Sunday, February 27, 2011

Obama Is Lawless

He ignores court decisions he doesn’t like, like the one declaring his oil drilling blockade unconstitutional and the one (three, actually) saying his health care swindle law is unconstitutional. Then he announces he will no longer enforce the “Defense of Marriage” law because HE figures it’s unconstitutional. I thought that was the COURT’S job, not his. As days go on, I expect him to ignore court judgments and enforce, or not enforce laws as he sees fit—and nobody will do anything about it.

PROTESTS WHILE GLENN BROADCASTS: Protestors picketed outside of Fox News the other day while Glenn Beck broadcast his television show. He must be doing something RIGHT. Nobody has yet picketed Rush Limbaugh. I don’t agree with all Rush’s opinions, but I have yet to catch him in a lie. But Glenn goes a lot deeper into things than Rush does, and so he scares the left a lot more—which they prove by picketing him. Rush tells us what’s happening, but Glenn tells us WHY it’s happening and just who is behind it. That frightens them. Hence, the pickets.

KHADDAFFY NEEDS TO GO—NOW: However it is done. He needs to be “taken down,” if that requires KILLING him, outright. He is nothing but a thug who “took over” his government 40 years ago and has been raping, murdering, and robbing his people ever since. Recent events have caused a drastic INCREASE in the killings he has sponsored. He ORDERED terrorists to blow up an airplane over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed hundreds, then conned our president into releasing the perpetrator because he was “terminally ill and wouldn’t live much longer. It was a lie. That terrorist still alive and is “living it up” in Libya. It looks like he will live a long time in Moammar’s “paradise.”

MAJORITY ABORTED: In New York City, black women ABORT their children at the rate of 59%. And if you figure most black people vote Democrat, they’re aborting themselves out of business. Abortion is this country’s “holocaust” and has killed a LOT more people (all defenseless babies still in the womb—mostly—some are murdered after they leave the womb if they survive the abortion) than the original “holocaust.” But as in Germany while the original holocaust was going on, nobody seems to notice except a few of us, who are ostracized for our beliefs against murdering children rather than use a rubber when having sex. Of course, they'll call me a racist for pointing this out. But that's how they operate; don't "answer the charges," just call the charger names. But I care not what they think or what they call me.

DEFENDING AGAINST OUR OWN PRESIDENT: It’s a bad thing when we have to defend ourselves against our own president and his government. People who voted him in are becoming disenchanted with him and he is calling them “stupid” while doing just the opposite of what they wish. Meanwhile he’s using the IRS to harass and destroy those who disagree with him. Others, he just sends in his “jack-booted thugs” (from the unions) to deal with.

“MIDEAST UNREST”: They make a big thing about Libya and Egypt, and other Mideast countries that are in an upheaval today being “the major producers of oil in the world,” and what will happen if more America-haters eventually take over there. They forget that WE found the oil there and showed them how to extract it, then they STOLE it (nationalized it) and sold it to us at inflated prices. They also forget that our own government DENIES us the right to search for, and drill for, oil anywhere America runs things.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Texas Schools Mandate Arabic Classes

It’s true. We DO have school officials in this country who are THAT stupid. I wonder—do they have mandated ENGLISH classes in Arab countries? I doubt it. They want ALL the “goodies” coming THEIR way, not ours. They say it’s necessary. I’m 72 years old and never learned Arabic. It has never been a problem for me. Update: Under intense pressure from parents, they've backed off on that.

“SOCIAL JUSTICE”: That’s a liberal “code word” meaning looting those capable of, and willing to EARN their own way, for the benefit of those who aren’t, or don't, just because they “need” it: making “need” a DEMAND on the earnings of others. I don’t think this is right, and I don’t think you do, either. Tell me if you do, and be prepared to tell me WHY. If you don’t, tell me that, too.

IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! That’s what the White House says about the “Defense of Marriage Act.” Funny; I thought that was the job of the Court to declare things unconstitutional. You know, that body Obama has been ignoring while he enforces his unconstitutional health care swindle law and his unconstitutional ban on oil drilling in the Gulf? I guess laws are constitutional or unconstitutional only as Obama deems it.

WHY CAN’T I STAY? Khaddafi (however he spells it today) whines, “The Queen of England has been in power for 53 years, so why can’t I stay?” What a stupid question that is! The Queen of England isn’t a thug and a murderer. She doesn’t “commission” terrorist actions that kill hundreds of innocent people, then con a gullible president into releasing the perpetrator by telling him the guy had only a short time to live (a lie, because he is still alive, and “living it up” in Libya).

LIBYA “LEADER” INSANE: Khaddaffi is sounding more and more insane these days. I guess the pressure is getting to him. He’s used to being the killer, not the killed. He says he’s not going anywhere. He’d rather be a dead martyr. We’ll be happy to help him with that. Martyr to WHAT? To murder and mayhem as a way to stay in power?

CHRIS MATTHEWS LIKES FORMER SDS MAN: The Students for a Democratic Society was a violent organization who wanted to overthrow the United States government. But “Hardbull” anchor Chris Matthews thinks he’s great. When is someone going to realize what a jerk Matthews is and get rid of him? Maybe getting fired will give him a “thrill up his leg.” Or he can do as Keith Olbermann is doing, and start his own “news” network, that will probably last a few weeks, at best, before it goes broke, as have other liberal networks.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MidEast--The Major Oil Producer

That’s what politicians say, over an d over. And why is that? It’s because our government will not allow oil producers in the United States to even SEARCH for oil, ANYWHERE America runs things. Meanwhile, those same oil companies do the drilling in the Middle east, then when oil is found, those dictatorships just STEAL it by “nationalizing” it. Meanwhile, we’re being “held hostage” by people who hate us.

THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRATS DO: In Wisconsin and several other states (Illinois, Ohio, and Indiana included), Democrat “lawmakers” who are in the minority, are FLEEING their states to avoid a vote to pass laws with which they don’t agree. This how those cowards with a “D” after their names stymie things when the Republicans are in the majority.

KHADAFFI (OR HOWEVER HE SPELLS IT TODAY) IS TOAST: He THINKS he can “weather this storm,” but he’s in for a surprise, as was Mubarak and that dictator in Tunisia. He talks a big game, but being the biggest coward in Libya, he’s probably already making arrangements for his flight, taking along all the money and valuables he has stolen in his 40 years at the top of the ladder. He doesn’t think he will need those arrangements, but he’s being sure. He says he'd "rather die a martyr than leave." Fine; we'll be happy to help him with that.

WHAT ABOUT BLACKS? The liberal media isn’t interested in how many blacks are involved in the Wisconsin demonstrations (which are predominantly liberal, socialist, and communist) like they were when covering the Tea Party demonstrations. I guess it doesn’t matter when the demonstrators are liberal.

THE PRIVILEGED ARE REVOLTING: Yes, they ARE ‘revolting;” but not necessarily that way (though some would argue they ARE). Teachers and other government workers make a LOT more money than the people whose taxes finance their pay. They pay a lot less for better health insurance. Now the governor tells them the state can no longer loot tax payers enough to give money to government employees. He’s asking for a little bit of help in PAYING for the goodies, and they’re going bananas, even hiring the homeless to picket FOR them.

LIBS IN “FANTASY WORLD”: Liberals live in a “fantasy world” where everybody has the same amount of skills,and makes the same amount of money. Where everything is “equal,” including the outcome. Funny; I didn’t think the world worked that way. I thought people who worked hard and gained skills and abilities were ENTITLED to earn more money than those who were too lazy to do so; that those lazy people were NOT entitled to loot the EARNINGS of others. But that’s not the way liberals (socialists, communists, Fascists, progressives) think.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama ENCOURAGING Unrest In Wisconsin

He’s sending BUSLOADS of demonstrators to Wisconsin to demonstrate against what the Wisconsin governor is doing to TRY and save jobs for state workers. He’s painting it as the Wisconsin governor being “another Mubarak.” The governor just realizes taxpayers want to stop paying the state employees MORE than they get. The “tipping point” has been reached in Wisconsin. Obama is trying valiantly to put a stop to it.

WISCONSIN TO OBAMA: “GET YOUR NOSE OUT!” Obama was quick to make a comment about the Wisconsin governor trying to increase the “contribution” of state employees in their own health insurance (after being very slow to comment on Egypt) and the governor told him, “Mind your own business. Balance your own budget before you pretend to comment on ours.” I’d have liked to have been a fly on the wall in the White House when Obama got that.

THEY’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG: Politicians continually talk about “stopping the arguing” and having the Democrats and Republicans just get along. That’s wrong. That’s the genius of the way our government was set up, so one side can never get ALL the power. There will ALWAYS be opposition. To Democrats, “getting along” means compromising OUR principles and agreeing with them. They’re not SUPPOSED to “get along.” To "get along" would create a dictatorship.

WISCONSIN-STYLE PROTESTS SPREADING: In Illinois, they are creating similar legislation to that in Wisconsin that has caused Democrats to flee the state, rather than lose the vote. Maybe it will come to similar demonstrations, or maybe not, as state workers and others realize that the state can no longer afford the handsome giveaways they are used to getting. Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana are also considering similar laws, and other states are looking closely. In those states, some Democrats have already fled the state.

“TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA”: That’s a direct quote from Glenn Beck, though I don’t think it’s original with him. It’s a BASIC truth. People who tell the truth have one agenda: to get the truth out and watch how things turn out. Those who lie just want to mislead you and control you.

“FREEBIES”: You give people freebies for long enough and they start thinking they’re ENTITLED to them and when you start taking them away after realizing you can no longer provide them, they demonstrate and even riot. That’s what is happening in Wisconsin and several other states, while Democrats are fleeing some states to avoid a vote on the issue that they KNOW they’re going to lose. Notice it's ALL Democrats fleeing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Attacks On Reporters

How many times do on-scene reporters have to be beaten and RAPED in the middle of a demonstration before somebody in charge in the media stop sending them out, right in the MIDDLE of riots? Of course, those who send them out don’t get beaten. They just sit in their plush offices and send people out to be beaten, raped, and even KILLED.

WILL IT HAPPEN HERE? People are talking about bringing Egypt-style “unrest” here in the United States. They WANT it. They are INSANE! Yes, this government is doing some things that could easily spark such riots, But why can’t we stop these things without people going wild and hurting others? We have LAWS that can stop the ridiculous acts of our own government, but nobody has the gonads to use them.

NOAM CHOMSKY TALKS: Noam Chomsky, author of many books and articles for liberals, showing how to disrupt things, is apparently still alive. Too bad.

FARTING ILLEGAL: In one African country they have made a law making letting a fart unlawful. They SAY it’s to “clean up the atmosphere.” I say it’s to give them an excuse to get more money out of the people. All people WILL fart, even if they don’t do it in pubic, to avoid paying a fine. This law will NOT reduce the amount of methane gas in the atmosphere. It will just make farters search for privacy.

SPEAKING OF FARTING: Our own government has made a law against “cow farts.” They SAY cows emit way too much methane gas into the atmosphere. To get money out of people on this excuse, they now charge every farmer who own cattle a FEE for each cow they own, ASSUMING each cow farts every so often.

INGENIOUS: One thing government people are good at is coming up with more and better ways to suck more taxes out of us. The above item details one method. There are many other silly things they tax that nobody, except those so taxed, even know about. Politicians and bureaucrats are good at nothing else, but they are geniuses at this.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Governor Should Know Better

Colorado Governor Ritter says Arizona’s immigration law is unconstitutional. It is NOT. As governor, he should really know better than that. But he’s a liberal, and liberal is a descendant of the “Know-Nothing Party” of old.

FACTS, NOT ASSERTIONS: Obama says we should use FACTS, not assertions not backed up by facts. Why then, does he not do that, himself? He is constantly regaling us with his “assertions,” none of which are backed up with facts; and when we ask him about it, he has his thugs run us off.

OBAMA SPENDS OUR MONEY LIKE IT IS HIS: His wife spends millions on her foreign trips, where she takes over entire hotels so her “entourage” has a place to sleep as they come along on her junkets. Obama spends money like water on his own trips around the globe, SAYING it is “business.” But he can often be found on the golf course wherever he goes. You don’t have to OWN the money to get the benefit from it, and he gets as much as he can.

ENDING HIS POLITICAL CAREER: Dallas County Commissioner (himself white) John Wiley Price, after calling another politician “fat boy (Price himself is overweight),” lost it and shouted, “All of you are white and you can go to hell.” Frankly, I can’t think of an easier way for a politician to end his career, and Price has done it.

WHY IS ANYBODY STILL LISTENING? Helen Thomas is still running her anti-Jewish mouth and some people are still listening, though I can’s figure out why. Now she says “America is not on God’s side.” Does she pretend to speak for God? I don’t THINK so. She needs to go home and sit on the front porch drinking her mint julep. She’s no good to anyone in Washington. It’s bad enough to make us LOOK at that ugly face.

“HELPING US TO UNDERSTAND”: Obama thinks we’re so stupid that he needs to spend BILLIONS to put up call centers to “help us understand” the new tax laws and how his health care swindle law benefits us. He thinks he just hasn’t done a good enough job of getting through “our thick skulls” so far. This is how he thinks.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's WRONG With These People?

Jimmy Carter says the Muslim Brotherhood is “nothing to be afraid of,” and other so-called “important people” say the same. Some say there IS no “unrest in the Middle East.” What have these people been SMOKING? Or are they just terminally BLIND? These people are either STUPID or are just LYING to us to put us to sleep so we won’t do what is necessary to “fend off” a takeover by people in our own government. Which IS it?

ISLAM ADVANCES IN TIMES OF TURMOIL: Isn’t it nice for Muslims to have a religion that thrives on violence and murder? Yes, Islam DOES advance in times of turmoil; and if none exists, they CREATE it. They work all the time to create the turmoil that can cause them to advance. Liberals are learning from them and are actively creating violence to advance their aims.

KEEPING COMPETITION OUT OF SPORTS: What idiocy is this? Competition is what sports is all about! Picture an auto race without a winner; or a baseball game without a winner. How about a boxing march where nobody wins? What would be the purpose of running the race of playing the game? Anybody who thinks they can “get competition out of sports” is completely stupid.

THEY DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Carbon MONoxide is a deadly gas. One that we breathe in every day (in severely diluted form) because it is something emitted by every automobile and truck that contains an engine. Carbon DI oxide is not. It is a substance REQUIRED for plants to live. They take it in and exude OXYGEN. That’s where we GET oxygen. Without it we’d DIE. But the liberals in power, and those pushing global warming can’t tell the difference. Sorry Al, I refuse to bow to your dictate to call it “climate change” to make it easier for you to fool the gullible.

LOGICALLY SPEAKING: Obama continues to resist the release of his birth certificate. Why? What possible reason could he have? LOGIC tells me there is NOT one; and if there is not a birth certificate showing he was born in this country, he is INELIGIBLE to be president. What part of that do people not understand? Why the HELL does nobody DO something about that?

OBVIOUS INCOMPETENCE: There are MANY evidences of INCOMPETENCE in our government. Why don’t the people in power realize this? Maybe THEY are incompetent.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Money Is A Tool

Nothing more. First, it’s a tool to use in trade. In the early days a man traded, say, a horse, for something else of value that was worth more to him than was the horse. But what if he had nothing of interest to his trading partner? Enter money. Money is based (usually) on something EVERYBODY wants: sometimes gold, sometimes other things. It was once based on SALT. It can be traded for whatever people want. It is also a tool to make MORE money. Take it away and people will not make money, and will then have nothing to use in trade for goods and services.

THE “12th IMAM” SCAM: Ayatolla Kameni has told Iran he has “spoken to the 12th Imam,” who has appointed me as his spokesman.” Wait—what? Why can’t he speak for himself? Maybe climbing up out of that hole in the ground (like Saddam did) was just too much for him. I think it’s all a scam designed to rape Muslims, with their approval. It’s identical to swindles that have been used for centuries, because it works on ignorant people—and Islam works hard to keep their people ignorant.

OIL THE ENERGY OF THE PAST: What? They really expect us to BELIEVE this pap? Oil is the ONLY viable liquid energy source in the world today. Yes, there is “wind power” and other so-called sources like “sun power.” But up to now, NONE of them have come even CLOSE to providing enough power to replace oil. Obama has promised to “bankrupt the coal industry.” Why? Doesn’t he realize that without coal there will BE no electricity? Yes, coal is “dirty” and so far, we rely on people who hate us for oil (and that’s our own fault). But there’s nothing to replace EITHER oil or coal and until there is, it’s incompetent to even THINK about putting them out of business.

OBAMA’S INCOMPETENT PRESS CONFERENCE: The other day Obama held a press conference where he went on and on endlessly and said nothing. This is something he is good at. Nothing else. He talked about US having to “live within our means,” as if HE wasn’t the one who, in ONE YEAR, has spent more than ALL previous presidents, COMBINED. It’s a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

I’M A RACIST: Soon, liberals will be calling me a racist (if they aren’t, already) because I used the word “black” in criticizing Obama. This is common. They don’t even bother to argue against my criticism, they just call me names and hope you’ll forget my criticism. This is how the liberals (all of them) operate. They can’t argue with logic so they just “label” their critics. Islamic terrorists just kill them.

“THE PARTY OF NO”: On the same subject, they continue to call the Republican Party “the party of no” because they have opposed just about everything the Democrats have proposed. But there’s a reason for that. So far, everything the Democrats have proposed is BAD. Some of it will bankrupt us and weaken this country. They don’t want to talk about that so they come up with these slogans to (they hope) make Republicans look bad without having to argue the point on its merits while (they hope) discrediting the Republicans.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Strengthen" The UN?

That’s what Obama wants to do. Never mind the UN is made up of a bunch of dictators and socialists who hate us. Never mind that Un “Peacekeepers” just stand around while the “locals” kill and maim one another. Never mind that the only thing they seem able to do when one of their members (or someone not a member) commits an atrocity is to vote on a “condemnation” that has no effect and is roundly IGNORED by everybody. Never mind the UN just wants to be a “World Government” and that it is one of the most corrupt organizations ever. And Obama wants to “strengthen” it? What about strengthening his own country? Everything he has done since he was elected by the dim-bulbs of society works to WEAKEN it.

WE’LL DO IT OURSELVES: Obama said during the Gulf oil crisis that “If BP can’s clean it up, we’ll “push them aside and do it ourselves.” Everything Obama has done during this crisis worked to make the leak WORSE! How did HE plan on “doing it ourselves?” He can’t even balance his budget!

CAPITALISM NOT RESPONSIBLE: The liberals are blaming CAPITALISM (the free market) for the economic disaster we’re facing now. They’re LYING. The cause is the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976,” a law that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could NOT pay it back. That this was a “recipe for disaster” goes without saying. But the liberals want to impose SOCIALISM on us so they lie about the free market.

“ENOUGH OF CAPITALISM: That’s what Howard Dean, former chairman of the Democrat National Committee is preaching: that we “have had ENOUGH of capitalism.” This just shows his appalling IGNORANCE. The only alternative is SOCIALISM, which has never worked, anywhere it has been tried!

ASTUTE OBSERVATION: People who make astute observations are often mistaken for cynicism and ridiculed by people who aren’t smart enough to realize it IS an “astute observation.”

TAX ON A TAX ON A TAX: Obama’s people want to impose a VAT tax (Hidden Value Added Tax) on top of every other tax we have to pay on everything we make. What Obama and Congress does BEST is figuring out how to scam more and more money out of us without us rebelling. It won’t be long, now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attacked for Reporting Truth

Everybody wonders (well, maybe not EVERYBODY) wonders why the liberals hate Glenn Beck so much. Even more than Rush Limbaugh. Maybe it’s because he’s so effective in using their own words to show what they are. And he digs even deeper than Rush does. One of the things I use to figure just whom to listen to is the amount of HATRED the left shows for them.

ANDREA MITCHELL REPEATS CLAPPER’S BLUNDER: This is a good illustration of the incompetence rampant in the liberal media. MSNBC’s Anrea Mitchell says the Muslim Brotherhood is NOT extremist, even though it is common knowledge that they are. They assassinated Anwar Sadat and CREATED HAMAS, one of the most extreme of terrorist organizations. They have proudly admitted their goal is the destruction of Israel. If that's not extremist, nothing is.

INSURANCE ON YOUR DOG! In San Antonio, lawmakers want to pass a law forcing residents to buy insurance on their DOGS! What’s WRONG with these people? Last I heard Texas was more conservative than liberal stupid (a repetition, that). What IS it with politicians that make them think they can just “make a law” and they will have the power to do it? Where in the Texas OR the United states Constitution does it give them permission to make such laws?

WASTEFUL SPENDING: In a time when the federal government is BROKE, Obama wants to spend BILLIONS to make wireless Internet available to every American at NO cost, putting thousands of people now working in that business out of work and their companies out of business. Again, this in a world where unemployment is at an all-time high and businesses are closing at a similar all-time high. What is this jerk THINKING?

INFLATION AT ONE PERCENT: That’s what our government is telling us, while prices continue to go up and up. Do you believe these liars? There is NO WAY inflation could remain at such a low number with all the money the Fed has been printing. This is just another Obama cover-up.

NEW YORK WANTS IT ALL: If you known ANY property in New York State, and stay there, even for a short time, EVERY dollar you earn, wherEVER you really live, is then subject to New York Income Tax. If they wanted to run more and more people and business OUT of New York, they couldn’t do a better job than this.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

$100 Fee for Electric Cars

The Washington State government, after realizing their push for people to drive electric cars will reduce the number of people paying the gasoline taxes usually paid when buying gasoline, want to place a $100 fee on every electric car bought to make up the difference. This is the usual unintended consequence of their inept and incompetent governing.

TYPICAL MOVE: Hosni Mubarak has said he is “giving up power” in favor of his vice president, Omar Suleiman. But in reality, it is in favor of a group run by the army, contrary to the Egyptian Constitution. He is welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood, who assassinated Anwar Sadat, into his government, saying they are NOT a “violent organization.” What STUPIDITY is this? Mubarak seems to think that when this all “blows over” he can continue as president, bolstered by another phony election. (Update: The very next day he resigned after he saw the result of what he had done.)

WHAT WILL EGYPT LOOK LIKE? That’s a question that was asked by a HLN news anchor who should know better. I can predict that Egypt will be an Islamic state, ruled by Sharia Law within a month. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t think I am.

BEST LAUGH IN A WHILE! Arianna Huffington has been “taken over” by AOL to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars. She is one of the best-known liberals in the country. Now she CLAIMS to be a conservative and that her own web site, The Huffington Post, is NOT liberal. Ho, ho, ho, har, har, har! What a laugh THAT is. What REALLY sets me off into gales of laughter is when Obama says he’s “an admirer” of Ronald Reagan. Damn, these people really think we’re STUPID! To even OFFER this to us is an insult to our intelligence!

HOW DARE HE! In telling the story about borrowing a tie from his resigning press flack at the Democrat National Convention he referred to himself as “The Gipper.” I know the Gipper. Obama’s no Gipper and it’s presumptuous of him to so refer to himself. Gawd, what an EGO this jerk has!

RON PAUL HAS NO CHANCE: The man with the bad hair, Donald Trump, says Ron Paul has “no chance” of ever becoming president. Unfortunately, he’s right. Paul is far enough right that NO lefties will be swayed in his direction, and that’s what he needs. I hope I’m wrong. Rand Paul says “Trump’s chances are even less than my father’s.”

WHICH IS IT, CLAPPER? The National Intelligence Agency is “backpedaling on its director’s flub before Congress. They SAY he “knows well” that the Islamic Brotherhood is NOT a “secular organization.” Which is it, Clapper, did you knowingly LIE to Congress, or are you really as stupid as I think you are?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We "Just don't Understand It"

We're too stupid. That’s what Peelosi And company say is the reason why 85% of the country doesn’t want any part of Obama’s health care swindle. That INSULTS and offends me. But she doesn’t care. She thinks she, and those like her are so much more intelligent than people like me (those who oppose her) that we just don’t understand her “perfectly clear explanations.” But they AREN’T “perfectly clear.” They’re unintelligible. They make no sense at all. Even when she said “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” she was admitting it. THEY passed it. We’ve READ it. We still HATE it, and it has been judged unconstitutional by the court. But they are still planning to enforce it. And this is not the first time.

TOO MUCH SUING: Illegal aliens who were stopped while TRESPASSING on a rancher’s private property while illegally entering the United States, by a rancher who is the NEIGHBOR of another rancher who was MURDERED by a similar group, SUED the rancher and they WON a $75,000 judgment. The idea of him “kicking” one of the women is ludicrous on its face. that's a typical LIE used to prejudice the jury by somebody who has nothing better. That’s typical villainization of the innocent. The courts are out of control on this, and other issues.

“SCRATCH” HARRY BAALS: In Ft. Wayne, Indiana, a man named Harry Baals was mayor for four terms. Word is he was a fairly good mayor. Now the city is balking at naming their new government Center the “Harry Baals Government Center.” I wonder why. I also hear he had a cousin named Claude.

IT’S NOT GITMO: Many people have fallen for the liberal scam about closing the Guantanamo prison for Islamic terrorists. Somebody explain to me how this will help ANYTHING. What do we do, just turn these murderers loose on society? Or do we open ANOTHER prison, which will then become the target (sorry PR cops) for liberal complaints until we “bend over (forward) again, grab our ankles,” and close IT.

REPUBLICANS SETTLE FOR INJSIPID $36 BILLION CUTS: They SAID they’d make SIGNIFICANT cuts in the$3 TRILLION federal budget. That’s what they got elected on. Now they’re “settling” for an insipid $36 billion dollars (.09%) in cuts? Looks like we need to do some more “sweeping out” in 2012, but not just the Democrats. Also the Republicans who let us down.

SEEING RACISM EVERYWHERE: Shiela Jackson Lee sees racism everywhere. But only white against black racism. A Pepsi ad involving a black woman throwing a can of Pepsi Zero at her boyfriend and hitting a white female, knocking her out, and both walking away together, leaving the white woman on the ground, has incensed her because it shows black people. I don’t see any racism in it, except that of the blacks that knocked a white woman out and just walked away. Some people are just WAITING to be offended.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Poor Don't Pay THEIR Share

The supposed “poor” don’t pay ANY taxes, for the most part. They’re simply a “drain” on the taxpayer. Now I’m not talking about the TRULY needy such as old, retired folks without pensions or people who just CAN’T work; I’m talking about all the able-bodied people I see standing on corners smoking, drinking, and doing dope all over. Also those who SELL dope, making a LOT of money, and STILL collecting their monthly gift from a willing government who gives it to them to buy their vote to “keep the goodies coming.”

“WATCH YOUR MOUTH”: Britain is telling Israel to “tone down” its rhetoric toward Egypt and other Islamic nations. Why don’t they say the same thing to Egypt and other Islamic nations, who daily talk about “pushing Israel into the sea” and “killing all Israelis.” Hmmmmm?

WILL ANYTHING HAPPEN? Al Sharpton, that loud-mouthed liberal who has bilked millions out of many different companies by threatening to call them racists if they don’t “donate” to his charities, which he CONTROLS, with NO “oversight, owes more than $3 million dollars in taxes to various local, state, and federal governments. I’m not holding my breath waiting for them to DO anything about it.

FORD DOING GREAT: Ford is the only American car company that REFUSED to take money from the government, and is STILL making money. GM is starting to show a profit over the taxpayer money they invested in their own growth, but a large part of that “profit” will go to the government, which now owns a controlling interest in their company.

THIS IS THE “AMERICAN LEFT”: Sending FOURTEEN BUSLOADS of demonstrators to descend upon the private home of a top official of one of their “enemy” companies is how they operate. This shows what they are. And THESE are the people who accuse (with no kind of proof) the Tea Parties of violence. Why does ANYBODY give them ANY credit for their actions?

OBAMA SAYS: That China, Germany, and everywhere else are working hard to be leaders in fossil fuel development. What he doesn’t say is, WE’RE NOT. Which could change the picture rapidly if we ever did—which we’re not going to do under a liberal administration.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Admiring FDR

Some people still like to remember that at one time, Ronald Reagan admired Franklin D. Roosevelt, and voted for him four times. They fail to mention that he finally “woke up” to the depredations FDR visited upon us and became a conservative. The tell us how Obama “admires” Reagan, even though he tries his best to “play down” Reagan’s accomplishments. This is the typical twisting of history the liberals always try.

OPPOSING SUPREME COURT REVIEW: The Department of Justice is opposing the Supreme Court’s review of Obama’s health care swindle law. I wonder why? Could it be that Obama is “scared spitless” that the Supremes will declare his “pinnacle accomplishment” as unconstitutional before the 2012 election? He KNOWS it IS unconstitutional in so many ways I can’t even count.

YOU CAN’T CURE STUPID: That’s the only thing I can say about the Hawaiian politicians who want to BAN toy guns. This is terminally stupid. Children will ALWAYS play “cops and robbers” if they have to use a STICK (or a Barbie doll) to represent the gun. You can’t stop violence by demeaning a toy gun to represent a real gun, which is more often used to STOP violence than to commit it.

OBAMA NOT THERE: How long has it been since a sitting president did not attend the celebration of a former president? Aside from the fact that Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama are at opposite poles, politically, Reagan would have attended a ceremony to honor Obama, and would have even found some nice things to say about him. He was that kind of a man. Obama is not.

THEY PROTEST TOO MUCH: When people talk about whether or not Obama is a Muslim, they hasten to say, “Of course he’s not.” I think they “protest too much.” I don’t think he is A Muslim, but I can SEE he is a “Muslim sympathizer” by his actions. If he is not, he’s a fool. But I think he’s a fool, anyway.

NOT RACISM, COMMON SENSE: Some people, mostly liberals and Islamics call ANY opposition to the “Muslim culture” racist and “anti-Islamic. It is NOT. Islamic terrorists are wantonly KILLING innocent people all over the world. THAT’S why people “shy away” from the “Islamic culture.” They don’t want any part of it. Not because they’re racist, but because they’re too INTELLIGENT to accept what Islam offers them. This is not racism, it is COMMON SENSE. Racism is to denigrate people for “following Islam.” We have nothing against those who do; we just want no part of it ourselves.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rich Don't Care

Joe “Biteme” says “The rich don’t care what the top tax rate is.” Which just illustrates his incompetence for the job he is in. The rich care DEEPLY about the too high tax rate because it costs them millions, even BILLIONS. What an arrogant ass is “Biteme.”

VITRIOL FOR THE RICH: The left seems to have such vitriol for “the rich,” but they seem to forget that for the most part, THEY are PART of “the rich.” These arrogant asses just don’t like people who EARN their riches. That makes them “tradesmen” who should only come to the back door if they let them in, at all. The liberals, for the most part, don’t EARN their money, they have INHERITED it from their forebears. So they know nothing about how to EARN money.

“NO GUNS ALLOWED”: Some businesses post signs saying, “No Guns Allowed.” That might stoop honest people from doing business with them, but do they think it will, for a MINUTE, stop a “bad guy” from robbing them? If honest people with guns in their pockets are there when the criminal comes in to rob them that might make all the difference.

“GUNS ALLOWED”: This is the kind of sign that businesses should post if they are going to post any at all. That means honest people who carry guns will be in their when a criminal comes in to rob them and can make “Swiss cheese” out of them.

STRANGE PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON: Charlie Rangel says there are many “strange people” in Washington. He’s right. But most of them are in the Congress and the White House. One of the strangest is the one, who shall remain nameless, who thinks the “three houses of government” are The House, The Senate, and The White House. Apparently he has not only never read the Constitution, he doesn’t even know how his government is set up.

“CORRECTION DAY”: Many people call the day we threw many Democrats out of office the “election day.” I call it the “correction day,” when we corrected some of the mistakes we made in the last election. But what happened then is just PART of the job. We need to throw many more, INCLUDING Obama, out on their ears in 2012.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gas Prices Going Up

Why? Because of the “unrest in Egypt,” of course! At least it is according to our inept politicians who keep ADDING to the price increases by “meddling with the market” and STOPPING our oil companies from drilling, or even SEARCHING for oil anywhere the U. S. runs things. It’s easy for them to blame things on things like Egypt, but those causes are only a SMALL PART of the reasons why oil prices are so high, and getting higher. Meanwhile they ALLOW foreign oil interests to drill, right on our borders, then sell us the oil they find at inflated prices.

AFRAID OF BLACK: Officials at CU Boulder (Colorado) are questioning students who paint their faces and bodies black and gold to support their school’s football team because one of the colors is BLACK. They’re frightened to death SOMEBODY will be “offended.” But the only people thinking like that are the racists in the “administration. The students certainly aren’t. they just want to be proud of their school. Racists are people who are CONSUMED with race—which aptly describes CU’s “administration.”

CHANNELING OUR RAGE: We’re rightfully angry at the actions of the current “left-wing” administration in Washington. But the leftists want to “channel our rage” into actions that will allow the left to “paint us” as “out-of’-control” and violent. So far, the only violence I’ve seen has COME from the left.

AL-SADIR’S BACK! He’s still fomenting violence, as usual. But now he’s angling for a real position in Iraq’s GOVERNMENT. How this man has escaped being arrested, charged with many crimes, and HANGED is beyond me. I’ve never been able to figure out how such men seem to do their “dirty work” untouched by the law. If Iran’s president buys the putrid sludge al-Sadir’s putting out, he’s even stupider than I thought he was.

TEA PARTIES ARE SURE BAD FOR US! Aren’t they? What they want is a balanced budget, a strong national defense, and to keep our borders secure. Not to mention fewer taxes and less government control over our lives. Boy, that IS bad for us, isn’t it? They paint them as “violent,” but so far, all the violence I’ve seen has come from the left.

THE RICH DON’T PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE? What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is! The top TEN PERCENT of wage-earners pay 70% of ALL taxes paid. How they manage to keep this myth about the rich not paying their share going, I don’t know. I guess Hitler’s PR flak was right. Keep repeating a lie often enough and people come to believe it and will fight you if you try and correct things.

Friday, February 4, 2011

There Is A Good Reason

There is a good reason why some people don’t buy health insurance. They can’t afford it. No amount of laws DEMANDING they buy it are going to change that, and a fine will not, either. Frankly, if the feds come to me and demand I buy it, threatening to arrest me and fine me if I don’t, I’m going to tell them what to do with their threats while I throw them bodily out the door of my private residence.

WHAT’S TAKING SO LONG? It’s a clear case that Obama is “stonewalling” about his citizenship, which tells me he is NOT a citizen of the United States and thus is not eligible to be president. What’s taking so long for somebody to DO something about it? It’s not as if it’s a complicated issue. Either he has a birth certificate showing him to be a citizen, or he does not. Quit stalling! Git ‘er done!

SOCIAL JUSTICE: That’s a “code word” the socialists (Democrats) use to disguise the fact they’re talking about taking YOUR money and giving it to others who haven’t earned it. “Progressivism” is another “code word” to mean the same thing; socialism. Don’t fall for it.

OBAMA FAVORS ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD: He wants to allow them to take over in Egypt. Forget it is the MOTHER of all terrorist groups, CREATING several others, such as HAMAS. When is this incompetent jerk going to wake up to reality? ElBaradei, one of the best-known anti-Americanists in Egypt, insists the Islamic Brotherhood is NOT a terrorist organization. And Obama favors him as their next president. Jeeze, what a fool we have as president!

PLAYING RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS: Hosni Mubarak is playing right into the hands of the Islamic terrorists by sending in his “private citizen” troops to create violence upon his enemies. He’s done. He should realize it and just “go away.” But NO! He sends in his “troops” in civilian clothes, some mounted on CAMELS and horses to beat up on the demonstrators. But he’d better be careful. The demonstrators far outnumber his “shock troops in civilian clothes” and MAY just beat the hell out of THEM. Meanwhile he’d better be running. If he keeps up what he’s doing, Egypt is going to be in the hands of Islamic terrorists before it is over if he doesn't watch out.

HATE SPEECH: Liberals complain that “conservative” radio hosts use too much “hate speech” and that “sets off” the crazies in our society. They carefully refrain from talking about the LIBERALS talking about IMPEACHING Justice Clarence Thomas (for what, they can’t say; maybe just for being black) and sending him back to the fields (as a slave, I guess) or just HANGING him. Others want to “duel” with Glenn Beck, killing him, I suppose. Actually, there are too many examples for me to mention. (Of course, this violates their unreasonable and irrational hatred of guns). Point made.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Threatens With Court Action

Radio host Mark Levin told NBC he’s going to sue ANYBODY who accuses him of “being responsible” for such as the Arizona shooting, for libel. And he’s right to do so. He should make a lot of money doing it, which he’ll probably contribute to charity. He doesn’t want their money; he just wants to take it away from them and let them know they’d better be more careful with the “inflammatory rhetoric: they put on their airwaves.

OUR SOUTHERN BORDER IS SAFE! That according to Homeland Insecurity Secretary Janet Incompetano, formerly governor of Arizona. If what we have down there is SAFE, I’d hate to see what we had before. Mexican drug dealers and people smugglers running rampant over the landscape, killing landowners who try to stop them, while killing Border Control agents from ACROSS THE BORDER. This is SAFE? Gimme a BREAK! I wasn’t born stupid.

GOVERNMENT BLOCKING NEW JOBS: Everything this government does makes the jobs picture look worse, while they SAY they’re “creating new jobs.” They THINK we believe that as the numbers of people without jobs grows exponentially. When is this government going to realize they’re “playing with fire?” The closer we get to the socialism they envision in our future, the closer they get to losing their own jobs,

REVOLUTION NOW! That’s what a guy in Chicago was yelling. But when he was asked what he meant by “revolution,” he couldn’t answer. He kept repeating, “You know what I mean!” But he was afraid to put it into words that what he wanted was for people to DIE to gain his agenda. This will NOT be reported in the liberal media. If such words were heard at a Tea Party meeting, it would be “shouted from the rooftops” day after day.

“WILDFIRE OF FREEDOM WILL SPREAD?” This is the kind of rhetoric spouted by Muslims as they go about murdering innocent people who have done them no harm because they do not believe exactly the same way they do. They talk about freedom while they control ABSOLUTELY the lives of their “serfs” through Sharia Law. The kind of law they actually want to bring here, but which will NEVER be tolerated by people of intelligence.

THE “RELIGION OF PEACE”: This is how the “religion of peace” deals with adultery. They publicly stone the man AND woman to death—and if one of them survives the stoning, they shoot her. In other cases, only the woman is punished, with the man getting off with minimal punishment. Islam is truly a man’s world, where men can get away with much, and women must go around wearing tents and to criticize this is to “Insult Allah.” So be it. I “insult Allah.” Why not? They "insult Jesus" every day, but the "religion of peace" will KILL you for "insulting Allah." Guess he hasn't the power to do so himself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One Court Is Enough

If a judge in ONE COURT rules a law unconstitutional, it doesn’t matter if sixteen others ruled otherwise. The law CANNOT be enforced. Obamacare is OVER. It need not be repealed. It’s dead. Obama just won’t admit it. He questions the right of the judiciary to limit the federal government. But that’s what they are THERE for. That’s ALL they are there for.

TELLING ADMISSION: “AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka made quite a bold admission recently when he revealed raising wages for workers wasn't really his top priority. Instead, his top priority is to use union money to fundamentally transform America into his progressive [socialist -RT] vision.” (Glenn Beck) sounds like this guy ought to be dropped (on his head, possibly?) His agenda doesn’t make him a good head for anybody’s union. But will anybody do anything about it? Doubtful.

OBAMA’S HEALTH CARE SWINDLE REVERSED: Maybe not by the Congress, which is still “ruled” in the Senate by the Democrats. But a federal court has ruled the ENTIRE law unconstitutional. Which means enforcing it at all is in question. But Republicans should not relax. It still could make a “turn-around” with all the liberal activist judges there are in the court. Obama says the judge who blocked his law is an “activist judge.” So what? Many of them are “activist judges.” What Obama doesn’t like is this judge is not one of HIS “activist judges.”

GO AFTER THE JUDGE: A federal judge has ruled the entire Obama health care swindle unconstitutional, so what does Obama do? Does he plan on observing this ruling as a president ruled by laws, not whims, does? NO. He “goes after” the judge, saying he is an “activist judge,” as if that made any difference. The judge is the judge, and he has the power to do what he did, regardless. Same as when one of OBAMA’S “activist judges” makes a decision AGAINST the Constitution. All this proves is that Obama thinks he’s “all-powerful.”

FEDS CAN’T FORCE US TO BUY ANYTHING: If they get the right to force us to buy health insurance, soon they’ll be able to force us to buy an electric car or to eat vegetables we don't like. To allow them to do so IS unconstitutional. Obama will ignore this ruling, relying on other courts that ruled otherwise. His is an increasingly lawless administration and should be removed, as soon as possible.

REAGAN APPOINTEE: One of the judges who ruled Obamacare unconstitutional is a Reagan appointee. Which means Reagan is STILL affecting us, but he SHOULD be. 2/3 of America want nothing to do with Obama’s health care swindle and it’s time Obama and his cronies realized that before they unseat him violently.