Thursday, January 21, 2016

Will "Ol' Joe" Run?

Rumor is that if Hillary is indicted for her many crimes, “Ol' Joe” Biden will take her place. The pressure to indict her is mounting and may become irresistible, and they don't want Bernie any more than we do. Whosis either. They both were just “pretend candidates,” anyway. Just to make us think somebody actually was able to give her any competition within the Democrat Party. If it does happen, the Democrats are DOOMED, for sure. They may be, anyway, because of Obama's excesses.

THEY STILL THINK IT'S “CONTAINED”: One of Obama's most dangerous delusions is his belief, against all evidence, that ISIS is “contained.” He maintains that IGNORANT belief in spite of a preponderance of evidence to the contrary. Now he says that, “Since they're 'contained,' we can now turn our attention to the real war against gender-specific titles,” as if that were something important. Is it really important for men and boys to be able to pee in the same room with girls and women?

SCARBOROUGH IS A FOOL: Joe Scarborough says Sarah Palin should “go back to Alaska.” Many people who are much more intelligent than that fool think her support of Trump is a really GOOD thing. The reason many Republicans think she is a dunce is that McCain, after her first speech at the convention, kept her from being able to say what she really thought, which is probably why he was so soundly crushed. Scarborough and people who think like he does ought to SHUT UP so as not to reveal their IGNORANCE.

AND MEDIA YAWNS: After they found a “Fast *& Furious” .50 cal. Rifle in the home of that (formerly) escaped drug kingpin in Mexico, you'd expect the media to be interested, wouldn't you? Well, they're not. Finding that gun in his armory, considering it's origin, is a complete “yawner” to the liberal media because it would make Obama look bad—and they can't have that. “The fix is in.” They will not print ANY story that might make the “king” look bad. We thought press censoring was bad in communist Russia, but that was “top down” control by the government. This is VOLUNTARY self-censorship by the liberal media, itself!

DON'T VOTE FOR BERNIE: Even if you're a Democrat. Aside from the fact that he's an ADMITTED “died-in-the-wool SOCIALIST,' he wants to institute give-away programs that total $196 TRILLION in NEW tax hikes. If you think only Republicans will be paying for this, think again. EVERYBODY will be paying for it. Socialism is AGAINST everything America believes in. It is based on THEFT from the producer of new wealth, to give to the DRONES of society. Don't let it gain a foothold here, under any circumstances.

DEBBIE'S INCREDIBLE LIE: Debbie Wasserman Schultz tells a lot of lies, and this one is one of the biggest. She must really think we're all STUPID if we'll believe her when she says the Democrat debate schedule was “designed to maximize exposure.” Really? They go out of their way to HIDE them so as few people as possible will hear their socialistic policy pipe-dreams. And she thinks we can't SEE that? She's the one who is STUPID. It begins to look like even her FRIENDS want to get rid of her. It couldn't happen too soon.

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