Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Band-Aid" Solutions

The House has passed a THREE MONTH EXTENSION on the budget to avoid doing ANYTHING long-term. When is this administration going to commit itself to a real budget? Never, I figure. They don’t want to be on record for ANY budget this big, even though THEY created it.

PICKING YOUR POCKET: “Quantitative Easing” is a fancy word meaning to “pick America’s pocket.” Printing money is the government’s way of taking money from you without having to pass a law to do it. Every dollar printed reduces the value of every dollar now in circulation, taking money right out of your pocket without your permission.

THEY’RE ALL “REVEREND”: Have you noticed that almost every black activist out there is “reverend” this or “reverend “that? Most of them are self-ordained, too. Of course, they’ll call me a racist for pointing this out. That’s part of their modus operandi (mode of operation) to stop criticism. This kind of reduces the effectiveness of the REAL “reverends” out there.

TYPICAL SHIELA JACKSON LEE: She thinks George Zimmerman broke his own nose. Probably because that’s something SHE would do to prove a point. She can’t understand it if Zimmerman was actually being beaten up by a black man that he would pull out his gun and defend himself. To someone like Lee, it’s ALWAYS the “white guy” who is at fault in ANY situation like that. And they call US racists!

BLAME THE PRESS: Because mostly they ARE to blame. But it seems like the only time they get criticized is when they try to “hold the feet (of a Democrat) to the fire.” Florida Democrat Rep. Corinne Brown brought up an extraneous case when asked about the Trayvon Martin case and couldn’t remember the name of the victim. Then she criticized the newsperson when she was “called on it.” So I guess their “modus operandi” is still “kill the messenger” when she's “caught out.”

AFTER THE FACT: Forcing insurance companies to insure people for “previously existing” things is STUPID. It’s like insuring your car against theft AFTER it has been stolen. That’s STUPID. But them, we expect such stupidity from people like Obama and his henchmen.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Killing the Goose

Liberals are attacking the very people who CREATE all the jobs and are working hard to take as many people off the list of people who pay taxes as they can. Both actions destroy opportunities to increase tax revenue. They’re “killing the goose who lays the golden eggs.” Of course, you’ll never convince them of that. They’re too stupid.

THEY JUST DON’T KNOW: Sean Hannity asked the former rock drummer who wrote a song about how the corporation were killing us WHAT they were doing to kill us. He couldn’t come up with an answer except he FELT they were killing us. He couldn’t say HOW. That’s so typical of liberals. They don’t know what they want except it translates into a “free ride.”

TOM HANKS MAKES LYING MOVIE: Tom has joined the group who tell whoppers in an effort to brainwash to populace. Like his lie that GM “repaid” the money Obama gave them. They have NOT. There are many other lies in his recent “documentary” propaganda film. We don’t need a “censorship committee” with people like Hanks willing to lie for Obama.

OBAMA’S FOOLS: I have to laugh every time I see a car carrying an Obama sticker; especially ones with “Obama ‘08” stickers. If I had made such a big mistake as to have voted for Obama in ’08, I CERTAINLY wouldn’t be proclaiming my stupidity this long after. Especially not with all the things Obama has done to prove it for me.

OBAMA EXPLOITS DEATH: His re-election committee is now SELLING “Elect Obama” HOODIES, taking advantage of Trayvon Martin’s death. How tasteless is this? This is the kind of thing you can expect of the likes of Obama.

OBAMA RECITES ISLAMIC CALL TO PRAYER: In perfect Arabic! I think it’s instructive that he can do that. Can you? I can’t. What’s more, I don’t ever plan on learning how. I’m not a Muslim and I never will be. So why SHOULD I? Which brings up the question, “Why would OBAMA learn it in perfect Arabic?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obama Still Thinks He'll Win

Either Obama is STUPID and still thinks he will be re-elected in November in spite of spending more than ALL former presidents combined; more money than there IS, printing money by the TRILLIONS and putting three generations in overwhelming debt even before they’re born or he is just “whistling past the graveyard” and presenting a “stiff upper lip” to his people. I think it’s the latter rather than the former.

HE MUST BE GUILTY: He’s white, the kid is black. The judges (That bunch of liberals ready to judge ANY white guy who kills a black man guilty) has made his/her decision: George Zimmerman shot a black kid to death. Therefore, he’s guilty of murder. Was he defending himself? One witness says yes; the other says he doesn’t know. But the “race-baiters” say no. That's their default position. Never mind all the evidence is not in, they decided. Zimmerman’s life (as he knew it) is over. The New Black Panthers have put out a 10,000 “hit” on him (now a MILLION dollars) and he will no doubt have to live in hiding for the rest of his life, guilty or innocent.

AM I A RACIST? The same people who have judged George Zimmerman guilty of murder in the shooting death of Travon Martin will “judge” me a racist for the above remarks; if not because I disagree with them, because I use the true term, “black” instead of the “politically correct” made-up twisted term, “African American” they have dictated I use. Sorry, PC Police, I don’t follow political correctness. I decide what words I use. I don’t allow others to dictate them.

WHAT PART DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND? I can’t afford health care insurance, or even that crap they CALL “supplemental insurance” to pay “part of” what Medicare doesn’t pay. Making a LAW that says I MUST buy it or pay a fine (which I ALSO can’t afford) doesn’t change that. What part of that do you not understand, Barack? The problem with politicians, particularly Democrats (liberals) is they think they can do ANYTHING by just making a law.

ATTACKING YOUR HELPER: Liberals constantly attack bug corporations without ever asking how they got to BE big. They did it by offering a product or service lots of people were willing to pay for. Without them, we would not survive. What part of that don’t they understand?

OBAMA SAYS IT’D TAKE YEARS: He says drilling won’t solve our oil problem. It’d take years to see any benefit. If we’d have drilled years ago, we’d be seeing that benefit now. Is he stupid, or what? Oh; I forgot. That’s already decided. It’s not “what.”

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DNC Chair Qualifications

Apparently the qualifications to become Democrat Party Chair are simple: being able to lie skillfully and with aplomb; and the ability to have complete confidence when all is lost. Terry McCauliffe, just before the Democrats lost BIG, said, “Democrats are in better shape than ever before.” Maybe that’s why he is the FORMER Democrat chair. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the current chair, lies with aplomb and will lie with a straight face when she KNOWS the proof of her lie is in your hand.

HOW TO BALANCE THE BUDGET: Politicians on both sides of the aisle worry a lot about how to balance the budget, but nobody seems able to come up with the answer; which just proves the INCOMPETENCE of all known politicians in office today. The answer is simple: stop giving away money. Stop spending more money than you take in. It’s as simple as that. And if a simple guy like me can figure that out, a politician who is COMPETENT should be able to, as well. But none can do it, so let’s get rid of them and try to come up with some who ARE competent.

FOX ALERT: I like Fox. It is the only cable news source I know that tells both sides and does not lie to me. That’s why liberals hate Fox. They can’t stand the TRUTH being told when they only benefit by telling lies. But one thing I don’t like about Fox is their tendency to make everything into an “alert.” John Karr picking his nose is NOT reason for a “Fox alert.” Neither is news about Denver signing Peyton Manning.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BRONCOS: There are many important things going on in the world, but all Denver is talking about today is Peyton Manning coming to Denver and what they’re going to do with Tim Tebow. It’s a major case of misplaced priorities. We ought to be worrying more about our incompetent president spending more money than there IS, then proposing to spend even more, while making hollow sounds about “balancing the budget.” He thinks he will be re-elected and “have five more years” to solve problems of his own making.

OBAMA LIES (AS USUAL): Remember when Obama told the nation that the Republicans “would not budge” on raising the debt limit? He was LYING through his teeth. Republicans decided to give him everything he wanted just this once to see what he’d do. He couldn’t have that because then he could no longer blame them for everything. So predictably, he LIED. But did the liberal media cover it? Not on your life!

WORLD DOUBLE STANDARD: Afghans gripe about one lone (possibly unbalanced) American killing some Afghan “civilians,” but say NOTHING about many Afghans (Taliban) killing MANY Americans. Yes, one American who had endured FOUR times in war zones, lost it. But those Taliban members aren’t “losing it,” they’re doing what they’re TOLD to do by Muslim “holy men.” And we react as if the Taliban hasn’t killed a lot of innocent people, but we have. What a LOAD that is!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not Enough Pipeline

Obama says “We don’t have enough pipeline to transport the oil we’re producing.” Nor do we have enough refineries to refine it. And whose fault is THAT? Politicians, that’s who. We haven’t built a new refinery in more than 30 years because of onerous government red tape. So whose fault is it? Not ours. We WANT to find and refine more oil. Obama does not.

“AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT”: People are “paying attention to politics” who never did before. Obama has “awakened a sleeping giant” and that giant will sweep him out of office and back to Chicago as a private citizen in November. I’m only sorry we have to pay his retirement for the rest of his life while he does nothing. I’m only thankful he will not be ABLE to do anything.

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ LIES AGAIN: But that’s not news. She lies to someone every day. She doesn’t know HOW to tell the truth. She will lie to you when you’re holding the proof of her lie in your hand and DEFY you to call her on it. Now she’s lying about having comparing the voter ID law to Jim Crow laws, though she knows we have her on tape SAYING it.

ONLY MAD ABOUT GAS PRICES BECAUSE WE’RE TOLD TO BE: What stupid things liberals say. Do they think we’re not intelligent enough to know to be mad when our gas prices rise to astronomical levels? That we need to be TOLD to be mad? What insignificant FOOLS these people are. They only say things like this to absolve themselves of responsibility for things for which they are clearly responsible.

ONLY BECAUSE OF IRAN: Obama says we’re only worried about high gas prices because we’re worried about what Iran does; thus placing the blame for his high oil and gas prices directly on the shoulders of Iran. Again, he’s spuriously blaming someone else for his own failures. But that’s Obama. We expect it of him.

THE TRUTH IS NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH: Rush Limbaugh said “The truth may not be powerful enough to stop Obama and his fools” (paraphrased). I sincerely hope he’s wrong. But he is “officially” right almost 100% of the time. But it does seem as if he’s right. We tell the truth about Obama and his scams every day, but we’re ignored and he goes right on with them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oprah should Do It the Obama Way

Instead, she cancelled shows that got no ratings, fired people she didn’t need any more, and did everything she could do otherwise to reduce costs. That’s how the real world works, even if liberals like Obama deny it. We need to find out of our presidential candidates live in the real world or not before we nominate them, and CERTAINLY before we elect them.

THE “BUFFET TAX”: Warren Buffet says we ought to lay a 35% tax on all people making over $250,000 a year income. If we did, that’d be enough money to run this government for . . .er, uh . . . maybe a week. And he knows he will never pay it because he MAKES little or no income. Everything he makes is “capital gains.” Who does he think he’s fooling?

HE CLAIMS LOYALTY TO ISLAM: The guy who KILLED several children and a Rabbi at a school in France claims loyalty to Islam and screamed “Allah Akbar” or words to that effect as he murdered those children. But I’ll bet Obama and his fools will NOT call this shooting an “Islamic terrorist action.” For some reason this fool we elected president will not admit there IS an “Islamic terrorism problem.”

2% OF OIL RESERVES, USE 20%: Obama says we have “only” 2% of the world’s known oil reserves, but use 20%. But that’s very misleading and a lie. He’s talking only about that already DISCOVERED and is being tapped. It doesn’t include that still underground—that we KNOW is there, more than there is in Saudi Arabia and all other Middle East countries. Oil we could get if Obama’s government would just LET us.

PROSELYTIZING GETS YOU DEAD: In Yemen, they KILLED an English teacher because they say he was proselytizing. Whether he was or not is up for discussion (if you’re not a Muslim). But even if it is found to be a lie, he’s still dead. And THIS is the “religion of peace?” Where they are so afraid of people leaving Islam for another religion that they KILL anybody who tries to get them to do so. To me this isn’t a “religion of peace.”

BUSH WAS “CONSIDERING” SOLYNDRA: But he did not approve it. Obama is now saying Solyndra was a “bi-partisan” thing because Bush was “considering” it. But the key fact is that Bush didn’t give them $527 BILLION dollars. Obama did. No GOP House Members voted for it, and only three liberal Republican Senators did. That doesn’t make it a “bi-partisan” effort to any intelligent person.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cigarette Tax Revenue Down

And they’re surprised and disturbed. What the hell did they expect? They’ve devoted a lot of resources to “bad-mouthing” smoking and they’re SURPRISED to see cigarette tax revenue go down? That amply shows the incompetence of those in charge. What do they THINK will happen when you spend millions of dollars to stop people from smoking? The wimps will stop first. Others who can see what happens today coming and want nothing to do with it as I did 25 years ago when I quit smoking. But the number of smokers ARE going to go down, and along with it cigarette tax revenue. Those who couldn’t see that don’t deserve to be in charge.

FLUKE A PLANT: Sandra Fluke is a Democrat plant, sent to “testify” before Congress to support their ignorant plans. Truth is, contraceptives are easy to obtain and cheap to buy. Nobody wants to stop them from getting them. That's a Democrat imaginary "problem." Nobody has a right for them to be bought FOR them. It’s sublime stupidity to expect it. Now she’s showing her further stupidity by saying Charlie sheen should be president. What unmitigated stupidity abounds in this country and it is PROMOTED by Democrats.

SANDRA FLUKE A FREE CONTRACEPTIVE ACTIVIST: She’s not just an “average co-ed.” She’s been advocating for free contraceptives and abortion for a long time. That Democrats tried to pass her off as “just an average student” shows again their insipid stupidity and their low opinion of Americans.

LIBERALS BLAME RUSH: They blame him for the demise of the Chevy Volt. Never mind that the Volt has never been much of a seller. Who would want to put $100,000 in a car that needs eight hours recharging after buy 40 miles driving? Only rich liberals, of which there apparently not enough of them who are stupid enough to buy it. Rush has spoken the truth about it, so he’s the easiest target to blame for THEIR stupidity.

WHY GO TO A CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY? Sandra Fluke knew when she enrolled at a Catholic University that they did not pay for contraception for their employees OR students, since it is against one of their BASIC beliefs. Why then, did she even GO there? The answer is simple. She wanted to make trouble and now she has. If I were that college, I’d throw her out, forthwith.

NOT A SLUT, A PARASITE: Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute, which is wrong. She’s a PARASITE. She wants the same thing OWS (Occupy Wall Street) wants: a “free ride.” First it’s contraceptives, then it’s food, then it’s everything. Which is socialism.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Calm Tension in Afghanistan?

They give many complicated answers, but the simple one is to shut the liberals up, as well as the Islamic terrorists. Both groups use ANY problem (no matter who is at fault) as an excuse for us to “get out of Afghanistan.” We have largely defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan but after we pull out, they will claim VICTORY as they did when Russia similarly pulled out after giving up on finding the “roach-like” Taliban who “killed and ran,” blending in with the populace, accusing the Russians (like they do us) for “killing innocent civilians” when those “civilians were actually combatants who were killed in battle.

IRAQ TERRORIST VIOLENCE INCREASES: As I predicted when Obama finally succeeded in having our troops “cut and run” from Iraq, terrorist violence has increased there, and will continue to increase because the Iraqi “authorities” have no idea how to successfully combat it. In just the last several days explosions set off by the terrorists have killed many people, and it will happen again and again now that we’re gone.

RIPPING RYAN’S BUDGET: The Obama administration has lost no time in RIPPING Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. The administration that hasn’t posted their own budget in THREE YEARS doesn’t like the second budget proposal put forth by a man who has worked diligently at it for a long time. They don’t have one of their own, but they don’t like ANYTHING he comes up with.

OBAMA LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH: Republicans got tired of being blamed for all the bad things Obama has subjected us to and gave him what he wanted (just to call his bluff) in the debates leading up to the raising of the debt limit. Since he’s running on the “no action Congress” myth, Obama couldn’t have that. So he rejected their offer and told the country that they “wouldn’t budge” and gave him nothing. That’s an out-and-out LIE and provable. But he brazenly told it.

LIKE THE ANIMALS IN THE FOREST: Feed them and they become dependent upon you, so there are signs all over the place telling you not to feed the animals. People are the same way. If you feed them they’re soon dependent upon you and will FIGHT you if you later stop feeding them. This is evident in France, where they found they could no longer pay for their largesse and cut back, leading to riots in the streets.

NO LONGER JUST A FREE LUNCH: Schools today not only provide a free lunch to their students, now it’s a free BREAKFAST and in some places, a bag full of food to take home with them. This is without regard to the ability of their parents to feed them.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"We Don't Have A Plan But We Don't Like Yours"

That’s what Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geitner (well-known tax cheat) told Congress. He ADMITTED that the Obama administration has NOTHING in the way of a solution for our budget problems, But they don’t like that provided by the GOP. It’s an AMAZING admission, but nobody but Limbaugh and others who “pay attention” have anything to say about it.

MAHER A “CASUALTY OF LIMBAUGH”? Wolf Blitzed, uh, Blitzer says Bill Maher will soon be a “casualty” of Rush Limbaugh. I disagree. Bill Maher will be a victim of his own big mouth. Like most liberals, he lets his “alligator mouth overload his hummimgbird ass.” Even his liberal bosses may have gotten enough of his bullsh-t.

THAT “MYTHICAL” WAR ON WOMEN: Liberals talk a lot about the Republican “war on women” that doesn’t exist. The only war on women out there was STARTED by the Democrats so they could fool people into thinking it is a “Republican war.” And most Americans who do not pay attention to anything but the headlines will buy it.

POLL RESULTS FRIGHTEN WHITE HOUSE: Obama’s approval rating has sunk to 41% And that scares the hell out of the White House. So now they’ve sent out a begging letter based on that low number. And Democrats dumb enough to still support Obama will “pony up.”

OBAMA THE JOKER: It amazes me how much Obama resembles the Joker from Batman whenever he smiles, showing all this teeth. I can just see him gloating (with his buddies) over the scams he has used to swindle Americans out of TRILLIONS of dollars in just three years.

ONE PROBLEM: Charles Barkley criticized another sportscaster, saying he always “blames Obama” for everything. There’s only one problem with that: Obama IS responsible for just about every problem we have right now, and I can PROVE it. So I, along with that other sportscaster, will continue to tell the truth about Obama, even if Barkley doesn’t like it. He can go pee up a rope.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

He Has No Rights

A Montana prison inmate is suing over their “English only” policy for letter-writing. It’s a phony suit. It is his responsibility to learn, and USE the language of the country in which he lives. It’s NOT our responsibility to have translators on staff to read his scribblings. This person is in PRISON, having committed a crime. He is not in a position to make demands. He claims it violates his First amendment Rights. It does NOT. He can say whatever he wants, any time he wants. He must just do it in English when he writes letters. If he doesn’t speak it, it is his responsibility to LEARN it. Not ours to accommodate him.

OBAMA IS THE RACIST: He calls everybody who disagrees with him in any way a racist. But at the same time, he makes policies giving black people (sorry PC police, I don’t do “political correctness”) benefits he’s not willing to give white people. He said his election would “end racism forever.” It didn’t. He, himself has made it worse.

THE ASIAN “PROBLEM”: Did you know that many colleges require Asians to score 140 points on the SATs than whites, 270 higher than Hispanics, and 450 points higher than blacks? (Sorry, PC Police. I choose my own words, thank you.) Apparently, Dr. King’s “color blind” society is getting farther and farther away all the time. (Thanks to Mallard Fillmore)

WE’RE RIGHT, YOU’RE WRONG! SHUT UP! That’s the general opinion on the left. Which is why I’m not a bit surprised to hear that “Hanoi Jane) Fonda wants Rush taken OFF the air by the FCC. No trial or conviction for anything. He’s guilty of “offending” Jane. That’s enough for her.

SHOVE IT, MR. PRINCIPAL: In Massachusetts, a school humiliated a 12-year-old girl and DEMANDED the password to her Facebook account. Her parents are now suing that school, and they are going to win. Some employers are likewise demanding passwords from their employees and others are going to court to force revelation. If a judge told me I had to give up my password, my reply would be simple: “With all due respect, your honor, shove it! And you know where.”

“INNOCENT LIFE?” Obama says the “civilians” killed in that supposed “unwarranted shooting” by one soldier in Afghanistan were “innocent.” But he doesn’t know they were. Even CHILDREN and women are combatants in this no-war war. You can’t tell the difference between “civilians” and combatants when the combatants wear no uniforms and look just LIKE “civilians,” In this case, if this is ever properly investigated without bias, I think it will be found that this soldier was defending himself against a Taliban attack.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Talking Without Facts

People (even on Fox) are talking about that soldier who SUPPOSEDLY went out and killed a bunch of “innocent” civilians in Afghanistan as if there’s NO doubt he is guilty of murder. But so far, NO information except that from “eye witnesses” who may themselves be Taliban. No forensics, no real investigation, nothing. If he is convicted it will be WITHOUT adequate evidence of the kind we demand in OUR courts. I’d bet they would find bullets in the BACK of some of those children were fired from Taliban guns.

OBAMA’S “PUFF PIECE” FILM: “It costs in excess of $20,000 a minute to explain just how good President Obama is, reports Jason Howerton. Records filed by Obama for America with the Federal Election Commission indicate that the president’s re-election campaign shelled out at least $345,353 to commission ‘The Road We’ve Traveled’ a 17-minute campaign documentary by Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim, set for release Thursday. The price comes out to more than $20,300 per minute." Obama paid for it out of that million or more dollars he’s suckered out of his “supporters” for his re-election committee. No doubt it will be shown EVERYWHERE, including on the Internet. (DC Caller)

TALIBAN QUITS “TALKS”: Surprise, surprise! They SAY it’s because of that SUPPOSED “unwarranted” killing of 16 Afghan “civilians” by an allegedly “deranged” soldier. But I know it’s all part of their effort to stall for time to get ready for yet more killing of other Afghan civilians and Americans.

NOTHING ABOUT FT. HOOD SHOOTING: The administration calls the “indiscriminate shooting” of 16 Afghan “civilians” in terms of “execution’ of the shooter as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they won’t even call the shooting at Ft. Hood, where the shooter shouted “Allahu Akbar” before shooting, who carried a card saying, “soldier of Allah” and dressed in Muslim garb, an Islamic terrorist shooting. They have officially labeled it “workplace violence.” What stupidity!

“NO SILVER BULLET”: Obama says, “There is no ‘silver bullet’ to lead to lower gas prices,” but there IS. It is for him to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let oil drillers do their thing. OPEC would INSTANTLY lower oil prices, which would instantly lower gasoline prices. What is there about that he doesn’t understand?

LEFT “FEEDS” ON IGNORANCE: The only reason ewe have such as Obama as president is the IGNORANCE of many Americans because they PROUDLY “don’t pay attention to politics.” Therefore, they’re IGNORANT of what’s going on and they vote, anyway.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Holder Should Be Fired

Not asked to resign. He should be FIRED and denied that lucrative retirement plan the congress settled upon all government employees (including themselves). For the SECOND time in recent memory he claimed IGNORANCE of what’s going on in the law enforcement community. He knew NOT of the “problem” of the NYPD “investigating” Muslims. This man is the BOSS of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. He should know EVERYTHING that is going on in law enforcement that will affect Americans. If he DOESN’T, he is INCOMPETENT and should be REMOVED. Violently if necessary.

“INVESTIGATING” MUSLIMS: Then there is the “controversy” over the NYPD having the TEMERITY to “investigate” Muslims when Muslim extremists are wantonly KILLING Americans and others all over the world, INCLUDING America, sending “deep cover agents” into our country to “eyeball” the possibilities for attacks and even doing the attacks themselves if they can. The idea of QUIETLY investigating Muslims is LOGICAL and COMMON SENSE since the extremists want to KILL us for believing differently than they do. Did we “investigate” Germans and Japanese during WWII? Damn straight we did, and it was NOT a local police agency that did the investigating.

“WEANING AMERICA” OFF FOSSIL FUELS: Obama has said he wants to “wean the American people off fossil fuels onto renewable fuels.” WHAT “renewable fuels?” There aren’t any that are viable so, like his promise to “bankrupt the coal industry,” this is a STUPID thing to say. “Wean us” to WHAT? Who does he think he is that he has the right to “wean us” off of ANYTHING? What an egotistical FOOL this guy is!

BUT HOW MANY JOBS WERE LOST? They’re making a big thing about 227,000 “new jobs,” but say NOTHING about the number of jobs that were LOST during the same time period. This is typical Obama technique: tell you what sounds good, while ignoring figures that mitigate the good ones. The fact remains that millions of people can’t find jobs, and many have given up and are thus not counted as part of the work force, making for better unemployment figures.

“AN AWAY GAME”: That’s what Mitt Romney calls his campaigning in Alabama, A “southern state.” This shows how he looks at people in Alabama. Like another politician once said he thought he should have to get a PASSPORT to visit a state in “the hinterlands.” This is how most “elites” look at “the people,” which is a code meaning “our subjects.” Romney is part of the “elite ruling class” in America. The GOP figures it’s “his turn” to get the nomination.

A GOOD REASON NOT TO RE-ELECT OBAMA: His 2012 motto is, “It could be worse.” To which author (and great Tweeter) Janie Johnson added, “Re-elect us and we’ll prove it.” Thanks, Jamie. I get a lot of good info from your Tweets. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Printing Money Is Theft

Every dollar the government prints without something valuable behind it is like reaching into your wallet and slipping out some money. Every dollar they print erodes the value of the dollars in your pocket—or in your bank. It’s like an u-legislated tax on TOP of all the other taxes on your money. You can’t print your way out of our economic problems. This is FACT; unlike Obama’s stupid statement that “we can’t drill our way to oil independence.” We can, in time; if Obama would just get out of our way.

“DRILLING OUR WAY TO OIL INDEPENDENCE”: Obama says we can’t “drill our way to oil independence.” That’s a LIE. It’ll take us a little longer than it would if Obama and other politicians hadn’t been standing in the way of oil drilling anywhere the United States runs things for many years. If they just GET OUT OF OUR WAY now, we CAN. Just starting to drill will frighten OPEC and other oil schemers enough they will bring down prices, NOW.

DEMOCRATS AFRAID OF SARAH: Democrats and Republicans alike are desperate to discredit Sarah Palin. Democrats are running a new attack ad about Sarah Palin and funding the making of a movie that also portrays her in a bad way. Why? She’s not running for anything, is she? No; but they’re deathly afraid she will, and they KNOW she can (and will) “upset their applecart” if she does. They want to “forestall” that. Republicans too, for the same reason.

CRYING “RACISM” AGAIN: Clever editing of remarks by Sarah Palin seem to make her sound racist in the most recent “attack ad” against her published by the Democrats. They’re so afraid she will get the nomination by acclimation at the convention they want to discredit her if they can. But, as with the “kid who cried wolf,” nobody’s buying the “racism” crap any more. So it ain’t agonna work.”

“LIP SERVICE”: Obama gives “lip service” to standing with Israel, but his every policy toward them shows the LIE he’s telling when he does. What does he have AGAINST Israel? The only thing I can think of is his bias TOWARD Islam, and they have an unmitigated HATRED toward Israel. I don’t know if Obama IS Muslim, but he has shown by his actions that he is CERTAINLY a Muslim sympathizer.

DEMONSTRATING STUPIDITY: Actress Julienne Moore says she “will be voting for Obama again,” amply showing her ignorance. As an adult, she should be aware of all the things Obama has done to destroy this economy and move us toward socialism while spending more money than there IS. If she isn’t, she’s not just ignorant, she’s STUPID. As will the whole lot of voters who still vote for Obama with all he’s done. Maybe she WANTS socialism, I don’t know.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do This NOW!

That’s the key word you should always look for when Obama wants to “stampede you” into helping him make a stupid law that’s going to be bad for you. He doesn’t ever want you to think about it, especially when thinking about it will cause you to realize he’s lying.

4 MILLION NEW JOBS: That’s what Obama claims, and he’s LYING, as usual. The ACTUAL number for unemployment right now is 9% (or higher), no matter how much Obama’s “massaged numbers” tell you it is approaching 8% (or less). Damn, this president really thinks we’re STUPID. And if we believe him and re-elect him, he will be right.

“PREDATORY LOANS”: Who gains from “predatory loans?” That’s what Obama and his crowd call it when lenders FOLLOW THE LAW and lend money without regard to the applicant’s ability to pay it back. Who gains from this transaction when that applicant gets foreclosed? Not the applicant, surely; and certainly not the lender. They lose money when they have to foreclose a loan. Only the government gains when they can blame that foreclosure on the “other party” to gain votes and Obama and his crowd use this scam continuously.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH WAL-MART? Everywhere Wal-Mart tries to open a new store, they meet unreasoning opposition. They bring hundreds of well-paying jobs to that community while the owners of the “mom and pop stores” can go to work for Wal-Mart and make a LOT more money than they ever did in their own business. They’re trying valiantly to improve this economy, but always meet opposition. Why is that? There is always a representative of the “anti-Wal-Mart” crowd close by, ready to pump up opposition.

WE’RE DOING IT TO OURSELVES: People constantly whine and moan about manufacturers “outsourcing” the manufacture of their products where they can get them made a LOT cheaper than they can anywhere in the United States. But they fail to realize why they do that. It’s a “which came first, the chicken or the egg” question. Americans demand high wages, backed by their unions, Therefore, it costs more than those manufacturers can afford to pay to do it hers because those same people won’t pay the price required by those high labor costs.

DAMAGING THEIR CREDIBILITY? Some members of “The Five” on Fox are worried that finding that Sharon Fluke is NOT an “innocent schoolgirl” as she claimed, but was a “plant” by the Democrats to help their efforts to divert our attention from the real issues, like the economy. that she is using a former Obama chief of staff to set up TV appearances for her. Truth is, there is no danger. The Democrats HAVE no credibility, so how can she “damage it?”

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Preventing Demonstrations

There’s a new law passed by the House and only has yet to be voted on by the Democrat-controlled Senate that gives the Secret Service the power to BAN a demonstration anywhere they “deem” such a demonstration to be “off limits.” What do you want to bet they will use that to stop some Tea Party events, but will do NOTHING about a OWS demonstration? Of course we know the OWS demonstrations are designed to take attention away from the Tea Party and are “directed” by the White House.

Link“FACT”: This word is used to precede just about everything Obama says, and you can depend on the “fact” that what he is about to say is going to be a LIE. Of course, everything he says is a lie, isn’t it? So do we need this “tell?” Obama, like his predecessor Bill Clinton and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better.

WHO CARES WHO ENDORSES THEM? I don’t make my political decisions based on who “endorses” whom. I don’t care if Palin endorses Newt. I do my own research and vote for the one I think can do the job. Someone else’s opinion means NOTHING to me. One thing about me is I make ALL my own decisions. I don’t allow others to do it for me, and this will continue to the end of my life.

“A MOSQUE IN EVERY STATE”: How obvious is Obama’s pandering to the Islamic terrorists? Yes; there may BE a “Mosque in every state” in America. So what? Is there a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue in every state run by Islamics? Not a chance; to even TRY and get a Muslim to embrace another religion will get you in jail at the least, and DEAD at the worst. There has never BEEN a more “anti-OTHER religion” outfit than the Islamic “religion.”

HOW TO LOWER GAS PRICES: Get OUT OF THE WAY and stop BLOCKING every effort to find oil wherever the United States runs things. Let the free market work and quit claiming that “capitalism doesn’t work” while doing everything possible to STOP it from working, Obama.

THERE IS NO PENALTY FOR VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION: Why? There should be a law to PUNISH any politician who makes a bona-fide effort to violate the Constitution and the court system should have the power to enforce it (now) using proper legal action. That should range from removal from office to imprisonment. Then there would not be so many bills and regulations put forward to do so.

Friday, March 9, 2012

In The Hospital

Been there since last Tuesday. The “official diagnosis” was, “idiopathic abdominal discomfort,” which translated means, “He had a stomach ache but we can’t figure out why but we’ll give it an official-sounding name.” It went away on its own after they subjected me to every painful and intrusive test known to man, and a few that haven’t even been invented yet. So I’m okay. The liberals can’t claim I’m out of business as they’re trying to do with Rush.

WHITE GUYS FOR ROMNEY? Obama has started a “Blacks (African Americans, whatever THAT means) for Obama” organization to help him corral the black vote. Isn’t that racist? They’d be the first to say it was if anybody had the temerity to start a “White guys for Romney” group. What’s the difference? THEY”RE black, so they can get away with that kind of crap.

ASKING US TO PAY FOR HER CONDOMS? That’s not what they’re doing, at all. They’re TELLING us we have to pay for Sandra Fluke’s condoms. Frankly, if she can’t keep her legs together a little more often, I think she should pay for her own CONDOMS. I have to pay for mine, as does ANY responsible adult, providing I have any use for them, that is.

WHAT KIND OF FOOL IS THIS? I just got a Tweet from a liberal fool pretending to be a conservative who just couldn’t resist saying, “I’ve dropped better turds than Breitbart Was.” What kind of FOOL says things like this? Needless to say I won’t be following him much longer, if I am, at all. Nor allowing him to follow me.

NO CRITICISM: Liberals are criticizing us for keeping a close eye on Muslims, but there should be NO criticism. All Muslims are not terrorists, but so far, almost ALL terrorists have been Muslims. Therefore, it’s only logical to keep an eye on ALL Muslims to see if they do something to show that they are among the extreme Muslims who want to kill ANYBODY who doesn’t believe exactly the same way they do. It’s only common sense. But then, liberals are not known for having common sense.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS ARE LYING: The number of polar bears in the “cold country” is not dangerously low: their numbers are SKYROCKETING. Further, the ice is NOT melting and taking away their places to rest. They take closely focused photos to support their lies. A polar bear can swim for hundreds of miles and even SLEEP in the water. They are ADAPTED to conditions where they live.

OBAMA INVESTING IN $50 LIGHT BULB: They think the free market doesn’t have the INCENTIVE to come up with a viable “green” light bulb so they’re going to do it themselves. They’re offering “private companies” (?) TEN MILLION DOLLARS to come up with such a bulb. Such a bulb is already in the market and it costs $50.00! And once such a viable bulb is found, they’ll subsidize those who buy them to make it more “economically viable.” What a bunch or FOOLS we’ve got running things in Washington!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Illegal President

Obama ADMITS he is NOT an American citizen and reveals his citizenship to be Kenyan. He did this even BEFORE he was elected president. Are our “officials” totally STUPID? Why was he not forced to prove his citizenship before even being allowed to run? And why is he allowed to continue PRETENDING to be president now, when it had become painfully obvious he is NOT an American citizen? Watch this video before Obama has it taken down. (YouTube)

SURPRISE, SURPRISE! A new Harris Interactive (Democrat) Poll ranks Rush Limbaugh as the worst news personality in American with Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and CNN’s Nancy Grace hot on his heels. Is anybody surprised that the liberal media has decided Rush is the WORST? What a bunch of fools! (World NetDaily)

WHAT IS WITH THESE FOOLS? They whine and cry about us watching Muslims closely while Muslims all over the world kill innocent people for not believing the right way. Islam is NOT a religion; it’s a political system MASQUERADING as a religion for political purposes. Those “peaceful people” who believe in it are simply misguided. While thugs use it as a cover for wanton killing.

BURNING “DEFILED” KORANS: Terrorists in prison at GITMO themselves “defiled” the Korans that ultimately were disposed of by burning and Muslim “authorities” are now DEMANDING the American soldiers who disposed of these Korans be punished. Nothing seems to be done about those who KILLED Americans in retaliation, but they want US to punish people for “defiling” Korans that were already “defiled” by Muslims themselves. Frankly, I think it’s a “non-issue,” while the killing of Americans in retaliation is a REAL issue.

NO APOLOGY NECESSARY: We need not apologize for burning already defiled (by Muslims themselves) Korans. Afghanistan needs to apologize for, and punish those responsible for, killing Americans in retaliation, at least one of which happened right in a government building. Do they not appreciate, in any way, what we have done for them? If so, we need to pull out and leave them to their fate at the hands of the Taliban.

MAKING IT WORSE: The Post Office is in big trouble. They’re in danger of going out of business, So what does Obama’s government do to help them? Nothing. Not only that, they do things to make it worse. They are soon to stop using the mails to send out government checks. They are forcing the recipients to either give them bank information so they can use direct deposit, or accept a debit card they can use to deposit their money every month without having to pay postage. How does this help the Post office? Not at all.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Double Standard At the Airport

They accused a well-known cartoonist of being a racist, as if there were a law against being a racist. All he did was comment on the DOUBLE STANDARD of allowing a Muslim woman through with her entire face covered and what would happen to him if he tried it. That’s not racism, it’s COMMON SENSE and LOGIC. And it is his RIGHT to make such a comment. Get used to it!

WHAT HE HAS DONE: Romney is accusing Santorum of doing things HE has done in the past, such as sending out last minute “robocalls” hoping to hurt him. I hate it that I might even be “required” to vote for one of these fools to avoid another term with Obama at the help, which would be a disaster.

A “ZIONIST PLOT”: That’s what Islamic terrorists talk about all the time, as if there were no reason for the Israelis to be watching them carefully. They’re doing the same thing in this country. They make their nefarious plots and “cry wolf” when they get caught. We catch them with all kinds of bomb-making gear and written plans for terrorist acts and they cry “anti-Islam.” What FOOLS they are!

“PISS ON THE COPS!” In Denver, Colorado, OWS demonstrators are now throwing urine on the cops. If I were one of those cops, the demonstrator who threw some urine at me would go straight to the hospital. I would find him/her and make sure of it. They don’t want to make a point, they just want to make trouble.

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE: It’s NOT in the Constitution. Politicians ASSUME it is because the Founders saw fit to make sure the government could not have a “state-sponsored religion.” But that doesn’t mean there cannot be a religious-themed exhibit ANYWHERE on government property. I’m not overly religious, but I’m getting tired of anti-religionists trying to take away the right to ANY religion and the practice thereof.

BILL MAHER IS A FOOL! He says Jesus was “a Palestinian who did magic tricks.” How does he know? Was he there? I have my own questions about Jesus, but not as stupid as Maher spouts. I can’t believe this fool still has a job! That only proves his bosses are as STUPID as he is.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Planet is Obama Living On?

Obama says his apology for the Koran burning in Afghanistan “smoothed things over.” Really? Maybe he should ask the Americans Afghans have murdered in retaliation. Oh; I forgot. We can’t; they’re DEAD! When is this bozo who keeps his blinders firmly in place going to learn to keep his mouth shut about things about which he knows nothing? Which is a long list.

SANDRA FLUKE IS WRONG: She thinks the government should pay for contraceptives for all women. I think they should pay for them themselves. Or her partner should. It’s not the government’s business to pay for people’s rubbers or other means of protected sex. If she screws enough to have to buy that many (40% or her income) condoms, maybe she should consider crossing her legs once in a while. Of course, liberals will call me names for saying this, but I don’t give a damn.

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: Is that news? No, but I want to alert you to one of the latest instances (I couldn’t catch them all; there are too many). He’s out PLEDGING to do everything he can to lower gasoline prices. Then he immediately goes out and tells Congress to raise gasoline taxes. Is THIS “doing all he can to lower gas prices?” I think not. Does this fool really think we believe this crap?

CAN’T EVEN GET HIS NAME RIGHT: Sheila Jackson Lee daily criticizes Rush Limbaugh for something or other. But it would be nice if she could simply get his NAME right. She calls him Rush Lumbaugh and nobody, not even rush, calls her on it. This woman is about as STUPID as they come, and nobody should EVER listen to a word she says. It’s not that she lies, it’s just that she routinely gets it wrong. Sometimes on purpose.

SHOULD WE BUY HER A CAR? Many women enjoy sex in the back seat of a car (Rush Limbaugh). Should we buy her a car to go with the rubbers she wants to insist we buy if she’s screwing enough that the cost of rubbers puts her in the poorhouse? How about the clothes she takes off before screwing around? In any case, why is SHE buying the rubbers? It’s not the government’s OR her place to buy the rubbers. It’s her boyfriend’s. If he won’t do it, she should put an aspirin between her knees.

WHERE DO THEY GO TO GET SO DUMB? Rush Limbaugh said that when he heard this about Bill gates. Bill gates, by all measures is a genius at what he does, said the other day that we ought to have a 2% surcharge on energy. How STUPID is this? Admittedly he’s a “smart guy” in ONE AREA. But when he gets out of that area he’s a dunce.