Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obama Is Lying

I’m really getting tired of having to say this while people “go about their business” and ignore what he is doing to them. The new GM “Volt” is just one such lie. It doesn’t get anything like 100 miles before it needs to be recharged. That little gasoline motor doesn’t just charge it, it DRIVES it when it hits freeway speeds. He told us his health care swindle would cost us nothing. We’re already finding out how much it WILL cost us, and it’s not even in effect yet. What do we have to DO to “wake up” Americans?

I’M WITH JESSE: Jessie Jackson and I don’t agree on much, but when he told a friend (he THOUGHT would not be heard by anybody else) that he’d like to “cut off Obama’s gonads, he finally said something I agree with. Right ON, Jessie! I’ll even provide the clippers—or whatever else you might need.

DOONESBURY LIES, AS USUAL: In one of his latest strips he has a character talking to a Republican on the phone, PRETENDING the Republicans can’t find a single thing they want to cut if they win. The Democrats’ whole problem is that they not only CAN, find things to cut, they WILL. I’m not even a politician, NOR a Republican, but I can name many things I would want to cut. Oh, pardon me: I’m DAMN sure not a Democrat. I will, on occasion, VOTE Republican, but NEVER Democrat.

“RING-AROUND -THE-ROSIE”: The people who make MILLIONS passing and carrying a BALL around know what they’re getting into. They’re big, tough guys who don’t mind getting hit HARD every once in a while and making MILLIONS doing it.. They do the same to others. If they change football into a pansy “ring-around-the-Rosie” game, I don’t blame people for staying away from their games.

QUADRUPLED THE DEBT UNDER BUSH? The Democrats keep saying the national debt QUADRUPLED under Bush and Reagan, and they’re right. But it was the Democrat-controlled Congress that did it. They also don’t tell you that Reagan almost DOUBLED the “tax take” by lowering taxes, while Congress spent $1.50 or every $1.00 of that increase in savings. They always tell only HALF the story.

ISLAMAPHOBIC: Islamic terrorists have killed multi-thousands, maybe multi-MILLIONS of innocent people. If they don’t stop, maybe we’ll become just a teensy bit “Islamaphobic.” Suspecting people who are “proud” Muslims of being terrorists is NOT “phobic.” It is COMMON SENSE.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Damnocrats In Denial

They keep saying “we’re going to win in 2010,” and they’re NOT. They still think the voters are just too dumb to understand what Obama is doing, that they have to work hard to MAKE people understand. Only problem for them is, for the first time in a long time, the voters DO understand what Obama is doing and they don’t like it. So on November 3, his majorities in the Congress will disappear whether he will admit it or not. And come 2012, he will go, too.

PALIN A “TEA PARTY ICON?” Democrats forget that Sarah Palin came on the scene LONG before the “Tea Parties.” Yes, they like her. But she is NOT a “Tea Party icon.” If anything, the “Tea Parties are a PALIN icon.”

OBAMA—“CAMPAIGNER IN CHIEF”: He is spending a lot of time (while collecting his salary in taxpayer dollars) for Democrats in trouble because of HIS policies. He THINKS that will help them get elected, which just shows HIS ignorance. HE is the reason they’re “in trouble.” Him campaigning FOR them is not going to help. In fact, it is going to SINK them.

“DOING IT FOR THEM”: Somebody, nobody knows who (and nobody cares as long as Obama is in the White House) is printing their own absentee ballots and voting them in somebody else’s name. That sounds like a CHICAGO trick, and we all know who FROM Chicago will benefit if the votes are for Democrats.

CAN’T “TALK TO” THE TALIBAN: Karzai thinks he can “talk to” the Islamic terrorists who go under the name, “Taliban” in Afghanistan. They have ONE goal. That is to kill ANYBODY who doesn’t believe exactly the same way they do. They’re not interested in “talking,” except to “buy time” to rearm and get into better killing positions while “talks” go on with gullible politicians here and in Afghanistan.

“KEEP ON BELIEVING”: Obama says to his constituents (what fools, they be) “I need you to keep believing.” Believing WHAT? His lies? He ought to bring out the poisoned “Kool-Aid” for them to drink. He’s right, for a change: he DOES need them to “keep believing” his lies.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama's Historical Ignorance

He recently gave a speech in which he noted that many countries, INCLUDING Mexico, were here before we were. WRONG! Mexico did not even EXIST until 1821. This is just the “tip of the iceberg” of his historical and geographical ignorance. This is the guy, remember, who thinks we have 57 states, just like a certain Islamic country.

SOROS PUTS OUT A “HIT”: He has offered $1 million dollars for anyone who can “get rid of” Glenn Beck and/or Fox News. Boy! They must be doing SOMETHING right. I’ve always said the liberals will tell you who is HURTING them, and Soros has certainly done that.

NCAAP CALLS TEA PARTIES RACIST: They’ve put out a “report” that says it. There’s no PROOF cited in this “report,” but they’re referring to it ALONE as “proof.” The fabricated, made-up “report” itself is called “proof,” but with no proof behind it, it is no good. There IS no “proof” the Tea Parties are racist. It’s all in the minds of liberals, who call EVERYBODY who disagrees with them racists. Nowhere else.

THEY’RE OUT TO KILL US: Islamic extremists are out to kill us. It’s that simple. There ARE no “neutral” Muslims. Those who might be neutral are silenced by death threats from Muslim extremists. They will not open their mouths against the Muslim extremists so they can stay alive.

CLINTON BALANCED BUDGET? What a load that is! They’re still trying to sell that lie. He used Social Security money to do it, and Social Security money is SPOKEN FOR, and can’t be used as such. This is the kind of financial gymnastics Democrats always use to fool us.

NPR FIRES JUAN WILLIAMS: They did it because he told the truth about Muslim extremists, and they don’t like that. I’ve never been a fan of his, but I’m not at all surprised at him being fired for telling the truth in a stout liberal bastion where they don’t like the truth.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Not In there!

I don’t know where it happened, but I heard it. In a political debate, one debater spoke of “the separation of church and state” and another asked, “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” and got a big laugh. One woman was heard to say, “Oh, my God! Is she stupid?” The truth is it is NOT in the Constitution, no matter how much the liberals and other religion-haters want you to think it is. If you think it is, SHOW me where it is.

PROPER UNDERSTANDING: Liberals purposely MISunderstand the meaning of the words in the Constitution where it says, “Congress shall MAKE NO LAWS regarding religion or the practice thereof.” They think it means they can make all kinds of laws BANNING religion on ANY kind of government property (except the Supreme Court building). They can’t, but they DO. They use this to hinder religions (Christians, mostly) as much as they can. What part of NO LAWS do they NOT understand?

DEMOCRATS AVOID TALKING ABOUT THE STIMULUS: Republicans are running ADS criticizing the Democrats for the “stimulus” giveaways, but the Democrats refuse to talk about it because they know it was wrong. They hope the subject will “go away. It won’t. Not with $3 TRILLION dollars on the line.

NOTHING FROM BIN LADEN: Have you noticed? You haven’t heard ANYTHING directly from Oba—er, Osama bin Laden lately? It’s always from his “second-in-command” or someone else, or an old audio tape. The only videos you see are those old ones of him walking with his walking stick through a barren countryside or shooting an automat6ic weapon on a firing range to show how tough he is. That’s because he’s dead and the Islamic terrorists don’t want to admit it. We made him into a cinder early on in the Afghan war when we bombed his cave with him in it.

WE CAN ABSORB AN ATTACK: Every day, in every way, Obama disgusts me more every time he opens his mouth. “We can absorb an attack,” indeed! Yes, this country CAN. But how about the innocent people who will be killed in such an attack? Does he not care a whit about them? What a FOOL we have in the White House!

WHITE CAUCUS: Obama recently spoke before Washington’s “American Hispanic Caucus.’ He has spoken many times to the “Black Caucus.” When is America going to have a “White American Caucus?” They will (again) call me a racist for saying this common sense.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Outlandishly Stupid

The things Obama is saying now in an effort to get re-elected are outlandishly STUPID and are recognizable LIES. He’s desperate and will say ANYTHING to get re-elected. He still thinks we’re still ignorant enough to believe his lies. He now says if Republicans win they’ll cut giveaways “all across the WORLD!” Do you understand the outlandish LIE this is?

SARCOZY: “WE CAN NO LONGER PAY PEOPLE NOT TO WORK”: France is finally “getting it.” They have been paying people not to work for a long time, now. They’re stopping it, and people who are used to getting paid for 40 hours while working only 32 are now being told they must WORK 40 hours and can’t retire until 65 are rioting.

IN DENIAL: Democrats such as Joe “Biteme” and Nancy Peelosi are still telling people Democrats are going to win in November. They can’t see the obvious, that many formerly “safe” districts are fast moving toward Republicans. They think they can make it true by SAYING it.

SCARED TO DEATH OF ISLAM: The American press is scared to death of Islam. Otherwise why would they censor a cartoon depicting Mohammed to avoid “insulting Islam?” Why do WE care about “insulting Islam?”

“PREDATORY LENDING”: What the hell is THAT? Lending money to people who can’t afford to pay it back? Who does THAT benefit outside of the Democrats, who can call it things like “predatory lending” and blame the Republicans for it, even though it was CREATED by Democrats with a law made in 1976?

REVEALING THEIR IGNORANCE: When Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste” he revealed his ignorance by thinking Americans would not realize the impact of what he said. He has, like all rats, now left the “sinking ship” of the Obama administration by going back to Chicago to run the rest of the criminals running that city instead of being Obama’s “second banana."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blaming Everyone BUT Himself

That’s Obama. ANY time something goes wrong it’s Bush’s fault. Or the Republican’s fault. Or the fault of stupid Americans who just are too stupid to understand why he does what he does. But they do. They’re “waking up” to the con man they’ve elected to the presidency and can’t WAIT to get rid of him and his henchmen.

“RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH” CANDIDATE EXPOSES POLITICIANS: Everything he talks about is not only wrong, but is unconstitutional; but there will be people who buy his garbage and vote for him. Fortunately not enough to elect him to anything. The unfortunate thing is we do elect people like Obama and Peelosi, and Reid, who say the same things, better. Right now Peelosi is touting socialism right out in the open, talking about “fairness.” She also said we “need to approve the health care swindle law to see what’s in it.” She didn’t believe that crap even as she said it, which was obvious by her hesitation even as she spoke. Anybody who has NOT read it, but votes for it anyway ought to be “tarred and feathered.”

SILLIEST THING IN THE WORLD: Raising taxes and printing more money during a recession. But that’s exactly what Obama is doing, right along. He SAYS taking over 7% of the economy (the medical profession) can be done with NO increase in taxes OR costs for delivery. That’s INSANE and those who believe it are FOOLS.

COMPROMISE WILL NOT WORK: Democrats are, as usual, hollering about the Republicans “cooperating” with THEM. That’s how they DILUTE the effect of a majority on the other side: “co-opt” them. Get them to compromise their own principles and vote with Democrats. That’s the way it ALWAYS works. Democrats NEVER compromise theirs.

OBAMA EVEN SCARES LIBERALS: He’s even losing votes in his “base” by the extremeness of his actions. Liberals are HORRIFIED at his actions and even THEY are looking at voting against him.

LIBERALS STILL DON’T GET IT: Poverty does NOT beget poverty. Liberals still think poverty is CREATED by poverty itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. Generational poverty is caused by “those who SHOULD know” telling people “the world owes them a living. It is created by giving people money and destroying their INCENTIVE to earn for themselves. That’s what creates several generations in the same family on welfare.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best Reason to Dump Obama

The unemployment rate REMAINS at more than TEN PERCENT, two years into his administration. This is the guy, remember, who promised to “lower the oceans” and couldn’t. Actually, he has not kept ANY of his promises, including the one to close GITMO. He has had to face up to REALITY, which he did not have to do when he was “outside looking in.” Now he’s “inside looking out,” he has come to realize he just cannot do what he promised.

IS BARNEY “RUNNING SCARED?” Barney Frank has “loaned himself” $200,000 for his re-election campaign and sent out his boiyfriend to heckle his oipponent. Now Barney isn’t “filthy rich” (according to known sources anyway, but who knows how much he has “squirreled away” in offshore accounts), so this action shows he is very much “concerned” about losing his job—the seat that has allowed him to create a “bloodless coup” that put a simpleton like Baarracckk Obama in the White House, and many other Democrat con men in the Congress in 2008.

“CREATING TERRORISTS”: They’re still trying to sell that old crap about killing terrorists “creating more terrorists than we kill.” Is that a reason to just let Islamic terrorists kill us unpunished? Actually, I think it is a good reason to kill as many terrorists as we can, as quickly as we can, so we can get ahead of the numbers. It’s certainly not an excuse to “back off.” Those who think it is are damned FOOLS.

TIRED OF THE LIES: I know, I know, politicians lie all the time. But I’m getting tired of the CONCENTRATED lying I see in all the political attack ads constantly on television. You can only take so much lying before you stop listening to ALL the attack ads. Actually, I pay NO attention to political ads; ever. I do my own research before voting, and I “pay attention” all the time. So I KNOW what’s going on, unlike many voters.

“GROUND ZERO MOSQUE”: What the hell do these people think about when they actually APPROVE of the prospect of a MOSQUE practically on the GRAVES of the thousands of innocent men, women, and CHILDREN Muslim extremists MURDERED on September 11, 2001? Muslim terrorists USUALLY erect mosques at the sites of their biggest triumphs, and that’s what they’re trying to do here. But the FOOLS like New York Mayor Bloomberg ignore that and are willing to allow them to do it.

HOW THEY DO IT: The liberals in the media are very clever in how they twist things by how they portray people in their drama shows. One of the most recent is “Medium,” where a “Joe Arpaio-like” character is portrayed as a rapist-murderer. People who “pay no attention to politics” remember things like this when they vote. It’s embedded in their subconscious. That’s how we got that pantywaist liberal socialist Obama in the White House.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Republicans "Created" It?

The Democrats say they’re not “running against Peelosi, per se.” They’re running against the IMAGE “created by the Republicans” that she needs to be replaced. WRONG!! This image was CREATED by her own actions and the actions of the rest of the Democrats in Washington, and it is TRUE. The Republicans merely told the TRUTH about her, and them.

MICHELLE VIOLATED ELECTION LAWS: Will anyone punish her? With Obama controlling the means of prosecution, she will be treated the same way all other Democrats who violate the law are treated. Her violation of the law will be “studied” to death while nothing ever gets done.

THEY CAN’T PROVE IT BUT THEY KEEP ON SCREAMING IT: They hope repetition will make people believe it. I’m speaking specifically about the Democrat (liberal) insistence that the “Tea Parties” are racist, but this is the scam they use to make you believe all kinds of things. When you question them, they say, “can you prove it ISN’T true?” I say, they’re making the accusations, it’s up to THEM to prove it IS true. Otherwise, it’s nothing but their imagination. Made up out of whole cloth.

PEELOSI BRINGING PEOPLE INTO THE MIDDLE CLASS: Nancy Peelosi, who exported the labor for the products her company manufactures so she wouldn’t have to pay America’s minimum wage, which she helped to raise several times, says she has “moved many into the middle class.” For once, she’s telling the truth. But she doesn’t tell you the people she moved into the middle class came from “the rich.” Soon they’ll move to the “lower class” after her and her henchmen loot them some more.

“LEAN FORWARD”: Who at MSNBC came up with the slogan, “lean forward?” I can’t think of a better one to describe what they’re asking us to do while Obama and his crowd are standing by, ready to take advantage of our posture. This sounds like something OBAMA is asking us to do while he “screws us over.” And he IS “screwing us over” every time he gathers his pens and signs another bill into law to rape us some more.

COOPERATION: That’s always what the liberals (Democrats) scream for when they’re outnumbered. They know that they can dilute the effect of their opposition if they can convince some of them to “cooperate” with them. They will not cooperate with ANYBODY, but insist that others “cooperate” with THEM. That means ignore your own wishes and accept THEIRS. That’s how it always works if you “cooperate” with liberals.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Major Drawback

There’s a major drawback (aside from the price) to all-electric cars. That is that the best of them will only go 100 miles before it must get a 14-hour chargeup. If all you’re doing is driving around town and don’t get much more that that on it before you go home for your own recharge, that’s okay. But only if that's all you use it for. Another drawback from my point of view is their size. I see one and want to put a handle on the top so I can pick it up and carry it home if it breaks down. Then there’s the cost of battery replacement in about six years (several thousand dollars), which gives it NO tradein value when you sell it (IF anybody’s interested in buying it).

IT’S A MYTH: But the Democrats are still selling it. The myth that Clinton BALANCED the budget Nothing could be further from the truth. His figures—those used to fool the people into THINKING he balanced the budget, INCLUDED Social Security money, which is SPOKEN FOR and not to be used in balancing the budget. That’s typical financial “sleight of hand” politicians (mostly Democrats) use to fool the people.

JOE “BITEME” THINKS YOU’RE STUPID: I’ve always thought it, but now I’ve HEARD our vice-president say the American voter is STUPID. You’re not; ignorant, maybe (some, anyway, not necessarily this audience ), but not stupid. Ignorance comes from lack of information. Stupidity is the refusal to ACCEPT the truth when you hear it. Ignorance can be cured by simply PAYING ATTENTION to politics so you’ll not put another con man like Brraacckk Obama in the White House.

YESTERDAY’S “EXTREME” IS TOMORROW’S “ROUTINE”: In the fifties, it was “extremer” to wish to do away with “black and white” drinking fountains. It was “extreme” to want to treat blacks and whites equally. Today, to do otherwise would be unthinkable. What ELSE is “extreme” today that will be “routine” tomorrow?

“PASS THE BILL TO FIND OUT WHAT’S IN IT”: I still can’t believe the unmitigated STUPIDITY displayed by House Speaker (for a short time yet) Nancy Peelosi in saying this. We don’t vote things into law to “see what’s in there.” That’s “buying a pig in a poke” and if we do it, WE’RE stupid. Congresspeople who do are “derelict in their duty” and should be removed for cause.

HOW STUPID DOES SHE THINK WE ARE? Even when that amazing crap about passing the bill to see what’s in it came out of her mouth, I could hear the quaver in her voice that told me SHE didn’t even believe what she was saying. But she “plowed right on” and said it anyway, hoping enough people would believe it to get this onerous bill passed into law before we could think about it.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ia Glenn Beck A Nazi?

The liberals are trying very hard to discredit Glenn Beck with the blatant lie that he is a Nazi; which just shows their complete IGNORANCE of what a Nazi IS. They even use his wearing of a “Nazi-style” uniform on the cover of one of his books (which he wore to SPOOF the far left for their Orwellian political correctness). They’re even saying he is a “secret socialist,” with NO proof (as usual). This is so typical of liberals I don’t need to say more.

WE CAN’T PROVE IT: But you have to prove otherwise. Translation: “We have no proof you’re doing anything wrong, but now we’ve accused you, you have to prove you’re not.” This is how the Democrats (liberals) operate. They make up something out of whole cloth and make an accusation. If they’re questioned, they say, ”Can you prove it’s NOT true?” Sounds a little backward from how we operate in this country.

TO DESTROY HEALTH CARE INSURANCE: That’s Obama’s plan. But he made a mistake. He didn’t want the insurance companies to react until after the 2012 elections, but they are reacting now. They’re canceling policies wholesale because they KNOW they will not be able to afford to cover these people under the new regulations. That was Obama’s basic plan, and will (if not repealed) FORCE people to look to the GOVERNMENT for their health insurance.

WHAT DID BUSH DO WRONG? I Googled “what did Bush do wrong?” and got a bunch of liberal propaganda, but nothing else. Most of what I got was either a lie or only something bad from a liberal point of view. Not from the point of view of people who want the government OUT of their lives, don’t want Obama’s health care swindle, and want nothing to do with Obama’s push toward socialism. People keep SAYING Bush made many mistakes, and I’m sure he did. But the things most people mention I don’t CONSIDER mistakes, although I have my own problems with Bush.

“STOP JUDGING PEOPLE!” That’s what the liberals want you to do so they can get away with screwing you for everything they can. But judging people and things is absolutely necessary for us to be able to decide how to respond to people and things intelligently. If we don’t judge people and things we will be subject to being fools when they screw us over.

BERNANKE IS A FOOL! He has shown, many times that he knows NOTHING about economics—which is why Obama wants to keep him in this very important post where he can EFFECT the economy with his “flights of fancy” such as the idea that we “NEED” inflation. That’s like saying we “need” cancer so we can learn how to fight it. We “need” inflation like we need a hole in the head.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feeding the Crocodile

Reagan famously said, “Liberals are feeding the crocodile, hoping he’ll eat them last.” I don’t know if that was original with him, but in any event, he was right. Liberals swear he was wrong, but being “in denial” doesn’t change facts.

I’M NO RACIST when I complain about the Obama administration refusing to prosecute the “Black Panthers” who stood in front of a polling place holding weapons, and being dressed in black military-style clothing. Something a white person would be put in JAIL for doing.

WH OPPOSES FORECLOSURE MORATORIUM: Obama doesn’t want to “ease the pressure” on people. That would interfere with his plans to keep the pressure on so he can more easily move us closer to socialism by making it LOOK like capitalism isn’t working. Capitalism IS working, in spite of the sabotage done to it by the Democrat’s “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976" and Fannie and Freddie, created to get a Democrat in the WH and a majority of Democrats in Congress while sabotaging capitalism.

WHO HIS HEROES ARE: Saul Alinsky, author of “Rules for Radicals,” the “playbook” for liberals, tells us who one of his biggest heroes is when he dedicates this book to the Devil himself. How cocky this man must be to do this; and he got away with it! This book is the “manual” for liberal radical action. If you read it, you’ll recognize the tactics now in use by liberals worldwide. The book is still available, which tells me many readers think it is still viable.

OBAMA’S JOB LOSS IN THE GULF: His drilling ban has caused some drillers to move to Egypt, and others to just go out of business. All this has cost 12,000 jobs in the Gulf alone. Long term, it will cost 175,000 jobs. Funny; I thought Obama was all about CREATING jobs.

WHY REPUBLICANS LOSE ELECTIONS: “Establishment Republicans are always telling Christian conservatives to put our issues aside because they're not popular -- and then moderate Republicans go on to lose elections, while conservative Republicans win in landslides.” (Ann Coulter) The liberals will never learn this, and I pray the Republicans will.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Risky Lending"

Democrats blame the current economic meltdown on “risky lending.” What they DON’T say is that “risky lending” was done to OBEY THE LAW (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976, passed by Democrats and signed by a Democrat president, Jimmy Carter) while Fanny and Freddie “bailed the lenders out” to “keep the lid on” until Democrats were ready to use it to guarantee a massive Democrat victory that gave them control of the entire U. S. government. Don’t believe it? Do your own research. Don’t believe me.

DEMOCRATS WILL NEVER LOWER TAXES: Letting people KEEP more of the money they earn does not give the Democrats more power over them. They need to take the money away, then “dole it out” to people who follow orders. This is how they gain and maintain power over the rest of us.

PLANE CRASH IN KABUL: Islamic terrorists sit on a hill above the Kabul airport, hoping to shoot American planes down and kill people. If they know this, why the hell don’t they have regular patrols there to KILL those terrorists instead of just making dangerous steep angle descents to avoid being shot down? Do we have any intelligent generals there?

WHY NO INVESTIGATION? Obama received many very “shady” contributions during the 2008 election, but there has been NO investigation, of any kind, into them. Why is that? Do you suppose it’s because Obama and his gang control the means of investigation? Boy, that OTHER “organized crime” outfit, the Mafia, would LOVE to be in that position. They just KILL their enemies. Obama puts them in prison. And there is usually NO investigation.

TYPICAL EXTREMIST MUSLIM TERRORIST LIES: They claim they are only REACTING to the “dastardly things” we have done to them. They think Americans will BELIEVE this bullsh-t, and unfortunately, many do. The ones who happily “ignore politics” because they have “more important things to do.” But there are NO “more important things” for them to do. The more they ignore politics, the more politics affect THEM.

TAKING KIDS BECAUSE OF CONNECTION TO “OATH KEEPERS”: It may be just ONE of the accusations, but it IS an accusation. What’s WRONG with being connected to an organization that insists the people wh0o are supposed to be protecting us adhere to the Constitution of the United States? In Obama’s world that is a crime. He wants them to swear an oath to HIM, not the Constitution.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outrageous Lies On Fox

Some of the most hateful lies I’ve ever heard are on Fox News when they allow certain Democrat activists to “speak their piece” in their continuing effort to be “fair and balanced.” I think they SHOULD make an effort to tell both sides, but when somebody lies outrageously they should CHALLENGE that lie, there and then, liberal or conservative, and make that person PROVE their lie. THAT would be “fair and balanced.”

IT’S HARASSMENT: The so-called “church members” (actually members of one hateful family masquerading as a church) who go to the funerals of soldiers killed in battle to save the very “right” they claim to have in order to disrupt the funerals of people who are already grief-stricken are NOT exercising “free speech.” They are HARASSING these people, and it’s HATE-FILLED harassment. They should be forced to do their harassing at a distance. I’d recommend ten miles.

OBAMA’S RECESSION: Obama is talking about the bad effects of this recession, and still blaming it on Bush, even though it was CAUSED by the economic chaos created by a Democrat-passed, Democrat-signed law made clear back in 1976 to FORCE lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could not ever pay it back. They pulled the plug on their “safety valve” just before the 2008 election (while Bush was still in office) and got Obama and a lot of Democrats elected. Obama has been doing everything he could to make it worse ever since, while CLAIMING to be trying to make it better. It is OBAMA’S recession, through and through. He can’t deny it, though he will, long and loudly. It’s a vicious lie.

PEELOSI STILL IN DENIAL: She still thinks her Democrats can win the 2010 election. How stupid IS this woman? She thinks she and the rest of Democrats can RAPE this country and not be “thrown out?” There is NO CHANCE that most Democrats will be re-elected or newly elected. Somebody ought to tell her to quit showing her ignorance.

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE: Many politicians are accusing their opponents of hiring illegal aliens, when they hired various companies to do work, who DID do so. These people have asked for promises it wouldn’t happen and were lied to. They were unaware of ANY illegal aliens working for those companies but that makes no difference to their opponents, who just want to paint them with a “black brush.” (They’ll probably call ME a racist for using the word “black.” That’s how they operate). Fact is, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to eliminate ALL use of illegal alien-produced labor, and they play on that.

IT DOESN’T MATTER: Many people say Obama is a Muslim, but it doesn’t matter. He is a “Muslim sympathizer,” and that is obvious by his actions regarding Islamic terrorists. He won’t even admit we are at WAR with Islamic terrorism. He won’t even use the words. And he won’t allow anybody in his administration to use them.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Tea Party" Not A Political Party

The other day I heard a man say, “What scares me are these ‘Tea Party’ people.” What fools are this guy listening to? The “Tea Party” is NOT a political party or ANY sort of an “organization.” “Tea Parties” is a name generally applied to a POPULAR UPRISING by Americans who are tired of being lied to and being screwed over by their government. That’s nothing for an honest American to be scared of. It IS something for our liberal “leaders” to be scared of because it is going to spell the end to their spending spree with our money.

$2 MILLION PER JOB: In Los Angeles, they got $111 million to “create jobs.” They “created” 55 jobs. That’s about $2 million per job. That’s about average with Democrats. A job earning $300 a week costs government $2 million to “create.” But they don’t want you to look at it that way.

CONTROL THE MONEY: Bureaucrats don’t want your money for themselves. They want the POWER and privilege CONTROLLING the distribution of that money brings them. So don’t look for them (at least Democrats) to do anything to actually LOWER the basic rate at which you pay your taxes. All they’ll give you is a “Targeted” tax cut that allows them to give you your orders to get to keep some of the money you earned.

HIS AUDACITY AMAZES ME: The audacity of Ahmadinijerk amazes me. He’s now saying America wants to learn his nuclear secrets, but he has “cracked down” on his nuclear workers and “put a stop to the spying.” We’re so far ahead of Iran on nuclear information there is nothing we’d want to know from him. In fact, it’s just the other way around. His people are trying hard to learn OUR “nuclear secrets, with no luck at all.

GIVES THEM NO POWER: That’s what letting people keep more of the money they earn does. It allows the politicians to have no power. Everything they do involves retaining or creating power so they’d rather give people “targeted tax cuts” if they “follow orders.”

OBAMA IS DESPERATE: He’s out there campaigning like crazy, hoping to reverse the anti-Obama, anti-Democrat uprising caused by his “spending spree” while moving us toward socialism. This POPULAR uprising is mostly called the “Tea Parties.” But it’s not going to work. People are “wise to him” this time. He can’t hide behind his rhetoric as he did during the 2008 election where he didn’t really have an opponent and nobody knew him. Now they know him. John McCain wouldn’t even offer much resistance to his plans, and he (McCain) muzzled Sarah Palin after her first speech before the Republican Convention. That will not happen this time.

OBAMA CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT: He used to be extremely popular, but that popularity is a thing of the past and he just can’t figure out why. He thinks people should still think of him as a “savior.” He thinks his theft of more money in his first two years than all presidents since the beginning have spent means nothing to people. He thinks they’re too stupid to understand. Many people who voted for him are disappointed, and will vote AGAINST him from now on. He doesn’t have the sense to see that so he’ll always wonder why we “threw him out” after one term.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Progressive" vs. Socialist

There is no difference between the two. Progressivism is the name given to liberalism (socialism, collectivism) because those names have become a liability to the swindle. So, as usual, they changed the name to confuse people, most of which aren’t paying attention, anyway.

OUR OWN GOVERNMENT IS OUR ENEMY! That’s what an Arizona sheriff has said, and he is right. Our own government is SUING the State of Arizona for demanding they enforce their own immigration laws. How did this happen? We allowed people who know NOTHING about politics to elect a MONSTER to the presidency.

CONTINUING THE SWINDLE: The liberal Democrats passed a law (The Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could NOT repay it. That GUARANTEED a “financial meltdown” they triggered just before the 2008 election. That law is STILL being enforced with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continuing to hold the lid on it until Democrats are ready to use it again.

ISLAMIC TARRORISTS “HIT AND RUN”: They don’t “stand and fight” like courageous human beings. They set a bomb and go hide. When it blows and kills people, they run away. They hide in people’s homes, tape guns to the hands of the people living there (making sure some are children), then shoot at oncoming soldiers, and run out the back, leaving the innocent people to die at the hands of the soldiers who are fooled into thinking those people are the attackers. Then they make a big thing abut those “innocent non-combatants” who were killed by those mean Americans, never mentioning that THEY set them up to BE killed. This is the kind of scum we’re fighting.

I'M HAPPY TO DIE SOON: I’m 73 years old. Years older than my dad was when he died. Just a few years younger than my mother when she died. I could die any time, and that does not make me unhappy because I see what is going to come in the next few years, and I don’t want to be alive to suffer it. Obama is fast destroying all the good things there are (or were) about America. Even if his opposition wins in November and in 2012, it’s going to take YEARS to undo all the damage he’s done. Meanwhile the liberal bureaucrats will be making “rules and regulations” to implement what he has wrought as fast as they can before the Republicans can get rid of them.

NO FEE, LET IT BURN: That’s how it works in Obion County, Kentucky. Nobody said anything about taxes that SHOULD cover fire service. What’s next? People call the cops when someone is trying to kill them and the cops just stand by and watch while murder is done, as the fire department did while this man’s house burned to the ground? His neighbor (who did pay his $75 fee) offered them $500 to put his fire out, but they said “It’s too late.”

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"The War With Islam Is Just Beginning"

That’s what the would-be “New York City bomber” said after being convicted and sentenced to life in prison. He thinks that will frighten us. He’s wrong. We’ll happily kill as many Muslim extremists as we can as long as they try to kill innocent people. I hope he dies a horrible death in prison. Maybe somebody with a home-made shiv will do us a favor.

DEMS TO DELAY CUTTING BUSH TAX CUTS: They’re delaying it until AFTER the 2010 elections because they don’t want them to “go away” before the voting. They want to win or lose the election and THEN keep or get rid of the tax cuts AFTER you have voted. But hey still want to get rid of them, make no mistake. Vote for or against Democrats and they’re going away until the Republicans can restore them. So you might as well go ahead and vote against them. You’ll get them back quicker.

MINIMIZING GLENN BECK: The liberals and their captive media are trying to minimize the turnout at Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally because it made them look silly. Then they tried to outdo him on 10/2 by pressuring union members, NAACP members, and all other liberals, giving them FREE bus rides to the site (operative word, FREE), It didn't work. Their turnout didn’t even equal a TRICKLE compared with that at Glenn’s rally, which had no free bus rides and put no pressure on anybody. Still they CLAIMED to have outpulled him, in spite of photographic evidence to the contrary. They don't mind looking you right in the eye and lying, KNOWING you know the truth.

LOWERING THE BAR: Liberals don’t demand excellence. They demand mediocrity. The way they make people look competent is by lowering the bar. Liberals say people have to have FAILED at something in the past to be considered for a high office in a liberal administration.

“THE SECOND POOREST”: Obama recently said Afghanistan is the SECOND poorest nation in the Middle East. As usual, he’s wrong. It’s the 19TH poorest. But remember, this is the guy who thinks we have 57 states! How this guy got elected would be beyond me if I didn’t know the media would cover up ANYTHING he ever did wrong.

PATTERN OF OPPOSITION: The New York mayor wants any opposition to the “Ground Zero mosque to stop. But that doesn’t stop the city’s “pattern of opposition” to the building of Christian churches in New York that has been going on for years.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Government Does Not Create Jobs!

Obama keeps talking about “creating or saving jobs.” But that’s a lie. Government can neither CREATE nor “SAVE” jobs. Only private enterprise can create meaningful jobs that create PRODUCTION. Government can only create the FICTION of “creating” jobs by the “make-work” jobs they sometimes create with taxpayer money. These “jobs” do not create PRODUCTION, which is what jobs are for. A business is NOT in business to “create jobs” for anybody. They are there to make money for themselves, and tend to make money for others and create jobs in the process.

POLITICS SHOULDN’T BE A FACTOR: Obama’s personal friend Professor Bill Ayres was denied tenure because he is a “bomb-thrower” who regrets that he didn’t do more. The university is mad as hell. They say “his politics shouldn’t matter” in this. I say he should never have been appointed a professor in the first place because he is a convicted felon who wants to kill people to make a political point. That's the DEFINITION of a terrorist.

GET RID OF HER: A cheerleader refused to cheer the basketball player who RAPED her when he took a free throw. So they threw her off the cheerleading squad. It amazes me the abysmal STUPIDITY of people in charge of things today.

DEMOCRATS ARE IN TROUBLE: Even in places where they usually win by double-digits, they’re only one or two points ahead (within the error spread) or are WAY behind. They’re putting out phony polls showing themselves ahead, but they can’t win an election on polls. They’re ALL saying they’re against Obama’s health care swindle (my words, not theirs).

"ASTROTURFED" SCAM: They said they could outdo Glenn Beck, but they didn’t. Not even by giving liberals free bus rides to the site. Not even by giving college students class credits to attend. They used every slimy trick in the book and STILL couldn’t con more people into going there than appeared spontaneously at Glenn Beck’s rally on 8/28.

HOW THEY THINK: Gaffe machine Joe “Biteme” said he wants to “strangle” Republicans who tell him to balance the budget. Which tells me balancing the budget is the LAST thing on the minds of liberals. None of them want to bother balancing the budget and some want to do violence to those who demand that they do. These are the people running our government.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Awakening

The liberals try to belittle it by use of a sexist slur (“Tea-baggers”), but the Tea Parties aren’t an “organization (yet). The “Tea Parties” are an UPRISING the likes of which this country has not seen since Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me DEATH.” This time it is the liberals running our government we are going to be “run out.” And it will likely surprise the hell out of them because they aren’t the smartest knives in the drawer. They ARE clever,” but that’s not going to help them.

“AWAKENING A SLEEPING GIANT”: The liberals conned their way into the presidency and control of the Congress and they’ve been gaily spending more money than there IS ever since. They just can’t understand that the American people will “stay asleep” only so long. Soon they will “rise up and smite them.” They’re going to do that in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

RADICALS: Obama’s crowd calls the people who want to run them out of office “radicals.” But the REAL radicals in the plot are Obama and his crowd. They’re con men, and they’ve conned America. America is finally realizing that Obama and his crowd are the radicals and are going to get rid of them as soon as possible.

TOLERANCE WORKS BOTH WAYS: Unless it’s a Muslim who is talking about “religious tolerance.” They insist we “observe their religious practices,” even though they don’t even make a PRETENCE of doing so in countries they run. Where they run things, it’s a DEATH SENTENCE for a Muslim to convert to ANY other religion. There are NO churches or synagogues there. They won’t allow them.

OBAMA MAKING IT WORSE: Everything he has done makes the economy worse. He CLAIMS to be trying to help, but he’s not. I defy anybody to show me ANYTHING he has done that will make it better. I’d bet I’ll get no takers because there is NOTHING to cite. I’m getting real tired of people saying he’s “trying to help us,” when he’s NOT. How he maintains that fiction amazes me.

THE PARTY OF HELL NO! The liberals call the Republicans “the party of no,” and they’re right. But they should call them “the party of HELL no!” Because that’s what they say to the Democrat “flights of fancy.” That’s their JOB. If they agreed with everything the Democrats do, they’d be Democrats.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deadly Force

The man who shot two robbers in Denver who were trying to steal his trailer was allowed to plead guilty to attempted murder for doing so. The prosecutor said, “You can’t use deadly force in defense of property.” Why NOT? The crooks don’t hesitate to use deadly force to steal it! And the cops use it.

SUFFERING FOOLS: Why must we suffer fools like Ahmaqdinijerk when he speaks before the United Nations and blasts us? Why do we even let him into our country? People who criticize HIM in HIS country are likely to die soon. Why do we have to listen to his abominable lies? Of course, we still suffer a fool every time Obama opens his mouth, too.

THE DEBATE IS OVER: Obama and many in his crowd have said, “the debate is over” concerning many things, hoping that will END the debate. AlGore says the same thing about his big scam, the “global warming (now climate change)” scam for the same reasons. They’re both getting tired of “splainin’ themselves” to the people who demand answers and that’s the ploy they use to do so.

MARXISTS AND COMMUNISTS: It amazes me how many ADMITTED Marxists and communists Obama has in his administration, the things they say, and the fact that NOBODY says anything about it! A few years ago, just BEING a communist would get you blackballed. Why is it different now? Maybe it’s because there’s one in the White House.

“REDISTRIBUTE (YOUR) WEALTH”: Whenever ANYONE talks about “redistributing wealth,” RUN AWAY as fast as you can! It’s YOUR wealth they want to “redistribute.” That’s a “code phrase” to mean “STEAL your wealth” and give it to people who don’t deserve it because they did not EARN it.

THEY’RE CONVINCED: The car makers are so far behind times they actually have the computers in their cars set to tell the driver to change oil whenever 3,000 miles go by. Forget the fact that use of synthetic oil can make your car safely go 25,000 miles between oil changes. Even PARA-synthetics (partial synthetics) will go 7,500 to 15,000 miles. Why don’t they realize this? Takes a long time to convince people of anything NEW.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lying About Tax Cuts

You hear, every day, Democrats talking about the “tax cuts” Obama has given the “middle class.” But that’s an outright lie. What he did was tell certain people that, “If you follow my orders I’ll give you a temporary tax break.” That’s not a “tax cut.” A tax cut is reducing the rate at which ALL taxes are assessed. Don’t fall for the swindle.

THE “MONEY DRAIN”: We’ve all heard about the “brain drain” in Europe. That’s where the biggest “brains” immigrate to America, where they could make the best money from their brains. That doesn’t happen any more. Obama has succeeded in making America no better than Europe, which is failing fast. But the “smart people,” the people who have money, are moving to places where they aren’t taxed to death every day. Soon it will become a federal crime for people above a certain income to move to states (or counties) where they aren’t taxed excessively, just because they are rich.

McDONALD’S “OPTING OUT” ON HEALTH INSURANCE: And they’re just the first, as they are the first in many things. The Obama crowd calculated that this would not begin to happen before 2012 or 2014, well after the next presidential election. But it is beginning now, as companies, seeing the future, are beginning to “opt out” on providing health insurance (however inadequate it is for McDonald’s employees) because it is going to be unaffordable for them.

LAWS AGAINST IT: In Ayn Rand’s prescient “Atlas Shrugged,” the government got so mad at entrepreneurs going out of business and disappearing that they made a law against it (for all the good it did them). In real life, they’re going to make laws against companies “opting out” on providing health insurance for their employees because it costs too much. Then they’re going to make it illegal for rich people to move to where there are no income taxes (for all the good that’s going to do THEM).

IT TOOK TIME: “It took time to eliminate slavery.” That’s Obama’s mantra, now. That’s how he hopes to “hold off” those who expected him to “move mountains” and “lower seas.” He says, “give me time.” Of course, “giving him time” means he wants to be re-elected despite the damage he has done to this country in his efforts to make it a socialist country and re-enslave his “peasants.”

YOU’RE BEING CONNED: Conned by your own government, which CREATES crises, then PUBLICIZES them, figuring you’ll demand a SOLUTION that will allow them to tax you more and remove some more of your rights. Things they couldn’t do without this old con. Rahm Emanuel SAID as much when he said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” YOU are “the mark” and if you let them continue, you will deserve what you get. I’m just happy I won’t have to live through it for long.