Friday, March 29, 2019

Cashing In On Death

And they’re not even morticians! The New Zealand government made it a criminal offense, just to OWN a copy of the video their latest mass shooter made of his crime, so they could SELL copies for $102.00 (I assume while issuing something that makes owning one they bought, not a crime). Talk about “cashing in” on mass murder! It sure must be fun to be in the “government racket.” They figure out many ways to cash in on being the government. Now just in NZ, but everywhere. They make laws in such a way as to ENABLE making money, off the top of which they can skim, for themselves.

CHILDREN” AT AGE 18? That’s what a Florida Atlantic University (FAU) seems to think, anyway. I guess they couldn’t find enough real children affected by gunfire for their study, so they expanded their definition of “children” to include those up to 18 YO. I’d say including men who are members of street gangs and go about armed (illegally) shooting each other all the time, makes their figures look a lot worse than they really are. Most people, when they hear the word “children,” think of toddlers and other small people, not MEN AND WOMEN who are really ADULTS. This is how the anti-gun fools inflate their numbers, and is probably the BEST reason to doubt ALL their numbers.

IT IS AN INVASION! When are the “powers that be” going to realize that we are UNDER ATTACK by illegal liens, who are being USED by people who want to destroy our border defenses? Why else are there numerous thousands of people from south of our borders clamoring for entry—AT THE SAME TIME? Who organized this onslaught? It was not done without somebody working hard and spending a lot of money to organize it. And it was done under the FICTION that it was just some people wanting to better themselves and we should welcome them. We have at least slowed down this onslaught, but they are now planning on sending another 2,500 people—all together—to test our resolve.

DOING THEIR JOBS: The “Student Government” at Berkeley wants the cops who arrested two black students, suspended for doing their jobs. They think refusing to give up the Taser that was not allowed on campus, and actually fighting them was not something ANYBODY would be arrested for. They’re calling it “racial profiling” because the students were black. Would they call it the same if the students had happened to be white? I think not. Calling the arrests racism is simply a liberal scam they use everywhere to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

DEMOCRAT MASS DELUSION: Bob Mueller just Popped the Dumocrat bubble with his “long-awaited report” that found NO EVIDENCE of any wrongdoing (not just in the “Russian collusion scam, but everywhere). That’s after almost two years of lifting every rock and searching every crevice in his $30 million dollar witch hunt. Will Dumocrats finally admit they were wrong? Not a chance. Every Dumocrat spokesperson heard from says they will go right on looking. Some say they WILL impeach Trump, even though they have not a shred of any kind of evidence to support such a thing. Their mass delusion continues.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Jussie Smollett tried a poor attempt to damage President Trump (one of many false accusations), and now he’s “furious” that he’s been called on his lies. Poor baby Update: he gave Chicago $10,000.00 and claimed to have done some “public service” and they dropped trou… er, charges and let him goTalk about fake news! Today I read in one place that Jussie Smollett is being dropped from his show; and in another place, that his “job is safe.” Now which story do I believe? Neither. I’ll just wait and see what actually happens… California is a big and prosperous state. But that isn’t going to last much longer with the liberals running it down like they are. Already, intelligent people are leaving in droves because they’re tired of being lootedNancy Peelosi says future Dumocrat presidents could declare a national emergency and take all your guns away. But that could not happen as long as the Second Amendment is still around. Wake up to reality, Nancy…

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Disgusted With Politicians

I’ll tell you. I’m really disgusted with Dumocrats—AND Republicans, today. Each, for different reasons. Dumocrats for their seeming inability to “give it up” when they are proven wrong, and Republicans for not “speaking up” when Dumocrats are wrong. Dumocrat Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler, before even getting a look at the Mueller Report, says, “Mueller’s investigation was limited, and he’s going to keep the ‘investigation’ going.” Mueller’s “investigation” was NOT “limited.” He abandoned the original idea that Trump “colluded” with the Russians to get elected, and wound up indicting a couple of men who might have only shook Trump’s hand once upon a time for “process crimes” and maybe a few money scams having nothing whatever to do with Trump.

THEY COULDN’T PROVE IT: Dumocrats spent almost two years and $30 million of YOUR dollars in hopes of finding evidence that President Trump conspired with the Russians to win the election, looking under every rock and in every crevice, but found NOTHING. Then they switched and started looking for evidence of obstructing justice, and still couldn't find anything. Will they now stop beating this dead horse? Not a chance. They plan on continuing this “witch hunt” until they can find SOMEONE they can threaten into saying something they can use as “evidence” against President Trump. How many more millions will they spend in this fruitless quest?

THEY LOOK PRETTY SILLY: Remember all those Dumocrats who said they had “sure proof Trump was colluding with the Russians?” Proof that did not exist. Are they “eating crow” now? Not a chance. They say that Mueller’s investigation was “limited,” and they intend to keep digging. This in spite of the fact that Mueller was NOT “limited,” in any way. He was free to take his “investigation” in any direction. Others say there is an “obvious cover-up.” Obvious to whom? It’s only obvious to those who just want it to be true. Not to intelligent people. Now they’re saying that, “Despite the fact that they found no evidence, Putin got what he wanted.” And what is that, pray tell? Russia has been proven to have “colluded” with the Dumocrats. It’s called “The Steele Dossier.” Yes, Putin got what he wanted, but because of the Dumocrat witch hunt, not anything President Trump did.

THEY CAN’T DO IT”: In Deerfield, Illinois (just outside of Chicago) they passed an ordinance banning assault weapons. Happy Days, for the anti-gun fools. Only one problem. They can’t dodat. It didn’t take long for a LOCAL judge to decide it was unconstitutional. A city cannot ban guns in the United States, no more than can the federal government. The Second Amendment prohibits it, and ANY law made MUST conform to the Constitution. They didn’t even need to go to the Supreme Court to get their ruling. It is so obvious, even a local justice of the peace could do it.

SMOLLETT CHARGES DROPPED: They have said many things about the reasons the 16 charges have been dropped, suddenly. Along with that, Smollett in effect, GAVE the City of Chicago $10,000.00 by “forfeiting his bond. Why he did that, I don’t know—except maybe it was the reason for them dropping the charges. In Chicago, you never know. I don’t want to suggest it was a “payoff,” but you have to consider the location, and the corruption there is there. This kind of thing almost never happens, and I’ll be very interested in any further information that might come out. Not that Smollett gives a damn what I think. What still remains, for me, is that crack about his “attackers making pro-Trump cracks. That sounds very much like something that was added for effect, and I don’t believe it, for a second.

FOID CARD UNCONSTITUTIONAL: It’s jist turribl! This little lady had a rifle in her home without having gone to a state bureaucrat, hat in hand, asking for PERMISSION to exercise a constitutional right. She didn’t give the bureaucrats their paperwork. The circuit judge ruled that the very idea of having to apply for PERMISSION to own a gun was unconstitutional. The state plans to appeal this to the Supreme Court, but I don’t expect it to be reversed, since having to ask PERMISSION to exercise a constitutional right IS unconstitutional on it’s face. I’m not even a lawyer or a judge and I can see that.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Jussie Smollett is “furious” after he was accused of staging his “attack.” Poor baby! “Ya do the crime, ye gotta do the time.” Update: Chicago dropped the charges after Jussie gave them $10,000.00 by “forfeiting his bond”That guy who pulled a gun on a Trump “MAGA” hat wearer needs to have his carry permit revoked. Some people should not be allowed NEAR a gun. If the victim here had had a gun, the problem could have been solved in a hurry… Bernie Sanders says Trump is just “trying to split us up.” He’s right. Trump wants to separate the crooks from the honest politicians (if there are any)… One of the biggest gripes the Dumocrats make is that “old white men” seem to make all the rules. Completely ignoring that their favorite “old white man” is running for president. Again… Socialist apologists are now saying “it wasn’t real socialism that ruined the economy in Venezuela. They’re really pushing the lies…

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Bloomberg Writes An Article

In it, he DEMANDS that the Supreme Court, in the person of Chief Justice Roberts, “Follow New Zealand’s lead,” and ban all assault rifles. He thinks first of all, that Justice Roberts gives a damn what Bloomberg says and will actually DO it. And second, if he does, it will “put a stop to gun violence.” This kind of stupidity seems to run through all countries. Most have been proven to be stupid. Maybe they all take stupid pills. Whatever, their approach to “gun violence” is ALWAYS to make more and more of the stupid laws that have done NOTHING to prevent gun violence, while congratulating themselves on a “job well done.” Meanwhile, gun crime continues, unabated.

RACISM IN GUN CONTROL: Leave it to the liberal news people. Now the Scientific American published an article saying “white men” are stockpiling guns. Nothing about black men being AWASH in guns, mostly in the hands of gang members, who PREY on “white people,” male and female (and blacks, too). Liberals want to inject racism into everything. They work hard to CREATE racism against white people while pretending that racism against blacks is as strong as it was in the fifties. They ignore the fact that there are more black people in positions of power in this country now than ever before, and that included the presidency.

KNEE-JERK REACTION: In New Zealand, the government, in a “knee-jerk reaction,” banned “all automatic weapons that can use a magazine holding more than five rounds.” Now our politicians are saying, “We need to follow New Zealand’s lead.” Where? Into oblivion? New Zealand isn’t “leading.” It is following all the anti-gun fools there are, who make useless anti-gun laws that do NOTHING to reduce gun violence. Instead INCREASING IT by disarming the law-abiding, who are NOT the problem, while ignoring the law breakers, who ARE the problem. Thus making it significantly easier for those law breakers to victimize the law-abiding.

NO WEAPONS OF WAR”: Joe Scarboro (“Morning Joe” on MSNBC) says the Second Amendment “doesn’t cover weapons of war.” Hey Joe! Yes, it DOES. It isn’t limited to covering flintlocks, either, as some anti-gun fools say. They say it only covers the weapons that were in use when the Constitution was written. Wrong again! It covers weapons “in common use.” Not those in common use when the Constitution was written, but those in common use, NOW. This is just another feeble attempt by an anti-gun fool to DILUTE the meaning of one of the shortest, and simplest, easily understood sections. It mentions NO KIND of gun, but guarantees that Americans will always be able to be ARMED, in self defense. What doesn’t Joe understand about that?

LIKE AL CAPONE’S VAULT: When they opened what was billed as “Al Capone’s Hidden Vault,” they found NOTHING inside. Just as will happen when Mueller’s “long-awaited report” is opened. It will contain NOTHING, after we spent more than $20 million dollars on his “witch hunt”… MSNBC’s Joy Reid is already saying, “This has the seeds of a cover-up,” before even knowing what is, or is not in it, revealing, for all to see, her complete bias, or abysmal ignorance. This is how it is, has been, and always will be with liberals. If an “investigation” doesn’t go their way, it has to be a “cover-up.” Dumocrats are in denial and vow to “continue the investigation.” They will continue to spend taxpayer money in their futile effort to prove Trump a “criminal” until the end of time.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: A big rape of the producers of new wealth is planned in Vermont (Bernie’s state), with a real vote in their legislature for the government to pay for all college tuition. Is there no limit to the thievery of the government? I don’t think so… Bernie’s running again, and he’s vying to out-socialist the other socialists. That this can even have a chance of working in this country is tragic… It’s a big story, and hilarious: Liberal media folks helping Kamala Harris buy her “coat of many colors”… Every time I see Fox’s “Outnumbered,” all I can think of is all those legs. It diminishes what they’re trying to do with that program. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining, just observing. I think it’s Fox’s way of getting more men to watch the show… Socialist Bernie Sanders talks about America being the “richest nation” in the world, completely ignoring the free market (not socialism), which is what MADE it the “richest nation”… 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

George Conway's Idiocy

George Conway, husband of Kellyanne Conway, who is one of President Trump’s closest advisers, must be telling his wife he wants a divorce. I can’t see any other reason why he has “gone public” with his Trump hatred, well knowing who Kellyanne’s boss is. He must really have a hatred for Trump, and himself, if he wants to destroy his marriage to this beautiful woman with his big mouth. Seems to me he ought to keep his hatred of Trump between himself and his wife, lest she tell him to “take a walk.” He is forcing Kellyanne to start divorce proceedings. Trump calls him “Mister Kellyanne” or “the husband from hell.”

INCREASING DEMOCRAT VOTERS: Liberals are doing their best to create as many new voters as they can that they can be pretty sure will vote Dumocrat. In California, they are registering ILLEGAL aliens to vote. In Florida, the same. They are also registering felons in many places. They hope this way they can change places like Florida, which is a “red state,” into a “blue state,” and change the outcome of the elections to favor Dumocrats. All this will be done by allowing people to vote who should never be allowed near a ballot box. They get away with this because they have seen to it, over the years, that Dumocrats mostly RUN elections, in as many places as possible. And the weenie Republicans don’t do anything about it. This country is on it’s way “down the tubes,” and Dumocrats are doing everything they can to make it happen faster.

I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND: How such stupid people can attain the power to make laws that regulate the actions of others. I refer specifically to those politicians who make the useless, unenforceable anti-gun laws that only serve to DISARM the law-abiding (who are not the problem) while doing nothing to stop the law breakers (who ARE the problem) from getting their guns ILLEGALLY. They have to know their laws don’t work, but they insist on making even more of them, all the time. Whenever there is a shooting, they rush to make the law-abiding defenseless, which just makes the problem worse. And they keep getting elected, in spite of their stupidity.

IT IS AN EMERGENCY! Dumocrats keep telling us that the “border problem” is NOT an emergency. Meanwhile, our southern border is being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of illegal aliens coming in. It has gotten to the point now that we MUST release them while they await their court dates, because there just isn’t enough space available to keep these people in custody until their hearing, notwithstanding they USUALLY don’t show up for their hearing. They just stay in this country illegally. They arrested 400 people one day recently, in FIVE MINUTES. If you don’t think that is a national emergency, you need your head examined.

BANG HEAD AGAINST WALL: That seems to be the universal “solution” to “gun crime” all over the world. New Zealand, after that tragic massacre in a Muslim mosque, is making new laws to BAN all “automatic weapons,” and reclassifying other weapons as “automatic weapons” so as to include them in their ban. Their PM says, “We are announcing action today on behalf of all New Zealanders to strengthen our gun laws and make our country a safer place," But does it? Not a chance. The next mass shooter there will simply get his guns ILLEGALLY, and all they have done is make it easier for that next shooter by DISARMING the law-abiding. The law-abiding OBEY laws. Criminals do NOT.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrats want us to quit saying AOC’s “Green Deal” is too expensive, but it is RUINOUSLY expensive. If it is enacted, it will finally BREAK us. And that’s a fact they don’t want to face, because that’s their plan. Break us, then blame the free market so they can impose socialism on usDamned Dumocrats keep calling President Trump a criminal without citing any criminality on his part. Because there isn’t any. They think if they repeat it often enough, some people will come to believe it… Liberal media still calling Bernie Sanders “one of the most influential voices in politics today.” These people are DEMENTED. He is no more “influential” than is the school janitor at the local high school, with his ignorant socialist ideas…

Monday, March 25, 2019

"Seattle Is Dying"

Homelessness is way out of control in this liberal-run city, as in most liberal-run cities. It’s a city “gripped with homelessness and drug abuse. Again like most liberal-run cities. And those are not their only systemic problems. Of course, liberals will tell me I’m “cherry picking” liberal-run cities, but after a major search, I haven’t FOUND any “conservative-run cities.” Liberals do their best work in scheming their way to win local elections. My point is that liberals complain about things like drug use or homelessness without ever admitting it is THEIR policies that CREATE it. Other liberal-run cities are “scrapping” their costly liberal-created recycling programs as being “not economically feasible.”

SANDERS’ NEW HIRE: “Crazy Bernie” Sanders has hired the man who wrote the now infamous “Hugo Chavez’s Economic Miracle,” about the system that CAUSED the abysmal failure of socialism in Venezuela. This guy has previously been helping Bernie (unofficially) while working as a journalist, and deleted the evidence when it looked like he would be caught. This Hugo Chavez fanboy used to be Chavez’s campaign senior adviser and speechwriter—until the wheels fell off Hugo’s “train.”

GOING WAY TOO FAR: An “anti-male bill” in Georgia would force men to report every single “release of sperm.” That’s even more laughable than many of the other liberal demands on the people. Think about it. How would the state government ever be able to enforce such a law without delving into a man’s bedroom to catalog every time he has sex or even masturbates. Further, that is something they don’t even have a right to know. Talk about total control! If I lived there, and if this bill passed, I would be an “instant criminal” because I would tell the state to “go to hell” if they did ANYTHING to enforce this upon me. This is as ridiculous as liberals claiming that there are more than two sexes and letting MEN go into women’s restrooms if they think they’re a woman, that day.

IMPOSSIBLE POLITICS: I’m really disturbed at the direction politics is taking today. The liberal leaning toward socialism is bad enough, but the very antics of the candidates (so far, Dumocrats) are disturbing. Not their views, necessarily, but the things they do, while thinking they are “natural and normal.” We even have one Dumocrat presidential candidate who went out and ATE DIRT after losing an election, possibly to “atone” for losing. Then he sent his wife a baby turd to show her how much he loved her! Another one, who lost a governor’s election in Georgia, and who once burned the American flag, thinks it’s CRIMINAL that she lost. I just don’t know if we can survive such lunacy.

SOCIAL MEDIA DICTATORSHIP: Facebook has “suspended” Natural News for 7 days because they posted a truthful article about Flouride. And they also “suspended” the Health Ranger account permanently for their content. Whatever the hell gives Facebook the idea that they can CENSOR people without a response? There needs to be some sort of control on what these fools do so they can’t trample on the First Amendment rights of their users without a response. Of course, there is a response. Just stop using Facebook. If enough users do that, Facebook will fold for lack of members. They won’t be able to sell ads, and that’s where they get their money.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Liberals love to overstate things to make a point, even if they’re lying. That’s true of the Berkeley (of course) prof who compared Trump supporters to slave owners. What a damned fool...Liberals in Congress insist that McCabe and Rosenstein are “the salt of the Earth,” and wouldn’t do such a thing as mount a coup on President Trump. Even while seeing the evidence they absolutely did it. I guess they figure if they say it often enough, it’ll be true… Pencil Neck Adam Schiff says there’s “plenty of evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians,” but he doesn’t show us any. Because there is none. He just thinks if he says it often enough, it will be true, Show us the evidence, Pencil Neck… Joe Biden goes to Europe and tells them, “America is an embarrassment.” Actually, it is Ol’ Joe that is an embarrassment with his “wandering hands” on the nearest child…

Friday, March 22, 2019

Our Politicians Are Stupid!

What the hell are they THINKING, to release the “American Taliban,” John Walker Lindh, from prison, and sending him to Ireland, where he swears he will live, away from the Taliban. If you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you, cheap. This guy “renounced his citizenship” (whether or not he knew it) by joining the terrorists and killing Americans in the “name of Allah,” something stupid that many extreme Muslims do. For that, he should have, at the very least, been imprisoned for the rest of his miserable life. This guy should never, ever, be able to see the outdoors without some bars between him and it. At best, he should have been sentenced to death by firing squad. But NO! Our politicians have let him be released “on good behavior,” from prison.

IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED: Now they’re “eating their own.” Liberals can’t find anything REAL about which to complain, so now they’re starting to criticize their own people for their imagined slights. Chelsea Clinton seems to have had the audacity to express an opinion they didn’t like about a Muslim congresswoman who made racist comments. So now they blame her for the New Zealand massacre. Smart. Her comments about that Muslim woman CAUSED the New Zealand massacre. That shows graphically the low level of intelligence among liberals. I don't often stand up for a Dumocrat, but when they deserve it, I do.

NEVER CHALLENGED: One of the problems with the outrageous statements about Republicans, especially Trump and/or his supporters is that here is really nothing for which they can criticize him because everything he has done is good for America. So they take an imaginary concept and accuse him of it. Example: Dumocrat James Clyburn of S. Dakota compares him with Hitler’s method of consolidating power before WWII. Of course, there’s nothing to support such an insulting ans outlandish charge, but that has never stopped a Dumocrat before, and will not, in the future.

NEWS” COVERAGE: The liberal media is bereft. They can’t find it in their power to actually REPORT on the booming economy (based on reality, not a “bubble”) and all the other good things President Trump has done for America, so they put out “Special Reports” on how Trump is a racist, a Russian spy, and a white nationalist, whatever THAT is. Oh. That’s a “dog whistle” meaning racist. Whatever. Trump has done more good things for America in two years than any Dumocrat has ever done in an eight year term.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrats say Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to get wall funds is a misuse of authority or something like that. Was it a misuse of authority the 13 times Obama did it? Can’t have it both ways, folks… Pencil Neck Adam Schiff says the “evidence is in plain sight.” WHAT evidence, Pencil Neck? Are you hallucinating again? Must be if you see ANY evidence. I don’t know what evidence you’re talking about, and neither do you… Karl Marx’s grave has been vandalized. Too bad. It’s Marx himself who should have been vandalized. His ideas have caused much suffering and death, and he should have been made to pay for it. And the suffering and death continues, as his ideas are again becoming popular. Which is unfortunateOne member of Congress, a Republican, even (RINO), says a president “should not ‘go around Congress’ to get funding.” Really? Then why did most of our presidents do it when Congress was “having a tantrum” and being unreasonable, while getting people killed? Obama did it 13 times. There has to be a way to get things done when Congress is crapping on you…

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Nobody Cares

“Snowflake Millennials” have come out with a list of the most major “stressors,” and gun control didn’t even make the list. Of course, some of those that did are slow Wi-FI, a broken cell phone screen, and getting zero “likes” on Facebook. Those are actually causing them to lose sleep. Did you find anything on there that really bothered you? Maybe the reason guns didn’t make the list is because those kids might be a little smarter than most anti-gun fools about anti-gun laws. Maybe they actually realize they don’t work, so they can’t be bothered to worry about it.

ONE JUDGE IS SMART: It’s no accident that mass shootings happen mostly in schools, or churches, or any other location that is a “gun-free zone.” Which is why Americans are “warming” to the idea of ALLOWING (not forcing) teachers and other staff (non-uniformed) to bring their guns to school, so they can protect not only their students, but themselves, as well. Of course, the anti-gun fools don’t agree. They think that, if a teacher has a gun with him/her, he/she will lose all control and start killing students, themselves—which is a pipe-dream. People don’t just “lose control” just because they have a gun in their pockets. They make this argument so they can continue to make their useless anti-gun laws that don’t work, worth a damn.

DEMOCRAT IMPOSSIBLE DREAM: Somebody needs to force politicians to learn something about economics before they’re allowed to run for an office that allows them to get laws made that will BANKRUPT this country. So far, almost all Dumocrat presidential candidates want some form of socialism, like “universal minimum pay,” whether they work, or not. Dumocrat presidential candidate (among many) Andrew Yang (who?) wants to give “every American” $1,000 a month minimum. Where he figures to get this money is in doubt, because who would be working if they got paid NOT to work? You gotta teal it from somebody, and with EVERYBODY getting $1,000 a month, nobody would be working. Thus, there would be NO MONEY to support this.

A CRIMINAL OFFENSE: How do “election officials” (Dumocrats) get away with allowing illegal aliens to vote in important elections? Because currently there is not any PUNISHMENT for breaking that law, and punishment is the only thing politicians will allow to deter them from doing what they want, even if it’s illegal. There should be a law made to PUNISH those who allow illegal alien votes to count in an election. But that will probably never happen because the very people who would have to vote that in are the ones who are the worst violators. I hear often that thousands of illegal votes are counted in many elections, but those votes are never discounted. So what the hell GOOD is that law?

CNN GETS “JOURNALISM” AWARD” The “liberal fake news factories” hate it when President Trump calls them out for it. So they get together and give each other awards for “great journalism.” Just after that many-times botched “investigation” into the Parkland School Shooting in Ft. Lauderdale that cost the sitting sheriff his job for incompetence, CNN hosted a “Two Minute’s Hate” gathering, where students were told to “scream at Republicans” and all gun supporters, and blame the NRA for that shooting, because they stand up for our constitutional right to be armed for self defense from all those “unregulated” ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of the bad guys. This is “journalistic excellence?” Not a chance.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Morning Joe” is worried that AOC’s ignorant actions and statements will give Trump an easy win in 2020. That horse is already gone, Joe. But I’m sure she helped a lot… Dumocrats want to remove everything good. They’re trying to get ICE disbanded, and now they want to tear down that part of Trump’s wall that does now exist. Damn, how did such stupid people get so much power? Mostly by cheating, I guess… We now have a new crop of “Dreamers.” They’re called Dumocrat 2020 presidential candidates who think they can beat the Trump juggernaut… Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has officially declared herself stupid. She did that by telling an audience of gay people she supported that silly “X” designation as a “third sex,” something that is biologically impossible. There are TWO SEXES. Male and female. And no amount of damned foolishness by liberals is going to change that. If the person has a penis he’s a MALE. A vagina, a FEMALE. Period; end of discussion. It doesn’t matter what they call themselves

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Did It 13 Times!

The anti-gun fools confidently tell us that a “good guy with a gun” NEVER “saves the day” when he confronts a “bad guy with a gun.” But it has happened millions of times—times they ignore, and the liberal media refuses to report, except maybe a few LOCAL reports, not taken up by the national media. It happened 13 times in February, all over the country. Bearing Arms has even dedicated an entire section of their web site to telling these stories. One of the favorite things used by the anti-gun fools is the “gun-free zone,” which is a terrible failure, as almost ALL mass shootings HAPPEN in “gun-free zones.”

THEY’RE REALLY FRIGHTENED: President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in DC, and he’s actually DOING it, unlike most politicians, who promise much and do little. The fact that his promise will affect a large majority of politicians now in power in DC and elsewhere frightens them no end. So they don’t just want to get rid of him as a power, they want him to DIE. In prison, if possible. One failing Hollywood actor, John Cusak, who has starred in a few “blockbusters,” but has done not much of anything in recent years, says that “democracy is dead unless Donald Trump rots in prison.” Naturally, he cites no “crimes” to back up that statement, only that it is his OPINION.

PREDICTABLE RESPONSE: After a gunman (or gunmen) entered a mosque and killed 49 Muslims, the New Zealand AG announced a new ban on automatic weapons. As if such a ban would actually STOP such atrocities. Again I emphasize the fact that people who wish to do the ULTIMATE crime, a mass shooting, are not going to be concerned in the slightest about violating such a law. They noted that the shooter had his gun legally, as if that proves how a ban on the guns he used would do ANYTHING to stop future such atrocities. It won’t. If that potential shooter can’t get his guns legally, he will, of course, get them ILLEGALLY. That’s a given. Of course, Christians are getting killed, all over the world, and the liberal media refuses to cover it, while doing "wall to wall" coverage of the ONE killing of Muslims.

USING A TRAGEDY: Rahm Emanuel is known for his intemperate statement that we should “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Which means that, as politicians, you should always USE a tragedy like the one in New Zealand, where a gunman mowed down a bunch of praying Muslims in a mosque with an automatic weapon, to advance your narrative. New Zealand instantly BANNED all automatic weapons. As if such a ban would actually DO something to stop future such atrocities. It will not. Emanuel is an example of a politician who uses such tragedies to his own benefit, and to the benefit of his friends.

TRUMP TOO CONFRONTATIONAL? That’s a question some are asking. I even voted in a “poll” asking that question. It’s only the lilly-livered among us who think President Trump is “too confrontational.” His enemies don’t hesitate to be confrontational in their treatment of not only President Trump, or his supporters, as witness the myriad reports of people who should know better slapping the “MAGA hats” off the heads of people who have the right to wear them. And other reports of left-leaning fools attacking people for supporting President Trump. Faced with such actions, it is not surprising that he would confront the confrontations with confrontations of his own.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: It doesn’t seem to matter to Dumocrats that Obama declared THIRTEEN “states of emergency.” Just because President Trump did it this time, and that scotched their efforts to block his every move, they “lost their minds” and declared it “unlawful” for him to do so. These people are shameless… It’s time to retire Nancy Peelosi. Looks like she’s having a series of “mini-strokes” that have caused her to have “brain freezes” during important speeches, quote not only wrong figures, but VERY wrong figures, and do things like hold up five fingers while talking about 6 things. Like Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, she’s way past her “expiration date,” and shouldn’t be trusted with important decisions. It’s probably time to have her head examinedAOC thinks Amazon not building its new fulfillment center in NY is a victory for her. She actually said, “I single-handedly beat a billionaire.” But she will learn in the next election, just who was the victor there. Boy, what a cocky bimbo she is. She thinks losing 25,000 jobs and billions of dollars is a victory. That’s how stupid she is. Of course, it wasn’t “single-handed.” She had a lot of “help” from stupid liberal NY politicians, who threw a lot of roadblocks into the deal…

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Voting Age 16?

Why not 10? Or 5? Would that give Dumocrats enough dumb voters to get them elected so they can screw the rest of the country? Nancy Peelosi and other Dumocrats want to lower the voting age to 16. She days, “We must capture them at that age.” Yes, “capture them” as voters at an age where they know nothing and think they know everything. Yes, that might get more Dumocrats elected, but there might be some unintended consequences Dumocrats might not like, as people who are too young to know ANYTHING vote on various measures “wiser heads” might reject.

WHAT THEY DON’T TELL: The liberal media is “all over” that New Zealand mass shooting of Muslims and blaming President Trump and the NRA for it. Not mentioned in their “coverage” is that a legally-armed Muslim man in one of the Mosques ran the killers off with his own gun, saving countless lives in the process. That’s because that would not advance their false narrative against guns in the hands of honest, law-biding people. What the NRA does is make it possible for that Muslim man to BE armed, so he could “run off” the shooters before they could kill any more people.

ILLEGAL COURT RULING: This can’t be legal! A Connecticut court has ruled that an arms maker can be sued for the MISUSE of one of their guns! This ruling means that ANY manufacturer can be sued out of business when one of their customers misuses one of their products. This puts a “chilling effect” on ALL manufacturing, and all sales of any PRODUCTS. Manufactures will be AFRAID to make ANYTHING because it might be misused, one day. This will DESTROY the free market. Which is, I’m sure, the ultimate goal of all liberals because they favor socialism. This is a court MAKING LAW, something they have NO RIGHT to do. Ever!

THEY AREN’T SATISFIED: Liberals must have not won as many court cases they have filed to screw up what President Trump is trying to do. So now they want to “move the goalposts” again. The last time they tried it, they failed, miserably. That was in FDR’s time. This time they might succeed, because they are in control of way more basic things than they were, then. They also want to get rid of the Electoral College so it’s easier to “fix” a presidential election. They know they have do do SOMETHING to stop Trump before he “burns their house down.” The problem they face is that President Trump has promised to “drain the swamp,” and he is actually DOING it. He has got a good start on unearthing the corruption they’ve been guilty of, for years. And he has accomplished many things thy have promised, but never delivered.

GOOD GUY WITH GUN”: Anti-gun fools say it never happens, but it happens many times every year. A “good guy with a gun” stops a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun from victimizing honest, law-abiding people. And it happened again in Christchurch, New Zealand, when a deranged gunman waltzed into a Mosque with plans to kill a bunch of Muslims. I don’t know how many lives that guy saved, but he “ran off” the shooter with his own LEGAL gun. The shooter went on to another mosque where there wasn't a Muslim with a gun and killed even more Muslims while they were praying.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The Dumocrats are deathly afraid that Trump will get to appoint another “pro-life conservative” to the Supreme Court. Horrors! He might just appoint one that is for LIFE! Not for death, like most Dumocrats… Dickinson College’s racist bimbo says “white boys shouldn’t be allowed to speak up in class.” For what reason, she can’t seem to say, but her racism against “white boys” is obvious and she should be condemned for it. I won’t even go into her embarrassing and unhealthy “overweight problem” because it’s not relevant… Clash Daily is running a poll to find out which one is more annoying: AOC or Ilhan Omar. I say it’s an absolute tie. Both are colossally ignorant, and both have big mouths, always open. Omar will accuse me of Islamaphobia, that “made-up word” Muslims use to blunt all criticism, because they just can’t stand the truth being told about them. AOC will just call me an “A-hole” Not very original, she

Monday, March 18, 2019

Their Latest Target

Liberals hate opposition, from anybody, anywhere. So they set out to destroy anybody who displeases them, anywhere. The one who hurts them the most, at any given time, will soon find some negative comment from years back, come back to haunt them, and will sometimes cost them their jobs. Another scam is an unsupported accusation of sexual impropriety. It happened to Bill O’Reilly after he became the most-watched host and became too instrumental in hurting liberals. It happened to several more. Now it’s happening to Tucker Carlson, since he’s the latest anchor to hurt liberals with the truth. They can’t have that, so they went way back to a radio spot he did many years ago.

I HAVE TO LAUGH: The United Nations has put Iran in a position to control women. What a laugh that is! One of the worst oppressors of women, the Muslims, are put in charge of “women’s rights” at the UN. The Muslim treatment of their women is atrocious—and the UN wants to give them even more power over women? It would be something to laugh at if it weren’t such a serious thing. One of the things I have against ALL Muslims, not just the Muslim extremists, is their treatment of their women. Allowing beatings, even “mercy killings” of women, sometimes for such small things as kissing the wrong man or just being out in public without a male family member with them.

FREE SPEECH ZONES”: They are an absolute contradiction in the way they are used. They are CALLED “free speech zones,” but there are “speech codes” imposed upon them, which is a system of DENIAL of free speech. They have established them in response to Trump’s suggestion that he will “take away their money” if they don’t recognize freedom of speech. They think they can fool him that way, but they can’t. He is NOT as stupid as they seem to think he is. Such subterfuge will NOT fool him. He will de-fund them if they don’t do something REAL to support freedom of speech.

DEFUNDING THE MURDERERS: A federal court has upheld an Ohio law de-funding Planned Parenthood. It’s about time, but Planned Parenthood should not only be de-funded nationally, it’s principles and all employees involved in the MURDERS of the infants they kill should be charged with murder and prosecuted as such. I never even thought there would ever be a time when the MURDER of individuals would not only be CONDONED by the government, but would consider obstruction to be a “bad thing,” with some politicians PROUDLY proclaiming their support of it.

THEY GOT THEIR SCALP: Liberals have sent Paul Manafort to prison for, so far, eight years, in their effort to “get Trump.” They did it because he had nothing real to tell them that they could use against President Trump, and refused to “make something up.” They did it with a “pardon-proof” action in state court. This action is effectively a LIFE sentence for Manafort, at his age. Meaning he will DIE in prison. I fear for the life of their later victims as they hunt for somebody who WILL “make something up.” Roger Stone seems to be next on the list, as they start “interrogating” him. They’ve already subjected him to their full “bad criminal” treatment, with their pre-dawn raid featuring 39 fully automatic weapon-armed “soldier-types” who forced both Stone and his wife to stand outside in the cold in nothing but their night clothes just for being a Trump supporter.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The sheer stupidity of anti-gun fools really amazes me! Big mouthed kid David Hogg says that, instead of arming teachers, they should improve ambulance response times. Obviously he doesn’t care a whit about people getting shot and killed as long as the ambulances get there quicker… Nancy Peelosi “earned” a fortune on an IPO stock through insider trading. That’s a criminal act. Will she be punished for it? Doubtful. She’s Dumocrat, after all. Dumocrats never usually get punished for their crimes… I used to love watching Jim Carrey “do his thing.” But lately he has descended into insanity, and it gets worse every time he “releases” one of his Trump-hating “paintings.” The latest (at this writing) is the one in which Trump’s mother is giving birth to a monster. It just gets worse and worse. The worst part of it is some ignorant fools agree with him

Friday, March 15, 2019

Got What They Wanted

Liberals all over have been searching hard to find SOMEBODY who does violence in “Trump’s name.” They thought they had it with the Jusse Smollett story. They were ecstatic, popping champagne corks all over the place. Then reality set in and the story was proved false. And their narrative was set back considerably. Now it seems to have happened, in New Zealand. A gunman went into a Muslim mosque and methodically murdered 49 people, saying he was a “Trump supporter” (at least partially) and that Muslims were “an invading force,” and he wanted to do his own little bit to stop them. Muslims, some of whom have been the killers all over the world, took it right up, saying this was an action “of pure hate.” They don’t like it much when it happens to them. I don’t condone violence on Muslims or anybody. Violence solves nothing.

OBAMA’S OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE: The Dumocrats are working hard to pony-up a case of “obstruction of justice” to lay on President Trump, without any kind pf evidence there WAS any. Meanwhile, they’re IGNORING the blatant obstruction of justice by the Obama administration when his Department of Justice flatly TOLD the FBI not to charge Hillary Clinton in the e-mail “investigation” they were conducting. They thought they were going to get something to use against President Trump from Lisa Page, Peter Strzok’s bed-partner, but she surprised them. Instead of giving them something to use against TRUMP, she gave them something they could use against OBAMA. Which they will probably never use.

FORCED FUNDING: Students at Concord University are being FORCED to fund ANTI-gun activities. They can’t avoid it, since moneys gained from assessing them “student fees” are the money that will be used to fund anti-gun gatherings. The president of the university is KNOWN to be against guns on campus and she not only made a speech about it, she allowed “student fees” (whatever that’s for) to be used to pay for students to protest a “campus carry” bill now up for a vote in the Tennessee legislature. The student government (funded by “student fees”) paid for buses to take those students who didn’t want to drive the 90 miles where they could protest the passage of the “campus carry” bill.

DISARMING THE COPS: I frankly don’t understand the thinking of the people who want to DISARM themselves, AND the cops, in order to “stop gun crime.” It is counterproductive to those of us with the ability to THINK logically. If someone comes at you with a gun, you CANNOT defend yourself with an empty hand. That is a fact that anti-gun fools just can’t seem to figure out. So, five years after 20 people were killed or injured in Santa Barbara, the Student Government at UC California is considering BANNING armed police on campus. UNBELIEVABLE in it’s stupidity! It wasn’t a cop who did the killing in Santa Barbara five years ago. It was the cops who STOPPED it when they FINALLY got there.

ROCKETS INTO TEL AVIV: Looks like the Palestinians have fired some of their incessant rockets into Tel Aviv. Until now (mostly) they’ve only fired them into places close to the border between the two. But now, with them firing them into a major population center, it’s going to require a major response. And it’s time they did make a major response to the terrorism they have been suffering from the Palestinian Muslim terrorists. It’s a mystery to me why they haven’t just gone on and cleaned out the Palestinian terrorists before. If somebody had fired rockets into the US, it would have happened a long time ago.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Protesters at Dartmouth University are demonstrating against “Fascist” Dinesh D’Souza speaking there. Which shows how little they know about what Fascism IS… Dumocrats think that, by blocking as many of Trump’s actions as they can, they’ll convince us to replace him. What it actually does is convince us to replace those stupid Dumocrats… Dumocrats kept Rep. Steve Scalise from testifying in their sham “committee on gun control,” even though he IS a “victim” of gun violence because it takes away their favorite disqualifier, “you never got shot.” He would have testified that their laws would NOT have kept him from getting shot, and they didn’t want to hear that, so they kept him away… Pretty soon, AOC’s constituents are going to “Wise up” about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She just celebrated the loss of thousands of jobs and many millions of dollars for New Yorkers because Bozo decided not to locate his latest fulfillment center there. If she keeps driving employers out of New York, they’ll send her back to obscurity where she belongs. But only if they "get smart"…

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Yesterday In Denver

The power went out about one PM and stayed out until 7 PM that night. All of Denver was dark. And cold. With it went my Internet connection, so there was no chance to update my blogs or do any research. Sorry about that. We’re back to full steam now.

THE RACISM SCAM: I have to laugh every time I hear a liberal (Dumocrat) call President Trump, or anyone else who disagrees with them politically, a racist. That usually signals they have LOST whatever “argument” in which they were involved, and want to win the argument without providing anything useful, or true. It’s a “Hallmark” of liberals to resort to “name-calling” when they can’t come up with a cogent argument to back their position. Racism is just the favorite recent “name” to call their opponents, because there is rarely any proof offered that the subject IS racist—or that he/she is NOT racist. They just figure calling them racist creates a narrative that will stay with them.

NOBODY GETS PUNISHED: Not on the Dumocrat side, anyway. After the “investigations” are over and the crimes described, what happens to the “criminal?” Answer? NOTHING. The Dumocrats just ignore it and go right on doing what they’ve been doing, all along. Fleecing the populace right in front of them. And when they get “caught,” their crimes are covered up, and they escape meaningful punishment. Example: Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton lied to Congress. Yes, he got impeached, for whatever that’s worth, since he didn’t get “convicted” by the Senate. He lost his license to practice law for five years. Big deal. He has no need to practice law for more than five years. And he’s still seen as a “super star” to Dumocrats.

FRANKLY, I GIVE UP: I’ve been trying to make people see the dangers of collectivism since the sixties, to no avail. The ability of liberals to divert criticism is very effective. Now even a national news show (The Today Show) is celebrating a communist holiday, and I guarantee you that they have no idea of the significance of that. Or if they do it is a demonstration of just how successful the liberals have been in hiding the inequities of communism while pushing it on us under different names. The original “National Women’s Day” was used as a precursor to the takeover in Russia of the communists. And I have no doubt that today’s collectivists hope to do the same in America.

MAP DOESN’T MAKE IT SO: At the Autrey Mill School in Georgia, somebody made a map that labeled Israel as “Palestine.” That didn’t go over well with many parents, who feel that Israel has as much right to exist as any other people, and making a phony map doesn’t make it true. Nobody knows who was the culprit who made that map. He/she apparently wants to offer an offensive map while hiding his/her identity because he/she knows it is insensitive. The school is “looking into it.” I’ve never been able to figure out why certain people hate Jews without a real cause. It’s the same with those who hate black people because of nothing more than the color of their skin. There’s no real reason for the hatred.

JUST THE BEGINNING: Muslim extremists can’t beat us on the battlefield, and the number of Muslim extremist corpses tells the tale. So now they’re going to infiltrate our law-making bodies, little by little, and take over from within. And the election of those two irritating Muslim women to Congress is just the beginning. There are going to be more and more Muslims elected in coming elections, until they have a majority in both houses. Then they will get a Muslim elected president, and we will be lost. I hope to be long dead by then. But my progeny will still be alive, and they will have to live under the laws they get made, one of which will make ANY criticism of Muslims a crime. They’re already working on that one. One day we will wake up and Sharia Law will be the law of the land and the Constitution will be dead.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: AOC was worried that she couldn’t afford the rent as a Member of Congress. Then she moved into a LUXURY apartment. Damned fool broad… A single mom with mounting debt is charging men to date her. Does that make her a prostitute? Seems like it… Wish I could charge women to date me. The field is wide open, ladies, and prices are low… Bill Gates says he’s “too rich” and doesn’t pay enough in taxes. that’s easy to fix. Just send a billion or two to the IRS. That should make you feel better… AOC wants to put a cork up the butt of every cow. Then she’d better get out of the line of fire… Golly gee! Yet another Dumocrat has announced his candidacy for the presidency in 2020. I suppose that once would have been news. Today, it isn’t I actually ran last time when it was many Republicans, because I figured I had as much chance as any of them. And with one exception, I was right. But this time it’s even worse…