Friday, March 24, 2017

Left Cries "Racism!"

Everything is racism, according to the left. Colin Kaepernick is now an unemployed loser, and the left is whining “racism” because of it. Never mind that he made HIMSELF unemployable by giving this entire country the finger by refusing to stand for its National Anthem on specious grounds, thereby proving how effective the liberal media propaganda is on the feeble minds of some youths who haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything real.

ANTI-GUN DAMNED FOOLS: Talk about paranoia and overreaction! A boy brought an empty bullet shell casing to pre-school, and got suspended for 7 days, CPS was “notified,” and expulsion threatened—for a bullet casing! Only a damned fool school “official” would do something stupid like that, but this one did, and his (or her) bosses probably agreed with him/her on it. But he (or she) is a damned fool, and that's a fact. And anybody agreeing, likewise. Showing complete IGNORANCE about anything guns, the school official described a .22 cal. casing as a “shotgun shell.” Only paranoid ignorant fools think “anything gun” is bad.

DOING IT ALL WRONG: Trump is doing it all wrong. Instead of trying to stop Islamic terrorists from six or seven countries from coming here, why not expand his executive order to include people from ALL countries who cannot be vetted. It is a known fact that “refugees” from many different countries can't be vetted because those countries either don't keep proper records, or falsify the information they do send. That way, he can't be accused of racism or bigotry because he won't be banning people mostly from one “religon.”

THE INSANE HATE TRUMP: Because he has promised to eliminate the INSANITY from Washington. They aren't too insane not to know who they are, and they hate Trump for it, as he goes about “draining the swamp,” as promised. Insanity is rampant in DC, and everything he does to eliminate it further infuriates those insane people left, who are the politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists, etc.

GET USED TO IT”: The Muslim mayor of London revealed himself after the scurrilous attack by a Muslim terrorist on Parliament by saying, “Terrorist acts are all part of life in the big city. Get used to it.” Which reveals his ignorance and the fact that he has no real plans to FIGHT terrorism, as did Obama, in America, thereby giving an INVITATION to terrorists to “do their damnedest.” This is the kind of politician who ought to be “tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail,” regardless of his "religion."

THEY'RE GLEEFUL: I just watched a lineup of Democrats commenting on the failure of Trump's “replacement” for Obamacare. One of them actually said, “I think I detect a little bit of exuberance among Democrats.” Boy, is he the master of understatement! They're GLEEFUL! They LOVE it when Trump fails, and they've been working HARD to engineer that failure. And it's according to Obama's nefarious plan to get a single-payer plan in place.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Boy, Is CNN Mad!

The British are calling the attack on the Parliament Building and a bridge in the vicinity “terrorism,” and that makes CNN very mad because they think that will “help Trump,” and they can't have that. I wonder what they'll do when they find EVIDENCE that it IS a terrorist attack. They'll play it down, of course, which is one reason their ratings are “in the toilet.” Of course, the Brits are equating that to “Muslim terror,” which means THEY are making that connection.

THE “RUSSIAN CONNECTION”: Democrats are insisting (without evidence) that Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected. But more and more we are discovering that the “Russian connection” is THEIRS. Top Democrat John Podesta, whose lack of computer savvy allowed information about DEMOCRAT meddling in the election to keep Bernie out of it to be exposed, was a BOARD MEMBER of a firm that is limited to RUSSIAN investors. I think there needs to be a Podesta investigation. But there won't be; he's a DEMOCRAT, after all.

FEINSTEIN--“SUPER PRECEDENT”: I guess that means it can't be changed, even of it is found to be NOT a constitutional decision (which is should be). Actually, there is NO such thing as a constitutional action that cannot be changed by subsequent action by “wiser heads.” And she can't create one by “saying so” about Roe v. Wade. Killing defenseless babies is a “Hallmark” of the Democrat Party, and she doesn't want it to be reversed. It has already meant the DEATHS of millions of helpless infants, and she has blood on HER hands.

NO GUNS INVOLVED: There were apparently no guns involved in the attack on the Parliament building in London. At least, not in the hands of the attackers. Their chief weapons seem to have been a car and a knife. Will the Brits ban knives and cars now? That seems to be their mentality. Anybody who would not arm ALL their cops need to have their heads examined. I'm pretty sure I know of at least one cop who died today because he wasn't armed when he should have been. In France recently, the cops who responded to an Islamic terrorist attack on a newspaper could do nothing because they were unarmed. So 11 people died.

CHELSEA GETS AN AWARD: For what? For being a Clinton, of course! That's all she's really ever done in her life. She got a “Lifetime Impact” award from Variety Magazine. It wasn't “on the come” as Obama's Nobel Prize was. They claim it was for her work with a charity. But many people have worked with charities, myself included. But she IS a Clinton, so it's one way to get a free speaker with a name, I guess.
NOTHING TO BACK IT: A New York State high school is putting Trump, Mussolini, and Hitler together is a course about Fascism. What IGNORANCE that displays in our education system! There is NO EVIDENCE that Trump is a Fascist. Only the unsupported declarations of ignorant liberals (a redundancy, there). There should be laws against teaching proven LIES, but unfortunately, there aren't. So ignorant “educators” get to promote their liberal lies without a problem,, and pollute the minds of our youth

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Threatening Mass Suicide

Kim Jong Un, the fat little dictator in North Korea who likes to applaud himself, says he will deploy nukes (all 3 of 'em) “if Trump fires a single bullet at us.” He doesn't seem to understand that we have enough nukes to turn his entire country into a steaming pile of dung, within hours. His THREE nukes will be only a “feather's tickle” to us, while he and his entire population will DIE in the inferno. Truly “the mouse that roared.” He thinks it will “end civilization as we know it.” Actually, it will only end civilization as HE knows it.

FEINSTEIN: “SUPER PRECEDENT”: Liberal Sen. Feinstein says Roe V. Wade is now a “super precedent,” much like the “super delegates” Democrats used to make sure Bernie Sanders didn't have a chance in hell of being nominated, no matter how many primaries Hillary lost. It means that this “precedent” should RULE, against ANYTHING. Which is stupidly wrong. But that's to be expected with her. She's stupidly wrong on everything.

AMERICANS CLAMORING FOR CHELSEA” But they aren't. This is the way the Clintons build support for their ideas and their candidates. They put out a press release saying “the public is clamoring” for this or that, over and over, until many Democrat dupes begin to believe it, and jump on the bandwagon. Now they're pushing Chelsea Clinton for president, or some other public office. The Clintons will NEVER go away, until we have defeated them ALL. Even then, they'll keep trying to keep SOME power. To them, power is MONEY.

MAXINE WATERS, SHUT UP! Every time I hear Maxine Waters talk, I laugh. She knows so little about the law and how it works, it's hilarious, the things she says. Now she's saying to President Trump, “Get ready for impeachment.” If she has anything that would support impeachment, bring it on! Put up or SHUT UP, Maxine! Truth is, she has nothing but blather, and that's what she's best at spewing. That she keeps getting elected tells me a lot about the INTELLIGENCE of her constituents—or LACK thereof.

IT'S ALL TRUMP: A headline in the Washington Post says, “Trump bans use of cell phones on planes.” Trump/ not the airline. Not the government, generally, pushed by holdover bureaucrats who want to do ANYTHING to undermine Trump. Never mind cell phone use has been routine for years, before Trump became president. But that doesn't matter to liberals in the media. It's all Trump's fault.

THEY'LL USE ANYTHING: Anything they can to try and impeach Trump. Never mind Democrats assert that Russia helped Trump get elected WITHOUT EVIDENCE, they now want to impeach Trump for insisting (without proof--yet) that the Obama administration spied on him during the election, as if that were a “crime or misdemeanor” to make that assertion, also without evidence. They keep throwing things up against the wall, hoping something will stick. California is now planning on economically punishing anybody who helps Trump build his wall. That should be illegal, but apparently, it isn't. Not in the “People's Republic of California.”

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

She Wishes

Sen. Diane Feinstein, one of the biggest fools among Democrats (and that's saying something), says that Trump may resign. She's really getting desperate, if she thinks Trump, who wins just about everything he tries, will EVER just resign. She's proving that she's just “out there” in her thinking, although that's not unusual for ANY Democrat. They still don't believe Trump won the election honestly, although they've searched diligently and just can't find anything to prove it. But they continue to push their UNPROVEN theories.

ENORMOUS DEDUCTIBLES: In Kentucky, millions of people have health insurance under Obamacare, but some have deductibles as high as $15,000 dollars (fifteen THOUSAND dollars!), making their “insurance" totally worthless. This is how Democrats twist things to LOOK one way, when it is completely the OTHER way. Obamacare is an unspeakable horror, and should be KILLED, whether there is something to “replace” it, or not. There is nothing to replace. Yes, they have “insurance,” but it's WORTHLESS.

THE CLAPPER” CONTINUES: Kim Jong Un, the dictator who is always seen applauding himself while his generals, who have ribbons down to their knees on their uniforms, clap also or die, while our Secretary of State was in China telling him we would not tolerate any more missile tests, held yet another missile test. This guy must really have a death wish, because that's going to be the result of his “slaps in the face” to Donald Trump, who does not take them lightly, as Obama did.

ASHLEY JUDD UNHINGED: She needs to be institutionalized, for her own protection, I've heard some really stupid statements come out of her mouth, but this one takes the cake. She is now saying that “Trump's election as president is worse than being raped.” Has she ever been raped? Doubtful, if she really thinks that. I think her biggest problem is her party LOST, and lost BIG in the last election, and she just can't handle it. Maybe she should go home to her mansion and have a private tantrum, instead of the public one she is having, now.

WHAT COURT ORDER? They keep talking about the LACK of a court order to tap the phones in the Trump Tower during the election. But what about a tap that could have been performed WITHOUT a court order? They don't even CONSIDER the possibility of an ILLEGAL wiretap. Hmmmmm: I wonder why? Obama is KNOWN for his actions in VIOLATION of the law and the Constitution. So why is everybody IGNORING the possibility that he wiretapped Trump ILLEGALLY? And why hasn't Obama been held to account?

DO THEY WANT HIM DEAD? With all the stupid things the secret Service has been doing lately, one wonders if some of them really WANT him dead, so they get very sloppy in their “protection” of the president. They were so unobservant that they twice lately allowed a “fence jumper” to wander all over the White House grounds for up to 20 minutes before he was apprehended. Some of them took “selfies” of themselves with Donald Trump III while he slept, instead of manning their posts. Is this part of a scheme to rid us of the “Trump curse” once and for all?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Any Power She Can

Hillary lost the presidency—again. So now she's thinking about running for mayor of New York City, which will give her a little bit of power. Not as much as the presidency would have given her, but it's something. Maybe she can turn that into more money in her pocket, I don't know. I do know she is miserable without SOME power to reach for, and hopefully, to exercise. If she loses there, look for her to run for dog catcher.

JUST CAN'T BLAME THEMSELVES: Liberals take a tip from Obama, who NEVER accepts blame for his own failures. Rachel Maddow is a diligent student of Obamacraft, She is now blaming her viewers for the failure of her “scoop” about Trump's 2005 tax return in uncovering a scandal. She said, “They expected too much.” Really? Maybe your 20 minute breathless intro might have had something to do with that. Maybe it is YOU who expected too much, Rachel.

IT'S GETTING VERY TIRESOME: The Democrats are on the verge of demanding some kind of punishment for President trump for having the temerity to say Obama, or his friends, spied upon him in Trump tower, without proof. As if that were some kind of a crime. Meanwhile, they continue to insist that Trump “conspired” with the Russians to turn the election in his favor. Without any kind of proof. They seem to think that there's no connection between the two; that they should be able to accuse trump of ANYTHING without proof, but if he does likewise, they get righteously angry.

GOVERNMENT WASTING MONEY: Incumbent politicians seem to think it's a crime for anybody to suggest that they could do with less money. But frankly, they WASTE more money than we could ever take away from them by legislation. And when it is found out, they just shrug their shoulders, saying,”That's life,” and go right on wasting as much as they can on their various projects. One such as the current runaway rail project in Hawaii that is costing TEN BILLION DOLLARS that they say is “Too far along to stop now.”

HOLDING OBAMA ACCOUNTABLE: It is a known fact that the Obama administration was one of the most lawless in the history of presidencies. He got away with a lot of lawbreaking because he controlled the means of investigation pf scandals. One of the first scandals in his administration was the “Fast and Furious” scam, where the ATF pushed the gun-running to Mexican drug cartels, supposedly so they could track those gun sales to sources in America and thus, use that as an excuse to make more anti-gun laws.

ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT: That seems to be how a lot of younger Americans view President Trump, due to the “silent coup” the Democrats have been running since they lost the 2016 election so badly. They can't come up with a PROVABLE reason for that, but they keep preaching it, and the young people, who haven't been on this Earth long enough to know anything, swallow it, hook, line, and sinker. I hope, for their sakes, and mine, they learn better before the next election.

Friday, March 17, 2017

It's All the Same

Democrats are “crying in their beer” about Trump's accusation that Obama forces “wiretapped” his building. They're screaming, “no evidence,” as if that made any difference. Meanwhile, they're fixated on the “Russian Connection” to Trump in the election, for which there is ALSO “no evidence,” But they think in that case, lack of evidence proves it. I think Trump's accusation is his way of “playing” them, showing how ridiculous their claims are.

N. KOREA'S CARTOON GENERALS: Generals, in cartoons, are often represented by buffoons wearing uniforms with a LOT of brass, and medals down to their knees. If you look at a collection of N. Korean generals hanging around Kim Jong Un, the dictator, you'll see generals with RIBBONS down to their knees, in reality. They're hilarious—except to those who are captives in their own country, subject to the whims of a madman. And those cartoon generals are a symbol of that.

AGAINST ANYTHING TRUMP: The Democrats are “way over the top” in their opposition to ANYTHING Trump. Everything he does, they criticize, and they sometimes use the judiciary to stymie him. They've done that TWICE with his “immigration holds,” using gullible judges who don't even bother to look at the merits of the case, and “rule” on their own prejudices, instead. Even if Trump came out with a bunch of policies that agreed with everything they like, they would STILL oppose him and call him a fool, and insane.

ONLY ON BATTLEFIELDS”: Doctors say automatic weapons should only be on a battlefield, But what if your neighborhood BECOMES a battlefield? That is entirely possible, as Islamic terrorists are still coming in by the thousands, disguised as “refugees,” thanks to the ignorant rulings of a few judges blocking Trump's attempt to stop them. If I were Trump, I'd direct my people to deny entry to certain people on a case-by-case basis, based on certain guidelines, which do not require an EO and thus, are not subject to any review by a biased court.

DISARMING AMERICA: That seems to be the goal of the anti-gun fools. Every law, every regulation they propose, make Americans defenseless against the millions of ILLEGAL gun already out there in the hands of all kinds of “bad guys,” none of which wish us well. I don't know how they figure that will stop gun violence. You CAN'T stop criminals from getting guns. They usually don't get their guns legally, anyway. But every law the anti-gun fools promote make honest people defenseless, while doing NOTHING to hinder the use of guns by the “bad guys.” In fact, their laws make it easier for them to victimize honest, law-abiding people.

IT'S CALLED “TERRORIST THREATS”: Snoop dog's nephew, “Bow Wow,” says he will “enslave and pimp out Trump's wife, Melania. To him, I say, ”Go right ahead. That's the quickest way to prison.” Although I think he has already done enough to rate a prison sentence, in making a “terrorist threat” against the wife of the sitting president of the United States. I expect he will have a visit from the Secret Service soon, one from which he will not soon recover.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"We 'Let People' Make Decisions"

I heard a politician (or a bureaucrat, I'm not sure) say, on the radio today, “The reason Colorado is so high on the list of the numbers of voters who turned out is we let them make more decisions.” where the hell does he get the idea THEY can “let them” make those decisions? It's not a matter of them, “letting” people make decisions, if it is their RIGHT to do so. Way too many politicians think it is THEIR right to “let” people do things that are none of their business.

LIMITS ON JUDGES: There are THREE judges (not counting the judges on the “ninth circus court”) who have “ruled” on two of Donald Trump's executive orders regarding the vetting of those coming in from KNOWN Islamic terrorist supporting countries. Those “rulings” are based, not on the law or the Constitution, which is what they are REQUIRED to do. But there seems to be NO such limits placed on such judges, which gives them way too much power. If this is allowed to continue. Judges will RULE this country, with no limits on their “rulings.” They may already.

INCREASINGLY DANGEROUS N. KOREA: Kim Jung Un is going bananas. He figures his THREE nukes allows him to challenge the might of the United States, which has HUNDREDS of them, and can easily blanket his pitifully small country with them, on a moment's notice. If we detect ONE missile coming in our direction, we can make a steaming pile of dung out of his country minutes later. He is courting suicide if he keeps escalating his threat. He is the real “mouse that roared.”

MICHELLE'S SCHOOL LUNCHES: One of the biggest failures of the Obama administration is Michelle's school lunch program. It is doubtful if many children ever ATE one of her lunches. They threw them in the garbage, where they belong, and ate what they brought from home. Unless that was the plan all along—to revive sack lunches in schools—but I doubt she's intelligent enough to be that devious.

IT DIDN'T WORK THE FIRST TIME: So let's do it again. That's what legislators in Australia are thinking. Their highly vaunted gun ban resulted in a 300% INCREASE in gun crime in their country. So they're going to do it again, hoping for a different result. Wait! Isn't that the definition of INSANITY? Considering the fact that ALL the anti-gun legislation so far has INCREASED gun crime all over, we have to think ALL anti-gun laws (as we know them) are insane.

FIXATED ON MUSLIM BAN: Liberals are still calling Trump's immigration ban against immigrants from certain countries KNOWN to be terrorism supporters a ":Muslim ban," because most of those so banned from entry are Muslims. Since most terrorists ARE Muslims, it's not surprising that most of those banned are Muslims. But that's only a side issue. Their religion has nothing to do with it. It's the threats Muslims have made that are at issue.