Friday, January 18, 2019

A 51 Ft. Ladder

My son came up with an excellent analogy the other day when we were discussing (arguing) about the “battle over the wall” now raging in DC. He said that, “If Trump builds a 50 foot wall, that’ll just spark sales of 51-foot ladders.” He was right about that, except wrong to blame President Trump exclusively for the “standoff” that has kept the government (partly) shut down. Trump has told the world what he insisted upon many times, and the Dumocrats are adamantly opposed to it. It was their decision to BE opposed to it because Trump asked for it. Before, they all agreed that a wall was necessary.

NEXT IT’LL BE THE AIR: California’s new governor, recognizing that former liberal administrations have spent all the money, now wants to tax drinking water. And with all the liberal fools living in California, he may well get what he wishes. If he does, how long will it be before other states which are run by other “tax and spend” liberals, do likewise? Colorado, where I live, for instance, which has just inaugurated yet another liberal, “tax and spend” governor, and a long list of liberal lawmakers, will likely follow suit, taxing items we need for survival, that the government has no hand in providing. After that becomes “the norm,” how long will it be before they start taxing the air we breathe, threatening to cut off our supply if we don’t “pay up?”

STOP APPOINTING GUN-GRABBERS! The only way we’re ever going to be able to whip the anti-gun fools is to stop electing and appointing anti-gun fools to important offices. The more anti-gun fool senators and representatives we have, the more stupid anti-gun laws we will have to fight. Trump’s new Attorney General appointee has supported many anti-gun measures in the past, which indicates that he will support many more in the future. So who needs him? There is not a SINGLE anti-gun law now on the books that has done a SINGLE thing to stop, or even slow down “gun crime,” so what the hell GOOD are they?

WHAT DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND? What don’t lawmakers who enact anti-gun laws that are aimed at BANNING gun ownership altogether understand about the Second Amendment to the Constitution? The Founders knew that if the government COULD ban the ownership and use of guns for the law-abiding, they could “run roughshod over them” with impunity, and they didn’t want that. They knew, from bitter experience, that this is true, and they didn’t want their government to be able to do that. So they made the Second Amendment, which says, unequivocally, that “no law” shall be made to “abridge” an American citizen’s right to be armed for self defense.

DEMOCRATS ARE REALLY STUPID: I’m right now watching a “demonstration” by top Dumocrats in DC “demonstrating” to get Trump to “end the government shutdown” when the whole thing was CREATED by their stubborn REFUSAL to allow him to have ANY funding for the wall he was elected to erect. And the whole thing is hilarious as we watch their “dog and pony show” trying to convince the American people that Trump is to blame. As Trump has said, the impasse could be ended in a few minutes if they would back off their “Trump hatred” where they oppose ANYTHING President Trump wants to do. Their “tantrum” continues while they vacation in exotic spots and Trump remains in ice cold DC, just waiting for them to “wise up” and “get with the program.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: CNN criticizes President Trump for “offending” witches with his “witch hunt” comments. So who cares if witches get offended? Besides, that’s twisted reasoning… I don’t know what’s up with former comedian Jim Carey, but he is actively destroying his career. Nobody with any intelligence will ever want to go to one of his movies or be there for his stand-up performance after his hate-filled activities… The liberal media is making a big thing out of two illegal alien children dying while in our custody. Ignoring the fact that the reason they died was what happened to them on their trip, since they died too soon after getting here for it to be our fault… Christians are being told not to say “Christ was the Son of God” because it “offends” Muslims. Who the hell cares what offends Muslims? I’m offended that they call their God “Allah” We don’t interfere with their “religion,” so why should we let them interfere with ours? Only fools do that…

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Mueller Swindle

They call him a “special counsel,” but what he is, is a “hired gun” sent in to “get” President Trump. To somehow reverse the results of the 2016 election. He has spent, so far, about $20 million dollars of OUR money in his effort to topple the rightful president of the United States. They have to know he would simply be replaced by his vice president, but they probably think he will be easier to dispense with. Mueller’s first act was to assemble a team of known “Trump haters” that could be depended upon to look in every nook and cranny to find ANYTHING they could “tailor” into something that could bring Trump down. The United States government is PAYING for an instrument that has been known, from the begging, to be the instrument for a “coup” to overthrow a lawfully elected president.

SOCIALIST BULLCRAP: That’s all I’m hearing these days out of the Dumocrats. It has become obvious that the Dumocrat Party has been co-opted by socialists. Every time a Dumocrat opens his/her blowhole, socialism comes out. New York City Mayor DiBlasio says, out loud, that there is “plenty of money in New York, it’s just in the wrong hands.” That’s blatant socialism, if I’ve ever heard any. The money is mostly in the hands of those who have EARNED it, and DiBlasio wants to STEAL it. That is what socialism IS. The THEFT of money and other goods from those who EARN it, for the benefit of those who do NOT.

DON’T VOTE DEMOCRAT: Not unless you want to give all your money to the government, so they can give it to the “drones” of society who just want to live at the expense of others. Dumocrats all over are gearing up to tun against President Trump, and without exception, each one wants to raise our taxes to CRIMINAL levels. Every one. They are all vying to be the one to raise them the most. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, wants a 75% top tax rate so she can “battle” that imaginary bugaboo, global warming (Oh. Forgot. Since the globe isn’t warming, and hasn’t been for almost 20 years, they now call is “climate change,” so they can attribute ANY weather anomaly to it.). Others want to raise it as high as 90%. I’m waiting for one to suggest 100%. Which is stupid, but Dumocrats are stupid.

EASIER FOR CRIMINALS: I look at each and every anti-gun law passed by the anti-gun fools, and I see that every one of them simply makes it easier for an armed criminal (who usually is using an illegally-obtained gun) to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws, while the criminals do NOT. Think about it: “Background checks do nothing but help find a shooter IF he got his gun legally, and stood for one. Criminals, not so much. Making it harder for the law-abiding to get guns to use for self defense makes sure there will be fewer guns in the hands of the law-biding, making it easier for the law breakers to victimize them. “Safe storage” laws only make it more difficult for a potential victim to get his gun into action to defend against a criminal, whose gun is already in his hand, ready to shoot.

FACT-CHECKERS DON’T LIE? It’s a big thing to Dumocrats: the “fact-checkers.” They fact-checked President Trump’s recent speech and found him to be lying in several places. The only problem is, what they called “lies” were simple disagreements on policy and opinion. The only problem with “fact-checkers” is that some of them LIE. The very label “fact-checker” seems to impute integrity into what they do. It does NOT. Most fact-checkers ARE honest. But some are NOT. I’m very suspicious when the fact-checkers are Dumocrat, because the Dumocrats LIE. And fact-checkers are simply a tool they use to impute lying on the part of their enemies.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I “identify” as a human being. What does that get me? Maybe I can play chess against a toddler, and win. I’m too old and “stove up” to take on a woman (In sports, folks! Get your mind out of the gutter)… They’re teaching how to condition our kids into believing the liberal claptrap at Westleyan University. They’ve started a new course on “Social Justice”… A historically black college is trying hard to raise enough funds to stay in business. Whassamatta, folks? Can’t sell a racist college? Maybe I’ll start a “white only” college. Maybe that’s not racist… Of course, liberals will jump up and down and call ME racist for that last item. They have no sense of humor, OR irony… Facebook has banned a post honoring a dead police officer because it said (truthfully) that the killer was an illegal alien, Good way to keep that from being known, Facebook…

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Gun Control's A Fantasy

A fantasy supported by the fallacy that all you have to do is make a law against something and criminals, who obey NO laws, will magically OBEY this one. And another fallacy that it is even POSSIBLE to eliminate guns from the world. You cannot. It’s like putting toothpaste back in the tube. It can’t be done. There are billions of guns in existence, both legal and ILLEGAL, and millions of them are ILLEGAL. There is NO WAY a person can defend him/herself against one of those millions of illegal guns in the hands of criminals and other miscreants, without having his OWN gun. But the anti-gun fools will not hear of that.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Criminals MOSTLY don’t get their guns legally, even if they have not yet committed a crime that prohibits that. Something I’ve been telling the anti-gun fools for years, even though they seem to be “tone deaf” to that. They think, in their abysmal ignorance, that all criminals get their guns legally, so all they have to do is make a law and, magically, the criminals will obey it. Well, The Department of Justice did a survey of criminals in prison, basically asking them how they got the guns they used in the crimes for which they are incarcerated. They had no reason to lie about it, and the results show that a massive MAJORITY of criminals got their guns ILLEGALLY.

BEATING A DEAD HORSE: They’ve been beating a dead horse for two years, now, with the whole idea (unproven) that President Trump “colluded” with the Russians to get elected. After two years of searching under every rock, they have found NOTHING. So what are they going to do? Open a NEW INVESTIGATION into whether or not he “colluded” with the Russians to get elected, this one started by many fired or otherwise discredited corrupt former FBI people. People who have been discredited in many ways. They talk confidently about “all the investigations” Trump has “hovering over his head,” never mentioning that those “investigations” are by Dumocrats, in an effort to reverse the election of 2016.

TYPICAL SOCIALIST CRAP: New York City Mayor DeBlasio says there’s plenty of wealth around, “but it’s in the wrong hands.” That’s typical socialist crap if I ever heard any. What the hell gives him the right to judge who is “the wrong people” to have money? The people to whom he refers are the people who EARNED it. And he WANTS it. So he plans to use the power of the government to TAKE it. That’s what socialists do. Find somebody able and willing to EARN, and then LOOT what they have earned, for the benefit of those who do not, or CAN not earn it for themselves. That’s what socialism is, and socialism depends on there being SOMEBODY there who CAN earn, so they can loot them.

UNDOCUMENTED, UNAFRAID”: There are illegal aliens running around sporting signs that say, “Undocumented, Unafraid.” Which is a slap in the face to our efforts to control who may enter our country and to define what is required of them to be able to enter. The only reason they are so emboldened is that a large segment of our politicians (Dumocrats) don’t want to enforce our laws and are doing everything in their feeble power to prevent it. It offends me that they can be so little impressed with our ability to hunt them down and deport them, and it is only possible because the Dumocrats make it as difficult as possible to enforce our laws.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Michelle Obama tops Hillary as America’s most admired woman.” That’s what liberals say. What they don’t say is their idea of “America” is Dumocrats. They only ask Dumocrats in their polls, and that’s what they come up with. If they included Republicans in their polls they’d get a very different result… One church took their cross off the wall to avoid “offending” Muslims. Maybe we should be offended by their being offended by our Christian images. We don’t try and mess with their images… How racist is that? “California Women’s March is canceled because participants are too white.” Now reverse that and see what we have: “California Women’s March is canceled because participants are too black.” Is it not racist to discriminate against whites, just as with blacks? I see no difference… The term, “White Privilege” is “code words” to discriminate against white people… Elizabeth Warren really thinks she has a chance at the presidency. The reality is, she won’t even win the Dumocrat nomination…

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

They're Getting Ready

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is still resisting retirement as she “recovers” from her recent cancer surgery at home. She has had THREE bouts with cancer and most of them are in recent years. That should tell her something, but it apparently doesn’t. She’s only shortening her remaining life by remaining on the Court, just for the political purpose of keeping President Trump from being able to appoint yet another INTELLIGENT member to replace her. Somebody who will rule, based on the CONSTITUTION, as he/she is supposed to do, rather than on all the other extraneous things some Justices have mentioned, including FOREIGN law—which should not, and does not apply in ANY case that would be considered by the court.

AIN’T NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! They’re wondering if, one day, the anti-gun fools are going to realize how stupid they are, and “go away.” It ain’t gonna happen, people! Stupid people are too stupid to realize how stupid they are. They tend to think they are the smartest people in the room, when they’re not. Each and every law or regulation made by them makes it easier on the “bad guys” to victimize the law-abiding when they predictably OBEY their laws, even knowing how stupid they are. “Gun-free zones,” for instance. Owners of illegal guns have no problem bringing their guns into them because they are CRIMINALS. Criminals do not obey laws. They know the likelihood of a law-abiding person being armed there is small, so such zones are an “engraved invitation” for them to come in and do their dirty work.

TRUMP STORMS OUT”: That’s the narrative. Make it look like Trump is “having his usual tantrum.” Anything to make him look bad, no matter what he does. The truth here is, Trump immediately realized that, no amount of “negotiating” was going to get him anywhere with the Dumocrat fools in front of him, so there wasn’t any point in wasting his time trying. I don’t blame him a but for walking out, so he can spend his time more profitably. He did not “storm out.” He simply walked out and refused to waste any more of his time.

FOR SECURITY. NO WALL: Dumocrats have said they are willing to appropriate money for border security, but none of it should be allowed to go for a wall. That’s pretty dumb, if they think they can micro-manage those in the business of defending our borders by denying them one of the best ways of accomplishing their mission. Members of Congress don’t get to do that. People are hired and appointed to do a job, and they know how to do it. Members of Congress are not likely to have the needed expertise that would allow them to do such micro-management, and they should not attempt it.

DEMOCRATS “MOVING LEFT”: That’s a fact. Something they’ve carefully hidden until recently because they knew that the voters knowing that would be DEATH for their party. But somehow recently, a “switch was flipped” and they no longer feel that way. Maybe it was the ADMITTED socialist who won so many primaries they had to “stack the deck” to make sure Hillary beat him, even though she is as much of a socialist as he is. Maybe it’s the fact that “academia” has been so successful in “selling” that failed system based on the theft of resources from those capable and willing to EARN them, to GIVE to those who, for whatever reason, don’t or won’t.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Experts” say Trump is “doomed in 2020.” Here we go again. They’ve said that so many times they just run a tape of them saying it. What is an “expert?” Somebody who, in his own opinion, knows one thing more than you do”… I guess it’s just whose feet they’re on. The media trolls Melania Trump for the boots she’s wearing, while having orgasms over Michelle’s “glitter boots”… Kathy Griffith blames Trump for the death of that 8-year-old “immigrant” (illegal) child, after he went to the hospital and was diagnosed  only with a cold, and his “father” refused further treatment, until the border control agents insisted; but it was too late. He died there. The main fault is with his “father”… If you can’t think of anything REAL to gripe about, just CREATE something. Like liberals now saying a tall man who asks a short woman out has committed sexual misconduct. It’s silly and stupid, but that has never stopped the liberals before…

Monday, January 14, 2019

"Why Shoot Him 5 Times?"

The mother of a man who was shot and killed by a man defending his children asked, “Why did the guy shoot my son five times?” Nobody has attempted to answer her question to my knowledge, but I can offer one: “Because he was still alive after number four.” A guy doing what he was doing deserved more than four bullets, so what’s she griping about? Did the guy not shoot him often enough? Mom says that her son’s gun wasn’t even loaded. So what the bloody hell difference did THAT make? I’m sure if that’s true, nobody in that restaurant knew, including the man who shot the robber. For that matter, how did MOM know? Was she in on it?

IDIOT IN THE PLOT: Scott Jordan, owner of SCOTTeVEST, primarily advertises his products on Fox News because "their viewers are so gullible and easy to con." They’re such idiots that advertising there lets me insult them and still get rich off them. I think he will soon find out they aren’t so stupid after all, when his comments become more widely known. I think the idiot in this plot is Jordan, and will soon find out just how stupid he is. I wouldn’t wear one of his products if someone GAVE it to me. I am one of the Fox viewers, and I guarantee you I am not easy to con.

DEMOCRATS ARE SO LAME: I can always predict what Dumocrats will do in any situation, especially since they lost the last presidential election. I can always count on them to oppose ANYTHING President Trump proposes. The wall is just one example. For years, Dumocrats have been telling us “we need a wall” to keep illegal aliens out. Now that Trump wants one, they oppose it with “all their being.” That is SO transparent, but Dumocrats don’t care. Their memories only extend to maybe yesterday—unless they wanted the same thing Trump wanted today. Then they’re unabashedly against it.

POLITICIANS DO STRANGE THINGS: They do them to make us think they’re are “jes’ folks” like us, when they’re not. Like Elizabeth Warren “taking a break” and drinking a beer while she talks to us in a photo shoot. Like that wasn't planned in a focus group. It’s a memorable picture of her screwing a beer bottle into her mouth in between words. Then there’s Beto O’Rourke, who took a television crew into his dentist’s office while he got some dental work done. The sight of him in the chair while his mouth is propped open by dental instruments is also memorable, and I wish it were not. I wish I could “unsee” it. I have enough bad memories from my own dentist visits. Then, years ago, I remember a presidential candidate in a tank, wearing a helmet. He lost, and lost big. As should Liz and Beto. Writer William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection says, “If Joe Biden livestreams his colonoscopy, I’m outta here.” I remember when Katie Couric did just that.

ACOSTA PROVED TRUMP RIGHT: Of course, he did it unwittingly, since in a “battle of wits” is is unarmed. He did a piece where he showed a section of the border that was “very quiet.” Of course, the section he showed was where there was already a wall. And I’m sure he not only doesn’t know he just proved Trump right, he’ll deny it to his dying day. Acosta is well known for his grandstanding, as well as his complete ignorance as to the facts. He’s almost as ignorant as “Alex from da Bronx.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There are 45 deluded Dumocrats who think they have a “snowball’s chance in hell” of defeating President Trump in the next presidential election. Most of whom you've never heard of. There are going to be 44 very disappointed Dumocrats after it’s over… AlGore will never learn his lesson, I guess. His predictions of environmental disaster have never come true, but he continues to make new ones, as if his earlier ones didn’t fizzle… They still don’t know Trump. The Dumocrats still think they’re gonna win in the “wall showdown.” Trump has a “back of steel,” and he will not cave. They will, or lose big in the next election… Former mayor of NYC and major anti-gun fool Michael Bloomberg is ready to spend $100 million in yet another presidential campaign. Doesn’t his nose still hurt from the last bashing he endured? Some people just never learn…

Friday, January 11, 2019

Don't Belive Anything!

President’s one-time lawyer Michael Cohen has agreed to testify before the House Oversight Committee before he goes to prison for those minor charges having nothing to do with Trump to which he pleaded guilty to avoid more prison time for their trumped-up charges. And you can bet that bunch of thugs called the Mueller Commission will be listening very carefully to what he says to see if they can use any of it in their obvious “witch hunt” designed to reverse the results of the 2016 election. The very fact he has agreed to this (at this time) tells me he plans on telling a few lies to make his captors happy enough to recommend even less time in the clink than he already has. He has already proven himself a liar, so why should we believe anything he says? But the Mueller Gang will.

DEMOCRATS THINK THEY’LL WIN: They really think they have the upper hand in the “negotiations” (that are not happening) to “get the government back open again” so a few government (unnecessary) employees can collect their pay checks. The question in my mind is, if these employees are not “essential,” why are they being paid in the first place? I guess they’re only there to be the “victims” when the government runs out of money because of stubborn politicians who want to block ANYTHING Trump wants, even if it destroys the country, as we know it. Trump told them what he wanted, and they chose to refuse. Any “blame” is on their heads.

GOT WHAT THEY WANTED: Those idiots who think the world is going to be overpopulated in their lifetime, so will do anything to reduce the population’s increase. So according to recent reports, they now have what they want. The “fertility rate” in many states has fallen below that needed to maintain the population. Now we have to make sure that doesn’t increase to the point where the human race will disappear from the Earth. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing, people. With the birdbrains running things today, I’m glad I won’t be around much longer to suffer the results of their pipe dreams.

TRUMP WILL CAVE”: The left is now saying that calling the situation on our southern border a “crisis” is “caving.” They say he will “cave” and call it a crisis. Talk about “moving the goal posts!” Frankly, if he does, he will have WON the argument, as he is used to doing. Trump is just not the “caving” type. In the end, Trump ALWAYS wins, because he is resolute, and is a master at negotiating (horse trading). Liberals are just not used his kind, and they continue to underestimate him, while over-estimating themselves.

JON BENET’S KILLER: There’s a story on the Blaze that claims a man (Gary Olivia), a known sex offender and pedophile “accidentally” killed Jon Benet Ramsey and that he confessed in a letter to a friend. That friend (Michael Vail) says he sent those letters to the Boulder Police, but they never followed upon them. THAT, I believe, knowing what I know about the competence (or lack thereof) of it on the part of that incompetent cop shop. They have dropped the ball at every turn in that murder “investigation,” so why should that stop, now? Olivia is currently serving a 10 year sentence for child pornography and was, before that, convicted of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl. At the time of Jon Benet’s death, Olivia lived only 10 blocks way.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A pro Marxism professor blames capitalism for “a rise in American hopelessness.” But he can’t say why. Or even prove ANY “American hopelessness.” Except among those who will not work and can’t qualify for public assistance… At the same time the Denver YMCA eliminates “Christian” from their name, North Carolina State launches a Satanic student group. Slowly, but surely destroying Christianity… Another women’s college will now admit men who “identify” as women while Princeton Groups claim people “other than women” (men) can menstruate; a completely impossible thing. You must have a uterus to menstruate. So they just “redefine” menstruation to suit themselves… “Creepy Porn Lawyer” Michael Avenatti says “Five witnesses support the accusations against Kavanaugh,” notwithstanding they do NOT. It is only on his fertile imagination that they do…

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Gun Rights ARE Inalienable

Anti-gun fools are now saying that “gun rights are not inalienable.” Which is an out-and-our LIE. There is no right in the Constitution that is more inalienable. The Second Amendment is simple and uncomplicated, although anti-gun fools have tried and tried to complicate it by insisting that gun rights are limited to members of an “organized militia,” something that did not even EXIST at the time the Constitution was written. A “militia” then was considered to be all the people, who could be called up at any time to defend our nation, and they wanted them to bring their own guns, because the government then was not as “flush with money” as it is today.

THE CLINTON/OBAMA CRIME FAMILY: Benghazi was very simply a means to cover up the fact that the Clintons and Barack Obama were making millions of dollars “running guns” to the terrorists. And the reason General Flynn was attacked was to discredit him because he knew too much about it. He should be glad to be discredited. If the “Clinton body count” is to be believed, they might have just caused him to “have a fatal accident” like one guy who “committed suicide’ by shooting himself in the head. TWICE. Just before he was to have testified to a Clinton crime the next day.

NOT YOUR USUAL POLITICIAN: The Dumocrats still think they’re going to win against President Trump, using their usual tactic of blocking and refusing to negotiate anything. They just don’t know President Trump. He is “a rock.” He has told them what he wants, and they will either give it to him, or suffer the consequences. They’re just not used to a man like Trump, who wants what he wants, and he fully intends to get it, even if those “unnecessary employees” actually have to suffer. Never mind that, in this day of credit cards, their suffering will only be in having to put off paying their credit card bills until they get their delayed pay checks.

DAYS OF MY LIFE? A Politico writer asks, “How many days of your life would you give up for Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg?” My answer is, “Not a single one.” If she wants to shorten her waning life by refusing to retire, just to be a “wall” against President Trump being able to appoint another possibly neutral Justice, that’s her business. I don’t think she’s going to make it, but if she doesn’t want to spend the last few years of her life with her family, I guess that’s up to her. The Court is supposed to be “non-political.” But she has proven conclusively that it is NOT.

SAVE 32,000 LIVES!” The anti-gun fools keep quoting that phony figure of 32,000 deaths a year from gun violence, even long after it has been debunked, due to the knowledge that that figure INCLUDES not only “gun crime” deaths, but also “righteous shootings” by police and people using their guns for self defense, as well as gun suicides. They say that eliminating all guns will “save that many lives every year.” That’s a foolish pipe dream. Those wishing to commit suicide or commit crimes using guns will find other ways to accomplish their aims. That was recently proven conclusively by the sudden rise in KNIFE crime in the UK after they pretty much banned all guns that are legally owned, there.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I thought I should tell you: if you heard a lot of moaning coming from my bedroom this morning, it was just me trying to get out of bed… It’s really getting bad, folks. The Denver YMCA is changing its name to get rid of the “Christian” part of it. That’s going just a bit too far… Another rigged poll. It “found” that the Obamas, mostly Michelle, were the “most admired.” For WHAT? He almost destroyed our economy, and she almost starved children of real food. There’s nothing there to admire; except for dimwitted liberals, who “admire” anything a liberal does, even if it kills themTypical Trump hatred. They falsely said the soldiers broke regulations by having Trump sign MAGA hats. But there is no regulation about them bringing personal items for a president to sign…