Thursday, December 12, 2019

Anti-Gun Laws Fail (Again)

Again. I can’t count the number of times people who are not allowed to have guns by law, get a gun and shoot places up. This is ample proof that anti-gun laws just do not work, but anti-gun fools ignore that and keep making them, anyway. The Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida prohibited base employees and trainees from having personal weapons, making the Air Station a “gun-free zone.” That Saudi National who shot the place up was not allowed to have a gun, period. Not on the base, or anywhere else while in this country. He could not just go out to a gun store and buy a gun. So where and how did he get the gun he used to kill 3 people and wound 8 more?

IT’S A CONSPIRACY THEORY: Liberals (Dumocrats) seem to leave many dead bodies in their wake when those people have information that will send any of them to prison, or just impede their crimes, and the Clintons are the worst for this. The number of dead bodies piling up in their wake, who were about to testify to something criminal that Hillary or Bill did or otherwise gets in their way is impressive. And the complete lack of interest in investigating the whole idea that they might have instigated the deaths is also impressive. These deaths are usually very superficially “investigated,” and are dismissed as “accidental” or self-inflicted. Any suggestion of their involvement is always dismissed as a “conspiracy theory,” which usually stops any further investigation into the deaths.

COCK AND BULL STORY: I’ve had the sound muted all day, because Fox News is going “wall-to-wall” with the “dog and pony show” the House is putting on to pretend they were trying to “decide” whether or not to impeach President Trump, and didn’t already have their minds made up. I’ve had it muted because I quickly got tired of hearing those representatives making speeches disguised as questions for the “witnesses,” most of whom are “anti-Trumpsters.” I put “witnesses” in quotes because all they are “testifying” to is their “opinions and feelings” on what they THINK Trump was thinking when he did certain things. They keep saying that President Trump only did things “for his political purposes, rather than for the good of the nation. How they figured that is a mystery. Maybe they consulted their crystal balls.

IT DID NOT HAPPEN: As usual, the fanciful predictions of the anti-gun fools have not come true, as usual. When seven states made it legal for legal carriers to carry their guns onto school grounds, they predicted an “uptick” in gun violence on campus. Predictably, it didn’t happen. In many cases, “gun violence” on campus WENT DOWN because people were able to defend themselves against the ILLICIT guns that get brought onto campus, anyway, by people who couldn’t give less of a sh-t about their anti-gun laws, and just wanted to victimize somebody. And the LACK of legal guns in the hands of people on campus just made it easier for them to do so.

BLAME THE STRAW MAN: If you can’t do your job, just blame somebody else who had nothing to do with your failure for that failure. Which is what Houston’s top cop is doing after a KNOWN CRIMINAL who cannot legally get a gun under any circumstances kills a cop when he blames the NRA for it, rather than lousy policing, and useless anti-gun laws. What kind of twisted logic is responsible for that, I cannot fathom. The NRA simply stands up for the Constitutional right of law abiding citizens to be armed, to be able to defend themselves against such criminals, not for the right of such criminals to be armed when they do their dirty work. How that translates into “blame” for a KNOWN CRIMINAL committing murder with an ILLEGAL gun is beyond me.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: AOC is all upset because we’re calling the Dumocrats out for all their “free stuff.” I got a clue for ya, cutie. It IS “free stuff.” Everything they offer is “free stuff,” hoping there are enough freeloaders out there to vote them into office...Treudeau and other “world leaders” may have mocked Trump, but he got the last laugh when the most recent economy numbers came out… It didn’t work the first time so Dumocrats are now bringing back the “Russian collusion” hoax. They never learn, I guess… German politician Angela Merkel thinks we need to limit free speech to keep freedom alive. What a damned fool she is… Failed Dumocrat presidential candidate John Kerry says Biden can “put this country back together. Hey John! Biden can’t even keep himself together. And this country doesn’t NEED being “put back together” beyond what Trump has accomplished, and WILL accomplish in the next 5 years…

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Moving the Goal Posts

The Dumocrats (and other anti-gun fools) know they can’t disarm America as long as the Second Amendment to the Constitution exists. So now they’re talking (again) about mounting a campaign to repeal the Second Amendment. I’d say, “Good luck with that,” if I wasn’t sure any effort to repeal such a basic right is doomed to failure, and should be. Why intelligent people would allow such a basic right to be taken from them is a mystery. But I’m sure there are people stupid enough to allow it, all of them Dumocrats. Fortunately, there aren’t enough to allow them to accomplish it.

GUN CONTROL IS DANGEROUS: Gun control laws are dangerous. Every one of them has killed someone. Some may laugh at that, but it’s true. Many times when someone tries to buy a gun legally there is an important time element there. He or she has been threatened by someone, and that threat is real. The threatener may already have a gun, legally or illegally, so waiting periods, background checks, and anything else that delays him/her getting a gun can be responsible for their death, if the threatener acts before he/she can get a gun to use in self defense.

THE FAILED COUP: Dumocrats are angry. They couldn’t cheat enough to overcome the “Trump juggernaut” in 2016. They thought they had it “fixed” to get Hillary Clinton elected, and failed. Trump won, and they just can’t handle that. A non-politician who didn’t follow their rules was elected, and they determined to do everything they could to make sure he got nowhere in his promise to “drain the swamp,” because most of them WERE “the swamp.” They had to get rid of him before he got to them. So they started “investigating” him, and have been doing it ever since the day he was elected. They claimed many ties to have “ample evidence” of his wrongdoing, but never told us what it was, because there wasn’t any.

WHERE’D HE GET THE MONEY? Barack Obama was an unknown small-time politician with one term in Congress when he suddenly ran for president, and won. He didn’t have a lot of money, as do many candidates. But after eight years as president, screwing up thing after thing, and nearly destroying this country, he is now buying a $11.75 million dollar “estate.” The presidency only pays about $100,000.00 a year, with a matching fund for “expenses.” There is NO WAY he could have legally come buy that much money as president. So I can only conclude that he came by it dishonestly.

IS THE NRA BEATEN? Mike Bloomberg seems to think so. But then, he’s “dumb as a rock.” He actually thinks he has a “snowball’s chance in hell” to be elected president, on the Dumocrat ticket. He thinks he can eliminate all guns by making laws that only apply to LEGAL gun owners, while the lawbreakers just give him the finger and get their guns illegally. In his ads he talks about many things, including just 400,000 new jobs he says he was responsible for in in 12 years as New York Mayor—the last four being illegal. Like most politicians (mostly Dumocrats) he twists facts to suit himself. The NRA is far from being out of the fight to stop his unconstitutional efforts to disarm all Americans.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Joe Biden is embarking on a “No Malarkey Tour.” I don’t know how he’s going to do that, because most of what he puts out is malarkey… Whoopi Goldberg is saying, “Maybe it’s time for me to leave the US.” If that’s how she really feels, maybe it IS time. I’ll be watching to see if she does… Some people say Kellyann Conway’s husband is making an ass of himself with his public comments criticizing her. I say, NO! He can’t be. He’s already an ass, and Kellyann would do well to wipe him out of her life. If I had a woman like her at home. I certainly wouldn’t be publicly criticizing her and taking a chance on losing her, especially if I were a fat fool… “Peaceful Muslims” in Norway beat up a Christian street preacher. When did a Christian ever assault a Muslim who was just practicing his “religion?” Seems kinda one-sided…

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Impossible Promises

I get really tired of all the impossible promises that the Dumocrat presidential candidates make, the most recent (today) being Elizabeth Warren’s promise to “END global warming” when she becomes president. The first thing is, she’s never going to get NEAR the Oval Office as president. Second, global warming is a scam. A swindle perpetrated by Al Gore, former Dumocrat Vice President, to make himself a multi-millionaire, on the backs of gullible people who will believe anything they’re told, often enough. And they’re never going to “END it,” because it lets them con more money and power out of the people, who believe their BS.

MEANINGLESS ACCUSATIONS: Dumocrats have so overused the “racist” and “sexist” insults that I have come to discount anything they call either. It’s like calling a Jew a “Nazi.” It shows their complete misunderstanding and misuse of the very words, and illustrates the fact that they have nothing else. I’ve been called both names, AND “Nazi” many times, because I expose their lies—and they don’t like that. They can’t come up with anything real, so they call me one or more of those phony names. Sometimes, something even more insulting. They’re grasping at straws, and I have to laugh at them.

DRIP, DRIP, DRIP: Remember the old story about “How To Boil A Frog,” where you put him in cold water, and bring it to a boil with him in it? He will never notice until he is boiled to death. That’s the same way corrupt politicians and anti-gun fools are slowly taking away our right to self defense, one small right at a time, until one day we wake up to realize that self defense is now ILLEGAL. If we do ANYTHING to defend ourselves from predators, we can go to prison with the criminals. One such effort in Virginia (a well-known anti-gun state) is a new law they’re considering to make just teaching “gun safety” a crime, bu REDEFINING it as “felony paramilitary training,” and thus grounds for imprisonment.

HILLARY WON’T GO AWAY: She lost TWICE in her bid to become president, and now the Dumocrats are giddy at the possibility that she will run again. Not the halfway smart Dumocrats. But there aren’t too many of them, since you have to be really stupid to BE a Dumocrat. Her recent appearance on the Howard Stern show has ignited speculation that she intends yet another try. And “try” is all it will be because there is NO WAY intelligent people will ever vote her in, with all her “baggage.” She’s like the “horror” I a horror movie you thought you had killed—until she pops up again and you have to kill her again.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Washington Post has declared it’s unmitigated stupidity by saying Barack Obama is a CONSERVATIVE! Talk about fake news! They must want to make it plain how stupid they are… I’ve said it before and “Crazy Bernie” keeps making me repeat it. He must not want to be president, because he keeps telling us what he will do if elected, and it’s all things we want no part of. Like his latest vow to heavily tax everybody making more than $29,000 a year. That’s almost everybody who actually works… Peelosi turns our judicial system on its head with her pronouncement that Trump must “prove his innocence” in a country where the accused is “innocent until proven guilty”…

Monday, December 9, 2019

Islamic Terrorists Are the Enemy!

They have announced their intent to overcome us, and impose Islamic law upon us, and they’re working hard to do that, with the willing cooperation of the liberals (Tories). Liberals insist any opposition to the entry of Muslims into this country is “racism,” or “religious oppression,” or somesuch, and that we shouldn’t interfere with Muslims in any way. That’s foolish, and dangerous, with Muslim extremists promising to END our way of life, and subjecting us to their primitive and dictatorial “Sharia Law,” which is against everything we stand for.

MEXICO HAS GUN CONTROL: Is it working? Not on yer tintype! Mexican drug cartels practically RULE in Mexico, and they shoot up the landscape, pretty much at will. All with illegal guns. They’re illegal because Mexican law makes it practically impossible to get a gun legally—unless you’ve got a lot of money to use in bribing some bureaucrat into issuing you a “gun permit.” But the cartels don’t bother with that. They just get their guns illegally, and “buy off” the bureaucrats and other politicians to “look the other way.” when that fails, they just come in and shoot the place up. They did that in the town of Villa Union, just about an hour’s drive south of Eagle Pass, Texas. They “Rolled in” like a victorious army.

CALL IT WHATCHA WANT: If you can’t win an argument, just insult your opposition. That’s routine with Dumocrats (liberals). They usually last in any debate about 30 seconds before calling their opposition names, hoping they will start defending against the names and forget they won the argument. They can’t win in the drive to disarm all Americans, making them defenseless against law-breakers, who don’t care a whit about their stupid anti-gun laws. So now one liberal anti-gun fool professor now says “Second Amendment supporters are a death cult.” That’s nonsensical. It means nothing, and it’s WRONG. They are simply people who want to be able to defend themselves, and have the right (guaranteed by the Constitution) to be armed for self defense.

WILD WEST ATMOSPHERE”: That’s a favorite claim from anti-gun fools when they talk about places like Oklahoma, where anybody who owns a LEGAL gun can carry it without a license being required. Unfortunately for them, it hasn’t happened. There have been (with ONE exception) only reports of legal gun owners coming to the defense of non-carriers who are in trouble. As in the case of a man who pulled his legally-carried gun on a couple of major shoplifters who were about to kill a couple of Best Buy employees in a parking lot without having to fire a shot. He saw the murder about to happen and aimed his gun at the would-be murderer, who quickly “got gone” without killing those people.

ABOLISHING ELECTORAL COLLEGE: That’s what Dumocrat presidential candidate Elizabeth warren says SHE will do, if elected. Of course, first, she needs to be NOMINATED, and that’s a slim possibility. Then she needs to beat the Trump juggernaut, and that’s going to be impossible. Then she needs to sponsor a constitutional amendment, and it must be approved by Congress, then it must be approved by a 2/3 majority of voting Americans, and that’s not gonna happen. If it does, that will prove the stupidity of 2/3 of Americans, and they will get the kind of government they deserve. But I don’t think there are that many stupid people in this country, even if it gets that far. She thinks she can do it, herself. She cannot.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A transgender “girl” (a MAN, really, pretending to be a girl) is all upset because men will not date “her” because she still has a penis and that “turns them off.” Understandable. Men don’t like to date other men—unless they’re gay… Atheists are terrified that Kayne West is going to ruin all their plans. He is working hard to make Christianity come back to its deserved prominence, and they’re mad. He got through to a bunch of prisoners recently and they want that never to happen again… Greg Gutfeld said it. “That fart Swalwell dropped on MSNBC (live) was the best thing to ever come out of Eric Swalwell”… Swalwell fell out of the presidential race, but he’s thinking about getting back in.”He smelled an opening.” Says Greg Gutfeld…

Friday, December 6, 2019

"Workplace Marshals"

It sounds like a bad idea, but it’s not. When I first read about it, I thought these “marshals” were like the old Soviet Union “commissars.” Put in place to watch the workers and report any action that was anti-government. But it’s not. It’s the best idea they can come up with to combat “gun crime” in government buildings, like arming teachers in schools. It gives them a “first line of defense” against mass killers come to kill their employees. Those “marshals” are simply regular employees who are legal “carriers,” and are allowed to bring their guns to work.

GRASPING AT STRAWS: That’s what Dumocrats are now doing in their effort to unseat President Trump. What Dumocrat Rep. Jaypal insisted was “obstruction” is Trump using the system in an effort to defend himself, while Dumocrats are denying him the right to an attorney, or even to have witnesses in his favor. What Dumocrats are insisting is “impeachable offense” changes daily, and some of what they claim is “impeachable” borders upon the absurd. I’m getting to the point where I wonder if they will ever actually come up with ANYTHING they can use to impeach him, and will have to depend on their slim majority in the House to even come to a vote to impeach, on whatever “grounds” they can whip up.

GUN CONTROL FUTILITY: It’s a futile game the anti-gun fools are playing. They have to know, first of all, that the Constitution is against them ever being able to disarm all American citizens—so they have to find a way around it. Even so, every time anybody fires a gun “in anger,” even if it was a case of self defense or police action, they attribute it to “gun crime,” to inflate their numbers. They seem to figure each and every crime committed with a gun is done with a gun that was bought legally, while the purchaser stood for a background check—which is totally wrong—criminals almost always get their guns illegally, either by buying them out of the trunk of the car of another criminal in a back alley somewhere or stealing them.

THE “RUSHING IT SCAM”: “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff is using the “rushing scam” on congress with his “impeachment report.” He’s releasing it one day, and requiring a vote the next, which gives busy congresspeople little time to read it. That reduces the possibility of objections to any part of it. This system is in regular use in Congress, which accounts for the many bills that get passed into law without congresspeople reading them, and thus are ignorant as to what is in the bills. As Nancy Peelosi once said about the pending Obamacare law, “We have to pass the law to find out what’s in it.” It’s how so many stupid laws get passed. Congresspeople should vote “nay” on any bill they aren’t given time to read.

I’VE GOT MINE”: “So I don’t want you to get yours.” That’s what multi-millionaire Mark Ruffalo is saying when he says, “Capitalism is killing us.” He is one of the beneficiaries of capitalism, which is how he GOT to be a multi-millionaire, but now he doesn’t want any others to benefit by it. The free market, which is called “capitalism” derisively by liberals, is the very reason so many people from all over the world have the US as their destination of choice. Some even to the extent of coming her illegally. People like Ruffalo hate that, because they think it “cramps their style.”

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Biden says “Lindsey Graham will be sorry for the rest of his life for investigating me.” Actually, I think the ones who will be sorry will be Biden and his criminal sons… They’re running a national poll asking if the NRA should be classified as a terror organization for standing up for the Second Amendment. Show me where the NRA ever killed anybody. Not where somebody killed somebody with an illegal gun, where the NRA itself killed somebody… Hillary says “Many, many people” are pressuring her to run again. Yeah. Bill, and her daughter maybe. And maybe a couple of ignorant Dumocrats. She’s like the monster in a horror film. You think she’s dead, and she shows up again…

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Socialism Is Criminal

It pains me that at least one of the front-runners in the race to nominate a Dumocrat presidential candidate is an avowed socialist who used to be a communist. I remember a time when to be a communist was to be a criminal, and if you were, you kept it quiet. People rightly ostracized a communist, AND a socialist, because the two are the same, with only cosmetic differences. Both are forms of collectivism, which is a system of legal THEFT of the product of those willing and capable of producing new wealth for the benefit of those who do not, for one reason or the other.

IT’S NEVER ENOUGH: Drip, drip, drip. Until they attain total gun control. Then the law breakers will take over because they will be the only ones with guns. Except for the cops, of course, but they’re minutes away, and some of them are law breakers. Minutes during which an illegal gun holder can kill many people. Yes, background checks can help them find the law breakers, IF (and that’s a BIG if) the law breaker bought his gun legally and stood for one. Which almost all law breakers do not do. They’re law breakers, after all. They don’t obey ANY laws, much less piddling little laws that say they can’t be armed when doing their dirty work.

TAG TEAM ON IMPEACHMENT: “Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff failed in his attempt to impeach President Trump, so now he’s passing the baton to Jerry Nadler to keep the incessant “investigation” going, in spite of NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing by the president being found, after almost THREE YEARS of “searching for a crime” he MUST have committed. The voters are getting very tired of this incessant din of baseless claims that they have “solid evidence” of his wrongdoing. Evidence they never share with us because there ISN’T ANY.

RIDICULOUS GUN CONTROL: In Bedford, Massachsetts, they again demonstrated their stupidity, not only by holding a “gun buyback,” but also getting mostly BB guns, and they’re still very happy about it. Never mind the only real guns that get turned in are old unreliable guns that are more likely to blow up in the person’s hand. Or guns that have been used in a crime and were destined for the deep lake or a river, anyway. These events are always “no questions” events, where no questions are asked of those turning them in. I remember a “Blue Bloods episode where a couple of cops noticed that one of the guns being turned in had been used in a murder and got in trouble for pursuing it. That’s how stupid they are.

AGAIN IN LONDON: In England, they have very stiff anti-gun laws. They don’t even let most of their COPS have guns, leading to extreme danger for those cops, as well ad their citizens. Cops without guns leads to occurrences like that in France recently, where a bunch of unarmed cops could only cower behind their cars and watch while a couple of Islamic terrorists murdered a bunch of people at a satire newspaper for having the temerity to actually publish a PICTURE of “The Prophet.” And in London, “Knife crime” is on the rise, in response to their tight gun laws. Twice in my memory there have been “mass KNIFE attacks” on London Bridge.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: If the court releases Obama’s birth certificate and it proves he was NOT born in America, will that nullify all his actions as president? Doubtful. Not with Dumocrats in charge of so many things… Joe Biden continues to prove his senility. He is now saying, “Politicians can take away the First Amendment if they want to.” Not without the agreement of 2/3 of Americans in a general election, they can’t. But he doesn’t know that, among other things… Dumocrats keep saying Trump has “committed impeachable offenses.” But they never tell us what they are—because there aren’t any. They are simply trying to “poison the well” with the American public… Yet one more reason not to elect Joe Biden president. He has pledged to reimpose the individual mandate that FORCED Obamacare on us, that Trump got rid of…

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

"Muzzle the Opposition"

The liberals (Dumocrats) must be terrified of the “conservative message” because they’re working very hard to keep a conservative from speaking, anywhere. They are deathly afraid that if we get a chance for our side to be heard, we may change the minds of some of the people they have managed to brainwash so as to accept their garbage. Every time I hear about a bunch of liberals “demonstrating” against a conservative speaking, I have to laugh. If their position is so weak they have to stop us from articulating ours, we’re going to win, in the long run.

MAKING EXCUSES: I get tired of hearing the city of Chicago blaming “lax gun laws in other states” for their major “gun crime” problem. The fact is EVERY big city could likewise blame guns coming from other states because, unless those guns were manufactured IN Chicago, they came in from other states. Not just the ones with what Chicago calls “lax gun laws. Making this claim excuses them from their own responsibility in the burgeoning “gun crime” rate in their city, which stems from not only their own lax enforcement of gun carry laws on their own books but their refusal to prosecute illegal gun carrying. They have recently confiscated 10,000 guns from criminals, and prosecuted them rarely. Usually waiving prosecution to gain convictions in other crimes. That’s just lax law enforcement, generally.

WHY ARE THEY SO STUPID? Gun control does not work. Everybody knows that. But anti-gun fools operate as if they didn’t know it, and by so doing, make it worse by disarming the law-abiding so they’re defenseless in the face of the illegal guns used by the lawless. You ask them why they continue to be so dense, and continue to insist on passing more and more of those useless, unenforceable anti-gun laws that don’t work, and you get no answer. They immediately start calling you names while ignoring your question. They can’t be that stupid, so what is their ultimate purpose? The anti-gun fools are the ones to blame for all the “gun crime” that is rampant in our society, today, by disarming the law-abiding.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM? Dumocrats have completely abdicated their responsibility to do what they were elected to do, in favor of their “attempted coup” to unseat the legally-elected president of the United States. A president that was elected under the laws that have been in effect, and have elected many presidents, for years. They make a big thig about Trump not getting “the popular vote,” and only “winning in the Electoral College.” But that’s how we elect out presidents, and it was designed to make sure that those populace (usually liberal) coastal states cannot dictate the results of an election.

STUPIDITY OF DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS: Joe Biden is leading in the Dumocrat race for the nomination. He just “raced past” two others who were in front of him. This, in spite of the fact that he has demonstrated his senility many times with his continued gaffes, the worst of which was when he faced a WALL instead of the audience while making a speech because he couldn’t seem to find the audience. That’s a sure sign of a man who can’t find his way. Yet he is a “front-runner” among Dumocrats. They don’t think they have anybody better, and they’re right.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Pencil Neck” Schiff is the king of unsubstantiated accusations of a man he is SUPPOSED to be investigating, but whom he has set out to politically lynch. He says (without proof, of course) “Trump is worse than Nixon.” If he were a judge trying Trump, that would cause a mistrial. But not in his fancy “committee” made up of swamp dwellers, where he makes up rules to suit himself so he can take down the "New Sheriff In Town" before he gets to him… “Crazy Bernie” Sanders is now saying, “We’ve only got 9 years until some cities are under water.” When it doesn’t happen (as with most such predictions) will he put his tail between his legs and disappear? Not a chance. He will probably make another wrong prediction, hoping we’ll forget this one, or he will be dead, of old age