Saturday, October 31, 2015

Muslims Walk Out

They walked out in an Australian school when they played the National Anthem, thus proving their complete LACK of “allegiance” to their adopted country. Yes, I know, this didn't happen in America....YET. But it's going to happen, and not too far in the future, because Muslims are the only people whose very RELIGION forbids them to pledge allegiance to the country in which they live, above their allegiance to their “religion.” This should tell those who THINK that these people will NEVER be real citizens of ANY country other than one RUN by Islam. And should clearly be SHUNNED.

PROOF OF INCOMPETENCE: I think the proof of the INCOMPETENCE of a politician is when he believes in a “fool's swindle” and tries to make laws to promote it. Such is the case when he/she believes in “global warming,” whatever it is called today to make it easier to fool the people. One French “official” even wants to “bypass” their congress to “get a climate change deal” in Paris. Our OWN PRESIDENT has professed his belief in global warming and has tried (sometimes successfully) to make laws to promote it. He even wants to be able to JAIL people who don't agree with it. Then there's his firm belief in SOCIALISM, which is a “system of theft.” Socialism does not work, because it creates NO new wealth. It only STEALS from the PRODUCERS of new wealth.

FANTASY FOOTBALL?” Governor Christie was absolutely right to condemn the media AND the moderators of the most recent Republican debate for being “concerned” with fantasy football when we're many TRILLIONS of dollars in debt, have Muslim terrorists running about, all over the globe, killing Christians and members of other religions not Islam? While Russia and China threaten us, as does that PIFFLE of a country, Iran? All this due to the INCOMPETENCE of the present administration in foreign affairs, and all other things? While there are so many IMPORTANT problems we SHOULD be “concerned” about, but don't seem to be?

IT'S OLD NEWS!” That's what liberals always say when we bring up Hillary's culpability in the deaths of FOUR embassy people, one of which was an ambassador, through her incompetence. They say it again when we bring up her “e-mail violations.” They say it every time we bring up a scandal concerning a Democrat, and they think they can, because Democrats stall and stall, lie, and lie, until it DOES become “old news." But they have made it “old news” by “stonewalling it” for so long, hoping we'll get tired and stop pursuing their crimes.

GLOBAL WARMING STUPIDITY: Global warming adherents (fools) are now saying that “jack-o-lanterns” and pumpkins “contribute to global warming.” How STUPID is that? These people are DELUDED. Every day they come up with something else stupid to attribute to it. And they expect intelligent people to believe this bovine excrement. I've always thought those who believed in the global warming “religion” were demented. Now they've proven it, by their own words. The “globe” hasn't been “warming” for more than 15 years. But that simple fact seems to escape their notice. Because it doesn't agree with their “religion.” They ought to register global warming (by whatever name they now use) as a “religion” so they can get the same special treatment as we give Muslims.

EVERYTHING IS RACIST: We might as well just declare that EVERYTHING is racist, when fools like these put out a “scholarly report” saying that SLEEP IS RACIST. “It’s uncomfortable for blacks to sleep because they are thinking back over mistreatment, thinking back over maltreatment, thinking back over bias they experienced,” Beatty Moody told National Journal. 'In thinking about those experiences, they are getting more aroused, more cognitive arousal, which does the opposite of what you need it to do to go to sleep'.” Which means black people spend so much time worrying about imagined slights that only white folks sleep soundly and well. Sheesh!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Obama: "We Need More Gun Control"

That's how liberals read the “gunplay” in Chicago, anyway. They think because thugs are still killing a lot of people with ILLEGAL guns, that means they need to make MORE laws for them to ignore. That's the kind of twisted logic that passes for thinking in DC. Like I said, they'll blame the gun violence in Chicago on everything ELSE but what it IS, so the can make more USELESS laws.

95% COP SHOOTINGS JUSTIFIED: That's what a recent report by the Washington Post (not a big pro-gun source) says. But the “Black Lives Matter” fools will say they're lying. It's all they've got. When somebody puts out the TRUTH, and it doesn't agree with their narrative, they MUST be lying, huh? Of course, if they accept it, that “blows them right out of the water,” doesn't it?

TIME TO BAN CARS? A woman used a car to plow into a bunch of people in Oklahoma and managed to kill 4 of them. Now, the FBI says that killing FOUR people is “mass murder” so she is officially a “mass murderer” and her “weapon of choice” was a CAR. Should we now ban CARS? If we accept the muddled thinking of the anti-gun fools, that's what we ought to do.

LAW ABIDING” ILLEGAL ALIENS? Hillary has pledged to defend “law abiding” ILLEGAL aliens. IS there such a thing? They have proven themselves NOT to be “law abiding” by their very presence in this country. It is this type of muddled thinking that is the hallmark of a liberal. And there is not a MORE liberal politician than Hillary. Of course, her promise is meaningless, anyway. Just like Obama's promises.

BOVINE EXCREMENT: Today, I listened to the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Peelosi spout a long list of bovine excrement before handing the gavel of Speaker to Paul Ryan, wasting a lot of everybody's time, as usual. It's what politicians do. Lavish praise on their enemies, while plotting their political demise on the other. It's so sickening. But at least, we are still semi-free, so far. Hopefully, with the Republicans in charge in the congress, and what SEEMS like a real man now leading the House, the Republicans can “get off the dime” and actually DO something other than support t\he Democrat agenda. IF they will.

THERE'S A “CNBC?” Whoda thunkit? I've heard rumors of a cable news network called, “CNBC”, but I didn't really believe it existed. I thought it was a joke. Turns out, it DOES exist, AND it IS a “joke.” Whoever chose them to host the most recent Republican Debate must have a really serious sense of humor. If you're smart, you don't hire a bunch of DEMOCRATS (liberals) to host a REPUBLICAN (mostly conservative) debate. Not if you're smart, anyway. They probably got more viewers during that debate than ever in their supposed history. More than the two they usually get, anyway. Those viewers (both of 'em) witnessed their attempt to destroy the debate, and they got “called on it” from all directions.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

They Found A Weakness!

The anti-gun fools have been long trying to find a way to keep us from being able to defend ourselves from criminals (including those who wear badges) from stealing everything we have. They know as long as the Second amendment protects our right to have and use guns in our own defense, they will always be in danger as they come to steal our stuff, so they can't just BAN guns. Now they've found a way to make our guns useless. It's called, “ammunition control.” Now they're trying to make “laws” to keep us from buying ammunition, and without ammunition, our guns are just good “door stops” so they can loot us at will.

SCREW HER! Melissa Harris-Perry says you can no longer use the phrase, “hard worker” or any combination that means the same because it is “microagression.” What the hell makes her think a MSNBC host with TWO viewers has the right to BAN the use of words, I don't know. But she is showing the arrogance of most liberal commentators today. Somebody needs to tell her outright, “screw you” and don't kiss her first. What stupidity she displays!

WHY ALWAYS BLACKS? In a recent speech that is guaranteed to make Obama mad as hell, FBI Director Comey told us he was once asked why he prosecuted so many people in the black community. He gave a logical answer: “Because that's where the crime is being committed.” Black men, far from being killed by white cops in big numbers, are more often killed by BLACK MEN. But that's not what the asker wanted to hear, and not what Obama wanted to hear. I'll be surprised if Comey keeps his job.

WHY SO MANY BLACKS IN PRISON? Like the answer to the question above, liberals have long complained about the high percentages of blacks vs. whites in prison. But again, the answer is simple. It's because they commit more crimes that do white people. Of course, they'll call me a racist for saying that truth. That's how they mute most criticism. But I don't give a damn what they call me. It doesn't mean a thing to me.

SACRAMENTO GOING STUPID: Apparently they didn't learn anything from Seattle's unfortunate experience with high minimum wage laws. Seattle passed a law making it mandatory for Seattle businesses to pay a minimum wage of !5.00 an hour and immediately lost 700 RESTAURANT jobs and an unknown number of other jobs But they're not rescinding that law. And now Sacramento, Californica is “following suit.” They're trying to raise theirs to $12.50 an hour, which is just as bad. They'll immediately lose a BUNCH of restaurant jobs, too, and an uncountable number of other kinds of jobs. But their politicians don't care.

THEY THINK TRUMP'S LOSING: Because he's slightly behind ONE MAN in Iowa, they're predicting that he's “done.” Never mind he's so far ahead everywhere else they can't even SEE him. The liberal memo that went out to the liberal news media told them all to say Trump is now “begging for votes,” and they're all parroting the words they were “ordered” to spout. They're all “crowing” about it. Will they apologize when the attention goes back to places (mostly everywhere) he is still on top? Not a chance. They're so arrogant they never think they're wrong, and when they ARE, they ignore it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thin-Skinned Fools

Word is, Amazon was selling an Israeli soldier costume for Halloween, and Sidney Blumenthal's son blasted them. I guess all the AMERICAN soldier costumes that have been on sale for years didn't “offend” anybody. Methinks they doth protest too much. People (mostly Muslims) are so EASY to offend these days. All it takes is ONE complaint to get any large company like amazon to discontinue something. Even if that complaint comes from a Muslim, in which case it shouldn't be taken seriously, at all. Who cares what Muslims think? They're only here to make trouble at every turn.

TRUMP NOW SECOND: And Trump supporters are losing their minds! What the hell FOR? Polls, especially at this point, don't mean a helluva lot. Tomorrow, Trump could be ahead of everybody, INCLUDING Hillary (whose numbers are being “propped up” by the liberal media to make it SEEM like she is a strong candidate, when she isn't). People get way too “invested” in these early polls. I can't tell you how far Bush was back at one time, in the polls, but he not only won, he won two terms.

AMY SHUMER FOR GUN CONTROL: Who the hell CARES? Yes, her cousin is Democrat Senator Chuck Shumer, but again, who the hell CARES? We all know Democrats want to disarm all Americans so they can send their thugs (with badges) around to steal what's ours, later without meaningful opposition. So who cares that they “favor gun control?” It must be a “slow news day” if this makes news. I stipulate: ALL Democrats are “in favor” of gun control. Can we move on, now? Seems like she's the “star” of a show called, “Trainwreck.” I thought that was describing HER if she feels it necessary to stick her nose into Chuckie's politics.

CLEANSE THE LANGUAGE”: How do you solve thee illegal alien problem with a swish of a pen? Easy. Just BAN the use of the words “illegal alien.” POOF! No illegal alien problem. That's apparently how Obama plans to “solve that problem.” I seem to remember a few words that got banned in the old Soviet Union a few years ago. Did those problems go away? Apparently not, which is why they found it necessary to finally pretend that “communism (close cousin to socialism) died” in the soviet Union, while socialism is “alive and well,”: with the SAME PEOPLE still in charge.

IS BOEHNER “DEMOCRAT MAJORITY LEADER?” One would think so. Mostly, since the last election—you know, the one that gave Republicans BOTH houses of congress, so, in theory, Republicans should now be able to get their way, huh? Not so's ya could notice it! Ever since, he's been SURRENDERING to the Democrats at every turn. And now he is “spearheading” the Democrat attempt to (again) raise the debt limit so Obama can spend even more money than there ever WILL be. He's already spent more than there IS!

144 PAGE BILL AT MIDNIGHT: The Republicans (led by Boehner) posted a 144 page bill at midnight, and expected it to be voted on the next day. Hey, Boehner! That's a DEMOCRAT trick! If I were a member of Congress, in either party, I would vote AGAINST such bills, on principle, every time. No matter how important passage is, according to the “leaders.” ANY time a bill that is too long to expect people to BE ABLE to read it in the given time, should be DEFEATED.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You're A "Potential Terrorist"

At least, according to the feds. If you are a conservative, a Christian, a libertarian, or a gun owner, you're “potential terrorist.” If you're opposed to abortion, communism, illegal immigration, or the United Nations, also. And if you believe the “new world order” is a danger, if you think “we are in the end times,” or visit “alternative news sites” like Fox News, you're a “potential terrorist.” All of those apply to me, so I must be a “potential terrorist,” although I've never contemplated killing innocent people to make a political or religious point. I've never raped or beheaded anybody for not agreeing with my “directives.” Meanwhile, Muslim extremists, who HAVE, are NOT, according to the feds.

WHY IS HILLARY STILL A CANDIDATE? Any Republican who was caught in as many lies and crimes as has Hillary been, theywould have long since seen the “handwriting on the wall” and “disappeared into the mists,” KNOWING she could never be president, so she might as well give it up. But not Hillary. She believes the horse manure fed us by the liberal media that she's still a “front-runner” among Democrats. The liberal media is so “deep in the bag” for Hillary, they still think she can beat any candidate the Republicans can dig up. She'll soon find out the truth, when she starts facing a REAL candidate.

TYPICAL GUN-HATING FOOL: Quentin Tarantino, who has made more money from guns in his many “killer” flicks than anybody else, thinks cops are murderers, and he said so in public, recently. The Police Union in new York City says all human beings should stay away from his movies, because of his STUPIDITY. Like most gun-hating fools, he is ignoring recent statistics that show that cops killing thugs (rightly or wrongly) has gone down precipitously. Also that the number of black men killed by OTHER black men has stayed high. But that's typical of gun-haters.

SHOOTER ASSAULTED IN PRISON: Colorado theater shooter James Holmes was “assaulted in prison.” At least, that's the word. But in reality, another prisoner just TRIED to assault him before he was stopped, and dragged away. Personally, I think other prisoners ought to give him a taste of “real life justice.” They should have done a lot more than they did. They should have beat him within an inch of his life—or even more. He's got it coming.

KERRY COMPLETELY CLUELESS: And this is our Secretary of State! The guy who is supposed to be intelligent enough to guide our foreign policy. And he is so STUPID he thinks Israel is the terrorist, when, in reality, Israel is merely RESPONDING to the terrorism of the Palestinians, who are daily sending rocket bombs into Israel, while Palestinian individuals are on a mass stabbing spree in Israel. Will Kerry ever wake up? Doubtful. He isn't smart enough.

LESS THAN 30,000 A YEAR! Horrors! Didja know the “poverty level” put out by the feds is $30.000 a year? Looks like I've been in poverty most of my adult life, and I didn't know it. Actually, I thought I was doing pretty well for a high school grad. But apparently, according to the feds, I wasn't I was living at below the "poverty level." I've come to the conclusion that they have no idea what the poverty level is. They're just making it up as they go along.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Is NRA Doomed?

That's what the gun grabbers are telling us. They say they're “too rural and local,” and gun control is “settled science.” Their favorite saying. They use it regularly to support the global warming swindle. But is ISN'T, in either case. There is no such thing. It was once “settled science” that the world was flat. Scientists are constantly making new discoveries that turn “settled science” in it's ear. Meanwhile the NRA continues to “whup their butts” at almost every turn. Obama is “frustrated” by his inability to destroy our ability for self defense. They're “whistling past the graveyard.”

HOW MANY NEW VOTES? Liberals are telling one another that they can gain many new votes for the Democrats who believe in the “global warming religion” from the hurricane threatening Mexico. It was said that it would be the “biggest hurricane in the history of the world.” Never mind they've only been keeping records for a few years. But when it made landfall, it fizzled. It did some damage, yes. But not nearly as much as previous hurricanes. So they can't use it as a fund-raiser, though they'll certainly try.

ANOTHER SCHOOL KILLING: But you'll probably not hear a lot about this one. The killer didn't use a gun. He used a knife. So the liberal media isn't interested. To them, it's a “ho, hum.” It doesn't advance their narrative to disarm America, so they can't be bothered to report it much, if at all. The killer dressed up in a Halloween costume and killed one student, and one teacher with a SWORD, fergawdsakes! Then injured two others. But it was “a good guy with a gun,” a cop, who showed up and shot him, ending his killing spree. At first, they thought it was a Halloween prank. But when he started killing people, they ran. The killer died of his injuries from that gunshot wound. Reporters visibly yawned when they found out no guns were involved, except to STOP the killing.

RADICAL VIEWS: The liberals call the views of the NRA “radical.” But there isn't anything “radical” about wanting to defend yourself against those millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, who simply want to kill everybody who doesn't convert to Islam. Liberals think that, when confronted by a guy with a gun, you should just call 911 (if you can, before he shoots you) and wait for a cop to show up and document your death. It's a common perversion for liberals to think that way. If anybody is “radical” in this scenario, it's the gun-grabbers and other liberals.

BIT OFF HIS TONGUE: Antoine Miller, 16, (just a kid) forced his way into this woman's home in Charleston, SC, and tried to rape her. In the process, she bit off his tongue (which he was forcing down her throat), causing him to flee. Frankly, I can think of another appendage she might even better have bitten off, if she had gotten a chance. Cops later found him in a Waffle house, apparently trying to find out if he could taste a waffle without a tongue. He should probably bring a pencil and paper to court, so he can communicate. Somehow, I think this will be his last rape attempt, or he might well LOSE that other appendage, too.

ABSOLUTE BELLY LAUGHER: I don't usually like to show people comics, but this one made me literally fall off my chair. I had a little trouble getting up. I'm old. So sue me! So I thought it would be a good one, as it illustrates the dilemma of the media with respect to Donald Trump. They hit him and hit him and he barely notices it. They hate that. They're used to politicians coming to them. “hat in hand,” apologizing for innocent (usually true) remarks the liberal media doesn't like. Trump doesn't do that. He just ignores them, or hits back in a way that usually shuts them up.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

You Gotta Believe!

John Kerry (the stupid) says if you don't believe in the AlGore swindle, “global warming” (now “climate change”, to make it easier to con us), you're not fit to be elected to ANY office, much less the presidency. What the hell makes John (stupid) Kerry think he has the right to DICTATE what qualifies somebody to run for elective office? He also wants to send the cops after ALL those who disagree with him about global warming. So I guess it's now against the law to disagree? Global warming (under whatever name) has been discredited in so many ways, so many times, that only the stupid or ignorant still believe in it. That includes Kerry, and Obama. And all those fools in the UN.

USE LESS, PAY MORE: In Denver, Colorado, a few years ago, there was a campaign to get citizens to use less water. They did. So the Water Company, "concerned about falling revenues,” RAISED THEIR RATES to “make up the shortfall.” California is suffering now from similar “falling revenues” after a concerted campaign to get Californians to use less power. So what's going to happen? You guessed it, they're going to raise the rates to get power. And, of course, since they're “the only game in town,” they have to pay it. They did what was asked of them, and now they have to pay. Go figure.

THE FOOLS ARE HAPPY: Those “global warming fools” are happy as clams. We're about to see the WORST hurricane in the history of the world (or so they say), and they fully intend to attribute it to global warming (under whatever name it's going by now) and scam even more money out of the gullible Americans who still believe in the global warming religion. What we can't be sure of is, IS it the “worse one in the history of the world?” They've only been keeping records for a few of those years and we don't know how bad it was before they started keeping track of it.

SEARS SURRENDERS TO ISLAM: They introduced a hat with the word, “Infidel” on it, and a Muslim complained, saying the word was “offensive.” so they discontinued it. Frankly, I don't care a whit about what “offends” Muslims. But if I want to buy a hat with “Infidel” on it, I have that right. And Sears has the right to sell me one, whatever a Muslim fool thinks. I'm getting very tired of Muslims coming here and trying to impose THEIR values on us. I think we need to start telling them to “go to hell.”

DEMS OUTLAW TWO WORDS: They've introduced a measure to outlaw the use, by the government, of “alien” or “illegal alien.” I guess that's their way of being able to throw the illegal alien problem under the rug. They know it's unconstitutional for them to ban their use of those words by LAW, so they're going to do it for the feds, and then start applying PC pressure to keep US from using it. But, as with all the rest of the PC words they've managed to ban, that will NEVER stop ME from using them. They can “come after me” if they want, but that STILL won't stop me. I don't do “politically correct.” You can't effectively fight a problem if you refuse to even name it. Obama needs to learn that.

HILLARY CRITICIZED THE NRA: And their membership, as well as their “favorably rating”among Americans, INCREASED—again. That's something liberals never take into account. And it's also reflected in the fact that Obama is known as the "best gun salesman in the country.” The more he rants and raves about “the gun problem,” and the more he makes laws and regulations  against guns, the higher the guns sales soar. People who think he's ultimately going to ban guns altogether (which is illegal), the more guns they buy, and they hide many of them away so he can't send his thugs later to steal them.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Oughta Shoot 'Em

That's what some liberals say about people who oppose the brand of “gun laws” they're passing these days. They say they ought to be shot. Which is just more evidence that we need to have our own guns, not only to defend ourselves against criminals, but against the kind of government that is represented by these people. Whatever the hell makes them think they have the right to advocate SHOOTING people for disagreeing with them, I don't know, except for their ARROGANCE. And they have an abundance of that.

BIDEN'S JUST WAITING: He's waiting for Hillary to be indicted for one or more of her many crimes. He expects it. He probably knows something we don't. Then he will step in and take over her supporters, because only the furthest left loony fools support Bernie, and he knows it. He figures that will GUARANTEE him the presidency as many of them come over to his side when it finally comes time to actually vote.

OUTRIGHT DAMNED LIE! Hillary flat told a LIE to Congress when she said she “never blamed the Benghazi attack on that insignificant video nobody had ever seen but the producers at the time. I HEARD her say it was that video that CAUSED the Islamic terrorist attack! I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the Congress actually DOES anything to her for this lie, as they (finally) did to her husband for HIS lie.

WHY'S CUMMINGS THERE? Why is Elija Cummings even ON the Benghazi Committee? He's CLEARLY biased, in favor of Hillary and takes every opportunity to undermine the work of that committee. Such committees are supposed to be UNBIASED and to work to uncover the TRUTH. Cummings is clearly only interested in blocking all attempts to get TO the truth by the committee. If that committee fails to uncover anything telling, he will be the reason. It will then be a “dog and pony show” to convince voters they're actually DOING something.

SHE “TOOK RESPONSIBILITY”: Hillary says she “takes responsibility" for the deaths of those four embassy people in Benghazi. What the hell does THAT men? She's “falling on her sword,” with no sword. Like Janet Reno, who “took responsibility” for the almost 100 deaths at Waco (including 14 CHILDREN), but did anything happen to her? Nada. And nothing will happen to Hillary, either because she SAYS she “takes responsibility for the deaths." This is TWICE a Clinton (Bill, Janet Reno's boss) has incompetently been responsible for people dying. When will it STOP?

ASK THE CRIMINALS: Where they get their guns, and they'll tell you, in some back alley somewhere, out of another criminal's car trunk. The “gun-grabbers” know this unless they're completely ignorant or stupid. But they keep on making their USELESS “gun laws” that do NOTHING to stop the proliferation of guns in the hands of criminals because the criminals  are “kindred souls” to the criminals (with badges) that will soon be coming to steal what's ours, in the name of the government.

NRA IS CORRUPT: But the “smart gun makers” are “pure as the driven snow.” Why is that? The answer is simple: the liberals currently in charge think “Smart Guns” are the best invention since sliced bread. They want to force ALL gun owners to throw away their guns and buy a “smart gun.” By doing so, they can effectively BAN GUNS in the hands of honest people until they can afford to buy one of these obscenely expensive guns, without “banning guns” completely, in violation of the Second Amendment. Never mind criminals, who get their guns illegally will still have guns. But they don't care about that.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Disqualified for Denying Warming?

Secretary of, State Kerry says that Trump should be “disqualified from seeking the presidency because he denies global warming. I've always said if you just LISTEN to stupid people, their words will display their stupidity. Kerry has done so by this statement. He thinks Trump should not be president because he doesn't believe in the AlGore SWINDLE, which has been DISPROVED so many ways it isn't even funny. But he's too dumb to know it. Global warming and cooling is CYCLICAL and can't be affected by man, no matter how smart Kerry thinks he is.

LIKE HE DOESN'T WANT IT: I know Bernie Sanders is running for president, and he's giving a pretty good imitation of a presidential candidate. But if you listen to what he SAYS, it sounds like he doesn't want the job. The very first thing he did was ADMIT to being a socialist, which should have DOOMED his candidacy from the very beginning. Then he starts espousing every socialist, communist goal there is. And lastly, he promises to raise taxes sky high. Yet he still has a BIG following, as does Hillary, who is just as much of a socialist, though she denies it, in the face of sure EVIDENCE she's lying. What's WRONG with Americans?

GOP VS. DEMS: They keep asking what the difference is between Republicans and Democrats. The answer is damningly simple, but NOBODY will admit it. Democrats are SOCIALISTS and Republicans are NOT. It's that simple, but nobody seems to want to see it. If we (not me) continue to elect Democrats to important offices, we will soon BE a socialist country. It's inevitable. If you doubt me, just listen to what Democrats SAY. Every time they speak, they give it away to anybody who is LISTENING. I'm listening, but far too few others are. If that continues, that will be the death of us as a free nation.

LOSE DEPT.OF EDUCATION: That's the first thing Donald Trump plans to do if (when) he becomes president, and the very thought of it makes liberals' heads explode. The Dept. of Education is in charge of brainwashing your children, not running the education of the nation's children. Public schools are “conditioning mills,” more lately to teach them about the (imaginary) “good things” about socialism and Islam, even though teaching about religion—any religion--is prohibited by the stupid people who make the laws and think the Constitution bans teaching ANYTHING about ANY religion (but, apparently, Islam). At least, they think so, even though it is NOT in the Constitution. He thinks schools should be run by LOCALS, and he couldn't be more right.

TOO MUCH RACISM: Not on the part of the citizens, on the part of the fools who are SUPPOSED to be “in charge.” You can't do much of ANYTHING these days without being accused of racism. Even the most innocent things are dubbed racism by liberals who are “super sensitive” and “find racism under every bed” and in every action, even when it doesn't exist. A good example of this is in Texas, where it is a practice for one school to present the other school's team with a gift when they play each other, to “show good sportsmanship.” They included a WATERMELON in a big bucket of candy and the school labeled it “racism.” Stupid, stupid!

TRUMP TO CLOSE MOSQUES: At least, the ones KNOWN to support Islamic terrorism. He says he will also cancel the passports of Americans who go overseas to be trained by terrorists, to become terrorists, because they are AT WAR with us.. He told this to Stuart Varney on Fox Business, and Muslims blew their corks. They dragged out their old, tired, phony accusation of “Islamaphobia, which is a positively STUPID accusation. Being against Islamic terrorism is NOT “Islamaphobia,” (which is a phony accusation, using a phony word, made up just for this purpose). It is COMMON SENSE, with Islamic terrorists beheading and otherwise murdering innocent people, and raping women and even CHILDREN, the world over.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Boycott Star Wars?

The new “trailer” (preview) for the new “Star-Wars” movie has “incurred the wrath” of the damned fools on the liberal side, because they used a black actor for the lead role. You just can't please these guys! If there had been no black actors in the cast, they'd have complained about THAT. What the hell do they WANT? Oh, I know, they want something to gripe about, and make trouble for the producers. That's what they want. But all they will accomplish is a lot of free publicity for the movie. But when you can gripe, whichever way they go, it's perfect. Damn, I get tired of these “rabble-rousers” who take offense at ANYTHING. We need to “slap them down.”

IT'S NOT NECESSARY: 16 states are making laws to ban Sharia Law from ever being a part of their legal system. But in truth, such laws are a waste of time. Sharia is already against the “law of the land,” because it does not conform to the U. S. Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws. So any law based on sharia would not “pass muster,” anywhere in America. Some people just can't understand this.

WHAT “OBSESSES” ISRAEL? Everybody seems to be asking “What obsesses Israel about the Palestinians?” Nobody seems to understand that the answer is very simple. Israel wants to stay alive. The Palestinians, along with the Iranians, have SWORN to DESTROY Israel, and Palestinians work toward that end, every day, sending rocket bombs into Israel, while individual Palestinians go into Israel and randomly stab people to death, sometimes dying themselves in the process.

REIMBURSE TAXPAYERS” Harry Reid thinks the government should “reimburse taxpayers” for the cost of the “Benghazi Committee” because they haven't uncovered anything. He, being a Democrat, of course, ignores the REASON they have yet to uncover anything: the Obama coverup. Hillary has been asked many important questions, which she has avoided answering, while Obama's minions have worked overtime to KEEP her from having to answer them because he knows if she does, “the jig is up.” Of course, they will call me a racist because I used the word, “jig.” That way they can ignore the TRUTH of what I said.

WHAT KIND OF SOB? What kind of a son of a bitch kills a four-year old little girl because he got cut off in traffic? Yes, I used that whole three-word description of the shooter who, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, drove up beside a car and started shooting into it, hitting a little girl in the head. They rushed her to the hospital, but she died. This story is so bad, so disgusting, that I thought using the whole thing was called for. If he's ever caught, I hope the cop who catches him forgets regulations and beats him to a bloody pulp. He deserves no less.

Monday, October 19, 2015

"He Doesn't Have A Clue"

Lindsey Graham says, “Ben Carson doesn't have a clue about what's going on in the Mideast. Well, neither does Obama, and he IS president. Neither does Hillary. She proved that when she refused to act when one of her ambassadors, and several other embassy personnel were under attack. Her incompetence there resulted in their DEATHS. Quite frankly, I'm not sure ANY of the current candidates, on EITHER side, have any idea what's going on in the world. Or how to handle it.

THEY HAVE NO ANSWERS: So the “climate change religion believers” want to put people who disagree with them in JAIL. They simply want to SHUT THEM UP. Because if somebody listens to them, it can cost the “believers” millions of dollars in “research grants,” which is the only thing, in some cases, which props them up. I guess that's a good plan if you're an unscrupulous schemer running a con, and those who oppose you are being heard.

PORK BAN REVERSED: Obama's insane “pork ban” in prisons was reversed after Americans “freaked out” over the continual “bending over frontwards” so the Muslims can “do their thing” while Christians can not. Now if we could get SANITY to prevail in other places where politicians pander to Muslims.... Such as in schools, where it's UNLAWFUL to discuss religion in any way, unless the “religion” is Muslim.

BLAMING FOX AGAIN: Obama is blaming Fox for “making him look scary.” As usual;, he's blaming others for what he has done, himself. He scares the hell out of me. Not him, but his policies. I'm afraid that, if he remains a “force” in America for much longer he will COMPLETELY screw things up in the country. He's already gone far beyond what's safe. He is without a doubt, the WORST president we have ever had. Given sufficient time, we will become the new “Soviet Union” under his influence.

NOT WITH GUN TO HEAD”: Human Events says Hispanics would not vote for a Republican if you held a gun to their heads.” And they're mostly right, because the Democrats have most of them thoroughly brain-washed to think that the Republicans hate them all and want to get rid of them. Admittedly, there ARE those who do things to promote that image, on BOTH sides. But Democrats play it down on their side, and UP on the Republican side. For my part, I wouldn't vote for most Democrats with a gun to MY head. There are a couple I've thought about voting for, but the Democrats got rid of them, quickly.

NO ELECTION POSSIBLE: Bernie Sanders, the ADMITTED socialist on the Democrat side (as opposed to the UNADMITTED socialist he's opposing) is bragging about all the new taxes he plans to levy on Americans—and yet he still expects Americans to be stupid enough to elect him president. How stupid is HE? I'm beginning to think this fool is SENILE. He's certainly incompetent to hold ANY important office in our government. If the American voters elect this man, they're as “dumb as stumps.”

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Get Used to It!

Many liberals are saying the Constitution is the “problem” in today's efforts to govern. MSNBC's Chris Hayes says, “Our Constitutional form of government inhibits the ability for government to adequately (or speedily) race toward action.” Hey, Cris: Our Constitutional form of government s the “law of the land!” All subsidiary laws made MUST conform to it. It is the Constitution that is the FOUNDATION for ALL our laws. Get used to it! It was DESIGNED to inhibit the government from “taking over” out Rights. The only “fatal flaw” with the Constitution is that they failed to prescribe a “draconian punishment” for politicians who willfully violated it, beyond having their unconstitutional laws reversed. It is fools like Hayes that allowed the communists to take over in Russia and subject the Russian people to 75 years of socialist misery.

THEY CAN'T LIST 'EM: The Obama State Dept. “mindlessly parrots Arab criticisms of Israel, but they can't provide examples of Israeli “excesses” in dealing with Palestinians. Surprise, surprise! That's because there aren't any. But still they talk about them, even though they don't exist. I don't know what it is with these people! Are they STUPID, or just mindlessly obeying Obama, who wants to convince the world Israel is oppressing” Palestinians, when it is just the other way around. I'm talking about their DAILY rocket bomb attacks into Israel, and individual Palestinians shooting and stabbing random Israelis all over the place.

ANYBODY BUT HILLARY: Everybody seems mystified about why the Benghazi Committee is questioning Huma Abedin before they get around to talking to Hillary. I am too. What has Humna to say about Hillary's incompetence on the subject? Hillary was Secretary of State and was BEGGED for more security by the ambassador there because of heightened threats. Then when the attack began, she was again begged to send troops (who WERE close by) to help. They were ready, willing, and able. The attack lasted for a long time. There was plenty of time for them to get there. Why did she condemn those four people to death? What has Huma got to do with that, which got her questioned BEFORE Hillary?

GUN CONFISCATION? One more reason NOT to elect Hillary Clinton, as if we needed one more. She has now announced that she is in favor of “Australian-style gun confiscation.” You know, the action that caused a 300% INCREASE in gun violence there, which is continuing and growing worse, as we speak. Like all the politicians that favor “gun control,” she isn't interested in “stopping gun crime.” She just wants to DISARM AMERICANS while she runs around behind a WALL of armed “security.”

ANGRY WHITE AMERICANS”: Liberals like to talk about “angry white Americans,” while being the party of angry white Americans, while Republicans have Hispanics, blacks, and women in their line-up. It's a typical misdirection by Democrats like the one where they insist that Republicans are racists, while it is DEMOCRATS Martin Luther King demonstrated against. The cartoon linked here is an excellent example.

OBAMA'S PASTOR: The pastor Obama listened to for 20 years (while claiming not to hear any of his regular rants in those 20 years) is in the news again with an atrocious rant. I won't even bother to tell you what he said, but the whole point is that Obama sat through 20 years' worth of similar rants and CLAIMS to have never heard anything like what that pastor is best known for. Was he asleep, or just unconscious? Or is he simply LYING? That last seems more likely, in view of his usual LIES.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just Like Obama

Putin says he will send in “no troops on the ground.” Right. He will not send HIS troops in, but he WILL send in CASTRO'S troops. Obama and Putin are “woven from the same cloth.” I don't know if Obama is taking tips from Putin, or if Putin is emulating Obama. But the fact remains, BOTH do everything they can to fool the world as to what they're doing, while what they do is bad for their people.

DEMOCRATS ALL EXCITED: They had SIXTEEN MILLION VIEWERS for their two-hour snore-fest. Of course, they ignore the fact that the Republicans has 24 MILLION, eight million more than they got. But facts never enter into the thinking process of a Democrat. They “adjust them” to fit their fancies. Everything they do seems to be a “smaller example” of what the Republicans do. I hope that trend continues.

IT'S PART OF HISTORY!”: That's what school “authorities” say when they're caught spending a LOT of time teaching about Islam, while ignoring other religions, especially Christianity. This, of course, ignores the fact that, under the phony “separation of church and state,” NO religion should be taught in our schools. But they conveniently ignore that when it comes to teaching about the “Five Pillars of Wisdom” in the Muslim “faith.” Somebody, in a “high place” somewhere, wants to teach about Islam, on the Q. T.

TAX ON BULLETS: They can't just BAN GUNS, so they go to work on bullets, which have no Second Amendment protection. As usual, it starts in California. Los Angeles has passed an ordinance putting a tax on every bullet sold, figuring the extra cost will discourage “mass killers.” Only time will tell if it will, but I suspect somebody who wants to commit a crime that will probably result in his own death doesn't worry overmuch about the cost. All their useless laws do nothing to deter ILLEGAL shooters, who don't OBEY laws. There's a Second Amendment to protect guns, but not for bullets. So they become the targets.

ENDED TWO WARS”: “Responsibly.” That's what Obama says. But the TRUTH (which Obama will never tell) is, he failed to do that. Yes, he told us famously that he had :”ended two wars responsibly.” But what he did was tell them to “cut and run” while leaving millions of dollars' worth of weapons, ordinance, and equipment for the Islamic terrorists to “take over” and use in their quest to kill and maim people who did not believe the way they wanted them to believe. Now it turns out even THAT was false. He is leaving 5,500 troops in Afghanistan “in a non-combat posture,” meaning they can't fire until fired upon, and sometimes not even then, guaranteeing death for many of them.

SCREW 'EM: The federal government has effectively BANNED the use of the word “Jihadist” to describe....well....Jihadists. If they think that's going to stop me from using the word, they've got many other thinks coming. I call 'em what they ARE, in spite of what Obama's thugs say. If they want to come and get me for that, let 'em come. I'll still be using that word as they drag me off to the pokey.

Friday, October 16, 2015

ONLY "Black Lives Matter!"

That seems to be what the “Black Lives Matter fools are promoting. If ANYBODY even so much as SUGGESTS that ALL lives matter, they “go bananas” and want to run them out of the room. Maybe even the STATE. They really want to KILL them, but they're not Muslims. They wouldn't get away with it. The Muslims are killing people who don't agree with them, even some who won't JOIN them all over the world. Bullies like that think they can win that way. All they do is "stiffen the spines" of their victims, who soon "rise up" and beat the snot out of them.

CLOSING GITMO: WHY? Only liberals are protesting GITMO. Frankly, who cares what happens to Muslim killers we caught killing innocent people, both Americans, and others? Castro is now demanding his land back. Never mind Cuba gave us a LONG lease on that land. We built what's ON that land, Cuba didn't. If we close it, we have to ship those killers, rapists, and beheaders SOMEWHERE. We don't want them here, for ANY reason. If they get released (and under Obama that's a good possibility) it's HERE. So they can “disappear into the populace” and plan their killings. They're looking at sending some to Colorado. I don't want them anywhere near Colorado. But Obama doesn't care what I want. It's what HE wants that counts, to him.

TOO DAMNED MUCH “UNCOMFORTABLE”: They banned the Pledge of Allegiance at one community college because it made somebody “uncomfortable.” So what. Live with it. You're in this country and should pledge allegiance to it. If you're “uncomfortable” with it, you should move elsewhere where you CAN be comfortable. We don't need you here. Just SHUT UP!

SHARE THE PROFITS”: Hillary has promised to “make the wealthy pay” and FORCE them to “share the profits.” Which is the usual SOCIALIST campaign promise that STEALS money from the rich, who EARNED it, and gives it to the “poor,” who didn't, and COULDN'T—or they would have. Yet another reason NOT to elect her to ANYTHING--as if we needed more. This is how countries like Russia get conned into becoming a communist empire. Appealing to those who want to get all they can get without working for it.

AGAINST THE NRA? Not a chance. The only people who want to go against the NRA are the gun-grabbing fools and they ALREADY hate the NRA. But the fact is, the NRA represents MILLIONS of us who want to keep our gun rights so we can defend ourselves against people who DISOBEY laws and get their guns ILLEGALLY. You'll NEVER get us to go against the NRA. Bernie Sanders is right. “all the shouting in the world is not going to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

REDUCE TENSIONS IN ISRAEL?" That's what Obama and his cadre of fools is telling Israel while the Palestinians are still sending rocket bombs into Israel every day. What Israel does is RETALIATION, which they are entitled to do! Israel will agree to help “reduce tensions” as soon as the Palestinians stop rocket bombing innocent people and other Palestinians stop stabbing and shooting Israelis. It's a simple solution, but the Palestinians aren't willing to do it.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Carson: Gaffe Machine?"

That's what Democrats and other liberals are calling Ben Carson. Why? Because, not being a politician, he really doesn't know how to deflect all the “gotcha questions” the media likes to ask. He just tells the truth, and the liberal media makes the most of it because they don't want to hear the truth. And at the same time they go out of their way to “play up” every point anybody “gets up” on Trump, asking the question, “Is Trump losing his mojo?”

WHO WON THE DEBATE? Hillary, of course. It's hard NOT to win when the BOSS puts out the word, “Don't attack Hillary, or you'll be sorry, later.” That's known as “the fix is in.” That's how Democrats win things. ”fix it.” It's really fun to watch the gyrations Democrats go through to “fix” an election.

WE KILLED 10,000 ISIS: Word has been put out that American forces have killed 10,000 ISIS fighters. Yeah, right! Like most of Obama's “figures,” that's much bigger than it really IS. It's easy to inflate the numbers when you can “set the rules” of estimation, as Obama has. It's like Obama says. “We're fighting ISIS.” But not with the “rules of combat” he has imposed, where we can't fire on them until AFTER they fire on us. That gives them the “upper hand” while we let them have the first blow.

O'REILLY AND “OUTNUMBERED”: I thought it was funny when Bill O'Reilly was introduced on “Outnumbered.” He replied, “It's nice to see you.” And I think he might just as well have added, “It's good to see a LOT of you. I still think they should call that show, “Legs of Wonder.” I'm convinced that many men tune in to that show just for the “leg show” every day. Some girls, too. Of course, some of that carries over to “The Five,” where they make sure to put Andrea Tantaros and her perennially short skirts and long legs right “up front” where her skirts are always at least halfway, sometimes three-fourths up her thighs. Not that I'm complaining. I just think they need a name-change.

FRACKING: THE PHONY “PROBLEM”: Anything to inhibit the growth of oil exploration in the United States, and the jobs it brings, liberals oppose it, on phony reasons. Like Obama's opposition to the Canadian Pipeline. There's no real reason to stop it, but Obama is unalterably opposed to it, and ANYTHING that will create more jobs and make us more “oil independent.” Obama will do ANYTHING, tell any LIE, to keep us from being oil independent and/or create new jobs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Americans Going Nuts

I've seen schools penalizing students for flying a Confederate Flag, or even wearing a t-shirt with one on it, even though a little study of history will show It was even once used by DEMOCRATS in their campaigns. And it stands for FREEDOM, not slavery. I've even seen STUPID “school officials” punishing students for flying or wearing the AMERICAN Flag (which is really STUPID!). But now, in Gresham, Oregon, they've punished a student for wearing a shirt that supported our TROOPS! That is the HEIGHT of stupidity. Do school officials take “STUPID PILLS” these days, or what? Somebody needs to FIRE these fools! But their bosses are probably just as stupid.

WHO CARES? Obama has banned pork in prisons because it “offended” too many Muslims. Who the hell CARES what “offends” Muslims? Especially Muslims that have violated the law? This country is bending over FORWARD way too often for these fools. They need to learn that they're not in their Muslim countries. They need to learn to “assimilate” into our culture, or go BACK to a Muslim country and quit screwing with us in OUR country. And to hell with “religious freedom." Muslim is not even a religion. they just pretend to be one so they can use our goodness as a weakness to screw us.

DON'T WANT TO BE LIED TO: That's Milwaukee sheriff's reason for not watching the Democrat debates. He says, “If I want to be lied to, I'll question a criminal.” I had the same reason for not watching it. I don't have two hours to waste listening to lies and posturing. If anything important was said there, I'll be told about it without wasting my time having my ears blistered by their bloated lies. I did notice that Bernie agrees with Hillary that Congress should “get past” her e-mail troubles (while Hillary stood there nodding her head as he spoke), without ever getting to the true answers to the questions they have so far failed to elicit. I didn't have to watch the whole thing to find that out.

HILLARY WON THE DEBATE: At least, that's what the liberal media wants you to think, according to all their dispatches. And, of course, the “alternative media picks up on it. Of course, it's easy for her to win when her opponents are “given orders” NOT to oppose her on anything important, or they'll suffer later. How do you have a “debate” when everybody agrees with “the anointed one?” Her backing is starting to “crack,” though, with Obama “throwing her under the bus” from behind his back the other day.

SCREW UNITY!” That's what Hillary said. She's PROUD to have made enemies of all Republicans. But what did she expect when everything she espouses is diametrically OPPOSED to their values? Meanwhile, the Sheriff of Milwaukee county didn't watch because “he didn't want to be lied to.” I didn't watch because I don't have two hours to waste listening to drivel, and I noticed (in the excerpts this morning) that Bernie also thinks we should “get past” her e-mail crimes.

NO MORE MONEY”: Planned Parenthood has stopped “taking money” for the dead infant body parts they supply. At least, they've stopped giving receipts for the money they get paid, so as not to lose the $BILLIONS they get from the feds. If anybody believes they have REALLY stopped accepting cash, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. If they think this will make it “all better,” they have many more thinks coming. A dead baby is a dead baby even if you don't give receipts when you sell their body parts..

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mother Orders Daughter's Death!

Walid Shoebat, a (former) Jihadist, writes about a girl whose death was ordered by her own MOTHER and carried out by her BROTHERS after her mother could find no “hit man” to kill her (and was too chicken to do it herself). Her “CRIME?” She was RAPED by a Muslim man and her family from then on found her “unclean.” What about the man who raped her? He is not mentioned, and remains nameless, to go out and rape another girl, who will then be considered “unclean” and probably killed by her own Muslim family. If the man is ever found, he will not be punished. They will say she “seduced him.”

SOWELL'S RIGHT: In a recent article in which he cites many facts IGNORED by “gun-law crazies,” he says this: “The zealotry of gun-control advocates might make some sense if they had any serious evidence that more restrictive gun-control laws actually reduce gun crimes. But they seldom even discuss the issue in terms of empirical evidence.” They won't discuss it because they know there's no HONEST answer they can give to this KNOWN fact without proving themselves wrong. The article appeared in “The Columbian,” if you want to Goggle it. Or just go to Sowell's web site.

SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST? Now they're saying Ben Carson is a “Seventh Day Adventist.” So the hell WHAT? I don't know of anything in their liturgy that makes them unable to swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, as there is in the Muslim “religion,” which isn't a real religion at all, just CLAIMS to be one, to take advantage of our preferential treatment of religions. So what do we care about that?

OBAMA BLAMES FOX: Surprise, surprise! It's always Fox or Bush. It's always somebody else, not his own ignorant policies. Fox was only the conduit for the TRUTH about him. So yes, they MAY be “responsible” for getting the truth out. So what? That's their job, and they seem to be one of the few outlets that is DOING that job, today. And that's what Obama hates about them. He hates ANYBODY who tells the truth instead of “carrying his water.”

PLAYBOY'S A GONER: They've announced they will no longer publish pictures of naked women. Do they really think anybody reads their magazine for anything ELSE? Yes, they have some quality articles, but I stopped reading them a long time ago because other magazines have better ones. It's really funny that the FIRST “soft-core porn” magazine was “done in” by porn on the Internet. I wonder if any of the other myriad similar mags will do the same. And if they do, will they survive?

THEY REALLY GOT GALL: Muslims are going to court to force schools to teach that “Muhhammed is the prophet of God” in schools. Boy, they sure have their gall! We can't even teach that “Jesus is our Savior” in schools, and they want to FORCE us to teach a LIE?  Their lie? All part of their scheme to “infiltrate” us and create a Muslim state undercover. I'd tell them to stick it in what's pointing upward when they pray.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Do They Take Stupid Pills?

I can't figure out why so many politicians keep making those STUPID laws to “stop gun violence” when they KNOW they don't work. We keep telling them and telling them and facts back us up that they don't work, but every time there's a mass shooting they're right out there demanding more of their USELESS “gun laws” that they KNOW don't work. Are they daft? Or just feeble-minded? Or are they more interested in disarming law-abiding citizens than they are the criminals, who don't obey laws? Do they have an agenda we don't know about?

WHY ALLOW THEM IN? Palestinians are the source of most of the problems Israelis face. They're troublemakers and fools. They demonstrate, throw rocks, plant bombs and generally make life miserable for Israelis. So why do they let them in, in the first place. If I was the “authority” in Israel, I'd ban them from entering, and DAMN the reaction from the world's liberals (fools). I'd come up with ways to instantly locate the place from which rocket bombs are fired and blow it away. To hell with worrying about killing civilians. They purposely put those people in danger by firing rocket bombs into Israel from within their apartment complexes, hospitals, and schools, and the locals LET them. They know we won't do that, and we need to disabuse them of that notion.

GUARANTEEING THEIR DEATH: Obama has pulled 10,000 troops out of Afghanistan, leaving only about 1,000 there. Which guarantees they will be sorely outnumbered when the Islamic terrorists attack them. And I'd bet they aren't all together in one group, making them easier prey, yet. By pulling out most of his troops, he has guaranteed defeat for many of those left, and their deaths will be on his hands. He will, of course, deny that, to his “dying day.” But it won't work. We're “onto him” now.

WE'RE STUCK WITH BOEHNER: For an unspecified future period. He now says, “I will remain as speaker until a new one is elected.” Which he plans to prevent, as long as possible. That was proven by his INSTANTLY closing the meeting where a new Speaker election was to be held when ONE of the three candidates pulled out, without an election being allowed. It was his chance to get an “unending period” as Speaker so he can continue to promote Obama's agenda, pushing Obama's wishes through Congress, for as long as possible maybe after Obama is gone (if he ever goes)..

HILLARY'S “ALTERNATE UNIVERSE”: It's like Hillary lives in an “alternative universe” whenever she tries to answer questions about her private e-mail service. She says it was “completely aboveboard and legal” for her to use a private e-mail service, when it was patently NOT. And I'm sure she BELIEVES that crap, even if it is a LIE. She now wants us to “move on” from that “politically-motivated problem,” but still won't properly answer questions about it. Until she does (which, in my experience, will be never) we will continue to ask questions about it.

PEELOSI WRONG AGAIN: She says the last gun shop in San Francisco closing because of the latest onerous gun law was simply a “private sector decision.” Yes, it was. Fueled by a dictatorial law made by fools that will make San Francisco more dangerous for law-abiding citizens who will OBEY those fool laws while criminals won't. Making all of SF a “gun-free zone” is tantamount to telling criminals to “have a field day” and “shoot us up at will," since there will be no guns here to oppose you until the cops get there, long after you've killed a bunch of people and left).

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hillary's Desperate

So she's now comparing the NRA to Islamic terrorists and communists. It's the most VILE politics possible, but Hillary and the other Democrats use it regularly when they get desperate and have nothing else REAL to say. Yet these people expect a majority of Americans to APPROVE of their VILE comments and elect them, anyway. It ain't agonna work, Hil! We're onto ya! That's why you're being “beat like a drum” by an ADMITTED socialist in your own party. They're hoping Bernie will be the new Obama. And, with the number of fools out there who “pay no attention to politics” and still vote, they may be right. Hopefully, Republicans have “woken up” enough INTELLIGENT people to make the difference. And Bernie won't win.

BORN ALIVE” LAW: Rep Trent Franks (R-AZ) has written an op-ed pleading for a new law to make murdering a child that survives an abortion subject to LOCAL murder laws. My question is, WHY? Why should such a law even be necessary? Murder is murder, and the locals should prosecute it without such a law. It's a comment on our times that somebody even thinks such a law is required, to protect the rights of the unborn, to keep people from murdering babies.

OBAMA CALLS THEM “EXTREMISTS”: That's the Tea Party he's slandering that way. And THIS is the elected president of the United States? What they are proposing is far from extreme. The only extremist in this picture is Barack Hussein Obama, raised as a communist Muslim who claims to be neither, who hates guns (except in the hands of his people), voter ID, freedom of speech if it disagrees with him, who releases Muslim terrorists to kill again, while the Tea Party simply wants him (and any other politician) to OBEY the Constitution. And for the government to return to the rule of law and stop “ruling” by fiat like any other dictator. You can't just say it and make it true. If that's "extreme," then I'M an extremist.

MINI-DICTATOR "RULES": One of the three candidates for Majority Leader of the Senate pulled out. McCarthy decided not to run, and instead of holding the election with the other two candidates in the race, current resigned Speaker immediately postponed the election until who knows when and adjourned the meeting without allowing a vote. Thus keeping the speakership for himself for an unspecified time into the future. Boehner must be taking tips from Obama., even though he has resigned. Mark Steyn (in for Rush today) calls it a “banana republic move, and he's right.

OBAMA SEZ IT: He's telling us that consumers will be willing to pay more for their purchases because of the minimum wage that has gone “into the stratosphere.” What the hell is he SMOKING? I'm a consumer, and I would NOT. They can raise their prices so as to pay outrageous wages all they want, and I won't pay it. I'll go somewhere where wages and prices are reasonable. If I can't find one, I'll just do without. Obama is, as usual, full of dung if he really believes what he's saying. He's really deluded. He thinks he can SAY it, and it will be true.

OBAMA'S BEST ALLY: It's Boehner. He's supposed to head the “loyal opposition,” but I don't think he got that memo because it seems like just about everything he does advances Obama's agenda. One of the three candidates to replace him after he announced his resignation pulled out, so he immediately adjourned the meeting AND postponed the election of his successor for an indefinite period—I don't know why—except he will remain in that office until. That is something never done before. Now he has vowed to “ram through” several Obama initiatives, including the bill to increase our borrowing power (again). What the hell's going on?