Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stupid Claims

The anti-gun fools are now saying, “A good guy with a gun does not exist.” This in spite of undeniable proof that is a LIE. But they don’t care, They think if they tell that lie enough times, people (some who aren’t too bright, anyway, and that is the people to whom they appeal) will believe it. VICE ran an article that basically tried to convince us that having a gun in the house was more dangerous to the residents than anybody else. Which is typical of the STUPIDITY of anti-gun fools, who think criminals OBEY their silly laws, while the law-abiding, DO, making them “easy targets” for those who do NOT obey ANY laws. Unfortunately, there have been 760,000 defensive uses of a gun per YEAR.

DISARMED AND DEFENSELESS: Politicians (most of them, anyway) want Americans to be DISARMED and DEFENSELESS. That is the basic purpose of all their damned fool anti-gun laws. They certainly don’t do anything to stop the bad guys from victimizing the law-abiding, who DO obey their short-sighted and stupid anti-gun laws. That’s because they (most of them) plan on coming one day for your possessions and they don’t want to meet a loaded gun in the hands of their intended victims. They’ve already begun that push with the RICO laws.

WHAT DOES STORMY WANT? Stormy Daniels is a whore. She screws people (sometimes men) for money. That is the DEFINITION of a whore. She just does it a little differently than most whores. She CLAIMS to have had a consensual “one-night stand” with President Trump. More than a decade ago—long before Trump even thought of running for president. She also CLAIMS to have signed a “non-disclosure agreement” and received a check for $130,000.00 for her silence. Why then, has she spoken so loudly about it—if it indeed, really happened. If she DID sign a non-disclosure agreement in return for $130,000.00, why then, is she making so much noise about it, now?

UNPROVEN CLAIMS: As usual, the Dumocrats have paid some woman to claim sexual perversion on the part of a “squeaky clean” judicial nominee. They haven’t been able to come up with ANYTHING to use in disqualifying him for the Supreme Court, so they’re making it up as they go along. It took them a while to come up with this phony accusation, based on NOTHING but the unsupported word of the accuser, after long hours, days, and months of diligent searching. And about something that MIGHT have happened when this fine judge was in HIGH SCHOOL. Wow! They had to go back that far to find something to accuse him of, so late in the process that the Republicans will have no time to come up with an answer.

TAKE GUNS, KILL ‘EM”: That’s what has happened in countless countries. They make “laws” to take the guns away from the law-abiding, making their citizens “easy targets for criminals (many of whom wear badges), then come back and make “laws” that allow the government to take money and property belonging to them. It happened in Nazi Germany, and then the Nazi government MURDERED 6 MILLION Jews, just because Hitler didn’t like Jews. “Gun confiscation holds a special place in the halls of political repression.” (Mises Wire)

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The childish display by Dumocrats at the beginning of the Kavanaugh hearings shows what they’re made of: nothing. It’s like a child lying on the floor kicking his feet and holding his breath… The anti-Trump rally pretending to be a funeral for McCain featured Barack Obama saying, “So much of our politics, our public life, our public discourse can seem small and mean and petty, trafficking in bombast and insult and phony controversies and manufactured outrage.” He could have been describing his own actions and that of his Dumocrat buddies without realizing it… CNN’s Jeffery Toobin says Trump’s Tweet criticizing AG Sessions was an “impeachable offense.” Kinda reaching there, aren’t ya, Jeff? Don’t have anything better, huh? You might want to look up the real conditions for impeachment. Maybe you could get somebody to read them to you if you can't handle that

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Last Minute Surprise

Sen. Diane Feinstein has come up with a “last minute letter” purporting to be derogatory toward Brett Kavanaugh, Shades of Justice Thomas! They came up with Anita Hill’s “pubic hair on a coke can” at the last minute too, hoping to derail his nomination. That scam failed, as will this one. DiFi says the writer “wants to remain anonymous” (the usual Dumocrat scam, an “anonymous source”), and she says she will “respect that request.” Then she sent the letter, the contents of course, unknown, to the FBI for “investigation.” She obviously hopes the existence of this phony “letter” will delay Kavanaugh’s approval by Congress. It won’t. It will take a lot more than an anonymous accusation from his high school days to do that.

TYPICAL DEMOCRAT LIES: Dumocrat Senator Diane Feinstein says she has a letter from a woman who SAYS Kavanaugh locked her up in a room and tried to rape her when they were both in HIGH SCHOOL. If they had to go back that far to even FIND a woman to lie about him, they’re really desperate. And I believe that’s what they did. Again, it’s an accusation based entirely on the UNSUPPORTED WORD of one woman who, if it did happen (which I sincerely doubt), remained silent about it all these years, including the time he went through the same process when he was first appointed to superior court. Why did she bring it up now (if she actually did)? Because the Dumocrats have a lot of money they can drop in her bank account if she does it.

POLITICAL TRICKERY: Don’t be surprised if you see ads being run by DUMOCRATS, in
which they talk about how much they love guns. That‘s how they screw with your brain and get into office. Then they go out and sponsor all the old, tired, USELESS anti-gun laws that have never worked, and never will. They’re learning that Americans value their Second Amendment rights, and they LIE to you to get into office. That’s when they revert to their “old tricks” and try their best to make the Second Amendment moot while still telling you they aren’t doing it. They think you’re too stupid to notice.

STOPPING RAPE AT WALMART: A woman had finished her shopping and was contemplating getting a cart to carry her purchases when she was approached by a teen, aged 14, who told her he wanted to have sex with her and he had a knife. She told him her husband was out in the car and would be looking for her soon, which did not deter him, What DID deter him was the man who walked up to help her with his legally-carried gun. The cops got the boy, sent him in for a sanity evaluation, and then to a juvenile detention center. Think what could have happened, had that armed man not been there. Yes, the kid was only 14. But I’ve seen some big, “bad” kids at 14. And this was a woman.

MISSING THE POINT: Those saying things like, “Gun makers are holding the country hostage” are missing the point, entirely. The danger from guns does not come from guns legally sold, over the counter, at a gun store, as a general rule. The danger comes from people who buy their guns ILLEGALLY in a back alley somewhere, or just steal them. What that means is that sellers of LEGAL guns rarely sell guns to those who shouldn’t be allowed near a gun—unless somebody screws up, as somebody did in Canada recently, when a convicted felon passed a background test and bought the gun he used to kill a few people LEGALLY.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Clash Daily asks: “Was McClain’s funeral the most spiteful funeral you’ve ever seen?” I don’t know about that, but it was the LONGEST funeral I’ve ever seen, taking four days to complete. I really feel sorry for that 106 year-old lady having to sit through that. I’m only 81, but I think I’d have slept through most of it, and fallen out of my seat… Bob Woodward was part of bringing down one president, who NEEDED to be brought down. Now he wants to bring down another. But this one will withstand his lying, unsourced book because he doesn’t deserve to be brought down by a low-life such as Woodward… “Fired Up Pundit” has a survey going right now, asking, “Is it time to give socialism a go?” They need a “survey” to know there’s NO TIME to “give socialism a go?” It’s a failed system that only gets people killed and destroys economies because it produces NOTHING…

Monday, September 17, 2018

Racist To Be Patriotic

Aliso Niguel High School in California (of course) whupped Santa Ana 42-21 and many students wore patriotic themed clothing and shouted USA! USA! For which “Santa Ana principal Jeff Bishop posted a lengthy message to Facebook about his school’s 42-21 loss, while accusing Aliso Niguel students of displaying offensive signs and yelling disrespectful chants during the game. Think about that. Being patriotic is racist! Never mind “racist” is one of the most popular epithets to be thrown by liberals these days, even if what they’re describing has no Earthly connection to race.

THEY’RE GETTING DESPERATE: The anti-Trump fools are getting desperate. All their scams and schemes to get rid of Trump have failed, and they’re running out of options. So now they’re into the ridiculous. They’re whispering, “Twenty-Fifth Amendment.” As if Trump is really as mentally deficient as they are. You can’t just DECIDE a president is incapable of performing his duties and remove him from office. That would really precipitate a constitutional crisis, quicker than anything else.

THEY TEACH OUR CHILDREN! This “professor” at College of Southern Nevada is really stupid. He actually purposefully shot himself “to protest President Trump.” How he figured that would do anything he wanted to happen is a mystery. But the question (not answered in this article) is how he got his gun, and what is going to happen to him because of his stupidity. If he is not a felon and got the gun legally, that’s one thing. If not, and he got it illegally, that’s something else. Either way, this “professor” obviously has a “mental challenge,” and from now on shouldn’t be allowed near a gun, even if that college is stupid enough to keep him on (he doesn’t have “tenure” so they could fire him). Of course, that doesn’t mean he can’t get one ILLEGALLY.

WHY VOTE DEMOCRAT? I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why ANYBODY of even average intelligence, would vote for a Dumocrat—ever. Dumocrats fall all over themselves to support abysmally STUPID policies, all the time. They are in favor of socialism—which is a system BASED on the THEFT of the fruits of their labors from those capable and willing to earn their own way, so they can GIVE it, UNEARNED, to those who produce NOTHING. But they still believe in it, in spite of the sure knowledge that it not only does not work, it is DESTRUCTIVE, both to the economy, and to the individual. Every city where Dumocrats run things is in trouble. Gang trouble, money trouble, “social” trouble. They make promises, but never deliver—yet gullible voters keep electing them to mess things up, even more.

BLAMING REPUBLICANS: Dumocrats are tying now to blame Republicans for the “gun violence” in Chicago. Never mind the unalterable fact that Chicago is, and has been, run by Dumocrats for as long as I can remember—and I can remember a long time back. The latest attempt was initiated by Dumocrat Senator Dick Durbin (that first name is very descriptive of his intelligence), who tried to blame the GOP for the gun violence in Chicago. Linking to an ABC News report about an “anti-violence activist” in Chicago who’d been fatally gunned down, he said, “When will Republicans in Congress act?” Stupid.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I have my TV on as “background noise.” Not really watching, but currently it is running that “dog and pony show” in Congress, supposedly questioning Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. So far (as his is written), I haven’t heard a single question, only long-winded speeches by various members of Congress, who view these meetings as a chance to get on TV for a longer time than usual… NBC’s Chuck Todd is now saying that Roger Ailes, of Fox News, is responsible for the idea of “fake news.” What a way to blame the person responsible for the SOLUTION to fake news for fake news itself! Maybe Chuckie should take a look at some of the fake news that came from his own mouth before blaming the only NON-fake news network… Odell Beckham, Jr., who just signed a $95 million dollar contract, whines that,black sports figures are treated like zoo animals.” But I don’t think they pay zoo animals $95 million dollars. Odell must be a racist

Friday, September 14, 2018

Why Do They Lie?

Public health officials often LIE to support the “flights of fancy” politicians call “gun safety laws." Why is that? Because they have no FACTS to support their position, and they need to CREATE some facts. “In 1918, President Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information was inspired by an advisor who wrote: ‘Truth and falsehood are arbitrary terms. . . . The force of an idea lies in its inspirational value. It matters very little if it is true or false.’ ” Public health officials usually do the bidding of the government, and the government wants to DISARM the populace for their own purposes, whatever they might be.

IS TRUMP “DYSFUNCTIONAL?” The Dumocrats think so. They see their world coming crumbling down as Trump takes it apart, brick by brick. The swamp dwellers are scared to death of Trump. They were mad, but not too worried when Trump avoided all their scummy, underhanded tricks and actually got elected president. They thought he’s be easy to “dispense with,” since they controlled most of the media and could lie about him at will. They thought that, by now, they would have “Bushed him,” and gotten his approval numbers way down, so they could con somebody into trying to impeach an unimpeachable man.

MUSLIMS SCREWING WITH US: In Great Britain, they’re obviously more susceptible to Muslim screwing with them. Subway has succumbed to Muslim needling (demanding) they remove ham and bacon from their menus in 200 restaurants, and they caved. Muslims complain that people don’t like them. They coined the word “Islamaphobia” to describe it. And they wonder why people don’t like them when they do things like this. They’re continually screwing with us. We don’t demand THEY do things according to OUR religion, in our country, but they demand we do things to conform to THEIR “religion.”

IT’S AN OLD SCAM: Used by the Dumocrats many times: “the anonymous source.” they print a damaging (they hope) story in the cooperative liberal media, and attribute it to an “anonymous source.” And we’re supposed to believe it. Like with Harry Reid’s “imaginary friend” who told him falsely a Republican candidate had not paid his taxes for ten years. Then there are all the stories in the media attributed to “anonymous sources” whose existence can’t be proven, about which Dumocrats, and the media tell us they “must protect their sources.” Yes, some sources must be protected. But stories attributed to UNNAMED people should be backed up by other sources, as well, to be taken at face value.

THEY WONDER WHY: Muslims wonder why Americans don’t much like them, as a general rule. They just can’t understand it. Maybe those 3,000 innocent people Muslim terrorists MURDERED at the world Trade Center in New York City might have something to do with it. Or the additional thousands of “first responders” who have died, and are STILL DYING because of the toxic fumes they breathed for weeks at a time as they rescued many Muslim victims and recovered bodies. Should we blame all Muslims for that? No. If they’d just leave us alone, we’d leave them alone. But they keep “picking at us” with spurious lawsuits that liberal judges allow them to win, which they file for imagined slights called “Islamophobia,” a term coined by Muslims to “criminalize” any criticism of Muslims, for anything, true or not.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: In Colorado where I Iive, Mike Coffman is running to be re-elected to Congress. His opposition just ran an ad emphasizing that he voted with Trump 97% of the time, which made up my mind to vote FOR him, and advise all my friends to do so, also… Former Iraninan dictator Ahmadnijerk supports what Colin Kaepernick is doing. Which ought to be the “death knell” for his “protests,” if people are smart. Ahmadinijerk must be feeling left out, these days, and wants to call attention to himselfBigmouth David Hogg is the picture of a school bully. Now he wants to bully presidents and senators after failing to bully a female TV personality. What a jerk… I just saw an item asking, “Will Dumocrats win back control of Congress?” under a picture of that know nothing screaming meemie, Ocasio-Whatever, that socialist bi… er, uh, witch. God, I hope not. If they do, we will be the next Soviet Union, under a different, fanciful name…

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sauce for the Goose

SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE: Appears not to be “sauce for the gander.” Sen. Kamala Harris, (D-CA) a dedicated anti-gun fool, goes around mostly with ARMED security, paid for by the government, while she works tirelessly to bar us from having the same rights. It would be great if this story was a rare one, but it happens all too often. Lawmakers who work hard to keep civilians from being able to have the means for self defense reserve it for themselves, often at taxpayer (us) expense. Even that “teenage terror,” David Hogg has armed security when his “handlers” send him somewhere to rail against the right to be armed for self defense.

LIBERAL NAME-CALLING: Rush Limbaugh said it when he told us that, “A political discussion with a liberal will last only about thirty seconds before they run out of arguments [if they had any in the first place -RT] and start calling you names. Today, it doesn’t even last 30 seconds. They call you names before you even advance a logical argument. They write articles, even produce MOVIES calling you names, without even logically examining your arguments. Such is the case with Michael Moore’s new movie, I which he calls President Trump a “Nazi,” one of their favorite insults that means nothing. But they don’t care, as long as it LOOKS like they’re winning the argument, without having to answer your arguments.

ANOTHER DEAD HILLARY SQUEALER? I’ve written before about the unusually high number of people who have wound up dead just before they were to reveal something Hillary or Bill wouldn’t want known, at all costs, and here’s another. Joseph Mifsud may, or may not be dead yet, but he is now listed as “missing,” after he was scheduled to reveal some “dirt” on Hillary. The DNC, who has been suing everything that moves since that humiliating loss in the 2016 election, told “investigators” they have been trying to serve him for months (yeah, right!), and that he had just “disappeared, and may be dead. And when you consider how many people are dead before revealing something against a Clinton, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he is dead. Latest I've heard is that he is inn hiding.

DEMOCRATS ARE PATHETIC: They know they can’t win, so they predict “a blue wave” in November. And when they lose (again) they will (again) claim foul. Maybe by the Russians, maybe by the Venezuelans. Maybe the Easter Bunny. But never by their own mistakes. So they “have a tantrum” before the entire world, at the Kavanaugh hearings. They predict disaster if he is confirmed, but the disasters they predict are only on their imagination, and according to their ignorant beliefs. Yes, his nomination WILL be a disaster—for them. He’ll rule, based on the Constitution, which he is supposed to do, and which liberal justices never do.

GUN-FREE ZONES DANGEROUS: One of the favorite things for the anti-gun fools is to create new “gun-free zones.” The only problem is, a gun-free zone is a dangerous place to be. Potential mass killers SEEK OUT gun-free ones because they figure they can be pretty sure there will be no law-abiding citizens there who are armed, and able to resist them when they bring their guns to kill people. Yes, the cops will soon come with their guns, and shoot him. But not until AFTER he has killed a bunch of unarmed, innocent people. Potential mass shooters not only seek out gun-free zones, they AVOID shooting up places where there MIGHT be guns in the hands of their intended victims.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Lyft is offering free rides to all the “Welfare Queens’ who want to vote Dumocrat. Isn’t that a “donation in kind?” Should they be penalized for that? Or will it be ignored because it helps Dumocrats? Will they scream if Uber does the same foe Republicans? I hope so. It would also force their employees who aren’t Dumocrats to go against their wishes, and for that, alone, it should be stoppedBill Clinton is a “horndog.” So why should anybody ogle a cute young girl in a short skirt? Because it’s the natural thing for a horndog, that’s why. I’m 81 and I was ogling her. From a bit more distance though. Even so, I was wondering if that dress was something that should be worn to a funeral… Ethan Huff is asking, “Has the second civil war begun?” The answer intelligent people will give, is, “yes”…

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

They Finally Got One!

George Papadopolous got 14 days in the clink for “lying to Mueller” in his phony “investigation into ‘Russian collusion’ in the 2016 presidential election that put Donald Trump in the White House, to the dismay of all liberals, who had expected Hillary to win, in a landslide. This must be embarrassing to Mueller that,after almost two years of “investigation,” has uncovered NO EVIDENCE of that “collusion.” I think Mueller should recognize reality and END his phony “investigation” so the Dumocrats can no longer hold it over Trump’s head. But he won’t, because it would end the “gravy train” over which he is astride.

LIBERALS FURIOUS. WHO CARES? The liberals find something to be furious about every day. Things that human beings like and respect. Like Trump’s promise to get the government off American’s backs and stop illegal aliens from being a burden to Americans, and he’s delivering. He also promised he would bring the economy numbers back up, and he has delivered that—in spades. And things like that infuriate the liberals, because they only win elections and run things when the economy is bad (unless they are responsible, and that’s a rare thing). So is it ever news when liberals are furious? Not a chance. It’s just hilarious.

TRUMP’S GOING TO WIN! The Dumocrats are “up against a wall.” They’re LOSING again. President Trump is presiding over a BOOMING economy, with record low unemployment numbers after Obama told the nation that the jobs lost during his administration were gone forever. That they would never come back. But they came back. Lowered taxes have put more dollars in everybody’s pockets, and caused those large “wascally corporations” to give them raises AND bonuses. Something unheard of in recent memory. Meanwhile, Obama is scrambling to take credit for Trump’s economy.

LIBERALS ARE IMBECILES: Not the average American who has been taken in by their “conditioning,” but the “elite liberals” who think they have a divine right to run our lives. Like the liberal (Rosie) who took a random placement of Zina Bash while she was sitting behind Brett Kavanaugh at his congressional hearing. It resembled an “okay” sign. This fool tried to manufacture something when she said it was a “white power” sign. Something that remains ONLY in her imagination, and just might get her a defamation lawsuit, considering who Zina’s husband is.

PANTS ON FIRE!” Obama has lied to America on many occasions. One of those lies is that there were no scandals during his administration. He really believes that, because he just refuses to acknowledge the scandals that did occur. Like when his Secretary of State (Hillary) let the terrorists kill four American members of the diplomatic corps in Bengazi; or when his ATF allowed thousands of guns to be smuggled to the Mexican drug cartels on the thin pretext of “proving” (blaming) the smuggling on American gun dealers. But the latest lie is that he never attacked the press. Maybe his “faulty memory” Just doesn’t remember siccing the law on James Rosen. That sure sounds like “attacking the press” to me. Maybe he just can’t remember the lies he has told, since he tells so many.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: GOP nominee Rick DeSantis used the words,”monkey this up,” and liberals, who constantly search diligently for something about which to be offended, went berserk, as usual… During the Aretha Franklin funeral I saw a woman wearing the most godawful headgear I’ve ever seen. I just hope I can, one day, unsee it… At Aretha Franklin’s funeral, Al Sharpton was heard to say, “Trump has to learn what Respect means.” And Al needs to learn how to SPELL the word, or get a better spell checker… Racist black folks. They don’t think they’re racist, but they are. Like LeBron James, who says “It took me a while to adjust to white people.” Funny. Those who aren’t racist don’t need to “adjust” to people of another race, They think black people can’t be racist, but that’s just ignorant. They certainly can if they “can’t adjust to white people”… 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Pied-For Protesters

Many people wonder how Dumocrats get so many “protesters” to “demonstrate” in favor of their unpopular positions. The answer is simple: they HIRE them, and PAY them. They also provide transportation for them to get to the places Dumocrats want wild “demonstrations.” Antifa is a good example of “paid demonstrators.” They show up, wearing their masks to hide their identities (they’re afraid to own up to it), carrying their weapons, and create violence. Then the liberal media paints what they do as “two opposing groups creating a riot,” completely ignoring the fact that it was Antifa who started it, and the other group was just defending themselves.

WHO CARES ABOUT STORMY? The liberals are convinced that if they can get the country to believe President Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels, a paid prostitute (porn star), many years BEFORE he ever even THOUGHT about running for the presidency, that they could use that to “get rid of him.” Of course, that completely ignores that “horndog” who got oral sex IN the White House, and was even accused of forcible RAPE, but who remains their hero. All Stormy has as “proof” is her unsupported word, and some gullible lawyer who says he gave her a lot of money to keep her mouth shut, which she did not do. Even if her story were true, who cares? That’s between him and his wife at the time.

ISSA RAE SCREWED UP: Now she may have to quit her successful TV show, “Insecure,” a show “proudly written by black people, starring black people.” An inherently racist concept. Think for a minute: what if somebody started a show advertised as being “written by white people, and starring white people.” the left would go INSANE. But when she said she’d “cancel the show” if Melania liked it, she screwed herself into a corner. Melania DOES like it, and now Issa HAS to quit, or go find a corner in which to suck her thumb and whimper.

PUTTING ME TO SLEEP: Obama’s speech, according to President Trump, was a good sleep aid. While he tried valiantly (and unsuccessfully) to take credit for Trump’s accomplishments. Maybe I need to start listening to Obama’s speeches instead of taking ZZZQuil at bedtime. The alcohol in that puts me right out. Even that small of an amount. Maybe if I recorded an Obama speech and played it back, it would work better than that, I cannot drink alcohol. Before it could make me drunk, it puts me to sleep. Evan a small amount. Maybe if I listened to an Obama speech, I could stop the ZZZQuil.

I CAN’T DO MUCH: They’re asking if I will keep buying Nike products after they hired Colin Kaepernick as their “front man” for their “Just Do It” ad campaign and “gave the finger” to America by so doing. I’m afraid I can’t stop buying Nike produces—because I never have. So they wouldn’t even notice if I never bought a single Nike product in the future because I haven’t bought any in the past. Too bad. I’d have like to have given them my opinion through my wallet, because they “screwed America.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Only in New York, would a governor, nonetheless, call a legally constituted police force “thugs.” But that’s what ultra-liberal New York Governor Cuomo did recently, cementing his position as “one in the swamp” that Trump has pledged to “drain”… Former (failed) President Jimmy Carter says that, “Under Trump’s leadership the United States was looked upon now with a great deal of doubt.” Only in your fevered imagination, Jimmy… Gag me with a spoon! Actually you won’t need a spoon. I just heard Nancy Peelosi’s name mentioned as a Dumocrat presidential candidate. That gags me more than any spoon, even though she doesn’t have a prayer… Word is half of Americans want Trump to be impeached. If that’s true, it’s the only the Dumocrat half that does, and they don’t countDumocrats say socialism is “the future of America.” If that’s so, we HAVE no future…