Monday, August 21, 2017

WERE THERE Guns There?

News reports insisted that many of the participants in the riots in Charlottsville were openly carrying guns--and even some were carrying automatic weapons. I saw a lot of the videos of those riots and I saw a lot of "big sticks," but NO GUNS. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe claimed that the cops were "outgunned" by the rioters, which is why they didn't "crack down" earlier. Now he's changing his story, saying there were guns "stashed" all over the place. But the cops, who searched diligently for those guns, didn't find any, which makes Terry a liar--again. Like most anti-gun fools, he lies a lot, because he has nothing FACTUAL to back him up.

TRUMP IS UNFIT: That's what "The Swamp" wants you to think, anyway. Everybody wonders why even people who are supposed to be his friends hate him. That's an easy one. THEY are in "The Swamp," and he has pledged to "drain the swamp." They know it's only a matter of time until their time comes, so they're trying to get rid of him before he can get rid of them. It's not surprising the Dumocrats don't like him, but the fact that most of them are in "the swamp" accounts for the special high level of hate they show toward him. Trump's very threat to "drain the swamp" sets them against him to defend their little fiefdoms.

"BAN OPEN CARRY": Liberals are calling for a ban on "open carry" because of Charlottesville. Never mind the fact that those rioters were NOT armed with weapons surpassing that of the cops, nor were there ANY "hidden guns" in the area as Governor Terry McAuliffe claimed. The cops searched diligently, but found not a single hidden gun. In fact, guns had NO ROLE in the Charlottesville riots, on either side. Nor would a ban on "open carry" have helped, if there were, since people who want to do ill rarely carry REGISTERED guns. It's a simple case of the anti-gun fools using ANYTHING to advance their agenda to disarm all Americans and make them DEFENSELESS.

WERE THEY A COPYCAT? Wolf, Blitzer wonders if Barcelona was a "copycat of Charlottesville." I sincerely doubt if they even know what a Charottesville IS, in Barcelona. Barcelona is not a "copycat" of anything. It is its own disaster, perpetrated by fools who have no right to breathe the same air as human beings. Anybody who would take a truck and run over a bunch of human beings must have a screw loose in his brain. When they find that driver--and they will--he should be immobilized in front of a truck and run over. But that won't happen because we aren't the kind of stupid people they are. So they found him and just shot him to death.

SHARPTON'S ANGRY: He's angry his taxes pay for the Jefferson Memorial and other memorials to the Founders. Maybe he should PAY his taxes before he makes such IGNORANT comments. Sharpton has $4.5 million dollars in unpaid taxes, yet he remains out of trouble for it--chiefly because of his big mouth. Apparently, he has even the IRS cowed by his threats to make them look racist. Both he and his buddy Jesse Jackson are in the same business--the racket of making money out of threatening to make people with money look like racists if they didn't give them money--and apparently in being tax evaders, too. According to his record (New Max) he may be a thug and a murderer, too. At least he SPONSORED some murders and had some people beat up.

IT DOESN'T MATTER: It just doesn't matter what President Trump does, the liberal media is going to "savage him" for it. Which is what they did while he was surprising the hell out of Kim Jong Un by actually threatening him instead of cringing and giving him his way, as Obama did at every turn. And when he won, as they should have known he would, did they give him a lick of credit? Not a chance! Did they mention that they had been wrong, all along? Again, not a chance. They accuse him of "talking us into a war" with N. Korea, while he is AVOIDING it. This is media IRRESPONSIBILITY and malpractice.

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's NOT About Slavery!

The Dumocrats (and other liberals are still promoting the FICTION that the Civil War was all about slavery—nothing else. Yes, slavery was a part of it, but it was an afterthought by President Lincoln. What it was about is the right of the states to determine their own fate, whether it be abut slavery, or anything else. The Dumocrats will never admit this, because it is politically expedient to paint everybody who is against ERASING the civil War from our memory as a racist. This, when it is the DUMOCRATS who were, and ARE the racists, still.

WHAT IS “HATE SPEECH?” That's easy,. It's whatever liberals (Dumocrats) don't like. If they don't agree, they call it “hate speech,” and paint those who say it as “haters. This is how they operate. They can't answer our arguments with truth, so they simply call us names. They accuse the NRA of “terrorism” because they want to let law-abiding Americans have the means for self defense against the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of the “bad guys.”

WE'RE "DUMB AS ROCKS": That's what Shannon Watts and her gun-hating bunch think, apparently. They recently told Colin Noir that the main difference between him and Shannon is that he got paid, while she was a "volunteer." Funny. I wonder how many "volunteers" are paid $347,000.00 a year? That's according to her own tax records. But then, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they would lie about this, since they lie about everything else. And then there is the fact that she can't seem to draw a crowd to her "stupendous" rallies and other meetings that don't seem to be really very "stupendous," since they only draw 15 to 50 "dumb as rocks" supporters.

ANYTHING TRUMP SAYS: Will be taken out of context and twisted by the liberal media to mean something it was never meant to mean. Editorial cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star-News Gary Varvel put out a cartoon showing Trump saying, “I’ll take a few questions,” while bunch of “advisers” were rushing to stop him, as if he couldn’t be trusted to properly answer questions. But the problem is not with Trump. It is with the liberal media. They will twist anything he says way “out of shape” and make it seem like he’s some kind of stupid in everything he says. That’s how they hope to make Trump irrelevant.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! A highly touted gun buyback in Australia failed to do anything about ILLEGAL guns! It seems they only got a "trickle" of guns, most of which were legally owned, in the first place. Which, of course, will not make a dent in the "gun violence" problem, predictably (to intelligent people). As with most anti-gun fool ideas, this one "sputtered," and never "caught fire." It will not have any effect on the 600,000 ILLEGAL guns in that country and thus, have no effect on "gun violence."

ONE IN SIX ARMED: Wouldn't it have been fine if there were an armed policeman every football field length along the truck driver's route in Barcelona, Spain, as he ran people over? They say his carnage took place in SIX football field's length. One of those six cops could have "taken him out" (shot him to death) in the FIRST football field length as he drove. Now think about having ONE armed CIVILIAN at each of those six points. Cops can't be everywhere. And there probably WERE several ILLEGALLY armed individuals on that route, who didn't react, for fear of being arrested.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gun Control Doesn't Work

Again, events prove that statement. In Jamaica, all the draconian gun laws the anti-gun fools in America favor are in effect, but they have done NOTHING to limit the number of guns available in that country. They have no “Second Amendment” there, and their laws allow the army to cordon off entire areas while the cops search every house for guns, without a warrant. Yet they have a WAR going on there involving gang members (like they do in Chicago) and the killings go on, unabated. Prime Minister Michael Manley promises to win the war on guns, but he doesn't say how. That's because he doesn't KNOW how.

IGNORANCE ON DISPLAY: That's what we had in Charlottesville, VA the other day. Basically three ignorant groups “demonstrated” (rioted) in favor of racism and bigotry. Racism and bigotry is ignorance. Those who practice it are ignorant. The KKK announces their ignorance wherever they show up, just by their presence, as do the Neo-Nazis, who try and emulate a defeated system from bygone days. Then there are the “white supremacists.” Their “thing” is promoting the supremacy of the white race, which is ignorance personified. Just because the black race was (WAS!) a race in slavery doesn't make them stupid.

LYING ABOUT CONSERVATIVES: The liberals have, for years, been lying about conservatives, in an attempt to convince the world that they are racists and bigots, even anti-Semitic. They've done the same to Trump, ever since he emerged as a successful presidential candidate. As usual, they were WRONG when they were so sure he would never win the presidency, and still they refuse to admit they were beaten by their betters. Trump has answered the media's questions in the negative many times about being racist, and being happy abut KKK man David Duke being on his side.

THERE'S NO COMPARISON: The liberal media is giving Trump fits just because he didn't mention the Nazis and the KKK by name when he denounced the white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA. They're comparing that to Obama's refusal to mention Islamic extremism or terrorism. But there's no comparison to the two. Trump condemned what the Nazis and the KKK stand for. Obama not only would not mention Islamic terrorists, he denied that they were a major problem, nor did he seriously fight them. By so doing, he allowed them to proliferate and kill many more innocent people.

CAN'T BUY GUNS: So they use hammers to murder three women in New York City. Guns are hard to get (legally) in New York City, so this murderer used a hammer. As I said, if they want to do harm to someone and can't get a gun, they'll use something else, as this murderer did. Which AGAIN proves that it is the HUM,AN who holds the gun (or hammer) that should be looked at, not the gun itself. If you somehow magically eliminated guns altogether, people would still hurt and kill one another. One of the women he killed was his mother, who threw him out after he became too violent.

A LIFE LESSON: A very small, fat little guy with a strange looking haircut walked into a western bar. He walked right up to a very large man. He came up to about that man's belt buckle. The man was engaged in a serious conversation with a bar girl who sat on his lap. The little guy commenced hitting the big man on his knee. Left, right, left, right. The big man looked down with an irritated look on his face, reached down, and slapped him away like he would a fly. He didn't even pause in his conversation. Kim Jong Un, take note.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Gun Control Is Futile

That has been proven, time after time, by events, but it has never made a dent in the resolve of the anti-gun fools to disarm all Americans—except the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, of course. As long as everything they do depends on LAWBREAKERS to obey their laws, gun control will be futile. That is not better proven than the fact that the MOST mass shootings in America came under Clinton and Obama, two of the most virulent anti-gun fool presidents, and in gun-free zones.

IGNORANT ACTIONS: In Texas recently, a POLICE CHIEF was asked to leave his doctor's office because he was carrying a gun. Stupid, stupid! He had his ID hanging around his neck and his badge clipped to his belt, but it didn't dawn on them that he was a cop. They knew he was a cop after he made it clear, but they insisted he leave his gun in his car, or leave. Texas cops are allowed, by law, to go anywhere and bring their guns, although private enterprise is allowed to have “gun-free zones” wherever they wish. It is unclear whether or not cops can be armed there, in spite of that.

NOW THAT'S REALLY FUNNY! Minnesota Dumocrat Rep. Kieth Ellison *a Muslim) says the GOP is “the party of racism.” Coming from a member of the REAL “party of racism,” that's hilarious! I mention the fact that he is Muslim not because of racism (Muslim is NOT a race), but because I know what is the mindset of most militant Muslims (which he is). Facts prove that the Dumocrat Party has always BEEN the “party of racism.” Martin Luther King demonstrated AGAINST Dumocrats. And Dumocrats filibustered the Equal Rights Amendment.

TAKE IT AND STICK IT: To those who criticize Trump for “not using the proper language” in his criticism of those Nazi, KKK, and white supremacist racist rioters in Charlottesville, VA, I have a message: “Take it and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.” So he didn't name them specifically! La te da! We all know who they are. They don't need to be given the recognition naming them would entail. There are a certain bunch of people who would criticize Trump, no matter what he did or said. For my part, they need to shut up and go away.

THEY DON'T SPEAK FOR US: Liberals will try to make it look like those Nazi, KKK, and white supremacist racists who rioted in Charlottesville, VA are “right wingers.” They are NOT. In fact, racism ITSELF in the United States was STARTED by the LEFT, and remains the pervue of the left. Yes, there MAY be some die-hard racists on the right (AND the left). But racism is not, and never has been SYSTEMIC for right-wingers, no matter how much the left insists it is. Right-wingers CONDEMN those groups, outright, and want no part of them.

COPS DID NOTHING: At least at the beginning in Charlottesville, VA, when they could have “nipped things in the bud early,” before those Nazis, KKK thugs, and white supremacist racists were able to do much damage. It did NOT have to be an all-day affair where many were injured, and at least THREE killed. At one point, the COPS were routed by tear gas—which was thrown by the rioters. They should have KNOWN when they saw them carrying weapons and wearing helmets that they were ready to do violence.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Tolerate" N. Korea Nukes

There is no shortage of STUPID politicians in DC. Susan rice is not only a liar, she is one of them. She is now “advising” Trump to “tolerate” nuclear weapons in the hands of a madman who thinks America would actually attack his country without a reason. So he gives us a reason. There is NO WAY he could win any kind of a war with America, but he can do some damage before, and while we eliminate him from life. We can intercept most of his missiles, but not all of them, apparently. So SOME would get through, killing many innocent people, victims of his insanity.

JUST CALL 'EM NAMES: Liberals don't have anything else, so they just call people who disagree with them names. They have no cogent arguments to support their ignorant positions, so that's all they have. “Scandal” star Joshua Malina calls people who disagree with him homophobic, antisimitic, misogynistic, and transphobic. I doubt if he even knows the meaning of those words, but he throws them out to describe Trump supporters. If he had anything else, he'd use it, instead of just calling us names, but he does NOT.

THEY CALL HIM CRAZY: The liberals call Trump insane because he responds in kind to the rantings of that fat, ugly, ignorant dictator in N. Korea who erroneously thinks he can win a war with America. Just because Trump's not the WIMP Obama is, doesn't make him crazy. When a fool who has nukes threatens to use them on innocent people living in an America-protected territory, you MUST act. You CANNOT let this fool think he will not suffer his END if he attacks ANY place protected by America. If he thinks so, he will be enabled, and WILL attack.

IT'S ALWAYS TRUMP'S FAULT: N. Korea is pushing and pushing, threatening nuclear “first strike” on an American protectorate. He has shown himself to be insane, and his comic book generals with their silly looking hats and medals down to their knees are just as insane. So Trump, instead of “knuckling under” to his damfool threats, tells him just what will happen if he makes a single move toward ANY American protected territory, and it's HIS fault. It's not the soft, wimpy response we've come to expect under Obama, so it's TRUMP who is “moving us to the brink of war.” I submit that it is KIM JONG UN who is “moving us to the brink of war,” and it will result in his END if he continues, and rightly so.

DEMOCRAT OVERSTATING THINGS: They say that NRA is a “national security threat.” The Dumocrats have a way of overstating things. Like taking simple disagreement with their policies as being a “national security threat,” as if only their policies guaranteed national security. They do NOT. It's imbecilic to think that the way to self defense, for individuals, OR nations, is to disarm. The opposition, in both cases, will NOT disarm, and that will always leave us at a disadvantage. And on a national level, that makes the DUMOCRATS the “security threat.”

KIM UNDERESTIMATES US: Kim Jong Un has been underestimating us for years, and it's going to get him killed. He probably ought to just shut up, so he can keep what he has, instead of pushing us to the point where we find it NECESSARY to “take him out” before he causes some real damage. He says we are “a lump that he can beat at will.” That shows his complete IGNORANCE about how things work in the world. As Rush Limbaugh said, “He is just a zit on the BUTT of a pig.”

Monday, August 14, 2017

Liberal Attack On Fox

Just as I thought. A woman who accused Eric Bolling of sexual misconduct has come forward. She is Caroline Heldman, an associate professor at Occidental College, and has a HISTORY of making accusations against Fox personalities without any kind of proof. She had made similar accusations against Bill O'Reilly and Fox executive Woody Frazer, but continued to appear on Fox for three years without a peep. And when she made her previous accusations against O'Reilly and Frazer, Bolling was not even mentioned. This woman is a KNOWN liberal.

LIBERALS HATE IT: Anything that is good for this country, the liberals hate—even if the action they hate saves many lives. They have a “knee-jerk” reaction to hate it. AG Sessions told Fox News that the best way to keep MS-13 thugs from entering this country was to build Trump's wall and improve enforcement of illegal border crossing prevention, and the liberals dirtied their drawers, predictably. They hate any effort to limit illegal entry into this country. MS-13 members often enter in the hordes of unaccompanied minors Obama's policies let in on a regular basis, and his definition of “child” (up to 19) INCLUDES many of those gang members, who subsequently commit many crimes, including murder.

TRUMP GETS NO CREDIT: The economy has improved immeasurably. The stock market is at it's highest number EVER. Unemployment is down in the 4s. Illegal immigration has reduced 50%. Yet the liberal media IGNORES all this and Newsweek publishes a cover accusing Trump of having done NOTHING! How stupid ARE these liberals? Do they really think they can keep the good news from us? They've lost their monopoly on informing the public, but they refuse to admit it.

RACIST POLITICAL PARTY: America's mouthiest racist has now made it official. Maxine Waters wants to start an ALL BLACK political party. Imagine how much trouble I'd be in with liberals if I suggested an all WHITE political party. Apparently she thinks being black gives her rights not given to anybody else. So in addition to her stupid rants against President Trump, she's now proclaiming her racism to the world. And she's ugly, too.

IF YA GOTTA SAY IT: Then it's usually not true. Especially if you're an anti-gun fool politician trying to get laws passed to do just that. Many liberal politicians who are KNOWN anti-gun fools insist they are not trying to take away our guns while they are engaged in doing just that. Obama said it many times, but he is KNOWN to be a virulent anti-gun fool. So much so that he sparked a gun-buying surge not seen in many years, by people afraid he was going to take away their guns. The unexpected consequence of his actions was to make him the best gun salesman around—something I'm sure he hated with a passion.

GUN VIOLENCE TO INCREASE”: That's what the anti-gun fools say as state after state legalizes the carrying of guns by law-abiding people. And, surprisingly, it's true—IF you use their anti-gun fool definition of “gun violence” as ANY use of a gun, even in self defense. What is going to increase, at least for a while, is the instances of law-abiding people killing “bad guys” who try to victimize them. Studies have shown that bad guys who have been killed don't shoot too many people in the future.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Jealousy and Greed

That is all it is. The new tax New York City Mayor DeBlasio proposed for “the rich” is just that. It's not a “static game,” mayor. The “rich” don't just TAKE money from the poor, as you liberal FOOLS seem to think. It's patently IL;LOGICAL to think “the rich” could take ANYTHING from people who have nothing, and thereby become rich. It's typical damnfoolishness to even THINK so. They're just JEALOUS of people who have EARNED more than they have, and GREED to take some of it away from them.

WHY DO THEY HATE TRUMP? It's understandable that Dumocrats would hate Trump. They underestimated him at every turn, and are still underestimating him. But even a significant part of the Republicans hate him, too. I was a bit surprised at the DEPTH of the animosity of the Dumocrats, but I probably shouldn't have been. Those who hate him have identified themselves as being part of “the swamp” he has promised to drain, and they're FRIGHTENED. He's busily engaged in DRAINING that swamp with some degree of success, and they know their time is coming. So they hope to get rid of him before that happens.

FOX JUMPS TOO QUICK: The liberals have stumbled on a way to get rid of some of their top critics, and it seems to work. All it takes is an UNATTRIBUTED accusation in a LIBERAL rag that one of Fox's top ratings-getters is guilty of sexual malpractice, and Fox takes him off the air and fires him. That such accusations are UNPROVEN goes without saying. It worked on Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, so now they're doing it to Eric Bolling. And Fox predictably “suspended” Bolling “pending an investigation,” based on nothing but an anonymous report of an IMAGINARY indiscretion they can't prove. This can only hurt Fox News, and it HAS. Their ratings have dropped lately, and for the first time came in behind MSNBC and their THREE viewers.

MAXINE WATERS CRIES RACIST! Alert the media! The world's best-known racist accuses Allen Dershowitz of being a racist. Dershowitz replies, “Being black does not give you a license to call others a racist for whatever they say or do.” There are certain SPECIFIC things a person must say or do to BE a racist, and Waters does it, every day. In reality, SHE is the biggest racist in this scenario. She THINKS racism every waking moment. She SEARCHES for racism in everything people do or say (When she's not knocking Trump, that is), and she's quick to shout it out. She's a white against black racist, and ugly, to boot.

RUN, HIDE, DIE!” In some places, they recommend you “run, hide, tell” in case a mass killer comes and starts shooting up the place where you are. This usually doesn't work out very well for most people, since these things happen very quickly, usually before the cops (with their guns) can even get there. And if the shooter finds where you're hiding, he'll kill you. In other places they replace “hide” with “fight.” To what end, I don't know, because against a man with a gun, an unarmed person usually has no chance. Unless he can find something heavy enough and is a good aim—and he'd better be a good aim because if he misses, he's dead.

GUN RIGHTS CREATED AMERICA: What a lot of people don't know, because the anti-gun fools never talk about it, is the unalterable fact that what STARTED the Revolutionary War was the British attempt to take away the guns owned by the colonists. The “shot heard around the world” was fired by a colonist at a British soldier trying to take away his gun. So it was an attempt at “gun control” that CREATED the United States of America. Anti-gun fools deny this truth, but it is self-evident. And they've been trying to take away our guns, and with it, our right to self defense, ever since.