Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Not “Happy Holidays” as the liberals prefer. I don’t follow their “political correctness” scam to limit what we can say in any way. I say “Merry Christmas” and “happy New Year”. This is the end of 2009. Hopefully, 2010 will be the year when we foil Obama’s plans by taking away his voting base in Congress, then elect Sarah Palin to replace him in 2012 and make him a one-term president.

LOWERING TAXES: The liberals will not even listen when you suggest lowering taxes and leaving more of their own money in the hands of investors whose investments CREATE jobs. They want to take it from us and be able to GIVE it to different groups, most of whom contribute billions to their re-election campaigns. Lowering taxes has created booms every time it has been tried. But don’t try to convince liberals. They want CONTROL.

“INVESTIGATING” THEMSELVES: Congress wants to “investigate” possible manipulation of oil prices when it is THEIR POLICIES that have kept prices high. They need to investigate THEMSELVES. Find out why oil companies aren’t allowed to drill in the U. S. even though there are MORE than enough oil deposits here to ELIMINATE our dependence on foreign oil.

USURPING “SCIENCE”: “Science relies on empirical tests and objectivity to further its progress and test its theories. However, when outdated theories are seized upon by political groups as gospel, it smacks of religion. Let's end this farce.” (Thomas Sowell) That pretty well sums up AlGore and his “science proves global warming’ idiocy.

“SYSTEMIC FAILURE”: Obama now says there was a “systemic failure” in our efforts to keep people like the man who tried to blow up an airliner in Detroit off airplanes. But he blames that failure on—guess who?—George Bush! He says his administration has been “studying” Bush’s “lists” program, but haven’t had time to change things for the better yet. What a load of smelly brown stuff! But then, I expect that from him.

HE DOESN’T CARE: Nor does the liberal media. Liberals (Democrats) criticized Bush for continuing to read to children after being told about 9/11. But they say nary a word about Obama making a very weak statement about the “underpants bomber” who tried to blow up an American plane as it landed in Detroit and then jumping into a golf cart and continuing his golf game. I’m going to have to write a book of such comparisons. There are so many.

IT’S A MINOR THREAT: That’s what the Obama administration says about the Islamic terrorist war he’s supposed to be fighting. But reality keeps popping up and biting him in the butt. People are dying by the hundreds and thousands every day, murdered by the Islamic terrorists, but he doesn’t even want to use the WORD “terrorist.” He has SAID that “victory is nor an goal in Afghanistan.”

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top Terrorists From Gitmo

Terrorists who spend time in Gitmo and are released to go back home are hailed as “heroes” by their friends and accomplices. They might go in there as majors, but leave as major generals. Most of the leadership positions in Islamic terrorist organizations are now held by former Gitmo detainees. There is no telling how many innocent people have died at the hands of such people after they are released.

IT’S DIFFERENT! That’s what Democrats say when I criticize them for calling Congressman Griffith a “betrayer” for moving to the GOP. But there was no such criticisms when two Republicans defected to the Democrats.

HEALTH CARE: Taking over the health care system in America is a promise the American government can’t keep. This government can’t even run a tiny (by government standards) program like “cash for clunkers” (which lasted—what”—two weeks?) And was in trouble in FOUR DAYS.

NAPOLITANO NEEDS TO BE FIRED! Not “allowed to resign” for specious reasons. Obama should publicly FIRE her for incompetence. He has way too many incompetent people on his staff and should get rid of ALL of them. But don’t look for that to happen.

THEY JUST CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT: Charitable giving is down and they can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s because people without jobs don’t give as much away as those WITH jobs.

BAUCUS AND TIGER: Tiger Woods and Max Baucus have done much the same things (screwing around with women not their wives). Why do I think it’s none of my business what Tiger does, but it is about what Baucus does? It’s because Baucus helps make laws that affect MY life. Tiger doesn’t. It goes to his judgment and character. I found it interesting that after diligent searching on his web site, NOWHERE does it say he is a DEMOCRAT.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Personal Space"

Many don’t want airport screening to use that x-ray system that lets them look under their clothes because it “invades their personal space.” Those people need to get real. Letting people look under their clothes is better than being blown to little bits. This has nothing to do with rights.

“NO-FLY LISTS”: There are many of them, and since Obama has been in office, they probably include people like me because I daily criticize his efforts to “loot and pillage” this country while he can. Give him a couple more years and names like mine will be on a much less innocuous list. Maybe a list of prisoners, convicted of “defaming” the president. I’ve already been accused of “slandering” him.

“WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO TARP?” The news media are asking “What will happen to the TARP money?” The answer is easy. It will wind up in the pockets of our politicians and their friends, who will give some of what they get back to the politicians as “political donations.”

TAKES 100%: It would take every penny of profit that private business can EARN to pay just ON YEAR’S deficit under today’s spending. And Obama says he can pay for it all by taxing a few rich people. What an ignorant jerk he is!

TIGER WOODS: I’m going to say one more thing about Tiger Woods: he’s an idiot! Sure, he plays good golf. But frankly, if I had something like he HAD at home, I sure wouldn’t be looking elsewhere.

SHOOTING DEMONSTRATORS: I don’t think Ahmadinijerk and his Mullah cronies in Iran are long for this world. When you start shooting at demonstrators, how long will it be before they shoot back?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Unanswerable Question

I’ve asked this question of every liberal gun-hater I know and not one of them can answer it: “What makes you think a CRIMINAL, who breaks the law daily, will OBEY a law that says he can’t be armed?” They usually just call me names and leave.

WHAT IS A RIGHT? Democrats say health care is a “right.” It is NOT. A right is something you have by right of birth WITHOUT taking it away from somebody else.

PASSING WITHOUT READING: Congresspeople who pass ANY bill without reading it ought to be “drawn and quartered.” Or at least removed from office and replaced with somebody who will DO the job he/she is being paid to do.

LEGISLATING AGAINST THE PEOPLE: Congress AND the president KNOW the American people want no part of their “health care swindle,” yet they keep pushing it forward. Such people should be summarily removed from office and barred from ever running for an office again.

LAUGHING AT HER: Several of Bill Clinton’s bozos are laughing at Sarah Palin, saying she could not possibly beat Obama. They wish. She’ll beat him soundly if she runs as an unabashed conservative, as her hero, Reagan did. Twice.

BORDER PATROL ADS: They're advertising on NASCAR cars, trying to get people to apply for jobs they can't GIVE away after the way they treated two Border Patrol agents they sent to PRISON for doing their jobs.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Taxing Farts!

This is the kind of stupidity the liberals come up with when they get in power. You think this is outlandish thinking? They’re already trying to tax COW FARTS by laying a special tax on farmers for every cow they own for their “bovine emissions” (farts). How long do you think it will be before they tax HUMAN farts? I hate to think how much that will cost MY family!

FORCED INSURANCE: There’s a good reason why I don’t have health insurance. I can’t afford it. Even if I go to prison for not buying it, I STILL can’t afford it; and I won’t buy it now, on principle. I will NOT be forced. If everybody like me refuses, can they send us ALL to prison? Prisons are already overcrowded with the VICTIMS of the drug scene they send there for hurting themselves.

“MAKING HISTORY”: Obama and his gang of thieves have “made history,” all right. They’ve created the biggest swindle in the history of the world. Even bigger than AlGore’s “global warming” (or whatever he calls it now) swindle. Now sit back and watch his world collapse while trying to pay for all his promises.

GETTING RE-ELECTED: The Democrats have “made history” in passing this enormous swindle of the American people (the health care swindle). Now watch them make history again as all of them get thrown out of office in the next election. You can’t just flagrantly disregard the wishes of the American people and survive it.

THE POPE LIE: There’s a myth circulating that the Pope “lives very frugally.” That’s a lie. He lives in “the lap of luxury,” surrounded by gold and velvet tapestries, and valuable art, waited upon hand and foot by acolytes, most of which are full-fledged priests. His every wish is given him as quickly as humanly possible. This is NOT “living frugally.”

“GUN-FREE ZONES”: “How odd that massacres mostly happen in ‘gun-free zones’!“ When will the brain-dead Left wake up and draw the obvious conclusion?” (Gun Watch

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I will not bow to the liberals’ political correctness dictate that I not mention “Christmas” in my greeting to you on Christmas day. The whole idea of eliminating the word “Christmas” from a greeting concerning the birth of Jesus Christ is stupid. But then, everything the liberals in Washington (and other government centers) do or say is stupid, so I expect it of them. Whatever your religion, using the name of Christ in a reference to His birthday is logical, and I am logical if nothing else. I respect ALL religions, even though I may not agree with all their tenets. So Merry Christmas to all, whatever your religion. I realize that may “offend” some, but that’s too bad. Trying to limit my free speech offends ME. (Just common sense)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Cannon Fodder"

Our soldiers are becoming “cannon fodder” for Obama. To require our soldiers to “read them their rights” on a battlefield is INSANE! But that is what our ignorant liberal politicians want them to do. I predict that either more of our soldiers will die trying to do that, or more terrorists who WOULD have been captured will die (which is not a BAD thing), to avoid that possibility. Or more will go AWOL and go to prison rather than fight under these rules (which IS a bad thing). I would.

OBAMA’S THUGS: I seem to be getting much more brash in the things I’ve been saying. Mostly because I’ve become more and more frustrated by bringing the truth to people and having it be ignored. Soon, I expect to hear from Obama’s thugs, who will be trumping up charges against me. You’ll know, when I disappear from the Internet. Maybe that will wake you up.

ANOTHER PROMISE BROKEN: Obama said people making under $250,000 a year would not pay a SINGLE DIME in increased taxes. Now he’s trying to “weasel out” of that and the things he’s trying to get passed will include higher taxes on EVERYBODY. This is not unexpected to people who pay attention.

MORE BROKEN PROMISES: Can we expect more and more broken promises from Obama? Absolutely, while he CLAIMS to be keeping his promises. His actual RECORD while in office has been broken promise after broken promise. That’s why even LIBERALS are complaining.

SLANTING THE NEWS: When former Democrat congressman William Jefferson was sent to prison for 13 years, there was nary a word in the liberal press. When a REPUBLICAN congressman was caught by a gay-hating cop moving his feet in a suspicious manner, it was touted to the skies even though a prominent DEMOCRAT member of Congress (Barney Frank) was hardly punished when his gay boyfriend was found running a gay whorehouse out of his (Frank’s) apartment.

WHAT’LL IT TAKE? Items like the one above are becoming common in the (non-liberal) news. Democrats all over the place are being “found out” and exposed in the “alternative media” every day. But Americans who don’t “pay attention to politics” elect and re-elect Democrats to high office, where they can gaily rip us off. What will it take to wake you people up? Gawd! I’m getting tired of this!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Down the Hatch!"

That’s what Obama is doing to us with his health care swindle and others. He doesn’t care if they will choke us to death. He’s determined to screw us with them. He KNOWS a majority of Americans want nothing to do with ANY of his swindles, but he’s determined to impose them on us, anyway. For that, he should be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible. Maybe strung up.

“LOAN THEM MORE MONEY”: Obama blames bankers for CAUSING the “credit crunch” by loaning money to people who could not, and WOULD not repay it. Now he’s pressuring the bankers to loan MORE money to such people. The very thing that really DID cause it after Democrats pressured bankers to loan money to deadbeats before, KNOWING it would cause damage to the economy, but would get Democrats elected.

ASSUMING IT’S GOOD: Democrats are “shaming” Republicans for their “delaying tactics” used to keep them from screwing this country and bankrupting it. This ASSUMES that what they’re doing is a GOOD thing. It is not. Republicans are to be commended for everything they do to stop them.

GET OUT OF THE WAY! Obama is constantly asking for ideas to make the economy better, none of which he hears. I’ve got another suggestion for him; GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! Remove 90% of the taxation that is slowing down business. Get rid of the paperwork that forces businesses to hire many people JUST to do the paperwork required by government. Especially in the medical field. That will make the economy better and magically cause medical costs to go down. But he’s not listening to me.

DEMOCRATS CRITICIZE ME: They criticize me for criticizing Obama. What gives Obama special status that allows him to screw America without being criticized himself? One woman accused me of “slandering” him. How do you slander someone by telling the TRUTH about him? Another said, “I like Obama and don’t want to hear anything against him.” I hope she has taken off her blinders and started waking up since.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Liberals in government try hard to kill the tobacco business. Then they realize they’re not collecting as much money in tobacco taxes and they panic, trying to raise taxes in general. Like the water companies crying about water use, then raising rates when they collect less money for water not used.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Banker's Fiscal Responsibility

The liberals and all their dupes are constantly talking about banks being fiscally responsible. They are. Or they wouldn’t still be around. Where the LACK of fiscal responsibility lies is with the liberals in government, who FORCED them to BE irresponsible, by law, to get a bunch or liberals elected; and now are blaming THEM for the economic disaster.

IT WON’T BANKRUPT US: The news media keeps asking if the health care swindle (my description) is going to bankrupt this country. It won’t. It can’t; we’re already bankrupt. We NOW owe so much money to communist China and other “lenders” we won’t be able to pay it off in our lifetime. Not even that of our children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. That is bankruptcy.

DOG AND PONY SHOW: That’s what happened in Copenhagen. A “dog and pony show” designed to fleece the United States and other rich countries. That’s all it’s for, beyond allowing thousands of environmentalists to expend carbon (just to get there) and claim it’s for our own good. Not to mention all the parties, drinking, and sex that goes on between meetings.

WILL CLOSING GITMO HELP? Liberals keep screaming that Gitmo is a “great recruiting point” for the Islamic terrorists. Will closing it make them love us? Not Likely, All they want to do is kill Infidels. For those who don’t know what that means, an “Infidel” is anybody who doesn’t believe the same way they do. Closing Gitmo will not change that.

STOP FALLING FOR IT! Islamic terrorists are taught to charge abuse or murder whenever they’re caught, whether or not it actually happened. We need to stop falling for their phony charges.

FINALLY, SOMETHING RIGHT: Place-holder Bennett finally did something right. The appointed Colorado Senator who was chosen to hold the Senate seat vacated by another Democrat appointed by Obama to a government post finally did something right. He criticized his fellow Democrat senators for “cutting deals” and selling their vote to the highest bidder. Harry Reid PRAISED those senators as if what they did was something ALL senators should do. This is the kind of man we have running the Senate.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Most of Their Criminals Are In Washington

It’s not surprising that they sent a bunch of murderous terrorist criminals to Illinois. Illinois sent most of their criminals to Washington and it’s only fair.

TAXING OUR FARTS: The Democrats are already taxing cow farts. Can human farts be far behind? They work hard every day to find new things to tax, and some of the silly things they’re taxing shows it.

DELUDED: Obama gives himself a “B+” so far, and he gave Oprah a “laundry list” of reasons why. Unfortunately, everything he listed is a NEGATIVE, not a positive. But neither he, nor his “disciples” know it. If he believes the things he listed are worth a “B+,” he is a seriously deluded individual.

CHARACTER: If you want to know what kind of a man Obama is, just look at the character of the people with whom he has surrounded himself.

A SLIGHT DIFFERENCE: There is a small difference between Obama’s “surge” and Bush’s. Bush’s was designed to WIN the war. Obama’s is not. He has said as much.

THE LIBERAL METHOD: If liberals ever come around to your way of thinking, don’t ever expect them to acknowledge it. They’ll just do what you suggested, while calling it their own idea.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gore Makes It Up

Today he’s saying the polar ice caps will be entirely melted in five years. He has no proof of that, but that has never stopped him in the past. He thinks up something that will cause more people to give him money and he touts it. That’s AlGore. If you question him, he says you’re a “denier.” Then he becomes a "denier" himself when he denies “living proof” that his scientists are lying about “the science.”

“CONTROVERSIAL” BOOK: Recently, a man brought a book back to the library, that was taken out in 1910. The title? “Facts You Need to Know About Your New Country.” But that’s not the story. Considering what is probably in it, knowing the liberals had not yet perverted such books in 1910, that book would today be labeled “controversial.”

THE “LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT”: Nobody ever suggested that Nazis be released after a certain length of time. Under the “Law of Armed Conflict,” you don’t EVER have to release an armed enemy as long as the war goes on. They can DIE in captivity for all we care. They brought it on themselves. But if you bring them into American civilian courts, you’re giving them rights to which they’re not entitled. Can you imagine a soldier trying to read him his rights as he is shooting at him? For Obama to do that is complete STUPIDITY. But I’ve said that before, and nobody is listening.

CONTROLLING YOUR PROPERTY: The government has any number of ways to take over control of your land. One is, ANY time an animal on an “endangered species list” shows up on your land, they can take away control of that land from you. How much trouble would it be for someone to place one there while a “government agent” is standing by waiting?

“AMERICA SUCKS!” That’s Obama’s message every time he opens his mouth promising to “make America better.” America doesn’t NEED to be “made better.” There’s a good reason why people by the millions come here, legally AND illegally. We’re better than anywhere else in the world, and they KNOW it, even if Obama doesn’t.

OBAMA HATES CAPITALISM: It is capitalism that caused this country to outdo, in less than 300 years, countries that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years. Yet Obama and his cronies and accomplices want to replace capitalism, a PROVEN system, with socialism, a system that has been proven not to work, everywhere it has been tried.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Conservative" Opposition

That’s what liberals call ALL opposition to their health care swindle. They just don’t understand that this opposition is PEOPLE’S opposition, regardless of their political persuasion, unless they’re “mind-numbed robots” blindly following the liberal line. You don’t have to be a conservative to oppose ANY of Obama’s ideas.

JOBLESSNESS RISES: And the liberals can’t figure out why. Employers don’t have any idea what its going to be like in the coming years, so they aren’t hiring anybody. Taxes for employers are GOING to go up. That’s not conjecture, it’s a fact. Democrats are in power, and they ALWAYS do when Democrats are in power. It’s a predictable as the sun coming up each morning.

SENATE PASSES $1.1 TRILLION DOLLAR SPENDING BILL containing 5,000 pieces of pork. This in spite of the fact that this country is BROKE. How stupid ARE these people?

DO SOMETHING! Why isn’t somebody who COUNTS doing something about the out-of-control spending the Democrats (liberals) are doing? Yes, there are people griping about it. But NOBODY is doing anything definitive to stop it.

OBAMA IS CREATING JOBS: The number of FEDERAL jobs paying more than $150,000 a year has more than DOUBLED since last year. But we’re still losing millions of jobs in the private sector at the same time.

REFUSE TO VOTE: Congresspeople should REFUSE to vote on ANY bill they aren’t given sufficient time to read in its entirety and understand it. And voting on one they haven’t read ought to be a removal offense because they will not be doing what they were hired to do.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Simplified Tax Form

Liberals want to institute a “simplified tax form” containing one question and one instruction: “How much do you make?” and “Send it in.”

PEACE IS SUBJECTIVE: It’s how you DEFINE it. Many define it as “The absence of war.” Others define it as “the absence of opposition to orders.” Many people think “peace” is in not FIGHTING a war. But when you are continually attacked, as we have been by the Islamic terrorists, war is necessary to CRUSH them so they can no longer attack us. And crush them we will.

RAISING THE DEBT CEILING: Congress is about to raise the debt ceiling by several TRILLION dollars. I sure wish I could do that with MY debt ceiling. Of course, I wish I were taller, too; maybe younger.

LIMITING CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS: That’s one of the things they want to do to airlines at the Climate Conference as Copenhagen. Of course, those airlines can “buy carbon credits” that cost billions of dollars so they can continue to emit as much as they’re willing to pay for. You can bet AlGore has an interest, however well hidden, in those who SELL those “carbon credits.” Will they soon limit how much carbon dioxide we can breathe out? And charge us for “carbon credits” to allow us to continue breathing?

CONGRESSMAN VS. THIEF: "I prefer a thief to a Congressman. A thief will take your money and be on his way, but a Congressman will stand there and bore you with the reasons why he took it." –Dr Walter E. Williams

“TRUTH IS REVOLUTIONARY”: “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” (George Orwell, author of "1984")

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cophenhagen Pollution

Instead of a simple teleconference, which would use very little energy, 20,000 people used 4,000 limousines and 140 private planes to get to Copenhagen to “talk” about ways to reduce “global carbon.” Meanwhile, they spew enough “carbon” into the air to equal that spewed by 60 different countries in a year, combined. It’ll take a long time under very austere conditions, to equal the amount of carbon THEY spewed into the air getting there, and getting back home. What a bunch of hypocrites!

THE NEW PROSPERITY: Obama is criticizing Bush for doing many things HE says caused higher pollution levels, but says nothing about the fact that HE voted for everything about which he is now complaining. He’s also complaining about Iraq, but he voted for the “war resolution” that gave Bush the authority to GO to war in Iraq. He and his cronies are touting a .02% reduction in unemployment numbers as “the beginning of the recovery,” ignoring the fact that this .02% is almost ALL temporary jobs, created for the Christmas rush. Never mind they won’t let us call it Christmas.

PROSECUTING THE EXPOSERS: ACORN wants to prosecute the videographers who exposed their people’s willingness to help a pimp import underage girls for prostitution and lie to the IRS. Rather than answer the obvious charges. Those scientists who falsified climate change info to support AlGore’s health care swindle ALSO want to prosecute the people who released those damning e-mails. This is typical liberal. They always want to “go after” those who expose their illegal acts, so they don’t have to answer the charges.

“PIFFLE”: That’s how AlGore describes the EVIDENCE that the people he depended on for the “science” behind his global warming swindle were falsifying the data. This is typical of how Gore handles ANY evidence showing his swindle for what it is. Meanwhile, the Tiger Woods scandal got top billing, with no less than EIGHT stories.

SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME: The other day, Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid announced that Democrats have agreed on the law they want to pass to take over the health care system in this country. I was happy when they were fighting among themselves because nothing got done toward looting us all. Now they’ve agreed, I’m holding on tightly to my wallet, because they will soon have their hands deeper in my pocket. That scares me.

TEN YEARS LEFT: That’s how long we had left to live before the Earth kills us by the ONE DEGREE of temperature increase AlGore sees coming in 100 years. That’s what he said, FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. That’s just one place AlGore has been wrong. How can a man be so wrong on so many things and still be taken seriously by so many otherwise intelligent people?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liberals Rejoicing

They’re claiming their ideas caused the unemployment figures to go from 10.2% down to 10%. But they don’t tell you that the biggest gain is in TEMPORARY jobs for the Christmas season. They think you’ll believe that the “dip” is because of their inept actions.

ANTI-GUN LAWS WORKING! In the last year in Colorado, 26 convicted murderers tried to buy guns and were refused. So they went out back of the gun stores and bought one out of the trunk of a black market gun dealer’s car for a lot more money, probably shared with that legal gun dealer.

CONGRESS WORKING SUNDAY: OmyGod! The news media is making a big thing about Congress actually WORKING on Sunday! I don’t think it’s such a big thing. They DO “work hard” to fleece us, and every weekend day they work just gives them a better opportunity to scam us out of more money and more of our rights.

PRINCIPLE, NOT POLITICS: That’s what Sarah Palin says government ought to be, which is why she is roundly hated by politicians on both sides. And it’s the reason why if she runs for president as an unabashed conservative, even as an independent, she should, and WILL be elected in a landslide. Reagan did, and won in landslides, twice.

NEVER YES OR NO: When you ask a politician a simple question, requiring a simple “yes or no” answer, you never get it. They always give you a “50,000-word essay” that doesn’t say either, but seems to answer the question. If you demand a “yes or no answer,” they’ll accuse you of “abusing” them.

REID IS DESPERATE: He can’t even get all his Democrats “on board” his effort to fleece America (the health care swindle), so now he’s making impossible claims that he can’t prove. He’s intimating Republicans were trying to “slow us down” as we tried to eliminate slavery, completely forgetting that the slavery issue GAVE BIRTH to the Republican Party and it was a REPUBLICAN president who. Started a war to attain freedom for the slaves.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The DEMOCRATS filibustered the “Civil Rights Act.” The REPUBLICANS were “born” out of the civil rights struggle. It was a Republican president who signed the proclamation that freed the slaves, over the OPPOSITION of the Democrats. And they have the GALL (in the person of Harry Reid) to try and blame it on the Republicans! How STUPID are they? Harry Reid is a disgrace and a liar.

SUING OBAMA: Auto dealers Obama forced to close should sue Obama for lost business. He shouldn’t be allowed to force people out of business and put a lot of people out of work to support his hair-brained schemes. They should be allowed to sue him. But unfortunately, the government has long ago made that impossible.

AL GORE’S WRONG AGAIN: He says the Earth’s core, only a couple of kilometers down is several MILLION degrees. MINERS go deeper than that. The SUN is only 6,000 degrees. But don’t look for him to admit being wrong and apologize. He’ll just ridicule those who point things like that out and say “they’re not main-stream.”

LOANING MONEY TO DEADBEATS: Nobody in Washington wants to admit it, but the law they made in 1976 under a Democrat president (Jimmy Carter), after being passed by a Democrat Congress (The Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976), that required lenders to loan money to people who could never repay it is the CAUSE of all our economic problems today. They did it so they could take over the government in a “bloodless coup” by blaming the economic problems on the Republicans. I hate to keep saying this, but so far, nobody’s listening.

IGNORANCE PERSONIFIED: the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has DECLARED Carbon Dioxide to be a poison needing to be "controlled" (Translation, taxed and controlled by them). Let alone that every living being exhales it and every plant in existence depends on it to survive and make oxygen for the rest of us. Without it, we will DIE. But they don't care. They just want more CONTROL and the money to make it work, out of our pockets. They don't think we can figure that out..

SPEND YOUR WAY TO PROSPERITY: That’s what Obama, in his ignorance, seems to think we can do, and that’s what he is attempting to do. While doing it, he has created a multi-TRILLION dollar debt for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to pay, long after he’s dead.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Criminals Running the show

In Iran, the doctor who exposed the torture of people imprisoned for demonstrating against their sham election was recently murdered, most likely by the Iranian government. The “Iranian authorities” are “investigating,” which is absurd, since they are the chief suspects. It's like letting the murderer "investigate" his murder. We haven’t reached that point yet here. At least not officially. A lot of people who were about to testify against Bill Clinton somehow ended up dead in suspicious circumstances, just before they could. One man “committed suicide” by shooting himself TWICE in the head.).

MISGUIDED WAR ON DRUGS: There are more people abusing drugs today than there were BEFORE the “war on drugs” began. So why are we waging it? All it does is keep “the mystery” in drug abuse and the prices amazingly high. Drug war “fighters” say people would “go wild” on drugs if we didn’t keep fighting. Aren’t they now? Like with guns, the more laws against it, the more people want to do it. And neither druggies, NOR criminals who want guns have any trouble getting them.

PRISON OVERCROWDING: This is a major problem, as everybody knows. The way to solve it is to release, not violent criminals, early, but non-violent people whose only “crime” is being a “victim” of the drug scene. The overcrowding problem would magically disappear. They’d continue to buy their drugs, only this time legally and more cheaply—and would not be sent to prison for it.

NO MIDDLE ROAD: Either you believe in collectivism, or you believe in individualism. There’s no middle road. That would be like being “a little pregnant.” You can NOT believe in part of both. They’re mutually exclusive. Like being male or female (freaks not included).

STUPID, STUPID! Afghan President Karzai says he’s willing to talk to the Taliban. How stupid is that? The Taliban just wants ALL “unbelievers” dead. They will not consider ANYTHING else and will use any “talks” to gain time to get ready for more violence.

“WE’LL KEEP THEM IN CHECK”: Ads for “The Weekly Standard” say, “It’s an Obama world. But we’ll keep them in check.” Yeah, right. They’ve done a good job of it so far, haven’t they?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Hope and Change"

Obama has talked a lot about “hope and change,” and it got him elected president. But what KIND of “hope and change” is he talking about? He has never said, and the media has never asked him. We NEED to ask, and DEMAND an answer. Not that we will get one, but even NOT getting one will tell us a lot.

ANOTHER DOG AND PONY SHOW: Obama Is holding a “jobs summit” at the White House. Does he really think ANYBODY who pays attention believes this crap? What he needs to do is GET OUT OF THE WAY and reduce the tax base, as Bush did. The result? More boom economy until Obama’s economic sabotage kicked in, just before the election, guaranteeing his election and that of lots of other Democrats.

TAXING THE OVERTAXED: Obama and the rest of the ignorant Democrats now running this country still think the way out of this “economic dilemma” is more taxes. It is NOT. Reagan and Bush proved it was not by significantly INCREASING the “tax take” by LOWERING taxes. Reagan’s tax cuts almost DOUBLED the “Tax take.” But Democrats ignore that.

TALIBAN “MELTS AWAY”: The Obama administration just can’t understand why the Taliban seems to have “melted away” so their “surge” becomes a fizzle. I can. They’re waiting for Obama to “cut & run,” which he has promised to do in 18 months. They figure why attack now and get their 74 virgins early when they can wait until American soldiers are gone and have an easy time of it, fighting only Karzai’s army.

“WHERE IS BIN LADEN?” The news media is still asking this question, years after we made a “crispy critter” out of him when we bombed one of his caves while he was hiding in it. Where is he? They swept him up with the rest of the trash, long ago. They say they haven’t heard anything about his activities for years and wonder why. The answer is easy. He hasn’t HAD any. He's dead.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Budget Surplus"

It’s a Democrat MYTH that they’re still telling, that Clinton left Bush a “budget surplus.” He only arrived at those numbers by including Social Security money, which is already “earmarked.” It was a “fiscal scam.”

$1.7 MILLION TO MAINTAIN A LIE: I wasn’t interested in the “Obama’s birth certificate” scandal until I found out he spent $1.7 million dollars of taxpayer money to FIGHT attempts to force him to PROVE he IS a citizen. Why? If he is, just SHOW it! Why does he fight it? He has also blocked access to ANY papers concerning his early life. What is he hiding?

NEVER DEAL WITH THE ISSUES: Democrats NEVER deal with the issues. They just call their critics names because they CANNOT answer the critic’s charges. Why don’t their dupes NOTICE this?

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION: Does it say the government can DENY you lifesaving medical treatment because you’re “too old?” Where does it say they can control any part of your medical care? Where does it say they can give money to chosen people and take it from others? Where does it say they can ORDER you to buy ANYTHING and fine and/or IMPRISON you if you don’t?

IS THERE NO END? No end to the stupidities of the Obama administration? Now, after applying tax after tax on an already overtaxed nation, hoping that will “solve” the economic meltdown HE created to get elected, he is now going to go to Copenhagen and sell us out to the “greenies.”

IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS KILLING US? The guys who captured an Islamic terrorist who murdered and mutilated several people “roughed him up.” He’s lucky they didn’t just KILL him. I would have. This just illustrates how stupid we’ve become. This guy is a notorious murderer and NEEDS to be MORE than “roughed up.” Courts martial those who did it? I say give them a medal.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trusting Obama on the Economy

It’s funny that 52% of Americans in one survey trust Obama to improve the economy, while everything he does makes it worse. Is it because they just don’t pay attention? Like the woman who told me she likes Obama and doesn’t want to hear a word against him? Anybody who IS paying attention knows if Obama is allowed to continue, he’s going to bankrupt this nation. Unfortunately, too many of us aren’t.

LAWMAKING BY TREATY: The government cannot “make law” by signing a treaty with another country and having it ratified by Congress if to do so they violate the Constitution. Our current leaders don’t agree. They think they can sign the “climate treaty” without regard to the Constitution, and they’re wrong. But they’ll do it anyway, Constitution be damned. They’ve got the power and they think we can’t do anything about it. They’re wrong about that, too. We can throw them out of office.

LIBERALS HATE HOME SCHOOLING: Mostly because they can’t control what home schooled children are being taught. They say they’re “concerned” about the “quality of education,” and they are. But their idea of “quality of education” and ours is quite different. To them, “quality of education" to them means teaching them to be proper collectivists (socialists, fascists, communists).

DOING THE JOB: Ignorant television interviewers glibly ask Sarah Palin if she believes she could do the job of the president, as if there was any doubt. She is a lot more capable than that socialist now in office. What an arrogant question to ask her!

THEY JUST DON’T CARE! A noted financial expert appeared on CNBC and said we’re in a “deep recession,” maybe even a depression, that the dollar is going to collapse, that there will be a new “world currency” and a “new world order” and nobody, not even the anchor questioning him, reacted. I don’t think they don’t care, they just don’t pay attention! That’s how things like this get by without the outrage it deserves.

DEMOCRATS STILL BLAMING GOP: Democrats CREATED the “economic meltdown” by passing a law REQUIRING lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not, WOULD not pay it back (a recipe for disaster) along with a “safety valve” (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to buy up those bad loans) upon which they could “pull the plug” at any time to help them win an election (which they did just before the 2008 presidential election). Anybody with any intelligence at all knows this, but they’re STILL trying to blame it on the Republicans for “deregulating” things.

“IT’S WHAT THEY DO! That’s the feeble excuse their publicist gave for the couple who scammed their way into Obama’s big party. Does that make it right? I don’t think so. But what they did exposed a weakness in White House security that may get Obama killed. I wouldn’t necessarily want to see him killed, especially with Joe “waiting in the wings.” We don’t need another Lyndon Johnson.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Answer the Damned Question!

When you ask liberals (Democrats) an important question, such as how you can expect insurance companies, that MUST make a profit to survive, how they’re expected to compete with a government agency, which does not, they never answer. They just change the subject and get you talking about the new subject so you forget about the original question. We need to DEWMAND answers.

STIMULUS DIDN’T WORK: So they’re going to do it again, even though doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is THE definition of insanity. Why don’t they just lower the base tax rate as Bush did, and create ANOTHER “boom” period? Why take the money in the first place, only to give it back? The answer is simple. If they get to decide who gets it, they gain more POWER.

“CLIMATE CHANGE” IS A HOAX: A hoax that has either taken in some of our leaders, or is simply being used by them to increase their power over us, while making us pay for it. The “Copenhagen Accord” is a good example of this. If it is signed, and Congress approves it, it will cause legislation that will simply fleece America for a lot more than AlGore ever dreamed of conning us out of.

GOVT. HEALTH CARE IS ANOTHER SCAM: Global warming (now called “climate change”) is a hoax designed to take more of our rights while making us pay for it. Government-paid health care is another. These are just two of the scams Obama and his “gang of thieves” are using to “take us over” and gain complete control over us.

“OLD ARGUMENT?”: The idea that we’re fighting Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep them busy so we won’t have to fight them here IS an “old argument.” That’s because it is TRUE and it’s hard to “change” a true story your opponents deny. Liberals don’t have that problem because their stories are mostly lies, anyway.

I’M NOT BEING RUDE! That’s what Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee shouted rudely, after someone said she was rude for answering phone calls while people are trying to ask her questions during a “town hall” meeting. Sheila is the “poster child for representatives who just don’t care what their constituents think.