth whenever you open your mouths. And it IS okay to bring people’s attention to that! Go lie to someone else, Debbie.

THE MOST INTOLERANT: Muslim extremists make a lot of hay whenever people block their plans to kill us for not believing the same way THEY do. They call us "religiously intolerant" whenever we criticize anything they do. They even created a "phony word" to describe it: "Islamaphobe." But in reality, THEY are the most intolerant of other religions as anybody. Where they make the laws, no churches of other religions are PERMITTED; to convert from Islam to ANY other religion is a DEATH SENTENCE. Bibles (or similar books from A NY other religion) are not permitted. They are not entitled to accuse us of "religious intolerance."

Vice President Joe Biden (BiteMe) says “The White House had no intelligence about the Benghazi raid.” If he had stopped at the word “intelligence” he would have been right.

OBAMA CAN’T RUN ON HIS RECORD: He has the most miserable record a president ever had in this country. So all he has is “Romney is bad. Don’t vote for him.” That’s ALL he has, and he can’t give you any specifics on HOW Romney is bad except to call attention to his (Romney’s) preference for free enterprise over socialism. He doesn’t even realize that’s not the way to the “American heart.” But he won, anyway. There were enough ignorant voters who just wanted a "free ride" left to help him win.

THEY MUST HAVE BOUGHT HER”: Hillary has ACCEPTED BLAME for the LACK of security in Benghazi. Obama must have PROMISED to support her candidacy for president in 2016. Neither realize that her accepting blame for the four deaths in Benghazi DOOMS her chances to EVER be president if voters have their way.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The True Story of Thanksgiving

It wasn’t in any way how you have been taught. The Indians didn’t “show the settlers how to succeed.” They weren’t invited to a dinner to “share the bounty” because of their help. What really happened was that they originally set it up so everybody had a share in EVERYTHING, whether they worked or not. It was COLLECTIVISM, a system that has since been proven many times not to work. The lack of incentive to work caused half the colony to die that first year, including the governor’s wife. So he changed it: he gave every man a plot of land, whose bounty he could KEEPand trade with others at his wish. That restored the INCENTIVE to “produce” on the part of the settlers and they PROSPERED. That year, they invited the Indians to dinner , not in appreciation, but in friendship. What the governor created was THE FREE MARKET, which made this country the “destination of choice” for ANYBODY who wanted to better himself. That first year’s disaster was caused by COLLECTIVISM (socialism, communism, Fascism, Progressivism). Yet people are still trying to impose it upon us, Obama is working hard to do so. And we (not me) RE-elected this FOOL to another four years to ”finish what he started,” which, if he succeeds, will FINISH us. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama Refuses to Call It A War

He says Islamic terrorism is “on the run” after “he” killed Osama. That’s a complete LIE, and people who don’t IGNORE POLITICS know it. But are there enough of us left to defeat him? Obviously not. All I know is, those who voted FOR Obama will deserve what they get. The only problem is, we’ll get it, too.

THE WAR GOES ON: Even if Obama is stupid enough to declare it over. Islamic terrorists are still murdering innocent people who don’t believe the same way they do. He refuses to call the Ft. Hood shooting Islamic terrorism, even though the killer was shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as he killed American soldiers who were disarmed on base by order of the government. The latest victims are the ambassador in Libya and three of our ambassadorial employees. This war is NOT OVER! Anybody who thinks it is, is STUPID!

LIKE WRESTLING: Everybody with any intelligence knows television wrestling is phony. They put on a good show, but they overact. Just like the politicians who want us to keep them in power by overacting on the national stage. One of the best recent examples is Joe Biden’s laughing and mugging in his one debate with the intelligent Republican candidate, Paul Ryan.

VOTER SUPPRESSION: In Florida, voters in at least 18 counties received letters purporting to be from the “registrar of voters,” telling them they did not qualify to vote. But the letters in all cases were postmarked Seattle, Washington. WTF? Notice all the voters who received these phony letters were Republicans. This is a typical way Democrats steal elections.

“LIAR IN CHIEF”: I get physically ill every time I hear Obama speak because I know he’s LYING. He lies every time he pens his mouth and he doesn’t care if we know he’s lying. He’ll look you right in the eye and lie, and DEFY you to call attention to it. That’s because he knows the liberal media won’t, even if you do.

The price of gold is an excellent gauge of the economy. The higher the price of gold, the more the economy has skidded lower. The price of gold has SOARED since Obama became president. The only people profiting are gold buyers. The smart people. More power TO them!

GOING FOR THE UNINFORMED VOTE: That’s what Obama is doing. He hopes there are enough people in this country who “don’t pay attention to politics” until shortly before an election. People who KNOW NOTHING about what’s happening, but vote, anyway.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When We "Chickened Out"

Osama bin Laden, many years ago, told a newsman that “When the U. S. ‘chickened out’ after Islamic terrorists killed an American soldier in Mogadushu and dragged his dead body through the streets, I knew America was a ‘paper tiger’ and would be easy to whip.” I got news for him (or his replacement, as long as HE lives), that was under a DEMOCRAT administration. That’s about to change, so “watch out.” We’re coming for you and we WILL kill you as we have many of your other leaders. Well, maybe not. Obama is still in charge and he hasn't shown me much..

IS OBAMA “ABOVE IT ALL?” Some liberals think so. They think he’s BORED with being the boss in only one country. They think he needs to be running the world. That he needs SOMEHTING to actually TAX him to do. That running America is “too easy.” What a bunch of FOOLS they are to think this! Obama isn’t even smart enough to run ONE COUNTRY. He has proven that by his blunders. He needs to be REPLACED by someone with some real intelligence.

ROMNEY GETS FLAK FOR BEING RIGHT: The Obama forces are giving Romney a “hard time” for being against murdering your own babies in the womb, rather that use a rubber or other forms of birth control. Abortion is MURDER. Pure and simple. I don’t care WHAT people say about it being in support of a woman’s right to choose. It’s about the right of that BABY to be ALIVE. But since the babies being murdered cannot say anything in their own defense it’s left to those who are either for or against infanticide to say whether or not it’s right to murder babies.

WHAT ABOUT PROSTITUTION? If abortion is all about “woman’s right to choose” what happens to her own body, why then, are there laws against prostitution? Isn’t THAT about a “woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body?” The difference between what IS and what people think ought to be takes my breath away. Liberals ignore this question because they can’t resolve the dichotomy without destroying their argument.

FINISH WHAT HE STARTED: That’s what Obama answers when asked what he will do in a second term. That’s a generality, but really means he means to steal trillions of dollars more and move us even closer (maybe all the way) to a socialist system that will ultimately fail (as all socialist systems eventually do because they’re based on STEALING that earned by the productive and GIVING it, unearned, to the NON-productive).

GOVERNMENT BUYS “VOLTS”: To make sure GM achieves its sales goals for the Chevy Volt (which was not selling and whose plant they closed, due to no interest in the car), the government embarked on a massive purchase of this useless car so GM could say they “made their sales goals” on the Volt.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Calling Them Nazis

People who call others such things “NAZIS” because they disagree with them are FOOLS and are PROVING IT by doing so. They show that they have NO IDEA of what Nazis are, and discredit themselves. Such is the case with the FOOLS who call others “Nazis” for supporting the Arizona law demanding the feds enforce their own immigration laws. The worse part of it is, these people don’t even REALIZE they are making FOOLS of themselves.

OBAMA IS AN “ID THIEF”: It’s undeniable. He has used several Social Security numbers over the years, all owned by other people. This makes him a FELON, something his people called Romney. What infuriates me is that NOBODY is “calling him” on it. As with his citizenship, he is in a very weak position if ANYBODY “called him” on it, but nobody will. If they do, he'll just call them racist.

REMOVE YOUR OBAMA STICKERS: It amazes me how many cars I see on the road with 2008 Obama stickers. Now I’m seeing 2012 Obama stickers. People who still think it is a good thing to have voted for Obama will want to remove those stickers because their neighbor, when he/she loses his/her job because of Obama’s incompetence, they’ll want to attack you. So if you want to stay alive, keep your ignorance secret. And yes, it’s going to get that bad. It’s going to become OBVIOUS who is to blame for massive unemployment in this country and people who are losing their homes and cars because they can no longer make payments will be very angry—and if you have an Obama sticker on your car you’ll be in BIG TROUBLE.

WE’VE REACHED A “TIPPING POINT”: Where more people wish to be KEPT by the government and will continue to vote people like Obama into office over and over, as long as hey “keep the goodies coming.” There are now more people “riding in the wagon” than there are pushing it, and it is only going to get worse as long as the moochers of society continue voting the looters into office so they can steal from the producers and give to the moochers..

Whenever ANY Obama politician says, “It’s simply a fact” before making a statement, you can count on the fact that he is about to tell a big “whopper.” One of the basic skills required to become an Obama spokesman/woman is the ability and WILLINGNESS to LIE with a straight face. Obama’s Press flack has a great innate ability to do that and as long as he demonstrates that ability every day, he will remain in that job—until he gets tired of lying for Obama.

That’s a LIE. In Oklahoma recently, non-Muslim women were told “Islamic Society of Tulsa tells NON-MUSLIM teen age girls who visit their center: “Cover your head, wear long skirts, enter mosque separately from boys.” So they’re like Obama: they’re telling a tissue of lies to fool Americans.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

He Has "More Flexibility" Now

As he whispered to Putin (through the phony Russian president, Medevev) he now has “more flexibility” to do things all Americans know are bad for us without being “called down” in any meaningful way for it. He can screw us royally with no repercussions. We’re really STUPID for re-electing this fool (not me).

RAISE TAXES, LOWER INCOME: Almost without exception when the government raises taxes, it lowers income. Democrat Jack Kennedy, Republicans Ronald Reagan and George Bush LOWERED the base tax RATE and INCOME INCREASED. When Reagan did it, he almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” But today’s politicians (Republican and Democrat) can’t seem to grasp this. They think, against all evidence, that the way to increase government income is to raise taxes. They call LOWERING taxes, “tax breaks for the rich” when they’re usually “tax breaks for EVERYBODY.”

ARRESTED FOR FARTING IN CLASS: An Albuquerque child “burped” in class and the cops were called. He was ARRESTED. What kind of FOOLS are there in Albuquerque are they to ARREST a CHILD because he “burped in class?” This is evidence of what we’ve come to in this country with liberals in charge.

“IT WASN’T GAY ENOUGH”: A gay softball league DISQUALIFIED a championship quality team because it “wasn’t gay enough.” They seem to have a MINIMUM number of gay players on every team and they DISQUALIFIED this team because they didn’t have enough GAY players. Idiocy like this is increasing everywhere, people. If this sort of thing isn’t enough to DISQUALIFY liberals from politics and from ANY position of authority, I don’t know what is.

IT HAS TO BE RACISM: People wonder why Michelle Obama was BOOED at a NASCAR event when she was introduced to the crowd. Liberals will say it was RACISM. They don’t recognize any other reason. Maybe it was because her husband is STEALING from us and destroying our economy in his efforts to make this into a SOCIALIST country. NASCAR people aren’t “redneck idiots” as liberals maintain. They’re smarter than most and they can SEE what he is doing.

“DAMAGE TO BENEFIT RATIO”: Liberals have a “knee-jerk reaction” to ANY effort to drill for oil in this country to OPPOSE it. Even though in the absence of anything viable that doesn’t involve oil, it doesn’t make sense. They ought to do a “damage to benefit ratio” study to see if the damage to the environment is sufficient to WARRANT “throwing out the baby with the bath water.”

LYING ABOUT TEA PARTIES: Remember back in the 2008 election campaign when McCain talked about the “awful things the Tea Parties have done” without going into detail (because there were no details to go into) While he ignored the “awful things” the OWS people did, like crapping on the curbside, peeing on a police car, raping women, even some stabbings, and the like. And they wonder why they lose elections and the liberal media loses readers/viewers!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Progressivism IS Communism!

I know that most people’s “eyes glaze over” when they hear the word, “communism.” But make no mistake; communism IS “alive and well” all over the world. They just call it “progressivism” today to fool those who don’t know any better. The whole “communism collapsed” thing in Russia was a “set up.” “Two steps forward and one step back” is a well known scam the communists use to make us think we have “won a great battle” while they still make progress. The then communist boss in Russia, Gorbachev, once told his “ruling body,” not to worry about such things as “Peristroika.” They are merely something to “put the Americans to sleep.” And, for the most part, particularly among our “leaders,” it has been spectacularly successful. They equate communism in Russia as being the only communism that meant anything and when it “failed,” communism was dead the world over. It is NOT.

It has just taken a new name and continues on, unabated. They just don’t call it COMMUNISM any more. Notice that in Russia the SAME PEOPLE are still running things as under communism. Vladmir Putin (now president again) is the former head or the SECRET POLICE under communism and they're now a SOCIALIST country. Communism and socialism are merely two different kinds of COLLECTIVISM. There are only cosmetic differences between the two. (Naziism is another. Nazi stands for “National SOCIALIST.” The Soviet Union was the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.” It is a “thin disguise,” but our politicians and most of the “lesser people” in this country have “bought it. ” COLLECTIVISM is the enemy, and our own president is one of collectivism’s highest-ranking promoters. He is working day and night to impose it upon us. He has already succeeded in “taking over” 1/7th of our economy, the medical profession.

He has also taken over most of the auto industry (the government now OWNS General Motors, and CONTROLS large segments of the other auto companies—that part he hasn’t allowed to be sent to China, of course). What part of the “private sector” he doesn’t OWN, he CONTROLS, through regulations. He is well on his way to creating “The American Socialist Republic.” We stupidly (not me) re-elected him to another four year term so he could complete the job he started. He even THREATENED to do so when he said, “I need another four years to finish what I started.” Make no mistake; he means to complete the job of SOCIALIZING America and becoming our “Vladmir Lenin” with that clown, Joe Biden as his Josef Stalin. People will say that what I say is just “the ravings of a dotty old man,” so they can dismiss it. But nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m one of the FEW people in this country who REALIZES what they’re doing. I doubt if I will be alive much longer. If I don’t die from old age, I believe this government will do something to “get rid of me” because I “know too much,” as did Peter McWilliams, who they murdered by putting him in prison for using the ONLY thing that kept him from vomiting up his medicine until he was found one day drowned in his own vomit. Look his name up on the Internet (if you can) or in the library (if you can’t) if you don’t believe me. Look up his book, “Nobody’s Business If You Do.” My own grandson worked for a thinly disguised “Re-elect Obama” organization during that recent interminable election. When I asked him why he was helping Obama spew his poison he told me “It was a job when there were no others.” That might be a good excuse for somebody who doesn’t know just who the enemy is, but not for me. If we don’t wake up soon, we’ll be the next “collectivist showcase country.” (Just common sense)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Many Catholics Are Fools

Those who voted for Obama in spite of his efforts to “bully” them into violating their opposition to abortion, that is. And Obama got a significant number of Catholic votes in spite of it. What’s WRONG with people? Are a significant number of them STUPID? It’s either that, or he STOLE the election.

OBAMA HAS NO PROBLEM WITH MURDERING INFANTS: He actually voted for a law in Illinois that allowed doctors to KILL an infant who survived an abortion attempt. Abortion is MURDER, and EVERY politician who approves of it is a CRIMINAL, as are those who PRACTICE it. How did we come to the place where MURDER is LEGAL and people are MARGINALIZED for pointing that out?

“WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED”: That’s what House Leader Bohner says, but he’s wrong. We DON’T want Obama to succeed because for him to succeed, we must FAIL. If he succeeds, we will be a socialist country with the GOVERNMENT giving us ORDERS on how to live our lives. I will not stand for that, and will likely go to prison for it. If they’re going to give me orders, they might as well do it from behind bars.

TAXING THE RICH” WON’T WORK: Obama keeps pounding that “class warfare” crap where they tax the rich more and more and HOPE they can be taxed enough to carry the day. They can’t. They just won’t believe that if you just TOOK every dime they made over a million dollars they could run the country for about a month. Liberals are too stupid.

WHY ALWAYS CONSERVATIVES? Now the election’s over (for a few minutes) everybody’s talking about “cooperation” and “working together for the betterment of the country.” But why is is always the CONSERVATIVES who have to “cooperate” and accept the LIBERAL way? Why do the liberals (socialist Democrats) never seem to “cooperate” with any of OUR ideas?

Within HOURS of being re-elected, Obama signals his backing for the United Nations gun ban treaty, which will VIOLATE the Constitution of the United States. I guess he feels “more secure” since he doesn’t have to worry about re-election any more. He can “give away the store” without being hurt.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Stupid Electorate

That’s the only thing I can call it. They could be forgiven for electing that FOOL to the White House the first time, even though they knew NOTHING about him. But they’ve had FOUR YEARS to find out he is a dedicated SOCIALIST who wants nothing more than make this into a socialist country and “finishing what he started” (as he promised) will do that. But RE-electing him is sheer STUPIDITY!

WHAT “RECOVERY?” The liberal media is whining about “a return to the recession.” WHAT “return?” We never left it! Every day Obama has been running things he has done SOMETHING to make it worse while telling us it’s “getting better.” And he’ll KEEP lying to us as long as he’s “in power.”

MORE AND MORE LIES: For the next four years expect to hear lies piled on lies from the White House, such as Obama saying, “I’m looking forward to working with the Republicans” (I've heard that song before) or Harry Reid saying, “Compromise is not a dirty word,” when to compromise with the socialist Democrats IS a “dirty word. I still think either Obama STOLE the election or almost 50% of Americans are STUPID. It has to be one or the other—or BOTH.

“YOU GOT THE GOVT YOU DESERVE”: That’s what Sean Hannity says. And he’s right. If Americans can’t see what they got when they first elected Obama—and STILL re-elected him, they DID “get the government they deserved.” But why must they drag intelligent people along with them in their STUPID quest?

REPUBLICANS “EXAMINING THEMSELVES”: To see where they went wrong. I can tell them where they went wrong; they failed to consider the number of people in this country voting who wanted a “free ride.” People who want to live at the expense of others. What they don’t consider is they’re setting up an “Atlas Shrugged”  situation when the achievers in our society will get tired of being LOOTED  and will stop earning in such a way as to allow themselves to be looted. Then it will “all go away” as it did in Russia.

GOP WANTS TO KNOW WHAT THEY DID WRONG: They told the TRUTH to voters who didn’t want to HEAR it. They talked about working and EARNING their way when the majority of voters wanted a “free ride,” and that’s what Obama was promising. They’re now talking about “moving to the center.” But all they need to do is be more convincing with their message. Not the message the LIBERALS want them to spout. We don’t want them to become liberals.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"A Day of Infamy"

This date, November 7, 2012, will be remembered as a “day of infamy” when we gave up our rights to a socialist government to come, headed (he hopes) by Barack Obama. The socialists have “taken over” our government in a “bloodless coup” without firing a shot. And we are condemned to listen to Obama’s lies for yet another 4 years (at least). I’ve gotten so sick of listening to his lies I hit the “mute” button on my TV whenever I hear his voice.

LUCAS SOLD RIGHTS TO AVOID TAXES: George Lucas sold the rights to “Star Wars” to Disney NOW to avoid next year’s higher taxes if Obama gets re-elected. But don’t be surprised if Obama has a law passed RETROACTIVELY to tax that sale. Sure it’ll be unconstitutional. But when has that ever stopped Obama before?

VOTE FOR REVENGE: That’s what Obama is saying now. Revenge for WHAT? If I voted for “revenge” it would be AGAINST Obama. But I voted for REAL “hope and change” and guess for whom I voted? It WASN’T Obama, I can tell you! The only “hope and change” I want is to go back to the REAL free market and the right to make my own decisions, unencumbered by nameless, faceless bureaucrats.

CLINTON BALANCED NO BUDGETS: Democrats have claimed for YEARS that Clinton “balanced budgets.” Like most of what the Democrats (socialists) say, that’s a LIE. Not a prevarication; not a misstatement, an out-and-out LIE. The only budget that SEEMED to be balanced included Social Security money, which is already “earmarked.” Earmarked money cannot be included in a budget to make it SEEM like it is balanced. But when has violating the law or Constitution bothered Democrats?

WHERE WERE LIBYAN “AUTHORITIES? The terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, took EIGHT HOURS. More than enough time for the Libyan government to mobilize their people to put a stop to the attack. There was at least ONE outfit DEVOTED to protecting that embassy, but it “melted away” when the attack began. We should have strengthened our security after earlier attacks, but we didn’t. Why? Obama said “no.”

WHAT A LOAD! Democrats say there is no such thing as voter fraud and GOP is “trying to fix something that isn’t broken.” How about the voting computers take a vote for Romney and register it as a vote for Obama (Which is PROVEN. How many haven’t been found?)? Of COURSE there aren’t many “reports” of voter fraud with nothing in place to catch it. What FOOLS they think we are!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ending With A Big Lie

Obama has ended his presidential re-election campaign with one of the biggest LIES I’ve ever heard him tell. We all know he has spent more money than there IS and gotten nothing for it. That our unemployment numbers are as high as they’ve EVER been; that MILLIONS are out of work and are losing their cars, houses, and other things that are important to them: that the real estate market is DOWN; people are SUFFERING from the effect of his ignorant policies and he DID NOT "save" the auto industry. GM is still on the brink of bankruptcy He says he created 5 MILLION jobs. WHERE? WHEN? That might sound good when he says it, but it's not enough to even KEEP UP with the birth rate.That in the midst of a big oil crisis, he has made policies GUARANTEEING we will be dependent on people who HATE us for our oil, for years to come. Then he runs an ad saying, “We’ve tried our way and it has worked!” WORKED? When and WHERE? I haven’t seen a single idea he’s tried that worked (If anybody can show me one I’ll be grateful). “We tried their way and it DIDN’T work.” WHEN and WHERE did they EVER “try their way? He shut Republicans OUT  of every important decision. He says, “We won two wars in the Middle East.” WHEN? WHERE? We RAN from both Iran and Afghanistan! Then he said, “We brought our troops home.” Right; we did it by “running for the hills” while the terrorists were blowing up our consulate and MURDERING our diplomats. Obama LIES bigger and bigger every day. I thought he was a FOOL when he claimed to be able to “lower the sea level,” but nobody ever took that seriously. I’ll tell you what, folks’ if you give him another four years to screw us even more, you’re FOOLS and deserve the biggest FOOL to ever occupy the White House and what that will bring you.. (Just common sense)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Promises to Keep"

Obama is good at making promises. He will make any promise his speech writers put on his teleprompter. But he’s not very good on keeping them—unless they involve raising taxes and spending more and more of YOUR money. If anybody can show me a SINGLE promise he has kept that is not bad for this country, tell me about it.

NOT MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: PLEASE not him! Some people have talked about the New York City mayor running for president. My God, not HIM! He’ll do what he has done in NYC and create a NATIONWIDE “nanny state.” He will BAN everything he can think of that he doesn’t like. Liberals don’t like something, they want to BAN it. Conservatives don’t like something, they don’t do it. they don’t try to stop other people from doing it. Bloomberg IS a liberal, even if he is a Republican. He has proved it by his actions.

BECAUSE HE’S A MORMON: Many people say Romney can’t possibly win because he’s a Mormon. The same people said Jack Kennedy could never win because he was a CATHOLIC! They were wrong then and they’re wrong now. What kind of FOOLS are these? Bigoted people, that’s whom. They used to say a black man could never be elected president, and they were wrong then, too.

“SECRETARY OF BUSINESS”: What the hell is Obama THINKING to even SUGGEST a “secretary of business?” We don’t NEED “direction” to know how to do business in the free market, ans we don't need another bureaucracy. But we might if Obama succeeds in turning this country into a SOCIALIST country and that’s what he plans for us, whether we want it or not. Americans who can’t See Obama’s socialist plans for us are FOOLS, and are beyond help.

RACIST VOTERS: Blacks who vote for Obama ONLY because he’s black are themselves RACIST. But of course, they’ll deny it. If I DIDN’T vote for Obama because he’s black, I would be a racist. It works both ways. But I have many other better reasons for not voting for this fool.

REV. LOWERY IS RIGHT: He says “America is going to hell in a handbasket,” and he’s right. But not for the reasons he THINKS. It’s going there because it’s being LED there by Barack Obama. He’ll deny it, but it’s true. Just as Rev. Wright said, “God DAMN America,” it looks like He is “damning America.” And if Obama remains at the helm, it will be true.

LOWERY IS “FRIGHTENED”: Rev. Lowery says, “I’m frightened by the amount of hatred and bitterness that is coming out in this election.” Than why does he “fan the flames?” He and Rev. Wright go out of their way to do so, and THAT frightens me. And I’m not afraid of ANYTHING.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Just don't Understand

Why otherwise intelligent people do such STUPID things as to endorse a stooge like Obama as General Colin Powell did recently. Powell is a competent general, but I think he has reached his “Peter Principle” plateau as a politician. The Peter Principle says, “Every individual in a hierarchy will rise until he/she reaches his/her “level of incompetence.” When he stupidly endorsed Obama, he reached his “level of incompetence.”

CALLING OBAMA A “RETARD”: Using the word “retard” to describe the president (who IS a “retard”) should not offend people with Down’s Syndrome because it does not affect them and is not used to do so. When Ann Coulter used it she meant SPECIFICALLY Obama, and she’s right. I saw a Down’s man on TV obviously reading from a script calling her down. This is obviously somebody (not a Down’s person) making that statement, USING that Down’s man’s face and words. That’s WORSE than using the word. Obama is the “poster boy” for ignorance.

OBAMA’S LOSING: He’s losing, BIG; mostly because of his miserable record. Because of that miserable record, all he has is two things: racism accusations and class warfare. It’s pathetic. He keeps coming up with new ways to “reinforce” these two things, hoping that will help him win. He’s too ignorant to know he’s “pissing off” the entire country by insulting their intelligence with these two themes. He thinks he’s winning, even though he has to falsify the polls to make it LOOK that way so we’ll get dispirited and not vote. It isn’t going to work.

People (even on our side) are calling what’s happening a “recovery, albeit a WEAK one. I don’t think it’s a “recovery” at all; not even a “weak one.” The unemployment numbers are still above anything we had before Obama, and he’s still talking about spending more money, after already spending more money than there IS in the world.

OBVIOUSLY LYING: Obama goes on TV and tells an OBVIOUS LIE and nobody in his “captive media” calls him on it. Like one of the most recent lies when he said he “Wasn’t cutting the military budget, he was MAINTAINING it.” Does he really think we will believe this BS? I certainly don’t, and neither does ANYBODY who is “paying attention.”

NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT I’VE DONE: Obama says he doesn’t want you to vote based on what he HAS done, but about what he’s GOING TO DO. Kinda like the Nobel Commission giving him an UNEARNED Nobel Prize, based on what he was GOING TO DO, but didn’t. He makes a lot of PROMISES, but the only ones he keeps are the ones we don’t want him to keep. Like “sharing (your) wealth with people who do not earn it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Misplaced Priorities

Many Americans claim they have “other priorities” than keeping track of what their politicians are doing to them. Many keep track of EVERY MOVE of their favorite football or basketball player. They know how many times that player has the ball in his hands and what he does with it each time and they can recite the figures to you ad nauseum from memory,. But they don’t have time to know what their politicians are doing to them. Thus, those politicians are screwing them royally every day and these Americans don’t even know it. So they vote those politicians back into office, time and time again and wonder why their money is worth less every day. They wonder why their “tax bite” is getting bigger and bigger every year as politicians tax them more and more to pay for their “giveaway programs.” They wonder why they can't seem to do ANYTHING these days without going to a bureaucrat, "hat in hand," and ask permission to do things they have always had the RIGHT to do without question.

My own SON is more interested in how many bucks he can make than in what Obama does to him with his socialistic policies (which is okay, but he should do both). We have the opportunity tomorrow to do what the Russian people DIDN’T do when Vladmir Lenin was solidifying his power. We can vote Barack Obama OUT and GET RID of him. Will we? Only time will tell. But if we vote to keep our own “Vladmir Lenin” in office tomorrow, how many years will we have to suffer under a socialist government that sucks all that is good out of us as the Russian people have suffered under 75 years of a socialist (Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics) government that remains until this day SUPPOSEDLY under a “no longer communist government” with the SAME PEOPLE running things now as then who SAY “they’re no longer communists.”

We need to WAKE UP and get these socialists (Democrats) out of office and take our country BACK from those who would ENSLAVE us. THINK, people! Do you WANT a socialist government that sucks the good out of every man and woman who becomes  dependent on government for their very daily bread and thus MUST “follow orders” as to how to live their lives? Do you WANT to have to live life as some nameless, faceless bureaucrat tells you to live it? Or do you want to be free to make your own decisions and have the INCENTIVE to do your best? Socialism DESTROYS incentive because who wants to work for anything if the GOVERNMENT will take it away from them to pay for somebody else's needs? The only problem is, it only "takes care of them" at a SUBSISTENCE level. All while those who are still able and WILLING to WORK under these conditions pay the bills (as long as they continue to work under a system that robs them). Soon they will figure out that they are BEING suckered and robbed and will join the ranks of those wanting the GOVERNMENT to "take care of them" and there will BE no money for the GOVERNMENT to use to pay the bills for everybody. (Just common sense)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

10 Million New Voters

Obama’s people say there are 10 million new voters: the young and dumb, and that’s the ones he’s after now. People he can depend upon to know NOTHING about the “fool moves” he’s made. People who were primarily occupied with “growing up,” not what Washington is doing to them. They will learn, but way too late.

IF HE WERE WHITE” Many people say “If Obama was white, he never would have been elected.” Obama will call that racist, but the statement itself is racist. Frankly, I think the only reason he WAS elected with nobody knowing ANYTHING about him is because he’s (half) black. (I never could figure out why being HALF black made him special) People feel guilty NOT voting for a black man and THAT’S racist. Frankly, I don’t care if he’s PURPLE with green polka-dots. His POLICIES are what make me vote against him, if BUGS BUNNY was running against him. I didn’t vote for him the first time because I can spot a con man a mile away.

HURTING BILL’S FEELINGS: Poor baby! Does Romney’s true statements about Obama selling Chrysler to the Chinese “hurt your feelings” because you used to own one? Who cares? I couldn’t care less what cars you’ve owned, and less about hurting your feelings. Do you think it doesn’t hurt Romney’s feelings when you call him a murderer (when Obama actually IS after standing by WATCHING those people in Benghazi die while REFUSING to send them help)? Or when you call him a dunce? Your “feelings” mean NOTHING to me. Do you think you should be immune after the awful things you’ve called Romney? Sheesh! How STUPID are you?

OBAMA CALLED ROMNEY A MURDERER: Just because one of his decisions as governor MIGHT have caused a woman’s death of cancer? Obama’s decision NOT to send help to the embassy in Banghazi absolutely RESULTED in FOUR deaths. Should we call HIM a murderer? I think he’s WORSE than a murderer. He used the power of his office to IGNORE those deaths and then LIE about it for two weeks.

WHO DO YOU HELP, OBAMA? Obama is making a “big thing” of promising ANYTHING he can do to help the victims of “Sandy.” But what did he do to help the victims of the Banghazi terrorist raid? Nothing. He THREE TIMES refused to send help while WATCHING them die. This guy just doesn’t care about anybody but himself. After these people died, he flew off to Las Vegas for a fund raiser. How callous is that?

OUR DAMFOOL PRESIDENT: He thinks he can get re-elected after standing by watching his people die in Benghazi while spending more of (our) money than there IS and making decisions (like that he made about the Canadian oil pipeline) that not only did NOT help the economy OR our dependence on foreign oil, but made it much WORSE? If he can get re-elected after that and other fool things he’s done, we’re (not me) bigger fools than he is.