Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sharpton: "It's Political"

Leave it to Al Sharpie…er, uh, Sharpton to blame his tax troubles on “politics.” Never mind his close buddy, Barack Obama is still president. Funny how he has $4.5 MILLION dollars in back taxes owed, and he is STILL not in jail, as others would be for such an egregious disregard of tax laws. And to blame it on politics? How typically Sharpton! I’m surprised he didn’t blame it on racism. Or maybe he is, in a roundabout way.

DARREN WILSON RESIGNS: As I predicted some time ago, Darren Wilson, the cop who killed giant black thug Michael Brown, while defending himself from this giant criminal, has resigned from the Ferguson Police Department. This is no surprise, since his continued service to his community would make him and his family continue to be targets of the fools who decided to riot and loot, and burn the community in response to his self-defense action. I hope he can find a place where policemen are appreciated, unlike Ferguson, where they are not.

ANOTHER CHICAGO GUN KILLING: How can this happen? Chicago still has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation, which are supposed to put a stop to this sort of thing. Apparently, they don’t, because a woman was shot to death by her boy friemd in a depatement store. So much for anti-gun laws. But will the gun grabbers ever learn? Not likely. They're not too smart.

“FERGUSONED” NOW A VERB: It means, racially-motivated killing of a black man by a cop, even if it isn’t. It is now being used that way by black criminals who are being pursued for their crimes by the cops. One such criminal was heard to scream, “I’m being “fergusoned!” as he ran away from the scene of his crime.

RANSOM PAID FOR BERGDAHL? Obama said it didn’t happen. But Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) says it did. Or at least a ransom was seriously considered. Whether or not it was paid, the very fact it was seriously considered is a violation of our own “ground rules” on “negotiations” with terrorists. But then, we all know Obama does what he wants, regardless of “rules” or laws. A ransom was offered, but it was stolen by terrorists.
BANNING BANNING: I get so tired of people trying to tell me what to do. I’m a big boy now, and I don’t need anybody to give me orders. I’m constantly hearing somebody wanting to BAN one word or the other because they don’t like it. Today’s word is “feminism.” Where the hell do people get the idea they can STOP me from saying it? If non-liberals don’t like something, they don’t do it. If liberals don’t like something, they not only don’t do it, they want to keep everybody else from doing it. To HELL with them. I’ll say what I want, and DO what I want, and NOBODY has the right to tell me I can’t. Even my computer is telling me I can’t use the title to this item  because it is a “word repetition. To hell with it.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Pardoning" the Turkeys

Every year, the president (whoever he is) “pardons” two turkeys in a big, touted ceremony that probably cost us a lot of money and gains us nothing. Meanwhile, other turkeys were killed so he could EAT turkey for Thanksgiving. What they don’t tell us is those turkeys are BRED to be eaten. They’re so overweight, most of them die anyway, within a year. Most of them have. Like morbidly overweight people die early because of the effect of so much weight on their systems. By the way: what is he “pardoning” them for? What crime did they commit for which he is “pardoning” them? It’s a silly thing to do, but it’s government, and autocrats doing it. What can I say?

PARDONING TURKEYS? Speaking of “pardoning turkeys,” probably the only reason Obama is still around is that we “pardon turkeys,” since he is the best known TURKEY in Washington. For that matter, where does he get off pardoning turkeys, being one, himself? I’ve always thought the idea of a president “pardoning” a turkey was pretty stupid, and this time, with a turkey PARDONING turkeys, it becomes hilarious. Of course, politicians can’t tell the difference. It’s a “routine ritual” for them to “pardon” turkeys who are going to die soon, anyway. They don’t know why they do it, it’s just something that’s always been done, so they keep doing it.

THE FREEZE AGAIN: Scientists” have been worried about global warming, when for the last, almost 20 years the globe has NOT been warming. About 30 years ago they were all nervous about “the coming ice age.” Global COOLING, in other words. Time Magazine did a big writeup about it. I have a copy in my files. It had charts and everything. Now they’re AGAIN worried about “global COOLING.” Can’t they make up their minds? If it’s not “warming,” it’s “cooling.” Personally, I think it’s one way to keep their funding up. As long as we’re worried about SOMETHING, we’ll keep sending them money.

THE MAKING OF A MARTYR: They’re now trying to make a martyr of that giant thug who was killed doing what thugs do—trying to kill a cop, after a strong-arm robbery. Now they’ve even got photo buttons with his picture on them for demonstrators to wear while looting, stealing, and killing, and promoting racism for Obama. If it keeps up, Obama will have the “race war” he so fervently wants, so he can take advantage of it to move us even closer to socialism. I recently read an article titled, “13 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Brown,” which was a bunch of drivel containing nothing of interest. An obvious attempt by the media to “deify” a big thug who got his earnings.

ISIS FOUNDER WAS AT GITMO: This is just ONE former GITMO prisoner who has not only returned to the fight for Jihad, he has become a LEADER who is responsible for THOUSANDS of deaths after being RELEASED by Obama in his quest to close GITMO. I’ve said before that Obama is a “fellow traveler” with the Islamic terrorists, and he proves it every day by what he DOES regarding them. Whenever something comes up regarding them, he decides in their favor.

RELEASING MORE MURDERERS: Obama appears to be gaining his goal to close GITMO, by releasing ALL the murderers and swelling the ranks of terrorists, worldwide. I guess he thinks people who kill people because they don’t believe the way they think they should, should not be punished, but should be let loose so they can go back and kill some more Americans. Not only has he released HUNDREDS of terrorists, but also he hasn’t imprisoned a SINGLE Islamic terrorist since he was elected. He’s a terrorist himself, and wants to help them every way he can without breaking his cover.

Friday, November 28, 2014

NRA Candidates: 90% Win

Doesn’t that tell you SOMETHING? Anybody who thinks a majority of people in this country are anti-gun need to see this, and figure out that the gun-grabbers are LYING to them, on a regular basis. They misstate and twist numbers regularly to make them say what they want. But they can’t argue with these numbers. These numbers clearly show the temper of the MAJORITY of Americans. And they can’t be twisted or “massaged,”. These people were either elected or not.

WHAT IS “CENTERIST?” People talk about only being able to be elected if you are a “centrist.” What does that mean to a Republican? It simply means you’re as much LIBERAL as you are conservative. The whole point is, that’s a FICTION invented by Democrats (liberals) to keep real conservatives out of office. And Republicans buy it. They “Get rid of” REAL candidates like Sarah Pakin and Bobby Jindal because they’re “too conservative.” Being “too conservative means those wishing for smaller government and fewer taxes, and allowing Americans to KEEP the rights the Founders thought they should keep. I call that “rational individualist.” That’s what I am.

├ôL’ JOE—“SHOOT THROUGH THE DOOR” That’s VP Joe Biden’s advice to people who think they are being attacked by home invaders. Never mind shooting through a door without knowing who is behind it is one of the stupidest things you can do. If you don’t believe it, just ask that legless celebrity who “accidentally” killed his girlfriend by (he says) “firing through the bathroom door at what I thought was an intruder.” Or ask the man who killed his wife in a similar fashion, thinking she was an intruder. Or any of the countless others who have killed their loved ones similarly. Joe is “gaffe” champion in this administration, and this is one of his worst.

FEDS INVESTIGATING FERGUSON: They want to know if Officer Wilson violated Brown’s civil rights when he shot him to stop him from killing him while resisting arrest for strong-arm robbery. The entire concept of filing federal charges in this case is typical federal stupidity and should not be allowed, anyway. He has already been absolved of responsibility in this case, but they want to file “different” charges covering the SAME facts. Yes, they are “different” charges, but are based on the SAME FACTS on which he was found NOT GUILTY. That’s double jeopardy in ANY man’s language.

THE REAL FERGUSON PROTESTERS: They're the “Occupy”movement.” Which means SOCIALISTS. They stick their noses in everything where they think they can advance their agenda. Those ugly face masks are a dead giveaway. They grab anything they can use to put proper authority in question. Niger Innis thinks it is the Republicans who are doing it, but that’s a serious twist of the facts. He IS right that it is OUTSIDE AGITATORS coming to Ferguson and “whipping up” racism. He also believes Brown’s death is his own fault, beginning with his “strong-arming” that store clerk to steal some cigars. It is said that Niger Innis represents the Tea Party, but I don’t think so. That’s the problem with the Tea Party. NO real “leader.” So ANYBODY can CLAIM to speak for them.

NOT EVEN EQUAL: The New York Times reporters who made Ferguson cop Darren Wilson’s home address public so those who want to kill him know where he and his family live, have had their own home addresses revealed. Big deal. There’s no comparison between the two. Nobody wants to kill them (except maybe some cops in Ferguson) like the demonstrators do Wilson. They were pretty stupid to reveal Wilson’s address, and to do so puts him (and his family) in real danger from the fools who cane to Ferguson to take advantage of the riots. But to reveal their home addresses is not in the same ballpark.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Democrat Racist Uses Race Card

Again. Democrat Bennie Thompson, well known black racist himself, says, “The only reason Republicans oppose President Obama’s policies is that he’s black.” Bennie forgets Obama was ELECTED, TWICE, by the same people he calls racist. He also forgets he is a black man in Congress BECAUSE of the votes of the very people he is slandering, MISSISSIPPI voters. They can never answer that one when they cry “racism.” To a Democrat, it’s always racism, when it is NOT. When they can't answer your questions, they just call you names and turn away.

HOW DID HE GET ELECTED? People like Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) keep saying the only reason people hate what Obama’s doing is because he’s black, which is a “round-about way” of saying this entire country is racist. Which begs the question: How did Obama get elected in the first place if we’re so racist? Let alone TWICE! How did many people like himself, a racist black man in Mississippi, even get elected to Congress? They can’t answer that question, so they “double down” on their racist crap. Their lack of logic and reason is breathtaking!

RACISM IN THE LAND: Yes, there IS “racism in the land” in America. But it is NOT the racism of white hatred toward blacks, as it was in the fifties (which I lived through, in the South), but today it is black hatred against whites. Yes, blacks might have good reason to be angry at those racists then. But people today are not responsible for the racism of the past. As an example: I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL, not as a group. My dad was a racist. Am I to blame for my DAD’S shortcomings? I don’t THINK so!

WISHES FOR A RACE WAR: Obama’s fondest wish is for a race war to break out in this country so he can “break out the big guns” and “put it down.” In doing so, he will have an excuse to confiscate the guns of ALL he “deems” to be racists, which, strangely enough, will be ALL of us. Including many blacks. Racism was almost GONE in this country until Obama came along and started blaming it for all his opposition. Now people (mostly blacks) are rioting in the streets, using the race riots in Ferguson, MO, as an excuse to riot, smash, and STEAL from honest businesspeople who had nothing to do with what happened there.

GINSBERG HAS HEART SURGERY: And people are making a lot of it. I’m sorry she had this happen (she IS over 80), but stents are very minor surgery. I’ve had several of them put in, and usually was back at work the next day, I have also had a quadruple bypass. That was a little more serious and I was out for months when that happened. I do applaud her staying to keep Obama from being able to appoint someone who is more liberal than she is to the court. Although at 81, I certainly wouldn’t want the responsibility of being a Supreme Court Justice. I’m only 77, but except for spending some time researching and typing, I’m not much good for anything else. Applause to her for taking it on!

SHARPTON ON TAXES: He says it’s all a “put-up job,” that he owes no CURRENT TAXES.” What he doesn’t mention is his millions of dollars in BACK TAXES he still owes, for which he most likely won’t be severely bothered as long as people like Obama are in the White House. Sharpie…er, uh, Sharpton is a “pull peddler” who DEPENDS on that “pull” to keep on doing his work as a “race whore,” making a lot of money “whipping up” racism where none exists, except from the black side.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Cops Can't Win

Liberals say “The cops are the provocation,” so they stay away sometimes, and thugs and criminals run riot and burn and steal and loot, and then the liberals say, “Where were you?” The cops can’t win. If they come in enough numbers to win the battle they get criticized. If they don’t, they get criticized because they stayed away, as requested. If they didn’t punish that cop for defending himself and doing his job, they get riots. If they do, they get riots. That’s how it is today in Ferguson, MO, where the thugs reign supreme.

PERJURY NOT PUNISHED: In Ferguson, many people committed perjury, and that perjury was ignored by the prosecution while it was proven to be perjury by the physical evidence. He told the press that he thought those witnesses truly THOUGHT they were telling the truth, so he made the conscious decision not to prosecute them. Talk about “running from the truth!” The perjury was provable and obvious, and the testimony was IMPOSSIBLE, but he won’t prosecute it. Talk about cowardly actions!
SHARPTON "TWISTS THE NEWS": An “infobabe” went to him and asked the question, “Do you think the police let Ferguson burn?” And he answered, “YES.” The fact that this answer completely ignored the fact that any “Ferguson burning” was done by BLACK demonstrators didn’t seem to matter to this “race whore.” All he wants to do is “whip up” racism so he can make money from it. Why he isn’t brought up on charges, I don’t know. Oh; yes I do know. He’s a close friend of the president and the current, but resigned Attorney General.

SCHOOL PUNISHES STUDENT: For inviting friends to attend a lecture outside of school because the subject MIGHT teach them something other than what the school teaches about evolution. They say it’s because the event is “religious in nature” and the invitations were given at school, where you’re not supposed to teach about religion today. Tell me about how teaching evolution vs. creationism ISN’T teaching about religion? That’s what the SCHOOL is doing. Only it’s teaching ANTI-religion.

STOPPING FERGUSON RIOTERS: Rampaging thugs in Ferguson, MO, torched many businesses, stealing everything they could get their hands on, most of those businesses owned by minorities who were not involved in the shooting of Michael Brown, the GIANT thug who was trying to get the cop’s gun so he could shoot him with it. “Witnesses” LIED when they said Brown “had his hands up.” That was denied by the physical evidence. But when rioters came to some stores defended by ARMED owners, they decided they didn’t want to get shot, and went somewhere else, where they weren’t faced by the guns of the defenders. They wanted easier targets.

NY TIMES WANTS COP DEAD: Why else would they PUBLISH the address where Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown, the giant thug who was trying to kill him than to make him and his innocent family TARGETS for the killers among the thugs rioting? Publishing the address of such people should be deemed BEYOND the First Amendment, and an incitement to MURDER. I’ve never liked NYT much, but now I actively believe they need to be prosecuted, and those who made that decision to publish Wilson’s address, making him a target for murder prosecuted for the felony of “inciting to MURDER.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It didn't Matter

Protesters promised “demonstrations,” no matter what the Grand Jury decided in Ferguson. They just want another opportunity to loot and destroy. The hoodlums have taken over in Ferguson. Hopefully, they’ll “run down” soon, though. They don’t get paid (maybe) to riot, but the cops get paid to “put it down.” They can do it as long as the fools do it. Demonstrators are mad because the people whose business they burned down before haven’t rebuilt so they can do it again. Too bad they didn’t cooperate.

YOU CAN WHIP ISIS: If you fight. Most Muslims ISIS terrorizes, are terrorized because they have no backbone and won’t fight. Just like Obama’s highly touted Iraqi Army “cut and ran” when ISIS came calling. I guess they learned it from Obama. He did it in Iraq, and he’s ready to do it in Afghanistan while claiming to have “ended two wars.” You can end a lot of wars by running away.

THEY FOUND LERNER’S E-MAILS: And most of the liberal media ignored it, unsurprisingly. Just like the liberal media is PROMOTING riots in Ferguson, they’re HIDING the facts in the Lerner case. She could get THIRTY YEARS IN PRISON and they’d STILL ignore it. Today’s liberal media is abysmally bad. They need to be sued for malpractice; for that’s what they’re guilty of.

DYSON ATTACKS GiULIANI: For telling the truth. I guess telling the truth about the black/white controversy is a “crime” if you disagree with the liberal mindset. MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson says Giuliani “has a white supremacist mindset” for bringing out the FACT that most blacks that are killed are killed by other blacks. It’s a basic TRUTH, but they don’t want to hear it. Giuliani should be THANKED for saving thousands of black lives,

THE OBSESSION OF THE WEEK: Ferguson, MO. Today’s news media obsesses on whatever story is the “big story of the week,” and this week it is Ferguson. And, of course, the thugs an criminals making the news cooperate and do their damnedest for the cameras. Last week it was Ebola. It was like there was NO other news in the world. Yes, I know; they have to “cover the news.” But they don’t have to obsess over it and go “wall-to-wall with it for days, even weeks. I’m really getting tired of hearing the word, “Ferguson,” and seeing the repeated pictures of crowds screaming and cars burning.

CAN’T SHOOT ‘EM, STARVE ‘EM: That’s what ISIS is doing. Remember the thousands of Iraqis who were trapped on top of a mountain? Thousands died, and the world did nothing but watch. The WORLD needs to get together and commit mayhem on ISIS, instead of just standing by and watching them murder thousands, while “marrying” six-year-olds, as the “Prophet Mohammed” did. These Islamic terrorists are the lowest scum on the face of the Earth, and A;LL need to be killed, in the most painful way.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Shouldn't Be A Consideration

In Ferguson, MO, the Grand Jury is trying to figure out whether or not to indict the cop who killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him and was “still coming,” after already injuring him. Now the former mayor of New York (who actually has nothing to do with it) says, “If that Grand Jury fails to indict that cop, they’re creating a giant riot.” What? No, the Grand Jury will NOT “create a riot,” out-of-control CRIMINALS will create a riot. The ONLY consideration here should be his guilt or innocence of murder. The possible actions of a mob should NEVER be a consideration. If they riot, handle it. Put them ALL in jail.

SMOKER? NO JOB FOR YOU! Centura Health now has a policy NOT to hire anybody who smokes or chews tobacco. It’s a typical example of the liberal owners of a large company telling people what they can, and cannot do on their OWN time. Another one is CVS Pharmacies, who have quit selling cigarettes, period. How long before they announce a similar hiring policy? I’m getting tired of liberals everywhere telling people what to do. I don’t smoke. I stopped 30 years ago. NO “help,” I just STOPPED one day because I saw this kind of stupidity coming and I wanted no part of it. Not because I believed their propaganda about “smoking dangers.” CVS and Centura health are now OFF my list of possible providers to me of ANYTHING, and I recommend the same for you.

FERGUSON SHOOTER TO RESIGN: The cop that killed that “giant thug” in self defense is resigning. I predicted he would some time ago. There is NO WAY this cop could ever be a cop again in Ferguson, Somebody’d KILL him while he’s on patrol. It’s too bad that a good cop has to quit because of the actions of a bunch of thugs. I just hope he can find a police agency somewhere that will quietly hire him and take advantage of his skills. We’re well rid of that thug he killed, who NEEDED killing, before HE killed somebody—if he hasn’t, already.

“PASS A BILL”: That’s what Obama says about Congress “questioning his authority” to do what he has done on immigration. Basically, he’s telling them to pass a bill that he likes, so he will sign it. Surrender, in other words. This arrogant ass thinks he’s a king, or an emperor. But he’s an ass who is too arrogant to be believed. Sorry to call him an “ass,” but that’s exactly what he is. Forget “respecting the office.” He has destroyed all “respect” the office of the president once had, by all his unconstitutional actions.

“RACIST WHITE SOUTHERNERS”: That’s who Democrats are blaming for their big losses in the last election. Democrats are good at blaming their setbacks on ANYTHING but reality. They’d have to blame Obama’s overreaching if they blamed reality. If they faced the truth, they MIGHT win some more elections as the only political party that always tells the truth. But, NO! They don’t even admit the truth to THEMSELVES! Which is why they’re now the minority party.

OBAMA FIRED HAGEL: Obama and now future former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel don’t see eye-to-eye on many things, and Hagel has said so, publicly. That’s a “kiss of death for a political appointee. You don’t disagree publicly with the president if you’re in an appointed position. Especially not THIS president, who brooks NO disagreement, on ANYTHING. So Hagel has been fired. Of course, they have made it look like he resigned, and was a “swell” secretary.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Smoker? No Job for You!"

Centura Health now has a new policy NOT to hire anybody who smokes or chews tobacco. It’s a typical example of the liberal owners of a large company, telling people what they can, and cannot do on their OWN time. Another one is CVS Pharmacies, who have quit selling cigarettes, period. How long before they announce a similar hiring policy? I’m getting tired of liberals everywhere telling people what to do. I don’t smoke. I stopped 30 years ago. NO “help,” I just STOPPED one day because I saw this kind of stupidity coming and I wanted no part of it. Not because I believed their propaganda about “smoking dangers.” They haven't proven it to me. CVS and Centura health are now OFF my list of possible providers to me of ANYTHING, and I recommend the same for you.

FERGUSON SHOOTER TO RESIGN: The cop that killed that “giant thug” in self defense is resigning. I predicted he would some time ago. There is NO WAY this cop could ever be a cop again in Ferguson, Somebody’d KILL him while he’s on patrol. It’s too bad that a good cop has to quit because of the actions of a bunch of thugs. I just hope he can find a police agency somewhere, that will quietly hire him and take advantage of his skills. We’re well rid of that thug he killed, who NEEDED killing, before HE killed somebody—if he hasn’t, already.

“PASS A BILL”: That’s what Obama says about Congress “questioning his authority” to do what he has done on immigration. Basically, he’s telling them to pass a bill that he likes, so he will sign it--or else. Surrender, in other words. This arrogant ass thinks he’s a king, or an emperor. But he’s an ass who is too arrogant to be believed. Sorry to call him an “ass,” but that’s exactly what he is. Forget “respecting the office.” He has destroyed all “respect” the office of the president once had by all his unconstitutional actions.

COSBY’S LOOKING GUILTY: When he was asked about old allegations that he drugged and raped several women by an AP reporter during an interview, he not only refused to comment on the story, he attempted to bully the reporter into not reporting about it, by attacking his “integrity” for even asking the question. The more he refuses to address it, while trying to bully people into not reporting about it, the more guilty he looks At first, I was reluctant to believe it, but as time goes on, I’m coming around. Bill Cosby doesn’t get to decree what constitutes “integrity.”

WORRIED ABOUT WOMEN’S ATTIRE: It was just noticed that one TV anchor wore the same suit for a long time and it went unnoticed. Like “Matlock,” he probably had a closetful of identical suits—or not. Meanwhile, they talk about what the women wear, all the time. It’s not surprising, considering how LITTLE the women wear. It’s almost like they’re vying to be showing a little more leg than the others. So we notice. Who cares what men wear? They don’t titillate us with their attire.

“I HAVE THE AUTHORITY!” That’s what emperor Obama says, even though he DOESN’T “have the authority” to “admistratively” do what is given SOLELY to the CONGRESS to do, make laws. Just saying it will not make it so. It’s like a kid “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping if he says it often enough, it will become true. Of course, when Obama says ANYTHING, we all know it MUST be a LIE. He would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better, But that’s Obama; “liar in chief.”

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sitting Cross-Legged?

The world is going to hell in a hand basket with Islamic terrorists raping, beheading, and otherwise murdering people who don’t believe in their brand of Islam, and threatening to do it here. Obama is spending our money as fast as he can while “legalizing” illegal aliens as fast as he can to get their votes for Democrats, and “running guns” to Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists. Liberals are now worried about men who sit in subways with their legs spread. Damn! THIS is what is their biggest concern? Their priorities are WAY out of whack.

MOB RULE IN FERGUSON: The mobs are ready. As soon as the Grand Jury decision comes out clearing that cop of a crime in the killing of a “giant” thug who was trying to kill him, they’re going to riot. They KNOW he isn’t going to be indicted for murder, so they’re ready. This is “mob rule” at its worst. I’m sure glad I don’t live there, where the “mob” rules. I’d have to kill a few. Of course, this is only possible because Obama is on THEIR side.

IMPEACHMENT “OFF THE TABLE”: The Republicans have SAID they will NOT IMPEACH Obama. Which is a signal to him that he can gleefully break the law in any way he so desires without repercussion. So now he is going to ILLEGALLY “legalize” millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS and then “go get” their kids at OUR EXPENSE. And nobody will do anything about it. Maybe we’ve had some CRIMINAL presidents before, but this one is making it so OBVIOUS it can’t be denied. And the Republicans are allowing it!.

ANTI-GUN HYSTERIA: School officials suspended this 10-year-old boy for having a “dangerous weapon,” his FINGER. He pointed his finger close to two other students and made “laser noises” with his mouth, and they told the principal they “felt threatened.” So they suspended him “because they felt threatened.” This is yet another example of the “anti-gun hysteria” that abounds in this country today, fueled by liberal gun-grabbers.

“DON’T DO IT TO ME”: In another example of “I’ll do it to you, buy don’t you do it to me,” Harry Reid, who allowed NO AMENDMENTS to bills when he controlled the Senate. (Hell, he didn’t even allow any House-passed BILLS to get beyond his desk!), is now telling Republicans not to do it to him. Talk about arrogance of action! He denies Republicans the right to attach amendments to bills, and “buries” the ones they DO pass, then demands they allow them for HIM. Harry never ceases to amaze me with his arrogance, and his stupidity.

EQUAL, OPPOSITE REACTION: All actions result in opposite, but equal reactions; A school cop was trying to break up a fight between students, and one took a swing and hit him in the face. He hit the student back, obviously much harder. Now the student’s parents want action to be taken against him, but failed. The “school authorities,” for once acting intelligently, said his action was appropriate under the circumstances. I agree. You hit a man in the mouth; you can expect to be hit in return; sometimes a lot harder.

Friday, November 21, 2014

21 Is Too Young!

This college student has proven yet again that 21 years is too young for kids to be allowed to vote. They haven’t been “on this Earth” long enough to know ANYTHING. All they’ve heard is the propaganda put out by liberals (Democrats mostly, who are socialists.) and liberal college professors (who are overwhelmingly socialist, and some are former [former?] terrorists). And I’m sure the bulk of them voted Obama into office, believing every lie he told them. This Dartmouth student is “concerned” about free speech. And he thinks the government can “make it all better” with CENSORSHIP! Is that stupid, or WHAT? Free speech is free speech. You do NOT attain it by BANNING any kind of speech, even “hate speech.”

BEEYOOTIFUL SPEECH! Some liberals are saying that about Obama’s speech, in which he announced he was going to violate the Constitution (again), but I disagree. And I’m not a Republican. I’m CERTAINLY not a Democrat. I’m a “rational individualist,” and his speech made me physically ILL. Of course, ANY speech by this fool does that. But this one did it more. Maybe in a couple of tears, we won’t be forced to listen to such babbling from him any more. Although I’m sure there are other politicians (on both sides) who will happily do the same.

OBAMA GOING TO NEVADA TO SIGN EO: You’ve no doubt heard Obama tell the nation he is going to sign an ILLEGAL executive order “legalizing” millions of ILLEGAL aliens. And he’s going to NEVADA (at our expense, of course) to sign it. Why he couldn’t have signed that illegal executive order in DC at NO cost to us, I don’t know. I guess he just wants to do EVERYTHING in the most expensive way possible.

IMMIGRATION “BROKEN?” That's a fool notion. Obama says it is, and, as usual, he’s LYING. It’s only “broken” by the fact that he REFUSES to enforce it, or to ALLOW the people CHARGED with enforcing it, to do so. In fact, when Arizona passed a law DEMANDING he endorce them, he SUED them. The only reason the immigration system is “broken” is because of OBAMA. And now he wants to act ILLEGALLY to “fix” the problem HE caused.

“PASS A BILL!”: In his speech, the other night, he told Congress basically, “If you don’t like what I’m doing, pass a bill I like, and I’ll sign it.” Which means, he thinks they should abjectly SURRENDER to him and make a law HE LIKES to keep him from breaking the law. That displays monumental arrogance. Congress is NOT there to submit to his wishes. They are a “co-equal” part of government, put there to make sure presidents don’t DO the kinds of things he has been doing. Basically, he’s saying, “I’m the king, you just follow my orders!” Somebody needs to “slap him down.”

GETTING AHEAD OF IT: “Tensions are high in Ferguson, MO.” That’s because they KNOW that the law doesn’t agree with the mob that that cop who killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him is guilty of murder. They believe he was simply doing his job. It doesn’t matter if the kid had a weapon or not. As big as he was, HE was a weapon. And the only way to stop him was to KILL him. So they’re ready to riot, again, if they don't get their way..

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who Decided?

They say now that the United States ranks BELOW 20 other countries on “personal freedoms.” What are these people SMOKING? Who ARE they? And what criteria are they using? Maybe we aren’t as “free” as we used to be, but I don’t know of ANY other country that allows its citizens as much freedom as we do. I think this is just proof that you can make figures say ANYTHING you want them to say, by asking questions that will get the answers you want or just misstating what you got.

 “STOLEN FROM THE POOR”: That’s a popular liberal “flight of fancy,” that the “rich” got that way by “stealing from the poor.” Which begs the question: “How do you steal from people who have nothing?” You can’t steal from the poor because they have NOTHING to steal! But that’s something liberals ignore. Just as they ignore the importance of PROFIT in making this country “go around.” They never tell you that SOMEBODY must make a profit in order for them to LOOT them of some of it in order to give it to the “second-handers” (leeches) of society who simply want a “free ride” at the expense of others.

DISARMING BORDER CONTROL AGENTS: Obama is “taking weapons away” from Border Control Agents “for maintenance,” witho0ut replacing them, forcing the agents to do their dangerous job against well-armed Mexican drug smugglers (many armed with weapons OBAMA sent them during “Fast & Furious”) who have no compunction about shooting and killing unarmed border agents. Then you add his “rules of engagement” that makes them give the smugglers the “first shot” before using the guns that they HAVE, and you see he is condemning many of them to death.

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED? That in shows like “Dancing With the Stars,” men are fully dressed, while the women wear the skimpiest outfits guaranteed to let watchers see what is really too much of their bodies as they dance? That looks like an obvious double-standard, to me. Not that I’m complaining. I like to look at the female body just as much as any man. But why women go along with this is beyond me, unless they LIKE their bodies being displayed in this manner. As with that woman who went out to an area where she KNEW she would be whistled at and suffer cat-calls, so she could complain about it on her web site, where she bragged about her breast size. I wonder: do they REALLY hate that?

TRASHING THE CONSTITUTION: Barack Hussein Obama is going to go on television tonight and announce that he is going to commit a CRIME. And he doesn’t CARE what we think about it, as long as HE controls the means of prosecution for his MANY crimes. He is NOT an emperor or a dictator. He has NO POWER to make millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS legal citizens able to vote Democrat in the next election. He is doing this as a “lame duck” politician to help DEMOCRATS get elected in 2016 and beyond because we KNOW those “legalized” will vote for the party of the president who made them “legal” citizens. This man is a CRIMINAL who should be taken from the Oval Office in CHAINS, prosecuted, and IMPRISONED.

ANOTHER “GUN-FREE ZONE” SHOOTING: Two people have been shot at a Florida university. As you know, colleges are schools, and thus are “gun-free zones.” But what difference does that make to somebody who wants to commit mass murder if he breaks a silly little law like bringing a gun into a “gun-free zone?” How many times must people DIE before the “gun grabbers” get it? The number is probably endless because they just want to “disarm America” to make us easier to control as they take away more and more of our rights and tax us to the hilt.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

He Told the TRUTH!

And that’s a “serious crime” for a Democrat. We all know they write bills in such a way that NOBODY could understand them, IF they even bothered to READ them before voting them into law. We also know that Democrats (and even some Republicans) think voters are STUPID. But Jonathan Gruber has PROVED it. So now they don’t even know who he IS. And I’d bet he will get no more million dollar contracts to help them to fool the people. Just for the record, it was DEMOCRATS who voted that into law, without ANY help from Republicans, or anybody else. Now who’s stupid?

LOW-VOLUME POTTY: I have one of those “low-volume potties” required by the feds to “save water.” Every time I use it, I have to flush it TWICE to get the job done, sometimes THREE TIMES. How much water do you suppose that saves us? It’s like water is a “destroyable thing.” It is NOT. You can’t “destroy” water. All you can do is change its form. Like from liquid to steam, which is still liquid, but in another form. Is this STUPID, or what? Talk about incompetence!

GRUBER WAS RIGHT: Obama has a lot of people convinced that carbon dioxide is a “greenhouse gas” and needs to be done away with. Never mind carbon dioxide is a “naturally occurring” substance we EXHALE when we breathe out, and which plants NEED to survive. It CANNOT be reduced, or eliminated. We’d all DIE if they were ever able to do it, and so would plants. The same people who voted Obama into office TWICE, are the ones who BELIEVE this crap. And that’s worth $BILLIONS to the swindlers, including Obama. And Obama IS a swindler, of the first water.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: One of the stupidest parts of Obamacare is their insistence on covering pre-existing conditions. Whoever first thought of that is a damned fool! Any insurance company that covers things that were Wrong with you BEFORE you bought your insurance is courting bankruptcy. With such coverage, it is no longer “insurance,” it is WELFARE. They could wait until they get, say, cancer, THEN buy insurance and have the insurance cover it. But even people who SHOULD know better think it should be covered.

DAMNED FOOL JUDGES: A girl sued her parents to force them to pay for her college—and WON! What kind of damned fool liberal judge ruled on THAT? We need some way to correct judges when they make such rulings, that “give the finger” to common sense, and themselves violate the law. Lately, I’ve seen some liberal judges do some really stupid things, but this one takes the cake. I wouldn’t have DREAMED I’d ever be able to FORCE my parents to pay for my college, and I never had enough extra money to pay for it for my kids. And if a judge ordered me to, I guess I’d have to tell him to “screw off,” and let the state pay all my living expenses for a while.

IT WAS NOT AN EXECUTIVE ORDER: Democrats really DO think you’re stupid. Now they’re saying Regan signing LEGISLATION to legalize thousands of illegal aliens was the same thing Obama is going to be doing by issuing an EXECUTIVE ORDER to do the same thing. They really expect us to BELIEVE that crap, that signing legislation is the same as issuing an executive order. And many Americans, those who pay NO attention to politics and never learned how this government is set up, will believe it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Not Deceptively Marketed"

Obama says “Obamacare was not deceptively marketed,” which, in Obamaspeak, means it WAS. As you know, anything Obama says is a LIE. So if he says the guy who DESIGNED Obamacare says it was, he MUST be lying. You know how it is: we’re supposed to believe Obama’s lies over anyone else’s. He’s the most brazen liar there is. Mostly because he doesn’t give a damn about what we think.

I’D LOVE TO SEND HIM: A misguided Canadian wrote a letter, in which he asked us to send Obama to Canada. I can’t believe anybody wants him, but they ARE already socialists, so he must be a good role model for them. If the decision were mine, I’d send him in a “New York minute” (And I'd send Joe along with him). Unfortunately, that decision isn’t mine, so he’ll stay here and bedevil us for another couple of years until we can get rid of this “boil on our butt,” hopefully without a lot of permanent damage.

NOTHING TO SAY, NOW: Professor Jonathan Gruber had a “big mouth” when he told the truth about how deceptively the Obamacare bill was written so as to confuse people and how they “depended on the stupidity of the American voter,” but had nothing to say when he was “cornered” by a Fox News reporter and asked to verify his statements. Obviously, he has had “the riot act” read to him by Obama (or one of his accomplices) and told to “zip it´ or he will not get any more million dollar contracts.

OBAMA TO VETO PIPELINE: Obama says, “If the Keystone Pipeline bill, just passed by the House, ever reaches my desk, I will veto it. That pipeline will solve ALL our economic problems, create thousands of new jobs, create a big boom in business, and make it easier for us to sell OUR oil to the world. And he’s going to veto it. It will do noting but GOOD THINGS for us, but he’s going to veto it. But the way the timing goes, it will come back to the Congress AFTER the new senators have been seated, and that will give them a “veto-proof” congress.

SHOOT ‘EM ON SIGHT: It has come to the point where Islamic terrorists should no longer have ANY rights when confronted by Americans who catch them in the act. We should no longer “play around” with them, and treat them better than they treat Americans when they capture them. No, I don’t recommend we behead them, but I DO recommend we kill them on sight, if they’re caught in the act, or if we have proof (I don’t mean court proof) they ARE Islamic terrorists. And for their leaders, seek them OUT and kill them. NO trials, no imprisonment, just KILL them. It’s what they’d do to us, if they could.

OBAMA “STOLE” FROM GRUBER: Obama proudly, when still a senator, loudly praised Professor Jonathan Gruber by NAME, and told people he “liberally stole ideas” from him in crafting the Obamacare law. But today, he says he doesn’t have any idea who he is (after he committed the biggest crime a liberal Democrat could, by telling the truth about how we were deceived, and how STUPID they think we are). Of course, we all know that’s a lie, because it comes out of the mouth of the biggest liar in the land. Bigger than Bill Clinton, bigger than Nancy Peelosi, and bigger than Harry Reid (but not by much).

Monday, November 17, 2014

Obama Brazenly Lies Again!

A reporter asked him if he lied to America when he told them they could keep their doctor and rates would go down under Obamacare, and he answered an unequivocal “no.” Even though he KNEW that reporter, and everyone else knew he was lying. It amazes me how he lies so easily, without even hesitating. Most people have a “tell” when they’re lying. Obama doesn’t. Lying comes so easily to him, it’s nothing different. Nancy Peelosi and Harry Reid are the same. Lying is so common for them, no “tell” is possible.

OBAMA FIFTH BEST? Obama has been named the fifth best president in history by a recent Texas A & M study. Which further proves that Professor who said Americans are STUPID was right. And all the stupid people are Democrats. It really amazes me how STUPID people can be, while thinking themselves “the smartest person in the room.” No wonder they voted for a career criminal like Obama TWICE. They’re too STUPID to know any better. The thing that ASSURES me of their stupidity is that they rated Jimmy Carter FOURTH. Neither of these fools should have even been on the list if it was made up by INTELLIGENT people.

TURKEY FREES ATTACKERS: Remember that unwarranted attack on four US sailors in turkey? The Turkey cops “arrested” the perpetrators of the attack, but soon released them, without charges, and without even questioning them. This in a country that is SUPPOSED to be “our ally.” I think they’re just PRETENDING to be our ally for the money Obama sends them. Their actions tell the REAL tale. The video has been scrubbed from YouTube and every other place except one. Doesn’t that tell you something? By the way: the liberal media ignored this story. Both times.

THE MERCY RULE: You know, that stupid invention of the “second-hander.” That rule made up by those who can’t seem to win, whatever they do, to keep themselves from being TOO embarrassed by being outscored so badly people wonder why they’re even in the game? It’s dangerous for those who ARE better. If they “slow down” to keep from getting too far ahead, they could lose their rhythm and give the idiots a chance to get around them. I say, just score whatever you can, and the losers will just have to suffer.

GIVING IN TO THE MOB: Looks like the Grand Jury in Ferguson, MO, has refused to give in to the mobs. They returned a “no bill” in the effort to criminalize that cop for defending himself from a large thug who was trying to kill him. The thug was so big, he could have easily killed that cop with his bare hands if the cop hadn’t shot him. I understand that the thug wasn’t even slowed down by the first couple of shots. In a case like that, you just keep shooting until he stops moving, if you’re smart. So it didn’t really make any difference that he didn’t have a gun. If the cop hadn’t killed HIM, the cop probably would be the dead one. But the mob doesn’t care.

WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Do you believe the evidence of your own eyes or what Obama says? What a dumb question that is, but it is essentially what Democrats are asking when they say “Obamacare is working.” Obamacare is NOT working. Not by what its VICTIMS say and think, anyway! People who were PROMISED that “if they like their plan, they can keep it” have their plan cancelled, then have to pay twice as much for a new plan that isn’t nearly as good as the old one, and has deductibles in the THOUSANDS of dollars, making it USELESS as insurance know it is NOT WORKING. But Obama and his fellow con men/women keep saying it’s working, hoping we will come to believe it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obama's Going Nuts!

He has nothing else to lose. He can’t be legally re-elected again, so unless he REALLY pulls something criminal, in two years (or less) he’s gone, as president. So he’s going to do everything he thinks he can get away with to “get his revenge” on the American people for whipping him so badly. You already know he signed the UN gun treaty and hopes to enforce it on us illegally. But I think he’s going to go even further and use it as an excuse for even more illegal “gun control.” He’s going to leave the American government in such a mess, it’ll take YEARS to “clean it all up.” And we thought Clinton had left us a mess!

RUSSIA “UNFAILY TARGETED?” Vladmir Putrid—er, uh, Putin wants to leave that big multi-nation meeting he's attending because he thinks Russia is being “unfairly targeted.” Really? Didn’t Russians (or those TRAINED by Russians) shoot down a passenger airline, killing hundreds of innocent people while he was unlawfully trying to take over yet another country? “Unfairly targeted?” I don’t THINK so/ Like most bloody dictators, he thinks he can do no wrong, and ANY criticism is “unfair.” He’s a damned fool, but, like Obama, he has conned his way into a powerful position. One of the most powerful of ANY criminal.

LOOK YOU IN THE EYE: And LIE. It just amazes me how Obama can look you right in the eye and lie to you with a straight face when he KNOWS you know the truth. I’ve known a lot of liars in my time, but none who were more brazen than Barack Hussein Obama. You sit there wondering if you’ll EVER be able to afford health insurance again, and he tells you all about how all their prices are going down. Meanwhile, they move into the stratosphere and deductibles rise precipitously, as well. And Obama continues to tall you they’re going down. Amazing!

DON’T THEY HAVE ENOUGH MOSQUES? Muslims were praying in what was ostensibly a CHRISTIAN church (how'd THAT happen?), the “National Cathedral, and a single Christian woman’s voice was heard to say, “Christ is Lord.” So the Muslims threw her out, saying we need more “religious tolerance” while they display NONE. Christians are not even ALLOWED in Muslim mosques. How’s THAT for “religious tolerance?”

ISIS BEHEADS ANOTHER INNOCENT MAN: How long are we going to let these subhuman buttholes do these things? They think they can do this kind of thing without retaliation? Well, I guess they can, with a coward like Obama as president. But it’s going to end, soon, as a real human being takes over in January of 2016. I think Muslims should be banned from entering the United States and all those here be deported. Those who DEMONSTRATE their fealty to Islamic terrorism should be SHOT on sight. No trials, no rights, no imprisonment. Islamic terrorists have rejected their rights by what they do. Islam is NOT a “religion.” It’s a political organization PRETENDING to be a religion for the “perks” we give religions.

OBAMA (AND PEELOSI) DIDN’T KNOW HIM: I guess that’s why they paid him $400,000.00 while the states paid him up to $2 million dollars for designing that swindle known as Obamacare. That’s what Obama (and Peelosi) say about professor Jonathan Gruber, the only Democrat who is telling the truth today, when he says he thinks we’re STUPID. So does Obama (and Peelosi), but he (and she) still lies about it (and everything else). Now Gruber says we’re racist. I guess he just couldn’t keep with the truth. That must be hard for a Democrat.

THE “RACE CARD,” AGAIN: Jonathan Gruber now says the only reason for us to not like Obamacare is that we’re racists. I was wondering when he’d get around to that. That’s the “fall-back position” for all Democtats (liberals) today. If you disagree with them, they ignore the good reasons for doing so, and accuse you of racism, hoping to end the argument. But that no longer works. They’ve been using it for so long, nobody cares any more if they accuse them of racism. A racism charge now means we have WON the argument.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Peelosi Lies Again

After professor Gruber, chief architect for Obamacare, told us how stupid we were, and how they HAD to lie to us to get Obamacare passed, she is now trying HARD to “distance herself” from him after praising him to the skies, earlier. Now she claims to not even know who he is. This is typical of the lies Democrats tell. And, oh, the liberal media is ignoring the whole thing. Unfortunately for them, the “alternative media” is not. I applaud the professor for telling the truth, for once.

OBAMA==NO GROUND TROOPS: Obama has said many times that he will NOT send ground troops to fight ISIS. So you can depend on the fact that he WILL send in ground troops soon, with all the attendant excuses. He keeps saying, “No boots on the ground.” Does that mean he will send them in barefoot? There’s one sure way for Obama to tell you truthfully what he is going to do. Just listen to what he says and know just the OPPOSITE is the truth.

‘ONE WRENCH”: Talk about lousy planning! There’s a specific wrench needed to adjust nuclear warheads in the United states, and we have only ONE of them. If it is needed at any of the sites containing nuclear missiles, they need to FedEx it to the location—IF they can remember which site has it. Obama will probably criticize Fox News for “letting the cat out of the bag, but that’s not the point. ONE WRENCH, for EVERY nuclear location in the United States? That’s incompetence personified. That’s the point. Hegel says each base now has its OWN wrench, and will soon have TWO! Imagine that!

RATIONING BOARD: Obama has set up a “rationing board” of “academics” to decide what you can get, medical-wise.” For instance, they “don’t recommend routine colonoscopies for people over 76.” Therefore, they will not pay for it under any circumstances. Therefore, insurance companies will not provide it. Sarah Palin was right! Obama has lost no time in creating this “rationing board, “quietly.” I still think Sarah should be the Republican nominee for president in 2016, regardless of what liberals say about her. Or maybe BECAUSE of it.

“FROM COLD, DEAD HANDS”: Cops in Buffalo, NY, are planning to go to the homes of people who have died and “confiscate” (steal) their lawfully-owned guns “to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.” It’s illegal for them to do so, but apparently they don’t care. This legitimizes the people who don’t like gun registration because it gives cops LISTS of gun owners when the time comes for them to come and take our guns.

“WE NEED MORE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS”: That’s a comment made by Seattle Democrat gun-grabbing billionaire Nick Hanauer on his Facebook page. It was taken down quickly as the pressure against this foolish comment increased. He said he took it down because the pro-gunners look for this kind of thing to promote their agenda. He’s right. We DO look for gun grabbers’ stupid statements to show what they’re made of. We like to show how they think. It’s called, “truth,” folks.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Elbow In the Face

I watched the video of the American sailors being assaulted by some Turkish demonstrators, and their response amazed me. If that one guy had put a bag over my head, he’d have quickly gotten my elbow in his face as hard as possible, then my knee in his gonads. I’d have probably gotten the hell beat out of me by those Turkish cowards, but at least, I would not have turned and run. I don’t fault those sailors. They probably have orders not to “engage” such people with such as Obama in charge. He's "chickensh-t that way. But as far as I’m concerned, Obama can go to hell.

OBAMA “GIVES AWAY THE STORE”: That’s what he did in communist China when he made an “agreement” with them that required NOTHING of them for the next 16 years while requiring us to significantly reduce our carbon emissions, right now. This is going to cost us a BUNDLE, while costing the communist Chinese NOTHING. If that isn’t “giving away the store,” I don’t know what is. If this is what Obama does after LOSING an election, I wonder what he would have done of he had WON.

OBAMA BELIEVES GLOBAL WARMING: Global warming, under whatever name AlGore chooses to use to describe his billion dollar swindle, has been DISPROVED so many times, and in so many ways, only the STUPID still believe in it. Or they aren’t so much stupid as they recognize it as a way for them to con us out of a lot of money, true or not. People like Barack Obama, who SHOULD know better, but doesn’t. He’s using it to get $billions from the communist Chinese.

“WHO CAN BEAT HILLARY?” That’s a question being asked, even by conservatives today, which paints a picture that she is unbeatable. She ISN’T. She’s EMINENTLY beatable with all her “negatives,” which are LED by her letting four Americans be murdered in Benghazi when she COULD have done something about it if Obama would have let her. Any Secretary of state who was not allowed to rescue our people should have resigned on the spot, and gone public.

“OBAMA ENDED TWO WARS”: Yeah, right! He ended them by “cutting and running” from the battlefield with the job undone. ISIS has taken advantage of that, and now controls a large portion of Iraq, raping, beheading, and otherwise murdering adults and CHILDREN. He’s about to do the same thing in Afghanistan, which will allow the Taliban (under whatever name they choose to use) do the same. What kind of damned fool IS Obama? No kind of a fool. It’s working just like he planned it.

RE-ELECTING THEIR FOOLS: The Congress has re-elected Nancy Peelosi and Harry Reid as (now) Minority Leaders in both the Senate and the House. I wonder how stupid you have to be to be rejected by Democrats? These two were absolutely the most responsible (outside of Obama’s policies) for their misfortunes, yet they re-elect them. What damned fools Democrats are! It’s no wonder how quickly voters learn of their incompetence and reject them, out of hand. Apparently, Democrats in Congress aren’t that smart.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Honest Democrat?

That MIT professor who was a primary architect of that massive swindle, Obamacare, has publicly ADMITTED that they PURPOSELY wrote the law in such a murky manner that anybody reading it would not understand it, and LIED repeatedly about its contents, in order to get it passed, KNOWING that if the truth about its contents came out, it would NOT be passed. He was probably wrong, considering the extent of voter fraud, both in Congress, and in the public, but I applaud his honesty. It’s probably the FIRST honesty shown by a Democrat in the history of this country.

THOSE “POOR ISLAMICS” ATTACK AGAIN: The Palestinians complain about the way the Israelis treat them. I wonder why (sarcasm ON). All they do is fire hundreds of rocket bombs indiscriminately into Israel every day. Then the kidnap and murder Israeli teens. Why in the world would Israelis treat them badly? Personally, I think the Israelis treat them far better than they deserve. Yes, many Palestinians work side-by-side with Israelis, even though I’m sure even they hate all Jews. But those who kill Israelis should be summarily executed—on the spot. Don’t speak to me of rights. Islamic terrorists should HAVE no rights. They’re EVIL!

“BRING HIM BACK": Breitbart reports that A grieving father asked Obama to bring his slain son back to life by issuing an executive order to do so. This shows why that MIT professor who was the principal architect of Obamacare thinks Americans are STUPID. That’s because some of us ARE. What kind of STUPID would make anybody think something like this is possible? That’s beyond stupid to INCREDIBLY STUPID!

DIDN’T TAKE ‘EM LONG: Something like 25 years ago, when Reagan was in charge, we had a strong, respected government. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep Reagan in office. We had to turn it over to George Bush (the elder), who fell for the Democrat’s promise that if he raised taxes, even after he promised not to, they’d do something for him. They didn’t. So he lost the election to a Democrat, and even though his son had eight years in power in the interim, Democrats lost no time in destroying what Reagan had built. Now they’re making it worse.

REDSKINS STRIKE BACK: The owner of the “Redskins” team has filed a lawsuit against the five “native Americans” who testified before the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office and got them to remove his right to use the long-used trademark of his team, for spurious reasons. Frankly, I believe the trademark office was not legally empowered to do such a thing. All they are in business to do is to RECOGNIZE the original right to the trademark, and that nobody else had the right to use it, not as a “nickname,” but as a matter of business. For them to steal that trademark is THIEVERY, and they are the thieves. But they don’t care about that—they’re the GOVERNMENT! That shows the arrogance that abounds in DC.

“ONE BULLET AT A TIME”: I sent out a Tweet the other day that’s probably going to get me in trouble with the stupid liberals in DC who have NO sense of humor. Only in DC can they make a JOKE into a “terrorist threat.” I answered another Tweet that asked the question, “What will you do when they come after your guns?” My answer was, “Give them to them, one bullet at a time.” I will not be at all surprised if several black-suited men wearing aviation-style sunglasses show up on my doorstep to “take me to task” for it. They’re THAT stupid.