Thursday, November 30, 2017

I Think He's Got It!

I don't always agree with some of the politics represented in Gary Varvel's cartoons, but this one told the story perfectly. (Gary Varvel)

"COMMON SENSE" GUN CONTROL? Talk about a contradiction in terms! Gun control itself is NOT "common sense." The fools who call it that really ought to be smart enough to understand that, but they aren't. Not one single gun control law they've ever made has done a single thing to reduce "gun violence," because they don't apply to those who do not obey laws. They only apply to those who DO obey laws, and they are not the problem. To show you how stupid these people are, note this: they now want to ban or regulate MUZZLE LOADERS!

ARMED BEAR ESCAPES: It's true! Somewhere in Siberia, there's a bear who is armed with TWO rifles! He (she?) stole them from a secluded cabin when the occupant went to the creek and left them in the cabin. How he carried them is not known. But the armed bear escaped into the woods with the guns and some food. Actual headline: "Beware Armed Bear Armed With Two Weapons Loose In Siberian Region!" I guess there's not too much exciting news in Siberia these days, now it's no longer a repository for Russian "criminals."

"WHITE MEN LOVE GUNS": Sayeth a black man while cleaning one of his many guns, many of which were illegally obtained, so as to defend himself against other black men who would be shooting at him later. The anti-gun fools seize upon anything to make people who want to retain the right to self defense look foolish. That statement above will, of course, be called racist by the fools who make up those things. But it's not. It's a recognition of reality.

BANNED GUNS KILLED HUNDREDS: In Egypt, where automatic weapons are BANNED for use by citizens (but not for the government agents, of course), Islamic terrorists used them to murder more than 200 Egyptian Muslims who were attending a Mosque. They used a bomb to get them to flee the Mosque, then shot them down like dogs as they fled, Then later, they, themselves, were blown to kingdom come by the government, which tracked them down and blew them to hell. Oops! I bet they didn't expect that!

ONE MAN'S OPINION: It's okay to say "Merry Christmas" again. After 8 years of Obama, it was made "politically incorrect" not to say it, as part of the liberal attempt to destroy Christmas. But I've never stopped, since I don't succumb to such stupid things as "political correctness Who gets to define what is "politically correct," anyway?".... MSNBC is criticizing Trump's "Thanksgiving Call to Troops (yawn)." But who cares what MSNBC, or any liberal fool says?.... Some liberals try to convince us that Trump's economic boom is "inherited." That's really funny! Obama killed ANY economic advance we might have had during his "reign" by his stupid policies, The current boom comes from the renewed confidence in Trump's policies, even if liberals will avoid giving him credit, to their dying day....

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Come Back to Bite 'Em

One of the favorite things liberals like to do is make unproven accusations of sexual misconduct on a conservative figure, and then go on and on about it as if an accusation was true. They got rid of several prominent figures that way, including Roger Ailes, the "father" of conservative radio and TV that way. They also got the scalp of Bill O'Reilly and a few others at Fox News, and were "laughing up their sleeves" UNTIL a bunch of LIBERALS began falling to the same thing, this time often with PROOF. The names include top liberal politicians such as Al Franken and John Conyers. Now down the tubes goes Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, both liberal newscasters. Where will it end? Two can play that game.

WHY IT DOESN'T WORK: We're talking about gun buybacks, and why they don't work. first off, criminals don't sell their tools of work. Some will sell old, unusable guns to get money to buy newer guns in better shape. Another reason is that the people who DO sell their guns to politically motivated buyers have no idea what those guns are worth. One .22 rifle turned in was worth five times what the seller got for it, and it probably ended up in some cop's gun collection by use of simple sleight-of-hand in inventorying the guns. The basic theory in these gun buybacks is that "removing guns from the street" gets rid of "gun violence" has failed to create ANY evidence that it does.

DON'T BELIEVE HIM: Kim Jung Un says his latest "intercontinental ballistic missile" can reach any part of the United States because it managed to fly a few thousand miles straight up before coming down about 600 miles away from the point of launch. Don't you BELIEVE it. He has neither the money nor the know-how to manufacture such missiles. It's all for show, to accomplish what? To "frighten" us? Actually, what it will do is very soon earn him a MOAB down his flue as we get to the "end of our rope" with his posturing and threats. And having all his launch sites and nuclear plants destroyed. Maybe he will survive, maybe not. Doubtful.

BANNING GUNS WON'T WORK: The theory pushing the anti-gun fools is that if they can get rid of ALL the guns in the world (impossible), that will cause crime to dry up. That shows a complete ignorance of how things work in the world. First, there is NO WAY they will ever get rid of all the guns in the world. Second, violent crime pre-exists guns by many years. Back when guns were non-existent, thugs found other things to use in victimizing the law-abiding. Such as swords and other kinds of knives. Swords and other bladed instruments have been used for hundreds of years to victimize people. The only real answer to guns in the hands of criminals is guns in the hands of the law abiding, so they can defend themselves.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: They say Trump is "getting blowback" from his "racist" use of the word "Pocahontas" to describe a member of Congress. No kidding? He's getting exactly what he expected--complete loss of mind on the part of the Dumocrats. He's "playing them like a fiddle." And the only thing racist about is them CALLING it racist.... I think it's about time we straightened Kim Jong Un out--for good, by blowing his missile sites and presidential palace out of existence--at night, when his underfed and dangerously unhealthy people can't stay awake.... We should stop talking about "draining the swamp." It's not a swamp. It's a "cesspool.".... Peelosi emphasized the importance of "due process" regarding John Conyers' accusations of sexual misconduct, while condemning Judge Roy Moore without any kind of "due process." Seems to me a little biased....

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fatal Gun Control Flaw

It DEPENDS on LAWBREAKERS to OBEY their laws, and they DON'T. Background checks, for instance, can only be applied to LEGAL gun buyers, while criminals just ignore them while getting their guns ILLEGALLY. Gun free zones are only observed by law-abiding people, while criminals ignore them. or even seek them out in which to do their "dirty deeds.". "Safe storage" laws are routinely ignored by criminals, and only serve to make it easier for criminals to victimize the law-abiding. Laws limiting the size of magazines are commonly overcome by criminals by simply buying their high capacity magazines illegally or STEALING them, like many criminals do their guns.

"BRING YOUR GUN TO CHURCH": There's a big argument going on right now about people bringing their guns with them into a "house of worship." That's because a church is supposed to be a place of peace. Unfortunately, as usual, that means nothing to those who would not only bring their guns there DESPITE the "rules," and then kill as many people as possible--IF there is nobody there with their own gun and the will to use it to protect themselves, and others. Yes. you shouldn't find it necessary to bring a gun to church, but in today's society, with fools coming into churches and killing innocent people, since most churches are "gun-free zones" and mass shooters can be pretty sure law-abiding people will NOT be armed, and able to defend themselves, and others. But REALITY says bringing a gun to church with you is only common sense.

"SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED": I wonder what there is about "shall not be abridged" that anti-gun fools do not understand? The Second Amendment could not be more clear. It is a single paragraph that says one thing: that the right of all Americans to be armed "shall not be infringed." Yet lawmakers make laws to abridge that right, every day. And the Supreme Court sometimes even upholds them--sometimes simply through INACTION, as they did recently when they refused to get rid of an unconstitutional law in Maryland that CLEARLY abridged that BIRTHRIGHT.

MOORE ACCUSER'S RECORD: It's not a stretch of imagination to think that at least one of Moore's accusers has a grudge against him, dating back to when she was 15, since Moore represented her mother in a nasty custody case involving her son (a 15 year old MOTHER!) in which she was painted as really nasty--which, of course, is routine in such cases, though it is nonetheless hard to stand for the recipient. She was later charged with check fraud in a separate case, and was a known drug user. Under the circumstances, her accusations are very suspect. as well as those of the other women, since women always seem to "pile on," for whatever reason, when a man is ACCUSED of sexual misconduct.

CAN'T PASS A BILL: Everybody's pointing at Trump, since the Congress hasn't passed a single bill into law (according to Dumocrats). But a simple look at the FACTS reveals that it is ALL the Dumocrats PLUS a small number of Republicans (RINOS) that are holding things up in the Senate. The House has passed HUNDREDS of bills and sent them to the Senate, where they still reside, unpassed, and unvoted, up or down. That's not Trump's fault, it is the fault of the complete OBSTRUCTION of the Dumocrat Party, with a little (critical) help from (RINO) Republicans. and that RINO help is key, because the Dumocrats couldn't do it by themselves.

THE TREVON MARTIN LIE: Trevon Martin's mother is playing the liberal media like a violin.  Repeating the LIE that Trevon was a simple, innocent boy walking along, and was accosted and later shot to death by a "mean ol' white man" (who happened NOT to be a white man). She fails to mention that at the time he was shot, he was sitting on that man's chest, banging that man's head on a concrete walk, after Trevon accostied HIM because he didn't like him looking at him. The man shot him in self defense because Trevon was trying to KILL him. She lumps his killing in with all the other "black children" (mostly teen gang members killed by other gang members fighting over their "turf"). That's the LIE she's telling.

Monday, November 27, 2017

"Political Correctness"

According to "Aunty Acid" (a very funny and often prophetic comic). political correctness is, "A term used for whiny, oversensitive pansies who need everything sugar-coated for them." It's also a way to keep as many people from telling the truth about what liberals are doing to them by "banning" certain words and substituting weird, silly sounding words for them. Like "differently abled" for the handicapped. Some of the word combinations they come up with th=o mask what real words mean are actually comical. Almost as good as what "Aunty Acid" comes up with.

TOTAL IGNORANCE ON GUNS: This columnist is totally ignorant on guns. He blames the NRA for people being killed by guns when it is the LAWBREAKERS who do the killing. Very few legal gun owners kill people who do not need killing, because they are using their ILLEGAL guns to threaten them. The NRA simply stands up for the RIGHTS recognized and GUARANTEED by the Second Amendment of the Constitution for American citizens to be armed, so they can defend themselves from such people.

"TRUSTED" TO OWN A GUN? That's what the Arkansas State Police say about people who have concealed carry permits. and as such they have "entered into a contract" to not only get training, but to return to be "recertified" every few months, because some people are so stupid they "forget" basics, such as how to load a magazine. Yes, people who get guns should get trained in its use. But having to "return every few months" for further training (and to pay the fees required) is an abuse of power. First off, nobody has the right to "trust" somebody to own a gun for self defense. Owning and using guns is a RIGHT, not to be "trusted" by ANYBODY.

GUNS FOR COPS? What fool decided that cops should not be allowed to carry guns when they confront criminals, who have no qualms in carrying their guns? In Great Britain and Scotland, many cops DON'T carry guns, while criminals DO. In France too, apparently some cops are unarmed, which was revealed when some cops could do nothing but cower behind their cars and WATCH while a couple of Islamic terrorists killed 11 people at a satire newspaper for having the temerity to publish a DRAWING of their "prophet." Now Scottish cops are crying out to be allowed to carry guns, so they can defend themselves against the criminals, who HAVE guns.

I SAY "GET SERIOUS": Trump is telling the world to use military forces to fight Islamic terrorism. What the hell does he think we've been doing for the past thousand years? I say we just need to "get serious" about HOW we fight Islamic terrorism, and USE the military EFFECTIVELY in the fight. The "rules of warfare" used for the eight years of Obama's "reign," for instance, got more of OUR people killed than the enemy. We need to make rules that allow the best use of our military and become completely ruthless in our treatment of the enemy. They are ruthless in their treatment of ALL people, INCLUDING our military, so why should we treat them with kid gloves? Just KILL them, as many as possible, as quickly as possible.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Alabama isn't buying the bulldroppings on Judge Roy Moore like many elsewhere are. Accusations without proof are not PROOF. And they're easy to make. Maybe he's guilty, maybe not. Until proof is provided, I won't buy it, either.... Liberals love to misread the Constitution. In one case, they read the constitutional prohibition on making ANY laws regarding the practice of religion or prohibiting the practice thereof as saying they should keep religion completely OUT of schools and other government installations. That's a stupid, and self-serving way to think, but that's liberals....

Friday, November 24, 2017

Liking Obama Is Stupid

I gotta tell ya, I've seen some poor presidents, in my time. And my time began under FDR, who was not a good example of a good president. He pushed socialism as hard as he could. But none have come up to the RUIN Obama almost visited upon this country. There are still people out there who LIKE Obama, and they are STUPID. They have no idea how Obama almost destroyed this country, as we knew it. He almost turned this country into another socialist/communist "showcase country." And if he had succeeded in getting his protege, Hillary Clinton, elected, I have no doubt she would have completed the job. Obama was BORN to a communist mother, brought up by communists, and mentored by communists.

ALL THE SAME THING: People like to talk about socialism, communism, Fascism, and progressivism as if they were all different things. WRONG! Except for cosmetic differences, they're all the same thing: COLLECTIVISM. They all depend on SOME of their citizens actually creating new wealth for them to steal and "redistribute" among people who did not create ANYTHING. The very MOTTO of collectivism says it all: "FROM each according to his ABILITY, and TO each according to his NEED." Making NEED a DEMAND on the EARNINGS of those who actually CREATE new wealth, for the benefit of those who, for whatever reason, do NOT.

COMPLETE IGNORANCE ABOUT GUNS: Gabby Giffords' brain must have suffered some serious damage when that killer bounced a bullet off it. Now she wants a law requiring EVERY PART that makes up a gun to have a serial number--and, of course, to go along with that, a requirement for the "authorities" to keep track of all those numbers, including changes when new parts are installed while making repairs. She obviously has NO IDEA of the bureaucratic nightmare this would create. Whole new databases would have to be created, and kept up to date, at great expense. That includes the changes when new parts are installed. She obviously is ignorant of the sheer COST of such activity.

BAD GUYS HAVE NO HONOR: The shooter in Tehama, California was a felon, and not allowed to own or use a gun. That's the law--which he ignored when he violated the "honor system" they use when people buy guns. They expect people who are buying them for nefarious purposes who already have a record to be "honest" with them, KNOWING that, to be honest, will stop them from buying the gun. As with ALL anti-gun laws, this one DEPENDS on LAWBREAKERS to obey it--which they will NOT. That's the basic flaw in ALL "gun laws."

ONE MAIN DIFFERENCE: People accusing Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct 40 YEARS AGO say there is one difference between Moore and Sen. Al Franken when it comes to the accusations of sexual misconduct against both of them; and that is that Judge Moore has not "owned up to it" and apologized. In reality, the one difference is that with Franken there is PROOF, while with Moore, there is NOT. If you're innocent, there's no need to "own up to it" OR to apologize. Accusations are NOT proof.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Stupid Hillary Clinton brags that her husband didn't Tweet about things while he was president, but what she fails to mention is that Twitter didn't exist, then, and he would have been sure to use it if it had,,,, The Dumocrats started it, but now it's "come home to roost," and even more Dumocrats and other leftists have been accused of sexual misconduct than conservatives. That's because of the very low level of "proof" required to make such accusations stick.... The sexual misconduct thing has become a "witch hunt," similar to that in Salem, where all that was required to get somebody burned at the stake was a word whispered in the right ear....

Thursday, November 23, 2017

That's Just Too Bad

Former IRS figure who was found to be stalling the applications for tax-free status of conservative organizations while "fast-tracking" those of left-leaning organizations now wants her testimony before Congress to be kept secret because "to release it would be dangerous" for her. Well, that's just too bad. she should have thought about that before she did it. I think this bimbo should be in prison, not living "the good life" on a pension from a job she screwed up royally. She has been treated way too easily for her crimes. She should be forced to wear a "red letter" that tells all who see her what she is, or just be put in prison.

NOW IT'S CONWAY'S TURN: Trump's ubiquitous "presidential counselor," Kellyanne Conway, is the next target of the Trump haters, and is now the subject of an "ethics investigation" for--guess what? Commenting on the Alabama election. They can't find anything substantial to use against her, so they bring up something inconsequential. Actually, I'm surprised it took them this long to mount a major attack on her, since she is so often a spokeswoman for the Trump administration. They've gone after every other Trump person, why should she be any different? They make things up of which to accuse them of, and twist things that aren't important into something important to throw against the wall to see if it will stick.

ASSASSINATING A 10 Y/O BOY: That's what ISIS is threatening, anyway. Just because he's the son of the President of the United States. This boy hasn't done anything TO them, but innocence has never stopped them in their murderous intentions, before. That's their "stock in trade." Killing innocent people to make a political point. We have to start getting REALLY tough with the Islamic terrorists, and Trump is just the guy to do it. I suggest making being a terrorist (not just an ISLAMIC one) a death sentence crime, and putting out the word to shoot them on sight when they're caught in the act. They deserve nothing more. Of course, the liberal fools will make us out to be the "bad guys" if we do, but who the hell cares what liberals think?

IGNORANT GUN GRABBER THINKING: I marvel at the abysmal STUPIDITY of thought that goes into a gun grabber's thinking. Piers Morgan, for instance, thinks the very idea of a church-goer actually DEFENDING himself from a mass shooter in church is absurd, and "sick." Does he go to church? If so, does he include himself in that? What if someone came into HIS church and began killing people, eventually to include him? Would he be grateful if some legally-armed soul shot the shooter before he could get to him and kill him? That's the problem with this "holier-than-thou" anti-gun fools. To them it is an "exercise in other people's actions," and they never think of how they, themselves, would approach things if THEIR lives were involved.

GUN CONTROL USELESS: In Port Lucie, FL, cops arrested a FELON in possession of many weapons. So how did he get all those guns, if, as a felon, he is not allowed to HAVE any guns? Simple: he just IGNORED the law. Cops found THREE automatic weapons, three handguns, and 4,000 rounds of ammunition in his home. One of the charges against him was THEFT of a gun. You think maybe he stole those others,too? He certainly didn't get them legally. This is a testament to the INEFFECTIVENESS of gun laws. Lawbreakers, who break laws for a living, are NOT going to obey a law that says they can't be armed.

BAD GUYS HAVE THEM: In South Carolina, they want to buy some "assault rifles" for the state patrol. Anti-gun fools (who know nothing) ask, "What do they need those for? Who are they going to assault?" That the very question displays their abysmal IGNORANCE for all to see is evident. The reason they need those guns is that the "bad guys" already HAVE "assault rifles," and they don't want to be placed in the same position as LA cops were in that recent bank robbery, where they had to go to a gun store and BORROW assault rifles so they would no longer be outgunned by the crooks. The anti-gun crowd, as usual, ignore reality in their zeal to stop as many people as they can from having and using LEGAL guns.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Stock Market's Record Gains

Jeremy Siegel, a "finance professor (they didn't say where) "predicts a 'pause" in 2018, making it sound as bad as he can. Nobody seems to credit the presidency of Donald Trump for creating an atmosphere where the stock market can surge, nor is there any notice that the stock market always goes up, no matter how bad things seem to be at any given time. The general trend is UP. Even after the thirties depression, the eighties recession (what's the difference?), the market always ends up in an UP position. People always panic and SELL when things look "iffy," which adds to the problem. Never understanding that if they just KEPT the stocks they have, their eventual position WILL improve.

THEY JUST DON'T GET IT: The medical profession journals, written by people who are supposed to be the smartest people around, are still promoting the tired, old, discredited anti-gun laws that never do ANYTHING to prevent gun crime. They're pressuring Congress to pull out all the laws that have been proven useless in the past many times, and impose them, again. The medical journals are again pushing the idea that "gun crime" is a medical or mental problem, and should be dealt with by THEM, not law enforcement. No law that has ever been made has been effective in halting gun crime, but that escapes these supposedly highly intelligent people. I just don't understand people like that.

"SECOND AMENDMENT NOT A RIGHT": Once again, anti-gun fools attempt to discredit the Second Amendment as a right. The word "right" is right in the Amendment, but they try to deny it. The words are thus: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” — US Constitution, Amendment II What part of "right" don't they understand? The anti-gun fools will try ANYTHING to accomplish their aim, which is to DISARM all the law-abiding people they can, thus making life easier for the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists who don't bother to OBEY their laws. What drives these misguided fools is beyond my comprehension.

GOING TO THE LIMIT: Gabby Giffords, the former congressperson who was famously shot in the head and survived, has become one of the most prominent anti-gun fools out there trying to disarm the whole country (and the world, if she could). She is completely CRAZY in her efforts, now wanting to BAN a lump of metal that COULD be made into a "ghost gun." That's because the fool in Tehuma County, California, who went on a killing spree SUPPOSEDLY made his guns because he couldn't buy them. She doesn't recognize that he bought them LEGALLY by the simple act of LYING on a form, telling the government that he was NOT disallowed to buy a gun.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Sarah Palin has a good reason why nobody has ever sexually harassed her, even though she is "smoking hot" and in the news a lot. It's because they know she's probably "packing" and they don't want to get shot.... President Trump really knows just how to make liberals crazy, and he did it again by naming five potential Supreme Court picks he might use when another vacancy appears.... Hillary Clinton's crimes are so widespread it will take sixteen different "investigations" to find out what she has been up to, and they may never untangle her "web of deceit" before she dies of old age--which might be sooner than you think.... Word is that Trump's tax bill will, if enacted, repeal Obama's "mandate" to buy his very expensive health "insurance." Which, if true, is the "death knell" for Obamacare, since nobody is going to buy that BS unless FORCED to do so....

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Book of Effective Gun Laws

If somebody ever thought about a book listing all the EFFECTIVE anti-gun laws, it would be easy to produce, because it would be a set of covers with no pages inside. That's because there ARE no "effective anti-gun laws." Every time some fool takes a gun (legal or illegal) and shoots a bunch of innocent people there is always a clamor to make even more anti-gun laws that do not work. Intelligent people know that if someone is contemplating committing such a heinous crime as mass murder, he will just IGNORE any law that says he can't have a gun, and go right out and do his crime.

A "COTTAGE INDUSTRY": Accusing famous people of sexual abuse has become a "cottage industry" and one of the easiest ways for people (men and women) to get a payday, because such accusations do not require any REAL proof, of anything. It all started (recently) with Roger Ailes and other Fox News personalities, whose careers were ruined by such accusations, none of which were actually proven. women (and some men) saw how easy it was to ruin a person's life and get a good payday without having to PROVE anything, so they started "coming out" in droves, with equally unproven accusations. Now they've accused a 90 some year-old member of Congress and a LIBERAL TV personality (Charlie Rose), who are old enough that it's doubtful sex is any part of their life, any more.

COME HOME TO ROOST: One of the favorite scams the left has used on conservative figures, with which to ruin reputations and shut them up is a "sexual misconduct accusation." That's because the level of proof required is so LOW that they could accuse ANYBODY of sexual misconduct, with NO PROOF, and "take him down." They started with Fox News personalities, and went on to take down a few conservative TV and even radio personalities. But the conservatives noticed this, and soon started their own accusations, uncovering a "rat's nest" of sexual perversions that WERE provable, mostly in Hollywood, but also in CONGRESS.

"BACKGROUND CHECK LOOPHOLE": Just to show how stupid anti-gun fools are, they're whining about a "background check loophole" for gun thieves. It has been shown that thieves STEAL 237,000 guns from legal gun owners every year, and those guns are not subject to a background check. So now they want to make a law to "force" those thieves to submit themselves to a background check, to comply with the law. Blaming the victim, they say that this is made worse by legal gun owners, who "fail to properly secure their weapons," making them easy to steal. They make a big thing out of that, saying gun owners being sloppy in their storage of their guns :make it harder on cops to do their jobs."

NOVEL CONCEPT: Kathy Griffith can't get a job after posing with that phony Trump "bloody head." Poor baby! she has to rely on "foreign sources" for work now. Surprise, surprise! A Hollywood player having to live with the responses to her insipid, stupid actions! Damn! Now that's a novel concept that even Colin Kaepernick didn't figure on. Poor guy! He can't beg, borrow, or STEAL a job in football after refusing to stand for the National Anthem, disrespecting our flag and our country, and pissing off every proud American. Hopefully, more "celebrities" will learn this hard lesson. That you just can't "stomp on" our most cherished things without a response.

DEMOCRATS LUMP THEM TOGETHER: They lump Judge Roy Moore together with Sen, al Franken as sexual "offenders," completely ignoring the fact that Franken's sexual actions are PROVEN, while Moore's are NOT. Like most of the myriad "accusations" that have been labelled at many men (so far, no women). The whole problem here is that the "level of proof" is so low that all it takes is somebody's UNSUPPORTED WORD that sexual misconduct occurred--and in any other case, a person's unsupported word, by itself, is NOT PROOF.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Joy Behar says, "Fox is 'sex scandal central.' " My question is this: similar systems exist at CNN and at other liberal-led networks. It follows that there MUST be similar opportunities for powerful men (or women) at those networks to sexually abuse their "lesser stars." I'm sure they're not "perfect angels," so where are the accusations from there?.... Never hurt a child; that's something Liam Deane found out after being sentenced to life in prison for killing a 2-year old girl. Another prisoner was so incensed by this that he beat Deane to death in his cell in a UK prison.... Murderer Charles Manson is reportedly just "clinging to life" in a hospital. I wonder why they even bother to try and keep him alive, or even comfortable while he dies. He should have been put to death a long time ago. Since this was written, he has finally done the right thing and died....