Friday, July 20, 2018

All I Need to Know

As I watch the televising of the interrogation of Peter Strzok, I see nothing but an arrogant, sneering, smirking fool, determined to “squirm out” of any responsibility for his actions and pronouncements. He declares that his personal biases have had nothing to do with his actions as an FBI agent, but he is LYING. The facts prove it. His eye-rolling, smirking expressions speak volumes to me, as he tells the senators of his resentment of their accusations and how they “offend” him. It’s really too bad he is offended by these proceedings—I really feel sorry for him—but I can’t seem to reach him. His very facial expressions offend me, and it appears, many of the senators assembled.

WHY NO CNN DEMONSTRATIONS? There were no “Town Hall Meetings” on gun control, nor were there many other kinds of “demonstrations” after the Annapolis shooting. Why is that? Because they would not advance their narrative, that’s why. It would be a real stretch to try and ban shotguns, and Annapolis is right in the middle of a state that is a “hotbed” of anti-gun laws. ALL their “precious laws” against guns are in effect there, but this guy still got his gun legally, in spite of being a felon. So it can’t be blamed on “lax gun laws,” one of their IMAGINARY things. It’s like a mass murder committed with a knife. You won’t see much about it in the liberal media, for the same reasons.

ATF GUN TRAFFICKING: The ATF, under Obama’s administration, RAN GUNS to Mexico while trying to blame local border gun shops. It didn’t work, because they forgot to consider that the cartels would find, and remove their tracking devices. This is the kind of STUPID things they did on Obama’s orders, for eight years, all the time ignoring, and DENYING the threat from Islamic terrorists, and allowing thousands of Islamic terrorists to cross our borders illegally with their “catch and release” policy, which a liberal judge forced us to return to on the PRETENSE of “being disturbed” about “separating” the illegal aliens from their children (for a time). So not they can go back to IGNORING their court dates and staying illegally, in this country.

THE NEW KU KLUX KLAN: Is “ Antifa,” the ubiquitous thugs who go about and ATTACK peaceful meetings of prayer groups and other groups whose purpose is not left-wing. And they do it while hiding behind masks, as the Dumocrat Party’s earlier creation, the Ku Klux Klan did back in the 1800s. Only this bunch is not only attacking just black people. They attack people that Dumocrats aim them at. The Dumocrats, being the REAL racist political party, CREATED the KKK to attack, and even KILL those who believed in equal treatment for black people. They “went wild” and beat, burned out, and KILLED many black people, and even some white people who sided with the black people. Antifa is their replacement.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The gloves are off. The New York Times is advocating Mafia-type tactics, including murder and car bombing for those who disagree with their liberal opinions. They no longer have any cogent arguments, so they’re resorting to violence… Liberals were slamming Trump’s SC pick, even before his name had been released. One source slammed his pick without even naming him… Dumocrat Senator from Hawaii Mazie Hirono says Trump doesn’t care about separating kids from their parents. So what? Who cares what a Dumocrat says? They’re all “Trump haters,” and will say ANYTHING to put him in a bad light… Joy Behar is asking why McConnell isn’t in JAIL for blocking the vote on potential Supreme Court Justice Merrick Garland. Which shows a certain IGNORANCE of how things work in this country. You can’t JAIL a lawmaker for their actions. If you could, there would be many politicians now serving, who would be in jail… 

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Another Gun Control Lie

They constantly tell us, without any basis in fact, that “98% of Americans support gun control,” which is a blatant LIE. They have no REAL stats to support their position, so they LIE and cite PHONY stats, hoping we’ll believe them. What they don’t count on is that the average American is not as stupid as their anti-gun fool supporters are, because they KNOW their laws and regs DON’T WORK. That all they do is make things WORSE by disarming the law-abiding, making them “easy targets” for the “bad guys,” who routinely IGNORE their laws

IT’S GETTING TOO VIOLENT: Liberals cannot answer the questions we have about their policies, nor can they stop Trump from reversing them, as oppressive as they are. So now they’re resorting to violence. An example recently is Fox News reporter Shannon Breem being forced to move a planned broadcast away from the steps of the Supreme Court, back to the safety of the studio because of the fear of violence from the crowd. Another example is the recent prayer group that was attacked by liberals calling themselves “Antifa,” indicating they are “fighting Fascism, while using the same Fascist violence used by the Fascists during the “Nazi Plague.

TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE: I’ve always disdained people who say there are only two kinds of people, for saying that so they can LABEL people for their own purposes. But, after a lifetime of study and a lot of thought, I have discovered that, truly, there ARE really “only two kinds of people.” It has to do with the philosophy that runs our lives, and there are only two VIABLE philosophies that run people’s lives: objective philosophy, or SUBjective philosophy (not Ayn Rand’s copyrighted “Objectivist” philosophy, although I fully agree with most if it). Under objective philosophy (small “o”) what is IS. A thing is a thing because it cannot be something else. A is A because it CANNOT be b or c, or any other letter because somebody wishes it to be so. That objective philosophy is REALITY is obvious. Under subjective philosophy, everything is subject to the whim of the observer.

NOBODY “NEEDS” AN ABORTION: All people need to do to avoid “the need” for an abortion is to use a rubber when screwing. I hate to be so crass, but that’s what it is. They THINK they have the right to MURDER the result when they have sex without protection, rather than RAISE the result or even put it up for adoption. There are plenty of people ready and willing to adopt, and abortion is just as hard on the woman’s body as actually giving birth, so that does away with that excuse. All of which makes the crack uttered by “The View” co-host Joy Behar that “many people will ‘need’ abortions,” that much more STUPID. Nobody “needs” an abortion. They, themselves CREATE the “need” for an abortion if they think they Have the right to MURDER the result of their unprotected sex.

SHANNON WATTS SCREWS UP: She unconsciously told us the Second Amendment was constitutional. Something everybody with INTELLIGENCE knows, but she tries to make us think she doesn’t. But the Second Amendment IS constitutional, but she doesn’t want to admit it, as she goes about in her attempts to subvert it. The fact that the measures she pushes never work seems to be lost on her. She wants to push her unconstitutional measures, anyway. Now she seems to have ADMITTED that gun control IS unconstitutional. Why the Court should take into consideration the affect on ANYTHING but the constitutionality of the measures is WRONG. The only thing that the Court is BOUND to consider is the CONSTITUTIONALITY of a measure.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Students are asked what they think about Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, BEFORE one is announced, and they hate him/her. It becomes obvious that they have become CONDITIONED to hate ANY Trump pick, for ANYTHING. Proving again, they know nothing...We know where you live!” That’s what leftist harassers told Mitch McConnell outside a restaurant the other day. He should have told them, “I know where YOU live, and the Secret service is coming after you for harassing a government employee.” If there isn’t already a law against this kind of harassment, there ought to beBoo-hoo! A thug who dragged a 15-year-old boy out of a bodega so his buddies could beat and stab him to death, now fears for his own life in prison. Sorry about that… Racist crack: Losing candidate in Colorado Saira Raio says, she has “given up on white people.” I guess because she lost, and blames it on white people… Kim Jong Stupid slams the US as “being gangster-like.” This coming from a REAL gangster. Hmmm… 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gun Conrtol Litmus Test

Dumocrats are whining about Trump having a “gun control litmus test” for his new Supreme Court nominee, which is stupid. There needs to be no “litmus test” for Supreme Court Justices. The freedom of American citizens to be armed for self defense against all comers—INCLUDING the government, itself, is THE LAW. The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which is the FOUNDATION on which ALL our laws sits, MANDATES it. And ANY Justice that is named, MUST uphold it. That is not a “litmus test,” it is a matter of LAW.

LOW TURNOUT “PROBLEM”: Gun control fools are “lamenting” the low turnouts to most of their recent “events.” They can’t figure out WHY the turnouts are so low. It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that their entire “campaign” is something nobody wants, except for the few people they have convinced to support their efforts to pass UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS to do unconstitutional things. This in spite of very calculated organization and publicizing of their meetings, which are routinely supported by the liberal media. The liberal media works HARD to make it look like their turnouts are HUGE, while doing just the opposite when it comes to PRO-gun meetings, which accounts for the REAL low turnouts to their meetings, something that is “played up” in the liberal media.

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Liberals INSTANTLY held gatherings the SAME NIGHT after Trump revealed his pick for the Supreme Court, and they had many professionally printed signs, already ready. Which tells me they were READY to oppose ANY pick he made. They probably had four different posters with ALL FOUR different names, one on each, just in case. They’re so transparent in their politics! And they don’t care if we know it. They know they have a certain number of fools who will vote for them in spite of that, and what we know just doesn’t count, to them.

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: Liberals INSTANTLY held gatherings the SAME NIGHT after Trump revealed his pick for the Supreme Court, and they had many professionally printed signs, already ready. Which tells me they were READY to oppose ANY pick he made. They probably had four different posters, each with one of the names on them, just in case. They’re so transparent in their underhanded politics! And they don’t care if we know it. They know they have a certain number of fools who will vote for them in spite of that, and what we know just doesn’t count, to them.

ANTI-GUNNERS FURIOUS: The anti-gunners are furious because Trump nominated Brett Cavanaugh to be a Supreme Court Justice. So the hell WHAT? Who gives a damn what the liberals (anti-gun fools) think? They prove their abysmal ignorance every day by the laws they pass and want to pass. Meryl Weiner, one of Shannon Watts’ girls, says Cavanaugh oughta be SHOT. Meanwhile, the NRA is asking all its six million members to “ramp up” their support for Cavanaugh, because he has been a PROVEN supporter of gun rights—as he should be, since gun ownership and use is constitutionally GUARANTEED.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: What liberals think they’re accomplishing by their attacks on, and harassment of anybody who supports, or works for Trump, I don’t know. All they’re doing is destroying their credibility… Jimmy Carter has proven his senility by saying, “I believe Jesus would approve of gay marriage.” That’s not what the BIBLE says, Jimmy. And you can’t change things, just by SAYING so… Looks like Hillary’s a “glutton for punishment.” Word is, she’s planning another run for president in 2020. She doesn’t know her “time is past.” somebody ought to tell her… Dumocrats are “gearing up” to oppose Trump’s next Supreme Court appointment, whoever it is. If FDR was still alive and Trump appointed him, they’d oppose that… Chicago has ALL the “tight gun laws” the anti-gun fools want to impose on us everywhere. Meanwhile, Chicago’s illegal gun holders have killed 1,400 people there. This year. What the hell GOOD are those laws? I don’t know…

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Liberals Are to Blame

The liberals complain about the “conditions” in our big cities, never mentioning that liberals are the ones “in charge” in those big cities, and it is THEIR POLICIES that have CAUSED those conditions. Look at any big city with miserable conditions, and you’ll find a liberal government, in place, many times for YEARS. One of the worst examples right now is San Francisco, where people CRAP in the streets, and nobody does anything, either to stop the practice and punish those who continue to do it, or even to CLEAN UP the crap in the streets. All they do is send out bureaucrats to make MAPS as to where the most crap is in the streets, so people can avoid the worst of it.

MAXINE DUE AN APOLOGY? The word is that 179 “black leaders” are demanding an apology from those who have “attacked” "Mad Max(ine)" Waters because of her stupid pronouncements. Are they STUPID, or what? Can’t they see that she earned EVERY instance of criticism by the STUPIDITY of her remarks? Can’t they see she’s WAY OUT THERE politically and needs to be “straightened out?” They assume she’s only being criticized because she’s black. That’s the dodge usually used by “way out there” politicians like her so they don’t have to try and LOGICALLY defend their silly arguments. They need to “wake up and smell the flowers.” Maxine is INSANE and needs to be REMOVED.

PARDON PAUL MANAFORT: Trump needs to pardon Paul Manafort. Mueller has punished him mercilessly, and for what? An IMAGINED lie, and the fact that he once worked for Trump. Manafort is now BROKE. He has lost his house, and has become a pariah because of the punishment handed out by this phony “prosecutor” who wants to USE HIM to get to President Trump. He has nothing he can use on Trump, and hopes to get Manafort to LIE about Trump so the harassment will end. He’s being treated WORSE than Islamic terrorists at GITMO. It needs to STOP.

NOT ADVERTISING MY POLITICS: I used to put bumper stickers on my car telling the world what I thought about the “issues of the day.” Until somebody threw rotten eggs all over my car. Since then, I haven’t advertised my politics because liberals are a “violent species.” They always have been, but they’re getting worse now, under the tutelage of people like "Mad Max(ine)" Waters, a member of Congress for many years, who is telling people to harass Trump supporters in public. They don’t have any answers to the policies of Republicans, so they “have hissy fits” all over the place. And she’s not alone. People all over are “taking her advice,” not understanding how “way out there” it is.

PROUD RACISM IN POLITICS: Dumocrat Siara Rao recently lost an election to a white candidate, and now she says, she has “given up on white people.” Does that mean that if a white person loses to a black candidate, it’s okay to “give up on black people?” Seems to me there has been a marked INCREASE in putting down white people in recent years, while nobody calls that racism. That’s because the Dumocrats, racists all (or most), don’t think disparaging white people is racism—but it is. Any time you disparage someone because of his color, race, nationality, religion, or even sex, it IS racism, whether you admit it, or not. Especially if you do it because of something he cannot change. Dumocrats think black people are ENTITLED to disparage white people because of the past sins of their forefathers (or foremothers). But they’re wrong. Disparaging someone because of the actions that were not theirs is WRONG.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: There’s a headline out there saying, “Marxists and socialists seek to take over the Democrat Party.” That’s wrong. They already HAVE…. Scott Pruitt has been gone for less than a day, and his temporary replacement is getting the same kind of phony attacks as he did—proving that NOTHING Trump does will EVER satisfy the liberal fools…. Remember Michael Avenatti, the whore Stormy Daniels’ lawyer? Well he just revealed his true purpose when he said he “might run for president” in the next election. It’s not about Stormy, it’s about him... Only Peelosi. She’s “trashing” the latest jobs report, which announced 213,000 NEW JOBS last month. Only a fool could find something wrong with that, so of course she did, being a foolThe media is reporting that “Scott Pruitt resigned amid ethics controversies.” Nothing mentioned about all the phony accusations thrown at him and his family…

Monday, July 16, 2018

"More Than Expected"

The booming economy produced 213,000 new jobs last month, a lot more than expected. This is getting to be almost routine after Donald Trump became president, and reversed many of Obama’s worst willful mistakes. Obama tried to convince us that “our best days were behind us,” excusing himself for the MISERABLE ECONOMY his administration produced. What is happening is that our best days are happening NOW, and will only get BETTER under President Trump, while the Dumocrats insult Trump and try to “bring him down,” while trying to block his every move. That’s all they can do, because they have nothing else.

MASS. VIOLATING CONSTITUTION: The Massachusetts governor signed into law a gun confiscation measure in his state the other day, thereby VIOLATING the Constitution of the United States. Again proving that there should be a way to PUNISH those politicians who enact, or even PROPOSE measures that violate the Constitution. That was a BIG MISTAKE, made by the Founders. They thought the embarrassment at having their unconstitutional measures reversed by the Supreme Court would be enough to stop such overly officious politicians from making, or even contemplating such things. There needed to be a PUNISHMENT assigned to politicians who violated, or even CONTEMPLATED violating the Constitution.

I’M NOT GETTING NERVOUS: I wasn’t always a Trump supporter. Not to the extent that I am, now. I looked at him the same way I looked at Bill Clinton when he was running, and thought, “He talks a good game, but will he produce?” Clinton not only did NOT produce, he actually made things worse—as did Obama. But Trump IS delivering on his promises. And for that reason, I am now a strong Trump supporter. The liberal media is lying when they say Trump supporters are now “very nervous,” about continuing in support of him, and would not vote for him in the future. That’s their way of trying to change the opinions of a multitude of Americans. Making them think they were wrong in voting for Trump.

THE LATEST VICTIM? Is the death of Ed Schultz, the TV figure who confronted Hillary on HER “media collusion” really by “natural causes?” I’ve written about this before, and nobody took notice and actually DID anything to find out what is real, and what is supposition. Typhoid Mary was personally involved in just 3 deaths because she was an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid Fever, but had a connection to 51 illnesses, and that got her that name, and the hate of numerous people. Hillary Clinton and her husband, Bill are connected to a lot more deaths than that. People who have died just before they were to give testimony damning to a Clinton or just were “in the way” of what the Clintons wanted.

YOU MUST BE A RACIST! If you don’t agree with “Mad Max(ine) Waters, you MUST be a racist. She can’t figure out any reason why you would POSSIBLY not agree with her hair-brained ideas if you weren’t. That’s her schtick. If somebody disagrees with her, just call them a racist. Then she won’t have to argue with them on her silly ideas. She can win every argument without being right. So the fact that she’s black was a “gift from God.” It means she never has to argue on the issues.

THAT INFAMOUS IMMIGRATION POLICY: Ever since Trump announced his policy to NOT “catch and release” illegal aliens who ask for asylum until their hearings because a majority of them just didn’t show up for those hearings, and couldn’t be found, Dumocrats have been crying about it, USING the “separation of families” that would result as a “rallying cry” for their supporters, if not most Democrat Americans. This, of course, IGNORES the fact that EVERY criminal who has been jailed or sent to prison for ANY crime has been “separated from his/her family” because we never send their CHILDREN to jail with them.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Antifa is "reeling" after their ignominious defeat in Portland. They say they're "down to two lattes a day." Poor babies! Maybe they should start understanding that their way is not THE way.... A woman fell down under a subway car while exiting. Many people in the crowd combined to get her to safety, and she's going to be okay. And nobody asked whether or not she voted for Trump.... Many liberals among reporters in the White House pool say Sarah Sanders lies to them. But they can't cite a SINGE provable lie.... The Dumocrat chair says socialist Ocasio Cortes "is the future of our party." If that's true, and it seems to be, they're in big trouble, because America is diametrically OPPOSED to socialism.... Dumocrats are gearing up to oppose ANYBODY Trump proposes for the Supreme Court. If he proposed appointing GOD, or even Nancy Peelosi, they'd appose Him or her because Trump appointed Him or her. We need to decertify them as a political party because they're nothing but a total barrier to ANYTHING Trump wants to do....

Friday, July 13, 2018

Liberals Abandoning Civility

The "Trump Derangement Syndrome" has caused Dumocrats to abandon civility, so they feel justified in their scurrilous attacks on Trump employees, supporters, and associates. One of the latest examples of that is the "Antifa" thugs who attacked a bunch of people at a "prayer meeting." Bad idea. This bunch knew how to defend themselves, and quickly put the Antifa thugs to rout. The liberal media, of course, told us the people who were attacked, just "began fighting" with the Antifa punks, never mentioning that the Antifa punks ATTACKED them without cause.

THEY OUGHTA BE BETTER: Dumocrats, under their aliases, such as "Antifa," are "lofting things up" to violence on the people they disagree with. But they ain't very good at it. A bunch of Antifa thugs attacked a gathering of Christians in Portland the other day, and got their asses whipped. One guy took a cudgel to one of the Christians, got it taken away from him and flattened by one well-aimed fist in the face. The rest of them moved in, and they all got their butts whipped. The liberal media called it a "clash of left-and right wing extremists. A riot." (Google it) But, as usual, that was a LIE.

DON’T MESS WITH MOM”: One stupid thug tried to carjack a car with two kids in it, and ended up with lots of woe. The mother saw him jump into her car with her kids, and jumped in with them, demanding he get out. He refused, so she shot him. The shot didn’t kill him, but it caused him to run into a utility pole. The woman, and her kids were not injured. But the bad guy? Not so much. He’s in the hospital, and will go quickly to prison after being released. This is a good lesson for bad guys everywhere: “Don’t get between a mother and her children.” There is nothing more fierce than a mom, if you threaten her children.

SHOWING THEIR TRUE COLORS: The Dumocrat Party is clueless, and they’re proving it, every day, with their stupid attacks on Trump supporters, and their continued Trump insults without a shred of proof of anything they say. Those very actions are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can’t answer the Republicans, and they have NO CHANCE of regaining the majority in congress in the upcoming midterms. They have NO platform except to be a major obstacle, while Trump continues to make progress in not only “draining the swamp,” but in reversing many of the bad things enacted by Barack Obama and other liberals.

REQUIRING SOLAR IN NEW HOMES? There’s a movement to make a law FORCING the builders of new homes to make them solar powered, at great expense. And of course, that expense would be born by the builders, and “passed along” to the BUYERS in the form of much higher purchase prices. And this, in a country that is SUPPOSED to be free. As with Obama’s REQUIREMENT to buy his massively expensive and less effective health care insurance, using the power of government to FORCE people to buy things they don’t want, this is unconstitutional. But, as usual, it will be enforced until the Supreme Court so designates it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The killer in Annapolis, MD used a shotgun to kill five people. Will Dick's stop selling shotguns now? And if the next mass killer uses a kitchen knife, will they stop selling those? Probably.... The Miss America Pageant has eliminated the swim suit competition. What a good way to ensure your demise.... Of course, one liberal reporter falsely claimed the killer in Annapolis, MD wore a "MAGA hat." Also, of course, he got his just desserts when he lost his job for it.... "Mad Max(ine)" Waters cancels two events because she SAYS she received "death threats." Sauce for the goose, people. She thinks she has the right to threaten Trump supporters, but it should never happen to her. If it really did.... A self described "democratic socialist" says that's "hugely different from socialism." It is NOT, and there is no such thing as "democratic socialism." Socialism CANNOT be "democratic." It REQUIRES a totalitarian government, for its thievery from the producer of new wealth to support the "drones" of society....

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Swiss Cheese Carjcker

This guy was out of control. He went through 2 counties shooting at people, finally ending up in El Paso County, where he tried to carjack a man. Bad idea. that man made him look like Swiss cheese, shooting him multiple times. It's a wonder he's still alive--but he is. He's in the hospital, facing charges in two counties, that include attempted murder. This is what happens when law-abiding people are able to have their own guns to defend against people like this. This is yet more evidence that the anti-gun fools are just that: fools.

SHE CAN'T TAKE IT: "Mad Max(ine)" Waters says she isn't afraid of Trump or his supporters as she advises liberal "snowflakes" to "confront Trump people wherever you find them." But apparently she's really afraid of a reporter's microphone when SHE is confronted about her advice. She was tooling around, waving at people, when a reporter asked her about her ill-advised "advice" for Trump haters. She quickly rolled up her window and had her driver (she doesn't drive herself) drive away quickly, while one of her supporters SLUGGED the reporter as she ran away.

MOST DEMOCRATS ARE FOOLS: They want to abolish ICE. We might as well abolish the institution of our government. Or get rid of the cops because they shoot black guys who are shooting at everybody. "Black Lives Matter" would like that. Get rid of the agency that keeps criminals in line (mostly). That's why Dumocrats want to get rid of ICE. They want COMPLETELY open borders. They want to allow ANYBODY who wants to come in, no matter if they're criminals who will rob and murder us, and rape our women. They don't care. Dumocrats feel an "affinity" with criminals, of all kinds, because most of them are criminals of another kind.

"PACK THE SUPREME COURT!" That's what the liberals (Dumocrats) want to do, when, and IF they regain their majority in congress. So that is yet one more reason to REJECT as many Dumocrats as possible, in EVERY election. FDR famously tried to pack the Supreme Court, and failed. They note that 14 out of the last 18 new justices were appointed by Republicans, and discount the fact that almost HALF the Court is still liberal. They want to "correct that imbalance," meaning more liberals on the court. The fact that this will NOT "correct an imbalance" doesn't occur to them.

BROUGHT IT ON THEMSELVES: Illegal aliens entering this country illegally are committing a CRIME. They KNOW there's an almost sure chance they're going to go into detention because previous illegal aliens who have been ALLOWED into this country while their case is being adjudicated have not showed up for their hearings, and have disappeared into the country. If they enter illegally the second time, it is a FELONY, and they will almost surely be imprisoned, if caught. We don't imprison the children of criminals with them, and so they MUST be separated from them until the parents are released. They KNOW this, but they come, anyway, and they bring their children with them, KNOWING they will be separated from them for a time.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Maxine Waters is really an ugly bitc--er, uh, witch, to go along with her personality. The voters in California must really be ignorant to send such a fool to DC for so long.... Showing the ignorant liberal logic, they now think Stormy Daniels, that highly paid whore, is "virtuous," while Sarah Sanders is "pure evil." All for telling the world the truth. How they figure a woman who screws guys for a living is "virtuous" is a mystery to me.... Boo-Hoo! Justice Kennedy, a liberal stalwart on the supreme Court announces his immediate retirement, and liberals everywhere cry rivers of tears. Sorry about that (not).... It shouldn't matter if a justice is pro or anti abortion. Abortion is MURDER and unconstitutional and should be thrown out with the other rubbish, regardless. A justice should always rule on constitutionality, NOT on his own beliefs or prejudices....