Sunday, February 28, 2010


A term coined by Ann Coulter, but which was originally called “Carterism” by Ronald Reagan. It involved three phases: “1. If it moves, tax it; 2. if it keeps moving, regulate it; 3. if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

UNPAID GRAFFITI: An outfit offering graffiti to people who want to PAY for it misunderstood my comment about “graffiti artists not being artists” by saying, ‘In that case, The New Yorker is not a magazine.” He’s right, if you think that this magazine comes to you if you don't PAY for it, plastered all over your private property without permission. What appears on walls (without permission) all over is NOT art. It's trespassing and defacing other people's property.

TWISTING THE FACTS: Seth McFarlane, creator of The Family guy and American Dad, recently said Ronald Reagan would have prosecuted former Vice-President Dick Cheney because he approved of “waterboarding,” defining it as “torture.” This is a good example of liberals defining things to suit themselves so they can DECIDE what is, or is not illegal. Typical liberal twisting of the facts.

ALL LIBERAL'S (DEMOCRAT) FAULT: Every bad thing that has happened in this country such as depressions, recessions, inflation and such can be traced back (if you’re really looking) to a liberal (Democrat) administration in power. It doesn’t have to be a Democrat president (though that makes it worse), but a Democrat majority in Congress—or at least a near majority able to enact legislation inimical to the good of the American people (Reagan’s Congress spent $1.25 for every $1.00 his tax cuts increased the “tax take,” giving us a net loss of .25 for each dollar increase in the "tax take."

LOWERING THE BAR: Liberals think if they FOOL kids into thinking they’re smarter than they are, it’s a good thing. It isn’t. Soon these kids will be “in charge” and they’ll be fools to be overcome. Hopefully, they’ll be overcome first by good people not limited by a liberal education that favors lowering the passing grade to 40%.

ANTI-GUN FOOLS: Many times I’ve asked the “unanswerable question” (What makes you think a CRIMINAL, who breaks laws for a living, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?”) of anti-gun fools like the former mayor of Denver (Wellington Webb) and they couldn’t answer. So they just called me names and ignored the question. I’ve never been able to get a coherent answer to this question from a liberal. Of course, this never stops them from making more and more anti-gun laws they can’t meaningfully enforce on criminals, but WILL disarm honest people and make of them “easy targets.”

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The REAL Figures

Bankruptcies have TRIPLED in the last six months since Obama took over. That’s a figure that can’t be “fuzzed over” by the Obama forces who hope to fool us into thinking things are going great by saying, “things are getting better, but Americans just can’t see it.” There’s a good reason why we “can’t see it.” It isn’t happening. People who aren’t making money don’t pay taxes, and usually go broke.

HOW CONVENIENT: Muslims will not go through the new airport scanners because it is against Islamic Law for any Muslim person to be seen naked by anyone not married to them. How damned convenient that is!

WHY ISN'T THE ECONOMY IMPROVING? First of all, because the real reason (banks being FORCED to loan money to people who can't pay it back) has never been addressed, and the Obama administration is still enforcing the laws that CAUSED the bust!

NOT TAKING CHANCES: One reason why things aren't getting better is that banks and other businesses, knowing if they get in trouble, the government will "bail them out," don't take the chances they'd normally take to make money. Meanwhile, their government is continually telling them "profit is eeeevil."

TAX INCREASES DO NOT HELP THE ECONOMY! This is something Obama and his crew just do not understand. He thinks the only way to increase the amount of money coming in is to raise taxes. But when you do that, you INHIBIT those who want to make a profit, which is what is ESSENTIAL if the government is to take in more tax money. It destroys INCENTIVE to create more taxable income.

STEALING FROM THE POOR: One of the favorite themes of the liberals is to talk about how “the rich” have “stolen” from the poor to become rich. Which leads to the question: how do you steal riches from people who have never been rich? Common sense will tell you that you can’t. But liberals have never shown much common sense.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Using Civilians as Shields

That’s what the Islamic terrorists are doing (in Afghanistan) Making SURE there will be civilian casualties they can blame on us. And our wimpy politicians fall for it, blaming our soldiers, along with our detractors. They drop their weapons, knowing our “rules of combat” don’t allow us to shoot them if they do, while others are hidden who do not, and kill many of our soldiers before they can react.

“TEA PARTY” SPLITS NEVADA: It’s the best news Harry Reid has gotten in a long time. The “Tea Party” has filed for political party status in Nevada. That just might help Harry keep the seat he has almost lost by pushing Obama’s very unpopular health care swindle.

“I’M FOR CLEAN COAL”: That’s what Obama said recently. But before that, he said “I promise to BANKRUPT the coal industry,” This notwithstanding the fact that there has not risen a cleaner REPLACEMENT for coal, and its disappearance would be a disaster for the country.

BACK AND FORTH” Joe Biden was all for getting rid of Saddam Hussein. Then he was all for ENDING the (already won) war in Iraq and declaring defeat. Then he was FOR the Iraq war again when it became “Obama’s war.” Now he says it is the “best accomplishment of this administration,” forgetting entirely that the only gains we have seen recently have come from continuing Bush’s strategies there. Jeeze! What a FOOL we (not me) elected vice-president!

“SHOOT BECK IN THE HEAD”: The Huffington Post has a problem with Glenn Beck saying the word “slaughter,” but has no problem with itself saying “I’d like to shoot Beck in the head!” What a bunch of fools!

ON “GETTING TROUBLE”: I get in trouble a lot because of things I say. And that’s a GOOD thing, because the people I get in trouble with are usually liberals. My kind of people don’t get mad at me for the things I say because they say the same things. Sometimes people come to me who used to hate me with a passion because of what I say and tell me, “You were right, all along, and I just realized it.”

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bipartisan Cooperation

The liberals are always on about “bipartisan cooperation,” which simply means, conservatives abandoning their principles and agreeing with the liberal position. That’s not going to happen.

LIBERAL PROFESSOR GOES BANANAS: The professor who went bananas in a faculty meeting and killed three of her colleagues was a left-wing fanatic, but nobody thought anything about it. In academia, left-wing is standard. It is “right-wingers” at whom they look askance, but who have not killed any of them. It was also illegal for her to bring that gun in there. But that didn't stop her. It never does.

NO-GUN ZONE: The place where a liberal professor “went off the rails” and murdered three of her associates is a “gun-free zone.” Did that strop her or even slow her down? Nope. People planning on killing other people don’t obey laws that say they can’t be armed. Neither do common criminals bent on robbing or killing you. There has never been such a shooting at a gun show where everybody has a gun, has there?

200 YEARS: Alexis deToquevill said “the average life of a democracy is about 200 years” because when the people learn they can vote themselves largess from the government, they do so, until it destroys their economy. We’re way beyond that now, and I think our people are about to rediscover it.

RELYING ON FOREIGN NEWS: We must rely on foreign news sources for true news, since we can no longer depend upon American news sources to bring us the real truth about what’s happening. The foreign news sources don’t “buy into” the liberal scam governing the American news media.

IT’S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: That’s what the Obama crowd is now saying about the economy, trying desperately to still blame the Republicans for the bad economy THEY created, in order to get elected and take over the government. Truth is, until their machinations came into effect, this was the best, and most long-lasting boom ever because of the tax cuts engineered by Reagan and Bush (both Republicans).

BLAMING THE INNOCENT: Scapegoating is a time-honored scam used by politicians to inflame the masses and deflect blame from themselves. The Czarist Russians blamed the Jews and many of them died in the “pogroms” sponsored against them before the communists took over and made things worse yet. Hitler used it, too. Obama is blaming Bush and the Republicans for the conditions we now face, and which are the consequence of the actions of his own people in order to get him elected.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"The Party of NO"

That’s what the Democrats call the Republicans. Actually, they’re “the party of HELL NO!” when it comes to agreeing to the silly excesses of government the Democrats want to impose on us. And they should continue to be “the party of HELL NO!” as long as Democrats want to enslave us and con us out of all our money. That’s the best way they can protect us.

CIVILIANS UP FRONT: That’s the way the Islamic terrorists work, making civilian casualties impossible to avoid. And when they happen, they “scream bloody murder” as if our soldiers TARGETED those civilians. They do not. ALL civilian casualties there are the responsibility of the Islamic terrorists, since “hiding behind them” GUARANTEES they will die. This is their scam and it works well as long as our idiot politicians respond the way they anticipate.

“BORROWER IS SLAVE OF LENDER”: An old Chinse proverb says, “The borrower is the slave of the lender.” Strange that this is a CHINESE proverb, since we are now DEEP in debt to communist China, which has gotten rich by doing business with other countries using CAPITALISM (something it could not do using communism) and is now in a position to buy our debt. They have already tried “giving us orders” when they told Obama not to talk to the Dahli Llama. I say “tried” because, to his credit, he told them to go to hell. But with his temperament, how long can this last?

WE WANT OBAMA TO FAIL! Make no mistake about it! Everything Obama stands for is something to which we are diametrically OPPOSED. So if Obama fails, we succeed. It’s as simple as that. They take Rush Limbaugh to task for wanting him to fail, but he’s not alone; ALL people who want to make their own decisions in life without the interference of nameless, faceless bureaucrats appointed by Obama want him to fail. That’s a fact, Jack! And it’s not going to change.

ALWAYS A “BIPARTISAN GROUP”: Whenever Obama wants to avoid responsibility for a shaky decision, he appoints a “bipartisan group” to look into it. He’s doing so after it was discovered that no measures were taken to get rid of nuclear waste after he announced spending $8 billion more money we don’t have to open a new nuclear facility after he ordered the only nuclear waste disposable site closed.

MAKING IT TRUE: The liberals constantly say former veep Cheney is “the most unpopular politician there is” and hope we believe it. In reality, he is THE most popular politician there is, except among liberals—which is, of course, the only people they count. Do they really think they can “make it true” by repeating it over and over?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with AlGore won their prize by submitting a paper based on newsletters written by pro-global warming activists, student papers (not even doctoral students) and other sources that are NOT “peer-reviewed.” Too bad they can’t take it (the Prize) back.

SARAH SHOULD BE PROUD: The liberals are now calling her “a merchant of hate.” The same thing they called Ronald Reagan many times. That means she’s got them “on the run.”

BOYCOTT WAL-MART: That’s what I saw on a bumper sticker the other day. What the hell FOR? For making needed items more affordable? If they’re gone, we’ll be paying a LOT more for the things we need. Is that what they want? After they’re gone, is Target next?

RACIST: The whole idea that a literacy test for voters is racist is, in itself, racist because it assumes that black people, Hispanics, and other minorities would be UNABLE to pass such a test in greater numbers.

WAY TOO MUCH SECURITY: The other day I watched ONE limousine go by, accompanied by FIFTY police cars and easily as many motorcycle cops with other cops blocking a major intersection for way too long. I can understand Joe Biden needing security, but that’s WAY too much.

GETTING TO THE CHILDREN: Obama is now trying to con children in school, making them think their parents are not too bright (which most of them think, anyway) and that they’re smarter than their parents while feeding them socialist claptrap as “truth.”

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obama Wants to Be Seen with GOP

Obama wants to “have a meeting” with Republicans so he can blame them when his health care swindle fails because he can’t even get his own party people to agree. It’s just another of Obama’s con-man schemes.

“I’M SMARTER THAN YOU”: That’s Obama. He thinks nobody is as smart as he is, yet he displays his ignorance every time he opens his mouth. That’s the problem with many elitist politicians who end up in Washington. They think they’re the smartest people ever, and that we’re either ignorant, or stupid. That’s going to be their downfall as Americans “get wise” to their scams.

“FREE MARKET SOCIALISM”: A man calling into the Rush Limbaugh show mentioned “free market socialism.” He obviously didn’t know that was a contradiction in terms. People like that DEMONSTRATE their ignorance for all to see, and they don’t even know it. If you call it to their attention they ridicule you. Stupid, I guess.

CLIMATE CHANGE: That’s AlGore’s new name for his global warming swindle. He gets very irritated at people who still use the “global warming” name. He thinks it’s “the ultimate trump card.” That way, whatever happens; cold, hot, wet, dry, etc., he can attribute to “climate change” without argument.

CHINA GIVES OBAMA AN “ORDER”: They “ordered him not to talk TO THE Dahlai Llama. Who the Hell do they think they are? Even wimpy Obama ought to have enough “intestinal fortitude” to tell them to “go to hell” and do what he thinks best.

REPUBLICANS “LICKING THEIR CHOPS”: Obama is busily giving them the next couple of elections without having a clue it’s happening. That is, if the Republicans don’t “go to sleep.” They have a unique opportunity to again take over both Houses and the presidency if they don’t blow it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Party of "Hell No!"

The liberals call the Republican Party “the party of no.” But if not being that involves agreeing to support Obama’s theft from Americans, I’ll happily wear the label. In fact, I’ll add to it. They should be “the party of HELL no!”

ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE: That’s the deadly combination of traits to which most politicians are subject; mostly Democrats and other liberals, but some Republicans, too. That leads to the kind of dilemma in which we find ourselves now: a ruined economy and the government, thinking they can help by spending more, go on a spending spree with our money. I hope our descendants (for whom the bills will surely come due) can survive it.

GORE CAUSED IT: You know that big snow storm in Washington, DC? That’s aimed at AlGore, who made Mother nature mad by trying to swindle us out of our socks by predicting she was going to make things a "lot" hotter (one degree in 100 years) in the future. That this is a bad thing is debatable, even if true. But she’s proving him wrong, in a big way.

RECORD SNOWFALL IN CHICAGO AND WASHINGTON: Mother Nature is “messing with us.” Maybe she’s trying to tell Obama not to join with AlGore in his “global warming” swindle. Yeah, yeah, I know Al doesn’t want us to call it that any more. It doesn’t work with all the COLD temperatures and snow. He insists we now call it “climate change,” which is not so specific.

“PROFESSOR” RACIST? To call Obama “the professor” is the same as calling him “an uppity black,” according to liberal (intellectual) professor Ogilvy. Which proves racism is only “in the eye of the beholder.” This means anybody can define something as “racist,” at any time, regarding critics of this president.

OBAMA SPEAKS: Obama couldn’t go out to make a speech because of AlGore’s snowstorm. So he commandeered the podium in the white House press room and spoke for almost an hour to the “captive newspeople.” It was enough to make me want to vomit.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"No More Stimulus"

The liberals have worn out the word “stimulus” so now they’re calling it a “jobs program,” but it’s still the same thing. Give people money or tax breaks if they obey Obama’s orders. It hasn’t worked, but he’s going to keep it up. Just rename it.

RENAME IT: That’s what all politicians do when their programs become known as losers. Do the same thing under a different name and hope we won’t notice. People like me who DO pay attention notice, and try to tell the others, but they won’t listen. They’ve been busy listening to the politicians’ lies.

ANOTHER SPEECH: Apparently Obama still thinks he can solve all his many problems with another speech. He broke into the daily press conference (which he controls) and gave a LONG speech, again “chewing us out” for not buying his swindle. I turned the sound off. I hate even the sound of his voice. Gawd, what a JERK the American people elected!

“ANGER AND HARSH RHETORIC”: That’s what ABC found at the Tea Party convention in Nashville. What the hell did thye expect? Obama is spending all their money and trying hard to enslave Americans Yes, they’re ANGRY and angry people use “harsh rhetoric.” Obama should start LISTENING instead of criticizing people for responding to his swindles and being angry.

‘BENDING OVER BACKWARD”: Obama broke into the day’s press conference to say we should “bend over backward” to accommodate the Iran regime. What the hell FOR”? They need to “bend over” for US. What Obama really means is for us to “bend over forward” so they can screw us, too.

LEARNING THE LANGUAGE: I’m going to say this one more time. If I were to move to France permanently, I’d do it legally. And I WOULD learn French. I would not insist the French learn MY language. That’s not racism, it’s common sense.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not A "Fringe Movement," Stupid!

The Democrats admit the “Tea Party” represents 41% of the American people then, in the same breath, call it a “fringe movement.” 41% is NOT a “fringe movement!” Wake up and smell the stinky brown stuff you’re spouting, liberals! You’re talking out of the same place that comes from.

WE’RE “WHUPPIN’” ‘EM: The “Tea Party” is “whuppin’” the Democrats everywhere and it’s scaring them to death. So they try and paint them as a “fringe movement” and hope a majority of Americans (who don’t pay attention to politics anyway) will believe that, among all their other lies.

TRUTH BEING IGNORED: I get so tired of telling the truth every day and seeing nothing happen because of it. I tell people things; they say, “yup,” and then go out and wash the car or go bowling, forgetting what I’ve told them, even though it is enslaving them and stealing more and more of their money to pay for it. Wake UP, America! Find out what Obama is doing to you and stop it!

“NATIONAL UNITY”: Iran is calling for national unity after stealing their most recent election and murdering protesters of that stolen election. How stupid do they think their people are? Do they think calling for national unity will actually UNITE their people FOR them instead of AGAINST them? I think any “unity” they see will sweep them out of office and maybe in front of a firing squad.

LEARN THE LANGUAGE, DAMMIT! The people who put the Obamation in the White House refuse to learn our language, and so can’t even SAY “vote” in English. I have not a thing against people LEGALLY entering the United States, becoming citizens, and voting in our elections. But I’m adamantly AGAINST people who come here ILLEGALLY, refuse to assimilate and STILL vote in our elections and burden our medical system.

SHAKY MARKETS: The markets are shaky because they haven’t the foggiest notion of what Obama is going to do. I don’t think he does, either.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Won't He Answer?

Obama has spent, so far, $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money to hide the truth from you, the voter. Originally, I wasn’t interested in this until he went so far out of his way to avoid offering proof. Now I want to know. There have been more than 20 legal actions trying to FORCE this possibly illegal president to PROVE his eligibility. The Executive Director of the USJF has gotten DEATH THREATS from Obama supporters for filing this action. Is it that he CAN’T provide this proof? Will I get death threats for this item? If so, bring it on!

IT’S EASY TO TELL: It’s very easy to tell which people scare the hell out of the liberals. They are the ones, living or dead, that they try the hardest to demonize. Reagan has been dead for a long time, but they still ridicule him and try their best to discredit him. That tells me a lot about him (if I didn't already know it), AND them. Sarah Palin is the current embodiment of Reagan’s policies, which accounts for the liberals (Democrats) slinging dung in her direction on a regular basis.

CNN TRYING TO KILL “TEA PARTIES” MOVEMENT: They make a big thing out of the fact that the “tea Parties” are “fighting amongst themselves” about which one will be the REAL “Tea Party” in this country. They’re LOVING it. As long as they’re “fighting amongst themselves,” they’re less effective. And that’s how the liberals want it. Only Sarah Palin can bring them together.

GOVERNMENT CONTROL: The “inexorable rise in medical costs” were CAUSED by government interference. Fully HALF or more of the higher costs pay for all the government red tape doctors must wade through to satisfy government regulations.

ENTERTAINING: Michael Moore is like the World Wrestling Federation. Nobody thinks he’s real any more, but he’s still entertaining.

EXEMPTING ITSELF: Have you noticed that Congress routinely exempts its members from the laws it passes to run OUR lives? Example: the “cushy” medical care THEY have, vs. the system they’re trying to impose on us.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Obama Putting Out Pure Hate

He hates the coal industry and has pledged to bankrupt it, notwithstanding that if it was gone, we’d perish. He hates profit, but gives billions of our dollars to large corporations because “they’re too big to fail.” What the hell does he expect them to DO with that money? “Not failing” IS making a profit!

PROFIT IS EEEVIL! That’s what Obama and other liberals say. So they’re giving billions of dollars to large corporations so they can--wait for it—make profits. There seems to be a “disconnect” between what they SAY, and what they DO.

“ONLY THE RICH WILL PAY”: That’s been the liberal litany since forever. It pushes the usual liberal “class warfare.” Frankly, is does nothing to help YOU if the “rich” pay more. And in the end, it’s YOU who pays more. They SAID “only the rich” would ever pay income tax. But now they’re auditing WAITRESSES and CAB DRIVERS for their TIPS! Only the “rich?” How many rich waitresses and cab drivers do you know?

NEVER ANSWER CHARGES: That’s the liberal (Democrat) method. Just call the person making the charges names for making them. For instance: Obama’s gang calls ANYBODY who criticizes Obama a racist. They’re not necessarily racist, but they start defending themselves against that and forget the original charge.

“FANNING THE FLAMES OF RACISM”: That’s what liberals (Democrats) say about Rush Limbaugh. But it’s really “race whores” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan who DO. Even Obama has been doing it. But nobody talks about that.

VOLUNTARY TAX: I’ve always wondered how the feds managed to con us into believing the income tax was “voluntary,” since they will fine you heavily and even send you to PRISON if you don’t pay it. This “Garfield” strip makes it plain how they think. (Garfield)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


The libs criticize the GOP for not being bipartisan when it is the liberals who “shut them out” at every turn. Do they really think we believe this crap? They say the Republicans “don’t have any good ideas,” but they IGNORE all the ideas the Republicans try to advance, SAYING “they’re not good ideas.” Bipartisan, to liberals, means agreeing with them.

WHAT A LOAD! Obama says we can’t continue to spend as if spending did not have consequences. This right after he spent more money in ONE YEAR than has been spent by this entire government since its inception! What a load of stinky brown stuff!

LIBS PRIMARY SCAM: Create a panic, publicize it to the skies, and then offer to fix it; the “fix” always involves higher taxes and more restrictive laws and regulations. This is why not a day goes by without a new “panic.”

DEPENDS ON WHICH SIDE: ABC won’t air anti-socialized medicine ads free, but they WILL air PRO-socialized medicine ads free. How transparently biased can they be?

TOO MUCH, TOO SOON: Obama is grabbing too much, too soon, and is “waking up” a “sleeping giant” in the American people. He’s just “going wild” in his efforts to loot as much as he can before we get rid of him. This will be his downfall, and will cause him to be a one-term president like his predecessor, Jimmy Carter.

CONSERVATIVES DON’T DEMONSTRATE: Not, at least, until they’re pushed too far, as now. They’re usually busy working and earning their own way. Not like liberals, most of whom have government salaries if they’re working at all, and have plenty of time to demonstrate.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spending Our Way Out of a Recession

That’s what Congressman James Clyburn (naturally, he's a Democrat) says. That’s an old Keynesian theory that has been disproved many times, that you can get out of a recession through government spending of our tax money. Actually, the only way is to LOWER taxes and let the markets take over by creating the INCENTIVE to do business and create more taxable income.

RELEASING TERRORISTS: They’re releasing terrorists from Gitmo while “investigating” their interrogators. What planet are we living on where more consideration is given for bloody murderers of innocents than those who try to save lives?

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Did you know that Attorney General Eric Holder’s law firm is providing lawyers to DEFEND Gitmo terrorists, while at the same time TARGETING their interrogators? Is this, or is it not, a conflict of interest? What better way to DEFEND them than to charge their interrogators with wrongdoing?

THAT’S JUST ORFUL! The Supreme Court, with its decision that parts of the “McCain-Feingold “Incumbent Protection Act” was unconstitutional will “allow the wrong people” to have freedom of speech, according to Obama. The unfortunate thing for Obama and his gang is that this decision is one that is actually right, according to their mandate, whether he likes it or not.

TURN $50G INTO $5G: Typical Obama; offer $5,000 you have to spend $50,000 to get. It costs $50,000 or more to hire ONE employee, for one year. The only LOGICAL reason to hire ANYBODY is if that person can help you make money. Making $5,000 for hiring an employee doesn’t make sense if you have no need for that employee. But don’t expect Obama and his gang to understand that.

PEELOSI SPENDS MILLIONS: Not for anything important. She billed the government for ONE MILLION DOLLARS for going to, and taking her “entourage” to the “Copenhagen Swindle” that did nothing and was not SUPPOSED to do anything important except to give politicians an excuse to spend millions of tax dollars on a useless junket.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They Don'r Care!

That’s what a person answering Maxine Waters’ phone told a constituent when a “Tea Party” woman called her office to complain about what the Democrats are doing.

“STRAINED RELATIONS”: Liberals complain that we are “straining relations” with the Islamic terrorists by killing them. How about them killing US? Doesn’t that “strain our relations?” Do we stop putting criminals in prison because it “strains our relations” with criminals?

ANIMAL CRUELTY: An aged female was attacked by several dogs. Several men attacked the dogs with sticks and shovels and ran them off. They’ll probably be charged with animal cruelty. That’s the way things are going today.

GRASPING AT STRAWS: Using any little improvement to say “the recession is over” and “happy days are here again.” Such as Obama hailing the “fact” that the unemployment numbers aren’t as bad this month as they were last month. Of course, that’s mostly because unemployment payments for many have run out, and they’re not counted any more.

CUTTING THE BUDGET: The Denver mayor is cutting 90-100 cop’s jobs to save money. But he isn’t cutting the art budget, so we’ll get lots more cut up, stacked shipping containers on street corners and more blue bears peering into buildings. They CALL this “art.”

“RATIONED”: I’ve already been “rationed.” My doctor prescribed a new form of “nitro” that cost almost $200. My “insurance” (the insurance Bush forced on me) refused to pay for it, so I refused to buy it and went back to the old, small pills that I would put under my tongue if I ever needed it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Higher Taxes

That’s the liberal (Democrat) answer to EVERYTHING. Even though Americans are reeling from the effects of Obama’s people’s fiddling with the economy to get him elected, Democrats are still working overtime to figure out how to tax us more, even though higher taxes in a recession (they caused) will make things worse. In Colorado, out “lame-duck” Democrat governor wants to raise taxes on pop and other small-money items, saying “it’s only pennies.” But those pennies add up to millions, and that’s what he hopes.

CAPPING SPENDING: Obama says he’s going to “cap” federal spending over the next few years. How is that possible? He’s the biggest spender out there. It’s a case of “closing the barn door after the horse is gone.” He’s spent so much money already there’s nothing left to spend. So he’s going to “cap” spending?” Jeeze! What’ll he think we’ll believe next?

COMMON GROUND: Can Obama and Fox News ever find common ground? Not a chance; Fox tells the TRUTH. Obama can’t have that. That’s the only reason why he disparages Fox, because they DO bring you both sides of the story, and that inhibits Obama’s ability to lie to you. Fox has more liberals on their payroll (with no limits on them) than even the liberal news media. What Obama hates is the conservatives they likewise have on their payroll, also with no limitations on what they can say.

PEELOSI STOKES VIOLENCE: While decrying the possibility, much as Bishop Tutu did in Africa, which guaranteed there WOULD be violence. And there was. Perhaps you noticed that ALL the “violence” at ”Tea Party” meetings was perpetrated by the union thugs sent there by the Obama administrations.

PENNSYLVANIA HIKING SALES TAX: They SAY, to “avoid higher unemployment.” How does CREATING unemployment LOWER unemployment? Typical Democrat politicians and their fool ideas. They think hiking taxes will make things better. But it won’t. It will make it worse. But don’t try and convince a liberal of that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Truth Doesn't Matter"

We thought Clinton played “fast and loose” with the truth. But Clinton, at least, once in a while, told the truth (although I can’t remember a specific instance). So far, I can’t remember a single instance of Obama telling the truth. Which, in a way, helps us divine the truth by seeing things as just the opposite of how Obama tells us it is, or is going to be.

VOLUNTARY: I’ve always wondered how the feds managed to con us into believing the income tax was “voluntary,” since they will fine you heavily and even send you to PRISON if you don’t pay it. This “Garfield” strip makes it plain how they think. (Garfield)

FIND THEM AND KILL THEM: Politicians are dithering about “what to do about Taliban leaders.” The answer is easy. Find them and kill them in the most painful way possible. The liberals will whine about it, but that’s the most “fair” way to handle it, giving them “equal punishment” for their crimes. Forget the rights Americans have. They don’t deserve them.

RESPECT THE OFFICE: People (usually liberals, the ones being criticized) say “You have to respect the office, if not the man in it.” I don’t agree. I can’t “respect the office” when there’s a “piece of dung” in it as there is now.

OBAMA KILLS MOON MISSION: He says he wants that relatively small expenditure to be used to “develop new technology.” What the hell does he think they do when they try and go to the moon, dummy? Where do you think all the improvements in miniaturization came from? It is this kind of short-sightedness that kills innovation.

DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL: Obama is trying to keep a campaign promise to eliminate the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and allow admitted gays into the military. So what? If a gay man “hits on” a straight soldier, he’ll probably get the hell beat out of him anyway, even without this policy. You’re not going to change people’s opinions, whatever the policy.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

They're All Racists!

Everybody who has the temerity to criticize Obama MUST be a racist. Because there is NO other possible reason for criticizing him--is there? Do you believe that?

AMERICANS ARE STUPID! That’s what Bill Maher says. Then immediately says, “I’m jealous of China. We need a dictatorship here.” Now who is it that’s stupid?

NO PLACE TO ESCAPE: History records that people from all kinds of totalitarian regimes flee to the United States when they get enough of the repression in their home countries. But where do people flee to when the repression is IN the United States, as it soon will be if things keep on in the same direction in which they’re moving today?

WHY MENTION RELIGION? People ask, “Why mention the religion to which the Ft. Hood killer belonged?” The answer is simple. The people who are killing innocent people all over the world to make a political point today are almost ALL Muslims. Granted, all Muslims are not doing it. But ALL killers who kill innocents to make a political point today ARE. So NOT to mention his religion would be remiss. Knowing his religion and LISTENING to what he was telling us just before he went on his shooting spree might have saved some lives.

IT’S ALL ABOUT OBAMA: Just listen to Obama’s “State of the Union” speech, in which he said “I” or “me” hundreds of times. The speech wasn’t about the country and its citizens. It was all about Obama. EVERYTHING, for him, is about Obama. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more self-centered person.

INDIAN MEDICAL CARE: You want an example of health care run by the federal government? Look at the medical care this government gives Indians on reservations. It’s a DISASTER!, But that disaster never makes the news. And if it ever does, it’s a quote from a government employee extolling the (non-existent) virtues of the disastrous system that pays his/her salary.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Complicating Things

That’s what government spends most of its time doing, so the “average person” (translation, “peasants”) won’t be able to understand it. I don’t think THEY understand it. The tax code alone is thousands of pages that NOBODY understands in total. In Washington, they’re busily trying to complicate it further, saying they’re just “coming up with tax breaks to help the economy.” If they were, they’d just lower the tax base, as Bush did, which will give people back their INCENTIVE. That’s simple and logical.; So they’ll never do it.

AGREEING WITH OBAMA: Businesspeople agreeing with Obama, and even giving him political contributions is like a guy throwing all his friends to an alligator hoping the alligator will eat him last.

UNFIXED: The stupid decisions that CREATED the economic disaster we’re in now have never been addressed. Now Obama is putting pressure on Fed Chief Bernanke to do more of the same.

COVERING CONGRESS: Any congressperson who votes for Obamacare should be forced to forego his/her cushy medical plan and be covered by the one he/she voted in for us.

WHY NO OBJECTIONS? Van Jones is a self-described communist, but Obama still appointed him to be the “green czar,” whatever that is. He was forced to resign. But there are numerous more radicals among Obama’s “czars,” still. Where is the outrage”? Why does nobody object?

NOBODY CALLS HIM ON IT: Obama gets away with the most outrageous lies because nobody (other than people like me) “calls him” on them The press most of all. That, to me, is media malpractice. They ought to be disciplined for it, but who will discipline them? Obama?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Big Government Over"

Clinton said it, years ago. Have you seen any indication that it’s not one of his lies? Now Obama is saying it, and he’s lying, too. But that’s to be expected. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He says he’ll “go over the budget line-by-line” and eliminate waste. Instead, he has TRIPLED it.

TAX CHEATS: Did you know that FIFTY White House staffers owe many thousands of dollars in taxes? Yet they’re getting paid big money to help Obama figure out more ways to tax us more and more. If we did that we’d be punished. Not so, Obama’s friends.

INVITING TALIBAN TO “TALK”: They’re inviting the Taliban to a “peace conference.” They’ll send a representative, all right. But he’ll have a bomb strapped around his waist and will blow everybody there into little pieces.

OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE: Peelosi says they’ll overcome any obstacle to pass Obama’s health care swindle. Maybe she ought to think about why there are so many obstacles. At least some time before her constituents get rid of her. Keep it up, girl! You’re helping us get rid of you and a lot more Democrats.

PRESSURE FROM “EXTREME RIGHT”: That’s how Democrats describe ANY questions about Obama’s stupid policies. ANY questions about Obama’s stupid policies MUST be a result of “pressure from the extreme right.” It couldn’t be that ALL Americans who have “woken up” to Obama’s extremes are putting pressure on. They just can’t understand ANYBODY but “extreme right-wingers” objecting to his policies. This is what’s going to defeat them, this year, and in 2012.

YOU CAN’T MEASURE “SAVED JOBS”: That’s why Obama is laying so heavily on them. He quotes figures made up out of thin air (like he does about most things), knowing nobody can prove he’s lying because there’s nowhere to go to find figures to do so. I thought Clinton was a good liar. Obama makes him look like an amateur.

TAX CUTS DON’T PAY FOR THEMSELVES: That’s what Obama says. How can he BE so stupid? Every time taxes have been REALLY cut, tax revenues have increased sharply. It happened when Kennedy did it; when Reagan did it tax revenues nearly DOUBLED. When Bush did it, they predictably increased, too. What the HELL is he talking about?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama Lies!

He lies almost every time he opens his mouth. But so far, only one person has called him a liar to his face, and that person had to apologize for it. If I had a chance to call him a liar to his face, I would, and I certainly would NOT apologize. He NEEDS someone to tell him “the emperor is naked.”

OBAMA CAN’T TAKE LAUGHTER: At a recent speech (all of them are recent because he thinks the solution to every problem is a speech) he was interrupted by loud laughter. It threw him completely off the rails because he just can’t take laughter.

PLUNDERING OF AMERICA: “Right now, you and I are seeing the worst plundering of a country’s wealth in the history of civilization, led by an out of control Federal Reserve.” I can’t think of a better way of putting it. So is anybody listening?

EXEMPTING UNIONS: Obama has exempted unions from the “Cadillac Plan Tax” he put on the good insurance programs for ordinary Americans. Why should union members be better than others? The answer is simple: the unions can help support Obama and his plundering of America. They’re experts at plundering Americans.

HOW MUCH DID COPENHAGEN COST YOU? Many politicians, bureaucrats, and just environmental swindlers flew to Copenhagen, spewing much pollution into the air, just to get there. Then after spewing a lot of hot air into the atmosphere and getting nothing done, they did it again to get home. Did any of this make your life better?

STIMULUS: The only stimulus that will work is lowering taxes without “strings attached” so that companies can keep more of the money they EARN and use it to hire more people to make even more money. Taking money from taxpayers and giving it to them stimulates nothing. It merely transfers money from one pocket to another. Obama does not know this, or will not admit it if he does. The stimulus, as Obama views it, merely stimulates GOVERNMENT, not the private sector. And that’s the way Obama wants it.