Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sorry About That

No updates yesterday because my computer is acting up. I was not able to get it to do anything on the Internet. It's just barely working tonight. I'll have to take it to my computer guy. So don't be surprised if I miss some more days soon. I don't think the problem is with my computer, since the word processing works normally. If a new computer is required, I'll get one.

"SENSIBLE" GUN CONTROL: Well, this guy thinks he has covered it all. He thinks his ideas are "sensible" and will "solve" the gun debate. There's only one little problem: there isn't a thing on his list they haven't already tried, and NONE of them work. None of them stop a single killing, or ONE mass shooting. ALL of them, like all the rest, DEPEND on a LAWBREAKER to somehow OBEY these laws, and that ain't agonna happen. That has been amply proven, many times. And like most of the anti-gun fools, this fool ignores that fact, and a few others.

"IT ISN'T ILLEGAL!" The Dumocrats insist that "opposition research" is NOT illegal to defend themselves from the phony "Trump Dossier" about prostitutes urinating on the bed Obama once slept in, supposedly at Trump's request. They're right. Opposition research is NOT illegal--UNLESS they pay a FOREIGN SOURCE for it, which they demonstrably did. There is EVIDENCE they did, which is a little different from the "Russian collusion" connection they accuse Trump of doing. In that case, there is NO EVIDENCE to be found, after more than six months of diligent searching.

SAME OL' SAME OL': Not a new idea. Not at all. Dr.Garen Wintermute, at UC Davis (in California, where else?) seems to think doctors asking people about gun ownership in their homes will do it. Not that it will. All the patient has to do is first, refuse to answer. Or if he/she does answer, LIE. The doctor has no way of knowing if the patient's answer is a lie, or is real. And even if the answer is real, what can he do? Tell the "authorities?" Does he really think an ILLEGAL gun holder is going to "fess up" to his doctor when asked? Frankly, I wouldn't want to trust my life to a doctor who is this gullible.

"IT HASN'T BEEN PROVED": The Dumocrats are still clinging to the phony "pee report" where Trump is supposed to have paid a prostitute to pee on a bed once slept on by Obama in Moscow, saying, "It hasn't been disproven." Wow! since when is such an outlandish LIE been believed if not disproven? It hasn't been PROVEN, either! And such an outlandish LIE needs to BE proven before intelligent people will believe it. That's a common scam for the Dumocrats: make an UNPROVEN assertion and insist that their opposition DISPROVE it. I say they need to PROVE it!

CAME BACK TO BITE HER: Hillary thought she had a winning issue with that phony story about Trump colluding with the Russians, but that bilge has come back to bite her on the rear. There is NO PROOF her story is true after more than 6 months of looking, but there IS PROOF that SHE colluded with the Russians. It's another common scam used by the Dumocrats to accuse the opposition of what THEY are doing, but this time it's backfiring. But they're still insisting he did, using another Dumocrat scam, saying "it hasn't been disproven."

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Maxine Waters is stupid. she proves it every time she opens her blow hole. Now she's telling Trump "We didn't ask you to be president." How then, does she think Trump won the election against all odds, including "the fix" the Dumocrats had in?.... A fourth woman has "come forward" "piling on." accusing George Bush (the elder) of sexual misconduct. Hmmm--I wonder if she has any real proof? Most women who "pile on" in such cases don't. All they seem to have is their unsupported word. Unlike with Harvey Weinstein.... Mueller has announced that some charges will be filed against SOMEBODY--he won't say who, what charges, or when he will tell us. I guess he just wants to titillate us and get us "panting" to know. Now we know who. It's a former short-term Trump election committee boss who only lasted a few months before being fired, and what ha's charged with has NOTHING to do with the Trump campaign....

Friday, October 27, 2017

Gun Control Is Useless

It doesn't stop crime. It INCREASES crime by disarming honest, law-abiding citizens, making them "sitting ducks" for all the criminals and other bad guys who want to victimize them. Chicago is one of the best examples in that, with all their tight anti-gun laws (some so tight they're unconstitutional), they continue to have one of the highest gun crime rates in the nation. But they're not alone. Other cities with similar tight anti-gun laws have a similar problem with high gun violence rates. Cities like this with their tight anti-gun laws and a smaller number of legal guns have higher gun crime rates, while rural ares, with more legal guns tend to have much less gun crime.

"COMMON SENSE" SOLUTIONS: The anti-gun fools like to call their silly laws "common sense" solutions to the "gun problem." But they're not. In this instance, they're leaning hard on high-capacity magazines and bump stocks. As if banning them would stop a determined mass killer from getting them to use in his killing spree. They really think a law saying he can't be armed, or can't have a high-capacity magazine or a bump stock will dissuade him from his plans. People who are planning on murdering a lot of people couldn't care less about a piddling law that says they can't have certain things.

WE ALREADY HAVE IT! Pro gun people keep harping on stopping the anti-gun fools in government from having a ready list of gun owners to use when they get ready to "confiscate" (steal) all our guns. But what they don't consider is the fact that we already HAVE a "gun registry" for law-abiding people. Has anybody tried to buy a gun legally without having to go through a "background check" and a visit from the local cops to determine whether or not he/she is a criminal wanting to buy a gun (as if most criminals bought their guns legally)?

INFORMANT GAG ORDER: The question is simple: why the hell did Obama's DOJ apply a "gag order" to an informant who had significant information on a government "investigation?" Was the information he had something that would implicate Obama and/or Hillary Clinton in a crime? Was is a cover-up? It's very suspicious, and, unless Clinton or Obama forces KILL this informant, we'll find out soon--unless somebody is able to hide what he tells Congress. The Clintons have a reputation for having people who are due to testify about them get killed under very suspicious circumstances, with the locals covering it up like a cat in a litter box.

"IT ISN'T ILLEGAL!" The Dumocrats insist that "opposition research" is NOT illegal to defend themselves from the phony "Trump Dossier" about prostitutes urinating on the bed Obama once slept in, supposedly at Trump's request. They're right. Opposition research is NOT illegal--UNLESS they pay a FOREIGN SOURCE for it, which they demonstrably did. There is EVIDENCE they did, which is a little different from the "Russian collusion" connection they accuse Trump of doing. In that case, there is NO EVIDENCE to be found, after six months of diligent searching.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: An FBI informant who helped expose the "uranium deal" whereby Russia was able to buy a Canadian company that controlled 20% of America's uranium supply is under a "gag order." The deal was approved by then President Obama, then Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, and was known to then Attorney General Holder. How is it legal for politicians screwing the public to "gag" an informant who has "the goods" on them?.... Their lies are so obvious, it makes you wonder why they are believed, about anything."The Trace," a well-known anti-gun fool web site, describes self defense shootings by licensed gun owners and suicides as "gun violence" to "pad" their figures. We all know it, but gullible constituents buy it, and vote, based on their lies....

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Another Useless Gun Law

Chris Murphy (D-CT) has introduced a bill that he, himself admits would have done NOTHING to stop the Las Vegas shooter. His bill would call for background checks to be expanded from retail sales to private sales. Of course, the Las Vegas shooter, who had no previous criminal record, PASSED several background checks when he LEGALLY bought his guns. In any case, all background checks do is keep such people (IF they have a criminal record) from buying guns LEGALLY. so, of course, they will then buy them ILLEGALLY. Background checks, in any case, have proven to be completely INEFFECTIVE in stopping any of MANY mass shootings.

SECOND AMENDMENT IRRELEVANT: Professor Neil Buchanan thinks the Second Amendment is irrelevant to the "gun debate." Of course, that's an IGNORANT assumption, but I expect such from a professor at a university catering to political elites. He says, since the laws don't BAN guns, the Second doesn't apply. There's a reason those laws work only on the periphery of "gun control." The Second PROHIBITS outright BANS on guns, so they do all they can to INFRINGE on that constitutional right and making guns impossible to use, due to their infringements. You don't have to BAN guns if you can make them useless.

I KNEW IT WAS COMING: Word is now, the Second Amendment was created just to keep slaves down! To promote the existence of the "Slave Patrols" that went out and found runaway slaves. They were made up of slave owning and slave approving individuals, and they wanted to guarantee that they were armed. That makes it a "racist issue," and you know what is the favorite epithet used by the left: "racist!" EVERYTHING is racist, and now even the Second Amendment is racist. Never mind people wanted to be able to defend themselves when an outlaw came to kill them and steal what is theirs--they only wanted to preserve racism!

USING THE LEFT'S JARGON: One thing that ticks off the left more than anything else is when we use their own jargon to pillory them. That's why it's such a good thing to say, "If a good guy with a gun saves only one life." That's one of their favorite excuses for passing all those USELESS anti-gun laws that save not a SINGLE life. They love to say that whenever they get a fool law passed and people complain. The problem is, none of their laws ever save one life. They only put controls on people, and what they can do. Today, you can hardly fart without having some kind of a "permit," authorized by some silly law, made to "save one life," and which does not.

LEGAL GUN STOPS KIDNAPPING: Once more, a legally owned and carried gun prevents a crime. A man who did not have custody, attempted to kidnap his child, and was stopped by a neighbor with a gun. He saw the man, with his hand on his gun, and decided to just get in his car and leave without the child. This guy stopped it without even taking hid gun out of the holster. Just the sight of the man with his hand on a gun yelling "stop!" caused him to change his mind and run. This may make the local papers, but it is doubtful that it will be picked up by the national liberal media, because it does not fit their dogma.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Maxine Waters and Frederica Wilson are the two best gifts the Dumocrats could give Republicans. They demonstrate the abject stupidity that is inherent in that party.... Some players liken being ordered to stand for the National Anthem with slavery. But any employer can ban such unpatriotic actions while "on the clock," and most do. That's not slavery, that's just obeying the rules the employer has a right to impose.... What kind of a sick fool finds racism in the fact that Harvey Weinstein didn't sexually abuse any black women? Are they insulted that there are no black women among those accusing him?....

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Good Gun Use: No Press

There are many stories of "righteous" gun use every day, but they get no media attention because they don't promote the anti-gun bias in the liberal media. Every time some crazy gets a few guns and kills a few people it is wall-to-wall news for days, sometimes longer. But when somebody uses a gun to PROTECT somebody, or themselves, the liberal media is strangely silent. So is the "social media," which is largely controlled by liberals. Example: A Detroit man, who was a licensed carrier, was accosted by a gun-wielding criminal on the street, and immediately shot him. Surprise, surprise!

MUELLER A PLANTl When they appointed Robert Mueller special counsel to "investigate" the "Russian connection," they were sending the fox into the henhouse to "investigate" missing chickens. Robert Mueller was the FBI Director during the time Obama and Hillary, and several others sold 20% or our uranium to Russia with little fanfare. I say little fanfare because the liberal media, that was also complicit, refused to cover it. The first thing he did was appoint 16 Obama/Clinton operatives to his staff. People who are unalterably Trump haters who are on a "witch hunt" to find out ANYTHING they can use against Trump.

CLINTON BRIBERY MECHANISM: The Clintons have lifted political bribery to a fine art, involving "speaking fees" and "foundation donations." Both Bill and HIllary make short, often incomprehensible "speeches" before organizations they are, or hope to be in the future, in charge of regulating at fees reaching half a million dollars for a short speech. Often they "donate" their speech fees to the Clinton Foundation, which they control, absolutely, and which does little charity work. Other times people who wish to curry favor with one or the other simply "donate" millions of dollars to their foundation, which they spend freely.

THE NRA MYTH: The anti-gun fools are fond of accusing the NRA of "buying votes," but the TRUTH is, THEY are the ones who buy votes, in many ways, not just with money. As an example, former NY Mayor Bloomberg, one of the biggest gun control fools, recently pumped ANOTHER $700,000.00 into several Virginia races. "Contributions (bribes)" to get their votes) In other cases, they pay the air fare for politician's travel, or just invite the politician (and his girlfriend) to a specific dinner. and that's enough to get his Vote. But the NRA doesn't need to do that, because they're fighting a battle supported by a majority of Americans against a very small (but rich) MINORITY that wants to remove a constitutional right, by "hook or crook."

SOMETHING'S MISSING: In all the news about the deaths of four soldiers in NIger, victims of the Boco Haram attackers. They talk about the action; why it took so long for air cover to arrive, and how the attackers had more firepower than the American troops. But there has been a glaring fact missing: what happened to the attackers after they managed to kill four of our troops? Did we go in and "clean them out?" Or did we just "get out of there?" Under Obama that would be a serious omission. Under Trump, I wonder. Did he order more troops to go in and clean out those thugs? Probably, and I hope we will be hearing about it, shortly.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: "It's racism! That's what congresswoman Frederica Wilson cries after Trump called her out for her stupid remarks about his call to a widow of a dead military man, and then LIED to make him look insensitive. It's always racism when you criticize a liberal, isn't it? Even when it isn't, which is almost all the time.... Maxine Waters says she's going to "go and take out Trump." More likely is that Trump will take her out.... Frederica Wilson is trying mightily to become as well known as Maxine Waters by trying to be more stupid than she is, which is hard to do, but she can do it.... We're making good progress in destroying ISIS. which must be making Obama livid while the liberal media is ignoring our successes against ISIS....

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

It's Really Too Bad

What football players are doing to their owners in their selfish "sit downs" during the National Anthem. Football seems to be the "premier sport" in the country--at least, until recently, when those "sitdowners" caused their owners to lose BILLIONS of dollars in attendance and TV revenue, because fans just don't want to see them disrespect their flag and their National Anthem. They pay big bucks to see FOOTBALL, not politics. Those players need to take their "protest" elsewhere to keep their owners from losing even more millions. Or the owners ought to deduct those millions from their salaries. That might wake them up.

"NOT 2ND AMENDMENT ISSUE": Anti-gun fool Julienne Moore told the other fools on "The View" the other day, that "gun control is not a Second Amendment issue." Thus displaying, once again, her abysmal IGNORANCE on the issue. Gun control IS a Second Amendment issue as they practice it. Their basic goal is the complete ELIMINATION of all guns they can find (So what if criminals still have their illegal guns). That IS a Second Amendment issue.

SELF DEFENSE: "GUN VIOLENCE": I guess there just isn't enough real "gun violence" to support the anti-gun fools' efforts to disarm America, so they have to MANUFACTURE it. They do so by lumping incidents of self defense in with all shootings, including gang wars, suicide, and murder, calling it all "gun violence," to pad their numbers. In connecting these, they get numbers that allow them to lie and say that "concealed carry causes more murders." The truth is, increased numbers of shootings involving legally carried guns, done for self defense, IMPROVES the murder rate by having lawful gun owners kill the criminals and other "bad guys" who try to victimize them.

MUCH ADO OVER NOTHING: With all the IMPORTANT things happening in the world, such as the yammering of a crazy man who is running N. Korea, a nuclear-armed nation, and the depredations of Islamic terrorists world wide, as well as other important things, the news media is harping on a congresswoman's MISREPRESENTATION of President Trump's words in a condolence call that she should not have been in a position to hear, period. It smacks of a "setup," DESIGNED to allow her to make Trump look like an insensitive fool by "editing" his words to leave out the words that make them proper while getting priceless publicity that adds to her name recognition. Nobody outside of Florida knew who she was until she set this up..

THE CRUMMY "UNDERBELLY": We've heard, for years, about the "casting couch" in Hollywood, but it has been presented as an anomaly and not a real problem. Turns out it is not only true, but it IS a major problem that has affected many young, impressionable women who found that there was no way they could "make it" in Hollywood unless they "screwed the boss." There was nowhere they could go where the boss didn't demand they sleep with him before he would do anything to help them in their quest for stardom. It was NOT an "anomaly," it was ROUTINE.

GOVERNMENT LYING TO US: Every day they run an advertisement in which they say categorically that Medicare pays 80% of my medical costs, which they do NOT. They get the bill, cut it in half, THEN pay 80% of that. which amounts, in real life to only 40% of the actual bill. Which causes the doctors and medical providers to double their prices to be able to collect approximately what they are owed. I'm getting tired of hearing that LIE. Which the whole world KNOWS is a lie, but which is accepted as Gospel.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Ya Think, Chuckie?

Chuckie Schumer, MINORITY leader in the Senate, says the Dumocrats "don't need to get bogged down in the gun control debate" because it may "come back to bite them" in future elections. It's okay to "get bogged down in the gun control debate" when you've already been elected and your position is somewhat secure, of course. Of course, his opinion ADMITS something important, that he did not wish to admit: that gun control was AGAINST what the electorate wanted, and they wanted them to forget that Dumocrats WILL support gun control at every opportunity--in Congress, just not while trying to be elected or re-elected.

3 MILLION CARRY GUNS: The American Journal of Public Health did a survey recently, that told them that 3 million people carried guns concealed often. Sometimes daily. The most often cited motivation was self defense (surprise, surprise!). What they didn't talk about was the number of people who carried loaded guns daily ILLEGALLY, which, if I'm any judge, EXCEEDS the number who carry legally. But, of course, they ignore those numbers, just as the anti-gun fools ignore those who carry illegally while making their laws. Lawbreakers don't obey laws. That's a FACT, not an opinion.

IT'S ALWAYS RACISM: Even when it's not. The latest Dumocrat scheme is accusing EVERYBODY who disagrees with them of racism, on the slightest provocation. Their latest effort involves a highly respected former top general, now White House Chief of Staff, who defended President Trump against the lies of omission by congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who "listened in" on Trump's phone call to a grieving widow, and left out half of what he said, making it look like he just didn't care. Since she's a black buffoon, she immediately cried "racism." This sequined cowboy hat wearing fool doesn't know what racism really is, if she imputes it, in any way, to what General Kelly said.

SUPPORTING INFANTICIDE: People accused returning Viet Nam vets of being "baby killers," and now THEY are the baby killers. For real. MILLIONS of babies have been MURDERED, in the womb, and sometimes out of it, for the CONVENIENCE of the parents, who just don't want to take responsibility for the raising of the result of their unprotected sex. I never thought an entire political party (Dumocrats) would SUPPORT the murder of defenseless babies. But that's what we have today, and I'm sick of their stupid excuses for supporting it.

"MOST DESTRUCTIVE PRESIDENCY": Board Chairman of Breitbart News, and former White House chief Strategist Steve Bannon criticized George Bush's remarks about Trump, and said Bush's presidency was the most destructive presidency in history. Which completely ignores the SUBVERSIVE presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama did so much to injure the United States during his presidency that it will take years to repair the damage, if, in fact, it is possible to do so. Obama committed many acts of terrorism as president, and should be brought up on charges for those acts. But will he? Not likely. The "fix is in," and Dumocrats aren't usually called to account for their crimes.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Kaepernick's refusal to stand for the National Anthem is NOT allowed by the Constitution because he's doing it while ON THE CLOCK at his workplace. The Constitution only guarantees the government can't punish him for it. His employers, and the fans CAN.... The liberal media doesn't like to talk about the economy because, under Trump, it is moving to record highs, and they don't want to give Trump any credit for that....

Friday, October 20, 2017

She Died of Gun Control

Gun control advocates don't like to talk about Carol Brown. That's because she died BECAUSE of restrictive gun laws. She PLEADED for the right to have a gun to defend herself against an abusive man, and was refused. They made her wait, and while waiting, she died. She abided by the law, and she died. I remember a similar case in Denver, Colorado, where a woman who was threatened asked for the right to be armed in self defense and was made to wait. While waiting, she bought a gun illegally, and when a man came to kill her, she killed him, instead.

ABOUT THE ECONOMY: Has anyone noticed recently that the liberal media isn't publishing anything about the economy? They talked incessantly about the economy whenever there was an infinitesimal improvement under Obama--and any improvements under Obama WERE infinitesimal, though touted as if they were Earth shattering. But lately, they're suspiciously silent as the economy booms to new records resulting from Trump policies. Why? Because to take note of the booming economy today would be to give Trump credit, and they're adamantly against that.

EDITING TRUMP'S WORDS: President Trump called the widow of a slain American hero, and said this: "He knew what he signed up for, but he went, anyway." Which was one of the finest compliments ever. But a known anti-Trump congresswoman who favors sequined cowboy hats was eavesdropping, and edited his words when she went to the liberal media to have him say simply, "He knew what he signed up for," which changed the meaning, completely. Of course, that was her goal, and the liberal media lapped it up like a puppy on an ice cream cone. Anything to make Trump look bad.

SHE'S SO IMPORTANT! The fool congresswoman who listened in on a call President Trump made to the wife of a soldier killed in action, and who "edited" Trump's words to make it look like (falsely) that Trump just "didn't care" about that soldier or his wife thinks she's a "rock star" because Trump actually NOTICED her. It's hard NOT to notice somebody with such a big mouth and so much hatred. He's also going to "notice her" when election time comes. Yes, she was "in the car" when the call came in. But they had to put it on speaker for her to hear what was said. Why would they do that if she hadn't asked them to do so, so she could listen in and LIE about what he said?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: "Being mean to the press." That's what's being said about how Trump handles the press. Never anything about how "mean" the PRESS is being to Trump.... There's a new term out that is a contradiction in terms. It is “transgender women.” If you have a penis, you are no kind of “woman!”.... Can't win under the rules? Then change the rules! That's what Dumocrats are doing with their attempt to get rid of the Electoral College.... A lawsuit has been filed against former FBI Director James Comey because he lied to Congress, to get him disbarred.. Will it succeed? Probably not. He's a Dumocrat, after all.... Socialized medicine at work: In Great Britain, they have BANNED surgery for anybody who ever smoked, or who is overweight, because the government doesn't approve of them,,,,

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Democrat Pipe Dreams

The Dumocrats are hoping a string of unlikely happenings will yet get Hillary in the White House. It all hinges on Mueller finding SOME evidence of a "Russian Connection" to Trump in the 2016 election. If one is found (outside of the DUMOCRAT "Russian Connection," that is), they hope Trump will resign because of it, leaving Pence as president. Then they hope he will appoint Paul Ryan as vice president, and then resign, himself, because he also "benefited from the Russian Connection," leaving Paul Ryan as president. Then they hope Ryan will appoint Hillary as his vice president, and then resign, himself, realizing that she is really the "entitled president."

CREATING GUN VIOLENCE: There's no more effective way to guarantee more gun violence than to attempt to take away the constitutional right to be armed in the United States. The British tried it in the colonies and sparked a revolution that created a free country while separating the colonies from British rule. Glenn Reynolds said it well: "There’s nothing that would provoke more 'gun violence' than an attempt to seize guns. But gun control isn’t about preventing violence, it’s about forcing those rubes in Flyover Country to knuckle under." That's the general opinion in DC, that people living in "Flyover Country" are simply "rubes," and they, in their "superior knowledge" are the ones to keep "the rubes" in line.

TAKING THE WRONG TACK: Hillary is like most Dumocrats. she always "takes the wrong tack" on all issues. She did it again when she commented on the actions of the football players to disrespect the National Anthem in support of a phony "cause." She said those players were just "exercising their constitutional rights" when they refused to stand for the National Anthem, which is absolutely wrong. And she should know better. Demonstrating in support of ANYTHING while being paid to do a specific job is in violation of their employment contract with their employer. This does not stop them from exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate. Just not at work, while they're being paid to do a specific job.

THE REAL RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY: While Congress wastes millions "investigating" whether or not the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign to get him elected, they're ignoring completely the REAL "Russian connection" to the American government. The sale, by Hillary Clinton (as Sec. of State) of American uranium to Russia in return for a million dollar "contribution" to the Clinton Foundation (approved by Obama). It's all going on, "behind the scenes," because the liberal media will not cover it. Unfortunately, for them, they can't stop the less than liberal media from covering it. Will there be charges filed? Doubtful. This is HILLARY, fergawdsakes!

ANOTHER CLINTON MURDER: There's a suspicious number of deaths connected with attempts to call a Clinton to account for their crimes. That's with both Bill and Hillary. Some of the ones attached to Bill are so absurd they're impossible. Like one that was labeled a suicide with TWO bullets in his head. How does one shoot himself TWICE in the head? The latest is the death of a journalist responsible for the exposure of million dollar bribes to the Clinton Foundation. Of course, it is possible that her death was a result of an investigation of a local Maltese politician, but the juxtaposition of deaths like this to a connection with the Clintons is very suspicious.

....AND NOBODY CAME: In Massachusetts, they called a meeting about "bump stocks" and other accessories to make guns fire faster AFTER passing a law to more tightly regulate them....and nobody came, except the politicians. The Las Vegas shooting happened on October 1, and their laws (two of them) were passed on October 11, and 12. I don't think we've ever before seen a legislature act as fast. Never mind that such bans will not stop a single mass shooting. They "did something," even if it was USELESS. Anybody who thinks a LAW will stop somebody intent on KILLING a bunch of people from getting the guns they need is an imbecile.