Sunday, July 31, 2011

Right Out of "Atlas Shrugged"

An Alabama businessman told Obama, “I quit.” And many others are also quitting without a lot of fanfare. They’re tired of working and earning money and having it stolen from them by the liberals in this government. Soon, there will be more and more people stop using their brains to enrich the world while liberals penalize them for it, tax them at higher rates, and frankly STEAL their earnings. I did it a long time ago. All I do now that requires brain power is to tell the truth about what liberals are doing, for the few that listen and DO something about it.

MICHELLE OLBAMA HAS NO POWER: She spends a lot of time knocking things like McDonald’s “Happy Meals,” and McDonald’s, true to form, have responded by putting only half as many fries in a “Happy Meal” and adding some apples. They didn’t have to do that because Obama’s wife is just that: Obama’s wife. She holds NO “official office” and has NO power to enforce her “dictates.” McDonald’s should probably ignore her rants.

WEAK RESPONSE: White House press flack Jay Carney has gotten so tired of being “called” on his weak responses about Obama’s economic plan (or lack of it) that he now relies on cheap personal attacks on members of the press corps (not “corpse”). Resorting to name-calling to avoid answering uncomfortable questions is a normal Democrat system. Most especially Fox reporters, which the White House hates with a passion. Fact is, Obama HAS no “plan,” though he claims to have one he won’t “detail.”

CARNEY SAYS OBAMA WINNING: He says it, but he can’t “detail” the ways in which Obama IS “winning.” Mostly because Obama is NOT “winning,” although he wants people to THINK he is. He hopes maybe to ACTUALLY win that way, by convincing the malleable press he is.

THE ONLY PROVEN WAY TO INCREASE REVENUE: Tax reduction. It has done so EVERY time it has been tried. Reagan did it and not only almost DOUBLED the “tax take” in the next few years, it created one of the longest lasting, SUSTAINED economic booms we’ve seen in recent years. Increasing taxes has consistently REDUCED the “tax take” every time IT has been tried.

WINNERS DON’T COMPROMISE: Democrats (the losers in 2010) whimper about “no compromise” on the part of the GOP. But why SHOULD they? They WON. Winners don’t compromise with losers. Losers compromise with WINNERS. It’s a fact of life—except with Democrats, who want everybody to compromise with THEM, no matter what—and it ain’t agonna happen.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jumping to a Conclusion

al-Jazeera accuses Americans of “jumping to the conclusion” that, since almost EVERY terrorist act in this country recently has been committed by a Muslim terrorist, that ALL terrorists are Muslims. That is INCORRECT. It is MOSTLY Muslims that have committed terrorist acts in the United states recently. That is NOT “jumping to a conclusion,” it is accepting FACTS.

TEA PARTY AMERICAN HEZBOLLA: That’s how Tom Friedman of the New York Times views it. It amazes me how people like Friedman can think like they do and still get high paying jobs in media. Maybe it’s because the media believes the same way and are willing to pay them for their lies. He doesn’t present any comparisons, just makes that unsupported statement, hoping gullible Americans will believe him and not “run him out of town on a rail.” I guess the media hitting the Tea Parties hard means they are being effective. The liberals just can’t stand an organization that is effective in countering their lies.

TEA PARTY PEOPLE ARE “REAL PEOPLE”: The Democrats WISH they weren’t. They WISH they were a “fringe group,” then they wouldn’t have to worry about them. If they’re ‘not real people,” how did they send 87 new members to Congress in 2010 and change the dynamic in Washington completely? The Tea Parties are NOT a “narrow element.” They represent a large segment of society and they’re “fed up and aren’t going to put up with liberal crap any more!” They are NOT, as many liberals say, “out of touch.” They are, in fact, the only group in Washington who ARE “in touch.”

EMPTY MONEY: Obama has given $100 billion dollars we don’t have to the UN. I think he actually BELIEVES the money the Fed has manufactured out of THIN AIR is real! Maybe they do, too. But if I manufactured money like the Fed has done, he’d send me to prison as a counterfeiter! How is his crime any different from one I’d be committing if I printed up trillions of dollars in “Monopoly money?

WHAT KIND OF FOOLS ARE THESE? Obama SAYS he “has a plan.” But he won’t give anybody any details of what that plan contains. His “press hack” even gets into arguments with press members about him having a plan while he STILL won’t tell us what his plan is. Do people really believe he has a plan? I don’t. And I won’t until he tells us what’s IN his plan. Then I won't believe it until it is signed into law.

“CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN”: The president told America that “If they don’t like what’s happening in Washington, to ‘call their congressman’.” . . .WHAT? Has he quit? Has he no responsibility for the imbecilic happenings in Washington? What a damned poor excuse for a president he is!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cops Rarely Armed in Norway

They actually need to get PERMISSION to retrieve their guns. How anybody expects them to be able to do anything against criminals, who have no such prohibitions and will most likely be armed any time they come in contact with the cops (or you) is a source of wonder. In Britain, where most uniformed cops are similarly not armed, they SAY the criminals usually will not be armed if they don’t have to deal with armed cops. What STUPIDITY! That’s the kind of stupidity you must contend with when liberals run things.

ISLAMIC TERRORISTS BLAME GLENN BECK: Never letting the facts get in the way of a good lie, they say he is responsible for the massacre in Norway. Notwithstanding the fact that Glenn is not heard in Norway, and there is no proof of anything to support their contention, they still blame him This is the news source that Hillary Clinton said was a more “trusted news source” than any other in the United states.

HILLARY IS A FOOL: If she thinks al-Jazerra is, in ANY way, a “trusted news source,” and displays that ignorance when she makes that assertion. But then she displays her ignorance in many other ways, too, whenever she opens her ignorant mouth. And this is the woman many people think (wish) will be the next president. Gawd, I hope not. If so, she’ll be worse than Obama, and will probably complete the job of destroying America.

AL-JAZERRA IS NOT A TRUSTED NEWS SOURCE: It is plainly a mouthpiece for Islamic terrorists and routinely, constantly, touts the terrorist line. It lies daily. An example of one of their lies is blaming Glenn Beck for the Norway massacre. That is one of their more FOOLISH lies. They don’t care if people with intelligence believes them or not. They think enough people who DON’T have intelligence will. Most people in their sphere of influence do not.

WHY DID OBAMA APPOINT HILLARY SEC. OF STATE? Doesn’t he know she’ll have to deal with people from many different countries, some of which regard ALL women as “chattel” and not to be taken seriously? This shows ignorance on Obama’s part. This is NOT a knock on woman in general. This is a knock on countries where women are regarded as “chattel” and not to be taken seriously.

WHY ISN’T IT RACIST? Why isn’t it racist for black people to make snide remarks about white people, while it DOES seem to be racist for white people to make similar remarks about black people? We can’t even TALK about blacks, even in complimentary fashion, without being “tagged” as racist.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ain't That Jist Orful?

A well-known Democrat (Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer) “boo-hoos” that a balanced budget amendment would make it impossible to raise taxes. Democrats think that’s jist turribl orful. I think that’s the whole point of a balanced budget amendment, keeping them from their tax and spend ways.

WH BRAGS ABOUT “VASTLY IMPROVED ECONOMY: When there IS none. This is typical Obama, bragging about something that doesn’t exist in hope of convincing “the great unwashed” who don’t pay attention to politics that it is true.

IT’S NOT ISLAMIC TERRORISTS! In Oslo, Norway, they were quick to say it wasn’t Islamic terrorists who did the massacre, even before they knew who did it. Wonder why that is. Are they so afraid of Islamic murderers they won’t say a single word against them? After all, this was the country that was threatened by them over publishing a CARTOON!

ONLY IN ARKANSAS: They have made an ordinance in Gould, Arkansas to BAN people from getting together and forming an organization to decide anything. Somebody needs to remind them there is a Constitution that prevents them from doing this. How stupid ARE they?

IS HE A MUSLIM? I don’t know. But it seems he follows Muslim religious customs. People noticed he was not wearing his watch or his wedding ring last week. When questioned about their location, he said his ring was “in for repairs.” He didn’t say anything about the watch. Muslims are not allowed to wear ANY jewelry during Ramadan and Obama has not attended ANY church services lately. He even got out of Washington entirely last Christmas to avoid going to Christian services. His children get no Christmas presents. What gives? I don’t care if he is a Muslim, but if he is, why is he hiding it from us? Maybe HE’S ashamed of it.

ONLY IN SAN FRAN: They now have a law that prohibits landlords from asking an applicant about his criminal record. They say the landlord MUST allow an applicant to ignore his criminal past in getting an apartment or rental home. They’re putting criminals in a “protected class” much like gays, something that will have nothing to do with the welfare of other tenants. And include being a CRIMINAL, something that WILL. Way to go, SF! Make it as easy as possible for CRIMINALS while making it harder for honest people!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

West fights Back

Debbie Wassermann Schultz, DNC Chair, daily insults Allen West, her fellow Florida congressman, but when he gets up on his hind legs and fights back, she goes to the floor of Congress and whines about it. I guess it’s racist for a black man (forget that “African American” crap) to say something bad about a white woman, even if it’s true.

SOME QUESTION ABOUT AYN RAND: “Was she a visionary prophet or a greedy misanthrope?” The only people asking that question are people who can’t handle the truth. Rand clearly saw the direction in which this country is heading because she lived under a government that was much further “down that road” in her early life and saw that we were heading in the same direction. It is the kind of people who ask this question that will be responsible when this country becomes “Soviet America.”

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: Last week he said that “80% of Americans are in favor of a mixture of spending cuts and tax increases.” Only one problem: it’s a lie. His statement was based on a poll. And you know how dependable polls are; especially “tailored” polls.

“CRISIS GOVERNING”: Rahm Emmanuel, former chief of staff to Obama and now mayor of Chicago. Once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And the government does not. If there is no “crisis” to exploit, they create one; such as the phony “crisis” over the budget cap.

GIVE US MORE: The common response from liberals when you point out that their policies don’t work, and have NEVER worked, is, “That’s because we haven’t had a chance to do it right.” Tell them about the failure of communism in Russia and they’ll tell you that’s because PURE communism has never been tried yet. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! But people have been buying it for years.

IT’S NOT “FRINGE”: Liberals (Democrats) are saying the wish to balance the budget is a “fringe idea.” It’s not. Last year the House passed a balanced budget amendment bill and sent it to the Senate. It lost by ONE VOTE. That’s not “fringe.” They’re lying again, folks.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Repeating Myself

Yes, I do. I repeat things all the time because that’s the only way some people are going to remember important things. I repeat important points, over and over again so people will remember them. Using the “spaced repetition” method, I hope to make people remember some of the important points I’m bringing to them.

“WOMEN & MINORITIES HARDEST HIT” You see this phrase often in the news. Liberals use it constantly to emphasize what they think are bad things happening, and who will be affected by them. But it is usually a lie when they say it.

TRADE ONE CONTROL FOR ANOTHER: MSNBC’s Martin Bashir thinks the government should take over and control media because Rupert Murdock SEEMS to be controlling the media, at least in Britain. I guess he thinks government bureaucrats will do a better job than Murdock (if, indeed, he IS controlling the media). Some people really have STUPID ideas, don’t they? Unfortunately, they seem to have a platform from which to spout their stupidities.

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ IS A FOOL: There, I said it. Is the racist “Black Caucus” going to criticize me now for stating the truth, as they have Allen West for doing the same? West is right to tell those demanding an apology to “go to hell.” You don’t apologize for telling the truth.

DEGREE IN ECONOMICS: That’s what arrogant MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer asked Missouri Congressman Mo Brooks (R) if he had a degree in economics, hoping to discredit him when he disagreed with her on an economy question. Lo, and behold, he DID. With high honors! I wish I could have seen this silly girl get her “comeuppance.”

LAUGHING AT ABSURDITY: Former RNC Chair Michael Steele burst into laughter when Salon lib Joan Walsh tried to compare Obama to Reagan. She demanded he not laugh at her, since she didn’t laugh at him. MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews was incensed. Steele replied that “When you say something funny, I’m going to laugh.” Liberals are constantly making laughable statements, but rarely is there someone there who KNOWS the truth to have guts enough to laugh at them.

“IT’S ALL BUSH’S FAULT”: Obama still never misses a chance to blame all our problems on George Bush, even though there’s no way he can prove any of it. He repeats the lie that he’s “cleaning up after Bush” every chance he gets, or words to that effect. He wants to blame his mistakes on everybody but himself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Indifference to Political Power

This is the primary reason why nebbishes like Barney Frank can have such an astounding deleterious effect on commerce and even gain the power he has over affairs about which he cares nothing except for the power it gives him? When somebody goes against him, he rails on and on in opposition, calling them all sorts of names, and never talking about the substance of their opposition. He is the “consummate liberal” and gives not a whit about anything that cannot improve his position at the expense of that of others.

THE BIGGEST TAX LOOPHOLE: Politicians constantly talk about “tax loopholes.” But they work hard, every day, to create them. “What's the biggest tax loophole around? Almost 50% of Americans pay no taxes. So even though Obama says they aren't, the wealthy are paying far more than their 'fair share' of taxes. The reality is that the top 1% of taxpayers paid more than the ENTIRE BOTTOM 95% of taxpayers.” (Glenn Beck) This is one of the “insanely stupid statements” the liberals attribute to Glenn, and, as usual, they’re wrong. Actually, they’re LYING. These figures come from the Internal Revenue Service, itself. They are NOT Glenn’s imagination. That 50% are those now on welfare, earn no money, and therefore pay NO taxes. They are “net tax receivers.”

KILLING THE GOOSE: That lays the golden eggs. That’s what Obama wants to do when he demands to “tax the rich” at a higher rate than the rest of us. “The rich” are the people whose investments create ALL the jobs that make the economy better (Most government jobs do not do that. They merely suck more of the life out of the economy.) When they invest their money they create jobs, profits, and thus more taxable income. Tax them more and they have less to invest, and thus pay much less in taxes, even at that higher rate. It’s a liberal myth that “the rich” don’t pay “their share” of taxes. The top one percent of taxpayers (“the rich”) pay more (total) than the ENTIRE BOTTOM 95%! The top 25% pay 86% of ALL taxes! (IRS figures)

HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS? The media is SUPPOSED to tell you stuff like this: Cotton is up 140%; Agricultural Raw Materials up 81%; Food prices up 49%, and energy prices are up 81%. These are the kinds of facts that can “wake Americans up, which is why you don’t hear about it in the liberal media.'

SAME OL’SAME OL’: Refusing to send out Social Security checks if he doesn’t get his way is just the latest “con job” using the same old scam of cutting the most vital and visible things instead of cutting things like studying the sex life of the Tse-tse fly.

ADMITTING THE THEFT: Threatening to refuse to send out Social Security checks if he doesn’t get his increase in the debt ceiling is ADMITTING that the money in the supposed “fund” to pay Social Security has been stolen and is no longer there.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peelosi Is A FOOL!

Nancy Peelosi says Republicans are “the Devil.” She really thinks people will take her seriously, especially after making that incredibly STUPID remark about “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” She’s really STUPID enough to think we’ll believe such crap when it comes out of her mouth.

CO-OPTING JESUS: That’s what Muslims are attempting when they say Jesus was a “servant of Allah.” What a load of stinky brown stuff THAT is! A lie, created by a PRETEND religion started by a man who was a child molester. Notice they quoted Him in the Koran (however they spell it today). You won't find such stupidity anywhere else.

“THE RICH” PAYING MORE THAN “THEIR SHARE”: I get so tired of hearing that, “the rich” AREN’T doing their share when it comes to paying taxes. That’s a typical liberal LIE. The top 25 earners pay 86% of ALL income taxes paid, and that’s IRS figures that show this. But don’t bring this up to a liberal; they’ll call you a liar and other assorted names in an effort to shut you up since they can't prove you wrong with facts.

ID FOR VOTING: Democrats are deathly afraid of it because then it would not be so easy for them to steal close elections. They SAY it’s a way to keep “the poor” from voting. But actually, it’s a way to keep cheaters from voting more than once.

THE RACE CARD: I’ve wondered how long it would take Democrats to trot out the “race card” regarding the fight over raising the debt ceiling. Sheila Jackson Lee (former Member of Congress, now member of the "Green Party," since nobody else wanted her). did it the other day, saying the only reason the Republicans won’t agree to a compromise (WHAT compromise? Obama has no plan except to raise taxes!) is that Obama’s black. How STUPID is she? Maybe if Obama hadn’t spent more money that we have and is now demanding authority to spend more, we could agree to something. The color of his skin has nothing to do with it, and intelligent people know that. What a stupid broad!

“SICK AND TWISTED”: That’s what Oklahoma Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) calls Obama’s “veiled threat” to hold up on Social Security checks if an agreement on raising the debt ceiling cannot be reached by August 2. And he’s right. It IS “sick and twisted,” but then, Obama IS “sick and twisted,” and has been for a long time.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Avoid Offending Muslims

Stop breastfeeding your child. That’s what a UK woman is being told. Which begs the question: “Why should ANYBODY stop doing ANYTHING to “avoid offending Muslims?” Why should anybody WORRY about “offending Muslims.” Who CARES if we “offend Muslims?” This is OUR country, and here, WE make the rules. If Muslims don’t like that, let them move elsewhere.

SIXTIES RACISM? Liberals are still griping about racist scenes in a sixties film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” even though Hollywood is, and was then, LIBERAL. So who are they complaining about? So they showed a Japanese man with big teeth and round glasses. So what? That’s how the “Japs” were portrayed then, soon after the war they waged against us was over. What has that to do with NOW?

OBAMA’S DAD: “SOCIOPATH”: That’s what Bill O’Reilly called Obama’s father in an interview with Sally Jacobs, author of “The Other Obama.” He also described him as a “shadowy figure.” So what? That’s very mild, compared to what many liberals call Bill. I guess those thin-skinned liberals just can’t take what they dish out.

HOW STUPID IS HE? Obama thinks the high jobless figures show his $830 billion stimulus “worked.” Wait; did he really say that out loud? Is he really THAT stupid? I think he’s about as stupid as they come, but it surprises me that he would actually SAY that and expect us to believe it. Boy, he must really think we are STUPID.

TYPICAL “JUSTICE” UNDER OBAMA: A Tea Party member was beaten unmercifully by SEIU members and they have been acquitted. Just like those black thugs who stood in front of a polling place carrying nightsticks, intimidating voters, they got away with it because the victim was an “enemy of Obama.”

IT’S A LOAD: Like all the stories liberals tell about Reagan, the one about Reagan and O’Neill going out after work and having a beer together is BULLSH-T. It’s a typical liberal lie, told to “change history.” Reagan never “went out for a beer” with ANYBODY, much less Tip O’Neill.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Does Obama Really Want A Debt Deal?

I don’t think so. I think he’s “negotiating” for the same reason the Taliban or al Qaida does: to “buy time” so he can get ready to screw us better. He only wants a debt deal if it’s TOTALLY on his own terms: which includes more taxes, so he can suck more money out of us to pay the high price of his “free spending.” His “stalking out” of the meeting (which he predictably denies) the other day is just grandstanding so he can continue to blame the lack of progress on the Republicans. What a damned poor excuse for a president!

LOWERING OUR CREDIT RATING: Moody’s is threatening to lower America’s credit rating if we don’t increase our debt limit. An obvious attempt to come down on Obama’s side in the debt limit crisis. Obama is the first president to preside over an economy that is in danger of losing our credit rating, in my memory. And Obama is “not worried” about getting re-elected? How stupid IS this man?

YOU’RE TOO STUPID: That’s Obama’s opinion of you. The only reason you oppose his ideas is that you aren’t smart enough to know how great he is. He figures all he has to do is figure out a way to get through your dimness and convince you. He figures he’s so much smarter than you that you just can’t understand his thinking. What an arrogant ass!

HOLDING SENIORS HOSTAGE: Obama is threatening to stop the sending out of Social Security and Veteran’s checks if an agreement is not reached to increase the debt ceiling by August 2. What an ASS! Holding seniors hostage to get his own way. It can only be done by his DIRECT order. We need to get this fool out of office, NOW!

“SHARED SACRIFICE”: That’s what Obama talks about constantly—except when he’s spending our money like a drunken sailor. He didn’t want any help when he increased the national debt by 300%. But he wants our help now, when it comes to paying for his excesses.

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Liberal comedian Jon Stewart, who PRETENDS to be a newsman, is making the case that Michele Bachmann’s husband may be himself gay. How he figures that, I don’t know. I guess like many gay people his “gaydar” is very precise. It only “scans out” Republicans who MAY be gay. What a FOOL.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gore Sez "Reject Mistruths"

About global warming. Okay, Al; I’ll start by rejecting every word that comes out of your mouth because it will be a “mistruth,” otherwise known as a LIE. What happened to your new name for your scam (climate change)? You know, the one designed to allow you to use even COLD weather as proof of your scam. It amazes me how you can call people who tell the truth about your swindle liars with a straight face, when lies are all that come out of your mouth.

LEAVING THINGS TO THE LAST MINUTE. Obummer is criticizing Congress for “leaving things to the last minute,” when it is HIM who does it the most. How many months (years) has it been since Obummer offered a real budget? Oh; I forgot. . . . NEVER. And he’s criticizing Congress for doing what HE does best? Oh; I forgot. That’s the Democrat way.

SCARED TO DEATH OF PALIN: You can always tell who frightens Democrats the most. It will be the person of whom they’re the most critical. In this case, Sarah Palin. They take “pot-shots” at her at every opportunity. The latest (as this is written) is in Doonesbury the other morning.

HOLDING “OLD FOLKS” HOSTAGE: Even though the current argument over raising the debt limit will NOT effect the distribution of Social Security money unless Obama ORDERS the checks not to be sent out so as to anger senior citizens, he’s threatening to not send the checks to those who need them desperately since they now DEPEND on those checks to pay their daily bills. And that money is NOT “welfare” and subject to the whim of a president. It is THEIR MONEY, taken from them at the “point of a gun” all their lives (and if you don’t believe that “point of a gun” reference, just TRY and not pay into Social Security).

ANY EXCUSE: Now they want to take kids away from their parents if they’re overweight. There’s no law that allows this, but they’re doing it anyway, as they usually do. The “child protectors” will use ANY excuse to take your kids and place them in “foster care” (another word for prison) and you will never know what happens to them from there. Many years ago, they stole my two boys with NO charges against me and I’ve not seen, nor heard from them since. They might as well be dead.

CUTS FIRST: I’m going to repeat this again, because it NEEDS repeating, over and over again so people will remember it. Giving in and allowing new taxes on the PROMISE of “cuts later” is such a common Democrat scam I shouldn’t even have to say this. Reagan fell for it after his tax rate cuts almost DOUBLED the “tax take” and the Democrats SPENT a dollar and a half for every dollar of new revenue that came in. Bush (the elder) fell for it and lost his job. Now they’re trying it on Congress and the Republicans. Be warned. Be aware.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Obama Blames GOP (What Else Is New?)

When it’s HIS “sacred cows” that are being protected. The GOP wants to REDUCE the size of government, period, and reduce the cost of government. He wants to INCREASE the size of government and suck more and more money out of us in the middle of a recession CREATED by his people (CRA Pub.L. 95-128, title VIII of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1977, 9 Stat. 1147, 12 U.S.C. § 2901) to get him and many other Democrats elected.

WHAT IS IT? FAT OR THIN? Not a day goes by without the liberals running a free ad about overweight kids and how they worry so much about that. Right behind that comes one about kids who are “starving to death,” right here in “good ol’ America.” Which is it, liberals? Are you worried about fat kids or kids starving? I don’t think you’re really worried about either. This is just your way of scamming us out of more money and more power.

“LOST HIS LEGITIMACY”: I hear it all the time: some dictator, somewhere, who has spent years killing everybody who disagreed with him, facing a rebellion against him. And the United States government saying, ”he has lost his legitimacy.” They said that about Moammmarrr Khhhadddddaffyyy (however he spells it this week) and that’s what they say about the Syrian dictator who has been openly murdering demonstrators against him. I say they never HAD any “legitimacy” and should have been removed from office and strung up a long time ago. Maybe I’d better include Obama on that list, because he has DEFINITELY “lost his legitimacy.” Though I wouldn’t want to be involved in “stringing him up.” You feds monitoring this blog, don’t take that as a threat against “The One,” because it isn’t. I wouldn’t waste my time on him.

ON THE BACKS OF OLD FOLKS: Obama has pulled the “hurt old folks” arrow out of his quiver now. He says he can’t guarantee Social Security checks will go out August 3rd if the borrowing limit is not increased. What a load of stinky brown stuff! It’s a typical Obama lie. The only way that will happen is if Obama expressly ORDERS it, and somehow the Social Security Administration (part of the most inefficient bunch ever) can scramble quickly enough to stop the checks from going out. Further, if that happened, there’d be a REVOLUTION and I’d lead it!

‘GIVE A LITTLE BIT MORE”: Obama sez “the rich” (not including him, of course) ought to be willing to “give a little bit more.” Why? He spent the money and didn’t ask “the rich” for permission to spend their money. So why should they be willing to “give a little bit more?” He never mentions rich liberals, who didn’t EARN their riches, but inherited them from “daddy.” He just wants to take more from those who EARN their money.

CLOSEUPS: I smoked for 45 years before I got tired of it and quit; without help. Just stopped smoking one day 20 years ago. But it still pains me when I see the media’s treatment of ANY kind of story about smoking. They show extreme closeups of people’s mouths with smoke coming out, or them sucking on a cigarette. It’s insulting, and demeaning; and unnecessary. Should we show extreme closeups of them drinking beer or wine? Or whatever else they do in place of smoking? Sheesh! Most of them smoke pot. How about some close-ups of them smoking pot?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

False Choices

The government SAYS there is evidence that raising AND lowering tax rates helps the economy. They use Reagan as evidence that LOWERING tax rates helps the economy (which is true), and Clinton as “evidence” that RAISING taxes helps the economy, but that’s WRONG. Reagan’s LOWERING if the tax rate created the biggest, longest-lasting economic boom we’ve ever had. It was so strong that even Clinton’s raising of taxes could not stop it, although they “slowed it down” and allowed Democrat machinations to get many Democrats elected to create a recession that began during Bush’s (the younger) administration so they could CLAIM that he was responsible for what THEY created.

YES, IT WORKED: People think nothing Obama has done has worked the way he wanted it; but they’re wrong. Everything he has done has worked—the way HE wanted it. His goal is to make this country into “Soviet America” and everything he has done has moved us in that direction. He never wanted to IMPROVE the economy—he WANTED to make it worse so he could blame the free market for the recession and move us closer to socialism. And it’s working. don't go by what he SAYS; go by what he DOES, and its effect.

GOVERNMENT SPENDING DOESN’T WORK: Liberals (Democrats) think government spending is necessary to stop a recession. It is NOT. All government spending does is move money from one person’s pocket (taxpayers) into that of another (tax receivers). It creates NO new money, which is what is REALLY what is necessary to end a recession. Only private business can do that.

TIRED OF HIS BULLSH-T: I’m getting very tired of hearing Obama’s bullcrap. Every time he opens his mouth he lies to us and dares us to disbelieve him. Like Clinton, he’d rather lie than tell the truth, when the truth would serve better. I think his biggest thrill is putting one over on us, like most con men.

OBAMA “NOT WORRIED”: He says he’s not worried about his re-election prospects. That’s because he’s blind to the fact that most of America is now wise to him and wants him OUT. He’s too arrogant to believe there are enough people who will vote against him to get rid of him. I pray he’s wrong.

GRUMPY OLD MEN: Many people would call me a “grumpy old man” since I spend most of my time griping about the stupid things many youngsters do, over and over, making the same mistakes, time and time again. I have several blogs about what mostly our politicians do, and, boy, are they stupid! I guess I’ve just been around long enough to have seen it before, and thus it irritates me when it happens again and again.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Closing Loopholes IS Raising Taxes

Raising taxes can be defined easily. If the taxpayer pays more money to the government this year than last year, you have raised taxes. That’s fact. You cannot avoid it. So stop trying to convince people that “closing loopholes” is NOT “raising taxes.”

WAR AGAINST THE RICH: The Democrats are running ads accusing the Republicans of “having an agreement with the super rich” to keep all the loopholes so they can continue to rip us off. This is a blatant INSTITUTIONAL lie. It is the DEMOCRATS who are systematically ripping us off, and with ads like these.

ANONYMOUS JURIES: There have been many death threats to the Caylee Anthony jury members. People have been following them home and threatening them; those whose names are known, anyway. But one lawyer is saying, “We don’t have anonymous juries in this country.” This attorney apparently doesn’t care that releasing those names might get them killed.

WHY THEY COULDN’T CONVICT CASEY ANTHONY: They went for too much of the cake. It’s a felony (Criminally Negligent Homicide and Failure to Report) to do something that accidentally kills a child and not report her missing. And it would have been easy to prove, but they went for First Degree Murder, which they could NOT prove, and predictably lost. So Casey goes free and if somebody doesn’t kill her, she will probably write a book and get it published under somebody’s name (so those who are going to sue her cannot take the money away from her) and go on with her life while little Caylee’s body rots in her grave.

LYING TO THE COUNTRY: I get really angry when a representative of our government gets on television and tells us a bald-faced lie about why we’re in the economic trouble we’re now suffering. Anybody with any intelligence knows it can be traced to a single law (Community Reinvestment Act of 1986, which FORCED lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could never repay it, an “exercise in disaster”), passed by Democrats, signed into law by a Democrat president (Jimmy Carter) to get Democrats elected and let them take over the government. Prove me wrong. I dare you. But you’d better be ready to prove your thesis. I can.

IN THE BEGINNING . . . they didn’t know Castro was a communist. They didn’t think he’d “take over” their little businesses when he took over several large businesses. People denied he would enslave this “island paradise.” They just didn’t believe it. We don’t know Obama is a communist (at least, those who don’t pay attention). I wouldn’t have believed he would “take over “ General Motors, but he did. The same things are happening here that happened in Cuba after Castro took over, and nobody is doing anything about it. Wake up, America! Or soon we will be “Soviet America.”

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Rich Pay MOST Taxes

Did you know that when Obama took office, little more than 40% of homes contained taxpaying citizens? And that today, 51% of citizens pay NO taxes? That the “rich” pay ALMOST ALL TAXES paid? That’s something liberals would rather you didn’t know, but according to the IRS itself (the figures released for the latest tax year), 86% of ALL taxes are paid by the top 25% of all taxpayers. I hate to keep repeating this, but it’s true.

HARRY LIES AGAIN: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) scorned Republicans the other day in the Senate, while telling many lies about them and the way they operate. Meanwhile, he ignores the silly crap he and other Democrats are doing; things which are making this recession worse while telling the country it’s getting better without any evidence.

NOT A SINGLE PROMISE KEPT: I know; I know; most politicians don’t keep many of the promises they make during their campaign to attain the office for which they’ve run, but Obama hasn’t kept a SINGLE ONE. One of the best known was to “close GITMO,” and he hasn’t come near to doing so. His excuse? Too many legal ramifications. Another is “ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and he has been INCREASING our involvement in both places without giving the generals what they really want to win the war. I hope it doesn’t kill too many soldiers when he DOES withdraw those 30,000 troops.

CLINTON DIDN’T BALANCE BUDGET: A lot of people think Clinton balanced the budget and, indeed, he brags that he did; but he didn’t. He only “fiddled the numbers” by including Social Security money in his figures so he could SAY he “balanced the budget. And he was FORCED by Republicans to do even that much.

CREATING JOBS: Obama talks a lot about “creating jobs,” but the government can only be an OBSTACLE to job creation by the private sector, which is where jobs ARE created; the ONLY place where they CAN be created. By raising taxes, he increases the OBSTACLES to the creation of jobs. By increasing the regulation of the private sector, he increases the obstacles more.

“TAXING THE RICH”: That’s something liberals (including Obama) talk about a lot. But that’s one of the best ways to KILL business and make the economy worse because “The rich” are the ONLY source of investment money to create projects that DO create jobs, as well as more taxable income, which gives the government more money. If they taxed millionaires 100%, they’d destroy them, and get enough money (once) to run the government for (maybe) one year. How STUPID are these liberals (Democrats)?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Politics At Its Worst"

Obama is running an ad saying the Republican ads blaming Obama for the bad economy is “politics at its worst.” But that’s a bald-faced LIE, the kind of which Obama tells daily. Obama IS responsible for the bad economy. At least it was DEMOCRATS who caused it to get him, and many other Democrats elected, and take over the federal government by passing the “Community Reinvestment Act of 1976, which FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not, and would never repay it. A “recipe for disaster” guaranteed to discredit Bush and the Republicans. And he has worked diligently to make the recession worse.

SORRY FOLKS: My computer was down yesterday and I couldn't post anything.

“CREATING JOBS”: That’s what Obama said his “stimulus” program did. But where ARE they? I haven’t seen an influx of anything but GOVERNMENT jobs, and most of those are in the IRS, so they can “beat more money out of us” to support the “flights of fancy” they CALL “plans, but are simply “give-aways” mostly for their friends.

OBAMA’S “EVOLVING POSITION”: Which simply means he thinks one thing today and maybe something quite different tomorrow. That’s why it took him SIXTEEN HOURS to decide to let the Seals go after Osama (or what they wanted us to THINK was Osama). By the way: How did we get a president (at this time) whose name is ONE LETTER different from that of “Public Enemy Number One? With this bunch of idiots voting, that should have eliminated him, right there.

THEY KNEW NIDAL WAS A TERRORIST: But nobody wanted to deal with it. So now many people are dead at Ft. Hood, in the worst, most successful terrorist act on U. S. soil since 9/11. What the hell is WRONG with our bureaucrats? Do they “check their spines at the door” when they go into government?

“THE RICH WANT TO KILL EVERYBODY”: That’s the liberal line, and it’s STUPID! What earthly reason would “the rich” have to want to KILL everybody who is not rich? They NEED those people in order to REMAIN rich, while enriching them while they do it. This kind of rhetoric is abysmally STUPID and I’m amazed so many people who don’t pay attention to politics “buy” it.

FORCING THEM TO SUPPORT DEMOCRATS: The National Teacher’s Union is “assessing” all teachers in it $10 a month to be used for political purposes. Nobody asked them if they wanted to support Democrats, they just TOOK the money. I think those teachers should tell the NEA to “go to hell.”

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Higher Taxes Now Are Stupid

When you’ve spent all the money there is going to be for many years, it’s STUPID to demand more money from the very people whose investments create jobs and new wealth, which makes it more difficult for them to do so. It’s also stupid to go out and spend even more money (on credit) while you’re doing this. But that’s exactly what Obama is doing. People say Obama is STUPID for doing this. I think not. I think it’s all part of his plan to impose socialism upon us while blaming the free market for the failure.

JUST “DEEM IT” LEGAL: That’s what they were going to do with Obama’s health care swindle law, until they actually managed to con enough congresspeople into voting for it “to find out what’s in it” to get it passed. These people make me want to vomit the way they ignore the law and ignore the Constitution the way dictators do. Now they’re ignoring the debt limit. I guess they just plan to “deem” exceeding it legal. I guess “The One” is above such things as the law or the Constitution.

ALLEGATIONS OF TORTURE: The government is “looking into” allegations of torture that came from Islamic terrorists in prison, even though they KNOW making allegations of torture is part of their “modus operandi” and they routinely use them to harass their captors, making them harass themselves. The question is, should we be “investigating” the patriots who are gaining the information from bloody murderers that can (and does) save American lives during war? Frankly, I think these terrorist a—holes deserve more misery than they’re going to get from us.

ANOTHER 5-1/2 YEARS? That’s what Obama thinks he has as president. What a FOOL he is! He’ll be lucky if he finishes another six months! Elmer FUDD could beat him in the 2012 election. Apparently he still thinks Americans are STUPID and still don’t realize how much he has raped this country. Or that he can use his “silver tongue” to make them think we can’t “change horses in midstream.” What a STUPID thing for him to say!

OBAMA “TAKES A BREAK”: Right after chewing Congress’ butts for “not being there,” he goes on yet another vacation at Camp David. It really amazes me how he criticizes others for doing precisely what HE is doing, then goes off and does it again. What a loon we have as president (for a little while, yet).

KILL THE PRODUCERS: If you want to destroy a state like America, just take “direct aim” at the producers and achievers. Make it impossible for them to operate. That’s what Obama is doing. Can you figure out why? So he can destroy the free market system that has made us great and install a socialist system with him in charge, while blaming the free market for all the problems. That’s what he is doing, now.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"The American People Want It!"

That’s the lie Obama tells when he proposes a new tax or something else we definitely DON’T want. How he figures that, I don’t know. But then, I can’t figure out Obama’s reasoning, anyway, not being a socialist. How people could actively WANT the government to steal more and more of their money is a mystery. But that’s what he thinks—or at least he wants us to THINK it’s true.

NEVER THINK ABOUT LOWERING SPENDING: Obama says “there are no ‘sacred cows’ in discussions over raising the spending level” while maintaining his “sacred cow” that any agreement MUST include new taxes in a recession—one of the best ways to make this recession worse. But then, I think his every action is planned to make the recession worse so he can use it to convince us to let him move us ever closer to socialism.

OBAMA FORGETS HIS DAUGHTER’S AGE: He said his oldest daughter is 13; but birth records show plainly she is 12! He says they get their homework in a day early. That’s a bald-faced LIE. Show me a kid who EVER does their homework early! Show me a teacher who gives it to them early enough for them to do it. Democrats say Palin and Buchanan are idiots, and Obama is brilliant. This about a man who thinks we have 57 states! A man who doesn’t even know what DATE it is, or how old his children are! Gawd, this “tissue of lies” about Obama is SO thin!

“THEY WON’T COMPROMISE": Obama has cancelled a planned meeting with Republicans, saying it is “because they won’t compromise.” What he means is they won’t “knuckle under” to HIS dictates. Actually, it is OBAMA that “won’t compromise.” He defines “no compromise” as “not agreeing with HIM.” Obama is so “gaffe-prone” it would take a BOOK to list them all, even if you could. VP “BiteMe” has the official gaffe record, but only because the media will not recognize Obama’s gaffes.

CHAVEZ HAS CANCER: And it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. I guess God does take a hand in politics sometimes when a bloody dictator gets “too big for his pants.” When Chavez did it, He gave him cancer in an appropriate place. He had to go to Cuba and take part in Castro’s “two-tier” medical system (not for peons, just for the elite). Maybe he’s got a room next to Castro's, who is now in “declining health” himself (it didn’t happen soon enough). “Venezuelan historian Agustin Blanco Munoz, who wrote a book about Chavez, predicted that ‘he is not going to resign.’ He said strongman leaders such as Chavez are unlikely to step down because "they feel they are the chosen ones, that they're the supreme ones." Kinda like Obama.

DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS: If you were broke and facing bankruptcy, would you spend all you can on credit, and demand as much more money as you can from those whose work and investment of THEIR money provides you with cash? I thought not. But that’s what Obama is doing. Higher taxes creates NO new wealth. All it does is take away money that could be invested to EARN new wealth, which would create more taxable income. And he’s getting ready to spend even more money on credit that our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will have to repay. How STUPID is that?