Thursday, February 26, 2015

If It's Bad, He's There

Anything that's bad for America, George Soros has his fingerprints all over it. As he does with Obama's “hair-brained scheme” called, “Net Neutrality,” which is, simply put, a 'power play” to TAKE OVER and CONTROL the Internet so he can reduce the affect of the Internet in the dissemination of information he doesn't like. He wants to be able to LICENSE web site owners, so he can ultimately CONTROL what they say. ALL my web sites will disappear if he succeeds, because I guarantee you he doesn't like what I say, because I tell the TRUTH. The power to license is the power to CONTROL, and that's what he wants, He laments his current inability to CONTROL the Internet, and this scam is meant to change all that, giving him the ability to shut people like me down. And of course, Soros is helping.

PUBLIC DEMANDS IT? Obama says the “public demands” Net Neutrality because 4 million people (a TINY MINORITY of the 311 million U. S. population—not even a BLIP on the screen of total population, according to the National Census) demands it. And I doubt even that number. Obama is well known to “massage the numbers” to support his swindles, and I think he has, this time, too. If he wants it bad enough (and he does this) he will tell you ANYTHING to promote his LIE. I seriously DOUBT that the “public” demands he control the Internet. Not in any significant numbers, that is. Only the FOOLS who agree with his socialistic plans approve.

TERRORISTS TO KILL COPS, FBI: Islamic terrorists have threatened to kill many cops, then go to the FBI offices and kill them, too. Talk about “biting off more than you can chew!” Obviously, they just don't understand the power cops and the FBI can bring to such an endeavor. If they TRY it, they will DIE. So come ahead, guys! We're happy for the target practice. Your biggest advantage is “hiding among the populace.” When you come after cops and FBI people with guns, you're revealing your identity and you will DIE in the attempt.

CLINTONS GET FOREIGN DONATIONS: It's a violation of the law. But the Clinton Foundation has collected $2 BILLION dollars from foreign sources recently and they think because they listed some of them on their web site, they're okay. They're not. Now all we need is for somebody to have the gonads to come after them for it. You won't find anybody in the current government—maybe the next one. Not the “outgoing” Attorney General nor the INCOMING one, which is a black female clone of Eric Holder.

HOW MANY NAMES DOES IT HAVE? The news media goes nuts when they uncover a new name for an Islamic terrorist organization. Such names as al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, IS, Boko Haram, Al Shibab, Taliban etc. What they don't seem to realize is that, whatever name they operate under, it's the SAME PEOPLE going around killing people, mutilating them, beheading them, even CHILDREN, after raping and beheading their parents in FRONT of them. All those names are like different chapters in the same fraternity. It's the SAME PEOPLE, who all believe in the SAME THINGS, and all believe they have the right and DUTY to KILL everybody who believes differently that they would like to DICTATE.

DEFUNDING LAW: Why in the hell is it necessary to pass a LAW to “defund” the enforcement of an ILLEGAL “executive action” that Obama does NOT have the POWER to enforce? It would seem to me that if the action is ILLEGAL, the various entities within the federal government who are being asked to enforce it become ILLEGAL, themselves if they DO, and are within their rights to REFUSE. And no LAW needed. Only somebody with the GONADS to put a stop to Obama's LAWLESS actions can stop him. The only way he has been able to get away with it thus far is that nobody has HAD the gonads to stop him.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama Takes Credit, As Usual

Gas prices are down. For a while. So people can once again get used to lower gas prices (at least, lower than they were before). The root cause is increased production in places where Obama can't stop it. So naturally he's taking credit for the lower gas prices he had nothing to do with. He always takes credit for ANYTHING good happening, whether or not he had anything to do with it. Of course, he never DOES have anything to do with something GOOD, and everything to do with something BAD that happens.

OBAMA'S “NET NEUTRALITY”: That's what he calls the swindle he's running now to take over the Internet and CONTROL it. He wants the power to LICENSE Internet users so he can tell them what they can say and do. The power to license is the power to CONTROL, and that's what he wants. You watch; if he does gain control, I will disappear—or go to prison. Along with all people like me—and there will no longer be ANY criticism of the liberal fools running down this country.

NO SCANDALS, HUH? That's what David Axelrod says. And he thinks we'll BELIEVE this lie. What about the VA scandal? Or how about the Secret Service SCANDALS that led to the removal of its director? How about Benghazi, where Obama's (and Hillary's) inaction resulted in the DEATHS of four embassy personnel, including an AMBASSADOR? How about the IRS making it hard on conservative organizations trying to get tax-free status, while “fast-tracking” the applications of liberal organizations, one of them including Obama's BROTHER? Or the NSA SPYING on Americans? And then there so many others, I can't even REMEMBER them, or have room to list them all here? Axelrod is a damned FOOL, but then, we expect that of ALL liberals.

THIS FOOL IS INSANE! HHS Secretary Jeh Johnson says, “My job is to give voice to the plight of Muslims.” If that's what he REALLY thinks, maybe we NEED to “defund” the Homeland Security agency to keep him out of it. Somebody needs to straighten him out on his "job description." Nowhere is it written that HHS has ANYTHING to do with “the plight of Muslims.” On the contrary: Islamic terrorists are our TOP danger—except for Barack Obama and his accomplices, that is. What a bunch of damned FOOLS Obama has appointed to help him loot this nation! This guy appears to be one of the dumbest. What he fails to mention is that “the plight of Muslims” is CAUSED by Muslims and their “plight” would END if Muslims would just stop KILLING innocent people for not BEING Muslims.

WHAT DOES ISIS WANT? People keep asking that question, as if the ISIS members haven't shouted the answer from the rooftops repeatedly. And they always come up with some convoluted, complicated answer nobody understands, that simply means they want EVERYBODY in the world to be THEIR KIND of Muslim, or DEAD. It's as simple as that. And if they have to KILL all people who are not their kind of Muslim, they will. Why people try to complicate it, I don't know. Some of them just don't want us to understand it. Others do, but don't understand it, themselves.

INCOMPETENT MAYOR: Mayor Di Blasio, of New York City, thinks when a cop is confronted by an “angry person,” he should stop, CLOSE HIS EYES, and ”take a breath”:before he does anything. There's no better way for that cop to DIE than to close his eyes, even for a second. New York is going to lose a bunch of cops if they take this advice. Di Blasio better be ready to hire plenty of new cops to replace them. This just shows that when the guy at the TOP is incompetent, he can easily get you KILLED. I don't know how a man that stupid ever got himself elected mayor of one of the biggest cities in the country, but he did. They've had stupid mayors before, but he tops the list with this edict.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Constitutional Scholar?"

Doesn't that mean you know a little something about what's IN the Constitution? Then why does that FOOL in the White House who is SUPPOSED to be a “constitutional scholar” make such a STUPID remark as that his “executive action” is “lawful?” Does this FOOL think just because he's SUPPOSED to know what's in the Constitution that we'll BELIEVE something so patently WRONG is “lawful?” Does he think he can fool us by the “weight” of CLAIMING to be a “constitutional scholar?” ONLY the Congress can MAKE laws, and that's what HE is attempting to do with his “executive action,” which is UNLAWFUL. He's a damned FOOL if he thinks he can convince intelligent people otherwise.

WHO IS AL-SHIBAB? That's the question being asked by the media after they paraded several of their prisoners through the streets of Nairobi in the back of trucks to the CHEERS of the people and threatened a large mall with a terror attack. Big whoop! Who are they? Yet another bunch of FOOLS who can do nothing GOOD, but only kill people who don't believe the way they wish they would. Just another bunch of Islamic terrorists, using a different name..

AL'S GETTIN' DESPERATE: People have been debunking his “global warming” scam (whatever he calls it now) for a long time, now. Now he's starting to “jump up and down” when someone criticizes him and his swindle. The flow of money must have slowed down, and he's afraid it'll stop. So now he's whining about those who call him a liar and a swindler. He should be used to it by now because his swindle has been debunked many times, in many ways.

DOES OBAMA LOVE AMERICA? No. Not even a little bit. He has SAID so many times, in many ways, in many speeches. He was RAISED in a foreign country, by communists, who HATE America. He was “conditioned” to hate America by his communist mentors. Not only that, the predominant “religion” in the country in which he was raised is Muslim, which teaches hatred of America in its schools. I would be amazed if he DID “love America. Giuliani just said what we all already knew, and the heads of liberals everywhere exploded. They “got the vapors” over it.

OBAMA IS NOT A PATRIOT! Rudy Giuliani said he isn't, and he's right. Rudy is now “walking it back,” saying he thinks Obama DOES “love America,” but he just disagrees with his policies. They must have gotten to him. Then Sen. Lindsey Graham now insists Obama is a “patriot.” If you have to send out your surrogates to reassure people you're a patriot, you aren't. He's done enough to undercut America, it'd take a lot more than the assurances of one of his cronies to convince me. I go by what people DO, not what they SAY.

BRANDING YOUR ENEMIES: It must be nice to be able to “brand” your enemies terrorists when they're only a threat to your keeping your job. Obama's accomplices in looting the nation have come out and said that “right wingers” are worse than the terrorists who behead CHILDREN after raping their mothers in front of them. Show me a single person a conservative has raped or beheaded! Anybody who would BELIEVE this crap is a damned fool. And it TAKES a fool to believe anybody with any intelligence at all would believe this crap.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Terror Threats From the Right?

There's a “report” now circulating among government agencies saying they should be worried about terrorist actions from right-wing extremists. If there's one thing that is common in liberal circles, it's that they're deathly AFRAID of conservatives. But for the most part, the only “terror” conservatives would mean for liberals (Democrats) is voting against them in sufficient numbers as to boot them out of the offices they conned themselves into.

WHAT A DAMNED FOOL! If Obama really thinks the answer to Islamic terrorism is finding more jobs for Muslims, he's as stupid as I've always thought he was on governing and fighting wars. I've always thought he was pretty clever when it came to conning his way into office, but pretty incompetent when it comes to governing. And he proves it every time he announces a strategy for dealing with anything. The terrorists make no bones about their reasons for their killing spree. They want the whole world to be Muslim, or dead. Jobs has nothing to do with it. Anybody who would buy that bullsh-t is either insane or STUPID.

WOVEN INTO THE FABRIC”: Obama says, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our society from the beginning.” And he's right. But not in the way he wants us to THINK. Since the “Barberry Pirates (who were Islamic terrorists) and before, we have been attacked by Islamic extremists and have had to fight them. Yes, they have been “woven into the fabric of our society,” but as ENEMIES, not friends. Obama wants us to think otherwise, either because he's AFRAID to say different, or he WANTS them to win.

GIULIANI'S DEATH THREATS: Boy, there are some supremely STUPID people in this world! Giuliani “had the audacity” to say what a lot of people were thinking, that Obama did NOT “love” this country.” Obama himself has said as much. He has said many times that he thinks America did not deserve the pre-eminent position it enjoys, and he wants to “make it over.” And for that, Giuliani gets death threats! What damned FOOL does that? I hope he makes a try and gets himself killed. Yes, I said somebody ought to get killed. Some people just have no right to take up space above ground on this Earth.

RUDY WON'T APOLOGIZE: And he doesn't need to apologize. Nobody should ever be pressured to apologize for telling the TRUTH, and that's what Rudy did. Liberals demand apologies for things THEY don't like, truth or not, in way too many cases. It's time we started ignoring the braying of these fools. They'll probably want ME to apologize for this item, but they can “take it and stick it,” sideways.

CHICKEN OR EGG? Which came first? That stupid fool in the White House keeps saying “Islam has nothing to do with the violence being committed by Islamic terrorists.” That they are killing people because of our CRITICISM? Or are they being criticized because they're killing people? And he continues to be stupidly WRONG! Is it because he's AFRAID to attribute the violence where it belongs? Or is he, as a devoted Muslim, willing to HELP them succeed in their efforts to “Muslimize” all the world? Is he STUPID? Afraid? Or just subversive?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Muslim "Grievances"

Obama is holding an “anti-terror summit” at which he has come up with the idea that basically we MUST “answer the 'grievances' of the Muslims and they'd stop killing us.” What a LOAD of bullsh-t THAT is! Before they started killing innocent people, they had NOTHING they could call “grievances.” What they call “grievances” are what we have done to STOP them from killing us. What about OUR grievances? Obama continues to come up with this kind of bullsh-t to cover up the REAL reason for what they do, their wish that the whole WORLD be Muslim, or DEAD. They make no bones about that.

ASK A DUMB QUESTION: One question being asked on the Internet today is this: “Would you go into a restaurant that allowed guns?” My answer is an emphatic “Yes.” “Gun-free zones” are an INVITATION to those who would VICTIMIZE people stupid enough to believe good people with guns are dangerous to anybody but a criminal. So, yes. I WOULD go into a restaurant that allowed guns so, unlike a woman doctor in Texas, who had to watch while a shooter murdered her parents because Texas law wouldn't allow her to carry the gun she was LICENSED to carry into the restaurant.

NOT WITHOUT CONGRESS: The Attorney General says, “We can't close GITMO without an act of Congress.” We can't? How about just depleting it of prisoners, as Obama is doing, one by one? Seems to me when the place is completely empty, he can make a case before Congress to close it as a “disused entity.” Suffice it to say, Obama will get it closed, any way he can, so we will have no way to keep prisoners caught killing people. I guess then we will have to just SHOOT them on sight.

STUPID TO IMPORT ENEMIES: But Obama is THAT stupid. He wants to “import” ten THOUSAND “refugees” from Syria, with NO effort being made to stop Syrian Islamic terrorists from infiltrating the ranks of “refugees” and come here (with his blessing) to kill innocent people. That follows all his efforts to make our Southern border as porous as possible, so other terrorists can easily come in. He's doing everything he can to HELP the terrorists enter this country.

TIRED OF THE FOOLS: I get really tired of watching television and listening to the radio as the FOOLS running things all over the world proclaim their incompetence and stupidity with the stupid statements they make. Like when Obama said, “You didn't build that,” or his spokesbabe, Marie Harf said, “We can't win this war by killing them” when she ought to know we CAN. Tell me about ANY war we won by doing ANYTHING but kill the enemy! Meanwhile Obama offers only a “tepid response” to the atrocities the Islamic terrorists commit all over the world.. Damn, it's infuriating!

DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING WE DON'T? At last count, 39 members of Congress had taken their money out of their banks. They're moving their money to a “safe haven” somewhere in the U. S. Where is it? Why don't they tell us where it is, so we can save our money, too? If they know something, as employees of this government and therefore us, they have an OBLIGATION to tell us what they know—but they won't. They'll save their own money, but to hell with ours.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Minimizing Terror

That's the sum total of everything Obama has done regarding Islamic terrorists and Islamic terrorism. First, he refuses to NAME it for what it is. Then he releases murderers from GITMO to go back and kill innocent people again; then he comes up with no more than a “tepid response” when they create their atrocities. A response that does them little harm. Then he goes golfing while they kill some more. He pretends to be serenely unaware that ISIS and all the other Islamic terrorist groups are a DEADLY THREAT to the United States ONLY if it refuses to fight them. He's pretty well proven he's on their side, or afraid not to be. Now we'll watch to see if anybody will notice and DO something about it.

ALL THEY NEED IS JOBS?” One of Obama's fawning “spokespersons” said the other day, that all we need to do to stop Islamic terrorism (studiously not using the words) is to provide them with JOBS. What a damned FOOL this broad is! What a LOAD of bullcrap she's feeding us! Is she really STUPID enough to think we'll BUY this crap? What we REALLY need is to provide each and every Islamic terrorist with their own BULLET, fired into their BELLY so it'll take a long time for them to die, and it will be VERY painful.

BIDEN LOVES SHOULDER RUBS: He gave one to the wife of the new Defense Secretary the other day, and a lot of people thought it was very much improper to be giving her a shoulder rub and whispering “sweet nothings” in her ear while her husband was being introduced. (It was obvious from her posture she was uncomfortable with his attentions). But probably not. I've seen him do it before. He gave that little black kid Obama has used as a “prop” at several of his “bill signings” who was originally used when he signed the Obamacare bill into law. I don't think he has any romantic feelings for that kid—at least I HOPE he doesn't, They'll probably accuse me of racism for describing the kid as “black.” But to hell with that. I don't subscribe to “political correctness.”

VERY PROUD, NO SCANDALS: David Axelrod (Obama's former chief of staff) says, he's “Very proud of the fact that the Obama administration has gone six years WITHOUT a major scandal.” What PLANET has he been LIVING on? Obama has drawn MORE SCANDALS than anybody can keep TRACK of! “No scandals?” Like Marie Harp, he must really be STUPID to think we'll believe that crap. Even those who don't pay attention to politics are smart enough to know that, even if he ISN'T. It really amazes me how these fools keep spouting such easily disproved nonsense!

SOCIALISM IS GOVERNMENT THEFT: It's that simple. It DEPENDS on people working and earning so they can STEAL it and give it to the “moochers” of society who just want to enjoy life without having to work for what they get. There's nothing more complicated than that. They SAY we “simplify things,” but sometimes it IS “just that simple” if you really examine it. Socialism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Communism is another, as is progressivism and Fascism. It has many names, but it's ALL collectivism. They COMPLICATE things to confuse you.

ISIS OR OBAMA? Niger Innis of the Tea Party asks the question: “Who is the worst enemy we have? ISIS? Or Obama?. But why do we have to choose? I think Obama is the worst enemy we have in our government, today. But he is doing everything in his power to help the ISIS succeed. ISIS will KILL you. Brutally, and painfully. Directly. Obama's POLICIES will kill you. Brutally and painfully, INdirectly. You're dead, either way. If ISIS wins, we're dead. If OBAMA wins, we're dead. Dead is dead. It's impossible to select which kind of death is worse. My answer is BOTH.

Friday, February 20, 2015

"It's Only One Judge"

Eric Holder (outgoing attorney general) comments on that federal judge blocking Obama's “executive action” on illegal immigration: “It's only one federal judge. We plan on taking it to a higher court (where the fix is in) for a REAL judgment. In other words, that judge is just a PEON (from TEXAS, fergawdsakes!) and his ruling really means nothing to us. We'll get a REAL ruling later where we can control things. Meanwhile, I expect them to continue ENFORCING that “executive action” as if that judge's order didn't exist.

JOBS TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISM? In an obvious revelation of their incompetence, the government recently said what we need to stop Islamic terrorism is a “jobs program“ for Muslims. What unmitigated STUPIDITY! Islamic extremists don't want JOBS! They have made it plain that ALL they want is for the WHOLE WORLD to be Muslim, or DEAD! The people in our government who say this are desperately casting about for an excuse not related to the REAL reason that they can blame, so Obama doesn't have to FIGHT Islamic terrorism—which he refuses to even NAME..

FUNNIEST HEADLINE EVER! Thanks. I needed a good laugh, and this headline gave it to me: “Global Warming Protest Scuttled By Cold Weather.” I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. My kids thought I was having a seizure. But I haven't enjoyed such a laugh in a long time. This couldn't have shown the FALLACY of believing in Global Warming better. I'm sorry to scare them, but it WAS a lot of fun!

LIKE THEY'RE PROVING THEY'RE STUPID: Instead of “toning down” their atrocities after seeing the human being response to the beheading of 21 Christians, ISIS has now beheaded 45 Christians at the same time and videotaped it, LIVE. They wanted to make sure the world saw it, and see it, we did! Now we're REALLY coming after them and we will keep at it until every one of them are dead, hopefully in the most painful way possible. We will END them. That's not a brag, that's a PROMISE! People who would do that kind of thing don't deserve to keep their own head on their shoulders. If Obama won't do it, I know some people who WILL! They think they're FRIGHTENING us. But what they're doing is "stiffening our backbone" and they're going to suffer for it later.

INCOMPETENT, AS USUAL: Nobody who is familiar with Obama and his staff's “expertise” in legal matters is surprised at that Texas court's blocking of his ILLEGAL “executive action” regarding illegal immigration. The courts have stymied him dozens of times in the past because of his faulty preparation of pleadings. He should be used to it, by now. It would be a good thing if this was ALL they were incompetent at. But they are also incompetent to GOVERN. It'll be a good thing when they're gone.

IS IT A HATE CRIME? The question has been asked, :”Is criticism of Islam a hate crime?” Just asking the question is a demonstration of ignorance. As Americans, we have the RIGHT to criticize ANYBODY or ANYTHING. And they have the right to gripe about it. It is NOT a “hate crime.” That's just an Islamic scheme to SILENCE all criticism of their atrocities and crimes. And they're not the only ones to use that scam.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Republicans Are Racists"

That's Brian William's “parting shot,” as if anybody believed this liar when he repeats the usual Democrat LIES. Racism is the Democrat's favorite rant when people disagree with them, and Williams is no different. Since the ranks of Democrat politicians is rife with liars, maybe Williams should go into politics where liars are expected to be. Lying doesn't seem to have hurt John Kerry, after he LIED about his “service in Vietnam” and after he threw somebody ELSE'S medals over the White House fence ans said they were HIS. Maybe Williams should run for office on the Democrat ticket. Lying well is one of the valued talents for a Democrat.

TYPICAL PRESS OMMISSIONS: Two of three TV outlets didn't report Democrat Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber's resignation because of corruption charges at all. Oh. I must have missed the less than half-minute pieces about it. Sorry. Of course, CBS didn't happen to mention he is a Democrat, though the other two did. It'll probably be edited out of any subsequent reports, if, in fact, there ARE any. I sincerely doubt there will be any. They work HARD to keep from mentioning the party affiliation of such people if they're Democrat. If they're Republican, they "shout it to the skies" for days.

HOMELAND SECURITY “SHUTDOWN”: What a big bag full of crap THAT is! The media is warning us about the possible “shutdown” of Homeland Security, which “ain't gonna happen.” If ANYTHING is “shut down,” it will; be only a SMALL PART of their budget having to do with them enforcing one or more of Obama's ILLEGAL directives. It's a typical ploy of politicians like Obama and his crowd to claim a TOTAL shutdown when there IS none. Just like they claim “budget cuts” when there only cuts in the AMOUNT of increase. It's all A lie.

LESSON: DON'T HECKLE PALIN: A couple of liberal hecklers yapped to Sarah Palin about how she was dressed, and she must be cold. Her reply? “I'm from Alaska. I don't mind the cold, boy!” Then one of them said something about her politics, and she said, “When you get a job, boy, then come and talk to me.” Wow! She really took them to school!” Palin has been in for more than her share of STUPIDITY from liberals. They hope if they can discredit her with their LIES, she won't run for president. Don't count on it, kids!

CAN'T WIN BY KILLING”: The State Department just revealed (again)n their abysmal stupidity by saying, “We can't win this war by killing.” What kind of stupidity is THAT? That's the ONLY way to win a war! KILL the enemy until they can't take it any more. Can anybody tell me a war ANYBODY won by NOT killing? This is just another indication of the INCOMPETENCE that is rampant in our government, today. “Can't win by killing!” Sheesh!

JUDGE BLOCKS AMNESTY: Do you think that will stop Obama? Or even slow him down? He is not known for following the law if it doesn't agree with what he wants to do, and I don't think he will do so in this instance. He says not, but he thinks he's a king. He doesn't allow ANYBODY to tell him he can't do just what he wants, law be damned! We'll be well rid of this pustule on our butts on January 21, 2017 (I hope).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Silliness of Racism

I remember a “Star Trek” episode, years ago, in which one of the main players and his brother were both black on one side, white on the other, and hated each other because one was black on one side, the other black on the OTHER side (their color was easily spaced on their bodies, with a line up the middle. Nothing I've ever seen better illustrates the STUPIDITY of racism based on color. I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL, black OR white.

YET AGAIN: I forgot this Tuesday, and for that, I apologize. Once again, I was stymied in my effort to bring you the truth. This time by a silly incompetent installation of a bathtub faucet a couple of weeks ago. They ended up taking out half a wall in the bathroom, which shares a wall with my office—the one against which my desk sits. This made it impossible for me to do any work Tuesday. My apologies. I'm only one guy with a computer and it doesn't take much to slow me down, though it's impossible to stop me as long as I'm breathing.

EXAGGERATING THE TERRORIST THREAT? Barack Hussein Obama is as stupid a politician as there is. He says, “rights don't come from God” when he KNOWS better. Even if there was no God, they are ours by right of BIRTH. Not "given us" by man, NOR God. Even other stupid people know better. They CERTAINLY don't come from OBAMA! Now, in the face of the rising Islamic terrorist threat (which he is too damned dumb to even acknowledge), he's now telling us the media is EXAGGERATING the terrorist threat. He won't even use the word, “Islamic” when he makes THAT stupid statement. Wow! What unimaginable STUPIDITY!

IT'S A CONTEST! Now ISIS seems to be vying with the other Islamic terrorist outfits to be the most despicable, most violent, the biggest bast-rds in the world, and I think they've won, unless the others do something worse than behead 21 people simultaneously in front of the cameras, then post it on the Internet. How bad ARE they? (and I mean that in the original sense) They're the worst. Nobody can top that. These people should not be allowed to take up valuable space on this Earth. They should be shot on sight. It's their prize for winning that contest!

WHAT? WHY WORRY? Liberals are still “concerned” about the “rights of the Islamic terrorists” we capture while they're;killing innocent people to prove their despicable point. What the hell for? Not killing them on sight creates a bunch of problems: what to do with them? Should we keep GITMO open? Should we keep buying them flat-screen TVs for their cells? How long should we hold them before sending them back to kill more innocent people and behead more children? Wouldn't it be more efficient to just kill them on sight? They'd do no less for us.

SO THE HELL WHAT? Liberals are making a big thing about the fact that Scott Walker did not graduate from college. So what? Most of today's college graduates can just barely read at a seventh grade level, anyway. I'd give odds Walker could outdo them in just about everything. And a college degree is NOT required, in any case, for a president. So what the hell are they grousing about? They need to come up with SOMETHING to use to discredit him, lest he beat them in the next election. If that's all they've got, they're in BIG trouble.

SOUNDS ABOUT NORMAL FOR OBAMA: ISIS beheads 21 people, on camera, and he goes golfing. Just as he did when it was announced that they had executed a young girl, who had nothing to do with “their war.” This damned fool doesn't care about ANYTHING but what HE is doing, and what he can get away with. Somebody needs to hide his golf clubs so maybe he can suffer a little bit, too.. What a CLOD!

TRYING TO HIDE THE TRUTH: Top gun grabber , former NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who doesn't like guns, wants to take them away from everybody. He recently made a speech in which he said that “minorities” (translation: blacks) should SPECIFICALLY not have guns. Now he's thought about the ramifications of that, and is now trying to keep that statement out of the news. Good luck with that, Mike. What he SHOULD have said is that EVERYBODY should have guns. Then the “gun violence problem” would be a “self-correcting problem.”

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Who Will Clinton Run Against?"

That's a question being asked, which assumes Clinton is going to get the Democrat (socialist party) nomination. That assumes another Obama won't come along to displace her, as he did. She got the “booby prize,” an appointment as Secretary of State, where she predictably did a lousy job, and got many people killed. She's in NO WAY a “shoo-in” for the nomination, and especially not for the election. It's all in the media bias. It's not reality.

EXTRAORDINARY ARROGANCE: Eric Holder, after he resigned, said, “My ONLY failure as AG was in not getting gun control passed.” What? Does he think he's the Congress? The AG is not supposed to PASS laws. Only to ENFORCE them. And he was very “selective” in which laws he WOULD enforce. Those are his “failures,” and they are numerous. He pledged to enforce ALL laws, but refused to enforce the ones Obama told him not to. He should be prosecuted for that.

QUACKS LIKE A DUCK”: An infobabe was interviewing Eric Holder on TV and tried for a “lighter note” by telling him about his nickname: “The Duck.” Predictably, both of them never “tumbled” to the real meaning of that:” “If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must BE a duck.” Meaning, if he acts like a crook, and looks like a crook, he must BE a crook. She foolishly attributed it to “searching for justice down under.” What's THAT mean? Looking in Australia? Somebody needs to straighten this fawning babe out.

LIBERALS WANT WHAT'S YOURS: That's their basic motivation: whenever one person has more than another, (that “other” sometimes being themselves) they get mad. They fail to take into consideration that “all men are NOT created equal.” At least, not where it counts: in their brains. They think all people should get a “fair share” no matter whether or not they're smart enough, or willing to work to EARN it. Some just lack education because they're too lazy to go to school. Others just lack common sense. But liberals think they should still get as much as those who ARE smart enough,, and who WORKED to attain what they own. They're WRONG!

TALENTED ARTIST: One person on “One Political Plaza” says Titus Kaphar is a talented artist. I agree. But I believe he is “brain dead” in all important ways, otherwise. His very subject matter reveals the obsession with racism on HIS part. He sees racism “under every bed,” and he HATES white people with an insane hatred, even if that white person never did a bad thing to him. I really look down upon a man who uses his talent to “showcase” his racism, and that's not because he's black. Color means NOTHING to one who judges each person as an INDIVIDUAL. And I judge this individual to be infected with TODAY'S racism, that of hatred of WHITES for BEING white, not like that which came before, and was almost eradicated until Obama came along,.

RESURGENCE OF RACISM: We almost had it whipped. Now they've been given good reason by TODAY'S blacks to hate them. The number of white people who unreasonably hated black people because of the color of their skin had receded almost to nothing. We were electing black people to numerous political offices, including mayors, governors, senators, representatives, and even the presidency. Although what we got in the presidency was only HALF black, and USES his “blackness” to advance his agenda. The “new racism” is blacks hating whites, wanting to do damage to people who have never done them any harm.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Obama Hates the Constitution

He doesn't like it because it LIMITS what he can do ton you as president. He thinks of himself as “the boss,” and the boss shouldn't be limited by ANYTHING. He thinks he should be able to do anything he wants to do, and you should have NO rights he doesn't GIVE to you. Likewise, he thinks he should be able to take them away, at will. He calls Constitutional Rights “NEGATIVE rights” because they distract from HIS right to “rule” you. Obama is a “dictator wannabe.” Make no mistake about it. If not for the Constitution and the need to at least “give lip service to it,” he would walk right over you. He may, anyway.

COMPUTER GOT ME AGAIN: Yesterday, my computer wouldn't even start. And I spent the entire day trying to find out why. Turns out it wasn't the computer itself, this time. It was a “thumb drive” the computer wouldn't start while it was in there. As soon as I pulled it out, it worked—at least as well as usual. Sorry about that. Oh, well—that thumb drive was mostly a copy of what's on the other one, which is still in, and working (so far).

LOSING IN IRAQ: Obama's “chickens are coming home to roost.” There are 326 Marines trapped in an air base in Iraq while the Islamic terrorists mass for their final push to take it over. What'll happen to them when that comes about? Obama says he “ended two wars,” but he didn't, He just told most of his troops to “run and hide,” leaving their guns and other ordinance and equipment for the terrorists, while leaving a small number to be murdered by the terrorists. Their blood will be on HIS hands, along with all the other American soldiers who have died trying to fight using his IMPOSSIBLE “rules of combat.”

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT GOES DOWN: Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, plagued by way too many ethics and corruption charges, recently announced his resignation. I've noticed a lot of Democrats “going down” this way. Is there something in the Democrat Party that makes their politicians think they can get away with this kind of corruption? Obama is a good example to the crooks in the Democrat Party. He has committed MANY crimes, and has gotten away with it, through INACTION on the part of those who COULD “bring him down.”

GINSBERG WAS DRUNK: She admits to “not being entirely sober” when she fell asleep listening to Obama “drone on” about the many ways he is going to “rip us off” in the next two years. But she doesn't need that kind of an excuse. She's 81 and still doing a BIG job. I'm only 77, and I couldn't do it and stay awake listening to Obama's lies. Frankly, I wouldn't be there LISTENING. Just the sound of his voice puts me to sleep. I just hope she doesn't work herself into the grave.

GIVING ILLEGALS MONEY: Obama has issued 5 MILLION Social Security cards to ILLEGAL ALIENS which, among other things, qualifies them to receive $6,000.00 IMMEDIATE “tax refund” for years in which they paid NO taxes, and well as being able to apply for more. What a way to create DEMOCRATS, hey! If all of them vote, Republicans are DOOMED!

SHE HAD A FEW—SO WHAT? They're making a big thing out of Justice Ginsberg saying she “wasn't totally sober” as if she was admitting to be a lush. Who, among us have not found themselves in the same position WITHOUT the president being involved? Frankly, I might want to have a few drinks in my belly too, if I HAD TO listen to Obama blabber, and I don't drink, and never have, except for a few beers when I turned 21, just because I could, then. I didn't enjoy them.

Friday, February 13, 2015

ISIS Cells in America?

Yes. Certainly. Nobody with any intelligence at all thinks otherwise. With Obama's laxness on border control, illegal Mexican (and other South American) aliens are not the only thing coming in. Terrorists have been coming in, right along with them. Not only that, a bunch of misfits with American citizenship have gone to the Middle East to be trained as Islamic terrorists, then come back, using their American passports to re-enter. And Obama is delighted. It fits right in with his plans to “teach America a lesson.”

SOME PEOPLE ARE REALLY STUPID: In this case, impressionable college students who have been fed POISON by the likes of Angela Davis, a REAL (documented) communist, who continues to spew her poison there, even though the college administration KNOWS what she is. They have a habit of hiring such people. In this case, they're demanding the colleges “divest themselves” of any and ALL “oil stocks,” hoping to CRIPPLE the oil industry, which is VITAL to our existence today.

THE PERFECT JOB: For Brian Williams, who recently was suspended by NBC because he LIED when he falsely inserted himself into a “war story.” There's a new opening at the “Daily Show,” since Jon Stewart recently announced he was quitting. Nobody ever expected Stewart to tell the truth—he was a COMEDIAN! To replace him, Brian would be perfect. (Thanks to Gary Varvel for this idea)

ISLAMIC “TRIBUNAL” IN TROUBLE: Already. They have published something on their web site claiming “lawyer” status for people who HAVE no lawyer status. This is what they DO. Make up their own rules and apply them to the people who submit themselves to their “rule.” But they miscalculated here. You cannot claim “lawyer status” for non-lawyers in the United States, and when they did it in Texas, they got “yanked up short.”

RIGHTS NOT FROM GOD”: Our “selfie president” has come out with another stupid comment. Obama, who was more interested in making a video to promote Obamacare, which is REQUIRED of all of us, than to do something about the cold-blooded MURDER of a young girl by Islamic terrorists who kidnapped her off the street, like the CRIMINALS they are, says, “Rights do not come from God.” REALLY? Even if you don't believe in God, certain rights are yours by RIGHT OF BIRTH. And NOBODY has the power to take them away from you.. It amazes me how STUPID this fool thinks we are!

I'M GETTING DEPRESSED: I've spent almost the last 20 years of my life trying my best to reveal the things power brokers don't want us to know by publishing stories they want HIDDEN. But all my efforts seem to have gone for naught. Nothing seems to change. Obama keeps on committing criminal acts as president, and NOBODY does anything about him. So he keeps on doing them, getting more and more blatant all the time. Meanwhile, the people who COULD do something about him do nothing. So he gets away with it, and it becomes commonplace. By so doing, he makes the Constitution worthless.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Global Warming Biggest Threat?"

I really get tired of having my intelligence insulted by Obama and his accomplices. Now he's trying to tell me that a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 YEARS being caused by man (IF, indeed that's so, which it isn't) is a more important and dangerous threat than radical Islam and their terrorist murderers beheading CHILDREN and adults because they don't believe the right way. This guy is really STUPID if he thinks we'll believe that crap. Somebody needs to slap him silly (sillier).

LISTING LOSSES AS WINS: That's what Obama does all the time. He brags about “ending two wars” when all he did was RUN from both without finishing the job. That's not an accomplishment, it is SURRENDER. He LIES and says he “cut the national debt in half.” Where? What he really did was double it. He says he “rescued the auto industry.” What he really did was “take it over. He says the “health care industry was broken and he fixed it.” What he really did was make it impossibly complicated, double the cost, and involuntarily involve every American. How do you tell when Obama is lying? Watch his lips. They're moving and sounds are coming out.

COMFORTABLE DEALING WITH THE ENEMY: The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a “terror group,” but Obama's administration says it is “comfortable dealing with them.” to me, this signals that he doesn't care that they are allied with our ENEMIES, and will still deal with them. Obama has done many things that REVEAL his love of our ENEMY, but nobody in DC will do anything about it. This is how HITLER came to power. People who COULD stop him, didn't. That's what's happening now in America.

SIGNAL TO THIEVES: It's okay. Go ahead and steal. We won't try and catch you. That's the message Wal-Mart sent when they fired one of their managers for following, and catching a shoplifter who ran with $1,000.00 worth merchandise. They told the world that was against store policy. He should have left that to the cops—who weren't there. They usually aren't. They're so afraid of being SUED for something, they'd rather let a thief get away. The manager was fired for “gross misconduct,” which means no other Wal-Mart can hire him. If I were him. I'D sue them for improper firing and overstating the reasons.

ANOTHER OBAMA COMES ALONG? Hillary is hoping against hope that another Obama doesn't come along. She thought she was a “shoo-in” to be nominated, then elected president in 2008—until a little-known black man (sorry, PC police) came along and the news media “ramped up” their machine to get HIM elected. After that, she faded into obscurity and HE became president—which just proves that what those “behind the scenes” want, they GET. She's got all her digits crossed that doesn't happen again.

BIDEN A “PLACE-HOLDER”: The only reason Joe Biden was nominated, then elected vice-president is to be a “place-holder” so nobody else (primarily not Hillary) could be put in that place. If Hillary had been “a heartbeat away from the presidency,” you could count on the fact Obama would not survive the presidency. Joe was “good insurance” against assassination. Would YOU like Joe as president? Now, with a Republican in the third spot, it's even worse They'd have to get all three at the same time. (For you government monitors snooping: I AM NOT suggesting Obama be assassinated.).

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pull Out the Stops

All of them. Obama needs to forget he pulled his troops out of Iraq before the job was done and go back in with everything he has and FINISH it. I know he thinks sending troops back in negates the competence of his pulling them out, and makes him look foolish. But his incompetence is so obvious he needn't worry about it.; We already know that, as ”commander-in-chief.” he is INCOMPETENT. So he should face it, and redeem himself by going back in and finishing the job he SHOULD have finished before.

BRIAN WILLIAMS SUSPENDED: NBC has suspended him for six months without pay. He'll probably have to get a job driving a cab or sacking groceries because I don't think anybody in the news game will ever hire him, again. Unless it's al-Jazeera, who are well known liars, anyway. He'll fit right in, there. Personally, I don't think he'll ever be back. They're just “kicking the can down the road” for the next six months and will probably convince him to resign then. He's finished. Keep your eye on him and don't let him buy a gun. Shepard Smith, of Fox (along with NBC), says he “deserves a second chance (which they say is why they didn't fire him, outright).” But I don't think we'll ever see him again. Nobody will ever believe what he tells them.

I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND”: Rush Limbaugh says he just “doesn't understand” why and how Hillary Clinton can be considered a “shoo-in” to be nominated, and elected president in the next election, with all the baggage she brings to it. I understand it. The liberals (Democrats) are committed to her presidency (unless another Obama comes along) and the news media, which is “in their pocket” is only “parroting” what they're putting out. She isn't really. They're just SAYING she is to build her phony credibility.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Don't they know that many Muslims are the ENEMY? Don't they know the things they espouse are inimical to everything we hold dear? Don't they know the “bible” of their ”faith” (The Koran) instructs them to HATE us because we don't believe the way they think we ought to? To KILL us if we don't “convert? For what Earthly reason would a school in Florida teach our kids about Islam? In spite of the strenuous objections of their parents? Do they WANT to lose their jobs? Don't they know that if the Muslims have their way, we'll all be praying to Allah five times a day while our women go around wearing TENTS?

JON STEWART LEAVING “DAILY SHOW”: So what? Who cares, except Jon Stewart? What's the big deal? It's yet another part of Obama's attempts to keep us talking about something else besides his “crimes.” Every day something else happens that captures the public's attention, and while we talk about that, Obama gets away with murder. Literally. Meanwhile, he takes over the Internet, citing “problems” that do not exist, except in the fevered brains of he and his accomplices. The other day, it was his crack about Christians being the same as Muslims in what they did a THOUSAND years ago—which was a LIE, itself.

OBAMA DELUDING HIMSELF: He's denying that the killings of several JEWS at a JEWISH KOSHER deli was an Islamic terrorist attack. He's going out of his way and looking STUPID to keep reports of Islamic terrorist atrocities down. Meanwhile, DC ignores all his efforts and the meaning INTELLIGENT people get from them. That meaning is he wants to HELP the Islamic terrorists in their atrocities! Somebody better wake up and DO something about him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Carson: A "Front-Runner"

Dr. Ben Carson, a stout conservative who is a “right thinker,” is now a “front-runner.” And all it took was for the Southern Poverty Law Center to put his name on their list of “extremists.” Talk about “unexpected consequences!” They thought they were HURTING him by doing that. But intelligent conservatives used that listing to tell them he was “the man for them.” Since that first speech he gave, with Obama sitting right there listening while he “slapped him in the face,” I've thought he was probably the man. Now it has been further confirmed.

WILL HE “DISAPPEAR?” We ran a piece recently about the CEO of the Gallup Polls worrying about ”disappearing” because he “revealed” Obama's biggest scam; the one where he stops counting people who “give up” ever finding a job and stop looking for work, so all he had to count for a “jobs figure” is the ones still looking. I doubt that will happen because he isn't the ONLY source for that info. Way too many people know about that scam and Obama can't eliminate that from the equation by getting rid of him.

OVERSTATING TERROR THREAT”: That's what Obama says, hoping to make them “lighten up,” while terrorists behead CHILDREN and adults and kill innocent people all over the world. And even BURN people in cages while recording it for the world to see. Yeah, the media is “overstating” it. Seems to me the media is just REPORTING what the Islamic terrorists are DOING. If that's “overstating it,” I'm for that.

WORSE THAN TERRORISM: That's what Obama says about global warming (whatever they call it now). His former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, now Mayor of Chicago, once famously said, “Never let a good panic go to waste” (Without anybody remarking on it). Now, instead of just being AlGore's ATM, Obama is now using it to help him promote HIS swindles. All this over a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 YEARS! And the FICTION that it is man-made.

WE JUST DON'T KNOW: Is Kayla dead? Did Jordan kill her in one of their air raids in response to the public burning of a Jordanian pilot? Or is she still alive while the terrorists are just working on the “heartstrings” of her parents? Or has she been dead even before that, after they raped her repeatedly?) We just don't know. We can't depend on ANYTHING those fools tell us to be the truth. If it increases the terror, they'll lie like dogs in the hot sun. And to lie is APPROVED in the Koran (whatever they call it) to advance the agenda of Islam.

POLAR BEARS ARE FINE: The environmentalists tell us the polar bears are in trouble, and that's a LIE. They tell us the nice floes are melting, giving them less areas to rest on. No, they're NOT! That's ludicrous! Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles, and they LIKE to swim. And their numbers are INCREASING! There are more polar bears now than ever before! They tell us the Earth is “warming” rapidly (ONE DEGREE INCREASE IN 100 YEARS), and it is NOT. The Earth has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. They can't answer that, so AlGore changed the name of their swindle to “climate change” so ANY change in the climate could be attributed to it.

Monday, February 9, 2015

How Rumors Get Started

I just read a “report” where they claim that the FIRST “gun freedom” group was the Black Panthers, who marched upon the California legislature with openly carried guns, causing REPUBLICANS to sponsor the FIRST “gun control” laws in California, That may all be true, but those laws were NOT the first hint of “gun control” activity. Liberals were rumbling about “controlling guns” back in the 1800s.

GREATEST LITERARY WORK EVER”: MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell says, Obama's book is “the greatest literary work ever by a president.” What? I know this guy was stupid, but THAT stupid? Obama's book IS a “work of fiction,” but that wasn't planned. And he didn't even write it! He used a ghost writer, as do most politicians who write books to help themselves get elected. And the book is filled with lies. To call it a “literary achievement” is completely and absolutely STUPID. But then O'Donnell works for MSNBC, so we expect that.

ISLAMIC RECRUITING: This school in Manhattan Beach, California is REQUIRING their students to attend a class that is supposed to teach them about Islam as HISTORY. But far from teaching it as history, they are teaching Muslim DOGMA such as “There is one true God, Allah!” and “All people must submit to Allah!” In schools, where NO religion can be taught, this should EXCLUDE Islam. They are breaking the LAW. Who the hell is responsible for this? He/she needs to be found out, and PUNISHED, and the classes ENDED, immediately.

LIED ABOUT MEETING BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS: State Department spokesman (woman?) Jennifer Pasaki ADMITTED that they LIED about Obama holding a meeting of Muslim Brotherhood members the other day, If that doesn't tell you how smug he is about his “coddling” of Muslims, I don't know what will. He is consulting with,and HELPING Islamic terrorists to MURDER Americans all over the world. And he has appointed them to top positions on his STAFF. SOMEBODY better do something about this “enemy of the state.”

WHAT WOULD OBAMA DO? What would Obama do if ISIS burned an AMERICAN alive? That's a question that need not be asked. We KNOW what he'd do. He'd say that American “probably provoked them in some way/” In any case, we should forgive them because of what the Catholic church did a thousand years ago. Or something else just as wimpy, that allows him to do nothing about it and get away with it..

DISRESPECTING MERKEL: I just listened to a part of Obama's speech while meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel while he called her by her first name almost every time he referred to her. He would NEVER do that with a MALE head of state. He felt free to use her first name because she is a WOMAN, showing her a certain disrespect. I think he owes her an apology. A sincere one, not the usual politician's apology that “apologizes for getting caught,” not for the act, itself.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Did We Kill Kayla Mueller?

I don't THINK so. The Islamic terrorists who kidnapped her and probably killed her a long time ago, say so. And that's all the “proof” we have. Frankly, if Islamic terrorists said “the sky is blue,” I'd have to look out and verify it. I don't believe a single thing these murderers and baby-rapers and beheaders say—EVER. Lying is part of their scam, and it is ALLOWED in the Koran. Her parents are BEGGING them to contact her. I don't think ANYBODY should BEG them for ANYTHING. They just take that as weakness. Just KILL them.

ISLAMAPHOBIA IS BULLCRAP! Word is, the basic reason why Obama does nothing to rescue these people who are kidnapped and killed by ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups (whatever name they use) is that they're afraid of being accused of “Islamaphobia.” What STUPIDITY! Islamaphobia, like “homophobia,” is a “made-up word” designed to allow the Muslims (or militant gays) to intimate that people who they accuse of it are being, somehow, mentally affected or guilty of bigotry.. What a LOAD! There are logical, good reasons to be against BOTH that do not involve bigotry OR mental deficiency. Only stupid people accept that appellation.

OBAMA'S A SABOTEUR! And he's doing his “dirty work” in full view of the American people while nobody does anything about it! He has appointed SIX members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his STAFF in DC. He is systematically emptying GITMO, the only prison dedicated to keeping some of the bloody murderers and child rapers out of the fight against us and therefore swells the ranks of their fighters, and he makes all kinds of excuses NOT to respond strongly to the atrocities committed by the Islamic terrorists. He's actively HELPING the enemy in their endeavors. When is SOMEBODY going to DO something about him?

HIRING BACK TAX EVADERS: If you or I evaded our taxes, we'd be in big trouble. We sure as hell wouldn't be able to work for the biggest tax collection outfit in the nation...or would we? Maybe not you nor I, but a number of former IRS employees who had their own tax troubles, as well as other administrative troubles, including mishandling of the tax information of others, have been recently been “welcomed back into the fold.” I guess with Obama's need for more tax collectors because of Obamacare, it doesn't matter if they broke the rules—or are likely to break them again now they know they can get away with it..

REPEAL AND REPLACE?” Not a chance. Yes, we need to repeal Obamacare. But we don't need to replace it with ANYTHING. It is the theory that we need to even HAVE a system where we the government pays for everybody's medical care that is in question. We're BROKE. Obama has SPENT all of our money and then some. Under “Quantitative Easing” he is “printing” trillions of dollars of money that does not exist. We just cannot AFFORD to accept another trillion dollar responsibility. But try and convince the politicians of that.

RESPECT, NOT HATE SPEECH: One liberal thinks we should stop calling liberals bad names. He's right. LIBERAL is a “bad name,” today. He doesn't just “believe in a different kind of life,” he believes in one based on the THEFT of services from those who PRODUCE new wealth for the benefit of those who do NOT. That is INTRINSICALLY wrong, and they should definitely be called on it. That's not “hate speech,” it's TRUTH. Calling it hate speech is merely an attempt to blunt criticism.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Harry Truman's Advice

Pat Boone wrote (in WND) what purports to be a letter that Harry Truman (The last president who DID “end a war” by WINNING it) would write to Obama. It boils down to one short paragraph: ”Drop hellfire on them and WIN the damned war, right now! Stop messing around CLAIMING to have 'stopped two wars,' by “running away, and DO it. The first thing to do is ADMIT we are in a war with Islamic terrorists, and ACT that way. Don't ever believe they're willing to “negotiate.” They've shown many times they're not. So “take them out,” and be done with it; Use everything you've got and don't worry about what a bunch of liberals would say.” “Give 'em hell Harry” says, “give 'em hell!”

IS THERE ANY GOLD LEFT? Ft. Knox is supposed to be holding the nation's reserves of gold; the very BACKING for our currency (Except it isn't, any more). Is there ANY left? Have the politicians spent it all behind our backs? Why then, have they REFUSED to allow an AUDIT of that gold, ever since the Eisenhower administration? How can they DO that, legally, and without causing a “firestorm” of criticism? I think federal marshals should go in there with guns drawn and DO an audit, whether they want to let them, or not. There should be no part of government that is not open to inspection.

WE'RE LOSING THE WAR: The war against Islamic terrorists. Obama won't even say the NAME of the enemy. He won't use the name, “Islamic terrorists.” He sponsors some ineffectual “air raids” in Iraq and Syria, supposedly to “cripple” ISIS, but which don't. Blowing up a couple of pickup trucks on a lonely road does NOTHING to “cripple ANYBODY. He refuses to use the FULL POWER to which he has access to STOP them, preferring to do “selective strikes” to “limit their effectiveness.” Until he starts taking this war seriously, we will continue to lose. Jordan did more damage in ONE DAY than we have done, TOTAL.

SHERIFFS TO OBAMA: “Go to hell!” Obama's HHS chief, Jeh Johnson, sent a letter to mayors and sheriffs, telling them their HHS money could be cut off if they didn't support Obama's ILLEGAL “executive action” regarding illegal aliens. The mayors immediately “caved,” sending a letter to the GOP urging then not to vote to defund those ILLEGAL executive actions. At least two sheriffs (one of them in Colorado, making me proud) told him to “go to hell with his money, they'd follow the LAW, and to “take their strong-arm tactics and stick them.”

DEMOCRAT DEFENDS ISLAMIC TERRORISTS: Democrat Howard Dean (the screamer) says you should NOT call the murderers of eleven people in Paris Islamic terrorists because they spoofed ”the prophet.” Why not? That's what they are. That's what they PROCLAIMED themselves to be after the murders, screaming to the skies, “We avenged the prophet! For what earthly reason should we NOT call them Islamic terrorists? That's what they call THEMSELVES!

IS IT AN ATROCITY? People are concerned that nobody—NOBODY has been allowed into the vaults at Ft. Knox to make sure the government has not sold our gold. That would be a serious problem, if true. They describe it as “an atrocity.” But is it? A serious problem, yes. But an atrocity? No. That's a word too often used, and has become blunted in its intensity by that. It's an atrocity when somebody cuts the head off a child after raping her. But spending the nation's gold, while serious, is NOT. We all too often overuse certain words, causing them to lose meaning. This is one of them.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Stop Coddling Terrorists!

Obama likes to “coddle” the terrorists we capture while they're trying (usually successfully) to kill Americans (and others). GOTMO is supposed to be like the “prisoner of war” camps in WWII, even though Obama refuses to call the prisoners there “prisoners of war” so the “Geneva Accords” will not have to be recognized. He has instituted many “reforms” there, including giving them flat-screen TVs in their cells, and the latest being giving them access to “Skype” so they can contact their families (and their terrorist friends to give them orders and intel). Allowing them ANY kind of communication with the outside world is a BIG MISTAKE, but Obama intends to make it.

WHY CLOSE GITMO? Why is Obama so intent on closing GITMO without something to replace it? Unless he takes my advice to KILL all terrorists, wherever we find them (and he won't, since he's too stupid). There is NO real reason why we SHOULD close GITMO, except to help the terrorists in their efforts to kill us by replenishing their ranks. The purpose of CAPTURING terrorists is to DEPRIVE other terrorists of their services. Releasing them is not only counter productive, it is leading to the DEATH of many Americans, as well as others. He CLAIMS GITMO is “good propaganda” for the terrorists, which is a weak excuse and is a typical Obama LIE.

ARE YOU PRO ABORTION? Are you Catholic? NO, you aren't. You CANNOT be a Catholic and be pro-abortion. It's not possible. The Catholic Catechism says that, if you don't accept ALL things the Catholics teach, you CANNOT be a Catholic. That's what stopped me from converting to Catholicism early in my life, because there were things they preach with which I did not agree. Catholics are adamantly OPPOSED to abortion (as well they should be) since abortion is the MURDER, in the womb, of an innocent, helpless infant. And that CANNOT be right, EVER.

MORAL EQUIVALENCY? Obama, the other day, tried to draw a moral equivalency between what the Muslim terrorists are doing TODAY to what the Catholic church did during the “Crusades,” which was IN RETALIATION for what the Muslims did to Christians, then. Yes, what they did was an abomination, but it was done by the CHURCH, not the people. And it was not done because somebody wouldn't “sign up” to be a Catholic, it was to avenge the atrocities of the Muslims of that day. They finally realized what they were doing was wrong, and stopped. The Muslims never learned this lesson. There's NO “moral equivalency.”

PIG FARMER WON'T MOVE: Muslims bought the land next to a pig farmer, well knowing what he does for a living. Then they went to him and told him to move, because they don't like pigs. WHAT? Talk about ARROGANCE! He not unexpectedly told them to “go to hell”  (when pigs fly) and when they put pressure on him, he started holding “pig races” every week, just to piss them off. Knowing Muslims, they'll probably find a way to KILL him because he won't “knuckle under” to their demands. I'll be watching as this develops.

CONGRESS SHOULDN'T BE A POLITICAL ARENA”: That's what the politically dumped leader of the MINORITY party (Nancy Peelosi) said the other day about the MAJORITY leader inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak. What the hell does she think the congress IS? That's ALL it is! It's where people come to ARGUE politics before making decisions (some good, some bad) about what laws to make. This is illustrative of the IGNORANCE she brought to the House. Every time she opens her mouth she does it again.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

"National Security Interest?"

That's what Obama is calling releasing bloody murderers, child beheaders, child rapists, woman beaters from GITMO, so they can “swell the ranks of terrorists” with EXPERIENCED killers who simply go back and murder more innocent people. He SAYS that each one has 'PROMISED” not to do that—and he BELIEVES them. What kind of LOGIC says that shutting down GITMO is “in the national interest. It's major STUPIDITY. There is NO SCENARIO in which closing GITMO is in the best interest of national security! He has to be DELUDED if he believes that! But he doesn't believe that. That's just “the cover” for his treachery.

DISH DUMPED FOX? Not a chance. It would cost them too many viewers. 90,000 of them canceled their DISH accounts and were very “up front” as to why. As long as Fox wasn't there, why bother? Another 300,000 told them they would do likewise if Fox was not returned to the lineup. They just couldn't withstand the market pressure and agreed to a multi-year contract with Fox. DISH execs may be politically opposed to Fox using their network to “get the truth out,” but there's just too much money involved. They say “Fox's future looked grim” until the viewers spoke up, but I don't believe it. DISH needs Fox. Fox doesn't need DISH.

NO GUN? SELF-DEFENSE ANYWAY: The United States government is doing everything in its power to keep its citizens DISARMED, and thus defenseless. But you don't have to be defenseless when faced by a man with a gun. When a man points a gun at you and is close enough to touch, you can grab the gun, push it away from aiming at you, while punching him in the neck, just below where you would ordinarily hit him with your fist. Do it right, and he is a dead man, while you are still alive, with his gun in your hand. The cops will try and charge you for killing him, but at least you're alive to fight the charges. If he's further away, any nearby heavy object makes a good missile if you have a good aim.

ARE CHRISTIANS JUST AS BAD? Obama seems to think so. He cited some awful things Christians did during the Crusades that were likened to what Muslims are doing NOW. But notice he had to go back 1,000 YEARS to find them. Back to when people, AS a people weren't too bright about ANYTHING. Many still believed in pagan religions (a lot more than today), most of what was done in the Crusades was done in RETALIATION for what MUSLIMS did to Christians. But the important thing is, Muslims are doing bad things TODAY and they aren't too selective in just WHO they do it to. ”Any old Christian will do.” What was done back then was done by THE CHURCH, not “the people,” as is happening today. Yes, Islam is running things, but INDIVIDUALS are doing the atrocities. But basically he is saying, “They did it first, so it's okay for use to do it, now,” which is not only wrong, it's STUPID wrong!

CURBS ON ISLAM CRITICISM: That's what Obama wants, according to what he said at a recent prayer breakfast. He equated it to recent criticisms of Christians, completely ignoring the tendency of Muslims to KILL those they do not agree with. He forgets Islam is a “religion” based on a book written by a peasant who SAYS God (Allah) came to him and told him to write it, and become the “prophet of Islam.” (Yeah, right!) He ignores the fact that Islam NEEDS to be criticized for their atrocities, and putting “limits” on what criticism is allowed amounts to unconstitutional CENSORSHIP.
PEELOSI “SUPER SAD”: And that's about Netanyahu speaking before a combined session of Congress. She even thinks we should “rethink” “combined sessions,” as if she were still Speaker, which she is NOT. The reason for this is that she thinks having him speak indicates that we are in favor of Israel's RETALIATION against Palestinian attacks—which, for the most part, we ARE. Does she really think we care what SHE thinks about it? I think she should have been “ridden out of DC on a rail” after being tarred and feathered for her performance as Speaker.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another Day, Another Lie

One of these days, Obama's going to to go an entire day without telling a big whopper. Burger King says it's “The Home of the Whopper.” But in reality, the home of the whopper is the White House—or anywhere else Obama will live after he leaves the presidency (if he ever does). Now he's out there claiming that HE “saved the economy.” What? NOBODY has “saved the economy,” and Obama is the one who has made it worse than ever before while DOUBLING the national debt and spending more money than all the presidents before him put together. Now he wants to spend another $4 TRILLION, just this next year!.

WHY DOES EVERYBBODY LOVE HILLARY? Actually, they don't. She's counting on brand new voters who have never voted before to buttress her (hopefully) futile second attempt to gain the Democrat nomination. People who know NOTHING about what's going on, about what Democrats—and Hillary—are doing to them. If you want to see where political INCOMPETENCE has made a mess of things, just look at the nearest Democrat administration. Wherever they run things, we're in trouble.

EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS FALSE: The Obama administration and all the other Democrats are celebrating the new employment numbers that say it is “down” to 5.6%. But that's a BIG LIE. If all the people who have GIVEN UP on ever getting another job and have thus LEFT the employment market, the number would be 12%. When somebody stops looking for work for whatever reason including “giving up,” the Department of Labor stops counting them, which makes the unemployment figure look better since then a smaller PERCENTAGE of people are then COUNTED as unemployed.

JORDAN DID WHAT WE OUGHT TO DO: So the Islamic terrorists (that Obama thinks don't exist) burned a Jordanian pilot alive, did they? And they expected nothing in retaliation. WRONG! Jordan had two Islamic terrorists in prison under sentence of death for their atrocities. So they moved their execution dates up to yesterday and executed them BOTH. Additionally, they vowed a “relentless war” against Islamic terrorism. Jordan's king has gonads. We don't, not as long as Obama sits in the White House.

CRIME DROPS IN CHICAGO: They're still one of the most dangerous places to live, because of all the criminals and gang-bangers who still have their ILLEGAL guns. But since the courts threw out their virtual ban on ”concealed carry,” many violent criminals have gone into other kinds of crime so they won't get shot by one of their intended victims. This again proves beyond a doubt that the more honest people who carry their own guns, the less violent crime there is. Will the “gun grabbers” take note? Doubtful. They just want to DISARM the populace. They don't care about crime—except for theirs.

HOUSE VOTES TO REPEAL OBAMACARE: 239 to 186, NINE Democrats voting for the bill. When it goes to the Senate, it will probably also pass. But we all know it is DOOMED when it gets to Obama's desk. That makes it a “gesture” bill that was never expected to pass. But what's going to happen to it when a NEW president, probably a Republican, is in office, with Republicans controlling BOTH houses? Obama hopes to have it so strongly entrenched by that time that it won't happen. But don't count on it.