Monday, September 18, 2017

Give It Away Free

Liberals are good at giving away money--other people's money, not theirs. It's the way they sell socialism. Offer something for FREE. Just vote for me. Bernie Sanders (an admitted socialist) is proposing and pushing an idea to offer FREE college tuition. Never mind it is going to cost 23 TRILLION, more money than ALL previous administrations have spent, on EVERYTHING. We don't have it. We'd have to borrow it. Our grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren would have to pay for it. But he doesn't care. It's just OUR MONEY, not his.

IT'S ALL OBAMA'S FAULT! Politicians are wondering why the military is having so many accidents recently. From ship collisions with private shipping to air crashes due to lack of good maintenance, and the lack of spare parts, to deaths of soldiers in training accidents. I'm sure the politicians will not even CONSIDER the fact that all this is due to Obama's stupid policies with regard to the military. They will want to fire some generals, and even some lesser politicians or bureaucrats. They will never go after the "Obama factor," always "missing the mark." They will get rid of a lot of generals, but that will not solve the problem.

COP HATERS ARE STUPID: Black Lives Matter thinks they are onto something. They're tapping the built-in hatred for cops that is in ALL criminals. They think they can translate that to others who don't intrinsically hate cops--and incidentally white people. They take each and every case where a cop shoots and kills a black person while he/she is committing a crime, and twist it into a case of a cop shooting a black person for nothing. Never mind it was for SOMETHING. They promote that hatred, claiming that cops routinely "go hunting" for black people to kill for sport, which is patently STUPID. Even their basic premise is wrong. Yes, black lives matter. But so do white lives.

BANKRUPTING THE NATION: Crazy Bernie (Sanders) once said, "Universal health care would bankrupt the nation." Why then, is he now SUPPORTING universal health care? does he WANT to bankrupt the nation, or what? Every idea a liberal comes up with, it seems, will make the nation poorer, or just bankrupt it. Universal health care, universal paycheck whether you work, or not, and free college tuition. They are the "agents of collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, etc.), That's how they sell collectivism: offer something FREE, ignoring even THINKING about who is going to pay for their pipe dreams.

DUMB, DUMB, DUMB! Kim Jung Un is courting the destruction of his country and the death and destruction of many of his people--and certainly his own death. He continues to "flip us off" by doing test after test of intercontinental ballistic missiles he SAYS can reach American territory, and even H-bombs. He really thinks his feeble tiny nuclear arsenal can make a dent in America's defenses, when the first one capable of reaching American soil he fires will be shot down. with "hellfire and damnation" to follow Yes, we ha ve drawn him a "red line" in the past, but never DONE anything when he ignored it. That's OVER. That was Obama, the wimp.

OPERATING AGAINST LOGIC: Liberals insist there is no such thing as logic. And everything they do DEFIES logic. Like punishing achievement. Most intelligent people would like to become rich. And high achievers are the ones that usually end up rich. Why then, do liberals constantly want to "tax the rich" at higher rates than everybody else? (All the rich except for them, that is) Most of the liberals who want to punish the rich are rich, themselves. They just exempt themselves from the rules they set for others.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Republicans Are Pissed!

President Trump went "over their heads" and made a deal with Dumocrats! This is NOT DONE! At least, by the usual politician. But Trump is not "the usual politician." That's why he was elected--to get things done--and he does that, very well, no matter WHO he must deal with to get it done. The Republicans are mad at him for going to the Dumocrats, but they have been blocking him at every turn; his own party! So they are silly to be mad that he went elsewhere. But there's the problem. They just don't understand what kind of a man he is, and he runs rings around them.

REMOVING A SCAPEGOATl The Navy has ADMITTED the fact that THEY were at fault in the two at sea collisions with private shipping because of "negative financing." It's Obama's fault. He effectively cut the budgets of all military arms and thus caused the deaths of many service people in many different services. These Navy collisions that have resulted in, so far, 17 deaths are only PART of the problem created by his efforts. Planes can't fly because of lack of spare parts and other planes go down because of the lack of maintenance--which is caused by lack of financing,

THOU SHALT NOT SPEAK: Students at Berkekey are deathly afraid that a "conservative speaker" will say something that resonates with people, with which they don't agree. So they RIOT to keep ANYBODY with whom they don't agree from making a speech, anywhere they can. Which only shows the EMPTINESS of their positions. When Breitbart's Ben Shapiro came to speak, it cost the university $600,000.00 for SECURITY so he COULD speak. They have to know their ideas are meaningless, and they want to keep people from finding that out, so they RIOT every time a "conservative speaker" is scheduled to speak there.

REALTORS FACE REALITY: I hate to use that term to describe real estate brokers, because it is inaccurate. The term, "Realtor" is a word used to describe real estate brokers who are members of a specific organization, and has been taken to describe ALL real estate brokers. But the words "real estate brokers" takes up too much room in a headline. But the facts are there. Real estate brokers have been suffering "gun violence" at the hands, mostly, of unlicensed gun carriers, and they want to be able to fight back--something the "authorities" seem to be against. I guess they just want the real estate brokers to succumb to the victimization intended by those criminals.

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: An organization to ignore, because their "lists of racists" are ALL phony today Their lists used to mean something, because they had a real definition of racism to use in designating people and groups as racist. But today, they apply the racist tag to ANYBODY who disagrees with the "liberal line," or with any black person. I've no doubt they have me on one of their lists because I tell the truth about black people, and they don't like that. In fact, I would be hurt if they DIDN'T have me on one of their lists.

THEIR LABELS ARE IGNORANT: They're calling Ben Shapito, of Breitbart, an "antisemitic" and a "Fascist." Nothing could be further from the truth, but they're too stupid to realize it. Shapiro is a JEW. So why would he be an antisemitic, OR a Facist? I think They Just Pull Labels out of a hat and apply them to anybody with whom they disagree, trying to discredit them. But what they're doing is discrediting THEMSELVES. Anybody who can't tell the difference between a Jew and an antisemitic or a Fascist is a pathetic loser.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Banning All Guns

The Chicago Diocese of the Catholic church has banned all guns from all church properties. Which means all the guns brought there will be brought by people who care not about their "rules and regulations," and those who do care will, as usual, be defenseless when one of those who don't comes in to shoot up the place. This action merely shows the abysmal IGNORANCE of this bishop, Bishop Blaise Cupish. Like all anti-gun fools, he firmly believes such rules will actually keep the "bad guys" from bringing their guns to church with them.

THEY'RE BLOWING IT: Republicans finally have everything they wanted (or SAID they wanted), so now they can actually DO what they have said they're going to to for the last seven years. Get rid of that abomination, Obamacare. They haven't? You mean the Republicans are obstructing the Republican president? How could this BE? Actually, to those of us with brains, it's simple. as Rush Limbaugh says, "The Swamp is circling the wagons" trying to stop Trump from "draining the swamp." Trump has PROMISED to "drain the swamp," and they're frightened, being PART of the "swamp." They apparently have no idea what they're doing to their party.

BIG MOUTH SHARPTON AGAIN: If there were ANYTHING to legitimize "Kid Rock"s" candidacy in the mind of thinking Americans, it is the opposition of people like Al Sharpton, one of America's biggest racists, who pretends to be ANTI-racist, spending his time extorting big money people by threatening to accuse them of racism if they didn't give him money. Sharpton is the bane of existence for anybody who has money. Sooner or later he or Jesse Jackson will be on their doorstep, demanding money not to accuse them of racism. What he says doesn't mean anything any more, but he keeps on braying, trying desperately to remain relevant.

CRIMINALIZING CLIMATE CHANGE OPPOSITION: They're actually sponsoring a bill to make criticizing climate change (or global warming, depending on how stupid you are) a CRIME. They want to put "climate change deniers" in PRISON! That's one way to stop people from pointing out the fallacies of your ideas, I guess, if you can actually PASS such a bill into law. And with the number of liberal fools in Congress, they might actually DO it--unless and until "wiser heads prevail" and the Supreme Court tells them how unconstitutional their law is.

RACISM IS IGNORANCE! Liberals like to attribute racism to ALL their opponents because they have no cogent arguments in favor of their positions, so they hide that by calling their opponents names. But what they're actually saying is, "You're ignorant." Because being a racist IS ignorance. To dislike someone because of something they neither created, nor can stop, such as the color of their skin is ignorance. Disliking someone because of their religious beliefs is just as ignorant, And to put somebody down because of their sex organs being different than yours is the HEIGHTS of ignorance. We should all judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL, not by the group they're in.

GUN LAWS DON'T WORK? Amazing! None of the laws that are supposed to stop gun violence did a single thing to dissuade that student who was obsessed by mass shootings from shooting his classmates, IN a "gun-free zone," a school. I wonder why that is? Could it be that the people who made them are too STUPID to realize that not a single law against gun ownership will dissuade CRIMINALS, crazies, and Islamic terrorists from bringing their guns and shooting people? They HAVE to know their laws are aimed in the wrong direction when they're aimed at the gun. The gun is but a TOOL to be used for good OR evil.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Death of the GOP

They're committing suicide, and they have no idea they're doing it. They've been given the best opportunity they've ever had to flat DESTROY the Dumocrat Party, and they're throwing it away because they're afraid of Donald Trump. They control all three houses of government, and they refuse to get anything done because they don't want Trump to have ANY accomplishments, and they don't want him to "drain the swamp," because THEY are IN the "swamp" and they don't want to lose their little fiefdoms.

BACK TO RUSSIA: Did you think the "Russian thing" was over, after six months of searching, they found not a smidgen of evidence to support that theory? Not a chance. At least, so long as Hillary has a word processor and a lackey to write her books for her. In her latest book, "What Happened," she tells us many causes for her loss, but the real one--her own incompetence. But among them is the ever present "Russian conspiracy." She has no proof if it, but she keeps harping on it, keeping it alive. Hillary is incapable of understanding that SHE lost the election, by herself, without help from anybody.

REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 11TH: How could anybody forget? 3,000 families PLUS lost loved ones. It was an attack on our very CORE! Yet some people put it down. Some even say it didn't happen, at all. How stupid are they? So how did we come from that to being afraid to offend Muslims? Yes, all Muslims are not terrorists. But so far, all terrorists have been Muslims, which gives us good reason to look askance on Muslims. Don't "bend over backwards" (or frontwards) to keep from offending Muslims. That's what the terrorists want. That's why they did it. Those who did it will forever be heroes to other Muslim terrorists.

THE FOREIGN INTRUSION: The Dumocrats like to talk about the "foreign intrusion" into our elections. They're talking about the imaginary "Russian connection" to the Trump campaign that they can't prove. Meanwhile, on the Dumocrat side, there is the PROVABLE  Awan Brothers family (Pakistanis), which had inroads into many Dumocrat computers, since they were hired by Debbie Wasserman Schulrz (DNC Chair) to be IT specialists for a number of Dumocrats. Then one of them was caught and arrested trying to leave the country with a bundle of cash. Computers were found in one of their houses that had been smashed, but still held some sensitive information.

NOT RIGHT OR LEFT: Politicians and others love to say politics is a matter of "right or left." What they mean by that, I don't know. What I DO know is that, on the left is totalitarian government, usually brought on by collectivism (socialism, communism, etc.) A form of government that relies on total power over the populace, While on the "right," you find freedom, the free market, the right of the INDIVIDUAL to make his/her own decisions, not encumbered by the decisions made by nameless, faceless bureaucrats appointed by elected politicians who think THEY know best, and we know nothing.

NEITHER RACIST, NOR NAZI: The Dumocrats insist that ALL Trump people are either racist, or Nazis. I am a "Trump person." But I am neither a racist, NOR a Nazi. That they call me that is simply evidence of the bankruptcy of their arguments. They have none, so they simply call me names. I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL, which rules out racism. Whatever their color, nationality, religion,or whatever, that matters not to me. It is what is in their hearts that is important to me. The Nazis are a failed socialist scheme that refuses to die. I would have no reason to BE a Nazi. It would profit me not.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

"Guns On the Street"

Surprise, surprise! Potential criminals tend to buy their guns (those that don't just steal them) "off the street," not from gun stores. And those who buy from gun stores are not generally the crooks; so why do they keep making it harder and harder on honest, law-abiding people to get guns to use in self defense? I don't think they do it to make things easier for criminals to victimize us, but that's the sum effect of ALL their highly-touted "gun laws." And you can't convince them of this. Are they just STUPID, or what?

MEDICAL EMERGENCY: Sorry, folks. I missed a day recently. I had a medical emergency that required TWO trips to the hospital and one to a specialist to correct They told me it wasn't really serious, but they weren't experiencing the pain I was. I fought to keep updating these blogs, and did it, although I got seriously behind on my research. I'm pretty much caught up now, and I thank you for your patience. Still, I AM 80 years old, and these things will happen. I will continue bringing you the truth as long as I can.

"POVERTY AND HOPELESSNESS": That's what's at the bottom of a lot of the "gun crime." The "authorities" recognize this, but keep on making laws to make honest people defenseless. The most of the "gun violence" everywhere is committed by street gangs, many of whom RULE their areas. Even the cops, in some areas, leave them alone unless they get way "out of control, as they are wont to do, sometimes. In some places, they even DEFER to them, as if they were a LEGITIMATE organization. In Sacramento, they even want to PAY them not to kill people. Is that insane, or what? They should give me money so I won't kill anybody.

WHY IS THERE POVERTY? In the richest country in the world, there is still poverty. It is that, they blame for the "gun violence" and gang activity. But why IS there poverty in a country that is the richest in the world? Why are there pockets of poverty? The reason is drugs. Some people get rich selling them, and others get POOR buying them. The next thing they have to do to "support their habits" is start stealing. They can't make enough money to support their habits by working, and the drugs increase the tendency to do NOTHING, rather than go out and work to improve their lot in life.

VENDETTA AGAINST FOX: Has anybody noticed the plethora of accusations of sexual misconduct aimed at popular Fox News hosts in the last year or so (with NONE against CNN people)? Roger Ailes, the top guy, was accused, and removed. The allegations were never proven before he died in an accident in his home. Ditto for one of his top execs. Bill O'Reilly, at the time the top ratings-getter, was also accused, and lost his job. Eric Bolling, likewise. Both without any kind of PROOF of sexual misconduct, only somebody's unsupported word. Others were accused, and cleared. Charles Payne was similarly accused, but cleared. Notice that all the accusations come from the LEFT, on the RIGHT.

WHO THE HELL CARES? Vanity Fair snubbed Melania Trump and that cost Graydon Carter his editor's job there. Big thrill! Who cares if Vanity Fair recognizes Melania? The snub was just part of the "Trump Derangement Syndrome," anyway. I'm sure Melania doesn't care. She's no longer a model. She's the wife of the President of the United States, who is a billionaire. She's so far above this fool, it makes no difference to her. He only did it to get headlines, and look what it accomplished. There are always fools who come out of the woodwork to take advantage of someone else's fame. It doesn't always work out.

CBO; NEVER RIGHT: The Congressional Budget Office: is a useless government agency, but one on which Congress and the rest of the government depends, absolutely. Their job is to "advise" the government on the economic effect of their new tax laws. If they pass a new tax deigned to bring in one hundred billion dollars, they ask the CBO to "score" the law, which means tell them if the law WILL bring in one hundred billion dollars. So the CBO goes to work and comes up with a "finding," Not considering the real effect the new law will have on taxpayers. They ASSUME that ALL taxpayers will just PAY the tax, and it will bring in one hundred million dollars--it will not.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Anti-Gun Baltimore Sun

They don't allow gun ads--unless they amount to five-or six-figure prices. I guess they don't care if there's enough money involved in their pockets. For many years, even when they actually had a classified section, they didn't accept ads to buy or sell guns. Why then today, do they accept ads for the Rock Island Auction Company? I guess their justification is that a gun valued at $25,000.00 or more isn't likely to be used to commit a crime, nor to defend oneself. It's a distinction without a difference. The Sun is adamantly against private gun ownership in any form--except this one (except for the armed guards that control entrance to their news building, of course). Which proves one thing--money talks.

WHEN WILL THEY LEARN? We've been telling them and telling them for years, that their anti-gun laws and rules don't work, but they ignore us, ridicule us, and keep right on making them, every time they can. They even use instances of VEHICLE violence to advance their silly anti-gun laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down gun violence. What are they THINKING? Gun-Free Zones have become "killing zones" because shooters know most law-abiding folks will not be armed there, since they OBEY laws and regulations. Criminals do NOT. Other laws they make are similarly ineffective for the same reason.

ANTI-GUN MISINFORMATION: The "Violence Policy Center" says, "Concealed carriers don't stop crimes, they commit them." Unfortunately, they have no proof that this is true. Yes, some of the mass shootings have been committed by people who had not yet committed a crime and are thus able to get gun rights. Which only proves that their highly-touted registration laws do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down people who wish to commit mass murder. If they can't get their guns legally, they just steal them, as some have done, or buy them illegally, which is easy.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE; COMPLETE IDIOT: Idiot, fool, what word is too good for someone who says Hurricane (whatever) Is "God's punishment for people who voted for Donald Trump." Is she really STUPID enough to believe God actually CARES who we elect president? Seems to me that God would have much more important things on his mind than petty politics--which is exactly what all this "Trump hate" is. And Jennifer Lawrence is one of the fools.

TOTALLY SCREWING IT UP: That's what the liberal media is doing about the "DACA thing." They want you to think Trump is ready to deport all those "children" (most of whom are now in their thirties or more). He is NOT. He is merely demanding that Congress do their job on the subject, and giving them six months to do it.. Obama violated the Constitution when he instituted DACA, and Trump is merely demanding that Congress have an up or down vote on it, and LEGALIZE the result. That's ALL he is doing. He's NOT "canceling" the program, just demanding Congress make it legal OR throw it out.

"TRUMP MET NO VICTIMS: The media is telling us President Trump did not go and meet ANY hurricane victims during his visits to hurricane ravaged areas. Unfortunately, they're LYING. I'm sitting here right now watching him interact with a bunch of CHILDREN who have been victimized by a hurricane. It's not often you can actually SEE the EVIDENCE of their lying, but this is one--only because Fox News is the lone exception to the rule of denying Trump credit for everything he does.

ONLY IN CALIFORNIA: Sacramento wants to PAY gang-bangers to stop killing people. No, it's not satire. It's not an "Onion" story. It's true, as reported by Fox 40 Sacramento. Sacto just approved a program called, "Advance Peace," in which it actually PAYS gang-bangers who do not commit murder. Appeasement has worked so well in the past, so why not do it some more, right? Spend taxpayer money to keep gang members from killing them. Seems like a good idea (sic). Maybe we should offer ISIS money to stop killing people who don't convert to their silly "religion.". Or we could give money to N. Korea so they will quit threatening us. Wait--we already did that, didn't we?

Friday, September 8, 2017

Constitution Says NO!

But the politicians do it, anyway, How is this possible? Because there is NO PENALTY for violating the Constitution. One of the best recent examples of this is DACA. Obama's "executive order" that "protected" people brought here as children by their parents from deportation. Obama spent much time telling us he had NO AUTHORITY to help those people. Then he did it, in complete VIOLATION of the Constitution, which is the BASIS fir ALL our laws. Now President Trump is trying to put that to rights, and is being VILIFIED in the press for it.

WHAT'S WITH HILLARY? She just can't seem to accept the fact that she LOST the election. Again. She thought it was "in the bag," and she didn't even need to seriously campaign. It was NOT. She had NO real policies to offer, relying, instead, on telling the world (with no proof) that Trump was nasty, and should never be president. She placed way too much emphasis on the fact that she was a WOMAN, calling on all women to vote for her, regardless of their political leanings, ignoring the fact that large numbers of women (and men) are solidly AGAINST socialism, which is what they would get if she was elected.

VOTER FRAUD HELPS HILLARY: "For years, the mainstream media has ignored the problem of voter fraud and belittled those of us who are trying to do something about it. And when secretaries of state like me identify cases of fraud, we are told that the number of incidents of voter fraud is too insignificant to matter." So sayeth one member of the New Hampshire legislature after it was found that 5,550 LAST-MINUTE voter registered voters used an out of state driver license as ID to vote there, with only 213 actually GETTING a NH license, later. That means they voted ILLEGALLY in that state, and turned two elections in Hillary's favor.

CONSERVATIVES ARE FURIOUS: Trump has the audacity to work with DUMOCRATS! Seems logical, to me. He couldn't get any help from Republicans, so he went where he thought he could FIND a little help--and he was right. The Dumocrats don't want the government to shut down, any more than anybody else does. But if the GOP just will not work with him, he has to go where he could accomplish something. Dumocrats say he hasn't accomplished ANYTHING, and it's the Republicans who have been blocking him. But raising the budget limit is to the benefit of BOTH parties, so the Dumocrats can be expected to work with him on that, at least.

WHAT ABOUT LOIS LERNER? Frankly, I'd hate to be Lois Lerner, OR IRS Director John Kostigen any time, but especially not right now. The only thing that keeps either from being assaulted on their way to or from home is the phalanx of armed guards that accompany them. If I were them, I couldn't live in their neighborhood, knowing how much everybody there hates them. Making it worse is the announcement today that Lerner, who retired (under fire) in 2013 on a cushy pension (I wish I could make that much by WORKING), was told there would be no charges lodged against her for her CRIMES. I guess in government, especially in the IRS, crime DOES pay.

IT'S "WHACK-A-MOLE!" The liberal media likes to make a big thing out of the fact that no Dumocrat has ever been charged with a crime and had to fight it in court. As if a Dumocrat had never, ever been guilty of corruption. Actually, it's because they're so good at covering up their crimes. A good illustration is Hillary Clinton. She committed many crimes, but "the fix was in" and she will probably never be charged, much less convicted for any of them. I don't know if Lois Lerner is a Dumocrat, but the same tricks have been used to keep her out of jail, and be paid more for NOT working than most people do all their lives for working.