Thursday, May 23, 2019

Democrats Are So Worried

Dumocrats are oh, so worried about Trump. He’s appointing many judges and justices that will rule on the LAW, rather on liberal principles, and that frightens them. They say his judges will rule on “right-wing ideas,” and they don’t like that. But “right-wing ideas” are to rule based on THE LAW and the Constitution, as they are supposed to do, rather on liberal “flights of fancy.” The thing is, they see the courts no longer being LED by liberal interests, and they don’t like that, so they “bad-mouth” what Trump is doing.

IT’S DEMOCRAT’S FAULT: Have you ever noticed that most of our problems happen in places run by Dumocrats? Chicago, for instance. It has mostly always been run by a Dumocrat machine, and it has some of the worst problems anywhere. They have some of the highest numbers of gun deaths anywhere, because of Dumocrat anti-gun fool policies. And like most cities run by Dumocrats, they are in money trouble. They don’t have enough money to pay their current bills, yet Dumocrats are creating more and more giveaway programs, to spend even more of “other people’s money” to buy the votes that keep Dumocrats in office.

24 ANGRY DEMOCRATS: So far, as this is written. It’s very funny to me to see how many Dumocrats really think they have a snowball’s chance in hell of beating President Trump. They come out daily with all their stupid proposed policies. One has proposed an “equal pay tax” on employers who have “unequal pay” for their workers, thinking the guy who has no skills at all and doesn’t even wipe down the walls well, should earn as much as the guy whose ideas have made the company $millions, maybe even $billions. Others want to establish “Medicare For All,” when there isn’t enough money to continue to pay for it just for us “old folks.”

IRREFUTABLE PROOF: The anti-gun fools are dead set against allowing teachers and other school staff to be armed, lest they become mass killers if their students anger them, just because they have access to a gun. Unfortunately, for them, not a single school that allows their teachers and other staff to bring their already legally-carried guns to school with them have had a school shooting. In Israel, where they have long allowed teachers to be armed, have had just TWO attempted school shootings that resulted in dead wannabe school shooters. No others. This is irrefutable proof that arming teachers DOES work, like no anti-gun laws ever have.

GUN CONTROL MYTHS: The anti-gun fools like to say that looser gun laws contribute to more crime. But empirical figures do not support that notion. Areas where gun laws are the tightest (like Chicago) see correspondingly high gun and other crime rates, while areas where gun laws are looser see a corresponding LOWERING of crime rates, including gun crime. They like to say violent crime is up because of slightly less tight gun laws, but that is a myth, too. Crime has been on the decline for decades, while they insist it is rising. Mass shootings are not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is ILLEGALLY-held guns and suicides.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I’m fast losing confidence in Fox News as they go about removing the conservatives from their staff, even if they’re big moneymakers. The latest to be removed to please the Muslim extremists is “Judge” Janine (Update: She has returned). Will the next to go be Tucker Carlson? The liberals are already trying hard to get rid of him. Then Sean Hannity looks to be the next after Tucker, neither of which will “go quietly into the night.” Liberals are slowly “liberalizing” Fox, which is (for now) the “last bastion” of reason among cable sources. Others are rising, but will grow quickly as Fox reveals itself to be just another liberal quagmire that has revealed itself by hiring liberal Dumocrat Donna Brazile as a paid “contributor”Declaring her stupidity, Nancy Peelosi says, “I’ve always been for lowering the voting age to 16”… I’ve figured out how to be “the face of the Dumocrat Party.” Just be as far left as humanly possible and yell louder than Nancy Peelosi demanding impossible giveaways of “other people’s money” helps a lot, too...

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Anti-Gun Fanatics

The headline reads: “Explosion At Gun Store! Four Dead!” Immediately the “antis” scream for explosives to be banned! Meanwhile laughing up their sleeves.”There oughta be a law against explosives!” Wait...there already IS a law against explosives, except in very well controlled situations, for good reason. I guess that law isn’t any more effective than all their anti-gun laws, which only make it easier for the bad guys to victimize the law-abiding, because they are the only people who OBEY those laws, even if they think they’re stupid laws. Of course, this is only a spoof to show how silly and ineffective the anti-gun laws are.

LOCK UP YOUR GUNS!” That is what the LA times thinks you should do to defend yourself (against yourself and others), since just owning a gun will make you “go crazy” and shoot someone, you see. They just can’t see the fact that the only way to self defense is to ARM yourself, so you will “have parity” with the criminals, who don’t care about their silly, unenforceable anti-gun laws that only get the law-abiding people, who DO obey their stupid laws, killed or injured. They really believe that the lawless will obey THEIR laws, when they obey no others. Is it something in the water that makes these people so stupid?

UNCLE JOE’S” LIES: In a recent speech he told of how TRUMP “separated families” at the border and “locked up” children in cages. Something that has already been proven wrong, many times, and is something that the OBAMA administration actually DID, while Trump STOPPED it. Yes, SOME children were separated from their “parents” when they were proven NOT to be their parents, and were just being used to bypass our laws on “humanitarian grounds.” What the Dumocrats do best is accuse Republicans of the very things Dumocrats ARE doing, but which they DENY doing. Lying comes easy to a Dumocrat, since they do it so much.

ISN’T IT FUNNY? They catch the progeny of Republicans with drugs, or driving drunk, and they get charges. The liberal media has field day. But when the progeny of Dumocrats get similarly caught out, they “decline to prosecute.” It does seem like the Dumocrats are held to a different standard than Repubicans. When several of the Bush progeny got caught, we are all told about it. When they caught Hunter BIDEN with a crack pipe, and some “white powder (never analyzed), just days before the 2016 elections, we never heard a word about it, except that they “declined to prosecute.” Why did they “decline?” Cuz’ he’s a Dumocrat, of course.

SEX STRIKE SUPPORTING MURDER: Alyssa Milano is really stupid. She is calling for women to refuse sex if their men are against abortion. She says if they engage in sex they should commit to getting pregnant, and be able to MURDER the result if they aren’t (my words, not hers). But that’s what she means. What she’s supporting is MURDER! Abortion IS murder! She may not even realize this because she, like all Dumocrats, have been completely conditioned to believe that nonsense about abortion being only about a woman’s right to control what happens to her own body. But that child has an inalienable right to LIFE! And that is being ignored for the parent’s convenience.

WHAT CHANGE? People gathered the other day as the site of Colorado’s latest school shooting to DEMAND change. One guy said, “We’re tired of sending our kids to school wondering if they’ll come home alive.” There was one ten year-old KID who made a speech in favor of gun control, being completely ignorant of the fact that gun control does nothing except make the law-abiding defenseless against people who get their guns illegally, as most mass shooters do. Or they get them legally of they have committed no crimes or have not been “said” to be “unstable” by a brother-in-law and “liable to shoot everybody around.” So I have to ask, “WHAT change?” People who demand change need to make suggestions, but they don’t know any more than we do on what changes to make. People who demand change need to make suggestions, but they don’t know any more than we do on what changes to make.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Beto O’Rourke just outraised Bernie in “contributions.” Does that mean he actually has a chance to beat President Trump after all the good things ha has done for this country? Not a chance. That just means he’s the best fund raiser of the rest of the losers… Bernie says he has to do a better job of explaining what socialism is so people can understand it (they’re so dense). No, Bernie. We fully understand what socialism is, that’s why we want no part of it, or you. The only people who want you are those who “would rather not work for a living.” And they are in the minority… Liberal protesters were asked if they would trade Trump for Maduro, and many said yes. Showing their absolute stupidity. Anybody who wants a dictator has got to be abysmally stupid…

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Two Can Play

President Trump is now telling the Dumocrats that “Two can play at that game,” by appointing his own special prosecutor to investigate the phony “investigations” the Dumocrats have been doing incessantly, ever since he was elected, in spite of all their “dirty tricks” and vote stealing and buying. I have long wondered why he didn’t do this a long time ago. Maybe he figures the world is now able to accept the fact that all those Dumocrat “investigations” were not only phony, they were pointless and stupid. They were nothing but an attempt to reverse the results of a legal and proper election that the Dumocrats were unable to steal. They have spent more than $35 million taxpayer dollars to do it, and that’s only the amount of money we can be sure of.

SOMEONE FINALLY DID IT: I’ve been watching after man after man invaded women’s competitions and beat them, taking away any chance for those smaller, often weaker women to win against them, and the people running the competitions, most of them liberals, allowed it. It’s despicable for someone who is in every way a big, husky MAN to compete against women because he can’t win when he goes against real men. So he claims that he “identifies” as a woman so he can win a few trophies the easy way. I’ve been watching for a man to LOSE against some women, thus proving he couldn’t even beat a woman, but haven’t found any. They must have not wanted to destroy their competition here, and took his FOUR world records away from him, rightly so.

ALWAYS BELIEVE THE WOMAN”: They say, “Women don’t lie” when they accuse a man of sexual impropriety, but they do. There are cases every day were women are PROVEN to have lied and accused a man of sexual impropriety because they didn’t get something they wanted from him. I read the other day about a woman who accused her lover of RAPE because she “forgot” that she didn’t “say no” before having consensual sex with him. In one case, this woman didn’t get an “A” from this professor, so she accused him of sexual impropriety—until she got caught and had to “fess up.”

ARMED TEACHERS A “BAD IDEA”: That’s what the anti-gun fools think, anyway. Apparently they think murdered students AND teachers is NOT a “dumb idea.” What kind of logic (if any) leads to this kind of thinking is beyond me. But then, liberals (anti-gun fools are all liberals) think there is no such thing as logic, anyway. I guess they figure if there is no logic, they won’t have to use it in making their stupid decisions. Dumocrat presidential candidate (among many others) Kirsten Gillibrand says armed teachers are “dumb idea,” and are a result of the “NRA greed.” She says that, “all the NRA cares about is gun sales.” I guess she doesn’t think the NRA cares about our constitutional right to be armed, and it’s all about the money, which is what all liberals think. And that’s a lot of bullsh-t.

YOU’RE NOT ENTITLED”: The 23rd Dumocrat presidential candidate, Joe Biden, says that,The Second Amendment doesn’t say you’re entitled to have a gun.“Well, it certainly DOES, Joe! What kind of addle-brained crack is that? What kind of faulty reasoning does it take for an “otherwise intelligent man” (sic) to say that the Second Amendment does not do what it does? The Second Amendment clearly says, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged.” How more clear can you get, Joe? Liberals are always trying to get us to think the constitution doesn’t say what it says, so they can misread it to suit themselves.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I never thought I’d ever speak up for Chelsea Clinton, but I’m with her on this one: she’s getting flack and being blamed for the New Zealand killings because she had the temerity to actually criticize a Muslim (Ilhan Omar) for her bigotry. She’s no more to blame for that than the NRA could ever be, (even if you believed the liberal bullsh-t) for the other shootings because they support the Second Amendment… The lies Morris Dees has told have now caught up with him. He was fired by the Southern Poverty Law Center for “unspecified misconduct”… They wonder why Mueller took so long to release his “report.” I know. He spent two years looking under every rock for SOMETHING he could use against Trump and found NOTHING. So he stalled, hoping until the 2020 election, still hoping to defeat Trump. A forlorn hope at best

Monday, May 20, 2019

Trump Finally Fighting Back

After more than two years of phony “investigations,” with which Trump fully cooperated in his own possible undoing because he thought it was “proper,” he has finally stopped cooperating in the efforts to unseat him, even though he is the properly elected president, and has done NOTHING to be punished for. The Mueller Report said they found NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing on his part after two years of searching under every rock and crevice, and that should be enough. But, NO! They're starting any number of new “investigations,” going over the same facts and figures, hoping to find something the Mueller Committee missed, which they can twist to give them a plausible excuse to impeach him.

HILLARY WANNABE: Dumocrat presidential candidate (one of many) Kirsten Hillebrand ‘s campaign is slowly sinking into oblivion, and she’s now blaming it on “gender bias.” Which is just another word for whining “because I’m a woman! A La Hillary Clinton, who infamously blamed her election failure on “being a woman,” among many other excuses. To a Dumocrat, nobody ever voted against them honestly. They always have to have an ulterior motive. “Otherwise, why would you vote against a Dumocrat?” That’s what they think.

WHAT SHOULD WE DO? The New Zealand Prime Minister wonders why America does nothing about gun control. Which is a stupid opinion, considering all the anti-gun laws we already have that do NOT stop the bad guys from getting their guns with which to victimize us. My question to her is, “What the hell should we DO?” Don’t criticize us for “doing nothing” about gun control without telling us what you think we SHOULD do. Criticism is easy when you don’t have to come up with some suggestions as to what to do. I notice none of the new anti-gun laws in New Zealand have been any more successful in stopping “gun crime” than have ours.

COREY BOOKER’S LIE: Corey Booker must be desperate for attention, as his presidential campaign lags. Now he’s making plainly impossible claims about gun control for which even liberal newspapers are criticizing him. His latest lie, that toy guns are more tightly regulated than are real guns, plainly shows his compete ignorance about gun laws. But then, ALL anti-gun fools are ignorant about gun laws. I think it’s a law. Booker thinks he’s “Spartacus,” and he’s probably right. Spartacus was ignorant, too. Brave, but ignorant.

DICTATORIAL, AND THEY’RE STUPID: Kamala Harris, one of many Dumocrat presidential candidates is really stupid. I think that’s a requirement. She thinks she can ban private gun sales by executive action when (IF) she becomes president. Fortunately, that ain’t never gonna happen. She’s no more likely to become president than I am, and I’m not even running. These stupid Dumocrats have a strange idea of what the executive orders are for, and what they can do. Executive Orders ONLY tell government employees and entities what they can do, and are supposed to do. They are NOT laws, and do not apply to anybody outside of government. They will never realize this. They’re not smart enough.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Stacey Abrams has decided to run for president after refusing to admit defeat in her run for Georgia governor. She has as much chance of winning this one as she had to become governor. She might as well. All the other Dumocrats are doing itAOC “blows a gasket” when she finds out how unfavorably she is regarded. Poor baby… Kim Kardashian, who lives behind a big wall and walks around surrounded by gun-toting “security” wishes America would adopt the “New Zealand style” ban on automatic weapons. You know, the ban that has never stopped a shooting, anywhere. She is protected by guns, but doesn’t want that for the rest of us. You know, us peons… Kardashian, who has “armed to the teeth” security, is a good example of liberals who don’t want us peons to be able to have armed self defense, but has it, in spades, for themselves. They’re too damned cocky to recognize the contradiction that is

Friday, May 17, 2019

Stupid Liberal Ideas

Every day, the liberals seem to come out with yet another stupid idea. That is never more true than in the case of gun control. Their latest on that is this: “If more people would learn how to play a guitar, there would be fewer shooting deaths.” Now Corey Booker wants to sic the IRS on the NRA. They can’t seem to stop them from ruining their unconstitutional plans any other way, so now they’re going to try and ruin them from within by finding something they can use against them in their taxes. The same ploy they want to use on President Trump. Never any new ideas, those liberals. There’s a lot more, but I don’t have enough room, here.

ABOUT YESTERDAY: Well, I told you posting would be spotty this week. Yesterday, we had a momentary power outage, due to a rain storm, that shut down our WiFi so I could not post last night. It’s back on today, although it’s “iffy.” I hope I can get through posting, today.

NOT DOING ANYTHING: Liberals love to take us “gun nuts” to task about our legislators “doing nothing about gun control,” but in response, we have to ask, “What should we do? Tell us what we can do that will make a difference. And they can’t answer. So they just start calling us names. It’s what they always do when they can’t answer our questions. In Colorado alone, which is RUN by liberal politicians, we have just passed one of these awful “red line laws” that allow guns to be taken from anybody just on somebody’s OPINION” that the gun owner “might” be dangerous. All schools are already “gun-free zones,” which is supposed to guarantee that no guns will ever be brought into the schools—except, of course, those brought into the schools by somebody who doesn’t give a damn about those gun-free zones and wants to kill a few children.

CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS? Yes. Absolutely. But one CAUSED by the Dumocrats, no matter how hard they try to convince us it was caused by President Trump. Whatever constitutional crisis there is, was actually caused by the Dumocrats “blowing holes in the Bill of Rights” while telling us, and the world. “Look at what YOU did, Mr. Trump.” Like intelligent people can’t see that it was the holes they blew in the Bill of Rights that CAUSED the constitutional crisis. Too many people DO believe that Trump caused it, because their “captive media” continues to lie and tell them constantly that he is responsible. And people who look no further than the liberal media will ever know what is really happening.

NO CRIME ZONE”: I think it’s a joke, but it might not be, if West Palm Beach, Florida is run by liberals, as are way too many cities. There is at least one sign outside the city limits that says, “Entering a designated no crime zone, by order of West Palm Beach Police Department.” That looks to be just as effective as are all those silly anti-gun laws, which is not at all. If they are serious, this just demonstrates graphically, the political stupidity that’s “going around.” Which tells me they’re gonna lose, and lose BIG, in 2020, and beyond. And beyond this is all the stupid things Dumocrats do, that makes them look like they’re trying HARD to lose in 2020.

TODAY'S GUN SAVE: Anti-gun fools say it never happens. They say concealed carriers are more likely to shoot themselves than anybody else. They say that the average person carrying a gun NEVER is able to stop violence from being committed. They're WRONG, as usual. And today's “gun save” proves it, yet again. Two guys entered this man’s garage, intending to rob him. Unfortunately for them, this guy had a gun and wasn’t afraid to use it. He pulled his gun and shot one of them. His friends, who also had guns, exchanged shots with the man, but hit nobody.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: More “racist training.” The Graduate Program at CUNY is sponsoring a program to “combat the ‘problem’ of whiteness.” Boy, they’re working HARD to create discrimination against white people, aren’t they? I never saw colleges trying to create more discrimination against black people in the past. Maybe they hadn’t thought of it in those days. Liberals get dumber every day… Liberal dupes are demonstrating in favor of that bloody dictator in Venezuela, Nicolรกs Maduro. They CLAIM that Trump “might” refuse to step down if he loses in 2020, but Maduro actually DID it. And he’s actually blocking relief efforts so his people will starve more quickly and “knuckle under”An Islamic State spokesman just can’t understand why they are hated and bombed and killed in many other ways. Maybe it’s THEIR bombing and killing so many innocent people that’s at fault…

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Democrat Harassment

If a local “cop shop” ever did what the Dumocrats in Congress have done to President Trump, they would be guilty of harassment. And rightly so. Why then, do the Dumocrats in congress get away with years long harassment of a sitting president? One they couldn’t beat at the polls, and are now trying to beat by harassment? They had their “lapdog,” Robert Mueller, search under every rock and crevice, trying to find something, ANYTHING they could use to unseat President Trump. He came up with NOTHING, after ruining several people by subjecting them to hours and days, weeks and months of unceasing questioning that got NOTHING. Their lawyer’s fees BROKE them, even when they could find nothing with which to charge them, which was almost always.

VIOLENT DEMOCRATS: What is there today that makes liberals (Dumocrats) think they have the right to assault anybody who doesn’t agree with their politics? Conservatives don’t assault liberals, even if they don’t agree with them. Which is always. Mostly, I think, it is the Dumocrats who encourage their acolytes to “confront” conservatives, and they translate that into approval of ASSAULTING conservatives. And the liberal media never criticizes them for their violence. Then we have today’s KKK, also known as ANTIFA, who go around assaulting conservatives while hiding behind their masks. The media, AND liberal politicians, approve of this, saying they’re “just exercising their freedom of speech” by assaulting unsuspecting conservatives.

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS THAT WEREN’T: One of the most basic things the anti-gun fools misreport is that of school shootings. They pounce on any shooting NEAR a school and report it as a “school shooting.” When they do, they include any shooting that happens within hearing of a school, and that included many gang shootings that are not connected to the schools. Some of those shootings occur blocks away from a school, but are included in the “school shootings” figures they put out.

GUN GRABBERS FAILING: Many Dumocrats are pushing gun control, and they are failing at the polls. Will this make a difference in what they push after being elected—IF they get elected, that is? I just can’t support the election of politicians who are stupid enough to think that banning guns is the way to eliminating gun violence when all it does is make it easier for law breakers to victimize the law-abiding, who OBEY those laws, even if they know they’re stupid. Each and every law they make only limits the ability of a law-abiding American to defend himself against the millions of ILLEGAL guns already out there, in the hands of those who would do us ill.

CONGRESS DOESN’T CARE:” That’s what the anti-gun fools tell us because Congress is resisting the passage of some of their useless, unenforceable, nothing anti-gun laws. Not a single one of the laws that are already in effect do ANYTHING to limit, or stop “gun crime.” Congress knows this, and that’s why they resist passing any more of that kind of law. Laws that make life easier for the users of ILLEGAL guns, who are much more likely to use them to victimize the law-abiding than are the law-abiding. They are called “law-abiding” because they ABIDE by the law, even if they think those laws are stupid, as are all the anti-gun laws. The way to self defense is NOT to disarm yourself. Congress knows this.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Muslim “religion” is the “fastest-growing religion in the world.” why? How many religions threaten to kill you if you don’t convert? That can have a big effect… Turkish Premier (or president, I can’t keep track) uses the New Zealand killings to condemn “hostility toward Muslims.” There wouldn’t be any “hostility against Muslims” if some extreme Muslims didn’t kill so many innocent people… Liberals are calling actually SAYING, in public, that you don’t think a MAN should be able to compete against WOMEN is “hate speech.” Which just shows again that anything we say that they don’t like is called “hate speech,” even if it’s true…

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Dangerous? Or Just Confused?

Corey Booker has no idea what he’s talking about, and that’s dangerous, because he’s in a position to be able to get laws made that affect us all. As a lawmaker, he is supposed to have at least a passing knowledge of the Constitution, but he apparently does not. He thinks he can make a law to confiscate all the legally-owned firearms and imprison, maybe even KILL those who will not turn them over. That’s in spite of the fact that the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States FORBIDS making such a law because it would be an abridgment upon our constitutional RIGHT to “bear arms.” Apparently he thinks he can just ignore that, but he cannot.

IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG: As usual, before the echoes of the gunfire in a Denver suburb had faded away, anti-gun fools were out screaming and crying to get even more of their USELESS, people-killing anti-gun laws made. A couple of kids, at least one of which had “bought” the Islamic terrorist bulldroppings decided to kill a few other students, and brought a couple of handguns to school with them. But when they brought them out and opened up, several other brave students jumped them, preventing what could easily have eclipsed the Columbine killings, only a couple of miles away. One of those brave students is the only one so far dead in this atrocity.

IT’S NOT HUMAN! That’s what I heard one abortion supporter say the other day. That the “mass” in her stomach after she had unprotected sex is not human, and deserves no constitutional rights. That it’s all about HER right to control what happens to her own body, and to hell with that life she inadvertently created, and does not want to take responsibility for, and raise. For it to be human is “inconvenient” for her. I got a clue for this arrogant, selfish witch who would rather MURDER her offspring than raise it. It IS human, and it’s NOT about your right to control what happens to your body. You did that when you elected to have sex without “protection.” That “mass” is a human being, with all the rights to which every human being is entitled.

ALLOW ALIENS TO VOTE? The “Student Government” at UC Berkeley (where else?) wants to allow non-citizens to vote in city elections. This is an INSANE wish. Non-citizens CANNOT vote in our elections, and no amount of crying by a bunch of students too young to know how things work will cause it to be right—even if some incompetent “officials” let it happen to appease those ignorant kids. And Dumocrats actually want to allow CHILDREN to vote at age 16—before they’ve learned enough to recognize the schemes and cons the Dumocrats throw at them. These kids are even older than that, and they’re still ignorant.

ARE THEY THAT STUPID? I’m concerned about the intelligence of the anti-gun fools. Can they really be as stupid as they appear? Beto O’Rourke is one of many Dumocrats running for president, and he is apparently stupid enough to believe that background checks will STOP school shootings. Another politician in Baltimore says that, if we ban trannies, there will be no more school shootings. Joe Biden, another of the many Dumocrat presidential candidates (again) says, “We must deal with the Second Amendment rationally.” How does one deal with it “irrationally?”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Tucker slaps back. The head of “Media Matters,” who uncovered a couple of “throwaway lines” from Tucker Carlson’s past, has some bad comments of his own, which Tucker has exposed. Comments a lot worse than anything they could throw at Tucker. They may regret attacking Tucker. He bites backA Tennessee Republican wants to ditch “free speech zones.” Seems to me a “free speech zone” ought to be the entire country, including the universities… Petty Nancy Peelosi has symbolically “punished” VP Pence by taking away his office space near the senate. Like that’s going to make life harder for the vice- president. She probably feels like she did something momentous… Can anybody name just one of Beto O’Rourke’s accomplishments? Apparently, Speaker Peelosi couldn’t… Where were the cops? In New Zealand, that mass shooter of Muslims leisurely walked around killing people in TWO mosques, until he ran into a Muslim with a gun, who ran him off. He did it for 16 minutes without the cops arriving. Can the cops protect you? Only if they can get there in time…