Sunday, August 31, 2014

Air Strikes Aren't Enough!

Obama makes a “big thing” out of his “air strikes” against ISIS, but even while they might be doing SOME good, they aren’t doing ANYTHING to destroy the Islamic fools. Instead of blowing up a single pickup truck full of deluded thugs who just like to rape and murder, he needs to go after their COMMAND STRUCTURE. Take out the HEAD, and the snake will die. But he doesn’t want to do that, because he is “in league” with them. He wants them to ultimately come here and “take over” (Yeah, I know. He’s as deluded as they are) while he becomes the “caliph.” He doesn’t know he will die as soon as they “take over.”

ISLAMISTS “SECURE” US EMBASSY: Islam is bragging about having “secured” an American embassy in Tripoli, Libya. Big deal! They “took over” an ABANDONED building that used to be PART of the US Embassy complex after we abandoned it. What an accomplishment! The building was supposed to be “protected” by a local “security” outfit that turned out not to be there, although they sent their bills on a regular basis while we paid them without question. This is how we do business. We pay people to do things they don’t do so we can PRETEND we’re doing something toward “security.”

ARE WE “AT WAR?” Absolutely! Although that incompetent fool in the White House “disputes” that, while “the enemy” beheads American journalists and small children, and generally kills people at will, all the while saying their main goal is America. How long will these subhuman fools be allowed to continue to rape, torture, behead and murder before we “take them out? We can, if Obama will just start taking them seriously and let us “go after” them with common sense “rules of engagement,” which, up to now, he has not done.

‘HAWKISH TENDENCIES”: Liberals like to belittle people who want to “fight back” when people attack us by calling us “hawks,” and referring to “our hawkish tendencies.” If, by that, they mean our tendency to “hit back” when people attack us, I’m guilty. I don’t call is “hawkish tendencies” though. I call it COMMON SENSE to defend myself with everything I’ve got, when attacked. To liberals: don’t minimize our tendency to defend ourselves. In doing so, we defend YOU, too. Without us, you’d have been dead a long time ago. So just shut up and let us be “hawks.”

IT’S ABOUT TIME: Obama doesn’t believe the Islamic terrorists are a “clear and present danger” to the United States. His “blinders” are going to become a serious problem as the Islamic terrorists (under whatever name they choose to operate) get stronger and stronger after recruiting and training many more fools. They tell us they WANT to die killing “unbelievers,” but they’re lying. If it were true, they’d just stand up and let us kill them, instead of striking “soft targets” and then “running for cover” like roaches when you turn on a light. It’s about time he woke up and started really fighting back. Before it’s too late.

TONY’S COMING BACK: Tony Stewart, whose car struck and killed another competitor who was walking on the track, forcing cars to swerve to avoid striking him, is going to race today after staying away for two weeks. My personal opinion is that Tony did NOT strike this driver on purpose. It has been my experience (as a former race driver) that sprint cars on dirt are very hard to suddenly swerve left or right and, what I saw was that Tony TRIED to do so. I’m sorry for the driver who died, but I wish Tony well in resuming his career.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shaming the Shameless

The latest global warming flight of fancy is a new effort to “shame” countries that pollute the most into changing their laws so they will conform better to “world standards.” How incredibly STUPID that is! Does ANYBODY with any amount of intelligence think countries like communist China CARE what we think of them:? If they did, there wouldn’t have been a Tianinmen Square massacre. Then there’s N. Korea, which is near the top of the list of high polluters. I don’t think they care what even their own victim…er, citizens think of them. If they show any displease, they just kill them.

BRANGELINA TO GET MARRIED (FINALLY): Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (“Brangelina) have been “together” for so long most people thought they WERE married. I didn’t think they were going to do it until they were grandparents. But what decided them? When their CHILDREN kept asking them when they were going to get married. It gets pretty bad when your CHILDREN become old enough to wonder when their parents are going to get married.

THEY’RE “ON VACATION”! After Russians were discovered among the troops that have been captured in the Ukraine, Putin says, “Russians? In Ukraine? They’re not invaders, they’re on vacation!” Does Putin expect ANYBODY to believe this “tissue of lies? Maybe people in Russia who have no way to know otherwise and don’t dare to question the “Butcher of Moscow,” maybe. But nobody outside of Russia with any INTELLIGENCE. If he really thinks anybody will believe him, that makes him the stupid one here. But then, we already knew that, didn’t we?

MARK THEM FOR DEATH: We need to stop PRETENDING that Islam is a “religion.” It is a murderous political system that intends to impose a dictatorial “caliphate” upon the world, in which people who object, or just disbelieve are put to death without any kind of “due process. They deserve instant death whenever and wherever they are exposed. They deserve nothing more because they would give us nothing more.” Somebody needs to “wake up” that wimp in the White House before it’s too late. It may already BE too late.

PUTIN: ALL AGIGGLE: Putin must be “all agiggle” over the fact that he is faced with such a WIMP as Obama while he attempts to take the world back over gain. Obama is such a wimp, Putin HAS no opposition to speak of, even though Obama commands (so far) the mightiest military in the world (until he manages to destroy it, that is). Obama doesn’t realize what a danger Russia is (just as he will not admit Islam is much of a threat). That he is a fool is obvious to those of us who pay attention to what he does. Unfortunately, there are too many people in a position to DO something about him, that won’t, because they don’t see him as any danger and/or they just don’t have the balls.

STUPID POLITICIANS: I get really tired of the ads saying Colorado Congressman Cory Gardner is “too extreme for Colorado” because he is opposed to using the MURDER of the result of unprotected sex instead of using a rubber. What kind of a FOOL thinks murdering an infant in the womb is more “mainstream” than using birth control? Abortion KILLS an innocent baby when there ARE other solutions, such as adoption. Yes, birth IS hard on the body, but abortion is, too. And letting the child be born even if you ignore its existence later does not kill. If that’s all they have against Gardner, I WANT him!

Friday, August 29, 2014

"That's Not Fair!"

Obama says “it’s not fair” to move out of the United States to avoid paying our sky-high taxes. But it is; they have the right to do what they can to AVOID paying the sky-high taxes he and his friends lay on them. He sounds like a little kid on the playground, who got his ice cream taken away by a bully, whining about it. And it’s NOT “unpatriotic.” Instead of SPENDING LESS, he says, “It’s our duty to pay it.” Politicians of the Obama stripe NEVER think about LOWERING the tax rate. All they ever think about is how to con us out of more money and to whine about it when someone finds a way out of it.

“IT’S TOO MUCH BOTHER”: The IRS says there IS a way to recover Lois Lerner’s e-mails, but they’re not going to do it, because “it’s too much bother.” Do they really think that will “go over” with the judge? It wouldn't work with them if I tried it. I wonder how those IRS “officials” will feel when they go to JAIL for not obeying his order? They really think they’re above the law. Meanwhile, we learn that they wiped her hand-held computer and cell phone the day AFTER Congress expressed an interest in seeing her e-mails. That they don’t have to obey a court order because “it’s too much bother” while that cocky bastard in the white House cheers them on. What a bunch of arrogant slobs they are!

CONSERVATIVES ARE LIKE ISIS? That’s what Washington Monthly blogger David Adkins thinks, anyway. “What’s…astonishing is the way conservative personalities continue to get away with equating hard-line conservative theocratic throwback fundamentalists with aggrieved western liberals, without significant pushback. Within the political context of the Middle East, ISIS is a decidedly conservative organization looking to eschew “foreign” western impulses, they say. Roll back the clock on progressive social reforms, and aggressively institute a more traditional religious approach to society. Those are bedrock principles of political conservatism wherever it appears in the world. “ That’s the usual bullsh-t liberal description of conservatives

WOMEN HATE REPUBLICANS: They did another “study,” that showed that women hate Republicans. This shows (again) that you can tailor a “study” to say anything you want it to say by the questions asked, and where you ask them. I get sick and tired of hearing about such “studies” because I know them to be complete bullcrap. Example: Question; “Do you like Democrats?” Asked of people passing through the door at the Democrat National Committee.  Another factor, answerers often tell questioners what they think they want to hear so you can’t depend on ANYTHING “learned” in such “studies.”

GETTING RID OF MALCONTENTS: It is said that there are many Americans among the ranks of ISIS fighters, which is bolstered by finding an American among ISIS dead after a battle. Some people are disturbed by that; I’m not. I’m happy to get rid of some of our malcontents. Those who live in the best country ever but for some reason (probably because they didn’t apply themselves to anything) believe they’re being discriminated against by society. Let them go over there and get themselves killed. We don’t need people like that here. Moreover, let’s ENCOURAGE those who always complain about being obstructed in their every effort by some malevolent force to do so.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

57% Disapprove of "Partiption" Trophies

That worries me. Not the fact that 57% of Americans disapprove of “participation” trophies, but that 47% APPROVE of them! It’s such a fool notion, it doesn’t even need to be said! Participants know who won, if those “running things” don’t. Who would run an auto race without a winner? It’s STUPID! What’s the point? Sports is all about finding out who’s best. And a football game without a winning team, what would that gain for ANYBODY? Why would they bother to show up? The people who think of these things must be taking stupid pills to stay this stupid!

WHAT HE DEEMS “IMPORTANT”: I guess we now know what Obama thinks is important. He sends an “official delegation” to the funeral of a small-time hood who attacked a cop and got his just deserts. But he was conspicuous by the absence of either himself, or any of his representatives at the funeral of that journalist who was beheaded by a cowardly ISIS member for all the world to see. That tells me what he thinks is important.. Nobody seems to want to believe he is "in cahoots" with the Islamic terrorists in SPITE of the evidence he is, I call that stupid!

OBAMA TO GRANT AMNESTY: He’s ready to grant amnesty to over five million illegal aliens. Never mind that will DESTROY any chance of “recovery” by putting five million more people who are willing to work for less than most Americans into the job market. He doesn’t care about that, just as he doesn’t care about the misery he has caused with Obamacare. Health insurance rates have DOUBLED, in spite of his “promise” that they would go down. He knew that was a lie when he told it. And so millions of Americans will remain unemployed. All he cares about is that Obamacare is “the law of the land,” whatever misery it causes.

GOVT. TO MONITOR TWITTER: They’re going to spend one billion dollars (do they ever spend less than a $billion, for anything?) to “monitor what is said on Twitter (Can Facebook be far behind?). What’s next? Putting people in prison for what they say on Twitter? And who gets to DEFINE what IS “hate speech?” And who gets to tell us what PUNISHMENT to mete out to those who “violate” their “hate speech” definition? When it happens, I’ll probably be one of the first ones to be punished, because I’m sure Obama and his fools already think I put out “hate speech” because they don’t agree with what I say.

LOIS LERNER A LAW VIOLATOR: It is now known that she submitted her cell phone for destruction the day AFTER Congress contacted her about her e-mails. That is destruction of evidence in a federal investigation, and she (and her accomplices) is/are GUILTY of it. Will she be punished in any meaningful way? Probably not. She has too many high-ranking “officials” in DC who are doing their level best to protect her from punishment. After all, this IS the IRS, after all.

STUPID PEOPLE: I found this one hard to believe. A woman on an Indian reservation thought her fire fighter friends were “bored, and needed some work.” So she started a fire that cost millions of dollars and burned several thousand acres, to give them something to do. Then wonder of all wonders, she posted on Twitter, “Like my fire?” and got caught. How people can be as stupid as this woman is beyond me, but many are. I wonder if there is a way that can be found to PREDICT such actions. Probably not.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Abusing Their Authority

The grand jury that “indicted” Texas Gov. Perry for “abuse of power” are, themselves, abusing THEIR power. They’re stretching mightily the description of ”abuse of power” to GET the indictment, they’re making it hard for ALL governors to do their jobs, for fear somebody will again stretch the truth to put them in danger of going to PRISON for doing their jobs. The whole idea of threatening Perry with PRISON for telling a DA he’s going to cut off her funds is absurd and stupid. But will they listen? NO; they’re too stupid.

GATHERING TO “HONOR” MICHAEL BROWN: What a STUPID idea that is! Honoring a thug who used his SIZE to terrorize everybody and HE gets “honored,” instead of the cop who shot him to keep from being killed by this young behemoth. We have STILL not gotten any information on Brown’s previous life, and that tells me something. If he had a previous record of intimidation and “taking” what he wanted, they aren’t revealing it so as to keep their narrative going. Nor have we heard from the cop, which tells me more. This is a “cop lynching.”

WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY: I never thought I’d see such a thing in this, in a Christian country! Teachers BANNING saying, “Bless you!” when somebody sneezes in a classroom. And not only getting AWAY with it, being able to punish the student for objecting! Yet a teacher in a lower school did, and then followed up by saying, “I won’t have you saying ‘Godly things’ in this class!” And she was not only NOT punished, she was backed up by the school! Then the other day, professor Leon Gardner threatened to take 15% off a student’s grade if he so much as mentioned God. And that the student would “suffer further punishment from the college.” What if someone told some Muslims the same if they mentioned “Allah?” there’d be a “shooting war” in that school before sundown.

THEY AREN’T EVEN TERRORISTS! Islamic terrorists CLAIM to be trying to “purify” the world, but I don’t think they are. They’re just thugs USING the Muslim religion as an excuse to be beheading, raping every woman they can find, killing them and their families, including CHILDREN, probably after raping them, too. They don’t really care if the whole world isn’t Muslim, they only SAY that so they can “run wild” and do anything they want.

YOU CAN’T DESTROY ISIS: That’s what the incompetent fools in DC say. They say that because ISIS is not a “recognized sovereign state,” and are just a collection of thugs, going around raping, murdering, and beheading CHILDREN. But I disagree. You CAN “destroy ISIS by KILLING each and every one of them, wherever you find them, without mercy. If you find them In Syria, so be it. Kill them. Apologize to Syria later. They say, “We will not let America be drawn into another land war in Iraq. But why did we LEAVE Iraq in the first place before the job was done? Because some fool of an incompetent politician thought we ought to.

THEY THINK THEY CAN WIN: Democrats are deluded. They think, with everything they (and Obama) has/have done to rape this country, they can still win in November. I don’t think they can. They thought they could both times when Reagan ran the last time, and they lost, BIG. I think if the Republicans run a REAL candidate like Sarah Palin, instead of listening to the BS LIBERALS (Democrats) say about her, we can, and WILL win, BIG. If they don’t lose, it’s because of the STUPIDITY of American voters, and they will then get what they deserve.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Ban Al Sharpton

Wherever Al Sharpton goes, violence ensues. It’s no different in Ferguson, MO, where he is doing his best to “whip up” more violence. He is even now trying to arrange a demonstration he SAYS will be a “peaceful” demonstration. But when it becomes not so “peaceful,” he will declare his innocence, saying he INTENDED it to be “peaceful.” Jesse Jackson does pretty much the same thing, though not as effectively. Wherever there is a possibility of racial violence, there you’ll find these two “race whores,” fomenting more violence. This should be recognized, and these two (and some others) should be DECLARED “rabble-rousers” and BANNED from appearing at such places. Freedom of speech should not apply to such racketeers.

IT’S NOT ABOUT HIS GOLF GAMES: It’s about WHEN he chooses to play golf instead of be president. Five minutes after he made a “rote” five minute speech about the beheading of an American journalist, he was changed and on the links, yukking it up and grinning like a fool with his buddies. Eisenhower played a lot of golf, too. But he didn’t do it INSTEAD of what he SHOULD be doing as president. If Obama didn’t play golf so often and take enumerable “vacations,” I wouldn’t complain. I’d be happy if he STAYED on vacation if he couldn’t screw up my life while he is, and he didn’t spend MY money to do it. But when he does, he spends millions of taxpayer dollars for his own protection to do it. That’s even if he DOES reimburse them for the basic COSTS of the vacation.

YOU DON’T “LEAD FROM THE REAR”: Obama says he does, but you know Obama. Anything he says is going to be a LIE. He couldn’t tell the truth if it hit him in the nose. Every president (and most politicians) lie. But other than Obama, I haven’t seen one who lies every time he opens his mouth or puts pen to paper. Maybe Clinton. He lied a lot. But I wasn’t paying as much attention then, so I can’t say for sure. But “leading from the rear” is a “fool’s errand.” He THINKS “leading from the rear” is a new idea, but it’s only an excuse for not being out front where you could get hurt.

CONDUCT BOMB RAIDS IN SYRIA? Yes! Absolutely! ISIS is using Syria as a “safe harbor” where they recruit, train, and re-supply their fools. It’s the same reason we invaded Iraq, and “took down” Saddam in the first place (Something liberals STILL insist was a useless war). But then they’re dumb as a box of hammers.). The terrorists POSE as “rebels,” but they’re anti-Christian Islamic terrorists who behead CHILDREN. They need to be “cleaned out,” this time, for GOOD; and this time, without warning. Bush gave them ten months of warning before he invaded, which added a couple of days to the job.

“IRAQ NOT INVOLVED”: I keep saying members of this administration are INCOMPETENT. One of the best illustrations of that is that liberals all over say Bush invading Iraq was wrong because Iraq was “not involved” in attacking the World Trade Center. WRONG! What the hell do they think that “mockup” of an airplane body was but something terrorists used to train for 9/11?  Saddam was running a “safe harbor” for Islamic terrorists and that NEEDED to be “taken out.” Anybody who says otherwise is DELUDED. But “delusion” describes most liberals (Democrats). All they can see is their efforts to make this a socialist country.

NO “AIR STRIKES” IN IRAQ: It’s just not enough. “Targeted” air strikes have an effect, yes; but do nothing to solve the overall problem CREATED when Obama ordered our troops to “cut and run” before the job was done. That was one of the most MONUMENTAL mistakes any president EVER made. Terrorists were just waiting for us to leave, so they could come back and take back what we took from them, and they did. Now we need to go in and “wipe them out,” wherever they HIDE.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Brown's Buddy "Fesses Up"

The LONE “witness” that says Brown was standing with his hands up when the cop shot him has now admitted (according to local radio station KFNS FM) that Brown was attacking the cop and trying to take his gun when he was shot. That, combined with the cop’s obvious injuries (a broken eye socket, among other things), ASSURES his innocence—unless the “powers that be” ignore this new evidence, which they might, with Holder involved. They’re already denying his eye injury.

WILL HE APOLOGIZE? Rush Limbaugh wondered if the photographer who took the picture of Obama in his golf cart, “yukking it up” with his buddies, minutes after delivering a five minute rote speech about the murder of that reporter, will be forced to apologize, as did a previous photographer who took a picture Obama did not want circulated. Apology or not, the damage has been done. The word is out: Obama doesn’t care about that reporter. He only cares about his golf score. He will have Holder do what is necessary to convince us he DOES care, but that’s it.

THAT POLAR BEAR THING AGAIN: The environmentalists published a picture of a polar bear on a three foot wide sheet of ice and pushed it on schools, in yet another effort to convince young children (who don’t know any different) that that tiny ice floe is all that’s left, and the polar bears are “in trouble.” But they’re not. Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles, and their numbers are at an all-time high. And as for polar ice “melting,” it ISN’T. Polar ice melts and reforms all the time, so pictures of ice “falling into the sea” are ALSO bogus. But we who pay attention KNOW that environmentalists LIE to us on a regular basis, so what ELSE is new?

HAMAS WILL PAY A “HEAVY PRICE”: That’s what Israel’s prime minister says after a Hamas mortar targeted a synagogue and another killed a four-year-old CHILD. And when they retaliate, Israel will be blamed, as usual. It doesn’t matter that Israel is simply retaliating for the uncalled-for attacks of Hamas , killing Israeli CITIZENS (not combatants). What will it take to “wake up” the international press that the “bad guy” here is HAMAS? Probably nothing; they aren’t smart enough.

SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW? A new “Spiderwoman” cover is getting a lot of flack for its “butt-shot” on a recent cover. It WAS rather “out there,” but it’s nothing new. Comic books have been emphasizing the sexual aspects of the human body in their art for many years. And they don’t do it just with women. I’ve seen some comic book art of MEN that made me shudder. They must really be “hung” to show that big a bulge! And I am in no way a “prude.” But this is just more of the movement toward showing more and more naked people, everywhere. They love to draw people NAKED only seeming to be covered. So what? Not complaining, just saying.

PERRY STATES THE OBVIOUS: He is saying that the terrorists can come here through our Southern border, which ANYBODY with any degree of intelligence could see. If not for one thing, I would wonder why Obama can’t see it, and why he fights so hard to STOP any effort to control our borders. I think the answer is simple: Obama is a “fellow traveler” with the Islamic terrorists and therefore does all he can to make their jobs easier. He is committing TREASON and nobody will admit it. They are FOOLS and will DIE for their foolishness.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ten Killed, Forty Wounded

What is that? A “weekend in Chicago.” It’s becoming so common, people aren’t even thinking about it, any more. Except for people like me, who see it as ample evidence that today’s brand of “gun control” does NOT work, and is more likely to get people killed. Disarming honest people is NOT the way to self-defense, and the anti-gun fools know it. They’ve been told often enough. But they reject such common sense out of hand because it does not conform to their pre-conceived notions.

MORE BLACKS THAN WHITES: This is not a diatribe against blacks. Most black people are simply honest, hard-working people trying their best to support their families and liver their lives unbothered by other blacks, who have chosen a life of crime and won’t let them alone. Liberals whine about there being a bigger percentage of black prisoners in prison than the percentage of blacks in society. They ignore the unalterable fact that there is a higher percentage of black CRIMINALS than whites, which accounts for the higher percentage of blacks in prison for their crimes. Of course, they’ll call me racist for pointing this truth out.

JUST PROVED (AGAIN) WHAT THEY ARE: By kidnapping and beheading an American Journalist (again) they have proven themselves to be what whey ARE: hooligans, thieves, rapists, and murderers—not soldiers. They RAPE every woman they can get their hands on (some men, too), behead CHILDREN, who are of no danger to them, sometimes after raping them, too. They round up Christians by the hundreds, even thousands, and rape and murder them, too. Why? Because they don’t believe in the same God they do. These sub-humans need to be shot on sight like the vicious sub-humans they are, not treated like soldiers in a war.

TERRORIST’S BIG MISTAKE: They wanted to piss us off—and they did--big time, when they beheaded one of our journalists after beheading little girls wearing pretty dresses. What kind of sub-humans ARE they to do such things? This is NOT “warfare,” it is thuggery. The things these terrorists do aren’t done by human beings. When a bear hurts a human, we kill it. And that’s what we need to do to EVERY sub-human bastard who thinks he’s “doing God’s work” by killing innocents. Don’t send them to GITMO to be released one day by our STUPID president in return for the release of ONE deserter.

BACK TO GOLF: Even as people (from out of town) riot in Ferguson, MO and the Palestinians (Hamas) ignore their own “cease-fire” and shell Israel yet again, and the world “goes to hell in a handbasket, Obama rushes back to the golf course where he had a great time, yukking it up and dancing around with his golf buddies. When is this fool going to realize what he does has consequences? The DEMOCRATS themselves are “incensed” over what’s happening in Ferguson, and he is “blissfully unaware” of it, as he seems to be to ALL his “crises.”

ANOTHER VICTORY: Obama has admitted to the world that he sent in a “rescue mission” for the journalist who was being held by the sub-human terrorists, and who was subsequently beheaded. I guess he thought that would be good for his image. It was NOT. It revealed yet again that the terrorists had “beaten us,” and gave them yet another “victory” to brag about. Letting this out proves yet again his INCOMPETENCE. If we are ever to beat the terrorists, we need a better “commander.” Someone who KNOWS what he’s doing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Holder Goes to Ferguson

Ostensibly to “investigate” the situation.. But, knowing Holder, he’ll probably join in the looting, but going after bigger targets than convenience stores. Sending Holder in is sending a criminal to stop the criminals. I don’t think he’s going to help, much. I think, like Gov. Perry, he ought to be indicted for abusing his authority by making arbitrary decisions as to which laws he will enforce, and which ones he will NOT enforce. Obama, too. Neither are above the law. They only THINK they are. That’d be a much stronger charge than the bogus one they’re throwing at Perry. A criminal investigating a cop. Funny.

MISPLACED WARFARE: Democrats have “Taken a page out of Obama’s handbook” and “laid off of” the Islamic terrorists who are murdering Christians, raping and beheading CHILDREN and simply “going wild” on the Iraq citizens. Instead, they’re “going after” the Republicans while telling everybody they’re going to “save America” from the Republicans, replacing the Islamic terrorists as “the enemy” with the Republicans. Meanwhile, the REPUBLICANS are fighting harder against the Tea Parties than Islam OR the Democrats. It’s a “messed-up world” out there, today. Republicans just don’t realize that the Tea Parties are the best friends they ever had. But all they see is an organization that is going to get rid of some of the more liberal of their number; those that are destroying their party.

CHILLING SIGN IN FERGUSON: Behind a CNN reporter making a report on the situation in Ferguson, MO, is a sign that says, “ISIS is here!.” What? What the HELL does ISIS have to do with Ferguson, MO? That guy holding that sign should be arrested for subversion and aiding and abetting the enemy. That’s if Obama even REGOGNIZES them as an enemy. From what he has been heard to say, I doubt it. Obama is causing the deaths of a lot of people by his blindness about Islamic terrorism and his fool policies toward Muslims.

ONLY FOUR LOCALS: The true narrative is that the LOCALS are not in the majority among demonstrators in Ferguson, MO. And that is supported by the fact that only FOUR “locals” were arrested last night. At least one “outsider” flew in from far way to be part of this demonstration, which brings up the question, “What is their interest? Why do they fly so far to be here? Who paid for that flight. And why? How about others why hurriedly flew in? Who paid their fares? And are they PAID to demonstrate and make more trouble for police?” The cops are now working to defuse the demonstration, but these “outsiders” are working to make it worse. I see people exhorting the crowd, and those persons should be arrested for “fomenting a riot,’ as soon as they are found.

NOT AN ACT OF WAR: The beheading of an American journalist as “revenge” for Obama’s “air strikes” is NOT “an act of war,” it is the act of CRIMINALS. To kill an innocent NON-combatant in retaliation for an act of war. These people are not worth observing the Geneva Convention with reference to them. They are hooligans and MURDERERS. They are LOWER than low and do not deserve “the system” when caught. Unlike human beings, they only deserve one bullet—to the brain (If one can be found. It might take more than one bullet to find it.).

I SEE IT COMING: With all the rioting and lawlessness in Ferguson, MO, somebody else is going to be short and killed. Maybe by a demonstrator from California or Maine, or some such place (but who does NOT live in Ferguson), or by a cop, who finds himself overwhelmed by the crowds in the performance of his duty. It’s building, folks, and only one State Police captain is TRYING to do something about it and is being “scotched” by people like the GOVERNOR of the state, and the Attorney General of the United States, and two well-known “race whores” who only want to make money out of it by making it into a “race issue,” when it was NOT.

NOW THEY WANT TAMPONS AND KOTEX: FREE: Who the hell does this woman think she is? At least one woman out there is demanding free feminine hygiene products to be provided her at the expense of others. It is leeches with mindsets like this who voted Vladmir Lenin in, in Russia, an act which doomed Russia to 75 years of slavery and death. Now we’re looking at the same thing happening here if they vote in another Obama-like successor to his socialistic regime.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Now They're Shooting

There’s obviously a more sinister effort under way in Ferguson, MO, than a protest over the killing of a thug who was in the process of beating the hell our of a cop when he was shot and killed. NO longer are demonstrators just looting. Now they’re SHOOTING people while they loot stores. These aren’t locals. These are CRIMINALS who have come here to take advantage of the ”unrest” there. These aren’t “demonstrators. They are there to STEAL and kill

DON’T CARE ABOUT ROSEMARY: People think Democrats indicted Texas Gov. Perry for something stupid to “protect” Rosemary Lehmberg, hopefully the future FORMER District Attorney of Travis County, not because he cut off some of her funds because she wouldn’t resign after being arrested for DUI and threatening the cops, but because he had the temerity to TELL her he was going to do it before he did it. But that’s not the reason. It’s just an excuse to get at Perry. Damn, they’ve got some stupid Democrats in Texas! 

MORE MONEY FOR GUNS: Did you know that Americans are giving more money to PRO-gun organizations than to ANTI-gun groups? That ought to tell them something, but it won’t. They think they’re “doing God’s work,” even though they’re not. They really think they can “get rid of all guns,” and they’re wrong. But that will not deter them. They will continue to con legislators into passing their useless laws that only get innocent people killed by CRIMINALS, who obey NO laws.

AUTOMATIC WEAPON IN SHOPPING TRIP: Did you see the picture of Kory Watkins, a top pro-open carry supporter, carrying an automatic weapon while he shopped for groceries? No? It appeared in The Daily Beast and Huffington Post. You don’t read these sites? Good for you. I don’t either, but it was brought to my attention by NewsMax. This guy has no idea how stupid he looks doing that, nor how much he hurts the pro-gun movement by so doing. Or he just likes the attention, I don’t know. It’s too bad there are people like that on our side. It lets the anti-gun crowd paint us as zany extremists.

IS OBAMA ON VACATION? No, not at the moment. He “took a break” from his golf and beach activities to return to Washington because of the Iraq problem and the violence in Ferguson, MO. Or at least, he wants us to THINK that’s why. I’d just as soon he be “on vacation” all the time if I didn’t know he could screw up my life just as well from the golf course or the beach as he can in DC. I don’t know why he spent the extra money to go back to Washington, but I’m sure if I knew, I wouldn’t like it.

BLOWING UP TRUCKS WON’T HELP: What I’ve seen lately in Obama’s releases of videos of his “air strikes” in Iraq hasn’t impressed me, much. You aren’t really helping anything by blowing up lone pickup trucks, unless there’s a terrorist general in it. Meanwhile, the terrorists continue killing innocent Christians and behead CHILDREN while he stays away from bombing IMPORTANT targets like elements of their command structure so he won’t REALLY hurt them, since they’re his “friends.”

Monday, August 18, 2014

Now It Gets Ridiculous

Texas governor Perry actually DID what he is legally allowed to do: veto something. Now his enemies in the Democrat Party have filed “ethics charges” and an INDICTMENT against him because he had the temerity to TELL the individual involved, he was going to do it. What? I’ve seen some LOW politics, but this “takes the cake.” Now they waste the court’s time with a completely STUPID action against a governor who is DOING something about what he considers to be bad. Now he has to spend taxpayer money to fight it. Damn!

“HANDLING” THE BORDER RISIS: There are several outfits holding meetings to decide how well Obama is “handling the border crisis.” But we don’t need a COMMITTEE to decide how well he is “handling” the border crisis. He ISN’T. In fact, he CREATED the “border crisis” with his promise that “any illegal alien who put his/her foot on American soil would NOT be sent back home.” That gave a signal that they respond to by sending their CHILDREN as a “horde” to overwhelm our borders. Obama could END the “border problem” with a swipe of his pen if that pen reversed that promise—and IF the Border Patrol was allowed to ENFORCE our border control laws. But he won’t do that. The “border crisis” is to his advantage.

THEY ALWAYS TELL YOU: Who they fear the most. One of those in Texas is Governor Rick Perry, who is now the victim of an overzealous prosecutor with a “compliant grand jury.” This grand jury “indicted” him for doing what the Constitution ALLOWS him to do, just because he told his target he was going to do it before he did it. Democrats are AFRAID of him, and have really lowered themselves to do this. This is a political ploy, and shows desperation on their part. We all know a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich if they’re compliant enough.

THE HEIGHTS OF COWARDICE: That’s what I call the “knockout game.” It’s a way for kids who can’t attack a real man with warning to punch someone who is not prepared, nor even expecting an attack, while the perpetrator “heads for the hills” so he can’t suffer retaliation; which is obvious by their choice of targets. Old men who can barely walk, women, teenagers, and now the latest victim, a pregnant woman. This kind of attacker, if they attacked someone who could fight back, is in BIG TROUBLE, and he knows it. So he picks on the easiest target possible.

BOMBING PICKUP TRUCKS:  Obama released videos of his “bombing runs” to the media and what I saw was a rocket bomb obliterating a single pickup truck. No attacks on the terrorist’s command structure (I’m sure they know exactly where the terrorist generals are). NO word on any SYSTEMTATIC bombing. Only individual bombing raids that take out a few trucks and some low-level terrorists. That’s okay. I say kill as many of those fools as possible. But let’s go after their command structure, as well. Killing ONE top terrorists is worth as much as killing 10 or 20 of their foot soldiers.

CANCEL PRO-GUN RALLIES: That’s what Democrat Shiela Jackson Lee says (who else?) Never mind the Constitution guarantees our right to “assemble” in protest of government policies that are unlawful. This is not the first time Shiela “counseled” the government to blithely violate our constitutional rights, and probably won’t be the last. Why her constituents keep her around is a mystery, Maybe there are just too many like her in her district, and they outnumber INTELLIGENT people.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Militarizing Police

Everybody wonders why the situation in Ferguson, MO got so bad, so quickly and why it was so easy for the state Police to “calm things down” when they took over? It’s not so hard to figure; the cops went into Ferguson with army-looking troops carrying automatic weapons, wearing bullet-proof vests and masks, and shooting tear gas grenades and rubber bullets into the crowds of protesters, basically “:bullying” their way. What did they expect the response to be? This is OUTSIDE the controversy over whether the guy they shot was an “innocent teen” or a six-foot four THUG who had already terrorized the people in a convenience store over a pack of cigars.

SOLUTION TO LOOTING: In Ferguson, MO, they’ve come up with a solution to the looting “problem.” That solution? “Let ‘em loot, While the cops stay away.” That way there are no clashes and no arrests. Businesses “lose a little to inventory shrinkage,” but nobody gets hurt. And the guy who got killed trying to avoid arrest for his strong-arm robbery of a convenience store minutes previous, is made into a hero by the looters. They call him a “gentle giant” because he didn’t really hurt the storeowner, only shoved him and threatened (by his intimidating presence) to hurt him. He knew he was “caught,” and started assaulting the cop who showed up Surprise, surprise! The cop had a gun!

NO RIGHT TO EDUCATION: Illegal aliens have NO RIGHT to an education at the expense of American citizens, just because they slipped across the border after the ILLEGAL invitation from an ILLEGAL president. Obama is “doing an end-around the constitution,” (as usual) and giving illegal aliens more than American citizens have. They should ALL be sent back to their respective countries and see if THEIR countries will pay for their education. They have no rights, here. Or just put over the American/Mexican border and be told they will go to PRISON if they return.

“LIMITED” AIR STRIKES: They aren’t going to make much of a difference in Iraq. We need to go after the gathering points if ISIS troops, the places where they shoot rockets and missiles from, and their command structure. Random bombing of ISIS troop formations “ain’t gonna git it.” But then, Obama doesn’t WANT to stop the ISIS. He just wants to make it LOOK like he’s trying. Frankly, I think he wants them to WIN, and to come here and win, too. So he can be the top man in running a caliphate. That’s a lot better than being president. Then he can do ANYTHING he wants, just because he wants it. He’ll have a lot more “flexibility” then.

“FOX’S WAR ON CHRISTIANS”: How did it become “FOX’s” war on Christians? A New York Times reporter who is a known liberal mouthpiece so described it on a piece he wrote (supposedly news, but more obviously liberal OPINION) in his “fish-wrap.” Seems to me the “war on Christians” belongs to the Times and liberals, not to Fox. Fox merely reports on it. They typically try to blame us for what THEY do.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Silly, STUPID Comment!

Rob Reiner, movie producer, thinks the Tea Parties are “like Hamas,” and need to be “taken out.” Tell me Rob, how many Tea Party rocket bombs have been fired into America? How many innocent teenagers have been kidnapped and MURDERED by the Tea Parties? Rob, YOU are more of an enemy to America than an organization that only wants to regain rights that have been taken away by liberals like yourself who have conned their way into positions of power. You ought to shut your mouth and stop proving your stupidity.

IRS MESSES WITH YOUR IDENTITY: The IRS is SUPPOSED to keep the names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of it’s “subjects” safe. But do they? Not even! They recently sent a DVD to an independent contractor containing that information on 1.4 MILLION taxpayers without bothering to do a background check on the people in that contractor’s office that would be privy to that information. This shows that they just don’t care. And you wonder why identity theft has become so widespread!

VICTIM WAS ROBBERY SUSPECT: That’s what Ferguson Police say, and the video they provide supports that, showing a man that looks very much like Michael Brown “roughing I=up” the owner of a store. If true, that changes the whole thing. If so, the cop who shot him might well have been in fear for his own life as he was being assaulted in his own patrol car by a guy twice his size who might be a felon. Maybe the cop went a bit too far when he “filled him full of lead” after the threat was ended, but in such situations, I can well see who he may have been panicked. It needs a LOT more investigation. The cops coming in with military gear behind masks WAS an “overreaction,” however.

THIS RAISES A QUESTION: Why did the cops wait FOUR DAYS to come out with the information that Michael Brown was a suspect in a violent robbery until the day they announced the name of the cop who killed him? That raises another question: is the announcement that Brown was a suspect in a violent robbery simply a way to “tarnish” the victim” and give the cop a better reason for killing him? I don’t know the answer to either of these questions. But those questions do make me a bit suspicious.

GORE SUING AL-JAZEERA: They aren’t “paying up.” They’re trying to get a “discount price” on their purchase price by withholding payment on some of the money they promised to pay for the “moribund” television system. Maybe they just finally realized they paid too much for what was soon to go out of business through lack of customers and now “want out” of their contract, Lack of payment will cause litigation where they can get a lesser payment option.

“PASSIVE” SUPPLY: When Obama told his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, he told them to “get out” so fast they were forced to leave millions (maybe billions) of dollars’ worth of equipment and munitions which the terrorists quickly stole and are using as their own. Was that a “backdoor” method of supplying the terrorists with American assistance while providing Obama with “plausible deniability? We know he’s giving the terrorists in Syria that are pretending to be rebels lots of money to buy such stuff.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Marine Vet Ejected From Six Flags

Because he had on a shirt their security considered would be “offensive,” but actually contained a “patriotic message” He was given that shirt by his family for Father’s Day and refused to take it off or cover it up; so the officious “security officer,” who probably had never been anywhere under fire protecting his country, insisted he and his family leave. So he did, after making a speech to hundreds of people attending, about what had happened, and saying, “This is how Six Flags treats veterans. It’s too bad when patriotism becomes “offensive to damned fools in America.

AL-MALIKI TO STEP DOWN: Good news! The prime minister who was defeated in the election has agreed to leave. Funny; I always thought a politician who was defeated in an election HAD TO “step down.” It wasn’t his decision to make. Maybe somebody reminded this fool of this so he “stepped down” to avoid being “taken down.” I guess they won’t have to shoot him, after all. I’m sure Obama is looking at this situation carefully to see what to do when HE is lawfully supposed to “step down.”

 THE ONLY ONE: The father of the deceased race driver that was run over by Tony Stewart’s car when he ran onto the track to protest being put into the wall (which happens often in sprint car racing) said, “Apparently Stewart was the only one there who didn’t see him.” I understand that he’s angry, but maybe it wasn’t that Stewart didn’t see him, maybe it was that Ward put himself in a place where Steward could not miss him. It’s not easy to suddenly change direction on dirt in a sprint car, and the evidence shows Stewart tried. Ward should not have been where he was. Yes, Stewart himself has done the same thing, but he was at least smart enough to do it from further back.

“TERRORISTS NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD”: That’s what Mark Levin says, and he’s right. In doing so, he blasts “a truly pathetic commander-in-chief.” That’s right, too. Mark has never been known to use “weasel words,: like other commentators. Obama has screwed up everything he touches by his tepid responses to their provocations. He PRETENDS to “oppose” them, but he secretly wishes them well, being a “closet Muslim,” himself. Everything he does regarding Muslims works in their favor, and it’s time somebody noticed.

“CEASE FIRE TO BE EXTENDED”: A Palestinian official says that the “cease-fire” with Israel will be extended for five days.” Does that mean Hamas is allowed to fire rocket bombs INTO Israel (as they did with two hours left in the original cease-fire) while Israel is not allowed to retaliate, lest they be criticized by the world’s press and other countries? Seems to me, a “cease-fire” only keeps ISRAEL from firing, while for Hamas, it’s “business as usual.”

“IT WASN’T MY IDEA!” After months bragging about how he “stopped Bush's war in Iraq,” Obama is now saying, “It wasn’t my idea to pull out the troops.” Which is it? Was he lying before, or is he lying now? “It’s all Bush’s fault!” When is Obama going to figure out that SOME Americans remember his previous lies? Probably never; he isn’t smart enough. You can depend on it: Obama will NEVER take responsibility for BAD decisions, but will take all the credit he can get for good ones, even if he doesn’t deserve it—which mostly he does not.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why Support Hamas?

Liberty Alliance asks, “Why does Hollywood support Hamas? A better question would be, “Why would ANYONE who has any amount of INTELLIGENCE support Hamas? Hamas is NOT a “political organization. It’s a band of raping, murdering bastards who need to be “cleaned out,” thoroughly, as soon as possible. They have ONE goal: the GENOCIDE of the Jews. It’s in their CHARTER. Anybody who supports them is INSANE! They don’t go out of their way to kill Christians—yet. So far, their only targets that we know of are the Jews. Why, we don’t know. Their reasoning is lost in the mists of time. If there is any good reason for genocide, it is for genocide of Hamas.

“PUTIN IS A “GOOD GUY”: That’s what Steven Segal and Mickey Rourke think, anyway. Of course, they also say they pay no attention to politics, which is not unexpected, considering the level if their IGNORANCE. They’ve met him and found him to be personal and friendly. They’ve obviously never met him when the KVD suspected them of subversion. They don’t know about all the people he’s made into corpses. They wouldn’t think so we’ll of him, then—IF they survived the encounter.

BLACK PANTHERS TAKE OVER: They came in, in force, wearing cop-like uniforms, and “took over” the news conference being held by the Ferguson Police. The cops, numbering fewer than the Panthers, were forced to “give way” while the Panthers spouted their BS. They’re getting more cocky, folks, as people, even police forces, give way before them while the attorney general refuses to prosecute them for demonstrable offenses. Their new boss was once arrested for putting out “a contract” on George Zimmerman. He apparently wasn’t severely punished. The Panthers need to be “taken down” so they can do no more damage.

AND THEY BLAME ISRAEL: There’s a “cease-fire” in effect right now (as this is written) and Israel is not attacking Palestinians. But that cannot be said for Hamas. They fired two missiles into Israel while that “cease-fire” was in effect. And if Israel retaliates, THEY get criticized by the liberal media, the UN, and fools all over the world. I don’t know why this is; why people who shouldn’t be against Jews combine to vilify them for defending themselves, but they are. It’s a damned shame.

CHIEF: “OH, GOD!” That was the response from the police chief in Ferguson, MO when he found out about two reporters (who were not doing anything wrong) who didn’t move fast enough when the cops “rousted them” from the local McDonalds’ where they were working, covering the Ferguson riots. They were there as customers and were charged with “trespassing.” As soon as the Ferguson chief cop found out, they were released, without explanation or comment as to why his cops “roughed them up” while arresting them on a bogus charge. I assume legal action will be forthcoming.

SOLEDAD O’BRIEN WITH AL-JAZEERA: I heard about her leaving NBC, but nothing else. Now I find out she works for al-Jazeera, the Muslim “mouthpiece” in America. Whatever possessed this woman to go to work there is beyond me. They probably offered her a LOT of money, but there is NO amount of money that would get me to work for this outfit. It isn’t a “news organization,” it’s a propaganda outfit, and O’Brien is complicit. But then, she is a liberal, after all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Won't Meet His Eyes

Rep Gowdy is questioning Asst. AG Cole about their IRS investigation and he consistently refuses to answer questions, specifically questions about how many people have been QUESTIONED in the investigation of the IRS. Why Gowdy lets hiom get away with it, I don’t know. But the fact that Cole will not even meet Gowdy’s EYES and keeps looking down and to rhe right (a “tell” that he is lying) tells me a lot. If I had been Gowdy I’d have insisted that he look at me and cited him in contempt of Congress.

ENEMY ON HIS COMMITTEE: Rep. Gowdy has an “enemy” on his own committee. Liberal Democrat Elija Cummings takes every opportunity to belittle the work of this committee and make excuses for Obama and his henchmen. He has to be “schooled” on how the law works in order to shut him up. If I were Gowdy, I’d “bounce him” from the committee so he would no longer be able to do all he can to “torpedo” the committee’s work. It is people like Cummings who give congressmen a bad name.

LOOTING FOR “FREE STUFF”: There’s a riot that went on in the St. Louis area, supposedly because a cop shot and killed a black man, but that’s not why they rioted or why they looted. They don’t care about that kid who was killed. They just want “free stuff” and are using this incident as an excuse to loot as much as possible while the cops are busy trying to stop the riot. Maybe SOME of the people out there on the streets are doing it for the kid who was killed by the cops, but they’re the only ones NOT looting, mostly. They’re just providing “cover” for the looters, whether they know it or not.

CLINTON TO RUN? Hillary (otherwise known as Hilarious) Clinton, that is. Not Bill. Bill is OVER. Except for making $200,000.00 speeches and writing books nobody but liberals read. You can forget about him, except for what he does “behind the scenes” where nobody knows he’s there (“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”). But Hillary has now begun to criticize Obama, in an effort to “distance herself” from him so we won’t realize a Hillary presidency would be “the third term of Obama.” They’re starting to call her a “middle-of-the-roader,” which IS “Hilarious.” NOBODY is as “far left” as is Hillary, except maybe Obama.

WHAT’S SHARPTON DOING IN ST. LOUIS? Whipping up racism, as usual. Anything that happens that MIGHT be considered racist, and Al is there, with his megaphone, whipping up violence and gathering in money from people who are deathly afraid he’ll call them racist. Except in DC, that is, where calling people racist is “the usual” thing. Sharpton is a top level “racism whore” (outside of Jesse Jackson, that is) and never misses an opportunity to whip things up and fill his pockets. I expect to see Jesse there, soon. I don’t know why he isn’t there, already.

JUDGE RULES AGAINST AR-15: Judge Catherine C. Blake has ruled that the AR-15 and other such weapons are not covered by the Second Amendment. What the hell has she been SMOKING? There is no such specific wording in the Constitution, and she must twist it out of recognizable shape to rule that way. It’s too bad we still have such ignorant judges on the bench. I still say there should be a way to remove such judges when they blatantly ignore the Constitution in their “rulings.”

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Children "Storming" Our Border

People wonder why, all of a sudden, our borders are being “stormed” by hordes of South American CHILDREN from several countries, which has created quite a problem for us. The “problem was CREATED by Obama’s assurances to them that all they had to do was “step foot on U. S. territory and they would NOT be sent back. They once told us the children were “fleeing gang violence at home,” but they was a lie. There’s as much “gang violence” in American cities as there is in their homeland, so it’s something else. We know what it is, it’s Obama’s stupidity.

OBAMA’S “FRIEND” IN HAWAII GONE: Democrat Hawaiian Governor Abercrombie was a “pivotal figure” in the “Obama birth certificate fraud” case. Without evidence, he went out of his way to “certify” that phony “birth certificate” that was an easily identifiable forgery. It was his influence that made that case “ go away. Now he has been defeated in the PRIMARIES and can no longer run for re-election. It’s the first time in Hawaii history that an INCUMBENT has lost in the primaries. Could that “certification” of a phony birth certificate have created a “subset” of loss of confidence in him that led to his “takedown?

ROBIN WILLIAMS’ “SUICIDE?” Robin Williams is dead. And that’s probably the only NOT funny thing he ever did. Williams did not need a script. Jokes popped out of his head like popcorn out of a popper. He was one of the funniest comedians around. He could get a belly laugh out of a facial expression. But he was depressed all lhis life. Why? What did he have to be depressed about? He was at the top of his game. Yes, he had drug and alcohol problems, But they were not the CAUSE of his depression, they were but a symptom. Why did he kill himself? (If he did) We may never know,

UNCONSTITUTIONAL AIR ATTACKS: As usual, Obama is operating without constitutional approval when he sends American jets into Iraq to bomb ISIS troops. No, I’m not condemning him for doing something to mitigate his INCOMPETENCE in abruptly leaving Iraq with the job undone. What I AM condemning is his METHOD. He might say this is just a “continuation of the war Congress originally approved, but that’s wrong. That permission ENDED when he DECLARED the war “over.” This is predictable Obama. He does what he WANTS to do, DESPITE the law or the Constitution.

ISIS HIDING AMONG CIVILIANS: Now there’s SOME opposition to their advance in Iraq, ISIS id doing what they usually do, hiding among civilians, making them harder to find and kill. This is a common thing for Islamic terrorists (cowards) to do. They fire MISSILES from civilian apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, etc. in Palestinian territory of Israel and “cry foul” when Israel bombs the sites THEY chose, so Israel could not AVOID killing civilians. That’s their “modus operandi.” They use this scam all over the world, and get lots of kids killed.

A QUESTION FOR OBAMA: In Israel, somebody left a sign with a question Obama needs to answer (but, of course, he won’t). “President Barack Obama: would you give the order to cease fire when missiles are raining down on YOUR children’s heads?” Obama will not answer that question, because he can’t. So he will condemn the people ASKING it, and call them “racists.” That’s how he gets out of answering “tough questions.”

Monday, August 11, 2014

It Didn't Help

Things were looking bad for Democrat Gov. Abercrombie in Hawaii, so Obama “took a hand,” beseeching Hawaiians to re-elect him. But it didn’t work. He lost by 30 points out of 60. I think Obama getting into it just made it worse. Many (most?) Democrats are “running away” from any association with Obama, and so should Abercrombie have done. He should have told Obama to “stay away” and let him do it himself (“Please, mother, I’d rather do it myself!”). Obama is a LIABILITY to ANY Democrat who wants to get re-elected, and he’d better start to realize it.

STEWART KILLS WARD: Yes, it was an accident. Of that, I have no doubt. But it brings up a question: What the hell was he even DOING there? A NASCAR national champion in a “bush league” race? This, combined with that accident he had last year (in a similar venue) that ruined his whole year, should be a “wake-up” call for him. Why mess up your chances in the “big picture” by messing around in the “bush leagues?” I know he loves driving, but he should learn to control himself and not jump into every minor league car he can find.

WHAT ABOUT THEIR BILLIONAIRE? Democrats like to knock Republicans because they get financing from the Koch Brothers, but what about THEIR billionaire, who has pledged to spend $50 million dollars to get Democrats elected. You’d think a billionaire would be more intelligent than to support socialists, but I guess this one isn’t. But it does serve to illustrate that Democrats love to criticize Republicans for doing exactly the same things THEY do. We all know rich people support politicians, just like people with less money do. So what’s wrong with the Koch Brothers that isn’t wrong with their billionaire? Just being rich doesn’t make you a criminal.

CONSERVATIVES WORSE ENEMY THAN TERRORISTS: That’s what Obama thinks. He fights grassroots conservatives (translation: the Tea Parties) harder than he does Islamic terrorists. They are his “mortal enemy” while Islamic terrorists are his friends. He must approve of everything the terrorists do (even when they behead little girls) because every time a question comes up regarding the Islamic terrorists, he “finds” in favor of THEM. He recently gave $100 MILLLION dollars to Hamas, an offshoot of Islamic terrorism. This is TREASON, but the people who can DO something about it ignore it while the liberal media ignores it, too, and he gets away with it.

FOOLS EVERYWHERE: Somebody in Missouri put up a sign saying, “The only good cop is a dead cop,” as a response to the cop killing a black man who was systematically beating the hell out of them. Some people don’t bother to look at the CAUSES of things like that, and “go off the deep end,” as the poster of this sign has done. Yes, SOME cops DO act too quickly and shoor before they should. But that’s no reason to condemn ALL cops. Most cops are “:okay,” and mostly do a good job TRYING to protect us from criminals. In doing so, they sometimes screw up. But condemning ALL cops because of that is STUPID.

MEDIA BIASED AGAINST ISRAEL: They are. It’s obvious when they tell a story about Israel’s RETALIATION against Hamas for their incessant shelling of Israel’s civilian neighborhoods by condemning ISRAEL’S response and IGNORING the depredations of the Palestinians. What they’re doing is a “hate crime.” Something liberals like to attribute to us when we disagree with them. But to ignore the “war crimes” of Hamas while condemning Israel’s RESPONSE, is not only irresponsible, it is STUPID. Maybe I use that word too often, but there doesn’t seem to be a better word to describe what’s going on in the world, today.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama "Monitoring" Iraq

And he’s even sending in some jets to bomb SOME terrorist positions. But if he is to be believed about how he finds out things, his “monitoring” things means reading the newspapers. What makes me wonder is that he’s flying in “supplies” to those people trapped on that mountaintop, but he’s NOT dropping bombs on the terrorists surrounding the mountain. Meanwhile, terrorists are now using American arms, vehicles and ordinance (with guns attached) we left behind when our troops “cut and ran” on Obama’s orders. Talk about INCOMPETENCE!

DESTROYING ISIS ARMS AND EQUIPMENT: Obama’s government making a “big thing” of “destroying ISIS arms and equipment,” without mentioning that most of those “arms and equipment WE left there as our troops, following Obama’s orders, “cut and run” from Iraq without killing every last Islamic terrorist first. A lot of people forget that if Obama hadn’t “cut and run” these people would not be dying, with terrorists using OUR “arms and equipment.” And we wouldn’t have to “go back in” while we’re at a disadvantage caused by his policy.

WHY ALWAYS OBAMA? Why is it that every time I look around there is a picture of Obama? Even in ads seeking his impeachment! EVERYWHERE. I don’t think there has ever been a president who has appeared more often, in so many places. It’s almost like in “1984,” where “Big Brother’s” picture appeared everywhere you looked. I think that’s what he’s after, though he hides it well. But then, he’s good at hiding things. I’ll be glad when he’s gone (if that ever happens), and there’s no reason to have his ugly, ear-flapping mug plastered everywhere.

WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE 18? In an ad, they asked young NASCAR driver Chase Elliot (son of Bill Elliot, “Awsome Bill from Dawsonville”) what it was like to be 18, and he asked if they even REMEMBERED what it was like to be 18. I can answer that question. At age 76, I remember what it was like to be 18. I feel exactly the same today, but with more pain and less ability to move around. What people don’t understand is that at 76, we have the same needs, wishes, and desires, but not as much physical ability to go after them, or even opportunities, to do so.

“CONVERT OR DIE!” That’s kind of a phony way to build your numbers. What makes them think the people who “cave” under this threat are REAL converts? I know if I had to do so under the threat of death, I might tell them what they want to hear, and act like I “converted,” but my “conversion” would not be REAL, even though it would be only within my mind. To me, that’s not a good way to get converts. Rather a STUPID way, really. They’ll never last as converts that way, and would not be able to be depended upon to fully support the Muslim way.

DEMOCRATS ARE LOSING: Liberals put the word out: “Tea Party has not unseated any Democrats.” But that’s a big LIE. Democrats are losing all over the place, including in Congress. In HAWAII, one of our newest states, Gov. Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat once thought to be “bulletproof” in Hawaii, has been defeated in the PRIMARIES, fergawdsakes! This is a guy who has been around forever. Defeated by a little-known state senator who Abercrombie outspent by two to one, and who went against the party bigwigs to run against him. I think this is just the beginning of the “revolution.”

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Obama Says Nothing

The other day, Gen. Harold Greene was murdered by an Afghan wearing a "friendly" uniform. He is the first GENERAL to be killed since Vietnam. But Obama has said not a single word about it. He doesn't even acknowledge that it happened. What the HELL is wrong with him? Does he hate the military so much the murder of a top military officer means NOTHING to him? Not only that, Mexico has a "former" MARINE in PRISON for a minor "offense" caused by their own incompetent sign placement, and he says nothing about that, either.

SHADES OF "ATLAS SHRUGGED": Ayn Rand predicted many things in her landmark book, "Atlas Shrugged." One was making common sense actions dictated by the overreach of government illegal. So now some people are advocating making companies like Walgreen's moving their main offices outside the United States illegal, or forcing them to sign "loyalty oaths." Instead of doing something to make our taxes not the highest in the world, they punish people who move out to avoid paying them because they can't afford it.

WOMEN SMARTER THAN MEN: That's what Michelle Obama thinks, anyway. She said it in national television. What an arrogant jerk she is! Apparently she's not too smart to have not actually SAID that, no matter what she thinks. But then, she thinks she's smarter than ANYBODY. Stupid people don't know they're stupid and they think they're the smartest person in the room. I'll be glad when we get a REAL First Lady.  And that has nothing to do with her color. It has to do with her lack of INTELLIGENCE, black, white, or PURPLE.

OBAMA OKAYS IRAQ AIR STRIKES; What a MINIMAL response that is to the crimes against mankind committed by ISIS, which is going around beheading innocent CHILDREN, raping their mothers in front of the rest of the family, and demanding that Christians convert or DIE! What a novel way to make theirs the "fastest growing religion in the world." Maybe nobody told them you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. They may SAY they're converts to stay alive, but they will never BE, inside their minds. Obama needs to get together with other countries and go into Iraq with an OVERWHELMING force, so as to DESTROY ISIS, and any other Islamic terrorist bunch that crawls out from under a rock.

ISIS THREATENS AMERICA: In an illustration of the kind of arrogance that causes an ant to run up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind, ISIS (the new terrorist organization in Iraq) says, "We will raise the flag of Allah over the White House." They'll have to pull it out of their butts first. These arrogant fools can only beat ignorant people, which is why they work hard to keep Muslims (especially women ignorant. Obama is as ignorant as they are, which is why it seems to them as if they are making progress. They may continue to do so until they run into some REAL opposition. They haven't yet. Not with Obama in the WH.

IT MUST REALLY BE HARD: It must really be hard for Obama to admit he made a mistake in telling his troops to "cut and run" from Iraq. But I'm sure he has twisted the facts in his mind many ways so as not to have to admit he's wrong, in Iraq, AND in Afghanistan. Many thousands of innocent Muslim deaths would be on his conscience (if he had one, which I doubt), including the Christian CHILDREN Muslim terrorists are BEHEADING in front of their mothers before raping these women in front of the rest of their families. then killing them all.