Friday, October 20, 2017

She Died of Gun Control

Gun control advocates don't like to talk about Carol Brown. That's because she died BECAUSE of restrictive gun laws. She PLEADED for the right to have a gun to defend herself against an abusive man, and was refused. They made her wait, and while waiting, she died. She abided by the law, and she died. I remember a similar case in Denver, Colorado, where a woman who was threatened asked for the right to be armed in self defense and was made to wait. While waiting, she bought a gun illegally, and when a man came to kill her, she killed him, instead.

ABOUT THE ECONOMY: Has anyone noticed recently that the liberal media isn't publishing anything about the economy? They talked incessantly about the economy whenever there was an infinitesimal improvement under Obama--and any improvements under Obama WERE infinitesimal, though touted as if they were Earth shattering. But lately, they're suspiciously silent as the economy booms to new records resulting from Trump policies. Why? Because to take note of the booming economy today would be to give Trump credit, and they're adamantly against that.

EDITING TRUMP'S WORDS: President Trump called the widow of a slain American hero, and said this: "He knew what he signed up for, but he went, anyway." Which was one of the finest compliments ever. But a known anti-Trump congresswoman who favors sequined cowboy hats was eavesdropping, and edited his words when she went to the liberal media to have him say simply, "He knew what he signed up for," which changed the meaning, completely. Of course, that was her goal, and the liberal media lapped it up like a puppy on an ice cream cone. Anything to make Trump look bad.

SHE'S SO IMPORTANT! The fool congresswoman who listened in on a call President Trump made to the wife of a soldier killed in action, and who "edited" Trump's words to make it look like (falsely) that Trump just "didn't care" about that soldier or his wife thinks she's a "rock star" because Trump actually NOTICED her. It's hard NOT to notice somebody with such a big mouth and so much hatred. He's also going to "notice her" when election time comes. Yes, she was "in the car" when the call came in. But they had to put it on speaker for her to hear what was said. Why would they do that if she hadn't asked them to do so, so she could listen in and LIE about what he said?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: "Being mean to the press." That's what's being said about how Trump handles the press. Never anything about how "mean" the PRESS is being to Trump.... There's a new term out that is a contradiction in terms. It is “transgender women.” If you have a penis, you are no kind of “woman!”.... Can't win under the rules? Then change the rules! That's what Dumocrats are doing with their attempt to get rid of the Electoral College.... A lawsuit has been filed against former FBI Director James Comey because he lied to Congress, to get him disbarred.. Will it succeed? Probably not. He's a Dumocrat, after all.... Socialized medicine at work: In Great Britain, they have BANNED surgery for anybody who ever smoked, or who is overweight, because the government doesn't approve of them,,,,

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Democrat Pipe Dreams

The Dumocrats are hoping a string of unlikely happenings will yet get Hillary in the White House. It all hinges on Mueller finding SOME evidence of a "Russian Connection" to Trump in the 2016 election. If one is found (outside of the DUMOCRAT "Russian Connection," that is), they hope Trump will resign because of it, leaving Pence as president. Then they hope he will appoint Paul Ryan as vice president, and then resign, himself, because he also "benefited from the Russian Connection," leaving Paul Ryan as president. Then they hope Ryan will appoint Hillary as his vice president, and then resign, himself, realizing that she is really the "entitled president."

CREATING GUN VIOLENCE: There's no more effective way to guarantee more gun violence than to attempt to take away the constitutional right to be armed in the United States. The British tried it in the colonies and sparked a revolution that created a free country while separating the colonies from British rule. Glenn Reynolds said it well: "There’s nothing that would provoke more 'gun violence' than an attempt to seize guns. But gun control isn’t about preventing violence, it’s about forcing those rubes in Flyover Country to knuckle under." That's the general opinion in DC, that people living in "Flyover Country" are simply "rubes," and they, in their "superior knowledge" are the ones to keep "the rubes" in line.

TAKING THE WRONG TACK: Hillary is like most Dumocrats. she always "takes the wrong tack" on all issues. She did it again when she commented on the actions of the football players to disrespect the National Anthem in support of a phony "cause." She said those players were just "exercising their constitutional rights" when they refused to stand for the National Anthem, which is absolutely wrong. And she should know better. Demonstrating in support of ANYTHING while being paid to do a specific job is in violation of their employment contract with their employer. This does not stop them from exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate. Just not at work, while they're being paid to do a specific job.

THE REAL RUSSIAN CONSPIRACY: While Congress wastes millions "investigating" whether or not the Russians colluded with the Trump campaign to get him elected, they're ignoring completely the REAL "Russian connection" to the American government. The sale, by Hillary Clinton (as Sec. of State) of American uranium to Russia in return for a million dollar "contribution" to the Clinton Foundation (approved by Obama). It's all going on, "behind the scenes," because the liberal media will not cover it. Unfortunately, for them, they can't stop the less than liberal media from covering it. Will there be charges filed? Doubtful. This is HILLARY, fergawdsakes!

ANOTHER CLINTON MURDER: There's a suspicious number of deaths connected with attempts to call a Clinton to account for their crimes. That's with both Bill and Hillary. Some of the ones attached to Bill are so absurd they're impossible. Like one that was labeled a suicide with TWO bullets in his head. How does one shoot himself TWICE in the head? The latest is the death of a journalist responsible for the exposure of million dollar bribes to the Clinton Foundation. Of course, it is possible that her death was a result of an investigation of a local Maltese politician, but the juxtaposition of deaths like this to a connection with the Clintons is very suspicious.

....AND NOBODY CAME: In Massachusetts, they called a meeting about "bump stocks" and other accessories to make guns fire faster AFTER passing a law to more tightly regulate them....and nobody came, except the politicians. The Las Vegas shooting happened on October 1, and their laws (two of them) were passed on October 11, and 12. I don't think we've ever before seen a legislature act as fast. Never mind that such bans will not stop a single mass shooting. They "did something," even if it was USELESS. Anybody who thinks a LAW will stop somebody intent on KILLING a bunch of people from getting the guns they need is an imbecile.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

"It Won't Be Tolerated"

Except for her husband, of course. She didn't actually say that, but when Hillary said Harvey Weinstein's behavior wouldn't ne tolerated anywhere, Hollywood, or politics, or anywhere else, she pointedly ignored her own husband's behavior--behavior that got him impeached, even if he knew where enough bodies were buried that he "skinned through" the senate and didn't get removed from office. This reveals a massive amount of hypocrisy. But, of course, that never matters to Dumocrats. They never have to answer for their behavior. They have enough "fixes" in place to ensure that.

GIVING IT BACK: Many different politicians who got money from Harvey Weinstein SAY they're going to "give it back," or give the money to charity. I've heard that song before, when politicians are found to have taken "dirty money." But I've never seen any proof they actually did give the money back, and I don't think I'm going to see any proof this time, either. frankly, I don't think they have ever given the money back. They just SAY they're going to, to "curry favor" with their critics.

MEDICARE COVERS 80%? Not a chance! It's another government con that everybody keeps telling us. Yes, they "cover" 80 %. AFTER they get the bill and routinely disallow HALF of it. Meaning that they ACTUALLY cover only 40%. That's a far cry from 80% of the total that they lyingly claim. This causes the doctors and other providers to double the fees they charge, in anticipation of the government disallowing HALF of the bills, so they'll actually get paid approximately what they're owed.

A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT? There are too many otherwise intelligent people calling what Colin Kaepernick and other football players are doing, "exercising their constitutional rights," but that's not what they're doing, at all. The Constitution ONLY covers GOVERNMENTAL punishment for their actions. The Constitution does NOT stop their EMPLOYER from punishing them for actions that cost them millions of dollars, and hurt the game as a whole. That does NOT stop them from "exercising their constitutional rights." They can still do that, ON THEIR OWN TIME. They get paid $millions to play football. They need to do that. and stop making a spectacle of themselves and costing their employers lots of money.

CAN'T BAN GUNS? Go after parts. In one case, adding one part made the gun ONE INCH past the "legal limit," making it an illegal gun. Other parts have too much plastic, making it impossible to detect by airport scanners. So that makes them illegal. Outlawing "bump stocks" is just the beginning for the anti-fun fools. Soon they'll be banning integral parts that make legal guns able to fire, period. If they can't just BAN guns entirely, make them impossible to use. That's their new game plan. Firing pins, for instance. Currently, firing pins are still legal, but I'm sure they're "eyeing" them, knowing if they can ban them, that makes a gun useless. And their basic goal is disarming ALL law-abiding Americans, leaving them DEFENSELESS.

LIES ABOUT GUNS: The anti-gun fools never tire of lying to us about guns, hoping we'll believe them. One glaring example is their spewing the "number of gun deaths" at 35.000 per year. What they don't tell us is that 20.000 of them are due to suicide. And a large number of what's left are "righteous shootings," in self defense. After that, come shootings by criminals and other kinds of "bad guys," who do their shootings with already illegal guns. They think they can eliminate suicide by eliminating guns. That's an imbecilic response. Those who really wish to end their lives will find a way. They can slit their wrists, or take a bunch or sleeping pills. Or they could jump off a cliff or run in front of a speeding car, as many have done.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Promoting Racism

At one time, back people didn't like it when things were segregated to separate them from "certain" folks. Segregation was a "bad word," and should be--always. But now black folks WANT to be segregated from white folks to "promote racial reconciliation." What a contradiction in terms THAT is! Yet they've been convinced by liberal racists that this is a "good thing." Talk about a turnaround! Everything liberals do is contrary to logic.

THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND: All the fools who refuse to stand for the National Anthem, and the team owners who join them just do nor understand how the Constitution works. It does NOT protect their right to do what they want, anywhere they wish, to protest something. The Constitution only prohibits the GOVERNMENT from punishing them for their opinions--NOT their employers! The team owners have the right to make rules of conduct for employees, and specify punishment if they violate them. That has nothing to do with the Bill of Rights. Their "protest" is destroying the game and costing the people who pay their inflated salaries billions of dollars.

WELL, NO KIDDING! The Bradenton Herald actually printed a letter to the editor that went against the usual agenda that "criminals obey gun laws." That's the point of the whole letter: that criminals and crazies DON'T obey gun laws. And why should they? They violate every other kind of a law, so why should they suddenly obey a gun law? When cops are asked, almost all the felons they arrest are in possession of a gun. How is that? Felons aren't allowed to have guns! So they just disobey the law! Outrageous! Lawbreakers not obeying laws? Whoda thunkit?

THEY DON'T KNOW WHY: Dumocrats are really clueless. They just can't figure out why their fundraising is down. Then they just keep on doing the things that are CAUSING fund raising to be down. Their obvious inclination toward socialism, for instance. Socialism might be popular in liberal circles, but, contrary to their popular belief, the majority of Americans are NOT on the liberal side. They are conservative. Which is something Dumocrats will not believe, no matter how many ways it is proved.

HILLARY'S BLINDERS ON: Recently Hillary spoke up about the Harvey Weinstein situation, and right away compared Harvey to Trump. Of course, Trump never did anything but run his mouth in a locker room, while Harvey (and her husband) actually did COMMIT sexual misconduct, but she lambasted Harvey and Weinstein, but nary a word about Bill's sexual misconduct. She was asked about it, but dismissed it as being "in the past," as if that made any difference, at all. His sexual misconduct was real. Trump's was simply TALKING about it, and THAT is "in the past." And with BIll, Hillary is the "big facilitator" with her "bimbo eruptions" description of his accusers and all her work to discredit them. That makes her words hollow and hypocritical. But thenm who's surprised, with Hillary?

LIES NEVER DIE: One thing the Trump haters love to do is lie about everything they can, if it will (they hope) "sow the seeds of dissent" between Trump and his people. The fiction that Sec. of State Tillerson called Trump a "moron" is more evidence of that. Nobody knows the actual source of that "report," but in any case, it just won't go away. Tillerson will not dignify the question with an answer when asked about it, and the liberal media predictably reports that as "not denying it," making it SEEM like it MAY be true. Like the "Russian connection," there is NO PROOF he ever said anything so stupid, but they keep bringing it up.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Left Is Going Insane

They've tried everything else without success, including impeachment. But Trump is still president, and scotching their plans at every turn. They think he's stupid, but if so, why does he keep winning? Now they're going to try the 25th Amendment--an obscure amendment meant to remove a president who is DEMONSTRABLY insane from office. They really think they can prove Trump to be insane. To people who can still THINK, that means THEY are insane. They accuse him of all kinds of things they can't prove, including racism, That, to me, marks THEM as being racists.

HARVEY'S SECOND CHANCE: Harvey Weinstein is asking for a second chance after being caught in a years, decades long pattern of sexual misconduct that has been covered up by the Hollywood elite, all of whom were aware of what he was doing, Young, "powerless" actresses found it necessary to "be nice to him" if they ever wanted to "make it" in Hollywood. Even young MEN were not safe, as gay producers did the same things to them. Some of his accusers are some of the best-known names in Hollywood--and there is ample proof of his activities. Yet he is asking for "a second chance." Did he or his friends offer a second chance to BIll O'Reilly and the others falsely accused at Fox News? Not a hint of it, because they were RIGHT-wingers and he is deep in the LEFT.

BRAIN THE SIZE OF PEA: That's Mark Kelly, former astronaut and husband of Gabby Giffords, the former congresswoman who was shot in the face at a shopping center. Somewhere in his travels, he must have suffered oxygen deprivation because apparently today, he has a brain the size of a pea. He's telling pro-gun legislators, "If you don't think laws work, you need to quit and go home." He's talking about legislators who say their anti-gun fool laws don't work, because they are "prior restraint" that restrains NOBODY. Criminals and other bad guys WILL get their guns, in spite of ALL the laws they pass.

HOLLYWOOD ROT: Every time I hear about Harvey Weinstein's sexual perversions, I wonder about other powerful people in the movie industry who probably have done the same things, and that's why they covered up his sexual perversions. They're just as guilty as he is. And it's coming out that this is true. Now that Harvey is "outed," it has come out that Oliver Stone, another Oscar-winning Hollywood mogul is also guilty of sexual assault. Other moguls must be quaking in their boots (or bathrobes) waiting for "the other shoe to fall" that scoops them all up. And men aren't safe, either. I've heard stories (in the first person) about MEN who have been sexually pressured by GAY moguls, and even women.

TURNING OVER A ROCK: When Harvey Weinstein was exposed for the sexual predator he is, it was like "turning over a rock" and seeing all the "creepy crawlies" scurrying for darkness. And it begins--as soon as Harvey was exposed, it was soon found that Oliver Stone, another Hollywood mogul, had done similar things, And Ben Affleck, premier actor, has become known as "butt-man" because of his penchant for pinching women's butts. I'm sure, in coming days, many other scumbags will be exposed, because I'm sure this practice is widespread in Hollywood.

MOVING TO CANADA: Everybody who hates Trump threatens to move to Canada. They said they would if he got elected, but they didn't--none of them. But why they all talk about moving to Canada because of the "oppression" in the "states," I don't know. The "oppression" is much worse in Canada. They don't have a Bill of Rights or a Constitution like we do. And for those who don't like socialism, they are already a socialist country. Everybody thinks it is much like living here, but it's not. And nobody can find a better country to threaten to move to. There aren't any. These people don't know what they have.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Incredibly Stupid People!

I'm talking about those people who believe they can eliminate crime by making guns illegal. That all they have to do is make a law, and law-breakers will somehow OBEY it. The depths of stupidity that shows is amazing! They make "gun-free zones" that become "killing fields" because the "bad guys" can be pretty sure the law-abiding people there will not be armed and will be "sitting ducks" for them. People who have already violated their "gun-free zones" willingly tell us that they SEEK OUT those places for that reason.

"TRUMP RISKING NUCLEAR WAR! That's what N. Korea is saying about Trump's RESPONSE to N. Korea's constant provocations. It seems they want to ignore their current provocations to make it LOOK LIKE Trump is the aggressor here. It ain't agonna work, Kim! America's news is not tightly controlled like it is in your country. People KNOW about your thirty years of provocations and the escalation of that to nuclear threats, to which Trump (unlike that wimp. Obama) found it NECESSARY to respond.

BOY SCOUTS ADMITTING GIRLS: The Boy Scouts have succumbed to liberal pressure to allow girls to join the Scouts. Hooraw! Next question: Are boys now allowed to join the GIRL Scouts? I didn't think so. The BOYS will be pleased that GIRLS will now be going to camp with them, and I'm sure the instance of illicit sex at those camps will increase. But I'm sure that's what liberals are after. And the GIRLS don't have to let BOYS join to do it. Girls being able to join Boy Scouts will take care of that.

TAX BREAKS FOR RICH: The Dumocrat song is always, "a tax break for the rich" WHENEVER anybody talks about a tax cut. And why NOT? Why shouldn't "the rich" get more dollars out of ANY tax cut? They put so much more INTO the tax-creation activities. They create the JOBS that improve the lives of the middle class by their very activities to make more money for themselves. It is their creativity and achievement that have MADE them rich. And have, in the process, made OTHERS rich, and just well-to-do. They keep the "wheels of commerce" going. They are indispensable for that.

GOVERNMENT SCAMS AND SCHEMES: The government runs many scams on the American people, and those of us who are capable of THINKING know it. It's indisputable. It's not opinion, it is FACT. The basic scam is "baseline budgeting." Every year, each government entity gets an automatic 10% INCREASE in their budget, regardless of whether or not they need it. Even if they have money left over from last year. And if anybody tries to REDUCE that amount, that REDUCTION is called a CUT.

ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT: Again, a Dumocrat has introduced Articles of Impeachment against President Trump. He spent a lot of time on an anti-Trump tirade while doing so, but couldn't come up with any REAL reasons for it. He accused Trump of "betraying the trust of the American people by embracing racism" (something that has not, and CANnot be proved), and even mentioned Adolph Hitler. Then he backed off and let his measure die. He says he "might" reintroduce it later, but I doubt it will ever see the light of day again because there's no reason for it. At one point, he said that Trump can be removed from office even if he didn't commit a crime. And this is the kind is lawmaker we have?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Violating His Civil Rights

The liberals think only they deserve to have civil rights. Like the right to disrespect the American flag and all who fought and died to keep that right for them. They scream bloody murder when the vice president of the United States walks out of a football game when some of the players refused to stand for the National Anthem. They called his action a "planned publicity stunt" that amounted to oppression. How stupid do they think human beings ARE? If the government WANTED to oppress them, there are many ways to do so, But rights ARE being violated here. The right of the vice president to speak his mind about their disrespect.

"ONLY CROOKS HAVE GUNS": It has been said, "When guns are banned, only criminals will have guns, The reason for that is that the very people anti-gun fools SAY they want to disarm are the "bad guys," but they are the ones not touched by ANY gun ban. When you ban a certain type of gun or gun accessory, you merely create a new black market for that gun or accessory. The proof of that is all over the place. For instance, when "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines were banned, you could still buy them. Just not from legitimate gun stores.

"WHITE FOLKS CAIN'T CRITICIZE:" CNN's Symone Sanders thinks white people should not be allowed to criticize NFL members kneeling for the National Anthem. Symone who? Where does this bimbo get the idea she can dictate what ANYBODY can say, at any time? She forgets the Constitution and the First Amendment. You know, the amendment that preserves her right to say such crap, even if it proves her ignorance? The government can't punish her for being stupid, but her (former) watchers can.

THEY JUST DON'T KNOW: Liberals who insist on getting rid of fossil fuels such as coal are blissfully IGNORANT of the fact that coal is what drives the generators that PRODUCE electricity. So if those fools who think they're doing such good things by driving electric cars haven't a clue that so much COAL fire is necessary to power the charging stations they use to charge the batteries in their cars so they can drive another 100 miles to hopefully find another coal-fired charging station to charge it again. The liberal fools who preach the elimination of fossil fuels like coal have to know this, but refuse to admit it. If they don't, they're just as ignorant as those who buy their bullcrap.

NOT FUN WHEN LOSING: It seems like ISIS terrorists in Syria aren't so determined to throw their lives away for their beliefs as we thought. It's easy to talk about "going to a better place" and "getting my 74 virgins" (who somehow, affter having sex, remain virgins) when your side is losing, and losing BIG. As they saw their last stronghold ready to fall, ISIS "fighters" surrendered by the thousands. In doing so, they talked about now being able to return to their families. Hopefully, their families haven't been raped and beheaded, murdered by their fellows while they were away raping, beheading, and murdering.

YES, IT DOES! Noted firearms expert (sic) Nicholle Wallace, infobabe at MSNBC, says that the Second Amendment was "designed to fight foreign militias, not create an armed populace." What an ignorant statement that is! Just who does she think would be a bar to foreign militias, if not an armed populace? It really frosts me how ignorant people like Nicholle think they know what the intentions of the Founders were. They do that simply to promote their wish to disarm America. The Founders wanted ALL Americans to have the RIGHT to own and use firearms for self defense as WELL as for the defense of the country (ergo: against foreign militias).

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Today's Outrage

How many days has it been since a crazed fool shot and killed 58 people and injured almost 500 in Las Vegas? Two days? Now another crazed fool drove up on the sidewalk (again) in London and toppled a bunch of pedestrians like ten pins. What is going to be the new outrage tomorrow? In New York City, they broke up a terror plot to blow up a subway station. What's next? What the hell is it that, all of a sudden, since Columbine and the Twin Towers, has resulted in the creation of a "cottage industry" of killing as many people as you can, for either stupid reasons, or no reason at all

CHUCKIE'S STUPID: Senate MINORITY Leader Chuckie Schumer, says, "If the dead could talk, they'd say to buck the NRA. He says Trump is "waiting to hear what the NRA says before acting on the anti-gun fool control measures (currently silencers and bump-stocks). First of all, if Trump started backing their stupid gun control measures, he would lose ALL his support, including mine. Which is what Chuckie wants, of course. They're trying, every day, to accomplish that, but Trump is too smart by half for them.

"IF DEAD COULD TALK" Chuckie Schumer says, "If the dead could talk, they'd tell Trump to buck the NRA." What a really STUPID thing to say! But then, I expect such stupidities from Chuckie. First of all, because of the NRA for the most part, there are way LESS law-abiding people dead from gunfire because more and more law-biding people can actually shoot back, and aren't completely DEFENSELESS when faced with a "bad guy" with AN illegal GUN. The things Chuckie and all the other anti-gun fools say, promote, and pass into law do NOTHING to "stem gun violence." Instead, they INCREASE gun violence, making people who actually OBEY laws defenseless against people who do not.

SELF DEFENSE? DISARM YOURSELF! That's what the anri-gun fools are telling us. Within MINUTES of the last shot being fired in Las Vegas, they were clamoring (again) ro disarm America as a means of "reducing gun violence." Never mind that the Las Vegas killer followed every law, passed every test, in getting his guns LEGALLY. Then he proceeded to VIOLATE many laws when he settled into his little "hidey hole" and started killing people, shooting from afar. And the anti-gun fools are predictably using this shooting as a means to further DISARM law-abiding Americans while those who don't OBEY laws have no problem getting their guns.

COLUMBUS DAY BOYCOTT: The first thing I heard on turning on the TV today was some fool asking the question, "Should we still celebrate Columbus Day?" all because some liberal damned fool (a repetition, there) said we should not. I'm getting very tired of the STUPID things the liberals are trying to DICTATE we do, Yes, Columbus might have done some things that weren't the best, But he WAS an explorer of note, even if discovering America WAS an accident. Anybody who does what liberals "order' him to do is a fool.

"UP AGAINST THE WALL!" Anti-gun fools are like a kid throwing his skivvies up against the wall to see if they stick so he'll know if he had a good time, since he was so drunk he couldn't remember. Every time some fool like the killer in Las Vegas opens fire on somebody, they want to ban something else. Never mind what they ban does NOTHING to reduce gun violence, because they're (as usual) missing the target by blaming the GUN, not the PERSON. They seem to think that somebody who is contemplating the very worst kind of a crime will, somehow, OBEY their piddling little laws and by that, be stopped in his tracks. It ain't agonna happen!

DISARMING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: For some reason most don't know, the liberals (Dumbocrats) want to disarm the American people. I say "most people." But that doesn't include people who are still able to THINK. We know that the real reason is well hidden. They are AFRAID of an "armed America," because of their future plans for us. Those plans involve ponying up false "charges" on people whose property they want to steal, then raid them to get the job done. And if their victims have guns, they will be facing more danger than they like. So they want as few law-abiding people to have guns as possible when they come for their property.