Saturday, August 31, 2013

Typical Obama

If you don’t like a law, just ignore it. Law says that before you attack a foreign country you must go to Congress for either a Declaration of War or some other permission to attack. Obama does not recognize Congress’s right to GIVE him permission to do ANYTHING, regardless of the law. He wants to send missiles into Syria, so he’s going to do it. The law be damned. Obama needs to be not only impeached, he needs to go to prison!

BLACK ON WHITE VIOLENCE INCREASES: Encouraged by the pronouncements of Barack Obama. The way things are going, if he wants a “race war” (and he does) he will soon have one. If a black person (or a white person) attacks me, there WILL be war—on him (or her). ANYBODY who presumes to attack me will suffer. Black or white.

IRAN WARNS US: They say if we attack Syria, it is just like attacking them, and they will respond. What are they going to do? Take a knife to a gun fight? They aren’t big enough to threaten the United States. Do they want to die? If they attack us, or any of our installations, unlike in Benghazi, we will “take them out.” Unless Obama “chickens out” (again).

CAN’T BAN GUNS SO TAX ‘EM TO DEATH: Congressmen want to tax firearms 20%, and ammunition 50%. They think this will eliminate “the gun problem.” It won’t. It will merely create a “black market” in guns and particularly ammunition. What kind of fools are these people? They’re typical politician fools who do what they can to “get around” the Constitution and do what they want, regardless. Send ‘em all home with their tails between their legs.

That’s right. The Muslims have put out a new fatwa: You can’t kill “believer lice” in Muslim’s beards (how do you know if they’re “believers?”), but killing Christians and beheading them is okay. What kind of vermin ARE these people, anyway? I think there ARE no “moderate Muslims.” I ‘m beginning to think they ALL believe in such things but some are afraid to say so in public.

We’ve always had the right to refuse service to ANYBODY, for any reason, or NO reason. That’s one of the basic rights we have had. But no more; the court has told a photographer he (she) has no right to refuse to photograph a wedding between two people of the same sex. That court is WRONG. If I were that photographer, I would close my doors and stop accepting ANY business until this fool order passes.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Cass Sunstein Watching NSA?

How STUPID is that? It’s like assigning the fox to watch the hen house. But then, that’s what Obama wants. He can tell us he assigned somebody to “watch” the NSA and their spying on all Americans, without telling us the person who is “watching’ them is the worst domestic spy out there. Does he really think we’re too stupid to realize this? If he does, he’s too stupid to be president. But then, we knew that, already.

COPS ARREST MAN IN MURDER OF 99-YEAR-OLD WOMAN: And guess what? He’s a black man only 20 years old. An “innocent child,” according to liberals in the media. Like Trayvon. But this guy brutally murdered this woman. Is he still an “innocent child?” I don’t think so. He is doing exactly what Obama wants him to do and is giving people an excuse to start a “race war,” which is what Obama wants, so he can use it to make “rules” he could not make otherwise. He’ll call me a racist for reporting this, but I don’t give a damn about ANYTHING he, or his thugs say about me. They don’t count for anything

WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT BENGHAZI? That’s what Hillary and the Obama thugs can’t understand. They think they can ignore four embassy people being MURDERED in an attack on out embassy in a foreign country while they LIE about it for weeks. They have NEVER answered our questions about it and wonder why we get so upset. They go right on as if nothing happened, call our concerns “phony scandals,” and put one of the perpetrators up for president in the next election. These people are FOOLS and they think WE are fools, too. But we aren’t. We’re “onto them” and they WILL be “brought to justice” one day.

MAKING TRAYVON INTO A MARTYR: A local thug who is KNOWN to have broken into several homes, who was on his way home with the makings to create some drugs for himself, got mad when he saw a “white man” (their definition for a Hispanic whose skin it light) watching him. So he “laid for” him and started beating the hell out of him, threatening to beat him to death. (Remember, this “innocent kid” had hand-to-hand combat training). So the guy shot him to save his own life and the young thug died. So now liberal politicians (specifically Andrew Young, former United Nations ambassador and others) are trying to make him into a martyr to the “cause.” They use whatever they can. If he’s anything, it’s not a martyr.

A POSITIVE TRUTH: Found on “Free Republic:” Islamic terrorists make martyrs out of their thugs, too. It tells you a lot about people when they tell you who their heroes are.” I don’t usually like to go to places like the “Free Republic” because most of it is simply individual response to the news with no verification. But this is a basic truth and should be spread far and wide.

BOXER WANTS $10 HR. MINIMUM WAGE: Does she really want to price just about ALL kids with no skills out of the labor market? That’s what will happen if politicians are fools enough to do that. They’ve almost done it with their current minimum wage. Business can only afford to pay so much for kids with no talents or abilities who do things requiring no talents or abilities. If they’re required to pay them that much, their jobs will just go away. Can’t she understand that? Of course not. She's a liberal, which is synonymous with stupid.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zimmerman's Wife Convicted

She was convicted for her attempt to minimize the financial effect of the government’s effort to demonize her husband by hiding money in her own and her sister’s bank account so as to minimize the amount the government demanded for bail for her husband. Yes, that is illegal; but what the government did to Zimmerman SHOULD be illegal, but is not. This is typical of the government; if they can’t “get” Zimmerman, “get” his wife for whatever you can trump up.

“WE’LL SET ISRAEL ON FIRE”: That’s what one Syrian “official” said they’d do if they were attacked, by ANYBODY. What they don’t think about is what Israel did to several Islamic countries in the “Six-Day War.” And they’re in much better shape today than they were then. If Syria attacks Israel, then Israel will make them SO sorry! They think they’re invulnerable, but they’ll learn different if they attack Israel.

“THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER”: That’s what Martin Luther King said was his dream: for people to judge each other “by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.” It’s that simple: people need to judge each person they meet as an INDIVIDUAL, not as a group. I remember one Star Trek episode that made the foolishness of racism evident. It featured two brothers, both of whom were white on one side and black on the other. They hated each other because they were black and white on different sides.

BLACK ON WHITE CRIME: Iquise Taylor (What kind of name is “Iquise?” I'd be mad at the world if my mom gave me a name like that.), A black male 17 years old (an “innocent child, according to liberals) kicked in the back door on 93-year-old Amelia Rudolph’s home and brutally raped her. What kind of fool rapes a 93-year-old woman but for hate? His DNA was found INSIDE her body, thus proving the rape. He might claim it was “consensual sex,” but what 93-year-old white woman would WANT to have sex with a 17-year-old boy, of ANY color? Where he’s going, he’ll learn all about rape.

AL-JAZEERA’S TERRIBLE RATINGS: The new al-Jazeera cable network (which bought AlGore’s failing television network, has now been in business for one week, after hiring a lot of gullible people (mostly liberals, who know no better) and spending a lot of money to do it, suffered from miserable ratings—and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on. They just can’t understand that a network funded by our enemies can’t survive.

“NEVER HEARD OF THAT”: Many Americans are unaware of the murder of Chris Lane by two black teens (“innocent children”) and one white. But they’ve certainly heard about Treyvon Martin! The media has made sure of both by playing up Treyvon Martin’s killing and playing DOWN Chris Lane’s murder by black kids. Obama’s forces have successfully “demonized” Treyvon’s killer (who killed in self-defense). His life will never be the same.

There is no provision in the hiring of Obama’s “navigators,” those given the job of “enrolling” people into Obamacare (Obama’s health care swindle). They will have access to people’s most private information and if they’re criminals (which some will be), can take advantage of their position to use such information to steal from those they “enroll.” Does Obama care? No. Or he would make sure this kind of person could not be hired.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Bad to Worse

Remember that rodeo clown who got in trouble when his announcer asked if the crowd wanted to see him (Obama) run over by a bull? Now he wants to shake Obama’s hand. What for? Does he want to shake it off? That’s what I’d do if I could bring myself to touch that “dead fish: attached to Obama’s arm. Damn, some people are really stupid!

OBAMA TO SHUT DOWN GOVERNMENT? Obama is saying the Republicans are going to “shut down the government to defund his health care swindle law. That’s a LIE! But that’s not unusual, he lies every day about something. He lies before he breathes. Sometimes INSTEAD of breathing. The truth is, there’s only ONE PERSON who can “shut down the government,” and that’s OBAMA. He can’t blame that on somebody else. But he'll try.

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Obama is ready to go to war in Syria. So I guess we’re going to “take a hand” in somebody else’s war—again—after liberals all over criticized Bush for attacking Iraq because it was a “safe haven” for terrorists. Why the hell do we keep getting involved in wars between Muslims? I still think we should stand back and let them kill each other. This time even if they use chemical weapons on each other. That means less of them to kill when they come here to kill us.

HILLARY CLINTON IS A FELON: She lied to Congress, just as her husband did, but to cover up MURDER instead of oral sex (I think). She needs to be found guilty by Congress and imprisoned. Not put up to run for president. The current president lies more and better than Bill Clinton did, and the media marveled at how well HE lied. Washington is FILLED with criminals, and I’m not just talking about Marion Barry, Anthony Wiener (and his wiener), Obama, and the other congressmen who have (collaborated with him) and violated the law by the laws they have made without reading them.

IS OBAMA BEHIND THE ATTACK ON TRUMP? Word is the state “Attorney General” who instituted the suit against Donald Trump did it right after being a visitor to the white House. Which pretty much tells me Obama instigated the suit, no matter whose name is on it. Obama does many things “behind the scenes” and blames it on others. He’ll probably come out “against” this suit and say he’ll do what he can to stop it while sitting on his butt.

RODEO CLOWN GETS DEATH THREATS: That rodeo clown who appeared wearing an Obama mask has now received many death threats. One guy even tried to burn down his house. Which just shows how “thin-skinned:” Obama wussies are. This clown has been doing this same bit through many presidents with no “outcry.” But one performance with an Obama mask gets him death threats and being BANNED from rodeos all over. And it isn’t even his fault! The fault, if any, lies with the ANNOUNCER, who is the one who suggested to the crowd that they might want to see him run over by a bull. But we don’t know who that announcer is, and probably never will.

YES, MILEY CYRUS IS SEXY: And she has a nice body, of which there is no doubt. We’ve now seen it all. So why is this making so much news? Because Obama’s wussies are pushing it—HARD—to keep our minds off his crimes. This is what he DOES. Exploit things like this vixen’s showing her butt to keep us occupied “behind the scenes.” Like a magician keeping our attention on one hand while the other does the trick.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lying Again and Again

Obama said his Obamacare money would NOT go to ANY organization that supported abortion. So he gives MILLIONS to Planned Parenthood, the biggest infant-murdering outfit in the nation to promote his swindle. Will any of that money go to fund abortions? YES! Obama says it won’t. He’s an inveterate LIAR. Do you believe him? Not a bit. The biggest murder mill in the country is getting millions of dollars they SAY they won’t spend on killing babies. Money is fungible; know what that means? It means the more you get, the easiest it is to spend what you HAVE on what you WANT. Yes, he’s lied to us again and babies will die.

COLLECTIVISM IS THE ENEMY: It always has been. If you examine every dictatorship that ever happened, collectivism (under many names to fool us) is at the bottom. It is STILL at the bottom. Today they call it “progressivism.” That’s a name they used before, but its meaning has been forgotten so they use it again. Collectivism has never worked, but it gave a few people much power; which is why they promote it. Collectivism was behind the 75 year Russian fiasco (recently collapsed in favor of a different kind of collectivism).

ASSAD USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS: So what? He’s only killing Islamic extremists. He’s just saving us the trouble of killing them when they come here to kill us. I think this government should not spend a single penny to intervene between two Islamic factions. Let them fight amongst themselves. Less work for us. Obama should make a plain statement that’s what he’s doing and just get out of the Syrian Islamic war.

TYPICAL TWISTING BY MEDIA: That famous picture of Will smith’s family looking nonplussed, and connected to the story about Miley Curyus giving the crowd a “box shot” was not taken because of Miley Cyrus at all. It was taken at another concert featuring another performer altogether.  Took you in, didn’t it?

TRUMP’S POLITICAL EXTORTION: The State of New York is trying to extort money out of Donald Trump; you know, the same way the feds extorted money out of Bill Gates. New York Attorney General got $12,500.00 from Trump in the last election, but apparently that wasn’t enough. He’s suing trump for $40 million, but will probably drop the suit if Trump comes up with some more money. That’s a hard thing to say abut a politician, but in view of the rampant corruption among politicians, especially in New York, it’s not unexpected.

OBAMA FLAG COMES BACK: Remember that American flag with Obama’s picture on the blue field that is supposed to carry the stars? It’s baaaaacccccckkkkk! They’re carrying it in the liberal “March on Washington.” Of course, this illustrates the complete disregard for respect for the flag shown by that. Not only putting someone’s picture on it, but the fact that that picture is of a fool who is destroying this country just adds to the insult. Did anybody put Bush’s face on a flag? Clinton? Reagan? Not even! Only fools who idolize that fool in the white House!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Obama Is In Denial

Obama has a habit of denying everything, regardless of reality. He says “We don’t have a domestic spying program” while evidence mounts that we do. Then he says “We don’t have a spending problem” while our budget goes over 2 TRILLION dollars for the first time in the history of this country while he spends more money than there IS.. He calls his scandals “phony scandals.” Who does this damned fool think he’s fooling besides himself? He’s “in denial” about almost everything.

DON’T EXECUTE NIDAL HASAN: That’s what he wants. In his twisted thinking, that will get him his “74 Virgins” to screw throughout eternity without making them non-virgins. I think he should be given life at hard labor while being a cell mate to “Big Jake,”  who likes anal sex with short, bald Muslims and is built like a donkey. Maybe then he’ll find out about martyrdom, which he shouldn’t get.

ABORTION IS MURDER! That’s it; plain and simple. Abortion stops a beating heart. It takes away the right to life from an innocent infant who never had a chance at life. It’s bad enough to do it in the first three months of a pregnancy, but they now allow it up to, and INCLUDING after the birth if the child survives the first abortion attempt. That call it “the woman’s right to control what happens to her body,” but that’s a lie. It is a child’s right to life, even if mom didn’t use a rubber. How many Steve Jobs’ and Albert Einsteins have we (not me) murdered in our “holocaust?”

ABORTION IS OUR “HOLOCAUST”: The Germans murdered six million Jews in their “final solution” to the “Jew Problem.” But we’ve murdered MANY MORE MILLIONS of innocent infants (of all religions) in our quest to make killing the result of unprotected sex a good substitute for using a rubber. The Germans knew what was going on; some didn’t like it and others did. Just like today with abortion. They gave it an innocuous name to mask what they were doing, just as Hitler did. But both are holocausts, recognize it or not.

STOP HILLARY: Hillary Clinton has done more damage to this country than Bill ever hoped to do. She is about as incompetent as has been ANY politician—which is probably why Democrats want her for president. She got four people MURDERED in Benghazi, even if she WAS carrying out Obama’s orders in refusing to send help. She was one of the WORST Secretaries of State EVER. But not in Obama's opinion.

DEMOCRATS ARE NEVER HURT BY SCANDAL: Look at Marion Barry; he went to JAIL for his crimes, then came back and was elected mayor of Washington again. Then there’s Weiner, who showed his penis to the world, resigned from Congress, than ran for New York Mayor and was the FRONT-RUNNER until he did it again while running. There are too many Democrats doing the same thing for me to mention. One was a state Supreme Court Justice until he was impeached for corruption; then later he ran for Congress and was elected; and there he remains.

DAMN FOOL POLITICIANS: They aren’t just in the United States. They’re in Australia, too. Some politicians in Australia are calling for a boycott of the United States for tourism because of the killing by a couple of misguided racist black thugs with long criminal records. As if the entire country were responsible for the actions of a couple of racist young fools. Maybe the next time somebody kills an American in Australia, we should boycott Australia, too. Sheesh!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Not Race-Based?"

The DA covering the killing of that Australian baseball player says it is  “not race-based,” in spite of the evidence it was. What is this guy SMOKING? What kind of “evidence” does he NEED? It is fools like this that are going to CAUSE a “race war” in this country. Him and other fools such as Barack Obama and Eric Holder. Together they are making a race war inevitable by “whipping up” as much racism as they can.

THEY TRIED IT AGAIN: Rush Limbaugh was engaged in routine contract discussions with his syndicators. Such discussions happen periodically. They’re routine. Liberals jumped on these discussions and said, “Limbaugh is finished.” He is not. They lied again. In fact, he just signed a new THREE-YEAR contract. Does anybody think the liberals will acknowledge that and apologize? I don’t THINK so. They’ll just go right on to the next lie as if nothing happened.

WE’RE NOT GONNA HELP HIM: Manning wants to be a woman, and he wants us to foot the bill for his sex change. It ain’t agonna happen. If he wants to act like a woman, I’m sure there are many inmates at Leavenworth who will be happy to make him FEEL like a woman. They’ll even knock his front teeth out so he can’t bite when they shove something in there. What this has to do with leaking top-secret information, I don’t know.

COURT SAYS YOU GOTTA CARE: We used to be able to make our own decisions about whether or not we will accept people in spite of our moral values. No more. The PC Police now say we HAVE TO serve people, even if we don’t agree with their moral values. This photographer, who refused to photograph a wedding between two people of the same sex has been told by the court that he MUST do it, whether or not he wishes to do so. Just as when I was a sign painter I could not refuse to paint a sign for a pot clinic if I didn’t believe in pot smoking. By rights, this person has the right to refuse to do business with ANYONE, for any reason, or NO reason. But the PC Police and the court doen’t agree. I’ll get some mail for this, but who cares?

SAN DIEGO MAYOR RESIGNS: But he blames his critics. He says the “charges” are bogus, but to avoid litigation on the City of San Diego, he will “step down.” Bull sh-t. He’s resigning to avoid court charges and a recall effort. Being a Democrat, he’ll wait a while, then run for something else, and probably win—as two politicos in Washington are now doing after being made to resign because of sex scandals. As the mayor of Washington (Marion Barry) did. Barry ran for Washington mayor after he got out of prison in his drug charges and won. He's still on the Council. He's still a Democrat.

PAULA DEEN VINDICATED: The very lawsuit that caused the “downfall” of Paula Deen was thrown out of court the other day—completely. Thrown as far as the judge could throw it. Now does anybody think the “race whores” that caused her “downfall” will apologize and “back off?” Doubtful; these people don’t respond to reality. They probably say “she’s still guilty, we just couldn’t prove it.” This is how they work. Will she get her reputation back? Probably not. Not if they have anything to do with it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

I'll Ask It Again

“Why do we allow criminals to label those of us who don’t believe their criminal cons and react to it, trying to prove we’re not what they call us? AlGore’s “climate change” swindle (that has made him a mufti-billionaire) and was formerly known as “global warming” until we learned that the globe hasn’t been warming for at least 15 years is a patent swindle. Global cooling and warming is CYCLICAL. The globe warms and cools in CYCLES and man cannot affect it. But he calls us racists, homophobes, and supporters of Apartheid (and anything else he can think of) when we point that out and hurt his collections. That’s what all liberals do when they lose the argument.

BIG NEWS! THE EXPECTED HAPPENED: The Ft. Hood shooter, who “defended” himself in court without calling a single witness in his own behalf (maybe he couldn’t find any) was convicted on all counts after six hours of deliberation by the jury. Surprise, surprise! I just wonder what took them six hours, except for the fact that they needed to examine every aspect of every charge, which were numerous. Does anybody think he won’t get a death sentence? I’d be surprised if he doesn’t.

UNEMPLOYMENT WORSE THAN REPORTED? Ya think? If the numbers were reported accurately, the unemployment numbers would be nearer to 14%, rather than the 7% being touted. But as long as Obama is in charge of the release of the numbers, we’ll never know for sure. Obama is well known for “fiddling” all numbers to make himself look good, so you can’t depend on ANY numbers put out by this administration.

THEY FARTED IN HER FACE: Six protesters lined up next to a TV newswoman who was sitting down, minding her own business, not trying to interview them or anything, and dropped loud, putrid farts, right in her face. It was so bad, even the farters were holding their breath. I guess they were “making s statement” about newspeople. A close by cop said he couldn’t do anything about it (he didn't hang around).

Al Sharpie. . . er, uh, Sharpton, when asked why he wasn’t protesting the killing of that Australian baseball player by two black, and one white gangbangers who are addicted to rap stars’ raps about killing white people, love the Crips (a black gang), and who hate white people, according to their Facebook pages, said it was not about race, so he wouldn’t get into it. He’s LYING, as usual. It WAS about race. He won’t get into it because it involves blacks killing a white man and that doesn’t advance his agenda.

CALIFORNIA’S NEXT GOVERNOR: If what has happened to other Democrats who have gotten themselves involved in sex scandals is any example, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will probably be the next governor of California. Two men in New York lost their jobs over sex allegations and are now running for other offices—and they’re “front-runners.” So you guess what’s going to happen to Filner.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Patraeus Helped In His Own Downfall

The liberals wanted his head because he supported Bush’s efforts in Iraq and actually made it work. They cast about looking for SOMETHING, anything they could use to ruin this military hero—and they found it with the help of a woman who didn’t like him and revealed his “illicit affair” that caused him to resign as head of the CIA. That’s because he was not a liberal. Liberals can do that and it’s a resume enhancement. But not non-liberals.

BIG HIT ON CAUFFMAN: The “climate swindlers” have now targeted Congressman Cauffman in their effort to legitimize AlGore’s climate change swindle. They say to tell him to “Stop denying climate change” as if it were true. They say he says, there’s nothing to worry about as if that was wrong. It’s not. Climate change is CYCLICAL. The climate cools and warms in CYCLES. Nothing you or I can do will make ANY changes, warm OR cool. They say he “denies climate science.” He is right to do so. “Climate science” is NOT “science, it is “junk science, and 98% of scientists DO NOT agree with their position. Besides: “science” is not subject to a vote.

“CUZ’ WE WERE BORED”: Two black thugs and one white one were sitting on their porch the other day talking about how bored they were. A white guy walked by; somebody they didn’t even know. But they were bored. So they looked at one another and said, “Why don’t we kill that white guy?” So they did; two blacks and one white KILL an innocent man who just walked by their porch and NOBODY in the press even SUGGESTS it might be a racist thing. Talk about media irresponsibility and malpractice!

HE’S NOT AN “INNOCENT KID”: The guy who shot and killed an Australian citizen because he “was bored” cannot be painted as “an innocent lid,” as Trayvon Martin was painted when he was shot to death by the man he was trying to beat to death because he was “following him.” This guy, who IDOLIZED rappers and listened all the time to their diatribes about “killing whitey” while also idolizing members of the “Crips,” a youth criminal gang. Maybe he was even a member, or a member wanna-be;  maybe this was an initiating killingI don’t know. But the media isn’t interested and an Australian politician ignores the fact that there was no way this kid could legally OWN a gun, whatever our gun laws say.

WHAT PART DOESN’T HE UNDERSTAND? What part of “can’t afford it” does Obama not understand? I’ve never had any health insurance because I’ve never been able to afford it. Does this fool really believe that making a law REQUIRING me to buy it will suddenly cause me to be able to afford it? He can levy fines (taxes for non-compliance) all he wants, but there’s no money there to collect. It’s not there. You can’t get blood out of a stone. All it does is make the stone mad.

“WE’LL RUN OUT OF MONEY”: That fool in the White House actually said recently that “Soon this country will run out of money.” The first thing I’ve heard him say that is not a lie. But he’s a little behind the times; we’ve ALREADY run out of money, which is why the Fed is printing “funny money” (Money without anything valuable behind it; otherwise called “counterfeiting, but when Obama does it, it’s called “Quantitative Easing”).

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama Lies (Again)

He says the Republicans have never come up with an alternative health care plan to his “train wreck” health care swindle law. That’s an outright lie that is PROVABLE to be a lie.. They have come up with MANY “alternative pans” and he's rejected them all. Some without even bothering to read them. Just like Congress when they passed your abortion without reading it. This is how Obama gets things done. He thinks nothing of LYING to make his opponents look bad. What else is new?

PENN STATE INVADES PRIVACY: They’re DEMANDING employees fill out a long, involved questionnaire as a condition of employment. This questionnaire asks questions, the answers required ask things that are none of their business, such as “How often do you do a testicular exam? My answer to that one would be never. I have people for that; my girlfriend and  my doctor. In any case I would tell them I was looking for a job when I came there and I could keep on looking where they don’t stick their noses into my private business.

EMBATTLED SAN DIEGO MAYOR: He is, as I suspected, a Democrat. But I had to dig deep to fin that out. It was only mentioned as part of another story. Never in “official sites.”  I find that to be true all over these days, on both sides of the aisle. Politicians of both stripes try their best to hide the party with which they’re affiliated. Especially when they’re in trouble. It used to be they were REQUIRED to state their party affiliation in ANY political ad or document. But no more.

THEY TALK ABOUT “RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE”: And in Egypt, where “unrest” caused by the army’s removal of their Muslim Brotherhood president when he went too far, they’re burning Coptic Christian churches and physically MARKING other Coptic Christian properties for future attacks. Is there any meaning to their claims of “religious intolerance” against Muslims when Muslims do such things? They’ve lost ALL credibility on this subject. It’s not “hating Muslims” when we report things like this about their actions. It’s common sense.

OBAMA CREATES JOBS: But the jobs he creates are PART-TIME JOBS, which replace the full-time jobs there used to be. He did this by putting a limit on the hours a person must work for a given company in a week at below 40 hours. Businesses that cannot afford to obey the “way too much” rules and regulations set up in Obama’s health care swindle law predictably lowered their worker’s hours to avoid it; then Obama lowered the requirement and they lowered it again. Now, a full-time job is 32 hours or more, which isn’t enough to live on. People will have to get TWO jobs in order to survuve.

CLOWN LYNCHED BY OBAMA: Remember that rodeo clown who walked out on the rodeo arena wearing an Obama mask? What he did was completely innocuous (not an insult to Obama at all, if that made a difference) but the ANNOUNCER kept asking the audience if they “wanted to see him run over by a bull.” If there’s ANY insult there, it belongs to that ANNOUNCER, not the clown. But Obama’s thugs don’t see it that way and they saw to it that clown was subjected to a “modern-day lunching.” His life is effectively RUINED. He won’t be able to get work in his chosen profession ANYWHERE when they find out who he is. Meanwhile that ANNOUNCER is forgotten and ignored.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Thank the Liberals"

Alan Colmes, formerly the liberal half of the “Hannity and Colmes” show on Fox, has written a fanciful fiction book called, “Thank Liberals for Saving America!” What a fool notion is that? I haven’t read the book, and I won’t be reading it because I know in order to support his premise, as outlined in the title, he has to TWIST the truth mightily to make it SEEM so and I don’t ”suffer fools gladly.” And he IS a fool. He even supports the new Al-Jazeera cable network (bought from AlGore the chief liar of the “climate change” scam), which we ALL know is a “mouthpiece” for Islamic terrorists.

STILL IN DENIAL: Obama still denies that the Ft. Hood murders were a terrorist attack, even though the shooter himself says it is. He says he did it to “help his Islamic friends.” But Obama still wants to be able to say there has “never been an Islamic terrorist attack in American soil while I was president.” So he calls it “workplace violence so he doesn’t have to face up to the fact that there WAS. Does he really think we BELIEVE this lie? Sheesh! What a FOOL!

HOW ISLAM GETS CONVERTS: Amanda Lindhout went to Somolia to do a story she hoped would “make” her. Instead, she was kidnapped by Islamic extremists and held for more than a year, being sexually abused over and over while they pressured her to “convert” to Islam, which she did, to stay alive. Her family paid a $600,000.00 ransom and, even as she was being released, her captors told her she had been “sold” to a more violet sect.

MOST POPULAR POLITICIAN: Showing the ignorance of a majority of Americans, guess who is today’s “most popular politician” (outside of Obama, who promotes his own popularity)? It’s Bill Clinton, the only president in recent years to be impeached, but, since he knew where all the bodies were buried (probably buried a few himself) did not get removed. This shows clearly that people who only want a “free ride” don’t care what kid of people they elect as long as they “keep the goodies coming.”

“PREPPERS” TO BE RIPPED OFF: Obama and his goons don’t like people who are “preparing” for the holocaust to come if Obama has his way. So he is doing everything he can to keep track of “preppers” so he can send his thugs in to steal all their food. He calls people who “hoard” food traitors. To whom? To HIM, of course. He says it’s to “his country” but it isn’t. It shows a realization that “hard times” are coming and they want to be prepared. Obama doesn’t want them to be prepared. He wants them to starve along with all those who don’t realize what he’d doing to them.

A NATION OF FOOLS: This is an excerpt from a letter written to a cable television provider in an effort to get them to catrry al-Jazeera, that well-known Islamic terrorist “mouthpiece” which has opened an outlet in America by buying AlGore’s failed channel. “I am writing to request that you add Al Jazeera America as part of your channel lineup. I want to watch Al Jazeera America for its objective, balanced, in-depth news reporting on stories that matter,” the letter states. “Please let me know when I can expect to see Al Jazeera America as a channel option.”  What the hell is this guy SMOKING? Where did he get the ides al-Jazeera is an “objective, balanced” news source? This shows a depth of ignorance that is breathtaking!

Monday, August 19, 2013

How Things Change

I remember a time when a gay person could be arrested and put in jail, just for being gay (I don’t say that was a GOOD thing but it was a fact). Now a Texas councilman and a lot of other politicians are getting in career trouble for expressing an “anti-gay” opinion. What ever happened to our right to express ANY opinion we wished, even if it did “offend” somebody?

BUT “GOD IS DEAD” IS OKAY: A politician can get in all kinds of trouble for just SAYING something against being gay. But not for saying something against the religion that is the biggest one in this country. What has happened to our PRIORITIES? We’re not allowed to even say something COMPLIMENTARY about the false “Prophet” of Islam but anybody, anywhere, can say anything they want about OUR religion with impunity, it seems.

“NO CREDIBILITY”: Arizona Senator and failed presidential candidate John McCain says we “have no credibility in the Middle East.” Maybe somebody needs to tell this turncoat fool that HE has no credibility in the United States, or anywhere. Personally, I think he is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s but people refuse to see the obvious until it is as plain as the nose on their faces. He needs to retire and go home before he screws up something BIG, if he hasn’t, already.

BECKEL SHOWS HE’S A FOOL AGAIN: Bob Beckel, one of the “stars” of Fox’s “The Five,” says “We need to move on from 9/11.” What? Is this guy addled? I know he is a fool just by listening to him spout his fool ideas. Almost as much of a fool as is Alan Colmes. But I didn’t know he was that much of a fool. “Move on” from 9/11? Only fools think that. Fools and our enemies, who WISH we’d “move on” from the murder of more than 3,000 innocent people by religious fanatics. Bob, go back to obscurity where you belong. Back to your “ivory tower.”

GIVING RUSH HELL FOR BEING RICH: You’d think people like Hillary Clinton (who herself is rich, mostly on government money and book advances) and Caroline Kennedy, who was BORN rich and doesn’t know how to work for a living are giving Rush Limbaugh hell for EARNING himself rich. You’d think they’d know better than to attack Limbaugh with such a specious attack. He’ll “eat them alive!”

THE “LIMBAUGH FAD”: They said Rush Limbaugh was just a “fad.” That he wouldn’t last more than three years. They kept saying it, adjusting their numbers upward, until 25 years went by and he just kept getting bigger and bigger. A couple of weeks ago, when he was involved in contract talks, Politico said he was “finished.” That his biggest distributor was going to drop him AND Hannity. Then more recently they had to print a retraction. They just don’t understand that he’s bigger than those distributors and if they did, he could start his own distribution company. And would.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Muslims "Above the Law?"

That’s what CAIR says. They say “practicing Muslims should not be subject to America’s laws.” They think Muslims should only be subject to Sharia Law, wherever they might be. But I’ve got news for them: if they are in this country, they are subject to the LAWS of this country, not Sharia Law. Sharia Law is just a theory in this country and does not apply to ANYONE. Whatever makes them think they can introduce Sharia Law in this country? Everybody who lives (or is just visiting) here is subject to our laws as long as they are here. This is an obvious effort to slip Sharia Law past us, and it isn’t going to work.

OPRA’S PUBLICITY STUNT: She claimed an incident of racism in France in order to get a lot of free publicity for her appearance in the film, “The Butler.” And it worked: she is being talked about everywhere more than ever before; and every mention of her name includes mention of the name of her current film. Mission accomplished. Right now I’m watching a lengthy interview of her on CNN (which I watch one hour a week to see what the enemy is [or is not] doing) and they dutifully mentioned “The Butler,” of course. Even Fox is talking about her (and her movie).

HILLARY LOSES IT (AGAIN): She yells (again) at a congressman for daring to say (out loud) that Benghazi was a terrorist attack (which it was) while she works HARD to keep the LIE going that it was not. She loses it a lot these days because she knows she’s wrong and won’t admit it, not even to her closest friends (if she has any). She’s out of a job right now, and we need to keep her that way. We need to send her back to Arkansas with her tail (if she has one) between her legs.

ALL THEY KNOW IS “BAN IT!” That’s the liberal answer to ANYTHING they don’t like. Just BAN it! To keep people’s guns from being with anything, they ban certain types of gun magazines. They don’t like big cups of pop so they ban sales of any pop over 16 ounces. They don’t like guns, so they want to ban them. These “banners” completely forget that every item they ban creates a black market in THAT item; guns or anything else.

THEY GIVE SIGALS: You can always tell what liberals are thinking; they give you little signals. For instance; when you beat them all to hell on a subject they get mad. Not just mad, almost KILLING mad. They “jump up and down,” call you names, and walk away from you. Another signal is when they call you a racist; especially since Obama (you know, that half white, half black man the lazy half of the voters voted into the presidency twice) got elected. Whenever they call you a racist, you know you’ve won the argument. They have no answer for your facts, so they just call you names.

WHY ARE PEOPLE SO BLIND? It’s easy to see what’s happening if you pay attention. But way too many don’t pay attention. Some are even PROUD of “not paying attention to politics.”  Do they think politics aren’t paying attention to them? What fools they be! That’s how Lenin overtook Russia and enslaved  its people for 75 years and murdered millions of its people; how Hitler took over Germany started the World War Two. Now Obama trying to do the same thing to America but people refuse to believe them, as the Russians and Germans did while a would-be dictator ruined their lives behind their backs.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Guns Showing Up

More and more guns from Obama’s ill-advised gun-running scheme called, “Fast and Furious” have shown up at crime scenes, yet Obama remains free. Obama controls the means of prosecution and won’t let go because then he’d be charged with ALL his crimes and he’d be set to prison. He is so cocky, I’m sure he’s going to go too far and get his comeuppance.

BOTH SIDES SHOOTING: In Egypt, it’s not only the cops shooting at demonstrators, it’s demonstrators shooting the cops. The only problem is that innocent people get caught in the crossfire. Mike Dean, a cameraman for Sky News, and another newsman were shot and killed while they did their jobs and reported the killings on both sides in Egypt. It’s no longer a simple demonstration; it’s now a revolution; a rebellion and Muslims are killing each other(as usual). They’re also victimizing Christians, burning churches and killing Christians. It’s hard to know who to root for, so we root for no one and hope they stop killing each other (and Christians) soon.

OBAMA: WE HAVE NO DOMESTIC SPYING: What a LOAD! It has been proven that there IS a “domestic spying program! Does Obama think just because he says there is none that we’ll actually BELIEVE him? He is known as somebody who can (and will) look you right in the eye and lie to you. So why should ANYBODY believe a word he says? The emperor is NAKED! And he doesn’t realize it (or won't admit it).

A REAL POLICED STATE: No, that’s not a typo. America IS now  “policed state.” When 14 GOVERNORS could be served with “notice of arrest” (National Security Letters) and be PROHIBITED from even MENTIONING it to anybody, that’s a “policed state.” They received them for trying to organize a “state defense force” and were threatened with arrest for TREASON by OBAMA, of all people! The main PRACTITIONER of treason in America! And didja see ANYTHING about this in the liberal media? Not a chance!

“CRIMINAL CENTRAL”: Seems like they know where the most criminals live: Washington, DC! And most of them are in elected or appointed positions in our own government! Just a few of them aren’t, and are “fair game” for those who are (as are we). The crooks in the government can hunt down and remove the competition from those who aren’t “authorized,” and they will. Even some who ARE “authorized,” as witness the item above on Obama (the chief traitor) about him issuing National Security Letters to 14 GOVERNORS who tried to organize “state defense forces.” Funny: seems to me that a GOVERNOR can do so, even if Obama doesn’t like it. All he has to do is call it something else, like a special POLICE force. Use Obama’s own tactics against him.

I’LL SAY IT AGAIN: Why do they make such a big thing about “A-Rod” doping? It’s too bad they see fit to ruin the life and career of a man who did what he had to do to compete with many others who were doping because so many people in baseball (and other sports) are doing the same. If someone is doing something to “get a leg up on you” then you MUST do the same thing or not be competitive. He wished to remain competitive, so he did it.

GUN GRABBERS USE EMOTION: In a tacit admission that they have no logical argument against guns for self-defense, they recently put out a “guide” for gun grabbers in which they tell them to make their arguments as “emotional” as possible while using CHILDREN to bolster their arguments. They just can’t seem to understand that CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING will not obey one that says they can’t be armed.

Friday, August 16, 2013

"What Difference:" Indeed?

Hillary Clinton shows her indifference to the killings in Benghazi by asking, “What difference does it make now?” But it DOES make a BIG difference. There are four PEOPLE dead because of her indifference, and the Islamic terrorists now have 400 American made missiles to use in killing more and more innocent people. “What difference doe it make?” indeed! That statement alone should make it impossible for her to even be considered to run for president. But she’s a Democrat, so that won’t happen.

JOINING THE SWINDLE: The League of Conservation Voters—which must be a liberal outfit, is running ads (in Colorado as well as elsewhere) to “jump on the bandwagon” in AlGore’s phony “climate change” swindle (formerly “global warming” until Al noticed the globe hadn’t been warming for 15 years). It must be part of Obama’s new scheme to take advantage of the “climate change” swindle—or at least an attempt to take advantage of it.

MAKING EXCUSES FOR JESSE: Jesse Jackson is now making excuses for his son’s crimes. He blames it on him being “bi-polar” He says his brother and father are also bi-polar (which answers a lot of questions about Jesse himself). I have a bi-polar brother who is bi-polar after four years as a U. S. Marine in Viet Nam, and he hasn’t become a criminal. I guess if you come from a criminal family and are bi-polar you will become a criminal, too.. But he’s a Democrat. So when he gets out of prison, he’ll probably run for office again, and win, as many Democrats do.

CLOWN BANNED FROM STATE FAIR: Because he made the mistake of wearing an Obama mask in a rodeo in the Missouri State Fair, he has been banned from that fair for life for "making fun of the Prophet." Nothing of the kind happened to the clown who, years ago, wore a BUSH mask; which tells me a lot about the politics involved. It isn’t about racism, it’s simply Democrat politics, as usual.

ADMITTING HER STUPIDITY: Liberals say Fox News is strictly “right-wing.” But one Fox contributor recently said, on camera fergawd’ssakes, “I’m a fan of Obama.” Which is tantamount to saying, “I’m stupid!” Fox probably has more liberals on staff than any other news organization. And libs call it “right-wing?”

MATTER OF PRIORITIES: Obama and his fools are more concerned with what happens to a CLOWN who did nothing more than wear an Obama mask in a rodeo than who killed four embassy staffers in Benghazi, Libya a year ago. And he spends more time worrying about that clown than the Islamic fools who killed our people. As far as that clown is concerned, the ANNOUNCER is the one who should be BANNED. He’s the one stirring up” the crowd. NOBODY should be punished for that clown wearing an Obama mask, just as nobody was a long time ago when one wore a BUSH mask. Damn, what a “double-standard” those liberals maintain.

BLAMING THE COPS: Cops arrested a dope dealer the other day. He swallowed some cocaine. He died because of his own stupidity. So his family is blaming cops for his death. How STUPID are they? Yeah, right: if they hadn’t arrested him, he wouldn’t have done such a stupid thing as swallow cocaine. Naturally, the cops are at fault, hey? Damn, are people stupid! Some people reveal their stupidity just by opening their mouths.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Reid Pushes Racism Again

He said that he “hopes people will not be against Obama’s policies because of his race.” Which ignores the fact that we (not me) ELECTED him twice! If this was such a racist country, how could that possibly happen? In any case, he’s just as much white as he is black. But he prefers to be black because blacks today get “perks” out of being black. Reid is as racist as anyone I know of, and he thinks he isn’t. I judge people as individuals and I judge both these individuals as racist bigots who use race to their advantage.

THE MESS OBAMA INHERITED: I wish we were back in that “mess.” With gas at $1.89 (and liberals crying about it) and unemployment at 4.7% (They were whining abut that, too) and only  (ONLY!) $10 trillion dollars in debt. (Should I mention that liberal were whining about that, too?) Oh, for the “good old days” before Obama started screwing things up at an increasing rate every day.

DOG TRAVELS IN HIS OWN PLANE: Why does Obama send his dog to vacation spots in his own plane at amazing expense? Because his Muslim beliefs demand it. He only owns a dog because it’s a tradition for presidents to own a dog. He doesn’t like that dog much, but pretends to. I wonder how much extra and unnecessary cost is involved in sending an extra plane and the personnel required to send his dog on his own plane so he won’t have to be with him?

WHEN WE DO IT TO THEM: They just can’t stand it. Some time ago, while they were in the process of discrediting Sarah Palin, they had a “Slap Sarah” game going on the Internet. I bet it was a lot of fun, even if it was an insult to a good woman. But now they’re “jumping up and down” about the recently released “Slap Hillary” game. It really makes me laugh when they go bananas when we do the exact same things to them that they did to us in the past. We must be “getting to them.” Nancy Peelosi is raising hell about it.

CHARGING FOR AUTOGRAPHS: It amazes me how STUPID people can be. One football player is in trouble right now for CHARGING for his autograph. And he should be, But remember: more than four thousand people paid to get one! Anybody who would PAY for an autograph isn’t too smart; no smarter that that football player for charging for his.

HEADLESS BODY: They found a human head in Saudi Arabia. Then they found a headless body. Think those two cases are “connected?” Probably. But have you heard anything about it in the liberal media? Doubtful. They don’t talk about the atrocities the Islamic terrorists do. Why do I automatically think it is Islamic terrorists? Because that’s what they DO. They behead innocent people to make a political point and think that’s a “good thing.” Stupid!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We Know Where Her Mind Is

Karen Gould, the first woman college president, caused her school to spend $107,000.00 to design a new logo after she decided their old one was “a giant phallic symbol.” I don’t see it. It’s just a depiction of the capitol building dome. But now we know where her mind stays.

THE SHORTEST LIFE SENTENCE IN HISTORY: James (Whitey) Bulger has been condemned to life in prison for his many crimes, which include a number of murders. This will probably be the shortest life sentence ever meted out, considering the length of his expected life. If I ever kill anybody I hope my sentence ends up so short. Too bad we can’t revive him and kill him again.

WHY DOES GOD LET BAD THINGS HAPPEN? I try never to get into religious arguments because they’re mostly based on “faith,” rather on fact (Now THAT statement will get me a lot of mail by itself, though true), but after a five-year intensive study of ALL religions in my “misguided youth,” trying to find common beliefs between all religions I discovered many things: one of them is that God doesn’t “control” what happens here on Earth. He gave us “free will,” which simply means, “You’re on your own, people.” He merely judges us when we reach his door.

WHY NO ID TO VOTE? Liberals continue to fight vociferously against requiring a “picture ID” in order to vote. They SAY that “disenfranchises the poor,” which is a LIE. Today, you need a photo ID to buy Sudafed at a drug store’ you need one to enter ANY government building or drive a car. To refuse to require one for such an important thing as electing a PRESIDENT is the act of a FOOL, but is insisted upon by liberals, in both parties. Not requiring it guarantees voter fraud, which liberals say does not exist. How do they know, with no way to find it?

TREASURY RUNS BIG DEFICIT: That’s news? Yes; it ran a $98 BILLION deficit in just July, 2013. But the national debt number didn’t change at all. It remained at $16, 699,366,000,000.00. Wonder how that happened? Do you suppose Obama is fiddling with the numbers again? I wouldn’t doubt it. He fiddles with ANY number that can reveal his foolishness on the economy,

I’d be very critical of the Egyptian “government” for doing that if I didn’t know the Muslim Brotherhood (one of the most powerful terrorist organizations in the world) was the “opposition.” If I didn’t know who they were, I’d be happy to see them push a “government” armored car off a bridge. But the demonstrators shot at troops, too. It’s hard to tell who to cheer for in the Middle East when one faction of Muslims fight another. Like in Syria, where Obama is sending arms to Syrian rebels, who have been “taken over” by Muslim extremists.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another British Soldier Beheaded

By—guess who?—An Islamic terrorist. Surprise, surprise! Another worthwhile person MURDERED by a WORTHLESS PERSON. Why do we suffer these people to live among us? Even Muslims who don’t behead innocent people make trouble for us. They insist we give them special privileges at work, including PAYING them for the time they spend “praying” five times a day. They demand special dress privileges, insisting we allow them to wear their headdresses while no such rights exist for others. It’s time we realized their “religion” is not a religion at all, but is a political system MASQUERADING as one.

IT’S NOT RACISM WHEN THEY’RE TRYING TO KILL YOU: Islam has made up a phony word (Islamphobia) for people who don’t like Muslims, saying, “All Muslims are not terrorists. But all terrorists seem to BE Muslims; and Muslims are easy to pick out with their head scarves for women and their little “toppers” for men. They think we should not dislike their very presence in our neighborhoods with their insensitive actions. But we do, even though some still do hide it. Me, I refuse to suffer fools gladly, even if they make up phony words to make it seem like my dislike for them is, somehow, a mental aberration. What FOOLS they be!

AMERICAN MISSILES? Where are those Islamic terrorist FOOLS getting American-made missiles? They have been found in several attacks recently. Do they get them from Obama’s “gun-running?” Is Obama FACILITATING Islamic terrorist attacks by sending them guns and other arms in secret? Is Obama PART of the Islamic terrorist bunch beheading people in the street? Why does he REFUSE to call Muslim attacks where the attacker screams, “Allahu Akbar!” as he murders innocents? Something’s wrong here. We need to investigate.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERE IS NO MONEY? I had trouble sleeping last night, thinking about various scenarios where money is worthless and what will happen then. What happens when you go to a restaurant and there are no cooks and no waiters or waitresses because the restaurants can’t afford to pay them? Are we approaching a time when it takes a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread? Don’t think we’re getting there? Pay some attention to what’s happening today. We ARE “Getting there!” think about it: gas has gone from less that $2 a gallon to almost $5.00 a gallon, just since Obama took office.

MURDERED BY RELEASED ISLAMICS: Israel is releasing Palestinian prisoners under pressure of the Obama administration as a condition for talks (which are useless) to begin with. So they go out and murder people as soon as they get out, using axes, rods, and such, in one case chopping off a victim’s ears. Why do we bother? “Talks” between Palestinians and Jews never come up with anything constructive. All we do is give THEM concession after concession and they murder our people. Why don’t we just let Israel kill them all? They have the ability. They proved it in the "Six Day War."

ISRAEL DOESN’T DENY IT: Islamic terrorists (who daily shell innocent Israel homes) are complaining about an Israeli drone attack that killed four militants in a “cross-border attack.” What? Do they really think they can attack Israel at will without retaliation? Those four Palestinian terrorists killed are just four fewer killers who can kill Israelis. They’re at war, people! It’s time people realized that and quit taking seriously Palestinian complaints.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cop Fired for Calling Trayvon A Thug

I guess the days of being able to say what you think without retaliation are gone. At least, if you are a cop in a police force where the police politicians disagree with what you say. Todd Snipes, a beach officer stationed about 40 minutes away from where Trayvon was killed, said, in a Facebook post, “Another thug gone” about Trayvon’s killing and was FIRED after 15 years of service. The bad thing is, he was right. They called his post “racial,” though it was not. Just because the thug is black (and he told the truth) does not make it racial. I guess it’s a good thing I can’t be fired.

SHARPTON WHIPS UP MORE RACISM: Wherever there is something he can use to enhance his income, there is Sharpie—er, uh, Sharpton. This time in support of a racist claim that a white cop shot and killed a black thug without cause; a claim made by his mother, who thinks her child can do no wrong. He was being chased by cops while committing a crime. The cop shot him when he thought this thug had a gun. Leave it to Sharpton to take as much advantage of this as possible. He is holding a “rally” about it. I’m sure he has something there to get “contributions” to the “charities” he controls, totally.

FT. HOOD SHOOTER DEFENDS HIMSELF: But he does nothing. After telling the court he did it “to defend his Islam friends,” he just sits there. His lawyer assistants even tried to resign because he did nothing to defend himself. Is he engaged in his own “suicide attack” where he expects the government to put him to death after not killing him where he stood while he was shooting and killing innocent people? Obama still refuses to call his act an act of terrorism, even after he has said it was in open court. What is WRONG with that fool in the White House? The Ft. Hood killings WERE a terrorist act, even if that fool Obama still calls it “workplace violence.”

MEXICO FREES AGENT MURDERER: Drug Lord Caro Quintero walked free after 28 years in prison for torturing and murdering DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, who was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in 1985. They did it “in the dark of night” without even notifying American authorities. This after a payoff was made to government people in their Justice System. The only reason he was convicted is that Reagan closed down trade with Mexico until something was done in this murder. The action now reverses the action they took then now that a president who is a lot weaker is in office.

“STOP AND FRISK” UNCONSTITUTIONAL: New York City claims their “stop and frisk” policy helped lower crime rates, which it may well have done. But it IS unconstitutional, and it’s high time it was declared so. Frankly, if a cop stopped me on the street while I was minding my own business and demanded to frisk me, there would be a lawsuit in short order and it would be on the individual cop who did it, as well as the city.

ISLAM THREATENS US: A representative of al-Qaida says, “Islam is coming and there is no other choice.” Which only shows the complete IGNORANCE of thiscocky “fifth-century stooge.” Islamic terrorists might be able to kill some people in their attacks on “soft targets” who are not expecting them, but they are no match for an organized group who are well-trained and armed.. They will die when they try it, but apparently that’s what they want. We’ll be happy to assist them in that endeavor.

UNLAWFUL POLICE RAIDS: It’s being reported way too often that SWAT Teams raid private homes WITHOUT WARRANTS and get away with it. Sometimes they even kill the owners of these private homes when they, not knowing these are cops, come at them with lawfully-owned guns. when they're dead, a warrant would not help. In other cases, dogs innocently try to protect their owners and are wantonly killed. There is a good reason for SWAT teams; as criminals become better armed and better organized, cops have to keep up with them. But they’re way too often being misused. This needs to stop.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hillary Is Poison

Liberals all over are singing Hillary Clinton’s praises, hoping to get her into the president’s chair in the next election. It seems it’s “her turn” after she “stepped aside” so an unknown (Obama) could “take over” the top spot in 2008 and move us ever closer to socialism. Obama, with the help of the corrupt Democrat Party, conned his way into the presidency by hiding his birthplace, lying about his past in two books of fiction (he didn’t call them that, but that’s what they were), sealing all his past records when he BECAME president, and ruining everybody whose influence could hurt him. Hillary helped, and got the plumb job of Secretary of State, where she failed miserably and got people killed. Now they want to make her president.

IS PRESIDENT OBAMA AN ALIEN? I don’t know. He’s done a masterful job of hiding every truth there is about his past, including his birthplace (Kenya?), his education, job history, and everything there is to know about him. Nobody who went to the schools he claims at the time he was supposed to go there remembers him. He lies every time he opens his mouth (I thought Bill Clinton was a good liar, but he’s a piker beside Obama). He works hard to make it look like he’s not actually doing all the bad things that he has done so he can’t be blamed. The latest is the NSA spying scandal, which he says he wants to :”clean up.

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Nobody in government wants a government shutdown except Obama (It was his idea, just like the sequester was). He figures if he can cause it while blaming it on the Republicans, the Democrats are “home free” in the 2014 elections and can win the presidency again in 2016 “going away.” He’s wrong, because America is “onto him.” He has gone too far, too many times and we now know it. Getting rid of him is top priority for everybody, including most of the Democrats and even the press, which he has OWNED for most of his administration.

ARIZONA WILL GET NO HELP: Many states have had disasters: fires, floods, tornadoes, etc. and all have gotten some federal help—except for Arizona. Because it was the only state to make a law DEMANDING he enforce his own federal immigration and border laws, and the only state he SUED because of it. He will not lift a FINGER (except maybe his middle one) to help them. John McCain, long-time senator from Arizona, who opposed him in 2012 and lost (because of his own incompetence) is now his ally and confidante (he may have been, all along). But then, he’s senile.

SNOWDEN IS A WHISTLEBLOWER: Obama says he is a traitor, and if he gets his hands on him, he will go to prison for a LONG time. Yes, he let some secrets out, and filled the American people in on what Obama was doing to their private e-mails and telephone calls (which he denies he had anything to do with, of course). Now Snowden is probably the first American citizen to have been given asylum from the United States in, forever, if ever.

SUE HIM FOR SLANDER: Somebody ought to sue that artist who painted a picture of Zimmerman shooting Trayvon IN THE BACK for slander. I certainly would. That’s about the lowest thing I’ve ever seen, and while watching liberals at work, I’ve seen some of the LOWEST. They’ll claim it’s just somebody’s “opinion” and, like the cartoonist Doonesbury, painters don’t need to tell the truth like newsmen do (if they would).

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Obama Sends Syria $195 Million

He SAYS it’s for the rebels, but he KNOWS the rebels include Islamic terrorists, so those Islamic terrorists ARE going to get their hands on a large chunk of that money (to buy bombs and other arms to use elsewhere on us); taxpayer money we don’t have, after Obama spent more money than there IS. If that doesn’t prove his PRO-Islam sympathies, I don’t know what would; even if he does deny it, even while signing the check.

MONEY TO “STUDY GLOBAL WARMING IN GUATAMALA: Intelligent people know global warming is a swindle that has made AlGore a billionaire. They know that the globe warms and cools cyclically and has done so since its beginning, and that nothing man does can alter that. Yet Obama just spent $78,000 to study global warming in 1st CENTURY GUATAMALA! More taxpayer money thrown down the global warming hole.

TERRORISTS AMUSED: And they have every right to be. They terrorized Obama so much he ordered 19 embassies closed in fear of them. He’ll say no, but it’s obvious to intelligent people that’s what he did. Unintelligent people like Islamic terrorists, too. Obama needs to take the advice of some of his advisers that he’s been ignoring. I’m sure there are SOME intelligent people in his administration, even if they’re “left over” from the Bush bunch.

CAN’T ARGUE WITH A FOOL: I got in a disagreement the other day (on Facebook) with a woman that centered on drinking. It wasn’t about drinking, but she missed the point entirely and argued about drinking, not the discussion over her PRIORITIES in spending so much time arguing about drinking while ignoring Obama’s looting of her and the rest of the country. As usual, you can’t argue with a fool. She finally just called me an ass and “unfriended” me. You can always tell when you win. They call you names, and go away.

MEDIA LIES BY OMISSION: They promote the MYTH that there have been hundreds of thousands of new jobs “created” (part-time jobs) without mentioning that they REPLACED hundreds of thousands of FULL TIME JOBS. This is the kind of misinformation and DISinformation the medic feeds us every day. Which is the reason I no longer read ANY newspapers and don’t watch ANY liberal media. They belittle Fox, but so far, that’s the ONLY place to see BOTH SIDES of any issue that’s news.

MEDIA BLACK HOLE: They did a survey in England about what laws Britons would most like repealed. High on the list was the 1996 gun ban  which increased violent crime considerably. But you won’t read about it in America’s liberal media; it doesn’t help advance their agenda. Which further increases their lack of credibility about anything.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Chicago Reducing Gun Violence

Not by making laws against honest people carrying guns for self-defense; by sending out a lot more cops with their own guns. Making anti-gun laws didn’t work, because criminals never obey laws. But they DO obey a bullet in the gut. How do you reduce gun violence? Send in people with guns to kill or imprison the criminals who are using their illegally-obtained guns to kill innocent people who have no guns, due to misguided laws preventing them from being armed in self-defense.

No matter what; is what Obama says. He thinks his new law will FORCE insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions (which is a recipe for bankruptcy) and to provide them with other expensive things their people advise them is STUPID to provide them with. He didn’t think about those companies just getting out of the market. There’s no law against quitting (which he will take care of soon) and that’s what they’re doing. Aetna and several other companies have already done it.

HEALTH CARE LAW FOOLISHNESS: The very basic premise on which Obama’s health care swindle law was based is STUPID. What makes him think that making a law will make people who CAN’T AFFORD IT buy insurance? What part of “can’t afford it” doesn’t he understand? All of it, most likely; or he just doesn’t care. He CLAIMS he has “solved our health care problem” with this law. He is deluding himself (which, apparently isn’t hard to do).

USE OF BANNED SUBSTANCES: Many athletes are being suspended from their sport for using “banned substances” to enhance their abilities on the field. They’re being vilified for doing that. But think about this: with all their competitors doing it, they think they have to do it in order to be competitive. You don’t give up your competitiveness while your opponents do not. It just isn’t wise. This reveals a bigger problem: how do you stop their COMPETITORS from doing it so they don’t have to do it to compete?

LAZY CONGRESS? New York Mayor Bloomberg excoriates Congress for being “lazy” for not passing stupid gun laws. But is it “laziness?” Not likely. It’s common sense. Something that is not shown much in Congress, to be sure. Not passing bad la is NOT “laziness,” no matter how much this stupid fool thinks it is. It’s time we (not me) stopped electing such fools to important offices where they get a platform for their fool policies.

“REDUCTION IN STAFFNG”: Embassy staff in Yemen have been hastily airlifted to safe air bases after “terrorist chatter” indicated their embassies would be attacked. A “State Department spokeswoman” (Obama’s designated liar) told us that in a news conference. What makes him think we believe that crap? They’re RUNNING! Our government is “on the run” from the “terrorist threat!” Obama doesn’t know HOW to “take it to the terrorists” and he’s getting his people out of there, leaving others to be killed.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

"The Money's Out There"

 “We just have to take it.” That’s the opinion of Keith Ellison, the only Muslim congressman in Congress. He thinks the government OWNS all the money and people who don’t want them to just “move in and take it” are wrong. How did we (not me) elect such a fool to office? I speak not of his being a Muslim (although that does speak to his thinking processes), but because of his stupid thinking, Money does NOT “belong to the government” to spend as they wish.

AMERICANS DON’T KNOW SOCIALISM: I came upon this comment as I researched the possibility of New Zealand being socialist. Another person said only “badly misinformed people” thought New Zealand was socialist. I could find no definitive information one way or the other on that; but one thing I do know is what socialism IS. It was defined by their own words: “FROM each according to his ABILITY and TO each according to his NEEDS.” It’s a typical insult to say we do not know what socialism is. More than likely that describes the person who said this.

“GITMO SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN OPENED”: That’s Obama’s opinion. Why? What SHOULD we have opened to hold the “prisoners of war” we collect on the battlefield? Where SHOULD we keep those murderers and rapists we capture while they are killing our people? Without GITMO there would have to be another place to keep them and liberals like that fool in the White House would STILL say it should be closed and those murderers released to kill some more. Damn, we (not me) sure elect some fools!

HAS OBAMA “ENDED” TWO WARS? Not even! He “ended them by RUNNING! He decided, unilaterally, to leave Iraq and Afghanistan while the “war” in both places goes on with their citizens being murdered by Islamic terrorists every day, and at a faster pace every day. “Ended the wars?” NO. He only RAN from them both. Running is NOT winning!

OBAMA FILES “SEALED CHARGES” IN BENGHAZI: What” “Sealed charges?” In America against those in Libya who did the Benghazi killings? How stupid! They don’t even know where these people ARE! Chances are, especially now, they never will. This is a typical Obama “shell game” to make us THINK he’s doing something about the murders in Benghazi, and he did it just before the election. Surprise, surprise! He made the “charges” sealed so we’ll never know it’s just a scam to divert us.

MAJOR INSURANCE FLEES OBAMACARE: Aetna, Blue Cross, United, Humana flee Obama’s health care swindle. They are not going to participate in his swindle by refusing to accept patients from his “Exchanges,” which are the only way people can receive the subsidies Obama is promising. They mostly don’t like having to cover pre-existing conditions, a requirement that guarantees bankruptcy for them.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Embassy Threats

Obama closed our embassies in the Middle East because of an “unspecified threat” from terrorists. What? I thought the terrorist threat was OVER! Obama SAID so! If we can’t believe our exalted PRESIDENT, who CAN we believe? (Chuckle, chuckle) Fact is, our complete LACK of any kind of punitive action for the Benghazi killings has told the terrorists we’re WIMPS. So now they’ll attack our embassies all over the world. Obama is a frightened little man who doesn’t know any other way to handle strife except to cower in our embassies until the “bad guys” go away. (Update: he has now "filed sealed charges" against certain people to make us THINK he's doing something, just before the election. Surprise, surprise!)

OBAMA’S WAR ON ENERGY: He has already promised to “bankrupt the coal industry” and is working hard to do just that. It is becoming harder and harder for the coal industry to operate; and as it goes, so does the electricity industry, and our way of living. If Obama is successful, we will have attained one of the liberals’ fondest wishes: going back to living like they did 100 years ago; using candles for light, dying early because of lack of competent medical care, and working “from dawn to dusk,” just to survive and being tired all the time. Forget computers. Only the government will be able to afford them, and have the electricity to use them (us, anyway, since they always find a way to exempt themselves from the rules they impose on us).

NEARING A REVOLUTION: England pushed us too far when they tried to take away our guns. We revolted, and ultimately “whupped their butts.” Obama and his Congress ought to take note of this. We’re not the “cowed” subjects of the King we were then (we’re now more used to freedom and will fight quicker), and it’s not going to take much more for us to “rise up” and tell Obama and his “gang of thieves” to just “go to hell.” The Founders thought we needed to have a revolution every once in a while, to stop the despots from taking over, and they were right. We’re about to that point, right now. For my part, I think we are way beyond it. If I were not so old and broken, I’d be leading one.

FIRST VICTIMS OF TYRANNY: Many people died as Vladmir Lenin came to power in Russia; likewise while Hitler came to power in Germany. There were many people who did not submit to his “new rules and regulations,” wrote and spoke out against them, and died when their thugs came to “neutralize them.” I expect to be one of the early victims of Obama’s “rise to power” because I will not only not submit, I will continue to write and talk against him at every opportunity until he stops me. And you know what that means. Unless I die on my own first.

ALERT THE MEDIA! Black men shooting at one another accidentally WOUND 10-year-old girl in Far Rockaway, NY. Call Al Sharpton! Call Jesse Jackson. What? You say they’re not interested in blacks shooting at each other wounding a little girl because it doesn’t advance their agenda to whip up as much racism as they can so they can profit from it? Wow! Whodathunkit? Damn! If you can’t depend on such as Sharpie --er, Sharpton and Jackson, who CAN you depend on? (Tongue firmly in cheek, of course)

SUPPORTING THE TERRORISTS: Has Obama done ANYTHING to make the terrorists think we are to be feared if they attack any more of our embassies? No. A year has passed. Nothing has been done. One of the top terrorists involved was found sipping a latte' in a cafĂ© by—not an “investigator,” but by a CNN reporter who INTERVIEWED him. The FBI has done NOTHING. All this does is tell the terrorists we are an “easy target” and they can attack us at will without repercussions; and they will, often, and with much bloodshed as long as Obama is there.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What does It Take?

Obama still calls the killings at Ft. Hood “workplace violence,” refusing to call it what it is, a TERRORIST ACTION. What dies he hope to gain by this? Maybe being able to claim that there has never been an Islamic terrorist attack in the US during his administration; a typical Obama LIE, backed by very thin ”evidence.” Witnesses tell us he shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as he killed unarmed soldiers getting ready to be sent into battle. When are we going to get rid of this FOOL we (not me) mistakenly put in the White House? Before, or after, his Islamic terrorist friends take over?

TYPICAL GOVERNMENT PANIC: Drudge had a picture of school children cowering in fear under their desks during the fifties when the government wanted us to think that hiding beneath their desks would protect them from an atomic blast—which it wouldn’t. But that’s okay with the politicians—if those kids were actually IN an atomic blast, they wouldn’t be able to protest the bad information they were given—they’d be dead.

GEORGE ZIMMERMAN FOR PRESIDENT: A Democrat polling firm has put forth George Zimmerman’s name as a possible GOP candidate for president in 2016. That’s okay—ANYBODY is better than Obama or whomever he “handpicks” to succeed him. I’d vote for Bugs Bunny or Yosemite Sam if they were running against Obama or one of his thugs.

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT-RUN CITY GOING BROKE: Chicago has been run by Democrats for as long as I can remember—and that’s a LONG time. Now it’s starting to show signs of going broke. It recently announced that it has a $1 BILLION dollar “shortfall” by 2015. Which means they’ve SPENT $1 BILLION dollars more than they took in, as Democrats usually do. Like New York City before them, Democrats will run them into the ground, as usual.

Well, ALMOST nobody, anyway. He held an event in Centerville, Texas, to try and sell his health care swindle to the masses. It was held at the library, and ONE PERSON showed up. He was outnumbered by paid Obama staffers. Does this signal a trend? I sure hope so! (Politico)

IS HASSAN’S TRIAL NEXT? Is the media (and Fox News) going to go “wire-to-wire” in the Nidal Hassan trial while and brodcast it all while he spouts his fool ideas for the world to hear? That’s why he wants to defend himself. So he can spout his hateful ideas to the nation. That was the reason he did it in the first place. I know it’s his right to defend himself, but to force his VICTIMS to answer his inane questions is “cruel and unusual punishment” on the victims. It should not be allowed.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Worried About Beck's "Empire"

Politico is worried about how big Glenn Beck is getting while Obama rips us off every day for more trillions of dollars, which he spends on his frazzled ideas of what’s right to do and exempts his friends from the worst of it. Why is Politico so worried about this? It’s simple jealousy. They’ve been around longer and haven’t grown nearly as much as has Glenn. Maybe that should tell them something. Maybe Beck is telling more of the truth than they are. It’s obvious whenever I listen to his program that he is, and he IS “fearless.” He is my “canary.” When they “take him out,” I’ll know my time is coming.

“IT’S DELUSIONAL, INSANITY, DOOMED”: That’s one thing the left, AND the Islamists (a banned word but I don't care) say about John Kerry’s “peace initiative” in Israel. I don’t usually agree with the left, OR Islamists, but in this case. I have to. Talking to Islamic terrorists is futile, and Palestinians ARE Islamic terrorists. They kill people at random to “strike fear” in the hearts of their enemies, who are the Israelis. They have SWORN to “push Israel into the sea.”

“RUSSIA STABBED US IN THE BACK AGAIN”: That’s what representatives of the federal government say about Russia granting Edward Snowden “asylum.” How things change. We have granted many RUSSIANS asylum in the past and now it has turned around to where Russia is granting AMERICANS asylum. Are they really surprised that Russia would “stab us in the back” when they have done it time and time again in the past? Are our politicians really that stupid? Yes; they have proved they are.

“ONLY LEGITIMACY IS SHARIA”: That’s what Ayman al-Zawahiri (mass murderer and head of al-Qaida after the death of Osama bin-Laden) said. He says the coup in Egypt (which Obama insists isn’t a coup at all so he can get around the law and send Egypt our money) is proof that democracy doesn’t work and that the only legitimacy is Sharia Law WRONG!. He says Islamic rule cannot be imposed through the vote (because nobody wants it) and must be IMPOSED against people’s will. He doesn’t realize what he revealed by that, but he’s right. Intelligent people will NEVER vote Sharia Law into being. Zawahiri notwithstanding, Sharia Law is NOT ‘legitimate.”

SUCCESSFUL COACH FIRED FOR REFUSING TO ATTEND REQUIRED CHURCH: (Huff, puff!)  Scott Phillips led his school (East Memorial Christian Academy in Prattville, AL) to their first playoff appearance in many years—and got fired because he refused to go to the church his school demanded he attend. Frankly, they wouldn’t have had to fire me. I’d have told them to stick their job where they sat, barbs up, and gone to a school where they didn’t try to force me into their church. Who do they think they are, anyway?

TRYING TO STIFLE LIMBAUGH: Liberals are still trying to stifle Rush Limbaugh after 25 years of predicting (wrongly) his demise while he prospered. They used to just predict that he was a “flash in the pan” and wouldn’t last. When he lasted, they kept predicting his demise. It hasn’t happened. Now they’re putting out stories that his syndicator isn’t going to renew his contract (which would be the stupidest thing they ever did) and THAT will signal his demise. . . .Not! He’s big enough now he can start his own syndication company and tell them to “go to hell.” Which I’m sure he will do if they continue to refuse to renew his contract—and most--if not all-- of his stations will go with him.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Was Lazy

I admit it. I was lazy yesterday. When it came time to update my blogs, I just didn’t have the energy. That comes, it seems, with old age; and I am OLD. I’ll be 75 soon, and that’s the age my mother was when she died. Age takes a toll on all of us. There is much more I could be doing to open people’s minds to the danger of accepting the atrocities Obama is wreaking upon this country, but I just don’t have the energy to do them. I need an “apprentice;” somebody like William W. Johnstones’ nephew, J. A. Johnson, who can help me in my later years and take over when I’m gone. But there is nobody, so far. My son agrees with me mostly, but he is blazĂ© about it. My grandson even worked to elect Obama to a second term although he SAYS he agrees with me (he said it was “just a job” when he needed one). But I know nobody with the “heat and fire” I’d trust to continue my work, and that’s sad. I won’t have to live under what’s coming—they will. And when I’m gone, that will be one less voice to say the truth

FOX--THE COURT CHANNEL: Seems like all I’ve been seeing on Fox lately is court proceedings. I’m getting very tired of Fox (and others) going “wall-ti-wall” on court cases. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat and watched boring court testimony in one case or another. There was Casey Anthony, and then the one where a girl murdered her boyfriend, and before that the O. J. Simpson case, and numerous others  Then there was “Baretta,” Zimmerman, and today Ariel Castro (the guy who kidnapped three girls and kept them as sex slaves for ten years), which was only a sentencing hearing, since he confessed. Meanwhile, other news “waited in line” while lawyers droned on and asked questions about the tiniest detail. I guess the Ft. Hood killer is next.

TIRED OF “OBAMASPEAK”: I’m getting to the point where I turn of the sound every time I hear Obama’s voice on the television (which I usually keep on while I’m working in case something important happens). And it happens way too often. It seems like Obama is on television every day for some reason, telling us about how he’s going to “use my executive powers” to do something or other, things he has no power to do at all. And nobody’s “calling him” on it, so he gets away with it. We need to have somebody to oversee executive orders and make sure they’re used properly, not as just a way to “go around Congress.”

OBAMA IGNORING THE LAW: Obama MUST stop foreign aid to countries that have a “coup.”  It's the law. So he does it, anyway, and sends millions of dollars to Egypt after refusing to call their coup a coup. He has issued many executive orders when Congress won’t do what he wants. According to his own law, he hasn’t the power to stop enforcing portions of his health care swindle law; but he goes right ahead and does it for his friends. The Constitution says he MUST enforce the laws of the land, but, in addition, he REFUSES to enforce the immigration laws and SUES Arizona when they make a law demanding he enforce federal law. This guy thinks he’s a DICTATOR and, so long as nobody opposes his criminal acts, he is.

WHICH IS IT? Obama (both of ‘em) are hollering about “starving children” which don’t exist and “obese children,” which do. They can’t have it both ways. Are kids starving? Or are they overweight? Meanwhile I look at welfare recipients and most of THEM are obese. Apparently, they’re doing okay in the eating department. But it really bothers me when this government screams about BOTH SIDES of a problem. That tells me they’re wrong on BOTH SIDES and are just using them as a means to further restrict our rights and tax us even more.

WHY COVER UP BENGHAZI? Obama is obviously covering up something about the Benghazi killings. He’s hiding the survivors and moving them around the country, changing their names. Now we hear that CNN has interviewed one of the culprits in the Benghazi attack—who has NOT been hiding. Why can’t the “all-powerful” US Government find this man? Because, for some reason, they don’t WANT to. Does that tell you anything? If it doesn’t, you need to WAKE UP! Obama is acting more and more like a mob boss who does anything he wants while giving you the middle finger..

“DOUBLE-DEALING”: The feds tell us it is a nasty thing to demand a photo ID in order to vote because people can’t afford them. Why not? They can get them FREE. But I’ve just been notified by the Post Office (a federal agency) that I need to present PHOTO ID for every person who gets mail at my mail box. Is this not a perfect example of  “double-dealing?” Next, you’ll need a photo D to get into the TOILET! But not to prove your identity in order to VOTE for important offices like the presidency.

Friday, August 2, 2013

"Barack Can't Do It Alone"

That’s Obama’s next campaign, trying to recruit more morons to help him fleece the rest of us. For my part, he’d doing a GOOD job of ripping us off, and he’s NOT “alone.” He has a full complement of morons helping him. I call them his “gang of thieves.” He’s even trying to recruit my grandson. I can tell by his mail. But I’m keeping him well informed. I just hope he’s listening to me, not them.

KEYNESIAN ECONOMICS: I can’t believe I saw a “Fox News Contributor” actually ADMIT she was a believer in “Keynsian Economics” and continued to say “We can’t cut our way to progress.” She’s right. If your definition of “progress” is “progressivism, which is just another word for communism or socialism. You CANNOT “spend your way to economic success, either.” That’s a STUPID notion on the face of it. Apparently she’s not smart enough to know that. We CAN “cut our way to economic success.” The government needs to STOP spending more money than there IS.

HIS LIFE IS OVER: In one way, I feel sorry for the engineer of that train in Spain that derailed, causing 79 deaths, even though it was his fault. He is being charged with 79 “involuntary manslaughter charges.” That will mean he will be in prison for the rest of his life while his conscience tears him apart. There are actually 80 “victims” here. He is one. I don’t know why he went through that curve so fast, but he “ended” his own life when he did it.

POLITICIANS COULDN’T CARE LESS: They don’t care w whit about what you think. Anthony Weiner (the “weenie wagger”) told a voter he didn’t care about her vote, he was after other people’s votes. Another NY politician who lost his job due to a sex scandal says he won’t vote for Weiner. (Who cares?) Both are now running for yet another office and AREN’T losing. Another sex scandal is looming for yet another one while Obama does many “in your face actions,” calling his scandals “phony scandals.” Does he really think we believe that? Probably. He’s that stupid.

WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG? We’re still looking for answers about what happened in Benghazi, Libya, almost a year ago where he president’s PERSONAL representative there was brutally murdered while his cronies watched, in real time. And the president blissfully slept, “recharging his batteries” for his fund-raising trip the next day. Why did he (and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton) tell people who were READY to move in and stop the attack to “stand down?” And why has he lied to the country about the very CAUSE of the attack while putting “roadblocks” in the way of any investigation? This, alone, should get him REMOVED from office. But it probably won't, with all his accomplices in Washington.

RECIPE FOR FAILURE: Appoint a fool to head an important government post.; then repeat. Obama has followed that recipe perfectly ever since he was elected the first time. His latest stupid nominee (I don’t think he has even nominated her yet, but he will, the more he sees we won’t like it) is Sheila Jackson Lee. Every time this woman opens her mouth she displays her stupidity. Not ignorance: that’s simply lack of information. It’s already being run by a stupid woman, but Sheila is worse;if you can judge the severity of stupid..

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tough Choice

Talk about “declaring your ignorance to the world!” John McCain says, “The choice between Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul would be a tough choice.” What? There couldn’t be MORE DIFFERENCE between Hillary Clinton (one of the best known socialist liberals) and Rand Paul (one of the best known conservative individualists). And he’s having trouble deciding between the two? What planet does he live on, anyway? And this fool actually thinks he’s smart enough to be president! He muzzled his best asset, Sarah Palin, and lost. I think McCain is senile and should retire.

WEINER WON’T QUIT: He says, “We don’t quit in New York City.” No, we don’t; even in the face of certain failure. Just keep “plugging along,” telling voters how much he doesn’t care what they think. But he won’t quit sending out pictures of his dingus, either. He hopes maybe he can get some “action” that way while ignoring his sexy wife. What a fool. But we already have a fool for mayor of New York. What would change? But I think he’s too much, even for New Yorkers.

NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED: Rush Limbaugh has been doing his radio show for 25 years, and nothing much has changed. He has an audience of 25 million people and STILL not much has changed, except for the rise of other right-wing people out there such as Glenn Back, Sean Hannity, and such. He feels pretty helpless against the liberal media machine, even though we now have at least ONE network that does tell the truth, and both sides. That’s the only thing that has happened, and MAY help “turn the tide” some day.

DETROIT IS A DEMOCRAT PETRI DISH: If you want to know why Detroit is bankrupt, look to the Democrats. This should tell you why the country is failing too, because they are also doing what Democrats (liberals) think is the way to run things—and they’re wrong. They think socialism is the way to go. So they STEAL from those able to earn and give that stolen (in many different forms) to those who don’t, or won’t Look at their welfare figures and the lavish retirement benefits they give to people who no longer work and their bankruptcy becomes very predictable.

DON’T TAKE ADVICE FROM THE ENEMY: Democrats keep telling Republicans that they should aim only for the 20% who are “independent” in any election, ignoring the 40% that WILL vote for them—they’re a “lock”—and the 40% who WILL vote for Democrats, concentrating on the 20% who haven’t made up their minds yet, and not CRITICIZING Obama and other Democrats, against their advice. Advice that has caused the Republicans to loset almost every election in the last 50 or more years. The Republicans fall for it, thinking the Democrats WANT them to win elections (which couldn’t be further from the truth). It’s time they stopped taking advice from their enemies.

WE’RE OUT OF MONEY:  He doesn’t even have enough to pay for white House tours because of the sequester. So why is Obama spending another million dollars on another vacation while sending $400 million to Islamic terrorists in Syria? This guy is such a fool he doesn’t think we notice things like that while he attempts to fool us on the economy and about the sequester. I think it is that he just doesn’t care what we think.