Friday, December 8, 2017

"Threat to Pubic Safety"

That's what the anti gun fools say about the "national reciprocity bill." They really think the only guns in existence will be in the hands of the law-abiding, who are NOT the problem, at all. Allowing law-abiding citizens to carry their guns with them when they travel can only make it safer for ALL law-abiding citizens when a lawBREAKER comes at them with his ILLEGAL gun. Allowing people to take their guns with them when they travel is NOT a "public safety threat," it allows people to defend themselves from the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there. But the anti-gun fools just can't see that.

HE'S NOT RESIGNING: He's retiring, NOW. This minute. It's simple semantics. Dumocrat Rep. John Conyers, who has been in Congress since 1964, is QUITTING. But not resigning. What the difference is, is beyond my comprehension. The important thing is, he's QUITTING as a result of th pressure on him TO resign because of his sexual misconduct accusations. But that's not why. The reason why is because he spent thousands of dollars of OUR MONEY to shut the women who accused him up by paying them off with taxpayer money. That's his biggest CRIME.

SWAMP AND THE CESSPOOL: President Trump calls Washington DC "The Swamp," but I call it the "cesspool" to better illustrate what's floating around in there. In a swamp, what floats around is just rotting garbage, for the most part. But in a cesspool, that rotting garbage has been filtered through a human body and expelled, and we all know what THAT is. We didn't really know what a cesspool it was until recently. The Dumocrats tried to "take the high road," pretending they were "pristine" and guiltless, so they could accuse a few Republicans of sexual misconduct, and therefore ruin their lives. But they forgot that "two ian play at that game." Perversion is rife among liberals (Dumocrats).

WHY DO THEY BOTHER? Vladmir, uh, Putin has announced that he is going to run for another term as president of Russia. Why does he bother? Everybody knows Russian elections are a sham, and whoever is the strongest among party members (which at this time is Vladmir) is guaranteed to win. The list of opposing candidates is not yet "set in stone." Of course, we know they don't have a "snowball's chance in hell" of beating him, unless something weird happens. He served two terms in the 90s, then was "appointed" Prime Minister" under Medvedev, and then resumed his presidency.

HE REALLY BELIEVES IT! Al Franken is said to have shouted after a woman who ducked his unwanted wet kiss as she ran out of the room, "It's my right as an entertainer!" The sad thing is, he probably really thinks it IS "his right" to sexually abuse any woman he comes in contact with, because he is an entertainer. And that opinion is probably strengthened as a senator. In today's society, liberals pretty much ALL think that way, which is why there are so many accusations flying, coming from some of the best known names in both Hollywood, and DC. That cesspool is wide, and getting wider every day.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Dumocrat Rep. John Conyers says he is NOT resigning because of those sexual harassment accusations, nor his spending OUR MONEY to shut the women up. But he IS "retiring," right NOW. What's the difference? He's still QUITTING.... There's a new sheriff in town, and the Islamic terrorists are finding it out the hard way. Recently, we "took out" the guy who runs the "Red Unit," who made suicide bombs and IEDs for them. Mullah Shah Wali, also known as Haji Nassir (they all have more than one name) the commander of the unit, died in the attack. So long to one more animal masquerading as a human being.... Rep. Conyers' family members fit right in with other Dumocrats. His wife spent 3 years in prison for corruption and his son had to repay the Treasury for HIS son's misuse of a government owned Cadillac Escalade....

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Supremes Uphold Travel Ban

The Dumocrats, through their phony courts, run by Obama-appointed judges, have tried and tried to stop this measure from going forward. But when it reached a REAL court, they upheld Trump's constitutional power to limit immigration when that immigration threatened our national security, in spite of all their "dirty tricks." So Trump won again. As usual. And dwellers in the "cesspool" are livid. I call it "the cesspool" to illustrate the fact that the brown stinky mess is more than just goop.

THE SAME "CRIME": General Flynn was charged with exactly the same "crime" that Hillary was guilty of, and no INTENT was found, in either case. But Hillary was given a pass, while Flynn was prosecuted. Is that a double standard, or what? Everybody knows it is, but nobody does anything about it. So Flynn is ruined financially and mentally while Hillary's legal expenses were paid by US. While she ignored the "investigation."

GAY "WEDDING" CAKE CASE: It went clear to the Supreme Court, which will hopefully rule that this bakery has the right to refuse ANY business, from ANYBODY, for ANY reason, or NO REASON at all. They may have made a mistake in claiming religious objections, because it gave those gay men a "hook" in which to base a suit to FORCE him to do business with them, or be run out of business. That was their hope, when they SEARCHED OUT a bakery to refuse them so they could sue them out of business, when they could have gone down the street to a bakery where they didn't give a damn about them being gay activists.

KELLYANNE'S A SMART COOKIE: When Trump appointed Kellyanne Conway to be his "counselor," he really "counted coup" on the Dumocrats. Every time they try and catch her out on something she drives it up their tailpipes. Recently she was on Fox, and said, "Hillary Clinton lied many times to the FBI and nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and they destroyed his life. I think it’s a shame.” That pretty much lays it on the line, if anybody was listening. And Dumocrats are sure to send her a bunch of hate mail for saying that.

THE THIRD INTIFADA: The Palestinians are threatening a "third intifada" over America moving their Israelian embassy to Jerusalem. That's not a real fearsome threat, considering that in the intifada fifteen years ago, 25 Palestinians died for every ONE Israeli. Seems to me that every time Palestinians go "all out" against Israel, they LOSE, big. So I don't think Israel is overly worried about that threat.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Dumocrats say Trump rejected them without hearing what they had to say. Wrong! He knew what they were going to say better than THEY did.... One cop shop in Hawaii is telling medical pot smokers to turn in their guns. Nobody's talking about how many of those COPS smoke pot.... ABC's Brian Ross "reported" that Flynn was ready to testify that Trump the CANDIDATE ordered him to "collude' with the Russians and was immediately suspended for a phony report. If it isn't there, the liberal media will make it up.... Flynn did exactly what Hillary did and she was "given a pass" because of "lack of intent." But Flynn was prosecuted.... Hillary was not prosecuted because the FBI was very pro-Hillary, and Mueller was appointed special counsel because he is a "never Trumper." And he hired 15 more "never Trumpers" to be his staff. But nobody seems to have noticed. Nor will they do anything about it....

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Hung On Site

Some wag asked an interesting question: "What if the guy who was a five-time felon who had entered this country illegally seven times and killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco had been an NRA member? He'd have been strung up on site by a bunch of "concerned Dumocrats!" As it is, a jury of mostly liberals, with a liberal judge, in a liberal court, in a city that "coddles" criminals if they're illegal aliens, found the murderer NOT GUILTY of any kind of a crime in her death. All they convicted him of was possession of a gun by a felon, a "liberal crime." And, with "time served," he might be out on the streets next week

"WE'LL DO WHAT WE WANT!" President Trump has told that toothless giant, the United Nations, that they cannot do ANYTHING to stop us from doing exactly what we want on immigration. Immigration is something we have a COMPLETE right to control, absolutely, and they can do nothing about it. The U. S. pulled out of the UN pact on immigration and refugees, telling them that immigration is something they have no business telling us what to do. He told them, “We simply cannot, in good faith, support a process that could undermine the sovereign right of the United States to enforce our immigration laws and secure our borders.”

TIRED OF THE LIES: Every time the Dumocrats open their pie holes, they LIE. I'm getting tired of it. Trump lowers taxes and they think that will take money away from their pet projects to give it away to those who didn't EARN it, and they make up all kinds of lies to defeat it. Before they could possibly even have read it, they say it will increase the national debt, and will "hurt the middle class." They ignore the good things it will do for them, and emphasize a couple of minor bad things. They never notice that the last time a Republican (Reagan) lowered taxes, the "tax take" almost DOUBLED, and it created a long lasting economic boom. There's more, but I don't have room here, to tell it all.

"COPS KEEP US SAFE": The anti-gun fools confidently tell us that the cops can keep us safe from mass murderers. Oh? How have they done so far? How many were murdered in Las Vegas recently? How about Orlando, Florida, or Sutherland Springs, Texas? Were the cops able to do ANYTHING to stop these killings? How about elsewhere? Not a chance. But the anti-gun fools still think the cops can be everywhere so they can stop a mass shooter from killing people. But the cops will be the first to tell you they can't. The cops in the trenches will honestly tell you they wish more law-abiding people could carry guns, while the police politicians (who mostly have never been in the trenches where the real action happens) think otherwise.

HE'S NOT RESIGNING: He's retiring, NOW. This minute. It's simple semantics. Dumocrat Rep. John Conyers, who has been in Congress since 1964, is QUITTING. But not resigning. What the difference is, is beyond my comprehension. The important thing is, he's QUITTING as a result of the pressure on him TO resign because of his sexual misconduct accusations. But that's not why. The reason why is because he spent thousands of dollars of OUR MONEY to shut the women who accused him up by paying them off with taxpayer money. That's his biggest CRIME.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Racist claims racism. the headline says it all: "Dem Rep. Conyers' accusers may not be credible because they're WHITE".... And another racist speaks: "All white babies need to be killed," says one racist nurse.... Racism is now rampant, but it's black against white racism, created by black racists.... CNN actually had the gall to accuse Trump of putting out false information. Do they not like competition, or what?.... Texas Rep. Joe Barton is "embarrassed" by a nude photo of himself seen on the Internet. His embarrassment must come from the ugliness of ANY naked photo of him. I'm 80 and I certainly would be embarrassed if one of ME ever showed up. I wouldn't want to inflict that on anybody....

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

"Better Than Nuthin' "

That's what the anti-gun fools think, as they continue to make their FUTILE laws to take guns away from law-abiding citizens to make it easier for those who do NOT obey laws to victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. Not a SINGLE anti-gun law has EVER done one thing to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." The basic flaw in their thinking is that their laws DEPEND on lawbreakers to obey their laws. They think if they "do SOMETHING," Even If It's The wrong thing, it's better than nothing. It is NOT.

"WHY HAVEN'T WE ATTACKED?" Kim Jong Un's thesis in all his provocative actions is that the U. S. is planning to attack him, but that begs the question: "Since he has given us many reasons TO attack him, why haven't we done it before now?" What the hell has he got that we want? Frankly, his whole reason for saying we plan on attacking him is so he has an excuse to use what money he has to finance his nuclear weapons plan and make himself a more formidable enemy for S. Korea and other countries in the area. Meanwhile, he starves his people unmercifully and ignores the illnesses they suffer as a result. That border guard who fled while being shot by other border guards, and his condition, is telling.

DUH....YA THINK? In California, they're now saying that, "Young men of color are the most likely to commit gun violence." They're identifying them so they can PAY them not to shoot each other and others for silly purposes. They have at least identified the "gun problem" as NOT "a gun problem, but a "gang problem," and they're targeting individuals (gangstas) the cops KNOW have either committed gun violence or been the victim of it (but couldn't convict) to "mentor" and pay not to do violence as part of their gang life. Sacramento is only (only) spending $1.5 million dollars on the program.

SPENDING WITHOUT OVERSIGHT: The John Conyers incident revealed a major problem in Congress. Members of Congress have access to way too much money to spend WITHOUT oversight. It's taxpayer money, and there should be controls on how it is spent, and for what, with systems in place assuring they cannot hide payouts for things like "shut up money" by calling it things like "separation pay." Whether or not Conyers is guilty of sexual misconduct, using that money to pay off his accusers should not only be illegal, it should be a prosecutable offense.

TRAFFIC TICKET? NO GUNS! Yet more proof that politicians will use any excuse to deny Americans their constitutional right to be armed for self defense. In NICS there's a category called, "scary fugitive," which denies that right to those listed in NICS under that category. "Authorities" have used that to deny gun rights to many people whose only "crime" is an unpaid parking ticket! Fully 13% of refusals have that listed as the category. And another thing: You'd better hope there is no scumbag out their with the same name your parents hung on you.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Joe Scarborough ("Morning Joe") thinks Trump is "mentally deficient," and that the Cabinet should remove him. Somebody ought to tell him that they CAN'T. There is TWO WAYS to remove a president, that is by impeachment, which has already been tried, or by the Congress, upon PROOF of mental or physical inability to preside, which there is not.... One Michigan candidate (a woman, of course) says we should elect her because she has no penis. Are we sure? In today's world, many people who CLAIM to be women DO have a penis. Is it now a crime to own a penis? Wow! I'd better go hide!.... Wow! Now abortion has proven to be racist! 3 out of 4 babies murdered in the womb have been black! Imagine that?.... Dem Rep. Cleaver says the people "will never accept legislation approved only on one side of the aisle. What about Obamacare, Mr. Cleaver? Dumocrats demanded we love that, or pay a fine....

Monday, December 4, 2017

Is Trump Insane?

"Morning Joe" seems to think so, as do many liberals, who are trying valiantly, anything they can think of to get rid of him. The "insane" accusation isn't even the most recent attempt, but is one of the best known. There is no basis for it, but there is no basis to have Trump impeached, either. But "articles of impeachment" have been introduced by a Dumocrat, again with no real evidence of an impeachable offense. I guess they just think being Donald Trump is an impeachable offense. Frankly, I think their irrational hatred of Trump shows THEM to be mentally deficient, rather than Trump.

CRIMINAL COPS: Yes, Virginia, there ARE some cops who are criminals. Not many, but there are. In Baltimore, a cop was murdered just before he was to take the stand and testify against some crooked cops. The feds are trying to investigate that, and the local cops are BLOCKING it. Very suspicious. I'm glad I don't live in Baltimore, what with that overly officious state's attorney and her friend the also corrupt mayor, and now the COPS murdering a witness against them, I'd be afraid for my life. The Baltimore cops are sending a message: "Don't fink on us. We'll KILL you!

"DUE PROCESS FOR ME": But not for thee! That's what the Dumocrats are telling us. Judge Roy Moore is in a lot of trouble because of a sexual misconduct accusation. ACCUSATION! That's all it is. somebody came out and SAID he was guilty. In a court of law, that is NOT sufficient to convict. The accused has the right to confront his accuser, and there MUST be more than the UNSUPPORTED WORD of one person to prove the case and convict the accused. None of this is present in Moore's case. Yet ALL Dumocrats, and even some Republicans are insisting he "step down" and are threatening to remove him from Congress (in violation of the law) if he is elected, all based on merely a ACCUSATION! For accused Dumocrats, they insist on "due process."

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT SCAM: Static "scoring." Under "static scoring," you assume that new taxes, up or down, will NOT affect what people do, which is not what happens in tax law. When you raise taxes, people go out of their way to AVOID paying the tax. Lower them and they just pay them without a whimper. That's how they figure that Trump's new tax law will ADD to the national debt, when it will NOT. There was nary a peep out of the Dumocrats when Obama was spending more money than there IS. Now they're "concerned" that the new tax bill will add to the national debt, when it will NOT. When Reagan lowered the basic tax rate significantly, soon the government almost DOUBLED the "tax take" because of the booming economy that caused.

NO, IT WILL NOT! The anti-gun fools confidently claim that "national reciprocity" (a law allowing people with gun carry permits in one state to travel with their guns to other states) will "add to the danger to domestic violence victims." No, it will NOT. People who are determined to victimize others do not obey such laws. If they can't get a gun legally, they get one ILLEGALLY. And the national reciprocity law will allow that VICTIM to be armed, in order to defend her/himself!

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Nancy Peelosi says Conyers deserves "due process," but Roy Moore DOESN'T. Which shows plainly her abysmal ignorance about how the law works in this country. and she makes them.... I'll say it again. Judge Roy Moore hasn't been CONVICTED of anything. Only ACCUSED, which is easy to do when proof is not required.... Yale claims to have "cured" conservatives. Stupid. Conservatives don't need to be "cured," liberals who think they do need to be "cured." And these are the people we "trust" to educate our impressionable kids....

Friday, December 1, 2017

Peek Under the Rock

You all know what happens when you life up a rock that has been sitting there for a long time. All the bugs scurry to get out of the light of day. That's what's happening to the liberals in all walks of life after they made the mistake of lifting the conservative rock to find one or two (maybe) sexual perverts. I say maybe because they couldn't provide any proof of ANY of their accusations. But the conservatives (finally) fought back, and opened a real bag of crap among liberals. And these were provable.

GETTING TIRED OF IT: All the BS coming out of DC is becoming tiresome. Even Fox News is falling for the BS that Rex Tillerson is going to resign after about three months in his job. If he is considering resigning, it is not because of anything Trump has done or said. It will be because he has become as tired as I am of the DC cesspool of slime, He will have literally been "run out" by the Trump haters. Then there's the Obama appointee to an agency that created a "slush fund" for politicians who thought he could appoint his own successor, who actually had the gall to SUE to keep the president from replacing her. And every day, several times a day, comes yet another accusation of sexual misconduct on the part of a previously trusted and sometimes revered "icon."

STEINLE'S KILLER ACQUITTED! Unbelievable! The man (man?) who killed Kate Steinle will be a free man sooner than he expected. A San Francisco court found him not guilty of Murder Two and didn't even really consider convicting him of Involuntary manslaughter. They DID convict him of being a "felon in possession of a gun," which is a slap on the wrist for a man who re-entered the United States illegally SEVEN TIMES and was convicted of felonies FIVE times, and killed a young lady. Will he come back an EIGHTH time and kill someone else? I just don't understand the THINKING of people who would ACQUIT this man, but then SF is a liberal mecca, and liberals just don't think the same way as human beings.

MAKING THEM THEIR BITCH: That's what the 4th Circuit Court did to the Supreme Court when the Supreme Court inexplicably refused to hear two cases on gun rights. "On November 27 2017, the Supreme Court of the United States once again refused to stand up to protect the Second Amendment, by turning down two cases challenging infringing state gun laws, both of which had been decided wrongly in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. " How this happened with the current makeup of the Court is strange, except maybe the conservative members were not able to vote their conscience for some unknown reason.

MASS MURDER STOPPED: The anti-gun fools keep saying it doesn't happen. But in many cases, it DOES. In THIS case, it did. This guy obviously came there to kill a bunch of people. He was "loaded for bear," with many loaded magazines on his person when he started killing people in the parking lot of this business. His mass murder plot was ENDED after only one murder when an employee, who was legally armed, shot him twice. He is in critical condition in the hospital. It's too bad that employee wasn't a better shot, to save the state a lot of money in prosecuting him and incarcerating him for a LONG time. Once again, the anti-gun fools are proven wrong.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: It becomes obvious that Dumocrats are protecting Rep. Conyers, Sen. Franken, and other Dumocrat sexual predators while throwing Republicans who are just ACCUSED of sexual misconduct "under the bus." They say the Dumocrats need an "ethics investigation" and "due process" while the Republicans ARE guilty, WITHOUT. Very different treatment.... "It doesn't apply to us!" That's what at least a half-dozen New Jersey towns are saying about the Second Amendment. Not in so many words, but in their opposition to the proposed "national reciprocity" for gun carriers. But it DOES "apply to them," as it applies to ALL of us.... Franken says, "I'm going to work for the American people." Taken right out of Bill Clinton's scam book. And he got IMPEACHED for lying about it to Congress....

Thursday, November 30, 2017

I Think He's Got It!

I don't always agree with some of the politics represented in Gary Varvel's cartoons, but this one told the story perfectly. (Gary Varvel)

"COMMON SENSE" GUN CONTROL? Talk about a contradiction in terms! Gun control itself is NOT "common sense." The fools who call it that really ought to be smart enough to understand that, but they aren't. Not one single gun control law they've ever made has done a single thing to reduce "gun violence," because they don't apply to those who do not obey laws. They only apply to those who DO obey laws, and they are not the problem. To show you how stupid these people are, note this: they now want to ban or regulate MUZZLE LOADERS!

ARMED BEAR ESCAPES: It's true! Somewhere in Siberia, there's a bear who is armed with TWO rifles! He (she?) stole them from a secluded cabin when the occupant went to the creek and left them in the cabin. How he carried them is not known. But the armed bear escaped into the woods with the guns and some food. Actual headline: "Beware Armed Bear Armed With Two Weapons Loose In Siberian Region!" I guess there's not too much exciting news in Siberia these days, now it's no longer a repository for Russian "criminals."

"WHITE MEN LOVE GUNS": Sayeth a black man while cleaning one of his many guns, many of which were illegally obtained, so as to defend himself against other black men who would be shooting at him later. The anti-gun fools seize upon anything to make people who want to retain the right to self defense look foolish. That statement above will, of course, be called racist by the fools who make up those things. But it's not. It's a recognition of reality.

BANNED GUNS KILLED HUNDREDS: In Egypt, where automatic weapons are BANNED for use by citizens (but not for the government agents, of course), Islamic terrorists used them to murder more than 200 Egyptian Muslims who were attending a Mosque. They used a bomb to get them to flee the Mosque, then shot them down like dogs as they fled, Then later, they, themselves, were blown to kingdom come by the government, which tracked them down and blew them to hell. Oops! I bet they didn't expect that!

ONE MAN'S OPINION: It's okay to say "Merry Christmas" again. After 8 years of Obama, it was made "politically incorrect" not to say it, as part of the liberal attempt to destroy Christmas. But I've never stopped, since I don't succumb to such stupid things as "political correctness Who gets to define what is "politically correct," anyway?".... MSNBC is criticizing Trump's "Thanksgiving Call to Troops (yawn)." But who cares what MSNBC, or any liberal fool says?.... Some liberals try to convince us that Trump's economic boom is "inherited." That's really funny! Obama killed ANY economic advance we might have had during his "reign" by his stupid policies, The current boom comes from the renewed confidence in Trump's policies, even if liberals will avoid giving him credit, to their dying day....