Friday, January 29, 2016

She Wants More

This fast-food worker thinks she rates more money than para-medics. Working in fast food requires NO TALENT. What they do is done “by rote.” They can't even count change out of a cash drawer without a computer telling them how much! I can, and that's not even part of my training. Being a para-medic requires considerable talent and ability. I know. I WAS a para-medic for eighteen years, after considerable schooling and experience. This FOOL thinks she's worth more than a para-medic? That just showcases her abysmal IGNORANCE! This is not to say that ALL fast-food workers are stupid, only those cocky enough to think they're worth more than REAL trained people.

CRITICISM IS SEXIST”: That's what Hillary says about all the criticism she's getting because of her crimes. Like Obama (who uses racism), she USES her sex to blunt ALL criticism. But, unlike Obama, who is only HALF BLACK, she is “all woman” (I think. She's probably not like “Caitland” Jenner).Obama uses racism to blunt criticism, she uses sexism, attributing it where it is NOT, to shut people up. That line is getting thin on both counts, as is Obama's use of racism, as people realize what she's doing.

PUNISHING ACHIEVEMENT: A high school basketball team that won all three games in a 3 on 3 tournament, to qualify for a championship game was THROWN OUT of their league for “being too good.” The league was afraid they would win “all the marbles” so they kicked them out of the league. This is the culmination of the thinking of people who give ALL PARTICIPANTS a trophy, just for “showing up.” What the hell's the POINT of having a competition of you exclude a participant for “being too good,” while giving trophies top EVERYBODY, just for “showing up?” Liberals are damned STUPID!

STACY DASH IS RIGHT: She says if blacks can have the right to gripe about the “all white year” at the Oscars, the world should get rid of “Black History Month,” “black only schools,” and other “black only” things. It's the old double standard where one side can HAVE exclusionary institutions and the other can't. Liberals say she's wrong, but THEY are the ones that are wrong. They say celebrities shouldn't use their celebrity to wish their opinions on others. But it seems to be okay when LIBERAL celebrities do it.

FRENCH TO IRAN—GO TO HELL: Iran did their usual thing; demanded their own way, and France shut the door in their face. Iran's “strong man” was scheduled to have lunch with France's president, and demanded that wine be BANNED from the event, and France canceled the lunch, as it should have. Muslims are “incensed,” as they usually are when they are rebuffed. They'll probably send a “hit man” to take the French president out. That's what they usually do when rebuffed, too.

SURE HE DID! Yes, Trump used to be a Democrat, and worked for Democrat politicians—until he got smart and became a Republican. I guess Democrats don't think anybody should be allowed to change their minds (except for Democrats, anyway) when they “wise up.” Ronald Reagan was a Democrat early in his life, but he got smart, too. And he was an exemplary president (contrary to the thinking of liberals and some “wishy-washy Republicans”), which is a GOOD thing). A GOOD politician will always be hated by usual politicians.

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